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The ED SHOW is talking about Romney's bad (now!)

So, GD is NOT for posts about religion or sports ...

Krauthammer Slams Romney Over Olympics Comment: ‘Unbelievable,’ ‘Incomprehensible’

Anti-Fracking Rally, DC, July 28

LOL. Romney is front page of Canada's Globe & Mail

All these gaffes in Britain just show how little empathy Romney has for others. He truly has a tin

Don't talk about Ann Romney's fancy Olympic horse. Don't even THINK about it.

OK,I'm a total moron when it comes to twitter

I remember when Senator Obama made his trip prior to his election and how flawless his trip

The majestic walrus.

Hey, it rained in Northeast Ohio today ... guess that drought stuff is nonsense ...

went to foxnews dot com to get their romney/london spin. he's not mentioned on the opening page.

Oregon paroles sadistic hiv+ child rapist after only 11 years (4 years early for good behavior)

Did you see this post about Paul Ryan?

Surprised to see this on such a mainstream site...

My favorite response so far to the great British Mitt flop.....

Caption Time: Mitt with PM Cameron......

I have to share--I got a promotion!

If your spouse had a horse in the Olympics...

No Guns In Church – Georgia Preacher Loses Case To Allow Weapons In House Of Worship

Actinobacteria as the Base of the Evolutionary Tree

3 LB dog saves owners life

Romney Limmerick - feel free to contibute

Let me just quickly say that I have full confidence that the Brits will run an outstanding Olympics

Some advice for my A/A friends

Laura INGRAHAM refuses to answer question about President OBAMA's likeability

President Obama's campaign airs second ad hitting Romney on abortion

The sheer audacity of Romney is breath taking.

My biggest fear - bedhugs

Correct me if I am wrong here: Aren't Obama and David Cameron very close?

US Still Bringing Home WWII Dead

$1.5 billion tax dollars...

To Derecho or Not to Derecho...What does this mean?

Oops! Mitt Calls Country He's Visiting by the Wrong Name

Caption Mitt looking morose.

Q&A with Heart's Nancy Wilson

"If it wasn't for that damned horse, I'd be on the first plane outta here." Just imagining

Harry Reid: Romney Went to London and "Insulted Everybody" (Embarrassed U.S.)

caption this picture

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Radio Gumshoe & a new Owl gif

Mitt and Anne Romney are on Piers Morgan right now. I'm going to hold my nose and watch.

Facebook needs someone to 'like' it

Torch relay's Nazi origins aren't widely known

Just starting on TCM "Marty".

Can Romney interact with ANYONE without insulting them?

Miami said to declare "financial urgency" in talks

Mitt Romney - American Borat

U.S. arrests 90 in nationwide synthetic drug crackdown

Mitt outsourced his own face!!

Romney's Guide to International Diplomacy U.K. Edition - IMAGE

The British are coming!! The British are coming!!

How I sorta solved my Mountain Lion download problem

‘Kind of like Mr. Bean, only he's an American’

Sandusky shower victim comes forward, plans suit, lawyers say

More elderly people turning to food stamps in Texas

Anyone familiar with auto liability insurance when traveling out of country? nm

The U.K. on Romney: What a Plonker

Freeper "LibLieSlayer" says Romney's London clusterfuck is "just axledick calling in a favor."

One of my books will be appearing in Russian

What exactly is wrong with Yahoo??

Turkey won't tolerate Kurdish entity in Syria

Let's see: Venture into a foreign country and then question how they handle their own security...

5 charged with intimidation at Pa. Jewish camp

TV's "Dr Oz" goes off the deep end.

OMG Mitt Romney Caught On Video Insulting The Queen

The Chronicles of Mitt: July 26, 2012

Romney just loves to brag.

He said what???

Tweet: Mitt Romney makes George Bush look like Aristotle!

'Mitt Romney makes George Bush look like Aristotle.'

Why didn't we Dems fight harder against Cheney's TX residency in 2000?

Perdue signs bill that requires CPR training

Ken Burns' "Prohibition" is being telecast on PBS

Piers Morgan is a total and complete hack

If Sarah Palin had half a brain (no, wait a minute)

‘Like Mr. Bean,’ but American: U.K. press turns against Romney after one day in London

PHOTOS: You are NOT ready to gaze upon Mitt's "Made In China" commemorative SLC Olympics pins.

Romney ad with Olympic footage goes dark on YouTube

Marlins draw eight walks and steal seven bases, somehow score only one run

"Obama widens his lead in polls. So why does it feel like he's in trouble?"

Sweet music for a mellow evening

Romney Fund-Raisers in London Draw Banking Crowd

Man accidentally shot himself trying to kill mouse

Oakland Zoo removes Ten Commandments monument

Can someone photoshop Romney with a pancake on his head?

"The Newsroom" show. IMHO a pretty accurate view of how corporations control the media.

Willard's Guide to International Diplomacy

Romney Surpasses Olympics Gaffe With Even Greater Stupidity

Live a little - A composition by Leroy Anderson featuring a brand new contributor

I think Mitt Romney chooses not to connect with regular people

One down, two to go.

Will Bunch writer for Phila Daily News calling for impeachment of Gov Corbett-Pa...

Will GOP leaders ask Obama to send in Marines to save Romney?

OK, I admit it . . .

Cuban president Raúl Castro willing to hold no-limits talks with America

The American Borat

Lawrence - well he did it - after a day in London they're saying he's worse

California gun purchases nearing record

Obama advisor Axelrod 'speechless' over Romney Olympic kerfuffle

It just occurred to me that Mitt just torpedoed one of his acknowledged strengths - his Olympic

The Mysterious Deaths of Nine Gulf Oil Spill Whistleblowers (Linked from Wikileaks on FB)

If this is true we need a way to force companies to raise wages

My favorite British news quote from the Anglo-Romney kerfuffle

BAIN, Romney, Spooks and Death Squads

Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill

Walmart accused of firing union organizers in bid to intimidate workers

Mayor Lee Won't Face Perjury Investigation, D.A. Says

Florida at the forefront as states plan fresh assault on voting rights

Unexpected Ozone Loss Observed above United States

Recipe for the best popcorn on the planet!

