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Archives: July 6, 2012

Fox and NBC telling Romney campaign what to do via Twitter...

NYT: Can the Democrats Catch Up in the Super-PAC Game?

Quote of the Day - "Lemon. Wet. Good." Mitt Romney quoted when asked how a glass of lemonade tasted

Kerrey (D-NE) calls for health care debate with Fischer (R-NE) US Senate race

Moscow Warns West of ‘Big War’ in Syria

South Carolina Judge Sentences Drunk Driver To Bible Study

Cartoon: Democracy in Mexico

GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?

*POTUS speaking in Parma, OH now,

"I don't think it's a tax..."

Assets offshore raise Romney wealth questions

Women still "can't have it all"? Have men EVER had it all?

a biography of the day - Lucy Wheelock

Diabetes Drug Grows Neurons

Regarding Million Dollar Bond for George Zimmerman

Jonathan Krohn on Hardball.. Conservative hero finds philosophy and becomes Liberal

Embrace Repeal and Replace: How to Steal the Republican thunder.

Limbaugh – ‘When WOMEN Got The Right To Vote Is When It All Went Downhill’

Chris Hedges "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt"

Neo-Vouchers: The New Corporate Tax Subsidy (Seriously)

Ann Romney is a mean selfish woman

Who here thinks Romney is a space cadet

Nuclear power at record levels, despite Fukushima disaster

What kind of atheist are you?

Engraved Zippo lighters from the Vietnam War

Over 750,000 (or 9%) registered voters with no PennDot photo ID.

Alleged victim of clergy abuse acquitted of attacking retired priest

The forecast!

Complaints rise on vote-buying in Mexico elections

Watch Joe Walsh Shout ‘Ashleigh’ At Ashleigh Banfield Ten Billion Times

Wealthy corporations with a trillion dollars stashed offshore lobby for a 'holiday' from U.S. taxes

Massachusetts Website Calls Mitt Romney's Health Care Mandate A 'Tax Penalty'

Report: Countrywide won influence with discounts

'Religion' is not a synoym for'Christianity"

Turkey urged to ease up on Greek Orthodox seminary

Give Peace a Chance

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Thursday & a new kitty gif

DUers what did Willard Rmoney say about the Federal

Texas Higgs hunters mourn the particle that got away

As a serious contender to replace Joe Biden, LynneSin has a Secret Service detail assigned to her.

U.S. files complaint against China over auto tariffs

Duckface: You're doing it right.

Baby's SECOND (and third) words:

cake covering war pigs nicely

There are good reasons why you should NEVER give your pet his or her own cellphone.

At his age, the ratio of women-to-men goes way up. Sadly, MFM is learning another fact of life, too.

Li'l MiddleFingerMom mastered the art of flash photography very early in life.

Offshore assets: How does the money get there?

What a difference a few hundred million makes.


Virginia Club Bans Same-sex Couple and Their Son from Family Membership

Rachel is destroying Rmoney and his contradictions

So "experience" is what they want, eh?

Is Bill Gates afraid of Diane Ravitch?

Texas Has The Worst Health Care Services In The Nation, Agency Says

William Lynch Found Not Guilty in Beating of Priest He Said Sexually Abused Him

"Need decent housing?" Why not Occupy!

A Unanimous #Privacy Victory in U.S. v. Jones

Check out my outstanding Chicken Caesar Salad recipe.

The Fires This Time


Guardian UK: Why Marxism is on the rise again

Wingnut fight breaks out at GOP rally supporting Rmoney...

Dean Baker: Why Americans should work less – the way Germans do

"ALEC Accused of Violating Its Tax-Exempt Status; Will the IRS Take Action?"By Jason Leopold

facing my addictions

Visiting Oregon mid August

A timely reminder.

"Why Americans Should Work Less – The Way Germans Do" by Dean Baker

Did Massachusetts health care reform go

"Bachman on VP Spot: 'Not For Me To Make That Decision'" by Ashley Killough at CNN

Recyclable Milk Jug Igloo for Kids

Is there a poll available: Walsh vs Duckworth ?


"U.S. unemployment claims fall" By Agence France-Presse

Do we have or can we create a thread with facts that support our Democratic position and support of

Portugal court rules public sector pay cut unconstitutional

Instant Egghead - What is the Higgs Boson?

