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TV, stage and film personalities from the 60's and before who are still alive

Papantonio: The Rick Scott $1.4 Billion Fraud

I have not been PPRed

David Gregory Just Made Me Throw Up a Little

Three strikes and you're out, BART

Isn't this baby Skate kind of cute, ugly, creepy at the same?

Video of UTC student arrested near evangelist goes viral, sparks controversy

Uribe claims Santos is planning on dissolving Colombia congress to benefit FARC

Moody’s Lowers Ratings of Four U.S. Banks After Review

Bill Maher's guest list tonight. Put up your feet and enjoy the discussion. HBO 10 & 11pm EST

Weekend Economists Out on an Idle Idol Idyll November 15-17, 2013

EPA proposes reducing biofuel mandate

South Colombia governor’s wife tells husband he’s an ‘embarrassing puppet’

Bill Moyers: Fighting the Good Fight to stream broadcast day - November 22nd 1963.

ACA rollout exactly like Hindenburg, 9/11 and Bataan Death March.

Jonathan Martin's mother revealed as a lawyer with expertise in workplace harassment..

An Obamacare "Loser" Speaks Out ... About Not Being an Entitled Douche

Flying Coach in a 747, circa 1970

B'Tselem investigation: grave suspicion Ahmad Tazaz’ah was killed by Israeli soldiers using unlawful

A 6-Year-Old Girl Walked Into A School — And 500 Kids Were Removed Because Of It

Sarah Palin Apologizes For Remarks On Pope Francis

Remember: The people who say Obamacare won't work...

Every time I grab my soapbox and bullhorn to question voter IQ of other states

Anyone know what this title is about?

Two Palestinians killed in Syria

a democrat with a backbone: gov deval patrick

Wikileaks Exposes the TPP as a Capitulation to Corporate Interests

The Bestest Bat-poop Crazy Primary Evah!

"Conlin concedes, Sawant becomes Seattle's first socialist council member"

Rachel Maddow - Bipartisan past scandalizes secessionist

Help fight Cancer

Premiere "uncancels" Randi Rhodes

Chris Hayes: "The only way out is through..."

Quick thinking 7-Eleven employees nab criminal - disgusting

Rachel Maddow - Climate deniers can't deny new record storms

The 151 Dems who signed on to the letter opposing Fast Track for the TPP

Uh-oh. Suburbia seems to be turning on Common Core. Video.

If works well in the woods

Help me pleeeeeze! Walnut bounty. What to do besides gorge myself?

Abbas: Palestinian peace talks team resigns

"How my sub-standard health care policy failed to protect me."

WONK ALERT: President Obama (In His Own Words) Statement on the Affordable Care Act Nov 14, 2013

I think Howard Dean should run for president

WTFF? College Hall to honor President George H.W. Bush

A Living Death: Sentenced to Die Behind Bars for What? ( ACLU )

Keiser Report: Mud Pie of State Benefits

I'm With This Guy.

so what is exactly wrong with socialism?

Can Obama just tell those insurance co's not

Dirty tricks Carl Rove robo calls in San Diego calling Democrat a conservative

Rachel Maddow - Romneycare lesson: Be patient with Obamacare

Well do you, don't you want me to love you

Elizabeth Warren, "We will clean the house in 2014"!

More Americans Enrolled in ‘Beer of the Month’ Clubs than Obamacare, Experts Say

Why do we park on a driveway, yet drive on a parkway??

Wondering how it is where you all live (extreme religiosity)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday & a new Kitteh gif

The Doom Fulfilled.

‘We reject illegal killings’: Germany suspends drone purchase

OMG. Sometimes, all you can say is OMG.

Can someone suggest a good book to read?

Go to me @ FB and see my first pic!

Batkid rescues grateful San Francisco damsel, pursues Penguin

Interested in Joining a Progressive Youtube/Facebook group?

Charlie Pierce is like a god to me division: Hacko di Tutti Hacki

Interested in Joining a Progressive Youtube/Facebook group?

Why was I worried anyway?

Wealth of world's billionaires has doubled since 2009.

Large or small, it's still a kitteh.

