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Storm along East Coast dumps snow, snarls traffic

His legacy lives on in all of us – it is in our hands now.

Adobe Flash Player pop up - ONLY on DU Site

"Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" is on TCM.

Stealing From Federal Civil Servants: You May Be Next

Just a dusting here in the city.

Does this sound like a good Christmas present?

Gay partner benefits growing at Fortune 500 firms

Third Way Honorary Co-Chairs: WTF?

Humorous Makeover Portraits Bring Joy to Cancer Patients

Like 'bumper cars': Fatal turnpike collision causes 50-car accident

Activists' demo @ Bed Bath & Beyond store urges a boycott of Soda Stream products...

Massive freshwater reserves discovered beneath the oceans

Third Way Co-Founder Explains Op-Ed Criticizing Warren

Massive freshwater reserves discovered beneath the oceans

Blues Brothers - shopping mall chase LEGO stop animation

Myrtilla Miner: Teaching 'colored girls' to teach

Al Sharpton stops Meet The Press panel from revising the torrid American apartheid stance

“Newtown”: The truth about Sandy Hook

"Largest Private-Sector Union In Canada Says ‘No’ To The Northern Gateway Pipeline"

The PISA 2012 scores show the failure of 'market based' education reform

TV psychic charged after Southport car crash

Hulu is developing an amazing selection of British TV

Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel

Do the bishops side with Rush Limbaugh or Pope Francis?

Waitress in anti-gay tip affair fired

South Africa holds day of prayer for Nelson Mandela

Report: Wisconsin's Judicial Elections Are Among Nation's Nastiest

This is so CooooooooL!!!!!!!!

****FRANK GORE****

When does lying about Obamacare become immoral and evil?

Cold Country---except.......

Holy shit! What a day of NFL football!

Blue-Eye Vs Brown Eye Experiment About About Racism & Discrimination

If Jesus was alive today

You've Never Seen a Snowflake in This Much Detail (WARNING: Pic Heavy)

Have you ever thought about eating a panda?

In Britain, workers face biggest fall in living standards since Victorian era

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive at the Kennedy Center Honors reception...

I'm looking for some good soup recipes

The single most bestest picture of ever *

Cheap Dog Toys

The PISA 2012 scores show the failure of 'market based' education reform

Seymour Hersh Alleges Obama Administration Lied on Syria Gas Attack

Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet

No soul searching for Virginia GOP after losses


He definitely gets it.

For the 1946 mindset harping about the TPP, they should learn to count first.

You do know how the DLC/Third Way was formed?

There's Florida. Doing its own thing again....

Open Letter to the 3 White Students Who Filed a Discrimination Complaint Against Their Black Teacher

New Yorker, Washington Post Passed On Seymour Hersh Syria Report

Xmas and blended families question..

A few new works of fractal art

Wheelchair hero foils robbery

The World Outside My Window - Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS

India's Cradle Baby scheme hopes to end female infanticide

Anti-fracking clashes in Romania as activists break into Chevron site

Can we DU this TPP Petition please?

THIS. Elizabeth Warren: "We're in this position for one reason, and one reason only..."

DU this petition on the TPP trade talks please!

The 80's Twilight Zone: Season 1, Episode 49 Profile in Silver (Kennedy assassination Youtube)

'I don't know any man who wants to just snuggle': Wisconsin officials target cuddle industry

The Forbidden Road of the French Alps

If Jesus was a Conservative - Healthcare

Just the ticket - volunteer-minded trips for lesbians

"Despite Job Growth, Americans Continue to Struggle to Reach the Middle Class"

Giants playoff hopes eliminated after Chargers loss

Insurance agents feeling left out of Obamacare

Yaphank church badly damaged by fire

"Tea party battles business over Braves stadium"

UN: afghanistan slow to enforce law on violence against women

Netanyahu missing Mandela memorial for cost reasons

Colin Kaepernick, 49ers overcome rival Seahawks, 19-17

"His Holiness will see you now."

