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The Gluten-Free Host Controversy

**POTUS on, from New Orleans, MSNBC.

Obama pledges to work with Congress on violence

Heads Up - President Obama speaking at the National

All the flailing around on DU can stop now....Sarah has spoken!

The Story So Far by Linda Greenhouse

Uh oh...somebody git the sheriff...Harrisburg, we have a problem

This makes my blood boil!!!!!

'What Is It About Us as Americans?': Michael Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight, 7/24/12 - Part 1

Richard Williamson(Romney) vs Michelle Flournoy(Obama) on CSPAN debating Ntl Security


So, James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist!

Does anyone know anyone in the alternative press...

Romney campaign accuses VA dems of registering dogs and cats to vote

"AP concludes Romney's Bain role continued past his claimed departure" at Daily Kos

Wisconsin panel clears judges who signed recall petitions

Why did the Romney cross the ocean?

Zynga's stock plunges nearly 40 percent after it misses earnings targets

"Zombie Straw Men" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Romney Criticizes Obama but Seizes On Anonymous Quotes Too

The Road to Oligarchy - by Senator Bernie Sanders

THE DARK KNIGHT (2008): The pinnacle of the Batman trilogy?

My sweet little dog, Nikko, just passed away

Back in Black - Campaign Fibs

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night. Hotter Than...

Wal-Mart sued by disabled over payment machine access

MLS All-Stars vs Chelsea

Soldier said he endured slurs from sergeant charged in death

Romney's we did build this events feature businesses built with government subsidies and contracts

Ex-paramilitary commander demands immunity in US .

Obama Talks Gun Control: ‘AK-47s Belong In The Hands Of Soldiers, Not In The Hands Of Criminals’

Ex-paramilitary commander demands immunity in US .

Suspected Urabeńos plot to kill 11 prosecutors uncovered .

Obama Talks Gun Control: ‘AK-47s Belong In The Hands Of Soldiers, Not In The Hands Of Criminals’

Sen. DeMint blocks bill for Marines’ Lejeune water victims

· NRA to America: Nice little country you have here a shame if anything happened to it

"Details of Presidential Debates Are Released" By EMMA G. FITZSIMMONS at the NY Times

The Newsroom "Amen" aired 7/22/12 ****Spoiler Alert**** RANT

Memphis canines comfort kids at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital - w/pics

My worst nightmare came true yesterday

Bill Maher: Gun nuts are "SELFISH"

"5 Flat-Out Untruths in Romney's VFW Speech" Posted by Heather Hurlburt at Democracy Arsenal

Maricopa County (Ariz.) Attorney Montgomery says states have the right to ban abortions

Mitt Romney dodged the draft during the Vietnam War.

I'm not only TOO cute, I am SO cute (or is it t'other way around?!1) !1

What the Republicants have been doing for the last two years...

Oakland Zoo removes Ten Commandments monument

OK so it's 9:25 pm and almost dark already.

The misguided push to ban circumcision

American conservative is forced into Canadian single payer health care. Hilarity ensues.

All you need to know about today's Republican Party and some of the Democratic Party....

Breakaway Alawite state may be Assad's last resort

Teh Tony BLAIR is on with Piers - I get it - kissing 'murican = kissing Shrub ass

LOL. Romney walks like a weirdo

Here's what I think about the argument over the Second Amendment...

Abuse of alert system?

If Mitt's really going to go there with this "Anglo-Saxon" thing...

Thomas Jefferson proposed putting Anglo-Saxon brother-kings on the Great Seal of the United States

Bishop Leonard Blair on "Fresh Air" today offers compromise to US nuns:

Hardball - Pres. election is not about candidates, but the armies behind them

Mexico fines HSBC $27.5m for lax money-laundering control

Did Romney lie: "I was in Salt Lake City for three straight years."

"Republican Jobs Bills Won't Actually Create Jobs, Say Economists" by Erin Mershon

Many DUers trashed Ed Schultz last Friday for not being on the air to cover Aurora

Break up big banks, former Citigroup CEO Sanford Weill urges

Her horse has a stomach flu and can't be ridden for awhile. Kali is understandably depressed.

DORITO BREATH!!!!! Some think it a "pheromone" that attracts a potential mate.

Why you should NEVER get a reputation as a lousy tipper in a bar:

Cats. They are predators who DON'T fuck around!!!

Despite the rumors, MFM has only ever starred in ONE porn movie -- "Five Ladies and the Tramp".

The real reason MiddleFingerMom had to find a new home for his dog:

Russia finds 248 human foetuses dumped in Urals forest

When was the last time President Obama took away a gun from anyone?

A Heart Needs A Home

when most people come to power, you worry about them surrounding themselves with sycophants.

Penn State players vow to stick together post-scandal

I think Ezra Klein does a fantastic job in filling in

3 hospitals to wipe out medical bills for some Colo. shooting victims

I for one am perfectly fine with Anglo-Saxon culture being tossed in the trash

Civil War

Oh Gawd Rmoney really messed up that Brian Williams interview re Holmes weapons and ammo

Romney loses cool with reporter that catches him in a lie (from a year ago)

Does anyone know where Kim Jong Eun is registered?

Would Ted Nugent have crapped his pants again to avoid being shot if he

Just had a phone conversation with my medic from Vietnam

What's with Romney's campaign - Anglo-Saxons, Soviet Union, cats and dogs voting

Be safe north LP Michigan

Just had a phone conversation with my medic from Vietnam

CPSC bans sale of Buckyballs magnetic toys, cites hazard

I heard Tom Cruise sent Kristen Stewart a fruit basket.

I think Mitt messed up with this one-

Romney vs. Muhammed Ali! --Video #1 in John Fugelsang's new series "Caffeinated".

"Among competing jobs plans, it's not even close" By Steve Benen at the Maddow Blog

Is this guy an asshole? Or a genius?

Brian Williams to Mitt Romney: Enjoy the Softballs!

