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"Nuns on a bus" stop at Paul Ryan's office to protest his budget plan,

Why did the hyperlinks in my post disappear?

Bill Mazeroski returns to Pirates bench

HuffPo certainly has a sense of humor...

Sr. Simone Campbell (Nuns on a Bus) tells Lawrence O.D. the Ryan budget plan eviscerates

GOP senators look to Romney to lead on response to Obama plan for young immigrants

Happy pride week to all!!!

Corbett at 36 per cent approval.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nuns' leader decries church environment of fear

"Windows 8 Desktop"- they must be kidding.... right?

Here's a jury result that illustrates what I wrote earlier about

Anyone watching American Colony/Hutterites on cable.

Just so we all know, humans are members of the great ape family

###Official change-of-SoP of the Gun Control & RKBA Group###

Come to the gay pride parade this Sunday 6/24/12

The problem with Sen. Kerry playing Rmoney in debate prep....

Ohio bridge bomb plot suspect wants separate trial

I'd like to see a Romney Runs clock regarding the 7 things he won't take a position on

Original recipe for Jack Daniel's found in Welsh book of herbal remedies

Rochelle Riley: Don't let Michigan push women back to the Dark Ages

Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank,

Ethics inquiry begins for suspended San Francisco sheriff

The Elephant in Rio: The Corporate-Driven "Green Economy"

one administration at a time states president obama in his g-20 summit speach

Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

Chavez has big lead ahead of Venezuela election

Saints QB Drew Brees tweet compares the NFL to the Bush Administration

Domingo, my sun conure, will be leaving soon. Please join me in healing light for an easy passage...

Via Current TV and Jennifer Granholm / The War Room: "5 LGBT politicians who made history"

Just got a phone political polling call. I hung up when

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! It’s No Fun Being An Illegal Alien & a new Maru gif

Low-Wage Nation: Poverty and Inequality Are Threatening Our Democracy

I didn't come from your rib. You came from my Vagina

Please turn on Rachel right fugging now to see Pie man in the apron

Which part of the Bible is most important?

U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

CHL holder unintentionally kills store clerk, trying to stop armed robbers.

What credit card firm attracts the most complaints? New consumer agency launches tell-all website

So, the Russian ship carrying helicopters turns back

Several interesting stories on the NIRS website

Gen. Wesley Clark jumps the shark

Lawmaker sets deadline for Holder to avoid contempt citation

Ha, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...

A few shots from the Dupont Circle area of DC

Ah, the elusive Wilhelm Scream.

First 'women only' coffee shop in Ramallah

Good rundown of potential GOP VP candidates.

Old L.A. police bulletins show city's history from a different angle (LA Times)

Oldie but goodie from David Korten: The Illusion of Money

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 21 -- What's On Tonight: Teen Idols

At fire scene, Nevada deputies throw 60yo newspaper photog to ground, push face into gravel

A more succinct Fidel Castro asserts himself

Hamas welcomes self-declared Morsy win in Egypt

So what's the fine for setting up traps to remove wildlife?

Max Keiser: Elite Losers & Heroes of Fraud


More on the Gopher Turtle.

What did you learn from the internet today?

The Fall of the Creative Class

Know someone who's always harping about religious liberty?

Nuns on the bus

I was just recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Pornography isn't the problem.

My last 8-9 posts do not show within 'My Posts'

Is there some information on Koch products.

Nice image: I couldn't agree more

Overpaid firefighters...

Aung San Suu Kyi receives Amnesty International's highest honour from U2's Bono

NSIDC: Sea ice tracking at record low levels

Kinda late now but can I change my username's spelling?

Some links on Assange

Scott Brown votes against women's right, uses Wall Street money so his wife can fight his battles


Anybody else having trouble with facebook tonight?

GOP goes after military rape victims

Iowa GOP Wants To Stop Public Money For Abortion In Cases Of Rape Or Incest

"Trauma in the ER: Who covers the uninsured?" By Noam N. Levey, Los Angeles Times

NY Senate Republicans Kill Pot Decriminalization Bill, Allowing Unjust, Racist Arrests to Continue

Its called Gay Pride, not Gay Hide!

Obesity a threat to food security (xpost)

Lessons From The Past: Joey Roth Designs Planter Using 4,000 Year Old Tech

NY GOP Kills Marijuana Decriminalization Reform

What Would Sigmund Freud Say About Mitt Romney?

National Botanical Garden

"Why Republicans Worry About Hurting Corporate Feelings" by Robert Reich

"Republicans’ one goal" By Carter Eskew By Carter Eskew at WP

Just Released CIA Docs - CONFIRM - CHENEY IS A LIAR!!!

'Neighborhood Watch" movie renamed

So Willard, born and raised in SE Mi, was surprised to find "a lot of chicken" in Frankenmuth?

