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TransPacific Partnership coming attraction: Infinito Gold slaps Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit

Here Comes Christmas...

I have gone below 7,000 posts in 90 days.

Pentagon makes costly foray into biodefense drug business

This Week

Obama administration Releases Documents on N.S.A. Includes 2004 Ruling on Email Surveillance.

I have first world problems

60 Minutes #1 News Program

whole foods markets -- from china

Stockman's filings don't explain his income

Me on Judge Pirro: "Filibuster reform a reaction to Republicans unprecedented Obstructionism"

nostalgia....I was 10 when this was first aired. Still love it!

The Fighter Pilot

USA-Iran: Secret Negotiations on Afghanistan, Iraq and Trade

Salad Fingers has "issues"...

12-year-old holds dinner for homeless

Fidel Castro: 'Oswald Could Not Have Been the One Who Killed Kennedy'

GUITAR FACE! Name a lick that guitarists should NEVER BE ALLOWED to play in guitar stores.

Who was tombstoned?

Great article on Coy the transgender CO child.

I'm having some issues with my iPod Touch.

Smithsonian Magazine: The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath

Whew. Cowboys

The victims of Syria's war finding care in Israel

Anyone watching the Grey Cup Game?

Did you watch '60 Minutes' tonight?

Aren't you tired of Republicans yet?

Sweet!! America's Team completes a season sweep of the New York Giants in the Meadowlands!!

Did JFK help fake the moon-landing? Why do so many unanswered questions still remain unasked?

Secrecy shrouds Sandy Hook shooting investigation

A Honduran perspective on the recent Canada-Honduras FTA

John Kerry's moral preaching on the Israel-Palestinian issue "counterproductive"

The Untouchdown!

Sylvia Browne's last failed prediction...

US is Faced With a Feverish Populism of Anger and Hatred

Restless Butt Syndrome? >>

Honduran elections close after one-hour extension


tx gal said it. "And people wonder why Women in general are pissed off. "

KPFA's four-hour JFK assassination special

"They pleasured themselves to death"

Obama Phones Israel's Netanyahu Following Iran Nuclear Deal

Top CEO pay in restaurant industry is 788 times minimum wage. RAISE the damn minimum wage!

Friend Says Congressman Bragged About Buying Cocaine In Colombia

'Knockout Game' Suspect Charged With Hate Crime

UGH! That was a terrible movie!

Understanding the Deal With Iran

Police officer who made mentally ill black man ‘dance like a chimp’ removed from duty

The New John Birch Society..the Tea Party. Great column by Tampa Bay Times Robyn Blumner.

In Honor of the Dr Who's 50th

Access to Medicines in Grave Danger as Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Continue

Henry Giroux on Zombie Politics on Bill Moyers Journal

Lost... Dog?...

Was Ollie North a lone nut, or was he part of a conspiracy?

Birth of a New American Christmas Tradition(???)

What wine would you rec for Thanksgiving dinner?

Hernandez reported winning with 33%, Castro 25%

"This is disturbing on so many levels."

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 November 2013

Sarah Palin: “Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians”

My friend who is running for House of Delegates in the 24th needs help

The ACA is working in Kentucky

'Dhimmitude' on page 107 of the health care law exempts Muslims, claims chain email

Leticia Van de Putte declares for Texas Lt. Governor

Nearly 80K Sign Up for Health Plans Through Covered California

The Party of Death Panels, Birthers, & Climate Change Denial Says President Obama...

Wrapped in the Flag. A book about the new John Birch society...the Tea Party. Part 1

Mark Webber comes second in final Formula One race

Is 50,000 users at one time on a website( normal or is this number two small

Monsanto Rejected in Río Cuarto, Argentina

Cornyn Tweets Amid Iran News That Obama Trying To 'Distract' From Obamacare

Trash thread

Walmart deceiving public about "Black Friday" sale items.

Remote detonation device for CONservative "minds": If Sarah Palin thinks...

Why hidden?

Cobb coalition: Delay Braves stadium vote

Can we change the rules so that Satire posts are limited to the lounge......

