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Archives: June 4, 2012

On the "insane scenario" that everyone's talking about.

Per David Shuster, Scotty would have a clearance letter if he's not a DOJ target

Count down to Game of Thrones. SPOILERS

Over 300 Mormons join Utah Gay Pride Parade

Romney’s Likely Chief Of Staff Is Profiting From Obamacare

New Rules for elections: If less than 1/2 turnout, then the uncast ballots go to the LOWEST

Paul Krugman: 'I'm sick of being Cassandra. I'd like to win for once'

US urges China to free Tiananmen Square activists

Sarah Palin Pallin’ Around With Terrorists

Thou bootless onion-eyed measle!

Poll: Voters turn against California bullet train

Regardless of recall, Walker may face indictment - by David Shuster

Hands Across Riverdale: The Human Costs of Fracking

Beyond Walkergate And Why Tuesday Is So Damn Important

Tierra del Fuego is udderly white

War in the White House

Brazil's biggest rubbish dump closes in Rio de Janeiro

Suicide car bomber kills 12 in Nigeria church

US urges China to free Tiananmen Square activists

Missouri GOP Senate candidates bemoan loss of freedom

BBC: Five ways the eurozone could break up ($400,000 to the best plan for a eurozone break up)

Two dead after venomous spiders invade Indian town

"The Penis Is Evil"

If we were the size of an ant a Redwood tree would be 40 miles tall

Alleged Colombian gang leader seized in Venezuela

Caught in the moment- not many stories forthcoming.

Silent Auction online of beautiful artwork of CA.. to benefit SunMt.

John McCain’s Entire 2008 Opposition Research File on Mitt Romney

"It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty delta day....."

So now the terrorists wanting to KILL us are going to recruit 75 year old or above.....

Way Beyond Bake Sales: The $1 Million PTA

Bin Laden 'saved his money for jihad'

Mitt Romney on Gun Ownership and The 2nd Amendment

Magnitude 6.6 - SOUTH OF PANAMA

Montreal's Grand Prix cancels opening day over protest threats

Was going to Svolvaer - ended up in Svalbard.

Mexico most popular for US ‘reshoring’

Expert: Coin flip as accurate as June polls


Why should I not give up on having a respectable career followed by a cozy retirement...

Japan Arrests Fugitive Wanted in 1995 Gas Attack

Has anyone heard of a home heating/cooling system that somehow adjusts to

The Protest Blues - from the Heart of Wisconsin

Canadian government overhauling environmental rules to aid oil extraction


In Pennsylvania coal country, voters not thrilled with their choices

The GOP, demographics and voter suppression

gun sales in Austrailia

I finally weighed myself. I am 15 pounds lighter than what I guessed. I am only on day two of the

Are the Winds Shifting Towards Wisconsin Democrats?

Bob McDonnell Gives Obama Credit For Stimulus

Mormons march in Gay Pride Parade to build bridges

Florida 'stand your ground' law yields some shocking outcomes depending on how law is applied

Rick, I loved your article in OM Times!

PDQ Bach does Rap!

Michael Steele may be a friend of Rachel Maddow's...

Kline's lawyer asks for another recusal in ethics case

Has Barrett highlighted how Walker will increase everyone's utility bills via privatization?

Uphill quench. How about a springtime thaw.

I Think We are going to win the WI Recall Election

"Republicans Plot to Steal White House" by Paul McGeough at

Now this is an interesting email scam

Just watched the Avengers,it was pretty cool. Small spoiler

"The Time to Get Outraged is Now" at eclecta blog

Xpost Good Reads: New "bulge" in wall of Fukushima reactor building 4 worries public

Do We Need a Poor People's Coming-Out Movement?

Barrett: Final tracking poll: 47.8% to 47.7%.

I'm going to play Devil's Advocate on the WI recall election for a minute here.

R.i.p. Richard DAWSON, haven't seen that in GD like for everybody else n/t

Close Encounters on Syfy now.

Girl Power: 12-Year-Old Girl Explains What Most Economists Can't About Money and Debt

What not to do at Donald Driver's charity softball game---steal his cleats from a kid.