Biden calls Jerry Brown 'smartest guy in American politics'

What Exactly Is Porn? How Do You Define It? Who Defines It? Drops Michelle Rhee Group Under Pressure From Progressives

NYC mayor: Not always obvious who's a prostitute

So who is going to be (or is) watching some porn tonight?

Southwest Airlines to Women: Stow Your Tray Tables… and Your Cleavage?

Question about Romney:

Another Nazi Registers to Lobby Congress

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace: Coming Out Ended My Relationship With My Dad

This about sums up the ghost hunters and fact or faked tv shows...

The 15 Most Insanely Sexist Things In Bleacher Report’s Insanely Sexist Ranking of Female Olympians

Diplomats Take Another Step Toward War With Iran

Jeremy Scott’s Controversial ‘Shackle’ Sneakers Won’t Be Sold

Tinnitus Sufferers Hoping Serenade Sound Therapy Can Relieve Ear Ringing

Why are there Dems who act like Republicans but no Republicans who act like Dems?

"Polls Show Anti-Immigration Sentiment at Historic Lows" at Think Progress

Apple store in GA won't sell an iPad to an American citizen from Iran

What If You Knew Exactly When Your Biological Clock Would Stop?

Explosion at Opryland hotel

Former TSA agent demonstrates pat-down procedure, gets arrested for battery

Pic of me and the band at the Beer and Cigarette Festival.

Evidence that too many people have firearms:

Explosion Interrupts Sheriff's Conference at Opryland Hotel

Professor Chomsky Presents a Problem for Empiricists, Positivists, Materialists

A Radio Show About Sex!

Gloat Free NBA Championship Score (Tuesday, June 19)

39 years after the fact, the greatest horse that ever raced has his time changed in Leg 2 of his . .

There is a political crisis in our country.

What the heck happened to ohiosmith's amazing singing career?

Martin Bashir - Romney swings, misses at softest softball question

Advice on removing smoke odor

Ok..I know that NPR is managed by a right wing nut (since about 2006) that was

The ED Show - Romney does the 'Dewey'

"Michael Tomasky on the Problems With Mitt Romney’s Biography" by Michael Tomasky

Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News For Using Edited Obama Video To Criticize Immigration Policy

McSally staffer resigns after odd exchange with Barber campaign (Gabrielle Giffords seat)


Newest House Democrat sides with GOP to pass Border Patrol exemption from environmental laws

FoxNews Caught Taking Obama's Words Out of Context in Edited Video

Anti-Creep Spray

Practically every Catholic document in the public domain -- patrology, history of the popes,

Victor Spinetti: Sir Paul McCartney tribute to Beatles film co-star

Earth's Defenders Being Murdered at Increasingly Alarming Rate Environmentalists across the world

Tsunami debris on WA and OR coasts

Societies that ban Porn treat women really well

Woman accused of making meth at St. Louis County Walmart is arrested again

Ever walk into a room and forget why? nt

WH: G20 Leaders Declaration

Source of WBFF robocalls suggests right-wing political purpose

Militiamen found guilty; face long sentences

shoot down this election solution

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) discusses transition in new interview

Porn Again

Anyone else seen a bumper sticker

Chile: Court Orders Inquiry Into 1976 Killing of American

Hi! I was diagnosed with clinical depression about two or three weeks ago

"As Texas Goes" by Gail COLLINS: definitive answer to the TX & TeaBaggers problem

Chile: Court Orders Inquiry Into 1976 Killing of American

That Wallenda dude got nothin' on this guy

NYT: Many American workers are underemployed and underpaid

Is this racist?

The war atrocities they don't tell you about

Marco Rubio has a Douchebag Face

Vote For the July Contest Theme

Univision News: Marco Rubio, Jorge Ramos lock horns on immigration

Walkin' the Dog

Well, I'm ready for later today...

Park Bench - Gay Short

The Problem for Teachers of Advaita is How to Say Something About Nothing.

Does Obama really care about an endorsement from Bloomberg?

bwahaha if RMoney is elected ..many states sold off ...

Billions are starting to move into offshore wind power supergrid projects, New Jersey & North Sea

Pride events and their sponsors

I'm going to stay in the Lounge for a while...

Republican's in Occupy.

Ever wonder what happened to the mountains of rubble

Can't get back to sleep..

Gulf Coast Toad

Should we ban pictures of naked kids like this? ...

Nance Greggs: The RIGHT is Right!

I Put A Spell On You

G-20 Summit in Mexico

What are you doing to help democrats get elected in November?

Experts: API/ANGA Fracking "Study" Is "Fatally Flawed"

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, June 19)

Assange's Extradition Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

A 'Texas Miracle' on less than a living wage

Dear West Coast of the USA (Re Tsunami debris)

Anyone here have sympathy for Karl V Ericsson?

