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Excellent video Chris Hedges debating the occupy movement

I apologize for my Stupidity

Dick Cheney released from hospital

Dick "The Shrimper" Morris: Obama rekindling ‘the sense of black victimization’

Okay, not so explosive after all.

Separated at birth?

Zimmerman's Dad Told You What Happened

Four Reasons I Came Back to Church

The historical crucifixion took place on this date


Best shampoo/conditioner for getting yellow out of silver hair?

The World's No. 1 Threat to Internet Freedom: It's America (Foreign Policy Magazine)

Dinosaur Conversation (toon)

Looks like Al Gore is doing a little preemptive strike

French Islamist suspects 'meant to kidnap Jewish judge'

Koch-Funded ALEC Behind State Attempts To ‘Reclaim’ Your Public Lands

Post your FB password in this thread

West Texas crude in 2011 averaged 14% LESS than North Sea Brent. Thank Ethanol.

To sum up the GOP health care plan for the country….Just Die.

OUCH- not meant to be funny - Painter pinned after minivan crashes into Krispy Kreme

Has anyone seen this latest more detailed account of what Zimmerman told police?

Alternative transportation

Obama should drop the 2008 phrase "a little bit more"

Cool! Ed is interviewing Steve Schmidt, and Schmidt

Man shot in Kentucky revelry has foot amputated

Some Red States Are Already Running Out Of Water

Stopped by Redstate for sec. I have a top ten of what I'd believe, if I were a Goddamned Republican

The Narrative on Global Warming will Change Faster than "We've Always Been at War with East Asia"

bath time MAMA!

March Heat Records Crush Cold Records by Over 35 To 1, Scientists Say Global Warming Loaded The Dice

A Multi-Media Presentation by Julian Bond:

BREAKING: Obama clinches Democratic nomination

A Multi-Media Presentation by Julian Bond:

A Multi-Media Presentation by Julian Bond:

From the "She can't be serious" category...

In case you didn't notice. President Obama just clinched the Democratic Party nomination

Watched the movie "Carnage" last night. I really liked it. Two couples argueing. It was a play

Great, just what we need, Pat Buchanan weighing in on the Florida shooting

Obama for America 2012 airs "Big Oil" TV ad

We Can Survive Killer Asteroids — But It Won’t Be Easy

We saw The Lorax today.

“Split at the Root”: Adrienne Rich and (Religious) Identity

Crypt Angels

President Obama just secured enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination

Mitt "Subs for Votes" Romney - Dems File Complaint in Wisconsin

Official Obama for America 2012 TV Ad.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Curveball

Colin Goddard Speaks for 32

Walker supporter carrying gun causes stir in Jackson County

"I've been called the n word more, over the last 72 hours, than I have my whole life."

Does Santorum still think he's got a snowball's chance in hell?

Democracy Insurgency Curriculum

Goldman Sachs' Investment Supports Sex Trafficking

That second Barcelona penalty today...

Mr Catholic, aka Rick Santorum - "Obama's an anti-war government nigk...

Um, pretty wimpy crowd there, Rick...

What is your pet's go to place when you are on the computer? Twilight sits on the back of the couch,

Anyone keeping a running list of all the out of touch comment Romney has made?

Why is Santorum not dropping out?

today in women's herstory

'Confrontation with Iran may be delayed to 2013'

Did Santarium say "a clear difference in color"

Obama clinches Democratic nomination!


quotes of the day

Did I hear Santorum say... "there should be a clear difference in color"...

Is It The Uranium Or The Water In Arizona - Pregnant Before Sex Ban??!

Romney up 2 more.....

Tell me why I should respect people's "deeply held" religious beliefs?

a biography for the day--jackie mitchell

Woman who became world’s oldest doctor dies

Romney wins Wisconson according to CNN.

Hey! Sarah Palin has turned up on FOX, live in NYC!

*thanks* to MFM for the epic postings that drive my posting mistakes off the p.1 n/t

Awaiting Romney's speech...and if I didn't know better, I'd swear he's got a TELEPROMPTER

a biography for the day--bette nesmith graham

Japan Storm 2012: Strongest Squall Since 1959 Causes Travel Chaos, Kills 2

It's official. It will be the POTUS against Romneybot 2.0

We need a chart to track the PPR'd

Damn, are we going to have to listen to Ryan as mitten's warm-up act until NOVEMBER???

From The NY Post (I don't believe this is a headline from The Post)

Jeez, Paul Ryan is a twit.

Olbermann Says 'Screwed Up' With Move to Current.

Woman who became world's oldest doctor dies.

Anyone know what the story is with Gingrich's "Victory Speech"?

When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

Mitt cares about people who have lost their jobs now?

CNN's Don Lemon: Don't Call Me 'Racist' For Covering Trayvon Martin

Obamacare violates Mitt's idea on small government and he will get rid of it.

