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Video: Egypt's Nubians seek return to homeland

I hear the train a comin'

Wallenda to Take on Niagara Falls on Tightrope.

Colorado burning

Revealed: Secret of HIV's natural born killers

Israel starts rounding up Africans for deportation

Ran across this very smart doggie, carrying a big sign with an important message

Forced to Early Social Security, Unemployed Pay a Steep Price

Hockey coach banned after team skips ceremony to study

Went to see Avengers today...$1 for me, $1 for Paul...

An anti-choice memorial and museum planned in Kansas

Romney Campaign Creates An Imaginary Bill Clinton Twitter Account

Gerald Ford, george w bush and willard romney are on a ship.

This billboard says it all...

"Skippy's List" for the Bronies!

Corporal punishment

Atheist has faith in power of dialogue

Cross-post from GLBT - photos from Anchorage Pride Parade

Children go back to basics in maths (UK)

What's hairppenin', dude?

graywarrior's legacy? Not "Thread that never Dies", but the rest of us coping with paranoid ducks!!

The COOLEST "impending Birth/Adoption of Two Children" notice EVER!!!

Um, excuse me, Miss.. but the meat in this bucket of chicken is the toughest I've ever eaten.

Ever have one of these days?

MiddleFngerMom used to practice medicine in Pennsylvania. Used to. It's a long story. Don't ask.

"Nobody wins with a head butt."

Dallas pastor stands up for gays and the President (TP)

Scarborough and Mika to play the remake. They seem to know as much about unions. Monty Python

Pandora is driving me nuts: I list that I like Bob Dylan, Neil Young... and that seems to be ALL

My neighbor's dog is crying it's head off...

Nobody wins with a butt head!

Someone give me an estimate as to how long it would take for society to collapse without...

So. Was seated next to Robert Duvall the other night at a northern Virginia-area restaurant

Sex, facing death

Sierra Leone fortunes change as diamond trade brings back investment

Too cool! Minnesota Governor's Sons Announce Matching Donation to Fight Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

O.K., confess Lounge-bastids, you're watching the Tonys, ain'tcha!1 n/t

Time goes too fast - - > The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Greek left seeks to exploit Spain bailout

I put my money where my mouth is today (ALERT for Augusta, Maine)!

Manufacturing set for decade high

Mexico Election Signals New Tack in the Drug War

Having seen the Tony Awards, i know what musical I will NOT be seeing . . .

Meet Me in St. Louis is on, I really like this movie.

Just Wanted to Give Reminder Of Mitt's Craziness: Kolob

Lynnesin hit that one out of the ballpark. True Blood.

Article by Fareed Zakaria points out the dangers of nativism

I'll say it again-I AM

OK, someone help me out here . . .

Advice for Teachers' Unions

Everybody gets a DUZY!

Fukushima, Plutonium, CIA, and the BFEE: Deep Doo-Doo Four Ways to Doomsday

Isn't it about time that Bill Clinton gets a ship named after him?

NYC mayor defends "stop and frisk" at black church

Scott "Dead Man Walking" Walker throws Mitt Romney under a bus


Israelis flock by the thousands to Tel Aviv's annual Gay Pride Parade

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 June 2012

Fresh water trucked in for Oilbertans living near Red Deer River oil spill

In small-town Missouri, a collision of cultures

Toon: The "People" have Spoken

Michelle Obama will be on Restaurant Impossible on 6-13-2012.

Etta James and B.B. King: There's Something On Your Mind

"New documents released by DWD prove Scott Walker lied about “early released” jobs numbers"

Wow. I'm about to become a beekeeper.

How can you be gay and Jewish?

How can you be gay and Jewish?

Everybody gets a dizzy!

Do people vote for the right person?

How in the world do you respond to "I don't have any feelings for you but I wish I did"??

Group says Calif. air regulations discriminate

Gah! When did Mad Men become The Megan Show?

BIG house cats...

You know McCain and Liz Cheney were called out to cast aspersions on the White House re: the leak.

Owl in full flap descending on camera

The dog did it.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, June 10)

North Dakota's oil boom brings damage!

