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Archives: April 5, 2012

I'm Willard Romney Bitches- Don’t you fools understand? I bought your party. - by Charles P Pierce

Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Gets Energy Boost and Works Through Depths of Winter


AMC channel "Contact" with "story notes"

Regarding the discussion of people misusing "alert"....

40 year old study suggests we're screwn.

What is the point of a "Total Recall" remake?

Woman Tells 13 Y.O. Go-Cart Rider “You Don’t Belong In This Neighborhood,” hits him head-on in Jeep

Howard Dean on ED suggests Mitt look at Suzanna Martinez (NM Gov) as VP

A cake with a great big green dollar sign on it? Really?

Anti-Evolution ‘Monkey Bill’ Poised To Become Law In Tennessee

Anti-Evolution ‘Monkey Bill’ Poised To Become Law In Tennessee!

A great picture from George Takei's FB fan page.

See You in Nuclear Tehran

What if the Demcocratic nominee was Harry Reid?

Untangling a Border Could Leave a Mess for Some. N/S Carolina

44 Years Ago Tonight

Student removed from contest for pro-gay remark

ICE's Secure Communities activated in Washington, Montana

saving 1940 census pages

WH: How Many Millionaires Paid $0 in Taxes? Find Out for Yourself

Detroit Consent Agreement Approved By City Council

Poll: Evangelicals May Double Their Support for Obama in 2012 Election

Fakebooks giant reach. Did you agree to the simple task of finding friends??

Baltimore Orioles lose to community college in exhibition

Time to ‘Occupy’ the IRS?

The terrorist who attacked Planned Parenthood speaks

Republicans for Environmental Protection drop 'Republicans' from their group's name

How long has the spell check been here?

Robert Parry: GOP Five Like Stripping Americans

Vote against Jan Brewer being "most influential".

Holy Shroud! Was resurrection story inspired by the cloth?

47 Years Later, 10K Eggs Cover Easter Tree

Mitt Romney manages to take both sides twice in just six sentences.

US to ease sanctions against Burma

Rachel about to skewer Rmoney over his draft dodging at the height

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Knit One, Purl YOU!

MRN: Fox News and Liz Trotta Attack Credibility

Former presidential candidate George McGovern hospitalized in Florida

Arizona Attacks Latino Community Again, Tuscon Citizen Pulls Plug On Popular Blogger Three Sonorans

Why does King keep saying this sh**??!!??!!

Obama congratulates women's NCAA basketball winner

D..U. Psychologists - Please Help Me!

Rachel is making Mittens sound like an algebra problem!

Rabbit foundlings found in a dung pile at the zoo in Muenster, western Germany - pics

...Progressive Movement Compels Coca-Cola To Pull Support From ALEC Over Voter Suppression Efforts

Free speech groups back teabagger Marine who wrote he "wouldn’t follow unlawful orders from Obama"

I'm glad Maddow didn't follow Olbermann to Current

Kagan Takes Up Hunting with Fellow Justice Scalia

Staten Island Pit Bull Takes Bullet To Save Owner, Justin Becker, During Break-In And Survives

Dyngus Day celebrations combine religion and politics

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

President Obama Speaks at Easter Prayer Breakfast

PETA has announced plans to leaflet at the annual White House Easter Egg roll ...

Ted Nugent on Piers Morgan re: Trayvon Martin case. People like me don't see color but let's

The new puppies are quite pleased with themselves....

"Cinco Goodbye O" to Scott Walker

'Million hijabs' page shows solidarity for slain Muslim woman

Jared Sullinger entering draft

An example of domestic tranquility


lolcats. "It’s called an illusion, Michael! A trick is something a dog does for biscuits" and the

If I was going to occupy something this spring

Ohio State University president will maintain code preventing students from carrying guns on campus

Santorum sr strategist, John Brabender on Rachel's show said:

Report: Worldwide Opposition to Monsanto Growing

Evangelizing In The Military - A Troubling Trend

Quiz : " Would Google hire you? 10 test questions to find out "

Is Your Local Law Enforcement Agency Tracking Your Cell Phone's Location? Find out on this ACLU map!

The Borgias season 2 starts Sunday April 8th....

In the future, we will all be cyborgs if Google has its way

Danielle Deaver Denied Abortion Even as Uterus Crushed Fetus

Voter ID laws spark heated debate before U.S. election

The Hunger Games and the Death of Winner-Take-All Capitalism

Did you know that the Obama re-election campaign is holding a fashion contest?

