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Archives: July 25, 2012

In a NPR segment on off-shoring ...

What do you see?

So I listened to most of Mitt Romney's speech today.

Wisconsin atheist group demands Wyoming change 'unconstitutional' city logo featuring church

I was reading bumper stickers today

How Ramadan is Like Yom Kippur

Donate the payment for an Astrology reading with me to Aurora, CO victims and family

Can't watch the Olympic games online

New Obama ad "Always" - Pushback on the out-of-context lie (video)

Great Presidential Quotes

Fascinating film about the new nuclear threat on H2 right now.

WANTED: 26 North Texas DUers for an IRON SKY movie premiere

Some good news...

Nance Greggs: A Note Home from Summer Camp

"Corn Disaster" Underway - Two Handy Graphics And Interesting Climate Crocks Article

Feds charge Philly charter school mogul in massive fraud

Hundreds of protesters rally on steps of Pa. Capitol, set stage for hearing on voter ID law

ok, A few weeks ago a stranger walked in my front knock or anything

He Shall Go Unto the Land of Poland and They Shall Call Him Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Savior

Interpret this bumper sticker I saw the other day:

Romney foreign policy: heavy on rhetoric, light on details

Greenland went and melted. A lot. In FOUR DAYS.

American Exceptionalism

M6.6 - 64km W of Sinabang, Indonesia

Does Michael Medved ever get tired of being laughed at

The Nashville Predators have matched the Philadelphia Flyers' (massive) offer sheet to Shea Weber

Thomas Frank: Dead End on Shakin’ Street

A Republican endorsing a Democrat ... OMG ... what's next ..?

Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Stephen Colbert to star in Catholic comedy slam

Kucinich Stands for 99%, Demands Audit of the Federal Reserve

Tell us about mistaken identity incidents. I once was getting picked up at a mall in Montreal by

Man's use of generic form of Propecia changes his genetics

Do You See What I See?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Just Another Day & a new Maru gif


When I listen to Republicans, I wish that I could create a room...

Court officials increase staffing to handle RNC arrests

Belgium to Start Nuclear Phase-out in 2015; By 2025, all seven reactors will be shut.

The End Of the Cretaceous

Pirates get Wandy Rodriguez from Houston

Bagger accused of rape, sexual abuse, forcible sodomy and kidnapping makes first court appearance

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 July 2012

JPMorgan in $100 million credit card settlement

Scientists hunting for an AIDS vaccine may be getting close

Concealed gun owner shoots own buttocks and wounds children at Dallas Walmart

Milestones of hidden threads are not hidden?

A Mormon's view of Romney: -- Romney: Gold Medal in Dishonesty

California appellate court turns back challenge to Proposition 13

GOP art contest

Why Gun Control Matters

Hardball - Conason: Romney has 'no strong convictions on his own'

80,000 take to the streets of Montreal, as Human Rights Commission declares Bill 78 unconstitutional

"Budget Office: Obama's Health Law Reduces Deficit"

Supreme Court Health Care Decision Leaves 3 Million More Uninsured

Ha! There's something wrong with this banana.

Neuroscientists debunk idea Colorado suspect was supersmart

I keep hearing Glenn Greenwald used to be a constitutional lawyer so I want to know:

"5 Reasons the Super-Rich Need Government More Than the Rest of Us" By Paul Buchheit at AlterNet

Wanna see my latest 2 projects? (pic heavy)

CO wounded "will be struggling with these hospital bills for the rest of their lives"

Victims deserve equality

Interesting collection of historic images.

Thom Hartmann fans: Thom has a TV show!

A simple, good idea

Fans of HBO's "The Wire"'s the Lego version.

Well alrighty then ...

Bernie vs. the Billionaires

Romney's Latest Attack Blames Obama For Bad 80's Music

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Trial Set To Begin As State Concedes It Has No Proof Of Voter Fraud

Someone Defrauded My Checking Account....

Rain, drought, it doesn't matter!!!!


Shifting trends in recent global energy use

Iran reverts to boycott of Israel's Olympians

"Poll: Obama making headway with effort to plant doubts about Romney" By Paul Westat LA Times


EU to strengthen ties with Israel despite criticism

Good grief....Steve Vai is coming to Salina, KS...

Indian court bans tourism in tiger reserve 'core zones' (BBC)

A few miles from today's Anaheim protest march.

found this interview

My basic positions on gun rights/control

Cuba tests biofuel vehicle successfully

Where are the craftsmen of tomorrow?

HBO documentary 'Vito' honors late gay-rights activist and onetime Lodi resident

Key lime pie is heaven.

Monthly Electoral College Prediction


least rational oped to date

Protesters call for Olympics chiefs to end gay hate in sport

GOP right wing is serious about disabling government


Chad Everett, star of 1970s TV drama 'Medical Center,' dies at 75

Gay marriage an economic boon for NYC

Disruptions: Looking Beyond Silicon Valley’s Bubble

Chad Everett Of CBS Medical Center Has Died at 75.... Dr. Joe Gannon

Breaking Bad season 4 now streaming

Why is it that in Germany there were 194 gun murders last year and in the US...

The ED Show - NRA holds gun control debate hostage

I heard rumor that Westboro

The Christians have all forgiven me by now, right?

Paul McCartney speaking out - Come Together to Save the Artic

If there was ever a B/S court case this is it. Ball player convicted of rape with no PHYSICAL evid

U.S. Drought Could Cause Global Unrest

When can I have my freedom from the Anti-Americans of the NRA??

USCIRF Mourns Death of Cuban Rights Activist Oswaldo Paya

Jesus Minimus

I will get a ton of shit for this...

