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Call ohiosmith RIGHT FUCKING NOW! And tell him to take a chill pill and just

The perfect description of Romney...

The new episode of Ancient Aliens (warning: SPOILERS):

Wonder if Chick-fil-A franchise owners will sue the CEO, and if

Anyone know...

Best diet/lo cal snacks and drinks

Obamacare Will Solve Stories like Adam Francois American Healthcare Nightmare (REAL STORY)

Twitter people - new account @NBCDelayed (funny)

Jon Snow - A Dance with Dragons (major spoilers within)

Underwater cameras in the pool.

Worst Western ever made! Complete!

I loved Geoffrey Hughes - R.I.P. Onslow

Them! (1954)

No to ‘fracking’ doesn’t mean no - Landowner refusal can’t stop drilling

Krave Massive, World's Biggest Gay Night Club, To Open In Las Vegas

Romanian president survives impeachment referendum

Haaretz Headline: " was Romney's voice but Netanyahu's words"

Must see Family Guy tonight about the Tea Party

No to ‘fracking’ doesn’t mean no - Landowner refusal can’t stop drilling


Justice Scalia steps up criticism of healthcare ruling

First Fan

Spoiler - Some American athlete was raised in a small town...

Dixie Chick Fil-A #ironiccurrentevents

The Soup of the Day

Caption: Willard at Wailing Wall

Any DUers watching Secrets of the Manor on PBS

I just got back from a Wayne's World Quote-Along.

To avoid further negative notoriety, Romney slipped into Israel disguised as himself...

I just got polled from a 202 area code

Aliette de Bodard: Butterfly, Falling at Dawn

Why do I get the last word?

House wren has laid claim to a pot next to the front door.

Romney Jerusalem remarks 'harm US interests': Palestinians

Want to know the two most important things I have learned in 57 years?

Why don't we talk about Mitt's Mormonism? The Brits. do.

Unseen and ill-used – the plight of night workers

Since when has it been considered "weak" to ask, want, apply for or seek help/monetary assistance?

The militarization of law enforcement continues...

made in america

Jimmy Carter's 1976 victory speech

Mittastrophe: "I won't apologize for America..."

Health insurance mandate faces huge resistance in Oklahoma....what's wrong w/people?

For all you bicycle lovers out there. And for the haters. 'Specially the bicycle haters.

Saturn moon Iapetus' huge landslides stir intrigue

A rather typical example of the double standard

leaving facebook

Deepening Political Dementia A Dilemma For Democrats

Weak Monsoon In India; About 20% Short Nationwide; Some Spot Shorfalls Approach 70%

Results of Googling 'Mitt Romney is...'

At Leat One Silver Lining To Drought; Gulf Dead Zone Will Be Smaller Than Usual This Year

Mystery solved. It's a Carolina Wren!

Learning From The Drought Of '12 - Interesting Piece On Agriculture, Local & Otherwise

SmartMoney (sic) Magazine: Fraud, Energy Bubbles & The Benefits Of Default

Nature Geoscience: Western 2000-2004 Drought Worst In 800 Years, Likely A Preview Of New Normal

For those of you who haven't seen it yet - THE OLYMPICS by Bruno Bozzetto

Help me explain Asian vs. Oriental

From the BBC: US election 2012: How to run for president

Treason: Just Another Republican Election Strategy

You Must Be Legally Insane To Vote GOP

We never call people who join the military to kill people insane

Romney Prays at Western Wall with Traveling Fundraisers

Fans upset over empty VIP seats in London Olympic venues

Oregon criminalizes permaculture; claims state ownership over all rainwater

I find myself more & more at home with Lounge than with my GD certainly not Meta

So I just found out that this was my niece/Mccartney

"Good Mitt"

Dirty Energy Money Seeps into Academia

Just starting to watch the replay of True Blood.

Jeez, I thought the triple-X Olympics would be a bit more - uh - risque

Dumb Miami Herald sportswriter slags French swimming victory

'Obama has never apologized for America, but now America has to go around apologizing for Romney'

Undeniable proof that unbridled capitalism as we know it is a complete and unmitigated failure:

The Messaging Myth

Scalia on Obama: 'What can he do to me?'

Does Mitt realize...

Romney Outdoes His British Gaffe With Insult in Israel

Spoiler Alert: The Newsroom

David Dewhurst meets voters at Chic-fil-A Monday

Democrats advertising in Missouri, Wisconsin GOP Senate primaries(AP)

Where is Richard Perle these days?

