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I think I have found the simple message that average voters can identify with?

Texas' finest

Howard Zinn on Civil Disobedience

No taxes PAID - 6 of the top 400. "Top 400" means more than $200 MILLION

Europe Is Dumbfounded by Scott Walker's Victory

West's actions in Army disgraceful; he wants to represent us?

Right to copy vs. copyright: FBI accused of ‘stealing’ Megaupload evidence

Max Keiser: Planet Ponzi

Davis Says He Feared Coming Out Would Sink NFL Career

Irish unemployment hits 14.8% ("poster boy for austerity")

Have any of you ever done a "big sandwich?" (No, MFM, not the kind you're thinking of!) What's your

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 June 2012

Favorite black and white horror films?

Far-Out Tech Department Fuel Your Future Car With Aluminum

Good block...

Wow ... the Dodgers swept the Phillies in Philadelphia

U.S. Airman Welcomed Home By Beagle, Daisy

Mitt Romney's Ethics Problem: Marriott Edition

Mitt Romney's Ethics Problem: Creepy Fake Cop Edition

Russia Successfully Test-Fires New Topol-M Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

The "family values" folks are delusional

Rick Scott versus the Department of Justice

I swear i wasnt speeding officer

I saw a story about "morning faces" and found the website using the google.

Marijuana Crackdown on 36 L.A. County Pot Shops by Feds

It's Le Pen vs. Melenchon in Sunday's French parliamentary vote

More testimony from the trial of the latest stand-your- ground fanatic.

How The President Decides To Make Drone Strikes

Tom Hartman is on Ed Shultz now

Email campaign against Stacey Campville

Ethical question regarding TV channel selection. is the latest site to suffer a password breach

Denmark allows same-sex marriages

Email campaign against Stacey Campville/High School Wall of Honor

Genome of 18-week-old foetus deciphered

Pie Talk

Can you see recommendations from people you have on ignore?

Found on George Takei's Facebook...

Fears grow that Cyprus will be next in line for eurozone bailout

Gonorrhea 'superbug' spreading; is it headed for U.S.?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Steal This Election & a new Kitty gif

How A Tiny Central American Country Is Getting Richer And Saving The Environment

President Obama at the University of Nevada Las Vegas - pics

"Election Forecast: Obama Begins With Tenuous Advantage" by NATE SILVER at the NYTimes

Poll: Most Americans think Arizona immigration law is "about right"

Juan Cole: Syria and the Rise of the Death Squad (Assad's last chance or his end?)

"Case closed: the stimulus worked" By Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog

Rachel Maddow is wearing Romney out,

Former Fleetwood Mac member Bob Welch dead at 65...

Happy 57th birfday to me!

Top lawmakers declare war on intelligence leaks

"Icelanders Force Accountability For Banks - Why Can't We?" by George Lakey at Waking Times

We've got over seven billion people on this planet...

Millions misappropriated by Colombian state and federal agencies

Charlie Sheen rant: Staples Center defends keeping him out

"Billionaires buy Wisconsin recall election for Scott Walker" By David Horsey at LA Times

Let's Fight Like Hell And Win This Thing!

Greatest Villain in either Fiction Literature, TV or Movies..?? no real persons please..

Kofi Annan blames Syria for peace plan failure

The ED Show - Romney ignoring the President's jobs plan

Chart: May Jobs Report - Bikini Graph

If Elected Romney will Pardon Warren Jeffs


Deputies search for police impersonator who pulled over woman

Now THIS is some "funny" shit...

Speaker Boehner Loses Fourth DOMA Case in a Row

The ED Show - Florida defies Justice Department order

I ate a whole tube of Preparation H, and it didn't do anything!

Poll: Most think politics will influence Supreme Court health care decision

Another thunder storm here in Ottawa. Usually we get 1/2 dozen in August. This year we have had that

UN wants investigation into drone attacks inside Pakistan

Reid: Bet on filibuster changes if Obama, Dems win in November

Wisconsin aftermath: Voters in disbelief over Walker victory

Insightful by Thomas Frank

Isn't impersonating a law enforcement officer a crime of some sort?

I just toed my stubbe.

Romney dodged the draft

I was very proud a few moments ago..

Obama campaign "admits" fundraising defeat in May

Arigato gozaimasu, Aoki-sama!

Great tweets from Donna Brazille:

The Bush hangover (Wow!)

It amazes me that Romney can FLAT OUT LIE and there is no outrage! WTF?

Pakistan: 14 Killed in Seminary Bombing

A Christmas Story aims to open on BROADWAY!

Phantom debt collectors harass Americans, demand money they don't owe

Why didn't anyone TELL me about this!?!?!? I thought you folks had my back... um... front.

