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Archives: November 10, 2013

This is one way of fighting hate...

One by one, Pope greets hundreds in wheelchairs, laments society’s rejection of the disabled

'No deal' at Iran nuclear talks

North Carolina traffic alert warns of "Women Drivers, Rain, Obama Care"

Matt Tiabbi on Lara Logan (June, 2010): Lara Logan, You Suck

Listen, if you wake up each morning and "choose" to be straight, you're probably bisexual.

Who Is Your Savior?

Ybor City Stogie (FL blogger) analyzes Charlie Crist as a Democrat. Good summary.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe and President Obama want Japan to be able to wage war

Does anyone have an update about the Phillipines?

160 Sheep Stolen From Town Called - Wait For It - Wool

I have discovered the Republican Talking Points Manual.

In death of Steve Sylvester by Death SS

Government Shutdown Cost Metro $5.5 Million In Revenue (DC)

Spinning Against Innocence Projects

A couple weeks ago I had a colonoscopy...

Chicago - Spinning Against Innocence Projects

12 Years A Slave...

Spinning Against Innocence Projects

i brought my beloved home 16 years ago this month

Will Kane run for governor?

Anthony Mackie, actor arrested for DWI in New York City

Rob Ford supporters are as illiterate as teabaggers (PIC)

Is the Catholic Church making your healthcare decisions?

Gore Vidal, Iconic American Author, Had Way More Sex Than You

AP Breaking: Philippine Typhoon Death Toll Could Reach 10,000

Rachel Maddow - Immigration reform? Not this year, says GOP

Catholic Priest Fired From Montreal Church For Speaking About Sexual Abuse

Watch the moment the Olympic Torch was handed over IN SPACE during relay for Sochi Winter Games

A Spotlight on the Virginia AG contest through the lens of the Equal Protection Clause

Rachel Maddow - 'End Times'-seekers book Bush as keynote

Montgomery Gentry - What Do Ya Think About That - Hillbilly Shoes

Can someone explain (in simple english) what is meant by the "Single Payer" option.

Some of you may scoff, but MFM can be quite the deep thinker... an accomplished philosphart.

Arctic Sunrise seized by Russian security agents

Darien, Ct Board of Education found in violation of IDEA ( Heroic SLP's memo )

So I have a friend...

5 days and 54 votes to go!

Homemade cheese

We need one of those Douchebag baseball caps memes for this one, right here...

Christie could end up being a gift that keeps on giving if he runs for Prez.

You never understand a person...

President Obama's Weekly Address: Honoring America's Veterans

WH - West Wing Week 11/08/13 or ''Casual, With a Raffish Look''

tonight we watched one of our very favorite movies - Lost in Translation - for the umpeenth time...

Mensaje De La Casa Blanca

Mensaje De La Casa Blanca

Who killed JFK?

Bobbi Bockoras, Breastfeeding Mom, Allegedly Forced By Employer To Pump On Dirty Floor

Doolittle Raiders' last toast

Warren Buffett's best bud Charlie Munger is a despicable sociopath

Fun show on Food channel; the

"How New Wedge Issues Are Dividing the Right"

First Klingon elected to office in the USA (Anti-fracking platform)

"A Booster Shot for Social Security"

Dean Scream vs Christie's 24/7 Assholeorama

Wonkbook: Seven reasons Obamacare isn’t facing a “death spiral”

Republicans Just Changed The Rules After A Virginia Election To Change The Outcome

If you live in Fairfax County, Virginia, and if you voted with a provisional ballot (READ THIS!)

The Killing of Giggles the Fawn in the Governor Scott Walker evil empire.

Looking for suggestions - favorite recipes for Posole, and slow cooked Mexican spiced Pork Loin

SHARK President Challenges Opposition, NRA Leaders why are you hiding?

Interest in Obamacare rises despite website problems: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Pizza's here.

Why do cops talk about "just wanting to get home" to their families like that's their job?

