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Archives: June 30, 2012

Dangerous Heat Smothers Third of U.S., Suspected in Deaths

When is it too hot for your dog?

Squealapova and Azashrieka to be silenced? ... WTA to target grunting.

rare glimpse at alternate reality

Fair House Districts

Friday Talking Points (216) -- Obama Cares

Listen DUers - let the fugging ReTHUGs expose themselves

About 7.3 million (2% of population) must obtain coverage w/o subsidy or be subject to penalties

My response to my fundie cousin's fb petition to repeal ACA:

Phil Rockstroh: Footlong Hot Dogs of the Apocalypse

From friend of friend on FB:

So the guy that authored RomneyCare is going to run against ObamaCare?

Renewables Make German Power Market Design Defunct, Utility Says

ROFLMAO....Ed Schulz played an audio clip of Jindahl referring to "Obamney care" in an

Smoke from the Waldo Canyon Fire creates an unusually vivid sunrise in Colorado Springs - pics

Got any RIM stock? Might want to call your broker.

Every Poll has Obama Ahead Yesterday (6/29) and Today (6/30)

Bill Maher is a hoot :)

Chicago Supt Brizard Admits Failure

I am watching the swimming meets in the Olympic Trials, there are more mature male swimmers.

Johnny Walker Orange vs. The Weeping Boner

"When we fight, we win." Van Jones

Did the Chief Justice hand the Catholic Church a victory?

Best weather report..... ever!

OOOHHH, NOW I see why she's divorcing him.

A Stronger Obama Emerges From a Few Consequential Weeks

Mike Pence: Fearmongering lying asshat

Tom Cruise on religion

Why Roberts Jumped

This month Obama did a watcha call a One-Two (or it was inferred to him).

Environmentalism and anti-science, how GMOs prove any ideological extremity leads to anti-science

Last Radio Call For Sheriff Neil J. Perry

Stupid question on the ACA ...

Naked carjacker arrested in Arizona

This graphic should give the five conservative Supreme Court Justices something to think about.

Colorado fire statistics through the decades ( CO is becoming CA)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! DOA & a new Kitty gif

So how exactly would Romney repeal ACA without 60 votes?

Fine Piece On The Importance Of Ensuring The Imperfect ACA Moves Forward

Rachel is having fun tonight ... giggling over obamneycare

Charles Pierce: Free to Be, You and JC

Is ACA serious about controlling insurance premiums?

Chalk talk

The Hannity/Palin hour is on. Just flipping channels and stopped but could only last about 3 second

There are times when I just...

Should Ginsburg be asked to retire from the SCOTUS?

Paraguay suspended from Mercosur, no sanctions

Affordable Care Cat (Inspired by a typo)

Teabaggers Gets Lied To, Happy then Mad...

Japan finds 6.8 million tonnes of rare minerals used in electric cars, iPods and lasers

(Viewer warning!) A picture of a degenerate shriveled-up evil bastard:

Great news!1 SCotUS has issued a recall on Lounge staple guns!1 n/t

Hey ..I just noticed .. over 1000 posts ...

2009 DU flashback: (on the partial origins of the Health Care Deal) Obama on Drugs: 98% Cheney?

Finished my class "A" truck driving school, and phase 1 'Over the Highway' training (22k miles).

So I went to the Washington Post website, calculating costs for ACA in 2014...

Probably just "lost" a "friend" ...

Ammo against Romney .... from the mouths of Republicans

Catholic, Orthodox leaders to issue statement urging reconciliation

Speak for yourself, Lady Blah Blah!

Hardball - Conservatives react to health care ruling

Neat trick: Superintendent removes election opponent, his pregnant wife from their jobs

"It's a tax It's a tax" They use tax dollars for Wars and Big Government that we do not believe in

A bicycle and a few friends lead a big man into an even bigger world

chickens are getting big.

Is there another multi-alert thing going on?

Breaking from Jamaica track and field trials - Bolt beaten by Blake in 100m

Battening down the hatches in the DC area weatherwise now.

so if a lot of states opt out, can the federal gov set up its own exchanges

Catholics rally at Kansas statehouse against birth control mandate

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 30 -- The Essentials: Preston Sturges

Stay safe chicago DUers!

Seriously, are people stigmatized about going on Medicaid?

Wal-Mart Suspends Seafood Supplier Over Work Conditions

So Did President Obama Play Three Dimensional Chess With ACA?....