"New Poll: Obama Up by Six Points" by The Daily Beast

Connecting the Dots Between NRA Lobbying and the Batman Massacre (Photo)

Canadian Couple's Kitchen Garden Targeted By Authorities

Guns don't kill people, people do. But people with assault rifles...

Lewis Black on Daily Show

The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

State and National Polls Tell Different Tales About State of Campaign

Holmes: "an illusion that allows you to change the past."

"What Mitt did and didn't build" The Economist (Great article)

Meet the NRA Hall of Shame (or at least 55 who are willing to be known)

Veterans Peace Team Calls on Police to Cease Aggression Against Peaceful Protesters

WaPo: How Michele Bachmann finally jumped the shark

Anybody here ever hear of mercury rounds?

Newt defends Bachmann on Huma Abedin allegations

A lot of places are voluntarily closed on Sunday, but how many a big deal about it?

Lily Tomlin & Bill O'Reilly

These young women are part of the Strathspey Fiddlers

Let's say fundamentalist Christians had a thing against driving... (not a gun post)

Mountain Lion Day. nt

One Dead After Officer-Involved Shooting in Dallas

Heard at a cocktail party in Winnipeg when it was announced Lester B. Pearson had won the nobel

Army Prosecutor Details Racial Abuse That Preceded Soldier’s Suicide (Danny Chen)

NASA: Strange and Sudden Massive Melt in Greenland

Republicans challenge military march in gay parade

Romney slams Obama for 'lecturing Israel's leaders'

Tropical Plankton Invade Arctic Waters

To me, this shows how sick as a nation we have become:

Romney adviser touts candidate’s Anglo-Saxon heritage

FDA, contractor bicker over Web posting of scientists’ e-mails

Pulling CO2 From Air Vital To Curb Global Warming, Say Researchers

Funny that the son of a Mexican and grandson of a polygamist

Outrage in Peru over death squad decision

Citizens United Constitutional Amendment Floated By Senate Democrats

Outrage in Peru over death squad decision

Paul Krugman- They Didn't Build That

Do violent movies, tv, music, games deserve examination at this point?

Reducing traffic at 2008 Olympics yielded large cut in CO2

How Mary Kay Cosmetics Sells Women on “Having It All”

Listen up, people. This is a musician you will remember.

WaPo - "How super PACs are saving Mitt Romney" - Welcome to Life After Citizens United

Romney May Have Paid No Federal Income Tax From 1999 to 2001

Sides trade barbs on eve of Senate tax-cut vote

GPS Can Now Measure Ice Melt, Change in Greenland Over Months Rather Than Years

Cybersecurity bill poised for Senate consideration

Constitutional amendment required to undo Citizens United, Senate panel told

Gun control debate about to go international

The new POTUS will probably get to replace 5 Supremes.

Student loan market a brake on US economy

Yep, they went there: Blatant Racism From Romney Adviser

Los Angeles council bans medical marijuana dispensaries

Under a warming climate, Washington’s forests will lose stored carbon as area burned by wildfire...

Kim Dotcom Goes on Mega-Offense Against U.S. Copyright Case

If you need a laugh, turn to Lewis Black

Suppose Michelle Bachmann loses this November.

Let's get one thing straight....

I didn't know that Robert Creamer died

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, July 24)

From my Senator-- three women running for the House could use some help...

Want to end the debate on gun control?

Chick-Fil-A LIES their ass off!

Aquarius Reef Base, world’s only undersea lab, falls victim to budget ax

Judge allows paralyzed dad to sue Glock


Strong Words From Both Sides at Soda Ban Hearing (New York City)

Root Beer Float Yogurt

Maryland congressman to testify before Senate on drug shortages, price-gouging

NYT book review: 'Bailout' by Neil Barofsky

Share a humorous workplace incident

Didnt see this at the time: U.S. Women's Soccer Player: I'm Gay

Your Eyes Won't Be Ready For This

Opposites attract: Republican Don Young endorses Democrat Mazie Hironi in Hawaii

Do you usually feel sad for most perpetrators of heinous crimes?

Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt

Bernie Sanders: where is Obama on Social Security?

Baddest low-down, gut-wrenching, haunting blues:

Poor healthcare at Afghan hospital blamed on US general

The Real News: Bill Black Reports: LIBOR and HSBC

Chris Hedges: The careerists

Important Congressional Races

This literally made me laugh out loud.

This statement shows just how whack some Penn State fans are:

The top three states for child welfare: All in New England.

The Chronicles of Mitt: July 24, 2012

Republicans join push for marriage equality in Maine

Glee's Grant Gustin on Chik Fil A

Wisconsin State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa Comes Out as Bisexual

Billionaire GOP Donor Paul Singer Donates $150,000 to Maine Marriage Equality Efforts

After nearly four years of Barack Obama, is white America still uneasy with a black man in the WH?

Flu vaccines for all children

Spain feels debt heat, Greece way off bailout terms

'What?' Confused 911 caller outs NYPD spying in NJ

Dream Weaver

Penn State fans/alumni are having a HAL 9000-type psychotic break:

Great Facebook Status RE: Sally Ride

Enough is Enough!

Get Used to the American West in Flames: What Living With the 'New Normal' Will Mean

Uninsured Aurora Victim Faces Up To $2 Million In Medical Bills

Wisconsin DUers Scott Walker is on Morning Joe Scum

I think, based on what we know, it is very likely that Holmes has paranoid schizophrenia.