State Kicking Huge Number Of Kids Off Medicaid

Inspiring Good Friday message from Fr. John Dear

Lawyer Opposing Health Care Law Cite Kids-With-Pre-Existing-Conditions-Can-Go-Fxxk-Themselves Clause

Skinner can we get a really big Etch-A-Sketch smiley? Something we can put after any Romeny quote?

Unpure Speculation

Oh, dear gawd. I've finally figured out what Santorum

Is Romney saying he's going to campaign for Scott Walker?

Who is Lucy "coHu" and why is an artist/actor more brilliant and memorable than the real person?!1

Legal Drug-Pushing: How Disease Mongers Keep Us All Doped Up

SYG laws in a vacuum are not the only problem.

They really don't want Romney. After carpet bombing WI, he is leading by 5%.

This post was left alone 2-4. Wow.

Donna Edwards Wins!

GOP Budget: Nearly A MILLION Nursing Home Residents - Out On The Street

Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage

I don't pay movement

What is your favourite reality show. I like 'Dragon's Den' on CBC. I haven't seen it much this year.

What do I do? Should this threat against the President be reported?

Bank of NY Mellon must face lawsuit on Countrywide

Anybody searching the newly-released 1940 census data?

Santorum: Mitt Not White Enough!

Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage

Standard Oil Co.

Is vigilantism a good idea?

Can anyone transcribe the 1940 census schedule headers? They are too fuzzy for me to read...

Mammoths killed by lions taken by people, find suggests (BBC)

How does the "Stand your Ground" law handle this:

Once Upon a Time, Liberals Hated the Individual Health Insurance Mandate

Omnistic Solutions to Solve Current World Political and Economic Issues.

The Most Unreasonable Assumption We've Ever Heard One Woman Make About Other Women

Top JPMorgan banker quits after market abuse fine

This just showed up on my facebook page:

When you get excited, the clothes turn transparent

Note To Juror #6: This One Is A Trolling Gun Creep

IEEE says L-1 visa not intended for outsourcers

The giant snake that stalked the Earth (BBC)

For my 6000th post, Please allow me to say that job hunting and unemployment really SUCK!

Planned Parenthood Turns Down $500,000 From Tucker Max

Bald ‘cancer Barbie’ doll to debut in 2013

KU Stays Mostly Calm, UK Goes Wild Following NCAA Title Game

First contingent of 200 US marines arrives in Darwin

Romney to solve gender gap problem in GE with "Etch-A-Sketch Strategy"- according to top surrogate

Scientist reveals how he made bird flu that could spread between people

6th graders find treasure in Oakland CA.

Lawmaker urges Northrop workers to protest military budget cuts

New website for opinion tracking

The AttackWatch WebOfTrust scorecard is being freeped...

President Obama is the only guy standing between us and Paul Ryan's Budget.

Delaney wins in 6th District primary.

Rockefeller calls for troops to leave Afghanistan

Life Size Inflatable Rubber Santorum Doll

GOPers are still using the talking point of ''... there hasn't been a budget resolution passed', BUT

"Mindfulness in Plain English"; meditation for beginners (online book)

. . . and now, depression sets in for the Santorum campaign.

Top Romney Surrogate: In General Election, Women Will See Romney’s ‘Real Views’

Sorry about complaining against that 2-4 leave-alone. There are much worse 2-4 leave-alones.

Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript, gave $1,000 to support Prop. 8

If The SCOTUS Strikes Down The ACA, Do Not Expect Single Payer Health Care Any Time Soon

Rep. Matthew Hill HB3808 (2012): "Women's Safety" TNGA House Floor Vote

TYT: Church Kidnaps Teens, Holds Them At Gunpoint As A 'Lesson'

Rep. Matthew Hill HB3808 (2012): "Women's Safety" TNGA House Floor Vote

Rep. Matthew Hill: "IUD? No, What is a IUD?"

Romney-Ryan 2012: Smug and Smugger

The 'Handmaid's Tale'...

TNGA SJR127 Public Hearing: Outlawing All Now Legal Abortions Via 2014 Tennessee Ballot Question

TYT: RNC Protesters Can Carry Guns But Not 'Super Soakers'

Calling Radicalism by Its Name (NYTimes Editorial -- they liked Obama's speech)

I got curious and looked up SS codenames for Romney and Santorum.

Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office--"Live Long and Prosper"

"god loves kind atheists.....

*Rachel Show, posted on FB:

Is Mitt Romney sexy?

Jon Stewart & Co. Tear Apart Sarah Palin's Today Show Co-Hosting Appearance

Back in the day, small business owners used to work 10 to 12 hour days, sometimes 6 or 7 days a

Anchorage: With gay rights on the ballot, precincts run out of ballots

need some summer bulbs? and wanna help a good cause?

Is it Ok to criticize the President from a Right Wing point of view(sources) on DU?

4/7 Forum on the Wars and Interventions of the 1%:NATO We Say No! Your Troops in Afghanistan Must Go

Darwin, CA, the town trapped by dialup internet.

Keith Olbermann's rotating business card

So Romney is sweeping the WI, MD and DC primaries. Freeperland is on suicide watch.