Courtroom Coverage: DOMA Under Scrutiny in Federal Appeal

FUNNY, just occurred to me,

Citing Safety Concerns, Somali Pirates Refuse to Board Cruise Ships

'Massive' visa fraud alleged in lawsuit against Indian firm

Li'l Tiny Applegrove knew IMMEDIATELY what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

Some theaters had extra-special promos for the midnight premiere showings of "Hunger Games".

THEY have pepper spray, but WE are also guilty of employing cruel-and-unusual punishment.

MFM's cat NoName was a truly inspirational motivational trainer during his workouts.

"That's the Night That the Lights Went Out in Arizona" -- (original version) yep, about you-know-who

Apparently this is why the Marlins have a sellout...

Rufus Wainwright Does Drag, Has Sex with Himself in New Music Video

Has anyone else been getting all kinds of spam texts lately?

Thinking of buying a convection oven. Any experiences?

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 23 -- Star of the Month -- Doris Day

Larry the Cable Guy

How many crime guns does NYPD actually recover?

Dying in a warm bathtub...

Flatiron Spring

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 4)

Louisiana Senate committee OKs allowing charter schools to ban gays

US draws up plans for nuclear drones

Um, I'm no scientist, but . . .

Face it 'Pubs

Oh No, Guadalajara Won't Do

Coral Links Ice Sheet Collapse to Ancient 'Mega Flood'

Lab's owners get $620K settlement after cop shoots their dog

To grasp a billion stars

Another Black Political Figure Wrongly Arrested

Tim Johnson not running in 2012, sources say

Interesting ad on facebook.

Elizabeth Catlett, pioneering D.C.-born artist, dies at 96

Daily Show Takes A ‘Racist Time Out’ To Unravel The Trayvon Martin Case

The Limits of Genetic Testing

Trayvon Martin Resolution Introduced By Congressional Black Caucus

Maid’s Cries Cast Light on Child Labor in India

You’re the guy sitting in the corner of the room wearing a $50 lamp shade

Canadian veteran of famed Devil’s Brigade dies within hours of American comrade

Connie Mack disses Paul Ryan budget as "a joke." Fight!

MLK Occupied!

Gay pride flag raised at US army base in Afghanistan!

A Run on Guns is Making Investors Happy

Judge refuses to block anti-Obama Marine from discipline

Unnecessary medicine: Physician groups list 45 overused tests, procedures

OK DU trolls, wise up: Arizona is Outlawing Internet Trolling

Israel Asks US For $700 Million In Military Aid

New photo shows an aging Charles Manson

Krugman "Knocked out of Neoclassical Orbit" by Steve Keen's Meteoric Rise!

OK, the little kid dressed as a tree in that Sprint commercial...

Who speaks for these children?

figure this out for me

The quality of packaged foods - cereal, pasta mixes, etc. - just sucks anymore

The Blogs

Imagine if even the poorest Americans earned a legitimate, sustainable living wage

If a juror can't figure out what post they're judging, they should excuse themselves

Here's what Obama's response to Judge Jerry Smith should be

President Obama Speaks at Easter Prayer Breakfast - full speech video

WGUN 1010: Now with a hybrid progressive talk and Christian format but very weak nighttime signal

Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled

Obama Has Friends In StarFleet Academy

Why are people jerks????

You know who I saw an ad for during Rachel?

State rep wants law mandating warning when gas prices rise

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, April 4)

Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030

Just finished all 4 Series of Lark Rise to Candleford on Amazon Prime (free)

Any word yet on when DU3 will be getting the POLL option?

Neil Young Trademarks New Audio Format

Fight To Save Right Whales Goes Hi-Tech

‘Embarrass the Future?’ by Linda Greenhouse

Wis. Teachers Get Alinsky Training

Doctor charged in prescription drug distribution case

Mississippi bill may force state's only abortion clinic to close

White people need saving?

Arizona Legislators Trying to Declare Pregnancy Two Weeks Prior to Conception

"I have two mommies..."

Pro-Zimmerman protester in Indiana: 'No University Funds for Anti-White Hate'

US Seeks 'Usable' Information on Hafiz Saeed for His Conviction

April Antiques & Collecting newsletter

I Am Not Looking Forward To The Hate

Today in history - April 5, 1994 Kurt Cobain died of self inflicted gunshot.