Too Many Women Would Stlll Vote For Romney And The GOP

New voting rules create difficulties, reports say

Holy crap! I understand LIBOR (thanks to Ezra Klein's concise and understandable explanation)

Tony Auth on Republicans and 'Voter Fraud'

The Future of Gun Control - a relatively sane talk show discussion on a local NPR station

Geithner kept Libor rigging information from Brits, Justice Department

What are the worst things done to America

'Heat Dome' Linked to Greenland's Biggest Melt in 30 Years

Uninsured Aurora shooting victims face financial devastation

A deadly rampage of shocking kindness, Mark Morford

Mogul’s Latest Foray Courts Jews for the G.O.P.

Carl Hiaasen: How An Angry Judge Saved The Everglades

Well, we just got an increase of $150.00 a year on our home owners insurance.....

Dominican Republic abortion ban stops treatment for pregnant teen with cancer

How 20 Minutes With A Principal Determines 12 Months Of Teacher Pay

A-Fraud breaks his hand..

CAT PARENTS- A REMINDER: Never use a recliner if you don't know where your cat is. And never assume

Good going, rethugs...Debt Limit Fight Cost Government $1.3 Billion In 2011

Who had the worst memory at the Leveson Inquiry?

Does gasoline lost its volatility if it just sits around? Reason I ask is

Paraguay: prosecutor calls Lugo for Maduro probe

Because of global warming, many people who are kids now will never be able

Are The Repugs Misinterpreting The Polls?....

Gay marriage to be introduced in Scotland

Santos to meet with Obama next week

First American Woman in Space Dies - Life-Long Partner to Receive No Benefits

Noam Chomsky: Destroying the Commons

Grothman's Inappropriate "Voting Inappropriately" Comment

"I read it on the internet."

ReTHUGs are terrified of that Bin Laden movie

“I want my fair share, and that’s all of it.”

Hiding in Plain Sight

This Conspiracy-Toting Conservative Blogger Could Be Headed to Congress

Pro-Obama Ad Delivers an Olympic-Themed Attack on Romney

The guy who dreamt up color coding terrorist risks just gave Obama a 'C' on nat'l security.

Exactly what would it mean if Obamacare gets repealed?

Chad Everett of Medical Center has died...its relevance here

Cosmic ray haul for space 'LHC'

US navy veterans urge Congress to fund 'critical' green fleet programme

Romney's "You Didn't Build That" Fails

Conservative Math: (580 Doctors Said So) / (16,277 were asked) = 83% Hate Obamacare!

Sandy Weill, who lobbied Clinton to tear down Glass-Steagall, now says bring it back

The Republican Plan to Tax the Poor

Two State Attorney candidates duke it out. Both Dems.

Romney's Gold

Will round-the-clock police surveillance be legacy of London Olympics?

Man frees 17-pound lobster from Conn. restaurant .

*** Gets her staple gun out and posts today's special at the DU Coffee House ***

Washington's Forests Will Lose Stored Carbon as Area Burned by Wildfire Increases


Koch And Native-American Reservation Oil Theft

I'm getting tired of serial alerters sending good posts to juries!

Minnesota SO needs this billboard!

New Target for Vaccine Development in Abundant Immune Cells

24 arrested at police protests in Anaheim, Calif.

Toon: Doesn't look like a well-regulated militia

US politicians must regulate finance to tackle the drought and food-price crisis

Toon: The Fiscal Cliff

Dont usually watch Morning Jackass but this morning

Morning Briefing: Romney Bundler Involved In Valerie Plane Leak Scandal

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 25, 1965

Worries grow as healthcare firms send jobs overseas

Firefighters rescue 900-pound pig from South Broward pond

FACT CHECK: Romney-Bain contacts outlasted exit

"Corporations are people, my friend."

Toon: Happiness

7/24 - NSIDC Update - Barents/Kara Sea Ice Coverage Typical Of September

Were the women saved in the Aurora shootings "Worth it"?

New Rmoney campaign message: "Vote for the WHITE GUY" << not an exaggeration

Worries grow as healthcare firms send jobs overseas

Real life (theatre) shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school (On the Same Day)

Chick-Fil-A: Chick-Fil-A: "Fear Everything & Eat Our Homophobic Chicken"

Major Breaking News - Former Citicorp CEO calls for return of Glass Stegall & bank breakup.

Ya know, If I was a terrorist, my strategy to beat America would be

Mitchell Research is at it again with new BS Michigan poll

"I am so sorry that I have been lying to 'you people' about climate change." - Rush Limbaugh (R)

Police, protesters clash as tensions roil Anaheim

GOP wants distance from Utah accused serial rapist - Romney campaign releases a statement

Sysco (the company that brings you most of the food you eat) dumps gestation crates

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Bundler A Registered Foreign Agent For Hong Kong

FACT CHECK: Romney-Bain contacts outlasted exit

How to unregister from a website on facebook

Research ban for surgeons after probiotic experiment

PAID SICK DAYS: food handlers shouldn't have to work while contagious

Parliamentary bill launched for Alan Turing pardon.

"It was a miracle more weren't killed".

Utah GOP operative denies sexual assaults

Lieberman claims Internet spying bill would prevent ‘a 9/11 Pearl Harbor’

'They shout at you and harass you': how workers toil at Walmart's US suppliers

VP Biden: All We Heard From Governor Romney (at VFW) Was Empty Rhetoric and Bluster

I can't believe I just got tickets for The Who

North Korea confirms mystery woman is leader's wife

Chicken Shit !

Cuts Loom for U.S. Science

Dogs across America have volunteered to help Mitt Romney find his tax returns

Al Qaeda suspects go on trial in Germany

Booth babes need not apply

If Batman Acted Like Congress - By Mike Luckovich

Rwanda's Paul Kagame warned he may be charged with aiding war crimes

wonder how that newscorp investigation is going here in the states?