I'm about to over-indulge. Stop me or not. It's about weiners & whole grain

NYT:Intrigue in Karzai Family Clouds Afghanistan’s Fate

Phone banking for Barrett & Dexter in Chippewa Falls--Saturday Afternoon

Texas to Indiana- a couple pics

It's been a while...CCOKC! Be a Ccock. (Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron)

Internet Free Speech news coming tomorrow (around CDA)

Teacher tenure: a Fairfax schools firing case

Gun collector and NRA member confronts, shoots and kills 13-year-old kid

Pretty shocking episode of Man Men tonight

I thought of the perfect sentence to sum up Mitt Robme's campaign:

Merrill Losses Were Withheld Before Bank of America Deal

JPMorgan Was Warned About Lax Risk Controls

With Fanfare, Ashanti People From Ghana Install Their New York Chief

Why can't I have a goofy friend like Zooey?

In Italy, scientists are now being tried for manslaughter for failing to predict 2009 earthquake.

Why am I getting pro Scott Walker adds on this website?

Vacuum trains: a high-speed pipe dream? (BBC Future)

I'll be stark, raving mad by the time this election is over.

An update and a call for thoughts, prayers, and DU vibes

Neil deGrasse Tyson: My Man, Sir Isaac Newton

Goonies of the Caribbean

Vegan Bukkake (NSFW)

God Hates Chicken

Silent Auction online of beautiful artwork of CA.. to benefit SunMt. ends 5/6

Asia stocks tumble, Tokyo hits 28-year low amid global rout

World Of Hurt: Global Economy Under Threat As Us Job Market Falters And Europe And Asia Slow

US drone attacks kill 12 in Pakistan

What's for Dinner ~ Monday June 4th

DU ROLL CALL! Love & appreciation to all the WI DUers out fighting the good fight!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 5: A Night at the Train Station

The people who started the fried chicken fight here in DU have been identified

Final PPP survey of WI--Barrett within 3 points of Walker

Out of office, Jeb Bush retains major influence on education policy

Governments may study if minority-contract program is working

Does anyone know what type of flower this is?

Where the Trough Is Overflowing

AMAZING youtube vid, weight loss transformation via hooping (hula hooping!)

WoW players?

U.S. drone strike kills 15 in northwest Pakistan: officials

Behaviour towards women

Krugman on This Week

Rachel Barrios-Van Os: her activist background and personal profile

China Warns West Against Using Force in Syria

mad men episode 12

New word: cuol

Do you all think Democratic Socialism is possible?

Class on fermentation

So...did the DNC EVER start helping in the Wisconsin recall campaign?

An Inspiring Woman

Best random thing found on the internets today...

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Sunday, June 3)

Funny quote about young Dems turned Republicans

Man Dies During Threesome, Family Wins $3M for Medical Malpractice

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, June 3)

US Navy hopes stealth ship answers a rising China!

What kind of bread do you use at home?

I could wait till I've been here ten years to introduce myself...

The old man and the 'strip and swim' procedure

Obama win could cost Romney $5M in personal taxes

Libya sees claims of beatings and human rights abuses as elections near

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet...

AFL-CIO’s super-PAC shifts focus to get out the vote efforts in Wis.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan blasts NYT over report he authorized payments to pedophile priests

Case by case breakdown of the charges against Jerry Sandusky (Remember the survivors!)

Trump Bankrupcy/Birther MASHUP feat Bolling & Blitzer

Birmingham Pride unveils the Gay Rhino (see the purty picture!)

Re: Ma. convention

Anyone else have Dish Network?

New Miss U.S.A. voices support for transgender beauty queens

Polls shows Obama remains more popular than Romney

How a Bunch of Corporate-Backed Buffoons Took Over U.S. Climate Policy

If the shoe was on the other foot...

More Popular With The Youth, More Popular With Adults

Good one from Non Sequitur

Capehart: The latest manifestation of the Obama-doesn’t-care-about-black-people whine

I know it's from Intrade, but look at these Obama re-election numbers!!