In power play, Senate Dems sneak middle class tax cuts past GOP

President Obama takes on gun violence in New Orleans speech

I Mistakenly Attended A Voter Registration Event That Was Being Held By Local Republicans.

Just attended Grand Opening for OFA's newest office

Virginia’s Goode could be Romney’s undoing

Out of WORST darkest hour comes heroism at its BEST

"Poll: ugly campaign polarizing candidates favorability" by CNN's Dan Merica

What I learned at Kroger's today, Tom Cruise has a new girlfriend.

caption this photo-

Julian Assange hit an American visibility milestone, NY Times Crossword.

Norman Ornstein response to Mitch McConnell on Senate gridlock.

When Christians are their own worst enemies

'We're a Bunch of Scaredy-Cats': Michael Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight, 7/24/12 - Part 3

Catholic hierarchy endorses Missouri ill-advised Amendment 2

Teen Pauline - 2012 Saratoga Maiden Race *New Track Record*

Michael Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight, 7/24/12 - Part 4

'We Have to Take Care of Each Other': Michael Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight, 7/24/12 - Part 5

Former Christian pastor assumes leadership role for American Atheists

Filigree Volkswagen Beetle

Chris Christie throws his hat in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, yes he is that stupid.

Does anyone know where to get good free ebooks for the Nook?

Iran accuses Israel of plotting Bulgaria bus attack

"Republican debt ceiling fight cost taxpayers at least 1.3 billion" by Joan MaCarter at Daily Kos

Jon Stewart is dealing with you didn't built it

History Detectives on PBS - KKK record?

Mossad Tries To Avoid Entangling Iran Jews

Romney meme: "we don't have lobbyists running our campaign". But who pays the lobbyists Romney? Your

Rofl - Eddie and Pats do the Olympics:

San Jose proposes half-cent sales tax (would be highest in the county and among big CA cities)

Why do birthers say nothing about Romney

Otsu mayor apologizes to father of bullying victim who killed himself (JAPAN)

Protected tropical forests' biodiversity 'declining'

One of the nice things about being well-versed in Marxism

You gotta see this! Russell Pearce (SB1070 & recalled by voters) trying to get elected again...hehe

Does anyone know where to get good free books for the Nookie?

NBC/WSJ/Telemundo poll: It's not just that Obama leads Romney by 44 points among Hispanics...

Obama is cracking up the audience.

NRA endorsements raise more questions

Good News: rain is on the way!

An educational cartoon for kids which explains mathematics through the medium of dance.

New Obama Video:

Obama Calls For Government Action On Guns In The Wake Of Colorado Shooting

Strapped his dog to the top of his jet....

The First Black Olympian Was a Bad Ass

I love you all. Thank you for being such loving spirits that just reading your offerings can sooth

This WTF moment on economic policy brought to you by Mittwit

Colbert found a clip of Romney pointing out that a lot of people and institutions

Need Help with Sprayer

Romney's Anglo-Saxon Heritage Awesomely Shredded on Twitter

The horrible truth about Spiderman’s Anatomy

Sens. McCain, Boxer, and Snowe to guest star on 'Parks and Recreation' next season

TYT: Men Carve Anti-Gay Slurs Into Lesbian's Skin

Sweeping 'Grand Canyon' Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice

A get-to-know-you question for Romney:

I hereby start the next Lounge vs Science battle! Hiiiiyhaaaa!

Bacon Maple Ice Cream

Justice Department trains prosecutors to combat cyber espionage

Thoughts on Haiti's president imprisoning opposition

Obama Calls For More Steps To Curb Violence, Including Gun Control

The President is positioning himself as the genuine article

Teabaggers. They're still out there... expressing their suspiciobles.

Can we all agree on one simple premise about guns? Guns don't kill people:

Question for Mitt: "how will Washington be any different?" (LOL!)

Jon Stewart Rails Against GOP And Fox News For ‘Willful, Out-Of-Context’ Attacks On Obama

Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians- Scientific American

Now that the knee jerk reactions seem to be quieting down...

The Problem With Turning Monsters Into Celebrities

Now I can admit...I've had Mountain Lion for two weeks.

Teabaggers being scammed

I Cant believe I'm not the only person that doesn't like Seinfeld!!!

You know, repubs. love talking about religion and Christian tradition of America.

Director Peter Bogdanovich: What If Movies Are Part of the Problem?

Soviet Union? Really? (video)

Opening Statements In PA Photo ID Lawsuit

Holy FUCK, would you LOOK at the Republican Score Card Jennifer Granholm just posted on Facebook...

Obama: AK47's Belong in the Hands of Soldier's NOT Criminals

Putin’s Geopolitical Chess Game w/ Washington in Syria & Eurasia + BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo

A tale of two Myths

President Obama announces new education program focused on African Americans

Does anyone know where I can get free hooks for the Snookie?

What is reasonable gun control...

Attention: Our Next President Could Be Chosen By This Guy

Local officials: FEMA decision a 'travesty'

General Motors Donates To Politicians Who Voted Against Auto Industry Bailout

Russia slams U.S. for "whitewashing" terrorism in Syria

A question to our Anarchist comrades.

I just saw the funniest title for an opera I've ever seen.

Help Please. A friend can no longer use system restore.

They're not job creators, they are the hoarding class

Dave Spence has a jobs plan

Just a reminder of what the Repugnic'ant party represents as a leader...

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, July 25)

Firefighters rescue man from burning building in Wisconsin...

Rmoney is still navigating the Republican Primaries

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #3

Venezuela surrenders top 'Rastrojos' leader to Colombia .

Guess which part of this unbelievable American system provided the places I went on vacation?

The Great Escape! (Bear-ly) ((video))

US: China human rights 'deteriorating'

(SF public transit) MTC votes 8-7 not to fund free-Muni plan

Human waste shuts down BART escalators

Anyone read "Soft Apocalypse"

Oakland police radios fail during Obama visit

Random question about Alan Colmes' radio show

Here is the stipulation in which PA admits there are NO cases of voter fraud requiring voter ID laws

Who wants to take apart an idiotic post at another forum???

