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Archives: November 6, 2013

GOP "logic"

MSM does it again

NBC NEWS: Virginia Governor's race Too Early To Call with Mcaulliffe leading

California insurer delays policy cancellations tied to Obamacare

Pres.Obama's Twitter on Illinois: This is huge: The Illinois House just passed marriage equality.

When we vote

The death of Hana Grace-Rose Williams - Trigger warning; child abuse

My birthplace, The Old Dominion state, looks like its going completely BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why doesn't this guy have his own show?

GM oranges containing pig genes in the works.

Virginia is going to make history tonight.

Call me old fashioned but I think if you're mayor and smoke crack in a drunken stupor

Cut the crap! We're not buying that any longer!

Dem Senators: We're Doing It Wrong, Let's Expand Social Security

Colombia’s former security chief faces arrest over Galan assassination: Report

VA-Gov Exit Poll: McAuliffe 50%, Cuccinelli 43%

Judge Suspends Ban on Iowa Abortion Pill System

smug chucky T on msnbc....'Obama's approval rating is DOWN TO 46% in virginia!!!!!'

Here is the NYT live returns page for the VA Governor's race:

A Rare Glimpse into the Psyche of a National Security State Enthusiast

Dutch take Russia to maritime court to free Greenpeace activists

AK Volunteers Track Seal Die-Offs, Worms In Grouse, Previously Unknown Insects

Newly unearthed footage of Hendrix performing 1968 Miami Pop Festival!

Chuck Todd lives in NOVA

The brutal past and present are another country in secret Australia.

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick calls for defeat of the UN disabilities treaty

Virginia's stars are going BLUE!

Eugene V. Debs: The Canton, Ohio, Speech: (June 16, 1918)

Germany calls in UK ambassador over spy claims

Forecast For Planet's Favorite Beach Resorts: Lots Of Jellyfish; Up To 500K Stung In Spain Bloom

Obamacare Victim Of Misinformation Now Says: I would Jump On It

St Pete mayoral race results.

Man Makes 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand For Son For Only $10

Venezuela Decrees Holiday in Memory of Chavez

Crack Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Not Resigning – Reelection? (VIDEO)

It's November 2013 As Microsoft Makes Its First Direct Renewable Power Purchase

I lost my driver's license (ID) and was worried that I might not be able to vote,

Look at early numbers In virignia

Illinois just votes for gay marriage!

Boeing and union have tentative deal that would site 777X in Everett

Apparently it's the one thing he never has enough of.

Lacey Kolhmoss from Public Citizen on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) - HORRIFYING!

Internalized victim-blaming. (possible trigger)

I hear quite often about domestic abusers... (Update)

The New Yorker: A True Liberal At City Hall

Politics in the US

CJR And Chris Mooney On The Warming Pause That Wasn't & The Shitty Journalism That Kept It Alive

'Michelle & I are overjoyed for all the committed couples in IL'

Illinois Sends Bill Allowing Gay Marriage to Governor

Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin' Premieres tonight on PBS

Mighty, Muslim and Leaping Off the Page

When is Rachael coming on to moderate election coverage tonight..

Funny Picture of crack smoking Toronto mayor on Huffington Post front page

Park Service To Yank Most Development From Famed Mariposa Sequoia Grove In Yosemite

MSNBC says McCauliffe has the lead, YAY, but

Kriseman leading Foster in St. Pete mayor's race

Powerful Red Tide Hangs On Near Santa Cruz CA For A Month Longer Than Normal

Repubs disenfranchise own voters?

Gay highschooler suspended for ripping pages out of Bible.......

Resilience - Why UN Climate Conferences Will Always Fail

Republicans Have Grown To Hate America As Much As They Hate President Obama

Kennedy’s ENDA: A Seventeen-Year Gay-Rights Fight

Hoard of 1,400 Nazi-looted artworks includes Chagall, Matisse, Picasso

Ant drinking from a raindrop. Yeah you heard right.

Luckovich Toon: Obama Lied!

Zombie-eyed woman dressed as pig in bathing suit busted for DUI

Oatmeal raisin!?!?!? THESE AREN'T CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!!!!!

Hello God, I have a question...

NY Post defense in bag-man libel case: "Our stupid readers make us stupid."

Toles Toon - The Grand Compromise, so far

The Real News: Ex-CIA Analyst on Snowden and Calling Journalists Terrorists

Hold the phone...

Polls close in one hour in NY.


Interactive Morphing Table Surface Copies 3D Objects in Real Time (Video)

Okay people, I'm leaving for an hour to watch PBS "The African Americans" and when I return I want

I have no idea who this guy is, but I thought some here would enjoy this.

USA Today has the best web site.

It's a Chris Christie lovefest on CNN.....

***********5TH ANNUAL DU COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 11***********

Lightning slowed down 300x.

NBC News projects Republican Chris Christie will win the New Jersey governor’s race

Check out the Virginia map of Pres.Obama's 2012 victory

President Obama Applauds Same-Sex Marriage Vote In Illinois

Only 8:09 PM but I am ready to call it ..... it looks like a big win

Chris Christie Re-Elected Governor Of New Jersey

I have too many apocalyptic dreams...

Obama Applauds Same-Sex Marriage Vote In Illinois

Lemme see... subsidies for oil companies.... or ....

Nate Silver? Can't find anything about tonight.

NJ Exit Polls have Hillary Clinton beating Chris Christie 49-43 in 2016

Hidden Agenda Fuels Challenge to Pivotal Death Penalty Case

Helping the People Beyond the Pain

UPDATED: Washington Times Ends Rand Paul's Weekly Column After Plagiarism Charges

Ron Paul Unhinged Over Obamacare, Calls For Confederacy-Era ‘Nullification’

Rick Kriseman wins St. Petersburg mayor's race (Florida rejects a Republican backed by Rick Scott)

Chicago - Hidden Agenda Fuels Challenge to Pivotal Death Penalty Case

Looks like it is going to be a Dem sweep in Virginia

Hidden Agenda Fuels Challenge to Pivotal Death Penalty Case

Food Stamps Are Affordable; Corporate Welfare Is Not

Study: At Least 2 Million Texans Qualify for Tax Credit

Missouri father arrested at Cracker Barrel over Craigslist ad seeking rape of daughter

Shocking Interactive Map Shows Devastating Effects Of GOP Food Stamp Cuts

I give up. Today's experience shows me that DU has gone fully into anti-science mode.

Hey, Freepjackasses, at least we can spell "Duel"


What The Company Marketing ‘Anti-Rape Underwear’ Gets Wrong About Rape

"Blazing Saddles" is on VH1 Classics. "Animal House" is next.

Republican Governors Association: Christie Win Shows Republicans Can Win In Every State

11/5 Evictions, raids, Mayor candidate and Socialist City Council candidate in Minneapolis


NY: Cop under longtime investigation forced man to rap for his freedom: Suit

Ralph Northam Beats E.W. Jackson In Lieutenant Governor's Race

Did I just see that correctly on MSNBC?