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday Nov 10th

Glenn Beck's Psychotic 'Wizard Of Oz' Segment

18 Survivors Of Sexual Assault Tell The Numbers Behind Their Stories

Hackensack's homeless Samaritan loses benefits over $850 he found and turned in

When it comes to photos from his family album, MiddleFingerMom is neither proud nor apologetic

A nearly finished mural of Lincoln.

Down to the Provisionals: 55 Vote Margin (or Less) Out of 2.2 Million Cast in Virginia AG Race


Watching "Matewan" again, and noticed something new.

I wanted to post some music that's a bit different than what I normally post

This is a truly ridiculously large statue...

Click "like" if you want the name of The Lounge changed to The Löunge

Former GOP House candidate from Montana fights seat belt ticket as unconstitutional

I've figured out who Ted Cruz reminds me of.

What do you put on your nachos? I'm looking for inspiration.

Opinions welcome...

Biden soars~

Thinking of Haiti, how can we send money that actually gets to the Philippines?


The University supported by bigots, homophobes, pedophiles, miscogenists, et al,

Iran Nuclear Talks Fail To Reach Deal, France Pushes Back

The Village Against the World

Date rapists are widely assumed to be basically good guys...

Correction from Richmond should put Herring ahead in AG race

Duh. Face palm. Just what is the difference in allegiance and opinion? Can't clue you in the header.

Ted Talk by Ash Beckham

38 years ago today, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank with all hands

Happy 238th Birthday, Marine Corps!

How Jimmy Kimmel’s China joke became an issue for the White House

Seeing this warmed my heart

Veterans' Day

Video: Marriage Equality Supporters Celebrate Outside (HI) Capitol

November 9, 1938: "Hear, Ye Townsfolk, Honest Men"

WTH ? The Florida Gators lost to Vanderbilt ?

Who killed Officer Tippit?

President Obama Takes Time to Call Red Sox Manager John Farrell

Former Defense Secretary calls on Guardian newspaper to be charged with Terorrism.

Coming out of your closet: Ash Beckham at TEDxBoulder

Sarah Palin Tells Iowa Conservatives It's Time 'to Stiffen Our Backs'.

Too much of too little

Mara Liasson DOES work for Fuxnooz!!

Dan Rather......was never a liberal or a democrat.

Advice to a young person

Underwater Kites Could Harvest 64 Times More Power Than Undersea Turbines

stunning photos of the world's most remote tribes -- before they are gone

I have an embarrassing admission...

Intern with Move to Amend!

OK. How about "safe, legal and SECONDARY TO BIRTH CONTROL?"

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday Nov 10, 2013)

No class warfare, please. We're Americans

Wage theft outstrips bank, gas station and convenience store robberies

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Africanized bees kill pit bull, injure another in Florida neighborhood

Strong earthquake hits eastern Japan, shakes Tokyo

Francis and the Lights - ETC

Tennesee Vols should be ashamed of athletic dept.changes when P.Summit was diagnosed w/ALZ

There's a satellite plummeting to Earth

Well that TX school that dumped a kid's lunch because of 30¢ has caught the attention of Anonymous

Texas anti-LGBT crusader won local election by pretending to be black

Maine sued by Big Pharma because it won’t stop foreign drug imports

Ode of Remembrance.

Le boomerang - Serge Gainsbourg

Dark Money Groups Are Funded By Dark Money Groups That Fund Dark Money Groups That Fund...

Up at 5AM on a Sunday

Computer problems, can anyone help me?