Health insurance is not health care !!

What Ardi teaches us

The Stepkids - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

WA State activist in radio interview on 6/21

Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Laws

Red State Hoops: The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Value of Seattle's Rage

Red State Hoops: The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Value of Seattle's Rage

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 20th

Gun data dispute heading to court

Shop owner’s gun argument off-target

The Ungodly Constitution: How the Founders Ensured America Would Not Be a Christian Nation

'Hostages held' in France Toulouse bank incident

I can't get over what happened at the Montana Republican Party Convention

A summer reading list to die for, Mark Morford

America Could Have Dropped Big Oil Decades Ago -- What Happened?

So, that's where the jobs went...

Americans Say They’re Better Off Since Obama Took Office

Could Egypt’s Crisis Doom the Arab Spring?

Chesapeake to cut 70 jobs, reduce Barnett workforce to 700

Romney's 'Some Towns Just Don't Count' Tour

Perception vs. Reality...

Tourists venture to West Bank to 'shoot terrorists'

Euro 2012 quarter finals

Summer Solstice Alert:

My wife just cracked me up

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Question to Ron Paul

Episcopal clergy convicted after N.Y. ‘Occupy’ demonstration

100 in Hartford today!

Walker vs. Barrett: By the numbers

Talkingpointsmemo: Obama Camp Goes After Romney On Fees, Outsourcing In New Ads

FOX's Andy Levy To Tucker Carlson: Neil Munro 'wrong' to heckle President Obama

Cheating Michelle Rhee: What happens when Oprah stops calling there's no more propaganda to promote

Which Baby Foods Contain the Most Pesticide Residue?

Welfare Deform A Great Success For The GOP

Why do indoor/outdoor cats believe they HAVE to do #2 in their litter box?

Gallup's showing 7.8 % !

Two new Obama ads attack Romney tenure as governor

America Could Have Dropped Big Oil Decades Ago -- What Happened?

$29.5 Billion in Overdraft Fees? How the Big Banks Are Still Screwing Us

President Obama leaps ahead of Romney in Bloomberg poll; Romney seen as 'out of touch'

Drone strikes: activists seek to lift lid on open secret of targeted killings

Toon: Mr. Irrelevant

Bloomberg poll 13 point spread in favor of

Obama Bundlers From 2008 Disappear In 2012 Campaign Fundraising


JPMorgan’s Connections to the House Finance Committee

Freepers now hate the military

So a president can lie us into war...

Danziger Toon- Outhouse Humor

Old Dog, New Tricks, Not Easy.

Selling a Newly Out Armed Forces

The Cannab-us

Do you have any wealthy friends or family who this Bush recession has hurt?

Colbert does his best to promote dressage: very funny

Asians overtake Hispanics as largest US immigration group

I have an idea that will make me millions: an alarm clock that plays the sound of a cat puking

Jon Stewart tore Fox a new one last night -


A doggie that needs to be more selective about its resting spot

The Daily Show the Pander express. Very good.

Toon: Why the End Run around Congress?

Julian Assange seeks protection at Ecuador embassy

Magic Act: Making the Super Rich Disappear

NJ Emper....err....Governor Chris Christie compares Democrats to vampires

Julian Assange requests asylum at Ecuador embassy - live coverage

Peace and Social Justice history

Russian television interviews Assange's mother

False alarm for the moment at least for Domingo

Court Deadline Arrives in FOIA Campaign to Make Obama Administration Provide Details on Drone Wars

Assange plot thickens as UK police say he faces arrest

Mother Jones: A Case of Romnesia

luke russert to sherrod brown

WaPo: Middle class would face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds

Hammer Time

New NSA docs contradict Bush Administration 9-11 claims

Rielle Hunter classifies Elizabeth Edwards as "crazy" and "venomous" in new memoir.

Obama Camp Goes After Romney On Fees, Outsourcing In New Ads

Do you think this morning's VERY optimistic Bloomberg poll passes the smell test?

53%-40% - Obama Leads In (Bloomberg Nat'l) Poll As Voters View Romney As Out Of Touch

Wish I could term it another way but today Issa and his minions will execute a lynching

Survey: Capital Bike Share Saved 5 Million Driving Miles (Washington D.C.)

3 US soldiers, 18 Afghans killed in suicide attack

PrideFest returns to Amarillo

Uganda to ban NGOs accused of promoting gay rights


Serious question re Darrell Issa, Arson and Insurance Fraud in 1982

Violence in northern Nigeria kills at least 80

Greece parties agree coalition government

Drumbeat: June 20, 2012

Drumbeat: June 20, 2012

Charter Schools Fall Short on Disabled

HMRC says it is taking 'firm action' on tax avoidance

Another Wanking Wednesday! Please come CAPTION Bill (The Tosser) O'Reilly!!!!

not very technically proficient - new Adobe download stops videos

Afghanistan Requires $7bn in Aid Each Year

A Case of Romnesia - Mitt Romney's long history of misremembering his past.