Obamacare is tax cut, NOT a tax increase!

Saw what is likely to be a "collectible" car today ... at least, here in NE Ohio.

Panetta downplays military buildup on Turkey-Syria border

Iran's U.N. Envoy, Denouncing Sanctions, Says Nuclear Talks Are at 'Critical Point'

Hardball: Hilarious Clips Obama's Victory.....

Two wins in a row AND tacos! And stupid fireworks in Colorado,

How quickly can Highway Bill dollars be turned into jobs?

Is this Supreme Court ruling good for Americans, am just asking!

Help....we're being eat'n alive by nats!!!

Bill Maher thinks Romney should pick George Zimmerman as his VP

Serious fucking storms here in MD.

Hardball - Obama visits Colorado to assess wildfire damage

Is Alex McNeil the greatest DJ ever?

Percentage of Americans who will face fine for not having health insurance

Will there be accountabilty for Jeffrey "Train Wreck/Plane Wreck" Toobin?

Message to the Republicans

The ED Show - GOP Govs say 'what?' on Obamacare


Ever been so obsessed with a movie that you had to watch it over and over again?

The word Helvetia has a few different meanings...

Law Prof Wants Chief Justice Roberts To Resign Over Health Care Ruling

McKenna needs to say whether he'll implement the HCRA

Wow. I guess for at least a night The Lumber Company is back. The...

You guys fucking rock.

Two Minnesota Dems Vote for the Holder Contempt Citation

The ED Show - Debunking the myths about the Supreme Court decision

Pelosi renews call for constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

How the "liberally-biased media" forgets history ...

Morsi Says He Will Work for Release of Sheik Jailed in U.S.

Arsonist swallows poison after being convicted...

The ED Show - The right-wing meltdown over health care

How Bad Did MoveOn Members Want To Help Pass Health Care Reforms? This Bad.

Lowell George 4/13/1945 - 6/29/1979

Miami-Dade property values rise for first time in four years

Stories from the Heartland: Human Nature

A positive way to fight end of year deficit hysteria

Newt Gingrich 'endorses' Mitt Romney. (Please distribute widely)

My Obamacare-related Facebook status

Mercosur welcomes Venezuela, suspends Paraguay

Mercosur welcomes Venezuela, suspends Paraguay

Trouble with Netflix

Chart illustrates how the mandate works

"'The private sector is doing fine.' Really, Obama?"

My posts from where you all know I am will be ending, temporarily

Chomsky: Here, libertarian means extreme advocate of total tyranny."

The ED Show - Climate change partly to blame for Colorado wildfires

Funniest Reactions to the Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling

The next boom cycle of the US economy

Odd ... I've never seen the expression "St. Bonas" before ...

Worthless Palin Calls Pelosi A DingBat on Hannity...

How about a Non-Joiners' Group?

Hospital closures inevitable and NHS operation rationing will continue, warns think-tank

Wonderful conglomeration of Freeper reaction to ACA without going to FR!

Bill Maher Suggests Zimmerman For Romney VP - video link

Are you pleased with the survival of the Health Care act? Do you like being called "duped"?

WH - West Wing Week: 06/29/12 or ''The Right Thing To Do''

Armavia restores Yerevan-Aleppo flights

Why'd Roberts Do It? Any Ideas?

Wendell Potter: After ruling, health insurers now back on Team GOP

Usain Bolt upset in Jamaican 100 meter finals

My grass-fed meat supplier sent out a cool recipie

Active US Fires: Map

Ecuador to withdraw troops from School of the Americas

Now that everyone will have health coverage, should auto insurance rates go down?

Cartoon time!

The fallout of the Supreme Court's health care ruling in the south

A Snitch’s Dilemma

The DUzy Awards for Friday, June 29th, 2012

Anybody live in Vermont??? Or know it well?

Bolivian Vice President Confirms Attempt of Coup

If you could go back in time and have sex with anyone from history, who would it be?

"Don't Kid Yourself. It's Still A Corporate Court. Here Are 10 Lessons From CEO Roberts..."

Jay Leno on Obama's Body Language after SCOTUS announcement

the old windmill part 1 and 2 NOW with ***PART 3*** !!!

Fear and Loathing 40 Years Later

Parody of "Somebody that I Used to Know" that you shouldn't miss...