Greece admits veering from bailout obligations

from Rep. Garnet Coleman on 'Shoot First, Ask Later' Law in Texas

Ahhnuld's new vocation

Episcopalians debate transgender inclusion in ministry

Texas School principal accused of locker room spying.

"Robert Reich: Mitt Romney IS the Economic Crisis" by Robert Reich at alternet

"In short, what was good for Bain Capital definitely wasn’t good for America." Krugman

Nationals sweep the Giants!

this is the most beautiful evening we've had in probably a month

FIFA to allow headscarves on the pitch

Italy mourns Ferrari design genius Pininfarina

Are Satan’s Presidential Hopes In Jeopardy After “Vote Satan” Sign Stolen From Couple’s Lawn?

Vatican posts $19 million deficit, worst in years

Hey Joe Walsh! She has every damn right to talk about her service...

3 Worse Outfits A Monkey Waiter Could Wear In This Japanese Restaurant Employing Monkey Waiters

Tax hits rich in attempt to drag France out of the red

Romney Takes 'Health Care Tax' Talking Point To Absurd Extreme

Where did Ann Romney get info on the Obama team strategy?

Jerry Seinfeld is Back With New Web Show

No place in Berkeley for police armored car

Where's Waldo?

OK, if the T-Rex was allowed onto the Ark, didn't it start eating people?

New Jersey's (douchebag) Governor Christie irked by Jets, Giants

Mitt is getting hammered right now..

"Susana Martinez: What New Mexico's Governor Can Teach the GOP" (VP Candidate?)

I'm buying a new car. Any suggestions or recommendations?

What movie scenes made you say "Bullshit!"

Guard Your Grill: Patients Accidentally Swallow Wire Brush Bristles, Hospital Reports

Gazprom is biggest loser as shale gas upends markets!

Stakes for Jobs Figures Rise as Voters' Views Start to Solidify

We’re not racist, we just hate Jews

Here's what we're dealing with here in Indy . . .

The unoccupied territories

Mother forced to pay for cleanup of wreck after son was killed by a drunk driver

97% Owned - Monetary reform documentary from the UK

How the Medicaid Expansion Could Impact Your State "Interactive Map"

Lawsuit challenges California foie gras ban

Time to extinguish the hopes and dreams of American workers.

Birthers Try To Get Obama Removed From the Ballot in Ohio (reason: Social Security #)

For the newbies...

Biker almost killed by idiot driver

Siblings electrocuted while swimming on 4th of July

A simple but effective technology in helping to re-forest drylands

Simple, isn't it? Whatever Repub talking heads/pols warn about Dems is pure projection.

The DU community has supported my family & I through a lot of BS, so now, some GREAT news to share!

Shots by Murdoch at Romney Play Out to Conservative Core

Rachel Maddow - Tough talking timidity: Romney's mixed message on China

Woman charged for not giving her son prescribed medication for disease

Rachel Maddow - Chinese community rallies for coal ash??

If you missed the new Aaron Sorkin project here it is.

War is the Health of Government Spying & Secrecy

Wish I'd thought of *that*

Occupy Monsanto

*Republican violence* First he shoved a water bottle in the protesters mouth then a napkin....

Where is Peacenikki?

Texting while driving takes your eyes off the road for the length of a football field....!

TYT: Mitt Romney Flip Flop #1,712 - Obamacare Mandate A Tax

BAMM!!! --- OBAMA CAMPAIGN ASKS: "Do you have an offshore bank account?"

Pennsylvania Voter-ID Law Could Disenfranchise Up To 750,000

Block The Vote

Uribe's brother behind conspiracy plot: Housing Minister .

Even as a baby, MFM knew a good thing when he saw it.

In 2010 Mitt Romney Praised ObamaCare Mandate, Exchanges, Portability

N.H. Hospital Facing Legal Action Over Hepatitis C Outbreak

Is a "brokered" Republican convention possible ?

What Do You Get From A Drug War Costing $25 Billion Per Year? Cocaine 74% Cheaper Than 10 Years Ago

Look at Mitt Romney's cover photo on his Facebook page

Whites Not Safer Under Stand Your Ground, Deader

Honduras: woman dies in airport after US deportation flight

Socialists in France Announce New Taxes

Tired of the more woo-infested autism resources popping up? Autism Science Foundation is the cure

Cat video for people who don't like cat videos

Scott is Supremely miffed with FDLE findings; group accuses him of trying to seize ‘absolute power’

Honduras: Another Campesino Kidnapped In 'The Aguan'

2 ex-Argentine dictators convicted in baby thefts

32 year old guy interviews his 12 year old self from 1992 (a video)

Honduras: Another Campesino Kidnapped In 'The Aguan'

Tick bites are causing meat allergies.

