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Archives: July 23, 2012

Texas at the Angels tonight. Thankfully we will not have to witness this...

Harold Land Quintet plays one of my favorite tunes.

He wants to be President to "finish the job" on the little people.

"Its never the right time to talk gun control in America..."

I just watched The Dark Knight on my dvr, it was really dark movie.

No comment necessary. (Found on facebook)

Psssssssssssssst! Libor arrests in US could be imminent, say sources

A Question on Civilian Armed Response (re: Aurora)

CNN: Some at Aurora Prayer Vigil in Batman T-shirts

He stood his ground

I don't understand the animosity towards DU gun owners.

Libor: Looks like banks are serving up a few 'bad apples'

Kyrsten Sinema has the guts to take on the tough fights for the 9th District.

Ex-Lawmaker Russell Pearce (R-Acist) blames the victims

Gov. Rick Scott invisible in GOP primary campaigns

Bill Kristol: People Don't Have a Right to Assault Rifles

Anyone else watching CNN?

Media Matters: NBC's Chuck Todd Pushes False Equivalency That Obama Is "Swift Boating Romney"

Thom Hartmann (July 19, 2012) Bain Capital and El Salvador death squads

Leaving aside the pro/anti-gun control conversation, can we agree on one sorry fact...

Rolling Stone's "10 Coolest Summer Albums of All Time"

The Levy Report and the ‘Occupation’ Narrative

Teabagger Hypocrisy (Cartoon)

What on Earth is all the hullabaloo over gums?

Was James Holmes a gun nut? You bet.

New RimJob carboard offramp sign: "Will stop foolish godless liberal/progressive politicians for $"

Obama offers comfort after Colorado shooting

12 Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

If you need more than one shot

Very quiet in here tonight - I thought more folks would seek refuge

"It's greed over human life & the willingness on the part of people who seek personal enrichment"

Thurston / Lovey 2012

Heavy Rains Blamed for at Least 37 Deaths in Beijing

The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunters.

Mitt Romney: 10 Pounds of Lies in a 5 Pound Bag!

Should we repeal the 2nd Amendment

My great uncle, his wife and son were all gunned down in cold blood back in 1963.

White House Suggests President Obama Will Not Push for More Gun Control

Mike Malloy April 5, 2012 hr 1 segment 3: Dumb comments by James Dobson and Orrin Hatch

NRA's Response To Aurora Shooting: Make The Second Amendment The First Amendment

PRESIDENT OBAMA: "I come to them not so much as president but as a father and a husband,"

Now to lighten the mood: The 11 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Religious Paintings

C-SPAN video of Pres. Obama's statement in Colorado

I am at Jackson Browne Concert

America’s Twisted Notion of Freedom


Obama doubles online digital ads compared to Romney Campaign

I can no longer read DU because of some tweet deficiency

question about Sullivan County???

Broad approaches to gun control/regulation

Police: Shooting suspect mum after attack

Usher's stepson dies 2 weeks after lake accident

Let's all say "Open Sesame" to get the sound on Applegrove's tv to work so I'll be able to watch

In my quest to eat healthy, I am adding many new foods to my menu.

DIII Game Limits Re-Enabled

America: A Nation of Wildebeest

I am so glad for my little sis,her daughter gets home from India this week.

High capacity magazines

The gun discussions in GD have really made me appreciate the gungeon. As in, I want gun posts there

Seattle........Beloved local celebrity clown J.P. Patches dies

FBI table: California gun ban vs murders

Peace to us all.

Colo Baker refuses to bake a cake for gay wedding. YELP ratings plunge as business takes a beating

Tell Fox LA: Proposition 32 Is Not What it Seems!

Where would my donation do the most good?

The Newsroom takes on Scott Walker tonight.

If I said, "It's fun to go shooting," would I get slammed?

For Palm Springs man, grief and anger over an end-of-life decision

Mitt Romney's Olympics Bailed Out by Tax Payers ($1.3 billion), NOT his amazing leadership.

Miami Skateboarder beaten by gang of black males..

What is your style of making OP on the DU? I try and post either an article the is new to the DU

Limbaugh’s jibe inspires satirical Twitter account for ‘Bane Capital’

The Conservative Onion

"Stymied at U.N., U.S. Refines Plan to Remove Assad" By ERIC SCHMITT and HELENE COOPER

(UK) Tax avoiders may be 'named and shamed'

NYT Monday front page: 'Republican Party in California Is Caught in Cycle of Decline'

Bwaaaaaaaah Newsroom - Spoiler warning

We alllll bundle

Mitt’s Offshore Shenanigans: The Bigger Story

Bye-bye to the Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority (all done by Progressive DFL leaders)

The Original BLOB is on

Who here thinks Bill Krystol's demand for tighter gun control is an attempt to bait Obama

Somebody just put some goofy football statues in my backyard.