French/Italian team to spool Vatican thriller for 2013


Peru widens civil war compensation for victims of sexual violence

Lounge People: a parody of"Somebody that I used to know"

Peru widens civil war compensation for victims of sexual violence

Americans, Catholics, and Birth Control

Pension promises can be altered, legal scholar says

Why Russia Won't Abandon Syria

Refusing To Obey The Law And Provide Medical Care Is Criminal

Hounded By Paramilitary Threats and State Smears, Can the New Voice of Colombia's Left Forge Peace?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, June 29)


Gov. Rick Scott still mulling Medicaid expansion after health care ruling

Jindal: Ruling could force people to eat tofu and drive hybrid cars

Gay marriage issue reaches [Supreme] Court

This should be the symbol for MSNBC:

SWAT team throws flashbangs, raids wrong home due to open WiFi network

German far right in legal battle over "free speech"

Could GOP Governors Be The Key To A Future Single Payer System?

Best Cartoons Mocking Mitt Romney

U.S. Congress eases way for BP oil spill settlement

Has anyone else paid attention to this military dog thing?

Washington DC region swelters after storm cuts power


Raises for top-level state (NE) managers draw union ire

As a heat wave rolls across U.S., scientists predict more to come

Corporate Profits at All-Time High; Wages at All-Time Low: Can We Call it Class War Yet?

"Mark as Read" problem

Vice president to stump for McCaskill in Kansas City next month

Forced Transvaginal Ultrasounds and Fetus Burials? 5 Healthcare Mandates Republicans Want

Weekly Address: An All-Hands-On-Deck Approach to Fighting the Colorado Wildfires

World’s Richest Gain $21.4 Billion As Batista Falters

Keep infants out of the sun, the government says

President Obama encourages support for wildfire victims, firefighters

Emails show Paterno talked to PSU officials & they nixed going to the authorities about abuse

Mali: Islamists attack Timbuktu heritage sites

Korean ‘Comfort Women' Photo Exhibit Sabotaged in Japan Photos Posted 27 June 2012 23:41 GMT

Egypt's First Islamist President (Mursi) Sworn In

Egypt has her first civilian President - they have not stopped the traffic -

Gower cave reindeer carving is Britain's oldest rock art

Biden to stump for McCaskill in Kansas City (MO)

Indian atheists seek recognition in the land of a million gods

HIV quad pill 'may improve care'

A Buddhist View of Romantic Love

U.S. Court Ruling Allows Religious Groups to Use Schools for Services

What happens to hospital tax districts?

Offering Julian Assange asylum in Ecuador could be an empty gesture

4 judges upheld the ACA under all three possible theories for doing so, not just the taxing powers.

What the (bleep) happened to the Sci-Fi Channel?

Why the ObamaCare Ruling Stinks

Kelly: Omaha offered safe place for ex-mobster (Henry Hill “Goodfellas”)

Like father, like father: Dad and son ordained Catholic priests

Already got my dog his halloween costume

This kid has my kind of luck

Doors are closing.......

Afghanistan's Mineral Wealth Undermines NATO Mission

Question for the wisdom of our DU elders...

Who will be the first GOP politician/media person to call President Obama the N word in public?

GOP You Have A Duty To Die If You Are NOT A Chosen One

Umm, check first before pulling an image off the Internets......

MALDEF Writes to Governor Brewer: Don’t Even Think of Implementing SB1070

Anybody hear the racist call into C-SPAN a few minutes ago?

Iowa worker accused of $36,000 theft

Anyone ever staged an intervention?

Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work

Former Pregnant Inmate Sues After Being Forced to Wear Shackles During Labor

Anyone ever staged an intervention?

Raiding Iran Triggers Discussion Of When And How

Morsi, SCAF and the revolutionary left

Fracking: where's the debate about its climate change risks?

If you want to know what the Oven Glove

Here's the video to post when the trolls come marching in....

Killing Comcast. Is there anything more depressing than a cable service center?

Community Health Centers and the ACA

Demand Probe of Rupert Murdoch

Wall Street's Verdict on Upholding the ACA

Breaking Bad - Season 4 finale

Obama To Fire Victims: 'We've Got Your Back'

Handy White House Chart: Health Reform Benefits

Shut the F*** Up You Big Ass Whiny Babies

Study: Few will be affected by tax in ACA mandate. Lots of smoke, not much fire?

