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Sending Children by Parcel Post .

Tearing out asbestos with bare hands: Meet the boss from hell

Are we suppose to give J. Stewart a pass with everything he says?

Virginia is a big F*ing deal

IL Governor Quinn to sign same-sex marriage bill during a festive celebration this month

Enough is enough

A PSA that targets rapists rather than victims.

(Updated) the Lastest VA AG Results 100% Precincts Reporting. RECOUNT!!!

Walmart Promises 100,000 Shit Jobs For War Veterans. Walmart Go Fuck Yourself.

what people will "learn" from this election, and what they should learn

GOP 2016 Hopefuls Swipe Chris Christie After Blowout Victory

Black Palestinians shrug off racism

When someone tells me they have three beautiful children

We took a bullet and dodged a morter round. AL Dist. 1.

Skinner...Mucho Thanks to You and DU'er who requsted the "Hat Tip" Avatar!

Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker

Wanted to post this for LGBT friends, esp. those in Florida. Rubio to headline Anti-Gay Fundraiser

Chris Matthews love fest with Christie!

Paul the Plagiarizer, stop already

45th Anniversary November 6, 1968 - 7AM Pacific - Landed In US - San Fran. From Vietnam.

What Chris Christie is Hiding Behind his Rage for Teachers

For those worried about taking and holding Congress, just remember. . .

Shell made false claims about Niger delta oil pollution, says Amnesty

EXCLUSIVE: David Ward MP says, “Israel… should never have been created”

A Letter to Boys

I figgered out what's wrong with everything. Here it is in a nutshell.

Rate the States' Democratic Parties

Thom Hartmann: Foods Stamps are Affordable - Corporate Welfare is Not

Guns But No Butter

Faith upon the earth: Global warming and religion

Thom Hartmann: The Net - Super Rich get Super Highways...We Get Dirt Roads

Tim Berners-Lee: encryption cracking by spy agencies 'appalling and foolish'

Garlic/anchovie chicken. WOW!

President Obama Issues Executive Order On Climate

The permission is given to frack Chelsea and West Village, NYC

Florida teacher suspended for forcing kids to say pledge on Sept. 11 or ‘go to your home country’

President Obama Issues Executive Order On Climate

This is what a great Democratic Party Platform should look like

Max Blumenthal's 'Goliath' Is Anti-Israel Book That Makes Even Anti-Zionists Blush

There is something wrong with the court system in this country when...

Today's APOD: Creature Aurora Over Norway

Chris Hayes is doing a smackdown of Christie on All In

Chris Hayes is eating Christie alive re his failed climate change plans

Don't Block the American Dream (AFL-CIO Pushes For Immigration Reform With New Ad)

Holy Shit.....The Red States are Lost!

$$$ in Politics...

Thank you, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid, for ripping into Christie

F*CK the CMA ...

Trans-Pacific Partnership: "We Will Not Obey"; Building a Global Resistance Movement

‘Seventh Generation’ co-founder: We no longer live in a democratic society

CMA (Country Music) Awards Just Made Fun Of Obamacare In Their Opening Number.....


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Once It's Fixed...

ESPN reporting Tony Dorsett has signs of CTE (linked to dementia)

Capturing the essence of motorcycle riding: video from a biker’s perspective

North Carolina Lesbian Couple Becomes 1st to Have Marriage License Accepted in the South

In 2004, W's 51% election was called a MANDATE. In 2013, Terry Mac **SQUEAKED** by with a bigger %.

9 people shot at Detroit barber shop, at least 2 dead

Washington gets $21M share of Medicaid fraud settlement

Why does the GOP want the website that kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens to work?

Ultra-High Efficiency Methanol Engines w Advncd Exhaust Energy Recovry: 50% Efficiency gain over ICE

Payback for abortion clinic protesters

New magnetic fusion technology could be ready in 5 years

"The insurance companies chose to do that rather than to do what is right..."

Creationists turn against Pat Robertson for saying Earth isn’t 6,000 years old

Why I am not worried about the idea of a Christie candidacy in 2016:

Gd and JFK: 50 years, suggest massive leniency for posts on this topic.

Someone get loser Cuccinelli a phone because winner McAuliffe hasn't heard from him yet

Tesla falls most in 2 years on battery shortage

Watchdog Says the Koch Brothers' Dark Money Fund Is Bending the Tax Code

New Rand Paul op ed opens with "Now is the winter of our discontent"

Bill Maher to righties: Do you want small government with few handouts or

This Kimmel prank is hilarious.

African American woman killed when looking for help after accident

A post about the Pope kissing a man with boils and some mean responses but some good ones as well.

Not sure which is worse...

We had 3 items on our ballot in Ohio

Mizeur proposes income tax cut for 90% of taxpayers

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Church Night! Sign of the Beast?

Does anyone here know a lot about MediCal health insurance for

I'm looking for help

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It

So have the ReTHUGs rinsed

Sarah Palin begins book tour next week; Omaha among stops

Occupy Homeless

Rec this thread if you're not sure you trust the results of the WA GMO labeling bill

Michael Parenti -- Some Labor History!