Larry Flynt will be Rachel's guest after the break

Dear MSNBC President - time to put Chris Matthews to pasture

It's the simple joys that make life worth living.

U.S. Attorney's Office: The Riddler And The Penguin Charged With Conspiracy And Kidnapping

Official wants to de-fund library, users should 'go back to Mexico'

Media Critics: "There's No Way" CBS News' Internal Benghazi Review Can Be Credible

Who the fuck are playing in the Rose Bowl tonight?

"If you drive on roads..."

So you want to boycott companies supporting marriage equality?

Holiday trees arrive at the Capitol

Two questions

Pissed off the lady who runs one of the local bookstores

Oops! Syria rebels linked to al Qaeda apologize for beheading fellow fighter

I’m so happy for the batkid and the support was fantastic

I am so sad: my beloved cat, the best pet I have ever had was diagnosed with cancer today

This is the only group on DU that has unconditional love as its focus.

If Alec Baldwin called a photographer a watermelon eating n word

Mainstream Media Jumps False Equivalence Shark Over ACA

Mr Bluster needs a home. Send some DU postive thoughts his way.

The 7: Shit, piss, fuck, ****, motherfucker,....

Radley Balko, author of "Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces"

Kelly: Stop-And-Frisk Facts Were Ignored On Campaign Trail

I think it is time for a cool change...

Killing Conspiracy

Worker Dies After Falling Off Greenwich Village Scaffold

"According To Media Reports, Obama Is Responsible For At Least 8 ‘Katrinas’"

Friday Talking Points (282) -- A "Regular Disorder" Rant

Jeremy Hammond, hacker for Anonymous, sentenced to 10 years

Hey, Bill Fucking Maher: YOU CAN GET ON THE HEALTHCARE.GOV! Try it before buying into wingnut

"The Crash of 2016"

Rockland County brush fire still burning

As God as my witness...

Just saw an add

Echo, autistic boy's service dog, found safe

Brody Buster is playing in town

Bill Maher: How Did Lara Logan Get Sucked Into Benghazi 'Right-Wing Fantasy Machine'?

This is quite possibly the DUMBEST CNN headline I've ever seen.

EMTALA and our cruel health care system in Texas

VSU college players accused of beating opposing WSSU quarterback at awards luncheon

Weekend music to chill by....Jazz Fiddling Edition!

Maher Acts Out Pope v. Palin: 'Listening to You, I'm Reconsidering My Stance on Birth Control'

Why in tarnation did Batkid have to nail the Riddler and the Penguin?

David Miranda Is Nobody’s Errand Boy

"Nebraska" hits theatres today.

JFK on Healthcare, Social Security, Minimum Wage, Social Security, ets

Online Retailer Fines Couple $3,500 For Negative Review, Then Dings Their Credit Score

Cornyn files for re-election, says Republicans must be adults in the room

What would you do in Amish country for the weekend?

Episode 48… For those who ponder the physical evidence and cover up post-mortem JFK...

Me, in most conversations. Foot tapping is not shown.

Would you cut off one finger for 1 million dollars....

About the pledge to keep older non-ACA-compliant health insurance plans:

Is Agenda 21 the Tea Partys' new death panels?

Threat of Plastic Guns Rises

Conlin Concedes: Seattle Elects Sawant as First Socialist Councilmember

'You F*cked Up!' Maher Hammers SCOTUS, GOP for Being So 'Naive' on Racism, Corruption

Bagged Salad Days (Completely Useless Diversion for a Friday Night)

Iran says recognition of nuclear rights prerequisite for " success" of talks

Heard there were problems with the PS4.

Today? "You can KEEP your insurance, PERIOD." Tomorrow? "You can KEEP your DOCTOR, PERIOD."

This flippant attitude toward those harmed by the ACA will cost us 2014.

Bashir: Palin a world class idiot - but that's not all

Louisiana official wants to take library’s money to build new jail

Does anybody ever look at the recent past?

Palin: 'It Was Not My Intention' To Criticize Pope Francis

The anonymous millions of dollars spent in Chilean campaign donations

11:39 on Friday night-

Corrution on Steroids and the amending of the 17th amendment.

