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Archives: June 14, 2012

British journalist says Syrian rebels set him up to die in no man’s land

Stand your ground defense in Texas has resulted in guilty verdict.

HopeHoops is ready for his anniversary evening.......

Is Shooting People Causing You Legal Problems?

Dalai Lama says humans may need to move beyond religion.

Fox Is Considered Most Uncivil Network: Study

Austerity and the Economic Crisis (Good read)

Firefighter resuscitates dog after removing his OWN oxygen mask to save dying animal

Texas jury convicts man in stand your ground case

How many Roku owners here?

Has anyone ever answered why MSNBC has Jail stories every weekend?

Pup On Top animation from Symbolman!

South Park - It's Coming Right For Us!

I think polls in all states should open at 6am and close9pm like we do in NY.

I watched the Wizard of Oz today with a 3 year old, this was her first time.

Martin Bashir - Karl Rove throws around millions in cash, hypocritical attacks

Martin Bashir - Romney's 'first 100 days' long on promises, short on details

Brazil biofuel: Shell axes 'illegal' sugar cane plan

Brazil biofuel: Shell axes 'illegal' sugar cane plan

Dems: Obama could lose, donors better get moving

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 June 2012

Okla. horse ranch in cartel case raised suspicions

Tropical lake on Titan? Surprising find could solve moon's methane mystery.

Great Summary posted on Facebook today.

..and now, for those planning to kill two hours on the Dallas reboot...

Suspected militant pleads guilty to aiding Somalia's al Shabaab

TSA question.

Skout suspends teen community after child-rape charges

Martin Bashir - Bashir: Romney's 'jobs plan' on display in recession-plagued Europe

Accused British hacker charged in U.S. over LulzSec attacks

Rhode Island passes bill to guarantee rights of homeless people

Everything wrong with Washington: Old home week Jamie Dimon and the politicians he buys

New York City mayor opposes new oversight of police

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Detroit avoids cash crunch as judge halts lawsuit

Racial hoax causes PR headache for McDonald’s

Michigan lawmakers approve key parts of hardline anti-abortion law package

Republicans Admit To Gambling With Nation's Business To Help Romney

CBC News is on a mission to find out what one food is the most Canadian.

What a wonderful world

I've heard a GOP pundits on the news complain obama is going to fundraisers twice in the last two

I promise I will vote for Obama

A straggler for "sky" - cleaning up Florida photos

Venezuela among the Happiest Countries of Latin America

Republicans Wage War Against Jobs

You do know that there are a lot of people that will view Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter....

Attention All Graphic Artists - Shell Oil Wants YOU!

Racial disparities push schools to overhaul approach to discipline

Small Planets Don't Need Stars With Heavy Metal Content To Form

Many Shades of Gay

See if you can find Johnny Depp in this picture

No really, 'splain to me Lucy, WHY is Jimmy FALLON considered to be be "cool"?!1 n/t

General Mills opposes anti-gay marriage amendment! Yay Cereal!

Question: when a prospective employer calls to find out about a prospective employee what is the

Cameron braces for Murdoch storm at UK media probe

New York City mayor opposes new oversight of police

A level playing field sucks, doesn't it?

Could you imagine Mitt Romney addressing the nation from the Oval Office?

Washington pays 11% of public school costs; $1billion+ to hire police; firefighters, $630 million+

Biblical museum ad campaign features dinosaurs

As budget ax prepares to fall on social services, big business gets a hand up.(Pa.)

Romney Spends Most Of Factory Visit Yelling At Employees To Work Harder

Let's go! Unbelievable ad campaign from Shell Oil

Supreme Court's Chance To Change Their Corruptive Citizens United Ruling

Best thing you did while under the influence...

NRA now selling hoodies with pocket for concealed weapon.

Any Hells Kitchen Season 10 watchers want to predict the finals ?

"She came out modeling her new black bodysuit...."

Republicans really do need someone to come between them and their doctor (joke)

Error Code 451: an HTTP error for censorship

Smart people are especially prone to stupid mistakes

Luckovich Toon- Wall Street Banker

Mango, a rather small Indian man

Blue Man Group School Scrutinized As Parents Say Kids Can't Read

Bob Rae: The real reason he won’t run for the Liberal leadership

What You Don't Know....Could Hurt You..

Hardball - Elizabeth Warren: Election is about heart, not numbers

Howard Dean, on O'Donnell's show, has been the best spokesperson for Obama that

R.I. Gov. Chafee signs into law decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana

Romney Touts Presidential Salary Plan That Was Literally A Saturday Night Live Skit

Shit is about to go down......