3 Leander school district marching bands sweep state championship

I need help! Please!

Earth at Higher Risk of Asteroid Impact, Russian Meteor Explosion Reveals

STUDY: Not Passing ENDA Costs $64 Billion Every Year

It's really hurts the Democratic party when liberal ideologues endorse Republican candidates

Election Day 2013 tells us little about 2014 and even less about 2016

Richard Wolff: The great austerity shell game....Here's how the capitalist scam works:

Protesters denounce health care law, Benghazi at site of Obama’s Dallas appearance

15 Under-the-Radar Progressive Wins of Election 2013

I still need help!

Animations of famous paintings (If there's a hell I get a backstage pass for this!)

Brad Paisley, proud Democrat, performing at the White House, July 4, 2009

Obama says Perry’s opposition to Medicaid expansion is “bullheadedness”

Awesome Bra Commercial. Must watch until the end.

Do You Approve Of The NSA Spying On Citizens?

"Lawsuit challenges Minnesota's online voter registration system"

Why are we making it a HAZING issue when the Martin/Incognito is a much more serious issue?

Dems sweep Whatcom County Council races

When Einstein talks....

Republicans even stupider than imagined, disenfranchise own voters

Does Anyone Else Feel The US Is Going To "H" In A Handbasket?

"The Lesson of Obamacare: Sabotage Works"

Obama completly insulated from feedback on potential ACA rollout problems

Sen. Wendy Davis visits University of Texas at Brownsville

Health care insurance horror stories

Good night Lounge

Where is the contribute button? n/t

Absolutely unimaginable this could happen in America

Hawaii - christianist bullies attempt to hijack marriage equality press conference at capitol

We still need 95 votes!

Stare Into Her Eyes

President Barack Obama waves upon arriving at Dallas Love Field in Texas

Who built it?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 November 2013

Driver updates

UK spy chiefs to be quizzed in public for first time, on Snowden

Christie in Ohio

How to tell if the journalist you're watching is doing his/her damned job...

Time to get outta here...

The Ad Campaign Dems SHOULD Have Run Against Chris Christie

Arab-Americans make up a majority of Dearborn, Michigan's city council for first time

Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women on the Street

Would you approve of Hillary's primary opponents using the Benghazi incident against her?

RW has a sad when regs encourage gun companies to move, but ok to close Planned Parenthood

Huff Post: New Yorkers drop-kick Bloomberg and policies to curb

I Will Say One Thing About the Catholic Church...

Have we taken a Moment to Applaud Rachael Maddow??

Some things are just too logical

Thom Hartmann: Does a Carbon Tax Keep Ireland Green?

These people saved the life of someone I love dearly

NF, the Pope and the 1:3000

Well said

Florida Chick-fil-A customer opens fire after car cuts in line at drive-thru

It ain't easy being The Joker...

Salon - "The right’s Virginia delusion: Somehow, a Democratic win is bad for Obamacare!"

One of the funniest quotes ever...

Bobby Jindal's political appointees have showered his campaign with cash

The Blood of Carrie: A Feminist Review of the Re-Make of Stephen King's Classic

To catch a mouse

CCWer kills two armed robbers in shoot-out at convenience store in Reading, PA

WaPo (Nov. 2005) - "Medicare Drug Plan Finder: Still Waiting" - ACA Is Doing Great By Comparison

A slap at Eric Cantor?

State will pursue food stamp recipients who took advantage of glitch

Interest in Obamacare rises despite website problems: Reuters/Ipsos poll

I cannot refute this.

Here's a suggestion for everyone venting that Barbara Buono didn't get the help she "deserved".....

Meteor Blows Up Over Western U.S.

Russell Brand on MSNBC mocking media

Anti-rape underwear?

Paramilitary confessed fathering 24 children with girls under age 14.

Armed clerk shoots, kills armed robber, Toledo, OH

Ohio Democrats scored big wins last night. Dress rehearsal for 2014.

Families want justice for suspects killed after robbery of Krick's Korner store in Reading.

Kitten Helps Play "Nerdy Love Song" On Ukelele

So "pathetic right wingers" are now "Nancy Boys"?

Local Vets for Peace, free movie "The Ghosts of Jeju Film" 11/9 and 11/10: US in S. Korea

I Just Made the Worlds Easiest 5 Grand!

Obamacare "It's a blessing in disguise!"

The Medical Marijuana Fracas: The Toke Of The Town

Sweden Introduces New Movie Rating System Based on the Bechdel Test

Pope Francis dons a red nose to congratulate newlyweds who volunteer with clown therapy charity...

On the Threat Posed by Fukushima

Book on Freedom Riders gave author window into history

After Slow Start, Google Quietly Becomes DC's 8th-Biggest Lobbyist

What a year for Elizabeth Warren!

Jon Stewart and the 'Best F*cking News Team' Take Down the Ridiculous 2016 Media Frenzy

11/7 5pm Protest, march and rally. Protest the Use of Native Mascots - Minnesota vs. Washington

Colombia`s infrastructure; one of Latin America`s worst

Maddow: Instead of Apologizing, Rand Paul Is ‘Melting Down’ Over Plagiarism Scandal

Kauai solar project to supply 5% of island's power needs

Notable American Jews And Their Amazing Contributions

Do you think that some Democrats in New Jersey supported Chris Christie simply to piss off

Accomplished scientist Dean Hamer's testimony for equal rights, Hawaii's same sex marriage bill.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 7, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Nurse Night

What would happen if Obama publicly screamed at people the way Christie does?