DOJ Congratulates Batkid

So according to some here it's OK for the NSA/CIA...

PHOTOS: Palestinians destroy separation barrier in two West Bank villages

Coloring Book Review: ''Guarding The Republic & Freedom On A Chopper''

Israeli exceptionalism at the United Nations

OMG. . .well, please forgive me, but it IS Friday night and this is tooooo cute

NOAA announces regulations to protect marine mammals during Navy testing

SF Supervisor Tries To Ruin Batkid Merriment For Everyone

Chomsky: Fight back against NSA spying or be 'complicit'

Japan postpones removal of Fukushima atomic fuel rods

Outrage as Solicitor General who pushed to impeach Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair

Vatican downplays mob threats against Pope Francis

Vatican downplays mob threats against Pope Francis

U.K. minister Sayeeda Warsi calls on West to protect Christian minorities

U.K. minister Sayeeda Warsi calls on West to protect Christian minorities

THE MVP of the National League of Major League Baseball...

Anyone else notice what's on "60 Minutes" this Sunday?

If Premier League Team Names Were Based On Their Logos...

Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.

Actor Alec Baldwin suspended by MSNBC for calling photographer a ‘cocksucking fag’

Pope Francis distributes surveys to Catholics on ‘modern questions’ including gay relationships

Former Obama Appointee Van Jones, Continues to Lead, Speaking on Healthcare:

Can Smoking Pot Be Considered a Form of Free Speech?

She Doesn’t Expect Anything, and Hasn’t Been Disappointed

Don't feel bad, ladies, 25% of men have faked orgasms too.

LOU REED Public Remembrance "SISTER RAY"- Dancing & Awesome Air Guitar @ Lincoln Center NYC 11/14/13

Remembering JFK writing contest offers $250 prize (Nov. 16-30)

If it fits, I sit...

Bill Maher On Sarah Palin Pope Francis Twitter War

John F. Kennedy assassination | 50th anniversary A Miami police informant, a prophetic racist and fr

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever

British PM pushes Sri Lanka on war probe

So fucking tired of the media trivializing Katrina and Iraq to attack the President.

So, many around here feel we are now the bad guys...

This should be reposted every two months

Havana Times: Cuba Is One of the Safest Countries

Police shoot therapy dog as they raid wrong address

ABSOLUTELY VITAL public interest stories the media SHOULD be covering, but doesn't . . .

Doctors, nurses and managers to face five years in jail if they neglect patients

TPD officer who shot dog files lawsuit seeking $10,000 from neighbor

Want to know if your ISP is capping data? Check our updated chart

George W Bush's New 'Crusade': Converting Jews to Christianity


Charles Pierce: the general public has evinced a fairly lethal combination of stupidity, timidity, a

Dispatches from a previous war on women

Charles Pierce: John McCain's Piehole, Curiously, Remains Open

POLICE BRUTALITY - Philadelphia Cop Sucker Punches Woman

U.S. thinks nuclear deal with Iran is possible next week

Officers Beat Man to Death, Harass Witnesses and Take Evidence

The Scariest Real Estate Advertisement On Craigslist

Officer Shoots 12-Pound Dog Claiming It Threatened His Life

CIA amassing a huge database on Americans’ financial data

Posted in the Lounge cafeteria...

34 Dead, 300 Wounded in Tripoli attack by militia on peaceful Protesters

Oops. Terribly Sorry. Al-Qaeda affilliated group in Syria apologizes for beheading fellow rebel

Kayak Expedition to Ft Proctor today!

Feinstein Bill 'Codifies' NSA's Worst Abuses

Anti-Drone Movement Speaks: 'End the Secrecy, No to Kill List'


Haiyan: A Disaster Made Worse By Greed

Is There Anything You Can’t Buy in America? Should There Be?

MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin and His Talk Show

Let’s celebrate education’s power to spread tolerance

Plutocrats Plan to Dominate the Planet: But the People of Chile Are Fighting for All of Us{TPP}

Jeremy Hammond: FBI Directed My Attacks on Foreign Government Sites

Today in rape culture: Vanderbilt and Amherst edition (cross posted HOF)

Yes, democrats fate in 2014 depends on the success or failure of the ACA

"Batkid" turns San Francisco into Gotham City

Our Response Plan For Oil Spills Isn’t Working

Today in rape culture: Vanderbilt and Amhurst edition (cross posted GD)

Life in Prison for Stealing Candy?