Traditional Societies are Repressive; But Modern Societies Can't Handle Deranged Individuals

I think giving up racial profiling and scrutinizing everyone equally would be the best

Break the Power of Big Money

Do you know that Romney's horse is headed for the Olympics?

Egypt allowing Palestinians entry without permits

Second Amendment Scorecard

UCLA researchers create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity

RIP to a Seattle Icon: JP Patches

Thousands march in Mexico against election results

Thousands march in Mexico against election results

Poor dog, he couldn't find a better place to take a wiz....

Ellen Brown---Titanic Banks Hit LIBOR Iceberg: Will Lawsuits Sink the Ship?

Anyone watch Newsroom tonight?

I'm Huggin' Muslims Round the World, A new bluegrass song for Louie Gohmert

OK - So let's say we repeal the second amendment.

Suspect Bought Large Stockpile of Rounds Online

GOP Is A Terrorist Organization.

"Michelle Obama to lead grass-roots campaign effort" By Krissah Thompson at WP

Coping with the 'natural disaster' of firearms crime in America

Tax E of Darth.

Arab Leaders Call on Assad to Step Down

Bashar Assad Photoshopped? Photos Of Syrian President From Official State Media Appear Doctored

Will Bashar al-Assad be toppled before the election?

MOM went back to the hospital early Friday with pneumonia again

My latest electoral college numbers

Obama Tells Moving Story Of Colorado Shooting Survivors Allie Young And Stephanie Davies

"High Taxes On The Rich Not A Problem For Small Business: Report" The Huff Post

If you recall, Dubya alluded to ...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 24: Star of the Month: Leslie Howard

PIC POST from the CHIHULY exhibit at Dallas Arboretum

Soccer games shouldn't be played at Yankee Stadium in the middle of the baseball season.

Back where I come from

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 25: Loretta Young

A jury decision in one of my threads...and this time I'm not complaining!

Toon: Pro-CORPORATE-lifers

I don't see many references to "Falling Skies" in The Lounge. Anyone else watching it?

John Pilger: Blair, War, Olympic Deals, and a Glimpse of Another Britain

You know you're very tired...

Okay....heard this song today and LOVE IT! Dr. John. For my DU Family!

How did this grad student buy all these weapons- with what money? Lincoln woman bound, assaulted before house set on fire

When is this site going to be renamed GU?

Trippy glass sculptures in the Garden.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, July 22)

A special on "The Godfather" this Tuesday at 9:00 on History

IPad | How do I copy and paste an image link? Seems iPad's only option is to save the picture.


(4/5/12) Mike Malloy mocks Wayne LaPierre 'Obama wants to take away your guns' speech

Accomplished Scientists Who Were Open to the Occult

At least 11 killed in single truck crash in Texas

Oswaldo Paya, prominent Cuban dissident, killed in car accident in Cuba

Republican convention protesters unveil threats of violence against them

Colorado Theater Eyewitness Describes Gunman and Possible Accomplice

Court martial set in NC after private's suicide

Boy, 4, shot in head and dies in wild shootout on a Bronx basketball court

To Prepare for Republican Convention, Tampa Restricts Protests

70 year old jerk stops robbers by shooting his own gun. Video.

A brief history of the USA

QUESTION Re- the $20 Trillion Offshore Hoard

Just how stupid can a right-winger get?

At least 11 killed in single truck crash in Texas

Franklin Mint buys Joe Paterno statue

Four Days at the County Fair


Tonites episode of "Breaking Bad"....discuss...

Source: Penn State will be fined at least $30 million as well as

Krugman: 'Climate change is no longer a disaster waiting to happen. It’s happening now.'

US military Osprey aircraft arrive in Japan amid protests

"I have never in my life stood before someone who had no capacity for empathy like Mitt Romney"

Gaming Company Says DOMA is Bad for Businesses

A proposal to prevent tragedies like what happened in CO.

Integrity is not for sale (pic)

The most dangerous gun in the U.S.:

Attempted to report an anti-semitic conspiracy thread, ended up getting my post deleted

An American Tune

Syria's Bashar al-Assad should go, says Arab League (BBC)

Death toll in Iraq bomb attacks rises to 39: sources

Trust Me, I'm Lying

Aurora shooting: President Obama visits families (via BBC video)

Cuban dissident dies in car crash

Lawmakers in Japan outline denuclearization bill

Republican Party in California Is Caught in Cycle of Decline

Sigh...It's going to be a hot one today and...

Aurora Australis from the ISS

House Leaders Wary of Farm, Postal Bill Showdowns.

So I succumbed and posted on Bristol Palin's FB

Health Care Debacle

How a Republican president handles a crisis:

Romney Copies Obama's Speech, Then Uses Speech To Trash Obama?

"I'm MAD AS HELL, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Huma Abedin.

