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Archives: November 18, 2013

Openly gay teen scientist honored by Vatican as positive role model

Transgender Texas student's tuxedo photo banned

Another U.S. Foreign Policy "Triumph": Libya Edition

Sorry CBS - I won't watch 60 Minutes again

House GOP 2014 agenda starts with blank slate Read more:

Green homes for the masses – with no energy bills for 10 years

Local churches raise money for Philippines typhoon victims

The Perils of Socialism

2 Dead, 20 injured in Colorado Mine Blast

Happy Birthday to Gordon Lightfoot! 75 years young today!

Japan Atomic Energy Commission - Fukushima an unprecedented, and deepening, crisis

I was wondering in those who do not have health insurance would start showing up at county

Spying for Freedom! It’s Total Information American Goodness!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 November 2013

Tornado sirens went off in Columbus Ohio

I am 64

From basement Owens to expensive handcrafted MACs

Southern Illinois desperately needs your help, DU!

When eyes turn green, your cat is fully charged and can be unplugged.

Does anyone think serial killers watch Dexter?

Howard Dean's birthday today & why is he not Sec. of H&HS

Leak Claims Jackson Shooting Accidental; Austin Police Union Calls For Probe

Re; Iran: Why is Netanyahu STILL acting like nothing has changed?

Tarrant County Democratic Party presents a Program on the ACA Healthcare Plans and how

Portal - GLaDOS Is To Blame

Dutch Cake

As a child...

Join the Petition to Fire Lara Logan

Why has the JFK anniversary meant a push to get total buy-in on the Warren Report?


Why are they angry at Obama, but not their insurers?

Merger, Wright amendment’s end bringing big changes to Dallas air travel

Nance Greggs: Good News Is No News

The 40 Year Slump: The Decline Of The American Job

Botswana faces questions over licences for fracking companies in Kalahari

I am officially storm damaged

Separating Myth From Reality on Obamacare

Ever wonder how they recovered the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters?

More people are losing their insurance, but wait times for care will

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Agent of Satan

If all I had to watch was the MSM

2 s(s) 1 n: ROSSINI

Who is your favorite vice president?

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/17/13

Obamacare is a mess: California official

I did another Galantine of Chicken today. Experimented a bit. (Edited to add a picture - 3 pics)

Alien Planets(full documentary)HD

Philippines typhoon aftermath: Religion as solace

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new gun-control law targets gun makers

who else is watching the denver/kc game?

Right-wing gun philosophy 101...

GOP looking for a strategy to outflank Paladino’s Conservative threat

Mayor Vetos Anti-GMO Bill and Kaua'i Council Overides It!

Think I'll call it a night.....thanks, all

News flash: A pairing of the isolationistic far left and far right will not stop the TPP from being

Is Ikea the New Model for the Conservative Movement? Think tanks in every state.

The coal, gas and oil we use. How long ago were they plants

United Way of Tarrant County gets Nations Largest ACA Navigator Grant.

President calls GOP and insurance companies' bluff.

Erik Prince blames "timid" liberals for his mercenary outfit going to hell.

Pups again!

This week's show - The first head of the NY FBI's Investigative group against Al Qaeda and bin Laden

This day was a hell'er. And I didn't get the worst of it, by a long shot.

Found on Twitter. How to know if you are a liberal.

Tonight's sunset

Fukushima Protester Jailed for 21 days & Speaks Out

Technology Of The Future - BBC Documentary (with Michio Kaku)

Ozone treaty accidentally slowed global warming

'Royal Concierge': GCHQ Monitors Hotel Reservations to Track Diplomats

Bachelet tops Chile president vote

Wal-Mart finds safety issues at Bangladesh factories

xPost from GD: The first head of the NY FBI's Investigative group against Al Qaeda and bin Laden

Illinois Catholic Bishop to Exorcise Spirit of Marriage Equality

Post your cool pictures here:

Remember when being 9-0 in the NFL meant you were a great team?