Passively 'Sniffing' Data: How Mobile Network Spying Works

Do any Louisiana DUers have contacts in Lafourche?

Cover Up found in Shooting Death of 13yr old Boy Andy Lopez

Burlington Free Press: Sanders wants progressive 2016 presence


(Australian) Coal executive turned climate change activist fights for seat on BHP (mining) board

Do any DUers have contacts in Lafourche? cross post LA group

Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Is Moving Into Private Equity

Exit Clause: Merkel's Partners Want Broke Countries Out of Euro

Cutting Antibiotics: Denmark Leads Way in Healthier Pig Farming

Whatever Israel says, it is Iran that's offering the concessions

You know what? fuck it

Punishing the Young: German Pension Reforms a Gift for the Elderly

EU Passports for 650,000 Euros: Citizenship for Sale in Malta

Sammy Davis Jr on Batman

Campaign 2016: The Dumb Season Starts Early (Matt Taibbi)

The Biggest Prison Profiteer Of Them All

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Nov 16th

Wisconsin's 30 Year Experience with ENDA Proves Boehner's Claims are Frivolous

10 super cool Feminist men

Boeing vote raises questions about future of Frederickson plant

As US struggles with deficits, veterans’ programs considered

Texas’ Other Death Penalty

Marine Corps fight escalates over handling of case involving troops urinating on corpses

Poll shows Crist leading Scott by 10 points

Report: Quake safety lacking at nuke plant

Proof that TSA "security theater" has been a joke from day one.

Google barge headed to San Diego?

I've been doing atheism wrong - according to Pastor John Hagee

Chris Hedges: We Have to Atone for Turning Our Backs on People of Color

Sebelius calls on Walker to expand Medicaid

Picket, Fight, and Win

The People Can Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Shale Revolution Spreads With Record Wells Outside U.S.: Energy

A ‘Historic Moment’ for Campus Solidarity

Fort Hood units heading to Calif. for training in 2014

Giant Jesus Survives

Talented but weird results

Fukushima apocalypse: Years of ‘duct tape fixes’ could result in ‘millions of deaths’

Pakistan imposes curfew in Rawalpindi after sectarian clashes kill 8

Blame Obama for Passing a ‘Partisan’ Health-Care Bill? What Nonsense.

Toon: What'cha got there?

I'm glad the date went well

Could the US be heading towards an Elizabethan era?

activists: syrian jihadis mistakenly behead ally

Ken Starr's plea for a child molester.

Elizabeth Warren: Wall Street Can't Stop Her

No time to explain...

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday Nov 16, 2013)

Toronto City Council attempts to make Rob Ford a CSMINO

All of the copyright advisors to the admin on the TPP are from the industry. ALL of them.

Affordable Care Act Vs. Katrina - you be the judge....

Maybe it's name to name particularly destructive storms after oil companies...

Which one of you.....

Vandana Shiva On Resisting GMOs: "Saving Seeds Is a Political Act"

"The ACA is going to make things better for millions. Simple as that."

We might stand a chance ...

Why weren't Republicans worried about Insurance Cos canceling healthcare policies...

David Bowie Marianne Faithfull I Got You Babe.wmv

What the Gay Community Lost While It Was Winning Gay Marriage

The Internet Is Now Weaponized - And You Are The Target

Bomb hits Afghan capital before talks on US deal

Screw Dana Milbank

"LGBT stands for 'Little Girls, Babies, and Toddlers.'" Come CAPTION's Alan Ruse!!!

San Francisco rail board wants to reopen talks, angering unions

Suck on this, GOP. From The Hill-----Official: errors below 1 percent

I heard an interesting response ...