The Current Wars On Science and Women Are Entirely Christian Initiatives

First Afro?

What odd, old-timey thing did your grandparents do to their food?

Toons: Capitalists Complaint, Budget Hocus Pocus, Testing Severability and More. - 4/4/12

Yes, you can sing the periodic table (in abbreviated form)

Greek unrest after pensioner suicide beside parliament

Inside a Military Court Hearing: How the Government Is Railroading Bradley Manning

NDP gains ground on the Conservatives

Top Democrats Condemn Party for Rejecting Thielen

Couple fakes murder; 4 police departments respond

Upper Big Branch mine to be permanently sealed

U.S. Coast Guard to sink Japanese boat washed away by tsunami

Arsenic in Our Chicken? Cipro? Benadryl? Prozac?

The Obama Agenda?

Obama to sign JOBS Act, then mark 50th anniversary of the film ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

Dispelling the myth of robotic efficiency over human space explorers

The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women

Study: Exercise can lead to female orgasm, sexual pleasure

Why The U.S. Is The World's No.1 Threat To Internet Freedom

James Murdoch's BSkyB exit puts Rupert in firing line

Americans brace for next foreclosure wave

Networking? Having connections? Not helping my job search!

American intelligence agencies spooked by Britain's open courts

Evaluating a 1981 temperature projection

Capitalism's Dirty Secret: Corporations Don't Create Jobs, They Destroy Them

Why Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer to Global Warming


Joe Conason: The High Court’s Supremely Unethical Activists

The ReTHUG meme as spread by Joe Scum

Heads up DUers - severe storms expected in the South East today

Robert Scheer: Obama By Default

But I didn't do anything!

JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon paid $23 million in 2011

Deciphering Right-Wing Code-What Conservatives Are Really Saying When They Seem to Spew Nonsense

Pilot turns back after snake pops out of dashboard

Students, teachers beaming over NFA's solar-car victory

Pope rips into dissident priests on celibacy

My daddy is a veterinarian and he knows about women's health.

McCain, Lieberman and Graham: The Senate’s three war-crazed amigos

Comment: The Church should beg society’s forgiveness for its treatment of gay people

Inventor of JavaScript and Chief Tech officer of Mozilla gave $1k to support Prop 8

The sun goes down on solar

Justice Department to sue Arizona sheriff (Arpaio) after talks fall through

Why Saudi Arabia is losing its power to calm the oil markets

Theist leader continues ban on women, sex, pederasty.

My question for DUers

Live Long and Prosper!...

PM tells of early Salvo memories

Can someone explain to me what is wrong with this math equation or why I just can't wrap my brain

Sorry, I didn't realize my standing on it was bothering you.

The Republican Dream Team

Maybe it's a good thing. But I'm getting too scared to watch TV.

Another Homerun for the Walloping Wealthy

Question to ponder for lurking "conservative" DUers.....

From religious contemplation to activism

Teen Girl Exorcism Squad: Three Arizona Girls Claim to Cast Out Demons

House Poised to Gut Derivative Reforms

Can I change my DU name? nt

Stopping Climate Change is Much Cheaper Than You Think

LHC physics data taking gets underway at new record collision energy of 8TeV

Transport for London's biggest ever ad campaign

Pensioner's Death Sparks Clashes in Athens

Daily inspirational post for the Lounge

The search for probable cause against George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin case

Jim Marshall, guitar amp maker and "Father of the Loud" dead at 88

FFRF Separation of Church and State Quiz

So, Wisconsin Democrats have Romney and Ryan on video bribing folks for votes

Though there was a will, Fifth Third found a way to save Boots

wbez schools on the line.

This Is Your Brain on the Department of Defense

LHC is back with big energy boost

California pastor held in torture of 13-year-old

Was the Trayvon killing a muder in cold blood? From listening to the calls for for a

Win Rockefeller and Martin Luther King

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (04/05/2012)

Supreme Court Holds Federal Regulation of Health Care Limited to Strip Searches

Matricentrism and Patriarchy

Rick Reilly: Tiger's brother

New Mutations in Autistic People May Be Due to Older Fathers

Afghanistan sees rise in ‘dancing boys’ exploitation

Is College Worth It Anymore?

Rethug Tim Johnson to retire from Congress possible pickup for the dems

Jobless claims at lowest level since April '08

A bumper sticker I would love to see

*WHY* is Rush Limbaugh still on the air?