Rand Paul's Column Moves To Breitbart After Plagiarism Stir

SoCal Residents Report Meteor Sighting

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Obama, Fox News ‘Motherf*ckers’ for Lying About Obamacare

Justin Bieber shows Colombia´s police force is for rich and famous?

Billionaires Received U.S. Farm Subsidies, Report Finds.

End of impunity for Colombian military murders?

Rand Paul's Column Moves To Breitbart After Plagiarism Stir

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 8, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Screwball Comedies

UN: ´Colombia`s urban rich poor gap worsening´

Rule number one for a bouncer.

Rand Paul's latest column...

I'm not agnostic, I'm an athiest

Obama congratulates Republican Christie in phone call

Pablo Escobar, and Alvaro Uribe´s political suicide

15 Under-the-Radar Progressive Wins of Election 2013

Tolls could be coming down road for I-35

Michael Moore Looked so defeated

Texas Supreme Court holding session at Texas A&M

Why would Rand Paul plagiarise? Because

Socialists made strong showing on election day

Lies...Big Lies...and Randy Neugebauer

Lies...Big Lies...and Randy Neugebauer

Ted Yoho (R-FL) Tells Of Republican Plan To Impeach Eric Holder

Reupblican Geraldo Rivera comes out in favor of single payer

Midlands Republicans in Senate to vote against workplace gay bias bill

US economic growth likely slowed in third quarter

3 Navy officials now charged with taking bribes

Israel rebuffs alleged Iranian nuclear offer

Hawaii "House" passes second reading of marriage equality bill despite rabid anti gay protestors

E.J. Dionne: The U.S. shifts left

Annotated Critique of UNSCEAR October 2013 Fukushima Report

The Swing Of The Pendulum

Last Argentine military Junta had plans to remain in power until 2000

U.S. Says Japan Signing Liability Pact Would Aid Nuclear Cleanup

Amazing recent changes in international birth rate

Chairman of the Business Party's business is fraudulent.

Bolivia ready for nuclear power: Evo Morales

New Ligament In Human Knee Discovered By Surgeons In Belgium

Dean Baker | The Weak Economy and Deficit Reduction: Deniers and Terrorists

Saudi Arabia's Shadow War

What Is Going On In Wisconsin -- And Why Is It So Secret?

Chris Hedges | Imploding the Myth of Israel

Email from Bernie: we all need to support progressives in red states a lot more

Sochi Olympic torch reaches space station

A Brilliant Activist Shows Us a Path to Real Change Through Civil Disobedience

Inside the Tea Party Brain: Can Science Explain Their Seemingly Irrational Rage?

Ray Kelly in the running for JPMorgan job

Are DUers watching Super Typhoon Haiyan heading for the Philippines

Why It's Ludicrous—Despite What the Pundits Say—to Call Christie a Moderate

Threat From Deadly Asteroids 'Ten Times Worse' Than Previously Thought?

Remember the $4.6 million dollar donation JPMorgan gave NYPD?

The Real News About Obamacare

The Six Craziest Quotes From Ted Cruz’s Father, Rafael Cruz

A strategic pearl for US-Philippine ties

Al Gore: Snowden 'Revealed Evidence' of Crimes Against US Constitution

How hard are the Herring campaign and VA Dem Party working to get the provisional ballots counted?

EDF sells green cred to Walmart for the low, low price of $66 million

Kochs and Republicans launch bid to snuff out wind-energy tax incentives

Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids

Media Alert: Fukushima Petition To Be Delivered To UN Secretary General (Today, November 7)

Turning Away from Big Brother

The Weakening and Decline of US Leadership

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday Nov 07, 2013)

Voter ID Laws in Action: "Looks Like I Don't Get to Vote Today"

Today's Drug War Outrage: Man Dies In Jail Cell After Misdemeanor Pot Offense

The Great Ice Age

A tale of woe ... yes ... we need radical election reform

NSA Espionage: Did Obama Know?

Climate Scientists Rejoice: Closing the book on Ken Cuccinelli, climate science denialist

Crowdfunded science suggests that coal-hauling trains cause air pollution

Obenshain votes. I smell a fraud rat

The most significant observation of Morning Joe today is:

Protests In Hawaii Against Marriage Equality Grow Larger and Angrier

deBlasio's "Boroughs-centric transition"

deBlasio's "Boroughs-centric transition"

Bill de Blasio Wins New York City Mayor

Does this 'dynasty' politics suit DU?

Mitt Romney Thought Chris Christie Too Fat to be VP

Oil Industry May Invoke Trade Law to Challenge Export Ban

New Silk Road drug bazaar opens a month after FBI bust

Big Brother's Loyal Sister: How Dianne Feinstein Is Betraying Civil Liberties

Daniel Ortega moves to quash Nicaragua's presidential term limits.