Fox Proves that Obamacare absolutely hates men...

my wife just made popcorn with chocolate chips

The signs were always there...

What scares me about Virginia... (and America)

The pukes said McAuliffe v Cooch was a referendum on Obamacare?

virginia governorship too close to call....

Northam wins lieutenant governor's race

The best post election tweet and still just as relevant today as it was when it was first posted

CNN: 50% of outstanding vote is in NoVA, Richmond and Norfolk....

Washington Times ends Sen. Rand Paul weekly column amid plagiarism allegations

My open letter to John F Kennedy

My predictions for NY.

'For Israeli soldiers, some Palestinians are little more than props'

A Billionaire, a Teabagger, and a Black Single Mother are sitting at a table...

ARACHNIPHOBIC WARNING - Deadly Spiders Found On Supermarket Bananas Force British Family To Flee

Which is why those people are assholes...

Majority of Canadians say they would still rather keep Rob Ford than take Ted Cruz back

In Louisiana, a former Army commander goes to war against Big Oil

de Blasio wins.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Judgement Day & a new Kitteh gif

NYC-Mayor: Bill de Blasio projected winner

Washington Times ends Sen. Rand Paul column amid plagiarism allegations

Industrial coffee table

De Blasio Is Elected New York City Mayor, Exit Polls Show

Christie vs. Buono: 12 reasons why the governor won

really stupid question. was Bunon that bad a candidate?

D.C. Metro To Begin Running New Railcars In Late 2014

Feds to flood Colorado River through Grand Canyon

Why the falling deficit is terrible news for the economy right now

McAuliffe now within a point

Stothert to fire union: Slash paramedic training and I'll hold off on layoffs, keep rigs in service

Saving a freightened Pit Bull.

Good news - "almost all of the remaining votes in VA are from NVA" 9:00 EST

De Blasio projected as winner in NYC!!!

Stephen Colbert rips into Fox News' anti-woman arguments against Obamacare

My special unique students through the years would not have survived this test-crazed reform.

Crossbow Training With Norman Reedus

Looks like Krispy Kreme will be invited to Jerry World again next year.

20% of polling sites still not reporting: 46-46%

What the 1% thinks about you

Picture of de Blasio when he learned he won.

To the NJ people that voted in CC

China discovers that pollution makes it really hard to spy on people

Cuccinelli-McAuliffe difference down to 6,000 votes

As a Southerner... I don't understand what's so attractive about being a douchebag (Chris Christie).

Fox calls it for T-MAC

It's nice to hear Racheal Maddow slap Rand Paul again

Democrat Terry McAuliffe projected to win Va. governor's race

I hate to link to Fox News but they are the first ones to project a McCauiffe victory.

Looks like Houston is electing Annise Parker for the third and last time for mayor.

If somebody’s dumb enough to ask me to say something, they’re gonna have to take what they can get

need help refuting a Obamacare scare email

Iron Man suit, from the silver screen to the battlefield

Dem beats Republican incumbent for mayor of Greensboro, NC.

F'in A! Coochi ahead by only 400 votes!!!

Terry R. McAuliffe takes lead

I’m wondering if the Democratic Powers that Be …

Low-Wage Workers Are Robbed More Than Banks, Gas Stations And Convenience Stores Combined

IT'S DONE ! McAuliffe now up 7000 votes with 200 precincts left to report. BYE BYE ASSHOLE COOCH!

Today I voted against 7 casinos coming to NYS

How come the numbers don't look like the exit polls

I wonder how they could tell….

Fox News calls VA for McAuliffe...

Chris Christie big winner?

NBC News project McAuliffe winner!

NBC projects Mcauliffe. nt

NBC Calls VA for McCauliffe

MSNBC calls VA for McAullife

We won today!

Who's to blame for Guantanamo still being open? CONgress of course

UN Nuclear Chief Criticizes Iran, North Korea, Syria

James is declaring victory in the Public Advocate race in NYC. History is made.

A blowout in VA would have repudiated the teabaggers. A close race like this means they stay alive.

MaAuliffe has taken a 5,000 vote lead with 9% out

The big winner tonight for the Republicans?

Obama's advisers staged debate intervention, authors reveal

MSNBC calls VA for McAullife

"You might be a Republican if"...

Bill De Blasio Coasts To NYC Mayoral Victory

TERRY MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Lhotta is conceding.

***** Virginia *****

Know your Putins...

Does this mean Virginia will get an ACA health exchange?

This is a rather Gross fact but Please read this one thing before you go out to eat.

The Cooch is currently taking out a contract on Robert Sarvis

VA GOP Chair cut through all of the crap and tweeted the real truth about The Cooch...

Lesson from Tonight...

Chris Christie has no coattails.

McAuliffe Wins: Dems Hope Use To Strategy Against GOP Again

Abortion Providers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

Texans pass all 9 amendments to the state constitution. Water fears are real!

DA Jill Ravitch meets with protesters from Andy Lopez shooting

Report: 122,000 Nebraskans eligible for health care tax credits (& Subsidy Calculator)

A very dear friend posted something that hurt me deeply to read, because I felt his pain.

Mcauliffe projected to win Virginia. CNN Wolf Blitzer.

CNN AND MSNBC: McAuliffe Wins!

Stringer is declaring victor in the NYC Comptrollers race.

Not really happy that McAuliffe won. Damn glad that Cuccinelli lost.

Looks like we lost the VA AG race.

Got to a Teabagger today

Appeals court vacates murder conviction in Ryan Ferguson case

Thank you WOMEN of Virginia!! If it wasn't for your HUGE numbers,

"This country needs more than a building right now

Just started baking bread again!

Progressive candidate DeBlasio in NYC, labor-leader Walsh in Boston...

McAuliffe wins it, but it should have NEVER been so close. Here's why it was. READ ON:

Ballot proposal 6 which raises the age limit on some judges in NYS appears to be failing.

KAthy Sheehan D wins the race for Mayor in Albany.

Colorado voters approve state marijuana tax

Charlotte Mayor: Democrat Patrick Cannon wins

What happened in the Lt. Gov. & Attorney General races in Virginia???

Rip-Off: How Private-Sector Health Costs Are Killing the American Dream

I am just nauseated listening to Christie's arrogant acceptance speech. eom

It's safe to say that without female voters, Democrats would lose almost every major election

Democrat beats Republican incumbent for mayor of St. Petersburg

Free Press projects Mike Duggan elected mayor of Detroit

Charlotte Mayor: Democrat Patrick Cannon wins

Progressive Democrat elected mayor of Pittsburgh

Democrat elected mayor of Toledo against Kasich clone.