Bill Clinton ‘very sorry’ for veering off message on Bush tax cuts

swore I'd never go to Huff Post...but glad I did

"Economists: Romney’s ideas wouldn’t fix short-term crisis, and could make things worse" at WP

Rmoney tells NFIB to have employees vote for him--or else!

A bizarre mis-application of the Constitution

Rachel lost it tonight...

Aikman: Hypocrisy of Johnson, Jones unraveled '90s Cowboys

North Dakota’s Oil Boom Brings Damage Along With Prosperity

Meth lab 'in a purse' ?

I believe the Republicans when they tell us that they're for smaller and smaller government...

A typical breakfast at Casa de Ptah:

Didja ever do this -- go to the grocery store for two badly-needed items and come home with 40-50?

And you thought the half-hour rain delay during the Championship Game was bad.

Lawrence O'Donnell is shredding Romney in his "Rewrite" segment.

Compromising pics of a young and CURIOUS Mitt Romney have (ahem) come back to bite him in the ass.

Cameron: I'll protect Britain from European superstate

Glenn Greenwald’s Mitt Romney Surrogacy

hard boiled eggs in fridge

hahahhaha mopinko!

6 members of Kansas Bramlage family killed in Florida plane crash

My dogs are in for 2012! / Pet Lovers for Obama - pics

Arbitrator rules to reinstate Omaha police officer

My debate with Neil Cavuto regarding California Public Sector Union Pensions

Hitler Bullish on the Dollar

Giant Survey Finds Unhappiness Pervasive Among Gay Youth

Cliff notes on Mittens pulling people over?

Same-Sex Ceremony on Base Has Republicans Saying It Broke the Law

Ahhhhh, shit!

Saw a great bumper sticker the other day

Criminal Justice - Season 1, 5 Episodes (Complete Story)

In politics, big money drowns out common man (OP)

(MI) State House OKs welfare drug-testing proposal

My my, the things Freepers say when they get careless:

I've been thinking, we should call a lie . . .

Nancy Pelosi: Health law represents 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'

What am I missing with all these copper thefts?

Boy Scouts to study ban on gay leaders (resolution letting local units decide)

FBI release new clue in arson investigation of Miami of Cuba Travel Agency firebombing

Jon Stewart Mocks The ‘Time-Killing Circle Jerk’ Of Asking What Is ‘Fair Game’ In Elections

This is cool: The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Is Back!

Is all of banned from DU?

Ray Bradbury...

2007: Aide to Gov. Romney accused of impersonating police

Luring women off the road with a flashing police light and a genuine police uniform is no prank

Rush Limbaugh Enraged When Michelle Obama Does Something He Can’t: A Push Up

i need some sympathy

What's for Dinner ~ Friday June 8th

Man converts dead cat into a helicopter. At least he didn't convert it into a Mormon.

Gay Marriage Will Reach Supreme Court

Be Prepared--for SKWEEEEEEEEEEEE so cute you can't believe it!

Country for Sale

"God exists outside of space and time"

San Jose pension fight heads to the courtroom

Liberal Dems pushing $10 p/hr wage hike faces stiff opposition...from other Dems...

Karzai condemns U.S. airstrike

Romney is dangerous to this country and its citizens

7 Occupy the Farm protesters won't face charges

Obama warns of congressional inaction on student loan bill

Mitt Romney’s Hotmail Account Allegedly Hacked By Guessing His Pet’s Name!

Suicides at 10-year high in US military

Doc Martin looks good. Just watched the first episode.

Feds selling stake in Georgia bank, six others (winding down TARP)

US banks face $60bn capital shortfall

Treasury Toughens Rules for Firms to Move to Low-Tax Nations

Apple faces iPad fine in Australia

Mexican man gets double arm transplant

In Haiti, industrial park fuels hope and anxiety

Forty years after Watergate, investigative journalism is at risk

Nicaragua to Build $30 Billion Waterway to Rival Panama Canal

Augusto Pinochet documentary prompts protest in Chile

When a Republican complains about federal spending just spit on him

Rachel Maddow - Crowdsource project circumvents GOP block on new disclosure rule

Ex-Aide to Senator Pleads Guilty in Scheme That Snared Only Him

Well, Rick, looks like that perverted piechart just keeps on servin' it up!

Charlie Rose??? anyone watching?? the lesser " * " is on.....


TCM Schedule for Friday, June 8 -- What's On Tonight: Creepy Old Mansions

Hello and welcome! I'm auntAgonist and I host the Bereavement Group, a small

NY commuter train driver caught reading the newspaper while the train is in motion...

Need to shed a pound or few? NRaleighLiberal and I co-host the weight loss and maintenance group

Bi-partisan hug...

They kicked over a rock and what did they see?.......