Mitt Romney's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in London

Tim Thomas Durr Hurr...

I have to share!

Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Claims Condemned By Catholic Bishops, 41 Other Groups

Ha, ha! Luckovich on Romney in London

So I went on a date last Sunday...

To Anyone saying the Rich "Work Hard and are Smart"

The President - pic

Beijing looks for military solution to island dispute

London mayor calls out Romney in front of 100,000 at Olympic torch lighting

Mitt Romney in: Mr. Bain Goes To London

"Why Corporate Fraud Is So Rampant: Wall Street's Cop" by Preet Bharara at CNBC

Wicca the dog joins Lennox. RIP

President Obama apologizes to world -------- republicans pissed

Let's face it: Romney went all "Pip, Pip, Tally-ho!" on the UK and they ain't buyin' it.

Why is it ok for Mitt to have a huge fundraiser in London?

"Mitt Romney’s Commander in Chief Problem" By Michael Crowley at Time

Reason Romney has his foot in his mouth is he is still wobbly from ...

Hey El! Can you explain this?

What no Buddhist group is complete without

Which Olympic Sports are you most looking forward to?

Don Young Endorses Dem. What the… ?

I would call 911 if I saw a guy (Rush Limbaugh) masturbating on I-95

No US mens soccer team in the Olympics

Baseball and Softball are not in these Olympics

Obama's Strongest Campaign Tactic

Arizona minister gets maximum sentence in fraud

Wanted - Dead or Alive

"Dear America: If in the future, you want your candidates vetted,

London mayor mocks Romney at Olympic rally

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's campaign signs burned and knocked down across Phoenix

Speaking of melons.....

Worst local TV news station you know of?

Obamacare rebate checks coming to Florida: Republicans say what?

Drone attacks condemned

Who came up with this bit about calling Democratic officials 'czars?'

Jon Stewart Rips Congress For Acting Like Children: ‘Full Metal A**holes’

Mitt Has No Foreign Policy - Just Foreign.....

US must stop drone attacks says Professor Khurshid Ahmad

U.S. agency questions Canadian port security

The Drones’ True Damage

Iran rapidly bolsters retaliation capability in gulf, experts say

PLEASE Help make a list of Romney's Gaffes during his trip to England

"House Race Ratings" (Map & list) at the NY Times

12 UK lawmakers demand US to end drone attacks in Pakistan

Come help us trend #RomneyShambles to the top, please . . .

So, my health insurance doesn't cover prescriptions

Two Bexar County, Texas K-9s Dead After Night Left Inside Hot Cruiser

"Two New Reports (Further) Debunk Right-Wing Media Claims That Voter ID is "Colorblind""

Everybody having fun...

I must say that I find myself intrigued by this "Steampunk" Aesthetic.

McCain's temper was a big deal in 2008- but I'm thinking Romney is going...

Facebook, Amazon lease space in Bangalore, Hyderabad (India)

I still don't believe he was meant to be the candidate, just a straw man.

How will competition in the labor market drive up wages?

Worries grow as healthcare firms send jobs overseas

great RomneyShamble pic posted on twitter....EarlG would like this one!

I've been chuckling as the reports of Mitt's Excellent Diplomatic Adventures started coming in.

O’Malley launches federal PAC as national profile rises

I See Where Thousands Again Are Out Of Power Due To Storms...

The Poverty Epidemic Hits the Suburbs

Krugman: "Simply Crazy to Be Laying Off Schoolteachers and Canceling Infrastructure Projects..."

John Fugelsang on Mitt Romney 'not putting out' (try not to have a dirty mind!)

Arizona minister to do a nickel for GD:

Bill Press web extra: the Anglo Saxon comment and real American heritage

Heat Sends U.S. Nuclear Power Production to 9-Year Low

My historic perspective of morons, pricks and senility on republican tickets in the last 40+ years.

Wolf Blizter get his ass handed to him on a silver platter

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 27 -- What's On Tonight: Tricky Dick

The Other ALECs' K-12 Education Agenda Exposed

Russia slams Syria opposition support

Business Owners Disapprove Of Obama's Job Performance: Poll

Luckovich take on Romney's European vacation. Oh man - the comics are going to be great!

Mitt Romney "will fight medical marijuana, tooth and nail"

Thanks and a tip of the hat to the press in the United Kingdom for telling the truth about Romney.

I'm always amazed at the kindness and outpouring

1946 political radio show regarding race relations by Jack Webb

Oakland police radio response defended (radios failed during Obama's visit)

Florida's Mandatory Health Insurance Law

"We just smiled and waved, sittin' there on that sack of seeds"

Check out The Guardian Blog on Rmoney's visit -- too funny!

To The GOP It's Just A Normal Hot Summer In The US

Romney Gaffes Are Obama's Fault.

So now that the Britts have gotten a good look at the mittster....

Wilted M. Bombing

Great quote from Jon Stewart

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, July 26)

Appears the Rmoney fundraiser wasn't all that grand...

Bob Ross Remixed

Rise Is Seen in Cyberattacks Targeting U.S. Infrastructure

Down the rabbit hole go the gunners ...

White House plays down prospect of new gun laws

817,000 ...

Prominent Republicans Worried Romney May Squander Presidency

The 44 Senators Who Believe The Rich Pay Too Much And The Poor Pay Too Little In Taxes


Shootin fish in a barrel ...