Poll: Warren And Brown Running Neck-And-Neck In Mass. Senate Race

Mitt vs. Mitt: The Story of Two Men Trapped in One Body

Chuck Toad: "Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are, FIGHTING hard..."

X-Post: Mitt vs. Mitt : The story of two men trapped in one body

Is America crazy? 10 Reasons it might be by John Cassidy / New Yorker

It's the Guns – But We All Know, It's Not Really the Guns - byMichael Moore

Wednesday's money shot. Please come CAPTION Mitt ("I lost my personality on a bet") Romney!!!!

Rollkur is a scandalous practice the world of dressage.

Note To WSJ: Romney Didn't Build The Olympics On His Own

Chad Everett, star of one of the all time great movie scenes, dead at 75.

Iran Nuclear Plants Hit By Virus Playing AC/DC, Website Says

Austrian find dates bras back to 15th century

Wealthy Americans endorse Jon Kyl's jab on Obama, the middle class

On The Atchison, Topeka & The Santa Fe - The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra.wmv

Republicans I know get flummoxed when I mention the subject of this political ad to them

Why Obama Shouldn’t Write James Holmes Out of History - John Cassidy/ New Yorker

THIS frightens Me...

Accusers are hung, drawn and cornered

Lounge Restroom gets new signage.........

It's not a stretch to say that the NRA is encouraging domestic terrorism

Harold Meyerson, WaPo: 'What happens if GOP’s voter suppression works?'

A gratuitous gift to Lounge: Video of dog trained to carry a lazy cat home

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Bundler A Registered Foreign Agent For Hong Kong

Axelrod: President Obama didn’t ‘authorize’ anyone at White House to leak

Can anyone direct me to a summary about the LIBOR mess?

Is Obama spending his campaign money too fast?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Bainster goes Abroad

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-PSU

Meet Frank Gaffney,one of Meet Michele Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Tutors

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Dr. Ride

Bundler provides another connection between Romney campaign and Plame leak

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Natural gas prices surge 70%

Fear prompts gun sales, panic after Colo. massacre

Seriously, Why is ZZTop in the Rock & Roll hall of fame

Romney camp denies "Anglo-Saxon heritage" comment

Citizens United: providing Democrats the opportunity to go "Karl Rove" on Romney

Which is the best strategy for Obama?

Shade trees under assault in St. Louis County

New Poll. Obama +14 in Michigan, Obama +6 in Pennsylvania


Interior Names Solar ‘Hot Spots’ Out West

Other major fast-food outlets weigh in with their position on same-sex marriage

First Lady Michelle Obama: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

Wow, The View opened with a rousing singalong of "Moving on Up" - Sherman HEMSLEY

Drumbeat: July 25, 2012

Drumbeat: July 25, 2012

For those of you who love the First Lady....

I predict that RMoney will make major mistakes during his little trip abroad.

What is going to happen next on Breaking Bad?

Maryland gets Shall-Issue concealed carry.

Executive Of Fukushima Subcontractor Admits To Telling Workers To Falsify Radiation Exposure Levels

11:14 AM It's a fine time for a lager

My only post about guns: Gun rights are NOT like other rights.

The Roadkill experiment.

Romney adviser to Britain: Obama’s black. Romney’s white. What else do you need to know?

Democrat group attacks Romney in Olympic-themed ad

Arpaio defends MCSO on the stand

Greece expels Olympic athlete over racist tweets

Slouching Towards Nuremberg -- America's Descent Into Darkness

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Sign New Deals With Comedy Central

Sheriff Joe: My comments about being an honor to be compared to the KKK were "taken out of context"

Walter Rhett: Romney on Foreign Policy: All Fault, No Forward

What's for Dinner - Wednesday July 25th

Surprise! Moderate stabs Dems in the back

America's first ever commercial scale tidal generator launching in Maine

Economists on Boehner/Republican job bills: "laughable," "silly season"

WSJ Columnist Asks if Women Saved by Boyfriends in Aurora Theater Shooting Were Worth It

USA Today: Group's stance revives debate on atheism as religion

Frank Gaffney calls Michelle Bachman the new "Iron Lady"

Greenland's Extreme July Meltdown

No words. Just no words.

11 of 13 former congress presidents investigated or convicted over ties to paramilitaries .

Another astroturf organization?

11 of 13 former congress presidents investigated or convicted over ties to paramilitaries .

Celebs open their wallets in White House race, mostly for Obama

Chick-fil-A Got Caught Pretending to Be a Teenage Girl on Facebook

Only 953 miles to Wall Drug. Anyone want me to pick up anything for them?

And The Democratic Senatorial Primary Winner Will Be Facing...

Could the city of Petra be an ancient Shiva temple?

Noam Chomsky on Austerity in Europe and United States

Sales of New U.S. Homes Unexpectedly Fall From Two-Year High

Kim Jong Eun is married, North Korea confirms

Billionaires May Win As Democrats Split Over Estate Tax

Pic Of The Moment: An American Dog Whistle In London

Freeper THRILLED that Limbaugh mentioned F.R. (but FORGOT RimJob's name)

Feds charge Philly charter school mogul in massive fraud

Utah GOP Fundraiser Accused Of Multiple Rapes - Fox News Ignores?

Pioneer Bankster Sandy Weill says big banks should be broken up

Thunderstruck: Iranian Computer Systems Hit With ‘AC/DC’ Attack

Politifact makes my head want to explode sometime. Check this latest one out.

Sacramento restaurants find loopholes in foie gras ban

CAT PARENTS- A REMINDER: Never leave important papers near your cat unattended.