Dog of the year helps 8-year-old boy with autism find his voice (graphic photo but please scroll)

Honduras ruling party hope leads presidential vote

My daughter's art on sale in Decatur, GA

Obamacare horror story debunked by Seattle Times columnist

Obama just launched single-payer in America

Family Guy Tonight (spoiler)

Right-Wing Militia Leader Says Constitution Gives Him The Right To Assassinate President Obama

Uh, oh. Found this a little late: HSN elections Action Alert: Denounce Intimidation and Harassment o

Bird strike reported at JFK Airport

The Artful Detective

Central Europe’s Bad (Energy) Bet

There Is No Such Thing As Radical Feminism Anymore

It's official: Tom Brady is just flat out a better football player than Payton Manning.

Follow me for important candidates to support!

Be Very, Very Afraid Repukes.

How much snow did you get?

Thank you Mr President (JFK)

Losing track of mass surveilance revelations?

did anyone watch Food Network's live Thanksgiving show this afternoon?

My petition for Obama to enforce stricter gun laws


Oil Is Tumbling

On Dkos:Obama just launched single-payer in America

A Scientific Argument For Why We Should Ditch Handshakes And Go For Fist Bumps

Thanksgiving Thought

At 6:45 tonight,

Shoppers already lining up for Black Friday deals

This was enlightening to me today in context of things discussed in GD -

Life expectancy increases with health care spending except for guess where.

Petition: Respect Boeing Workers and Build the 777X in Washington!

Darcy Burner played a big role in fixing the Senate filibuster

Steve Jobs.

Who needs anti-Semites when we've got Bibi?

European MPs to Ashton: Make Israel pay for settlements

Sewage pours into Bronx apartments

An Atheist answer of what to say to, "What do YOU have to celebrate on Christmas?"

Why did prosecutors sit on a Palestinian boy's killing for 14 months?

Obamacare horror story debunked by Seattle Times columnist

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday Nov 25th

Cauliflower Breadsticks (via Facebook)

Today is the International day for the elimination of violence against Women

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Send Up JFK and Marilyn at AMAs

Banking Systems Ranked: Who's First, Who's Worst?

Bernie Sanders Letter to 60-Minutes tonight.

Omaha lion cubs experience their first snow

In Report, 63% Back Way to Get Citizenship

How green bonds could unleash the Kraken of energy transition

Voters’ remorse: Tony Abbott gets a shock as his leadership is found wanting

"A New G.O.P. Excuse for Doing Nothing"

Can someone please tell Netanyahu to shut the fuck up already.

Pope Francis: Muddying doctrine, conservatives complain

Juan Cole: Global Outrage at Dirty Coal Threatens Investors' Profits

If you like horses, and you haven't seen it, rent/Netflix/whatever - watch "War Horse"

New ship's Capt. Kirk is used to 'Star Trek' jokes

BBC: Tehran crowds cheer negotiators

Did anyone else watch tonight's Simpsons episode?

Aussie house sets record with 500,000 Christmas lights

Growing Movement: Expand Social Security or 'Pay a Price'

Angry White Guys

With all the anti-pornography talk, can we have a sex positive thread?

The making of ''Jacqueline Kennedy thanks the nation''

Discrimination and hate speech in the UMC ... Rev Shaefer speaks..........

Steve Stockman's Financial Dealings Are A Complete Mystery, Report Shows

Why Smart People Are Stupid

They were just discussing TPP in the Japanese Parliament

For the first time in a very long time

YouTube: Martin Sheen for Cuban Five, english/spanish subtitles

Australian shift on Israel 'part of more balanced approach' to Middle East

Oil prices fall after Iran agrees nuclear deal

Strange Fruit: A protest song with enduring relevance.

I want to acknowledge Trayvon Martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids...

Qatar, Kuwait Praise Iran Nuclear Deal

Sweet! Planet Earth's Most Beloved Team roars back to win in OT

US, Japan war of words with China aflame over disputed islands

Does Netvibes have a good NATIVE bookmark widget?

Still just as valuable: Michael Moore Destroys Bartiromo's Corportist BS

Land to be Usurped and Votes to be Bought: The Pre-Election Honduran Landscape

Juan Cole: Does the Road to Mideast Peace Run through Tehran?

Juan Cole: Today’s America is the Real Hunger Games: Why aren’t we Terrified? (Engelhardt)

Imran Khan blocks NATO supply lines

Who to thank for single payer in Vermont? Vermonters.

A $ales Office $ucce$$: USA-Iran: Secret Negotiations on Afghanistan, Iraq and Trade


End of the American Internet

Billionaires Gone Wild: Why a Globalization-Fueled Art Bubble Spells Trouble For You and Me

Grisly discovery in Spain reveals Neanderthal family was butchered and eaten

Corporate Bully Whose Willful Distortions, HateMongering Has Poisoned U.S. Politics
: Richard Berman

Looking for 2 SciFi books

Texas to get hit with freezing rain, sleet

Krugman: If Obamacare can work in a state of 38 million people, it can work in America as a whole

Iran nuclear deal: EU 'will lift sanctions in coming weeks'

Tom Toles: Uh-oh

4 Ways the Koch Brothers' Wealth Is Beyond Comprehension

Debunking the SILLY right wing meme that "Today, Kennedy would be a Republican."

Military alters training exercises, daily routines to deal with budget woes

Could The Use Of Flying Death Robots Be Hurting America's Reputation Worldwide?

I guess the Denver Broncos really are frauds.

Have Our Lives Turned into a Real-Life Horror Movie?

Somebody ate a family of Neanderthals

Why Walmart's Plan to Pit Low-Wage Workers Against Low-Wage Consumers Is Failing

Russia Considering Paternity Leave for Soldiers.

The Year the Monarch Didn’t Appear

Following Big Money Sweep, Swiss Bid Against Income Inequality Voted Down

Dear Bibi, Cornyn, Fleischer, and the rest of the usual suspects,

Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own

Monty Python extends stage show to five dates.

Boardwalk Empire Season Finale... YOWSA! (((((Spoilers))))))

Colorado school board member says transgender students require ‘castration’ for acceptance

Snow sharks?

Heartwarming story for the season on GMA (Pic heavy)

After Repeal Of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Pockets Of Difficulty For Equality

The Hospital Is No Place for the Elderly

Links Between Tobacco Wars and Climate Denial


Pretty happy Texas A&M lost......

Homophobia in Black Communities Means More Young Men Get AIDS

"Sanity has its appeal, but. . . ." Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

Scrambled eggs

Geneva deal seals Netanyahu’s legacy: An ineffectual leader

Spy World Links Plus Obama Ties Stoke Concern About NSA Review

Obenshain could use nuclear option in Virginia AG race

Does anyone know what type of plant this is?

Who the fuck are they polling and how is this question on the President's trustworthiness being

White Hot Rage (book review)

Hernandez Has Early Lead Over Castro in Honduran Vote

What a close call

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Fillibusted Party

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

Half Of Oil-Drenched Mayflower AR Neighhborhood Empty (Pegasus Pipeline Spill Site)

Take A Bow: Ms. Male Character Explored

What would you say to Israel regarding the Iran nuke deal?

Intellectual Dry Rot Of Climate Denial Given Ample Space On NYT Editorial Page

NAFTA and US Farmers—20 Years Later

Single Payer Health Care

E. Siberian Shelf Methane Releases Approaching 20% Of All US Natural Gas Leaks: Bottom Temps Up 0.9F

how a shadowy network of corporate front groups distorts the market place of ideas

I am totally ticked off at the moment.

House Hacks Away at Environmental Regulations

Renewable Energy Barriers Fall With New Ferc Order on Energy Storage

Oil Down To 33% Of Global Energy Mix From Nearly 39% Ten Years Ago

Jeddah U.S. consulate attacker sentenced to death, others jailed

Jeez, doesn't anyone else find Will Farrell tedious, loud and boring...

Adulterers may be stoned under new Afghan law, official says

Living In Poverty: "It's best not to hope. You just take what you can get as you spot it."

32 Americans named Rhodes Scholars for 2014

Terrifying Footage from Inside Home Hit by an EF4 Tornado

Four Virginian students among Rhodes Scholarship recipients

Angola bans Muslim religion; to destroy all mosques

Give Joe Scarborough a tissue!: DC pundits horrified at rudeness of “nuclear option”

Right-wing extremists face new moral conundrum

(Susan) Rice to meet Afghanistan's Karzai following rebuff

Scott Adams blog: I Hope My Father Dies Soon

Report: 7 soldiers killed in clashes with Islamist group in Benghazi, Libya

Presenting ... The Ohio State University Marching Band

China lashes out at US for ‘interfering’ in territorial dispute with Japan.

I have a great idea to make texting easier. Just type the first letter

Reverend Billy faces year in jail for JPMorgan Chase toad protest

Letter to President Obama, October 19, 2013

Check in...Thanksgiving at the in-laws with Fox News.

"Your spaghetti & meatballs are as good as Olive Garden's."

"Your spaghetti & meatballs are as good as Olive Garden's."

This is really F*#@ed up

Rick Santorum Produced A Movie! It Is A Big Stinky Flop.

Benjamin Netanyahu can’t tell fantasy from reality. Ignore him.

Fight for What You Love by Derrick Jensen

Mayor in New York spouts racial slurs after DWI arrest

Berlusconi Fights to the End to Keep Senate Seat

Feared Colorado Boycott Over Gun Laws Is a Bust

Nice change: some merchants advertise they will be CLOSED Thanksgiving

How seniors have been getting screwed by how we calculate social security

Pie crust for vegetarians?

Many good Democrats are sponsors of the new Iran sanctions bill - can DUers lobby their Senators?

Netanyahu sending security adviser to U.S. for talks on Iran deal.

Ohio AG Plans Announcement About (Steubenville) Rape Case Inquiry

Turkey - baste or steam?

Icy roads in Branson

Premise: Modern economic systems have no idea what to do with a productivity rate

Virginia State Board of Elections Certifies Democrat Mark Herring as Attorney General-Elect

ok, can we all have our own personal satellite ?

IRA Car Bomb Targets Belfast's Top Shopping Mall

I don't care how cool you are.

Sec. Kerry hit the ground running at State- Iran deal highlights his tenacity & long-term commitment

Angola 'Bans Islam', Dismantles Mosques, According To News Reports

Lawmakers Vote against Disclosing Victims of U.S. Drone Attacks

Why religion belongs in school

So, it's that time of year again...just got a scam Medical Alert system phone call...

LGBTQ students still face hurdles

Veteran Resuscitates Desperate School

How Senate Dems bungled the filibuster thing

Saudi Arabia cautiously welcomes Iran nuclear deal

Cautious optimism in Germany over Iran deal

A Bird with a 'tude...

This Modern World: Middle-man besieged!

Isn't using private contractors for intel gathering an inherent security threat?

Yale University urged to shelter in place

The Long Shadow Of Iran Contra - By Charles P. Pierce

As you listen to Republicans howl over the Iran nuke deal...

Iran nuclear talks: Lady Ashton's Geneva triumph takes centre stage

Ah, MONDAY MORNING. A hot cuppa Joe and my dog-eared copy of "Die grosse Mammuthöhle."

Millionaire Georgia Republican Says His $172,000 Salary Isn’t Enough For 126 Days Of Work

Saudi Arabia Cautiously Welcomes Iran Nuclear Deal

cat shaming ...

4 more charged after Ohio teen athletes' rape case

Geeks for Monarchy

The Mighty the mighty have fallen (photo)

Single Payer movement in the era of Obamacare

Afghanistan considers public stoning for adulterers

Just got this email from a faculty member

Here are the key points of Iran's nuclear deal...

I haven't had much time to post lately but I just wanted to say...

Fred Kaplan: We Have A Deal With Iran. A Good One.

Steubenville superintendent indicted in teen rape investigation

Four more charged in Steubenville rape case!

Yale Police investigating report of person with gun near Old Campus

Judge rebuffs move for more secrecy in Holmes case

Pic Of The Moment: Internet Reacts To GOP Senator's Reaction To Nuclear Deal With Iran

One of the saddest days ever. 50 years ago today.

Fukushima getting worse, except for that new windmill.

KOS:The New Democrats are republicans biggest nightmare with Obamacare

a moment in time...

Rebecca Sedwick's mother to pursue law changes, civil suits

Deportations to Haiti continue after killings

Call for Colorado hunting boycott misses mark

In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up

Our ACA saga - next installment.....on identification verification, the chat function, and phone

Israeli grass roots, in contrast with Netanyahu, are willing to give accord with Iran a chance

Honduras ruling party leads presidential vote

Before you decide you aren't a feminist

Alice's Restaurant

What is the maximum amount one can earn while on SSDI?

More than 700 AmeriCorps members embark on a year of community service

In the heart of rural Kentucky

Michelle and Bo take a selfie

Medicaid Applications Up 35 Percent Since Obamacare Exchange Opened


Toon: Extremism Rocks

CBS has been streaming its entire coverage of the JFK assassination

is there anyone in here that is an expert in prepping and staining concrete floors?

Tweet: Hey GOP,

Herring (D) wins Virginia attorney general race, elections board announces

Hoosick Falls town supervisor arrested

School superintendent, others indicted in Steubenville rape case

Wal-Mart Names Doug McMillon CEO to Succeed Mike Duke

The Daily Banter: President Obama Ushering World Peace, Corporate Media Shrugs

Hong Kong denies Tiananmen activist Wuer Kaixi extradition to mainland

Deportations to Haiti continue after killings

Texas Police Officer Arrested For Handcuffing And Raping 19 Year Old At Traffic Stop

I am to make eight pounds of mashed potatoes Thursday. Give me an estimated time, and

This Thanksgiving, Billionaires Gorge as Many Starve

Congressman Steve Stockman. Not just bats*** insane, he’s a secretive crook, too.

Cartoon: Union is strength

need some debunking help .. or info... ( Obama childrens book required reading in school )

I'll give 'em this . . . Bush never used peace to divert our attention

Carboard Mark Meadows

Medicaid for the Homeless

Christian Militia Claims 'Authority' To Shoot And Kill Obama

Watch Earth Spin From Your Browser

This day in History

Animals Were Harmed: Hollywood's Nightmare of Death, Injury, and Secrecy Exposed

Iran’s Supreme Leader Hopes Nuke Deal Distracts Attention from Obamacare

Does it sometimes seem that the repubs

Tony and the Murdoch's - War Criminals and the Woman They Shared

Larry Klayman declares his rally a success...

Toon: Thanks for the clarification..

Venezuelan gov't has been using "decree powers" for half a century!

" It's not my responsibility to pass moral judgment on other people's life choices"

Reid Laughs at GOP:"I'm sorry to—smile—as you can't see on radio—More disfunction? I mean, gee whiz"

Supreme Court to consider four Obamacare challenges this week

Father Overhears His Son Making Plans To Come Out, Writes Him This Awesome Letter

On privilege, and being an ally

Boeing picks 15 potential sites nationwide to build 777X

Increased use of low-carbon energy may not cut CO2 emissions.

Obamacare Cutbacks Shut Hospitals Where Medicaid Went Unexpanded

Finally found a beer I liked last night!

This is what a 13-year-old sociopath does...warning about this cat photo

New York City to consider styrofoam food container ban

"How dare this President be a President?"

The BEST response letter EVER

"The Frozen Blunder" Another play with a name:

anything going on in your neck of the woods?

Atheist drops golfer’s sponsorship over fears Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck could taint business

Good news: Iran deal includes right for Batkid to inspect any facility at any time unannounced.

Alright! Washington State University is bowl eligble!!!

Fox Noise host - ACA more harmful than Iraq war/Katrina

In The Know : Children Exposed To Porn May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable .

How about a Beer poll? Tis the season and all....

Buyers' remorse: Plummeting popularity for Australian (Conservative) PM

Has Anybody Seen Flight?

Comedian Jay Leggett dies after killing deer

Mike Luckovich Toon: The Cheney Family Thanksgiving

Neocons let loose

Rude Pundit:Pleasures in Everyday Life, Part 1: Restaurant Impossible and Mainstreaming LGBT Couples

Mark Herring Beats Mark Obenshain In Virginia Attorney General's Race: Board Of Elections

Eric Cantor wants to end overtime pay

Papantonio: JPMorgan Fraud Settlement Too Lenient

The internet mystery that has the world baffled

Ukraine police clash with pro-EU protesters

I'm thankful for Gabrielle Giffords

At work here in SFO, and my flights are delayed---THANKS, Obama!

This Week In Toons


World Trade Organisation upholds EU ban on imported seal products

George Zimmerman drops public defender, asks for return of knife & phones

Robert Reich, "One of the most encouraging things I'm seeing isn't happening in Washington.

"Broke" Zimmerman gets new private Lawyer

Texan accused of mailing ricin to Obama, Bloomberg could face 18 years in prison

Contractor charged in Philadelphia demolition deaths

The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy

Republican governors take critical care away from everyone by refusing Medicaid expansion

Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem"

Mom who lost custody of her children because she had an abortion

This is so great - view of two comets, Mercury and Earth - as a video!

Aging Hub (LAX) Waits to Take Off

Another Apple supplier faces criticism over labor conditions in China

Rick Perry loses public bet with Louisiana, will pay up in brisket

The Answer to Climate Change Is Renewable Energy, Not Nuclear Power

Stormy Monday, 11/25/13

Harvard Ichthus Apologizes For Essay Claiming Jews Deserve Punishment For Killing Jesus

David Beat Goliath in San Diego

David Beat Goliath in San Diego

Immigration fears spook British government. Romanians and Bulgarians free to immigrate

Ten Companies Paying Americans the Least

How bad is this snow storm headed to East coast going to be?

Results: Open Poll, who is your favorite member of Congress?

Final Sandy Hook report released

Exposed! The sinister conspiracy to kill Ronald Reagan!

Chomsky: Business Elites Are Waging a Brutal Class War in America

These videos will fry your brain...

John Stewart - Dealing with Iran vs dealing with Republicans

The internet mystery that has the world baffled

1993 religious freedom act is at heart of contraception case

Tepco, Mitsubishi plan coal-fired power plants at Fukushima

BMW says has 10,000 i3 (electric) orders - i8 (plugin hybrid) already sold out

The "Equalization Factor" is behind the absurd media overcoverage of " Obamacare Rollout"

Rove's Crossroads GPS Spent More On Politics Than It Reported To IRS

Chris Hedges: Shielding a Flickering Flame

Catch-a 422, regarding cannabis, even in Legalized States.

Keeping seniors engaged in life

When I was a little kid, I felt worse when an animal died in a movie than when a person died.

Obama Pushes Back on Critics of Iran Deal.

Look How Drastically Intelligent LEDs Can Cut Energy Consumption

Christian American Patriots Militia leader: We now have authority to shoot Obama

Find something to be happy about today (Monday Nov 25, 2013)

This Man Is The Reason 7 Million Pounds Of Trash Have Been Removed From America's Rivers

10 Biggest Myths About Retail Workers

What’s Behind NRG’s Slow Rollout of EV Chargers in California?

Rolling back a woman's right to vote

Climate change will make the Arctic a new battleground. Here’s how America will fight

Anyone ever make/try pumpkin fudge?

A fellow, now living in CA, but from my hometown in NJ posted this:

The Horrific Killing Of Renisha McBride - Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

Did JFK help fake the moon rising? So many unanswered questions.

C. Wright Mills 1956 The Power Elite

If Obamacare were in RUSSIA!

Real Progressive Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance Has Died

Michael Hastings, 2011, "Military Employing Psy Ops on US Senators" Re: Afghanistan

Legislation to End Fossil Fuel Tax Breaks Introduced by Sen. Sanders, Rep. Ellison.

Okay, so, Michael rowed the boat ashore. Big deal!

I have a new tracfone. I received a voicemail from a vendor and it went into vm. The

Controversy over Bashir punishment doesn't go away

*Important* Information about emergency contraception

American Music Awards 2013: Katy Perry's opening act called out as racist

New Warning: Morning-After Pill Doesn't Work for Women Over 176 Pounds

Katy Perry @ the American Music Awards, "perpetuating harmful stereotypes of Asian women?"

Farmers Only dot com ads!

Judge blocks sale of California high-speed rail bonds, rejects funding, jeopardizing project

Obama Says It’s Up to Republicans to Fix Broken Immigration Laws

Bell's Oarsman ale - Bell's Brewery

National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence

Faucets At $1,000 Abound As Home Equity Spigot Opens

Fukushima getting worse, except for a new windmill.

Guess What? The “Knockout Game” is America’s Latest Phony Panic

Guess What? The “Knockout Game” is America’s Latest Phony Panic

Obama Moves to Prevent Rift With Allies Over Iran Deal

CEO Payouts At The 8 Largest Health Insurers.....

Nevada Libertarian Head: ‘I Have Conceded Defeat: We Are Infested With Idiots’

LoJack system will allow parents, auto makers and insurance companies to track vehicles

Obama: I'm not 'particularly ideological'

Fred Kaplan: We Have a Deal With Iran. A Good One. It's everything Obama hoped to achieve in Geneva.

Iran Nuclear Deal Leaves Israel Odd Man Out With Few Options

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Drop for Fifth Month

Fear Not The Path Of Truth: A Fallujah veteran's documentary by Ross Caputi (full docu)


Just Got A Letter From Blue Cross/Blue Shield Indicating An Adjustment In My Premium.....

Puppy Love: 9 Heartwarming Stories of Animals Taking Care of Each Other

Stoning for adulterers may become legal again in Afghanistan

Report: Newtown shooter used Colorado-made Magpul magazines

NYT-In New York, Having a Job, or 2, Doesn’t Mean Having a Home

Congress the Grinch

A powerful design.

Stockman's filings don't explain his income

The White House Storms Fox News To Refute Idiotic Republican Talking Point on Iran Deal

List of prominent anti-pornographers

RFK Jr: "The fragility of (JFK's) control over the military" Ellsberg: "Virtually a coup atmosphere"

"Now you go through saint looey, Joplin missouri. And oklahoma city is mighty pretty."

Are small people seriously over-medicated? Big people under-medicated?

‘Atheism is boring’

Macklemore Attacked For Support Of Trayvon Martin At AMA Awards

In Idaho, children's creative writing is different than in your area

Argh. Pop up ad in text on Google Chrome.

Religious roots of Buddha's birthplace traced back 2,600 years

Please join the TPP Twitterstorm Tuesday November 26

" If ya want Dad, I can go pee on Boehner's leg!"

Why Chris Christie Is Edging Past Hillary Clinton For President

TPM Article on JFK assassination on the conspiracies cluster

James Franco, Seth Rogen parody Kanye West's 'Bound 2' video

TPM Article on JFK assassination on the conspiracies cluster

If you don't like rape, you're a prude

"You're in better shape than me and twenty years older than I am"

Black Saints: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church

She was a woman of luminous intelligence, high ambition and great accomplishment~

Did JFK help record Bad Moon Rising? So many unanswered questions.

No, 'tisn't the season yet. Shut up.

Many of us grew up with these guys.

How guitars work.

Exclusive: Celeb-loving organic bread company charged with abuse

The Blue Wall

In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up (great quote)

I think I just educated a repuke about the ACA

Funny things my kits do.

I love "Dogs that did not Bark"

So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving??

Fake Jerry Jones 2013 Week 11 Recap (Bye Week)

The Methane Disaster Bubbling in the Arctic


Look for an LBN story on Starbucks over the next couple days!

A funny from the BOG!


Cooking for Thanksgiving? Wanna mess with your guests?

President Obama: Executive Orders Not The Solution To Congressional Inaction

Obama Brilliantly Turns an Immigration Heckler Into a Triumph of Free Speech

U.S. says Afghanistan's Karzai seeks new security deal conditions

This Guy Hiked The Great Wall Of China And Barely Survived. He Captured Some Incredible Pictures

Bloomberg picks Joule Unlimited (the only biorefinery company) as 1 of 10 '2013 New Energy Pioneers'

Never-before-seen color footage of 1965 baseball

Libya's Hell, Enabled by Canadian Humanitarians

Matt Damon reads from "Voices of a People's History."

Good article on salting vs brining and why it works

"As God as my witness...I thought turkeys could fly..."

How to cook a Turkey

As a Canadian I envy your Thanksgiving a bit...

Another vote for a short editing window

"Bacterium is attracted to moisture and loves to grow in the nook and crannies of a loofah..."

Anyone else remember the "wag the dog" claim when Bill Clinton tried to address the terrorism issue?

Operation Maryville now linking to B-2 rape case

Federal judge: Clergy tax-free housing allowance is unconstitutional

"STOP DEPORTATIONS!" man shouts at President Obama, the President allows him to stay.

25 Celebs That Shocked Us When They Came Out As Gay

anglicans Episcopalian s take on NT Wright?

OMG. . .what is up with James Franco and Seth Rogen?

Don't Talk to Your Family About Politics at Thanksgiving, No One Cares!