Do You Want to End Unnecessary American Wars? Reinstate the Draft

Um...yeah...about the whole "You didn't build that" thing...

So Bush Has Decided To Skip The RNC Convention?

I am a glutton for punishment. Calls for a caption - from yesterday's Tomatopalooza!

"Majority of House GOP caucus wants to shut government down over Obamacare"


Mr. Romney has ceased to be amusing.

DAMN, the French swimmers delivered up some Karma from 2008.

Must See: Camera Catches Parents Of Olympic Gymnast In Hilariously Awkward Moment - video

Chris Hayes will let the democrats to take on the investor class

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

Syria: Aleppo is nail in Assad's coffin, says Panetta

Crash of the Bumblebee - Krugman

Once again Cal Thomas plants his foot squarely in his mouth...

I am just going to say it... somebody has to...

Mr. Romney has ceased to be amusing.

I realized today that the Democrat Party actually exists -- in Thailand.

Exotic Country Sweeps Medals In Boring Sport Nobody Watches

Crowley grills Ayotte on what is 'weak' about President Obama's foreign policy.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 31: Star of the Month: Leslie Howard

"Romney Breaks With Every GOP President, Pledges To Never Criticize Israel"

Obama logo painted on a barn in Ohio.

It's A Far Cry

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Senate Nominee Shorting U.S. Treasury Bonds, Would Profit From Government Default

Wisdom and courage.

Red and Blue states?

He said "I don't understand sports." So I explained...

"Buzz says Warren may be keynoter"

Want to know what you get when you mix racism, bigotry and religion and stir it all together?

Describe mitt with one word, I'll start!

Fred Kaplan's take on Romneyshambles

"Romney’s problem? Americans don’t like him as much as Obama, polls say." By Karen Tumulty at WP

Cool Boomer Books

So you don't want to vote

"Romney's Iranian Oil Investments Loom During Visit To Israel" by keememhonest at Daily Kos

Bill Clinton to Nominate Obama at Convention

Mystery woman appears in ceremony

For Desolate, Shrinking Salton Sea, Another Dream

How many of you here would be comfortable being called "Orientals"?

Remembered MOST of the words of the Marseilles!

If President Obama came out in favor of...

"Why Liberals Are More Intelligent Than Conservatives"

incredible link of what (police aka civil military state) of Anaheim, CA..

ok. i told myself i would never post

Russia seeks naval bases in Cuba, Vietnam

American Olympic coverage hyper patriotic?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, July 29)

Bob Ross Remixed | Happy Little Clouds

maybe Mark Zuckerberg just Doesn't Care about the STock Price that Much

Back in 2007 Senator Obama spent a day as a home health care worker (updated)

Symphony of Science - The Case for Mars

The DUzy Awards for Friday, July 27th, 2012 (ish)

Democratic Party Motivational Song (every Democrat please listen to this song)

Say It Loud, Democrat and I'm Proud! (please listen to this song and give your opinion)

Democratic Party Theme Song (everyone should listen to this song)

Massive India blackout leaves 300 million without power

Starry, Starry Night...

Making Kimchi

Massive India blackout leaves 300 million without power

Chicken is supposed to be FUN!

Super PAC ratchets up ad war in MO Senate Republican primary

Lakewood Cake Shop Refuses Wedding Cake To Gay Couple

Mike Malloy from April 13, 2012: rant on top tax rate, middle class, and subprime loans

U.S. Fund to Rebuild Afghanistan Is Criticized

No one talks about getting rid of the Saudi regime...

Mike Malloy April 13, 2012 hour 1 segment 3: podcast trivia, Buffett rule poll, Nazi lobbyist

Please don't call me Oriental (From Ellen Oh's blog)

Do we need the link /link button?

Did Romney lie about the "close family relative" who died from an illegal abortion?

Tonight's Breaking Bad (spoilers)

WATCH: Hamas, far-right Jews prepare their children for holy war

Olympic cat acting as referee:

Nuns to decide how to respond to attacks from the Vatican

Startling toll reported in Japanese heat wave

Tunisia: Hardline Islam threatens democracy gains

Is this cat a "job creator"?

BBC Link to the Olympics

BBC The Mormon Candidate Romney...never to air in the US.- complete

British Rock Stars pushing Anti Piracy Law in UK ( Daltrey, Townshend, Plant, May,etc)

DUers please send Joe Scum his meds

We need a "like" button, like FB, to replace the "+1"

Syria: Aleppo is nail in Assad's coffin, says Panetta

How to Break NRA’s Grip on Politics: Michael R. Bloomberg

China's Coal to Chemical Future

Is your pension safe?

