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Koch Network Alone To Spend More To Defeat Obama In 2012 Than McCain Raised In All Of 2008

Every time you spot a celebrity at their 1st Kings game,have a drink!

Tune in to Ed! He's live from WI on the eve of the recall!

SHE's BACK-Kathy Nickolaus--Notorious-Wisconsin-FINDER-Of-Repub Votes-"Has Control Of Vote-Counting"

Zombies are not fond of brains

Koch Brothers and Scott Walker playing MONOPOLY with Democracy (Photo)

Gay Coach Fired After Cop Says ‘Fuck That Faggot’ Sues To Get Job Back

Any ideas on ways to earn money on the side?

I was just called to jury duty where someone called out a troll and linked to my journal.

Salt, We Misjudged You

Ed Schulz had a fiery session with a WI Republican state senator just now.

I really hate Republicans, I really do

Romney campaign offers sneak ‘peak’ of TV ad on Facebook

MN State unions reached tentative agreement covering 21,000 workers

Clinton warns of wider Caucasus conflict

Nation's Love Affair with Abusive, Arrogant Icons Speaks Volumes

Erupting Urinal Soaks House Press Gallery

It’s ‘Offical’ - Romney Campaign Makes Third Spelling Gaffe in a Week

Today in labor history June 4 (CA)The first law in the U.S. giving farmworkers collective bargaining

How do we Deal with the Patriotic,the Uninformed of History and the Clueless, but well meaning

The Republican strategy for the past three years

North Carolina GOP platform: Exclude LGBT individuals from discrimination laws

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Recall Monday + a new Kitty gif

Nato signs deal to move Afghan equipment via Central Asia

Mr. Trololo, Eduard Khil, dies at 77...

The "taterguy exception" to the rule.

Question for Those Who Sell on Ebay (Please look at these pics)

Charter school teachers file unfair labor complaint against network

Joe Ricketts' Ending Spending Action Fund is ASTROTURF

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

Florida Official Behind Gov. Rick Scott’s Voter Purge Linked To $1 Billion Campaign Effort Against O

Jesse Kelly Calls Gabrielle Giffords 'A Hero Of Nothing'

OOPS! Another Romney Campaign Spelling FAIL

Union eyed at Nissan plant (Congressman Bennie Thompson backing right to organize)

I need some help to understand what availability for loans. I know that banks are not borrowing for

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Tim Noah - The Great Divergence Part 1

Weather Channel/NBC/Romney's Bain Capital Sued For Military Discrimination

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Tim Noah - The Great Divergence Part 2

Turn on Rachel Maddow!


Private sector depends on public subsidies to compete with public sector

Mitt Romney: Time Traveler

Obama tweets support for Walker opponent on recall eve

DFA members called 27,977 Wisconsin voters in ONE HOUR tonight

EPA Planes Spying On Ranchers? Lawmakers Want Answers

Crosspost.... North Carolina GOP platform: Exclude LGBT individuals from discrimination laws

WWII's pivotal Battle of Midway recalled on 70th anniversary

Singer Jon Bon Jovi performs during a campign event for President Obama - pics

Wisconsin Dems sidestep labor debate in recall

Julian Zelizer op-ed...more attacks on Obama from third-way "Democrats."

Complaint filed with FCC alleges WISN, WTMJ radio bias on recall (Wisconsin)

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton unite for New York City fundraising blitz

Costco settles hazmat lawsuit for $3.6 million

I was just in the audience of "The Ed Show" in Madison, WI!

Cell Phone GPS Tracking

Thinking of the Wisconsin election? Treat yourself to this video.

Call Made for a Bigger Wall on Street

Twilight stole her cat treats from a drawer, dragged them to the livingroom, ate them and got sick.

Lawyer Kluger Gets 12-Year Sentence (longest ever insider trading sentence)

Meet the JOBS Act's Jobs-Free Companies

UC Santa Cruz study: High oxygen levels led to super-size bugs

Former US President Bill Clinton speaks during a campign event for President Obama - pics

Stem cell scientists take hope from first human trials but see long road ahead

GREAT NEWS from Rachel,

NY Times reviews David Maraniss's biography of Obama

Hello! Here's a report from the Maine state Democratic Convention...

How to Stop the Empire While Keeping Your Day Job by Dan Kinch

Former State Sen. Jane Orie Sentenced to Prison.

I think the Walker-Barrett contest tomorrow will end up Al Franken 2.0

"Report: Koch Brothers Made Sales to Iran" by Rachel Elson at CBS MoneyWatch

Northeast PA White Supremacist Elected to GOP Committee May Have Philly Connections

Purple Monday!

Does your headache disappear after marihuana consumption?

And it's GOOD BYE to A&M! and Misery (and Ole' Miss) and WELCOME BACK to TCU!

The modern conservative...

Canada's Occupy Moment Should Be Our's too.

Which Flank Do You Put Your Heavy Artillery On???

Awesome Wisconsin song and video. Matthew Grimm - Enemy.

An idea for a campaign ad to use against Romney

"TV's Frank" Conniff Reveals the Romney / Trump Tinfoil Hat

Did anyone catch the speech by BHO at the Waldorf Astoria on CSPAN tonite, w/intro by Bill Clinton?