3D movie cures man with visual impairment

Loss of Arctic sea ice '70% man-made'

MPs criticise Tony Blair for failing to co-operate with inquiry

Romney is starting to make Cheney look like an open book!

Video Games Do NOT cause violent behavior.

Thom Hartman reminded us of this on his show Wednesday.

How Mitt Romney’s tax returns stack up — in 1 chart

We should redefine what a "negative" ad is.

Former FL Repub Party Chairman: Repub officials are "liars, right-wing crazies, whack-a-do"

Link to comparison of pics of Aurora shooter(regular pic &mug shot.) same guy?

My first alert ever on these boards seemed pretty fucking serious to ME at the time.

Monsanto linked to Lugo ouster in Paraguay

A victory for investigative journalism as PCC rejects complaint by Bell Pottinger against The Indepe

6 Ways Big Banks Screwed Grandma in the Price-Fixing Scandal That's Rocking the World

Amy Goodman: U.S. Gun Laws: Guilty by Reason of Insanity

It's Scary -- Ayn Rand's Nutty Ideas Are Being Taken Seriously, Even in Canada

what 5 oil companies with their $375 million in daily profits

Please suggest an MP3 player for me to transfer files from

Top story on Soledad's CNN show this morning: Anglo-Saxon-Gate

morning, cat lovers...

Irony defined: Scott Walker talks "education reform" at Harvard University

Violence is integral to far too many narratives of masculinity

Kellan Lutz to Play a Bullied Straight Person in a World Dominated by Gay People

Report on WI election shows the system is a mess

Did Chick-Fil-A Create A Fake Facebook Profile Just To Defend Against Bad PR?

Can Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Damage Skin?

Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?

Oops PSU is now up the creek - insurers to deny coverage

USA to become a people-free gun reserve

The man Mitt is running against (as rendered by the Daily Show)

Mitten's genealogy:

JTMP meets Tour De Frack as they arrive in DC - No Fracking!

Willard is not a WASP just a big AS

Romney looks to build ties with British leaders

I tried the spiral fluorescent light bulb.

Nelson (D-NE) criticizes Boehner over failure to bring farm bill to vote

Heh. So "Arugula" is elitist but "Dressage" is just plain folk...

Recall Retaliation

Florida puppeteer known for community involvement arrested - Warning! Very disturbing

Catastrophic Climate Change & Runaway Global Warming - David Wasdell

Doctor Who actress Mary Tamm dies

Jihadist Aims In A Failed Islamic Nation-State's Civil War Armed With Chemical Weapons ?

The Diplomat in Chief and the stray cat

Watched a guy call the bluff of a room full of Romney supporters yesterday

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (07/26/2012)

Are Boehner and Cantor going to block tax breaks for 90% of Americans?

Gallup puts negative spin on poll showing Obama's approval up among workers

School chose

Mike Luckovich Toon: Damn Cows

"Connecticut Welcomes You! Birthplace of George W. Bush"

Bo Xilai scandal: Gu Kailai charged with Heywood murder

The software code used in...

At Arizona sheriff's trial, Latino driver tells of humiliation

Drought Monitor; 99% Of MO & IL Topsoil Short/Very Short Moisture, 1,369 Counties In Disaster Area

Gaza Christians sense pressure to convert to Islam

Gladys Knight: If Paris Jackson(Micheal's daughter)said that to me she wouldn't have any teeth

Think Progress: "A new right-wing PAC...running birther ads on cable television"

Judge Manning to Orie Melvin: Nope!

Mitt Romney questions London's readiness for Olympic Games

Hi, I hope I am on the right thread. I would like to debunk the "facts" about the

Palin, DeMint to headline Crazy rally in Houston

You Will Be Embarrassed About This in 20 Years (DOMA)

Lake Superior Water Temps 10-12F Above 30 Year Avg.; Highest On Record For July

Mitt Romney walks back comments on Olympic troubles as he kicks off UK visit

Everybody Loves Raymond

Arizona GOP county supervisor candidate withdraws after voter fraud allegations

AIDS Cure Quest Advances As Cancer Drug Finds Hidden HIV

Made in China: Olympic Pin Shaped Like Mitt Romney’s Face

Romney Says He Doesn’t Know or Agree With Advisers Who Spoke to British Press

Oakland As Josh Reddick climbs fence to make amazing catch

Buffalo County rejects sand plant...

Wedding Crashers

Moms gone wild: 'The 40-year reversion'

President Obama: "AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals"

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung illustrated in one graphic.

Thursday's over the hump. Please come CAPTION Rush (His Awesome Emptiness) Limbaugh!!!

A rather sensible idea from a Republican (for once)

Mittens surrogate Christie opens '16 bid while Willard is abroad

ROMNEY: “It’s extraordinary, “but it’s cheaper to get it from China.”

Protected tropical forests' biodiversity 'declining'

Swiss Mitt's diplomacy is worse than Little Bush's.

Is it illegal to 'spoof' phone numbers ? Anyone know how to stop it ?

Good morning.. anyone know how to debunk the "stimulus costs per job" bogus claim

Alcatel Lucent to slash 5,000 jobs after reporting loss (BBC)

Hunter gatherer clue to obesity

USDA retracts 'Meatless Monday' plug

Did Anyone See Soladad O' Brien Make A Blattering Fool Out Of Dick Armey This A.M.?.....

The Brian Williams interview with Romney..."Did it hurt...when you fell from HEAVEN?"

From the UK: If Mitt Romney doesn’t like us, we shouldn’t care

'Land not sea' origin for snakes

Holy S**T! Its only 9:54 a.m.,

Gun-toting 89-year-old SC widow scares burglars

Laura Bush: Just bizarre

How to suck at your religion

Ultra-conservative Manchester Union Leader calls on Mitt to release taxes

"I'm Just A Bill" in the Age of ALEC: Mark Fiore's Devastating Update to Schoolhouse Rock

Chicago Teachers Win a Huge " Victory for All."

