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Now here is a bumper sticker that I would actually put on my bumper...

OK, how bad is this moral panic going to get?

Louie Gohmert and the Colorado shooter's high school.

Rise of the secularists!

Serious question - who pays for the accommodation of all those

(Boston) Mayor Menino on Chick-fil-A: Stuff it

Theta Healing

Ohio GOP leader: Romney should release tax forms

To DU Fristians, in defense of our schizophrenic brethren

(WI) 4/11 - JUST THE FACTS, MA'AM: WI...

You BET your ass this is POLITICAL.

And now for something completely different. I've never been out of work.

Boycott Dark Knight?

I called the police this morning

Your second amendment rights are getting in the way of our rights.

AMC Theaters ups security measures - no costumes, consults HOMELAND SECURITY...

In light of this morning's tragedy, the DUzies will be delayed until Monday

Archie, to Meathead: "I could end the skyjackings tomorrow."

I wonder how many of the injured survivors have health insurance?

Trio to be charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill unborn baby

A Guide To Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads

Elites Are Unanimous: Lower Everyone's Wages and Standard of Living - But They Don't Say it Out Loud

My rich, young neighbors are having another one of their intimate dinner parties tonight.

McCarthyism, Michele Bachmann-Style

Bill Moyers: "NRA turned 2nd amendment into a cruel and deadly hoax"

Bill Moyers Essay: Living Under the Gun

Frank Lautenberg Readies Bill In Wake Of Aurora Shooting

Wait for the facts.

Is it legal to use PDANet for making your I-Phone a wifi hotspot? nm

Some days its just not worth chewing though the restraints

*Melissa on for Rachel,

Not a single MSNBC host is there tonight.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Dark Night & a new Kitty gif

Connie Schultz: One American, One Vote, Every Time

Update - Black Collar Crime

"100 round drum magazine" at the scene...

My apologies, but maybe I am just getting old and remember D&D dust up too well

Hi, I joined the other day and just read the welcome email suggesting to introduce myself

Photo: Ruby and Brigid just chilling out.


In NJ, James Holmes likely would have been caught before committing his massacre

Romney - GOP Still Wants To Fire The Firefighters And Police -Yet They See Bad Stuff All The Time.

Senate GOP kills measure to curb job 'outsourcing'

Regarding the stories of fast response from Aurora PD, FD, and EMS, KEEP THIS IN MIND ...

Chavez's gasoline rationing plan causes uproar

Kakigoori o kudasai. (Shaved Ice treat please!)

I have got to have this t shirt

<<< Very impressed with The Aurora Police Chief

Outside today

I teach

Forgive me for bringing this up but health care for some of the victims in Aurora

Michele Bachmann - "Are you now or have you ever been a Muslim?"

GOP Silence

Double Rewards and Free Shipping Offer (MADE in USA!)

Will the Banksters be giving up their guns?

In honor of Joe McCarthy, I dub thee McChelle Bachmann

Lincoln (NE) teen among victims wounded in Colorado movie-theater shooting

NRA rally in Aurora in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

Wonder how wingnut Coloradans feel about

Likely American action in response to shooting

Jindal stumps for Romney in Ohio, hits President Obama on business the comments!

OMFG: O'Reilly Blames Parents For Childs Death At Batman Movie.

Simple - and serious - question - why is anything other than a handgun, shotgun or rifle needed?

McCain, the only GOPer with gravitas, criticizes Bachman for her accusation about the Muslim Brother

On this day in 1969, man set foot on another world for the very first time

Ban guns? I have ONE word to answer that notion... HALABJA

Homer Simpson and the moon landing

Charges allege yet another Kansas City girl kept locked in room

Of guns, batman and rights.