The Sapphires… worth watching

Can Wall Street Be Justified?

Chile: Bachelet triumphs in Chile election but faces runoff

The Obama Apology That Is Needed

CNN split-screen segment compares Obama and crack-smoking Toronto mayor

HERE I IS!!!!! MFM update!!!

Arne Duncan: ‘White suburban moms’ upset that Common Core shows their kids aren’t ‘brilliant’

CNN spends ten minutes comparing President Obama to crackhead Toronto mayor Rob Ford

"Whatever's Comfortable" during the Walking Dead.

Praise Jesus!

Tornadoes In The Fall Were Not Even A Remote Thought In Illinois Where I Grew Up.

Elizabeth Warren at it again

Tornado photos, incredible. 6 deaths reported so far

I am not normally a big poetry person,

Top Ten List of Things I'd Do If I Still Had A Roof Over My House...

Musician Roy Harper on historic sex charges

"Cash Flow"...

game time

I sent an alert this evening, did it get lost in the mail?

NSA Grapples With 988% Increase in Records Requests

Wikileaks Exposes the TPP as a Capitulation to Corporate Interests

Volcano under Antarctic ice may erupt, accelerate melting

Rosie Castro ... Mother of the Texas Democratic Twins, Julian and Joaquin. An amazing Senora.

This shocked me nuke testing.

Imagine, for a moment, if you will, a NATION-WIDE STRIKE on Black Friday

Ted Turner turns 75

PBS Takes Notice: Premiere of “Silicon Valley Goes to Space” on KQED Nov 20

Hey, You People! DU folks! READ HERE! (no whining about DU here)

We get Thumbs-Up in a mainstream TV movie!

Do you still have a stuffed toy?

May I squee just a little bit?

VIDEO: JFK debates Humphrey

Why The War On Drugs Looks Even Stupider When You See What Other Countries Do

Fukushima day 981 Update. 11/15/13

Juan Cole: 43 Dead, 500 Wounded in Tripoli Attack by Militia on Peaceful Protesters

Liz Cheney-- Rotten To The Core

Obama: War Can't Solve Iran Nuclear Problem

Who here hopes the Rob Ford drama

Two Years After the Eviction of OWS, Here’s 5 People Keeping the Movement Alive

Boehner hosts mtg. on Russian `best practices` for raping gays, force-feeding watermelon to blacks

Fox News marks 50th anniversary of JFK’s death by painting him as ‘quite conservative’

Louisiana parish votes to save library fund after commissioner’s rant about Mexicans

True Fascism

Elizabeth Warren won't save the Democrats in 2016

This week's Free Song on iTunes is amazing!!!

Fun With Law Enforcement...

Indonesia recalls ambassador to Australia over spying allegations - live updates.

Oh Dear - Doris Lessing is dead

USA Population Trivia: 16 States Have No Cities over 200,000 - 12 more have only one

Dennis Tito (Inspiration Mars) on Capitol Hill Nov 20

The Insanity of Our Food Policy

An effective anti-rape campaign

Fukushima Funhouse Tests Technique, Predictions, Nerves

Ganbare, Nihon! Good luck, Japan!

Israel must be included in Western nations' group on UN human rights council, allies say

Arne Duncan: ‘White suburban moms’ upset that Common Core shows their kids aren’t ‘brilliant’

The last words of Dick Cheney's first, once-human heart:

How the cuts in SNAP affect different states.

Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

Liberation and Societe Generale hit by Paris gun attacks

The anti-immigration reform minority is even smaller than you think.