Jesse Jackson's daughter to faux.....

Albany, NY Rally

Time-Warner might drop Current from all its cable systems for 'low ratings'

Sandusky due in court as defense seeks to dismiss charges

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Shotgun Wedding

Feminists (and their men) have more fun

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Ryan Budget and Economy

Low ratings could end cable deal for Gore's Current TV

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- the rest

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super Fun-Pak Comix

Miss Thing!?!? put that down -- you don't know where it's been.

We already have death panels in Montana

"Stand Up Miss Jean Louise" - A DU Redux - Barack Obama and "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Wow, Hillary, in a class of her own!

Jeffrey Toobin: Judges ‘deranged’ by their Obama hatred

Alright, I am *kinda* used to this new fandangled format, but I WANT MY LADYBUG BACK!!!

SCOTUS & ‘Embarrassing the Future?’ - By LINDA GREENHOUSE

Judge refuses to block anti-Obama Marine from discipline

Masters 2012: Augusta National Chairman Refuses To Discuss Female Membership

Hand over Gaddafi son, international criminal court tells Libya

The Culture Wars

TDPS: Which would you rather, Romney dogsitting or Gingrich wifesitting?

DU Album of the Day: Nirvana "Nevermind"

Taking dogs to work 'reduces employee stress'

Ray of Light

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month - Huffington Post

Pennsylvania Republicans "still mostly like Santorum but don't think he has a chance to win."

Sky News admits hacking emails

Chinese websites 'defaced in Anonymous attack'

Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled

China artist Ai Weiwei ordered to remove home webcams, "given no reason for order" by authorities

Burning up I-40/I-85 again

It's Maunday Thursday

Job in Ft. Lauderdale

Let us not forget Kathy Nickolaus

Shake It Off: Earth's Wobble May Have Ended Ice Age

If Zimmerman invokes his constitutional right to not speak with prosecutors, he should be arrested.

Using Less Effort to Think, Opinions Lean More Conservative

Pic Of The Moment: Poll: Evangelicals Could Double Support For Obama In 2012

I think we have to ask ourselves why LynneSin wants to buy our pets, and where did she get all of

Michelle Obama To Guest On 'The Colbert Report'

SLY Pretentions About New Voter ID Laws – An Innovative Body Cleansing Technique

Problem with storm door.

The Congo's Midas Curse - Meet the men and women who bring you the bling

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday April 5th

I Remember Reagan

Update your Apple software now.

BCS memo lists playoffs as option

This Astounding Conflict Of Interest Might Cost Us The Affordable Care Act

Update your Apple software now.

Here's a picture of the wedding cake I made in January.

Dispatches from America's War Of Equality

Saudi Arabia rules out sending women athletes to London

Hawkins/Dobson: Planned Parenthood Gives Out "Low Rated" Condoms to Build Abortion Business

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me. "Progressive Bullies", check in!

sometimes, it's the little shit.

Take This Repukes: Jobless claims at lowest level since April '08

9 reasons why you should wish to sneak your own mayonnaise jar (with knife enclosed) onto a jet airl

I frankly thinks there's little doubt that Obama will win

Wisconsin: All six fake Democrats named, complaints filed

An awful bolt from the blue

PPP: Romney leads Santorum in Pennsylvania

EA ‘harassed’ over gay video game characters

Been feeling kinda down since the prognostications

According to this new Arizona law - I've been pregnant 375 times so far!

US Catholic school fights back against anti-gay lecture

Tire question: Is 26 x 1 3/8 the same as 26 x 1.4?

Chicago bartender fired over racist Facebook rant

"I’ve yet to meet 1 person in the Republican establishment that thinks Mitt Romney is going to win"

DU needs a "jumped the shark" smilie or check off


Partisanship IS democracy

This Country Is Really Sick. Just Saw a Poll: 76.9% Say Zimmerman Should Not Be Brought To Trial.

One more example of the need to keep "Obamacare"

Corporate welfare or extortion? NYT: Christie Leaning on Tax Subsidies in Hunt for Jobs

Obama JOBS Act leaves labor fuming

"Doctors Fear Cheney Heart Will Attempt to Escape." Guards 'At All Openings'

Shocking! Barack Obama Reveals The American Values That He REALLY Believes In

VIDEO: "Moon colonies, pizza songs and the very poor" (worst moments in the 2012 GOP Primary)

Why do we capitalize "Internet?" I wonder if people who speak other languages, assuming their

"Zimmerman is, at this point, the only eye witness...and he is, of course, also the gunman."