U.S. Department of Energy must release Plant Vogtle loan guarantee credit subsidy data

Mathematics of Sex

Libertarians poised for majority in Alberta 'in lock-step' with Harper

GOP, Romney & Ryan Natural Born Liars

How will I know if he really loves me? It's the little things that mean the most...

Brain eating flies used in war against imported fire ants

How come I get green screen

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, April 3)

Booming bamboo: The next super-material? (BBC)

Is it just me, or

Man in London charged with terrorism offences over al-Qaida document (by Awlaki)

It might seem to be propaganda, but he gives them a lot to work with.

China eyes freer financial markets to boost yuan role

Amazon warehouse workers say they're pressured to lie about on-the-job injuries

Memo shows US official disagreed with Bush administration's view on torture

"Stand Your Ground": Reductio ad absurdum (toon)

Today I almost got broadsided by a student driver who failed to yield at an intersection.


Betty White Honors Elton John's Birthday With Crocodile Adoption

This Post, Ladies And Gentlemen, Is Tombstone Material

Prison group: Chuck Colson (of Watergate) in critical condition

TYT: Obama Tougher On Marijuana Than Bush - Oaksterdam Raid

Gay rights measure losing in Anchorage

SUBGATE: Romney & Ryan hand out ILLEGAL FREE Subs for Votes in Waukesha

George Bush (Senior) enrages right-wingers by purchasing a Chevy Volt

Clash of Rival Libyan Militias Kills at Least 22

It All makes Perfect Sense - roger waters

Zimmerman was a vigilante and not a Neighborhood Watchman.

Go check out P. 2 of the Sanford Police Robbery Prevention flyer.

Have Four Pension Funds Blown Up the $8.5 Billion Bank of America Settlement?

Free Kepler Explorer app puts distant planets at your fingertips

Free Kepler Explorer app puts distant planets at your fingertips

What Is My Problem?!

this is for everyone who hates pharma reps

Toons: Intrusive Government, Bloodsucking Parasites, Get Over It and More. - 4/3/12

April 7th: President Obama to introduce 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

Impact of Iran Sanctions Widens

PETA to protest White House Easter egg roll

Looking Ahead, Republicans Examine Options in Health Care Fight

Can the Gun Control & RKBA room

If you are in a car and there are tornadoes around,

American History Buffs - A question

While everyone in the country is outraged about Trayvon, and they should be, nobody is

Even an old blind republican can stumble onto a good idea.

Who, What, Why: How many soldiers died in the US Civil War?

Eliot Spitzer dubs JOBS Act the 'Let's bring fraud back to Wall Street' bill, calls for veto

Mammoth carcass found in Siberia

Some comfort when your fur babies cross the Rainbow Bridge:

what you should be aware of

Just another f'd up election in Alaska.

Snooping row casts doubt on Cameron leadership

Analysis - Low cost era over for China's workshops to the world

Vietnam craves rhino horn; costs more than cocaine

Former AUC leader charged with murder .

Rachel Maddow: How America's Security-Industrial Complex Went Insane

Whose Corporations? Our Corporations!

First U.S. Marines Arrive in Australian City of Darwin

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday April 4th

be aware big money is running in up coming election

Video: Northeastern University Professors Abusing Holocaust Remembrance

food for thought

Students angry over pricey courses pepper-sprayed

Unlawful Pot Busts Boom in The Bronx: Report

Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered 44 years ago today.

how many are aware of "ALEC"

Oh geez, here it comes:Afghanistan: US military investigates soldier raising gay pride flag

Even Congress Wants To Know What The NSA Is Doing With This $2 Billion Utah Spy Center

I walked around in Freiburg for an hour or so.

Birds talking together& kissing!

What we really need in our schools

MPs seek to resist CIA demands over disclosure

'I will be fighting as hard as I know how for this truer vision of what the USA is all about'

Redneck Newlyweds

Take this detour into something fun

Live Long and Prosper!

Sanford cop's son assaults homeless man, not arrested

Explosion at Mogadishu's Somali national theatre

Fire crews rescue 18 puppies from burning house

There has to be more to this story:Garcia quits congressional race over dispute with Democrats

moscow steams about washington funding for democracy groups

mystery surrounds silencing of key al queda websites

So, how does this work? Romney

Democrat wins close vote in Tulsa House race

French anti-elitist academic Richard Descoings found dead in New York

There are Democratic members of ALEC? Look-up your state.

Broken Promises: America's Forgotten Iraqi Allies Face Death and a Long Road Home

Did Kelly Ayotte just call Romney "Mittney" today on Morning Joe?

Debating the Future of Our World's Water

Kidney cancers: Major rise 'linked to obesity'

Lets be clear: President Obama is the only guy standing between us and Paul Ryan's insanity.

30 people pepper-sprayed at Santa Monica College course fees protest

April is the Navy's Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Anchorage voters reject sexual orientation initiative

Non Sequitur - "Antonym of Progress"

Romney Surrogate Says "Real Views" Will Come Out (wait! We're not seeing his real views now??)