US tries to Censor British Report on Secret Bush-Blair Push for Iraq War (Lazare)

Irish soigneur Emma O’Reilly finally gets Lance Armstrong apology

How Privatizers Are Killing Our Schools

The genius of Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Time for a Mass Upheaval Against the Perpetrators of Global Destruction

Remembering JFK

Mayonnaise-Roasted Turkey Breast

Question about the Affordable Care Act

Ford says he didn't lie about crack use

TEPCO risks all at Fukushima

The Living-in-the-Basement Generation

‘Rape porn’ possession to be punished by three years in jail, David Cameron to announce

Tepco Successfully Removes First Nuclear Fuel Rods at Fukushima

Sheldon Adelson, top 2012 donor and casino magnate, readies to fight Internet gambling

You don't 'get to keep' that policy you like--if you ever really need to use it

GOP group money down, hints at donor uncertainty

ivory seizures swell hidden hong kong cache

Benefit levels 'do not promote laziness', study suggests

Kid Destroys Monsanto in TED Talk

23 Petty Crimes That Have Landed People in Prison for Life Without Parole

Cutting Dept. of Education spending on the backs of student loan borrowers

"God's trigger finger is twitching." . . . Please come CAPTION NRA's Cam Edwards!!

GOP Ramps Up Smear Campaign Against Obamacare Navigators

Chris Hedges: Feeding the Flame of Revolt

US Closer To 'Zero Option' In Afghanistan As Troops Deal Hits Impasse

Threat from NSA leaks may have been overstated by UK, says Lord Falconer.

In China, Bill Clinton Expresses 'Hope' For Female President

Republican Rep: 'The GOP Coalition Constitutes A Shrinking Portion Of The Electorate'

Shooter on the run in Paris after newspaper attack

Political Payback: Why TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill Killed the 2013 "Wine in Grocery Stores" Bill

Truthdigger of the Week: Jeremy Hammond

Political Payback: Why TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill Killed the 2013 "Wine in Grocery Stores" Bill

Key Syrian Rebel Leader Dies of Wounds.

TSA Spent $878 Million on Screening Program That Probably Doesn't Work

Somewhere in Europe is going to be flooded out beyond belief

How to silence GOP nuts — and stop the Obamacare repeal campaign

Today's Republican Talking Point: heads to roll at HHS over Obamacare snafu.

Crucial Myths About the HPV Vaccine

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose - Katie Klabusich Discusses The Telethon To Support Texas Women

Report highlights how pension obligations will result in $2 billion annual deficits in PA.

Can you run a viable Presidential campaign without corporate $$$?

Republicans Suddenly Care About Canceled Health Policies

Quinn and Rose fired?

President Obama Should Never Apologize for Passing Obamacare

The Biggest Little CIA Shop You've Never Heard Of

Exclusive: John Kerry Defies the White House on Egypt Policy

The Shame of American Health Care

what did marx know and when did he know it?

Ernie Chambers issues warning over cougar hunt permits (remember the flames on Nov 1st?)

Benefit levels 'do not promote laziness', study suggests

Sarah Palin Serves Up a Healthy Serving of Venom in Her Christmas Book

How not to get banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit

Dispute Over Gay Marriage Erupts in Cheney Family ( + an article about Daddy Darth)

at a catholic hospital, a dispute over what a doctor can do and say

Right-wing loon busted for intimidation, while trying to take over the government.

New invoices bring taxpayer-paid legal bills for McDonnell gifts scandal to $575,000

The Rule

Los Angeles: Gate dilemma will keep Metro rail riders on honor system

Duck Attack

Navy's Modern Warships (Full Documentary)

Monday Toons

How come Hillary supporters can't present an argument for her?

Veterinary Clinic of Peoria, PC in Illinois.

Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic of Peoria, PC in Illinois

I found out my options under the ACA.

Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic of Peoria, PC in Illinois

Is Common Core going to work?

When will we learn? The bloody disaster of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan is laid bare

Geithner to Wall Street

Israel secretly detained al-Qaeda suspect Baraq

Typhoon Fuels Call for Global Warming Compensation Funds

Russia bails Greenpeace doctor, photographer and activist

Paul Krugman -A Permanent Slump?