The Navy Thinks This New $7 Billion Ship Is The Answer To All Its Chinese Concerns

Hanoi opens 3 new areas in search for MIAs

Soviet crooner 'Mr Trololo' dies in Russia

Man Converts Dead Cat into Helicopter

Emergency Patch for malware “Flame”,Security Advisory 2718704

Feet of sand leave farms wasteland after flooding

US drone strike 'kills 15' in Pakistan

"How familiar are you with alternative, “free”, word processing programs, used instead MS Word?"

Gay marriage advocates gain corporate support

John Gurda (Milw Historian) on the Scott Who Would Be King.

Top Obama Advisor Takes On Romney

No Religion? 7 Types of Non-Believers

Pakistan: U.S. drone kills 8 suspected militants

Obvious facts presented as "news" because the MSM won't report it this way...

Wizard World Comic Con In Rosemont, Illinois!

Corporatizing And Profitizing First Responders

Obama slams Romney in new ad

"Is it treason to purposefully block any help for the economy..."

Libya armed brigade surrounds Tripoli airport, official says

OWS Summer 'Disobedience School' prepares for Black Monday

Seen on Twitter

Vietnam opens three restricted sites for U.S. MIA hunt

Eaton Centre shooter a loser (Toronto Star)

Hey, lurking freeper/trolls, another consideration for you to gum, for those that "work" for a

Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning

Climate Scientists Lament a Nation Stuck on the Wrong Debate

Peak oil review - June 4

Drumbeat from today and this weekend...

Fox in the Garden

Peak oil review - June 4

Drumbeat from today and this weekend...

Well isn't this interesting, McCain's 2008 oppo research file on Romney.

Colleges for Profit Are Growing, With Federal Help

Hey all - help me welcome a friend of mine - Sekhmets Daughter

Syria rebels 'kill 80 soldiers' in weekend clashes

ThinkProgress: 5 Facts About The Massachusetts Economy Under Mitt Romney

Chuck Todd's "White House Soup of the Day" segment

PHOTO: Why, Johnny Ringo... you look like someone just... walked over your GRAVE.

Romney wrong on Solyndra facts

The media keeps harping on Obama not going to Wisconsin, but...

Four guilty of Danish plot over Muhammad cartoons

A tale of two standards

Krugman: This Republican Economy

Jerusalem apartment housing migrants firebombed

Little Johnny's at it again...

Obama and Romney shun confrontation on religion

Insight: From Alabama, an epic challenge to voting rights

Second Romney-Backed Solar Company Files For Bankruptcy

Esalen Institute, Mother Church 'Spiritual But Not Religious' People, Faces Midlife Crisis

*** Gets out staple gun and hangs warning sign by Lounge Construction Work Area ***

Vatican attacks popular U.S. nun over sexuality book

Kuwaiti gets 10 years for Twitter blasphemy

Rmoney campaign eschews spell-check AGAIN!

Obama ad exposes Romney's Massachusetts record

Bomb hits Shi'ite site in Baghdad, 23 killed

Affordable Indulgences Now Available, No Longer Exclusive to Big Religion

Brown Tried To Weaken Wall Street Reform After It Passed

Question: what does Syria have that Russia and China want?

Watch out for voter registration cancellations

Romney Camp Defends Poor Jobs Record: He Inherited A Bad Situation

Ruth Ann Dailey (Pittsbrgh Post-Gazette freeper columnist): Walker's 'fiscal sanity'

Well, it finally happened. I think I just broke Facebook.

I just read 2 hints about 'True Blood' that I think tells what happens to a major character *spoiler

This toon explains the contrast of lives lost at war vs. children lost at home...

Newer study: Young Adults with high religious involvement became obese -- but why?

Zombies only! Post a pic of a zombie from fact or fiction.

Pet Peeve: People on the phone asking for some info, then cutting you off b/c they don't have a pen

Mormon group shows its support in Salt Lake City gay parade

Shots heard from 2,200 miles away

Schoolhouse Rock, the sequel - by Tom Tomorrow

Pet Peeve: People starting threads about pet peeves.

Game of Thrones...was it on yesterday June 3? My dvr didnt get it. nm

Anyone have the original alert on this post?