Forced marriage to become criminal offence, David Cameron confirms

Arizona Tries to Keep Reins Tight as It Starts Regulating Medical Marijuana

NK threatens S. Korean media for possible attack

First Tabletop X-Ray Laser {more or less} (C&EN)

The most attractive country in Asia

Since Obama took Office

Florida Governor Plans to Use Fear of Zombies to Suppress Voter Turnout

Florida Governor Plans to Use Fear of Zombies to Suppress Voter Turnout (SATIRE)

Toons: The Laboratory of Democracy, Restriction on Freedom, Puppetry and More. - 6/7/12

Honeybee virus: Varroa mite spreads lethal disease (BBC)

Article in NY Times predicted Kennedy's assassination almost two months before it happened

Recall Election Fraud in Wisconsin? You Betcha!

I have to tell this

Everybody here needs to see the movie or read the book Moneyball

Live stream: The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

Rulings Due on WikiLeaks Dismissal Motions

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Thursday, June 7)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, June 7)

the best promotion of a nickelback concert ever

Taking off on a holiday.............

Bush tax cuts remain key to budget divide

Private charity has never been enough. Look back to "Potato" Pingree,

Anybody here sporting a PS Vita?

EU states prepare rules for suspending visa-free travel

Whoa! Best be careful shoppin' at the Walmart

APNewsBreak: Pentagon halts free guns for police

Amid Economic Crisis, Spain Ponders Taxing Catholic Church Property

Seriously after hearing all this stuff come out about Mitt would you rather see another person win

Emirates readies oil export detour to avoid Hormuz

Coming Out Atheist Is Not the Same Thing As Coming Out LGBT

Franciscan friars back American nuns in Vatican spat

The Minimum Wage and Making Work Pay

Toronto Council Votes to Ban Bags: Report

Hemp legalization added to Senate farm bill

Finder of Flame Virus Tells Israel to Stop Before It’s Too Late

The Television Critics Association Announces 2012 TCA Award Nominees

Hyundai receives 22,000 applications for 877 jobs

The efforts of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to recover billions in dictators' assets

Colbert nails A Teacup Pig's Partisan Politics. Very funny

what the other guy posts

Ginsu Romney

Is this realy true

Greece's tax chief, "Ms. Lagarde is right". "If we could recover even half of them (taxes evaded),

Nate Silver: Obama has a 61.6% chance of winning reelection

Kreep and Peed

hey where are the leaders of this party

6 Government Surveillance Programs Designed to Watch What You Do Online

How Police and Traffic Light Companies Are Conspiring to Give You More Tickets

Jazzy Jeff's 'Summertime' sounding like a piss take

How to End the Nightmare of Jobless America

Americans Cling To Jobs As U.S. Workforce Dynamism Fades

How do we know WTF he did and didn't do when he pulled people over?

U.N. observers mass for 2nd try at accessing alleged Syria massacre site

Fire up a Friday! Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!!!

BOOK REVIEW: Religious writings, as poetry

A Hidden Economic Ideology: 6 Flaws in the CBO's Report

One question about Mitt and his term as Govenor. Why did this stuff come out while he was Governor?

Power district worker critically injured

The words of the day - "Fiscal Cliff"

Romney visits the Bluffs today

My blue state of Michigan has passed the most radical

NJ: Christie to AARP: We want you to have an income tax credit against property tax bills

US Senate candidate Fischer (R-NE) hits up D.C. fundraisers

The singlemost important invention of humanity.

Washington Times: Declining number of union members affects all workers’ salaries

When the Atheists Are Right

"Nonviolence is not at all passive...It involves strikes, boycotts, non-cooperation...."

Neocons Press for Syrian Action

Has Bill Clinton Now Muddled MICHELLE Obama's Message?

Religious leaders unite to oppose marriage amendment

Jesse Kelly, Republican Seeking Gabrielle Giffords' Arizona Seat, Shown With Gun In Super PAC Ad

Too Much Faith in Markets Denies Us the Good Life

As Japan Stops Saving, a Crisis Looms

David Sirota: The War on Whistle-Blowers

Do you know that there is an ad that looks like it's against Bill Nelson FL

I'm a rebel.

"...smartest guy in the room..."

Can we have a group that helps members quit DU?

BREAKING: Obama Press Conference at 10:15am ET this for real? Not a financial person, so no clue


If I want to be middle aged

"Meet the Press" hits 20-year ratings low

Lot of people don't think long-term any more

romney calls Obama Presidency a 'moral failure'..fuck you mitt

Cars vandalized in Jewish-Arab village: 'Regards from Ulpana'

Dmitry Orlov: Fragility and Collapse: Slowly at first, then all at once

New Romney Ad Touts His Record As Massachusetts Governor

Never fear, MFM is back on the job. Criminals beware!