Christie Opponent Barbara Buono Unloads on NJ Dems for 'Onslaught of Betrayal' - video link

Latino voters say health care, controversial remark spur them to turn out for McAuliffe

Colorado voters approve state marijuana tax

PPP: Abbott leads Wendy Davis by 15 points

Dear Mr. Cuccinelli, Virginia is for all lovers.

Physics Today: Japan’s Fukushima site is an ongoing morass

90 minutes after the polls closed, NYC has counted...8%

Anyone hear yet how the WA state propositions are doing?

*DeBlasio speaking now,

The Democratic Party of New Jersey Elected Chris Christie.

Casino ballot proposal is narrowly winning with a quarter of the vote in the state.

Whew, Virginia. Nt

Dante DeBlasio sure has a big ass afro

Obama: House has votes to pass immigration reform

DeBlasio's acceptance speech versus Christie's is like night and day...

Ballot proposals 1-5 appear to be winning and 6 looks to have lost.

*McAuliffe speaking now

50 50 for Attorney General in Virginia

Goodness!!! All of these threads announcing Democratic wins

Hawaii police union pres. opposes LGBT marriage: ‘You would have to kill me’

Fairfax County VA elects its first ever Female Sheriff..

Dear Virginia GOP,

Kenneth Thompson appears to be winning the Brooklyn DA race over Charles Hynes in a landslide.


New Borough Presidents. 4 out of 5 go Dem.

Going to be fun on Rachel tomorrow night.

Virginians, how the flying fuck did that ASSHOLE win the AG contest there tonight?

Kasim Reed re-elected as mayor of Atlanta

BREAKING: Hawaii House Committees Advance Marriage Equality Legislation

Fox Just Blamed McAuliffe's Margin of Victory On....

I'm happy about the narrow margin in VA.

I love MSNBC's political music.

GOOD NEWS in Maine tonight's off-year elections:

Houston: Annise Parker has won final two-year term as mayor

I love love love these Democratic wins!!!!!

Consider this

The GOP that will rant about jersey

History Network to Remake "Roots" Miniseries

Anyone have a complete list of tonight's victories?

Latino voters say health care, controversial remark spur them to turn out for McAuliffe

Here is my personal comment and feelings about Rand Paul.....

Holy shit, I may have spoken too soon. VA AG at 50-50, only 1800 votes separate.

Has cooch conceded yet?

Am I wrong when I state.. That the T.M. speech tonight was a typical Dem. victory lap..?

Feds: Woman hid terror conviction to get citizenship

House Leader Accidentally Admits GOP Has No Interest In Governing

California donor disclosure case exposes how nonprofits can play in politics

Tesla Considers Building The World's Biggest Lithium-Ion Battery Factory

What's happening in Colorado? AI realize we hear all the news about Va, NJ, Me, NY etc.

Crabapple plus

what's happening in your elections?

Christie Launched His 2016 Presidential Campaign In His Victory Speech

Want a "romantic Kristallnacht"? This spa has a deal for you...

Per AP, Dem Mark Herring within 1,300 votes in #VAAG (Now: 153 - @1:30 AM ET )

One mother's story shows plight of trapped women

The real referendum... EW Jackson got his hiney kicked by double digits

Salon - "How the media is blowing the Obamacare rollout"

Chris Hayes doing a great job discussing christie's not so great job in NJ,

Up to 17 million Americans eligible for Obamacare tax credits: report

Dem leading in Rockland county executive race. Republican incumbents win Westchester and Nassua

"Farmers and teachers, working together"

Elk celebrate tonight's election results

Walsh claims victory in first open mayoral race in generation (Boston)

Cuccinelli strategist: GOP abandoned us

NY Times - "Without insurance it’s cheaper to die.”

Bobcat kitten!

Coralville (Iowa) incumbents stay put

Sam Seder: Why Right Wing Addicts Like Rob Ford, Rush Limbaugh Don't Ask For Help

Strawberries in November: The Anchorage growing season that won't quit

I am a New Yorker....

Byrne Wins Republican Runoff in Alabama House Race (Tea Party Loses Critical Race)

Financing the flames from a mobile home in Florida

China shows off moon rover model

I think Herring is going to pull ahead.

If THIS isn't McAuliffe's first priority as Governor, he needs some talking to

An expert in elections would rather be Herring (D-VA) than Obenshain (R-VA) now

"SeaTac $15 minimum wage winning in early vote count"

Casino proposal passes in NYS.

Did we expect the results of the Va. House of Commons to be 67 R, 33D? N/T

Janice, don't go away mad. Janice, just go away.

Also in Maine, new City Council Woman I voted for won and called her WIFE when she got the results.

Game on... Hillary Who?

A great day for low income folks in Virginia

Amazing! Tea-birther loses Alabama primary

Only an amateur politico will think the TeaBaggers will primary out Christie.

Toronto Star: Did Rob Ford pay utility bills for a crack house?

Proposals 1-5 pass and number six fails.

Support for “national dialogue” on nuclear energy

Less than 800 votes separate Herring and Obenshain for Virginia AG with ~99% reporting

Five Colorado counties vote to secede from the state.

Charles Hynes looses to Kenneth Thompson for the Brooklyn DA's race.

SeaTac minimum-wage measure takes narrow early lead

Sunnyvale gun control measure takes decisive lead in early balloting

Hawaii House panels vote tonight to approve SB1, sending to full House for a vote

Jonathan Chait: Four Problems With Chris Christie 2016

Minimum Wage in NJ was voted to be raised with a Cost of living increase

Great pic of de Blasio and son.-NYT front page tomorrow.

8 Washington condo project losing big in S.F.

GMO Labeling

what's happening in the VA Atty Gen race?

80's remake movies

Deserves its own thread. Google search link of Democrats who supported Chris Christie. Stunning.

Dumb Criminals: Florida DUI Suspect Was Arrested Dressed As Zombie

de Blasio will win about 73% of the vote when all is said and done.

That was way too close for comfort

Herring now needs only 821 net votes for VA AG; final 5 precincts gave Obama 6,456 to Romney's 5,000

Vice President Joe Biden called to congratulate Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner

UCL Round of 16 Draws

Unresolved races: VA HDs 86 & 87, NJ SD 14, NJ ADs 14 & 38, WA SD 26. Oh, and VA AG.

I Am The Warrior - 80's Rock

Transcription error in Loudoun shortchanging Herring by 600 votes

I got a mermaid!

Ex-Niner Kwame Harris guilty of domestic violence

There's a 600 vote ERROR in the VA AG race !!!! (and ONE MORE ERROR - updates below in comments)

New York: deBlasio's victory speech

Touting Ken Cuccinelli, Ron Paul Urges Breaking up the Union

More 80's Rock - Goodbye to You

Vice President Biden called Coralville on their victory!

Come on down, Sweet Virginia. Scrape that shit right off your shoes

Watch the flop sweat: Tea Party News Network spinning VA Gov. as a "victory"

I Believe That This Nation Is Royally Screwed. Another Word Is More Appropriate.