Analysis: Lethal mix of attack ads, fractious party culture helped bring down Bob Rae

House Republicans Standing In The Way Of 3 Million Jobs

Call it "market research".........

Obama campaign deploys weapon-in-chief Michelle

Crappy anti-Obama AND Kaine ad on MSNBC.

"Obama Has A Jobs Plan, Romney Doesn't" by Ari Berman at the Nation

Five Things To Know About The Republican Witchhunt Against Attorney General Holder

Repeal of Section 13 leaves only Criminal Code to deal with hate speech

2 things bout the "Obesity problem" in the United States that is NOT being address 1) MONEY

Meet Florence: The 95-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Who Can’t Get A Voter ID

APNewsBreak: Rock risk forces Yosemite closures

Just unbelievable - "Senate Swoons For Dimon Hearing Into $2B Loss - A Love-In For JPMorgan CEO

DU bumper sticker stories, got any ?

Anyone going to Summerfest?

Blue Himalayan poppy

The ED Show - Republicans fawn over JP Morgan CEO at hearing

Today, I read the short story that "Idiocracy" is loosely based on.

How will Republicans be able to recover from the devastating loss in the Arizona special election?

Words to live by:

Pay away the gay...epic facepalm!

Rhode Island Governor Signs Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana

The College Graduate as Collateral (or let's sell our kids)

Cain taking a Perfect Game into the 8th.

Seems only repubs care about the rising cases of voter fraud

Toons: Face-Eating Economy, Romney's "Charisma Deficit," Summer Jobs and More. - 6/13/12

At least there's no traffic.

It Is Clear That The GOP Will Resist Job Creation

Police chase scavenging black bear out of Bartlett High School (Anchorage)

A political shouting match at the dump.

Judge blocks union election at American Airlines

Zimmerman Fears for Wife's Safety After Mug Shot

Honolulu Prosecutor: Federal Agent Started Fight That Led to Shooting

Girl, 10, has vein made from her own stem cells successfully transplanted (Guardian)

and now for the lounges pleasure, the lovely Jayne Mansfield will dance...

Did Issa leak the trade documents to piss off the left and aid Romney?

The line on Matt Cain's Perfect Game

Autoimmune Finance: The System Attacks Itself

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, June 13)

Any other delegates here going to be in Des Moines Saturday?

A LIST of LINKS to 2012 Presidential Electoral Vote Forecasts - MAPS

Awww, shit! Public swearing outlawed in Massachusetts town

Just watched Elizabeth Warren on Matthews

An educational exchange with a right winger . . . ;)

the people corporations will not discriminate

SEARCH 2012 Sea Ice Outlook: June report

Prevarication, is a word no longer mentioned these days

U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

Australia creates world's largest marine reserve network

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday June 14th

Air Force Osprey crashes at Florida base, injures five

Giant U.N. conference opens in Rio de Janeiro

US drone strike kills 3 people near Afghan border, Pakistani officials say

70's Cocaine Question. Baretta: "Boss, you know coke don't kill people."<--- Huh?

Wells Fargo Takes Revenge on Blog for Posting How Bank’s Improper Foreclosure Led to a Suicide

If a state decriminalizes MMJ, DOJ cracks down, state AG sues, how would SCOTUS rule?

Of Brer Rabbit, rightward drift and the dynamics of appeasement

Jon Stewart Helps Obama ‘Monetize’ The Presidency To Beat Romney’s Fundraising Numbers

Watched the Saddest Documentary on Al Jazeera English Last Night

The "dinner check" analogy is not adequate

S.F. couple kill daughter's alleged pimp, cops say

Not last any more!

Oxford University offers £22,000 to Scottish students

What a bargain! Olympics is just £6.4bn over budget (or how the Government is passing the final cost

TURKEY: Religious groups, expectations of the new Constitution, and the AKP

San Francisco couple kill daughter's alleged pimp, cops say (SFGate)

Senators roll out red carpet for Jamie Dimon

NEAR YOU - Red Cadillac

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) calls on Congress to repeal ban on hemp

It also could be called the death of journalism. FIT TO PRINT TRAILER

***BREAKING NEWS*** McCain blasts White House over leaks

Romney Economics: Fewer Teachers, Fewer Firefighters, Fewer Police Officers

"Goodfellas" mobster Henry Hill dies at age 69

Johnson & Johnson is leaving ALEC; State Farm still hanging in there

From the daily Daily Kos: friends with benefits: Senators roll out red carpet for Jamie Dimon

How Queer Activists Are Getting the Better of Conservatives

Nurses at Research vote for a union

How Jamie Dimon's New Business Model From Hell Could Take Down Wall Street – Again

Iowa restaurant owner: "... if he gets in office is he going to be that way to us little people?"