Best post of the week / Thank you Manny

Bruni on Bachmann

Articles have been posted before about who is a hero

A lobbyist for president?

News of the times: political roundup, 2032

First Time Claims for Unemployment benefits down 35,000 from last week--sharpest drop in 16-months

Mr Leader? Did Mitt Romney forget Ed Miliband's name?

LOL Ann Romney

Pres. Obama: This is not a time for cynics. It is not a time for doubters. It is time for believers.

Mitt Romney's Latest 'SMH Moment': Offends All of London While In London

My biggest fear - Bedbugs

Bill Lueders: Hope springs eternal for Wisconsin election reformers

Stay classy, Mitt

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown not getting involved for Obama

Daily Telegraph- Mitt:"utterly devoid of charm and mildly offensive."

The Big Jobs Myth: American Workers Aren't Ready for American Jobs

"Media Cowards Refuse to Condemn Romney’s Anti-Obama Racism"

Twilight girl caught cheating on her man (picture)

John Nichols: Activists up the ante on Romney's London fundraiser

Colbert Report: Mitt Romney's Anglo-Saxon Connection

Two Lesbians Went To Talk To Mitt Romney When He Was Governor And This Is What He Said

37% of Births Between 2006 and 2010 Were Unplanned

Valve's Newell: Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to embrace Linux

Four Humongous Reasons Why Women Everywhere Should Have Access To Birth Control

Take One Look At This Romney Jobs Plan And Let Us Know What Is Missing

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- NRA and Congress

Bristol leaves boyfriend along the side of road...

Where this all ends --- It ends, says economist Jeff Faux, in "the servant economy."

The Wisest Jon Stewart Quote We've Seen All Year

*** Gets out her chalk and writes up today's Soup-of-the-Day at DU Cafeteria ***

David Cameron 'angered US conservatives' with 'unprecedented' election-year embrace of Barack Obama

The rumor that Romney called them "Dumb Polacks" has not been confirmed.

Iteresting e-mail I just got from a friend who said it originated with Warren Buffet

Here's Why Homophobic Chicken Chains Should Never Mess With Miss Piggy

Stunning Recovery for First Child to Get Stem Cell Trachea

How the NRA's Grading System Keeps Congress on Lockdown

Rove's Plan to Takeover the Republican Party

Bristol leaves boyfriend along the side of road

Romney again admits releasing tax returns would be politically damaging

Elmo reacts to Chick-fil-A... (pic)

Mother faces homicide charges after child drowns

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Rmoney and repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Barclays' Banks on Romney

Netanyahu: Romney Lying About Their Friendship


Old favorite: The difference between Vegas slots and Electronic Voting Machines

MITT throws Rafalca under the bus!

Jon Stewart Slams You-Didn't-Build-That-Gate In Romney, Fox News' Faces

Stun gunned for refusing to show I.D.

Reuters: "Anglo-Saxon" quote overshadows start of Romney tour

Volunteers are helping to find Romney's tax returns...

a couple of birds

Greek high jumper fails dope test (banned anabolic steroid Stanozolol), to miss Games

NH Newspaper to MITT: “If you want the job, you have to subject yourself to the scrutiny.”

Fox Reports: Millions of Americans suffer same nightmare simultaneously

Republican economic prosperity plan explained

Willard RMoney is beyond brazen

Carole King Supports President Obama

What shortage? There is a projected 1.8 billion bushels of corn in storage from 2011

A sure sign that your neighbor is getting ready to fire up his/her barbecue grill:

Solid evidence that cats ARE compassionate, caring beings -- your li'l furball DOES love you!!!

CaliforniaPeggy has been Bogarting a six-pack of this since returning from her trip. Will she share?

REPUKES: "No new regulations can be issued until *the employment rate falls to 6 percent*"

Even superheroes have senior moments.

Li'l MFM's first class picture. Rumor is he looked EXACTLY the same his first day at college.

MiddleFingerMom KNOWS: When they stare nonstop at your chest, it IS dehumanizing.

Be nice to others, even if you think you can bully them. Your perspective may change.

Romney commissioned official Olympic pin in his image and likeness

Teh stupid that burns so bad you'll blister

On al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden:

how many can identify with this?

Who Deserves a Tax Break?

A Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Player

Pic Of The Moment: Romney In Britain To Tout Diplomatic Skills, Promote Special Relationship

North Korea flag blunder mars Olympics day one

The English Roots of the name Romney- Sheep, Gypsies and horses.

Sea Shepherd says founder faced Japan extradition

I'm not sure how to put this, but in almost every photo of Mitt at an event

Skills mismatch.

Mitt Romney Registered As Lobbyist For Salt Lake City Olympics

Emanuel finds compromise in gun-control fight

Android And Nokia Phones Can Be Taken Over Merely By Waving Another Device Near Them

Chuck Todd Calls Mitt Romney Out Over Press Access

Is DU acting slow for anyone else today?

LGBT'ers...whatcha reading?

How the small business I worked for relied on public investments.

DUers- Weather alert -severe thunderstorms from Ohio through Pennsylvania & to New England

Court throws out state zoning for Marcellus Shale drilling

The Judgment Bird...

The Nation: Whose Side Is The U.S. On In Honduras?

Fascinating - old camper rebuilt - photos


The Nation: Whose Side Is The U.S. On In Honduras?

Obama up by 13 in New Jersey according to new poll

02 Olympic pin made in shape of Romney's head, also made in China..

Rahm Ruffles Feathers By Saying "Chick-fil-A's Values Aren't Chicago's Values"

Greece hammers out austerity cuts as lenders pore over books

Rove's Plan to Takeover the Republican Party

What's for Dinner - Thursday July 26th

Would Tom Waits still be good if he could sing?

Holding it Down for Women: Nicki Minaj and the Problem of Gender Inequity in Hip Hop

Daily Caller: If Mitt Romney Won't Stand Up For Himself, Why Should We Stand Up For Him?