Sources: Dolphins coaches asked Incognito to toughen up Martin

Very Angry Mom on Xbox Live

Portland voters legalize marijuana

When I LIsten And Look At Chris Christie He Reminds Me Of......

Obenshain down to 153

Looks like at this moment the democrats have won 48 of the 51 NYC council races.

Which Dem candidate would most soundly defeat Chris Christie in 2016?

Just want to share.

France: Far-right candidate quits over grassroots 'racism'

100+ Colorado Marijuana Shops Expected To Open On Jan. 1

For all the hand-wringing, Democrats won BIG tonight.

CBS and Lara Logan give halfassed admission, but still "Stand by their reporting."

Italian pensioner hit with a one cent bill, can pay in installments if need be

Detroit's election corruption choice: Schemer beats Dreamer.

NYC Mayoral Race

Should chemotherapy be "rare"? How about insulin shots? Sutures?

Surge in ADHD diagnoses gets a red flag

Remember - Cuccinelli purged voters in Virginia

Looks like we may have WON the Virginia Attorney General race.

Map of the mayoral results. My neighborhood split between de Blasio and Lhotta.

Washington state: 'Living wage' measure leads, GMO labeling trails

New Jersey's Shame

Why was Liberal Loners post hidden?!

Herring (D) has taken the lead in the VA AG race !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pussy Riot convict 'transferred to Siberia'

Okay statewides results are in and proposals 1-5 did pas and 6 did not. Results below.

Anybody know the current state of noise from Tester?

Okay, good warm up.

How The American Coal Industry Found Itself In An Economic No Man’s Land

The Koch brothers are secretly funding the anti-choice movement’s worst offenders

So, how'd your local races turn out?

Thanks, Obama!

Coal Baron Sues Activist For Defamation

Coal Mine Muck Spills, Dumping 264 Million Gallons Into Canadian Waterways

Poignant Photo Series Captures Cosplay Enthusiasts At Home (SFW, don't worry)

Bombings in China near Communist Party office in Taiyuan

Former defense minister compares Uribe to Pablo Escobar

New Puppy Cam!

Run against Obamacare—that’s the only lesson Republicans will draw from their bitter losses in VA

Victim of LAX shooting on guns:

"Rob Ford’s Office Hired a Hacker to Destroy the Crack Tape"

Statement by President Obama on Marriage Equality in Illinois

The media will have their fun, but Christie is DOA in the GOP

Oldest woman to run in New York marathon dies next day

I heard late last night that the Cooch asked Christie to come over and give

Backbone Action Brigade coordinating demonstrations against TPP

A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One, and Alienating the Middle East

It has been hours since the vote totals for the Virginia AG have been changed....

E voting trouble reported in VA elections last night

These animations of famous paintings are freaking hilarious

What did ReTHUGs win last night-

JP Morgan: Plundering Then, Now, and Forever? Absurdity Today

There Once Was a Time When the Super-Rich Needed a Middle Class to Be Successful -- Not Any More

Club for Growth and Koch brothers got a resounding smackdown in Coralville election.

Buono calls out the democratic party political bosses in NJ

Inside the Psyche of the 1% - Many Actually Believe Their Ideology of Greed Makes for a Better World

Et Tu, UK? Anger Grows over British Spying in Berlin

Virginia Attorney General race - 99% reported 541 vote difference

Lessons from VA gov race for FL Dems.

Non-Violent Offenders Fill Jails in Prison Nation’s Worst State: Louisiana

Do we have a final answer on VA AG yet?

A field guide to alienating the Middle East

Iraq Is Descending Into Bloody Chaos—And It's the U.S.-Backed Leader Who's At Fault

Poll: 54% of Palestinians support two-state solution

American Spying Has Become a Far-Reaching Ghost

Behind the Right’s Crazy Crusade to Make Women Pay More for Health Insurance

What UTTER BULLSHIT!!! the rethugs are now saying about the ACA

best version of one of the best tunes from the American Songbook...

My mission today: Make a bunch of DU'ers cry.

Protesters vow independent Andy Lopez investigation

I never realized the similarity......

141 years ago, Susan B. Anthony cast a ballot in Rochester, N.Y.

Getting unsecure serts from

colorado's mixed tax vote leave future unclear

Social Security. Just facts

Never Aired 1976 Gerald Ford Ad Too Emotionally Charged for Its Time

"Fats" Putin - Blueberry Hill.

Oh yeah, this was a really good idea....

The problem with masculinity in our culture is

Concentrations of warming gases breaks record

Can somebody good at photoshopping do Ms. Anthony passing a torch to Mayor Elect Warren?

Secretary Hagel blasts Congress for defense spending cuts

A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent

BC and Alberta one step closer to moving Alberta's oil to Asian markets

US hijacker William Potts 'to return from Cuba'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The Plagiarist

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- CONgress

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The rest

Apple reveals government data requests

Chris Christie and Terry McAuliffe: America Loves a Blowhard

Israel's Lieberman rejoining government after acquittal

Are Today's Cops Too Quick to Shoot?

NSA official cites ‘stop and frisk’ in effort to explain searches of phone records

General strike against cuts brings Greece to a halt

Apple Inc. releases first report on government requests for customer information

I'm confused about NJ: President Obama, 1. endorsed Buono; 2. endorsed......

I hate to do this thread, but it seems to be time again: I'm a male survivor of abuse

Virginia, Alabama Voter Choices Show Tea Party Declining

Apple REVEALS how it gives users' data to govt, says 'we're better than Facebook, though'

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday Nov 06, 2013)

Mark Herring Statement On Taking The Majority Of Votes On Election Day

Interest in Obamacare rises despite website problems: Reuters/Ipsos poll

History Channel remaking 1977 'Roots' miniseries

Portland, Me., becomes first East Coast city to legalize marijuana

Disabled people win living fund case against government

We will now see a maddening push to increase purging of voter rolls before 2014, especially

Beautiful morning

Democrats retain control of NJ Legislature

A Blues Session

Thank you, Red Sox fans!

McCaullife's close win in Virginga should have been a blowout

UN highlights role of farming in closing emissions gap

'Howard Zinn Read-In' Celebrates Power of 'Dangerous' Education

Oil traders claim crude prices fixed

Students sorry for September 11 Twin Towers Halloween costume

TPM: Biden: Harry Reid Opens Door To Nuking The Filibuster For Judges

David Miranda lawyers to argue that Heathrow detention was unlawful

{how much for this fucker?}US plans for hypersonic robot spy plane revealed

60 Minutes: Washington's open secret: Profitable PACs

This Transatlantic Trade Deal is a Full-Frontal Assault on Democracy

Concentrations of warming gases breaks record

it's so easy

Depression: 'Second biggest cause of disability' in world

Financial crisis hits happiness levels

police taze and arrest father as he tries to save 3 yr old son in fire.