Any other DUers watching Cameron at the Leveson Inquiry?

Who's cooler, Me or an ice cube in your freezer?

Another day, another struggle against the propaganda...

Santa Monica nativity ban hits menorahs, too

Religious discrimination lawsuit filed claiming Voss Lighting requires workers to be Christian

Out In America aired last night on our PBS

U.S. death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000, but many more lives turned upside-down

Vatican set to control new 'catholic' Internet domain

"(American) Democracy is as real as wrestling" - Frank Zappa


OK, then what SHOULD we do?

Thursday begins with a W. Please come CAPTION ol' Numbnuts!!!!!

Poll: More blame Bush than Obama

Memories, they can't be bought

Remembering the Granddaddy of Tea Party conspiracy theories

Radical Feminist Nuns ~ Really, I just can't get over the "accusation".....


Unionized Shoppers Workers Mobilize

Rio+20 Earth summit: scientists call for action on population

Safeway Expands Reusable Shipping Containers for Produce

A friend told me they have to beat a horse to make it a dressage horse like Romney's.

Nokia starts to sink, 10,000 Jobs Cut

Japan's appetite for whale meat wanes

Robert Scheer: See You at the Club: Fed Fat Cats Dip Into the Till

Federal Reserve Directors' Banks and Businesses Took $4 Trillion in Bailouts -- Sanders FED Audit

Flashback: cutting satire on SNL

Scarborough just made Ms. Alan Greenspan vomit with his "KY Jelly" remarks

Joe Conason: Did Young Romney Impersonate a Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes

Holy sacred cow! Why reactions to the exercise and depression trial go to the heart of scientific

Giveaway of the day: Photostitcher 1.0

Homelessness rising under Emperor Bloomberg

How Drones Help Al Qaeda

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/14/2012)

U.S. jobless claims increase 6,000 to 386,000

Capella University, matter

Are Urban Drug Dealers as Supernatural as Vampires and Aliens?

Jessie Ventura on Stephanie Miller: I just stick to the parts we agree on. Good philosophy.

Interesting read on TPM - How The Supreme Court Could Blow Up — Or Improve — The Deficit

Canadian researcher thwarts Ebola virus, Conservative gov't to cut his funding

'Online snooping' scheme expected to cost at least £1.8bn

Cheaper Together: How Neighbors Invest in Community

On voter suppression of minorities. Anyone Remember the Alamo?

Target Readies First Three City Targets

Your running-mate called him a terrorist while you stood by and soaked up the wingnut vote

Scott Walker Survives Recall, but Investigations May Zero In on Him

Alan Turing and his machines - fresh insights into the enigma

Right Now As You Read This...

Please Pass This Around

Corporate Court System

Resolve to Overturn 'Citizens United' Spreads Through the States | The Nation

Bump ?

Expensive Austerity

Trouble in the Heartland

Leave all of your questions here for another edition of Ask MrScorpio

Romney Plan for Pre-Existing Conditions Draws Dem Fire

Is Ann Romney Sending Secret Messages With Her Clothing?

U.S. targets landlords in fight against medical pot

The Dark Continuum of Watergate

Raul Rodriquez convicted

Guatemala court OKs extradition of suspected drug boss to U.S.

video of biff the chicken lover.

Romney Admits His Health Plan Would Not Prohibit Discrimination Based On Pre-Existing Conditions

Can somebody tell me, what happened to the liberal preacher in ELMER GANTRY?

Senate Banking Committee Takes Mr Dimon Out For Dinner Afterwards (Danziger)

Cougars make a comeback after a century of decline

Warren Would Have Asked Dimon If He Changed His Mind On Wall Street Reform

Joint Session (A Mike Luckovich Masterpiece)

Suicide bomber injures 14 outside Syrian capital

When is Obama going to make an issue of the 'do nothing GOP congress'?

Pro-Obama Super PAC Hits Romney Ahead Of Bus Tour

Need Help Responding to FB Poster on VP Biden

Tony Blair avoids attempted citizen's arrest in Hong Kong

Reps. Markey, Burgess Want Investigation of DOE Support for Near-Bankrupt Nuke Enrichment Corp USEC

Bahrain court quashes doctors' convictions

The Geocitiesizer: makes any website look like it was made in 1996 by a kid

More than anything, I want an ad showing all of Romney's refusal to answer policy questions

Navajo woman's wisdom- true story, of course.