Has anybody read "Double Down"?

Can we please stop the fat-jokes about Chris Christie?

The Biggest Rand Paul Outrage Yet

Either The Polls Were Off Or Voter Suppression/Fraud Worked

Keep America at Peace: Keep the Pentagon Sequester

Made aware of the bullying, Dolphins General Manager suggested that Martin punch Incognito

Fossil fuel subsidies 'reckless use of public funds'

Anti-abortion truck roams city

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reached New Highs In 2012, World Meterological Organization Says

Obamacare’s 787 Moment ( and outsourcing)

Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan

Benefits cut for Walmart shopping spree

Russian fireball shows meteor risk may be bigger

Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

David Miranda Heathrow detention was unlawful, court told

Autism signs 'present in first months' of life

First frost this season

How to die long before Christmas - Mark Morford

Jason Carter to challenge Deal for GA Governor

Food Stamps Are Affordable; Corporate Welfare Is Not

4 Reasons to Join the Gratitude Challenge

UW student's 'rape culture' letter draws outrage

US trashes, sells its unwanted gear in Afghanistan

This is an awesome tribute to Lou Reed by Laurie Anderson

Bill de Blasio: harbinger of a new populist left in America

Student's breakfast trashed for 30-cent shortage

Tea party peeved with GOP over governor races, says Ken Cuccinelli was robbed

2 students suspended for wearing KKK garb to school on Halloween

Rachel Maddow - Rand Paul's meltdown only deepens the damage

Love this cartoon.

Happy 70th Birthday Joni Mitchell!

UN nuclear agency looking at Fukushima contamination

New tyrannosaur discovered in southern Utah

Super Typhoon Haiyan nears Philippines

Antiabortion activists target a major city = Albuquerque, NM

Internet Archive and Wayback Machine Non-Profit Building Damaged

Robert Reich: What Tuesday's Election Results Really Mean

Can be Jesus, can't be Jesus, can be Jesus. Whew, another major crises averted. is Mailing 10,000 Pro-Gay Coloring Books to Kids in Russia During the Olympics

new help for the poor: cash grants through a web site

Pussy Riot: Tolokonnikova 'missing in Siberia'

Rachel Maddow - Corporate cash sways voters on GMO foods

Survivor Blood v. Water Episode 8 thread - No spoilers on future episodes please

Pakistan Taliban name Maulana Fazlullah new leader

Time's latest cover - enjoy the ear worm

Chicago: Ventra boss 'can't guess' when new fare system will work

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Divided party

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

tiny economic headline on NBC news business webpage....real tiny...should be HUGE

Mysterious Bush Dogs to Be Bred: Behind the Elusive Species

It's gonna be a crazy years with all those guns....

Yves Rossy: Fly with the Jetman

You know you are an emedia hoarder when

Will Ohio Urban Voter Apathy Propel John Kasich Toward Bigger Things?

UK Spy Chiefs give first ever public testimony: Streaming Now Here:

Philosophical Differences: The Falling-Out of Camus and Sartre

Rachel Maddow - Right-wing lens sees wins in election losses

discussion of interest… Single Payer

U.S. economy's growth rate a strong 2.8% in 3rd quarter (AP / LA Times)

Democracy Now! discussion w/John Nichols about Christie's moves to make his margin look bigger

Billboard (in Los Angeles) Of U.S. Soldier And Muslim Woman Commands Attention

Rand Paul has threatened to quit politics -- Help to Write his Resignation Speech for Him...

Dear "Delayers" . . . . after you delay it, then what?

Hans Rosling: How much do you know about the world ?

The western forest is on fire.

Nuclear Arsenal: US To Turn Old Bombs Into All-Purpose Weapons

After Being Canned for Plagiarism At Washington Times-Rand Paul's Opinion Column moves to Breitbart

Does anyone else think the Miami Dolphins are going to implode on MNF?

8th Grade Male Student Suspended For Not Taking Off Purse

Will Ohio Urban Voter Apathy Propel John Kasich Toward Bigger Things?

Watermelon Picnic 1950s 1960s Nostalgia Painting

Luckovich: Running With the Tea Party

Breaking News!

Let's get this Class War started.

Secret trade negotiations could be bad for everyone

We still need 88 votes Would you help?

Were there any Sec. of State races, and any won by Dems?

Governor-Elect McAuliffe’s First Executive Order to Ban Discrimination Against LGBT State Employees

When you are there for people-they will be there for you, for a while, until you milk that cow dry.

Michael Moore On LAX Shooting: 'Guns Don't Kill People, Americans Kill People'

Socialist doesn't win, but receives 46 percent of vote in Seattle city council election

NSA's metadata program: End it, don't mend it

Albert Camus -- forever modern

Bad behavior isn't an illness

Where does your state rate

The answer on Iran? Yes.

Are Repubs purposefully not fielding candidates in cities to reduce Dem turnout?

In Washington, a crisis in competence

"You got nuthin' on me!" Please come CAPTION Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford!!!

Surprise, indeed! The wonders of privatization of public services.