You Might Be Screwed Commencement Speech

Students Debt Leads To Suicide

Lawmakers Who Took Sweetheart Loans Also Benefited From Countrywide Campaign Cash


A few more fireworks

Fark headline: Romney describes lemonade: "Lemon. Wet. Good." The Onion: "Oh COME ON"

Mayoral debate in 5, 4, 3, 2,

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, July 5)

The Right has started attacking woman who related her sister's story

Power outage hits downtown Toronto

Cuban President Raul Castro signs deals in China

Court upholds convictions of Italian G8 police

Indian police still using truth serum

Argentina convicts 2 dictators of stealing babies

‘No Child’ Law Whittled Down by White House

What do you think of RMoney on a Jet Ski -- on a t-shirt?

A brain fart

Media Mayhem - Mark Ebner Exposes Scientology

Post a funny photo.

i don't know your forum, but ima post here anyway

Full "I Vote" segment from the Larry O'Donnell Show.

Did JoeyScar purposely sink Ailes HBO project!!!

I VOTE For Women

Ex-Arizona governor detained at border checkpoint

News Cat Gifs: Cats Reacting To News Situatios Because

Are you offended that so many cable news shows are highlighting women's legs?

Amnesty International: Libyan militias are spiraling out of control

Shuster's picks: The seven women on Romney's VP 'short list'

A few months ago, some one posted a site to run a check for malware...

What's with all the democracy bashing?

WA Grocer Pilots Mobile Checkout Solution

Paraguayan Organisations Reveal Official Maneuvers To Neutralise Protests

U.N. defers decision on military intervention in Mali

Paterno E-Mail Shows Coach's Influence on Disciplinary Matters

Krugman explains that a country is not a Company

Clean Air Survey Records the Smoggiest June in At Least Five Years

Someone in the graphics department needs to be fire. Or promoted.

Fixing the economy Non Sequitur style

Major Comcast service outage Boston area 6/7/12

US presidential candidates: last of the big spenders

FREE Mammograms/Pap Smears for Low-Income Women

I see the ACA as a pretty big deal (in a good way).

Democracy in modern day Republican America looks like -Turzai: Voter ID Will Allow Romney win PA.

Federal judge temporarily blocks Mississippi shutdown of its only abortion clinic; DU crossreference

Bipartisan Support for Romney's Business Past Should Scare Us All

How the American Military Machine Endangers the Whole World

Great news -Former Argentine dictator Videla convicted of baby thefts

I don't know if the Mourning (sic) Joe gaggle is aware of this,

Pauline Steinem

Yesterday, the advance jobs number was 170,000

Sad happenings in my hometown

Essex: Head praises ‘greatly loved’ trans teacher

About 25 percent of U.S. adults have a mental illness, according to the CDC

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 7, 2012 -- The Essentials: Cinematography by Jack Hildyard

Push to ban gay marriage waning in Iowa

Robert Scheer: Crime of the Century

Retailers post worst June sales in three years

Man charged with pointing gun at motorist (VA)

Payroll employment continues to edge up in June (+80,000); jobless rate unchanged (8.2%)

The time to address climate change is now

Jobs report misses projections

80k, 84k Private Sector.

Man Kills Attacker at Northeast Dallas Convenience Store in Stand-Your-Ground-Style Shooting

Toon: Republican Alternate Universe

how many jobs has this current congress created?

77-yr old TeaHadist @ Cleveland RMoney Rally physically assaults protester. Classic.

World Atomic Power Output Falls by Record in Fukushima Aftermath

IMF to Cut Global Growth Forecasts in Another Blow to Confidence

Fucking Huffington Post: Jobs report BAD

For second straight month, unemployment remains at 8.2% (June's numbers)

California restaurant chain to offer burger made of 100% ground bacon

UN Arms Trade Treaty

Tea Party candidate for KS House finally pays taxes - delinquent for 9 years

"The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012" by Mycle Schneider and Antony Froggatt

Growing Beyond Growth for True Democracy

Crazy things people say to teachers (and how to respond)

I'm getting to dred the first Friday of the month...