Hacking experts find new ways to attack Android phones

Architects Shy From Truther 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Best of TED 2011

P.M. Cameron to Willard: It's easier holding Olympics 'in the middle of nowhere'

Greenland just melted.

Why hasn't Tom Ridge been mentioned for Rmoney's veep?

Religion At 2012 Olympics: From Ancient Greece To London

Twitter is broken Dempsey must have signed for Liverpool

Scotland is ready for gay marriage, whether Cardinal O'Brien likes it or not

Romney meets meets 'Mr Leader' Ed Miliband

HILARIOUS! Lewis Black Cuts Presidential Campaign Lies Up And Spits Them Back Out

Severe Storms, Possible Derecho Forecast for U.S. Northeast

How WikiLeaks Transformed Brazil's Media

How WikiLeaks Transformed Brazil's Media

Bonfire of the Vanities

Romney's foreign policy advisors: architects of the fiasco that made Iraq the close ally of Iran

So if Mitt's as smart as he thinks he is, he no doubt ginned up all this outrage ....

Romney, London, and "Anglo Saxon" heritage...

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Falls to Lowest Level in Two Months

CNN just reported infrastructure at risk.

Liberal Jewish group launches political lobbying arm

Thom Hartmann: Romney Camp Wants Anglo-Saxons (Master race?) in the WH

Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling

The Rude Pundit - Romney to America: Wow, You Guys Were a Bunch of Idiots in 2008

An example of junk science re: objectification.

Anybody else having trouble with Twitter? nt

Gun control fears, not Colorado shooting, spook gun buyers

WikiLeaks: The Latin America Files

When Mitt says he's just following McCain's lead on two year of tax returns,

U.N.: Use of U.S. drones over Somalia may violate embargo

NRA members.....this one's for you...

Romney gets an F- in geography -- Syria and Iran

So I'm at the AFT convention and the first vendor I see is a Romney supporter

The gaffe-tastic Mr. Romney

Romney's Latest Claim: Obama Denies Individuals Can Build Their Own SimCity

WikiLeaks: The Latin America Files

Turns out there's a reason the BART escalators are so crappy

Circumcision advocate tackles the cringe factor to fight AIDS

A DUer's Guide: How The Olympics Hurts Romney

Eddie Eagle's Guide to Teen Safety from Tom the Dancing Bug

Top General Urges Officials To Trim, Re-Think U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

I'll be live blogging from the AFT convention

Durable Goods Orders Rise in U.S., Unemployment Claims Decline

Mitt in London: Romney brags about meeting with chief of U.K.'s top-secret MI6 intelligence service

Brits worry that Murdoch will import our corrupt education "reform"

Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Use in the National Airspace System and the Role of the Department

Wisconsin: Scott Walker just created 210 jobs. In Illinois.

Poll on Yahoo home page, "Whose campaign is more negative?"

Before he was against gambling, he invested in it

Do it now....

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Claims Don't Hold Up To Evidence

I Carried a Gun, and It Was Heavy

UK GUARDIAN: Romney's Anglo-Sax Appeal

To counter the 'One and Done' bumper sticker....

BP Sends Gulf Chefs to Olympics on a PR Jaunt

Australia debarked once again as US tells its lapdog to heel

I think the modern Olympics are a colossal waste…

The Creepy Small Lies of the Romney Campaign

Really delayed reaction. Thought about S5E2 Breaking Bad (spoilers?)

The thought of Mitt and Ann in the WH makes my stomach turn

Ecuador seeks to stop 'evil' of Julian Assange US extradition

Waiting for the Sun

Americans United for Change: Barclays' Banks on Romney

self delete- wrong forum

UFO Sightings Are More Common Than Voter Fraud

Heavily Edited Romney Video Targets Black Voters, Shows NAACP Audience Applauding

I think Seinfeld is funny as hell and I love dancing to Madonna

FYI...Freedom Works (Dick Armey) is hosting a huge event in Dallas Today (7/26/12)

Pearl S. Buck, June 26, 1892 – March 6, 1973


Mitt Romney’s Magical Mystery European Disaster Tour Launches by Insulting Britain

OK: I can't find ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE Robert Holmes (Aurora Shooter's Dad)...

Military Checkpoints While Driving in Mexico

Happy 22nd Birthday, Americans With Disabilities Act!

"This Is My Body." you say it ... women. all daughters should hear.

Herman Cain: An American Presidency - Energy Policy

Whatever became of Baingate, anyway? Those were the days..

Guns, no guns. Meds, no meds. Two of the wildest discussions on this board if you ask me.

Penn State alumni group critical of NCAA sanctions, Freeh Report

Who else is completely FEDUP with the NEOCON RMONEY advisers? National security, my ass!

The lowest part of the sewer...

Mitt Romney's Olympics blunder stuns No 10 and hands gift to Obama

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #4

If this is what Mitt has accomplished after 2-3 hours in Britain...

He didn't pay any taxes...

Chicago Chick-fil-A owner wants to talk with Emanuel

Bobby Pins

I thought Ted Nugent knew at least some things about guns...

Jeb Bush lobbies Romney to pick Marco Rubio for VP spot

If I have to be creeped out by this picture, so does Lounge

Romney bombs in London, and can't wait to get to Jerusalem

Anyone want to help me out in a thread in GD

Thom Hartmann: Is America about to Fall off the Fiscal Cliff?

Maybe cats should vote!

Romney surging in national tracking polls

Cleveland man pleads guilty in bridge-bombing plot

The Rainbow Tour

How f***ing patronizing is that RNC ad


Is a pro-Romney ad racist? Five questions to ask yourself

Should there be an Olympic medal for "Best Acting by a Soccer Player"?

Hugh Laurie - dead or alive?

I haven't watched a sitcom in years.

Study: Nearly Two-In-Five American Households Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Letters to Adolf Hitler show how Germans idolised leader (but some did dare to criticise)

My biggest fear-Bedpugs

Totally cool website to bookmark for language learners.