Public Policy Polling (PPP) wins the election night among pollsters again.

The Choice in 2012: Social Darwinism or a Decent Society (Robert Reich)

Comparing Sex Buyers and Non-Sex Buyers July 2011

Slowpoke TOON- If buying Broccoli were like buying health insurance

Snakes on a Train

Study: GOPers tired of Trayvon story

PPP: Dems winning on enthusiasm

I just found this page on FB. Anyone else know about it?

Cops face decades in prison for Katrina shootings

Case against trucking company backfires on EEOC


Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mitt and Rick

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Health care and hoodies

Walker Supporter Shows up to Polls With Gun

The Enterprise Communication Officer says Hi with the Captain

American, American Eagle cancel 424 flights in and out of D/FW Airport today


When was the last time Kennedy sided with the moderates on an important case?

Canada ranks 5th happiest country in world, US ranks 11th: UN report

Prosecution of suspected ‘atheist’ criticized

The Pink Menace

Death knell may sound for Canada's GMO pigs

If You Thought your Cell Phone Bill was Expensive-You Should See How Much They Charge to Spy On You

I agree..... Schools do need a moment of.......

"62% of Jewish voters say they would like to see Obama re-elected in 2012"

Walker Spotted Going Into Federal Building this AM: Was He Being Grilled by Feds?

Obama speech takes aim at GOP mainstream, Romney included

Holy Cow! According To GOP Life Or Personhood Begins With The Start Of The Woman's Period

There are four kinds of Labs. Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab and...

Balancing science, faith:

The day they killed the Easter Bunny, By Mark Morford

New RSA video: The Consent of the Networked - The worldwide struggle for internet freedom

But Saint Reagan Was the Nicest Man! Not Like That Vicious Thug Obama!

Drumbeat: April 4, 2012

Drumbeat: April 4, 2012

The Fourth Fake Democratic Candidate Identified

Obama has only himself to blame if the AHCA goes down.

30 Canned Foods You Never Knew Existed

Does Pro-Flowers still advertise on Rush??

Heart Attacks Kill Women More Often Then Men Because Of Failed Medical Examinations [Study]

Please help out this online Washington Post Opinion Vote.

Members of Occupy Raleigh call out police perjury

ROBERT REICH - The Choice in 2012: Social Darwinism or a Decent Society

The Race To Beat The West Africa Food Crisis

Caption this pic on Rep. Allen West (R-Crazytown)'s Facebook page

Drug and Medical Device Companies Have Outsized Influence on FDA

Dartmouth Names Medical School in Honor Of Dr. Zeuss

This could be good or bad Wildrose Teabaggers set to take over Alberta from the Conservatives.

GOP, reluctant bride

Romney has it all wrong on the economy.

Vegetarians in the house?

US Immigration Alert: Fiscal Year 2013 H-1B Cap now open

93 Percent of New Wealth in 2010 Went to Top 1 Percent

Man Commits Suicide In Broad Daylight On Athens' Syntagma Square To Protest "Occupation Government"

Yahoo Announces Layoffs: 2,000 Jobs Cut

Work visa debate shifts from H-1B to L-1 visas

Tampa, FL

This Obama quote should be carved in stone somewhere

Microsoft Presses: More Green Cards For India IT

Analyst-Banker Firewall Weakened in Bill on Obama’s Desk

TDPS: People Lie Constantly, Especially Online

EX-Gov Ehrlich (R-MD) Gender Gap will close once women 'see' Romney's 'real views'

'I screwed up,' Olbermann says of working at Current

Unzipped and Unreal

32 minutes 46 seconds

Clashes as Syrian government claims troop pullout

Another Obama quote from yesterday that is worth carving in stone

Should mental health diagnoses be available for federal firearm background checks?

Businesses Adding 209,000 New Jobs Last Month

Anti-gay group in Liberia issues hit list, threatens to ‘get to them one by one’

Businesses Adding 209,000 New Jobs Last Month Fail To Ignite Market Rally

Peak oil denial: How does this help?

Video: Moscow flash mob (with political overtones?)

Lawmakers In 5 States Tell Feds To Back Off Medical Marijuana

Sarah Palin’s ‘rogue’ pick for VP: Allen West

Sen. McCain On VP Pick: ‘I Think It Should Be Sarah Palin’

These Five Guys Bribed Congress And Got $20 Billion Dollars For It


If buying broccoli were like buying health insurance

Rex Babin: a cartoonist we'll miss.

The Secret That Colonel Sanders Gets But Women Who Vote Republican Don't

The Morality of a For-Profit College, in One Act

Most awesome photo of all time

Bachmann's Democratic challengers

Men in Black

Republican Fifth Circuit Pitches A Partisan Tantrum After President Obama Speaks Out About Supreme C

Dog eats man's 2012 Masters tickets

Plasma fusion becomes a reality?

Saudi Arabia extracting Water from Syrian Desert

Food over new limit for radioactive cesium

NYT: Calling Radicalism by Its Name

Hey Republicans..