Breitbart Blogger Falsely Accuses Colorado Shooter James Holmes of Being a Democrat

Bain Capital's Ties to Salvadoran Death Squads

What's for Dinner - Saturday July 21st

Can we call it what it is; killings. Not "shooting". Words are important folks, and define the debat

George Romney To Son, Mitt: "Release Your Tax Returns"

The prominence of the NRA in the last forty years is the cause of the proliferation of guns and

"CNN: Cantor’s office wrote loophole into insider trading bill" By Arturo Garcia


UK Immigration And Visa Staff To Go On Strike One Day Before The Olympics

How would someone know how many posts have been locked if they're under five posts

Chinese CEO, Donates $3 Million Bonus To 10,000 Employees

"George W. Bush to skip GOP convention in Tampa" By Catalina Camia, USA TODAY

Health Law's Flaws Will Spur Drive for Single-Payer Reform

An Enormous Underground Water Supply Could Change Life In Namibia

Regulate the buying and selling of ammunition

NJ Sen. Lautenberg Planning to Reintroduce Gun Control Legislation In Wake Of Colorado Shooting

Microsoft fixes 'big boobs' coding gaffe (BBC)

the second amendment and "arms"

Republicker speaker of MI house Bolger "apologizes" to Michigan voters

Explain to me why people are blaming a movie for the shooting spree

Went and saw the Batman movie tonight.

James Holmes: terrorist

Instructor for Air Force Is Convicted in Sex Assaults

Colorado Rockies honor theater shooting victims with black wristbands and eyeblack

Atheist-agnostic group amps up pressure on Draper over Christian concert

Republicans Are Hiding Behind Small Businesses to Protect Billionaires

Mideast nations declare Friday start of Ramadan

Big Ten: Commissioner won't get power to fire league coaches

curfew for a 17 yr old. ??? will be a senior in high school

Mike Thompson toon on climate change

Brett Favre making a triumphant return to football as a coach this time...

Debt, Delusion, and the Dogma of Thieves

No costumes in theaters. Really?

"The Colorado shooting and the gag rule on guns" - E.J. Dionne, WP blog

How do you know if you have enough sources?

Company asking for last four digits of SSN

batman damns the gun lobby

A War on Guns would succeed just as well as the War on Drugs succeeded

Jimmy Page circa 1957

when is enough gun culture bullshit on this board enough?

So I'm an asshole and all, but

Yahoo Sports: Astros pick up 7 players in trade

Okay, stop me if you've heard this one before...

James Holmes is NOT a Gun Nut!!! Got that???

I know this may be difficult to believe today, but . . .

The historical context of the 2nd amendment

The 14 Openly Gay Athletes Of The 2012 Olympics

In retrospect, keeping kittens in the clubhouse was probably a bad idea

Medicare Beneficiaries Less Likely To Experience Cost- And Access-Related Problems--

The problem is that we let the Brady Bill sunset.

WAMM celebrates 30 years this weekend 7/22 4pm to 6pm

"After Aurora, Michael Tomasky on the Country the NRA Wants to See" - Daily Beast

Piers Morgan Clashes With Guest Over Whether It Is Appropriate Time To Discuss Gun Control

Liberal Donors Finding Home in Massachusetts Senate Race

James Holmes could be caught up in Limbaugh's

You know what I miss? Porn.

James Holmes was in Tucson less than a month after Gabby was shot.

Strange, somber view that I watched as I heard the news on BBC this morning (B&W PHOTO)

Wisconsin aftermath: Voters have good reason "not" to believe Scott Walker won election...

Check out this gay-friendly McDonald's ad in France.

a bunch of unquestioning robots WHO WOULD KILL AMERICAN CITIZENS EN MASSE


"Mitt Romney’s misleading attack ad" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

Arizona county GOP meeting ends in fisticuffs

The Brady Campaign gave Obama an "F" on gun control

What song do you think of when someone mentions rollerskating?

Has anybody seen this? The Batman movie mass murderer was a Democrat?????

It's time we required EVERY citizen to prove they're not a threat to the populace.