View from ISS at night - stunning

The Hunger

Rachel Maddow is correct - Willard Rmoney

Evening light on rooftops in Beaune

What's for Dinner ~ Monday July 23rd

Cop Shoots and Kills Son after Mistaking Him for An Intruder

Proud To Be A Filthy Liberal Scum

You have never seen American police brutality like this.

Madagascar's mutiny leader Koto Mainty 'killed'

EU tightens arms embargo on Syria

$32 trillion

The Real News: The Death of Evidence in Canada

Hamas MP: It’s Our Turn to Punish the Jews

Wisconsin: 30 years is enough - Calling for the resignation of (GAB Director) Kevin Kennedy

Japan nuclear plants 'still not safe'

Syria says it will use chemical weapons if attacked

They're mighty Mite-y, and they're letting it all hang out.

Nuclear industry ‘rebirth’ is instead stillborn

Chronic uncertainty: The trauma of childhood under occupation

It's Not Just NYC: Across America, Only Black and Brown People Get Arrested for Pot

Pushing for a Sweatshop-Free Olympics

Mitt Romney Olympic Archive Still Off-Limits

1-800-Flowers denies a year’s worth of dog food to animal rescue winner

Maybe there's just no way to prevent these loony mass murders

US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s

Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in sub-Saharan Africa

Chuck Toad on Elizabeth Warren: "I'd only give her a B minus at this point."

I think that DU could provide some constructive well reasoned feedback to these people.

Chris Hedges: The Careerists

I saw something strange at Nate Silver's "538" Florida is slightly blue..

Woman, 80, fights off pair of robbers with MANGOES and a bag of apples

Reducing salt 'would cut cancer'

Vatican strips Peru university of 'Catholic' title

China approves military garrison for disputed islands

Mitt’s Offshore Shenanigans: The Bigger Story

I just could never see that movie

What kind of dog is this?

Hi everybody, I'm back...gun collection is a little smaller...

Baskin-Robbins and the Walmartization of Ice Cream

FOF - Guns

NCAA Press Conference on NOW.

My obligatory gun post: I hate 'em. At one point I was in possession of two

UK police: New tabloids under investigation in hacking scandal, 100-plus new claims

Chavez's gasoline rationing plan causes uproar

Additional Revenue when the "Bush Tax Cuts" expire

D*mn the DOW is down 265 points since Friday......

World silent as Muslim massacre goes on in Myanmar

Orgy of Monday morning "mourning"...sadly and sickeningly predictable,

I think social services at hospitals etc

Krugman: Loading the Climate Dice

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts the sign at the new DU Playground ***

To Prepare for Republican Convention, Tampa Restricts Protests

California GOP on Path to Minor Party Status

I will post the True Blood recap tomorrow but today I just had to say this....

Republicans will pay the costs of Romney’s tax returns

Children Of Columbine Endure Their Second Mass Killing

Survey USA: Obama leads by Six in Minnesota

'We Can’t Afford It': The Big Lie About Medicaid Expansion

An All Girls Camp . . . Disaster or Delightful? One Girl Spills the Truth

Drive To End AIDS In U.S. Stalls As Epidemic Grips Minorities

George Zimmerman Molestation Accusations Are Relevant

The Nation: Mitt Romney Mishandles The Tax Issue

The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies

Drug Test the Corporations who are addicted to Corporate Welfare!

Global CO2 emissions continue to increase in 2011, …per capita emissions in China reaching European…

NCAA holding Press Conference on Penn State Punishments NOW (WATCH LIVE)

The 14 Openly Gay Athletes Of The 2012 Olympics

Hey, Romney, Let Voters See What You Showed McCain

Re-thinking the role of international law in the Middle East conflict

Monday Toon Roundup- Guns

Monday Toon Roundup- Repubs

Monday Toon Roundup- The rest

NCAA Presser regarding Penn State | A Rough Synopsis

PSU sanctions:

GOP leads the charge to block an effort to cut military spending for NASCAR

SBU Study Reveals Harmful Effects of CFL Bulbs to Skin

Mika smackdowned BLOOMBERG to put up or shut up - "What do YOU want them to do?!1"

NCAA hands out severe punishment for Penn State

It's not just Mitt Romney's tax returns that are under lock and key

The car of the future? Designed by a Chinese schol girl. I want one!

Every Batman movie since Burton's had a higher body count than the real body count in Aurora

I started reading Days of Destruction Days of Revolt


Milk price row: Farmers and processors 'agree deal'

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Netanyahu's ex-deputy appears to dissent on Iran

Was Sandusky such an integral part of Penn State as to be worth these sanctions?

Jason Alexander on the public ownership of assault weapons like the one used in Colorado.

Cyprus court detains Israel attack plot suspect

Who remembers Paulina Porizkova?

Roubini- We’re Not Even Close to a Robust Recovery

How many of us here in the Lounge are gay, bi, trans, or otherwise queer?