Republican “Patriots” Terrorize America with Calls for Armed Insurrection

Conservative Super Pacs turn to social media and internet to expand reach

The Centrist Dodge

SE WI is slipping into extreme drought conditions.

Email I got from a friend about ACA...(here in the deep south)

Is this daycare worker guilty of bullying...?

This Week in Poverty: 89,000 Children in Pennsylvania Lose Medicaid

Variation on Hyperpatriotic "Support Our Troops!!!" posts on Facebook.

it is time to mandate early childhood vaccines

Russia's Lavrov warns U.S. over human rights law: agency

Phil Rockstroh: Footlong Hot Dogs of the Apocalypse

Simple truth in a pretty picture...

Does anybody know where the ACA penalty collected will go? I know the IRS will be

24 Democrats voted against the privileged resolution scolding Darrell Issa

Fast and furious - I'm watching Up with Chris Hayes

In the Healthcare Decision, a Hidden Threat?

Obama, for the Win!

Down memory lane

What do you think of taterguy's polls?

Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians

Praying on the steps of the Supreme Court

A good documentary on COINTELPRO will be on LINKTV at 7:30 (Pacific) this morning.

Chris Matthews' Hardball replay from yesterday

PSA: Don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight.

What do you think of rug's polls?

I wish my phone worked: there's an uprooted tree in Stanton Park

Who Stole Helen Keller?

Is McDonald's owned by Koch Brothers industries?

"Grab and Go Market" Clerk Arrested For Groping Undercover Cop.

The Republicans will use the ACA ruling...

Era of chimp research ends at controversial Maryland lab

Nance Greggs: The Path of No Resistance

Criminalization of Drug Use Fuels the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Report

So Exactly What DOES Happen When Cantor's Bill To Repeal Passes

List of links to help explain ACA

An Interactive Map of the Dark-Money Universe

Part wolf, or not?

What do you think of ohiosmith's copycats?

So if you haven't read Ginsburgs opinion (ACA)

Arlen Specter weighs in on Romney...

Progressive Societies and Atheism.

How Verrilli may have won over Roberts

Saturday, June 30th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Moyers and Company: Confronting the Contradictions of America’s Past

Can you actually be friends with any of today's Republicans?

Reunited - pics

The Next Step For Healthcare... Employer Based Healthcare Plans.

Republicans just don't like it when they don't get their way, how sad for them

NYT dismissive of liberals on healthcare?

There was a poll done in Mass where 100% of all children and 98% of all adults are covered

Texas Republican Party Platform on Education

Will insurance be more affordable under ACA?

Who's excited about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Leaflet from Worker's Power to be distributed............

US Agency Gave Nuclear Industry 'Sweet Deal' at Expense of Taxpayers

SATIRE WINS 5/4!: "Supreme Courting! Pun Intended, Absurdity Today with Julianna Forlano

Gay Couple's Wedding Photo Turned Into Attack Ad

Purdue's Choice of Mitch Daniels as President Costs them $1 million Gift

Just in case you ever wondered what my dog looks like...

Since CONs are so upset with the ACA ruling...

Rand Paul on the ACA Supreme Court decision

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County's King of Cruel

SA - Electrical Generation "Burning" Rivers Of The SE States

Uruguay reveals plan to legalize marijuana

Yea, I'm up to 2 star members ignoring me!

Claudia Jones--"Complete emancipation of women is possible only under Socialism."

Scientists On Current Heat Wave - Get Used To It; 35,000 New US Temp Records In Past Year

Bomb Explodes in Damascus as Countries Gather to Discuss Syria

NWS Heat Advisories & Warnings Span 18 States, Affect 50 Million

So Republicans intend to make repeal of PPACA their rallying cry in November?

Buck-Buck-Buck-KAW! Harper Fisheries Minister Dodges ?s On Need To "Authorize More Pollution"

Funniest Toon about the survival of ACA I've Seen Yet:

More looking forward, not backwards for the 1%: McDonnell reappoints Dragas to UVA BOV.

Sarah Palin calls Nancy Pelosi a 'dingbat'

10 Tweets about the upholding of the affordable care act (some of them hilarious)

USGS - NM Mountain Forests Not Regrowing After Fires In Past 15 Years; Grass, Shrubs Replacing Them

3 extra credits for anyone that watched UP with Chris Hayes this morning.