7 Reasons to Take 7 Seconds to Save Social Security and Medicare

Protesters In Bay Area, Across State Denounce Police Killing Of Andy Lopez


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Needles And Puns Edition

Please Help! Windows Vista logon problem

Cut in Food Stamps Forces Hard Choices on Poor

The Pension Theft Crime Wave Rages On

Bank Of America Facing $864 Million Fine After Mortgage Fraud Verdict

Stumbles of an Empire

Typhoon Haiyan: what really alarms Filipinos is the rich world ignoring climate change

Who Is Chief Right Wing Whacko this Week? It Might Surprise You

No Class Warfare, Please: We’re Americans

People Power Expressed in Election Results

US commander says disaster relief drill with China improves relationship

Exploitation Remains the Name of the Game at Dell’s Chinese Factories

Keep America at Peace: Keep the Pentagon Sequester

Danziger for the Win!!!

Sunday's Doonesbury- Dark Days

Is adding jobs a good thing? How about reducing pollution? How about both?

RI-Sen: Jack Reed (D) Introduces Bill To End Tax Breaks For Corporate Settlement Costs

Pro life? Yeah, sure.

Exclusive Meet the Press interview with Sec. Kerry Today Nov. 10

Obamacare is not something you can purchase.

Let's not use the word "Date Rape"


Study: Americans Safe from Gun Violence Except in Schools, Malls, Airports, Movie Theatres, Workplac

South Korea: Ground Zero for Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience

Can someone tell me what is the correct way to address Hillary Clinton?

Bryant Park skating rink shooting leaves two injured, including 14-year-old avid skater

I hate work reviews. I used to didn't feel that way, but once I had one

The GOP’s Poverty Denialism

Why aren't Dems and Progressives going on OFFENSE on the INSURANCE COMPANIES for not complying?

Guardian Editor to answer questions of Parliament.

Short article-- affordable housing

Forest Misuse Costs Indonesia $7 Billion in Revenue, Report Says

Animal rights activist an apparent suicide, found dead in car with dozens of dogs

Christie’s Bipartisan Call Ignored as Democrats Rule Statehouse

Noam Chomsky: America’s Going Rogue

My husband thinks I'm nuts because I blame Haiyan on GWB

International Construction Firm Balfour Beatty Considering Drone Workers

Specialty care denied in several cases at Fort Hood

Raiders Quarterback Applauds Bullied Dolphins Player For ‘Standing Up And Being A Man’

CA Surpasses Mississippi, Lousiana as Most Impoverished State

Study examines treatment for PTSD

Police TASERS hand cuffed Woman In the HEART for mouthing off and spitting

"I must be breaking a leg!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

NuStar to be released from crude contract

Seattle police have a wireless network that can track your every move

If you know any Orange County teachers, please encourage them to join the rally at the school board

Inspiration or danger? Private schools in Pakistan ban Malala Yousafzai's book

Sleep mode takes at least 20 or more seconds to work.

Two brothers that I went to high school with and am friends with on FB have a boat towing company

High court blocks union arguments....

Finnish approach to education

Does the Affordable Care Act make it illegal for hospitals to demand entire deductibles up front?

Start em Sit em Week 10 - Make Your NFL Picks

Why Does Congress Think It's OK for Working Americans to Go Hungry?

Centrism Is A Corporate Scam. DON'T FALL FOR IT.

"If I only had a brain!" . . . Please come CAPTION Glenn Beck!!!

The Russian Plot To Take Back Eastern Europe At The Expense Of Gay Rights

To all the big retail stores open on Thanksgiving...

Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?


A Great, Little Discussed (at least by the media) Piece of the ACA:

'Hatching Twitter' review: before going public, blood on the boardroom walls

For Thanksgiving I need a good baked brie recipe!

The Anatomy of Friendship

New China Cities: Shoddy Homes, Broken Hope

Family rescues kidnapped Duson woman, kills captor

G.B. Trudeau's Doonesbury Knocks One Out Of The Park Today

During Worst Drought On Record, TX AG Drills Well To Keep Watering His Lawn

N. Japan Cherry Arborists Preparing To Move North To Hokkaido To Keep Up With Warming

On the Remaking of "Roots"

The Bacon Game - Phase Two

Kimi Raikkonen Injury: Updates on F1 Star's Back Surgery and Recovery (So it's not about the money?)