NC: Blue Cross to reinstate canceled insurance policies as price increases spur outcry

Exclusive: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

Report: UnitedHealth Drops Thousands Of Doctors From Insurance Plans (Medicare Advantage Plans)

Nothing demonstrates the corporate control of our government like the TPP

Table Rock on Fire

Rival Libya militias in fresh clashes near Tripoli

US offers $10m bounty for Benghazi attackers

With 60 percent of Syria’s chemical warheads destroyed, next stage of disarmament is set

Who was Bush's contractor for Medicare Part D implementation?

Speaker Boehner Announces New House Ethics Committee Chair

Pa. gay marriage suit takes big step toward trial

What are you reading the week of November 17, 2013?

Oh good. Freedom of the press is sort of, for the moment, maybe, safe

People kill people.

USC's Javorius Allen makes the most of his chance

A Special Announcement from ‘Moyers & Company’

Bill Maher New Rules 11-15-13

Government-ordered price cuts spawn desperation shopping in Venezuela

The real story of 'looting' after a disaster like typhoon Haiyan - good read

Not So Fast, Senator Schumer: Army Responds On Radio Competition

This week in science: Hot tropics

In 1973, a school board head decide to burn Kurt Vonnegut's books. Vonnegut sent him a letter:

Maher: If Palin thinks the Pope is too liberal, ‘wait until she sees what Jesus has been saying’

Syrian army fights for road needed to remove chemical weapons

Al Franken surfaces! -Big news on our push to stop Citizens United

Platts: German coal extends its dominance in German Power production.

Elizabeth Warren - nice read

How Boehner's House is protecting junk health insurance:

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Orange Man!

Cancellation of "junk" policies: Even a Fox News Political Analyst said it...

On the road for 23 years

Five idiots and an elephant

As many people say they’ve been abducted by space aliens as say they’ve committed voter fraud

Spain did not break any EU law in Gibraltar

Howard Dean: "I'd give anything to be in the WH and kick some serious butt over fixing this thing"

Memo to Democratic Chicken Littles: The Sky Is Not Falling

300,000 Floridians' health policy cancellations undone

It's the media, stupid.

Major biological discovery…inside the Chernobyl reactor??

Today would be my Daddy's 96th birthday.I learned about his WWII experiences from his Army jacket:

Tienes hambre? n/t

Police confiscate puppy of 104-year-old veteran.

Cancer diversity has 'huge implications'

Letter warning JFK away from Dallas

How Sandy Clean-Up Brought Day Laborers Out of the Shadows

Any info on the next seasons of "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black."

My eyes are crossing from reading

where art and architecture meet ...

Gary Peters votes for corporate profits AGAIN.

If Wendy Davis wins it will drive a stake in the heart of the GOP

Interesting time of year at Farmers Markets....transition time. This AM in Raleigh -

Obamacare ads

Saturday, November 16th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I despise high deductible health insurance plans

Is This the End of One of the World’s Harshest Abortion Laws?

How about an ACA group at DU?

Capital, Labor unite behind “reinsurance tax” repeal in ACA tweak-a-thon - Odd of Boehner bringing

DU'ers on long did the enrollment process take?

10 worst right-wing statements of the week — abortion typhoon edition

GOP hypocrisy.

SF Supervisor "clarifies" Batkid criticism.

One man transforms an entire community

Elephants Shirley and Jenny Reunited After 20 Years. Keep your tissues handy...

Wisconsin Political Speech Raid

Dr. Nancy Snyderman 'in awe' of Israeli medics in Philippines

The U.S. may be hitting its ethanol limit. So EPA wants to relax its biofuels goals.

Border Patrol Agent arrests illegal entry from Mexico, discovers US citizen kidnapped 35 years ago.

Queen Of Spain Blog: We Just Enrolled In Obamacare

Toon: "Linus and Lucy"

Cities and States minimum wage increase is of no use

Happy Birthday John Boehner

Authorities probe reported hanging at GE plant

An insight into our group seeing its political opponents as mentally defective banjo boys

Worker Hangs Self from Crane at G.E. Erie Plant after Massive Layoffs

net metering fight - rooftop solar in Arizona

Orchard Lake Man Erects Giant Sculpture To Flip Off His Neighbor/Ex-Wife

Toon: Climate Change Deniers

Here's the cure

Wisconsin Political Speech Raid

John Kerry, Hillary Clinton: Afghanistan Nearing Turning Point

"Pentagon Scraps ‘Lightsaber’ Weapons Program After Gross Misconduct, Numerous Injuries"

Dail Kos - "Media parrot GOP Katrina talking point, ignore Bush Medicare drug debacle"

Tweet from pourmecoffee about the GOP healthcare plan

"Socialist" Obamacare a boon to insurance companies

Tell me again how the people will get the right take on Obamacare?

