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Archives: November 12, 2013

Links if you can help out the victims in the Philippines

Way to go Jose Fernandez. BBWA Rookie of the Year

Lunacy in Texas

Initial Obamacare enrollment estimates far short of targets: reports

Help Obamacare and the failure of half-baked liberalism

Spaghetti Squash recipes?

Tuskegee Airmen 'Red Tails' pilots honored with Florida monument

The Dinosaur That Fooled The World (Documentary)

Reporter's lawyers fight to protect sources in Holmes case

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Poll: Hillary Clinton Could Turn Texas Blue In 2016

Angry Shi'ites storm Schlumberger camp at Iraq's Rumaila oilfield

This is quite the read. "The role of the self-hating state is to deliver itself to big business."

Texas Frackers Sue Victim of Their Water Pollution for $3 Million for Exposing Them

Neb. Man Charged With Hate Crime Against Lesbian Sister


Jim Sensenbrenner takes NSA reform case to European parliament

Found at Twitter..about real honest "morality". So true.

Is Your Olive Oil Lying About Its Virginity?

Thirteen free agents turn down qualifying offers

Faces of Fairness: A Case for Marriage

"I'm a little biased," wide receiver Evan Spencer told reporters. "I think we'd wipe the field..."

Hey, Dad...


Chuck Shumer is ALL OVER.."Contaminated Chicken Processing in CHINA" coming to USA!

chris matthews rails against reTHUGS for 35 minutes then sucks up to scarborough

JoeScarborough's hair looks really full on Hardball

Typist with 12 fingers claims sexism is the reason he can't find work

Why I'm exhausted and a picture of the butt of a peacock

'Greetings from Pleasant Valley' (Methuen, MA)


Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society: Andrew Chambers at TEDxMarionCorrectionalSalon 2013

Are you ready for some Turmoil Bowl?

The difference between how I value my military service and how the US values it...

I just passed Ron Paul on a bike trail

Movie Night...

Dow Jones average reaches another record high

What do you know about WWII. Really?

TUrn on CHris Hayes right fuggin' now - CBS and Benghazi

Democrats leads Va. attorney general’s race following ‘voting machine mystery’

US, Europe resume talks on new trade pact

Every Veterans Day my Dad, a Navy Vet who served fron 1969-1972, posts in honor of those who would

I read that the most common meat eaten worldwide is goat...

More oil and gas drillers turn to water recycling

Experts: Man, nature share typhoon tragedy blame

The Two Bravest Women ALIVE!

Russell Brand: " Why I'm Not In Favor of Death Camps & Something about Revolution"

Bill Ayers Weighs in on Democracy, Selfhood and His "Unrepentant Terrorist" Alter-Ego

Marco Rubio raising money for group that tries to “cure” gay people

Latest ‘60 Minutes’ Apology Not Enough—Leading Critics Demand Full Probe

Jerry Brown Wants to Be a Climate Leader - and to Frack for a Lot of Oil

Since it is Veterans' Day let me tell you a little about Johnnie


GOP’s newest demented crusade: War on mothers

Ever put a penny on the tracks to see what a train would do to it?

Straight Outta Locash, a crazy motherf*k*er named Gusto...

New York Looks to Cut Emissions by Private Trash Haulers

Thank You

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Head Of Philippine Team At Warsaw Climate Talks Will Fast Untiil "Meaningful Action" Happens

Two Kinds of Power

Elizabeth Warren:

12 Years a Slave: in our 'post-racial' age the legacy of slavery lives on - Guardian Paul Gilroy

Syria, the DRC and the 'Responsibility to Protect' - the U.S. Double Standard

I updated Safari and now I can't 'keyword search' my bookmarks like I used to

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! End of Days & a new Kittehs gif

David Attenborough, Lost World: Dinosaurs | BBC Documentary

AP Exclusive: Syria rebels recruit at refugee camp

That hilarious moment when a black talk show host gives DNA results to a white supremacist, “Hey Bro

Philippines fears massive death toll as Typhoon Haiyan wreaks havoc

The NSA is nothing more than a Gestapo-like agency using terrorist tactics on the public

Investigators Use 'Nasal Ranger' Smelloscope To Help Crackdown On Pot Smokers

Today is my birthday and I had a rough day at work.