After Muslim Brotherhood controversy, Democrats see an opening against Bachmann

After Batman Theater Shooting, Rightbloggers Rush to Defend What's Important: Guns, Themselves

Is Fox News banned in Canada due to a law against lying?

$60 million fine? Yes Penn State should be punished but who gets the money?

13 die in single vehicle crash in TX: 23 people in cab and flatbed of pickup truck

Heavy ion collisions reveal the earliest instants of our Universe

The DUzy Awards for Friday, July 20th, 2012

Penn St is done. Bobby Bowden is the coach with most wins.

Good article on the Hunger Games cast for Catching Fire.

Tom Tomorrow: Mitt Romney Boxed In ("KITTENS!")

A post of mine from over 2 weeks ago was hidden yesterday

Australia's foreign ministry disputes reporting of Romney meeting

You can portray a character in any movie ever made! Who would it be?

What kind of IDIOT plans a trip out of town when the tomatoes will ripen?

Does anyone else go to work sick?

What Does Penn State Football And The Catholic Church Have In Common

Imagine the outrage if Obama had destroyed government records like Mitt Romney did!

Confirmed: Mountain Lion sends some 64-bit Macs gently into that good night (ArsTechnica)

End of the line for Greyhound's Omaha service (after 80+ years of service)

The 2nd Amendment means the Government has to Think Twice

Man In Wheelchair Fatally Shoots Alleged Home Invader

9/11 vs Aurora Colorado

Suspected Aurora Shooter Amassed Huge Arsenal Online With No Background Checks

How Whole Regions of America Have Been Destroyed in the Name of Quarterly Profits

Romney to Olympians: 'You didn't get here solely on your own'

The History of the Movement in One Man's Life

Comic Book Creator talks about his atheism.

So what should we do?

Gag rule on guns


Imagine that! It took baby birds to find a good use for Limbaugh vomit. (Bagley cartoon)

OK Mitt - Show Us Your Stuff - Your Business & Financial Skills - You're In Europe - Go To Greece..

Lounge daily inspirational post

Insurance: Flood risk rampant across Asia's factory zones

Two-Faced Willard

With Foreign Trip, Romney Looks To Improve Image -- But Not By Making Any Statements

Spain carnage reveals rescue fund fig leaf

To all the "moran-labes" gun nuts.....

Romney must release more tax returns

Poor Jinx ROFL

Getting shot is just one part of the Problem

Something very cool

Analysis: Euro exit talk risks self-fulfilling prophecy

Westboro was a no-show at the memorial service

Germany's Benckiser to buy Peet's Coffee for $1 billion

Shrinking Wall Street: Getting Wall Street Off of Main Street

Dog-friendly home designs

3 Worse Things Than Being “Freshly Pressed” On WordPress (According To A Pair Of Jeans)

I watched The Help this weekend.

No more talk about "You didn't build that."

NEIL BAROFSKY: The Treasury Betrayed Its Promise To American Homeowners

Obama adviser tweets:"..... When it comes to secrecy, Mitt takes the gold!"

For the first time in 100 years female IQ scores have risen above men’s

Everything Is A Propaganda Lie - 34% is not a "majority."

Holy crap...Amy Winehouse died a YEAR AGO TODAY???

Climate Expert Dr. Michael Mann Plans Libel Suit Against The National Review

Climate Expert Dr. Michael Mann Plans Libel Suit Against The National Review

guns vs. cheese

Axelrod: ‘When It Comes To Secrecy, Mitt Takes The Gold!’


Mitt Romney? Forget about it.

US drought could trigger repeat of global food crisis, experts warn

Conservative Congressman Blasts Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Allegations, Stands Up For Religious Liberty

Pic Of The Moment: The Gold Medal For Ass-Covering Goes To...

One has to wonder why all that anti-terror surveillance

Paterno: "I'll be damned if I'll sit still while people who can't carry George Bush's shoes..."

just saw wilber ross given the softest ball interview ever, trashing Obama and pushing the wonders

We Are Screwed...

Science and Religion Need to Take Each Other Seriously

Gun Laws and the Myth of the Slippery Slope

Holmes on TV now with his red hair MSNBC / CNN

An extremely funny take on the Norquist-Bachmann throwdown...

"Thank you Mr. King", said the Judge.

Frackers Fund University Research That Proves Their Case

Early voting for senate runoff starts today.... don't forget to vote!

Breast Cancer Halted By Novartis Drug From Easter Island

Horribly sexist interview in NYT (Terry Gross)

NBC's Chuck Todd Pushes False Equivalency That Obama Is "Swift Boating Romney"

Thom Hartmann: How many more killed until sensible gun control?

Here's the Joker: Mr. Homes

Maddow Blog's Steve Benen Explains How Romney Is Taking His Cues From Fox News

Legal Gun Owner.