Mitt's mouth touches off international incident somewhere between London and the middle of nowhere

Romneys are 'Downton Abbey' fans

No Joke: Mittens eats only the Tops of Muffins!

FYI: A comprehensive guide to how the Olympics hurts Romney

Big Pharma Takeover Of Med Marijuana In 2013

New Poll: Obama +5 in Nevada

Romney: a thrill to "look out the backside of Ten Downing Street

Many commercial buildings in SC have flat roofs. I wonder how that would work in cold climates?

Snakes (evolved) on a plain, scientists report

BBC On Romney: 'If He's Here To Make Friends, He's Got A Funny Way Of Showing It' Boehner: Dems will get vote on Senate tax bill

Girls at a Japanese festival

Man's Penis Stolen By Thieves

How a former Moonie Times editor almost sank the Center for Public Integrity chasing digital dollars

The Phenomenauts "I'm With Neil" (Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets A Theme Song)

Boehner: Dems will get vote on Senate tax bill

Mitt distancing himself from Ann's horse--doesn't even know when it will be competing...

So is Louise Lucas a Obama Surrogate

Anti-Gay Kirk Cameron rejects Youth Caucus invite, Congressman Frank Pallone responds.

Pew: 17% of registered voters think Obama is a Muslim

#RomneyShambles now trending on Twitter

I KNEW Romney and British sporting events reminded me of something!

One of my books will be appearing in Russian

RW UK press on Romney - "Utterly devoid of charm" / Whitehall: "Worse than Palin", "total car crash"

Gay marriage supporters file Chick-Fil-A appeal

Just semantics, I know, but we often misuse the word "weapon"

RCI Tightens Model Rule on Shock Wave Therapy....

How many people have a completely homogeneous white Anglo-Saxon family any more?

Cloud Atlas. A Movie that's suppose to be much anticipated?

TOON: How President Romney Would Treat The Middle Class ---->

RomneyBot Prototype Test Footage REVEALED!

Chinese Firms Warn EU against Solar Trade War

Media finally pressing Romney on whether his plan would fix crisis

Mitt Romney's Tax Returns? Who Let The Dogs Out!!!!!!

Canadian provinces to begin bulk-buying generic drugs

House Republicans, fearing election, consider an about-face on government shutdown

The Phenomenauts "I'm With Neil" (Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets A Theme Song)

If 2001: A Space Odyssey was released today

Romney Backer Explains Why Obama's Wrong, Despite Her Firm's Gov't Contracts

Walgreens and General Motors to End their Membership in ALEC

The Left Should Take Pride In ‘Delegitimizing’ The Occupation

Happy Little Cloud....The Remix

Violence Examined

Let me say it again, "No, assholes, you didn't build it by yourself."

Jerry Sandusky case: Lawyers say they've found Victim 2, the boy Mike McQueary saw being molested

Top Two Oil Companies Earn $160,000 Per Minute, Paid Low Tax Rate

I have a request for any DUers who are also Penn State-rs

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 26 -- TCM Memorial Tribute: Ernest Borgnine

At this rate, Mitt will be asking the Israeli's what's with that little cap....

new GOP TV ads say "it's okay to change" but they mean it's okay to "change back"

Chick-Fil-A and Proverbs 25:21 This Woman is AWESOME!

Romney in Piers Morgan interview: Stop attacking success

Governor, school president should be off Penn State board of trustees, auditor general says

A drop in the bucket, a drop in the bucket, a drop in the bucket, a drop in the bucket...

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy: Failure to Launch

Mitt’s British Blunders: How It Played In The UK Press

Fox News co-host: Romney has ‘the personality of a Ken doll’

Seniors prefer Romney but he is going to take away their benefits

Romney on England: "It is a small island . . doesn't make things. . the world wants to buy".

Thief steals donations for 7-year-old cancer patient

Poland the Country Mitt will conquer with his wit and eloquence.

something else Mitt said of the U.K. in his book...

My God...

Lawyers say they've found Victim 2, the boy Mike McQueary saw being molested (PSU Scandal)

President Obama suggests Mitt lead by example on his foreign tour

Who needs a lot of money and campaign ads..


Pew Poll: Republicans claiming Obama is a Muslim doubled since 2008

For contrast.... Barack O'Bama in Ireland

Mitt Romney: Showing gold medal tone deafness in London

Just got a new PC...Can anyone suggest a flight sim??

Pinal County supervisor candidate John Enright (R-voter fraud?) quits race

Microsoft cancels Flight and Project Columbia development

I like to know why Romney is meeting with the leaders of the UK?

Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over U.S., Study Says

Legal Experts File Complaints about Widespread Rights Violations in Policing of Occupy Movement

It's time to investigate Corbett's role in the Sandusky scandal

London Mayor Boris Johnson: "There's a guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know if we're ready"

Romney’s Not-So-Secret Meeting With MI6

It seems to be that Mitt Romney is embarking on a Proctology Tour.

London DUers please give us a link to a radio station so that we can hear

Maybe Mitt can try the cheesy bangers and mash?

You just can't cure stupid...

Google Fiber shows speeds 100 times faster than regular a cable Internet,has Free broadband plan too

Romney fundraiser tonight with Barclays - recently admitted to fixing Libor rate-fined $453 Million

Ann Romney was sued for fraud for selling doped-up, injured horse.

Not the dog...

Romney in England: "Worse than Sarah Palin!"

The biggest hypocrisy from Chik-fil-a is they say they are anti-gay because they are religious.

Another conversation overheard between Cameron and Romney...

Last night I watched the 1975 movie Hindenburg

Romney's very bad London trip

Anyone Remember Karen Klein, the Bus Monitor?


Rugged Individualism gets people a low paying job with no benefits and no pension

Saudis 'mull buying nukes from Pakistan' (UPI)

The real George W. Bush legacy

London Mayor Boris Johnson whacks Mitt Romney in front of 60,000 people

Daily Kos asks - Can Romney interact with ANYONE without insulting them?