Senate Dems step up judicial wars

Banksters apologize, all is well in the world ...

Just consider: As bad as Romney is doing in Europe...

The wilder the story, the longer it lasts. (SyFy movie this Saturday.)

In 2012 President Obama has nominated 27 Federal Judges. The Senate has confirmed ONLY ONE so far!

The Joy Formidible - Whirring - Live at KEXP Seattle

We Need an ANTI-Gun Forum

Mittens stumbles through Europe - Toon

Obama to sign Israel security bill on eve of Romney visit

why does Rick Tyler,

TOON: Political Roundup 2032

Wayne County inspectors general donated to Robert Ficano's re-election campaigns

Ficano's former top technology officer pleads guilty to bribery

Crime of the century with Max Kesier and Gerald Celente

Inside Karl Rove's Secret Effort to Defeat Obama's Re-Election With Billionaire Donors' Help

Has anyone gone abroad to study a foreign language for a semester or two?

US report says Iraq 'rebuilders' died by hundreds

Maria Bartiromo And Barney Frank Were Just At Each Other's Throats For A Solid Ten Minutes

Beaten down by the SF Unified School District.

Multilation is a laugh riot

Flashback: Obama's Speech In Berlin

In spite of his every screw up, lie and inability to be anything close to a human being...

What? Danny Boyle is the director for the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

BTW, the UK "small island" exports per capita are nearly double that of the US

What would you say the US's closest allies are?

Are We Headed Back to the Dust Bowl? Blame the Banks

Top Two Oil Companies Earn $160,000 Per Minute, Paid Low Tax Rate

MRSA Cases in Academic Hospitals Double in Five Years

Rmoney Flew Out On His Overseas Trip But...

Researchers Unveil Molecular Details of How Bacteria Propagate Antibiotic Resistance

Bone Marrow Transplant Eliminates Signs of HIV Infection

Mitt's lead footed, "No Apologies" Euro Tour--could we be missing something?

Choose Romney's most likely future foreign trip blunder

Which Foods Will Cost More Because of the Drought?

Romney stumbles at start of UK trip

2 Officers Shot In Pendleton Standoff, Manhunt Underway

Texans to get millions in health insurance rebates

Oops! There went Greenland's ice

The World is Closer to a Food Crisis Than Most People Realize

Morning Joe Crew Opens Show TRASHING the Mittster and his London blunders!

Two Bexar County K-9s dead after night left inside hot cruiser


Bands whose lack of fame keeps them out of the Hall of Fame

who is this Romney bloke then?

Two Bexar County K-9s dead after night left inside hot cruiser

They just make shit up.

Mitt Romney, eh?

Via The Sun: Mitt the Twit

The Air Force's 30,000 Pound Bunker-Busting Bomb Is Ready For Action

Howie Dean is cleaning MIchael Steele's clock

Political Roundup in the year 2032- toon

Up To $2.3 Billion In California Public Funds Was Hiding In Plain Site

Bloomberg Is Raising Money To Help Pro-Gun Republican Scott Brown Defeat Elizabeth Warren

Could not resist posting this - trashy piece about the GOP convention - from the NYT no less

"It's been quite amazing so far. I'm almost speechless. That doesn't happen too often."

Germany Is Showing The World How To Become A Renewable Energy Powerhouse

Could actions of James Holmes actually help get Obama re-elected?

Romney Once Called England "Just a Small Island"

US midwest drought worsens despite rains

Video: Romney Adviser: Obama Doesn't Appreciate "Anglo-Saxon Heritage" of Britain, U.S.

Anglo-Spanish fishing racket ordered to pay record £1.6m fine

Hepatitis C Outbreak

Romneys Have Tax Deduction With Olympic Hopes on Rafalca

French research gives scientists hope of 'functional cure' for HIV

Tony Blair may itch to return, but he faces a cruel reality check

"the consequences of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party’s cynical racism strategy will live on."


Amazon’s Founder Pledges $2.5 Million in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Western bankers intensify global recession by financial terrorism

Company takes up X Prize challenge to sequence 100 genomes in 30 days

Five infant deaths signal serious UK whooping cough outbreak

David Sirota: Gold Medalists in Fake Outrage

How the London Olympics Will Revolutionize Food

British pilots flew armed US drones in Libya, MoD reveals

What do Brits think of President Obama?

Amazon founders give $2.5m to equal marriage in Washington

"Job Creators" is offensive.

Chuck Toad: Romney was "neutered" because "easily offended host countries parse every word."

PAC says Dan Quayle 'harassed' donor over TV ad for son's rival

#RomneyShambles not just a Twitter hash tag, now a video

Japan nationalist dreams of new patriotic party

Out of Africa: Startling New Genetics of Human Origins

Bradley Manning: Torture, Truth & Justice

Mitt's Outsourced Olympic Gear

It finally happened!

Romney Has Imploded

Spain unemployment hits new high

"Mitt the twit": UK morning papers blast Romney visit

Economy In U.S. Grows At 1.5% Rate On Consumer Spending

Pennsylvania Governor Can’t Recall Requirements Of Voter ID Law He Signed

Michelle Obama greets US athletes in London (AP via Yahoo)

Nit combs are 'nothing new'

Wounded and Pregnant, an Aurora Family Without Health Coverage

Aw, Mitt the Twit ain't that bad.

Mean Mary and the ginger cat.

"I create jobs too..."

Moon formation: Was it a 'hit and run' accident?

On MSNBC web site that I visited earlier on the right of screen

Cuban President Raul Castro 'willing to talk to US'

Poll: Obama Leads Romney In Ohio (by 8 points)

Once considered too cosmopolitan by some in the GOP, RMoney has firmed-up the key xenophobe vote.