Dueling speeches, big day: Obama, Romney in Ohio

Leveson Inquiry: Brooks sent Cameron supportive message

Male Homosexuality Study: Gay Men Have Evolutionary Benefit For Their Families-New Research Suggests

Access to Feedstocks Remains a Key Barrier to the Growth of Biofuel

Church Battles Efforts to Ease Sex Abuse Suits

Wegener Institute - Northeast Passage Likely To Clear By Early Summer As Coastal Melting Accelerates

DWP analysis shows mandatory work activity is largely ineffective, so government extends it

You mean SYG laws are not "Get out of jail free" cards? Who knew?

Associated Press Demolishes Romney Claims About Public Workers:

NYT - Penobscot Dam Removal Finally Begins

Let Us Now Praise Vacant Lots: Commoners work to keep these vital places in the public realm

Quagga Mussels "Everywhere" In Lake Mead - 80 To 160 Mussels For Every Gallon Of Water

So, I'm redoing another foundation planting bed.

(Ass)hole in One !!!!

BBC International sound like Fox this morning as they masturbate

Why Exactly Does Romney Want Fewer Firefighters, Police and Teachers? (by Bob Cesca)

HuffPo launches iPad Magazine. So now you can pay for nip-slip and shock stories.

Tortoises divorce after 115 years of marriage

The Lessons of the British Women’s Fight for the Vote

Luckovich: Congress and Wall Street

MINNESOTA: General Mills Announces Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Ban!

Supreme court dismisses Assange appeal bid

DINO State Senator defeated by progressive gay minister in NV Primary

Magic Kingdom For Sale: Sold!

Are all the bishops delusional?

Two actors. You name the classic film.

The "Tell"....

Krugman (Ouch): "But remember-the big problem is the public isn’t showing enough deference to elite"

Sally Quinn Forced to Dine With Non-Fake Friends - By Jonathan Chait

Textured surface may boost power output of thin silicon solar cells

How to kill public education

Billionaire Adelson Undermines Democracy

MFM is ALWAYS prepared for any kind of emergency

Nuclear Expert: No. 4 fuel pool may have 5 times more cesium-137 than estimated

Yesterday's Horsey

Researchers find building seismic strain in Azerbaijan

I'm having trouble with my bush beans.

New Poll: Obama CRUSHING Rmoney in New Jersey by 23-points

Rick Scott: I Was Mistaken For Dead

I know AG Holder is not a terribly popular fellow around here, but...

The Republican Economic Plan

Alligator just bit my hand off. Which one? Don't know, they all look alike

Our Latest Creation Is Called That Same Old Song

Egypt’s Highest Court Says Parliament Must Dissolve

Game changers: the women who make video games

Corporate Media Proganda Trick - Blame Democrats for Media's Corporate Slant

New Michigan poll has Obama up by 2-points (rounded)

Check this out.

Award winning trauma surgeon?

Same-sex parents sue over North Carolina adoption law

Issa Blasted Investigation Of Bush Attorney General As A ‘Political Witch Hunt”

Experience Life as an Illegal Alien at Mexico’s Border-Crossing Theme Park

School lunches around the world (pictorial essay)

Burn Notice and Suits start tonight (Thursday June 14)

Let’s Admit It: The US Is at War in Yemen, Too

Live Blog of David Cameron testimony on News Corp. scandal

Gov. Scott cast provisional ballot in 2006 because he says election officials thought he was dead

A Backlash in Georgia

Elon Musk to Deliver Caltech Commencement Address, streaming live Friday 10am pacific

At Senate Hearing, Jamie Dimon confronted by Occupy Our Homes DC

Big Bang particle discovery closer: scientists

Pic Of The Moment: Romney: Repeal ObamaCare, Let Insurers Deny Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions

Really Huffington Post? Don't you have an editor?

Goodbye Envisat, or legal issues associated with the threat of a massive space debris

25 ways to tell you're grown up

Who shot JR? Remember that?

i read this last night. found interesting. thought, discussion.

It's the US Open in golf......and a 14 year old from China is the youngest ever....


… And the Poor Get Poorer

Statins Are Linked with Fatigue

Tune up a Thursday. Please come CAPTION Rush (Traitor to Human Consciousness) Limbaugh!!!!