Mike Pence likens health care ruling to 9/11

Attachment to "non-attachment"

DU Meetup Sunday July 15th at Torchy's

I know presidents have no control over gas prices, but share this with your uncle who thinks they do

Can't wait to rub this in by posting on wingnut sites

"Severe Weather Threat: Forecast, Warnings "

Bargains Galore! Obama's Interior Dept. Auctions Vast Coal Tract To Peabody For $1.10/Ton

Live Radio: Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare. Listen Live or Call Me With Your Story Sat. 1 PM EST

Colorado Tea Party time to put your beliefs to the test

The crazies are organizing....

Plains/Midwest Drought Kicks Corn Prices Up By 27% In Past Month; Chances Of Rain Low

Funniest Pictures of 2012 (So Far)

The Palins Keep Failing At Life , Bristol Palin’s Reality Show Canceled

Spain vs. Italy-- Which nation has the better food?

*slaps forehead*

First Baby Born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

Saw this on the twitter

The truth is that the elites & their GOP lapdogs are scared of the ACA.

Wow it is 76 and raining in Houston, I have turned of the ac for awhile.

“Steamed Bun Little Sister"

Syrian Video Activists Plan News Broadcasts to Offer an Alternative to State Media

The exquisite horror of reality

Al Franken: GOP Wants To Use ‘Wayback Machine’ On Healthcare

Dissocial personality disorder

"The 1991 Novel That Predicted Sarah Palin" - a piss poorly written review from Slate

It's all over but the snorting. Please come CAPTION Rush (to fatal judgment) Limbaugh!!

ACA question

somewhat gruesome poll - warning for those who might be squeamish

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 30th

The School Bus Bullies Get Punished

Woot! They come out swingin'! -The Nation: Mitt Romney and the New Guilded Age

Help them not to think like an Elephant. I'm no Lakoff...

I wanted to start visible a thread about ways to cope with the extreme heat

GOP Senate candidate Brunner pushes questionable claims about health care law

Ed Miliband calls for inquiry into banking culture

who is the toughest woman in history?

Best Political Cartoons of 2012 (So Far)

PAPPY ZIM: "From the looks of my son's injuries, Trayvon hands were not just on his nose & mouth."

In 1791, Robert Burns laid a magnificent smackdown on a critic of his poetry:

Please feed your provisional ballot here (for the folks without "proper" ID.)

So Conservatives, you want us to follow Adam Smith? Okay, we can do that,but you won't like it.

Fossil Fuels vs. Renewables: How is the race unfolding?

Why Chief Justice Roberts Dared Not Overturn President Obama’s Healthcare Plan

Check out this bad roommate website

3 imediate things the ACA has done for me and my household

Support Your Local Foodbank Reminder.

I love reading in here, thank you all. I live in the cold damp corner of the US and

Do flavoring extracts 'go bad'?

Marijuana Now the Most Popular Drug in the World

The Palins - American entrepreneurs or opportunistic grifters ?

"John Roberts Is No Hero" - from Slate, same date as the decision

The short sighted thinking regarding ACA astounds me.

Milestone reached yesterday. Puppy played with another at the dog park.

In the midst of recording breaking heatwave, Consolidated Edison threaten to pull workers..

ALL is relative. Go ahead... just TRY to impress a malamute.

My gift to all you parents whose teens are setting off with their brand-new driver's permits.

It's been a losing battle for 50-60 years now (applegrove notwithstanding).

The ultimate raison d'etre. G'wan... deep in your hear... um liver... you KNOW it is.

Beer and MiddleFingerMom -- no regrets. Nary a one.

MiddleFingerMom was born... ... ... ... in a cross-fire hurricane. (DOOT-DOO)

Don't make Justice Roberts into a hero.

Help. I am trying to come up with a file system for filing geneological data by person.

Annan: Major powers back Syria transition plan leaving question of Assad open

Yitzhak Shamir, Former Israeli Prime Minister, Dies at 96, Officials Say

GOP lawmakers urge states (to drop out) on Medicaid

Libya in Chaos

Higgs boson buzz hits new heights

I hit the ACA SCOTUS reasoning right on the money.

"What do you do when you run out of tears?"