Sending good vibes to CatWoman

Bolivia talks of nationalizing all natural resources

Is it time for Maximum Wage

"Mitt Romney’s inaccurate claims about government workers" Posted by Glenn Kessler at WP

Breaking: Walker's allies tell recall signers not to vote


Chavez hails Russian stance on Syrian conflict

WARNING: Walker Camp is Telling Voters That If They Signed the Recall Petition, They Already Voted.

Wishes Fulfilled.

Shame on You, Dan Rather: Rather’s False Reporting on Venezuela & President Hugo Chavez

China, Japan to Use Yen, Yuan and Not the USD

Kings score 4 in shutout. Series 3-0. Don't miss Wednesday's game!!

The ED Show - The road to the Walker recall ends here

Chavez absent as team oils campaign machine

"Republican super PAC slams Obama for going negative (as it goes negative itself)"

Beamer the Eastern box turtle gets around on leg made of Legos

If you are in Wisconsin, tell us if evening news runs indictment story

The ED Show - Republicans warn of voter fraud in Wisconsin

A report by Dan Rather fires up the Caracas rumor mill

Urgent: L.A. Carlos Montes goes to court Tuesday, June 5 (tomorrow!)(freedom to dissent is on trial)

Blashphamey! Walker Stops at Point Brewery on Eve of Recall Election

E-3 on the G4 Channel, anyone watching?

The Daily Show takes on Olde Lizzie Celebrations...

Florida 'stand your ground' law yields some shocking outcomes depending on how law is applied

"Mitt Romney Enjoys Your Pain" by Leo W. Gerard at Huffington Post

Urgent! L.A. Carlos Montes goes to court Tuesday, June 5 (tomorrow!) freedom to dissent is on trial

Riverdale Blockade

It's gotta be racism

Drone guidelines may offer police a loophole re: obtaining warrants

President Obama attends a fundraiser in New York - pics

Now this is a real reporter: Walter Cronkite on CBS announcing the death of LBJ

Oh my ZEUS!1 My latest craze/Google Greek fishermans cap!1

Vibes for Wisconsin.......

Glazed donut vodka polarizes drinkers

Gonna be in Milwaukee on the 19th-21st...

I'm eating microwave popcorn, what about YOU, Lounge?!1 n/t

Awesome ladies of history

Polls say Republicans are more energized than Democrats in Wisconsin. How can this be?

The Lounge is my watering hole

Romney is so white....

I am deleting my OP as no one has responded so instead of embarrassing myself further

SCOTUS dumps two cases while our attention is on Wisconsin.

Toons: U.S. Department of Certainty, The Only Vote That Really Counts, Socialism and More. - 6/4/12

Hemp History Week 2012

ISH....anyone have, or know of anyone who has isolated systolic hypertension?

Omnipresent Terror

Has Jon Stewart completely sold out?

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail & Other Stuff

Crashing the Operating System - Liquidity Crunch In Practice

On financial risk, medical bankruptcy works as well as a high-deductible plan

Walker is going to win.

Clinton: Nobody's seen a Communist in years

I had an idea to print out signs of this in DC 20 years ago.

SEC intends to go after small fry, and leave the big boys alone

Genocide: part of the planned curriculum of the evangelical Good News Clubs in public schools

Cece McDonald sentenced to 41 months for defending herself against vicious racist transphobic attack

Who is the best president in your lifetime?

Cece McDonald sentenced to 41 months for defending herself against vicious racist transphobic attack

Paramilitaries ordered to testify in murder trial of former DAS official .

What do you think about a married person who posts on a singles dating site?

The Gungeon wants to have more focus on gun porn...

Paramilitaries ordered to testify in murder trial of former DAS official .

A Chart About "Silence" That Will Leave You Speechless....

Why do Vimeo videos often not work on my computer?

PBS News Hour: Wisconsin Recall Election Watched for National Repurcussions

Occupy Wall Street: Light From Above From the People Below

You know what bothers me most about the Romney dog on roof story?

Hipster Rehabilitation Project?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, June 4)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Monday, June 4)

In divided Green Bay, teachers hope lasting anger at Scott Walker will tip recall election

Scott Walker's Huge Fundraising Advantage -Huffpo

Seems timely - George Carlin on the American Dream

Remind me not to post questions in Meta, Thanks!

Baseball Player Pedro Borbon has passed away.

Cece McDonald sentenced to 41 months for defending herself against vicious racist transphobic attack

james van praagh is on coast to coast now

fyi--james van praagh is on coast to coast right now

Paycheck Fairness Act expected to fail

GSA bonuses, travel expenses raise congressional ire

A bicycle built for Who (Pic)

Private companies can't compete against government in the area of public goods--at least not without

Politics is the great divider in United States (Pew poll: 1987 vs. 2012)

Attorney General Holder considered resigning, book says

Promoting Nutrition, Disney to Restrict Junk-Food Ads

New Zealand signs Nato partnership deal

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday June 5th

G7 to hold emergency euro zone talks, Spain top concern

SOCOM Unleashed: Globalizing the Global War on Terror

6/4/12 America's Got Talent - Sand Artist (video)

Jamaica seeks heritage status for sunken Port Royal

Did you know that libraries lend ebooks now?

Germany Is Open to Pooling Debt, With Conditions.