Under Heavy Security, UN Climate Chief Addresses Parallel Coal Industry Meeting In Warsaw

A slow but very expensive tornado season

Republicans are misguided if they believe Obamacare’s problems will solve the GOP’s long term issue

Republican alternatives To ObamaCare ("If You Get Sick, Die.") - by Tom Tomorrow

“I’ve been turned down from McDonald’s because I was told I was too articulate”


Another big mistake the Obama Administration did

Owning Cats Can Inflict Permanent Damage To Mental Health But Nobody Bothered To Warn Us.

Why, why, why?

Stop Motion Tissue:

#Lookadouche & Abstinence Lecturers = Vaginas Are Like "Little Hoover Vacuums" ........

sorry if this is a dupe - this exchange reveals lots about Liz Cheney

BREAKING: Truckers who haul for Wal-Mart and Forever 21 plan surprise strikes today

Special Report: The Pentagon's doctored ledgers conceal epic waste

Egypt's embattled atheists

George W. Bush: Building The Keystone XL Pipeline Is A ‘No-Brainer’

Tennessee Officials Need To Lay Off Volkswagen, Which Wants a Union

Tennessee Officials Need To Lay Off Volkswagen, Which Wants a Union

Hillary Clinton on the issues....

How Serious Illness Sometimes Produces Improvement in A Bully's Attitude

Model of world's largest Hindu temple unveiled in Bihar

Walmart's request of associates to help provide Thanksgiving dinner for co-workers proof of low wage

Republican alternatives by Tom Tomorrow

Sherrod Brown has a solid plan to save Social Security.

US Closer To 'Zero Option' In Afghanistan As Troops Deal Hits Impasse

Gay Catholics assess societal change and the impact of Pope Francis

Why should we pay hundreds of dollars for airline travel

Oregon's ACA roll-out completely distorted by AP!

Time for a talk about QE and the Recovery

Special Report: The Pentagon's doctored ledgers conceal epic waste (Scot J. Paltrow, Reuters)

You're doing it again, DU....

Yeeha. Gun stuff now not permitted in GD.

Every time I boot up my laptop, a window is asking me to install a Java update.

White Supremacists: Who they are and how they got that way

Do you support a "Right To Die" for healthy citizen based upon their age?

The McGann Brothers

Pic Of The Moment: The GOP's Long-Term Obamacare Problem In A Nutshell

See BS Logo

Ahmad Brooks Says His Flag For Hitting Drew Brees Was "Bullshit"...

The Iraq War: Making people homeless since 2003

ACA Check

New York residents pick Chris Christie over Andrew Cuomo in 2016, poll shows

Republicans have all the answers

Can we also get all the stupid pope stuff back into the Religion forum?

Radio broadcast from the day Kennedy was shot

Columnist asks: Is Allyson Schwartz the one candidate who Corbett could defeat?

Bitcoin-powered assassination market targets Obama, Bernanke, and others

Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

Roberts: GOP supports junk health care insurance

2014 PA. state budget faces $1.4 billion jump in expenses and reduced federal Medicaid & tobacco $

John Oliver leaving 'The Daily Show' for new HBO series (sniffle)

Ego depleted (Rob Horning, New Inquiry - a longish post with many good moments)

ACA question....

The didn't see a child (they never do).

This is why people hate the church

Tom Suddes, Cleveland Plain Dealer

I don't think the "Sweden's got Talent" shows would pass the US censors.

SD Unified suspends bus driver: Driver's 'not see' vanity license plate causing outrage

Religion in GD

Inflation versus the Alternatives

What Gives You Meaning?

Jaguars' Jason Babin Comes Away with Cardinals' Andre Ellington's Hair


Blind Dog Hugs Brother:8-months-old puppy serves as his brother's seeing-eye dog

ATP Singles Standings...