Brain tumor

A money 'black hole': rich hide at least $21 trillion in tax havens, study shows

The Free Market

Looks like a great week for Doonesbury - Mr James Crow.....

What do the letters of the really NRA stand for? (yes, I know)....

Why Athens has lived to regret hosting the Olympic Games

Mitt Romney’s ‘exotic’ tax problem

Hypocritical Romney today

About the law and its fair, reasonable application

I'm thinking that "dazed and confused" horseshit in the courtroom was an ACT.

I don't see what else it could be but severe mental illness

Am I the only person here who likes the smell of skunks?

When will America wake up to gun violence?

Buck: Romney, Obama both have reasons not to release information

Oil prices drop 3.5% Monday

Returning to the returns. Please come CAPTION Mitt (""What you need to know") Romney!!!

Let's assume Holmes is found guilty of all charges. Death penalty or life?

Those Dangerous, Scary Black Guys Are At It Again ...

National Geographic: The Voices of Pine Ridge

where is michael jackson's mother?

Question about Breaking bad.

AIDS doctors call for end of war on drugs

Caught on camera: The moment police fired at women and children with rubber bullets in LA 'riot'

Tweet: Buying 6000 rounds of ammo online: Legal.

A mother mourns

The Spy Hunt for Whistle-Blowers

Harper's winning strategy encounters huge setbacks

Flurry of sweeps shakes up MLB playoff races

Strange behavior in Colorado Court

The big Republican lie about "over-spending"

Ky. teen facing charges for naming her attackers

Largest Natural Disaster Area Ever Declared in the U.S.

Recycling wind

Lawyer says all 4 of the women that Tea Bagger allegedly raped are lying

Nickolaus changed software before April election breakdown

RAVITCH: Vouchers for unaccountable special education charter schools?

Super Campaigner, The Mittster. Please come CAPTION the Trail Boss, Mitt Romney!!!

Wall Street Is Too Big to Regulate

What was he thinking?

Two discussions we really need to be having post-Aurora:

Big Ten adds more penalties to Penn State

I suspect something horrible happened to my cat.

The Rude Pundit: An Older Aurora Story Might Help Us Understand the Current One

"I have decided, however, to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence"

NYT: Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement

Romney told 2008 Olympic athletes they didn't do it on their own (video)

Can Utility corporations be Trusted with their own Security?

Romney To Olympians: ‘You Didn’t Get Here Solely On Your Own’

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/ Great Minds - Jeffrey Smith GMOs - Seeds of Deception P1

Head to Head with Hemant Mehta

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Jeffrey Smith GMOs - Seeds of Deception P2

Three new billion-dollar weather disasters in June

If "Government doesn't create jobs" as our RW friends like to say...

Six found guilty in UK insider dealing ring

Hannity interviews Zimmerman, please come CAPTION!!!

Axelrod: ‘When It Comes To Secrecy, Mitt Takes The Gold!’

Marginalization of Teachers, Police, Firefighters, Public Workers Genius For Right Wing Policies

Conservative Congressman Blasts Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Allegations, Stands Up For Religious Liberty

Rolling Stone: Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

More Things I Won't Do

VA Must Disclose Veteran Drug Test Documents

Muslim Brotherhood Accusation Leads to Threat Against Huma Abedin

The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

Gay Lincoln woman says attackers cut slurs into her skin

Obama campaign chides Romney on foreign policy ahead of his overseas trip

UK hacking scandal spreads, 100-plus new claims

MSM Crafting A Foreign Policy Resume For Romney

Some history lessons: The Downing Street Memo (July 23, 2002); The White House Iraq Group/WHIG, etc.

If Ayn Rand were still alive, she'd be James Holmes's fiercest supporter.

Who will protect the athletes from exploitation by the NCAA?

Major Garrett: Obama has expanded, not reduced gun rights

From Twitter: Brian Ross is accused of driving drunk and killing a Waste Management employee

Deadmau5 calls Playboy Model Tricia Evans "piece of shit" for insensitive Colorado shooting "Joke"

Gun Deaths: A Familiar American Experience

Lenovo CEO Gives His $3 Million USD Bonus to 10,000 Employees

No up and down side bar on gmail.

GOPs Right-Wing Launches 'A Gun Could Have Prevented the Colorado Tragedy' Campaign on Facebook

Defend My Dividend commercial

The NRA is the Jerry Sandusky of American politics.

American is going to Hell and the Rmoneys are running off to Europe to watch Horse Ballet.

Shays will not support McMahon if she wins

This is your mind on sludge. Please come CAPTION Michell ("give 'em hell") Bachmann.

Just one phone call - wouldn't have taken more than a few minutes

Major League Soccer will not renew partnership with Boy Scouts of America following 2012 season

Tampa Strip Clubs Prepare For GOP Convention With Sarah Palin Stripper, Online Chat Rooms

Would gun control advocates support limiting guns for Law Enforcement Officers?