Safety Upgrades Coming to Metro-North Derailment Site: MTA

UN: afghanistan slow to enforce laws on violence against women

Problems continue to plague Mass. health marketplace

For what? After watching "60 minutes"

Colorado House Republicans See Constituents As Impediments to Public Land Fracking and Drilling

Presenting: The Illustrated Book Of Bad Arguments

Colorado House Republicans See Constituents As Impediments to Public Land Fracking and Drilling

Fans Gather At Strawberry Fields To Mark 33 Years Since Lennon's Death

Something smells like a three-day-old fish here . . .

WikiLeaks Releases Negotiation Positions for Every Country of Trans-Pacific Partnership Last Round

Two assassinated by motorcycle thugs associated with the government

R I P John Lennon 10/9/40-12/8/80

R I P John Lennon 10/9/40-12/8/80

RIP John Lennon 10/9/40-12/8/80

To Whom it may concern...

A "locking" virus?

Couric's anti-vaccination segment a symptom of wider scientific illiteracy

Since I can't think of anything really serious to complain about right now,

Obama salutes WTO, says small businesses are big winners

"Why Americans Are So Angry" at the Economist

Duck Dynasty

This Map Shows The Dominant Religious Group In Every US County

Catholic women ordained priest, deacons in Ky.

Fucking scary: Indiana State Police tracking cellphones - but won't say how or why

Wow!! Nicotine Gum is one hell of a nicotine delivery system! What a way to quit!

I just watched MM's "Sicko" for the first time, and something immediately struck me...

Riddle Time! Can you name the famous singer depicted here?

Here for your amusement: My nephew-kitteh in his first snow!!!

Supplementary Security Income and Plasma Donation

Amendment 1157, entitled the Censorship of Photographs of Future Torture Amendment. Call your Rep

Amid the Uproar Over the Health Law, Voices of Quiet Optimism and Relief

Here is a "WTF" moment: Carrie Underwood tells her critics to "find Jesus".

No manger available. Might destroy incentive to better oneself. Powerful cartoon.

"Six Things Nelson Mandela Believed That Most People Won’t Talk About"

Georgia man must pay $50k for breaking promise to marry

Chainsaw Artist Surprised By Buzz Over ‘Hook ’Em’ Statue

I Love Lucy "Jingle Bells"

Girl in the Shadows: Dasani's Homeless Life

I won! Kinda sorta!

Third Way Co-Founder Explains Op-Ed Criticizing Warren

Nelson Mandela's Impact On Gay Rights Discussed By South African Journalist Mark Gevisser

Do not ask what Uranus tastes like.

John Kerry's high-wire diplomacy, Has the new secretary of State eclipsed Hillary Clinton..

A Technical Issue

The Punishment Cure - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Israeli leader who mourned Mandela's death helped white regime get missiles

Turning DC green with envy! Michelle Obama dazzles at Kennedy Center

How patient was Peter?

The color of things~

The young will inherit a future they see as a sham (2,619 words)

Stupid, stupid racist sign at Missouri Sonic Drive-in...

The Gop Wants To Turn The Entire US Into North Carolina

Is China better for Latin America than the United States?

Venezuela's Socialists Win Majority in Local Polls

Asahi Shimbun will continue to respond to the public's right to know

ASAHI POLL: 76% of voters say Diet debate on secrecy law ‘insufficient’

So, my food stamps got cut today

A Vietnam war memorial...

Ken Blackwell once again plants foot firmly in mouth...

Ok, everybody...It's late Sunday nite. Let's Take Five and get ready for the week ahead...

Atheist billboards rejected in Vancouver.

Iraq foreign minister warns of potential ‘jihadist state’

104 Chinese cities report air pollution over 12x rec. level. 70% of rivers / lakes toxic.

West Virginia Landfills Will Now Accept Unlimited Amounts Of Often Radioactive Fracking Waste

Sophie and a Small Town at Night

My big, fancy, fish-filled, blingy, smokey, loud, crowded Indian wedding ceremony (pics)

I want to learn about: Japan's domestic politics, re: 3-11 and REBUILDING

Chennifer is ze pahtee poopah. And ze peoples know zis?