DVR alert for Sunday AM: AMY GOODMAN will be on w/Chris Hayes on MSNBC

In Defense of Eating at Chick-fil-A

Could We See "Fast And Furious" The Sequel?

so my old car is now up for sale...asking price is $19,995

The Gazette (Cedar Rapids): Why not use AMBER Alert?

Worst Mass Shooting in USA history?

New guy here.

New Florida poll

Kid's birthday party, I'm having a quiet conversation with another guy that ends up a bit political.


Right Livelihood

So do we hit Mittens with his taxes again when the media is paying attention-

So now that the media is reporting that romney's tax issue has not helped Obama, watch them be

Toon: Romney's special chair for responding to Obama's attacks

Tom Davis interviews Henry Kissinger (Al Franken) at Dead show - 1980

Michele Bachmann’s hateful cronies

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Firday, July 20)

I am almost certain that these will be "Coming Soon to a Theater Near You."

Obama Spends the Most, but Romney Raises More

Woeful Trenton Sees Mayor Add Insult to Injury

Aurora, Colo., shooting unlikely to change gun laws, both sides say

Aurora shooting: Alex Sullivan confirmed dead on his 27th birthday

Sigh. Repealing The 2nd Amendment Does NOT Mean We Cannot Own Guns.

Euro crisis deepens as time starts to run out for Spain's banks and regions

Business Shifts Its Support to GOP

Mercury News editorial: CalPERS' bad year shows its debt will not vanish magically

(Black liquor) Tax Loopholes Block Efforts to Close Gaping U.S. Deficit

Just got back from GD...

Five Banks Fail, 2012 Tally at 38

The GOP Deficit Plan

Court Said Wiretap Violated Constitution’s 4th Amendment

Who is watching live feeds for Big Brother? (big time spoilers)

I almost thought GD was going to have to cycle the entire month without the gun control debate...

THREE Victim names emerge in Colo. rampage

Corporation That Paid Nothing In Taxes For Four Years Tells Congress It Pays Too Much In Taxes

Journalism v. propaganda

Oh my! Some of the BEST criticism of Michele Bachmann ever :)

Protecting the right of Mr. Holmes and Mr. Cho

Colorado shooting: Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly 'horrified'

Tampa Strip Clubs Take Extra Steps To Cash In On Republican National Convention

Peru’s Supreme Court trims murder sentence for Montesinos in death squad killings

Peru’s Supreme Court trims murder sentence for Montesinos in death squad killings

Thousands share Colorado Springs graphic artist’s tribute to theater shooting victims

U.S. Lawmakers Press for Action on Cholera in Haiti

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 21 -- The Essentials: Before They Were Married

How much should public mental health funding be increased ?

TCM Schedule for Sunday, July 22 -- The Essentials, Jr.: Steve McQueen

ECB turns screws on Greece, stops accepting collateral

G4S may lose police support jobs after Olympic fiasco

New California Poll: Obama leads Romney by 19

Washington Post magazine: politicians recall their first political campaigns

Banks in Libor probe consider group settlement

Third-party groups ready multiple ads attacking health-care law

Colo. shootings prompt campaigns to scuttle plans

A personal story (my story): Dealing with family members that have mental issues

I think this sums up how we need to act and behave....

I'm from the UK where debates about guns don't exist.

very sincere question about UK society and gun-related violence

Barak Orders Israeli Military to Prepare for Syria Invasion

Judge Nixes Lawsuit Over Soldier's Electrocution

"So far, we've raised the average temperature of the planet just under 0.8 degrees Celsius...

Uh, if you really dislike someone, don't serve on a jury where one

Diagram of theater showing shooter's movements and other main points:

Here's a link to a DU mental health OP if anyone wants to chime in

James Eagan Holmes Facts

Urban Dictionary defines "Mittconception"

The length of time taken to notify some families is inexcusable IMHO:

Real Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps

Getting Drunk Will be Super Easy with Water-Flavored “Air”

Mocking the Right's 'Free Market' Agenda Is Too Easy -- Problem Is That the Dems don't do it

Do We Need to Bribe Bankers to Rat Each Other Out?