Why Washington Needs More Tracy Flicks

Tell me if I'm wrong to post this on Facebook

Early Death Assured in India Where 900M Don’t Eat Enough

Rmoney's bus of hooligans circling Obama speech site

Why are the Democratic surrogates on the cable shows so crappy while the Repubs are so much better?

Kucinich - Major Disclosure: Margin of Safety Eroded at Davis-Besse

'Conspiracy Theorists' Oppose Planned Government Big Brother Internet Surveillance: British Home Sec

'Road to the Kentucky Derby' NASCAR-like point system will determine 2013 entries

Stephen Colbert on the Romneys and Dressage

Remember Obama Girl? Well, now there's Obama Boy (Just saw a clip on MSNBC):

Rmoney butting heads with Repukes over messaging

Actress Geena Davis talks media, empowerment of women at U.N.

Buffalo Hospital Shooting: Surgeon at Large After Home Search

Image posting problem this morning.

What Obama Must Do to Win

Possible home-invasion thwarted last night, ask me anything.

Faux "news" co-host storms off set after colleague makes a really stupid remark...

Democratically supported Online Backup

Rob Lowe's Ironic Tweet For Parks And Recreation Fans (spoler alert for Parks and Rec Season Finale)

OMG, Egypt's highest court said Parliament must dissolve!!!

Medicaid Fraud Audits Cost Five Times Amount U.S. Found

Question: Wingers saying the whole world is crap when Obama is pres arelying,orclinically depressed?

TPP-Trade agreement is really enforceable corporate global governance...

The intermittent nature of nuclear power

Detroit May Send No Blacks to Congress for First Time Since 1955

Hugh Gusterson on U.S. war culture, the destruction of Iraq and the psychology of weapons designers

Insurance Industry Myths about the Uninsured

"Enlightened Sexism: The Seductive Message that Feminism's Work Is Done"

OMG- another great T-shirt site

Betty Bowers interviews Ann Romney

US expands ‘shadow war’ in Africa with spy planes, report says

Feeling the heat, Ft. Collins CO

So,the big discussion in The dallas morning News is comparing Holder and Gonzales

Everyone remember those 18 girls in LeRoy NY who were having tics and seizures?

Why does the U.S. rank as the 11th happiest country in the world?

A Yemini democracy activist writes an open letter to Obama (NY Times op ed)

Know of any New Balance shoes, that you've tried, very similar to the 473 model?

I just saw a clip of this video on MSNBC: Obama Boy - I Have A Crush On Obama

Home ‘Shadow Inventory’ Falls to Lowest Since 2008

Warren: Americans ‘understand the game is rigged’

WITNESS launches Human Rights channel on YouTube

Each decade sucked, sometimes.

California Hedge Fund Is Latest Europe Crisis Casualty

The chipmunk in SC. I see them occasionally in upstate SC, also saw one in Greenwood, SC.

Press escorted out of #Romney event at, of all places, #Newseum.

What causes this little window to pop up? It doesn't just do it with DU, either.

The Real News: Greeks Face a Momentous Decision

The Committee to Protect Journalists: Don't get your sources in Syria killed

Does radiation really make successive generations of animals/plants bigger?

5 Reasons Americans Are Right To Blame Bush For The Economy

Thom Hartmann: The Root of Romney's Comfort with Lying

UK PM Cameron defends ill-fated Andy Coulson hire

It’s Pearl Jam vs. Karl Rove

When Enough Is Enough by Linda Greenhouse

A New (Very NSFW) 'Magic Mike' Trailer

Indonesian Atheist Jailed for Prophet Mohammed Cartoons

Putin: Russia Ready to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense

PLease tune in to "World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements"

NYTimes warns Obama not to blame GOP for economy--lest he seem like a "crybaby"

Religious Coalition Endorses ENDA ‘As A Matter Of Justice’

Syrian army systematically killing civilians: Amnesty

Foxconn Suicide: Company Says Plant Worker Jumped From Apartment

General Mills opposes marriage amendment

Politico Reporter Admits The Press Is Covering For Republican Obstructionism

i want to take a minute to thank all firefighters for their service

South Florida woman set on fire at a gas station recovering from 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns

Fox & Friends Co-Host Gretchen Carlson Walks Off After Brian Kilmeade Makes Sexist Comment

Obama campaign encouraging us, via text message,

Edison Smart Meter: Yay or Nay?