Female politicians taking over Latin America's land of machismo


Ex-Tiger Magglio Ordonez elected mayor in Venezuela

The Good Fight Episode 4 with Ben Wikler sponsored by Moveon

The Good Fight Episode 4 with Ben Wikler sponsored by Moveon

US Political Economy on (Military) Life-Support

Leaked documents reveal hardline US tactics in negotiating trade agreement

XP user here - should I go with Vista or Windows 7?

Life on Earth may have developed below rather than above ground, reveal scientists .

Amnesty International suspects British intelligence surveillance, will take legal action against UK

Mirrors for giant space telescope take shape

Volcker Rule limiting bank risk-taking goes to agency vote Tuesday

Time to be Afraid in America: The Frightening Pattern of Throwing Police Power at Social Problems

Chris Hedges: Shooting the Messenger

US Court Secretly Lets Government Share Megaupload Evidence With Copyright Industry

This mind-boggling profile on Osama bin Laden came out 20 years ago in a U.K. newspaper

The Everywhere Store: Civil libertarians welcome Amazon’s drone army

3 Ways the Super-Rich Suck Wealth out of the Rest of Us

Sorry, Michelle Rhee, But Our Obsession With Testing Kids is All About Money

Atheist group considers filing human rights complaint after billboard rejected

Here's an Idea! Let the Fed Drop Money into Your Bank Account Instead of Raining it Down on the Rich

US faces major Internet image problem, former gov't official says


The Bankruptcy of Detroit Is a Preview of What Republicans Want to Do to the Rest of the Country

London medical school makes library of ancient bones digitally available for study

Joe Hill

Doonesbury went all in about sexual assaults in the military:

Activists say U.S. is trying to railroad secret talks at Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) meeting

Germany’s President Joachim Gauck becomes first major political figure to boycott Sochi Winter Olymp

Why give green this holiday?

Top US General: ’The Homeland Is No Longer A Sanctuary'

Saving the Net from the Surveillance State: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Up (Q&A)

Local Police Departments Have Been Driving Fake Cell Towers Into Neighborhoods To Collect Phone Data

Reaganomics is what happened to our economy

Uygur: Bush Targetting of Juan Cole proves that NSA can’t be trusted with our Personal Data

Revealed: Spy Agencies' Covert Push to Infiltrate Virtual World of Online Games (Snowden/NSA)

The Phony Pullout From Afghanistan

The protests in Kiev may become violent. More riot police are being brought in:

Washington Doomsday Prophecy

Tech Giants Issue Call for Limits on Government Surveillance of Users

Amnesty to Take Legal Action Against UK Security Services

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

Echoes of Enterprise

Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician?

The NSA is recruiting elves and gnomes now:

China drives US-Japan wedge

Iran's treasures start to be counted

Syrian army retakes road needed to ship out chemical weapons.

CREDIT BUBBLE BULLETIN: The tapering countdown

rising riches: 1 in 5 in US reaches affluence

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

Lives unrepaired after Armenian earthquake

Kyrgyzstan Says Goodbye to Afghanistan's Flying Gas Stations

Reverend Billy faces year in prison for JP Morgan Chase toad protest - #FreeBilly

Bottle Stoppers

China pulls out of UN process over territorial dispute with Philippines

Ed Gillespie Mulls Challenge To Sen. Warner, Cuccinelli Rules It Out

Commissioner Mayhew

Americans Discover They're Trapped In GOP's Medicaid Expansion Gap

East Coast Guvs Call Out Rust Belt For Pollution: 'They're Getting Away With Murder'


Polaroid and Apartheid: First major protest by workers

Edward Snowden voted Guardian person of the year 2013

Sexist postcards of the past

“Economic populism” isn’t just about Elizabeth Warren

A Game of Shark and Minnow - China trying to claim Philippine islands for oil and gas