Head Of Atheist Group Says Obama Shouldn’t Have Publicly Prayed For Shooting Victims

Report: US has fewest cattle in at least 4 decades

Romney’s "Free Stuff"

Giants beat writer wins Jeopardy!

How White Collar Crime Became The 'Business Model' Of Corporate America

Japan Firm ‘Told Workers to Lie’ About Radiation Dose

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Remembering the Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

President Obama: Remembering the Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

Two More Syrian Generals Flee to Turkey, Official Says

Police: Colo. shooting suspect bought guns legally

Aids breakthrough as study says treatment should cost less

All of a sudden it is raining relentlessly in Central Maryland. Two inches in the last 24 hrs and

Aurora Police Audio Transmissions; Shooting Suspect Purchased 6,000 Rounds Of Ammunition Online

Police May Set Off Booby Traps In Colorado Massacre Suspect James Holmes’ Apartment

Tony Auth: 'Half Staff'

Wow! Five!

Holmes' Money

Ryan's war chest leads House candidates nationwide

They are still showing the movie from the shooting?

A year after winning Ames straw poll, Bachmann’s political stock takes a hit

Rolling Stone: Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

McClatchy's Washington Bureau establishes no-alter quote policy

Are images of Batman appropriate in Colorado shooting tribute graphics?

Did the Breivik Massacre Change Norwegian Politics?

Anne Romney: "We tithe 10 percent." Is it possible that there are more reasons

Colorado Shootings: Latest Evidence That America Is Poisoned by the NRA's Dark Gun Culture

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Lamenting the Dead, Not the Laws

from 1966: Shirley Bassey - On A Wonderful Day Like Today / I Get A Kick Out Of You

A movie plot doesn't make one crazy. A costume is not the mark of a mass murderer.

No food, radio or gazing under BG(Bowling Green) distracted driving law?

Keiser Report: Cotton Candy Fraud (E315)

Shoes better than positive thoughts at protecting against fire, study finds

Atheist Chaplain’s Assistant delivers powerful speech (MUST SEE)

Mother Jones finds two more major Romney outsourcing investments


Braves rally from 9-0, fifth-inning deficit to top Nationals in 11

Man who died after standoff with NM cops had assault rifle, 'homemade bombs'

Jim Thome passes Sosa* on all-time MLB HR list

Mich. State Rep. and Republican National Committeeman says Obama, most terrorists are Muslims

Virginia Drug Possession Case Highlights Flawed Drug War Policies

Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012 - Farewell, Alex, My Friend

5 star members are ignoring me....

A scene that reminds me why I bust my ass all year

Watch this ad about the 2002 Olympics that Romney claims he "saved" with his own hands

I expect sales of Glocks, AR-15s, Shotguns, high capacity magazines, and ammunition to increase

Any old-timers remember me?

Girl Model: Exposing an unregulated industry

The Certainty of More Shootings

Nothing drives me nuts faster than looking at the "comments section" below an internet news story.

Chris Hedges on Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’

Colorado Massacre: The Aftermath, and A New Gun Debate, Updates All Weekend

The Guy Wanted to be The Joker

I have a proposal.....

Did a 1986 Batman Comic Inspire the Aurora Shooter?

The next speaker of the FL House is so bad he's getting opposition from his own party!

India scientists try to predict the monsoon was mentioned a few

The Romney Stall: My $10,000 Bet

Gates Foundation Pours $10 Million Into Genetically Modified Crops

What happens to money that is not spent during a campaign? Does it then belong to a candidate to use

Saving Subsidiarity: Why it is not about small government

I'm so old, I remember when the first responsibility of a journalist was to get it right

The shootings in CO have proven something

What is the BEST link proving Romney is a destructive conservative?

