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What is or what is not porn? And, who or what gets to decide what is or is not porn?

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, please remember the REASON FOR THE SEASON:

Comet Ison destroyed. At least, we'll always have Paris.

Thanksgiving is different things to different people and at different times (all holidays also)

Murdered spy Alexander Litvinenko gave MI6 secret briefings about key ally of Russian President

INFOGRAPHIC: Bullying Happens To 28% Of Kids

good news about the pizza hut manager who got fired

Weeping angel cat

now comes the good part left overs

Question about possible scam - $450 ICLG fee Canadian flying into Tampa?????

After Sales Plummet, Walmart Realizes it Can’t Run Stores on Temps Alone

Twin Cities: Complaints rise about Metro Transit bus drivers

It was lovely.

UK: The railway workers trained to stop suicides

thank you all very much

Getting Health Insurance in MA

Can you find news articles reporting the Royal Family claims the NSA eavesdropped on them?

grantcart can you take over please?

Turkey decides to invite its family over for thanksgiving dinner.

Any Thanksgiving horror stories this year?

Vivian Kubrick, reclusive daughter of Stanley Kubrick shows up at Alex Jones Anti-Gov't Rally

Mom mistakes daughter for boyfriend. Shoots and kills her.

The surprising story of Bob's new car

Is Facebook having problems? ACA related...

What sort of bullshit is this? Prayer for a turkey?

Human Overpopulation as an Animal Rights Issue

A plea...

A Movie Line That Should Exist, but Doesn't

The degrees of Black Friday.

Dumb Criminals: Would Be Murderer Accidentally Butt Dials Boss He Planned To Kill

Dark Star Orchestra

Yeah, we actually went out on Thanksgiving.

This new right wing gun confiscation meme going around…

Well, Thanksgiving dinner sucked. Big Time.

Remembering another Thanksgiving

Sam Seder: Surviving Family Holidays: The Archetype Republican

My wife's Thanksgiving shopping rant she gave to her cousins. I thought I would share.

(Sorry) more good press for Pope in USA Today: Pope ramps up charity office to be near poor, sick

Abe Lincoln, cross-dressing and the American way: The real history of Thanksgiving

AP on Bob McDonnell: Va. gov ending term with scandal-stained year

My grandfather's bayonet

Why am I the only one complaining that smilies don't work in thread titles?

Smoking Legal Weed On Your Front Porch Poised To Become Illegal In Denver

Accused O.C. serial killer dies before trial in homeless slayings

A belated "Gobble Tov" to everyone!! nt

Salt of the Earth

Statement by President Obama on Hanukkah

President Obama's Weekly Address: Wishing the American People a Happy Thanksgiving

AP Exclusive: Calif jail violence rises on reforms

West Wing Week 11/29/13 or, ''Kindness Covers All of My Political Beliefs''

Cleveland students will walk less and take RTA buses more under new plan

Firefighters: Frying a turkey causes 2 houses to catch fire

It's about time let the games begin: Black Friday Shopping Chaos [Super Cut Compilation]

Most Ohio derailment evacuees allowed back home

wow I wonder how that happened.

How much is "Obamacare" like the original Heritage Plan?

Thanksgiving Conservative Relative

Who doesn't miss cars not starting in cold weather?

HuffPost Blog in Business Section: If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem

Ronan Farrow tells hard truth about Thanksgiving, gets shouted down for it.

Here's How The Virginia (AG) Recount Will Work

sparse crowds at stores today

How Republicans Can Still Block Obama's Judges: Blue Slips

Don't count comet ISON out yet....pretty unique things happening - a variety of links to read

Solar belt around the moon planned by Japanese engineers

Gag me with a chain-saw!

No Christmas Without China Pathetic.

Former Walmart Exec Leads Shadowy Smear Campaign against Black Friday Activists

Thom Hartmann: The Methane Ticking Time Bomb has Struck Again.....

Thom Hartmann: Will Republican Treason Take Down Obama?

Thom Hartmann: Rev. Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir perform Black Thursday!