Greek triple-jumper expelled from London for racist tweet

Food Inflation May Rise To 3% To 4% In 2013 After Drought

Top Romney Adviser Bolton Calls Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt ‘Legitimate’

Now Romney camp claims the unnamed "advisor" has no connection to the campaign

Bush Tax Cuts Account for 31% of this year's deficit.

Louie Gohmert Calls John McCain 'Numbnuts' Over Huma Abedin Defense

check this out

Secondary Problems: why idiots with no historical background threaten to drag us backwards

Haley block freedom of the press

Here we go again (courtesy of TPM)

The ED Show - Stunning admission about lack of voter fraud

concealed carry permit holder shoots self in the butt, five year old kid, then flees cops

This LEAK shit the rethugs keep harping about is much todo about nothing

Monsignor Lynn sentenced to three to six years in prison (for ENABLING child raping priests)

Bauer out as minority leader?

How many

Republicans are weak minded and prone to hissyfits

Elizabeth Warren (D) 40% and Scott Brown (R) 38% in new poll for Massachusetts US Senate race

So lemme get this straight. He was unarmed. He never made a threat. He disobeyed an order to stop.

The mind's a terrible thing to erase. Come CAPTION Mitt (black hole of personality) Romney!!!!

Chick-fil-A Got Caught Pretending to Be a Teenage Girl on Facebook

Behold, Greenland's albedo:

What happens if the US women's soccer team loses to France???

Facebook Conservatives fondly remember more racists times.

Man enters Cupertino store and flips off employee

Had a non-political friend bring up the Romney singing ad yesterday

Greenland Hit by Dramatic Ice Thaw

Biden: Romney Playing Politics With International Diplomacy

Timmy G on the LIBOR mess: Blame the Brits

Unions offer a reward to learn secret location of Mitt Romney's lavish London fundraiser

Midnight Deadline

World Bank: Palestinian economy ‘not strong enough’ to support a state

What's rocking John Bolton's tiny little world? Come CAPTION the gnarly spud!!!

Prosecutors release names of 6 'secret' witnesses in George Zimmerman case

Corkscrew Wind Turbine Now Powering Cleveland Indians Stadium

Scotland to be first part of UK to legalise gay marriage

Thom Hartmann: Dog Whistle Politics Rip America Apart

Welcome to the new hosts of the Feminists Group

PPP poll: Obama opens huge lead in Michigan

Have The Olympics always started before the opening ceremonies?

Call your Senators free before the vote at 2:15PM on Bush Tax Cuts.

Caterpillar Strike in Joliet, Illinois A Real Time Illustration Of Class Warfare

Israeli creates recycled cardboard bicycle

Romney Adviser's 'Anglo-Saxon' Comment 'Stunningly Offensive,' Obama Side Says

WWII book fans check in here.

Open support, advocacy, defense of the NRA should not be allowed here, IMO

Jackson family feud now we know why Micheal keep arms length from his family

Electoral college opinion maps favor Obama

Just Flowers

Well, this is a new one on me. I'd have a hard time eating one

REPORTER: "remarks may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity."

The ED Show - George Pataki on Republican contradictions

'Tax cuts' become a word game the wealthy win

Mitt Romney walks funny...

A little bit more info on Costco in light of Former CEO supporting Obama

Mitt Romney to American Workers "You Didn't Build That To Keep Your Job"

Joker tried to warn a University of Colorado psychiatrist of attack

No transplant for woman in religious freedom case

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #2

Uruguay plans to buy hundreds of electric buses from Chinese company

Biden smacks down Romney on his team's “Anglo-Saxon” comment

Uruguay plans to buy hundreds of electric buses from Chinese company

Romney accidentally hails Obama's outstanding job creation record

The Twilight Bubble has shattered.

What happens if GOP’s voter suppression works?

"I am trying to think of any reason not to hire you."

Georgia Granny Surrenders After Baby Ingests Cocaine

Big Ed just called into his show, Wendy has ovarian cancer

Romney is off to a good start in energizing his base on the overseas trip: Racist statements

Prediction. Romney is going to get some very bad news in the next few days.

The deficit: Bush vs Obama in one graph by the Washington Post

Ed Shultz update:

Paraguay says neighbors plotting its diplomatic isolation

Does Anybody Actually Like Mitt................

The Anaheim pigs do it again - using violence again to suppress a peaceful police brutality protest.

Better headline re: White Supremacy comment:

500-Million-Year-Old 'Mistake' Led to Humans

Edit history, red text, why?

GOP war on voting heads to courts as election approaches

David Corn: Romney Defended By...Romney Policy Aide Who Worked for Bain

Hacker gains access to 4 million hotel rooms with Arduino microcontroller

When babies were kidnap victims in Argentina (right-wing Dirty War)

When babies were kidnap victims in Argentina

Russ Feingold: Mitt Romney wrong for state, nation

Ed Schultz' Wife Battling Ovarian Cancer

Italian-"Americans?" You're not fooling Romney. And you Celts...

Why do the media condemn "sex with a teen"?

Cal Ripkin's Mom Abducted, but Found Safe

I almost miss Junior Bush.

The Last Word - Can Romney win with net negative poll numbers?

Reverend Al's graphic for a Republican "no" vote on tax relief...pass it around.

Satirical Facebook page: Anglo-Saxons for Obama

On sanctimony and annoyance

Thom Hartmann: Rig the election for Romney in PA...Done!