Romney Accepts One Million Dollar Bribe From Foreign Powers On Behalf Of GOP

Olympic Spoiler: Men's Water Polo

Tampa: RNC 'Romneyville' camp faces legal review

Ten reasons Mitt Romney's Israel visit is wrong; so many levels

Conservative moral relativism on public employment, explained in two newspaper articles

Romney courts donors, raises cash in Israel (Palestinian leaders-comments racist and out of touch)

AP News: "Romney courts donors, raises cash in Israel"

Why was Tim Duncan left off the 92 Dream Team?

Time for Morning Maniac Music

E. J. Dionne: Mitt Romney and the go-for-broke election

Barbara Ehrenreich: Why Are Working People Invisible in the Mainstream Media?

Chick-fil-Hate supporters love money and want to secede from the United States

And in Rush continues to hemorrhage advertisers news: Three (BIG) new advertisers drop Rush Limbaugh

Ooops, another of Rmoney's "I built this biz" guys relies on the gubmint

5 Ways Churches Get Preferential Treatment and Benefit from Legal Loopholes

First Lady Leaving London

STUDY: NBC More Likely To Cover Men’s Olympic Events, Show Women In Sports With Minimal Clothing

And the Aurora CT has started. Guess who really did it?

Do What I Tell Me To Do.

It's 'Unbelievable' How Much The Economy Is Getting Slammed By The Government Spending Slowdown

Russia's "Pussy Riot" on trial for cathedral protest

How do you get a bad odor out of car?

Simple lessons from the backs of seed packages

A Voice From The Watery Grave

@AFT - Chicago Teachers Show Displeasure at Unconditional Obama Endorsement

Pussy Riot Trial: Anti-Putin Feminist Rockers Court Case At A Glance

Thanks Ann, Learned something about Hobby Losses, thanks to You!

While you were busy hating Joe Scab...

Songs that go on and on and on and on.....

Chris Hedges: The Perversion of Scholarship

toon: 'You may know me by another name:

"Greyjing" - Story Quotes Public Health Official: Lung Cancer Rates Up 60% In Decade, Smoking Same

Hope, Anger, Courage

Holy Crap: Romney praises Israel's Government Paid Healthcare?

Romney Praises Israel's Socialized Health Care System

Ed Schultz Posts Romney Comments during private fundraiser and Palestinians Pissed

World's largest butterfly disappearing from Papua New Guinea rainforests

nytimes: Republicans vs. Women

Colosseum in Rome is leaning, officials say

Sports to add (or bring back) to the Olympics?

X-post: Sports to add (or bring back) to the Olympics?

What Ever Happened To ZPG Or The Idea Of Sustainable Growth?

Cheney Defends His Silence on Gay Marriage in 2000

I missed this last halloween. Pretty cool.

questions about personal trainers

McCain Defends Palin VP Pick, Recalls Torture Dispute With Cheney

Remember when after an Olympic race like a 400Meter 1st thing the winner did was light a cigarette?

Vice President Biden Speaks To Seniors About Retirement Security (July 16)

Time again for the DU LOUNGE OLYMPICS!!!

Ann's dancing horse must not have made the cut

Someone please explain why they got rid of Softball and Baseball from the Olympics

I think The Newsroom is just awful

An open letter to Mitt Romney

Wardrobe malfunction in the Olympic pool (This is not a spoiler. It's in the paper)

Teachers union says too much focus put on testing

True Blood Review tomorrow but damn, wasn't last night's show the best!! **** spoilers ****

10 Tips for gun control advocates.

Dawood Military Hospital Scandal: The Most Shocking Photos And Testimony (WARNING: Graphic photos)

A awesome blog I found while googling "Mitt Romney is a douchebag".

Pentagon Efforts to Straighten Out Bookkeeping Face Billion $ Cost Overruns

Stephen Lewis: Trillions Spent on War and Bank Bailouts Leaves Little Money to Fight AIDS

47 years ago today LBJ signed Medicare into law...

Tom Tomorrow: What We REALLY Need Is...