Nice visual explaining the "Obama lie" problem the Republics dug out to besmirch him. ('toon)

IPCC Chair: Ready To "Pass On A Lousy, Spoilt & Defiled Planet"? Survey Says . . . YES!

Christie Now Refuses To Say Whether He Supports A Pathway To Citizenship

One Quarter Of Australia's Gov Scientists Will Lose Jobs Under New Conservative Government Plan

I'd like to smash Joe Scarborough in the face with a sledge hammer

Agholor, Allen Lead USC to Win Over Cal, 62-28

Keith Ellison rocks on ABC This Week

Jindal Has Until 15 January To Turn Over 1,000s Of Emails Re. Coastal Policy, Energy Companies

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 12: TCM Guest Programmer: Simon Helberg

Our issues seem so small today.. The Philippines

Cool! Scripps Oceanographic Has Daily Keeling Curve Updates, Commentary, Links

Facebook Cats

Atmospheric CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide All Hit New Record Highs In 2012


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 13: Star of the Month: Burt Lancaster

The Romnification of Christie begins


Willie Soon, Non-Climatologist & Denier - And His Extraordinary Funding BFFs

Surprise state visit finds problems at Hope Academy charter school

NC Voter Registration Was 'Confusing.' Watch A 12-Year-Old Clear That Up.

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

America non grata

Writing In Nature, Financier Grantham Calls The End (Climate), Calls For Scientific Activism

Audio: Chris Christie Lets Loose at Secret Koch Brothers Confab

Two belated gop reactions to gov't shutdown...

TRANSCRIPT: 'Inside the Koch Brothers' 2011 Summer Seminar' - Gov. Chris Christie's Keynote Address

Israel to Lobby US Congress to Prevent Iran Deal

This kid rocks!!

King Still Thinks Saddam Hussein Bought Uranium From Niger

NY Times: A Zingone in every aisle

from Virginia Dems, to 'secure' Democratic sweep:

A wound no one can see: One sex-abuse victim's story

Israeli cabinet approves Avigdor Lieberman's return as foreign mininster

You can call me Al

African workers in Riyadh seek repatriation after two riot deaths

Observations at a Health Fair Part II

California on course for driest year on record

"Rare" was a political line designed to appeal to choice-conflicted voters...

FUNNY: Sebelius Gets Free Gov't Health Service She Could Do Without;Absurdity Today Ep 46

An Atheist's History of Belief by Matthew Kneale – review

Again, a comedian(-iene) nails what our leaders can't: POUNDSTONE on ACA vs tech distinction

Inside Man: Life of a migrant farmer

Drivers go for feminine touch with car eyelashes

Is it okay to shun the disfigured? (Warning it talks about the Pope)

Strange beatings of russian and dutch diplomats

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 11/10/13 - Shake up at the top and TEXAS IS RANKED AGAIN!

Children's Library in Mexico Features Bookshelves that Double as Climbing Structures

Help Veterans by Taking Them Off the Pedestal

You're all a bunch of douche bags.

Religious leaders help collect signatures for initiatives

Woman visiting Brazilian cemetery is stunned when man who was buried alive starts waving his arms ar

Lessons on hypocrisy from Syria

Catholic group asks Archbishop Nienstedt to step down

Lest we forget: This is who the FReepers are.

Families migrate to Colorado for marijuana miracle

Guardian faces fresh criticism over Edward Snowden revelations

Hillary Clinton is the most formidable presidential frontrunner in modern era

(FL) John Morgan: My dying dad's pain inspired push for medical marijuana

Iran nuclear talks: US 'not stupid' - John Kerry

This is the real 'rate shock': My parents' amazing Obamacare story

Open Font Library

Jews in Europe Report a Surge in Anti-Semitism

MIRT is really on the ball today.

Can 1 man save the planet?