I'm going to get a divorce.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday June 11th

Well, I finally put someone on ignore.

Former congressman, Army secretary 'Bo' Callaway hospitalized

What the FUCK is going on today with all of these 1-post trolls and disruptors?

If There Was Any Sanity Left In This Country

I've been told my ex-husband died this morning

Happy Birthday Jeanette Rankin, first woman ever elected to congress and the only member who voted

Virginia student graduates from high school, braces for deportation

Happy Birthday Jeanette Rankin, first woman ever elected to congress and the only member who voted..

i'm having to choke down my anxiety and be the calm one

Funny, cute yet sad video.

Sheriff: No hope of containment of High Park Fire (FtCollins CO)

Today is the birthday of Jeanette Rankin, first woman elected to congress and the only member to

The Macho Violence of the Cuban Exiles - Saul Landau

Dr.HousingBubble: This time it's not different-Canadian housing prices reach apex..set for deep fall

Chris Cillizza: Obama’s political gaffe will be fodder in general election

Largest health insurer to keep key parts of law regardless of court ruling

The Spirituality of Bees

Largest rock band (people onstage)

This week in the American Civil War (June 1862-150 years ago)

Contrast in 2012 Energies

Cross posted from the American History group - Today's the birthday of Jeanette Rankin

Is chivalry* always sexist?

Stony Brook Seawolves roll LSU Tigers to reach (first-ever) College World Series

Pakistan 'trashed' and insulted, Kayani won't meet US official

Uribe denies brother had ties to Pablo Escobar .

Uribe denies brother had ties to Pablo Escobar .

Mexican candidates debate as thousands protest front-runner

Mexican candidates debate as thousands protest front-runner

UK PM David Cameron leaves 8-year-old daughter in local pub

Spain’s Blood Wedding, Ireland’s Muted Rage, Europe’s tragedy

Commerce Secretary John Bryson accused in hit-and-run crashes

Pevely, MO axes fluoride in public water

Theresa May ready for showdown with courts over foreign prisoners' rights

FACT CHECK: Looming tax hike not the biggest ever

Embattled Iraqi PM holding on to power for now

OK, so, Prometheus.

One 'stimulus' project states in Tornado Alley should begin:

Thanks everyone...I'll respond individually later...

Thanks everyone...I'll respond individually later...

EJ Dionne : Government is the solution

From Massachusetts: Everything wrong with our political coverage in one clip


Your move !

The Success Of The Reagan Revolution - Career Over By 45 For Men & 39 For Women

America: Where It's Easier to Get a Gun Than Good Mental Health Care

Hey, everybody, PLEASE K&R this Great video in the LGBT Forum!

3 Scary Decisions Handed Down by the Far Right Supreme Court

Bring on the Gay Boy Scouts

China goes where Obamacare refused to tread: Takes on Big Pharma on high priced drugs

President Obama bristles when he is the target of activist tactics he once used

Maine study finds potentially disastrous threat to single-celled plants that support all life

Scarborough is un-watchable this a.m. I knew when I saw Nicole Wallace what kind of a day

Sarah Palin knows her Constitution better than John Adams knows his...

Any day now.

Wisconsin will keep bending toward justice - John NIchols

Netroots Rock Star Darcy Burner Reveals Winning Plan for Progressives

Good to see this ad, featured on, running in Florida.

What happened? Morning News said Obama had 'most disastrous week of his presidency'

State's law of preemption hobbles cities' attempt to address gun violence

China to assist devt projects in religious places

New Clash in Congress on Gun Case Gone Wrong

for Left Coast2020

Police: 1 dead after gunfire erupts at Piazza

Chris Hedges: America’s Street Priest

Vietnam Vet doesn't back down from gunman

ProPublica: Five ‘Stand Your Ground’ Cases You Should Know About

When Mika is not on set, Morning Joe becomes Full-On Fox News. nt

Why Electoral Politics Sold Out the Popular Uprising in the Badger State - and Why It’s Not All Over

Commerce Secretary John Bryson found unconscious after hit-and-run crashes

The Amnesiac Incognito Live System (T.A.I.L.S.): Anonymous, Linux-based, live-boot operating system

How Citizens United helped Scott Walker win in Wisconsin | Amy Goodman

Cross-post from Good Reads.