*Ok Virginia,

Thing you did as a kid that got you in the most trouble

Jack told me what the ACA meant to him and his daughter yesterday

I am watching a "How's it done" show that was showing an Asian Woodcarver...

Are you a strong supporter of the "marketplace"?

GF and mother of his kid has no right to NJ $338M Powerball Win..

Introducing the Humble Store. Now with bargains and a bit of charity...

Anti-Michael Moore website and Sicko

Baby Boom in Stronger States Signals U.S. Birth Recovery

Haitian Vodou Pictoral (icky pic warning)

White supremacist finds out he's part black

Armed protesters rattle Texas moms' gun-control meeting [Updated - Police Were Called]

Poll shows Republicans losing ethnicity, age battle in California

I am watching monday night football...

New storm could follow Yolanda’s path

over 10,000 dead.

Can Republicans Bring Abortion Issues Back From the Fringe?

Ok. The Yuckaneers have 1 TD, 2 FG's and a safety. The Dolphins have

What must it be like to live as a disbeliever? To discredit science, to discredit your own eyes...

Christian Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

I read "preppers" not "peppers" nt

Easy meals for a crowd?

Chaptered Out 80,000 veterans who receive no benefits

Meet Your Taxpayer-Subsidized Farm Bill Billionaires!

If King George the III determined vote counting,

Veterans Day thought. Can we get rid of the gender discrimination in registering for

It's snowing here.

"G.O.P. Weighs Limiting Clout of Right Wing"

Wall Street’s nightmare: President Elizabeth Warren

Lack of jobs, housing drag down car buying among Millennials

"People of Culture"

Gun advocates arrested at Texas Capitol during Veterans Day ceremony

Leave no doubt in 1960 my house was a JFK household

There is some guy on Gretchen Carlson saying that under Obamacare his pharmaceuticals

Doppleganger or clone?

Zambia’s First Lady Calls For An End To Homophobia

Zambia’s First Lady Calls For An End To Homophobia

Don't Shoot. I Want to Grow Up.

Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Has Abolished $13.5 Million in Medical Debt, Owned by 2,693 People

Duval County School Board votes to remove Confederate general's name

NRC Removes Quality Assurance Programs and Whistleblower Protections

REALLY? Chevron Suing The Victims Of Their OWN Toxic Dumping?

Air force One Getaway, 50 Reasons for 50 Years, Episode 47

U.S. Postal Service To Deliver Amazon Packages On Sundays

Wanna see some of my art?

My mammoth Veterans Day parade adventure

Don’t Believe the Chris Christie Hype—Look at His Economic Record

Ike Skelton died?

Sam Waterston was on the Colbert Report and just knocked it out of the park!

Abusive priest hides quietly in plain sight, retires to New Prague

Will Abu Ghraib ever be in US textbooks?

Kentucky's Other Secret Sauce: The Kynect Exchange

Because you can never have too many moose pictures...

Stuxnet, gone rogue, hit Russian nuke plant, space station

Decoding Dinosaur`s(full documentary)HD

Roger and Out Documentary

I don't give a rat's ass WHO'S running in 2016 because...

The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing...

The Official 12-11-13 Thread

What do you think of cruises?

Happy Veterans Day to the two greatest veterans I ever knew...

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney Is a Super-Rich, Sniveling Serpent-Beast

Just watched the first installment of JFK on PBS

Every time I watch this video, I'm waiting for a cartoon character to pop out with a mallet.

Maduro urges calm as Venezuelans jam stores again

Veteran's Day is part of the scam...

Guns don't kill people.