Peak oil review - July 30

A Big Banker’s Belated Apology

Voices of God: Religious Diversity in the Bible

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - July 30

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Religion playing strong role in background of Olympic Games

Kidnapped Man Is Found Inside a Detective’s Garage

New York Times: As Syrian War Drags On, Jihadists Take Bigger Role

JPMorgan Chase under investigation for rigging electricity markets in 2010-11

In God we don't trust: Five Israeli atheists bare their souls

Seems "Romney is making the case that the United States shouldn't disagree in public with Israel"

Thomas P.M. Barnett: Iranian Nukes, Drone Warfare and China, and Lots More

Marginal tax rates 1916-2011

Venezuelan diplomat held in embassy murder investigation

The point of no returns: what is Romney hiding?

Mount a Monday and RIDE!!! Please come CAPTION Mitt ("I am who you want me to be") Romney!!!


OMG - take a look at these charts - Mitt vs. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

Slouching Towards Nuremberg?

Election season is always bizarre

Privatization: The Big Joke That Isn't Funny

John McCain responds to Cheney with torture jab

What She Wore When Her House Burned Down

I'm thinking after Romney returns from his National Lampoons vacation, he'll have to have some sort

East German swim coach: "Hey, we’re here to win a swim meet, not to sing!"

Yeah, listen to McCain he knows all about getting elected.

Attorney Geoffrey Feiger's anti-Romney ad

Bad dog!

It’s 2012. Do you know where your 10 billion pounds of beef are?

Holy shit! A senior Palestinian Authority official accuse Romney of making a "racist statement"

Romneys creepy family tree

Wanna bet there's a dog on the roof...

California's Prop 32 on political funding is a bill of rights for billionaires

Vermont is more Florida then Florida when it comes to CCW

Marcy was too tired to play any more ball

Four sentenced to death over $2.6bn Iran bank fraud

"Mitt Romney's Bad Trip:" The Guardian Warns Us of Risks of Mitt's International Policy Shortcomings

Number of pollsters with conflict of interest keeps growing

July 30, 2012: Harry Bridges Day

Nationalism in sports and games

The 10 Words That Could Lead You To Great Success

Don Barlett and James Steele on New Book, "The Betrayal of the American Dream."

Wow. I've never seen a (SPOILER) alert on a news website (Olympics spoiler inside)

"Republican Jobs Bills Won't Actually Create Jobs, Say Economists"

Twitter question

Happy Monday DU....

What the f***?

Pic Of The Moment: You're Next, Poland!

Hardiness Zones animation

Control yourselves

Bibi Netanyahu's ENTHUSIASTIC ENDORSEMENT of Romney: "I knew him and he knew me, I suppose."

Romney, praising Israel, praises country w/ top income tax rate of 48% (on income over 125,000 USD)

Romney unveils foreign policy that gets tough on Gorbachev

1/20/2009, the DJIA closed @ 7949. As of a minute ago, it was 13094

Bullied Girl Receives Free Plastic Surgery to Pin Her Ears, Is Heartbreakingly Thrilled

The Guardian: "Mitt Romney's Bad Trip" - "Such a slippery character"

What is the Temperature where you are for today?

Guess What's in Queen Elizabeth's Purse.

BrBa S5/E3

Electricity trading probed

No Matter How Bad Romney Is Or What He Does He Still May Win

romney makes racist comments in isreal

Crowd Greets Romney With Chants Of 'Obama!, Obama!' During Poland Visit

Romney: ‘Providence’ And Culture Make Israelis Superior To Palestinians

Baby Ruth?

Cone biz’s vanilla gorillas

True Blood fans - I think I have a spoiler for you!!!! (don't read if you don't want to know)

President Obama's Surprising Ancestral Roots

WOW! Portman! WOW! Pawlenty! WOW! Jindal! WOW! It's Romney's "3 big hitters for VP pick." (Reuters)

Fracking related

Lewiston Factory Girl

Iran sentences four people to death for bank fraud

Anybody love to wake up on Mondays to go to work?

A different kind of 'fear factor'

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rmoney twisting...

When MiddleFingerMom chooses a gas station, price per gallon is far less important than "amenities."

Romney's refusal to release tax returns may cost him

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

So how did Romney manage to screw up Poland?

Celery: mmmm mmmm, and good for you too!

OH NO>>>>not yet My 2 year old male boxer has realized that his 4 mo old companion is a she

Wow...According to a new study, President Obama is likely related to John Punch, the first enslaved

Will Romney face GOP’s ‘October Surprise’?

The Rude Pundit: Notes from a Hometown, Part 1: Your Tax Dollars at Work for God

Nikki Haley has trouble with basic math:

Romney holds Jerusalem fundraiser before leaving Israel

Mitt Romney Thinks You're a Sucker

Creating Higgs-like excitations using ultracold atoms

Super PAC Touts Romney’s Olympics Leadership With $7.2 Million Ad Buy

It never gets old

As the money from Mail Online rolls in, what about those behind the paywall ?