Paul Hogarth: Netroots Nation 2012: Where I Got My Hope Back

UCLA Business School to go private

"He will do what no president, not even Ronald Reagan, has ever done..."

42 Million Jobs Created Versus 24 million, Yet Another Democratic Economic Success Story

Exclusive: The Last Days of Mary Kennedy

Fracking is messing with our health

US spends more $ on defense than anyone else. When will we learn that throwing $ at a problem....

Sen. Rand Paul joins Oregon Sen. Wyden's push for legal hemp

McGuinness quits Westminster seat

"13 year old girl takin' her top off in Turkey...THAT always makes the news."

Try not to swoon, ladies...

Don't look to Saudis for gas price relief: Chris Henwood - BBC Decoder

Ignorance is bliss. (an oldie, but a goodie)

What are we going to do about the city government?

Climate change rate could be faster than thought, study suggests

Robin Roberts has 'Myelodysplastic syndrome'

Sullivan stepping down as UVA President

Ex-British prime minister accuses Murdoch of misleading inquiry

Religious Freedom Amendment Would Allow The Precepts Of Religion To Trump The Law

People 'taking more food risks' {uk}

Jacques Villeneuve is still a spoiled brat

'Vampire spiders' spot victims by antennae

Victory in Canada means as much as first win for Lewis Hamilton

Western sanctions on Iran - Nobody gives a shit!

Afghan earthquake triggers landslide, scores trapped

In Black America Podcast: The Legacy of John Saunders Chase

New Laureate Looks Deep Into Memory

MLB takes steps to bring back African-Americans to the game

Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial defaced

Contentious Hire Puts Spotlight on Black Coaches

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's Socialist "Doe Mountain" Land Grab in Johnson County

ON THIS DAY 49 years ago: Gov. George Wallace blocks the door in Tuscaloosa

This is not a photograph.

Black leaders and gay advocates march in step

Greek TV debate attacker sues victims

Don D. Robey, The Original King of Black Music: ‘They Call Me ‘Mister Robey’’

Denmark's Bornholm island gets rare bison from Poland

Restless in the grave / Dana Stabenow. She teams Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell in this one.

Afghans aim to defuse failed suicide bombers with Koran

Jada Pinkett Smith Talks ‘Annie’ Remake with Willow Smith and Jay-Z

ICC staff 'moved to Libya jail'

meegbear avec Warren

A thought

Bryson had a seizure

Tuesday, June 12 - VOTE against George Allen

Climate change, coral reefs, and social capital

Republican Campaign Strategy (cartoon)

So what will the climate change deniers say when the globe warms and ice caps melt?

the LAST STRAW: Gov. Daniels Wants to Abolish Public Unions!!

Interests wax and wane for me. How about you?

NY Times: Candidates in Mexico Signal a New Tack in the Drug War

The Clergy Project - Clergy-turned-atheist group getting media attention.

G. Gordon Liddy retiring from radio...

Justified to kill: A special report on self-defense homicides in Michigan

Obama Team Says Mitt Romney is "Living on a Different Planet"

Cleaver wants to clean up ethics probes

UnitedHealthcare to keep some overhaul elements

Peak oil review - June 11

Mitch McConnell is a real scumbag! Are all Republicans as low-down as he is?

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

How Our Genetic Maps Are Being Sold to the Highest Bidder

Why the right hates teachers, firefighters and cops.

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - June 11

Bankster JP Morgan Chase loses $27 billion in market value

FBI: 4 percent decline in violent crime

Idiocy and the Return of Darkness - a delish read

House Homeland Security chief: drone strikes spread 'righteousness and goodness'!

Kansas AG pays $644K to defend state abortion laws

Shibuya Hikarie’s Luxury Restrooms You Could Live in

Praying the net -

Why do people go see psychics? Someone told me yesterday she went to see a psychic

Greece Threatens Wall Street Jobs in Third Trading Plunge

I love the sound of a pig in torment...