Catholic bishops challenged to adapt to Pope Francis’ priorities

Blue Bloods Breadline: UK nobles on verge of losing historic estates

Was Jesus a feminist? Author Sarah Bessey thinks so.

Westminster Abbey marks Kristallnacht anniversary with interfaith service

Children Love Abbott!

Alison Lundergan Grimes Tied With Mitch McConnell In U.S. Senate Race: Poll

Carl Sagan's; Cosmos (Edited For Rednecks...and the Teabag Crowd)

Neanderthals (full documentary) HD

U.S., Israel break not only on Iran, but on Palestine, too

Waiting is the hardest part............

Just Listening To The Rerun Of Tweety's Hardball Where He's Asking Why Don't The Dems Around....

Colombian president says peace deal will be reached between government, guerrillas

NJ man, ex-girlfriend in court over Powerball win

Is anyone watching the CBS miniseries "Hostages"?

Rios Montt genocide plaintiffs seek international help after Guatemala court delays trial to 2015

When I was a kid, I always thought the Quaker Oats guy was Barbara Bush.

12 Years a Slave book in html format

A long, long, time ago, alone, in my bedroom, I said" Electronic Mujahideen"

This was too good to not post - Rick Mercer rant

Silent Sentry...

The Woman Who Reduced Impunity in Guatemala

Industry takes aim at AP ethanol investigation

Honduras: Smears Put Activists at Risk

Honduran Doctors Back On Strike

Palin's run-on sentence word salad solution to healthcare reform

Sooner or later the whole crooked EB-5 business is going to come crashing down

German parties back national referendums on major EU decisions.

10 States ban paid sick leave- Bill Moyers

Vale and RIP to my grandfather

Incredibly sad, almost impossible to comprehend.

The government needs to take every cent of money that's used in Marijuana missions

Mexico accuses ex-U.S. soldier of leading kidnapping gang

The revenge of the insurance industry

The One Where An Elderly White Couple Tries To Rap And Actually Pulls It Off

Stunning map of states refusing Medicaid expansion. 5 million hurt. TPM

Concerns growing as Navy increases presence on high school campuses

Fatah: Time for Gazans to revolt against Hamas

'Gaza Ark' against Israeli blockade to be launched spring 2014

Palestinian Authority police arrest Bethlehem journalist George Canawati

New Hampshire prison official calls to ‘legalize, control, regulate, tax’ marijuana

U.S. warns Ecuador: Scrapping bilateral treaty would cost you American investors

Beau Biden

Mom as the New Face of Anarchy?

Thom Hartmann: The Plot to Destroy America -- and What We Can Do to Stop It

Woman hurt typing fake profiles of sexy women for dating site, $20M suit alleges

Want to Have a Happy Planet? Just Ask Costa Ricans About Their Banks

2014 is a hell of a lot more important that 2016

Russians infect space with USB malware, Stuxnet found in nuclear reactor

Afghanistan Civilian Deaths Investigation Abandoned Over 'Lack Of U.S. Cooperation'

Newser: DNA Test Stuns Man Who Wants All-White Town

Can Supertyphoons Convince the Kochs to Stop Opposing US Carbon Controls?

Watch: Bill Maher Blasts Selfish Christian Hypocrites Who Don't Tip Waiters

Toon: Intimidating

An Infidelity Scandal Just Shuttered a Major 'Biblical Patriarchy' Organization

The Rude Pundit: Honor Veterans by Listening to Them About Gun Laws

NYT: A Jolt to Complacency on Food Supply

A few photos from this past weekend

Combat Veterans May Have the Antidote to What Ails Us

Measles cases in Swansea and Neath prompt 'frustration'

World Bank To Review Delay Of Pollution Controls At South African Coal Plant

Why Do Female Chefs Get Overlooked?