Insight - Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor

Capitol Hill’s whiniest hypocrites: The GOP’s latest misleading Obamacare scheme

Thai PM Yingluck dissolves parliament and calls election

Apple, Google, Microsoft and more demand sweeping changes to US surveillance laws

War from afar: How the Pentagon fell in love with drones

Daily Kos: Angry Chicago Neighbors force denial of PetKoch permit

New Leukemia Drugs Bring Chemotherapy-Free Treatment Potential

George Orwell, Feminist: The Beloved Author on Gender Equality in Work and Housework

SIGTARP proves that some bankers aren’t too big to jail

10 myths about prostitution, trafficking and the Nordic Model

F-35 ad: Child Warfare: Dogfighting Brothers

Third Way: Elizabeth Warren's Backing Of Social Security Plan "The Final Moment"

Flight from Hell: Guests on Obama's AF1 trip to Mandela's funeral include

Jeez. A dusting of snow and the city pisses its pants.

Operation Enduring Occupation

Newtown Asks for Privacy as Anniversary Nears.

Texas campus cop empties gun on unarmed student

The Minneapolis St. Paul area has no temperature at all today.

Poll: GOPers The Only Group To Prefer Automatic Spending Cuts Over Tax Increases

I believe "A" should lead to "B"

Mystery company buys tax liens ‘like a machine’

Monday Toon Roundup 1- More Mandela Tributes

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Economy and wages

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Noam Chomsky: It Is All Working Quite Well for the Rich, Powerful

Ring of Fire: NSA's Secret Blackmailing Tool - Online Porn

"An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story"....

2013 Time Person of Year Short List / Top 10 - Pope, Snowden, Cyrus, Cruz

NOT THE ONION. I REPEAT: NOT THE ONION. Take appropriate precautions.

The doctor's office just told me that they were not allowed to call in

TOM TOMORROW: Republican To-Do List

ugh. 4 days no pain meds.

Warren Hits Banks, Expands Base to Solidify Senate Power

Please help me debunk the 'flat tax' meme.

Its not just the NSA gathering your cell phone data...

Budget negotiators looking at military pensions

Largely White Audience Turns Out To Hear Rand Paul Speak At African-American Outreach Event

“Remember who the real enemy is”. Day One: Our lapdog media.

Harper Admin Dismantles One Of World's Best Fisheries Research Libraries To "Save Money"

Dick Cheney: White House lied about Obamacare health plans

10 Years On, Distortions & BS On Climate Reporting From Press That Hyped Iraq War

"My dog is whispering behind my back." . . . Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!!!

@SportsCenter THIS JUST IN: MRI confirms torn ACL and MCL for Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski.

Science, Medicine, and the Cure for Death

Arkansas man 'Had To Pee' All Over Radio Shack Equipment: Cops

Development, Storms, Sea Level Rise Erase 360K Acres Of US Wetlands In 4 Years

Russian Human Rights Commissioner meets with Russian LGBT Network

Cheney, Romney and Guiliani had an impromptu meeting yesterday.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ December 9th

Full Speed Ahead! Canada OKs 100,000 BPD Expansion Of Tar Sands With Shell

Afghans are living longer? Yes, but not thanks to NATO

1 in 5 Americans will become rich

Nature - 30 Years Of Arctic Ice Loss Directly Linked To Hotter US Summers, Worse Droughts

Pallone (D-NJ) Blames Inertia On Sea Level Issues On House Tea Party - Won't Even Discuss It

Woman charged with using child to break into home through doggie door

For 7th Straight Day, Shanghai Warns Kids To Stay Inside - PM 2.5 14X WHO Recommendations

Poor Morale at NSA Where They're Mad at Obama for Not Supporting Their Spying

(Texas Monthly) What Nobody Says About Austin: Is Austin the state’s most segregated city?

There was a general rule that when a post got to a certain amount of posts and recs the hosts were

WTF is wrong with America?

Joe Torre elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

If a thread is hidden but was added to a journal, is it hidden in the journal?