"Broken English". Nice little film.

Update on White Plains Police Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain: shooter sued for racism in 2008

Shocking! Battery Tech From MIT (an awesome presentation)

1 in 15 Floridians have their CCW


What Simple Concepts Prove To Be Too Baffling For The GOP?

RIP Jim Marshall

The Dark Future of Phone Jamming

Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware'

MSNBC discussing a Romney / Condi 2012 ticket. Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh PLEASE!

GOP delegate update

I Hope The DOJ Refuses to submit its "Homework Assignment"

PepsiCo Ends Partnership With Right-Wing Front Group ALEC

In 2007, George W. Bush criticized "unelected judges"

I don't know why I haven't seen this until today.

Indiana reports $206 million tax goof

R.I.P. and go to 11: Guitar amp pioneer Jim Marshall dies at 88

Quinnipiac NY poll: Obama leads Romney by 33 points among women

Theists announce intent to impose theocracy in Egypt.

Kim Kardashian rebounds from failed dating Kanye West. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

New Psychiatrist.

*Should Anonymous be on the 2012 TIME 100 Poll ? vote

Etienne! - **** - expiring soon

Gilad Shalit urges Peres to push for Pollard's release

This is what "social darwinism" looks like

The Yellow Handkerchief - ***** - wow! How did I miss this when it first came out?

Reince Priebus calls cease fire on caterpillars ... War on Women? It's on!

Oil, gas industry groups seek to join Pa. lawsuit (to protect fracking)

Marion Barry at it again

Conn. on track to be 17th state sans death penalty

Romney, Who Has Two Harvard Degrees, Says Obama Spent ‘Too Much Time At Harvard’

A State Of War Exists In The US

Excellent Piece on Student Debt or the indentured servitude of America

Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley

Just for fun: Urban Dictionary's definition of Norquist


Burma’s First Girl Band Pushes Boundaries

Does Romney Think the Womens' Health Care Debate is Like a War on Insects?

Obama Camp: "Women simply cannot trust Romney or other leading Republicans to stand up for them”

Stolen from George Takei: Just 51 more years to go!

Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware

Forget Pink Slime, Do YOU Eat Chicken?

Anybody else having a problem with Facebook Log In?

Annan tells Syria conflict must end 6 a.m. April 12

Story of Alec and the Florida shooting:Guns don't kill people corporations supporting gun right do

Stop Using Cavemen as an Excuse for Your Fad Diet

Maronite hymn for Holy Thursday

ANOTHER kitty in denial?

Spanking Creationists -- when corporal punishment is not only OK... but fun, fun, FUN!!!

Believe it or not -- Skittles has actually mellowed out over time.

Quick, I need some help/links re: Lawrence O'Donnell.

(CONTENT WARNING) Depiction of a direct kick to a left nut during a naked karate exhibition:

Since watching Star Wars in a (ahem) highly impressionable state, MFM has just gotten worse.

OMG! Look at the excuse used by this private school to reject a 13 year old child with HIV...

MiddleFingerMom is DOWN with the heroes in action movies!!!


Poll: Should Anonymous Be On The 2012 Poll?

Jim Marshall, Guitar Amp Pioneer, July 29, 1923 – April 5, 2012

Mixing Religion and Baseball on a Day of Renewal for All

It took Romney . . .

Obama: It’s time for Augusta golf club to admit women members

A kinder mix of religion and politics during Holy Week

Obama Believes Women Should Be Admitted to Augusta

Maryland Mega Millions 'winner': Leave me alone

Here's the Deal Folks.

Update on the rescue cat "Handsome"

you kind of have to ask yourself - "whose side is Obama on?"

BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! Andrea Mitchell: "Santorum off the campaign trail, on a five-day holiday"

Viacom’s Copyright Suit Against Google’s YouTube Reinstated

I believe this is a good time to be watching this movie.

Grand jury to hear case against suspected go-cart rammer


'Massive' visa fraud alleged in lawsuit against Indian firm

Thom Hartmann: Judicial review...A Constitutional crisis is brewing in America

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus: War on Caterpillars = War on Women = "Fiction"

Expert: Zimmerman whispered 'punks' before shooting Trayvon Martin

Babar Ahmad accuses Britain of 'outsourcing' his terror case to US

Thom Hartmann: How many activists will the 99% Spring train?