Italian Grocer Deploys ‘Scan and Bag’-Style Technology

Update on Bei Bei Shuai: Bad News From Indiana{war on women}

Link to the Actual Injunction of Section 1021 of the NDAA and Discussion

Obama Seeking Ally on Europe Finds Merkel a Tough Sell

Antidepressants in water trigger autism genes in fish

On ‘sex-positivity’ and misunderstandings

Newt’s Last Stand: Dispatches From The Frontlines of Republican Politics, Part 4 (Fin)

Michigan: Recall Effort Is Dropped

Oil Heads for Longest Weekly Losing Streak in 13 Years

$38,000 per year at 29% tax rate

Why Elites Fail

Does anyone just go lurk at random conspiracy theory sites...

Raise Minimum Wage Surely You Jest

Tax Credits for New Jobs, but Really for Union Busting?

John Stewart's retort to Scarborough's attack on the NYTimes.

President to hold press conference at White House

CBO Director - Demolishes - GOP's Stimulus Myth

Reading this article, I wondered if it was newsworthy, or pushing the limit of tin foil?

Was Scarborough on Morning Joe at all this morning?

Burnt Orange Report Endorses Gilberto Hinojosa for TDP State Chair

New Purple stategies poll has Obama leading in CO & VA, Romney in FL & OH

Nobel winning Barre-Sinoussi optimistic about HIV cure

from, The Catholic Courier...

"The American People Have Spoken"

Global alliance aims to tackle forest crime

Billionaires for Romney Hand Out Pink Slips at Mitt's North St. Louis County Event

Raley’s May Close Stores if Union Strikes

The Conservative Beatitudes

The American dream is a myth: Joseph Stiglitz on "The Price of Inequality".

Dear Upper Midwest: How to survive a Walkerstan world.

*** Gets out her Staple Gun and posts today DU Cafeteria Lunch Specials ***

Kaiser: Majority want to keep health care law, funding.

Do you have pointers for good cover letters and resumes...

2012 UEFA European Football Championship (catch-all thread)

What We Misunderstand About Drones

Scott Walker's win is a permanent defeat for US labor unions

Drumbeat: June 8, 2012

Dead Spot on Hisense Arena Explained

Drumbeat: June 8, 2012

Dead Spot on Hisense Arena Explained

It's Worse Than You Think: Halftime Between Two Lost Decades

Funny Friday...

Unicef: Tackling diarrhoea and pneumonia saves 2m lives (BBC)

Wait, if there was a credible story of Obama dressing up like a cop it would be news for weeks...

Obama is going to tell the ReTHUGs that this is no time for

Safety agency probes Honda, Toyota crossovers

What Does Our Obsession With Zombie Stories Tell Us About Our Politics?

Seen on Twitter

Musicians: what was the first thing you played by ear?

Rick Scott as George Wallace

Japan 'must restart' two nuclear reactors, Noda warns

MFM is always looking for the next ex-Mrs. MFM.......

Bill O'Reilly Opposes NY Marijuana Decrim Because it Might Reduce Racial Profiling

Brandishing pineapples, parents and students target Pearson

If You Think Clinton Was Good For The Economy, Then You Don't Understand The Economy


President Obama is about to fire up a press conference.

Handicapping the Belmont Stakes

Eurozone crisis: Spain to seek financial bailout on Saturday

Romney's history of disturbing behavior...

Nato apologises for Afghan civilian deaths in Logar

MN: Protesters “Foreclose” on Local Freddie Mac Conference 6/7


Wow...did anyone just see Tweety?

Details of Annan's peace plan that all sides agreed to in Syria

Why Does TXU Want Texas to Raise the Price Cap on the Electricity it Buys?

John Travolta, Buy Tomorrow's Enquirer!

Feds reject Walker admin. attempt to make it easier for health insurers to raise rates

EPA sued over wildlife exposure to lead from spent ammunition

The Franciscans Come To The Nuns' Rescue

Governor faces hurdle promoting new taxes as ratings slip

Interview with a mother who lost her children and relatives to al-Qubeir massacre.

Why South Korea (and the US) Use Amusement Parks to Push Creationism

Chris Matthews is eating these ReTHUG hacks this morning

Post a made-up or misspelled word DU's spell checker ignores

59 Schools Parents Boycott Field Tests for High-Stakes Exams, demanding more teaching less testing

CEOs Lose Their Optimism as Job Slowdown Imperils U.S. Growth

"Weird Willard"

Tweety: "Romney thinks Dubya was smart. JESUS."


Occupy Our Homes Faces Off With US Marshals in Washington

Orlando man given George Zimmerman's old cell phone number bombarded with death threats

The Tampa Bay Times Links- Governor Rick Scott To Racist Governor Wallace

President's Press Conference..

U.S. debt load falling at fastest pace since 1950s

Samsung sexist online ads.

Dangit President Obama - Yell!! Bang your fists on that podium.

From the small govt crew: A grand jury to get a naked statue removed from a park?!?!

London Calling: WiFi on The Tube

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios

Mr President.... Point Out Congress Has Taken Another Break..