Republican’ "Patriots" Terrorize America with Calls for Armed Insurrection

Jean Schmidt Reacts To Incorrect Report Of Health Care Ruling, Screams 'Yes! Yes!' (VIDEO)

Chief Justice Roberts jokes about trip to 'impregnable' fortress

Battle Begins to Reshape Health-Care Law (the lobbying begins...IMPORTANT: PLS READ)

TCM Schedule for Monday July 2 - TCM Spotlight: Classic Adventure

Wow!! What a GREAT parade!

Charlie Rangel’s victory questioned with uncounted votes looming

Tyler Clementi felt he had been rejected by his evangelical Christian parents

Jumping in the car, heading to Mayhem, San Bernardino!!!!

The Obamacare moving-to-Canada threats: how stupid are they?

You cannot rationally argue against this: Many, many lives will be saved by the ACA

Business boom in Misrata

Russians join in call for Pussy Riot trio's release

A Jobs Program that could employ every person in America?

Obama never flip flopped on same sex marriage

July 1 brings new, sometimes quirky laws

Unhealthy GOP leadership in Kansas, Missouri

Unhealthy GOP leadership in Kansas, Missouri

Thomas Jefferson on Class Warfare

Argument I'm having on Facebook: hey, conservative friend, let's help you get around paying taxes!

Does this remind you of anyone? From FDR Interior Secretary, Harold Ickes...

Urgent appeal to save those in the devastated city of Douma - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Brotherhood's Mursi sworn in as Egyptian president (BBC)

As a service to Lounge, I inflicted upon myself the total coverage of the CRUISE HOLMES split

French to require all drivers to carry breathalyzer to curb accidents

Thinking about building my next computer. Can you point me to good resources/help?

My Fucking Furious Facebook Retort to my rw "friends"

Rachel Maddow - Republicans see the enemy in their own candidate

Serious question about proof of God.....

Behind The Silks Episode 6

Y'all have a nice holiday.

China's incoming president Xi Jinping's family 'has wealth of hundreds of millions'

Is there a online ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) estimator for 2014?

#Republicanmovies trending on Twitter

Who or what is Milestone ?

Charles Rangel race takes chaotic turn

WTF.. Is the guy the ONLY SMALL BUSINESSMAN in America?

Mom, Dad, This Playground’s for You

Remember to set your clocks forward tonight

I done gone and fell in love with a Conservative Christian.

Kansas School Board Candidate Wants to Ban Evolution From Schools

President says he'll veto bill which defunds Wall Street Reform

Confederacy of dunces?

When you were a little kid what things did you not understand or misunderstand.

A canyon appears to have been built, using DU's Rec feature.

Happy 4th of July. Enjoy

Contempt of Congress?

Republicans obsess over "Fast & Furious" have adamantly opposed assault weapons ban

OK, the Affordable Care Act makes me feel 100% better about losing my job.....

A German exit from the euro could be relatively easy

What is the "feels like" ( heat index) where you are?

We need a ACA lie debunking thread.

If ever an AG should have been held in contempt, it is this one

Funny Liberal Bumper Stickers

It's a sad day in southern Illinois . . .



Trackin my online order!

U.S. urges China to respect Internet freedom after Bloomberg Web site is censored

GOPers are mad at Obama for the tax, so they're voting for Romney who did the same tax.

Luckovich Toon- Mitt's pre-existing condition

A direct blow to the Democratic Party

At dinner tonight (I Live in Germany) with five families the talk of the US health care was quite

Just backfrom a week at Myrtle Beach... did I miss anything this week?

Hoyer Challenges Issa to Show E-Mails (hey Issa, produce the emails show you're not a Joe McCarthy)

US ponders Guantánamo transfer for suspected Taliban militants, reports say

In relation to the ACA statute which regulates the IRS...

Greetings from Tucson, Arizona!

More health benefits of coffee

When is buttface Rush moving to Costa Rica?

Federal court says its legal for ''Crisis Pregnancy Centers'' to deceive women

Anybody else watch Sanjay Gupta on CNN's special on Obamacare?

a few of my friends have told me this

When do we start fighting for The Public Option?

My kid listens to his teacher but not me.

What is the most accurate website for calculating ACA premiums ?

See this? Don't let them hog the news, let's get the hell out there!

Mumbai doctors remove 12.5cm-long worm from man's eye

A Catholic can vote pro-choice and how to talk to an Atheist.

My kid listens to his teachers, but won't listen to me.

Joe Paterno's role in covering up Jerry Sandusky's child molestations grows as evidence is leaked

A changeup we can believe in.