Row over US mobile phone 'cockroach backpack' app

Israel-U.S. relations frayed over Middle East threats

Syria Opposition Seeks Rebel Backing for Geneva Talks

Con Men Prey on Confusion Over Health Care Act

Major Labor Union Launches Two-Week Ad Campaign In Key House Republican Districts

Iranians angry and bewildered after French torpedo Geneva nuclear entente

(CT) - Towns consider their own medical marijuana laws

Saudi police in Riyadh clash with migrant workers

(ME) Federal, state laws ensure little change for marijuana users

Graham squirms on CNN after Benghazi story collapses

After watching the video on Scientology that was the home page.

estonia's "bank of happiness"--kindness is the currency

Budweiser sponsors fundraising campaign to put Arkansas medical marijuana initiative on 2014 Ballot

40 Armed Gun Advocates Intimidate Mothers Against Gun Violence In A Restaurant Parking Lot

For the past 40 years, I trusted 60 Minutes reporting and in-depth research.

Physician-assisted suicide. Should it be a choice that individuals have a right to make?

(IL) Naper Plan Commission examines rules for medical marijuana facilities

(NH) Bill may fail but fight for marijuana decriminalization will continue

Republicans Just Changed The Rules AFTER A Virginia Election To Change The Outcome

Paula Poundstone: Dear Mr President-I want you to know-I'm still with you on this health care thing

A Senator Said Voter Registration Was 'Confusing.' Watch A 12-Year-Old Clear That Up For Him.

Bob Braun. Hey, New Jersey: You people wanted him, you people got him.

"Side Effects" on Netflix

GOP Rep. Who Pushed 60 Minutes' Benghazi Story Thinks "Their Error Is On Them"

And one more gem that I discovered "Longmire"

Genetically engineered trees under USDA consideration could harm environment - report

You've Got to Watch Lisa Kudrow's Epic Speech About Sexism in Politics from 'Scandal'

I long for the days when I could just go buy something new, not have to learn about it first.

"Harvesting Deer"

(WA) Dad fights to keep growing pot to ease son’s seizures

David Gregory is one rude dog.

Dear America

Conservative U.S. Catholics Feel Left Out of the Pope’s Embrace

Toon: President Obama is a what?

God's Coming Phase Change: Can the Rising Generation Get Religion Right?

(OR) Industrial hemp in Oregon: U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer urges Oregon to be national leader on hemp

(CO) to Fund School Construction Through Marijuana Tax

Malala Yousafzai's book banned in Pakistani private schools

Why did so many #GunBullies need assault weapons to protest a lunch mtg of 4 @MomsDemand members in

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward

Australia Has $16 Minimum Wage and is the Only Rich Country to Dodge the Global Recession

Colorado College Job Application Features The Word ‘Queer’

What do you do re: someone interjecting Fox/rethug talking points at dinner?

The Affordable Care Act - Please use this thread to link to ACA information.


How about it?

The ‘60 Minutes’ Benghazi Scandal—a Fox News Connection?

this one made me laugh (and think) a bit! It's a few weeks early...but what the hell.

Need a Pilot

Recording artists you underestimated the first listen.

Edward Snowden's NSA Revelations Keep Coming

Raising the minimum wage causes prices to go up?

President Obama sculpture

Hiatus Kaiyote - Mobius Streak

I know this is Netflix, but a question on Hulu Plus...

Coast Guard Proposal to Allow Barges to Haul Fracking Wastewater Draws Fire From Environmentalists

It's those acts of God that sticks it in and breaks it off, don't they?

Question about leaf ash fertilizer

Draft dodger rag

The Walking Dead 4.5 "Internment" (spoiler alert)

119% of Fox news viewers will not understand this poster,


Saw this just now on Faceboobk . . .

"How to spot a misogynist"

The blind fiddler

Here are their names! Every single one of these ASSHOLES deserves to be voted out of office.


Only one thing better than boiled peanuts -

How 'bout safe, legal, accessible and nacho?