PHOTO: Whenever they put out that "NO FRISE" sign, I take my business ELSEWHERE.

WWF: Asia fuels illegal wildlife parts trade (BBC)

Papantonio: Politics For The 99%

Miss Piggy, Kermit Dump Chick-fil-A

The GOP/NRA let the Assault Weapon Ban lapse

Occupy minidocs to screen on Long Island 7 25

If there was a national data base that tracked gun and ammo purchases it could of at least

Mysterious disappearances continue at the newly opened DU Playground.

Loan guarantees for clean energy: a success story, not a scandal

If you had a gun,

Gun violence turns GD into a really sick place.

Scott Brown gets in on the Big Lie

Consider nuclear: former chief scientist (Australia)

Well, at least there wasn't some fool with a concealed carry permit that started shooting back

LOVE this (Fruit salad in carvedd watermelon)

BTW we did open a playground for GOP supporters......

Andrea Mitchell on msnbc just pumped the unconfirmed story about Oswaldo Paya

Too good to be true

Spain probes executives' role in bank collapse

Am I abrasive? I'm kind of starting to think the jury system sucks.

Isn't this what is really going on with the Tea Party and Obama?

DeMented, Santorectum block ratification of disability rights treaty

I may be the first one, or the last one to see this billboard

Back to digital and a lens I haven't used for a while.

Who here has characters in Inferno (Diablo 3)

House Vote on Audit the Fed Bill Planned for July 24

Corporation Pushes Six-Year Pay Freeze On Workers While Making Record Profits, Paying CEO $17 Mill

Do you consider there be to be a difference between "hard" and "heavy" music?

What if James Holmes' Name Was Muhammed El Ali?

Eagle Scouts stand up to the Boy Scouts of America

Man of Steel Teaser Trailer out

ashamed. mitt rmoney is ashamed of what he did on his taxes.

I haven't met one person who wants to trash the 2nd amendment.

This had nothing to to with Batman and everything to do with population density

I'm eating yellow carrots! Yummy

DoJ on Apple e-book pricing: two wrongs don't make a right

He'll be back...

Great interview with Kobe about the Olmpics, the US team, Nash, Gasol, Howard

OK I give up... It's like talking to a brick wall. When's the next mass shooting scheduled?

Tom Toles Rant: Ashamed!

I LIKE BEING ABLE TO FIRE PEOPLE ... Can We Get Back To This????

President Obama in Aurora, CO - pics

The Aleppo Codex Mystery Uncovered

Mitt’s First Foreign Stumble?

Romney to Olympians: 'You didn't get here solely on your own'

Keith's response to Paterno family's latest statement:

ACA, the job killer.

Romney's "We Did Build It!" banner based on a lie

Chad Ochocinco changes his name back to Johnson

Early funders of Bain Capital were Salvadoran oligarchs who...

If Guns Were As Regulated As Cars

Mitt Romney holds 'you didn't build that' event ... with federal contractors

How to Out a Rapist

I saw "Magic Mike." Ask me anything...

Ah, 'The Cycle' is on.

Edit post problem with thread title

Stewart Lee : How I was busted by the O------ Advertisement Enforcement Office

Aurora: No Rhyme or Reason...What We Really Fear

Don't boycott Chick-Fil-A. Here's what a Dixie Chick suggests:

got a new point and shoot and tried it out

Appeals court upholds GA ban on guns in church

"Dirty Dozen" fruits and vegetables

The Christie-O'Malley feud is on....

What would a true conservative economist recommend? Nationalize the banks!

Toon: Paterno Statue Relocation

Just came across this. It made me smile.....

Seems Like Yesterday....

Israel orders demolition of 8 villages for army training ground

FWIW, is looking good today

Every photo I've seen of Holmes shows dilated pupils

Toon- Profiles in 'Courage'


I am watching Route 66 the old tv show, what a cool show.

Gun Control Supporters Seek Reboot After Political Inaction

Should crime victims hire their own attorneys?

On Facebook: If guns were as regulated as cars

Police: Arsenal of guns seized from Biddeford (Maine) man who saw Batman movie with loaded weapon

Interesting little drive by on CNBC

The inner madness of America

Fear drives opposition to gun control

This is the future.

The Mitt Romney image that says it all

Fake Jerry Jones talks Dez problems

Don't trivialize voter suppression

Oklahoma TV station runs NRA propaganda film.

Tony Perkins: How dare companies criticize countries for criminalizing and killing gays

Two buddies

JFW Department: "Outsourcing is Good For America" - Cato's Michael Tanner.

Obama makes push for service members, veterans out West

Braves close to Ryan Dempster deal

Whoa. Holmes friend saying it WAS the video games.

Rick Warren gets his deep thoughts from Tom Delay

How Republicans Sabotaged the Recovery

What Do The Chick-Fil-A Cows Think of Their Bosses Statement?