The rich are different

182,000 plus ballots cast in early voting in Wisconsin

Every day write the name of someone you hate on your arm in Sharpie

Unemployment data highlights growing educational divide

Syria rebels say no longer committed to Annan plan

The Breast of Advertising... Does The Strategy Sell or Repel?

25% Of The World's Prison Population - Right Here In The USA

Let's Call It: Who Will Win Wisconsin Tuesday?

Analysis: Mali: the world's next jihadi launchpad?

Libyan militia 'blocks Tripoli airport'

George Soros says three months to save the euro - BBC

The 2011 Hurricane Season in 4 Minutes

Turkey's PM Erdogan sparks row over abortion

Did anyone watch the premiere of "Longmire" last night on A&E?...

Happy Monday. Asshole Atlanta Talker Neil BOOrtz retiring effective Jan 21, 2013

The Return of the Royal "We" : Getting Dazed and Confused With Paul Krugman

Senator Brown sought to loosen bank rules OK’d overhaul, then called for leeway, e-mails show

Well,.....I see LynneSin hired the low bidder again!


Zimmerman's passport and money clarification, please.

Lawsuit Shakes Foundation of a Man’s World of Tech

Four hurt as Africans' home torched in Jerusalem

In its bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud—again / Hal Crowther

Body parts suspect Luka Magnotta arrested in Germany

Small town corruption -- Any case studies on towns which have broken free ?

1 Day To Wisconsin Recall: How You Can Help

well thank goodness for that: Luke Magnotta arrested in Berlin

Great Charts Re- Consolidation of Media Ownership

Court Won't Hear Siegelman, Scrushy Appeals

Idiotic climate deniers on the ropes? Or are we screwed?

Strip clubs swivel online to entice RNC visitors

PSA semi-Haiku-

It's qualifying week for legislative districts. Wll the FL Democratic Party field a full slate of

Bow chikka wow wow!

Nuclear and coal-fired electrical plants vulnerable to climate change

Christian LGBT group releases transgender documentary

President Obama versus George W. Bush on job creation (1st term)

"He (Walker) is an ideological outlier whom history will judge as the extremist he is"

OMG Justin Bieber was that Cannibal murder?

Obama Street Team Out Full-Force At Roots Picnic

Glitch concerning deductions lurks in new Kansas tax law

Quiz: What Do Your Morals Say About Your Politics?

Myanmar Abandons Nuclear Program: Defense Ministe

Found on Diaspora* - HEY! Let's have a little RESPECT here!

If it wasn't so funny I'd be crying:

Feminists hail explosion in new grassroots groups

Found on Diaspora* - Tea Party -->

Wisconsin: Astroturf in Action

Found on Diaspora* - Soldier suicide vs. killed in Iraq by the numbers.

NASA gets two military spy telescopes for astronomy

I wont be seeing y'all for awhile. Love you an thank you.

Florida Official Behind Gov.Rick Scott's Voter Purge Linked to $1 Billion Anti-Obama Campaign Effort

Hello, Heterogeneity

Is there a superior race?

$4K golden vibrator stolen in armed Brazil heist

Life,according to Reverend Jim........

Oily Taint could well end up being DiFi's challenger in November

Any info/insight on the eclipse?

Supreme Court backs Secret Service arrest of man confronting Cheney

Think Progress: Yet More Studies Back Hockey Stick: Recent Global Warming Is Unprecedented...

Florida Rep. Ted Deutch: Scott's the Fraud

Sandusky accusers must use real identities at trial, judge rules

The Kafkaesque trial of Bradely Manning: UPDATE at end of thread...

Bernard Hlavac, former Sentry Insurance Exec and (R) takes out a full page ad supporting Barrett

MSNBC: North Carolina GOPers want to ban use of science in planning for global warming

Will we know by Fri, the outcome in WI.

TYT: Imprisoned Ex-Rep. Denied Gun Because Of Law He Helped Pass

Three charged with torturing, killing endangered tortoises

Anyone remember when pot in Hawaii was sprayed with chemicals?

NFL to begin process for replacement refs

Was in Milwaukee this weekend . . . .