Baaaa, look at me, I'm a human

CIA Role In MANDELA ARREST: "We gave them every detail-what he would be wearing, time of day, where"

Tough new New York City cockroaches can withstand winter cold

Anyone know the latest on this?

Michael Eric Dyson rips Mary Matalin for ‘amnesia’ after Cheney branded Mandela a terrorist

How do I explain gay people to my kids?

Oldest Human Footprints in North America Identified

Restaurant Chain Apologizes for Racist Sign

Dear Newt, again you are "FULL OF IT"

It's the Hypocrisy, Stupid: Fundamentalist Christian Bullies Running Amok in America's Military

Pic Of The Moment: This Real Ted Cruz Coloring Book Would Make A Great Stocking Stuffer

OK, so my Mom has my older mac (2nd generation aluminum) and the sound went out

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) on Abortion

Lack of parking at 49ers new stadium means no Monday/Thursday night football

The Democrats’ “Third Way” Quarrel is a Fight For the Future

AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, & Yahoo-Write letter to Obama re: NSA

Only 1/3 of US teen girls have received full three doses of HPV vaccine that protects against cancer

Thai PM Yingluck dissolves parliament and calls election

False Equivalence in a Nutshell...

NYPD cops beat up my loved ones, killed my parakeet: Staten Island mom

Officer rescues teddy bear

Have you ever used heated windshield wipers?

please stop in and say hello to me!

Fox News columnist rips Pope Francis, loses Catholic News Service gig

Fox News columnist rips Pope Francis, loses Catholic News Service gig

So frustrated with CoveredCA

Aeon bought over 1,300 tax liens of District residents, who owns this company?

Al Jazeera America launches on Time Warner Cable

anti-feminist crusader Suzanne Venker said, Women should stay home and thank men

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Juan Williams: Sen. Jeff Merkley is the man of the year in Congress

And now, Vivekenanda park in Calcutta (pics)

DOJ Agency Warns Of Police Militarization

Roy Halladay to retire as a Blue Jay after signing one-day contract


Texas campus cop empties gun on unarmed student: ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’

WARREN: 'There Is No Immediate Crisis Facing Social Security'

More snow tomorrow for NYC.

McDonald’s to workers: How much to tip pool cleaners, dog walkers, masseuses, fitness trainers

There's A Brewing Democratic Civil War, And Elizabeth Warren Is Leading The Charge

MicroSoft abandons 'stack ranking' system after forcing it on public schools

Real....fake or none?

Find something to be happy about today (Monday December 9th, 2013)

shh, shh: Nothing good comes after that...

ALEC's not a lobbying group

Man assaulted at West Village PATH station

Does anyone else here like religious Xmas carols?

Senator Dumbass has a question

Russia Backs Off Ukraine Union After Lenin Statue Falls

Progressive plan to end 71% of abortions

Worlds' Largest Vessel Built In South Korea For Shell Oil - Larger Planned

Sorry, but I have to brag up my 5 year old step daughter

OBAMA: Computer Science Education Week 2013

Speaker Race Goes Out of Public View

GOP Rep. Yoho To Host Gun Training Event On Sandy Hook Anniversary

President Obama Speaks at the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors Reception

Let Detroit Keep Its Art

Those Sprawling Office Parks You Drive By On Your Way Into The City Are Now Being Abandoned

ACLU: What The Government Could Do With All That Location Data

Second Bear found and euthanized. They're going for a third.

Harvard Study Finds: The Rent Is Too Damn High

At same time he denounced Mandela as a "terrorist" Reagan ordered CIA to arm/train Osama Bin Laden

Today's Google Doodle honors a computer scientist pioneer

Colombia to chair international anti-drug commission

Pug - Home Alone

All credit is managed by the office of Ms Helen Waite...

does any government have standing to arrest bush at Mandela's funeral?

New Legislation Would Ban NSA From Arizona

NY health exchange hits more than 100,000 enrolled

Efforts Targeting Double Dipping Could Get Boost

Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russian media

Putin to Shut RIA Novosti in Overhaul of Russian State News Coverage

US porn industry faces shutdown after another actor tests positive for HIV

The Rude Pundit: Minimum Wage, Unemployment Insurance, and Forcing Compassion on Capitalism

And the obligatory cat . . .