Colorado shooting unlikely to spur changes in gun laws

Something about business that we all ought to remember...

Infographic: We Can't Stop AIDS Without Ending the Drug War

Check out this cool group. Brasstronaut!

Kim Jong-Un May Have Just Suppressed a Coup

Michigan Republican gets faux candidate to run on Dem ticket - local election scandal

Report: Chris Christie to keynote GOP convention

Soon as I heard the shooters name I thought of this book I read a few years ago. Soon to be a movie

"Man with ‘world’s biggest penis’ stopped at SFO security"

America is a Violent Country

"Tall and tan and young and lovely"

Japan to probe Tepco radiation cover-up claim

The Choice Between Rugged Individualism and Senseless Violence

Gabbie Gifford's replacement was just on with Melissa, and

Russ Feingold is requesting our help in setting strategy.

Rezwan Ferdaus admits US model plane explosives plot

what is the gun show loophole I keep reading about?

HSBC shipped billions in cash to US on behalf of Mexico's drug cartels

Is it time for a red flag number when it comes to ammunition?

"This sort of coverage only serves to turn this murdering little t*a* into a nihlistic pinup boy"

green party

Former BofA Exec Indicted For Fraud

Bulgaria interior minister: No proof yet terrorist sent by Hezbollah

HELL YES: Boston Mayor to Chick-fil-A: "You can't have a business in the city of Boston."

How a Stupid Law from 1845 Still Controls How You and I Vote!

Man arrested after 'mass hysteria' at Arizona movie theater

The real reason the gun pushers get so much support

Pussy Riot jailed for six more months

The Secret Online Weapons Store That’ll Sell Anyone Anything

Putin signs law branding NGOs 'foreign agents'

U.S. cuts military aid to Rwanda over Congo rebel support

Tea Party Demands Obama Prove He’s Not A Gay Crack-Head (Not An Onion Story)

The business of US food aid – interactive

LUMEN the Bright Side of Global Warming

Spain's king ousted as WWF honorary president

Has anyone tried cleaning the lens on a blu-ray player? My Sony BDP S350 will no longer play blu-ray

Pros and Cons of Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle (Richard Falk)

Is something wrong with George Bush? He looks "out of it," as they say.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: No Symmetry Between Fox News And MSNBC

WHO: polio worker shot, killed in Pakistan

Peres extends Ramadan greetings to Muslims worldwide

Shirley Bassey - I Am What I Am (2009)

Fox News Spends Two-Plus Hours Distorting Obama's Small Business Comments

this coward...walked into a theatre?

As a gun owner and a former member of the NRA I have arrived at the opinion that there should be

Researchers Produce First Complete Computer Model of an Organism

Rush Responds...

The Media Is Exploiting This Tragedy And Not Helping With Their Absolutely Moronic Inferences

Stories Of Heroism During Aurora Theater Shooting Begin To Emerge

"If you ban guns people will just use Knives and Clubs..."

Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid's lunch money?

Holmes could have been stopped cold with some basic security measures

Anxiety Disorders in Poor Moms Likely to Result from Poverty, Not Mental Illness, Study Suggests

Two Actors:

Sensors on rear doors of theaters? This seems the cheapest way (along wilth not letting people

Why is it always young men? Is testosterone poisoning a problem?

Oil, politics and resource wars

IF you ban guns people will just use knives...

Trying to find the right genre.

Clap! CLAP LOUDER if you believe! Or your loving God will let more people be brutally murdered.


Head Of Atheist Group Says Obama Shouldn’t Have Publicly Prayed For Shooting Victims

California parks department finds $54-million surplus (LA Times)

Vast aquifer found in Namibia could last for centuries

Savage attack

Bulgaria Interior Minister: No Proof Yet Terrorist Sent By Hezbollah

Police arrested actors for spilling custard, say Olympic protesters

Religious coalition files brief to end DOMA

U.S. Experiences Warm and Dry June; Drought Expands to 56% of Lower 48

We Either Have a Machine Gun Ban, or We Don't.