Flame: Attackers 'sought confidential Iran data'

Doncha just love it when you do a Message Recall in MS Outlook

Come on Wisconsin Get your Badger On!

Pakistan condemns U.S. drone strikes

Dole, Del Monte, Dow Chemical Sued Over Banana Pesticide

Dole, Del Monte, Dow Chemical Sued Over Banana Pesticide

Twitter is courting evangelicals. "Twitter is just made for the Bible."

While I don't mind Jesus pissing on a flag called art, some things are sacred.

The comments on this article are heartbreaking.

Help Democracy for America Make Calls to Win in Wisconsin

"Help educate what's going on in this country" A new job for the ignoramus r. e. Uzbekki-bekki-stan

Help Democracy for America Make Calls to Win in Wisconsin

Help Democracy for America Make Calls to Win in Wisconsin

Federal Justice Department to Monitor Elections in California, New Mexico, South Dakota & WISCONSIN

Goblins kill primary school girl

Goblins kill primary school girl

Justice Department to Monitor Elections in California, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Bloomberg Backs Plan to Limit Arrests for Marijuana

Wisconsin: My predictions for tomorrow.

Is there *any* way anyone can make an honest case that "union money" exceeded 1% money in . . . .

Why does Andrea Mitchell...

RNC convention may be something interesting to watch

Sex Crimes and the Vatican (Older but still timely BBC documentary)

When Employers Look into Your Credit History

New Job starts June 18th. I will officially be part of "the system."

BREAKING: Walker's Closest Aide Revealed in Court as Source of Damaging Leak; Flips on Governor

Do you believe that religion is the historical root of misogyny?

Grab the hack sack.

Does anybody know anything about Ira Rennert the Multi-Billonaire, Bastard from The Hamptons on

Stolen from Facebook:

What do you think is the impact or effect of article titles in Google and other searches?

Former State Senator Jane Orie sentenced to prison

Drug interdiction: The U.S. wades more deeply into Honduras

Drug interdiction: The U.S. wades more deeply into Honduras

Dennis Ross: Saudi king vowed to obtain nuclear bomb after Iran

Jobs with the Democratic Party/Democratic Affiliates

Growth or degrowth?

Murdoch is playing dirty again,

'Israel’s creation worst catastrophe to hit world'

RIP, Trololo Guy, Eduard Khil

so I quote David Simon, writer of "The Wire" on FB today, Here is the quote:

My wife and I went to the Grand Old Days street festival in St. Paul

graphic changes in obesity rates in U.S.

Chat room suicide

Wisconsin Beyond Tuesday (Tammy Baldwin, US Senate candidate:)

Limbaugh on "Hard Manliness"

I saw a strange sign today

US drones attack Pakistan targets for third successive day

"I don't recall." Please comne CAPTION Recall-Boy, Gov. Scott Walker!!!

Obama campaign to media: Stop letting Romney off the hook!!!

Adolfo Calero, ex-Coca-Cola executive tied to Iran-Contra scandal in '80s, dies at 80

Republicans stuck their fingers on a hot stove...

After two years, I finally have hope.

Come out of the closet.

New small solid oxide fuel cell reaches record (57%) efficiency

Romney aide cashes in on Obamacare

From those whacky folks at Focus on the Family

Yes another beauty pageant thread ;) A Sea Change at Miss USA

We still have a way to go in our Community Standards

British soldier killed in Afghanistan taking part in kidnap rescue mission

Help! In order to phone bank, ya need phones:

For shut-ins, or those who prefer to get their's in the comfort of their home........

What is the reason for Rush??? Why to CAPTION, of course!!

June's First Weekend of Global Gay Pride

"Men invented the internet"

Strange experience meeting people..people survive..

Valerie Solanas and the S.C.U.M. Manifesto.

Cities have leeway in forgiving tax payments: Supreme Court

Trial for former Walker aide pushed back 3 months

The Rude Pundit: Two Steaming Heaps of Shitty Advice from Assholes

In other big 6/5 election news - Orly Taintz is running for US Senate

Has Obama or Congressional Dems ever used lefty web sources to do an end run around MSM?