Sa'eb Erekat, PLO: Romney's "racist" statements "reflect someone who needs to be educated"

"How many Prole-lacks does it take to change a lightbulb." - Willard (R - 1%)

Scary weather here in Okla.

CNN .... Rocks...... they get something right but regret it

My first aid kit

Rest in Peace, Scrappy: 2000-2012

Dark Knight Rises ...... and falls

Report: 2012 Election Likely To Be Decided By 4 Or 5 Key Swing Corporations

Cat Milk

Frank Taaffe, Neighbor who defended Zimmerman in interviews, arrested on DUI charge

When life gives you lemons...

Distracted pedestrians stumble into danger

Romney Says He’s Been Audited (updated 3x)

Papantonio: Mitt Romney The Olympic Ass Clown

Be Not Fooled, Insurance Companies Still Gaming the System

Evil Dick Cheney: Obama got bin Laden but Bush "laid the groundwork," prefers Carter to "weak" Obama

from Howard Dean:

Rosemary Clooney & Tony Pastor (live) - Movie Tonight

Proctology... you're doing it wrong.

Online Electoral College opinion maps trending Obama

7 Reasons Why Women MUST Find Their Voice

New opposition to the religious right arises

Barney Frank: Marriage Equality Will Be in Democratic Party Platform

Don't do it you'll go blind!

NFL player O.J. Murdock dead at 25, police say he committed suicide

Mitt panders to Israel & raises $$ there, but back in the US the Jewish people have a different msg

Mitt Romney to rekindle cold war spirit with speech in Poland attacking Russia

Saudi Arabia Bans Smoking In Most Public Places

Has Scalia completely lost it??

CNN Plays Pink's 'Stupid Girls' For Sarah Palin Chick-Fil-A Segment

Home town guy brings home the bronze!

Colorado theater shooting suspect charged with 142 total counts

Texas A&M Fans Celebrate 1999 Alamo Bowl Victory Over Penn State

"My, I'm rotten" (anagram)

Out of the mouth of babes...

Democratic Senate Primary Tomorrow: Play It Like It Is Real

Unemotionally looking at the effectivesness of gun control with real facts

Time for another episode of "Who Said That?"

Flags from Apollo moon landings still standing, new photos reveal

Ex-sceptic says climate change is down to humans

Psst. In case you have not heard

Brief Linguistic Funnies--some good, some 'eh.'

Three of the Best Martial Arts movies you may ever see.

Why Are Secular Businesses Claiming Religious Rights?

Remembering Why NFL Running Back David Kopay's Coming Out Continues to Inspire

Nevada Democrats Expanding registration Edge Over Republicans by 2-1 since April

A Day Job Waiting for a Kill Shot a World Away

Journal for the nesting Carolina Wren Updated: 10:16 AM EST Aug 10 Babies left nest.

Michele Bachmann Wants You to Panic

Voter ID Could Swing Swing States

Ask the right question.

'Knights' rob French medieval festival

NRA “point man” recants

Urgent message from Joe Biden (this guy doesn't kid around)

The Telegraph Pics 'O The Day

Honey, did you shave the cat today?

Brace yourself!

But I am not sure which one fits best.


Occupy Kingwood – 32 Consecutive Weeks - A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement

Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign Wikipedia Entry is Embarrassing

Just read that the Obama Campaign has stopped airing ads in PA..

Colorado killer's psychiatrist 'was disciplined for prescribing herself Xanax, her husband Ambien an

Confused Romney Voters: On Sunday Nights here in the Twin Cities of MN,

Rise of the new atheists

Stay at home moms have the toughest job in the world. Says who? Says me..

The bishops as juggernaut

Women's Cling and the Jerk weightlifting finals on now

Funny talking with anti-union Republicans who like pilot union rules.

"I LOVE my Mom's apple pie."

Polish Solidarity distances self from Romney visit

Charts: America Has the World's Luckiest Billionaires

Cuts to the FEMA budget are really starting to hit hard

Thom Hartmann: Why is it only Republicans who commit voter fraud?

New Video: This is Not Cool - Drought Update

Fried chicken is making me lose my faith in humanity

Got it.

They're gonna be dino-sore!

Post your favorite internet pictures/memes of all time

Link to Today's Medal Events with live stream

FINEMAN: What the fatcat PAC donors really want

Republicans killing Chick-fil-A with kindness?