California GOP awash in red ink; laying off staff & vacating headquarters

DNC ad: #RomneyShambles

US economic growth slows in second quarter

Seriously, are you enjoying Romney's London Clusterfuck as much as I am???

Clay Bennett Cartoon

And we thought George Bush was stupid

GOP Says Coverage For The Uninsured Is No Longer The Priority

U.S. economy still growing -- but not by much

Whooping Cough Outbreak: Pertussis and the Death-rattle of Reason

Romney Right On Message In Europe - It Makes RW'ingers Happy.

Student loan debt threatens graduates' financial future

You really didn't want to work today did you?

Hubig's Pies facility a total loss due to intense, five-alarm blaze

2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team (a new "Call me Maybe" video)

Mitt Romney does the impossible: Gets Brits to stop moaning and start cheering about Olympics

Mitt Romney's Pork Barrel Olympics

Olympic Cash Race: Corporate giants take gold, Londoners lose out

Northeast Passage Open W. Ice Coverage At Sept. Levels; Much Of Remaining Ice Like Swiss Cheese

WikiLeaks: The Latin America Files

My take on Mitt's latest FAIL.

Brian Wms' fateful question for Romney: "Do they look ready to your experienced eye?"

Picture : Romney's advisors ponder over their next step.

Sexist soccer? Japan's crazy double standard!

Mitt Romney's controversial Olympic past draws scrutiny

Mitt Romney Olympics Gaffe 'Insulted Everybody,' Harry Reid Says

the senate republicans vote to raise taxes on 99% of the people and the media yawns

British headlines from Romney's first day in London.

Exclusive - ECB may take losses in second Greek debt restructuring

Poll: Most Americans would vote atheist for president

The Return of Mr. James Crow - Gary Trudeau's "Doonesbury"

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's Founder, Pledges $2.5 Million In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

Google Fiber to arrive this fall; $70 for gigabit service

Doonesbury today - Maine's Voter ID laws or Sasquatch tries to vote....

Jim Powers – The Mosaic Man of New York City

Friday toon roundup-Repubs

The Upper Class Twit of the Year

Have you ever worked with a person like Mitt Romney?

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Rmoney and banksters

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest


Looking for more info on the Paul Ryan thing

News Roundup 2032

Mitt Romney declares himself 'a guy from Great Britain' after Olympics gaffe

The Daily Mail gives us a new word for Mitt, a Wazzock

Romney’s Central Foreign Policy Attack Against Obama Unravels

Online News Subscriptions Might Actually Be Working

Wandering Kitten Accidently Orders Arsenal Stockpile

Carl Lewis on Rmoney :"I swear, sometimes I think some Americans shouldn't leave the country."

In honor of the 2012 Olympics and the US Olympic Swim Team:


How Democrats Are Blowing Their Chance to Take Back the House

In GOP World Health Care Is A Privilege

EMILY’s List Creates a Firestorm in a Connecticut House Race

** Gets out staple gun and posts warning sign near the DU Stairwell **

Chik-fil-gay Sandwich!!! : )

Drumbeat: July 27, 2012

Krugman- Money For Nothing

Drumbeat: July 27, 2012

Condisleazy Rice attacks the patriotism (or lack thereof) of the American people


Tea Party Vocabulary

FLOTUS in London - photos

garbage disposer is the phrase for the day. add garbage disposer to a thread title.

Michelle Obama Meets Olympians, Shares Memories of the Games

Wet Hot Steamy Load. Please come CAPTION Mitt (ACDC) Romney!!

CNN: $100K manufacturing jobs

London 2012 Olympics: Are you watching Mitt? Michelle Obama gives a fun masterclass in diplomacy

People at the Olympics who have Swiss Bank Accounts...

@Lorraine W. on twitter! Not sure anyone could have said it better!

Walmart Moves To Fire Union Activist Employees

This chicken sandwich kills fascists. What does yours do?

They’re sexy, they know it.“Sext Up Kids” explores hypersexualization of our children – consequences

Mitt's Olympic Records: Romney Nephew Given Green Contract

OMG - UK SO good at nicknames..."Romneyshambles"

Prosecutors in Greer trial reveal secret recording

Krugman: The Hobbled Recovery

The tragedy in Aurora highlights the need for a proper health care system

OMFG - Obama is fugging up Rmoney publicly

My RW boss received an $1100 refund check from our health insurance company

When I was a young man...

What Is Rmoney's Travel Schedule Going Forward....

Maybe some of us shouldn't be such dicks! The stolen penis thread is being discussed in Meta!

Romney 'absolutely convinced' of London's Olympic readiness

NEW "Zimmerman Parents" Website traces little Zimmy's history from insemination to 2nd degree murder

My mansion sittin' on 40 acres.

Delta Air Lines to shut down Comair

When "businessmen" run for the presidency, we should run away from them.

Bobby Womack - If There Wasn't Something There

Big Ten coaches lack consensus on recruiting players from Penn State

Check out the avatar on @LOLGOP

With London swooning, Mitt aims for Israel

Little Dragon - Seconds (Syd The Kyd Remix)

Fuck you Mitt, fuck you and your rich whitey arrogance

Sex Pistols fans..."Super Deluxe" edition of "Never Mind The Bollocks" coming in September

Caption Time!

What kind of sunglasses are these?

George W. Bush vs. Mitt Romney - if you had to pick one who would you choose

New Poll: Obama up by 8-points in Ohio


#Romneyshambles and #AmericanBorat (Ouch, brutal!)