U.S. administration plans Obamacare website upgrade this weekend

White mayor, black wife: End of another racial taboo?

How To Tell When Bananas Turn Bad....

Ok folks this is a test (again!)

All my buttons have turned black..

Not sure if the 2 things are related...

Comet ISON visible to the naked eye: “if you want to see it, do it now”

Lyme Disease Community Blows the Whistle on Corruption Within the CDC

Huffington Post - Deborah Cavallaro, The Orly Taitz of Health Care, Remains A MSM Darling

Once you get registered on the federal or state ACA site, some tips:

GOP infighting fierce even in Western strongholds

HuffPo - "President's Insurance Announcement Keeps Eyes on the Prize"

16 People On Things They Couldn’t Believe About America Until They Moved Here

My email to President Obama

Why even atheists should be praying for Pope Francis

Three hours of curling on CBU

Climate Delegates In Warsaw Horrified By Japan's Abandonment Of Carbon Targets

Time to Cash In: Geithner to Head Wall Street Private Equity Firm

5 Months After Veto Of Plan For Maine To Work On Climate, LePage Now Wants To Convene Working Group

FL - Pines, Palms, More Species Dying On Big Palm Key As Rising Seawater Levels Infiltrate Aquifer

US Pimping Voluntary Climate Plan In Warsaw; Compensation For Damages "Isn't A Productive Avenue"

I heard he sleeps with the fishes ...

The best pastitsio ever!

Jailed Pussy Riot member found in Siberian prison hospital

No WAY, DUDE!! After Haiyan, Cameron Notes "Evidence Seems To Be Growing" Of Climate/Storm Links

Obama Promises He Will Veto the Latest House Republican Trick to Destroy the ACA

These Democrats Want to Raise the Minimim Wage!

Shining Days

What to do with a bunch of green tomatoes? Suggestions?

When a Palestinian teen shed the last traits of humanity

This is my 5K post

What is Australia's most deadly creature?

TCM Schedule for Monday November 18- TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Elizabeth Warren

Ooooo ... a little tune for the trolls out there today ...

Ohio county judge apologizes for blackface costume

Pope Francis: "Thou shalt not frack!"

THEE OUT MODS Band Cult 44

I forgot all about this song

Can you imagine patenting most surgeries?

THEE OUT MODS Band Cult 44

Yay! Socialist Kshama Sawant Elected To Seattle City Council - AP

Something I've never understood about statewide elections

"The Crumbling of America" is coming up at 4 pm edt on H2.

Cave women unearth skull of unknown human ancestor

Rick Scott's shocking responses in his 1995 deposition in anti-trust lawsuit. And he's governor?

The Men Who Made Us Thin

Pope Francis on Faith And Ideology. Ideology is a Serious Illness.

A question for Canadian DUers

Fastest growing newspaper in America? Want to make a guess?

Nohay poll: Wilson 45% Graves 44%, a real cliffhanger

ABSOLUTELY VITAL public interest stories the media SHOULD be covering, but doesn't . . .

Why even atheists should be praying for Pope Francis

Bye Bye Japan and US West evacuation: Top Scientist

Pap and Seder: Progressive Presidential Hopefuls Must Get Busy

When the Socialists seized a New England City-A Quarter Century of Shame....

We Are Legion (BBC)

Beautiful portrait of President Obama...

Holder seeks Fast and Furious appeal

Pascal's Wager backfires. Edited with a REALLY COOL PIC

WTF? "The Knockout Game". it's evidently spreading- and trending on social media

Is your spouse/SO an atheist?


Come on in.