Tune I can't get out of my head

3 More Confusing Ring Sizes Jewelers Could Try To Sell You Instead Of “Q And A Half”

Same crap, different face

Tweets by Daily Mail political editor (a Tory) re: Mitt's very bad London trip

Another London Headache? Romney Fundraiser Raises Eyebrows

Mitt Romney's Olympics blunder stuns No 10 and hands gift to Obama

jeez, this romney guy seems to be a stupider, more vacuous sociopath than dubya,

wolfie blitzer just announced he's traveling to israel to interview mitt

Admiral William H. McRaven doing a great job on CNN explaining the bin Laden raid now


Dear Congressional Republicans. On those tax cuts you all want for the wealthy 'or else'?

Going Postal, Pre-Pistol

Romney: Foreign trip not the time to detail my foreign policies

Now here's something you don't see every day.

My biggest leer - Bednugs

Ah, the contrast--Obama in Germany in 2008...

Aging AIDS epidemic raises new health questions

Jerry Sandusky voicemails to "Victim 2" released by lawyers who plan to sue Penn State

This Just In: Romney Gooses the Queen, Then Cuts Off Her Hair!

Can you imagine a President Romney?

Mitt Ain't Got No Class!!

Any news on the Oswaldo Paya "assassination"?

Tell the Berenstain Bears to follow the Muppets' lead and cut ties with Chick-fil-A.

"The 99% shrugged"

Tell the Berenstain Bears to follow the Muppets' lead and cut ties with Chick-fil-A.

Complaint alleges restaurant cooked rats in kitchen

Video: Rmoney Meets The Queen

Two more editorials (from CO & OH papers) call on Rmoney to release tax returns

ROMNEY VS. MUHAMMAD ALI! (Caffeinated/John Fugelsang #1)

Boobs, blunders, clangers – whatever you call them, Romney likes to drop them.

Why is the stock market up over 200 points today?

State board will fight to keep oversight of six Aspire charter schools

Chance of serving on a Jury, 100%

Deals to Keep Generic Drugs Off Market Get a Court Rebuff.

Sometimes ...

What "London-y" things are going to be in the Opening Ceremonies?

I haz a sad...J.P. Patches died. Anyone here remember him?

More Quotes from Romney's unnamed and some named adivisors...take pot shots at Cameron

Mitt --- "YOU PEOPLE drive on the wrong side of the road."

Let Them Eat Sports

Just an FYI - Obama is half 'Anglo-Saxon'

And some wonder why I call him....

I am glad that Mitt Romney has gone to the London Olympics

Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be

Romney: Don't let US become a second-tier nation. Like Britain

Mitt Romney visits London while stumbling on almost every front

Romney in Shambles as Britain Proclaims Him Worse than Sarah Palin

"Obama Administration Rescues Defunded Planned Parenthoods"

Dear Mitt, We Are Not Who You Think We Are: Romney's Warped View of the Middle Class

Romney ‘looking forward' to returning Churchill bust to Oval Office

Mitt is not up to the task to be President

Entire premise of Romney’s foreign trip collapses.

Romney has no national security experience: Wesley Clark

a poll to mess with Republicans

I remember fondly my 4-H, county fair days from back in the day.

Romney implodes in England, yet CNN not covering it?? Why ?? What is going on with the media to

Not sure why but I'm really in the mood for some London Broil

Women - who here owns a Clarisonic Brush?

Thom Hartmann: Conservative Millennials, Boomers & Libertarians all being Conned

Mitt Romney's 'Battle of New Orleans' Ringtone Picked Up On Open Microphone During UK Interview

Papantonio: Progressives Need To Unite – The Cavalry’s Not Coming

Scott Walker is asking for federal money.

Praying for rain: Atheist critics show how petty and small-minded they’ve become

The Sony RX100, the best pocket camera ever?

Romney in England ... galactically stupid fuckwittery, but the lead story on FoxNews ...

Religion at the Olympics, from ancient Greece to London

I've been totally swamped and haven't had time to follow the news. How's Romney doing overseas?

In France, where Romney hid during the Vietnam war, this is called "baisers de l'âne."

If you eat Chick-Fil-A despite their antigay agenda, here is the company you keep

Is Romney pissing on London some kind of Dog Whistle ?

Paris, Michael, and Blanket Jackson Sympathy Thread

A World Upside Down? Deficit Fantasies in the Great Recession - from The Roosevelt Institute

With apologies to Michelle Bachmann....

London mayor Boris Johnson ribs ‘a guy called Mitt Romney’ at rally

mitt romney (austin public access days)

Paris, Michael and Blanket Jackson Sympathy Thread

Aren't the trees the right fuckin' height?

Romney celebrates the Great Island Nation

(Drone Approval in Pakistan) Gunboats and gurkhas in the American Imperium

More Romneyshambles (updated with video)

Keiser Report: Jellyfish Rat-Heart Robot Bankers

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron discuss how mittromney did in England today

Barrels of used oil dumped in two locations in Washtenaw County

Obama: Hey Romney, Europe and I go way back

Romney's Olympic horse bid is a lose-lose...

trending on Twitter #Romneyshambles

NONE of Mitt Romney's ancestors ever served in the US Military

Don't Expand NAFTA: A Warning Against TPP

This is what a Chik-fil-a Troll looks like

If Sarah Palin were impregnated by Reagan's hair

Remember that we learned none of the repug 'candidates' liked rmoney,

Planned Parenthoods Rescued By Obama Administration With Large Title X Grants

Racist Sexist Homophobic Boston Police Newsletter Looking For Writers!

NOT Astroturf! - Grassroots anti-fracking group "Tour De Frack" visits Hart Senate Office Bldg.

Romney's Innovative Economic Plan: Dubya 2.0

U.S. lawmaker: 'Refusal to honor victims of Munich massacre will stain the IOC'

Take Five (Joke on the Water edition)

BBC on Romney

how the opposition's ministry of propaganda characterizes romney's olympic blunder

Catholic dynamic shifts in China

Israel to Generate 70% of its Electricity from Natural Gas by 2016, but Policymakers Lag Behind

Even Republicans are piling on: "Kind of like Mr. Bean, only he's an American"

Rev Al opens show with the Bishop Romney tour fiasco.