‘Kindness of America' author shot by stranger while hitchhiking

Self Deleted

Let Russia Show the Way on Syria

Government Is the Solution

Hey Pacquiao, sometimes the universe gives back what you send out.

Chicago Teachers Union has votes for strike

If dems were enacting laws that would restrict conservative demographics from voting...

Is everybody excited about tomorrow?

Ok where do I sign up for the Viking Vampire House Cleaning Services? ** True Blood Spoilers **

'Green Acres' actor Frank Cady dies at 96

Greek Blackouts Risked as Power Companies’ Cash Runs Out: Energy

FACT CHECK: GOP Taxmageddon is not the biggest tax increase in history

Dancing with the stars

1,300 file (criminal) complaints against Tepco

North Dakota votes on a 'religious freedom' amendment tomorrow

Just came back from Jacksonville, NC

You MAY have a texting problem if...

You KNOW she's not just being "kind" when she says "Size doesn't matter" as she had Pluto included.

Sorry. You may find it impossible to REALLY enjoy Oreos in any other way from now on.

The BEST thing about Kali's ranch work? She makes all the really important executive decisions.

Couple divorce after 115 years together

MiddleFingerMom's housemates can be unbelievably and unreasonably demanding.

MFM knew unrequited love, as in "MFM always loved alcohol, but it didn't always love him back."

Couple "couples" after 115 years together.

Humanists Will Appeal "under God" Ruling

(Japan) Oi nuclear plant restart policy deeply divides ruling party, nation

Raw Story apologizes to Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill

Questions on Science and Religion

Pic Of The Moment: Romney: Obama Is "Out Of Touch"

Finland PM: Spanish Bailout Can’t Go to Unhealthy Banks

Bill Black: JPMorgan’s “Wild, Crazy Insane Gamble” Puts Global Economy at Risk

On my facebook page this morning...

Dems likely to hold Giffords seat

Wait a minute, Isn't a public corporation a form of "collective bargaining" ?

House's "for sale" sign makes suspiciously ominous claim

TYT: Global Economic Collapse?

Dems likely to hold Giffords seat

So it is clear the media has established its narrative on the president. "Incompetent Obama"

Does Fox News = El Mercurio (overthrow of Allende)?

When the Europeans came to the New World, the indigenous people had no immunity to

Lewis Hamilton wins Canadian GP; seventh different winner in seven races

The Repukes problems are Obama's fault.

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Obama Birth Certificate Challenge

June 13th is the 40th anniversary of Ms. Magazine.

A review of the Nickelback concert in Boise Idaho....

So, is anybody excited that they're bringing back "Dallas"?

Power Plant Mercury Emissions Poisoning the Great Lakes

Very interesting read on debt default.

I just served on a jury.

Does Mitt understand that firefighters and often

China Emissions Suggest Climate Change Could Be Faster than Thought

When aliens attack, the Right will side with the aliens and we'll try to negotiate with them


Flame Malware Code Traced To Stuxnet

…Nanoparticles in Polluted Air, Smoke and Nanotechnology Products Have Serious Impact on Health

Nothing has changed...

I dare you, Mitt.

Evidence from 12-Year Study Links Ecosystem Changes in the Gulf of Maine with Climate Change

OK -- does this strike anyone else as indulgence in excess ?

Nicole Wallace's (R-Bush Lackey) PR people were VERY busy this weekend!

Top Court Rejects Suit Over School Ban on Christian Gifts

Global Renewable Energy Investment Powers to Record $257 Billion

Luka Rocco Magnotta alleged killing video shows need for new Internet surveillance laws: Vic Toews

Yay! When does classical physics break down? Now we know!

Syrian Army Unable to Stop Flood of Deserters

Germany Ranks Highest in Renewable Energy Production

Change after NBA Finals meltdown helps give LeBron James a shot at redemption

NO surprise that a CIA DOMINATED by HWB CONS would SCREW Obama w/leaks; & THAT IS the supraTRUTH!