Newt Gingrich’s health care think tank files for bankruptcy in Atlanta federal court

It isn't the War on Women that's like a War on Caterpillars. The War on Christmas is!

New trial baloon/product roll-out

California: City of Pasadena Is Sued in Killing of Unarmed Black Man

Crumbs of comfort: Cannabis cookies are kosher for Passover

Gregg Williams should permanently be banned from the NFL.

Rangers' Yu Darvish dominant in 6 to 1 win over Frisco

Across America, public-sector job cuts take a heavy toll

Republicans are Classic ( Social) Darwinists

Jesus wants Gov. Walker for a sunbeam (and possibly vice president)

Visionary Art Thread

"Finding your Roots" on PBS

Millionaire's daughter faces jail after riot conviction (UK)

Wisconsin GOP picks fake Democrats to run

Dems will keep up pressure on GOP over Buffett Rule

Anybody see this Nikki Haley twerp? "Women don't care about contraception".

Diane Sawyer-Media Whore and number 7 on the Atrios Wanker of the Decade list.

Papantonio: The Death of the GOP

Pepsi Ends Ties to Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins

What say you? Minnesota Waitress Sues After Police Seize $12,000 'Tip

Obama wishes Jews around the world a happy Passover

Marion Barry: “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses


Anti-gay campaign targets videogame publisher EA

Important documentary premier, Chronic Future-Killing Cancer, tonight at the Harkin Theatre in

US Unemployment Claims Hit 4-Year Low of 357K

‘Long Live Zimmerman’ on Hale Hall, Ohio State's black cultural center

Pew Research When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity

Let me tell you about a little girl my wife is treating.

Capitol cleanup cost from last year's demostrations put at $200,000, far under prediction

King Street Patriots Tell a Different Story About Last Week's Court Loss

Do you buy things on Amazon? If so, please read:

Big Cats vs Easter Eggs!

Audio: Saints coach calls for big hits on Niners

Digital Domain’s John Textor Brags to Investors about Exploiting Animation Student Labor

I bought American Sniper by Chris Kyle just out of curiosity, being that I served iin the military

"Food Stamp" Jobs Just Like I Thought

Expert: Zimmerman whispered 'punks'

White House photo of the day, April 4, 2012 - pic

"The singer had a hole in her nose which is common in long-term drug abusers..."

Howard Morgan, the 61-year-old Chicago man who was shot 28 times by police, sentenced to 40 years.

White House photo of the day, April 3, 2012 - pic

The Supreme Court's Giant Step toward A Police State

ConIntern Chairman Reince Priebus: don't worry your pretty little heads.

Remembering Colin Flooks...AKA legendary drummer Cozy Powell (December 29, 1947 – April 5, 1998)

WOW!! SYG is so broad and horribe!!!

X This message was not self deleted by its author.

Navajo and Hopi water rights vs. Big Mining. Guess which side Kyl and McCain are on?

Why the hell

Situation Normal in Alaska - Complete Election Disaster


Cities on flame, with rock and roll. Marshall will buoy, but Fender control...

Apple discovers hundreds of thousands of virus-controlled Macs

"Sex for two" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex for two".

On opening a bag of Ruffles...

Thom Hartmann: What are the economics of happiness?

NJ: Promise to add 2,364 jobs, or $387,537 in tax credits per job, over the next decade.

More extreme cuteness with which I crush you.

Report: Santorum holding meetings with Newt--seeking unity effort to stop Romney?

It won't be surprising for Santorum to lose his own state. It's happened before.

Talking point: The '600,000 Mac' infections are JAVA exploits.

Ferdinand Porsche, sports car designer, dies

640,000 Say Thanks to Starbucks

Face it: All forests are "sluts"

Antibody clues to AIDS vaccine success (AFP)

Alcohol Can Make You Feel Prettier, Study Finds

“What must be said” by Günter Grass

Sex Education Stagnating in U.S. Schools, CDC Says.

In Regards to Some Time Delays or Completely Hidden Posts

Zimmerman's lawyers: George called Trayvon a fucking punk, not a fucking coon, before shooting him

The Obama DOJ urged the Supreme Court's endorsement of strip searches.

What disregarding reality makes possible: a cautionary tale.