Dog Logic: when the brown truck comes up to the house,

Spies’ Dragnet Reaches a Playing Field of Elves and Trolls

Cheney: The Iran Deal Is Bad Because Of Obamacare


"The Benghazi syndrome" (by former Foreign Service officer against Republican "politicking")

Replace "Harper" with "Boehner". Replace "Conservatives" with "Republicans".

Racial profiling: "flat brim hats, twisty hair, [and] dirty beards"

Out to my right...I so love living in the South

David Simon: How America Itself Has Become ‘a Horror Show’

Matt Taibbi interview: How markets are rigged against you

Is the Republican Advantage on Obamacare Eroding?

New Battle Looms in US-Russian ‘War of Blacklists’

The Shady Firm Hired To Clean North Dakota's Massive Oil Spill

IAEA Inspectors Visit Arak Nuclear Site in Iran

Popcorn ,soda and a box of raisenettes

Seizure of Nuns Stokes Syrian Christian Fears

Thom Hartmann: Nelson Mandela & The State of Race Relations w/Joe Madison p1

Shocking: Obamacare Refuses to Kill Jobs

Nelson Mandela & The State of Race Relations w/Joe Madison p2

If most of these ReTHUGs loved and admired Mandela so much

Do you pray?

Family affair: Kim Jong-un wipes his uncle from North Korea's history

Huffington Post: Top Georgia Democrat Fights To Prove Obamacare Can Overcome Deep South Resistance

Why is medically advanced Israel lagging behind on AIDS?

Ha! "Mean people need Jesus" - Carrie Underwood

Toon: I am not a racist...

Vinehout Update

Dismantling of Fishery Library 'Like a Book Burning,' Say Scientists

TX gubernatorial candidate believes gays should be put to death, but will focus on secession in 2014

Globo correspondent killed amid continuing polarization

If WalMart made $20 Billion in profits ....

Chris Christie’s traffic jam?

Larry Klayman still trying to set up his own US government...

Pension Theft In Detroit Bankruptcy And Illinois

What's at the bottom of Liz Warren's Populist Cliff?--

FUN FACT: At the same time he denounced Mandela as a "terrorist" Ronald Reagan ordered....

Potentially damaging Jackpine oilsands mine expansion OK'd by Ottawa

Protestors Blockade Google Bus in San Francisco

The Gates Foundation's Hypocritical Investments

The Right and the Disrespecting of the U.S. Presidency – An Open Letter to the Tea Party

Dec 9 Victory for Socialism. Victory for Democracy in Venezuela

Good-Government Groups Urge BOE Reform

Samsung Galaxy Catches Fire. Samsung Tries To Silence Victim.

Let Me Get This Straight: (Mandela=Terrorist) & (Osama=USA Trained "Freedom Fighter")

Obama is a Nazi!

Cats oust the Baby Jesus from the manger

Is this Sherpa calculator for Obamacare accurate???

Wintry mix causes slick roads, massive pileup in Yonkers

The Rush Limbaugh list of pick-up lines...

Tamron Tamron Tamron - that makes no sense

More than 2,000 recorded wildfires that each burned at least 100 acres have charred the Arizona land

Teacher on leave after photos from stolen phone post to revenge porn website

Have you ever done this at Costco?

Pope Thinking of Losing Hat

Festivus pole to go up in Florida Capitol rotunda

New York Public Interest Research Group Releases Annual 'Treacherous Toys' List

Saving the Net from the Surveillance State: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Up (Q&A)

Wingnut article needs debunking: "7 out of 10 California doctors to boycott exchanges"

The Courage to Be Vulernable

Apparently I need Jesus

A two-dimensional man in a two-dimensional world. . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

I love internet shopping! It's a life saver!