There will be nun of that! Vatican criticises a pro-gay book by US nun

Rachel Barrios-Van Os: Plan of Action after the Convention

Colombian soldiers charged with killing mentally disabled man .

Colombian soldiers charged with killing mentally disabled man .

Stiglitz Urges U.S. Overhaul of Unfair Tax Policies

Gay Pride 2012: 18 Surprising Facts

Fox Spins Walker's "Worst In The Nation" Jobs Record On Eve Of Recall

Luka Rocco Magnotta Arrested Monday in Berlin

Nobel Winner Stiglitz Sees More Recession Odds In Romney

Capitalism is..

Insects cut down to size by birds

Myanmar fossil may shed light on evolution

L.A. County Democratic Party primary endorsements (LINK):

This Is Supposed To Be Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor

Korean dancing teams perform in Cuba

Panetta to Encourage India for Larger Role in War

MMA Fighter Jessica Aguilar Comes Out As Bisexual

US policy of assassinating whoever you feel like: just sick.

Paul Ryan to headline ‘Mad Men' themed dinner

'Sluts' Unite Against Republicans, Rush Limbaugh

Chomsky: America's Rank Hypocrisy -- Why Is it Only an "Atrocity" When Other Countries Do It?

How Phantom Accounting Is Destroying the Post Office

EU Observer: Europe still best place to live for gay people

Stiglitz about to appear on Morning Joe.

Blueseed (start-up) wants to convert a cruise ship into a floating centre for foreign entrepreneurs

7th Circuit rejects atheist suit over cross funding

Today's the Day!

my teaparty sister threatened me last week

How religion promotes confidence about paternity

The Navy Thinks This New $7 Billion Ship Is The Answer To All Its Chinese Concerns

Smile, you're working for the queen now.

Facebook Privacy Notice

Just how Catholic are you? Take the five-point test and see where you stand

Does anyone try to watch "The Daily Show" online?

GOP Flack Tries To Pretend He Didn’t Call For Violence Against Female Senators

It has dawned a very fine day.

China says only it has right to monitor air pollution

Mad Men Spoilers- I'm a season behind and was just given the News--Did they really writer Peggy

Tobacco firms blitz airwaves to block cigarette tax

Any websites show the Transit of Venus across the sun today? I have a young cousin who wants to

Bon Jovi Gets a Flight on Air Force One After Performing at Obama Fundraiser (JBJ pics)

Why couldn't Obama do this?

Pew Poll: republicans-older, whiter more conservative; Democrats-more liberal than ever and diverse

New economy fallout – ‘wage theft’ from paychecks

More dirty tricks: Walker backers call recall petition signers and tell them they don't need to vote

Confession (cartoon)

Behind Super-Sized Sodas, a Deeper Danger

Probing Voter Fraud (in Florida), Tea Party Tells Eric Holder to Stand Aside

The Most Important Wisconsin Recall Candidate You've Never Heard Of

Politics, Money and Propaganda

Unemployed bussed in to steward river pageant (The Guardian)

Walton, Duke Get High Share of 'No' Votes

Green Bay Packers players urge Wisconsinites to vote in recall election.....

BP accused of attack on academic freedoms after scientists subpoenaed

Let's go Wisconsin Democratic peeps - Venus is on your side

Its time to ROCK the vote, Wisconsin!!!!

Lady Gaga Shrugged

10 Numbers You Need to Know on Scott Walker Recall Day

Could This Pro-Walker Dark-Money Group Torpedo Recall Turnout?

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About California’s Demographic Changes and Immigration Politics

Do you long for the time when America was the Greatest Nation in the World?

Emergency advice needed ASAP (billing dispute)

Tom Barrett Doesn't Feel Ignored By President Obama

Meet the newest GOP Sleazebag in MI


Man dies after being detained at S. California Walmart

AIG CEO Robert Benmosche: 80-Year-Old Europeans Need To Be Working

Students Pay credit card interest rates on Exploitive Loans for College

Hey Wisconsin:

I think the jury missed on this one:

Romney Seeks an America More Like China

Are We at a Demographic Inflection Point? (new migration trends)

Wisconsin: State denies Capital-Times request for latest job numbers

Obama campaign to media: Stop letting Romney off the hook

Paul B. Farrell: War is America’s new economic stimulus policy

Fifteen Voters Removed In Rick Scott’s Purge Reinstated By Florida Elections Supervisors

NRC Considering giving 80-year operating licenses to Nuclear Power Plants

How the Supreme Court Schedule Will Help Big Business this Year

Is there a way for me to block certain groups from showing when I hit the "Latest Threads" button?

The World Class Struggle: The Geography of Protest

Does anyone read prospectuses, annual reports, etc., that you get from companies you have some

Chicago Plans to Shut Red Line South to Perform Quick Rehab

wisconsin election money disparity

This New Phantom Works Drone 'Ushers In A New Era Of Surveillance'

Wisconsin, SOLIDARITY from: _______________ .

Burnt Orange Report: A Conversation With Gilberto Hinojosa, Candidate for TDP State Chair

What Worries Romney Backers Politico

CHART: The Gobsmacking Drop In Government Spending Under Obama

poliquin as a senator???

Syria declares Western ambassadors unwelcome

What states have outhouses at their rest areas?