Frank Ocean - Crack Rock

99 Percent Problems

Obama to sign Israel security bill on eve of Romney visit

"THESE GUYS" a video telling the truth

What's for Dinner - Friday July 27th

MSNBC playing Romney "backside of 10 Downing street" clip without acknowledging gaffe

Lost Where I Belong Remix (Andreya Triana) - Flying Lotus

Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store

It's funny how Romney still thinks he's going to be the nominee...

This is weird: I have a tuned cat. Seriously.

(Fox) In Mitt’s Defense

Sun will shine (TBG remix)

First Lady Michelle Obama & David Beckham at a 'Let's Move London' event in London, England - pics

Frozen - Reva DeVito + Roane Namuh

London mayor lampoons Romney: ‘YES WE CAN!’

Jerry Sandusky's wife speaks

THEESatisfaction - QueenS

First Lady Michelle Obama at a breakfast with Team USA in London - pics

Luckovich nails 'Mitt the Twit' today...

Strict Scrutiny and gun control

Chick-fil-A Meets a First Amendment Buzzsaw in Chicago

Who decides that Michael Jackson's mother is national news but this story isn't?

Obama losing a majority ... who think he's a Christian

#TeamUSA's Elena Pirozhkova gives First Lady Michelle Obama a lift! - pic

Is this big? This seems big.. Legal types - advice on FEC release...

Romney's Anchor

MFM once decided to write a book on sex.

Thom Hartmann: The Man who Invented "Too Big to Fail" Recants

Things we'd love to hear from Mitt in the Holyland

Latest excuse: "Holmes was possesed by demons."

How will social and religious issues factor into 2012 election?

Krugman- The Doofus Factor

The stray cat is more welcome at #10

Romney’s Central Foreign Policy Attack Against Obama Unravels

I guess Mitt can delete "London's Calling" from his ipod.

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make...Oh, Just Fuck You, Mitt Romney

Jon Stewart: Congress either assholes or five-year-olds

Mitt: China's free enterprise "strength" has been "borrowed in some respects from our nation"

Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Claims Condemned By Catholic Bishops, 41 Other Groups


Consumer Confidence in U.S. Falls to Lowest Level of Year on Labor Outlook

Mitt Romney gets cold reception from UK media after Olympic gaffe

Romneyshambles on youtube.

"There's a reason why .... on fiscal mess: One of our two political parties has gone nuts."

Study: 1 in 4 Floridians has pre-existing condition that health-care law would cover

Here is Glenn Beck's very unique 2012 electoral map

Crystal Ball predicts a 1% popular vote victory for Barack Obama

Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Claims Condemned By Catholic Bishops, 41 Other Groups

All out of context, all the time

WH reacts...

"If you ban ____, you only will create a black market for it. Therefore, we cannot ban ____."

Catholic Church Blatantly Discriminates Against Gay Couple In Property Sale

Michelle Obama on Olympics: British "know what they're doing"

Om Unit - Dark Sunrise (Feat Tamara Blessa)

Romney's taxes: Why do they matter?

Been out shopping...has Twittens been up to anything yet today? Am not amused by....

How many times do you have to be right?

Overt Racism in Crystal Springs, Mississippi First Baptist Church: No Black Weddings Allowed!

Did everyone get a PM from linux80386, or am I just special?

Fucking ASSHOLE-slash-alleged "comedian" Dane Cook Tells Theater Shooting Joke At Laugh Factory

Pope appoints new Archbishop of San Francisco: chief supporter of Prop. 8

Defendant took cyanide after guilty verdict

OMFG!! Now I've seen EVERYTHING...

Report shows US drought rapidly intensifying


Demonoid Faces Prolonged Downtime After DDoS Attack

Mitt Romney: Arab Spring Could've Been Avoided By Bush's 'Freedom Agenda'

"They" know now.

"Mitt Romney turned out to be the first one thrown out of the London Olympics for doping."

Yesterday Evening ...

Voter registration simplified (going forward)

Team Romney -- Yes, yesterday was that bad."

Fox host: Brits shouldn't be so mean to Mitt ... after all, he could be president

Scale model bras & panties!

CNN President Jim Walton to step down

Bloomberg Endorses Republican Scott Brown in Heated Massachusetts Senate Race

Little luke pushed the rmoney and...

"I have an idea for Mitt Romney: Release your tax returns today."

Carl Lewis lambasts Mitt Romney remarks (“Every Olympics is ready, I don’t care whatever he said")

Americans are not amused when presidents embarrass the country.

RW "WeAskAmerica" Ohio - Obama way up. More Republicans are moving toward the President.

Ted Nugent appeared at a Tommy THOMPSON rally last night. Strangling justice David PROSSER

Obama way up in Ohio - according to this RW pollster

Raul Castro: Cuba willing to sit down with US

I saw something this morning ...

Astonishing images of the moment apocalyptic 'derecho' superstorm battered New York

Funny Friday...

The ED Show - The right's weak argument

Karl Rove: Romney Blew It In London (“You have to shake your head.")


Hi,my name is Betty Jo

PSA announcement, if you can, it is time to restock your pantry.

Caption this

White Baptist church in Missouri bans black wedding

This Guy Robbed A Bank Just To Get Healthcare In Jail

The ED Show - Mitt Romney's London gaffe-fest

Fact: This Does Not Do Shit.

Olympic legend Carl Lewis on Mitt Romney:

Viewpoints: Women continue to fight for equal access in sports

The ED Show - Romney under fire in London

Local Repub candidate gets caught cheating on homestead; stays on with Commission's support.

Blind archer posts first world record of London Olympics

Mitt Romney is recognized by pedestrians at Grosvenor Place in London - pics

How bad was Romney's first day in London?