Inmate, transgender partner lose second suit challenging Nebraska gay marriage ban

The Mysterious Link Between Antibiotics and Obesity

The Rude Pundit - Note to Republicans: Repealing Obamacare Is Murder

The Largest Snake in the World Has Invaded the United States

‘Elephant Trunks’ Crowd Distant Star Cluster, Raising New Questions About Stellar Formation

Mary Cheney: 'I Will Not Be Seeing' My Sister At Christmas

And yet some people keep saying; "global climate change is just a theory."

Death of a Professor

Wisconsin: Honoring fetuses, forgetting dead children

Cross the Border, Then Fly

Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Running For President, Top Financial Backer Tells Democrats

Father of 4-year-old who shot to death 6-year-old neighbor pleads not guilty to endangerment

Is big Ed on Vacation

Longline Fisheries in Costa Rica Hook Tens of Thousands of Sea Turtles Every Year

Mount Etna: volcano blows rings - in pictures

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Nov 18th

Home owners, what are the property taxes in your state?

Need some objective, creative financing advice or ideas.

Fox & Friends w/ Elizabeth Hasselbeck discuss Obamacare (Cue laugh track)

Found another error, slightly funny :)

Family of boy killed in Sandy Hook begins program to hold children's triathlons across nation

Dow soars to record heights: Dow hits 16,000 for first time, S&P 500 hits 1,800

Why No Bankers Go to Jail

What a failed, useless party the GOP is.

I am convinced that the brits are part dragon.

No, Democrats are not turning against the Affordable Care Act

U.S. justices reject call to review intelligence court action on phone records

Can Democrats avoid a circular firing squad on Obamacare? The early signs aren’t promising.

Colombia the mask has slipped

Fireworks created impenetrable smog on night of fatal M5 crash, court told.

"The duck refused medical treatment and left the area"

Republican bill threatens traditional PA phone service

Colbert Nation Philippines Typhoon Relief

A Marine Was Assaulted. Her Commander Said She Deserved It For Wearing Running Shorts.

Risk Pools Not Understood by Fools

Federal judge orders MF Global to pay $1 billion to customers

Today's media meme: "ACA is 'Obama's Katrina'" But note the stark differences between the two:

Syria rebel chieftain killed; Assad forces bomb besieged town

Krugman: A Permanent Slump?

Wal-Mart holds Food Drive-

Steubenville Rape grand jury is reconvening today.

Nuclear power plants in disarray: Lack of waste burial site to delay Tokai reactor decommissioning

Googling child porn will now get you warnings instead of pictures

A Hilarious Voicemail - Guy details car accident

Iran unveils new 'biggest' drone

Racine State Senator announces run for Lt. Governor

Candidate for cutest animal...

So what if Castro had JFK shot?

UPFRONT: Vinehout moves closer to gubernatorial bid

MN birthers promoting obviously fake "Obama student ID"

Libya spy chief Mustafa Nuh freed 'by Zintan militia'

Professors warn that grads could face competition from H-1B workers

How we got Obamacare to work

Reminder: the Republican 'concerns' ACA Navigators is 100% dishonest garbage

Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception) Confirms He Wrote Batkid Score

And yet another Rob Ford Parody...lmfao!

I’m the story Obamacare’s opponents don’t want you to hear

Let me get this straight, if we follow the Presidents latest HCR plan,

Cop fires at minivan full of kids after traffic-stop scuffle in New Mexico

Healthcare spending vs military spending

He's back, again. George Zimmerman

Costco vs Walmart

Taterguy has not been PPR'd.

Animated GIFS/Meme: "The GOP Is America's Katrina!"

Breaking News USA: Democrats have out-raised Republicans in a key Congressional test of strength

Walmart Holding Canned Food Drive For Its Own Underpaid Employees


Bomb threat disrupts American Eagle flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Columbus

Oregon City 'hero cat' that rescued soldier to be honored by ASPCA

How the State Department Is Getting Religion

He is trying very hard...