Freak lightning strike kills family's two dogs

Sheldon Adelson could donate $10million 2400 times and still be a billionaire

Scott Walker’s Big ‘Obamacare’ Reveal

In Syria, shelling part of everyday life - James Foley live

"Too Big To Fail"..just watched it. Ask me anything.

How do republicans call themselves christians when they would sell their mothers for a buck?

Pastor Says Carrie Underwood Has Misunderstood The Bible

Coastal debris comes in; cleanup alert goes out

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind |

We're going shooting again this weekend

Syrian rebels in Turkey doubtful over new Arab arms supplies

The End of the World as We Know It

Cartoon found on Diaspora* - Too Far? Apt? WARNING: Nazi comparison of the day.

I've posted on "World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements" in GD

Wonderful video in GD: World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements...

Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years in prison

Speak softly, but...

ICC to look into Colombian army killing civilians .

ICC to look into Colombian army killing civilians .

In 1994 Axelrod Said You Can't Talk About Progress While the Middle Class is Hurting

Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years in prison.

Obama Boy Has a Crush on the President

Public Transportation Ridership Use Surged in First Quarter 2012

Sheldon Adelson Willing to Spend $100 Million to Beat Obama

Romney's Cut-And-Paste Capitalism

We Spend So Much Money On Horrible Stuff

The World in Depression

I just found the ultimate code to live by -- on Facebook

Tom Johnson Democratic Candidate for Assembly 96th District links

Thom Hartmann: American Democracy vs. The Forces of Fascism

No love for Matt Cain today?

Headline we will never see: Why hasn't George W. Bush been out on the campaign trail with Romney?

World's only cured HIV patient will attend Philly conference

Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) wrote a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration re: Fukushima

Colombian Glass Workers Fight against Union-Busting (Owens Illinois)

Kansas Democrats to file elections protest

anyone listening to RMonry?

Bill Richardson: US Should Arm Syrian Rebels If Assad Gets Russian Helicopters

Palermo's Pizza (Milwaukee) Responds to Union Drive By Reporting Workers to Immigration Enforcement

Senate votes to move ahead on El Salvador nominee

New Study Proves Microstamping Technology Works

Anyone Watching Robme Right Now?

Senate votes to move ahead on El Salvador nominee

Venezuela is the second least peaceful country in South America

An old take on censorship

Early Vote vs. Election Day Primary Turnout

Toronto Transit Commission seeks to increase service this fall as ridership climbs

GOP's Health Quandary - They want the credit!!

I don't always avoid posting in certain Meta threads

Should the U.S. invade and occupy Syria to liberate the people?

Non-emergency vibes,please

Best Technical Support Plans

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over US medical experiments in Guatemala

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over US medical experiments in Guatemala

Milk fats may alter gut bacteria causing bowel diseases (BBC) {Crohn's, ulcerative colitis}

What lessons should we learn from Sandusky????

aarrrggg video feed went down

A culture excavated

Watching Obama speak in Ohio...

Kidnapped crime reporter found dead in eastern Mexico

A letter to the illiterate. (NSFW)

Neanderthals may have been first human species to create cave paintings

Elderly Inmate Population Soared 1,300 Percent Since 1980s

Worth re-reading -- Krugman on why Canada is so boring

Oregon high court orders release of Boy Scouts' "perversion files"

New (used) graphic card problem

"That's what the scary voice in the ads will say."

Shock Discovery On Saturn's Biggest Moon

New York State Assembly Approves Medical Marijuana Law

I wasn't suppose to share this with anyone but EarlG showed me the new DU4 website!!!

Repubs also eat Repubs: Juan Williams To Michelle Malkin: 'I'm A Real Reporter... Not A Blogger' (VI

Umpire Ted Barrett calls two perfect games (Cain and Cone)

Tried to buy a new battery online and it's on Backorder.

MSNBC is unwatchable during the day. Jonathan Alter didn't like the speech and who ever

What does he mean President Obama's speech was ineffective?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defense industry lobbyists plot mass layoff notices the day before election

Financier Allen Stanford gets 110 year sentence

Britain Unveils Electronic Mass Surveillance Plan

I read about some filthy rich white guy wanting to spend $100mil to defeat Obama and I wonder...

Bank sues Curt Schilling for $2.4 million

This photo has already been captioned...

If you make it much harder for a President you hate to get reelected, would you give $309.20

And just what did YOU think it read...