Florida homeowners: When did we secede from the U.S.A.? (weekly daily kos rant)

Faith No More - Professor Peter Boghossian on Why You Should Kick Your Faith to the Curb

Kitty socialization question.

Bullying, new website.....

Perry praises responders, says tornado devastation could’ve been worse

Alcohol Can Make You Feel Hornier, Study Finds

Are animals other than homo sapiens picky about their mates?

The Smothers Brothers, Stewart, Colbert & The Court Jester

You've probably been playing Hangman wrong your entire life

why aren't gun control advocates calling out vigilantes?

Orlando Magic's Stan Van Gundy -- Dwight Howard wants me fired

More idiotic cartoons from the Romney people

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

The Pink Ceiling. LGBT CEOs in the United States?

Thom Hartmann: Sticks & stones are not allowed...but handguns are...

Updated list: Unions endorsing President Obama's re-election

How Well Can You Live On Minimum Wage?

Says one British Science writer: "America, you so crazy"

Debriefing Scalia

Watch Space Shuttle Discovery Arrive in DC Area on April 17

Gallup: U.S. Unemployment Declines in March


Santorum Backers Look to Change Texas Primary Rules

Regulators Move Closer to Oversight of Nonbanks

USDA considering privatizing meat/poultry inspection! WTF/ACTION

Seriously. How long is this "Blame the Media" shtick gonna be useful?

So Pat Boone is hawking those GOVERNMENT INSURED reverse mortgages.

Visa rejections disrupt Indian IT operations in US

Here's some awesome for you...

Founder of Marshall Amps passes away

Holder: Judicial review 'beyond dispute'

Hoffa Praises Obama For Crackdown on Unfair Trade Practices (February)

Greetings from middle America.

Help - how to make Apple paste?

Favorite "coming of age" movie?

Why I Hate Movies And Will Never See One Again!

Nancy Pelosi and the newsmags: What about all the cover stories? Wait, there weren’t any

Come to China. Trademark pretty much anything you like.

China watches US military buildup in Australia

State lawmakers reignite school wars over religion

Bosnia to Libya: 20 years of NATO 'peacemaking'

Grayson on Trayvon Martin

Air Force ramps up drone war

Colorado ‘religious freedom’ initiative moves step closer to 2012 ballot

It's Okay, White People, We Can Admit The Truth.

TIGERS WIN!! Magic number: 162!

Abortion war hits Britain

Go ahead. Click this link. I f*&^%$g dare you.

NDAA needs definite attention

Politico Slams ‘A $2 Billion Solar Mistake—From The Media’

China urges peace in Asia-Pacific as US Marines deployed to Australia

Learn How You Can Stop The GOP From Killing Obamacare In 75 Seconds

Texts from Hillary - hilarious!

Wind Tops 10 Percent Share of Electricity in Five U.S. States

These Tough Guy Hockey Players Have Something Brutally Honest To Say To Gay Athletes

My son and DIL just got new iPhones.

Is it true that Latino is not a race?

Religious Freedom or Religious Control? Employees Should Get to Decide Where Their Paychecks Go

AWESOME: A Bunch Of People On A Rooftop With A Very Strong Message

Request to have this as the picture of the day...

Romney: 'Yes' Women Should Be Admitted To Augusta Golf Club

New Romney Adviser Backed Individual Mandate

I'd be ROFL at the predictability if ...

Read it and weep: Forbes Magazinerates Miami as America's Most Miserable City

Hey, shit happens UPDATE...Zimmerman lawyer: "Fairly simple but tragic case of self-defense"

Post a photo of your first computer. Tell us all the details!

Owe The IRS? Bill Would Suspend Passport Rights For Delinquent Taxpayers

Zimmerman attorney to Piers Morgan: He can no longer mentor children because you destroyed him

Who's Really Threatened Here?

The cover is better than the original.

Strategic Intelligence Making Us Dumber

Catholic student group to leave Vanderbilt campus over 'all-comers' policy

Pictures of the day: 5 April 2012

How Plants and Animals Can Prepare Us for the Next Big Disaster

Roy Zimmerman, Live from the Starving Ear, Boston, MA Sat. April 21st!

Obama wishes Jews around the world a happy Passover

What's wrong with this picture?

Professor Obama Singled Out Scalia's “Cramped Approach”

Years of tuition shell games clobber students, families

What if Zimmerman Wants to Come Clean, but his Father, the SA and the Police Chief....