"Mind the Gaffe". On PoliticsNation!

TWO more Romney London F**K-ups

Colwyn official says no to voter ID rules

Fair Food Festival! Favorite Fair Food?

Syria conflict: Troops 'mass before Aleppo battle'

Where is Chevy Chase?? It's time for a new movie - European Vacation II

Romney tells public of secret meeting with MI6 spy chief

New device allows disabled people to draw on a computer using only their eyes

Many Americans are not as "patriotic" as they used to be...?

Syria's Christians cautious in conflict

The Republican Party(T) Reminds Me Of Saddle Oxford Shoes And Rolled Up Blue Jean Bottoms

'NATO - dangerous dictatorship out of civilian control'

GOP in denial on health care law

Lockdown in London: Ex-U.S. Athlete Jules Boykoff on Olympic Censorship and Militarization

Sounds like Mitt Romney is going to need an "apology tour" of his own....

Romney Promises to Bring Churchill Bust Back

Actuary: GOP Cuts To Social Security Anti-Fraud Programs Could Cost Taxpayers $5 Billion

FISA Regime: 'US govt admits spooking, to spy more'

Why do Gun advocates always have such a big problem staying on point?

Romney to Democrats: Stop attacking success or How many times can he say success or successful?

Islamophobia's Role in Foreign Policy

Brian Williams leads off with Mittens' foot-in-mouth seizure.

Romney: GOP has 'misspoken' on regulation (looks like Mitt needs a diversion)

Major Romney donor has ties to the Penn State sex scandal

Mitt Romney didn't save the Utah Olympics, taxpayers did

Mitt Romney's Vacuous Incoherence on Guns

Just curious..Where are the "nations in the United States" ?

British Headline On Romney: “Who Invited Him?” (Photo link)

British Press Asks: “Did Mitt Romney Forget Ed Miliband’s Name?”

Romney tours Big Ben and Parliament

Team Romney: Americans Don’t Care About Foreign Press

Addled Romney advisors encourage Mitt to sing "God Save The Queen

Caption Mitt

Hey What's this fool's itinery?

This deluded dunderhead is SO USED to being deferred to.. SO USED to his ideas

Missouri Rep. is auctioning a .223 caliber AR-15 semi-automatic weapon


Why exit doors are often Alarmed

Newest trending Twitter tag: #AmericanBorat - guess who they mean?

It is being said on Twitter that Mittens is "some kind of American Borat." So, I give you:

Romney tells public of secret meeting with MI6 spy chief

In London, Romney faces an Olympic marathon of errors

Caption Mitt and the Family

Mitt 'you got owned' in the small Island today

Picture of the day

Wow, Shep Smith opens with Romneys Olympic Gaffe!!! I am shocked!! No other news organization has

Facebook’s Earnings Disappoint Investors

Attacks on Romney’s account have Swiss worried

Another Romney F**K up - Romney’s press-corps faux pas

megalomaniac or what

Cajun story.

The Last Word - Romney's gun rights ‘word salad’

Mitt Romney wins first USA gold medal!

Florida puppeteer accused in child porn case

The Reason why the answer to the Universe is 42

McDonald's to unveil "The Aristocrat" in honor of Mitt Romney...

Notice no interviewer will ask Romney when he will release even one complete year of tax returns?

Bob Kerrey On Family Income

Come on, Mittens! Even I released 17 years of tax returns...

"Boy it's getting bizarre over there."

Been seeing a lot of great indie movies lately. "5 Star Day" is the latest.

New Mining Bill in Wisconsin – very much alive…

The Reason why the answer to the Universe is 42

OMFG, Mitt Romney had Olympic lapel pins made with his face on them.

Indonesian zoo moves orangutan to stop her smoking

Mitt Romney To Israeli Newspaper: Nuclear Iran ‘Greatest Threat To The World’

Rockies visit theater shooting victims - Photos:

Wow. Romney cannot even navigate the waters of one of our closest allies.

3 BFF:

NOBODY ROCKS LIKE... um... oh hell... um, uh yeah... LIKE SPRINGFIELD ROCKS!!!

After HE started showing up, nobody else even bothered to sign up for the Vatican dance contests.

The laziest dog in the whole world... ... no, no -- in the whole damn UNIVERSE:

Though immortal, MFM asks that you not throw him any surprise parties for at least TWO good reasons.

Though Li'l Tiny MFM was a VERY happy baby most of the time, there were days. OH... there were days.

Any polls since the "Anglo-Saxon" story broke?

How many folks here call their 'backyard/back garden' the 'backside' like Romney did in London?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 July 2012

Comedians Better Political Analysts & Fact Checkers Than Mainstream Media?

Romney is off to Israel and Poland next.

Olympic Minister Laughs When Asked If Romney Will Carry The Torch


Bobby Jindal to Iowans: Obama will try to ‘distract you’ with distortions about Romney

Exclusive: Mitt Romney Olympics Gaffe 'Insulted Everybody,' Harry Reid Says

The Last Word - Romney fails to dodge tax questions in London

Am I the ONLY one who thinks Romney is *deliberately* making gaffes overseas...

The Last Word - Rewriting O'Reilly on gun control

United's One-Way Flights Are Deadly for Monkeys

Normal capacity magazines

Mitt now a laughing stock in Great Britain.

Actually, most BRITONS don't like singing "Land of Hope and Glory".

All Right DU'ers, It's 'Fess-Up Time.

I guess we know where El Supremo was today...

Pennsylvania Governor Can’t Recall Requirements Of Voter ID Law He Signed

Fair Labor Standards Act Will Be GOP Target If They Get Power

When you have "Anti volcano monitoring" Bobby Jindal making excuses for you

Mitts Ace in the Hole - User submitted public domain music for use on the teevee.