When I hear this talk show host call Obama a 'monkey president' I hold several reactions at once

Warren Challenges Brown To Accept Local Media Debate

Rockets fired from Gaza as tensions escalate with Israel

Save the Bees!

Q&A: Julian Assange and asylum

Would we like to see Obama be harder on porn?

Long-grumbling Alaska volcano has explosive ash burst

Rubio's grandfather was ordered deported in 1962 by immigration judge

Politico: Tim Pawlenty's Stock soars in VP stakes

"Critics" criticize Bloomberg poll on immigration (See the "critics")

Wednesday's weather? Go figure. But please come CAPTION Mitt (Raga On) Romney!!!!

Bottom Line why it won't be Rubio: He charged more than $100,000 to state GOP credit cards

Study: House Republican Budget Would Raise Taxes On The Middle Class, Cut Them For Millionaires

B612 Foundation to Announce First Privately Funded Deep Space Mission

Breaking - President Obama asserts Executive Privilege over documents (Holder witchhunt)

The Last Middle Class American

President tells Congress "FU." Invokes Executive Privilege re: Fast & Furious documents.

Camp Austerity

NSA: Revealing how many Americans we've spied on would violate their privacy.

Cast Your Vote for Congressional Contempt Today!

Is the Anaheim City Council the Next Target for Recall Over Police Abuse?

Leader’s Suicide Brings Attention to Men’s Rights Movement

He's Ba-ack!! Please come CAPTION Joe (no callouses) the Plumber!!!

Warren Campaign: What’s Scott Brown Afraid Of?

Rmoney's Ray-Bans and yes, they are rose colored (Bill Day Cartoon)

How Much is a Dead Mexican Worth? According to the U.S. Government, Less Than a Used Hyundai

What 3 major things would you change, if you could, about America ?

Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

Marcy's trip to Red Bud Isle Dog Park here in Austin-Big pix

Remember when Sarkozy was elected in France? Photos all over the media! Now that Hollande &

Adele Song Wakes Child from Coma

Push Pull regarding voter purge. (Quinnipiac poll question iffy)

22 Democrats voted to block $4.5 billion in food stamp aid, 22 Democrats,

Catholic sisters rally against Ryan budget

Tell the Fascists What's On Your Mind: Take this Heritage Foundation Survey!

UK to give shareholders power over executive pay

Belief in Hell Predicts Crime Rates More Accurately Than Other Factors

Orange student earns perfect FCAT scores — and a perfect score on algebra exam Algebra, FCAT,

Obama Asserts Executive Privilege On Fast And Furious Documents

Romney: I would have done auto bailout better than Obama

My star is gone...

Rupert Murdoch bids for major expansion in Australian pay-TV market

George Zimmerman: "I'll have my hoodie" to use to hide after he gets bail.

China warns its rare earth reserves are declining

Romney loves the chicken and noodles in Michigan. Don't forget the trees?

Taking Romney Literally

Euclid telescope to probe dark universe (BBC)

another day, another person on bloomberg bashing Obama. Paul Levy an ex-doner slamming Obama.

Fewer disabled students enroll in charter schools

Sandra Fluke: Americans “are fed up with the over-the-top crazy rhetoric”

Elway Poll of Washington State: Obama leads by 8

Taco Bell hoax: Alaska town (pop. 6,000) left reeling

WOW - From ANCIENT Tunisia (3000 BC - 900 AD) - The Future Of Wind Power?

Reminder: Twin Cities Get Together

What's your take on Obama asserting Executive Privilege on the 'Fast and Furious' documents?

Julian Assange: celebrity backers face £240,000 bill for WikiLeaks founder's bail breach...

'We ask America' Poll: Mitt up by 2 in Michigan & Obama up by 1 in Iowa

Anything weird going on with Facebook?

I just keep thinking how porn, other media are not leading us in a good direction.

GOP Leaders Line Up Against Obama’s Immigration Move — While Romney Remains Mum

Defense: Buyers knew renewable credits were fake

Assange's refuge in Ecuador's embassy doesn't exempt him from UK law

Mitt Romney Is Terrible For Traffic

Which rwer will be the first to scream "Obama should be impeached!"?