Syria permits aid workers to enter 4 provinces


Trapped By Religion

Wall Street CEO Pay Rises 20%

Watched a bagger have an epiphany yesterday

WI Election: Why the Polls Might Be Wrong on Scott Walker

The truth is, the Republicans' toolbox NEVER changes.

Primary day here

Wisconsin--Put Your Feelings Aside, & Just Go VOTE

I have a new blog posting up!

Seriously, my cat Abbott has a constant case of eye boogers

I have a new blog posting up!

Why antivirus companies like mine failed to catch Flame and Stuxnet (this is a holy shit moment)

It's still very early--but long lines are being reported at voting sites in Milwaukee

If you need basic voting info today: who, what, and where:

Heritage Foundation fellow: There are lots of examples of voter fraud... uh... somewhere

Madison - Know anyone who needs a ride to the polls?

Wisconsin DUers: Take someone with you to the polls.

PT Barnum's Sucker Born Every Minute© UPDATE: "Uptick in Zimmerman donations after return to jail"

California primary vote turnout expected to be light: 35% of registered voters

Want to build frugal greenhouse in New England

Ouch! Obama Camp Hits Team Romney: ‘The Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking’

Today's bumper sticker: Tuesday, Give a Toss. Please come CAPTION Bill-O, the fecal clown!!!!!

Yet More Graphs Showing It's Not Spending, It's Revenues That Are Causing the Problems

I love visiting this place so much!

Why is MSNBC only showing Republican turnout this morning?

Six Southern California hospitals fined for healthcare violations

History of labor and conservative politics vis-a-vis Wisconsin

Conservative Republican Knox County, TN Commissioner Jeff Ownby Arrested for Public Gay Oral Sex

Why do US Republicans revere Winston Churchill?

Family shocker! My brother and SIL are NOT supporting Walker this time around.

How Romney Pushed State Health Bill (WSJ)

ABC broke into regular programming!!! For the Queen's balcony speech???

Pollution, Poverty and People of Color: Living with Industry

Pressure On Trinity Church To Call Off Occupy Wall Street Trespassing Charges

Saudi Princess caught fleeing five star hotel to evade bill

How Romney Pushed State Health Bill-Emails Show Mitt Defending Insurance Mandate for Massachusetts

Stiglitz: Electing Romney Would "Significantly" Raise Recession Risk.

What Is the Fallout from the U.S. Supreme Court's Refusal To Hear the Siegelman Appeal?

Do you have an impossible dream? If so, what is it?


Gulf states losing faith in Annan's Syria plan-Saudi FM

another plant id request

Chris Hedges: Northern Light

Eduard Khil, 'Mr. Trololo' and YouTube star, dies at age 77

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus spreading lies about unions and the Wisconsin recall

I Was a Good Mormon Wife ...

Props to EarlG for his WISCONSIN RECALL countdown.

Black bear euthanized after eating Canada murderer

Our President got on his comfortable shoes and tweeted about the recall

All the Zimmerman apologists hitching their stars to him as a cause celebre...

Another Unarmed Black Youth Shot & Killed. Darius Simmons was Only 13 Years Old

LGBT donors back President Obama, big time

Walker hires thugs. Barrett fights them.

Spider attacks leave 2 dead, panic villagers in India

This is "political" and it is also funny.

Venus transit: A last-minute guide

Frustrated/sadden/confused/and weary

Long lines for historic Wisconsin recall election

What About Our Most Vulnerable Citizens???

Chris Hedges at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario

Venus transit

We have an HIV/AIDS Support group here that i would like to welcome you guys to

Huckabee's OOPs Moment: Without Fox "News", Americans would assume Obama ‘doing a great job’

What it looked like in FT Atkinson this AM where Lori Compas took on Fitzgerald

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs a sign in front of the new DU Health Care Clinic ***

North Carolina Legislature Prepares to Ban Sea From Rising!

Attorney: Zimmerman's bond request delayed

I have a memory that gives me hope....

The greatest republican ever on the WI recall

"What's good for the goose, is good for the gander".

What is the difference between a state and a province? is it just a different word,

Is there a federal law making it a crime to

Frank Capra summarized the GOP strategy via Mr. Potter. Steal the money = total obstruction.

Organic food might make you a jerk: study

Lodi meeting to feature Hindu mantra

What Do Australians Understand 110,000 Times Better Than Americans Do?

Why CA. booted the GOP - and other states will to...

Were they given gruel to eat too?---When does the GOP adopt this plan?

HEADS UP: Wisconsin Voters Report Receiving Robocalls Telling Them Not To Vote

The Government Has Finally Responded To The Terrifying Rise In Traumatic Genital Injury

Stay classy, Faux "news."

Mitt Romney trashed by ... Nevada Republicans?

The secret of Getting Out The Vote...

And now a word from Brazil:

TYT: Electronic Tracking Of Students - Texas Schools See Big Money

Madison Isthmus Live Blog on todays election.

Communities need to build 50+ hobby centers, in order to adapt to the new paradigm.

WI GAB, 9:45, says strong turnout...few problems.

Tom Barrett on Wisconsin recall: I don’t feel ignored by White House

-- Bill Clinton: "Nobody has seen a communist in over a decade."