Romney Campaign Bus Circling, Honking At Obama Supporters

Nazis Left To Thrive In Parts of Eastern Germany

With video: Two female Michigan lawmakers silenced after vagina, abortion comments

'War on Women' Increasingly Focused on Women of Color and Immigrants

The Three Big Lies Romney told Ohio

Martin Bashir needs to have 2 hours

Gay marriage ban unconstitutional, Cook County State's Attorney motion will say

3 reasons young Americans are giving up on God

The Truth About JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon and his Trading Losses

Romney Campaign Bus Circling, Honking At Obama Supporters

Stanford gets 110 years for role in $7-billion swindle (AP)


UK Government-backed body invests in "Rock Battery" company

Belfast court rules that Lennox the pit bull type dog shall die

2,000th U.S. death reported in Operation Enduring Freedom

I think it is safe to say that Tiger blew away Phil and Bubba today.

MI GOP prohibit Dem from speaking after she refers to her vagina

Teacher Gives Special Grade to Bd. of Ed.

I need to share this with somebody...anybody...

Pollster Peter Hart: Swing Voters see Obama as aloof

Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade. Serious journalist, or squirrel-faced, sexist, clueless fuckstick?

Egypt in crisis; Brotherhood says it is military coup

The Obama audience was packed to the rafters and the floor, how was

Panorama picture - Florence, Italy - August 2011

Israel is less peaceful than Syria and Iran, study finds

I think Trump is headed for a rubber room...

Even die-hard Obama haters can not deny that he saved us from one thing

Caption Mittens

Mike Thompson toon: Abortion rights under fire in Michigan

Be Honest ...who knew

5 Reasons Americans Are Right To Blame Bush For The Economy

Are there any "blue" roofing contractors in the Appleton area?

GOP Governor Tells Romney To Drop Gloomy Economic Message: ‘My State Is Seeing Significant Growth’

Democrat vs Republican comparison

President Obama's Wisdom For The Day

GOP Begins Judge Blockade (invoking the ''Thurmond Rule'')

James Carville: What if the rich lost 40% of their wealth?

On party invitation: "Dress: Brazil" -- What does this mean?

A LIST of LINKS to 2012 Presidential Electoral Vote Forecast Maps

ACLU: Selective Leaks Worst of All Worlds for Free Speech

Venezuela says building drones with Iran's help

Romney on Obama’s economic speech: ‘Talk is cheap’

AZ02 Republican Jesse Kelly reportedly will not run again in November (Gabby/Barber seat)

As Punishment For Opposing Anti-Abortion Bill, Male MI House Leader Bans 2 Female Reps From Speaking

Dylan Ratigan fails to mention Wall St. hauls for Rmoney 37. mill vs. Obama 4.8 mill

Republicans Love Big Government when it's in your Vajayjay

New Romney nickname to underscore GWBush similarities...

Dylan Ratigan appears to be a chalk board short of becoming Glenn Beck.

Challenge: Live below the poverty line on 1.50 per day.

The advance guard has been deployed and awaits the command to attack.......

Prez With The Boys And Girls (Club)

TYT: Miami Cannibal Update: Photos of the Victim's Face (Graphic NSFW)

Rally to Support UVa President Sullivan Outside of Board of Visitors Secret Meeting on Monday

Mitt Romney Just Made a Fool of Himself


If nuclear fuel is so cheap, why do we need to subsidize a failing enrichment company?

Obama to America: [Romney has] got nothing

Michigan GOP joins push to raise obstacles to voting

The Republicans got off easy after the crash of 2008...

MFM and his prickly pair......

Words Conservatives Hate

The Last Word - What Romney talks about in quiet rooms

Would you go to a "Clothing Optional" party? What would you wear?

Mediaite's "The Top 10 Songs Guaranteed To Annoy Liberals"

Look how close my husband got to President Obama in Cleveland!

Are any of you watching SFRC today? It's on Law of the Sea Treaty...

I bought it for him...really I did!

(U.S. Forest Service) Study Suggests Expanded Concept of 'Urban Watershed'

Skip 'Waiting for Superman.' Watch 'The Lottery'.

This is why we can't have nice things...

Not all media reactions to Obama's speech were bad...

Tickets on GA 400. Imagine that!

Repeal of EM law appears headed for (MI) ballot after court declines review

Happy Flag Day, everyone!

Pure ecstasy can be 'safe' if consumed responsible: B.C. health officer

Is It Me Or Are All The Dem & Progressive Talking Heads On TV & Radio.......

Catching some rays: Organic solar cells make a leap forward

Today's Snapple Cap Trivia

OPEC to leave oil production unchanged

I made an announcement here 7 years ago.

