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Archives: November 20, 2013

I would like to apologize for posting a NY Post article yesterday...


Who is the biggest whore among U.S corporations?

Judge grants Missouri convicted killer (Joseph Paul Franklin) grant stay of execution

Fukushima news piece from today

Steamy gene pool: Extinct human relatives had sex with mystery ancestor

The Hell with Hallmark, you can still "don your gay apparel"

How are Conservative haters reacting to the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination?

Catch the Wave to Celebrate ISS's 15th Anniversary on Twitter

So I need to get my Dad registered for Social Security and need help with this

Has anyone investigated whether there has been (is) deliberate viral attacks

But Will the Newspaper Editor Print My Letter This Time?

California’s Progressive Leverage

Oklahoma Drops National Guard Benefits For All Couples To Avoid Serving Same-Sex Couples

Holiday TV schedule for 2013

The real shocker in a “deranged sorority girl’s” sex story

Bond villain Blofeld could return to Bond

About 1,790,000 results for "Harry Reid" + NUCLEAR + DU on Google. eyeroll.

Wendy Davis Slams Texas Republicans After (U.S.) Supreme Court Upholds State Abortion Restrictions

Truckers at 3 companies near LA port stage strike (aimed at Walmart supply chain)

Chris Hedges and Jeremy Hammond's Mother Decry Hacker's 10-Year Prison Sentence

My baby Zoey got a clean bill of health Monday!

Future Mayor's Wife Says Openness Key To Transition

JPMorgan can deduct big chunk of $13 billion deal

If you really want to tick off a Tea Partier....

Media Control and Indoctrination in the United States

New York Archdiocese planning parish closures

R those "coke tracks" under Rep. Trey Radel's nose?

Embassy attacks that occured under George W Bush.

Anybody in/near Houston get a Smartmeter (electric) and have your bill skyrocket?

So my Dad's been diagnosed with Diabetes...

Trey Radel, Busted On Cocaine Charge, Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients

This one tiny paragraph counters any repuke bullsh*t about tax cuts being the great panacea

"Frontline" on PBS tonight is a biography of Lee Harvey Oswald.

I was steamed to see our local library featuring two anti-Obama screeds ...

For those of you dreaming of single-payer/Medicaid for all

Young men don't want to pay for women's OB care? launch! About 16 minutes to go,

Michelle Bachmann calls Obama "treasonous"

*************5TH ANNUAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 13*************

Charles Pierce: Healthcare Enrollment Is Now ... Surging?

Walmart management and shoppers react as food drive for store employees gains national attention

They make cars with only one lock now ????

Walmart offended by criticism of employee-oriented charity

So...any "we got it wrong" admissions from former Zimmermaniacs?

Recall is Radical, Angry, Pointless

Responsibility Without Authority: A Recipe for Disaster

Healthcare Socialism 1; Healthcare Capitalism 0

Diane Disney Miller, Walt Disney's daughter, dies

If you want your insurance to cover you, but not fat, sick or other people, then it's not insurance

Tammy Baldwin wants study of sex assaults in ROTC programs

Watching Frank Taaffe on Nancy Grace

Unveiled at last-The Republican plan to replace Obamacare

To my valued castmembers with 20 plus years....have a Merry Christmas.........Mickey Mouse

2014 state legislative session

CNN: ObamaCare So-Called Success Story Says She Can't Afford ObamaCare

Anyone see the rocket launch?

But Will The Newspaper Editor Print My Letter This Time? x-posted from GD

Bernie...if you DO run for pres in '16, run as a Dem.

A longtime police monitor (and booster) 'welcomes' more oversight

Rachel Maddow - Chain store sales cost workers Thanksgiving

Trail of Tears sign sparks outrage in Alabama

What's supposed to happen at Fukushima

Washington Redskins Ease Tensions With Native Americans...

Leftist social and political leader assassinated in southern Colombia

In case you haven't noticed, they plan to impeach Obama next year

Leftist social and political leader assassinated in southern Colombia

Crazy Dreamers? Port Truckers Battle ‘Sweatshops on Trucks’

Rachel Maddow - New anti-Obamacare ads are Classic Koch

If Obama got a chance to replace a right wing Supreme Ct justice, will Senate Dems allow filibuster?

Alarming MRI Shows Peyton Manning Has Been Dead For Past 6 Months

Police believe Va Senator was stabbed by son

I heard a report that the husband of Katherine Harris

The Rule of Law


Finally, justice! Nature photographer gets life in prison

Anyone heard of "The 1776 Coalition"

New Star Trek Captain...Worf!

Jury Service Matters. How you conduct yourself as a juror matters.

Death to Corrupt Bankers

Trey Radel, Busted On Cocaine Charge, Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients

(Some) Fancy pants doctors won't accept PPO from the exchange

Test Prep/Diagnostics Gone Wild?