Massive Sinkhole Opens Up On Chicago's South Side

FBI Investigating Possible Child Sex Abuse At Fort Meade

Blighted Cities Prefer Razing to Rebuilding

Why France is playing 'stupid' on Iran

Depression 'makes us biologically older'

Meet Senator Kathleen Vinehout In Tosa Thursday evening

Coca-Cola to check Cambodia land-grab claim

I am convinced that the remainder of President Obama's term will be peppered

Boone County Democrats claw their way back from obscurity

Iran's deputy minister assassinated

Typhoon wreaks havoc on agriculture with over a million farmers affected

US Espionage and Blatant Hypocrisy

Goodbye, Friends

Brick Wall? or hope at least something gets done ?

Demand Explanation for US Surveillance of Japan

How many G's do you suppose someone would take if Superman was

Two Obamas

South Park examines the banking industry

The Silence on the Bees. And the Bats.

You will be sorry!

A $150 investment turns up $98,000.

Drones: When will the presidents of U.S. and Yemen catch up?

Lexington's Florence Crittenton home for girls and women to close after 119 years

Robert Scheer: The True Patriots in Congress Trying to End NSA Tyranny

How the GOP "Supports the Troops" (Pfft.)

Indigenous Leaders Gather In NM, Dismiss UN Efforts: "I Have Nothing To Say To Them"

David Cameron’s Surprise: Permanent Austerity

Oil Espionage: New Leak Reveals Spy Agencies Tapped Int'l Oil Group

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Help

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Rights denied

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

NYC Parents to DOE : No, You Will *NOT* Test Our 4-Year Olds.

If not Warren, then whom? If not now, then when?

The True Patriots in Congress Trying to End NSA Tyranny

Warming Minnesota Now Suitable For Corn & Ethanol Helps Eliminate CRP, Increase Pollution

Fast Breeder Reactor Programs: History and Status (without the hype)

Uncommonwealth: Segregation-era rail car being restored in Kentucky for Smithsonian

NSA's Vast Surveillance Powers Extend Far Beyond Counterterrorism, Despite Misleading Government Cla

Foiled plots and bathtub falls

The gun-training class that teaches students to keep firearms under the bed, loaded

New Survey Finds U.S. Sequester Has Meant Less Academic Research

It is 9:10 on 11/12/13

Sandra Lertzman, Animal Rights Activist, Killed Herself Along With 31 Rescue Dogs: Cops

Imagine Democracy

MAP: Is Your State Ready for Climate Disasters?

Do you think that obamacare would be much easier if.....

"Indian princess"?

New Republic: I've Got Whooping Cough: Thanks A Lot, Jenny McCarthy

Pakistan suspected origin of polio in Syria

Will Jeh Johnson Make the Homeland More Secure?

Even Joe Scarborough was laughing at Christie's poll numbers today!

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday Nov 12, 2013)

Princess Bride: The musical?

There. Is. No. Tea. Party. -- Part 27,877

Medicaid Signups Are 'Exceeding Expectations', Nearing Half-Million Mark

Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene

Sudan polio vaccination blocked, says UN's John Ging

APNewsBreak: Military suicides drop; unclear why

Theresa May plans new powers to make British terror suspects stateless.

Fed Official Who Helped Orchestrate QE: QE Really Was A Huge Wall Street Bailout

Harvard Study On Happiness: "Aging Liberals Have Way More Sex" Than Conservatives

Elizabeth Warren’s populist insurgency enters next phase

Rachel Maddow - Bush speech booking alarms Jewish groups

Why do the one's that complain so much about 'big' government .....

PIC update: Washington state counties, cities compete for cheaper jail beds

Rachel Maddow - If you had to ask your boss for birth control

Oysters Could Save New York From More Sandys: Commentary

Trial to start for Air Force officer accused of groping


Food Companies Spend $10 Million to Keep Junk Food Covered by SNAP

Dog Treks 10 Miles in Freezing Cold to Find Beloved Mate (Kleenex Warning added by request)

Rachel Maddow - VA changes vote count rules while counting

Conyers' HR 676 Medicare for All Act summary

It's unclear where oil piped through Keystone XL might end up

Why Aren't There More Black Federal Judges in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia?