University of Sioux Falls president sues Delta Air Lines over gun-related charge

Undersea volcano gave off signals before eruption in 2011

________ means never having to say you're sorry

Romney to launch six state bus tour (including thru Michigan)

the bad news is

Suppose the Republicans and Democrats made a deal

171 pangolins bound for Thailand seized (NewStraitsTimes)

Poll Shows Public Doesn’t Agree With Conservatives’ Extreme Views On Regulation

Wall Street Rushes To Jamie Dimon’s Defense

Egyptian liberals boycott constitutional panel

OK we made it to Tucson

No wonder Christie wants to replace the NJ Supreme Court

xpost GR: Poll Shows Public Doesn’t Agree With Conservatives’ Extreme Views On Regulation

DU has made me see the light

And it continues...Mrs. Greenspan's guests are the same GOP shills.

Morgan Freeman: 'I Think We Invented God'

No static at all

Dark Mountain: Elegy

Says who: "The failure of windmills and solar plants to become economically viable"?

Thom Hartmann: Boehner has a Teapot Dome Scandal Go'in on....

m$nbc in full mitt support mode w/andrea greenspan

California pushing more welfare recipients to work

so, right-wing dummies, ya want privatized fire services? good luck with that...

Question on error message, IE

3 of 29 pictures of President Obama as a child ** Pic Heavy **

14 million seniors have received preventive benefits under Obama's health law in 2012

The building our office is in went into foreclosure...

The buidling went into foreclosure

I hope it is OK to share job openings here?

Lost in Translation - the wig care edition

Tiny police chase across an office using pocket projectors

Job openings at UTMB in Galveston, TX

Fred Singer Promotes Fossil Fuels Through Myths And Misinformation

Not just brains -- THAWED AUTISTIC BRAINS!!!!

"Terror campaigns, witch hunts, stalking, bombings, arson, vandalism & murder works"

MacBook Pros just went Retina at WWDC.

Virginia Lawmaker Says ‘Sea Level Rise’ Is A ‘Left Wing Term,’ Excises It From State Report On Coast

Virginia Lawmaker Says ‘Sea Level Rise’ Is A ‘Left Wing Term,’ Excises It From State Report On Coast

Bill Maher's message to OWS

The real myths in Corbett's list of supposed "budget myths"

Quincy, Mass. woman, 24, disguised herself as boy in Internet romance with 15-year-old girl

So, this guy who is handling my MILs estate is selling my husband an annuity

European Commission Calls for Coordinated Approach to Renewables

Can't the President override Congress?

I was dining with Robert Duvall last weekend at this lovely restaurant in Northern Virginia

What crazy thing happened in your home town when you were growing up?

Tommy Chong Has Prostate Cancer, Says "Cannabis Is a Cure"

US withdraws supply route negotiators from Pakistan

I got a photo in a magazine!!!!

New video from Raul Rodriguez, the Texas "I'm standing my ground" killer.

ODT (Occupy Dad's Truck):

American Airlines Stonewalling Union Election for 10,000 workers

The War on Old Folks

British envoy's convoy ambushed in Libya, two wounded

"What brings you to work each day?"

Is anyone else here doing Camp NaNoWriMo?

Top court rejects Padilla torture lawsuit appeal

Poll: Giffords' aide leads in Ariz. special election

somebody's underpants?

Russ Baker: Watergate Revelations: The Coup Against Nixon, Part 1 of 3

U.N. says Syrian helicopters fire on rebel strongholds

A "rising tide" DOES NOT merely "lift all boats".

Yemen army attacks Islamist stronghold, dozens dead

14 Million Seniors are Already benefiting from Obamacare

Afghans say former warlord meddling in China oil deal

When SCOTUS announces a decision on ACA

Coast Guard: Unmanned Navy aircraft crashes in Md.

Column in Harrisburg Paper: Corruption Needs to be Rooted Out of PA. Political System

Jeb Bush Takes Aim at Fellow Republicans

Isn't it quaint how David Cameron can leave his child in a pub...