Stange June weather in the Bay Area, right now. It's pouring cats and dogs. Strange, very strange.

Nigeria's Boko Haram a holy war? Maybe not entirely

Pakistan condemns U.S. drone strikes

Check in if you currently play EVE Online...

Bumper sticker I just don't get

Obama a socialist? Many scoff, but claim persists

My first political parody

Vogtle nuclear plant > 12 months behind schedule and $1B over budget before foundation poured

Michigan Court Rules Against Atheism Sign

My first political parody

Yelp has just updated their iPhone app! "Introducing support for our newest country:...

ONTARIO: Father Of Bullied Dead Child Denounces Plan For Gay-Straight Clubs

Be Prepared! The launch of IPv6 is Wednesday!

Florida teacher explains why VAM is a scam...

Nations' 1st minimum wage law: 100 years ago today, in Massachusetts

Er, has anyone seen the snow? Penguins await the big freeze as they enjoy a waddle on the grass

G.(reen)O.P.?- From Yesterday's NY Times

Want to give a warm welcome to new DU members? Use these tools to find them.

53-year-old Virginia woman attacked after returning lost iPhone

The Hungerford Papers: playbook to break the teachers' union

"Marijuana Initiative Could Make or Break Obama in Colorado"

Britain's Prince Philip hospitalized with bladder infection

I'm sad...

Surfer dick

Bloomberg: Cuomo Said to Seek Decriminalization of Small Amounts of Pot

State Rep Leaves Republican Party,Calls GOP Too Extreme..

Walker’s lead in Wisconsin recall election tightens in new poll

Poll: Should the GC&RKBA SOP be modified to allow discussion about firearms?

The Cost of Marriage Equality Bans (Great infographic)

I like the new troll hunting feature on the top right.

Russell lawyer acknowledges releasing documents suggesting Walker administration wasn't cooperating

Your Lips Move But I Can’t Hear What You’re Saying

CDC to America: There Is No Zombie Apocalypse

HBO Presents: The Laramie Project

Anybody know how to get rid of those Yahoo instant messages?

Dereg and Rates to triple, Break contract

Chinese students given IV injections before exams

Syrian rebels kill 80 soldiers, opposition claims

Wisconsin Recall- Big Money vs. People Power

60 Minutes "Murder of an American Nazi" video

need job vibes

There's an antidote for what ails you...

Lost a fellow motorcyclist this past weekend...

"‘How can I be a racist? I just picked Arsenio Hall!"

Voter ID advocate fails to name single instance of voter fraud

Photo: Vomit warning.

Janet Jackson Producing Documentary About Transgender People

US Dept of Justice going to monitor elections tomorrow to protect civil rights

Blue on Blue

Up w/ Chris Hayes - How did the Republicans get so extreme?

Radio host Boortz retiring, with Cain to step in

Geoff Morrell, the missing link between the DC revolving door

Dissent Magazine: The Fall and Rise of the U.S. Populist Left

US military build-up in Asia: 'Act of War'?

June 5 elections - advice requested

Breaking: Boortz retiring, to be replaced by Herman Cain

Miss USA pageant contestant shows what an idiot she is...

American Crossroads Selling Obama Fear Posters on Website

How To Protect Yourself In The Coming Financial Crisis

The 5Rs: Rivera, Rick, Rubio, Ros and Repsol

My theory as to why McCotter ended write-in quest

There is no Zombie Apocalypse...

Either Way: Banks And That "Whole Democracy Thing" In 90 Seconds

Tobacco companies blitz airwaves to block California tax on cigarettes

Has the Free Republic shut/melted down??

Dylan Rattigan...Biggest POS in the world!!!

Ninth Circuit Likely To Rule Tomorrow On Rehearing Prop 8 With More Judges

Protesters greet Mitt Romney at Republican fundraiser in downtown Portland

Obama pride with Legos - pic

The extreme RW is mainstream

You have an Obama fridge? (You have an Obama fridge!) - pic

Sky Atlantic to celebrate British gay icons

Thom Hartmann: When GOP talks bad economy - they're bragging

Gay Rights Groups to Join Others in Condemning Stop-and-Frisk

8th-century cosmic blast captured in cedar trees

Pakistan condemns US drone strikes

Hicks: Jason Alexander apologizes for calling sport 'gay' (and it's a pretty good apology!)