Mike Tirico calls unnecessary roughness penalty on Richie Incognito..

Who Killed Michael Hastings?

Grace: Tuskegee ace Charles Lane was more than just a war hero

While everyone was celebrating Veterans Day yesterday, this story unfolded on a Florida expressway:

I've Got Whooping Cough. Thanks a Lot, Jenny McCarthy.

Air charter provider Global Aviation files for bankruptcy again

This Photo of UK Conservative David Cameron Calling For Austerity Is Hilarious.

BREAKING: Wal-Mart workers strike, Target workers threaten to join Black Friday walkout

Some Good News-

Veteran's Day 2013

Iraq women lament costs of U.S. invasion

Raising the Bar on the Conversation About Religion

Jim Beard's Deviled Crab and Broiled Soft Shell Crabs

What about Wendy?!!

Egypt state of emergency lifted

Cuba hints flexibility possible on 3D cinema ban

"All I want for Christmas is an active frontal lobe." . . . Please come CAPTION Numbn*ts!!!

"Getting drunk without the hangover or health risks..."

Kurtz, DiNardo elected USCCB President and VP, respectively

YMCA Loses $60,000 Grant From Catholic Church After Refusing To Stop Working With LGBT Support Group

Please reconsider highlighting posts in favor of hiding posts.

Shocking Proof The Media Doesn't Want You To Know!

Is the US on single payer yet?

Anyone ever use the service Airbnb?

Progressives are Looking for a New Vision to Take On Corporate-Dominated Big Money Politics

the no-good do-nothing OWS losers at Rolling Jubilee have now

Atheists seek to create lakeside oasis in rural Alabama

Charlie Pierce: Big Chicken's Very Bad Bet

Justices Leave in Place Ruling Against Abortion Ultrasound Requirement

MLB Rookie of the Year 2013: AL and NL Winners ...

Titanoboa: Monster Snake : Titanoboa vs. T-Rex .

Zookeepers trying to recapture runaway gorilla, save princess

Ken Cuccinelli and the fading of the religious right

It's my kitteh India's 19th Birthday today! And mine, too!

Virginia Beach church with Roman Catholic and Episcopal congregation overcomes challenges

I think people should, in general, choose not to have abortions

I've adopted a brand new outlook

Porcupine loves Pumpkin -- Too Cute

Monitor too "hot"

Hillary and Gabby

Supreme Court lets stand ruling striking down Oklahoma ultrasound law

Yesterday, in Anthem Arizona.

The endgame revealed -- corps get to tap the taxpayers for unlimited reimbursement

Just an image, not topical, but just a reminder

One World Trade Center crowned the tallest building in US

ObamaCare problems: meet the new cause, same as the old cause.

Every major Republican player is a certifiable whack job.

Vet's missing dog tags returned

For all of you bird hunters, here's a great bird dog

Clinton to Obama: Let Americans keep canceled health plans

Warning: Very Graphic Photo

The Media’s 2016 Presidential Fantasies

WaPo's Richard Cohen: to gag at the idea of biracial families "not racist."

Study: Tar balls found after BP oil spill teeming with 'flesh-eating' bacteria

Benghazi on 60 Minutes = The Daily Show

Sen. Jim Inhofe's son, Perry, a doctor, dies in plane crash near Owasso

Richard Cohen (WP): people with conventional views have gag reflex at Di Blasio's family.

My 1000th post! Good morning, world!

Ken Burns: challenges whole nation to memorize Gettysburg Address..."Govt of,by and for the people"

Get ready for a cry. Jennifer Lawrence comforts a young fan.

Et Tu, Bill?

Bill Clinton Says Obama Should Change Health Care Law

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll: Public Strongly Supports Minimum Wage Increase

I would TOTALLY have Elizabeth Warren's baby

International friendlies Get on it!