New Abortion Bill: Lindsey Graham just doesn't get it & he also must be desperate

Ever hear Bob and Ray's "Sore Loser" Routine? Very applicable for Cuccinelli and today's pundits

California high school's Arab mascot draws ire

PRESS RELEASE: Racketeering Romney Lawsuit Becomes Official November 6th

I didn't mean to stir up the gender wars.

Watch Highly Disturbing Footage of Detainee Abuses in Afghanistan (CONTENT WARNING)

Texas Farmer Wins Entry of Default in Keystone Lawsuit

Basics of Poo - reinventing the toilet . . . n' stuff . . . .

VA voters -Did you get a provisional ballot - CHECK ON THE STATUS!!

FDA wants to ban trans fats from food

The ACA continues to get pummeled in the press...

High Medicaid Sign Up Reveals How Bad Poverty Actually Is. That Wages Are Too Low.

F.D.A. Moves to Ban Trans Fats, Citing Health Concerns

What people REALLY mean when they say "wait times will increase" under Obamacare

The Evolution of the ‘New World Order’ (from WWI to the tea party)

In Minnesota, ACA premiums are low enough that many

A Real Problem with Florida's Unemployment Website

Wisconsin: 2013 Election Results Foretells a Day of Reckoning for Walker’s Fringe Agenda

Cookie Recipie

Senate DEBATE today = Tell Congress: Pass ENDA Now

Rand Paul Takes a Swipe at Chris Christie for Sandy Ads

Analysis: At Supreme Court hearing, passions over religion and its rules

F.D.A. Ruling Would Sharply Restrict Sale of Trans Fats

Family Says 19-Year-Old Killed In Porch Shooting Was Seeking Help For Car Accident

UK: Residents in the 'low 100s' have gone to Syria

Marijuana: A better substitute

Sanford police backtrack on neighborhood watch gun restriction

Hey fat people don't bother running for president.

Sign PETITION: Stop Ohio Republicans' voter suppression plan

NSA and GCHQ mass surveillance is violation of European law, report finds

Now I need help with my potato cakes.

A suggestion, re: reduced SNAP benefits.

GMO Labeling Fights: Corporation vs. Corporation.

Chicken Little Democrats


How to tell if your mayor is smoking crack

$4 toast prompts housing petition

8 Things Marvel Got Wrong About Thor and Norse Mythology

Google's Motorola division wants you to tattoo a smartphone microphone onto your throat

Twitter Poised to Begin Trading On New York Stock Exchange

Iran: nuclear plan 'backed' by 6 world powers

Minimum Wage from Tom the Dancing Bug

How will the "Francis Effect" impact next week's US bishops meeting?

Marine Afghanistan 'Murder' Audio Released

Twitter soars in stock market debut

I've read that the Pope has asked the bishops to poll lay Catholics on

David Suzuki's Fukushima Warning

Family Stranded In Chicago After Airline Says Man Is Too Big To Fit On Plane

Guns & Ammo Fires Editor After Publishing Editorial Calling for Gun Control

AT&T Acknowledges Charging Governments for Information Requests

KKK Imperial Wizard on Mom Who Dressed Kid as Klansman: ‘There’s No Respect’

EU's (President Jose Manuel) Barroso Warns Against ‘Nationalism, Xenophobia' Ahead Of Vote

For MBTI (Myers Briggs) interesting article on type vs income potential

The dumbest Democrat in the country:


Charlie Bryan, Who Led Eastern Air Lines Strike, Dies at 79

Barney's workers say the store is ridiculously racist

Fox Business’ John Stossel ‘upset’ poor people aren’t selling kidneys for $1,200

Wikileak's Sarah Harrison, Snowden asylum assistant now in exile

Happy Pagan New Year?

No Republicans in Illinois

Boulder, Fort Collins, Lafayette Colorado Rejects Fracking---Despite Being Outspent 30-to-1

Surprise!!! You are now a lifetime member of the F__ked by the Free Market Club!

Socialist doesn't win, but captures nearly half the vote in Seattle city council election

Are people who believe Abortion should be legal but rare objectively anti-Choice?

When Governments Go After Witches

Teen whose skirt was set ablaze begins surgery

Bruce Schneier wants to make surveillance costly again

"Heading home on the Q train"

Boy that bagger from Texas was giving Craig Melvin a hard time on msnbc just now

Fact: Americans are fat. And lots of powerful people make lots of $$$$ from our obesity.

good news she is found, sad news it took 9 years.

***** LIVE Senate debate on ENDA *****

but, will they ever forgive me?

Family Says 19-Year-Old Killed In Porch Shooting Was Seeking Help For Car Accident

If You are a Lou Reed Fan, go get the Kleenex box....

Netflix and Marvel Team Up to Launch 4 New Superhero Series, Including Daredevil

I call it My Stealth Bomber Blunt ...

Decision 2013: Two felons - including a convicted killer - elected to Flint, MI, City Council

Oh dear, Charles Pearce Has Something To Say About The CMAs & The ACA

What do you think about the study that shows majority of married people vote Republican

Health is ALWAYS an issue in Politics

4 On Your Side reveals another traffic stop nightmare, more anal probes

I've got something in my eye ...