John Nicoles:10% of the early voting came from Madison in Wisconsin

Super Regionals:

Jewish Tourists Stoned in Jordan over 'Provocative Hats'

Workaholics? Tosh.0? Delocated? Squidbillies?

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No. 8

Canada Bracing for Massive Influx of Wisconsin Boat People - Andy Borowitz has begun the count

I voted!

Any geocachers around here?

Pakistan summons US envoy over drone strikes

A Future Without Key Social and Economic Statistics for the Country

Food and Health Luminaries, Public Interest Groups Demand Healthy Food and Farm Bill

Herman Cain's "Shucky Ducky" Radio Show

Buyer's remorse - Japanese opposition to nuke power stronger

What happened to exit polls? They use to be the canary in the coal mine for election fraud


Early indications of strong turnout in WI (Madison may reach presidential election totals)

Thom Hartmann: Voter Purge...Rick Scott gives the finger to Washington

More false equivalence from the media

"It's just nuts around here today."

Ohioan clearing gun charged in death of Amish girl

Romney Adviser Bolton Cheers For Iran Diplomacy To Fail: ‘Fortunately’ There Was No Breakthrough

What animates Zombies?

Labor dispute at Belmont threatens to scratch I'll Have Another's Triple Crown bid

Supreme Court Judge Price to resign

Aide Rolls On Scott Walker

ANONYMOUS: Wisconsin Document Dump

Islam Is a Religion, and Therefore Protected by the Constitution

U.S. Appeals Court Declines to Revisit California Gay Marriage Ban, Clears Way for Potential SCOTUS

Waiting to vote? No cell phones! Seems to be a rule in Mequon

Conan O'Brien on the "Big Surprise At George W. Bush's Portrait Unveiling"

For John Edwards

Sen Lena Taylor just wrote GAB requesting immediate investigation of the election crimes

"The thousands came because they wanted to be heard themselves." On Wisconsin!

There's a little black spot on the sun today

Cross posted from LBN PROP 8

I Voted For Barack Obama Today In The CA Primary

If you are an adult citizen who is affected by government

3 Vaguer Disclosures Than Mitt Romney's Net Worth Disclosure

Researcher reveals how “Computer Geeks” replaced “Computer Girls”

Louisiana Going Private

What REALLY happened in the last hand 'recount' in Wisconsin?

Dane County (Madison, etc) Clerk says turnout in county could reach 80-88% (great for dems)

Jill Biden: Joe would make a great President

Dane County (Madison, etc) Clerk says turnout in county could reach 80-88% (posting anecdotes/stats)

Incredible Rare footage of the 1939 World Series in COLOR

Matt Taibbi rips the SEC.

What would happen if...

"too many straight lines" drawn from WI recall to GE

Owner of destroyed Gaza dairy factory challenges Israel

My voting experience today...

Strong voter turnout in Milwaukee's central city!!!!!!!!!!!!

What it Takes to Win

Alleged murder plot against leftist magazine editor uncovered

"I don't want everybody to vote."

Joe Biden's Daughter, Ashley Biden, Marries!

Fire destroys displacement camp in northeastern Colombia

Prop 8 supporters will cry to the SCOTUS within 90 days...

Rachel Maddow - Romney unmoved to change ad despite fact-check smackdown

Anybody know anything about this group, CCHRInt

Serious question - why is the DoJ doing nothing about election theft?

Been Here Forever ~ We're Just Like You

JS Online about exit polls - begin reporting at 4PM

U.S. promises military training to Georgia

I deleted as I see this is already posted here.

Worst. Picket. Sign. Ever by a Man Cut Off At An All You Can Eat Fish Fry

Wisconsin recall vote: early lines suggest high turnout and close finish

Awesome numbers and reports out of Wisconsin so far ..... Get your Badger on

Insensé à Roland Garros (SPOILER alert)

Juan Cole: Henry Kissinger is Wrong about Libya. Things are surprisingly normal in Libya.

Help me out here! What kind of tree do you think this is?

Al Qaeda No. 2 killed in drone strike: U.S. official

More poll workers being sent to African American wards in Wisconsin because of very heavy turnout

"Milwaukee calls in extra poll workers amid heavy turnout"

The Rude Pundit - Wisconsin: Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

Do you think harms could result from access to clean water being controlled by leases held

Newer Findings Dispute View of Morning-After Pill as Abortion

Asking again: What is wrong with Scott Walker's eyelids?

Milwaukee Calls Out More Poll Workers for Extra Turnout

Tamron Hall (MSNBC) reporting on the robocalls discouraging petition signers from voting

Scottsdale man accusing Barnes & Noble of sex bias

A Letter To Romney From Lilly Ledbetter: "It’s time to speak up"

Photos from DFA's GOTV efforts in Wisconsin

Waukesha Stonewall: Officials Refuse to Say Who’s In Charge of Monitoring Elections, Counting Result

BBC: Norwegian far right defend Breivik's views on Islam

The Dark Chocolate Treatment For Heart Disease

Thom Hartmann: Shut up have your own Solyndra!

High Voter Turnout In WI Can NOT Be Good For Scott Walker

Report: Google alert tips park security to 'mountain of booze'

Who's running the election in Waukesha County?