Fake Jerry Jones 2013 Week 10 Recap - Stench

How big is the human carbon debt?

"Fire" 1968

Florida Ruined The NFL

Supreme Court declines second Duke lacrosse appeal

So, I was sitting on a chair in the hall of the county courthouse this morning

Stealing from the poor

Jennifer Lawrence, awesome human being

Issa Accuses Obama of Trying to Make Affordable Care Act Work

U.S. to Be Top Oil Producer by 2015 on Shale, IEA Says

Lara Logan’s Husband Was a Propagandist for the U.S. Military

Let's Not Use CBS News Links

Elizabeth Warren/Corey Booker 2016?

5 women arrested under Senegal's anti-gay law

GOP lawmaker scheduled to take part in rally calling for Obama’s overthrow

Texas Reproductive Health Cuts Deny Access to Care, Report Says

The secret, dirty cost of Obama's green power push

What an awful looking edifice!

Iran to let UN inspect new reactor next month.

Iran Puts Blame On Western Powers For Failure Of Nuclear Talks In Geneva

New Rule, You can talk about Hillary 2016 all you want- But-

Spitzer and ALMA Reveal a Star's Bubbly Birth

Jewish leaders ‘infuriated’ by Bush speech at ‘Jews for Jesus’ fundraiser

"If Newspaper Stupid had a top 40, Richard Cohen would be the Beatles in 1965"

The Tea Party Is Losing Support — Even Among Conservative Republicans

Bill would ban 3-D printing of guns

Still monkeying around with Metaphors

Electron Appears Spherical, Squashing Hopes for New Physics Theories

Regarding my post yesterday about the focus on 2016 around here...

Left Wants Challenger For Hillary Clinton

Anger Over Israeli Mayor Who Says There Are No Gays In His Town

Serious question - web host of one of my websites shows infection - and seems to have bolted..

The JFK conspiracy crowd has a new author, who has a new book out!

Climate Change is Altering Rainfall Patterns Worldwide

Bob Dole: Conservatives Will "Hold Their Nose and Vote" For Governor Chris Christie

Pastor heads children’s ministry after arrest for sexually abusing a minor

By the way, the security state really is here

Methodist Pastor Frank Schaefer Faces Trial for Son's Gay Wedding

If everybody suddenly disappeared (Life After People), would kudzu grow unchecked in any area that

Is Homeland Security tracking everyone in Seattle?

check out this pharmacy receipt...Thanks Obama!

Medicaid Is Health Overhaul's Early Success Story

"Uncle Jesus wants YOU!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Anyone know how this legislation on you can keep you JUNK Healthcare will effect the

If Republican Economics ARE So GREAT, Why Are FOODSTAMPS Used MOST In GOP Run States?

(MA) Mass. Hospitals Weigh Medical Marijuana Liability Risk

Gun-control progress

Dick Durbin: Obamacare line needed clarification

Seriously? Has Lara Logan been fired yet?

Fox News Falsely Claims Chris Christie Didn't Veto Marriage Equality Legislation

China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cuba Win Seats On UN Human Rights Council, Drawing Scorn

(AZ) Judge to sentence U.S. border cops who made smugglers eat marijuana

Mother Jones: House Dems Can Block GOP Food Stamp Cuts – By Killing The Farm Bill

Marco Rubio to Keynote Fund-raiser for Org. Backing 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Ohio Boy Who Came Home For Early Christmas Dies

(CO) pot tax a high or a low?

One of Hillary's biggest challenges to the nomination if she runs is Bill Clinton.

GOP About To Hurt Itself Again!: New Ploy To Kill Obamacare Will Blow Up

The Citizen's United Like Ruling For The Keystone XL Pipeline - Steve Horn Discusses

Mizeur to announce running mate

Gomer opens his big mouth again...