Mayor Steals $60k In Christmas Toy Money Intended For Children

National Geographic "American Blackout"

Herring, Obenshain in dead heat in Virginia attorney general’s race; recount expected

I've been thinking. Possible strategy for feminists on DU

San Bernardino: McCammack recalled, but leads in mayor's race; Penman also Recalled

Ted Cruz Will Vote Against Tax Haven Reform

Knox Views: Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey looking for friendship with stripper on Twitter?

Discredited Economic Theory Holds Europe in Deflationary Thrall

Walker Claims He Was "Not Involved" in @GOP Gerrymandering Scheme Video

First of its kind JBLM center consolidates services for sex assault victims

Microsoft giving away free IT training -- and a job -- to soldiers

Wisconsin: Republicans stand tall for racism (trigger alert: 'N-word')

Koch brothers DEFEATED in little Coralville, Iowa!!

The Rise of Chicago's 99% Against Rahm Emanuel, "Mayor 1%"

Boeing wants big pension, health care cuts in 777X deal

Van Jones: Let's Stop Trying to Please Republicans

Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing AGAIN!

NPR is doing a great story on money in politics

This is why I "love" Morning Joe/Rethug "logic":

Every Democrat In Philadelphia Elections Won Last Night

Ann Coulter: Ted Cruz's Dad JOKING About Sending Obama 'Back to Kenya'

Apropos of nothing--and everything--

Portland, Maine, Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Maybe next year ...

Local TV Is in Danger of Going Down the Tubes

Virgina, the purplest state, and Terry McAuliffe

2014's congressional elections call for a more unified, PROGRESSIVE and revitalized Democratic Party

Does anyone know how many provisional ballots were cast in VA and how many have been counted?

Johns Hopkins Suspends Black Lung X-Ray Program As Senators Press For Investigation

Detroit: M-1 Rail Project Now Is In Process Of Selecting Streetcars

I love the new hat tip smilie!

food stamp cuts will bring hardship for the holidays

Why aren't we celebrating? We did GREAT THINGS last night

Barbara Buono Rips Democrats For 'Betrayal' In Race Against Christie...(updated)

How do you feel about this Huffington Post headline?

At Least 7 Tons Of Fish Die In City Park Lake In Shenzhen

OK MSM, we get it. Chris Christie is the best thing since espresso .............

Southern hospitality is real!...

House Leader Accidentally Admits GOP Has No Interest In Governing

Wow! Thomas Friedman Discovers That China Has Air Pollution Problems!

Permit me to introduce you to a fine libation…

Three Colorado Cities Ban Fracking In Tuesday's Elections

So I voted last night in Lower Merion, PA (Read: Main Line Philly):

Feds Offer Health Benefits to Children of Domestic Partners

better than writing a letter & it saves stamps too...

BP Responds To Accusations Of Botched Gulf Response By . . . Launching New Website!

Sen. Graham: Obama Told Me to 'Take a Hike' on Benghazi

Minimum wage wins in NJ and Seattle

What's on Your Photo Storage Website?

Another Result Of Record PRC Air Pollution: Security Cameras Rendered Useless

Doctors Say Venezuela's Health Care in Collapse

Chris Christie is a RW Republican

Water Bear (Tardigrade) Meets Paramecium

Christie won big because he wrapped his arms around president & Dems rewarded him by standing down.

Doctors Say Venezuela's Health Care in Collapse

I didn't vote yesterday, but had a great conversation about persecution of "Selective Sins."

Christie, Christie, Christie. Ya'll are forgetting about Jebbie.

How The Proposed JP Morgan Settlement Does Not Go Far Enough - Alexis Goldstein Discusses

Atheists use a popular Bible app to evangelize about unbelief

Pocan gets plum assignment, and he's ready to lead

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday Nov 6th

Occupy has a Mayor!

Historic win

UK Gov Rejects Stern Proposal For International Carbon Tax: WTO Rules Trump Life

My town makes history (and not in a good way ) $2.36 million in bribes

Religious Kentucky teen refuses to run race after being assigned 666 bib

UK Closes 19 Fraudulent Carbon Credit Firms That Scammed $39 Million In "Securities"

Chris Christie’s dream: Why he wants to be the next George W. Bush (seriously)

Oops! Oz Voters May Not See Lower Grocery Costs Promised When Carbon Tax Repealed

One of the good things about the Christie re-election, this is the last and only office he

Catholic board to offer HPV vaccine

The politics of scaring white people finally fail

Oh Happy Day.....

World Set To Use 2C Limit Carbon Budget For 21st Century By 2034

Pundits blow it again: No, Christie is not the next great moderate hope

UN Climate Talks Blahblah World Leaders Blahblah Time Running Out Blahblah 2C Receding Blahblah

Chucky T. pointed out that Dem base 7 pts. bigger than ReTHUG base in VA!

Al Gore predicts lawmakers will rein in surveillance after Snowden leaks

Charlie Pierce: The Lessons Of The Past Forgotten

A little known fact about Virginia's race last night that some people seem to want to ignore.

Some way too early musings about Christie the "moderate" in office

I trusted some kid in a small town and got ripped off.

The ACA is a backdoor to setting up Sharia Law in America and putting us under the Islamic caliphate

Warmer World Will Alter Soil Nutrient Cycle, To Detriment Of Plants And Crops

Report: Christie Declined To Campaign For Cuccinelli

Que hora es?

Ted Cruz/Rand Paul/Marco Rubio campaign posters vs. Chris Christie in runup to Iowa 2016 GOP Caucus

"Sunup down by the old mill. And bring your second." . . .Please come CAPTION Rand Paul!!!

Gun Ownership And Racist Attitudes Are Linked, Study Finds

Is Michael Bloomberg crying in his martini this morning?

Only 1 precinct left to count in the VA AG race

Luckovich: 'If you like your health plan…'

Man Busted Trying To Sell Stolen Chick-Fil-A Cow Costumes

If You Missed It, Christie's Win Just Split The Republicans Right Down The Middle

Chris Christie To Campaign For Lindsey Graham

Virginia Gun Shop Handed Out Free AR-15 Magazines To Voters

Humala Salutes Peru’s Rating Upgrade by Fitch

Reviving an Interfaith Legacy

Corbett spending millions on law firms to stop gay marriage, sell PA. Lottery, require voter ID

Morning Plum: Virginia race not a referendum on Obamacare, after all

We must not kid ourselves into thinking that Christie hasn't got a shot at the White House

Google engineer accuses NSA and GCHQ of subverting 'judicial process'

Alas, I lost my race for town trustee, as did...

Serial plagiarism is the very definition of "intended to mislead."

Pelosi Reads Letterman’s ‘Top 10 Things You Never Knew about the House of Representatives’

Unofficial Results - General Election - November 5, 2013

VA-Attorney General: Herring down by 219 with 100% of votes counted

Exelon's CEO: Analysts 'have it very wrong'

What I don't get about open concept homes.