Coffee Party Radio: Topics – Aurora CO Shooting & Citizens United Sat Noon CST/ 1PM EST

Fury as paedophile, 61, escapes jail

UNO prof leads students to Cuba to help renovate theater

I heard on the radio about a new farmer's market, a mile from my house.

i had a pretty successful first attempt at fried chicken last night

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Just when I thought the discovery channel couldn't get more stupid

Intrade: Obama 59.7, Romney 38.2.

Havana's historic quarter begins small-biz rentals

KS governor refuses health care money but wants help with drought relief

People that do shit that makes you crazy?

Sen. Ron Johnson invokes specter of USSR to attack President Obama's green energy programs

How does anyone reconcile the fact that innocent people are killed every day buy gun owners


Countrywide whistleblower reveals rampant mortgage fraud part of ‘everyday business’

I just heard the story of one of the victims

Gun Deaths: A Familiar American Experience

Perfect. "It should be harder to buy a gun than it is to buy Sudafed."

Romney Sprints Ahead In Race For Cash

The Information Skills for the 24/7 News Cycle Age: An Analysis of the Reporting of #theatershooting

Israel slams UN agency over aid to displaced Palestinians

We reflected after Kent State. We reflected after Columbine. We reflected after Virginia tech.

Vast aquifer found in Namibia could last for centuries

More on Syria/Aurora: Stop the Slaughter

More pix from the park

Questions about ALEC vs the Tides Foundation

Spain king ousted as honorary president of World Wildlife Fund branch after elephant hunt

Mary Mitchell: Mass murder shows its time to get serious about gun control

Obama backs moment of silence at Olympics

Rick Warren: Aurora shooting the fault of evolution

Does anyone know whether anyone else in that theater was armed that night?

MK Michael Ben-Ari rips up New Testament, throws it in trash

"Can We Get Back To The Dog I Put On The Roof of My Car?"

A 100 round magazine

How about a Nunn-Lugar for firearms?

Anyone See This Month's Texas Monthly?

Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility: Nuclear Cost Analysis Needed for San Onofre

Rick Warren: Aurora shooting the fault of evolution

Rmoney joined DU!!

I kept reading the scroll across the bottom of my screen saying "Holmes bought his guns legally."

Police: Trip wire deactivated at Colorado theater shooting suspect's apartment

Blaming Evolution for Tragedy

Information Skills for the 24/7 News Cycle Age: An Analysis of the Reporting of #theatershooting

(Unintentionally) funny religious paintings...

How Many Massacres Will It Take for Politicians to Stand Up To Gun Nuts?

Today,I have to defend trans kids in The Dallas Morning News

The Long Night of Gun Violence

The banality of James Eagan Holmes

"Surprise" landing...large plane..small airport

I'm At A Point Where I Feel Bad For My Repug Friends.....


‘Qaedat al-Jihad’ claims responsibility for Burgas attack

Don't believe everything you think... words are thoughts, without them, we cannot think

Mass shootings again blamed on evolution

Counting the Cost - The cost of the 2012 London Olympics

Is it just me or is the way out of context "You didn't build that" quote spreading like wildfire?

Raul Iglesias, Miami Police Sergeant, Charged With Planting Drugs, Stealing Drugs And Money, And Lyi

Report blasts poor 'safety culture' at Palisades nuclear plant

If You Like Local Government...

Bulgarians fear Hezbollah cell that orchestrated bombing has fled, possibly to Turkey

All you have to do is replace a few words. Sigh.

A new low.

Native Hawaiian registry kicks off at Washington Place

Labor Leader Seth Rosen Dies in North Carolina Swimming Accident

I Don't Like Mondays

I see we learned a lot from the Bush era.

Ever heard of Problem/Reaction/Solution?