Two new Senate Polls: KY and NC

Nobody should have received a cancellation letter that

Pope Francis corruption fury: Tie them to a rock and throw them in the sea

WTF? Hey Facebook! Have you lost your mind? Meet the next Texas Governor!

A Christian nation?

Can we retire the Politics 2013 Forum and Open the Politics 2014 Forum?

Republican Rejection Of 3 Popular Policies Show Why The Party Is Hated (Business Insider)

A great question for conservatives (but liberals already know the answer)....

Ring of Fire: No Justification for Drone Strikes

Need advice with a family issue...maybe just to vent.

Did You Know?

US, British warships help distribute relief goods

Putin Says Forbes’ Most Powerful Person Title Has Made Him ‘Cautious’

Boehner Seizes On Clinton Comment Regarding Obama's Insurance Promise

FEMA Challenges on Starlight News.

Russia Negotiates Its Biggest Arms Deal With Egypt Since The Cold War After Obama Cuts Defence Aid

Does anyone have a list of stores that plan on staying open Thanksgiving basically not allowing

Putin Invites South Korea to Join Shipbuilding, Space Projects

Thank you Skinner! (Or: a racist disruptor bites the dust.)

Active Duty Prez

Like it or not *somebody* is going to have to run against Hillary in the 2016 primary.

Gotta hand it to you Texas you keep surprising me

Son of Late S.F. Mayor Moscone Marries Partner

I feel this every time pro-Bush Republicans claim Obama is the worst President in history...

Question for the "shut up about 2016, focus on 2014" brigade:

"Somewhere, there is a pasture calling his name."

U.S. mariners freed after kidnapping off Nigeria's coast

'Killed from the Inside Out' - BP Chemicals Exposed - '60 MINUTES - AUSTRALIA'

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday Nov 12th

What's your browser of choice?

Graphic photos from The Devastation in the Philippines

David Attenborough, Lost World: Magic in the Rock

Left wants challenger for Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren: 'Too Big To Fail' Is Worse Than Before Financial Crisis

O'Donnell's Rewrite on the ACA Dirty Little Secret

Today's the day Hawaii makes same sex marriage legal. Live streaming the Senate final session here.

Captain's Log, 1492

Massive Unidentified Sea Monster caught on Oil-Rig Cam

Home burns then fire department charges residents nearly $20,000: Privatization

Typhoon Haiyan: gun culture of the Philippines hinders relief efforts

This definitely sums it up!!

"Given the present bitterness..."

White Supremacist Craig Cobb Finds out He’s Part Black.

Parrot Confidential documentary (Nature) on PBS Wed, Nov 13

Forget The 50 States; The U.S. Is Really 11 Nations, Author Says

Can we call them what they are, terrorists?

Please forgive me, but it appears that James Okeefe is back

Proposed California bill would require adult film actors to wear safety goggles

I would like to have a discussion about whether women think men should have prostate exams

any updates on fairfax provisionals?

Thanks Obama

After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back

US Breaks With Israel- Does "NOT Recognize The Legitimacy of Settlements"

Richard Feynman.

Panko crusted salmon with tomato relish

Larpers to finally have a say in government

Wow, I am related to the next reincarnation of the Buddha

Richard Cohen defends "traditional" people's bigotry.

Renisha McBride shot in face from distance , Shooter "devastated"

Lara Logan Married To Bush Propagandist

‘Brosurance’ ads reappear targeting younger women

has anyone here gone on the Piero della Francesca Trail in Tuscany?

Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber, Melville House 2011

Oh so cute! Pink Fairy Armadillo

One acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees!!!

Don't Worry Homer - Rand Paul's Got Your Back

Herbal Supplements Often Just Powdered Rice & Weeds

Corbett Ad claims 6 times more jobs resulted from fracking than actually is true

Glenn Beck: We Don't Need Food Regulation, We Need Honorable Companies

Watch A Restaurant Full Of Women Reenact THAT Scene From 'When Harry Met Sally'

Russia Says Iran Not to Blame for Geneva Talks Failure

Corporate Expressways, Brought to You by Macquarie and Transurban

US Doctors Urge Wider Use Of Cholesterol Drugs

I read this great R.S. article on gerrymandering, only to see the comments overrun by RW trolls...