'Cabbie' dives off Tower Bridge in Olympic Lane protest


The Joe Paterno Approach

Ever try to access a web page and at first it comes thru looking like streaks of ink down the screen

The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

First Lady to lead U.S. delegation to London Olympics

Rick Scott’s Florida Purge Effort Cost Localities Thousands

High temperatures, NO wind leave Iowa windmills useless

Many killers who go free with Florida 'stand your ground' law have history of violence

Do you know who started the public University system in this country?

Dear MSM, Romney's Bain problem isn't going away.

If the Ten Commandments really were the foundation of the American legal system...

Fear drives opposition to gun control

I have trashed close to 40 threads just today about guns and gun violence

People Speak About Mitt Romney

Fake astroturf signs passed out at Romney rally

News Corp to launch tablet education pilot

Holmes Mugshot

How Apple's phantom taxes hide billions in profit

Why am I hearing so much about mental health re James Holmes

GOP Will Drive Down Wages More

FOX "NEWS": A Day In The Life ----->

Karen Finey just raised a great point

Joe Paterno's "Legacy" In One Pic

Star of Romney ‘My Hands Didn’t Build This’ Ad Received Millions in Government Loans and Contracts

The John Birch Society: A DU collaborative educational thread

7 Pictures Of Gabby Giffords Climbing The French Alps

Weird, I remembered my password after 8 years.

You didn't get here soley on your own:

From Elizabeth Warren:

"Don't mess with taxes," Romney channels the Longhorn State.

Sigh. Okay, jurors #4 and #5, here's a little remedial DU 101 for you.

Oswaldo Paya Another pawn in USAID’s grand fraud - Granma

now playing...

"The NRA has castrated politicians", Jim Moran on Bashir..

Obama campaign releases one-minute ad featuring president direct-to-camera

Anaheim (Very Interesting) 4 people told Jackson that police offered to buy their cell phone video

Jack Daniel's trademark lawyer kills with kindness

*** singing loud *** You......You Light Up My Life!!!!!

Food Network Star. Did you watch? No spoilers...

Talkingpointsmemo: Obama Talks Directly to Camera in New TV Ad

Josh Marshall: The ancestors of today’s Tea Party — were the Anti-Federalists. And they lost.

Right wing blatherers are defending Cuckoo For Coco Puffs Bachmann...

Launching our boycott of all Hyatt Hotels today (be sure to vote at the link etc)

The truth became dangerous for the Republican Party when it ran out of arguments

Who is your favorite character on Parks and Recreation.?

Tweety's son Thomas in Newsroom

IN COLD BLOOD. I think Capote portrayed Perry Smith as being less cold-blooded than he really was.

Obama Says Congress Ought to Avert Year-End Budget Cuts.

The Muslim Brotherhood responds to Bachmann's claims:

Sally Kristen Ride, Ph.D., Trailblazing First American Woman In Space, 1951 - 2012

Alleged shooter's mom: Reports she knew son was troubled were wrong

Romney to visit the electoral vote rich states of UK, Israel, and Poland

Romney Dog Whistle: Obama’s Philosophy Is ‘Foreign To The American Experience’

Defending the NLRB from Romney Advisor’s Attack

Manning No Harm Still Foul

Mitt's "Businesman." The fun just never ends.

Additional TDU surcharges added 25% to our electric Power bill this month.

US missile shield to encircle Chinese economic tiger


Contempt motion withdrawn for sexual-assault victim Savannah Dietrich who tweeted attackers' names

Fireside Friday: Drone Laws First, Questions Later

Three-in-one drug wipes the floor with TB

Government Increases Classification for 'Transparency'?

Mofaz hints at Netanyahu plan to attack Iran

RIP Sally Ride

Micro-drones: The new face of cutting-edge warfare

Sally Ride, first U.S. woman in space, dies at 61

TYT: Obama-Themed Punching Bag

Cargill recalls US ground beef after salmonella outbreak

Al Gore Is Apparently, Fatter Than Ever

The Discovery Channel has its own brand-new telescope!

Hey....just got this little tid bit........ah, love it.

Justice Department Investigates Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

WTF? I mean, WTF? (updated, WTF?)

I was going to vote for Obama, but this new video has changed my mind

Ex-aide in Minn. Senate sues state over firing after affair with leading Republican lawmaker

U.S. Roads May Be Vulnerable to Climate Change

BREAKING....... USA First Women Astronaut in Space .....SALLY RIDE HAS Passed Away.

Yes, Government Researchers Really Did Invent the Internet

Members of Congress Now Want to Prosecute New York Times Journalists

Think Progress: Group Calls On Boehner To Kick Bachmann Off Intel Committee

Which Species Will Live, Which Will Die? [Slide Show]

Sally Ride, first US woman in space, has died

Ohio polling shows Romney losing ground

It's 2016. Running to replace Barack and Joe are....