Rent your car for cash

King Coal's return bad news for Big Oil and greener energy

Psychic brainwashed 2 women into stripping & sexual acts at seances to contact their dead realatives

Mitt Romney still trying to take credit for Obama's auto rescue, claiming he would have done better

Japan passes law to insure Iran oil imports

China warns its rare earth reserves are declining

Carmen Carrera 'Cake Boss' show pulled for transgender prank

The Christian Nation Fiction, Then and Now

It was Rubio before it wasn't Rubio before it was Rubio

Michael Tomasky: Stop the Obama ‘Enemies List’ GOP Lies

BREAKING: Obama Asserts Executive Privilege Over ‘Fast & Furious’ Documents

Any polls from "We Ask America" should be discounted:

The Rise of Asian Americans - Pew Research Center

Looks like there's anxiety in gossip world over progress for the World War Z movie.

Dems say GOP willing to sacrifice the country to defeat Obama in '12

GOP tax cut would be paid for by middle class

Carrie Underwood Faces Right-Wing Backlash Over Remarks Supporting Marriage Equality

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Scott Brown Is Kind of a Pussy

Charles P Pierce- The Clemens verdict and our senseless national drug hysteria

With runoff looming, Bruce McPherson quits GOP

Conservative women's group takes out massive ad buy against Obama

Jamie Dimon Confronted By Houston Janitor Over Low Wages

Major flooding in Duluth, Minnesota

Boehner Accuses White House Of Fast And Furious Cover-Up

GOP immigration suicide mission

If you thought I crushed you with cute before, you ain't seen nothing yet. CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH!!

On the Chopping Block: State Budget Battles and the Future of Public Media

Robert Reich to DU “we cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into either complacency or cynicism"

Penney’s Gay Wager

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll: Obama Leads Big, Romney Seen As "Out Of Touch"

The Nuns on the Bus: in Scott Walker territory, questioning austerity

1. Issa Has No Case

The President is correct in using Executive Privilege...

Rubio: Society Shouldn’t ‘Tolerate’ Same-Sex Marriage

MSNBC: Defense rests without Sandusky testimony

Move on poll

Mammoth field found at Serbia coal mine 'great find for Ice Age knowledge'

Britney Spears, Mitt Romney Own Matching $55,000 Car Elevators


Could David Duke, if he were running in the South, win a seat in the House at this time. I'm just

I thought the ATF conducted F&F without approval

Well, the Sandusky trial certainly had a high note today:

Deadly Particles in the Air - EPA Crackdown

"Liberal media" been saying Obama has had his worst week ever and he's ahead of Romney by 13 points?

Oil Extends Decline as Inventories Reach Most Since 1990

Did you know that the Lone Ranger protected citizens from werewolves?

Vermont Law Firms Sue Log Cabin, Birds Eye Over "Fraudulent" All-Natural Labels

Assange and Ecuador

I would love it if the Democrats could

Emperor penguins threatened by Antarctic sea ice loss (80% decline by 2100?)

UPDATE: on younger son. Going to get an appt with a gastroenterologist

Where is Mitt Romney’s Faith? (Slate)

From DCCC: They're panicking.

Toward super-size wind turbines: Bigger wind turbines do make greener electricity

Greece’s ailing economy grinds to a halt

Is there anything CLOSE to religion that people BLINDLY believe with 100% no proof?

A rebuke to religious fear-mongering

Breakdown of new $267 billion Operation Twist plan

This looks like a good new HBO series

Drill, baby....wait, what?

Scott Brown is either ignorant or "New NSA docs contradict 9/11 claims"

Scott Brown chickens out of debate with Elizabeth Warren. Maybe his wife Gail Huff can fill in.

Walter Rhett: The Real Issue of Redefinition

Fast and Furious Question

Are we ever going to find out the truth behind the Brian Terry murder?

Anti-Walker protester Thistle is awesome!!!

Trash this forum: Completely remove a particular forum or group, so you never see it again.

PPP: Obama leads by 13 in Washington State

A little help understanding Fast and Furious controversy.

Which of these 3 songs are the Trippiest or Psychedelic and why? Set The Controls For The Heart Of

Photo: People waiting in line outside of the Obama for America office in Ybor City to get tickets

You know what worse than bigots against LGBT?

Rachel Maddow - Obama hectored by Romney lackeys

Jury deadlocked on most charges in Philadelphia church sex abuse trial

Does anyone want a free Shutterfly photo book?

Beit Shemesh: Woman attacked for dressing 'immodestly'

Elizabeth Warren photo and quote from facebook.

Following Last Week's Damaging Revelations About the TPP, the Obama Administration Expands

Rachel Maddow - What is wrong with Senator Scott Brown?

Fed Expands Operation Twist by $267 Billion Through 2012

DOJ gearing up for immigration pathway for foreign same-sex spouses of US citizens

Message from the Street in Mexico: 'The G20 is Illegitimate!'

Puffy stuff in the freezer door.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Progressive action can move the candidates

Jamie Dimon, welfare recipient

Canada-Israel 'solidarity' includes defence partnership

In my little world

Henry A Giroux: Beyond the Politics of the Big Lie: The Education Deficit and the New ...