University of Michigan claims president was not drunk during speech at Michigan Stadium

Depression 'makes us biologically older'

RESCUED! From Puppy Factory to Freedom!

Gonzaga Students On Probation For Defending Themselves With Gun

Walking Dead spoilers

“You’re a Great Dancer!”

On the banning of Inferior Insurance Plans

U.S. Demands Explanation From Israel, Palestinians Threaten To Call Off Peace Talks

George Takei: This place matters

Gooooooood morning Vietnaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

Papantonio: Fighting the Wall Street Democrats

Final Hawaii Marriage Equality Vote Due Today

Beautiful! - 86 year old makes a beautiful rage comic.

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

60 Minutes Still Hasn't Mentioned Their Benghazi Conflict Of Interest

New Mexico Marriage Plaintiff Dies at 44

Does This Photo Vindicate Armed Pro-Gun Protesters In Texas? (Fixed the link for jpg)

Is Medicaid expansion a partisan ratchet?

Are we really divided on abortion?

Recommendation On Death Penalty For Accused Boston Bomber Near

Unindicted war criminal Bush to be on Leno show Nov. 19th.

Wait! Wut?!? Snow in NE South Carolina?

Verizon suing Federal government, Net Neutrality threatened

Recognize this guy?

An odd and controversial book that our daughter has to read for 11th grade English...

Methodist ministers defy church at same-sex union

Tracks in the sand...Dog...Bird....Human...

What do you think of Cruzes?

Sarah Palin 'taken aback by the Pope's "liberal statements."'

What the F*#@ Is Up With North Korea?

List things/people/organizations that you wish you would never have to hear about again

Former Japan Premier Koizumi Criticizes Nuclear Push

Public Agrees on Obesity’s Impact, Not Government’s Role

What do you think of Las Cruces?

Be Careful What You Wish For: UK to Crack Down on Street Preachers and Other People Deemed Annoying

Montreal mayor: "Rob Ford should switch to Diet Coke"

Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence: In a World Without Privacy, There Are No Exemptions for .....

Jon Stewart Rips Apart 60 Minutes and 'Pile of Sh*t' TIME Magazine

High school mascot: The Arabs

Andrew Shirvell, fired over harassing gay U-M student, sues Mike Cox, others

The leader of the 'Quiverfull' movement shuts down ministry after (gasp) an extramarital affair

BREAKING: Israeli PM cancels plans to build 20,000 settler homes in West Bank: official statement

Legislature considering de-regulation of charter schools (little progress on transp. funding bill)

So, apparently, every rightwing hack is guaranteed a book deal now

A classic, updated.

The FDA Is 'Coming After Your Doughnuts,' Rand Paul Warns

Michigan Governor Poll Shows Close Race Between Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Other Things That Are Like Slavery to the GOP

Senators push to expand access for New York apples and pears

Thin walls do not good neighbors make.

This source has fuller story of Kerry's Israeli TV appearance where he spoke on settlements

Viewpoint: Saturn snapped as Earth smiled

It would be easier for me to get excited about Elizabeth Warren

Live streaming final Senate session. Watch Hawaii enact legal same-sex marriage.

Time is Running Out to Save the Post Office: 5 steps to revive a valuable public institution

TransCanada Has Already Had To Fix 125 Dents And Sags In Southern Keystone Pipeline

In 2016 The Newly Elected President Will Be...

Good news for the US Postal Service.

A Vision for Architecture as More Than the Sum of Its Parts

The Media’s 2016 Presidential Fantasies

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Nestle worker and union activist killed by paramilitary in western Colombia

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I have come to the conclusion that...