Panetta: Sanctions Not Moving Iran Away From Nukes

What Became of the Happy Hustler?

Refresher course: Donald Henry RUMSFELD-family and friends of the Revolution in Military Affairs man

The Dick Cheney School on Foreign Policy

Union Makes Finding Cure for Childhood AIDS Central to Mission

Anyone else sick of Hope Solo?

Know any folk tales?

Forum SOP Alert board - on mobile...

Keeping my sinuses cleared

Poland's Solidarity Union Rebukes Romney Upon Former Leader's Endorsement

"Save the Rich"!

You're going to love dressage

WTF? Romney praises health care in Israel

Romney defends insulting Palestinians: Hey, I also said Mexico's culture sucks! And Ecuador's too!

Crash of the Bumblebee

If the campaign so far were portrayed as a game of one-on-one basketball

President Obama descended from the first slave in the US.. on his mother's side?

Romney outrages Palestinians by suggesting Israeli culture is superior

You Didn't Build That - Donna Brazile (or any of roundtable) Failed to call out wingnut on This Week

What's white, two faced and a rat? Mitt Romney's new campaign photo released.

As Syrian War Drags On, Jihadists Take a Bigger Role

Fox News Host: Covering Romney’s International Trip Feels Like Being In ‘A Modified Petting Zoo’

Interactive poll "Would Obama or Romney be better for the U.S.?"

Mr. Sulu rides again!!

Hiroshi Hoketsu, Oldest Olympian, Competes In Dressage At London 2012

Equation: Mitt Romney - His Personal Wealth = Sarah Palin

Ben Cohen, this sexy rugby star is making people re-think their homophobia.

Blech. The things we do.

Along with her many other talents, Nolabear is a great coo-- OMG! OMG! OMFG! KILL-ME-NOW!!!!!

Dog hammocks. A bad idea. Bad.

Men. No matter how far we get, we're never more than moments away from the 4th Grade.

The folklore is wrong. Manatees didn't inspire mermaids. Manatees inspired superheroes.

MiddleFingerMom would like you to take a peek at him taking a peek atchoo.

A woman wanted to take a pic of MFM's penis yesterday. It was NOT how he always dreamed it would be.

11:36AM PST live-streaming swimming inside

So Scalia thinks a woman has no right to contraception but may have the right to have

Tell the Berenstain Bears to follow the Muppets' lead and cut ties with Chick-fil-A.

Herman Cain Lauds Olympic Win for Ubecki-becki-becki-becki-stan-stan

Where are the boys? I have milkshakes.

Lies on Capitol Hill Cubans - Spaniard, Swede admit their errors to press re:Paya [English article]

Can someone read this and point me in the right direction...

A Win-Win proposal to God and his people...

Does Romney own CNN?

As a 20+ year Arizona (Tuvson) resident ...

I fuckin hate livin in a swing state

Gay marriage plank will be in the Democratic Party Platform at convention!

Here's how you're suppose to do it, Mr. Romney...

Polish Solidarity distances self from Romney visit

Mike Thompson animation: Mitt Romney's America

Is NBC covering the next Olympics too?

*** Gets out staple gun and hangs up warning sign for upcoming zombie invasion ***

Your choice of rifles for home defense

Wondering about Lech Walesa?

South America Sees Drug Path to Legalization

Florida airboat captain charged with feeding the alligator that bit off his hand

Boxers or Briefs (Breaking Bad 503 spoiler?)

"And, with sincerest apologies to Ms. Poppins:"

Chamber of Commerce $842,000 attack ad campaign against Tammy Baldwin

Watch, Romney will insult perogies and it will be all over

Watching the olympics, I started thinking...

Duke gains key role in nurse training under health reform law

Who is the preferred repug to run against McCaskill (Senate)?


Thom Hartmann: NSA Whistleblowers - Are They Spying on the Entire Country? P1

Thom Hartmann: NSA Whistleblowers - Are They Spying on the Entire Country? P2

Sherrod Brown ad: "Both from Ohio"

“Oh my god, this man needs a lot of education,”

Report: Offshoring Of Manufacturing Capacity Leaves America Vulnerable, Unprepared

Obama's mom was not really "white"

From Facebook's "Democratic Party" page, it's "Romney's Guide to International Diplomacy."

Lame Duck Terrorism (3rd Way Gunning for Social Security)

1955: 51.2%. 2007: 16.6%.

U.S. construction projects in Afghanistan challenged by inspector general’s report who else thinks the USA women's water polo coach is a QT????