Good news at last : US petroleum consumption plummets to 14-year low.

Would you like a hand with those mashed potatoes?

GOP To America: “vote for us or the recovery gets it.”

Hey Mitt, What's Your Position On Same Sex Corporate Marriage?

Poll: Obama Heavily Favored By Latinos, More Support Obama’s DREAM Act

Do powerful women need to tame their unsightly bulges?

NEW DATA: 6.6 Million Young Adults Insured Thanks to Obamacare

New York Times: The Bills to Nowhere

Obama's slip?

Has anyone seen my red stapler?

Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy: Plot To Sabotage US Economy with Frank Luntz

Would Mitt Romney invest more of his money in American factories if only...?

PGA pairs Woods, Mickelson and Watson in first two rounds U.S. Open

Axelrod: Obama will be first president to be outspent by opponent —

You know, I love The Dutch...

David Sirota: The War on Whistle-Blowers

Obama calls on Congress to take action on jobs

Pic Of The Moment: Obama To Congress: Take Action On Jobs

Although it doesn't Directly impact us. I am glad it seemed Obama took France's position on Europe

NEW DATA: 6.6 Million Young Adults Insured Thanks To Obamacare

Triple-Crown Hopeful I'll Have Another Is OUT Of The Belmont

A Quick Guide to the GOPs WAR ON WOMEN

Is There a Difference Between Robert Pattinson's 'Bel Ami' and Gay Porn?

I'll Have Another won't.

New Kansas Congressional and Legislative Maps Released

Wisconsin Political Attack Ad Forces Mom to Re-Live Anguish Over Murdered Son

Just read another comment on a news page where Obama was called the following names:

If we ever travel thousands of light years ...

The usual band of idiots....

a bittersweet victory for my baby.

A small mercy: No Criminal Charges in Conn. Christmas Fatal Fire

The Texan who claims SYG after killing someone because of noise had a history

Bernanke To Congress: Spend More Money

Here's a main reason why: It rhymes with Blitizens Blunited.

Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers putting down their wrenches

Forget a Triple Crown this year - I'll have Another will not run in the Belmont tomorrow

'Car Talk' Guys Are Retiring, But Their Best Stuff Will Be Rebroadcast

Op-ed: After Devastating Loss, a Father Fights Bullying

Flame malware makers send 'suicide' code

Protesters Crash Chicago Mercantile Exchange Meeting, Chairman Lies to Shareholders

Make the first $20K of income free from payroll taxes

boogie, children.

Euro 2012 is off to a flying start

More on Mitt Romney's Net Worth Disclosure

Groucho Marx summed up politics so well

Tumultuous times in the faux country on the banks of the Tiber

Approval Rating for Justices Hits Just 44% in New Poll

boehner and cantor will speak after---

Veterans Claim Insurer Shortchanges Them

Jon Stewart Tears Apart CNN’s Over-The-Top Coverage Of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Invest in the Facebook IPO? It could be worse!

EU plan nonsense, says Cameron

The Missing Religious Principle in Our Budget Debates

France's Hollande meets Abbas, calls for renewal of talks

Suicides at 10-year high in US military

Republicans Vote to Block Transparency on Political Ads


What was your reaction when you read about the fact that Orrex pooped today

US braces for tsunami debris, but impact unclear

Four Yorkshiremen

GOP Measure Protects Lawmakers' Office Budgets After 2 Years Of Cuts

More family values at work. 'Rev.' Creflo Dollar [snark]

are there places where you can rent a mechanic bay by the hour?

Open Streets Minneapolis, Sunday, June 10.

I freaking love twitter. I'm talking to Holland Taylor about charitable giving...

WTH..Ed Rendell. Another one who needs to shut up...

Ed, Chris, Rachell and Lawrence

County elections chiefs to state: We won’t resume voter purge program

Great Pacific Garbage Patch a bigger worry than tsunami debris

House Republicans Vote To Defund Obama Immigration Efforts

The Almost Scoop on Nixon’s ‘Treason’

Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke has been sentenced to 23 years in US prison

Someone from Colorado help me out here.

Killing Another #2 and the Perpetually Self-Defeating 'War on Terror'

Recovery? What Recovery?

I bought the Blu-Ray boxed set of Lord of the Rings Extended Version.

Obamacare: About 6.6 million young adults signed up for health coverage through parents’ insurance

Romney says," I don't care about the poor" and crickets

What year did you get your first credit card?

What a little business in Central Minnesota put on its website and on facebook today! (It's good!)

Hard to believe this singer is just 16!

Cathy McMorris Rodgers...Romney's new Baghdad Bob for the "war on Women"

U.S. debt load falling at fastest pace since 1950s

Oh, Do Let's Just All Shoot Each Other Over Every Little Thing, Shall We?