Hightower: By axing parks, politicos are stealing the people’s property

Coke and Pepsi abandon conservative group over voter ID, gun laws

Google shows off long-secret glasses project in demo video

Win a pre-paid cremation!

Keith Olbermann files suit against Current TV

A grover norquist quote that explains why Obama must win.

Robert Reich: The Fable of the Century

Memo to Romney: America’s Greatest Presidents All Used Government to Increase Prosperity

Why is it so hard...

Romney vs Reality (Two web ads)

Nation's smallest town sold for $900,000

TWO EXCLUSIVE: Invisible Children Promoted By Jason Russell As God’s “Trojan Horse”

Here he is! Ashley on his walk!

Sarah Palin's 'Today' show gig gets unflattering reviews

The Mountain Music Project (trailer)

They were put in a cell and murdered for who they were.

The surgery will be the middle of June, I hope

Obama Signs Wall Street/Corporate Backed "Jobs Act": A “Recipe for Fraud” And Job Destruction

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Jobs

Nazi rules for Dance Orchestras in occupied Czechoslovakia

It is done. Rusty has crossed The Bridge.

Some shots of my old home and environs

The afterlife:

A Quick Boost for the Economy -- a $12 Minimum Wage: Interview with James K. Galbraith

Has anyone heard of or seen this movie "Thrive"? It seems to be popping up everywhere.

This Astounding Conflict Of Interest Might Cost Us The Affordable Care Act

Court Denies Catholic Bishop’s Request to Dismiss Charges

Always Remember.

I wonder how many will target the NO Saints?

Proposal in Florida to base state aid on test scores

Does any Know if Georgia has a DWH (driving while hispanic) law like they have in Alabama and AZ?

Robert Reich: The Fable of the Century

New electric car will sound like a gas guzzler.

'Empty Nest' Actress Park Overall running for TN Senate

What is the likelihood that Julian Robertson is a corrupt pos?

39 Days

update:Big tip or tainted cash? Waitress gets to keep $12,000 left by restaurant customer

Diamonds and gold —vast natural resources that could enrich a nation - are a curse in the Democratic

I have another question concerning my cable internet connection

Trayvon's Dad: "Was he doing anything wrong the night Zimmerman murdered him? And the answer is NO"

ever hear a song you love, then you hate, then you like again?

I can't say I'm impressed . . .

Our lifeguard at the Y, who listens to Hate Radio at full blast, is getting some news tomorrow.

My memories of Southern California

Gotch-yer blues right here thread. {Youtube 4:17}

Lisa Murkowski: 'It Makes No Sense To Make This Attack On Women'


Sean Bell fiancée's open letter to Trayvon Martin's parents

Coca Cola joins PepsiCo in ending ALEC support over voter suppression

Kathy Nickolaus has stepped down from election duty

Should Gregg Williams be charged? Maybe with conspiracy to commit assault?

If the Supremes overturn ACA, it will be the very height, the very definition, of judicial activism

A Darkness Visible Afghanistan - by Seamus Murphy

THE FEYNMAN SERIES (part 1) - Beauty

Syrian abuses captured in satellite photos

From herd immunity and complacency to group panic: How vaccine scares unfold

Quantum computer built inside a diamond

Alcohol can make you Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof

If a 19% drop in crime accompanies the indiscriminate detention of 19% of the population . . . .

Meanwhile in England -Metropolitan police race row deepens as allegations mount

Mid-air collision during air refueling. A Ripping Yarn:

Israel Issued Tenders To Build Hundreds Of New Apartments In Eastern Jerusalem And The West Bank

Troubled County Clerk Ordered to Step Aside in Recall Elections

Too much cuteness: Smallest Bunny Ever?

A Geological Timescale For Creationists

here we bloody go again

Former CIA officer indicted on charges of leaking classified information to journalists

Romney using ethics exception to limit disclosure of Bain holdings

Attorney: Fake Democrats in Wisconsin Committing Criminal Election Fraud

Iowan accused of urinating on co-workers' chairs

Attention DU, fairly big news about Romney...

I'll say it again. Before it's over, it'll be "the gun went off accidentally"

Pakistani Lawmakers Criticize U.S. Reward for Militant Leader

PC, Mac & Linux Users - a simple check to see if you have a Botnet.

The Truth About the Republican War on Caterpillars

'New Orleans Police sentenced for violating civil rights in Katrina aftermath'

Skeptical about corporate technology? Think it and science are two different things?