Iowa Too Keen On Marriage Equality For Right Wing

Using one's talents in a unique way

Brad Pitt's Mother Pens Anti-Gay Letter

"Phoebe In Wonderland". Excellent film.

Zoologger: The fish with its genitals on its head

WATCH: Precious Tot Confirms 20 Gay Stereotypes In One Video

Thousands flee Syria fighting, face food shortage

My little town

Veteran Tammy Duckworth (IL-08) vs Joe Walsh in Act Blue top 5 for the week, # 2 today!!!

Stop it! You're working an extra unpaid day a week

Somehow, I cannot imagine what Romney would say to this woman....

Study: Obamacare Expansion Would Dramatically Reduce Numbers Of Uninsured In Conservative States

On MSNBC talk show in pm, Romney has 105 million in an IRA! Is it possible?

Dollars Fly Against Citizens United

Jobs Report Questions

56% of Americans say 2012 elections are already "Too long and too dull"

Toon: The Republican Alternative Universe

South Korea plans to resume whaling for research

Registration Cards in Short Supply as Maine Voter Enrollment Drives Heat Up

Is my Internet going buh bye Monday (DNSChanger)?

Republican Insider: “I mean, what the hell does Mitt care about?"

high five!


NRA's Arms Treaty Hysteria Too Much Even For Fox

Irish pain over abortion law – case studies

I think Rommey may fit this description.

In Close Vote, Presbyterian Church Rejects Divesting in Firms That Aid Israeli Occupation

Ohio SC To Hear Appeal Of Teacher Fired For Teaching Creationism (burned crosses on students arms)

Friday Toon Roundup 1- Higgs

Friday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Gotta dust this idea off - just in case any Obama Campaign lurkers here.

It's 2012. Do you know where your suicide cult is?

Judge Orders JPMorgan to Explain Withholding Emails

OMG Romney on taking questions??????

The rethugs have done everything to block anything this administration has done, and yet the

Huge BP London Olympics Billboard Vandalized

Romney is about to speak from a small hardware store

Countrywide Influenced Congress with Sweetheart Loans Before Crash!

omg! rMoney's doing a presser! nt

From Laos to Libya, landmines still take their toll on civilians

Bellevue East grad who died fighting wildfire loved his work (C-130 they were in crashed)

Romney lives on a different fucking planet!

Interesting connection between Bush interrogation tech. ‘Learned Helplessness’ and Bradley Manning.

"I only had enough room to go up to 2012..."

I made a whole $3.61 on Diablo 3

TOONS: Time To RENAME The GOP -------->

Romney describes...

Zimmerman attorneys renew plea for donations

Australia's Guides drop Queen and God from pledge

Serious Fraud Office launches Libor investigation

Pic Of The Moment: Obamacare

Drumbeat: July 6, 2012

George W. Bush berated by Zambia's Michael Sata on Africa trip

Drumbeat: July 6, 2012

The Tasmanian Echidna’s Four-Headed Penis

Wimbledon WOOT !!! (spoiler)

Some IT jobs signal preference for visa holders, report claims

A Shotgun for Blood Clots

Roger Federer!

California Senate passes "anti-Arizona" immigration bill

Crammed Into Cheap Bunks, Dreaming of Future Digital Glory

Scott voices displeasure after FDLE clears three justices (Three Dem Justices off the hook)

There are two ways on DU to self-delete a post.

Mitt re Lemonade: “Lemon. Wet. Good.”

Romney repeats LIES already debunked about trade agreements and jobs plans

Double - The Captain Of Her Heart

Fuel price 'rip-off' should be investigated- Retailers fail to pass on Savings

Study: The ‘gateway drug’ is alcohol, not marijuana

Industrial hemp amendment pulled from Ag bill

David Sirota: The Logic of Willful Ignorance

Mama PITT. Looks like there's Wingnut Disease on both sides of the PITT-JOLIE divide (VOIGHT)

OBAMA Rips Mitt For "Abandoning a Principle"...because of "pressure for two days from Rush Limbaugh"

Liking the Hair

Info about DNS Changer Malware that will be triggered Monday:

Midwest can't get any relief from oppressive heat

One Million Moms Blocks Supportive Oreo Email

File this one under, Oh My God! What was Adrien Brody thinking?

Tea Party Founder - "Romney is not a conservative. He is a liberal."