GOP "Pottery Barn" Rule: “We break it, we blame you … and call you a Nazi.”

Scarborough...for once I hope he's got his finger on the pulse...

with it being easter i wish to compare the gop to the pharisees of old-is this offensive to Jewish

Insanity defense for perpetrator cat. Pic of the catnapping

Arizona Lawmakers Say They’re Afraid Of Their Colleague

MLK, Trayvon and Jesus

Lenny Bruce quote of the day:

The End of the Saudi Oil Reserve Margin

Stooges plan Boffo Ballot-BoxOffice Baloney-Fest

I Am Finding More Ways To Hate Republicans Than There Are Grains Of Sand

Obama Flashes Vulcan Salute With 'Uhura'

Joe Flacco's delusions of grandeur

Memphis finally to name street after (Martin Luther) King

Mitt Romney renews attacks on unions in Wisconsin victory speech

New Poll shows Rep. Tim Bishop of NY winning by 17-points in rematch't to restrict air travellers from UK to Canada/Mexico/the Caribbean(The Independent)

Pakistani militant taunts U.S. over $10M bounty

Obama expected to ratify FTA with Colombia amidst labor rights complaints .

Obama expected to ratify FTA with Colombia amidst labor rights complaints .

Yahoo confirms massive layoffs


"That's All I Want To Say"

Demands for Facebook passwords will ultimately cost employers money

A Republican meteorologist looks at climate change (Not what you might expect)

Who's your pick for the Frozen Four?

The Reagan Project. Outsourcing.

Clinton Warns Of 'Destabilizing' Iran Options

Papantonio: Gulf Coast Still Suffering From Deepwater Horizon Disaster

DU Album of the Day: Early work by The Beatles

Syria’s tortured children

Egypt Presidential Candidate 'Will Push For Sharia'

Nancy Pelosi Predicts 6-3 Victory On 'Obamacare'

Self-sustaining solar reactor creates clean hydrogen fuel

Limbaugh (30 yrs of name-calling via US airwaves) still has a job, but Olbermann is fired???

Iran Says Could Hit U.S. If It Came Under Attack: Paper

Current TV used Keith Olbermann in the wrong way & they blew it. Current TV: Major Fall.

Deep water sonar blamed for mass dolphin deaths

Deep water sonar blamed for mass dolphin deaths

Feds: 'Meteorological March madness' mostly random

Romney Is Now Talking To The Newspaper Editors Is He Using A......

To see ourselves . . .

Shifting Prospects for a New Farm Bill

Poland Charges Ex-Spy Chief over Involvement in Bush Torture Program

Timbuktu: from city of myth to rebel stronghold

Lions' Nick Fairley arrested in Mobile, AL

Can't you see how excited Repubs are about Mitt?

I've replied to this thread but it doesn't seem to appear on the first page if GD


This Woman Tells Her Powerful Story About The Night She'll Never Forget

Federal judge says Ohio can execute killer

Wet Dreams: Water Consumption in America

Worm Dirt

Romney: Obama Has 'Zero' Ideas; Wants To 'End Medicare As We Know It' (updated)

Another excellent piece from Al Jazeera on voter suppression

The reichwing paradox I can never resolve.

I believe Olbermann will do better in the future

And, don't think that I won't put the hat on you all again . . .

French Police Seize 10 Suspected Islamic Militants

The OccupyUSA Blog for Wednesday (April 4), With Frequent Updates

'9/11 planners' to face US trials

A question about tile.

He is the most interesting man in the world . . .

Honestly, I think Grey Warrior is taking her love of Snuggies too far.....

Jim Hightower: Save Wall Street! Congress Passes JO(BS) Act

Romney believes he would lose to Reagan

Wall Street Salaries Rose in 2011 for Most Workers, Survey Finds

Omaha Steve has a secret

"What goes on in American Churches?"

NBC News releases GRAPHIC video revealing the truth behind George Zimmerman's broken nose

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Seeking VP Who Can Bring Ideological Balance To Ticket

9 Cleverly Hidden ‘Star Wars’ References You Never Noticed

Black Cop Shot 28 Times by White Cops Charged With Attempted Murder. Really

Romney-Ryan-Crystal: You look Marvelous!

Keith Olbermann is the Satchel Paige of Cable News.

Guyana seeks public opinion on death penalty, laws that target gays, lesbians

the very best Trayvon Martin news source I've found...The Grio

Missing ginger cat Poldi going home after 15-year absence

McCain tells Santorum it's time to get off the lawn (says campaign "is now basically irrelevant")

I just got to meet James Randi!

The Best and longest documentary on Göbekli Tepe The World's First Temple

78% in New York State support minimum wage increase

Brazilian prosecutor seeks another $11B in damages from Chevron for second leak

Harper gov't gives out some free consumer advice on how to buy a car (video)

Brazilian prosecutor seeks another $11B in damages from Chevron for second leak

Latest videos now appear on the Latest page

Why is it that Calling a GOP politician FAT or making fun of their weight is OK on the DU?

Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law

Obama extends olive branch to Cantor

More pepper spray-happy cops on campus

A New, Closer Look at PA. Gov. Corbett, Penn State, and the 2.5 Year Delay in Arresting Sandusky

Giant feathered dinosaur found in China was too big to fly

Whoopsie daisy! The federal agents who raided Oaksterdam had expired tags.

French Islamists planned kidnappings: investigators

I'd Be Happy To Help With Any Herding…

Debt the Ripper Stalks Europe in the Wake of Austerity

OJ Wasn't the killer claims private investigator.

Debunking the Republican Talking Point of Blaming House Democrats For the National Debt

Colbert Rips Santorum On Lie About California Colleges

The most ridiculous piece of drivel that I have read in a long time.

Prostitution ring in Madrid tattooed 19-year-old woman with bar code

Paint? Primer? help.

Sniper Elite V2 Tactical Shooter Videogame asks, Will You Kill Hitler?

Fantastic foes: best fictional hero/villain combos?

Why are we against means testing for Medicare?

Science, Religion and the First Amendment

Riddle me this, H&M readers...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Mormonism off limits

The Liberal Democrats focus on the important issues.

Four Former DNC Chairs Endorse Marriage Equality In Democratic Platform

Message to the Prop 5 supporters on this disappointing day...

Google Begins Testing Its Augmented-Reality Glasses!

More election night problems in Waukesha

Looks like Bloomberg might be thinking about running for another illegal term as mayor.

Dems enjoy 2012 enthusiasm edge

Bishop silences Ted Kennedy's widow.

Can we now declare ADN a 'pug paper and be done with it?

Occupy movement missing the point

Romney Says Obama Hides His Agenda.

Joe Oliver gets the boot

Globe & Mail: Tories’ economic reputation shot to pieces by fighter jets

Data mining you

Live on C-span 1....Michael Greenberger exposes the oil market manipulations!!

Kenya: 'Residents trapped' in Nairobi slum landslide

Romney Whining About Us Talking About His Zipper and Lunch

Obama signs insider trading ban by lawmakers (AP)

Obama leads Mittens by 8-points in Nevada in new poll

Pakistan Wants Evidence Against Militant Leader Targeted by US

A Chinese Student’s Story of Job-Hunting in the US

Thom Hartmann: Paul Ryan's end point is an Ayn Rand Utopia & he knows it

Thom Hartmann: We will Strip you Naked Now

Indian Outsourcer charged with gender, sexual harrassment, immigration violation, fraud, cover up

Suicide Bomber Attacks NATO Troops in Afghan Park

I wish people would think twice before referring to "God" saving them from disaster

Orrin Hatch says Obama will 'throw the Mormon Church' at Mittens

Under Scrutiny, Some Head Start Programs In Limbo

Just voted in Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's (NC 5) Health Care Survey & Here are the Current Results

I've agreed to be an election judge in Red Hell.

Ordinary Batman Adventures: Litter #2 and Litter #1:

LynneSin is getting UBERparanoid that PETA's sending spies to check on the well-being of her "pets".

Yeti crunches:

Anyone else hate the commercial about the kid who wants his smartphone to call him "Rock God"?


The first thing MFM notices about a woman are her eyes. Seriously. Her eyes.

Jim Hightower: Bi-Partisan Jobs Act "It's just another economic scam written by and for Wall Street"

Do you think Romney is looking at the big picture and has any idea of what humiliation

I have a friend who is a Landman in Texas

President Obama signs the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act - pics

President Obama attends the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House - pics

Obama signs insider trading bill, wants more curbs on Congress

Court hears appeals over anti-gay marriage law (DOMA)

Atlantic Storm Season to Be Below Average, Forecast Says

Mexico extradites alleged cocaine kingpin to New York

Obama signs STOCK Act to address 'deficit of trust' in Washington (insider trading bill)

Santorum: "May looks very, very good"

FDA to GMO labeling campaign: What millon signatures?

VIDEO: Watch Progressive Candidates Turn The Ryan Budget Into An Organizing Tool

I can see clearly now!

How Funding a National "Medicare for All" Single-Payer System would save billions.

New H-1B Guidance Is Boost for Staffing Firms

Former ‘sheriff of the year’ pleads guilty to trading meth for sex

How do you feel about interracial relationships?

How carbon dioxide melted the world

'Pink slime' in your meat? Labels to tell you, USDA says

What??? No Mermaids or even Manatees? They got what now??? >>

'Gorilla's Camp' at the Amneville zoo, in eastern France - pics


Connecticut poised to abolish death penalty

How do you answer this question?

Caption these hippos

"Handsome" needs some vibes

Coal is Good for You.....

Cybill Shepherd Says "We All Deserve Marriage Equality"

How Do Gun Advocates and the NRA React to Gun Massacres and Killings?

What is your current wallpaper?

The Brighter Side Of Air Pollution

New Orleans officers sentenced to decades in jail for Katrina bridge killings, cover-up

Caption this dumb ass

Matt Bomer and Darren Criss Perform Emotional "Somebody That I Used to Know" (GLEE SPOILER ALERT)

2,500 marines in Australia 'new battlefront for US'?