Make Investment Bankers Liable for Losses First, Berenberg Says

things of which the founds could not possibly conceived

Officials: US missile attack kills 9 suspected militants in northwest Pakistan

I love DU; post after post of calm and reasoned rhetoric and I get..

Our Local Chick-fil-A

Who gave LynneSin authority to hire a new Playground Director?

On Rev. Al's Show "The Joker Had Green Hair, Not Red"

The legal gray zone of drone attacks

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these two teevee crime commentators

Simon Ward, British Actor, has died

If you were permitted to go on TV and expose one lie on the Republicans...?

BABY ELEPHANT SMUGGLING EXPOSED premieres on Link TV on Wednesday July 25 (graphic photos in post)

My hybrid chestnuts are growing like gangbusters!

My Jack Daniels story:

Spain bans short-selling of shares as markets fall

RWers can thank none other than Antonin "Fat Tony" Scalia for the Presidency of Barack Obama...

San Bernardino struggled for three decades before bankruptcy decision

17 Yr Old Rape Victim Loses 1st Amendment Rights to Prosecutors Plea Bargain and now...

Pfizer-J&J Alzheimer’s Drug Fails to Aid Cognition

So, we have a 60th Birthday menu set for tomorrow -

Fuck Blair Robertson and Psychic con artists like him. (Aurora Shooting)

Elizabeth Warren is on Al Sharpton now

Dividends, Tax Cuts, and the Fear/Disinformation game

What Romney stands for = globalization, privatization, deregulation and government cuts

Norm Goldman Live now on the air at the time of this post... on air M-F 3 to 6PM Pacific time


Ichiro to the Yankees.......

If I worked for the Romney campaign, the following ad would already be on the air ...

Sally Ride, First (Gay) American Woman in Space, Dead at 61

PA Photo ID Law: The State Admits There Is No Evidence Of In-Person Voter Impersonation Fraud

Michelle Obama leading presidential delegation to Olympic Games

Haven't had a cigarette for about 6 weeks and I feel like crap

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bachmann comments throw 'silent' Reince Priebus, GOP off message

Rise in temperatures and CO2 follow each other closely in climate change

What was Wayne LaPierre's first thought following the Colorado shooting?

Could anyone here strap someone to a gurney and inject poison into their veins until they died?

Did anyone see Morning Joe "explain" the shooter? He said it was autism spectrum that caused it.

Mitt Romney Made Over $25 Million In Foreign Income While Governing, Campaigning

Do you think the Marine Corps should continue to support the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Dausey calls BPA ban ‘hollow victory’

A critical question.

End taxpayer funding for this anti-LGBT sport championship


Dennis Prager: Aurora shooting proves feminists wrong

Governor "Natural Resources" Corbett goes kayaking.

Did anyone else realize this country was finished on January 20, 1981?

Rep. Moran: Gun laws 'politically castrated' by the NRA

Tampered (Obama ad on Romney's misleading attack ad)


For the anniversary of Apollo 11: "How the Eagle Landed — the Grumman Construction Log"


Good. Evil. Words that mean nothing to careerists. "They are beyond morality"

UConn researchers discover that 'red tide' species is deadlier than first thought

Attackers said to carve gay slurs on Nebraska woman; police probe

What You've Been Missing - Exposing The Noble Lie

Appeals court upholds Ga. ban on guns in church

Which decade do you think was the best?

Why We're Screwed

What are the coldest/warmest

Am I the only person here who likes the smell of drunks?

What Happens to Current Nursing Home Residents if the House Budget Resolution Becomes Law?

Philadelphia Rec Center Rape: 5 Teens Charged with Raping 12-Year-Old Girl

Who would own what?

Stonestreet to announce name of Rachel Alexandra's foal Friday at Saratoga

Mitt distilled to the essence in a picture

Shelby to be buried as dispute ends

Prosecutor: Teens killed man in ‘knock ‘em down’ game...

Paterno family: Sanctions over Sandusky "defame legacy"

Am I the only person here who likes the smell of funk?

Migrating itunes and pics from old to new computer


Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert.

LOL alert - a BLUNT Mitt video. Must watch this....

My daughter called the cops three times today.

Walker Recall Vote IMPOSSIBLE

Destroying the Commons: On Shredding the Magna Carta...Important!

Huckabee battles ‘militant homosexuals’ with ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’

Egyptian actor slaps and fells female host, denounces Israelis, in Egyptian TV ‘prank’ gone wrong

Corporation Pushes Six-Year Pay Freeze On Workers While Making Record Profits, Paying CEO $17 Millio

Federal Reserve Chairman Says Economy Is Hurting, Refuses To Do Anything About It

President Obama at the 113th National Convention of the VFW in Reno, Nev. - pics

Did Bank Insiders Manipulate Libor Rate Causing Problems all over USA?

Anthem Blue Cross: Stop playing politics with our premiums