World's most accurate pie chart

So that the next generation would be able to have those same opportunities

A political party descends rapidly into moral insanity

All I need now, is a theme song and sidekick......

If You're Holding A Sign With An Aborted Fetus On It, You'd Better Be Able To Answer This Question

Why Killing Time Isn’t a Sin

Barney Frank to Wed, Becomes 1st Same-Sex Married Congressman

Delusions of grandeur

If this Barclay & Dept of Justice Document is real- Then there is no justice

Right Wing Pseudo-Patriots Are too Dumb...

Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016" Feature-length Obama hate film funded by rich conservatives

".... the van to come"

True dat

Smil: A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy

My dentist's office


Li'l Tiny Skittles used to say, "Peaceful demonstration my li'l tiny butt... let's kick some ASS!!!"

Psycho kitty, qu'est-ce que c'est?

The problem is now so bad that at least ONE vineyard has started an "Anti-Drunk-Dialing" campaign.

Like so many other parents, MiddleFingerMomDad SUCKED at giving THE TALK.

MFM went hunting for the first time today. In Arizona, it was less traumatic than you might think.

Rick Santelli & Crazy Joe Walsh on CNBC


Paulbots launching a campaign for "Internet Freedom" that attacks net neutrality

Penalty? Tax? I don't think it matters...

BRIDEGROOM: A Documentary Project

Intrade has droped POTUS getting re-elected to 55.0%

Clinton: "Friends Of Syria" Must Unite To Stop Russia, China "Blockading" Progress

The forecast: record heat Friday and Saturday, then relief

Singapore, U.S., Australia, Germany Are Trendsetters in Green Buildings

5 Million Jobs Still Missing Since Recession Ended

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Amazon's Stranglehold

The Last Word - Wall Street Journal slams Romney

UN Rights Council Appoints 3 Women To Examine How Israeli Settlements Affect Palestinians

Schrodinger's Candidate

I've convinced myself that Romney would respect the wishes and choices of another.

China Offers Muted Response to U.S. Hit Over Auto Duties

The Scarlet Letter in New Orleans

Afraid to use the word "punish"??

Higgs Boson Particle Discovery May Help Reveal Dark Matter Secrets

Mitt, if class size doesn't matter . . .

The Last Word - Where in the world is Romney's money?

... not a big deal for most of you ....

The Republican recession vs. the Democratic recovery (updated)

Assange charges are 'hilarious'

Just remember that under Dumbya the economy was

Audio skipping and distorted?

Lost Bayou Ramblers

At what point


In 2006, Romney Called The Same Unfair Accounting He Uses To Assess Obama’s Jobs Record ‘Silly’

After 10 wonderful years of a loving relationship with my cat Abbott I have to ask this one question

The Last Word - Rewriting crazy Rep. Walsh on his opponent

It's Starting To Look Like Romney Has A Dirty Tax Secret

This shit would not fly in Mayberry

Survey: CEO Confidence In Economy Drops Dramatically

Why isn't R-money being asked: In what ways would your policies differ from Bush?

14-year-old who unlike her mother and four sisters is refusing to have breast implants Read more: h

The Rude Pundit: What Mitt Romney May as Well Have Said at Today's "News" Conference

Thom Hartmann: Mr. 1 Percent and his Offshore Millions

Job growth has really slowed over the last three months

I saw something really weird last night here in Tucson.

With toxic Arafat revelations, the PA is looking to embarrass Israel

June 2012 Atmospheric CO2 395.77; June 2011 393.68; June 2010 392.03

Sketch released in shooting of teen lesbian couple (TX)

I'm trying Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd.

McConnell Ratchets Up Pressure On Vulnerable Dems Over Healthcare Repeal

Herbert Hoover knew how to protect employment and wages

Bashar Assad eyes seat on UN Human Rights Council

A slow death for No Child Left Behind?

Txs Everyone! You are the BEST!