Republicans, Romney campaign in disarray after disastrous AZ special election loss

Hardball - Michael Steele calls Tweety a sycophant for Obama

Martin Bashir - Boehner, Romney out of touch on student loan, jobs bills

Bristol Palin Sued for Reality Show Blowup

Are Michael Steele and Ed Rendell in love,or just dating ?

Do yourself a favor and stop watching television news.

Michigan Dem banned by Republicans for using the word ‘vagina’

Single-track sustainability ‘solutions’ threaten people and planet

Fact Sheet: Obama Administration Accomplishments in Sub-Saharan Africa

President Obama visits the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland - pics

Sandra Fluke: Why this election is so personal

Sanders Releases Explosive Bailout List

Fuggedity fuggedity fugg! Somehow I can't post on the Greatest Threads page!

What in the world is going on in Wisconsin?

As Punishment For Opposing Anti-Abortion Bill, Male MI House Leader Bans 2 Female Reps From Speaking

President Obama speaks on the economy during a campaign event in Cleveland - pics

Martin Bashir - Romney speech fails fact-check test

Who agrees that Mitt Rob-me should be a comedian instead of a politician?

Romney at a campaign stop in Cincinnati - pics

Republican VP frontrunner thinks businesses should legally be able to fire someone for being gay

Good "single and hating it" songs?

American Psychological Association blasts Allegedly Biased Report on Gay Parents

The Obama campaign needs to gather up every picture there is of Romney and George W. Bush together

A leopard can't change it's spots, Scott Walker edition...

"Sheldon Adelson Willing to Spend $100 Million to Beat Obama"

Inge Marler, Arkansas Tea Party Leader, Makes Racist Joke At Event

Hi Blackmamba09 checking in.

Stanley Cup Finals TV Ratings: 2012 Series Hits Lowest Numbers Since 2007

Any tea drinkers? I need some tips

Fox News *cough* Fact Checks Obama and Romney's speeches

Study: Stand Your Ground Laws Increase Homicides

"Epic Brietbart in Armor" painting bugging you? Read this.

Okay, time once again for...Name That 80's Song Lyric!

If the Sanduskys adopted 5 boys and a girl . . .

FDA urges that oysters, clams, mussels, and some scallops products from Korea should be removed from

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson will spend ‘limitless’ $$$ for Romney

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 June 2012

Believe in the phony man made doctrine.

Court throws Egypt transition into disarray

Raul Rodriguez (TX "Stand Your Ground" dipshit) GUILTY ... faces life in prison.

When is an admission not an admission?

Time to shake things up!

Move to Amend (

U.K. unveils £140bn scheme to kick-start stagnant economy

For-Profit Colleges Are Bankrolling Romney to Keep Student Loan Money Flowing

New Obama Doctrine, A Six-Point Plan for Global War

You can't spend money you don't have.

Great image: This says it all. Is the glass half empty or half full

Adelson Invests In Romney

Fireworks ban statewide!

4,000 MPH Trains Could Revolutionize Transportation

Rep. Lisa Brown: 'I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no!'

Obamas * Love * New York

GOP candidate Kelly won't make third run for Giffords's House seat

The most important issue affecting the US today (PLEASE read this article)

Republican Latino site features photos of Asian kids

Williams and Malkin Tangle Ass on Hannity Show

A LaRouchie won a House primary

Papantonio: The Tyranny of Oil

Bristol Palin being sued for defamation. Called bar patron "homosexual".

Censorship- Women told to sit down and shut up.

Study: Stand Your Ground Laws Increase Homicides

Former Romney Adviser: Republicans Are ‘Rooting Against The Economy’

(California) Operators of marijuana shops arrested in Inland Empire

Heads UP! WTMJ4 Milwaukee's NBC television will report election materials found in Racine dumpster

Obama Uses Celebrities to Trash the Repug Ops! He is "OutFOXING them!" Take THAT..Donald Trump!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says election officials thought he was dead

Remember when this was anonymous social networking:

More FIXED NEWS bashing of Attorney General Holder

Swedish political party wants to make it illegal for men to stand while urinating.

Don't you think Obama should appeal to the patriotism of the wealthy?

Britain warns Argentina over Falklands "aggression"

Michigan Lawmaker Banned For Saying The Word 'Vagina'

Secret drone wars not part of leak probes, sources say

World economies prepare for panic after Greek polls

Jurors begin deliberations in Alaska militiamen case

(212) 664-4444

Oops! Aetna discloses political donations

Huff sprains knee celebrating perfect game...

New Video uses Romney's own words against himself.