The Last Word - Nuns on the Bus visit Rep. Ryan's office

Penis Protective Services (PPS) showed up for a surprise H&W inspection this morning.

GM now landfill-free at 100 sites worldwide

Read this story and see if you can figure out why this friend of mine was fired

President Obama should hold a press conference on F&F. Agree or disagree ?

Cities Losing Out in Transportation Bill Debate

President Obama To Romney: "One President At A Time"

Looking for TV recomendations (streaming)

10 depressing facts about pop music

Dutch court orders Apple to pay Samsung damages

A new way to help our animal friends :)

True Blood Week #2 updates!

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

I will only alert on or vote to hide right wing crap.

Progressive Denmark

Has anybody here seen Ridley Scott's "Prometheus?"

Dennis Ross suggests steps both sides could take to revive peace process

The Last Word - Immigration: Romney speaks

Why are Republicans opposed to extending 99.9% of the Bush tax cuts?

Hamas claims responsibility for escalating rocket fire from Gaza

I would love a country where "politics" did not exist in government

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs a new sign outside the DU Bathrooms ***

I give up

Issa has an overblown sense of self-importance.

Check out the weather in the Duluth area! We are all being flooded out. Entire area is closing down.

Mitt Romney Is Terrified Of Talking About Immigration

Spencer West lost his legs to a genetic disorder when he was 5...

Just received this e-mail from the chairman of MN for marriage

Mitt campaigns in the 1950s

Look who I ran into today

Pig and elephant DNA just won't splice

New Poll: Obama up by Six in Wisconsin among likely voters (14 among all voters)

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Human-man and God-Man team up!

Breaking Chains At Walmart

Woman touches a TSA agent in the same way they touched her. Arrested for battery.

This is awesome!

Canada to join Trans-Pacific trade talks (TPP)

Trash bin hook thefts skyrocketing in St. Louis

Republicans Sick of Media "Sob Stories" and Mexicans

Ha ha. Microsoft's 'iPad Killer' died and they had to grab another during its introduction.

Contribute, or Romney's Dog Will Suffer

Declassified Document Contradicts Cheney’s Claim of Iraqi Connection to 9/11

Another Anti-woman/anti health decision, by who else........

How hot is it where you are?

Breaking Dawn Part 2--Latest teaser.

The amazing thing about the Issa Witch-hunt it this

Thom Hartmann: Republicans find another union to bust

Anyone here ever collect Garbage Pail Kid cards?

Thom Hartmann: There's a Major Difference in the Two Party Platforms

Evidence of a Real Estate Recovery Beginning

Rachel's "One President at a time" Segment

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Nancy Pelosi Slams Contempt Vote: 'I Could Have Arrested Karl Rove ... But We Didn't'

Over Two Decades, Abortion Rate Dropped For Women In Their 20s Because Of Contraception Access

Got this ready to send Issa's way. Should I change any of it?

My son wore a dress (part 2)

Latest "Where The Hell Is Matt" Might Make You Cry

The Teddy Bear gave head

Recent State Polling indicates Obama doing pretty well out west

Woman Takes Matters Into Own Hands, Gropes TSA Agent

Looking to avoid Obama’s drone ‘kill list’? Add yourself to ‘do not kill registry’.

This is just awesome...

Nature Bats Last: We're done

Fifth-Grader Only Permitted To Give Marriage Equality Speech To Classmates

Wisdom on demand

"Negroes get booted from a club..." North Carolina this time

US, Israel developed Flame virus to slow down Iran’s nuclear program: Western officials

Rep. Joe Walsh: Obama would be a 'tyrant' if he was 'smart enough to know what that means'

Hamas scion turned Israel spy making film on Islam

Israel's Precondition for New Talks: No Palestinian Preconditions

India-Israel trade can go up to $15 bn, says envoy

Test scores indicate improvement for San Francisco schools.

Graph: Your taxes on the Paul Ryan Plan

Americans Have Forgotten How To Get Cheap Alcohol

Ron Paul Admits He's On Social Security, Even Though He Believes It's Unconstitutional

Glenn Greenwald in Guardian UK: "Julian Assange's Right to Asylum"

Is that a tabby in your shorts or are you just glad to see me?

To date, who has been held accountable for their role in Fast and Furious?

IRS seizes bank accounts of Sacramento medical marijuana provider

Montana Could Force SCOTUS To Re-Hash Citizens United

Apple Store In Georgia Refuses To Sell iPad, iPhone To Farsi-Speaking Customer, Citing Company Polic

Porn Pole

Snow White and the Seven ...

Flooding swamps Duluth, drowns zoo animals

The Most Anti-Environment Congress in History: Here's the Record

Pie Chart of Labador Retrievers' Day

Fed Officials See Slower Growth, Little Progress on Jobs

TYT: Asian Immigrants to U.S. Now Surpass Hispanics

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

What would you do in this situation?