New Videogame Lets Amateur Researchers Mess With RNA

Huntsman to skip national GOP convention

Workingman’s Constitution

3-year-old son of San Jose police officer dies in handgun incident

"Obama wants healthcare for everyone?! That's it, I'm moving to Canada"

Customer who shot robber in Goldsboro won't be charged

Wrong on many different levels

'Anti-Arizona' Immigration Law Passes California Senate

Eleven straight days over 95 degrees

Navy plans $40 million fiber-optic link to Guantánamo base

"DCCC Chairman Steve Israel is spending gargantuan amounts of money ... on hopeless Blue Dogs"

Romney's 59 step plan

Two Dallas Men Arrested For Marriage License Protest

"In The House of Stone and Light" by Martin Page

US administration considers turning Taliban detainees over to Afghanistan

Congo Rebels Kill UN Peacekeeper in Raid on Border Town

Where the colors of fireworks come from

Male Circumcision

The Mob learned from Wall Street: Elliot Spitzer

Has Stinky checked in lately?

Ooooooh Baby!

"UK has spent more money bailing out its banks in the past 12 months than it has spent on science

Obama Campaign buys Reporters Cookies that Romney Trashed

You may want to download and install this free program called SpywareBlaster from

American Bridge hits Mitt's jobs rhetoric

Strangers flock to help woman fired by Walmart after almost 23 years


UN Small Arms Treaty

The impact of the jobs reports on the election is overrated

Wow, Freeperville seems to be on life support these days, check out the 3rd quarter pledge drive

Lake County residents say law has them dodging stray bullets

andrea greenspan...

At age 19, monthly one-gun purchase limit is gone

Raiders’ Davidson Enjoyed Being Villain

State needs sensible gun laws to deal with violence

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus on Rep. Allen West 'slave' comment: I'm not GOP 'police officer'

Dark Mountain: On the Correct Management of Despair

And there we go. Good luck to the next MIRT.

President Obama Gives Mitt Romney A Death Hug On Health Care

Huntsman won't attend Republican convention, cites party's narrow focus

Nine-month-old Nathan Maxwell Johnson of Youngstown, Ohio - President Obama fan - pics

Thom Hartmann: UFO's or voter fraud...which is more common?

Do you support the legal practice of charging children who comit horrible crimes as adults?

Romney Undercuts His Own Critique of Obama in 2006 Video!!!

America's Family Farmers Fight Monsanto's Scorched Earth Legal Campaign of Threats and Intimidation

Adam Lambert: Under Pressure!

In 2006, Romney Called The Same Accounting He Uses To Assess Obama’s Jobs Record ‘Silly’

MUST SEE: Romney Undercuts His Own Critique of Obama in 2006 Video!!!

EDITORIAL: Truth about Pa. voter ID law keeps getting uglier and uglier

‘Do the right thing’ — Andy Griffith left lessons for the greater good

X-post in PA: Truth about Pa. voter ID law keeps getting uglier and uglier

Editorial: Want to honor veterans? Help them find good jobs

ted nugent: "I'm Beginning To Wonder If It Would Have Been Best Had The South Won The Civil War"

I can tell you why your line of equity was closed....

Why positive job growth is sometimes considered bad news

Editorial: Rep. Joe Walsh trash talks a war hero

Americans Are Being Prepared For Full Spectrum Tyranny

URGENT message from OFA:

Libor scandal probes spread

*POTUS in Pittsburgh,

The secret life of trees

Kazakhstan seeks greater role as NATO supply route

The narratives about Romney and Obama that are working with INDIES as I phonebank:

Major Nikon whips out his invisible scotch tape and posts a notice on the DU shithouse

The other freeper thread caused me to look over there, OMG ROFL

Did you know that the police despise snitches more than anything in the world?

So I read the Vanity Fair piece on Willard M. Romney

Divisions flare in Northern Ireland government over plans for police probe into Bloody Sunday

Jennifer Granholm has put up an Rmoney sign on her television show wall

Republicans: Wrong Priorities

What's with the Right's fascination with Abortions??

Obama Promotes a long view on jobs.

Move along, nothing to see here, nothing is wrong with capitalism as America understands it...

Top U.S. Science Official: ‘Climate Change Is Underway…It’s Having Consequences In Real Time’

The firefighters trying to save Colorado homes don't have health insurance

I feel so optimistic...

Judge's rebuke to George Zimmerman: turning point in Trayvon Martin case?

I'm buying a new bar - any recommendations or suggestions

Inside Romney's brain

Fukushima plant "great risk": Head of nuclear accident probe panel

*** Gets out her Hammer and hangs the sign for the new exhibit at the DU Zoo ***

Uribe announces new movement to oppose Santos in 2014 elections

Testing The “Individualization” Of CAM Treatments Shows No Benefits

Baird announces new sanctions on Syria, takes aim at Russia

wants to repeal womens' right to vote. Any other laws don't past muster with Rush

Here's what happened to VP Triponey at PSU as she tried to hold the FB players to student standards:

"This is what online harassment looks like"

Book junkies - ever see a book like this?