When MFM met his grand nephew for the first time

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Politics

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

This reality show is wrong on every possible level

Romney in Davenport next Monday, 6/18/2012

Prosecutor: Major child porn distributor caught

Navy: Unmanned aircraft crashes on Eastern Shore (Maryland)

Hitchhiker writing 'Kindness' book shot in Montana

Are there any cowboys in NJ?

Older dads linked to grandkid health, study hints

(Climate Progress) Must-Read: Scientists Uncover Evidence Of Impending Tipping Point For Earth

GOP Line About 'Largest Tax Increase In American History' Fails Fact Check

How much do automatic garage door openers cost?

Papantonio: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s War on Women

Possible lungs found on LA County sidewalk

Glenn Beck signs 5-year $100 million radio deal

Jerusalem ulpan creating bonds between Jews and Muslims

Obama had such a bad week that he's at 50% approval in today's Gallup Tracking Poll!

Al-Qaida affiliates operating in Syria, says William Hague

U.S. Congresswoman Seeks Probe of Chevron Over $18 Billion Ecuador Case, says Amazon Defense Coaliti

The Six Day War - Day by Day

Good news that is actually Bad news (re: health insurance)

50 years ago....June 11, 1962 Three prisoners escape from Alcatraz

Care and Feeding of Raspberries - Help!

KKK chapter wants to adopt stretch of Georgia highway

Wising Up to Facebook

Found on facebook...

My sister's TLC, my grandma's last days. (May be disturbing to some)

Corbett Makes List of Worst Governors

Attack of the feral bunnies!

19-year-old US citizen shot in the back by border patrol over marijuana...

Thom Hartmann turned to dead air in Detroit for five minutes again.

The Obvious Lie About Romney

(Canada) Supreme Court reviews first conviction under anti-terrorism act

Apartments of Russian Opposition Leaders Searched

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Dr. Mitchell Gaynor - Protect Yourself Against Cancer 2

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Dr. Mitchell Gaynor - Protect Yourself Against Cancer 1

While Seeking Support, Obama Faces a Frustrated Hispanic Electorate

What we knew in 2008

Hosni Mubarak's health continues to deteriorate

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Guantanamo Appeals

hardest hit mortgage assistance programs

US withdraws supply route negotiators from Pakistan

Petition:Every REPUBLICAN Senator said NO to equal pay for women.

Jeb Bush Questions G.O.P.’s Shift Right

Spain to press on with debt auctions

Poll: Americans Know How to Save Energy, but Balk

WikiLeaks reveals US concerns over Televisa-Peña Nieto links in 2009

Majority of Union Members Favor Obama; a Third Back Romney

I'd have to be crazy, Lounge

Fed: Americans’ wealth dropped 40 percent

Brutal Recession Destroyed Americans' Wealth, Net Worth Down 40% In 3 Years (Forbes)

Mourn well a Monday past. Come come CAPTION Dr. Sean Hannity!!!!!

What expiring Bush Tax Cuts would mean to average person - best explanation I have found

Were you ever a repub or conserv?

On visit to Washington, Peres to present Obama with signed petition for Jonathan Pollard's release

Recreational fishing brings (Cape Cod) salt marsh die-off

If the Second Virginia Congress of 1775 had a filibuster, there would have been no "Give me liberty

So, who will MSNBC give the new show time-slot to?

Zen is currently streaming on PBS (until 7/11/12)

Actual response to a right wing chain email I received...

Sheriff Eslinger wins $75,000 wrongful imprisonment appeal

NYT: French Vote Raises Socialists’ Hopes for Majority in Parliament

How a con man used campaign $ to get his phony Veteran's charity exempted from State law

Gallery: Ambitious Insect Catalog Snaps 3-D Images of Every Ant Species

L.A. teacher reviews should include student achievement, judge says

Anybody know why the Phelps have got it in for Billy Graham?

Coach runs onto court during basketball game, assaults 12-year-old girl and knocks her unconscious

Probably not following the SOP, but I'll post anyway

Irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis linked to intestinal fungi

Phil Rockstroh: Madness of Late-Stage Capitalism

It's the tea party vs business repubs again in Texas GOP primary showdown.