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Drops for Sixth Consecutive Week

Today's blackface FAIL comes to you from the heart of Northern California's "Emerald Triangle".

"I need f---in 10 minutes to make sure he's dead': New Rob Ford video surfaces

Pic Of The Moment: Incoming! 2016 GOP Contenders Damn Chris Christie With Faint Praise

Tuesday's Lesson: Democrats' Best Hope Is More Ted Cruz

Shrieking white-hot sphere of pure rage is early GOP front-runner for 2016

Economy in U.S. Expands at a 2.8% Rate on Inventories

Maddow: Someone needs to tell the GOP that they lost on Tuesday

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Running For Governor of Georgia

Mortgage Delinquencies Reach 5-Year Low as Housing Heals

Sorry M$NBComcast - please desist from crap like Obama going behind the

Kerry Warns Israel Of Troubles Ahead If Peace Talks Fail

Remember the kid who got set on fire on a bus in Oakland the other day?


The key to business success, ladies: get a pants suit and a deeper voice

Rand Paul is sinking fast — but hopes we won’t notice

Where do all the angry white men come from?

Rand Paul Finds a New Home For His Plagiarism-Plagued Column

For anyone who is skilled with Acrobat 10 or higher . . . . .

Man Up: Declaring a war on warrior culture in the wake of the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal

Macro or Micro? Test Your Sense of Scale

Jimmy Carter's Grandson Is Running For Governor

WARNING: These Alligator Photos Are Straight From Your Nightmares

A quick factchecking of yet another list of “misandrist” quotes reveals the same old MRA sloppiness

Nuclear energy film overstates positives, underplays negatives

Scientists solve major piece in the origin of biological complexity

Tony Dorsett diagnosed with CTE

That Time Nazis Marched for Washington's All-White Football Team

UPDATED: Jason Carter to Run for Governor of Georgia

Why National Science Foundation Funding -- and Archaeology -- Matters

Sandyism = Kinder, gentler 9/11 Bullshit

17-year-old Rape Victim Harassed and Belittled by Florida Deputy

What You Read On Might Be Written By The Fossil Fuel Industry

Appalling: 17-year-old Rape Victim Harassed and Belittled by Florida Deputy

Ted Cruz strikes again - President should not have gone to Dallas

What a load of crap

Rodolfo Walsh and the Struggle for Argentina

Right wingers found perfect solution to their extremist rhetoric, just scrub it from the Internet

CNN travel guide for cat-servants

Texans Sharply Disagree With Rick Perry On Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

PETA to traumatize kids for Thanksgiving

Family discovers black widow in bag of grapes

Despite Fumbles, Obama Defends Health Care Law

Graham Introduces Legislation To Ban Abortions Nationwide After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy

McCain Says He'll Support LGBT Rights Bill

Timothy Young, Subject To Forced Anal Probe By New Mexico Cops, Is Second Victim To Come Forward

Rob Ford caught in video rant

Debt Collectors Face New Rules Under Proposal From Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Tanning salon's Thanksgiving special: 'Indian color' (No surprise...this came out of Mississippii)

NOW Toronto: If you love this town, you’ll leave, Mr. Mayor

Montana Dem Compares Tea Party To Taliban, Shutdown To 9/11

How High Black Turnout Gave Terry McAuliffe His Win In Virginia

Enough! Fucking Enough: The Latest Republican Filibusters Are Nothing Short of Outrageous

Durbin: 'No Discussion' Among Dems To Delay Obamacare

A Progressive Attends a Tea Party Rally (FUNNY)

Toon: No food stamps for any veterans..

“You sound like a fucking bitch” exposing false reporting by the Associated Press.

An Alternate Analysis of Virginia's Election Results

A Comprehensive List Of Progressive Victories On Election Day

Is the latest GOP healthcare bill as empty as it looks?

Whale dies bringing us a message — with stomach full of plastic trash

The Democratic Governor's Association invested $6.5 million in VA race

FDA now says trans fats are unhealthy!

Mike Luckovich toon: Obama Lied!

Billions of Earth-Like Planets Exist, Scientists Say

Guns & Ammo Editor Gets Run Out Of Town For Printing Gun Control Column

Just a reminder of the Fast and Furious Bullshit...

A Quay in the Life

Starbucks Wants To Recruit 10,000 Vets, Spouses To Its Ranks

Wonkbook: Seven Reasons Obamacare Isn’t Facing a “Death Spiral”

Earliest stages of CTE impact Tony Dorsett

What was the slave population in the South just before the Civil War?

Toon on Republican Regret: If Only...

Giving Birth In Prison - Maya Schenwar Discusses Her Sister's Horrific Experience

School Principal Charged After Dog's Leg Rots and Falls Off


Palestinian Officials Demand Investigation Into Arafat ‘Killing’ After Al-Jazeera’s Polonium Poison

Mary Burke brings in big guns to unseat Scott Walker

Texture Pack Naval BattleZone 1.7.2

The Bubba Vote is Ours

hawaii - "out" lesbian votes against marriage equality in legislature session

Right Wing Watch has been taken off YouTube due to bogus complaints from "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt.