For Trof: Man coverting B727-200 into a house

Justice Department to Monitor Elections in California, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wisconsin

GOP voter supression efforts miraculously hit the mainstream press. CBS reporting...

Algeria's Sonatrach to resume Libya drilling in June

"In Democracy the poor will simply vote themselves money"

I know at least some who like Grace Jones in here. ;) (Myself included, still have the vinyl.)

WI Exit Polls Wave 1: Leinenkugel 40% Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice 24% MGD 20% Beast Light 16%

Shoplifter bites Kansas Walmart employee

Wisconsin recall: Democrats prepare for recall recount

Sake Set.

OFA Photo From The Field—Election Day In Wisconsin

Employment for those 55 and over is at a record high. Young people are hit hardest by the economy.

A reminder from Oakland's Grand Lake Theater:

Students Pay SLM 9.25% on Exploitative Loans for College

FB comment from one of my friends re: south side of Milw. poll this AM

Accused Maryland cannibal killer described in police report as 'Virginia Tech' waiting to happen

Gotta remember four senators are in this recall also.....

Israel asks Arab visitors to open emails to search

It's Time Wisconsin: Own Your Vote

President Obama 'sings' 'Call Me Maybe'

A question to ponder - how much money will Republicans spend to

Senate GOP Blocks Pay Equity Bill

20.9 million victims of Forced Labour. Women and girls represent the greater share of forced labour

BREAKING: Senate GOP Blocks Pay Equity Bill

Fox "News" Covers The Wisconsin Recall 6/5/12 (Have barf bags handy)

Ed Shultz is on Bashir right now Liveblog

So I just served on a Jury

Can Fracking Be Cleaned Up?

PPP Daily Kos poll: Obama 50 Romney 42

I just scanned through today's ESPN2 schedule on my cable channel guide.......

Wisconsin turnout through the roof

In Wisconsin, reports of voter suppression efforts

about WI tonite ...

Wisconsin election return site....

Venusians prepare for rare eclipse of Earth today!

Pa. Man Tied To Supremacist Groups Elected To Local GOP Committee With Single Vote...His Own

Is This the Key to Vastly Better Batteries?

First Lady Applauds NYC Plan To Ban Sugary Drinks

Service Sector Picks Up Modestly In May: ISM

How long before the evil doers in the USA figure out how to turn the immortal cells of Henrietta

Russia Turns East To Embrace Looming China

Remember WA Gov. Christine Gregoire's months-long nail biter?


Mitt Romney accuses President Obama of holding on to GM to avoid embarrassing loss before election

Michael Lewis on luck and entitlement

Republican Candidate’s Machine Gun Video Vows To ‘Take Linda Sanchez Out’


Gay-Baiting Author Tells Fox Radio: Hillary Clinton ‘Overweight’ And ‘Not Looking Good’

Snarf: DU members completed their review of this post at Wed Dec 31, 1969, 07:00 PM, and voted 0-0

Florida AG Pam Bondi Promises Florida Will ‘Keep Fighting’ For Voter Purge

I'm hearing obscene turnout numbers throught out the state, easily double the primary numbers

What We Need to Know About the Corporate Takeover of the "Organic" Food Market

Dems Cry Foul Early Into Election Day; Sen. Taylor Demands Investigation

An idea to make those posting SuperPac ads uncomfortable. If they won't tell us who

Jefferson Co Clerk (Think Compas VS Fitzgerald) looking to 75% turnout

Some of you will get this. Some won't

Excess exercise hurts the heart

Prep runner carries foe to finish line

Endorsements from California Nurses, League of Women Voters, San Diego Democrats

Intrade: Walker moves from 91 to 93% Favorite

Exotic diseases from warmer climates gain foothold in the U.S.

People Power vs. Money Power In Wisconsin

Voter turnout brisk in city (watertown think Compas vs Fitzgerald)

Brain Surgeon Hid An Engagement Ring In The Sand On A Beach And Told Prospective Bride To Find It to be them...

Matthew Rothschild: David Brooks Reveals His True Colors in Pathetic Piece on Wisconsin

Second Chance for Second Wave Feminists

Absurdity Today: The Vatican is Leaking!

Papantonio: Romney Using Surrogates To Woo Tea Party with Crazy Talk

54 years on this planet and I just got my first Jury Summons.

Matthew Rothschild: Why I Hate David Brooks—Today

Abortion Qualms on Morning-After Pill May Be Unfounded

Rightwing Merkel Govt now overtly blocking renewable transition

Senate Republicans AGAIN Block Pay Equity Bill

As U.S. Drone Strikes Escalate in Pakistan, "Kill List" Stirs Fears of High Civilian Toll

Thom Hartmann: GOP - Sabotage INC

No matter the outcome today what is the next step?


Costa Rica's Mandatory Employee Christmas Bonus Scares Off Some Call Center Outsourcers

Costa Rica's Mandatory Employee Christmas Bonus Scares Off Some Call Center Outsourcers

Romney Aversion to Wind-Power Aid Alienating Republicans

Wondering when this would start: "Obama is Making Kids Gay!"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 6: The Immigrant Experience

Woman Says Lingerie Store Fired Her For Being Too Hot

Scott Brown votes against Paycheck Fairness Act (Elizabeth Warren responds...)

First of all, I'm rooting like hell for a victory in Wisconsin...