Senators quietly laying groundwork for looming defense sequestration fight

Shouldn't there be a way to avert ignorant, kneejerk reactions to posts?


There has been a 200% increase in immigration from the US to Canada during the Great Recession.

You know you're an official 'crazy' cat lady...

A Dull Title for a Serious Problem

The right wing nutjobs are after Obama...

Hey POLITICO, What the F*** Is That Headline?

Hundreds to Rally in Front of White House to Protest Discriminatory Practices Against VA Employees

"Facebook is the future" (said in a zombie drone)

Historic Dam Removal to Benefit Nature and People

A new Simon's Cat! 'Tongue Tied'

Media Advisory: NY Con Ed Workers to Rally for a Fair Contract, 6/12, 4pm, Union Square

Democrat Ron Barber Poised To Handily Beat TeaRadical Jesse Kelly Tomorrow In Arizona !!

Fed: Americans’ wealth dropped 40 percent

How media conditions people to be anti-Israel

Meet my 30,000(ish) new houseguests!

Glenn Beck signs $100 million radio contract

Central California growers struggle with farmworker shortage

PPP: Dem Ron Barber Poised To Handily Beat TeaNut Jesse Kelly In AZ Special House Race Tomorrow !!!

These Leaks That They Are Saying Could Have Come Out Of The White House......

Did the Supreme Court Just Gut Habeas Rights?

Church seeks to build ‘National Pro Life Memorial’ in Wichita

Rmoney's Sununu says there is wisdom in fewer teachers, firefighters and police

Breaking: Florida Governor Rick Scott Announces Florida Will Sue Obama Administration Over Vot Purge

'Depraved' sex acts by penguins shocked polar explorer

Texas prepares for court over voter ID law

Why Electoral Politics Sold Out the Popular Uprising in Badger State -- and Why It’s Not All Over"

Karl Rove’s Super PAC Jumps to Conclusions, Attacks Commerce Secretary Who Suffered Seizure

OMFG....Freepers defend man hitting his wife for taking "Lord's name in Vain"

Check this out-- electoral forecasters say Obama is ahead

The Way Americans Are Shopping For Groceries Is Truly Worrying


President Obama Honors Outstanding Math and Science Teachers

So, me out here! Is this an invitation, or a dare?

Racist? Nah.

Department of Justice Plans to Sue Florida over Voter Purge


Nobel Prize reduces prize winners' cash amount (BBC)

Hasbro Announces Many More Bad Ideas For Movies!

BREAKING -Rick Scott suing Homeland Security to get the data base

Bush's Budget Director, which means he knows nothing about Math, stumped by the low salaries

TOONS: Romney = Bush

It's a miracle! We have candidates!

Emily's List bragging on 4 Congressional hopefuls

America has an Industrial Policy - It's Run by the Pentagon

DU POLL - Do you think the RW functions as they do because it's hard-coded in their brains?

Do we over-rely on property taxes?

Wonder if lead is the reason so many Republicans act like their brains are ate up?

Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ’90s, Fed Says

David Horowitz's new book really claimed that "An Inconvenient Truth" came out in 1996

IMF report and bailout calm banking sector

The physical therapists took away my walker!

Fifty films you should see before you die (according to Britain's Channel 4)

Phil Rockstroh: Madness of Late-Stage Capitalism

Global warming threat seen in fertile soil of northeastern US forests

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Virginia Lawmaker: 'Sea Level Rise' Is 'Left-Wing Term'

Apple kicks Google Maps off iPhone, adds Facebook

Mass. town weighs $20 fines for swearing in public

Fascinating 'Democracy Now' today.

Respecting the rights of the minority...


"Not Guilty" in Medical Marijuana Trial..

So when is SCOTUS ruling on HCR? Tomorrow?

Glenn Greenwald vs. Cass Sunstein -- Battle Royal, in their own words!

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Sherrod Brown Urges Transparency for “NAFTA for Asia”

Aw, Geez: neighbor just put up a lawn sign: "Vote for Holy Matrimony"

Mariela Castro on 'Democracy Now'

Mitt Romney has said we don't need more firemen. Say this to the owner.

Why Romney believes in self-deportation