Pittsburgh - Need some tourist advice.

Violence vs. Hair - an analysis of Breaking Bad

What's with all the far right Republican ads popping up on DU?


Take the quiz - how many Justin Biebers could you take out in a fight

Scranton, Penn. to pay back workers' wages, plus interest

My coworkers just earned $40 for Obama in 5 minutes.

An Idiot Abroad

The Newsroom "Bullies" - Will McAvoy bullies Rick Santorum's campaign Advisor

Ex-Citigroup banker's fraud case goes to the jury

An Obama quote taken out of context, yet again

Famed trade-union activist Lech Walesa backs Mitt Romney

SPOILER! Now THIS is how it's done...

Washington's Nervous Gulf Allies Seeking More Firepower As Tensions With Iran Grow

Another NFL suicide.. (Titans player)

'Panetta has blood on his hands for supporting Syria rebels'

Corn Hits All-Time High; Heat Proves Relentless

Spoiler: Gymnastics - anyone an expert?

Chrysler Uses Strong Presence In US To Notch $436M Second-Quarter Profit

Michigan's Recovery Outpaces Rest Of U.S.

Ignorant voters

Will Oreo Cookie's make you Gay? will Chick-Fil-A make you a bigot? You decide.

Obama's economic policies cannot be reasonably said to have failed

"If Obama wins, I will shutdown my business and go on every govt assistance program I can find"

Howdy, DU

Foot porn?

Fox “News” viewers

How come some movies don't come out on DVD--example, "Lord Jim" (1965)? nt

Does anyone have handy the percentage of our GDP that goes toward military spending?

100 U.S. Dead in Afghanistan in Three Months

'Zombies' protest Westboro Baptist Church

Regarding Republican presidents that have visited Israel and those that have not

Shit that can ruin your whole day

The New York Fed Confirms the Economy Runs on Zombie Money

Obamacare sucks! okay not really....

BET news anchor T.J. Holmes pulled over for driving while black, live-tweets incident

Natural Gas Fracking Industry May Be Paying Off Scientists

Does Mitt Romney own

Obama Will 'Evaluate' Bill Limiting Online Ammunition Sales, White House Says

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 30

News Corp. Asks to Keep New Phone-Hacking Charges Secret

Scott Brown Features Foreign Businesses In 'Let America Be America Again' Ad: Huff Post

Ehud Barak Praises Obama

Around about 26 hours from now, I will be enjoying a Triple O burger for the first time in about

"Catalog Favorites" and its anti-Obama merchandise

Romneypalooza LIVES

How to Raise a Child: ‘Teach Your Children Well,’ by Madeline Levine

Father working to get synthetic drugs off the street.

Obama now uses the Too Big To Fail crowd as models for

The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic

Man who lost hand to alligator charged with unlawful feeding

In May 2011 speech, Netanyahu contradicts Romney's controversial remarks

Chick-fil-A brand health dives 40 percent after anti-LGBT remarks

?????? Combat Pawn ????????

The Sound of a Damaged Habitat

Bob Kerrey (D-NE) unveils plan to shore up Social Security

"Mitt Romney Is Accused of Racism by Palestinian Official"

Good thing Rmoney left his golf shoes at home on this trip.

Democratic platform draft includes marriage equality plank: sources

In Poland

Why isn't Rebekah on The Stephanie Miller Show anymore?

Romney defends insulting Palestinians: Hey, I also said Mexico's culture sucks! And Ecuador's too!

A picture is worth a thousand words....

Hey Mitt - Now Here's A Successful Foreign Trip.......

MSNBC playing Dateline instead of Olympics coverage

Jewish Home MK calls for a Third Temple in Jerusalem

20 gay rights milestones

Text from Hillary - the best thing ever..

Local teen lobbies Congress to stop cuts to Medicaid

Papantonio: The Psychology of Republican Voters


Obama Camp: Romney ‘Fumbling The Foreign Policy Football’

Anarchy versus Monarchy

Universal access to contraception could be a life saver

Romney was happy to take $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to "save" the 2002 Olympics

The unexpected hazards of riding a roller coaster

Dean Baker: The CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare

WikiLeaks claims responsibility for fake Bill Keller column, citing donation ban

What I'd like to see in jury duty summons:

The Gray Lady Carries A Shiv In Her Purse

Twitter suspends British journalist critical of NBC's Olympics coverage

Has anyone seen those "And I'm A Mormon" commercials?