Headless Rhythmic Gymnasts

Cuba frees dissidents arrested at Paya funeral

The Guardian summarizes Mittwit's epic fails:

Santorum on the Mittster: "He heroically showed up on the scene"

Cool website thats helpful

Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit, and We Should Listen

Even Rove Throws Up His Hands

Candidate Sen. Obama Abroad, 2008

The ED Show - Romney responds to 'Anglo-Saxon' comments

Turn this vile claim on its head

Problem receiving email from one customer.

Fox host: Brits shouldn't be so mean to Mitt ... after all, he could be president

Troll doucheweasel gets a pizza

The end of the world as we know it

immigrants threatening your way of life?

MORE insidious Commie-Atheist brainwashing!1!

Colombia fails to cooperate in European spying scandal: Report .

Colombia fails to cooperate in European spying scandal: Report .

I am surprised by the sharpness of Cameron's smack-down of Mitt

Would you eat this?

Pic Of The Moment: Michelle Schools Mitt

Mitt the what????

PHOTOS: 111 Dogs That Can't Vote in Virginia

Houston voted coolest city in US by Forbes Magazine

James Holmes Claims Amnesia: Alleged 'Dark Knight' Shooter Wonders Why He's Arrested

Thom Hartmann: Mitch McConnell Blinked

“I Couldn’t Love Him More:” How Romney Steered a Key Olympic Project to a Friend

Check the income range for 25% tax bracket. Then ponder Mitt paying <15% rate on his millions.

Prime Minister Harper’s former aide charged with fraud

Healthcare: America – Best Money Can buy Taiwan – Best Everyone Can Afford –Merge Them

Appeals court upholds Philip Morris sanctions

Electoral College Tie this November? It's Very Possible...

"Very high winds but they were very hot – felt like a heat gun"

Exposed: Pennsylvania Act 13 Overturned by Supreme Court, Originally an ALEC Model Bill

"There's a guy called Mitt Romney..." said London Mayor Boris Johnson. Those words must sting

Great new hashtag: #NameMittsForeignTour

The Facebook Facelift.

Here's a great site for those of us in Florida re: Allen West

Too Old For Congress?

Olympics billboard

Penn State, the NCAA, and the aftermath...

How did Toll Brothers survive the housing slump? By keeping buyers' deposits

Yankee Doodle Dandy (2012 update)

MrScorpio's sure-fire method to getting rich

I'm sure this has been hashed out here, and no doubt

Wanna know the REAL reason why Romney is in London?

Attn birthers: Romney just admitted he's a "guy from the UK" so is admitting his BC is forged!

TX CHL holders 16x less likely to be convicted of crime

Check out NBC's Olympics website for TV/Cable schedule

Palestinian Olympics chief calls minute of silence requests ‘racism’

Thom Hartmann: Is It Time to Re-Think the 2nd Amendment in America?

Like Roosevelt in 1936, Obama should laugh his way to victory.

Maryland man arrested with dozens of weapons, says he's the Joker

First Lady Michelle Obama at a reception at Buckingham Palace for Heads of State and Government-pics

Severe thunderstorms erupt along a swath 1,500 miles long

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #5

Colombia's Air Force takes part in US war games .

Colstrip Power Plant Lawsuit: Environmental Groups To Sue Over Pollution Control

New Dancing with the Stars Cast Announced - All Stars

Derecho climatology

Fla. Republican: We wanted to suppress black votes

Karl Rove Plots His Return

“It’s extraordinary,” “but it’s cheaper to get it from China.” Said Mitt to the brick.

from DFA:

Contribution to GDP

Extraordinary hubris

'Whale Wars' star skips out on $319,000 bail

Was Thursday's outbreak a derecho?

(This Sunday in SF) Who is Behind Privatization of Public Education?

Forget Chick Fil A's newly exposed homophobia, they've always been racist

Google admits it did not delete Street View data

I rewatched "Game Change" on HBO this morning

Apparently Mitt no longer Fitts

Heat Sends U.S. Nuclear Power Production to 9-Year Low

Donna Brazile: Mitt Romney vs. stubborn facts

FOX Hypocrisy: British Press Better Back Off.

The Reviews are in on Mitt's London debut...

I see London-I see France

Paraguay Opens Doors to Unregulated Foreign Investment

Paraguay Opens Doors to Unregulated Foreign Investment

they are all so beautiful!

Upper Class Mitt of the Year

Once the late night comics start in on Mitt--he's finished...

Fox Begrudges Solar Power A Tiny Slice Of Public Land

Mitt's Salt Lake City Olympics pins: why does his chin...

1825 Contingent election

Suppress, Suppress, Let’s Suppress This Mess

The NRA behind the times?

The locking of Gun threads in GD has begun.

Are we in the midst of a class war?

London welcomes First Lady of fashion Michelle Obama

So when IS Horse Prom? I don't see it listed.

This is not "class warfare"

An anonymous British official says…“What a car crash. We are speechless.”

Former atheist poet reveals details of her Catholic conversion

Nick Lowe - So it Goes

"Mitt Romney, parroting another right-wing conspiracy theory" (updated)

Black wedding banned by Baptist church

Will Foreign Ownership Kill 'The Nuclear Revival'?

46.5 Million Americans, Record 22.3 Million US Households, On Foodstamps; 8,753,935 On Disability

Religious roots of trees branch into many faiths

Chick-Fil-A’s Blinding Hypocrisy Revealed In One Simple Picture

Delco election official vows to defy (Pennsylvania Voter) ID law

For those who smoke cigarettes

Hey pundits, here's why Romney can't 'define himself'

Cyrano de Bergerac in the park:


Why does Romney keep talking about the Soviet Union ?

When you think about it, Romney actually performed a truly astounding feat.

Romney fails to differentiate himself from Bush on economy

7/27 3-4pm (EDT): Sen. Sanders is on the Thom Hartmann show.

Fact Check: The Bust of Winston Churchill is good.