When Scientists Get Accidentally Artsy

'Pentagon freaks creep into China's backyard'

Ala. gov signs tax credits for hiring vets bill

US military drone crashes on Seychelles runway, comes to rest in ocean

Thoughts on the jury system

Anchorage In Uproar: Anti-Gay Hate Group Exposed For Encouraging Voter Fraud

Why do people think NBC and MSNBC are liberal networks?

Thawing permafrost may have led to extreme global warming events

US drones for Cocos Islands

Judge restricts protesters at Seminole courthouses

The U.S. in Syria : Imperialism – Not Humanitarianism

Stephen Colbert Wins Peabody Award for SuperPAC Satire

US presence evolves in Southeast Asia

Invisible Children’s Robust Ties to The Family Suggest Invisible Fundamentalist Agenda

Good Night, America, and Good-Bye

A Message From Willie Nelson We Can’t Afford To Ignore

Thom Hartmann: True Judicial Activism - Bend over for the Probe!

Obama leads Romney by 8 in Nevada.

Scientists unveil solar cells the width, flexibility of spider silk

Limbrain calls the President a THUG!!! accuses him of intimidating the Supreme Court

North Bend homeowner shoots, kills intruder

'Holding his feet to the fire' is just fine.

In wake of scandal,power struggle spread from Penn State campus to state capital,Corbett(R)is a rat!

Dying corals -- milestones along a meandering path to famine

N.C. Businessman Calls Out Large Donors Opening Night streaming now from Miami. Link >>

Danielle Deaver Denied Abortion Even as Uterus Crushed Fetus...

Harassing Boss Ordered to Pay Lesbian Chef $1.6 Mil

Liberal inconsistency on individual mandate

Thom Hartmann: What's the Point of Being Rich if you're not Happy?

A black man and a hispanic man completely disappear after crossing paths with a Sheriff's Deputy

Help! DU3 has exposed a dark secret.

Annual Progressive Legislative Breakfast 2012

I like this picture! Please caption it for me...

Arctic Warming is Altering Weather Patterns, Study Shows

Get Ready for a War on Reason

Early Warning Signs Of Fascism

Dear American Tax Payer: I am grateful for the meals you provide. Thank you.

Mitt Romney - The Liar

Photo: Live Long and Prosper

Rocket carrying classified payload launches from California’s central coast

Woman offers sex for two double cheeseburgers, deputies say

New Poll: Only 11% of GOP voters excited about Mittens as nominee

Donald Trump: “Gloria Allred Would Be Very Very Very Impressed With [My Penis]”

Here's a little warning for those Sanford police

New York City is frequently cited here as having a high crime rate --it's safer than most

George Zimmerman reportedly hires a criminal defense lawyer

Fat? This Hospital Won't Hire You...

George Carlin On What Should Be Done With Churches

O's drop a close one in Florida

Big Oil Gets To Keep Their Subsidies, thanks to 49 Senators

Obama to host 'To Kill A Mockingbird' screening at White House

The website Glassdoor has published its 25 highest rated CEO's

Contrary torture memo finally released by State Department. Bottom line: CIA committed war crimes

President crashes personal finance party

Republican Congressman Tries To Walk Back Calling The House GOP Budget A ‘Joke’

A Blast From the Past (Which You Probably Missed)

Doctor Panels Recommend Fewer Tests for Patients

Okay, I'll admit it. I think Linkin Park (and other groups like them)

Early evening, April 4 (44 years ago)

College president defends pepper spray against 'unlawful' crowd

I just bought all seven seasons of "West Wing". Never seen it but am really excited. Ask me anything

Afghanistan: A Gathering Menace

Today marks a somber day in our nation's history.

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "Romney says Obama apologizes for America abroad, unlike Mitt, who...

How Mitt Romney is Staying Alive for the 2012 Election

heads up... Science Festival DC

Independent women lead exodus of support from Romney

Hey Mitt, a lot of US here in Wisconsin voted for Rick yesterday! We will also vote in a new

Why Jeffrey Toobin Is Wrong About the Supreme Court and Obamacare

So not one of Zimmerman's lawyers has met him

Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030

Artificial insemmination question.

FFRF (Fredom from religion foundation) quiz on religion and state

Retired Pharmacist's 'Austerity' Suicide Jolts Greece; Ignites Outrage

Gotta show you the t-shirts my friend released to support Trayvon's family

Glorifying the Fetus While Ignoring the Fetal Environment

Drunk Canadians strike car wash

The High Cost of Gasoline-A Tale of Profits, Government Subsidies and Republican Collusion

Under the Shah of Iran dictatorship it was OK for Iran to build nuclear power plants

Romney Camp gives a preview of "National Etch A Sketch Day"

Happy Birthday, Muddy Waters

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) on the View today - "Women don't care about contraception!"