Bloomberg Defends NYPD’s Controversial Stop And Kiss Program

"If you could turn stupid into a fuel, you could use Sarah Palin to leave the Solar System."

"Deck us all with Boston Charlie..."

Stormy Monday, 12/9/13

VA Dem Leaders Call for VA GOP Chair to Step Down Over His "Obama's so close to death" Comments

Bill Maher's hilarious quote

Atheist's Festivus Pole approved in Florida

Republican Mark Obenshain Claims Problems with Fairfax County, VA Ballot Security

Jay Rosen Joins Pierre Omidyar's New News Venture with Greenwald, Poitras, Scahill & Froomkin

Scientists find ancient lake bed on Mars that may have been an oasis for life

CNET Interviews Glenn Greenwald on Media, NSA Revelations and Journalism

Judges question need for Gitmo genital searches

Prosecuting the Wrong People

Israeli leader backs out of Mandela funeral

Ecuador Boards the Internet Freedom Train

Heads Up - Brian Williams interviews Jimmy Carter in a special edition

Riot police deployed in Kyiv, Yanukovych pledges compromise

new automobile engines bad for the earth- see link

Thailand's political turmoil continues

ALEC calls for penalties on “free rider” solar-panel owners

For all those who are looking for work

US household wealth reaches record high $77.3 trillion

So there's this Politico story about Cheney badmouthing the ACA.

Glory days. I'd never heard the phrase until I heard the Bruce Springsteen song,

Battleground: Kiev

Fourth Porn Actor this Year - Tests HIV+

"When disposing of the remains of a loved one, it's best not to do it...

Police shoot dog in St. Clair Shores after complaints about excessive barking

Study: 'Successful' auto bailout of GM, Chrysler saved millions of jobs, $284B in personal income

The Satanic Temple Wants to Place a Monument Outside Oklahoma’s Capitol Building.

Good at earning money....Bad at distribution

Have you ever considered writing a book about your experience in the founding of DU?

Tuesday’s National Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela

OMFG Jim Cantore is in Boston

9/11 Link To Saudi Arabia Is Topic Of 28 Redacted Pages In Government Report; Congressmen Push For R

Experts have mixed feelings on corruption report

President Obama flies to South Africa alongside George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton

A powerful voice rises in support of Washington's NFL team name

Chargers Blackouts: the Ultimate Insult to San Diego Taxpayers

Teacher's union says property tax cap caused achievement gap

So Auburn should play for National Championship because they beat Alabama?

Sao Paulo Transit completes successful trials of 40-foot BYD pure-electric bus

Domino's Pizza Workers Protest Low Wages, Get Fired

Registering Voters Outside City Hall is No Longer a Crime in San Diego

Warren Hits Banks, Expands Base to Solidify Senate Power

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

OWS Lawsuit Settled: Registering Voters Outside City Hall is No Longer a Crime in San Diego

Glass-Steagall Fans Plan New Assault If Volcker Rule Deemed Weak

Why Palestine should seek justice at the International Criminal Court

U.S. Military To Fly African Union Peacekeeping Troops To The Central African Republic

I have done nothing productive all day..

Predatory Tax Lien Buyer Spreading Misery Across U.S., But Who’s Behind It?

Glenn Greenwald Vows To Return To U.S. After 'Exile'

NSA Spying on Your Video Games

Michael Jackson and Michael Vick. It's amazing how some people can't let shit go.

Real-Life Spies Infiltrated World of Warcraft And Second Life To Gather Intelligence On Gamers

No Tailgating, No Limos, No Taxis at Super Bowl XLVIII (Meadowlands)

Identifying the unknown skeletons of Argentina’s Dirty War: Scientists begin the grim job of finding

Identifying the unknown skeletons of Argentina’s Dirty War: Scientists begin the grim job of finding


Why, Arizona

How the Honduran Election Was Stolen

Riot Police Storm Opposition Office In Kiev Amid Massive Protests; Yanukovych Holding Talks

The Spectacle of Illiteracy and the Crisis of Democracy

Eating the Seed Corn in the Health Research World

U.S. APNewsBreak: Fla. Congressman Lost $18M in Scheme

AT&T Tells Shareholders to Mind Their Own Business on NSA Wiretapping, Privacy Invasion

Argentine Protesters vs Monsanto: "The Monster Is Right on Top of Us"

Get this: If CFP were in place this year, Auburn and Alabama would play each other again.