So my mother-in-law is going to vote AGAINST Obama-because, she says, Michelle has No Class?

Chick-fil-A PR Honcho Dies of Heart Attack

Crist has Greer problem if he runs again for governor

Like NAACP debacle, audience of Romney's Brit trip was domestic conservatives

The Last Word - It was 'worse than Sarah Palin'

Special Ops Commander McRaven on Obama as Commander in Chief: 'Fantastic'

Romney flip-flop: "foreign trip not the time for my foreign policies" ... "Obama got it all wrong"

Republican Fails "Eduction"

DUers on Twitter: start your #ConservativeOlympics tweets

Lone Democrat running for open seat, Orange County Commissioner-FL

Legally blind archer breaks first world record of the Olympics

Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes was seeing psychiatrist at university before massacre

NY Times: Governor Cuomo (NY) is censoring the state archives to protect himself.

Gee what a shock, Santorum backs Penn State and Paterno, guess only adult sex is a problem for him

House GOP Leader Defends Bachmann’s Witch Hunt: ‘Her Concern Was About The Security Of The Country’

Romney vs Boris! tee hee

Two Journalists Freed by Syrian Rebels After Weeklong Ordeal

I'll bet the FLOTUS is going to watch Rafalca compete, and will root for her.

Ma and Pa Zimmerman launch their own website

Exposed: Pennsylvania Act 13 Overturned by Supreme Court, Originally an ALEC Model Bill is claiming shooter in Aurora, CO was seeing a psychiatrist.

A heartfelt "Thank you" for something near and dear...and with it, not just a vote, but my SUPPORT

Caterpillar Strike: In the US, It's Open Season on Unions

You MUST watch this! The Gardner Family - Why Marriage Matters Maine (Have tissues handy)

Thom Hartmann: Why is Romney Making Out with Foreign Banksters

Five Successful Public Backlashes Against Homophobic Corporations

ACLU attorney: Blocking Chick-fil-A over gay marriage 'viewpoint discrimination'

The Men’s Beach Volleyball Uniforms Need an Overhaul

Chick-fil-A chief spokesman Don Perry dies unexpectedly

"A rightwing ranter has been assigned to every registered voter in each swing state"

Chick-Fil-A Wedding Crashers (cartoon)

Caption and/or photoshop this pic

Who is watching the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics?

The Lounge should have a reality show!

Why is the Western left so obsessed with Israel?

The way the economy works at its most basic level...

No Olympics Spoilers Please

Video: Romney Adviser: Obama Doesn't Appreciate "Anglo-Saxon Heritage" of Britain, U.S.

We can cause mischief in our right wing family members by blocking Fox on their TVs

Five old friends take same photo for 30 years

Spot the socialists (great easy 2 read chart; changes in gov't employ for last five presidents)

Guide to Covert Manipulation on the Internet

The Abbey at Lessay

Romney campaign blasts ‘eccentric, odd’ Mayor Boris Johnson of London

Cullen is back in the caucus

DHS-funded video gives tips on how to survive a mass-shooter

List of things that Romney is going to have a hard time with during the rest of the campaign:

DefCon-Job: US govt descends to hacker cave

Civil Rights Group Calls For Probe Of Romney’s ‘Interference’ With VA Voter Registration

Neil Reed, IU Player Who Bob Knight Choked, Dies at Age 35

US war on drugs - now in Africa

Interesting observation: most violent states tend to vote RED while most peaceful tend to vote BLUE

The Last Word - Rewriting Professor Limbaugh

Rmoney's latest tweet

Random Stuff (watch) + Mitt the Twit

Stephen Lewis: Trillions Spent on War and Bank Bailouts Leaves Little Money to Fight AIDS

No charges filed on this "joker" yet. Should his guns be returned?

Ed Schultz's Wife Wendy Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer

are these symptoms familiar to another cat owner?

Corn starch packing peanuts....

After Stonewalling Obama’s Jobs Package, Republicans Complain About GDP Growth

After Romney in London, I think we have locked up...

Toon: Mitt Makes Use Of The Olympic Torch

got some trout fillets but I never cook trout. what to do?

Bwahahaha -- Obama Gets Ahead Of Mitt Romney On Israel

Petition for removal of Michelle Bachman from the House Intelligence Committee -

Petition for the removal of Michelle Bachmann from the House Intelligence Committee -

OMG..Is Norquist a Muslim Brotherhood Plant??

Romney’s World

"In the long run, is the GOP dead?"

Jose Hernandez: Let's launch an astronaut into Congress

DU Darlings, your Friday Afternoon Challenge Returns! Today: “Street ‘Cred’!”

Senate Intelligence Committee Adopts a Dozen Anti-Leak Measures

Tweety opens up with Mitt's Misery Tour

Romney backers buy $1 million in radio ads

Mother Nature is an Uncompromising, Eco-Terrorist Purist

First Lady Michelle Obama speech to 'inspiring' Olympians (video included)

AdWatch: GOP ad questioning Obama’s economic stimulus is simplistic, ignores positive impact

Jim Greer denounces Florida Rep Party - liars, 'right-wing crazies': schemed to supress black voters

'The Dark Knight' composer Hans Zimmer Releases New Song to Benefit Aurora Shooting Victims

Bain Capital as Explained by Tony Soprano and Henry Hill....

GOP Says Coverage For The Uninsured Is No Longer The Priority (NPR)

What I don't understand is: WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO?

MiddleFingerMom, LynneSin, Ohiosmith

Not cutting his losses: Romney campaign blasts ‘eccentric, odd’ Mayor Boris Johnson of London

Dear Ms Bristol Palin - We don't make shit up about you - we just repeat what you say!