Kill the government kill list program

Well, if this isn't a special kind of stupid.

The Giants are unhappy with Pablo Sandoval’s conditioning, dedication

Is Romney The Only One Left In The R Primaries?

Guess who this guy is, from Bartcop's page today.

Who took a dump in the punchbowl? Please come CAPTION Karl (no lie is too outrageous) Rove.

Some commenter on a WI papaer's message board: "Wisconsin should do away with welfare altogether"

Egg my will not silence me...

Counting echoes of Tiananmen in market fall

Ask me anything!

Papantonio & Seder: Will Rick Scott Go To Prison For Voter Purges?

Nation of Change: Five numbers that add up to Dump Walker

Opting out of vaccinations could get tougher in California

American Exceptionalism to the Rescue


Brazil regulator ANP says to fine Chevron

Why this "secure boot" from Microsoft is a load of bullcrap...

Email from the Barrett campaign re: Texas thuggery in Wisconsin

Cuomo Seeks Decriminalization of Small Amounts of Marijuana

New Pew poll: huge partisan gap on safety net, environment, unions, EEO, immigration, regulation

My turn to bemoan!

Has a diet of high-fructose corn syrup

New Pew poll: Key divides between beliefs of young and old

I think this is hilarious

Flying Dead Cat Drone, Orvillecopter

Recall Scott Walker sign...

someday this comic will make no sense

Woman fights to assert citizenship

Del Mar Fair theme is "Out of This World," an ode to the outer limits of space

Electricians. Machinists. Paperhandlers. Typographers. Drivers. Mechanics. Warehouse Workers.

Deaths in latest drone strike in Pakistan

The Atmosphere In Wisconsin Is A Lot Like The Civil War.

Myths from Around the World

Student wins battle to form atheist club at a Georgia H.S.

thank you for all your condolences and well wishes.

The regime hides its tanks, armored vehicles and shabbiha while UN observers drive thru not noticing

I Do Not Believe In Mixed Marriages

I found the photo of the zombie horse king from the Games of Throne finale!

"But I don't make the rules…"

Saying Mass in Havana

US military gets some new tanks... (pic)

damn tweety, crazy jim cramer was talking up the economy

Huge crowds in Hong Kong commemorating the anniversary of Tiananmen Square

Nate Silver: Walker likely to win WI, but it's not representative of the November election.

“My perpetrator’s words are the deepest, most insidious part of my abuse."

Russ Feingold: Vote Barrett on Tuesday

Eating This Could Turn Your Gut into a Living Pesticide Factory

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions..

“Look, guys. No matter what a girl does, no matter how she’s dressed…"

This "In Memoriam" video was created by one of my best friends of more than 50 years:

US drone campaign fuels terror

I really envy my Mom.

absolutely SUCKS

"Bug fixes", yeah, that's the ticket.

Rizzoli & Isles starts back up tomorrow night...

“If Congress passes the Paycheck Fairness Act…"

'Federal Europe' plan to end debt crisis

Israeli Leader Vows Crackdown on African Migrants

Nato strikes alternate supply route deals through Central Asia

Energy-dense biofuel from cellulose close to being economical

Rep. Hayworth adviser who suggested hurling acid at Dems resigns

It looks like Voter Purging is happening in Texas as Well! 300,000 voters are getting this!

No posts hidden, one person ignoring ... I am behind the curve.

Three US ‘diplomats’ detained in Peshawar for illegally carrying weapons

Judge tosses WorldNutDaily's birther suit against Esquire's parody article

One thing explains the other...

From Dreams to Drones: Who is the Real Barack Obama?

U.S. Justice Department to monitor Wisconsin recall election

bluesbassman, white courtesy phone: It's "Chartreuse," ZZ Top's first new song in 9 years

Vatican Denounces Nun Over Book on Sexuality

Chris Hedges: Northern Light

I've been feeling optimistic about the recall and Obama's reelection

Bat shit crazy...