Since Rand Paul likes to change his name to "honor" his idols ... maybe his next change should be

Holy shit. Some facts about the loss in Washington to label GMOs

Why the Libertarian candidate for Gov of VA was rejected

31 percent. That's the number of the night, people.

Decision 2013: Wife (D) beats husband (R) in Maine municipal race

Paper is not dead

It's Conservative Economics That Breed Govt. Dependency, Liberal Economics Would Lower It.

Sources: Jon Runyan won't seek re-election to Congress in 2014

The Real 21st-Century Problem in Public Education is Poverty

Four Problems With Chris Christie 2016

Jon Stewart: Obamacare "opponents have been lying like motherf-ckers"

14-year-old girl films father’s sexual abuse with webcam

The First 25 Minutes of Dead Rising 3

Did I read that sign right?

JFK assassination: CIA and New York Times are still lying to us

What I took from last night's election results.

The Biggest Winner From Last Night’s Election? Obamacare

The Chris Christie Rickshaw Co... (We're gonna need bigger wheels"

Christie is the new W. Bush do not mis-underestimate him for ONE minute.

Woman Takes It Upon Herself To Hand Out Letters To “Obese” Trick-Or-Treaters

Please Help. Seriously.


ahh good news for my little town

Strawberries growing in November ... in Anchorage

David Barton Announces That He Will Not Run For Senate

Is there any good reason we don't hold elections over the weekends?

The die-hard birthers just don't give up, do they?

The Atomic States of America

The Back Nine

Evidence of pot smoking weeks earlier enough for DUI charge, Arizona prosecutor says

Technology is making us stupid and killing us. Avg IQ down 14 points.

Bye-Bye, Cooch - VA Women Voted To "Protect" Themselves From Ken Cuccinelli

Hakimullah Mehsud: Imran Khan seeks Nato blockade over killing

Democrats retain control of New Jersey legislature

Jennifer Johnson beats husband in Waterville warden race

Egypt court dismisses appeal against Brotherhood ban

Knicks owner "blows top" -- orders team dancers to stop during loss

Our security guard was in the lunchroom the other day, bad-mouthing the Canadian health care system.

Wall Street slumlords’ outrageous new scheme: How they could wreck the economy again

This is why we need Miranda warnings.

Decision 2013: 20-pound carp loses Ann Arbor city council race

Report: Swiss scientists find at least 18 times normal levels of Polonium in Arafat's Bones

To Uninsured, Faulty Website=Technical Barrier (Being Repaired) -PALES To Barriers Faced In The Past

How Pathetically Bad Were Pollsters on Virginia 2013? Really, Really Bad.

Which poll had McCauliffe ahead by 11-12 points before election?

Rolling Stone: The A-Team Killings


Too many fleurs-de-lis?!1 & predictably, something ungracious WELCOME this way comes!1

Visit to the rheumatologist:

Black from a white mom's perspective.

Chris Christie Ain't Shit:

102 Groups Call on Congress to Let Wind Production Tax Credit Expire

Why James Franco is drawn to gay projects

Former Speaker Kott up for early release from probation

Run against Obamacare—that’s the only lesson Republicans will draw from their bitter losses in Va

Shirley Chisholm, first black woman elected to Congress, on November 5, 1968

What Tuesday’s Election Results Really Mean

Fox News: Don't blame ACA for cancellations, blame your provider

McAuliffe, de Blasio and Walsh on newspaper front pages...

Victorious Murray ready to show ‘government can work again’

If you ever wondered why Republicans want to suppress black voters - here's your answer

Walter Rhett: Can Anybody in Politics Get Anywhere Near the Truth?

Runner pulls out of race over bib number 666

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

Hopes and Worries for the new Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio

Think there's nothing stupider than dressing up as Boston Marathon bombing victim?

The Rude Pundit: Chris Christie Ain't Shit

Far-right suffers another setback in Virginia

The Referendum on Obamacare

Nation's poor at 49.7M, higher than official rate

Good Morning

If you said a week ago that McAullife would barely win, you were probably a troll.

Poll: More uninsured view Obamacare favorably

Let's add more in 2014!

MotorMood- A George Carlin Accessory thirty years later…

Exclusive: Swiss study says Polonium found in Arafat's bones , was poisoned.

Stephanie Miller opened her show with this Mediaite article accusing her of racism

Establishment Reporting How a crisis in journalism led to the cult of balance

The 33 Whitest Jobs in America

Get out there and rock yourself some Swants!

Senator Rockefeller making a magnificent statement at the Senate hearing with Sibelius. (CSpan)

Mike Luckovich on Rand Paul's plagiarism....LMAO

David Eckert: Colonoscopy, Enema, X-Ray Ordered By Cops For Nonexistent Drugs (VIDEO)

Tweet: BLACK women did it.

cooking w/o onions is like making love w/o kissing

Study: Americans Safe from Gun Violence...

Let's Do Lunch!

DUers, you are making such a big difference: THANK YOU, from Sunwyn!!!!

New York Magazine: Meet the De Blasios, New York City's new first family

My Nature Photos #1 (San Gabriel Mountains)

Dang I feel good about the outcome of last nights elections..

House Repubs admit it: all they care about is seizing total control of the country.

Cuccinelli’s stance on Obamacare was a liability, McAuliffe pollster says

If Fairfax County, VA reported results first...

41 Hours Of Retail: Kmart's Black Friday Plan Is Criticized

Newspaper Nixes Rand Paul’s Column After Plagiarism Charges

Koch brothers poured tens of millions of dollars into anti-choice movement

The next great "song named after a girl"? Lola Montez by Volbeat

ENDA Religious Arguments Lose Power As Conservatives Attack On Business Not Bible

2nd NM man reports forced anal exams by local police

De Blasio Enters Transition Mode After Historic Win

As he touts health care law in Dallas, Obama will urge Rick Perry to expand Medicaid

Voters approve new casinos

Virginia, Alabama Voter Choices Show Tea Party Declining

Abbott suggests state will boost requirements on Obamacare navigators

Home Prices Climb in 88% of U.S. Cities

Help stray dogs in Nepal - buy a coffee mug :)

Voters approve land swap with Adirondack mining company

Help stray dogs in Nepal - buy a coffee mug :)

Michael Brown's missing millions in cash prompts emergency request

Polar Bear Love!!!

Papantonio: Time To Reform the Media Propaganda Machine

Sebelius Rejects Bipartisan Calls for Delay in Health Law

is there a good source with examples of the crappy snake oil policies people had before ACA?

I Hate To Say It, But The Tea Party Ruined Santa Claus For Me

It's going to be fun watching Chris Christie twist himself into a pretzel

Rand Paul on plagiarism: promises footnotes 'if it will make people leave me the hell alone'

Blockbuster Video-Rental Chain Will Shut Remaining U.S. Stores

Pennsylvania case a chilling one for death-with-dignity advocates (LA Times)

The Biggest Winner From Last Night’s Election? Obamacare

AFL-CIO Plans Campaign Against Republicans on Immigration

Jon Stewart tears into Fox News for ‘lying like motherf*ckers’ about Obamacare

Pic Of The Moment: Nov. 5: A Good Day For Democrats

All together now

I had an epiphany this morning.