Wrestler picks up Michelle Obama

Breaking: Romney says the Brits "generally have bad teeth"

Taxes, Offshore Accounts and Corruption

Romney retroactively cancels London trip

Britain is an easy date. So how did Mitt Romney mess up so badly?

Do you know somebody who made a ton of money but then lost it all?

Italics are remaining through the "recs" box at the end of the post

Rahm to Holder in 2009: STFU on Guns

Romney is a dickhead...why didn't i realize this before...

Why isnt this LBN?

Julian Assange's bail backers will plead to keep their money

Students First offering gift cards to those making pro-reform comments

Baffled by the Opening Ceremonies? Help below:

Three more women accuse Utah GOP activist of sexual assault

So I went to my first storage auction today. Didn't spend a dime.

"Bras & panties" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "bras & panties".

Chick-fil-A's Vice President of Corporate Public Relations passes away

I haven't watched a Britcom in years

Police: Crofton man planned mass shooting, called himself 'Joker'

I haven't watched a shitcom in years.

Have you got your notice of class action suit against Netflix?---Update-

I hope MIM will explain the opening ceremony to us. I hear that...

The Olympics Rock!

Nevermind the Bollocks Here's Mitt Romney

WSJ's Crovitz: "Creating The Internet" And Getting Everything Wrong

Train terror as mining giant endangers Earth’s most threatened tribe 26 July 2012

Is the Churchill Bust Controversy A Total Bust?

This Isn't About Politics-It's About Family & How People Treat One Another

Expert: Package to Holmes' psychiatrist may not be privileged

Romney's Olympics remarks rally proud Brits

It is all in the context.


Breakfast at Catherine's place

New Obama ad: 'I believe'

Mitt Romney wraps up his ill-fated trip to London and prepares to insult the rest of the world...

Explorers find downed German U-Boat off Mass.

Think Obama's a Muslim? Then you're too stupid to vote

AFT convention July 27

From London: "Olympic mania has struck. Maybe Mitt Romney was the unintentional catalyst."

For those who think we should have a "businessman in the White House" ...

Poll: Would anyone here object to or be offended by skimpy outfits on male volleyball team members?

Tori the Smoking Orangutan to be Sent to Rehab

I retired today.

WaPo columnist who swore Iraq had WMDs says nothing surprising in Romney's tax returns

voter registration

Mitt Happens - found on Facebook.

Michelle Obama did not 'school' anyone. All she did was show grace and respect for the game.

Eric Cantor doubles down for Michelle Bachmann

How to Fight Against Lobbyists

Bristol Palin: 'I like gays. I'm not a homophobic'

Police in Maryland are trying to connect the person they say they stopped from killing

Clerk killed in West Side gas station robbery (Give 'em what they want. They won't hurt you)

Weekend Economists Ride With Sally into the Sunset July 27-29, 2012

Fla. Republican: We wanted to suppress black votes

Cantor Declines to Criticize Bachmann Over Abedin Charges

One of the headlines in Britain today "Mitt falls at the first hurdle"

Josh Mandel wants to sell us short

Shame on you, CBS News/Pelley/Schieffer. What we just saw disgusted us.

"The Hobbled Recovery" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Libor Crime Probe In U.K. Starts As U.S. Readies Indictments

I have quit smoking for over 3 weeks now.

interesting photo

"We Did ‘Build That,’ and Our Government Helped" By Jonathan Alter at Bloomberg

I predict a new low for CNN.

Nebraskan Hate Crime Victime Outs Herself & Denounces Doubters.

$42 million to produce the opening ceremony to The Olympics

I was driving behind Mr. Mom today. He's Republican.

James Holmes reminds me of Charles Ng.

Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill

"Strange way the guy walks."

Text of gun-control bill S.Amdt.2575 (just introduced today in Senate)

Anybody have the graphic...

PERMA-CRUSH. There is no recovery from this. None. You have been warned.


'The DISCLOSE Act won’t fix campaign finance" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

Really DU? Is this who we are? DISGUSTING comments on this thread.

Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin also said 'You Didn't Build That'

How James Bond whisked the Queen to the Olympics - Video

Miami Dolphins Wish 'Hard Knocks' Crew Would Stop Openly Talking About How Bad They Are

One less thing for the Obama campaign to worry about.

Romney's horse gets better healthcare than you do.

Guiliani in Boca: Apologize for the economy, Mr. President

Another misleading Romney TV Ad

Michael Phelps Using Rosetta Stone To Brush Up On His English

Dick Cheney Sits for ABC News Interview.

Santorum weighs in on Penn State

Prominent Antigay Evangelical Blogger Outed as Gay

America's liberal Christians might be progressive and inclusive, but they are also dying out

Prominent Antigay Evangelical Blogger Outed as Gay

The most Inclusive Opening Ceremony in my lifetime

Crusade for Christ in the Olympics with THIS in Opening Ceremonies.

Pope Benedict XVI Names Viciously Anti-Gay Priest As Archbishop Of San Francisco

Hotel worker says she lost job because of testimony about 'blacklisting'; Hyatt, contractor deny...

What's the password?

How Obama 'beat' Romney to Israel ... with a White House signing ceremony

Republican fiction writers

Romney Promises LIBOR-Scandal Banksters He'll Score for Them

As much as I detest the commercialism of these games and the hyped up nationalism,

The Chicago Police Department is at war with our low-income communities, and communities of color.

U.S. piles more duties on Chinese wind towers

TAKE ACTION! - Petition seeks justice for Florida miniature stallion...

"Pennsylvania voter ID case opens in state court" by Robert Barnes at WP

93 years ago tonight: the start of the Chicago Race Riots...

Climate Central - Extreme & Exceptional Drought Affecting 21% Of Nation, Up From 14% In One Week

My 100th time serving on a DU Jury.

Whoa: Did FDR Call It Or What?