If Romney wins, he better create half a million jobs per month

I was looking at data from past elections and although Franklin Roosevelt was elected 4 times

The Last Word - Romney's Olympics records destroyed

US religious right presses anti-gay laws in Africa

Troll level: President

Get even with a Wednesday. Please come CAPTION Mitt (Mr. Incipiency) Romney!!!

Goodbye Birth Certificate, Hello Heritage Certificate.

As much as I avoid reading Maureen Dowd,

Never, ever piss off a dachshund

Cal Ripken's mother safe after abduction

Roundup Herbicide Toxic To Life In Parts Per Billion Range

No shit, Sherlock UPDATE: Body language expert says Colorado shooting suspect 'faking it'

When you find a reasonable republican, can you PM me; I have another job for you:

Anyone have a link to live stream the Olympic Games?

Interesting: Report on "Human Rights Violations in the U.S. Response to Occupy Wall Street"

Speaking of the drought...

i really wish i were a wizard

EU rejects Israeli request to blacklist Hezbollah as terrorist group

Obama Camp: AP Story Shows Romney Didn’t Leave Bain In 1999

Just heard on the radio

Fun With Linguistics! "Dunham" - Very Anglo-Saxon Name, According to, Surname Database

Has it ever occurred to you that Republicons hate Michelle for her beauty?

The Last Word - Rewriting the NRA's take on 'freedom'

If you read something on the Internet, does that mean it's true?

Journalists need to reveal sources when in Self Defense

So gun sales spike after a mass killing.

AIDS experts: Women need more help in AIDS battle (AP via Yahoo)

You might have a little frame dammage there...

The Joker Returns!!: Holmes's Real Life Adventure Movie

Obama to address National Urban League (AP via Yahoo)

Back from Vacation ~ No RMoney Bumper Stickers

"So You Think Your Horse Can Dance?"

Romney campaign crying "voter fraud"?

Who Romney considers an "adviser" may come back to bite him in the arse.

Greek triple-jumper expelled from London for racist tweet

Syrian ambassadors to Emirates, Cyprus defect

Report of suspected Colorado shooter's notebook surfaces

Can you believe this shit?

Sweet sounds of summer - the hens wandering around making their little

Gorillas Seen Destroying Poachers' Snares in Rwanda

First Prehistoric Snake Slithered Out on Land–Not at Sea

Listening to the Void, Vital and Profound ‘Where the Heart Beats,’ John Cage Biography

Dinner Time!

The Onion: Report: 2012 Election Likely To Be Decided By 4 Or 5 Key Swing Corporations

How to donate to Westboro Baptist Church?

Column: Gun Owners Surveyed By Frank Luntz Express Broad Support For Gun Control Policies

Breakingviews: Sandy Weill’s surprising conversion (Reuters video)

CNN (Via KETV Omaha) Hotel replaces Bibles with '50 Shades'

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Political Roundup, year 2032

Can partisan polls be manufactured to create illusory momentum in campaigns?

Giants to host semis, final of World Baseball Classic..

Full Court Press; No Man, Woman or Business is an Island.

Obama-Romney debate formats include town hall

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Senior Advisor, Rich Williamson, Refers to Russia as 'Soviet Union'

Conservatives’ other Kenyan obsession can't take its head out of Romney's ass (updated)

Antarctic: Grand Canyon-sized rift 'speeding ice melt'

Which Fast-Food Chain Is the Most Religious?

Grifterella on Bristol's reality show: "Haters are going to hate, so you might as well dance."

Has anybody connected Bane the terrorist in Dark Knight Rises

Religious Copout

The story of my life...

Rexcat suggested a little book to me called "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory" by

9 People hearing for the first time.

Movies where the trailer was way better than the movie itself

Happy dog like his ball

Judge Appoints TJ Jackson Temporary Guardian for Jackson Children

4 years ago 200,000 turned out in Berlin for citizen Obama

AP: Romney Stayed Involved with Bain Until 2001

How many jobs will RMoney have to create to drop unemployment down to 4% like he promised.

40 Economists Say The GOP Has Abandoned Economic Reality

Romney: The Least Likeable GOP Nominee in Modern Times

A Tighty Whitey Wedgie for Willard & his Angloid-Sexon 1% RepubliWankers

McConnell pulls back from filibuster on Senate tax-cut vote

Obama widens lead but it "feels like he's in trouble"

MPs tell Barclays to stop fundraising for Mitt Romney

Dems have an enthusiasm problem

Thom Hartmann: There was a Time when Banksters Couldn't Buy Politicians

Sea Shepherd Founder Skips Bail in Germany

Anyone planning to downsize or eliminate their hobby flocks/herds due to drought and feed costs?

Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger (17) Made A Neural Network That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

Kim Jong-un’s Wedding Vows - brought to us by Andy Borowitz

Romney Foreign Policy adviser repeatedly refers to Mitt Romney as "Governor Reagan"

Google updates its calculator

Question about Bain and Romney

Fake Science Wins in Extremely Troubling South Dakota Abortion Ruling

Would it be possible to show how many alerts a person sends?

Ore. defense contractor target of investigation

"They chose violence and vandalism over respectful communications"

How do you know if a corporation is American or a foreign national?

AP on Romney's "complicated business relationship"

No Accountability for Voucher Schools in Louisiana

(University Law Clinics Report Details) 14 Specific Allegations of NYPD Brutality During OWS

First Olympic fuck up

5 companies that aren't expected to make it through 2013

Romney’s ‘We Did Build This’ Events Feature Businesses Built With Government Subsidies And Contracts

[Ryan Williams]Romney spokesman blasts British paper's ‘false quote' about ‘Anglo-Saxon heritage'

Man’s 10-Inch Unit Causes Problems With Airport Security!