The Salem Witches Are Missing

TYT: Obamacare Enabling Free Love According To Pig Boy

Someone let the cat out of the bag ...

Senators: NRC stifled financial probe of FitzPatrick and other nuclear plants

Right wing cyber attacks on website confirmed

Kerry says two century US LatAm policy over

Buyer/sellers forum?

Breaking: George Zimmerman has been arrested again

16 Panoramic Photo Fails That Turned Humans Into Mutants (Hilarity alert)

Champion free diver Nicholas Mevoli dies trying for new record

Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso

Today I officially became a lazy bum.

Seminole deputies arrest George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Arrested After Domestic Dispute With 'Girlfriend'

The Wyoming GOP Deserves a Coward Like Liz Cheney

The DU Lounge Hunger Games

Texas student "conservative" group puts on racist game...

Well all right, damn it, if you insist.

Bernie Sanders Open To 2016 Presidential Run

The Root of the Resistance to ACA

What?!? It'll be a problem of the healthcare website isn't ready by Cyber Monday?

Kennedycare. Fifty years before Obamacare, JFK had his own health care debacle.

Papantonio: Right Wing Hate Will Not Go Away

A while ago, I had a time getting into an Excel file I had password-protected.

The Myth of the Twin Kings: A Tale of Light and Darkness

VICE has a new series, Kids Telling Dirty Jokes

Your favorite slider?

What would happen if Democrats just turned the country over to Republicans?

This is so wrong, and so hilarious.....!!!!!!!

Evil Cheney family turns sloppy: What is this “feelings” garbage?!

Japanese Chin?

LI man arrested after killing girlfriend and shooting at responding officers

Gillibrand, other senators, sign on to BRIDGE Act to jump-start investment, job creation

Look I know this is a political web site and as such politics will be discussed

If Sanders runs as an Ind he will give us a GOP President.

An Elisabeth Hasselbeck instant classic: Obamacare hurts elderly pregnant women!!

A review of David Bowie's "The Man Who Fell to Earth"

How you describe yourself, politically?

Dick Cheney On Same-Sex Marriage Feud Between Daughters: Liz's 'Kindnesses' Shouldn't Distort Positi

From the very beginning, Obama was bull$hitting when he said he would renegotiate NAFTA

Denial dries up: Americans finally seeing the light on climate change

I'm not crazy: Greater Occipital Nerve Entrapment

Mitt Romney Sides Against Tea Party Challenger In Idaho House Race

NY'ers divided on Common Core

Wal-Mart in hot water over reported Thanksgiving food drive — for employees

3 students critical after gas leak at Montezuma Creek Elementary School

The creepy man with the trove of Nazi Painting won't return any voluntarily

Sub-tropical storm Melissa sends greetings

GOP Still Has No Obamacare Alternative, And Options Are Narrowing

NYCLU has high hopes for de Blasio's first 100 days

Card of the Day: The Fool

Are Democrats more likely or less likely to support a single-payer healthcare system in the future?

India's monkeys 'to be put on the pill'

Was there a Second American Revolution today?

Poe Award? = Pope Denounces Buchanan and Palin for Questioning his Agenda

I can relate ....

annnd teh beat goes on: Jury Finds Pipe Maker Defrauded Governments

Michigan Natural Resources Commission threw away public comments on wolf hunt

Zimmerman's girlfriend pregnant, that makes a felony charge automatic...

Should the government ever ban pornography featuring only consenting adults in fictional situations

Boo is just so particularly cute today!

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ stars indicted on additional fraud charges

keep in mind, Zimmerman is a hero to the people who hate POTUS for trying to reform health care

Qatar's accidental vagina stadium is most gratifying

My fiancee had to go to the ER for a bad stomach infection this past Friday, cost, 3 dollars...

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback trailing Democrat Paul Davis, 39% to 43%

Would you want health insurance that excludes maternity coverage?

If Liz Cheney keeps it up, her Dad may take her out hunting.

Leandra's Law gets tougher with new provisions

Sam Brownback trails Paul Davis, 39% to 43%

Jérusalem : Hollande "demande l'arrêt total et définitif de la colonisation" israélienne

Breaking: Asheville's WLOS airs investigative report on ground water contamination

Tweet from George Takei - Morgan Freeman Is. A. Boss.

A helpful suggestion to George Zimmerman: With all your problems perhaps you should consider moving.

Session will see a push for new gun safety law

White House responds to Cheney feud over marriage

What's the deal with rimfire ammunition?

George W. Bush On Keystone XL Pipeline: 'Build The Damn Thing'

Breaking Asheville NC: 11/18 4pm, WLOS

I just got offered a job!!

An(other) Open Letter to Feckless Harry Reid Re: Nuking the Filibuster

When GOP says Obama care is unconstitutional remind them of 1798 Adams Care. a founding father

Vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving ideas?

Bill would require CPR training for all high school students

'A problem waiting to happen': Headstrong elk euthanized after confrontation video goes viral

"Name auto removed"

martin bashir

why is Martin Bashir apologizing for calling out Palin?

Ten years ago today in Massachusetts...

What Martin Bashir said on Friday was truly shocking UPDATE w link

No Way, Hillary Clinton!

Just another day at Fox "News."

You all had better be careful now, the GAYS have the power to cause meteor strikes!

Rob Ford: Dispute erupts at council meeting

Fun and Games

House To Vote On Bill That Would Impose $5,000 Fee For Protesting Drilling Projects

Another day, another Rob Ford Mayoral 'incident'

Are some subjects taboo for Democrats to campaign on?

Ummm, Nope! No Jobs in Here!

Another reason I love Paul Krugman.

Boeing’s nosedive in Kazan captured as cause of crash debated

NLRB to Prosecute Wal-Mart For Violating Workers’ Rights (updated)

Why park the Ferrari in the garage?

Wal-Mart says Obamacare may hurt sales

Elizabeth Warren: Don’t cut Social Security. Expand it! "Chained CPI? (video)

Wolf Hunt - Michigan Senator Casperson Uses Fictional Wolf Story

Many Freepers still Defend Zimmerman

Washington Heights 4-alarm fire injures 4

Railroads Seek Tighter Tank-Car Safety Rules

Some mighty damn good advice on how to avoid the water ski douche and/or enema

Talk back on debt collection

Part of the case for Hillary Clinton.

Well the neighborhood threat is at it again

Re: 2014 - Are you fairly confident/optimistic regarding the election?

Holiday Card drives - anyone know of Minnesota resources?

Holy hell. Found this little nugget in a local report on George Zimmerman's latest escapade:

Top military chiefs: Cut pay and benefits

Git In Mah Bellay!

Occupy Madison: First tiny home for homeless complete

Supreme Court rejects plea to look at NSA program

I Want To Put On My My My My My Boogie Shoes...

Massive protest!

George Zimmerman says he found Jesus...

Bitcoin hits $750, up 107% in a week

Hamas PM Haniyeh's granddaughter transferred to Israeli hospital for treatment

Hungry Children

Oh, i forgot to tell y'all

EU official lauds Israel for treating injured Syrians

Jury finds girls, parents liable for calling teacher 'perv'

Britain to be hit by entirely typical weather.

Paul Ryan makes first Iowa appearance since 2012 race, hits big government ... Ryan has some balls

Best wishes to all DU Clinton supporters

Sen Di Feinstein's Crooked Post Office Deals -

Texas Tea Party Groups Organize Trolls to Attack Wendy Davis’ Facebook Page

Will the right wing anti-choice crowd stand by Zimmy...

NRA poster boy Zimmerman unfairly profiled by liberal police.

IRS Manipulated the Data to Benefit Issa’s Investigation

Justice in Texas

Why Can't We Just Start Saying "Walfart" When Referring To That Company?