Dept of Reduncancy Dept

CNN's Electoral Map Projection (Obama 247-Romney 206)

Why LynneSin doesn't have a roommate........

Statement from Governor Don Siegelman on the Supreme Court’s Denial of his Petition

Heads up, progressive San Jose voters:

Question about health insurance coverage for a domestic partner purchased through an employer

The Planet Wreckers: Climate-Change Deniers Are On the Ropes -- But So Is the Planet

LOL Of The Week: Oops…We Just Made An Attack Ad Against The President

Snapshots of active photosynthesis

A question on sweet peas - I didn't get around to starting mine yet -

Recall Bombshell: Closest Aide Turns on Walker and Cooperates With John Doe Investigation

An Open Letter to the Voters of Wisconsin

Nice graphic I found;

One Thing I Like About the Tea Party

National news just love pushing bad economic news.

University of Nevada, Reno scientists confirm Sierra Nevada Medieval megadroughts

Is It Me Or Are All The Cable News Networks And Talking Heads Ganging Up On Obama?.....

This election fraud has crossed the line.

The Media should be occupied!

Obama and Pot

Warming turns tundra to forest

Education question:

On Wisconsin!

Sweden Democrat 'set own home on fire': report

To all of the Sir Johns in Wisconson who Walker has walked upon...

Mayo on a hot dog?

Yet ANOTHER example of why The Daily Fucking Caller is a fucking cesspool

Verizon Announces More than 600 Layoffs in New England and New Jersey

I will be unpinning the '2011 Holiday marketplace' in a few days...

Lawyer says George Zimmerman knew judge was misinformed about his finances

Stand Your Ground probe: One third of people got away with killing after they started fight and more

Interesting bumper sticker that I saw in Northern VA this afternoon...

So you're moving to Canada if Obama gets reelected?

Interesting projections!

MF Global trustee: Corzine mismanaged firm's growth

Packer Players help get out the vote against WALKER!

To every unemployed construction worker:

LGBT Pride

Sun Down: Konarka Technologies Files for Bankruptcy

U.S. targets senior al Qaeda leader, further strains Pakistan ties

Is Wisconsin's Right Wing Attorney General playing politics with election monitoring?

NLC Coms (union job) Opening

Trayvon Martin's killer to ask for new release from jail

What else do you need to know?

Left Side of Truck Driver’s Face Ages Decades Faster Than Right Side

It all comes down to one day - Vote June 5th. Good luck Wisconsin.

South Sudan officials have stolen $4 billion: president

I got an email from Sarah Jessica Parker asking if I wanted to have a night out...

KamaAina's coveted endorsements for the June 5 primary.


You tell 'em, Mr. President!

US: Restitution impractical for Stanford victims

Being surrounded by all these %$#@& Wisconsin trees, I have to step very far back to see the forest.


Meet the Romney birthers

Ed Schultz Blog: Dirty Tricks in Full Effect in Wisconsin

New York man admits to helping al Qaeda

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ohio Police Chief Reverses Stand On CC, Was Against, Now For.

Obama tweets support for Walker opponent on recall eve

Legal challenges to New York soda ban face uphill climb

Cats are simply delightful.

Washington principal upset by letters G-A-Y in newspaper word search

President Obama recovers more than 4 billion dollars in crackdown on healthcare scams

Luka Magnotta, wanted for Canada dismember slay, caught while reading about himself at online cafe

Final PPP poll has it 50-47 Walker over Barrett. (@ WisPolitics.Com)

Clinton: Romney would be 'calamitous' for US

How to Help Protect the WI Recall Elections (and all elections)

Pew Poll: Republican Support for Safety Net Plummets

Damn good lamb.

Fifteen Voters Removed In Rick Scott’s Purge Reinstated By Florida Elections Supervisors

Job ‘Creators’ Strike Again! Verizon To Lay Off 1,700 Workers After Paying CEO $22 Million Last Year

DU Texans at Neroots Nation 2012?

Report Shows Koch Brothers Made Sales to Iran,Bribed Officials,and Falsified Data

If you ruled the world, what would you ban?

AIG CEO: “Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old”