Super Typhoon Haiyan Closes in on the Philippines With 190 mph Sustained Winds

question about candles

On to 2014

Report: IRS Issued $4 Billion In Fraudulent Refunds In 2012 To People Using Stolen Identities

Mullah Fazlullah: Man who ordered Malala Yousafzai attack is new head of Pakistan Taliban

Southern Democrats Are Raking In The Dough, Has The Country Finally Had Enough Of The GOP?

Watch: To Russia With (Gay) Love

Enda passes in the Senate (vote not finished but already 51 votes)


Alcohol Is Really Pissed Off at Marijuana Right Now

Time Cover Story On Christie: 'THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM'

Anyone else feel guilty after seeing the calories on food?

Breaking: In Historic Vote, Senate Passes ENDA

"man up", "tough love": just how many euphemisms does the NFL use to describe bullying?

Texas school tosses 6th grader’s breakfast in trash after he can’t pay 30 cents

First it was the cats ...

Your jaw will drop after reading this..

Boston And New York City Get New Mayors - Time For Activists To Start Pushing Them

Breaking: In Historic Vote, Senate Passes ENDA (cross post from LBN)

Man Dies In Jail Cell After Misdemeanor Pot Offense.

Gene Roddenberry's vision vs. New Trek

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday Nov 7th

WENDY DAVIS: "I am pro-life. I care about the life of every child"

"Support for Robin Hood Tax Growing, but Majority of Democrats Not On Board"

Northwest Christian University’s student body president comes out as atheist

Volume of natural gas production increasing faster than expected, even with fewer new wells

Home burns then fire department charges residents nearly $20,000

Do we forgive the spy agencies for what they did in the past?

JFK's call for religious freedom can transform places like Pakistan

Finger pointing, not unity, follows Cuccinelli loss

Jury bias in IP

Black Stereotypes (funny video)

Majority of Catholics - but not the bishops - support passing ENDA today

NY Toll Authority Out of Control

Ford responds to murder rant vid: "I was extremely, extremely inebriated"

Starship Troopers: One of the Most Misunderstood Movies Ever

Beer drinkers! Tomorrow is a big day - International Stout Day!

Area 51 Declassified: Documents Reveal Cold War 'Hide-and-Seek'

Third Tesla Model S electric car catches fire

Offering a hypothetical on National Dem Party's handling of NJ Governor's race

Burleson Man Who Tried to Blow Up a Church Now Protesting Abortion at Local High Schools (Graphic)

Port Authority sold rights to World Trade Center name for $10 in 1986

Memo to PETA: Go F *** Yourselves for traumatizing children.

Women Are 'Nothing But Abortion Machines' Sputters Rush Limbaugh

First Baptist's Robert Jeffress Wants Supreme Court to Let Him Praise Jesus at City Hall

Is Ted Cruz a Biblically Prophesied "King" Ushering In Christian Fascism?

Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms

Swedish cinemas launch feminist movie rating

Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

G.O.P. Weighs Limiting Clout of Right Wing.

Swedish cinemas launch feminist movie rating

CNN has a discussion going on right now about mental illness

Thom Hartmann: Privatizing our Vote...the Ultimate Crime

White House Details Shutdown Costs.

ACLU Executive Director, on the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

New flu vaccine for those allergic to eggs.

Kacey Musgraves - Follow Your Arrow CMA 2013

With clinical trials now mainly overseas, will more Americans die?

UN: CO2 pollution levels at annual record high

Cuomo quick to praise passage of casino amendment

Maduro says he will place anti-aircraft weapons in the barrios

Kennedy's assassination: Conspiracy or lone killer, I think the fact that we even ask the question

Former Monroe County public officials and business executives in elaborate bid-rigging scheme

Richard Cohen discovers (gasp) that slavery wasn't so great for the slaves

The 10 face pain scale - has anyone ever seen an anologous fatigue scale?

What Does GOP Do Once Website is Fixed?

Texas Republicans Voted to Slash Food Stamps while Receiving Millions in Farm Subsidies

She's the reason the GOP wants to keep women from voting.

What caused Hemingway to avoid playing poker while on the Serengeti?

Rand Paul is preparing our ads for 2016

Puppy cam again!

Religion is all about sex

A letter from Elizabeth Warren~ from my email

The Astrodome is Our Roman Colosseum and We're Going to Tear It Down

Pakistan denies reports Saudis funded nuclear program

George W. Bush to Raise Money for Group That Converts Jews to Bring About Second Coming of Christ

BBC: Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan

Turn on Bashir right fugging now

President Obama Speaks on the Affordable Care Act

Celebrities (and misc others) when they were young(er)

George W. Bush to Raise Money for Group That Converts Jews to Bring About Second Coming of Christ

Allen West on Challenging Marco Rubio: "God Will Set My Feet on the Right Path"

Doug Phillips Resigns from Vision Forum, Cites Affair

*POTUS interview on Politics Nation tonight.

Tea Party MS Senator Keynote Speaker at Confederate Meeting

A very quick comment on the diffusion of white, male privilege...