There is a cancer patient in South Carolina who claims he was paying $180 for insurance but now

The 14 habits of highly miserable people

Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects giant middle finger statue.

TYT: Malala not afraid of Taliban

My name is Tavernier

Kids React to Gay Marriage

Please check in with YOUR story if you've ever had a BAD health insurance situation. Here's mine:

We want our 10 cents back!


Wisconsin legislature moves to make recalls more difficult. State Senator Chris Taylor responds.

Has anyone seen a 'roll cloud' at anytime? Suppose to be rare,,,I never have

Hurricane Katrina, The Obamacare Rollout, And Allowing Privilege To Shape Our Politics

Refrigerator Wars in Venezuela

There are many articles about ACA nationally but does anyone here in the MN group know how the

For the second time in a week, a beloved patient of ours has died suddenly

Methane Emissions “Through The Roof” As Arctic Melts Faster Than Predicted: Arctic Study Group

This is why I'm single;

Meningitis Outbreak At Princeton University; (CDC) Is Making An Experimental Vaccine Available...

Elizabeth Warren: Unlikely Radical Giving Hope To Those Disenchanted With Mainstream Democrats

can we all agree: Dem introduces pro-gun/pro-pot bill edition.

Posted another pic on FB,

The Rise Of Far Right Parties Across Europe Is A Chilling Echo Of The 1930s

MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin’s ‘Up Late’ For 2 Weeks For Anti-LGBT Slur

"Dateable Girls Know How to Shut Up"

This is such a great idea! Leaving drunk notes to your sober self!

DNA Analysis Shows Modern Dogs Descended From Ancient European Wolves

Advocates push for retrial to clear name of 14-year-old 'killer' executed in 1944

Obama Struggles To Save His Cherished Health Law From The Clutches Of His Own Administration

Some people are reporting that is working and they were able register is this true

Any chance we can finally get guns out of GD again

Friends with whom I chatted about my MD riverside cottage

What is your local newspaper? Is it right wing or left wing? Or neither?

Assad Gaining Ground In Syrian Civil War

Hey there Good about another nap?

If gays didn't have to pay taxes....

Did you know....

Christmas presents for Uncle Fred ideas thread

Drunk History (drunks tell their version of events and people in history)

Thousands of Prisoners Sentenced to Die Behind Bars for Nonviolent Crimes

PTSD Isn't Biblical, Televangelist Kenneth Copeland And Historian David Barton Tell Veterans

Seriously people, email the WH & protest the TPP Agreement

Hammond supporters publish alleged list of foreign targets that FBI had him hack

US soldier charged with murder over deaths of two Iraqi civilians

my alma mater (high school) apparently went to, and won, its first postseason football game since

Chemotherapy for dogs.

Could Virginia Republicans Steal the Attorney General's Race?

cnn headline: Second-term woes: Obamacare, Katrina, Iran-Contra

NJ City Eyes Eminent Domain to Fight Foreclosure

What Lee Harvey Oswald’s Mother Told Me

So...what the hell is it with Alec Baldwin and gays?

Counteracting and Confronting The Lies Locally - a local story (North Carolina headsup!)

The Jayhawks' 27 game Big 12 losing streak is over!

Eurosceptics proclaim solidarity

Is this part of the reason for PPACA low enrollment?

A FOX guest says that these "canceled policy" stories are exaggerations.

Israel looks to muzzle witness in U.S. anti-terror case

Iran, world powers close to nuclear deal: Russia's Lavrov

Schumer, Cardinal Dolan seek temporary protected status to Filipino nationals legally residing in U.

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws

Saudi capital hit with rare floods, residents urged to stay indoors (PHOTOS)

A ray of hope found at the dump.

How Children Pushing For Immigration Reform Are The Newest Civil Rights Leaders

Just in case you weren't sure, Baby Do's and Don'ts

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio says he's 'cleared the air' with Ray Kelly

Am watching Don Lemon's show on CNN. Can we talk about him a minute?

Just a reminder that it's MUCH easier to sit on the sideline and take potshots at somebody

Toon: New Statin Guidelines

It's not about racism (warning, vile, racist, hateful, pathetic trash).

Another kid with a fake gun shot by a cop