This is why Bain is back in the news:

Recharge the economy: U of Michigan prof proposes boosting economy with government plastic

House passes Ron Paul’s audit-the-Fed bill

Americans they’re armed and dangerous and ready to go off at any time.

Assange decision after Olympics: Ecuador

hello everyone! Pro Jo story

Assange decision after Olympics: Ecuador

USWNT v. France (Olympic group opener) - Baby Horse spoilers ahoy

Mexican leftist threatens to reveal names of people who got money in vote-buying scheme

Mexican leftist threatens to reveal names of people who got money in vote-buying scheme

Companies Say 3 Million Unfilled Positions in Skill Crisis: Jobs

Romney campaign attacks Joe Biden for criticizing 'Anglo-Saxon heritage' quote

The dispensary tour: These Michigan dispensaries are nondescript, businesslike and law-abiding

Hepatitis outbreak in NH strikes fear in 7 other states

The dumbest thing ever uttered by anyone, anywhere

Five miners trapped after explosion in northern Mexico

My break with the extreme right - Michael Fumento

Five miners trapped after explosion in northern Mexico

MPs tell Barclays to stop fundraising for Mitt Romney

Romney Adviser: Obama Doesn't Appreciate "Anglo-Saxon Heritage" of Britain, U.S.

Ahhh, want to try these - Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Almonds

Romney unveils plans for his presidential library

Woody Agriculture - On the Road to a New Paradigm

Brown Bear and Salmon Cam Brooks Falls Alaska

Ecuador: No Decision on Assange Until Olympics End

Mitt Romney Disses And Walks Away From Dying Medical Marijuana Patient (2007)

Secret Pentagon papers reveal pre-war plans to get Big Oil into Iraq

Talkingpointsmemo: Watch Live Senate Debate Middle Class Cuts

Romney Camp Once Again Warns Of ‘Soviet’ Threat

Sarah Palin Reacts to Colorado Shootings. Please come CAPTION the Witch of the West.

One response to those who want more gun control by those that don't was something like this;

US insist on extradition of WikiLeaks' Julian Assange? War on whistleblowers is heating up

Bears on a web cam

Lieberman: Extending Bush Tax Cuts© for "Have Mores" will create MILLIONS OF NEW JOBS

Pine Ridge Community Storytelling Project

Bob Shrum speaks honestly about Gun Control, and it's effects on elections

Has Rmoney been "guaranteed," "promised" a win in the November election? The reason I ask this

US stance on Syria 'justification of terrorism' - Lavrov

I want you to want me!!!!

It's your personality, Stupid.

How I Ended My Lifelong Love Affair With Guns

TSA searches unconstitutional?

Sheriff Joe from Maricopa comes clean in court. Please come CAPTION Arpaio, the American's American!

AP: NASA: Strange and sudden massive melt in Greenland

"Winners Don't Always Finish First."

Romney rewrites history on defense cuts

Arraignment set for wife of Trayvon Martin shooter

Miami New Times: Ricky Williams: NFL Football Healer

Judge: Muslim suspect in deadly US fort rampage could be forcibly shaved before trial

Talk about your Olympic scale gaffes...

Locked Threads?

Three Big Lies of the Super-Rich - and taxes

Doctors lie! You know it's going to hurt like hell when they say?

Police: Cal Ripken's mom abducted, now safe

Lawsuit filed to challenge use of write-ins to close Florida primary elections

need detailed info on Senate bill 3364. Bring jobs back to America

Our Non-Anglo-Saxon Presidents

I'll pay $1,000 for every fraudulent voter caught, GOP pays me $1 for every registered voter stopped

The Stream : Uganda's LGBT community under threat

Judge refuses to reduce bail for Greg Peterson on rape charges (GOP activist/fundraiser)

Phenomenally Stupid Ass Birfer Horseshit The Plain Dealer Prints, Volume I.

What do you feed your pets? Are they on vegetarian diets?

I'm bored! What say we load up our Super Soakers and make a run through Meta and GD?

Watercolor tutorials?

A simple question to those who carry for self-defense.

Source: Tip from accused Aurora shooter leads FBI to package

Why is obeying the law scorned by so many?

whining - I need to

Meme of the week: The reason for Romney's overseas trip? He wanted to visit his $$$$$$.

Again, people...rather than heated rhetoric, when will there be intelligent dialog on gun violence

Olympic dark horse: the Bay Area Republic?

Bill vs ALEC

"The Nuge" had to open his big mouth...

What do you mean, that's not your flag? Who's flag is it???

Dumbest thing I saw on Facebook today

Joe Paterno's Name To Remain On Joe Paterno Center For Covering Up Sexual Abuse

2012 Election Likely To Be Decided By 4 Or 5 Key Swing Corporations

Romney's Foreign Policy Still A Riddle After Clash Of Surrogates

The man with hollow points. Please come CAPTION Ted ("Hillery, suck on this") Nugent!!

No credit for Uncle Sam in creating Net? Vint Cerf disagrees

Amid energy shortages, a record first-half trade deficit for Japan (lots of NG and coal imports)

It's Only Fair...Right?

A Nice Little Gift from ObamaCare Directly to You

Senate passes the Dems middle class tax cuts after defeating the Rethug bill.

Can I get an online link for GEM$NBComcast please

The Onion: Chick-Fil-A Debuts New Homophobic Sandwich

At Obama fundraiser, union millworkers protest trade policy

Romney Campaign Shames America By Criticizing POTUS on Foreign Soil

Would you support extending all of the tax cuts for 1 year in return for

Senate approves extension of Bush tax cuts affecting all but top 2 percent of earners

the north korean women's soccer team members

voter fraud? really Republicans? a growing problem, really?