Detroit elects first white mayor in years - and reasons go well beyond race

Why This Company Wants You in Prison

Facing a lifetime of paralysis and a ventilator, injured hunter, 32, chooses to die

VIDEO David Eckert: Colonoscopy, Enema, X-Ray Ordered By Cops For Nonexistent Drugs

Berlusconi family 'feel like the Jews under Hitler'

Koch brothers poured tens of millions of dollars into anti-choice movement

Do the Virginia gains mean Eric Cantor could be toast next go-round?

Kellogg to Cut More Than 2,000 Jobs as Part of Global Cost Cutting Plan

Stephen Colbert, If poor people want food stamps....

Lead Obamacare Architect Urges Sebelius to Speed Repair

The tribesman who Facebook friended me

IRS Cracks Down on Breaks in Land of Rich Americans

"How to Tell if Your Mayor is Smoking Crack" from Jimmy Kimmel

Blue Shield forced to delay canceling 80,000 health insurance policies

Russian Seizure of Greenpeace Ship Challenged at UN Court

The CIA, Not The Pentagon, Will Keep Running Obama's Drone War

I'm always amazed at the number of people willing to totally excuse emotional harassment/humiliation

Blue Virginia / Red Virginia. Depends on what you're looking at

With Wins for de Blasio, Minimum Wage and Tea Party Losses, Voters Signal Rejection of Austerity

a statewide win of +3.5% is not not a narrow win

Supervisors stick with lenient Santa Clara County immigration policy

Kentucky High School Student Refuses To Run Race With Bib Number 666

Traffic ticket cameras

Hardliners Assail U.S.-Iran Thaw From Both Sides

Sunnyvale strict gun control measure passes

Crappy Rappers

BREAKING: California Wal-Mart workers strike today, following stunning Florida victory

The person Christie has to thank for his win

An accurate definition of homophobia...

White men & women are the problem.

I’m pretty sure the “freedom” to buy crappy health insurance policies ...

Deep carbon reductions in California require electrification and integration across economic sectors

If fear has kept you away from the library

Bill De Blasio Is Going To Let Liberals Down

President Obama coming to Dallas, Texas today to thank ACA workers!


Sarah Palin blames gays for ‘dishes running away with spoons’

FBI Monitored Anti-War Website in Error for Six Years (

Fla. teacher suspended for forcing 4th-grader to participate in Pledge of Allegiance

All together now

Hall of Famer Clarence “Ace” Parker dies at 101; was oldest living NFL Player

Katy Votes Down $69 Million High School Stadium

How Texas Conservatives Keep Gay Couples Locked in Marriage

How Texas Conservatives Keep Gay Couples Locked in Marriage

In 2009, 14,000 Americans were losing their health insurance every day --- Hey GOP, where were you?

Northern Colorado Secession? "NO" but maybe KANSAS needs more whiners

Death in jail for pot posession

Warning Flags For The Tea Party And Democrats In 2014

LOL, First Meeting Between Mayor Bloomberg & Mayor-Elect deBlasio

Sound Familiar? Walmart Blames Website Pricing Errors on Technical Glitch

How should progressives deal with the "best of evils" situation?

We all think an Absolutely Fabulous movie would be Ab Fab, says Joanna Lumley

WATCH: Fired Gay Russian Journo Tells Thomas Roberts 'It's Time to Be Open'

Aqua Buddha's Revenge

New Zealand Rape Club Is The Worst Thing You Will Read Today:

Miss Universe National Costume competition - from the absurd to the ridiculous.

Must-see movie coming to theaters soon!

Russian Fireball Shows Meteor Risk May Be Bigger

Illinois attorney general suing kock brother's company for refinery waste:

Colorado voters approve new taxes on recreational marijuana

Best Pictures from Russian Dating Sites

Dumb Criminals: Teenage Burglar Arrested After He Leaves Phone In House He Robbed And Mom Calls

Jesus comes down from Heaven to attend the county fair, enjoying life.

Sign of the times: The Baggers are losing their mojo

Kathleen Rice, Tom Spota re-elected as Long Island prosecutors

This is so AWESOME!

Partner Of Glenn Greenwald Challenges Detention In UK Under Anti-Terror Law

Here’s how badly Colorado’s secession movement failed

Here's how badly Colorado's secession movement failed

Inequality For All - Robert Reich

Top 10 Annoying Words About Agriculture by "The Foodie Farmer"

A Statement from U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz Regarding Fukushima

German Lawmakers Want To Question Edward Snowden In Russia

So it looks like MSNBC is going to be ChristieTV until 2016...

Colombia, FARC agree on rebels' future if peace signed

"Makers" vs "Takers" in the Old Dominion.

To those who insist

Is Science Broken?

Is it possible to make sure that we never see certain numbers?

three michigan cities decriminalize marijuana

Stay classy, Dean Young...

In Defense of Food Stamps

'Distasteful and offensive': Twin Towers costumes spark outrage

Isn't it curious, a day after the election, how there is less coverage on cable news regarding

Report: Cuccinelli Has No Plans To Call McAuliffe

Sorry, I just LMFAO looking at these.

New Paper Finds that Honduras’ Economic and Social Gains Under Zelaya Were Largely Reversed After th

Barack Obama strategists sign on to Mary Burke campaign

They are like criminals that are never punished...

When Chris Christie Loses Weight He Will Go From Looking.....

HJR6 - Indiana Anti-marriage equality. Also known as "teh stupid, it burns!"

Ken Cucinelli goes down in Virginia....

Tires from dandelions — the rubber that could save the tropics

ROFL! idiot "economist" on cnbc spinning that obamacare premiums are a drag on gdp

“Flawed Rollout of the Federal Health Exchange”? Watch what happens..

Wal-Mart accidentally slashes prices, blames glitch

PHOTOS: Sea star began "ripping itself into pieces" - Like a horror movie

Justin Bieber wanted by Brazil police for vandalism

Cuccinelli hasn't called McAuliffe and has no plans to do so

Bloomberg should be renamed Frosty

Washington GMO labeling initiative losing, but not done.

"Hydro fracking" on my street???

Sebelius says Obamacare enrollment 'very low'

What America will look like once global warming melts the polar ice caps

Today's Drug War Outrage: Man Dies In Jail Cell After Misdemeanor Pot Offense

this is going to cause a stir...

Everyone hates a pedophile

Why is no one giving David Eckert advice?

Slate - White women in VA voted for Cuccinelli

Spain tells U.N. no rethink on post-Franco amnesty


Cat uses sign language to ask for food. Can opposible thumbs be far behind?