NYC's New Mayor Wins on Platform to Tax the Rich

I'll make this simple...the national democratic committee is awed by the prefix 'TRI'

'Women Voters' Aren't Monolithic: Terry McAuliffe Can Thank Black Women For His Win

Marvel Comics debuts female Muslim superhero

The Colbert Show: Washington State's GMO Labeling Initiative

She yam what she yam.

Oil industry may invoke trade law to challenge export restrictions

My belief is that no big name Democrat showed up to support Buono

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

"Fearing Senate Losses, Dems Now Urge Obamacare Delay" (Yahoo, so take it

The US Patent and Trademark Office Website Is Down Today!

35 years of global energy efficiency gains reflected in the world's GDP

Hacker Tool Targets (WSJ)

Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever, about to pound Philippines!

Thom Hartmann: Carbon Tax works in Finland

Thom Hartmann: Politically Corrected! Cancelled Insurance Different than Losing Coverage

What's with rear view mirrors and charms?

The perfect label for food left in the departmental frig

Man Up: Declaring a war on warrior culture

Sittin in La La

Thor Poster in China

Running for Congress, in Georgia and three other states – at the same time

I want to copy a legally owned DVD movie to my iPad. Anyone know how?

"Republicans approve of..."~

Blast From the Past

OMFG Rove is back with a whiteboard tablet attacking Obamacare

Where were you on 11/22/63?

the Black Woman was Shot in the BACK of her Head ?

New video of Toronto’s crack-smoking Mayor = “I’m gonna kill that f--king guy..."

Bush will follow last year’s keynote speaker, Glenn Beck.

I'm a Catholic Worker and thought I would share this here

The Cancer Patient From The Wall Street Journal Will Likely Save Thousands Under Obamacare

Super Typhoon Haiyan Closes in on the Philippines With 190 mph Sustained Winds

Nov. 7th, 1917

Man Scott must be scared. This is like the 5th time just today I have seen his attack ad

How To Spot A Fake Obamacare Horror Story

An Ignore Machine.

Hillary Clinton Bests Chris Christie In Hypothetical 2016 NJ Matchup (50-43%)

Florida city reverses gun ban on neighborhood watch volunteers

Pre election polls of likely voters prove....we're freakin liars.

US To Lose Decision-Making Vote At UNESCO Over Arrears Linked To Palestinian Membership

Call John Boehner

Military Base Bombing, Attacks In Iraq Kill 30

Why Obamacare Isn’t Losing Popularity Even After A Month Of Really Bad Press


"President Christie, meet President Giuliani" by Jonathan Capehart in the Washington Post...

Farm Bill Language Could Limit Public Information About Farms; Open Government Groups Protest

I found a picture of me from 1980. Let's have a picture thread

Who Did It? Yasser Arafat Was Probably Poisoned, Scientists Say; Israel Denies Involvement

Fuck Chris Christie

JoJo John indicted in fatal Hudson River boat crash

Obama Hosting McCain For White House Meeting Amid Focus On Immigration, Iran Sanctions

Another Rob Ford video - an insane, f-bomb filled, violence-laden rant

in honor of the PETA threads...

U.S. arrests man for selling guns online for Bitcoins

*POTUS interview w NBC news

"The U.S. shifts left"

Boston mob boss Bulger merits 'no mercy,' two life terms: prosecutors

The Real Story Behind the Phony Canceled Health Insurance Scandal - MotherJones

IL State Rep. Jakobssen left son's hospice to vote on the marriage equality bill--it passed, he died


anyone know of an open source social network/collaborative platform?

"Iowa Town’s Vote Delivers Rebuke to Kochs’ Group"

Mary Landrieu

FL Republicans launch fake Democratic website. So childish. Not funny.

Will marijuana be legal in Massachusetts by 2016?

Senate committee approves new whistleblower protection measures

Cuban Drug Heberprot-P already registered in 19 Countries

BBC NEWS: Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan

Thanks to the Humane Society (Not PETA): China Plans to Phase Out Mandatory Cosmetics Animal Testing

The future must be green, red, black and female...

President Barack Obama apologized that some people are losing their health coverage

I Don't Get It - It Seems Like The Dem Talking Heads Are All Talking Up Chris Christie.....

Does anyone know where I can donate to Jason Carter for (GA) Governor?

**POTUS interview now

Police storm school with 14 drug dogs, find nothing but scared students.

Those With Mental Health Challenges Fight Rahm Emanuel's Cutting of Their Support Network

Senator Burr (R) stalling N.C. judicial appointment

I posted something ugly and stupid about overweight people this morning.

go ahead chuck, just call the President a liar, you're dying to

Recovering from Breast Cancer (may be NSFW)

Papantonio: Wall Street Psychopaths Destroying America

i would appreciate the perspective of parents, of 2, 3, 4 yr old kids

Liberal Groups Fault Cornyn, Cruz on Judicial Vacancies


Todd's "interview"

How can I start a Jason Carter for Governor group?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 November 2013

Please DU this poll - Support Marriage in Hawaii!

IMO Christie Can't Win in 2016 - Here's why

Love Obama's comments on Joe Biden

De Blasio Joins State Pols In Puerto Rico For Annual Conference

Women vote, here's why