Glad to see this in USA today: cops addicted to drug money

David Brooks Admits That He Is NOT An Honest Reporter

Sarah Palin Compares Federal Debt To Slavery

Anyone have anymore info or an update about the Phillipines today?

Digby: Lara Logan in Her Own Words on Her World View

Coal miner's blues

"The End Is Near" ----NOT.

What would the deficit be if Barack Obama had kept the same deficit spending that he inherited?

The Evolution Of Voguing

Iran deputy industry minister shot dead

Tom Cruise did not make widely reported claim that acting is as tough as combat

The coal owner and the pitman’s wife

You can hardly believe your eyes

Backlash blues

"Let he who has not smoked crack & threatened to rip political opponents' throats out cast 1st stone

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she's walking into mine - AGAIN!1

NYPD: Teen in custody in Bryant Park shooting

I just enrolled for ins. through CoveredCA!

Workers Battle With Grocery Chains Over Obamacare Implementation

How Social Security was rolled out - November 24th, 1936

Scorned women expose mistresses on ‘homewrecker’ website

Poppies for Veterans' Day

Korean speaking translator needed immediately to call VA voters; also local canvassers

Secret Teacher: Our students are the real victims of Gove's reforms

they look so Thrilled ...


Apparently the ACA will Allow a Hospital to Bill the State for Care of Individuals That May Be

What % of USA covered by Federal ACA exchange site?

Colombia sex strike 'Crossed Legs' protest appears to be working, say Barbacoas women

Christie: Obama didn't tell the truth

Atheist 'mega-churches' take root across US, world

This is how Scotland does fireworks (kind of sort of NSFW)

Mindup, Hawn Foundation, Goldie Hawn, Press Club links

Largest 'dolphin measles' outbreak in history kills 753

Steering Clear Of Big Issues, Christie Claims Victory On Sunday Talk Shows

Venezuela arrests looters, store bosses in 'economic war'

In Response to Danny Ayalon: The REAL Truth about Palestine

Hillary Clinton stresses unity in S.F. speech

Graham to keep holds on Obama nominees

The TPP, if Passed, Spells the End of Popular Sovereignty for The United States


They're giving away sweatshirts in GD tonight.

Some Central Texas medical providers opt out of Obamacare

What a great country, and what a not-so-great country - comments about shopping in America

Understanding global anti-Semitism

Iran Nuclear Talks Unravel After Binyamin Netanyahu Intervention

Philippines typhoon kills at least 10,000 people

Senate Republicans Praise Unlikely Party In Iran Talks: ‘Thank God For France!’

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 November 2013

The Real Villains Behind the Criticisms of Obamacare

Health Insurance Giant Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Tricking People Into Canceling.

Tie the minimum wage & SS to the percentage raise US Congress gets every YEAR!

Kerry: United States Not 'Blind' Or 'Stupid' In Iran Talks

Israel-U.S. Relations Frayed Over Middle East Threats

a baker I am not

Perry Applauds Cruz: GOP Should Have 'Laid the Wood to the President'

The Green Bay Packers are in serious trouble

Midtown Crane That Malfunctioned Last Month Has Been Dismantled, City Says

Health Law's Troubles Give GOP A Much-Needed Boost

see what obamacare inusrance will really cost

Oliver Stone on His Next Project, Martin Luther King and his View On President Obama

PBS 'Downton Abbey' To Return For A 5th Season

Naples Archbishop Crescenzio Sepe Says 'No Communion For Polluters'

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima

Cabinet OK's Razing Bedouin Towns To Build Jewish Settlement In Their Place

Beijing's Most Dangerous Pastime—Breathing | China Uncensored

Texas AG Greg Abbott Drills Well to Water Lawn During Historic Drought

Hagel Sends US Marines To Aid Typhoon Victims In Philippines

Isaac Asimov’s 1964 Predictions About 2014 Are Frighteningly Accurate.