US kicks-off global drones race?

Letter from a SparkPeople friend about her son. This brings it closer to home.

"Obamacare was 2700 pages & that's too much to read . . .

The Reasoning of the Executive Privilege Claim

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.....

Something occured to me just now.

The Mystery Clouds are back over both poles - awesome photo

Why is GD now embroiled in a porn war this week?

Building the New Economy: Ten Steps We Can Take Now

Study: Media Used Conservative Memes To Cover Obamacare

Residential Energy Consumption Survey data show decreased energy consumption per (US) household

DU is running brutally slow 4:23pm EST

Students bully school bus monitor, post video on YouTube

Will Holder being held in contempt

New NSA docs contradict 9/11 claims (Bush ignored detailed warnings)

House panel votes to cite Holder for contempt of Congress

Arizona Secretary of State claims Obama pretended to be born in Kenya to get into college.

BREAKING: House Oversight Committee Approves Contempt Of Congress Resolution Against...Holder

Pelosi slams contempt vote: Says "I could have arrested Karl Rove..."

xkcd toon:Exoplanets

Chile: Ex-leader's father likely died of torture

Chile: Ex-leader's father likely died of torture

Is DU running slower than a 1 legged dog on tranquilizers for anyone else?

Fast and Furious in a parallel universe

Thankfully LynneSin didn't ban my favorite WR position.......

CNN report: Unspeakable Rage: I saw my wife on fire — “This is Tepco’s fault” —

Mitt Romney running scared on immigration

Obama leak 'scandal' is wildly overblown - CNN

Cuomo reaches labor deal for Tappan Zee

Why are female physicians paid less?

Binky, We Hardly Knew Ye: Groening Ends His LIFE IN HELL Comic Strip

Holder: Contempt Vote Is About ‘Political Theater’

U.N. Drone Investigation: U.S. Dodging Questions on Drone Attacks

Study: House Republican Budget Would Raise Taxes On The Middle Class, Cut Them For Millionaires

Fed Releases New Economic Forecast, Sees Deteriorating Economy

oh look at that, National Review publishes racist nut

Leahy: Dispute Over Fast And Furious Docs Could Have Been Resolved

Unprecedented -never in history has the House voted for Contempt of Congress after a President

Please can I get some vibes for a family member who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Pelosi: Use 14th Amendment to Stop Debt Limit Showdown

Dupe. Sorry.

With this Congress, being in contempt means nothing

Marco Tempest: The electric rise and fall of Nikola Tesla

With all the nice features, I wonder if it is possible to have an obscenity filter, so that all

The rethug circus over "Fast and Furious" is all about laying groundwork for impeachment

Strangling the Republic

US government to seize $1m Mongolian Tyrannosaurus Bataar (BBC)

Mitch McConnell Would Like The Poor To Stop Taking Advantage Of The Rich, Please (VIDEO)

Top US universities put their reputations online (BBC)

Fame Culture Fail: Man With 100-lb Scrotum Refuses Surgery After Moderate TV Stardom

Federal Reserve cuts forecast for US economic growth (BBC)

I wonder if such a thread was ever possible one or two DUs ago:

Uruguay plan: sell marijuana to registered buyers

Dark matter tracks could give earliest view of Universe (BBC)

Right Wing Group: Protections To Prevent Prison Rape Are Too ‘Costly’ And ‘Heavy-Handed’

With neighbours like these who would need a television set?

Republicans Outraged as America Ignores Their Sham Eric Holder Contempt Vote

The State of Black Politics

Fire Season PSA

Moderate drinking during pregnancy deemed 'safe'

Do any Chapel Hill DUers need a part-time renter for a room?

West Florida Republic: The birth of US imperialism (BBC)

Thank you, Rachel Maddow (and Rush Limbaugh)!

Fess up! Who turned out the lights, and put this in the the Men's Lounge WR?

Bristol Palin’s Lifetime Reality Series Bombs

Dr. Strange invented the all time greatest car deodorizer.......

How To Protect Yourself As The Global Economies Move Closer To Collapse

Virtual Insanity Is What We're Living In, say car owners

Cummings: Holder Contempt Vote Would Make Boehner Amongst ‘Most Extreme Speakers In History’

‘Joe The Plumber’ Blames Gun Control For The Holocaust

One of the first countries brought to their knees by the banks and globalization: Argentina 2001.

Powerball winners step forward (A group of 20 workers)

Rockefeller calls on coal industry to stop 'scare tactics'

Is it time to stop playing fair?

The World's Most Interesting Man vs. the World's Most Boring Man...

Jamie Frederick Speaks at Don't Frack Ohio

Woman blames her GPS for drunken crash...