Please send boat to rescue rescue-boat

Guns, religion, abortion, smoking, etc. Things that cut across political affiliation - the edges.

Qualcomm Billionaire Gives Big To Democrats

That ad with Romney singing. . .

What population is most likely to take drugs for ADHD/ADD?

Bill Moyers: "The NRA is the enabler of death- paranoid, delusional, and as venomous as a scorpion."

Everything Americans Dislike About the Internet, in One Chart*

PA To Lower Requirements For Voter Photo ID

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security

Romney’s Twitter account surging with phony followers

Senate candidate Smith criticizes teacher unions

Tokyo's efforts to restore trust in nuclear power hit new snag - Media leaks prevent nomination of..

Perhaps the "Milestones" could use a little fine tuning ...

President Obama Supports The Military

Is loud music enough of a (legal) reason to enter a home without permission?

Maybe if he had just been able to get a satisfying job

Take a break from evil.. Change your desktop photo

Bug followed us from DU2

Guns are not the problem. a CULTURE OF VIOLENCE is the problem.

Remember, guns will be allowed right outside the (R) convention.

Bellona demands Belarusian authorities release arrested environmental activist Ozharovsky

Some legal firearms stuff is really stupid, but useful for creating mayhem.

Why are people blaming the gun or the "arsenal" for Aurora? Read before commenting please.

MFM is a true outdoorsman

Suspect arrested in LA homeless stabbings

I need to get one of these

Do you think that Warner Brothers should donate a percentage of receipts to the victims?

Serfin' USA

G4S bids for prison contracts despite Olympics failure

21 people treated for burns after Tony Robbins firewalk

Syrians flee fierce fighting in Aleppo

Challenge to the Republican Democracy Suppressionists.

Safety of Goat-Man feared as Hunting Season Approaches

"Obamacare" ?

#IStandWithBachmann is trending on Twitter. Have fun!

How to get the GOP to WANT to regulate Wall Street

A message to those who wish to ban or restrict guns: Give up.

TCM Schedule for Monday July 23- TCM Spotlight: Classic Adventure

Suddenly this one seems topical again.

As long as the 800lb gorilla

In the wake of the Aurora mass murders, do you think the NRA has people . . . . .

Bomb squads disarm traps at Colo. suspect's apt

The Shock Doctrine: Aurora

OFA Responds To AFP TV Ad Attacking Obama

Was the rigging of his apartment to destroy his tracks?

I'm too sexy for this box (NSFW)

Toon: Sleepwalking in America, 2012 edition

A message to those in cities who love guns: It's a sad world you live in.

Fuck You Bush

And what would you have happen to people who run afoul of the new gun laws you propose?

am I the only one who thinks it's weird that Green Bay is 87 degrees now?

Cartoonists - Enough!

Norway marks a year since massacre

Meet the biometric shoe.

Trolls will be trolls and juries will be juries.

Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes jailed in solitary

No Governor it is not the safest country in the world

Murdering a SIX YEAR OLD GIRL means FUCK your grade point average.

Growing Doubts About Advertising

Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

I was just reading about gun ownership in Norway...

Pentagon eyes drones for Kenya to fight militants nearby

The 1/2 Hour News Hour -Fox News Attempt at Political Satire

Wealth doesn't trickle down – it just floods offshore, new research reveals

You didn't get there by yourself -

North Carolina man survives 3rd lightning strike since 1997

Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged. Oh, really?

California Proposes Tax On Driving

Romney outsources Twitter followers!

Rupert Murdoch quits boards of British papers

Runner without country to compete in Olympics

my neighbor is blaming the Aurora shootings on Obama..

The Firechief has me in tears

Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid's lunch money?

CBI Red Cross Badge

President Obama's Intrade #

Does anyone else find this a bit OBSCENE at this point?

Reminder: John Holdren: "The most important environmental liability of nuclear fission is..."

Why are *some* Americans insulted by a tax proposal or fees?