Voters swarm to polls across Wisconsin

Pricing of soda sizes is really messed up

So I get this email from a Republican errrr pal of mine.

ACLU Says the Old, Pro-Gay Romney Could Have Been a Member

Is Panetta Intimidating China?

Anybody here going to Bonnaroo?

After GOP Blocks Pay Equity, Sen. Mikulski Calls On Women To Start A ‘New American Revolution'

Cain: We have to do what Walker did at the state level on a Federal level or kill the United States

Election, or ransom note?

Paycheck Fairness Act fails in the Senate, as expected

Mitt-Not Just A Liar, But A STINKING LIAR!

Any websites show Uranus today?

Former Pa. skinhead wins GOP post with single vote

Mike Elk Will Press Charges Against Honeywell For Blocking Him From Asking Questions

Blue-green algae release chemical suspected in some amphibian deformities

MSM: Drones Target Rescuers, Mourners

See the advertisement at the top of the search results for "wisconsin election"

Major Corporations Create Collaborative to accelerate development of 100% Plant-Based PET Materials

Also at stake in Wisconsin is the state senate...

Fatal Walla Walla break-in shooting protested

Students having a hard time voting.

After the President buries....

TYT: Obama Drone Strikes are 'Mass Murder' - Jeremy Scahill

Anyone know what happens in Wisconsin if there are lines at the polls at closing time??

What the Scott Walker Recall Vote Could Mean for LGBT People.

IF Scott Walker beats the recall it will mean the Koch Brothers' investment paid off

Jeremy Scahill Says Obama Strikes in Yemen Constitute 'Murder'

Florida PPP Poll-Obama 50% Romney 46%

Your Honest Opinion: What Happens Tonight?

BREAKING: Madison, Wisconsin Turnout Over 100%!

I think one of the biggest results of the walker recall is it shows that people can equal or

Obscure composer faves? AKA "If you like Liszt try Alkan"

Just in case anyone was curious about my previous post being hidden

Congressional Candidate Posts Machine Gun Video Vowing To ‘Take Linda Sanchez OUT!’

Advisory to the unwary

Brooklyn man admits to sending money and watches to help Al Qaeda build bombs

Today, I am a Badger.

Mitt - did not want to serve in Vietnam before he did want to go.

Bitchslapping the 51%

If exit polling is leaked I think it's usually at 5PM

Ecosystem Collapse in Pleistocene Australia

Why Rachel Maddow Thinks 'Small Government' Makes A Great Bumper Sticker

Workers Win Battle Over Employer Crackdowns on Social Media

NM court upholds gay discrimination ruling

Meet Will. You're Going To Want To Hear What He Has To Say

Is Rahm Emanuel the Next Scott Walker?

So who makes up the RW trolls here?

Please use only one set of rules.

Rush Limbaugh sings "I'm a Nazi!"

NYT: Fate of Obama Presidency May Depend on Europe (and its economy)

Al-Quaida # 2 killed....yet again.

AP source: Ex-Ensign aide to admit misdemeanor

Voter ID Confusion-- reports of poll workers insisting on photo i.d.

School unions win injunction against Mich. payroll deduction law

People Power!! Go Tom Barrett!!!

Madison City Clerk: Turnout Is On Pace To Reach 119%

United States of inequality

Ann Coulter doesn't like gay marriage... (Warning: Graphic photo)

Mom locked up for cheering at child's graduation (S.C.)

Mom locked up for cheering at child's graduation

I'd have to say that the unsafest job on the planet is Al-Qaeda No.2.

Milwaukee turnout high, wards running out of ballots.

Any chance tonight will be a blowout?

Help! I need medical attention - my chest is bursting open with pride!

Venus transit live stream

Destiny Raynor: Dr. Phillips High student tells what it's like to lose home, live in motel

Will we have any certainty this evening in Wisconsin? N/T

Fake Sun TV citizenship ceremony explanations in dispute (Sun=Canada's wannabe Fox News)

Same-sex Marriage: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

How Republicans Are Preventing Thousands Of Wisconsin Students From Voting Today

CNN has exit polls

Transit of Venus - Live

Senate Democrats Blast National Security Leak On Iran Cyberattack

A brief retrospective of a small Wisconsin town:

US Already in 'Recession,' Extend Tax Cuts: Bill Clinton (???)

Sludge pretty much calling it for Walker by 5


Omaha woman gets jail time for starving pit bull puppy

if 1in 6 voters in WI today are same day registrants, wouldn't that mean

Madison, WI turnout over 100%!?

Someone Should Go Tell Scott Walker That Reagan Is Still Dead...

Sheryl Crow has a benign brain tumor

Obama: "Every GOP senator just voted against helping women"

The Last Word - Obama camp attacks Romney's darkest secret

Martin Bashir - Will Super PAC money decide Wisc. recall?

This makes me sick and angry: Mom locked up for cheering at child's graduation

Right now I think the best part of a win in Wisconsin...

Intrade has Walker down to 87%

Walker "as long as there aren’t ballots somehow found out of the blue that weren’t counted before"

BREAKING: Madison, Wisconsin Turnout Over 100%

Nun says that masturbation won't hurt you; Prada slippers go apesh*t

My awesome view of the transit of Venus

The Diamond Jubilee is now history and the Olympics will now move centre stage

Understanding Patriarchy and Men's Power

Venus coming thru. About 10 o'clock on the sun face.