Any advice on a pork loin? I'm looking for something I can cook now, freeze for a few wesks,

Breaking news -Comet Ison has been renamed

ouch. IT worker throws out hard drive, loses $7.5M bitcoin fortune.

Political Family Divisions Reveal A State Of Civil War

Jameis Winston in 2 minor incidents

Union: Worker warned crane was on unstable ground

Pope ramps up charity office to be near poor, sick

Before buttwipe Reagan an American was blue collar proud

Watchdog: Google breaching Dutch privacy law

America's team was not blacked out today as they beat the team in black.

God damn it....

US still making payments to relatives of Civil War veterans, analysis finds

Venezuela's opposition calls for investigation of slaying and attack

Missing from Thanksgiving

Brazil confirms secure satellite deal to stifle U.S. spying

Pres. Obama rockin' a sweater today.


‘Three Stories’, The Unpublished Works of JD Salinger Leaked

Cats recognise their owners' voices but never evolved to care, says study...

COMET ISON Survives Perihelion

Inside the Company That Bungled Obamacare

Conservatives who backed Wisconsin Gov. Walker appear target of secret probe

Gearing up for a tour of Ireland. Any tips?

Sauerkraut and turkey: an essential Baltimore Thanksgiving

Pope Francis Canonizes Single Turkey In Annual Vatican Tradition


The Biggest Problem With Obamacare’s Rollout Is Being Caused Intentionally by Republicans

"If Corporations Are Christians"

Behind The Scenes Of The Supreme Court's First Gay Wedding (PHOTOS)

The reason some stores should be open during the holidays.

Innocent man spends 4 days in jail after police confuse him with wanted burgler

So Get Glue has stopped their physical stickers. Internet backlash incoming

Rialto Walmart Thanksgiving brawl sends one police officer to hospital

Venezuela, Russia ink deal to boost oil output

A live condom, before harvesting and processing.

The End of a Fractal

Yowser! Yahoo "News" is going nuts with ACA tonight.

Venezuela’s Maduro Rejects US “Intervention” in Honduras

5 ways to rescue liberal talk radio (but it won’t be easy)

Reported pipeline explosion rocks parts of Missouri

Obama Administration APPROVES Keystone XL Key Infrastructure Component.

1.200.000 homeless students, up 10% for the year, 72% since the start of the crisis

25 Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving: Mental Floss

Australia blocks Archer Daniels Midland takeover bid

Meet the Right-Wing Christian Companies Trying to Impose Their Values on Their Workers

Carol Burnett Show - Star Trek Parody

How America Continues to Suffer the Male Rage of the 'White Wing'

Gogebic Taconite President In Spain Groundwater Case

Brazil confirms secure satellite deal to stifle U.S. spying

War-weary Americans back Iran nuclear deal by 2-to-1 margin

Secretive Corporate Deal in the Works Could Establish Special Closed Door Courts for Big Business

Young Girls Say That Sexism Is Part Of Their Daily Lives

Wal-Mart Uses Wristbands to Deter Holiday Shopper Melees

Watchdog group says Google violated Dutch privacy laws

Christie leads possible 2016 GOP contenders in CNN/ORC poll

Democrats Run Biggest Cities as U.S. Residents Cluster by Party

Karzai, Pakistan Protests against US Drone Strikes may force US out

Chamber Taking on Tea Party in Kentucky Senate Primary

Greenwald to BBC: Journalists must investigate the Powerful in Gov’t since they Lie to the People (B

Weak Growth: (S&P) Agency Strips Netherlands' AAA Rating

Watch Screaming Mobs Fight Over Televisions At Wal-Mart

Here's to Wal Mart employees across the country!

World from Berlin: 'Germany No Longer a Role Model for Europe'

India Falls Behind: Corruption Plagues Rising Economy

The True Story About How America Was First Settled By Profit-Seeking Speculators{large image}

Americans kick off 2-day holiday shopping marathon

Il Cavaliere No More: Expulsion Spells Berlusconi's Demise

China Raises Stakes Near New 'Air Defense Zone' With Fighter Jet Patrol

Poverty Migration: Berlin Backs Cameron's 'Benefit Tourism' Offensive

Friday TOON Roundup 1: Holidaze

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Pope

Friday TOON Roundup 3: GOP and pols

Friday TOON Roundup 4: The Rest

Find something to be happy about today ( Friday Nov 29, 2013)

‘Three Stories’, The Unpublished Works of JD Salinger Leaked Online

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping On

Just when did they start this black Friday stuff anyway? I don't recall it even back in the 80's

Editorial: (TPP) undue influence

How Obama’s Afghan gambit could backfire

The billionaire behind America's 'great renaissance of oil'

America: In Your Pivot to Asia, Careful You Don’t Sprain Your Back

Good Morning !

Vandals spray racial, political graffiti on Space Shuttle Independence

Walmart's Black Friday Going About As Badly As You'd Expect

Discover authors who will be guest-bookselling at your indie bookstore,Small Business Sat.,11/30

Primary colors

Sriracha Factory Shut Down Over 'Offensive' Odors

Thanks for Giving What? Commerce or Community?

Marissa Alexander released on bond until Florida retrial of self-defence case

Canada allowed widespread NSA surveillance at 2010 G20 summit: report

Sometimes it really, really, really sucks to be right.

The Media Need to Do More to Help People Navigate Obamacare

Moving the Trim Tab

Must be a lot of people shopping this morning

Bangladesh fire destroys key garments factory

Comet Ison Made It Around The Sun [updated pictures and video here]

Wow, Look at the comet's path on Dec 31st!

Tofurkey Song Posted on My Facebook Feed

World Fights Back Against the Biggest Brother in History

What to really expect with Obamacare’s Nov. 30 relaunch

Families of Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams sue Cleveland and police over chase, shooting

Going Postal To Save The United States Post Office

Syria army presses advance near Damascus

Italy PM Letta to call new confidence vote

If your family tradition is to shop for Black Friday deals ...

Looking for Trouble with China

Christ! I LOVE Black Friday carnage!

3 new Salinger stories online.

Don't Mess With The Lady Parts of Texas Women

Black Friday sales come early to Venezuela

Things would have been so much better...

China scrambles jets after US, Japan enter air zone

Walmart Workers Mobilize for 'Unprecedented' Nationwide Strikes

The Future of Capitalism?

The Workers Who Bring You Black Friday

Firm with History of Spill Cover-Ups Hired to Clean Up North Dakota Oil Spill

These Dems give new meaning to the expression "crashing a party--"

Buses In US Capitol Thank Edward Snowden For Exposing The Truth

Tons of whales feasting on anchovies near Monterey California

Double Standards for US War Crimes

An article to really stir up the wing nuts: End presidential term limits

"This year's early start to Black Friday proves Thanksgiving as you know it is gone."

BF report - I just bought boots and ethanol free gas at farmer's coops

Tom Corbett Went From Establishment Republican to Tea Party Allly. Bad Move.

Happy Thanksgiving from the NSA

You know right now, history looks like it is in a place to repeat itself

Black Friday Shopping Reminder: F*** Walmart, and the gravy train they rode in on.

The Slow Death of 'Traditional' Families in America

Push for minimum wage hike led by localities, Democrats

Have you changed your opinion of George W Bush??

Could use your good thoughts

What the Next U.S. Ambassador to China Must Do

Food Stamps Cut Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Made out great on my Black Friday "shopping"!

Why are the words on my computer fading? I went to the Computer forum but no one seems to be

Saudi Arabia's foreign labour crackdown drives out 2m migrants.

Pepper spray is becoming a Black Friday tradition

Israeli Toddler Injured By a Rock Thrown at a Car in Jerusalem

Corporations Owe Hundreds Of Billions Of Taxes. So The GOP Goes After Federal Employees.

GOP And Religious Rights Goal - Make Family Planning/Contraception A Criminal Act.

Merry Christmas motherfuckers.

Chicago Atheist Group Sets Up Holiday Display to Protest Nativity Scene

Without Reagan's Treason, Iran Would Not Be a Problem

Francis calls religious life 'prophecy,' refers to 'humiliations'

Black Friday: fights break out as shopping hysteria takes hold

Hastings lawyer suspended for religious slurs

Can we all agree to call it "The impotent male rage of the rightwing"?

More Privacy Failures - Dropcams are a Black Friday Hit

Tell Tyson to Stop Torturing Pigs

Miley Cyrus Leads Time's Person Of The Year Readers Poll

Dog rescued after 9 days under Illinois tornado rubble

Do You Ever Doubt Your Doubt? and other thoughts

World Bank says no to nuclear as it lays out universal energy plan

Phillips 66 kills hundreds of birds in Texas, gets fined by feds

China sends fighter jets into disputed air zone; Japan, South Korea defiant

Thinking of going Solar next year - need help understanding Calif. rules

Gas pipeline explodes in Missouri, no injuries reported

How Christie Can Win Iowa 2016 (NJ Gov. Leading Wingnut Ted Cruz in Hawkeye State 17-16%)

Best video capture of Comet ISON as things stand I've seen

Lifting the smoke over the stigma of lung cancer: Chicago Tribune

The For-Profit Bail Industry - Jesse Lava From Beyond Bars Discusses

Rooting for Failure

The Funniest Thing I've Ever Read About The F-35

Tough Thanksgiving for Food Stamp Families

Tea Party mortified they can't co-opt Pope to spew their hate speech like their other RW pharisees

Religion,faith,Xmas,an atheist, and Mom

Krugman: Obamacare’s Secret Success

Damage Control as Brawlmart's Black-and-Blue Thursday Backfires

Other side of F-35 debate

Obamas Might Stay in Washington After Presidency Ends

U.S. commander in Afghanistan apologizes for civilian death, injuries

Kopis'taya (A Gathering of Spirits)

How Misogyny Sadly Still Exists In The Progressive Movement - Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

In North Carolina, a hard-right shift hits a roadblock

An elderly man was stopped . . .

18 Sunnis Kidnapped In Iraq Later Found Shot Dead

Blog: Navy's newest destroyers evolve to fill traditional battleship roles

Hey Republicans!

Mike Tomlin. A successful cheater:

Tom Tomorrow

Enjoyment in viewing YouTube videos which display Consumerism at it's worst...

Tweet: Suck it GOPers

An underestimated comix: Frank and Ernest

If you haven't seen this take off of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video you need too

Boehner Inadvertently Exposes Sloppy Media Coverage of Obamacare Costs

For a guy who loves guns so much, you'd think Dick Cheney would have served in the military

As many of you know

ThankProgress: 9 Things Progressives Can Be Thankful For

I have asked the cool kids in the Lounge to leave MFM alone

Israeli forces disperse weekly protests in West Bank

Same difference

State Labor Department releases preliminary October 2013 area unemployment rates

Bowery Mission feeding thousands of hungry New Yorkers

Fashionista with club foot has leg amputated – to wear high heels

Walmart arrested Santa

Marissa Alexander released from jail

Zimmerman's not-guilty verdict comes with 'mind-numbing' $2.5M bill

Rival protests as French MPs debate prostitution

The New Yorker: Everything You Know about Black Friday is Wrong

Boy in coma could lose 'best friend'

Our Government on Thanksgiving

Saul Leiter, Pioneer Of NYC Street Photography, Dies At 89

The Mormon church won't drop its opposition to gay marriage

Spanish child killer freed after EU rights ruling

Meet the Crappers: Spain's craziest Christmas decorations

Electronic cigarettes: New route to smoking addiction for adolescents

I do not celebrate Christmas

Cayman Islands and Costa Rica agree to share bank account details with US

Papantonio: Wealthy CEOs Fighting Retirement Benefits

A Hospital buys the naming rights for a sports stadium for 4.5 million

"Black Friday flurry as UK retailers push discounts"

Violence flares as shoppers slug it out for the best Black Friday deals

I wish you all Merry Christmachanukwansaturnalias!!!

"I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets...

I will not shop on this Black day

A better way to spend your money on Black Friday

Republican Party in Florida being taken over by gay 'thugs': Tea Party leader

If you're going to do Black Friday, you may as well go all the way

Robinson Cano denies contract demands with Yankees: ‘I’ve never asked anybody for $300 million’

President Obama and First Lady visits immigration advocates fasting for reform

Why did the WH have Kerry take part in the Churchill bust unveiling at the Capitol?

Man Found in Harlem Air Shaft Was Shot: Officials

the guests at my thanksgiving table

The Rude Pundit: The Elf on the Shelf Wept: A Scene from One Black Friday Strike

Where Is the Love?

Elan Gale, Twitter and the Woman in #7A

BASF Joins Bayer and Syngenta, Sues EU Commission for Restricting Pesticides Harmful to Bees

Mitt Romney's Son Claims He Rescued Four People After Car Crash

Whitehouse: Small Business Saturday is Nov. 30th! Obamas visit Small Businesses- pics

Sneaky kitty: New Brazilian wild cat found hiding in tigrina DNA

New enmity between Japan and Korea plays out in Tokyo’s Koreatown

Mortgages Without Risk, at Least for the Banks

{Ohio}: 2 killed, 1 injured in fiery turnpike crash

best turkey ever....

"A Walmart Thanksgiving"--by Charles Dickens (RJ Eskow)

Officer injured while stopping Black Friday brawl

Untreated Cancer Pain a ‘Scandal of Global Proportions,’ Survey Shows

Thank God the GOP is making sure that Obamacare gets fixed and working.

Suspected shoplifter shot after dragging cop through KOHL's parking lot...

Thanksgiving post-mortems, anybody?

Two Arrested After Stabbing Over Parking Space At Walmart

I think Jerry Brown would be a contender for 2016

Shopper Claims He Was Kicked Out Of Walmart For Filming Black Friday Fight

Is Black Friday Terrible?

Don't Just Fume...Complain.

Top US Commander Apologizes for Afghan Airstrike

Explosion rocks pipeline company in central Missouri

Reality has hit home. Advice needed.My middle son,wife and kids will be homeless unless...

NBC paints rosy picture of Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving in Afghanistan: US Drone Strike kills Child and Leaves Two Adult Women Injured

Luckovich toon: They went thataway

Luckovich toon: Pass the yams

Walmart did over 10 million cash register transactions between 6pm and 10pm Thursday alone.

Thanksgiving dinner in the heart of the disaster zone (Colorado)

Am I the only one suspicious of Josh Romney’s photo op?


The First Lady Receives the 2013 White House Christmas Tree

My beloved 15 year old doxie Jasmine went to the rainbow bridge early this morning.

Check out these interesting shoes...

The day after Thanksgiving 1944. We had gone to my grandmother's.

Muslim scholar Reza Aslan: Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin would call Jesus a ‘Marxist’

Is it legal to sell E-Cigs to minors in your State?

Rafael Cruz: God told me to wake up the pastors so they will warn the people

Why stores opening on T-day bugs me

Port Authority Raises Tolls For E-ZPass Users By 75 Cents

Black Friday Mayhem® is, at heart, a Promotional Gimmick

I'm frying cabbage to go with the leftovers

Previously unreleased J.D. Salinger stories circulating online

comet ison next week

"WELL, THANK GOD. I believe I'm going to be a Democrat now."

ERRORS in rebuttal to "Pandora's Promise"

In the richest nation in the world, this shouldn't be too much to ask...

Conservatives Outraged by Kinky Boots Performance in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Buy Nothing Day

Former Ku Klux Klan leader indicted for burning cross in southeast Alabama city

Why the disdain for Black Friday?

U.S. extends Iran oil sanctions waivers to China, India, Korea

Bras in Space: The Incredible True Story Behind Upcoming Film "Spacesuit"

Charges filed after shoplifting suspect shot by police

Things I don't miss about old-fashioned, Norman Rockwell era Thanksgivings.

Canadian woman refused U.S. entry because of depression

Man Arrested More Than 1,250 Times in Jail Again.

Texas Dealership Selling Cars for $1 on Black Friday...

WalMart protestors get arrested, WalMart Black Friday rioters do not. (Updated)

Chris Matthews worth watching today and he's on in a few minutes.

The Exorcist

WARONXMAS: Hasslebeck, Stossel tell us to stop enabling hungry homeless.

Cranberries Stop Bacteria In Their Tracks

I DO celebrate Christmas, etc.

Iowa! What say you, Condem!!

Extraditions of ex-cops to Argentina may go forward following Cabinet’s move

It's The Weird News Holiday Gift Guide

There’s A Website Called Black Friday Death Count And It Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Amish Girl Fled Chemo in U.S. for Alternative Treatment in Central America

Annie Ortelee Weekly Weather November 25, 2013

COOL! The "Christmas sucks" threads on DU can now coincide with the Black Friday sales pitch ...

If you missed the Ignobels...

Destruction of Historical and Human Rights Archives: Burning History in San Salvador

A Letter To All Women Who Have Been Told To Quieten Down, Speak Softer and Be Less Angry

Report: Iran FM says country won't talk to Israel

Memory and Repression in El Salvador

Raizen breaks ground on Iogen cellulosic ethanol facility in Brazil

Interesting Bill presented in parliament: Who takes over from the PM?

I celebrate what I celebrate and I don't celebrate what I don't celebrate.

PBO & Michelle visit with Immigration Protestors in D.C. Tent~Solidarity~ Si se Puede

I am spitting nails. I don't use foul language. Hear me out regarding Medicare.

Finally - an update on Comet ISON and what may be coming next

Warmonger George W Bush remembers JFK for ''Service.''

I celebrate christmas and I assume many duers

Youtube video Spanish boy who lived with wolves

I am in "google hell" and need to get out.

Theresa May Deports Dying Man in the Dark of Night and Shames a Nation

So...what are YOU thankful for?

The most important aspect of JFK's assassination

Connectivity issue, WiFi, XP Sp2

Which do you trust the most: the "government" or the "market"?

Thought I've had about SOME anti-choice types

Anyone up for a DU meet up? Now looking like Jan/Feb....keep posting so I know who is interested...

OK...Here's a library card!

the old men who send young men to war club

Buys $300 tent

PBO & Michelle visit with Immigration Protestors in D.C. Tent~Solidarity~ Si se Puede

Governor Dismisses Math, with "Bogus" on Healthcare Jobs' Creation

I believe the Cheney sister feud is an act. Daddy contrived this to keep the

Cowboys fan beaten unconscious by Raiders fans

doggie door suggestions?

Thanksgiving dinner

Breaking: Massive Black Friday strike and arrests planned, as workers defy Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart arrests could fuel “a new political movement of the disenfranchised,” Grayson tells Salon

Boycott AMAZON.COM!!! They were open all day yesterday and all night last night.....

Performing The Vagina Monologues in China

Canadian woman refused U.S. entry because of depression

Concord Activists Join “Black Friday” Walmart Protests (InZane Times)

GOP Wants To Steal Turkey From Poor People, White House Says

Chomsky on Porn

Helicopter just crashed into the roof of a bar in Scotland.

Chris Hedges on porn

As much as I hate hyperbole, OMFG, this is GOD's sammich (recipe & photos)

Glad to hear right wing radio is doing so poorly here.


Questions for those Dems who think Nader and Third Party Voters are

Boycott this, boycott that...

I propose we elect a delegate to negotiate with the Good News Group.


Is xmas really worth this: Woman Uses Stun Gun In Black Fri Brawl At Philadelphia Mall (warning)

A suggestion on how to deal with Republicans by Sean Connery

Santa Claus arrested at Wal-Mart protest

Social Security is Wage Insurance, for wage earners, not people who earn from capital

Topless Barber Charged With Unlicensed Cosmetology

Mother doesn't want a dog.

The Future of Energy Storage is on the Customer's Side of the Meter