The Truth is Dead

Dumbing down America one child at a time

Senate Rejects GOP Plan to Extend Bush-Era Tax Rates

Hanley Ramirez dealt to Dodgers

Should the Movie Theater Get Hit With A Lawsuit/Sued?

Harry Reid wins a big one on tax cuts (updated)

yet another image posting query

Dogs Against Romney members are volunteering to help Mitt Romney find his tax returns. - pic

Cenk Uygur on Mitt Romney the Vietnam War Draft Dodger

GPS and Tablets

Marlins' Jeffrey Loria and David Samson conned Miami, lined their pockets and held a fire sale

Vicksburg Day Care Bullying: 9-Year-Old Caught Beating, Kicking Toddlers (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Senate Dems Jam House Republicans, Pass Bush Tax-Cut Extension For Middle Class

Mitt Romney Called Tim Geithner's Tax Evasion Allegations 'Disqualifying'

EPA declares Dimock's water safe to drink.

Formats Announced For 3 Fall Presidential Debates

Did you ever have Anglo-Saxon relations with that country?

Jim Greer denounces Florida Republican Party officials as liars and 'whack-a-do, right-wing crazies'

BREAKING: Entire city evacuated in grass fire

Petition: share government-developed software under an open source license

WOW! This looks like a heckuva opportunity. Whaddaya think?

A nation is not a business: Paul Krugman

Anglo-Saxons fæder Obama

It appears Romney has the sexual pervert vote nailed down

Boston mayor’s letter to Chick-fil-A: Stay out of Boston!

No Kidding: The Most Incoherent Tom Friedman Column Ever (Matt Taibbi)

Mitt Romney, In 2003, Touted Benefits Of Entrepreneurs Using 'Free' Federal Funds

My Grandparents didn't have a table top full of prescription drugs like todays elders.

Romney Falsely Claims Colorado Gunman Obtained Weapons Illegally

Tea-party operative denied bail on sex charges

The Supreme Court and the Future of Medicaid (New Eng Jour Med)

Chick-A-Fil and (Boston) Mayor Menino Part II

I need some help...

What our kids are listening too.....

Wayne LaPierre's resume

NY Times Bill Keller on why we should defend Wikileaks

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Coming Sept. 25

Obama administration announces solar energy projects

Who says things like "special relationship is special" ? Mitt Romney himself.

Time Is

“Go to hell, Senator, it’s time for you to take your final dirt nap,”

Re Romney's refrain that innovators did it all themselves. He might ask himself if all the

Tired but not bushed. Pleases come CAPTION Jeb ("What's that clinking in my head?") Bush!!!

With the anglo saxon and Russia comments - I think Romney's are proving to be neophytes where

How was Condi Rice able to function as Sec. of State?

So Romney felt the need to go visit his money and try to look like he's prezidentin' in grand Bush

Grad School Student Needs Input on Inmates/Ex-Offenders and their Civil Liberties

Wake up America...being religious won't save you.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS faces third FEC complaint

Unions offer reward for the whereabouts of Mitt Romney's London fundraising event

People At The Olympics Who've Had Swiss Bank Accounts (Image)

MO Postal Worker's Death on Route Blamed on Heat Exhaustion

I hope James Holmes will at least put a stake through the argument

Walmart 'They shout at you and harass you': how workers toil at Walmart's US sup

How is it that Mitt Romney can talk of his father being "born in Mexico"

Statement from President Obama on the Senate vote (middle-class tax cuts)

I'm bored. Let's play "10 Questions" just for yuks!

Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger (17) Made A Neural Network That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

Just in case you want a on the local news! (NOT about politics!)

The heat, my God, the heat. How do you folks in the South stand this year after year?

Another Air National Guard tale: The General's Model T

Help, I posted Romney's Olympic statement about athletes not getting there on their own to

Romney On Taxes: Don’t Want To Give Dems ‘More Material Than Is Required’

French President Hollande’s Plan to Tax Rich Touches Nerve

Romney On Taxes: Don’t Want To Give Dems ‘More Material Than Is Required’

How to impress people with your foreign policy experience the Romney way

Military Faces Suicide ‘Epidemic,’ Panetta Tells U.S. Lawmakers

CNN does a story about Tax havens!

Tweety on Rmoney's army of neo-cons and their war agenda

Romney Won't Reveal What He's Hiding In His Tax Returns

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 July 2012

Students petition to shut down WSU's Chick-Fil-A for good

No medical bills for some Colo. shooting victims

TPM: Statement from President Obama on the Senate vote

Liam Corcoran, 11, evades airport security to fly to Rome without ticket or passport

Republicans are going balls to the walls until election day...

Tigereye Design Introduces their Fleet of 2012 Stores (pro Obama, Democratic, etc

Death Rate Dropped Where Medicaid Grew, Study Finds

Seen in Florida: Human connection still beautiful

Banksy goes to The Olympics

Need more evidence that Romney is a punk?

Damnit, I have a splinter on the bottom of my foot

I'm starting to piss off Republican friends and family

Early rodents add evidence for Earth’s first grasslands (BBC)

Obama: Looking At You Now, Boehner

Jeb Bush wants Rubio for VP

after ten years on DU, I make my 7001st post!

Wait, what's wrong with the American heart?

It's 98 degrees outside...

Brits mock the hell out of Mittens over "Anglo-Saxon" remarks. Do shut the hell up like a good chap

3 Years Without a Raise: Campaign for Higher Minimum Pay Launches still trying to cover its ass.

Many TARP banks used federal loans to repay taxpayer debts

We are getting a health insurance premium rebate!