Departing US military scraps its unwanted equipment, selling it to Afghans for $46 million

This is probably why you are broke and stuff

Anti-Whaling Activist Testifies in US Court

A European threat to Kentucky tobacco could be a boon to McConnell in 2014

US Refuses To Condemn Britain Calling Glenn Greenwald's Husband A Terrorist

US supreme court hears arguments over prayer in government meetings

Looking at Word Choice in the Marijuana Debate: A bud by any other name

Floating island of rubbish three times size of BRITAIN floating towards California

Any postal employees here?

Under the old system...

Steve Daines Announces 2014 Senate Run

Astronomy experts and buffs - what is going on with Venus??

Are there any outstanding ballots, such as provisionals and absentee, in the VA AG race?

Rob Portman Gave Up His Chance To Be Vice President To Protect His Gay Son

Why Are American Schools Still Segregated?

Chris Christie Echoes Dubya!!! (Both Promise To Hurt Americans)

Venezuela's President Just Moved Christmas To November

who will be the puke nominee for 2016

Arizona Harassment Statute under attack in Supreme Court -1st Amendment - Sheriff Joe not happy

Guns But No Butter

Investigation of vice-principal in Halloween blackface completed

Rush Limbaugh blames Republican Party leaders for not getting behind Cuccinelli in Virginia...

Chilcot report stalled by row over notes sent from Blair to Bu

Take two nomal people, Add money to just one of them, and watch what happens

And there it is: the GOP shows up, and we don't

You KNOW you're an unpopular candidate when ............

666 Oddities

QUICK! I need something HILARIOUS to blow off Mrs. V.'s socks! Whatcha got?

Seven of the 12 richest people in the world have names ending in Koch, Walton or Adelson

Man who jumped from chopper had health problems

NEW Poll Finds Widespread Support for GMO Labeling As New Hampshire House Committee Prepares to Vote

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

Now the election's o'er, I ain't got no more excuses!

Sebelius: Early enrollment on will be low

Wife tasered after Bears-Packers bet

Gay liberal against gay marriage???

Report: VA AG official results going "haywire" Herring D now up 32 votes 7:21 EST (updated)

Colbert launches Twitter bot to praise Fox News

'Chavistas' flank Venezuela opposition with shadow governments

PPP Poll That Shows Wendy Davis Trailing By Double Digits Includes Silver Lining

Grammatical Structures as a Window Into the Past

Dealing With Conservative Friends In The Age Of Unenlightenment

Every Single Anxious Senate Democrat Up For Re-Election Next Year Met With Obama Today To Vent About

Detroit Mayor-Elect Says He Resents Focus on Race

new mexico town that gave a colonoscopy over a traffic stop??? not the first time

Pre-poll Survey Suggests Victory for Bachelet in Chile Presidential Election

Anyone who voted a provisional ballot in VA needs to contact 1-855-910-8683

Jezebel's Take on Virginia

The polling showing McAuliffe with a big lead reduced Dem voter turnout

It's time to boycott Walmart!

Is Bolivia the New Afghanistan, or Is O'Grady From The WSJ Delusional?

When you can't get help right away....

Last Night, We Got Our First Look At Chris Christie With The Woman He Might Pick For Vice President

PPP: TX Republicans want to replace Cornyn

Joe Biden Called and Congratulated the Wrong Man for Boston Mayoral Election

Does your favorite movie pass the Bechdel test?

Hegemony Abroad Requires a Security State at Home - McGovern Pt2

Presidential election 2016: Orrin Hatch dreams of Chris Christie-Susana Martinez ticket

APoD: "a creature aurora" (I'm saying it's a sunburst dolphin)

Will I get on some police list? Used my debit card to buy an umbrella.

Netanyahu Warns Kerry Against Iran Sanctions Relief

Perhaps a glimmer of hope at the SCOTUS re the abortion bill

I am already tired of the fucking media kissing Christie's ass....

Reading tea leaves: What Virginia and New Jersey exit polls say

"Don't Rape Her" PSA

Did Dems win in your state yesterday?? PLEASE CHECK IN!! Tell us where & who!!

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Real Reason Lucky Ducky is Stuck at a Minimum Wage Job

What Happens When A Gay Olympian Wins At The Sochi Games?

I have a lot of extra boxes, trunks, masking tape and can get access to my ....

"Don't Rape Her" PSA

The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today’s Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance

15 Under-the-Radar Progressive Wins of Election 2013

Pope Francis Kisses Sick Man With Boils Showing The Healing Power Of Compassion

Election Day 2013: What happened, and what it all means; & 16 year olds vote for 1st time.

Mcauliffe is courting some right wing repubs for his cabinet

Houston cop cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting death of unarmed, mentally disabled double amputee

Western Black Rhinoceros declared extinct

A message for Republicans:

Why should Gee Dubya Boosh become a Ravens fan?

Ever been there?

King of gore dinosaur was the 'bad grandpa' of tyrannosaurs

Bad News for Republicans :The Youth Vote Grew in 2013 and They Voted Democrat

Top U.S. Insurer Sees Weak Obamacare Sign-Ups, Prepares For Delay

2014 IMO..Will be all about the total collapse of NKorea and the chaos of open borders,

President Obama just landed in Dallas Texas

EU Seeks (Mandatory) Nuclear Power Disaster Insurance

What's cool in Rhode Island in December?

Three cheers for Stan for calling out the cheater Nadal!

West Close to Temporary Nuclear Deal With Iran, Official Says

Kansas, Kansas, Kansas

Sarah Harrison joins other Edward Snowden files 'exiles' in Berlin

Going to Blockbuster in that ERA was a Social Experience...Netflix/Amazon Makes You Insular..

"Wendy Davis Redefines ‘Pro-Life,’ Enrages Anti-Choicers"

Denmark will build unprecedented clean rail project

Believed To Be The Nation’s Oldest Cop, 86-Year-Old’s Fists Remain ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’

Urgent: Anyone in VA who voted a provisional ballot needs to contact 1-855-910-VOTE (8683)

Teachers union president to Chris Christie: Apologize for bullying teacher

Julián Castro: Let's Stop Denying Texans Health Insurance Because of Politics

Pope Francis Kisses Sick Man With Boils Showing The Healing Power Of Compassion

Good Work America!

Arizona Harassment Statute under attack in Supreme Court -1st Amendment - Sheriff Joe not happy

Things in Leith, ND are just getting worse thanks to that filthy white supremacist

Stand With Detroit

Christie won 57% of the female vote.

Ezra Klein Analysis Smackdown By Carville-Greenberg Memo – Big Democratic Win Period

Now - this is my kind of Art!

Roots and Glass

Religious Kentucky teen refuses to run race after being assigned 666 bib

Arkansas cop tasers woman who refuses to show him her breasts: lawsuit

Kerry restates US opposition to settlements

St. Timmeh and the Browns: A match made in...

Luckovich Toon: Agony of De-Feet!