Mitt Romney, Age 2 (1960)

Medical Debt Collecter to Settle Suit for 2.5 Million

Romney channels Michael Moore

Obama Donates 7 Alaska Islands to Putin for Zero Dollars.

Assange's mom says Wikileaks founder suffering

Captain Paul Watson Sends Sea Shepherd First Message for Supporters Since Departing Germany

RIP Tony Martin (wow he lived to age 98)

Henry Bloch pledges millions to improve community - and he's voting for Obama

Brainwashed by the Westboro Baptist Church

It’s Official: The Hobbit to Be 3 Movies

Limbaugh: Don’t tell ‘people on welfare when the election is’

Elizabeth Warren To Speak Before Bill Clinton At Dem Convention

Couple Says Racism Forced Wedding Relocation

Critic of NBC has Twitter account suspended after network complains

Is Mitt Romney Ready To Be Commander-in-Chief?

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) takes a Cato Institute rep to the woodshed - Disclose Act Hearings

Experiences with reducing/escaping credit card debt?

Special Anniversary Celebration in Medford, Oregon and Alba, Italy

Reality check for folks that would like to restrict ammunition..

German Media Writes Mitt's Obit: 'Romney Has Already Disqualified Himself'

Hillary Clinton address Bachmann's anti-Muslim attack on her aide for the first time

i'm watching wolf blitzer making out with mitt romney on cnn

Print your own guns?

In Praise of Having Some, and Some to Give...and Poets

Hi Du

Research that could set humanity back 20,000 years

Al Sharpton has a nice discussion on the 47th anniversary of Medicare

Police murder in Perkasie Pa

AFT Convention

How do I supervise employees who don't get along?

New Jersey Bed & Breakfast Owner Tells Lesbian Mom: God Invented AIDS So That We Don't Have To Serv

Still Missing From The Aurora Coverage: Gun Violence Context

What Romney said about abortion in a 11/28/07 CNN debate. Sounds like no exceptions to me.

Eye of the Needle art for Willard Wigan.

I never thought it was possible but I have been rendered absolutely speechless

Ultra-Conservative 6-Year-Old Offers 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama

Eye of the Needle art for Willard Wigan

The war criminal of a dick says he's going fishing during the

Beloved Irish writer Maeve Binchy has died

New VPC Report Details Marketing and Production History of Assault Rifle Used in Aurora, CO

Do you have an extra $6 to give to our President's election fund?

PLEASE congratulate Omaha's Newest Police Dept employee!

How FOX News saved my life...

4 ways Obama could limit U.S. gun violence

Romney:Russia Our Number One Adversary

Who is this klutz - Bwaaaaaaaaaah Tweety!

Hello Cousins -- Yes YOU!

Lech, Lech, Lech . . . . . you won't find new relevance by endorsing a liar who has sold out labor. owned by Spectrum Equity links Obama to first American slave ...

Why was Rmoney in Israel fundraising? Doesn't something smell funny about this?

Part two of What Wall Street's money will buy: Scott Brown's latest surrogate Ray Flynn

Ann Rmoney has MS. Ann and her family ought to understand the crisis that is US healthcare.

If Nature Documentaries Didn't Let Science Get in the Way

Any person who repeats the lie "Reagan ended the Cold War" is snubbing the Polish People.

*** Gets out a sign and posts 'New Cookbook added to DU Library' ***

Rahm Emanuel: Romney's 'made a mess of being a tourist'

A possible pick up in Ohio

The GOP obstructionists prevailed today in blocking cloture on a federal judge nominee

Greta's "reporting"

DNA research into Stanley Ann Dunham's ancestors.

Medical Marijuana Rescheduling to Go Before D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

Breaking: Same-Sex Marriage Unanimously Included In DNC Platform

Another problem with the jury system.

Looks like Chik-Fil-A may be in more trouble

ROMNEY will NOT be good for PEACE in the Middle East or elsewhere

Caption these kittehs

Pakistan to push for intelligence sharing at U.S. talks

Romney Sounds Medicated

Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio) retiring

Survivors of crash that killed Cuba's Paya say it was accident

House Dems To Force Vote On Middle-Income Bush Tax Cuts

OK -- I need to know. Exactly how are the FLOTUS travel and wardrobe paid for?

The end game: CEOs outline their plans for Obama

New nickname for....

Mali Islamists stone couple to death for adultery

Korean athlete cheated out of gold medal medal opportunity by faulty clock and bad officiating.

more wooden than shrub?

Have any of you ever used this: