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Federal government approves drought disaster for 62 Colorado counties

Hilarious ad featuring a shoutout to Seamus.

Was Justice Thomas Behind The Obamacare Leaks?

Martin Bashir - Lt. Col. Duckworth responds to Rep. Walsh 'true hero' remark

Gone With the Wind is starting TCM.

what happens to the Workers Compensation system?

Government-sponsored study destroys DEA’s classification of marijuana

Obama's Romney Bain Capital Attack Right Or Wrong?

He stands at attention fairly well, too. You know, for a Kenyan!

The Turbo is spooled up in Freeperville

HYPOCRITIC OATH: Anti-Obamacare Lawmakers Still Use It For Their Kids

NY Post editor must answer Murdoch, chimp queries

Forget Obamacare, Rush Limbaugh Accuses Chief Justice of Child Abuse

PIC: Somebody made a bio flick about Michelle Bachmann

Chris Collins: 'People Now Don't Die From Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer'

Full Tilt poker tycoon arrested by FBI

What are some really over-rated movies, at least to you?

Mother and her 4 girls have 13 boob jobs...

Alright.. who is preemptively

Michigan Republican governor vetoes broader voter ID law

Poll: Strengthened By Immigration Policy, Obama Leads Romney In Ohio, Pennsylvania And Florida

My brother thinks we should be afraid of this. Fear This : Mundo Fox

4th of July Spiral Cut Hot Dogs (yum)

Indigenous whaling bids granted after 'racism' claim

Herman Cain TV channel to feature patriotic dinosaurs and cartoon Reagan

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tuesday & a new Lion gif

The free trade disasters continue to mount for the American people.

Florida judge tosses birther lawsuit against Obama

The 11 most pro-gay Senators

McConnell says the American Health Care system it the best in the world.

Matt Taibbi: Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

Can You Be Fired for What You Post on Facebook?

Eighth Grader Gets Seventeen To Stop Photoshopping The Girls In Its Magazine

Ashley Greene modeling lingerie for Esquire.

"Low Fat" products = Tools of the Devil

19 Kids found Home Alone in Hot Filthy Kentucky Home

Tammy Duckworth responds.....AWESOME!!!

Gunfire blamed for more wildfires; target shooting limited (AND more!)


Letter to the Citizens of These United States...NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF INDEPENDENCE

Is it beer thirty anywhere else?

Do current forecast models work with climate change?

Tobin is planning on leaving this part of his life behind... but the sentiment will remain.

CaliforniaPeggy has embraced the Thug Life. Represent, yo!!!

A woman with TWO cameltoes:

Relax. Nobody is gonna be able to see that YOU have the missing zookeeper.

MiddleFingerMom has a VERY strenuous workout regimen.

Sheep, schmeep. MiddleFingerMom finds THIS strangely and irresistibly appeeling.

I'm of 3 minds: Scientology v. Catholicism v. Katie HOLMES. GO holmes!1

Teen Vogue: Give Us Images of Real Girls!

Links added (I just gave to Thanks for Telling Joe Walsh to Respect our Veterans-Tammy Duckworth)

Orchid has fans.

Ben Davidson, face of 1960s Raiders, dead at 72

"Step right up folks and get your ticket to the side show of your choice"

:woohoo: This is my 12,000th post.

Star Wars Tatooine locations today

EXCLUSIVE: Vets condemn Walsh for attacking double amputee’s military service, calls for resignation

The ED Show - American legend Andy Griffith dies

Questions remain in Senate recount.....

The sun sent out a flare powerful enough to disrupt radio communications over Europe today

Republican Governors won't expand Medicaid to cover uninsured poor people.

SNORT!! 16-0 going into the bottom of the 6th...

Presbyterian divestment proposal spurs heated debate

A Homeless Polar Bear in London - Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead

Ex-Commerce chief Bryson won't face charges over car crashes

Does Ramesh Ponnuru inhale helium?

The ED Show - Gas prices drop, Republicans are silent

We don't bitch about Creative Speculation so I think we should all leave HoF alone

Celebrate the Fourth on the Third with a Fifth.

Affordable Care Act benefits,

Why I am a member of Hof:

Healthcare and Our Independence...Day:)

Would you support the use of drones to locate small fires before they turn into huge wildfires?

Want to help defend Israel? Become a virtual soldier

The ED Show - Tea Party Congressman attacks war veteran

"Let's call this right-wing "freedom" catch phrase what it really is...

The grass-roots anti-contraceptive campaign to 'bring sexy back'

The ED Show - This is what global warming looks like

Any suggestions for Scandinavian recipes?

Did L.O. say he's guest hosting morning joe Thursday morning?

Be nice! Even if you're having the most fucked up day ever! Be nice!

**Vibes, if you would**

Hot Dogs

The ED Show - Big Eddie's barbecue and Obamacare tips

George Carlin's Greatest Moment (Nails down the 1 percenters)

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Andy Griffith

Obama to Sign Transportation & Student Loan Int. Rate Bill at Event w/Construction Workers, Students

Romney Campaign Says No Ceasefire On Obamacare, Remains A ‘Central Issue In The Campaign’

Obama to Deliver Remarks at a Naturalization Ceremony for Active Duty Service Members at the WH

"Romney Campaign Declares a Truce on Obamacare" at The Atlantic

A "leaky" Clarence Thomas? Not sure if this has been posted yet, but very interesting...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 July 2012 -- Have at it, girls 'n' boys!

LTTE about Obamacare: "I'll take my chances with 'nanny state'"

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to take up federal Defense of Marriage law in new term

I think its a long shot.

Prepare to lose hours of time. The world's hardest Sudoku has been created

Andy Griffith Supports Women's Rights.

Who was here first?

German electricity prices do not reflect the cost of production.

City College of San Francisco on brink of closure

I figured out The GOP Game plan

Ron Howard: What I learned from Andy Griffith

Feds: ICE investigator shot during Texas surveillance

Hey, can you pass the US citizenship test???

Black Friday ruckus, firing changes 73-year-old Walmart greeter's life

A beautiful full rainbow a couple of hours ago...

If there is something like spirits, supernatural, ghosts, any of that crap..

(Hansen Clarke) Congressman Accused Of ‘Playing Black’ Says Racism Destroying Detroit

George W. Bush helps renovate health center on Africa trip

Republicans apparently don't think health care needs reform

Just saw on the Maddow show the latest right-wing meme going around...

Who here remembers what a "well point" was?

Is There a Chance Voters Will Find Romney's Klutziness Endearing?

DUers be safe on the Fourth

5 Questions for the Higgs Boson Particle

i had blocked from my memory that val kilmer ever played batman

"U.S. has never [seen] a candidate who lies as frequently, flagrantly & brazenly as Romney"

Road buckles in Wisconsin, SUV goes airborne!

Heres a tip.

What the frack? North Carolina lawmaker accidentally votes to legalize fracking

Romney bundler resigns as CEO of Barclay's amid scandal

Yay! Kamal "There are US generals implementing shariah law" Saleem is back

So the only thing the MSM cares about is that Robert's changed his mind. They do not care about

$4.50 for this??!!??

What's your favorite Stig-ism? (Top Gear)

Joan Dunlop, advocate for women's health rights, dies at 78

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, July 3)

pennybacker bridge (again)

We got in the national news!

I like this one for Obama!


The link between animal cruelty and human violence ...

Look, Don’t Touch: The problem with environmental education Take risks to create jobs, Indian congress told

KTIV: NY holding on to cigarettes bound for Winnebago distributor

Rare copy of Waldseemueller's early America map found in Germany (BBC)

Hidden Doggerland underworld uncovered in North Sea (BBC)

Max Keiser roasts some bankers at St. Petersburg Economic Forum

White House: America the Beautiful

Live broadcast of presser on ye olde Higgs Boson:

The Fight Against Misogyny in Gaming Enlists Some Big Names (including Wesley Crusher!)

Brony seeks Numerated Juror

A Cat's Hierarchy of Needs

Mitt Romney is heading to Israel, does he know that "socialist" Israel has Universal Healthcare?

Google Doodle For The 4th: Woody Guthrie (July 14 His 100th Birthday)

Arlen Specter: John Roberts was wrong on Commerce Clause

CERN: Live Web cast of Higgs announcement.

Assets offshore hint at larger Romney wealth

Cyprus starts talks with EU, IMF officials on terms and size of bailout for its troubled banks

Submissions for July Contest Extended

CERN Says It's Detected A New Particle, Likely The Higgs Boson

Interview: Maya Soetoro-Ng (the sister President Obama grew up with)

Seinfeld had a secret tribute to Andy Griffith in his show :

True Cost of Chevron in Nigeria

Uh oh - an Affordable Healthcare Act GLITCH

Intellectual property rights: the quiet killer of Rio+20

Arafat's death: Palestinian negotiator calls for international investigation

Republican County Commissioner advocates single payer

So I just "trash-canned" META.

OECD Health Data 2012 is out

Comedian Eric Sykes dies aged 89

Phone hacking: Glenn Mulcaire loses disclosure battle

Take the Kaiser foundation's quiz on health care reform

Assets offshore hint at larger Romney wealth

Welcome to ObamaCare! Please, no stabbing, Mark Morford

The Romney campaign doesn't understand Venn Diagrams

"Nothing But the Truth" - Excellent

(Rob) Zerban Statement on Ryan Faux Fiscal Credentials

Why Europe's Laws On Vacations Are Better Than Your Wildest Dreams (and How Badly Americans Get

Justice and Independence - Mellencamp

The Ones We've Lost: The Student Loan Debt Suicides

N.C. to sea level forecasters: Ignore climate change data for now

Happy Fourth of July to the Treason Party

Man Sues Dallas Doc, McKinney Hospital After Losing Testicle, Length of Colon...

I don't understand how the Higgs field imparts mass on an object during acceleration, but doesn't...

Chicago mayor won't play ball with Ricketts family

New Jersey Woman puts off Surgery for 51 pound tumor (no insurance)

Has our country ever had such a sleezeball

Forgiveness of student loans--is there any type of program that forgives

St. Sen. Martin Golden stirs up a storm with 'style camp' for job-seeking women, cancels it

hey baby, it's the Fourth of July....

ACTA Defeated in EU Parliament

wave that flag....

A peek inside Europe's largest arms trade fair

Romneys do not take "vacations".

I dreamed of the HOF group last night and when I woke up this morning, I was blocked from the Group.

Thoughts on the Fourth

May it rain on your parade...

Romney & Crew has come up with a new & clever defense

Anyone ever had a dog who was a true pacifist?

Americans Don't Agree With Declaration of Independence

Too Quiet, Again, on Health Care

BREAKING: Mitt lost an event at the Romney Olympics (photo of contestant who beat him)

This is the most intelligent thing written so far about Anderson Cooper.

Man in Afghan army uniform wounds five Nato soldiers

One point needs to be made perfectly clear.

Obama campaign's portrayal of Romney is paying off

US approves first over-the-counter HIV home-use test

Che's Irish Roots: Hidden from History?

Fans Howl After Weather Site Buys Out Rival

What to the Slave on the Fourth of July? by Frederick Douglass

4th of July Quiz Thread...bring yours

Low-carb diets may burn the most calories

America's Petro-Terrorists: How Speculators Drove Up Oil Prices (3,721 words)

Bluesbassman, white courtesy phone: Little Feat offers free 1976 Lowell-era live show

Amy Goodman: Climate Change: ‘This Is Just the Beginning’

The Fourth and our future: This holiday, a look at our increasingly dysfunctional country

The Declaration Of Independence (Once again, this time with feeling.)

Luckovich's July 4th toon...

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison - July 1788

BREAKING: State Sen. Marty Golden Cancels 'Feminine Presence' Class

Krugman: Romney helped dismantle "social contract that used to make America a middle-class society"

A little music for all the Whining Rs

Robert Reich: Mitt Romney IS the Economic Crisis

Americans Driving Less, Especially Young Men

New York State Senator Teaches Women “Feminine Presence” for Professional Development

For the 4th of July...

"...Where to Now, President Romney?...President Romney...?

Fill in the blank: Crazy as ___________ .

Things my Faux News listening neighbor says about Rmoney and Obama

It's happening again... MSNBC is drifting to the right the same way that CNN did.

The following was developed as a mental age assessment by the School of Psychiatry at Harvard:

“The politics be damned, this is about what we came to do.” —Nancy Pelosi

Banks Are Winning The Intimidation Campaign Against Journalists

Assets offshore hint at larger Romney wealth

Where are the clowns?

Barclays bank didn’t just scam other financial giants

Happy Fourth of July to all of you - Red, white and blue in my kitchen this morning

Nothing says “patriotic” like hiding your money overseas, especially on the 4th.

Beijing introduces recycling banks that pay subway credits for bottles

Today's DU (processed pasteurized) Cheese(like product) of the Day.....Velveeta

Google channels Woody Guthrie on July 4th

Robert Reich: "True patriots work to improve the U.S. government, not destroy it."

So, it appears that Romney simply destroyed records of his work a Governor

umm, did you know there was an anti-Obama Telethon on today?

Did anyone see the ACA commercial last night?

I guess the Founding Fathers Were "A Bunch Of Commies"?!?

Michael Moore Talks About SCOTUS, Occupy, Weasel Democrats and Obama

Born on the Fourth of July! Happy B'day Malia Obama.

On religious discrimination in private business, a refresher course and eduction on Civil Rights...

Happy 4th of July everyone!

"A Global Empire And A Creepy Police State Was Exactly What We Had In Mind," By Thomas Jefferson

Toon: Day One

Toon: Crossing the Delaware, 2012 version

Our democracy, July 4th 2012....

The most interesting dog in the world.........

Non Sequitur toon: Free Markets

Take a peek at this on AHA

A sizeable portion of US are clueless--45% have no idea what happened with ACA

BREAKING: Romney Selects Florida’s West as Running Mate

My knee caps are about two inches too short.

You're going to need a bigger cat food dish .........

4th of July, Independence Day News From The United States

Just In Time For The 4th - Your Own Personal Drone

Did he not get the memos? Rick Snyder Vetoes GOP Voter ID bills in MI

The host of Rmoney' London fundraiser was forced to resign as CEO of

Newsroom Ep 2 question. (SPOILERS)

A Troubled Republic on this July 4th

White House urges renewal of wind energy tax credits (Bad news for wind in the US)

if we worked the same shorter hours as Germany, we'd eliminate joblessness overnight

Auto sales on track for best since 2007

It really annoys me when sitting close together in a group, and the person

France slaps 7 billion euros in taxes on rich, big firms

Woody at 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection Box (3CD)

Romney vs Obama - 268 votes to date - need 500

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Judge Scalia - Robed Rage!!

"Freedom(s)" and "self-interest"

Iran says can destroy U.S. bases "minutes after attack"

Two excellent essays on the foundering of our democracy...

Lotus Notes question - folder design

ABC News: Wolfeboro residents "bragging" about "marching in the same parade as Mitt Romney"

Some thoughts for the Fourth

Fourth of July Citizenship test

"Yes, Your Local News May Be Written in the Philippines for Slave Wages"

NOAA - 2,000+ Daily High Temp Records Matched Or Broken Week 6/25-7/1; 3,215 New Records In June

Sybil Ludington -- America's little-known* kickass Revolutionary War hero

WGN has an Andy Griffith marathon

16-County Region In TX Panhandle Saw 2.56-Foot Drop In Ogalalla Last Year - Largest In 25 Years

We have 3 employment problems in the U.S.

Why on earth didn't I think of this before?!

mia love....33 million google hits

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Speaks To New U.S. Citizens At 11 a.m. eastern

Image Of The Day: Satellite Photo Of Siberian Wildfires 29 June 2012

the evaluative of rock

Call-Outs and Safe Havens

Israeli firm grows 'highless' marijuana

Jake LaMotta sued by MGM Studios over "Raging Bull 2" movie sequel

Tree falls on Seminole Heights pastor while she's in mid-prayer

I have seen a lot of posts regarding HoF stating that it's unfair...

Financial Journalism: 'Sometimes Being Responsible Means Pissing People Off'

What changed with Photobucket? I can't do it.

Why Republicans are struggling to articulate an alternative to Obamacare:

Hotel Indigo Replaces Bibles With Kindles At Newcastle Location

In the Beginning: Religious Freedom in the Country's Founding Moments

Maybe if they campaign as Democrats and win, they'll vote like Democrats in DC

Judge decides on Zimmerman's bail on Thursday morning.

Very good program about Revolutionary War on the Military Channel.

Feeling Under Siege, Catholic Leadership Shifts Right

Walter Rhett: Are Government Fines a Firewall?

Please help me someone ~ my key board sticks

About Obamacare

6 Ways the U.S. Failed in Afghanistan: Speed Read of ‘Little America’

What are they thinking...

TeaBag congresscritter RubberDuckie's sister arrested for meth, guns, & she likes her boys BAD

Romney used taxpayers' $100,000 to purge computer records

President Obama delivers remarks at a naturalization ceremony for active duty service member - pics

Inside Story - Rigged bank rates: guest goes ballistic.

McConnell:I’m ‘Not Convinced’ Congress Should Prohibit Insurers From Discriminating Against The Sick

The Obama campaign releases a new infographic.

Vote Suppression: 9.2% of voters in PA do not have required ID to vote (18% in Philadelphia)

Asylum for Assange: Ecuador's Alternatives

Diane Feinstein,a prime defender of the Surveillance State, renews her assault on the 1st Amendment

What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? - *Full Version* of Frederick Douglass's speech

A Veteran's Story

I am incredibly bored.

Born on the Fourth of July - Malia Obama ....

Very cool Google doodle today.

Since MSNBC went to prison, I went to Faux for a few minutes just to see what they're "reporting"

FLORIDA: Concealed Weapons Permit Holder Shoots, Kills Armed Robber.

The Terrifying Texas GOP Platform

During the primary season, a curious thing developed...

Bolivian Doctors Fighting For Socialism

Raw Umber

Independence Day - pic

Shrodinger’s Romney

Romney in shift, says mandate was a tax

US not interested in Assange extradition 'saga': ambassador

Drilling trucks have caused an estimated $2 billion in damage to Texas roads

More Of That RW "Patriotism" We've Become So Accustomed To

Meet some of the members of the 2012 Summer Olympics U.S. Gymnastics team

Wednesday, July 4th. The Independence Day Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Generally speaking humans hate change

NRA Kicks Off UN Arms Treaty Conference With Fearmongering

so romney says today 'it's a tax'

County Democratic official Garcia resigns after emails critical of Israel surface

Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC (BBC)

Andy Griffith on the Patriot Act

Happy 4th of July!

A question and a proposal: What 50 questions must Romney be asked and answer?

Drinking a bottle of cold beer and eating fried turkey, later I have to cut the grass.

Getting to know DU - a simple philosophical poll for a lazy July 4...

Reports of gift card payments feed growing accusations of vote-buying in Mexico’s election

Tea Party Logic: Bambi + Bison = End of America

A PSA from Andy and Opie.

Caption Romney

Sounds like Tom Cruise's lawyer has connections to someone who wiretapped the stars.

American Exceptionalism ... In Canada---A love letter from up north:

What is Meta-discussion?

Romney, Spokesman Disagree On Whether The Individual Mandate Is A Tax

So have the ReTHUGs apologized for their lies about gas prices

I've figured it out...Romney is a parrot. What ever he hears, he copies.

Everything There Is Big, Stereotypes Included

Who is getting rained out on this Fourth of July?

Picture taken at #natgat

Hi all. Am I welcome here? I read but haven't posted that I recall

We should remember Susan B. Anthony on Fourth of July

Didn't send your kid to war? Maybe you can send $$

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations"

What is the Higgs Boson? Good explanation for non-science folks

Excepts from CERN announcement of discovery of Higgs Boson

My entries in the Henri "feel-alike" contest...

*1776 on TCM at 5:00 today!

Fast and Furious follow-up: the gun store allegations.

My DIVINE COMEDY series on Mixcloud is finally complete

Oklahoma bans sharia, forgets Hammurabi

Hoosiers to get state tax refund

Keep your eyes on Philly today.

I marched with Carol Kent at a Dallas July 4 parade. How are YOU celebrating?

Who's got a flag flying today?

The fans of John Lennon are going to kill me...

Exotic dancer no longer eligible job for foreign workers (Canada)

ok Gov. Purdue lost the override on Fracking (sp)

Hawking says he lost $100 bet over Higgs discovery

Florida Lifeguard Fired for Trying to Save Drowning Man Outside of His Zone

Shades of Enron: FERC investigations JPMorgan, Barclays and Deutsche Bank for energy manipulation

The Capitol Steps' Fourth of July 2012 Special

French government targets rich with tax rises

Anyone watching "Inside Men" on BBC America?

First they came for the SUVs, then the Ferrari's, after that, the pick up trucks

Parise & Suter have both agreed to terms on 13-year, $98 million contracts with the Minnesota Wild.

I am not advocating Violence

Harper seen as working hard to improve Canada-U.S. relations

cat tattoo

What Your Cat Does All Day While You're Out...

Mitt Romney: My tax was a penalty but your penalty is a tax.

Planning Vacation for Next Summer. England or France? Help me decide!

True Independence

Does anyone else feel like the wing nuts and teabaggers have distorted the meaning ot the 4th?

Alec Baldwin Gives $1 Million to New York Philharmonic

RMONEY spelled out at the Fourth of July parade in Takoma Park, Maryland - pic

Florida 'first time offender' gets 161 years in prison.

The Higgs Boson explained by PhD Comics

Dark matter’s tendrils revealed

Dark matter’s tendrils revealed for the first time..Nature

Why Republicans want small government.

Pakistan mob burns man to death for 'blasphemy'

For the poor, due process becomes a 'past-due' process

Happy 4th! ~ What's for dinner?

R&B singer Frank Ocean comes out

Joey Chestnut Wins Sixth Straight Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (68 hot dogs)

Remember the support at this GOP debate for letting the uninsured die last year?

Homeland Security cites sharp rise in cyber attacks

Obama Pie - pic

Avoiding the Sucker Payoff

Has anyone actually tried "PUSSY"?

What guys do when they are laying in bed bored

*1776 at 5:00 PM on TCM!!!

Cheney, Heart Transplants for War Criminals But Not Working Americans

Columbus OH (clintonville) I just got power back

Vetting Romney’s VP Choices: A Democratic Perspective

Vetting Romney’s VP Choices: A Democratic Perspective

How can anyone be stupid enough to listen to this asshole?

Jeneba Tarmoh On Conceding Final Spot In (2012 US Olympic Team) 100 Meters

Heads Up! Twilight Zone

Captain Paul Watson: Japanese Whalers Acknowledge Sea Shepherd Success

Another coming out story : Frank Ocean , R&B singer, talks about his first love

Romney says Obama's mandate penalty is a tax, but his mandate penalty in Massachusetts was not a tax

Intransitive games

Occupying the 4th

Christina Kirchner (On Transgender rights): Argentina most progressive in LGBT rights?

Occupying the 4th

Anybody here have a problem with the word "prick"

The Rude Pundit: A Few Words from One of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Romney charisma (cartoon)

July 4th and the two Best teams in the National League are...

In this short dunderheaded right wing meme's

Your Fourth of July fireworks special

More Than 1 Million Without Power After U.S. Storm

It's going down in history as "Obamacare"

So, what's up with Gravitons? (No pun intended)

The Fourth and our future: This holiday, a look at our increasingly dysfunctional country

Charles Eisenstein: Why Rio +20 Failed

4th of July cartoon

Bankster wants to make sure he claims his last heist

Mexico President-Elect Wants Drug Legalization Talks

Disaster is about to strike

The tomatoes are cooking on the vine.

We can not have nice things because of Ikea.

Joe Walsh and PTSD

Remember CNN's Planet in peril? Let us count the years???

We are not half the nation we were, nor a tenth of the nation we could be.

Deadly Blasts at Afghan Oil and Gas Depot

Disturbing - Repub. Congressional Cand. - 'People Now Don't Die From Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer'

"But, if by 'Liberal'..."

Money and Rmoney --- a good read on how he's dodging full disclosure

San Diego Zoo gets two Chinese alligators in preservation effort (LA Times)


One Washington state anti-equality measure fails

Mongolia Mining Bets China Will Double Coal Imports

Kenyan Muslim groups 'to protect churches'

South Korea unveils 'scientific' whaling proposal (BBC)

Health advisory for Denver.

So I just watched 'The Artist'

Bone-eating 'zombie' worms drill with acid (BBC)

You know that Federal health insurance Congresspeople get?

French budget to hit the rich

The Road Ahead for the Affordable Care Act (New Eng Jour Med)

So my Republican Dad says, "Half the country is on some government entitlement program...."

This is why so many people want to ban fireworks. Warning.

Hey Mitt: Here's a science question for ya!

Murder and Mayhem in Karlsruhe Germany - 5 dead

Post here if buried power lines would have prevented a power outage for you sometime in the last 10

Happy 4th of July, Lounge! (pix, dial-up notice)

The Moment: CERN Scientist Announces Higgs Boson 'God Particle' Discovery

AP: Guns blamed for starting wildfires in parched West

An interesting fact about the wealthy and taxes.

Numbers Tell of Failure in Drug War (Eduardo Porter, NYT)

Impeach Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Scientists suspect link between cat feces, female suicide

Happy 4th... I planted my *Victory Garden* today

Iranian officials consulting with Romney.....

Vatican receives money laundering report...........

Heard Minneapolis hit 101 today. I bet kudzu will be creeping up that way.

Do our pets think we control the weather?

Wow it's the hottest July 4th on record

'Democratic' Congressman will not endorse Obama

You may not want to buy Mayfield anymore.

America's Beloved Millionaires

Francois Hollande announces French tax grab on holiday homes

Final push on for Bourn and Broxton!

So, today FoxNews aired a special interviewing 14 wounded warrior heroes ...

Only respond if you're an arrogant Xian. I was googling and found this:

Mitt Romney explains the free-rider penalty (aka justifies "individual mandate")

Maps of the Classics

1 hr. BBC Documentary explains the search for the "God Particle," Higgs Boson:

Why did street drugs proliferate and get so much into the mainstream in the

Happy Uber-Natonalist Day!

Update on the very strange case of William Lynch, the priest he thumped, and his jury:

Attempt to BBQ Dumbass

Barfknecht: Does Penn State belong in Big Ten? (Jerry Sandusky child sexual-abuse scandal)

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Fourth of July

Hold my beer while I try out this jet lawnmower we found on ebay!

Kitteh senior portrait

Lulz from Kirk Cameron

Syria pummels rebels as battered city collects bodies

RimJob Confronts A Brewing Rebellion In His Cesspool

Awesome flashmob with classical music (See in HD)

Supertree Grove in Singapore - w/pics