A Boston toast for LeBron!

Comcast Call Centers in Karachi Pakistan

‘You’re not special’ says high school teacher to students at graduation ceremony...

booger, children

Paralysed woman moves robot with her mind

Divide and Conquer in Wisconsin and Beyond

New Jersey Sued for Illegally Leaving Regional Cap-and-Trade Initiative

Another story from the restaurant

Why the media circus is good for democracy

So what if the WH did leak info?

The Planet Wreckers

Tony Porter Ted talk; A call to men.

Canada: Anti-abortion protester loses appeal at Supreme Court

Greece isn't to Socialistic, it's too Republican

Woman bites man's arm, tears off flesh and spits it back in his face

The Silence Abbas and the PA Want You to Hear

Citizens United will make stealing elections obsolete.

The Search For Boston's Classiest Celtics Fan

'Dress like an Orthodox Jew' restaurant in Euro 2012 city Lviv, Ukraine

Boogie, Woogie

Update on Obama in LA ~8 bks from my house

I've decided to go on a diet...until tomorrow.

15 Fantastic Natural Light Photography Tutorial Videos

GOP Lawmakers Urge Justice Department To Investigate Alleged Harassment Of Bloggers

Media Ignores Rash of Assaults on Transgender Women

Toon:Once upon a Time....

Just got a call from my mom, my stepdad died on Wed.

Father's Day gifts for right-wing relatives.

George Zimmerman Is Being Hated on Just Like Tyler Clementi Was, Says Worst Guest Column Ever

Remembering Root Boy Slim, who died 19 years ago today.

Set up to be shot in Syria's no man's land (Western(UK) journo setup by rebels)

I'm tired of seeing that anti Obama campaign commercial

Obama gets grief for saying private sector 'fine

Secret emails show Romney’s approval of health mandate

Panasonic To Begin Mass Production Of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems (Home storage)

Maybe it is time for a law against big soft drinks

This time I came to the doctor's office well prepared

California Feed-in Tariff for Poor Communities Passes Assembly

People say I drive too slow

Rachel Maddow - Once caught, Romney not interested in correcting lies

Military suicides averaging nearly 1 per day

U.N. Human Rights Chief Questions Legality of Drone Strikes

Now that Scott Walker won his recall, I wonder how this State gonna improve over the next 3 years

If the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. Two Questions.

Could some states mitigate the effect of a repub take over of the government?

Louis Theroux on porn: The decline of an industry (whooda thunk it?)

American Apparel Unveils New T-Shirt Slogan for Pride

The Last Word - Romney rewrites himself on Vietnam

U.S. veterans targeted by 'pension poachers,' GAO says

Efforts Focus on Helping Veterans Find the Right College

This Week in Poverty: Justice for Janitors and Low-Wage Workers

MSM/Romney camp are going to try and use a news conference quote against him

Thank You Hater!

Bernie Sanders Warns of 'Aggressiveness Among the Ruling Class'

"Barrack Obama: Zombie Slayer"

Steve Earle - Little Emperor (2011)

Moscow Bans Pride for the Next 100 Years

Putin's new hard line against Russian protesters to be put to a test


Japan Restarts Two Nuclear Reactors

Let's play ball!! Arizona vs. St. John's...Tucson, AZ - 12 noon start - 100 degF

Former Pentagon Analyst Says China Can Shut Down All The Telecom Gear It Sold To The US.

U.S. Liberals Shed Frustration, Gear Up For Election Fight

Need some help here.

Caption Mitt

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 9, 2012 -- The Essentials: Early Henry Fonda

EXCLUSIVE: Zach Wahls On The Boy Scouts’ Decision To Reconsider Anti-Gay Discrimination Policy


Did Our Public Airwaves 'Win' it for Walker?

Garfield the obese cat needs a new home!

‘No Progress’ in Iran Nuclear Talks, U.N. Inspectors Report

Japan’s Prime Minister Seeks Public Support for Nuclear Energy

Ex-Thai banker Rakesh Saxena jailed for 10 years

Why There Are So Few Women In Congress

American Caste: Family breakdown is limiting mobility and increasing inequality.

Obama urges Europe to act swiftly to prevent economic collapse

Chinese police detain Tiananmen Square veteran's relatives

Obama denies White House responsibility in national security leaks

Went out to get the mail with my coffee cup in hand

How to fight back against lying 3rd-party ads: Brad Blog

Want to become a minister in Terry Jone's church? Just follow his rulebook

Thank you haters!

This Pittsburgh Health Insurance CEO did a real "John Edwards"...

Well, It May Be Time To Face The Fact That We Need Labor Unions...

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Wisconsin fallout part 1

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Wisconsin fallout part 2

The Belmont Without I'll Have Another

Chernobyl - Pripyat 2012

I think it's been said before, but I want to say it again.

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Mittens

Corporate Strategy of Divide and Conquer Pits Union Against Union

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Repubs and stuff

JUDGE: What a huge debt this nation owes to its "troublemakers."

Is BP Trying to Initiate Climategate 2.0?

Friday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest-

You Can't Be a Conscientious Objector to Wedding Photography

I joined the Democratic Party of Wisconsin last month. I was an original volunteer recall

Lobby E-Mails Show Depth of Obama Ties to Drug Industry

Did the New York Times Scratch I'll Have Another?

Machiavelli pointed out in The Prince

Warmest U.S. spring on record: NOAA

Judge casts doubt on Wal-Mart gender lawsuit

When Will America Wake Up And Realize We Are Supporting Civil War On Ourselves?

Ezra Klein on Obama’s press conference: The public sector isn’t fine

California ethics panel to investigate National Organization for Marriage

Lol...Martin schooled luke again...

(MI) State appeals court blocks EM repeal question from Nov. ballot (over font size)

So what are we DOING about it?

US seeks 10-year sentence for Whitey Bulger's lover Catherine Greig

Geothermal Heat Pumps: The Next Generation

Pet peeve: when a shelter is too lazy to take a decent photo of an animal.

Poll: 52% of Jewish Israelis say illegal African migrants a 'cancer'

Netanyahu to Vanity Fair: 'I'm not naturally manipulative'

TCM Schedule for Sunday, June 10, 2012 -- What's On Tonight: Judy Garland's 90th Birthday

So they're going after Lauryn Hill for Federal income tax evasion

Obama Lynched In Front Of Church By Koran Burning Pastor Terry Jones in effigy

Palestinians may accept non-member state status at UN: Abbas

Is KCMO a bit more sane than Kansas? It seems Kansas City, MO

Canada's warrantless surveillance bill is back, with surveillance powers for US gov't, too

Canada's warrantless surveillance bill is back, with surveillance powers for US gov't, too

Dinosaurs May Have Been More Svelte Than Thought

Weekend Economists Chart the Bradbury Chronicles, June 8-10,2012

15 years ago. First interleague game. >>

Out to the Wall

Police probe possible Magnotta link to Hollywood killing

PBS NewsHour offers interview of frmr Pres Clinton as balance to Pawlenty's campaign speech

My new neighbor is very clever.

Detroit at risk of running out of cash in one week

One of those moments that makes you want to say "really?"

How Things Got So Stupid

The Religious Right Turns 33: What Have We Learned?

If you haven't seen the video of the RW-er in Greece attacking...

This is rich

Recall Election Fraud in Wisconsin? You Betcha!

Walkom: Is Stephen Harper’s global military policy delusional or just plain mad?

Teen Idol gives Cosmo an interview about overcoming her eating disorder...

antique bead curtain w/ image of egret ---- input?

Obama: "It is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine."

And the gop/msm's take away ...

Garbage, Breastfeeding, & War Horrors (The Point w/ Comedians John Fugelsang, Elayne Boosler &...)

Mitt Romney: We don’t need more cops, firefighters or teachers

What's Going On?

Republican #IWantRepeal Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong

Obama Camp Goes After Romney For Comments On Cops, Firefighters, Teachers

Opening ceremonies, why do they insist on doing this to us?

Planned Parenthood goes to high school and RWer's heads explode...

I've not posted in this group before - but wanted to share a snippet of my journey....

Hello, again, DUers! Your Friday Afternoon Challenge awaits you: A Little Night Music!

Of course private sector job creation is alright Mutt

How Big Banks Run the World - at Your Expense

Romney Visits Iowa Restaurant, Owners Feel Dissed

Unlikely lines to find in the Bible

Romney Says America Doesn’t Need ‘More Fireman, More Policemen, More Teachers’ By Travis Waldron on

Fight Is On in Maryland Over Marriage

Mitt Romney Struggles To Identify A Donut

I'll Have Another to lead Belmont Stakes post parade

Papantonio: You Can’t Make Nice With The Tea Party

Lady Gaga Has Recorded Her Next Album

Chris Hayes said essentially the same thing as David McCullough, Jr. did.

Ahead of Trial, Bradley Manning Seeks Withheld Gov't Evidence and Dismissal of 10 Charges

Obama Camp Goes After Romney For Comments On Cops, Firefighters, Teachers

Caption this Romney pic

I just have to ask

NATO says sorry for killing civilians in Afghan raid

Judge says Americans aren't part of 'Homeland Battlefield'

Major Pipeline Oil Leak Spills Thousands of Barrels into Alberta River

OMG...Tweety is on a tear...

Chris Mathews shut the FUCKUP!!!

NDAA banned: Indefinite detention of Americans 'unconstitutional'

Lay Catholics Leading Fight For LGBT Equality

Mitt Romney is the walking definition of "glib."