$100 million in Contributions To Non-Disclosing Groups - The Shadow Money Trail -

Supreme Court Justices' finances show overseas travel, book royalties, gifts

Democrats who want to win should be screaming this from the rooftops, in graph form

Nikki Haley HPV Bill Veto: Bakari Sellers' SC Vaccination Measure For Middle Schoolers Fails

Citizens Ban Fracking at Ohio Statehouse Rally

Cities Losing Out in Transportation Bill Debate

Bloomberg Poll (Complete)

I have decided...

Obama avoided Vietnam Draft...

Is Kid Rock going to play Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp, Fuck Off, Fuck You Blind, or Cadillac Pussy?

Mitt Romney's Wawas' Story...A Big Fat Lie

The Other V-Word Republicans Don't Want You To Use

Arizona county rejects funds for Obama birth probe

Catch 22 anyone?

Poll finds Obama takes significant lead over Romney

We need to get Joe Biden out there as much as we can

I have 2 words for the rw wackos that are bad mouthing the "Hollywood Elites"....

There must be a ReTHUG paper trail

I Don't Have The Stomach To Watch For Myself - But How Is Faux News Handling This Issa/Holder......

Huff Po: Drops Michelle Rhee Group Under Pressure From Progressives

Westboro Baptist devotee seeks state board of ed seat

When the GOP accuses Democrats of playing politics they are actually thinking ...

Reason #27 We're Voting Republican

Anyone have digestive issues after eating bunches of fresh CHERRIES???

Father who killed man he caught raping his 5-year-old daughter will not be charged.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Bill Maher - New Rules on Americans getting paid vacation

The Bishops don't give a damn about birth control - here's the real fight -

And the Supreme Asshole of the Day award goes to....

Join us to oppose the war on drugs

I think Charles Barkley had it right...rMoney will be beat...

HOUSE APPROVES: Does Kansas Law Legalize Discrimination?

Tropicana suspends workers in protest

THINKPROGRESS WHIP COUNT: 147 Republicans Oppose Obama’s Immigration Order, 1 Supports

For a while, Greece was a huge topic here. What happened?

Do spouses of pedophiles 'know'?

Hug A Thug

Having never visited SoCal, the woody concept escaped GearDaddy.......

"... I'd give him an A for strangeness."

The Sky is Pink (New York Anti-Fracking video)

"Who's funding the Catholic bishops' religious freedom campaign?"

One out of millions

UU Annual General Assembly getting underway in Phoenix.

How to end a hostage crisis without killing people - Vive la France again!!

After President Obama wins by a landslide in November and Dems control Congress what do you want?

Swedish employer gives millions to staff


I have posted this before, It's a note of appreciation from the rich to the working class...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 21 June 012

Return of the O-Level: Gove plans to scrap "dumbed-down GCSEs and National Curriculum"

Let's play politics with EVERYTHING...

Tabs are goin' a little crazy on the mobile version, hey.

Talk about being a cruel bastard!

Do we have a college playoff system? Looks like we might...

Repubs limit funds for SEC to enact Dodd-Frank headed to House floor

So now this word is okay?

Did those Kids who bullied the lady on the bus get expelled?

It's time for Holder to double-down in Florida...

Los Straitjackets fans: HELP!

Police Make First Arrest in Texas Vandalism Spree

I watched Prometheus today… It's the kind of movie that generates more questions than answers...

Southern Baptists: Churches can use 'Great Commission' instead

What would Jesus do?

Anti-Kaine cut-and-paste PAC ad

Make Them Debate the Issues

The BRW Show - Frankenstein needs health care.

On the day Zimmerman’s wife testified they were broke, records show she had more than $57,000

Darrel Issa is as effective as a fart in a windstorm

The Poll Showing Obama Far In The Lead Was Discussed On Hardball

Holder really cannot resign (Not that he should)

You know, it's a sad day

Colbert was great last night. He celebrated Romney's dancing horse going to Olympics and

Romney Heads To Michigan

Has anyone here ever visited Humboldt County?

Five Things To Know About The Republican Witchhunt Against Attorney General Holder

Bernanke: Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllp!

Lake Worth woman sues Walmart citing secret insurance policy on her husband

Don't know if this should be here or some where else

"Mitt Romney" with Apologies To The Family Circus

falling skies

Happy Summer, everyone!

Speedy vote sought on Michigan law repeal

Romney meets the Taco Bell Chihuahua...

New York legislature rejects changes to marijuana law

Ron Paul protect my Social Security while I destroy yours

High school teachers, help me out here.

Was Bernanke acting as FedHead or political operative today?


Vacation of a lifetime pledged for bus monitor bullied in viral video

Spoiler - Jeopardy fans

A DUer hits one out of the park ..... We got us a talking point

The Muslim Brotherhood wins president as army strips the president's powers

So, did Ron Paul actually win Iowa?