Question about the WI recall -when Barrett wins, how soon will the transition happen?

Why a win tonight In Wi would be a major game change

Early Wisconsin Exit Poll Data Down To The Wire

A new Lauren Corgo

New Minnesota Poll Shows Big Flip on Antigay Ballot Measure

Ray McGovern: Sorting Out the Facts about Iran

Charter school question...

Exit polls: Wisconsin recall voters favor President Obama (NYT)

Two new deal sites are aiming to reach gay consumers

Mitt Romney Campaign Creates Fake Bill Clinton Twitter Account: @Bill_Clinton12

ARS Highlights Alternatives to Antibiotics for Animal Agriculture

Annan tinkering with a radical idea for reviving his moribund peace plan for Syria

Blast from the past: Excellent JK speech on the economy -- delivered in Lynn, MA, in 2008

Wisconsin Exit Poll: Obama 51%, Mitt Romney 45 %

Oh, Big Dog. You'd be helping more if you just curled up under a shady tree and licked your ****s.

Hand count will slow West Allis vote tally

Okay, let's have some fun, shall we?

Just Saw Senator Gillibrand on Sharpton's Show. She Really Impresses Me!

Romney's (non) military record faces new scrutiny

Faux News pushing "eyewitness" account of "democrat union vote fraud" (from wingnut radio caller)


comparison of how the economy does under Democratic and Republican administrations

What do you want to die from?

Does B. Clinton have Roseacea?

Bill Clinton does it again

I finally understand the whole "Virgin vs Extra Virgin" thing

The Hill: Opinion: Future of America’s unions at stake in Wisconsin’s recall vote

BradBlog: Election Day Underway, Dirty Tricks, Lost Student Votes, Kathy Nickolaus, 'Recount'?

Boom ges the dynamite: Jerry Sandusky sent intimate letters to victis

Are you listening now Mr. President?

It wouldn't be the Enterprise if there wasn't some damage on the way home...

Amr Moussa: Egyptian gas to Israel could resume — if it is willing to wait at the end of the line

I found that pesky movie closet.

My unofficial poll - Obama 2012 bumperstickers from Virginia to the NJ Shore,

Biden’s daughter marries into the tribe

Anybody have a spare demonoid invitation code?

From Twitter: Large police presence just arrived in Waukesha. Mostly Sheriff s deputies.

Fox news coverage of recall election (November will be the same)

Unions flex muscle in early Wisconsin recall exit polls

Hilton Hotel LAX Settles Class Action Lawsuit for $2.5 Million over Unpaid Wages, Missed Breaks

Our own Economy Group has the BEST images: Here is the one for today. VERY pertinent for right now

Exit polls show close Wisconsin recall race

Dear John Hagee: Kiss my blasphemous, atheistic ass, and YOU GET OUT!

Blackwater guards lose bid to appeal charges in Iraqi civilian shooting case

Israeli tourists with skullcaps assaulted in Jordan market

Racine WI is running out of ballots at 2 polling places.

Jerry Sandusky Wrote ‘Creepy’ Love Letters To Victims, ABC News Reports

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 June 2012

"I moved here to get away from you people"

Wisconsin Recall Election Results...NYT

Here's The Sad Story Of A Guy Who Believed The Bush Tax Cuts Were Going To Lead To Jobs

B. Clinton on NewsHour now, educating and informing, as usual.

Let me get this right,

Wisconsin recall vote: high turnout raises hopes on both sides of divide

Turkey's Erdogan Slams Israel Over 'Open-Air Prison' In Gaza

Obama Ahead in Florida

Romney Takeover

Results Map...HuffPost

Pressing for OAS changes, leftist governments of 4 Latin American nations quit defense treaty

Those who sat home in 2010 LEARNED THEIR LESSON

Wisconsin Vote Allocation

Only one senior al Qaeda leader left. And what that means.

Another X-Bird in Alaska

Woman arrested after forgetting baby on car roof, drives away

In some sci-fi movie I saw a long time ago, the aliens who previously were unstoppable began to

*Diane Ravitch interview on NewsHour now.

Tea Partied Republican Senators Dump on Women AGAIN!

How much longer til polls close in Wisc? . n/t

Exclusive: Wisconsin voter describes robocall telling him not to vote

Everyone who didn't see this coming, raise your hand

The Summer of Bath Salts

Is there any indication that the Barrett campain will ask the courts to extend the polling hours?

CHART: The Gobsmacking Drop In Government Spending Under Obama...TPM

My tv has been off, purposely, all day. I find DU far more informative. Anyway, my

Oil rush in the Arctic gambles with nature and diplomacy

Whatever Walker's Fate, Obama Leads Romney in Wisconsin (51-45 percent)

Spain says markets closing on it, seeks help for banks

Corbett promising $1.7 BILLION in tax breaks to Shell Corp. to build new chemical plant

Bill Clinton: Extend all tax cuts temporarily

Republicans Prepare for the Worst In Wisconsin Recall

Facebook pages reporting issues of voters being turned away in Wisconsin recall


Martin Bashir - Rep. Schakowsky: Romney 'hid under his desk' on equal pay bill