Question about Stand Your Ground in a real world experience

The New Republican Prayer

Shout out to Charles L. Hocker, Enumerator for Ohio County, Kentucky

'Gratuitous' American Apparel ads banned

Mitt Romney versus Reality

Programmable Nanomedicine Cancer Treatment Shrinks Human Tumors

'Gratuitous' American Apparel ads banned

RIP: Insider Trading in Congress

'All Terrorists Are Muslims' - GOP Donor Adelson

Jesus Arrested after Capitol Melee

Marlins Ballpark Tour

Obama Solidifying Lead Among Independents in Swing States

Talk about driving until your face turns blue....

Does Sarah look like she's had work done?

How Does Mitt Romney's Tax Bill Compare With The Rest Of Us?

Mitt Mondale: The agony of a Political Party bent on electoral suicide (April 5, edit)

Some old finds . .

First Lady Michelle Obama and Bo at a pre-Easter celebration with military families & children -pics

The memo Bush tried to destroy: Document advising Bush admin against torture resurfaces

Texas Pics - Devastating

CNN’s Toobin: Appeals court judge threw ‘judicial hissy-fit’

Usually, I just press the STOP button.....

What is your favourite breed of dog. If I was going to get a dog it would be a bouvier. I house


Hiring at U.S. Workplaces Jumps in March

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nanomedicine trials show promise in shrinking advanced tumors

On Sharpton's show just now:

Cape Wind Project Will Reduce Regional Electricity Prices By $7.2 Billion, Study Says

Junk letter from perry on WHP and funding

OOPS! Republican Lesbian Who Helped Write DOMA, Is Now Lobbying To Repeal It

Star Wars Condoms. Seriously...there's even a Yoda "Do or not do there is no try" condom.

I'd like to salute Juror #1

Has this ever happened to you...

Removing Legal Barriers to High-Quality Care for HIV-Infected Patients (New Eng Jour Med)

Ms. Houston found face down in tub: Coroner's report

Is Mitt Romney sane?

It's not that I think that there's anything inherently wrong with criticizing Pres. Obama...

GWB is not looking very well. He & Mrs. Bush were photographed w/ Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Suspicious white guy accessories (toon)

You guys think Zimmerman will make it to the grand jury

President Obama will be hosting a showing of To Kill a Mockingbird

MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030

Mitt - "President Obama is taking steps to end Medicare as we know it".

Connie Mack disses Paul Ryan budget, calls it a 'joke'

M-A-R-L-I-N-S We are the Marlins! Go Fish!

Gigantic Tornado Spotted on Mars

Patrick Greene, Longtime Atheist Activist, Announces Conversion To Christianity

April 11th: First Lady Michelle Obama To Guest On 'The Colbert Report'

At this very minute 44 years ago

Man bites woman's foot in Target; suspect sought

Progressive Movement Compels Coca-Cola To Pull Support From ALEC Over Voter Suppression Efforts

NASA Extends Kepler Mission to 2016

Opposition grows to religious freedom nominee

"IF" the city of Sanford "comes unhinged" in wake of Zimmerman arrest, it ain't gonna be cheap.

To My Unborn Child, If You're a 'Fag', I'll Kill You: VIDEO

To My Unborn Child, If You're a 'Fag', I'll Kill You: VIDEO

PLAY BALL!!!!!!!

You know I couldn't care less if Mitt Romney is Mormon.

I am going to quit beating around the bush...

Tell It To Texas Mitt

The longest jail sentence is........

I know it probably didn't mean THAT, but this CNN "Political Ticker" item made me do a double-take:

MFM loves to show off his six pack.

Four long prison terms for those thug New Orleans KatrinaCops.

for those wondering about who is on the MIRT

PHOTO: graywarrior's neighbors now refuse to sign for her "weekly deliveries" if she's not home

Mitt Romney, The Least Interesting Man in the World

Mitt meets the Easter Bunny.

I Know Why The Supremes Passed The Strip-Search Law

Voter Suppression, Again, in Minnesota This Time

Romney wins three, FR is in complete disarray.

Michelle Obama, told Co-Pink co-founders: "Keep up the great work"

Sen. Al Franken's Eloquent (And Funny) Defense Of Gay Marriage In Forty-Five Seconds

Pin? I want one!

Romney Was Business Like - Unlike The President's

Spooky Humor

Ah, the PROM. Remember? You're young, and the world is wide open and filled with possibilities.

Paul Krugman- The BS Cult

Right-Wing Preacher Defends Remark on Gay Execution — Sort Of

Hippo babies are tiny......WOW

There's no swimming in baseball!

What is your favourite bouvier. If I was going to get a bouvier it would be...

Romney: Obama surrounded by 'true believers'

Rep. Tim Johnson won't run again, sources say

Oops, MSNBC reports (Daily Kos) fictional, satirical piece as real news

Profound Pet Question of the Day - What would you do?

Seven Flip-Flops Romney Needs to Make

Only 35% of the Republican Party actually believes what Romney is saying:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY McKinley Morganfield...A.K.A. MUDDY WATERS...born on this day in 1913