Where's all the ACA threads?

Just for the record.

Legislators from 50 States Sign Letter Demanding New Approach to TPP Negotiations by the Obama Admin

George Zimmerman Out of Jail on $1 Million Bond

Wal-Mart’s dirty partners

Ted Nugent: 'I'm Beginning to Wonder if it Would Have Been Best had the South Won the Civil War'

Republican Party Descends Rapidly Into Moral Insanity

With the weather getting so extreme (pic heavy)

Rep. André Carson Calls For U.S. Schools To Be Modeled On Madrassas

LGBT Magazine The Advocate Endorses Obama

Screw you Bastan!

Tim Pawlenty is on CSPAN now. The man is the human version of an Ambien overdose

Cookie contest stirs debate about Michelle Obama’s ‘mom-in-chief’ role

Krugman: Off and Out, Accounts Edition

'Bye-bye, Miss American Pie' – then US helicopter appears to fire on Afghans

We don't talk enough about concentration of wealth.

The absolute trash I'm reading from Pukes across the interwebs about 'Obama Cares' is sickening

POWERFUL!!! IN OBAMA WE TRUST - For the first time in decades - The Advocate Endorses A Candidate

MSM Obviously Totally On The Side Of The GOP And Its Candidates

Mormons quit church in mass resignation ceremony (Catholics, you need to pay attention here)

The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math

"Ballots or Bullets?" When right wing bloggers cross the line into condoning violence

Particle Physics Gives Me A Hadron

'Three Questions After the June Jobs Report' -- Nate Silver's interesting take

Akron restaurant owner dies hours after meeting Obama

Check the fun group Paris Combo

Mitt Romney is BORING!

Congress Keeps Free Mail While Pushing U.S. Postal Cuts

The new MIR team, can someone who has served tell us if there is anything to be concerned

If a woman was raped, who would most Republicans be the advocate of?

Zimmerman out on bail, funded by sickos donating their own money

Democrats must call for the release of Willard's tax returns!

We're under a blizzard warning here in Michigan. Ask me anything.

Why wont they release his birth certificate?

Arizona Teabaggers go EVEN MORE INSANE!

Romney's Money Disproves the Myth of the "Job Creators"

If you want economic parity with the GOP in this election .... YOU have to give !

Maine Marriage Opponents Use Barney Frank Image In Classless Attack Ad To Beg For Cash

Do or Die for Calif. High Speed Rail

It's 96 degrees and I want a hot chocolate...

Ted Nugent Wonders If It Would It Have Been Better If 'The South Won The Civil War'

I woke up hungover to the sound of my neighbor mowing the lawn

Beloved characters that weren't/aren't to you?

Holy Effing Sheeite: Christie Does It AGAIN:

'Divine hand' guided Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino

British democracy is in terminal decline

Favorite Movie Lines

Romney in the hardware store

du'er visiting your state. anyone in/near rochester?

When I see pictures of President Obama, it brings tears to my eyes

Of Liberty

Thom Hartmann: Pirate Capitalist Romney vs The Average Joe

Teen eats mushrooms, shoots himself in forehead so he could wake up from a nightmare.

Some Assembly Required

Bailed-out AIG wants $30.2 million in tax interest

Eleanor Roosevelt interviews JFK: The Peace Corps

Because this is America!

Get rid of this b***h on Martin show!

Martin Bashir: "Juleanna, I'm going to have to cut you off, because you've just offered me...

Cameron accused of breaking pledge over NHS

What Scientology tells us about religion

Thom Hartmann: The Emerging LIBOR Scandal

Lemon. Wet. Good. - or - How to speak like Mitt Romney in 3 words or less

A cork for white whiners

“(Bain)closed plant a year after harvesting $7.1 million in local tax breaks aimed at job creation"

Chuck E. Cheese is back!

Hostile (and ugly) Takeover Of USA

Despite lackluster jobs report--4.4 million jobs created under Obama in last 28 months

Episcopal Church expected to OK liturgy for same-sex couples (LA Times)

Movies where what you see isn't happening.