Quote of the day

I changed my avatar -- again

Walker recall coverage, everybody seemed to 'forget' to mention Walkers money advantage

ACLU Sues Over Florida Voter Purge

How You Can Tell When the Deficit is a Problem

Shell Rig Malfunctions at Posh Party (the Yes Lab Strikes Again)

Ten Year Bond - 0.86%

Louisiana Charter Schools - Can anyone help me with this topic

where your nightmares end.....

So. wife is taking me on a surprise date tonight.

The Big Picture: Afghanistan: May 2012 - 45 photos

Pole Poll

Attorney general defends medical pot crackdown.

Terry Jones, Quran-Burning Pastor, Hangs Barack Obama Effigy Outside Florida Church

Pac Man vs Bradley

Does anyone here know anything about an organization called Oath Keepers?

Johnson Controls to open plant in China

Lobby E-Mails Show Depth of Obama Ties to Drug Industry

Leveling the investment playing field between fossil fuels and renewables

If Mitt turns out to be a Blue Light prankster, I think he will be replaced or

Ooooh. I think I hear Pink Floyd sound checking.

So I come home to a 2012 Presidential Poll from Reince Priebus

Did anybody know there was a anti-"obamacare" protest in NYC today?

Fire destroys DeNiro apt.

Five years ago:

Drone Attacks Not Worth the Killing of Civilians

Rev Al's new Willard Meter

UN wants investigation into drone attacks inside Pakistan

Obama backtracks on comments that private sector is doing "fine"

BP seeks $15bn spill settlement (before the Democratic National Convention)

This jackass votes. Do you?

Some of Robme's Greatest Hits!

"You may put out the fire . . .

Piers Morgan has Romney V.P. FEVER, and the only PRESCRIPTION is a big, steamy mug of SCOTT WALKER.

Serious question: Which is worse -- hundreds of B-17s or 1 drone

Two actual current Abraham Lincoln movies --- seriously?

Widow Wanted to Share DOMA Win With Her Wife

Is Firefox 12 locking up for anybody else?

A Voter I.D. Law That Makes Sense...

Any legitimate sublet

Why do I even bother alerting?

Basket of Diamonds

UN: seven peacekeepers killed in Ivory Coast ambush

Tosh.0 Fans?

My Rescue Lab is more self-aware than Sarah Palin.

Gov. Rick Scott Vetoes Funds For Wrongful Convictions

somemore alaska photos

How is the Gabby Giffords Special Election Looking?

Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy: Plot To Sabotage US Economy with Frank Luntz

Mark Twain - with an insight worth pondering

NetFlix vs. cable/satellite

Mitt is the leader of the spiteful generation who still complain that longhairs got all the action.


Earth may be near tipping point, scientists warn

Daycare center loses license after leaving 3 year old at movie theater

Question: In 2013, will there be an automatic 1% charge for every bank transaction?

Terminator of Jobs. And Freedoms. And US.

Mob attacks women at anti-sex assault rally in Egypt

The Greatest Horror Of War...

Upcoming Anti-Corporate Activism Opportunity in So Cal

----- Holder Assigns U.S. Attorneys to Investigate Possible Classified Leaks

Gap found in background screening for gun permits

Occupy San Diego Planning Events to Promote Fair Trade

Greeks protest against violent neo-Nazi MP on the run

I never knew there was a Republican website that is pro-Obama!!!

Doubting Thomas (DTom67) and the Grand Pastor...

Bradley Manning fails to persuade military judge to throw out charges

Drinking Coffee May Delay Alzheimer’s Disease

Protect Workers From More One-Sided Trade Agreements

I just declined to serve on a jury

Has a reporter asked Romney if he is for or against Obama's jobs bill?

San Diego DUers: FTA Negotiations coming your way soon!

US state department stands by ambassador to Iraq despite email leak

Pastor calls for Obama’s Lynching and says he "is Killing America"

just got back from the movie theater

Federal judge orders reinstatement of supermarket cashier in New Mexico

Breaking News: Holder Assigns U.S. Attorneys to Investigate Possible Classified Leaks

Mitt Romney has campaign event at Iowa restaurant, snubs owners

It's baaaaaaack.

The Latest on Chicken Jerky Pet Treats from China

President Obama shows how to get the media to REPORT Republican SABOTAGE of the economy

only in Alabama...

I got to see the Exorcist Big Screen a couple days ago.

Need advice...

Omaha Steve had a hand in city council reversing itself! (costs $50,000 more for the 6 month delay)

Currently being driven around Colorado for the Summer.

Money Buys Elections

Does " Citizens United " shield me from a lawsuit.

Need some advice...cross posted in the lounge...

FOX/Cavuto: Cut union pensions because they don’t need ‘Chateaubriand’ steak every night

Perry booed at mention of Dewhurst during GOP rally

How are we ever