(CA) State Attorney General Kamala Harris backs undocumented immigrant's law license bid


Tide "pods"

Doing the low carb thing and pretty successful so far.

Kentucky teen faces charge for naming attackers.

Good news tidbit for the day: Gorillas seen destroying snares!

Virginia’s Senate Candidates Uninterested In Gun Control Following Colorado Shooting

I just read the strangest article about riot control in the UK.

We've heard about the dog on the roof, but what about the boys in the car?

Under A Blood Red Sky

Rupert Murdoch resigns as News International director

Religion & Optimism

Not Enough (great blog post by expat in UK re: Second Amendment)

It's funny because it's true. And because it's true, it's suddenly not so funny anymore.

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe 25/03/09

Nebraska, Not California, Is King Of Municipal Collapse

Thousands Gather to Remember SPC Sterling Wyatt

Obama campaign ‘retroactively apologizes’ to Mitt Romney

NY Daily News editorial: gunman did not act alone

What pic/photo is on your desktop?

muriel_volestrangler made some good points about nuclear-powered ships the other day

Up w/Chris Hayes - Mitt Romney, then and now

The off-stage characters that never get into the book -

Some advice for gun-control advocates: watch the atheists and the GLBTQ community.

Jury glitch


This guy Micheal Feder on Sirius Left is a dick head

I've always wanted a group response to this poem.

We don't want your guns We want you to stop killing us

Gay Short Film: Cappuccino

21 Tony Robbins Audience Members Treated For Burns After Walking On Hot Coals (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Gets Busted Buying Twitter

"We have no collective will in this country to make sure such a day never happens again." Agree?

How the Mormons Make Money

I'm Home!

Romney in Kansas?

When life actually gives you lemons, giggle... 'cause you've been pranked.

Giants - Phillies, Saturday: Both starting pitchers homer

Obama apologizes to Romney

On Marissa Mayer, words, labels, self-identification and group affiliation.

Bill Moyer's video essay: "Living under the Gun" (5:18)

Good and effective security is a boutique, hand crafted product and is therefore expensive..

A sane voice, one of the few left- please listen.

Did the shooter have a beef with Warner Brothers? 3 day poll.

And so let the conspiracy theories begin.

I bet he used his cell phone to control the music in his apartment

The best we can do for the common good

Good luck with that.


How does linguine with arugula avacado pesto sound? Recipe:

Bill Gates key education "reform" is toxic in his own company

There's a bigger issue here than meets the eye.

Is It Time To Leave America?

Portland has issued a boil water notice for the westside.

we should just give up

Darrell Issa proposes renaming the ocean after Ronald Reagan

Is Obama going to sign the UN gun treaty?

Republicans, stick your hearts and prayers for the victims up your NRA loving ASS

so seriously, what do people think a gun registry is going to do to stop a crazy man?

"Obama for America...This Year We Don't Have the Budget for Nuance"

Hissene Habre: ICJ rules Senegal must try ex-Chad leader immediately

TCM 8:00 est...The Bogarts in "To Have and Have Not." n/t

Wayne LaPierre

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Unitarian leader offers sharp words for Sheriff Arpaio

TOON: Access To Mental Health Care v Access To Guns ------>

OK. I've said this before. License gun shooters, not gun owners.

Raining here in Ontario. Big, fat, juicy raindrops are starting. Our farmers need it desperately.

The NRA has 4.3 million members

The common denominator in most mass killings?

Kerry's speech on the DISCLOSE act.

Oh My! Stephen Baldwin just said on CNN that we need to take a look at gun laws.

Canada has not had the same trouble with guns that the USA has had. The number of gun crimes in

Rick Warren is a fucking idiot

RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria - HD Trailer

Which state fair will be the first to offer Deep-fried Marijuana Buds?

the other side of boycotts

Matt Taibbi: From an Unlikely Source, a Serious Challenge to Wall Street