After over 35 years our credit union let us down (SHAME ON CENTRIS FCU)

When “Wiki Leaks”. Assange Syria Papers (Pravda)

REUTERS: Oregon ready to put pot legalization to voters, proponents say

Happy Birthday, Della Reese! It's a very good 81st year

Karen Finney, "It's all about who do you trust..."

Alleged murder plot against leftist magazine editor uncovered .

The president needs to assert more forcefully EVERYTHING the GOP has done to slow down the recovery.

Romney The Liar Song ----->

President Obama calls late restaurant owner's family


Quick help, please.

The Addict Files: Day One

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER...

How to post a picture?

Oops, he did it again…

Crime of the Century-Forget Bernie Madoff and Enron’s Ken Lay—they were amateurs in financial crime.

The Obama bus tour in pictures

5 military personnel caught trafficking over 600 kilograms of cocaine .

{image} explain that to me again...

Getting calls from Rachel at Card Services? Press #3 to discontinue further calls.

Elite counterdrug units proposed for Mexico

Elite counterdrug units proposed for Mexico

If Romney wins should the Dems be as obstructive towards him as the GOP is towards Obama?

Voter ID Trial starts on Monday, July 9

President Obama at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - pics

ACLU’s new Android app lets users secretly record police misconduct

A quote from Mike Dooley

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter Resigns After ‘Nightmarish’ Month

If You Thought 'Tent City' Was Bad Before, You Should See It Now

Scientologists instructed on how to respond to negative online comments.

So Many Ways to Make Votes Disappear

For 2012 to date, 23,613 maximum temperature records have been set.

TYT: Dead Kids = Winning the War on Drugs According to DEA Head

Extreme weather events are happening all over the place.

'President Bush should be criminally investigated for torture'

Animal workers save dog set to be euthanized

Rendered, Tortured & Discarded: Exposé Tells Innocent Man's Ordeal in US Prisons Abroad

Those with siblings, did you ever feel like an only child?

Now At Least It Is Honest

Gitmo Upgrade: US to spend $40 million on renovation

Big pharma is cut out by India's plan to bring medicine to masses

Dick Meister: "We want bread and roses, too"

Office worker catches fruit thief with webcam

Cousin Sent Me This Offensive Obama Pic Today

"Marijuana: A Chronic History" is on H2.

Bill Moyers: GOP Messing With Texas Textbooks (again)

U.S. drone kills 12 suspected militants in Pakistan

Nugent: "I'm Beginning To Wonder If It Would Have Been Best Had The South Won The Civil War"

Legal limit of $6000 per year= Romney's IRA over $100 million?

"Keep Calm and Vote Demcrat" .....Message from Hated American

Tammy Duckworth Sees Donation Increase Since Walsh Attack

UPDATE!!----Flies like a humming bird, looks like a bee!

Geddy Lee, Rock Legendary Bassist and Fantasy Baseball Guru!

Jobs, the Fed and the real way to solve our supposed debt problem

111 new agencies

Another (Seasonally Adjusted) Slowdown

15 Killed in U.S. Drone Strike in Pakistan Aimed at Taliban

Leader of U.N. Proposes New Role for Monitors in Syria

Grocery store splurge = Rainier Cherries

SO PROUD of my state! California = 21st Century Transportation! Woo Hoo nt

Walsh, Duckworth say they'll debate on CNN

Top Reagan-Appointed Judge Slams ‘Goofy’ Republican Party

Best Buy to cut 2,400 jobs, including 600 at Geek Squad

Bidens vacation in Rehoboth Beach

Romanian lawmakers impeach president; EU ‘concerned’ about rule of law

Big East interim commissioner Joe Bailey shrugs off lack of tie-in game

Question for web developers/managers

has ?any? republican rebuked joe walsh for disrespecting wounded warrior Tammy Duckworth?

I am sure I have just missed it,

signs of an abusive relationship?

Posting comments on mainstream liberal websites

Martin Bashir - Fact-checking Romney's 59-point jobs plan

Women in combat: US military on verge of making it official

Martin Bashir - Reason for bad jobs numbers: An obstinate GOP?

Le Tour de Crash: Big names come tumbling down on another day of carnage

Rez Life, by David Treuer

(CA) Legislature approves high-speed rail spending

And now, Bulldogs playing tether ball.

anyone use a computer backup service?

New York court dismisses gay marriage challenge