Islamists destroy Timbuktu religious treasures

Toon: Congratulations! You're Still Insured!

Media criticized for not scrutinizing Romney's health care plan

Wow, what a storm last night!

Chances are, someone you know and care about is a victim of identity theft.

TOONS: Mitt Romney (Etch-A-Sketch Edition) --->

Ecuador still deciding on Assange asylum: Correa

Simply one of the best commercials of the millenium

What is the real reason Prof John Eastman is calling for Justice Roberts resignation?

Is an alert justified if...

Son of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer running for State Assembly.

In Tokyo, Thousands Protest the Restarting of a Nuclear Power Plant

Simply one of the best commercials of my lifetime!

How big is "big?"

hundreds of medical marijuana shops closed in Ca due to Obama administration action

First episode of Sorkin's Newsroom...

Look what I found...

Governors: No Omamacare in Louisiana, Florida

Tanglewood, Prairie Home Companion.. Ah, life is good..

The cost of a long life

Stakes Races 6/30/2012

Why isn't there any mention of the role of bark beetles in the forest fires?

Which state will threaten to secede first

On an idle whim, I looked up the top 10 Saturday songs

Anybody know a nice neat chart about the upcoming senate seat elections?

Industry minister takes TEPCO to task for withholding teleconference videos

EMT Kevin O'Rourke: "45%" of Zimmerman's head covered in blood, nose broken

Dear Rep. Mark Critz,

What would happen if there was an amendment to strip corporations of personhood?

Lawmakers call for immediate decommissioning of 24 reactors


Fukushima reactor cooling system suspended: Kyodo

Keiser Report: Barclays' Bad Bet

Not a surprise: E-Mails Suggest Paterno Role in ’01 Silence About Sandusky

11 Animals That Are The Victims Of Very Serious Tickle Abuse

tomatillas anybody..

Extremely Useful, Technical Term: "Fnord"

Nala, an abused pit bull living in a ditch.

Our friend just walked in: "Obamacare" is saving his life

Bill Moyers: The Difficult Truths Behind Independence Day

trumad is back. Better watch your douchyness.

Fla. Gov.: We won't comply with health care law

WTO Not So COOL: Rules Against Popular U.S. Meat Labeling Law

What if we divided Religion into to two subset groups...

A look at the 1% from the 1910a and 1920s

Hey FReepers, how's that climate change working out for you?

Al Franken: GOP Wants To Use ‘Wayback Machine’ On Healthcare

BREAKING: League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Passes Same-Sex Marriage Equality

WaPo Editorial: The House’s disproportionate contempt vote

Coming Into Los Angeles

When A Cop Lies About Sex

All my friends love a low rider

Justice John Roberts, Internet Icon

Fla. Gov.: We won't comply with health care law

Why exactly do poor and middle class Republicans hate "Obamacare"?

SCOTUS Rejects Arizona Voter Suppression Law...

A tweet from Evie Harris...apparently the father of gay marriage is divorcing

Nuclear officials withheld Fukushima radiation maps

Widespread National Silence about the Possibility of Election Fraud in 2004

Bill Maher's off for a couple of months: His New Rules last night were a great sendoff

Plumbing help please

Best cover ever:

Medicare for All: A Single Solution to the Health Care Fracas

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Lounge Ladies: How do you feel about men's facial hair?

A taste of third world living

Any Colorado members want to update us on how the Legalize Pot Bill is looking? (Amendment 64)....

Was talking to an older couple in the elevator of my parents' seniors building. I told them I posted

Incoming storms at Panama whales meeting

NH Tea Party leader wishes ‘colon cancer’ on Supreme Court justices

Still going...

Helpful Article Re- Various Leaks Publishers

Caption contest here!

BookTV Panel on Brad Manning & Wikileaks at 5pm (Pacific)

The Raul Rodriguez and Jerome Ersland convictions show me the system is working......

HAHA-Good one Paul!

Ha! first time this summer - Hot Time Summer in the City

Will dirty tricks have role in Mexico's presidential election?

Mexico extradites suspect in U.S. consulate killing

FHA rescinds tough new credit restrictions on loan applicants

Anyone with experience with evacuation insurance? nm

Why Mennonite Urine Is Four Times Lower in BPAs Than the Rest of Ours

Iceland's defiant president eyes record fifth term

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