So Douchebag points a Shotgun at his new errr pregnant girlfriend.

CAPTION time. Grifterella & "one of her heroes," Oxycontin Pignsout, in the "EIB Studios."

So you hate liberals do you

Marcy has a playmate for a couple of days.

Inside the Bulgarian Student Occupation

Okay, what's going on with youtube?

Texas Student Group Criticized For Controversial 'Catch An Illegal Immigrant' Event

Just heard great sound byte 'bumper sticker' on the Ed Show re FL Gov. Rick Scott:

TMZ Reporting Zim's Girlfriend Not Pregnant

What's the worst "life choice" you ever made?

Death Of Rebel Leader Seen As Key Loss To Syria’s Anti-Assad Forces

Glenn Beck's network running a story that the Admin has concluded a secret nuke deal with Iran

Interesting email from

Incident at Webb Elementary Arlingto Tx

Many Aviators Have Difficulty Manually Flying Planes

'Promised Land' Wrestles With Israel's Brutal Contradictions

Florida women, please resist the temptation

Armed Forces families may be split up due to visa rules

Hillary's very progressive voting record, for those who never paid attention.

Oops. I Left My Millions at Home. An interloper investigates Sothebys +

Toronto council votes in favour of reducing Mayor Rob Ford's powers

Time to rethink buying a second-hand copy of Fifty Shades of Grey ?

47 people lost their lives 1 night (support Rep. Michael Michaud’s (D-ME) Safe Freight Act)

Julian Assange not under sealed indictment, U.S. officials say

Maria Bartiromo leaving CNBC for Fox Business Network and Fox News

Ok, so a friend of mine posted this "9 out of 10 People are wrong…" video on FB and a tea bagger

Zimmerman Charged With Aggravated Assault After Allegedly Pointing Gun At Girlfriend

Mugshot got you down? Bill would ban public release in N.J. before conviction

Oliver The broken Bear, Free After 30 Years In A Bear Bile Farm In China.

If You Aren't Sure Walmart Needs to Pay Higher Wages, This Photo Will Erase All Doubt

Assange not under sealed indictment, U.S. officials say

Midlands Voices: Should Nebraska legalize same-sex marriage?

I command you to read of my new meme

American Inequality in Six Charts (New Yorker)

Alb anti-choice, anti-women election tomorrow

JPMorgan, government set terms for $4 billion piece of $13 billion deal

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon Returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Does Zimmerman actually work at a job?

Brooklyn jury acquits man of murder 24 years after he was jailed for the crime

The Girlfriend's 911 call AND George Zimmerman's 911 call - both links to AUDIO (UPDATED)

'Concerned' Asio running checks on material Edward Snowden may possess

Wise words from PZ.

Generally, young women's health insurance subsidizes the care of older men and women

What should I do about a nearby power plant venting steam at 5 AM?

Jakarta recalls ambassador as diplomatic tensions rise over spying claims

Papantonio: Lazy Media Attacks Obama

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Floor Speech on the Retirement Crisis

I can't take one more day of ads

IBEW Ad: Community

REv Al discussing Zimmergun! n/t

European Progress Toward a Financial Transactions Tax

French president, in West Bank, urges Israeli settlement halt

Religious discrimination: City of Portland subjected employee to hostile work environment

GOP Completes Mass Filibuster Of Three Top Obama Judges

Gov’t finds merit in labor claims against Wal-Mart

When the Supreme Court Stole the Election in 2000, It Was a Death Sentence for Earth

White House: 1 in 5 won’t make it through website

"Double Down" Was Written for Morning Joe—Not Posterity

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that talk of 2016 is designed to distract from 2014

Justice Sotomayor faults Ala. death sentences

Today's Walmart port strike coverage

Would Holder Prosecute Greenwald? A Blurry Answer

Outside groups coalescing around Hillary Clinton

"Liberty and Justice for Some People"

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