(OH) Supreme Court rules firing justified for teacher accused of advancing religion in classroom

US-Afghan agreement would keep troops in place and funds flowing, perhaps indefintely.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sh!tstorms & a new Kitteh gif

For the BOG~ and all that support Affordable Health Care

The Ft. Worth Star Telegram wants to know about Perry 2016

Carriers reject kill switch for stolen smartphones

Google to fix map image showing slain boy

direct tee vee

My wife is watching the flashback sequence from Up on the abc family channel.

Lincoln's spare words at Gettysburg inspire 150 years later

Venezuela president granted sweeping powers

So JP Morgan Chase has a shitload - a SHITLOAD - of fines to pay. But that's it.

Seems like every leaf fell off all the trees here last night.

An "Awwwww Isn't That Sweet" Moment Brought to You By JP Morgan Bank


In Middle of Mexico, a Middle Class Rises

Sleepin’ and Eatin’

"TINY HOUSES"....Could this Work for Some?

2 Japan SDF vessels head to disaster-stricken Philippines for 'Operation Tomodachi'

Cuteness warning! National Zoo panda cub takes its first steps

Stop This Train: The Common Core and the Uncommon Student

Two Dead After 3D Printer Jams While Printing Gun

I was just "odd juror out" on a 5-1 leave...

Slow cooker chicken posole - we made this tonight - it was really spectacular

Joel Hodgson hosting the return of 'MST3K' Turkey Day online this Thanksgiving

next weird request, for Kentauros or anybody that can read map info

Ed Schultz coffee cups are back in stock ($3 donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance)

Deadly cyclone strikes Sardinia

Well, it is personal good news - podcast of my daughter's Peace Corps term in Madagascar

Prosecutors say man forced tenants to work for him

Mario Batali deftly fends off Twitter morons after raising money for Texas pro-choice charity

Inmates control most Mexican prisons: rights body

Inmates control most Mexican prisons: rights body

5-4 SCOTUS won't block TX pro-Choice case. What part of Anthony KENNEDY is "swing" again?!1

Want to see a cool video my husband shot riding in a VERY SEXY vintage plane?

Spellman High School cancels talk by ‘pray away the gay’ preacher Donald Timone — but it’s only temp

Preserving crumbling World’s Fair icon could cost at least $43M

New allegation made against Zimmerman in court

"History is written by the victors."

So tell me again that we're ending the war in Afghanistan?

Oh, graywarrior...

Could you all use a little laugh?

"Exclusive: Wendy Davis one-on-one" (Video)

Creigh Deeds Stabbed, Son Dead...

Tea Party Rep busted for cocaine possession wanted to drug test food stamp recipients

Teabaggers go apoplectic over Obama omitting "God" fom Gettysburg Address

No Sex Please, We're Japanese (BBC Documentary)

President Obama's Handwritten Tribute to the Gettysburg Address

Abe Lincoln quote:

US Ambassador to China Will Step Down Early 2014.

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Nov 20th

Blocked out at Bypass on way soon, feds say

Affordable Care enrollments pick up steam

Update on Crème-de-la-Dumb Elisabeth Hasselbeck's faceplant on Faux&Friends

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death.

Do you require psychological counseling after you have had an abortion?

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death.

Comparing Vastly Different Body Types of Olympic Athletes

HuffPo - "Just 23 Percent Of Americans Think Abraham Lincoln Would Be A Republican Today"

Albuquerque Votes On Abortion Ban With National Impact

Secret TPP Negotiations Resume in Salt Lake City

Racist answer on Family Feud

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's show canceled after 1 episode

Would love to get this group more active on the TPP

NBC 12 - "Henrico, Virgina student has success enrolling in Obamacare" - MSM Ignores

Look who jumped on the JFK CT bandwagon!

Are you following the TPP?

I sent an alert tonight on an OP. Actually I alerted it 4 times.

'Pit bull' label disputed in Wilton case (woman whose arms were eaten by her own dog)

A final countdown for haters: Obamacare’s huge, looming deadline

The ex wife

No Sex Please, We're Japanese (BBC Documentary)

Venezuela asks Twitter to block black market dollar tweeters

Don't touch my computer

Author, D'Norgia Taylor-Price will be at Rain or Shine Coffee House, Portland Oregon 11/21/13

Warren on Social Security

Man Buys House Next To Ex-Wife, Erects Middle Finger Statue (PHOTO)

Texas Young Conservatives Cancel ‘Catch an Illegal Immigrant’ Event

Puerto Rico's glowing lagoon goes nearly dark

Data Shows Worsening Situation For Children In Israeli Military Detention

"Don't Compare Obamacare to Bush's Medicare Part D" by Jonathan Cohn

Ambassador unveils secrets of education in Finland

Mass Exodus From Georgia Republican Senate Campaign

Hey, Cat Savvy DU'ers -- hello from Nikita's kids! (Picture Heavy)

16 Beautiful Portraits Of Humans Who Happen to Be Trans

What's the point of insurance when the deductable is $10,000?

Foot thong.

Ice fog

Heh, John Lydon watches Katy Perry

Harry Reid is teasing us again

Signing up for California exchange - my experience and a helpful hint

Affordable Blood Work In Four Hours Coming To Pharmacies

Gov Christie vetoes Ban of Pig Gestation Crates

Did the double rainbow guy get royalties for the movie "We're the Millers?"

Residents Fume Over Plans For 50-Story Tower At Seaport

Air Force Academy has `ex-gay` cure advocate overseeing cadet counseling

Abortion rights groups claim win in Albuquerque

Albuquerque late term abortion ban DEFEATED

North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood

Obamacare bombshell: IT official says needs payment feature

It's Children's Day. Look at the sweet google doodle.

hey, Lounge

Why Is Jay Leno Coddling/Rehabilitating the War Criminal?

Film: "A Place at the Table" Fresno, 11/23 7pm

BREAKING: Methodist Church gives pastor 30 days to desist or give up credentials

BREAKING: Methodist Church gives pastor 30 days to desist or give up credentials

DA Craig Watkins’ top assistant seeks to lead Dallas County Democratic Party

old purring cats who wake the humans

so far Sen Klobuchar and Sen Franken haven't said NO to TPP

Vatican unveils new frescoes in top catacomb

Look familiar? Just try to guess the source of this...

Sobriety Checkpoints Paved Path to NSA Email Spying

OMG the Big Island Of Hawaii just passed it's GMO Bill

I just pissed off another teabilly with a link that kills them to admit it's true

Starting today I'm stopping my self destructive binge.

House approves extension of program to combat AIDS

Soylent Green is people.

New AHA online cholesterol health tool overstates risk 100%

Tweet Chat: 1-2pm EST on Wednesday. Hashtag #RaiseTheWage

Wolf to Dog: Scientists Agree on How, but Not Where

Hermaphrodite Sea Slug Stabs Mate in Head During Sex

Leaked Memo Reveals U.S. Plan to Oppose Helping Poor Nations Adapt to Climate Change

Interactive video of Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone

Sharing some neat response pics I made--for use on trolls, please, NOT dwarfs!

No Well Dressed "Mailman" would leave home without it...

Creigh Deeds Family Violence Foreshadowed By Report Showing Psychiatric Bed Shortage

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 21, 2013 -- 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination

Nikita returns this Friday Nov 22

Dont tutch the but

Jon Stewart: What Kind of Insane People Are Supporting Rob Ford at This Point?

All Aboard!

Watchdog: Grover Norquist's Group Misled IRS About Its 2012 Political Spending

it it too early to talk thanksgiving menus?

WTF|???? Supreme court refuses to block Texas abortion law

Amazing interactive video for one of the greatest songs of all time

MSNBC meme for the day: George Bush on Leno..Clip will be shown all day, I'm sure....n/t

Radio France fête le livre - 23 et 24 novembre

US NAVY: Hackers 'Jumping The Air Gap' Would 'Disrupt The World Balance Of Power'

Is there any study which shows what will be the financial condition of Social security fund if ?

Rock and roll legends who died young imagined in old age with the help of photo technology

Florida Congressman (R) charged with cocaine possession

Pssssssssssst Nancy Pelosi on the Trey Radel arrest

The TPP Is Screwing You Over

Nancy Pelosi to speak at Seattle City Hall 11/25

Who Represents the Illinois Town Just Razed by a November Tornado?

Vatican Hires International Accounting Firm To Get Books in Order

You Might Be Surprised Who Collects on the Tips You Leave at Restaurants

Troubling study finds rape incidents are far higher than reported by the U.S. Census Bureau

Senate’s defense bill would allow Guantanamo Bay to finally close

European Union powers to work together on new drones

It Was Bad Enough That We Militarized Our Own Borders Now U.S. Is Doing It to the Rest of the World

Fact Check: Social Security Does Not Increase the Deficit

There Really Are Two Americas: Republistan and Democravia

This is a must read: American Inequality in Six Charts

Iraq violence: Baghdad struck by deadly bomb blasts

Unprepared: Government Failings Intensify Haiyan Aid Disaster

America's Future in Afghanistan Hinges On One Key Question: Can Soldiers Operate With Impunity?

Climate Conference: Doubts Emerge Over Germany's Leadership

Italy's Mount Etna Volcano Blows Smoke Rings

Declassified Documents: NSA Wanted To Collect Geolocation Data

The ACA situation and why other nations are wondering "WTF is wrong with America?"

CNN Hero's announced

'Loss and damage' re-opens old wounds at climate talks

Toxic waste 'major global threat'

Study links synaesthesia to autism

Do you ever read facts/perspectives on the DU that allow you to dominate conversations in real life?

NY Times: Perks Ease Way in Health Plans for Lawmakers

Reding in Washington: EU Sends Tough Commissioner for NSA Talks

The engineer who fixed his own heart and others too

Case Closed: Court Stops Proceedings Against 'Bishop Bling'

Gold bars worth $1.1m found in plane toilet in India

Question submitted by Orrex

'Royal Concierge': GCHQ Monitors Diplomats' Hotel Bookings

U.S. Pushing New Treaties at Expense of National Sovereignty

Laura Flanders Show: Harvey Wasserman: Risky Operation at Fukushima Demands World Action

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty Is the Complete Opposite of "Free Trade"

Harry Potter searching for the train to Hogwarts in Penn Station:

A sure sign of winter...

Thank you, Albuquerque!!!!! Albuquerque voters soundly reject late-term abortion ban

Golden Idol? No Golden Jackass...

I think I'm going to be sick...Scott Walker in 2016? Really?

License Application for New-Build at US Comanche Peak Site Suspended

First Satellite Developed By High Schoolers Sent Into Space

In Afghanistan, 'Security Deal' Means US Occupation Forever

Drone Strike Rings in Second Landmark Drone Hearing

2014 2014 2014

Whole crab curry

Government changes tack on finding disposal site for radioactive waste

War and Enlightenment in Afghanistan

Late Term Abortion, Severe Fetal Abnormalities, Futile Care, and Insurance

My 1000th Post

Google Must Pay $17 Million Settlement (for hacking to track online activity)

India says domestic plant operators can limit global nuclear suppliers' liability

Localists of the World, Unite! An Urgent Call to Join the Movement Against the Corporate "Trade" Dea

Anon takes picture of cop...

13 reasons to turn down $3 billion - Mark Morford

Killing ISS: A Stupid Idea That Might Just Happen

Administration maps out detour around the ACA website

hauntingly beautiful ... remains of saints, bejeweled ... 10 photos at the link

ABC reporter just reminded me that Radel was the congress person who

cross post ... i just put this up in the lounge ... bejeweled saints ... hauntingly beautiful

North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood

Negativity can't derail Geneva 3

Japan’s Elections: In Unconstitutional State But Not Unconstitutional

GOP - Boner Plan - Pass No Legislation Rest Of Obama Term. Claim Entire 8 Years A Failure.

Attorneys request stay of secret Wisconsin probe

Brutal Truth - We Have A Criminal Press & Media

Text from dog

"Let them eat Twinkies!". . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Charles Krauthammer!!

I'm gonna puke.....Wanker is on NPR right now.....

Attorneys request stay of secret Wisconsin probe

McFreak out - Crazy woman freaks out over McDonald's Chicken (Graphic Language warning)

Learn something every day ...

The Middle East Beyond America

Strong article on sexual harassment in the Comics Industry

I keep sounding the warning, and all that I've predicted is coming to pass. Wake Up Democrats.

oh oh-- Court filings seek to stop Doe probe into recall elections

What if, what if, what if, what if, what if

Thinking About What the TPP Threatens

*spit take* Sony Entertainment to cut $100M using

Church of England synod vote 'paves way' for female bishops

Missouri executes serial killer (Joseph Paul Franklin) after U.S. Supreme Court clears way

More Historically Bad Poll Numbers For Obama, Obamacare

Can the NSA really crack modern encryption? A talk with the father of public-key cryptography, Marti

An Urgent Call to Join the Movement Against the Corporate "Trade" Deals

Maybe the billionaire owner of the Browns realized that they might have made a bad PR move?

2013 the Bloodiest Year According to American Report — and the U.S. Sponsors Terrorism While Claimin

The Washington DC Football Team

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Gopers

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Mayor Ford

Oh boy, NOW the NSA has really, REALLY f***ed up.

Rand Paul you're a liar I live in NJ and Christie does NOT support Obamacare

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Washington’s Accounts in the Middle East

North Korea may have detained elderly U.S. citizen: media

Toon- When do we learn how to read?

Poor countries walk out of UN climate talks as compensation row rumbles on

Friends, let us build a list of historical cases of "scientistic sucker problems"

Ana Kasparian and Thunderf00t hangout

Need to know: What is the TURNOUT in those heavily gerrymandered,

Cost of climate change adaptation could destabilise African countries, UN warns

Where the debt really is in regards to Social Security (what anti-SS lobby doesn't want you to know)

Let's wait till all the facts of the latest Zimmerman case are in before we pass judgement

Medicaid special session set for State Assembly December 4.

In Past Decade, Hurricane Intensity Hit New Records In Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean Basins

The Republican Party = the tea party. Basically.

Man Loses Pants During Carjacking

String actuality - strong evidence for Neanderthals making string

Frederick Sanger, Double Nobel Winner, Dies at 95

Multinational Climate Negligence In One Handy, Colorful, USA Today-Worthy Graphic!

Imminent peak oil could burst global economic bubble: study

Tiny Black Insects Taking Over Parts Of North Texas County

Reid readies nuclear option

11/17/13 Midwest Tornado Outbreak Damages May Top $1 Billion - Reuters

Looks like "guns" is no longer a GD discussion "exception,"

If this really comes to pass, it will be a major defeat for the Republicans in the short-term.

Place your bets here. In 1 year will Venezuela be in better or worse shape?

Remember typewriters ?

"someone set fire to all the rules and burned all the maps"

Ancient humans interbred with Neanderthals and mystery species in ‘Lord of the Rings’ world

Freedumb! TX Court Rulings Make Any Regulation Of Groundwater Unlikely, No Matter What Reality Is

How Charter Schools Are Undermining the Future of Public Education

In Waters Around Rio's Olympic Park, Fecal Coliform At 195X US Gov's Safe Limit

Here's Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Be Threatened By Elizabeth Warren

Trade talks open in Utah, but secrecy spurs protests. Picture heavy!

Climate debt collectors: Occupy wants the 1% to pay up

Spanish ships could be mistaken for terrorists and shot at, Gibraltar minister warns.

Constitutional Forum.

Piles of tar-sands waste in Chicago are pissing people off

NEVER AGAIN (great poster)

Paul wants people to dream again” - “You don’t dream when you’ve got food stamps" (WRONG!)

McDonald’s Advice To Underpaid Employees: Sell Your Christmas Presents For Cash

"I Still Can't Believe It."

Pat McCrory was just on MSNBC

The Fear- and Scandal-mongering is reaching new heights

Obama's Handwritten Tribute To The Gettysburg Address

I’d hate to be a former Zimmerman juror today

Republicans Push Plan to Renege on Medicaid Promise

Carbon Emissions on Tragic Trajectory

Website that shows actual up to date ACA enrollment by state

Obamacare Shows How Americans Are Becoming Jerks

"I know you're lesbians. I should beat the crap out of you,"

"I believe in the democratic process, just not its results." . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

City uproots couple’s 17-year-old front yard garden

Did Dems who voted against the Levin amendment concerning Guantanamo say why?

gender retired.

Principal Apologizes for ‘Trail of Tears’ Banner—Makes it a Teaching Moment

Cold War-era 'Warthog' plane targeted for retirement amid budget cuts

Rachel Maddow - Right wing abandons facts to bash Obama

Changed link, didn't read the original one, sorry.

Article: "Obamacare: The Biggest Insurance Scam in History"

New Ways to Fight 'Imposter Fears'- 'Stealthy' Intervention Counters Students' Self-Doubt

Algeria: 12 die in World Cup qualifying rejoicing

Algeria: 12 die in World Cup qualifying rejoicing

Move Over ...

Piles of tar-sands waste (Koch Krap) in Chicago are pissing people off

300 people in line at 6:00 am waiting to purchase...

‘This is sabotage, plain and simple’

Iran's supreme leader reveals 'red lines' for nuclear talks in Geneva

Amos & Dempsey: Don’t Just Stop Sequester, Save The Ground Force

People have killed nearly 10% of all the wild red wolves this year.

Papantonio: ALEC’s Assault on Worker Pay

Rep. Trey Radel Pleads Guilty In Drug Case, get 20 years

‘The Dialogue’s Never Been Better’ With Army, Air Force, Says National Guard Chief

Michelle Obama backs Natalie Tennant in US Senate race

Stuxnet's Secret Twin

Boehner on Cocaine: One Law For Us, Another For Them

For all of the stupid f***s who want to drug-test food stamp recipients:

Brandeis suspends partnership with Palestinian school after Nazi-style rally

Rachel Maddow - Marriage equality spreads, GOP goes anti gay

What if . . . . .

Coke-Busted GOP Congressman Just Voted to Drug-Test Food Stamp Users

"Taking a dump on cognition daily for over thirty years." Please come CAPTION wing-nut Mark Levin!!!

November 20, 1963 - President Kennedy Is Warned - Again - About Dallas

How can you study when you can’t eat? The invisible problem of hunger on campus

Reclaim Democracy! - A Good Source for General Corporate Activism and Information

2 People Described The Same Person To A Forensic Artist And This Is What Happened

The Ur-Debate Over Health Care

Menopause anyone?

OK, this Google India/Pakistan ad made me cry

Assault suspect killed by police in Middletown

Obamacare Panic to Enter Even Stupider New Phase

In sadness and loss, here is inspiration, beauty and dignity.. link about a former colleague/friend

LIPA warns customers of latest payment scam

Lawsuit against Dempster Industries settled

Buffalo grandmother who headed family drug organization sentenced on drug conspiracy charges

Scott Walker to miss Republican governors meeting in Arizona

Check out this guy's blog

Missouri executes serial killer Franklin

Hawaii State Representative's Homeless Solution: Smash Their Stuff.

Luke Russert

Monty Python To Reunite For A Stage Show

Wha if Abu Ghraib happened under Obama's watch?

Graywarrior ... is that you?

Nobel Prize Winner In Medicine Is Telling Students Not To Stay In America

Nancy Pelosi to her GOP counterparts.

Project manager of says parts of it may not be ready until mid-January

I had to laugh... local news referred to Wendy Davis ....

Journalist attacked and wounded in southern Colombia

What do the Huffington Post's readers think of Elizabeth Warren?

Cuomo’s Buffalo fundraiser draws fracking, SAFE Act protesters

Journalist attacked and wounded in southern Colombia

STOP JUICING: It's Not Healthy, And The Mentality Is Dangerous

Florida Rep. Trey Radel Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Possession

The 2nd lesson

IOC chief hails 'excellent' Sochi conditions

Consumer Prices in U.S. Decline for First Time in Six Months

The Parallax View: a JFK film that gets it right

A Letter From President Obama, on my father's death.

Obamacare faces new threat at state level from corporate interest group ALEC

Pic Of The Moment: Pro Tip: If You're A Congressman Who Votes To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients...

Is it failure of big government or failure of the marketplace?

Carriers Reject Samsung's ‘Kill Switch’ for Preventing Cellphone Theft

10 Things to Know: Bayard Rustin

Pelosi Takes Shot At GOP Food Stamp Policy After Radel Drug Charge

Four Senate Republicans Back Yellen for Fed Chairman

Wintry Storm Expected to Chill Thanksgiving Travelers

What is the Enya song in the Volvo/vonDAMME commercial (Channing TATUM gift for the answer)


Eight Things I Miss About the Cold War

Florida Republican Radel benefits from D.C.'s saner drug-crime stance

Why Are Human Rights Defenders Still Under Attack in El Salvador?

An Open Letter to You

Cruz To CNN Anchor: Thanks For 'Trying To Lecture Me' On Obamacare...

Gloria Steinem, you are an inspiration and role model for generations of American

A Kaddish Prayer for International Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Spooks Next Door:How suburbia emerged alongside America’s covert foreign interventions.

The Spooks Next Door:How suburbia emerged alongside America’s covert foreign interventions.

Krugman: The State of Obamacare

Obamacare and Medicare

WR Moss seeks accountability from RG III

Report: More City Police Involved In Shooting Incidents In 2012 Than 2011

Not 3, but 80 damaged fuel assemblies at Fukushima???

Obama Intensifies CEO Outreach as Tea Party Draws Business Ire

Unlike the US Congress, the American people are strongly behind an agreement with Iran

What Dallas pastors preached the Sunday after JFK was killed

LG TV phones home with your viewing habits

Iran Nuclear Envoys Look to Deal as Netanyahu Goes to Moscow

Animal rights group comes to the rescue of typhoon Yolanda's furry survivors

Militarism and Violence are So Yesterday: It's Time to Make Peace the Reality

Car Bombing Kills 11 Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai Peninsula

Exclusive: US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees

IKEA's cats - wonderful

Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Drop to Lowest in Four Months

Campaign seeks to recruit new teachers


Tyson Foods dumps pig farm after NBC shows company video of alleged abuse (warning - graphic)

Retail Sales Tick Up Despite Shutdown

An Interview With a Texas Abortion Doctor Who Can No Longer Do His Job

Atheist evangelism: ‘Nothing new under the sun’

Hospital delays are killing America's war veterans

The School To Prison Pipeline - Molly Knefel Discusses

CNBC's "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo decamping to Fox

My God, It's Full Of Stars!

Taxpayer money taken away from religious group after public outrage

Rise in health care spending lowest on record

Witness: Okla. teen tried to surrender before shot

The Rude Pundit: Albuquerque, Anti-Choice Forces, and the Diminished Power of Dead Fetus Photos

C.S. Lewis and Catholic Converts

What would have happened to a black male in DC busted for a small amount of cocaine?

Medal of Freedom recipients:

Blame Rich, Overeducated Elites as Our Society Frays

Yea!!!! JPMorgan Deal Brings $300M To Calif. Pension Funds

Turned away: How Virginia mental health system let Creigh Deeds’ family down

Kelly: Omahan was in picture with JFK when history was made, was later grilled by Fidel

Drop what you're doing and get to Denny's NOW

Question for current or former DU waitstaff re tipping

Ashton Kutcher vs. Wal-Mart: Epic Twitter clash rages over poverty wages

Questions Raised By Recommendation That 33 Million Americans Take Anti-Cholesterol Drug

Americans Like Obamacare Where They Can Get It

An unruly beast indeed!

Florida Tea Party Lawmaker Busted On Cocaine Charge Voted To Require Drug Tests For Food Stamp...

Lincoln. Obama.

US Republican Senator Corker to support Yellen as Fed Chief

George Zimmerman Arrested AGAIN: Pointed Gun at Pregnant Girlfriend

Right flubs Gettysburg story – twice

Oregon healthcare exchange website never worked, has no subscribers

Ubuntu users: Unity allows spying on your puter, even offline.

George Zimmerman is most likely an undiagnosed sociopath… With blood already on his hands

Woman Marries Ferris Wheel; Gay Marriage Still Illegal

Toon: There's no "War on Women"....

Who is interested in a Constitutional Forum or group on GD?

I am a purist at times, but I agreed with the Obama ACA "fix"

Rush Limbaugh Mocks an Obese Drug Addict

Interesting Group at the Wreath Laying in Honor of JFK

Floods From Mediterranean Storm 'Ruven' Kill 18 in Sardinia, Italy

So apparently J. Edgar Hoover had a sex tape of Gerald Ford?

Gingrich questions why Obama left 'under God' from recitation of Gettysburg Address

US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy presents credentials to the Emperor Akihito

I doubt the Rob Ford story affects the Christie candidacy any, however...

Zero Prosecutions of People SOS Said Voted Illegally - Gessler - CO

JFK Was Assassinated By Space Aliens

Zimmermann is a hero!

Voter suppression the new GOP strategy

Obama Presents Top Honor to Bill Clinton

Three nearby hospitals with psychiatric units had room for Deeds’s son on Monday

Fight the system? Hell, you're a criminal is you just *question* the system.

Not poetry but inspired by the Faithful

It only took about 400 years to figure out how to beat them...

Bush's Medicare Part D was far more expensive than the Affordable Care Act and.... never budgeted

Some discussion here yesterday re NPR

No, Obama Did Not Fake The Unemployment Rate

Governor candidate Ed Fitzgerald choses Sen. Eric Kearney as 2014 running mate

Proof that dealing and using crack cocaine makes you happy

Sculptor Zheng Chunhui Spent 4 Years Carving the World’s Longest Wooden Sculpture

Unprovoked, Deadly 'Knockout Game' Attacks Spread As Youth Do It For 'Fun'

JFK's "New Frontier"

The new German solar record...

The City of Houston to offer same-sex spousal benefits

Fifa wants 'fair conditions' quickly for Qatar's World Cup workers

Implanting platinum jewelry in eye

Someone please refresh my memory ... I always hear "Obama never takes responsibility for anything"

If stipulated that Warren is Gene McCarthy, Who is our RFK?

Black Friday is get ready to....

US, UK Struck Secret Deal to Allow NSA to 'Unmask' Britons' Personal Data

How Wall Street — not pensioners — wrecked Detroit

WHITE HOUSE PETITION to release all JFK assassination documents

Right-Wing Hackers Create ‘Destroy Obamacare!’ Program, Hope To Disrupt Website

Hallucinogenic Cane Toad Banned Ford Commercial (real)

Every Sperm is Sacred.....

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Recipients

The Wahhabi-Likudnik war of terror

A**hole of the Day on Nov. 13, 2013...

According to, Melissa Bachman has been dropped

George Zimmerman's girlfriend and mother detail their relationship

NYPIRG asks JCOPE to review spending by state's political parties

Let's Have a Grand Debate, Not a Grand Bargain

McDonald's to Employees: Low on Cash? Sell Your Stuff and Eat Less

Its called READING.......

Youngest Kardashian sister turns 18. Immediately markets semi-nude photos.

Obama, Clinton Families Pay Tribute to John F. Kennedy Legacy

Rev. Gary Davis plays "Slow Drag / Cincinnati Flow Rag"

U.S. diplomats not pushing Colombia on workers’ rights

Just walked away from a head on car collision

Meet the CEO’s Who Want to Cut Your Social Security

Humane Society undercover investigation, experiments on Dogs, Georgia Regents University

Far-right leaders from France and the Netherlands 'forge plan to 'wreck' EU from within'.

Mass shooters? "Dey iz all dem lib'ruls!"

The false equivalent arguers keep trying (and failing) ...

Platt's: German wholesale power prices spike as the wind isn't blowing.

You make one joke about Obama strangling Clinton....

The Beauty Of Alaska

Color me stupid but I have the worse time going backward and figuring out what the actual effect of

America's 'Army of Lawyers' Is Almost As Deadly As Its Drones

Project that aims to save ancient drawings in Wemyss Caves gets underway

Help me choose between two health insurance policies? >_<

One is more than likely to find a white conservative using drugs than any SNAP recipient...

I have a heating problem and question. Can anyone help?

Remembering The Farmington Mine Disaster

Venezuela launches joint venture with Samsung Electronics

Early Christmas

Ecuador proposes creation of regional criminal court

The 10 dumbest things climate-change deniers say

Obama Breaks NAFTA Promise, Tries To Fast-Track The Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Long-Term Unemployment Trap Could Get Worse

US Creates Economic Advisory Team for Puerto Rico

Colombia: Cauca campesino leader assassinated

"JFK: 50 Years Later" Launches on SiriusXM to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of President JFK

Happy Birthday VP Joe Biden, You've Hardly Changed!

Want to know what real friendship looks like? It looks like this.

Buddhist Extremist Cell Vows To Unleash Tranquility On West

Anybody know if the War on Christmas has officially started for the year?

US forces in Afghanistan after 2014 will not face local justice: draft deal

Kevin Faulconer, David Alvarez Headed To Runoff In Race To Succeed Bob Filner

New Clues About Human Sacrifices at Ancient Peruvian Temple

Conservatives Predict ‘The Collapse of American Liberalism’

I was 20 when Pres. Kennedy was killed

Respiratory disorder in the ocean

Need Dental advice and your experiences.

Listening to Randi for the first time in a long while and I am confussed on her topic

On 50th Anniversary, Tea Partiers Blame Kennedy Assassination on Obamacare

Israel to stop issuing birth certificates to babies born to foreigners - ?

Harry Potter stamp riles Postal Service panel, traditional stamp collectors

Wisconsin: Earth to GOP: Hold a hearing now (redistrictin)

It Is Not Time to Re-Evaluate George W. Bush

On the Warpath in Venezuela

Today's Kids Run More Slowly-Children run the mile 90 seconds slower than kids did 30 years ago

Imagine Single-Payer Healthcare and what the reaction would be.

Oakland moves forward with surveillance center

Scott Walker Backtracks On Immigration Reform

Gorgeous picture over Iceland

A true friend will always find time to say hello:

Chile voted for a drastic change of direction

For some cats, feral is not a possibility.

How big of difference do you think there is between the two major parties?

Alex Rodriguez walks out of grievance hearing

Write the appropriate catalogue description for this bumper sticker.

Has anyone noticed how much increase in violent TV, Movies and everyday culture

Hunts Point Market fire reaches 4 alarms

George Clooney Look Alike Turns Down £5,500 (USD $8000) To Sleep With Man's Wife

An Encounter with Greatness

Qatar's 2020 World Cup Stadium Looks A Lot Like A Vagina

Now is an excellent opportunity to get a legislative win

The leaf blower is a remarkable and efficient tool for yard maintenance

A wage of $25,000/yr for retail workers would...

Walker Offers New Explanation to National Media for Departure From College Without Degree

Report: Rise in health care spending lowest on record

Would a **VERIFIED** deathbed confession from a 2nd gunman change anything?

SeaWorld Float in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade gets criticized

Birth control for free with Obamacare? Most women didn't know

FAA Report To Call For Overweight Pilot Sleep Evaluations, More Manual Training

A-Rod: "This is f---ing bulls---!"

PA. House votes to exempt timber operations from sales tax - gift to Koch Brothers?

Remember How Amazing Health Insurance Was Before Obamacare?

ACA slows growth in health costs

Si DU tener un foro idioma español?

Voices From the Drone Summit

Federal Judge Slams DoJ for Not Prosecuting Wall Street Execs

Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel poised for freedom for possible retrial in 1975 killing

Alleged FSU victim speaks out

Going to Mars: Billionaire Dennis Tito plans manned mission with possible 2017 launch

We The people: Demand immediate Drug Testing of Congress

President Obama Honors 2013 Medal of Freedom Recipients

Coffee and Tea

Ernie Banks receives Presidential Medal of Freedom...

For some, nothing succeeds like total failure. Just ask Bob Barr.

Federal agency tightens rules governing use of its crash test ratings in automaker advertising

The next conservative litmus test: Opposition to Medicaid expansion

Open Poll: Who is your favorite Member of Congress

Report: Rise in health care spending - since passage of ACA - lowest on record

New Genetic Risk Factor Discovered for Severe Psychiatric Illness

Sarah Palin's speechwriter?

Inspiring 16 Year old talks about Children's Rights

Report: Rise in health care spending lowest on record

Rover Team Working to Diagnose Electrical Issue

Israel starting to consider 'day after' Iran agreement

Privacy’s worst nightmare: company advertises over one billion license plate records

Rolling Stone - On the 50th anniv of JFK's death, his nephew recalls the president's attempts

Getting ready for a night out... fighting crime!

Walker: @GOP needs to be "very careful about not looking like we’re the ones pushing #Obamacare over

Illinois Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage as Gov. Pat Quinn Signs Bill Into Law

Walter Rhett: A Triple Critical for ACA

I could use your help

Did you know? Rob Ford's brother's name is Doug.

Houston (that's Texas, folks)-Legally married same-sex spouses of city employees to receive benefits

Zimmerman accused of sending image from homemade sex video to girlfriend’s daughter

The taterguy 500!

Did Chris Matthews Get Phil Donahue Fired?

Grievances vs. Oppression

Italian Island Hit By ‘Apocalyptic’ Storm As 17 Inches Of Rain Fall In 90 Minutes

Why Harry should pass a limited filibuster rule?

Most polluted region in China?

Phil Donahue Confronts Chris Mathews On Beltway Insidership - 1 of 2 (TJDS)

Iowa parents defend bullying of autistic teen

Air Force Academy employs Focus alum and 'conversion therapy' champion

The phrase of the day is "sanctification coaching". Replace any word with "sanctification coaching".

CDC Belatedly Reveals That Smoking By Teenagers Dropped While Vaping Rose

16-year-old arrested, held for 3 years in prison, 400 days in solitary conviction

24,000-Year-Old Body Is Kin to Both Europeans and American Indians

Chris Mathews to Phil Donahue: You're Un-American (Part 2 of 2 - TJDS)

24,000-Year-Old Body Shows Kinship to Europeans and American Indians

'Darwin's Frog' goes extinct

How long does one have to quit smoking to say non-smoker when applying for insurance?

Talking Turkey About Guns

Debt Limit Rise May Not Be Needed Until June, CBO Says

Charles Manson might be getting married

Favorite Covers thread

Cry Me A River!!!: Bob Woodward: Edward Snowden Should Have Come To Me Instead


'Fiction' Label On Bibles At Costco Shocks Pastor - Updated 11/22

Coming Out For Christmas

American Thanksgiving - let me get this straight...

New York congresswoman mugged in Washington

This is what I told a racist bigot on Randi Rhodes facebook page today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fort Worth-based Cash America to pay $19 million in consumer refunds and fine

Rush, Sean, Mark, Ann and all you other freaks.....