San Diego Occupy Movement Helps Homeless as Temperatures Fall

BP Executive Fired For Having "Braided Hair" & "Ethnic Clothing"

Gates Foundation "works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives." Yet invests in:

What happens to those who fall through the cracks?

Slowly They Modernize: A Federal Agency That Still Uses Floppy Disks

Papantonio: Wall Street Republicans Asset Strip Detroit

Should I feel guilty? ...

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds p1 - Ona Porter, Prosperity Works for Poverty

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds p2 - Ona Porter, Prosperity Works for Poverty

George Carlin caught on to "education reformers" many years ago. Video. Naughty words bleeped out.

Detroit's Mort Crim was the inspiration for Anchorman Ron Burgandy

I've officially completed my undergraduate.

Three Reasons Why Ohio State's Loss in the Big Ten Title Game Was Good for College Football

Cold-Loving Cockroach Invades NYC

National Day of Action for education

A thought for today ... December 9, 2013

Report: George Zimmerman girlfriend wants domestic violence charges dropped

George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Wants to Drop Charges, 'Be With Him'

John Boehner and Eric Cantor Respond to Economic Good News By Planning to Kill More Jobs


This may have been posted already but,

Pete Festersen drops out of U.S. House race against Lee Terry (R-NE)

Whoops! Sorry~

VIDEO: Amy Goodman Discusses Mandela, Immigration, Minimum Wage on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry”

Reaching for the Stars

18 Los Angeles sheriff's officials indicted, accused of abuse, obstruction

local gannett paper poll: Should Sen. Bob Corker run for president?

Fox News Paid Ousted Exec $8 Million in 'Hush' Money: Gawker

Mid-East governments sign Red Sea-to-Dead Sea water deal

Jon Stewart ridicules "corporations as people" & the bank mafia and plugs a docu on the original OWS

Scott Lively claims Russian anti-gay violence just gay-on-gay violence

Russia’s Anti-Gay Bill Author: LGBT Activists Deserve Violence

Olympics-German President Gauck will not attend Sochi Games

Ronald Reagan explains Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Marine Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Stabbing, Anti-Gay Epithet Case

Greg Abbott's Policy Advisor Supports Abolishing Direct Funding For Public Schools

Do you like Golf? Do you like Soccer? Are you short on time?

Mandela's death shows Republican hypocrisy on violence

how much super pac money did romney get

Ex-Senator Who Accused Teachers Of Spreading Homosexuality Wants His Old Job Back

Texas now has a statewide Democrat for first time in over a Decade!

Elton John Reveals Why He Performed In Russia, Dedicates Concert To Gay Man Killed In Hate Crime

Don’t Fall For the Salvation Army’s PR Spin! They’re Still Super-Antigay (LGBT)

GOP Rep. Ted Yoho invites kids to ‘purchasing firearms’ class on Sandy Hook anniversary

German Hate Mail Comes From Surprisingly Well Educated Sources

Don’t Fall For the Salvation Army’s PR Spin! They’re Still Super-Antigay

Hey Condem and everyone! You want to do the Yahoo Sports College Bowl Pick'em game?

Gov. Rick Scott allows ‘militant atheist’ to erect beer can Festivus pole at Florida Capitol

So much for meaningful dialogue...


Interesting photo circa 1960 of Grace Hopper (today's Google doodle)

Military secrets (funny quotes)

Let's state the friggin' obvious:

Redskins-Shanahan standoff: Team could attempt to withhold remaining money due

Crow kills....interesting research

Help Is Hard To Get For Veterans After A Bad Discharge

Politico Turns To AEI's Pletka To Attack Clinton

January Transfer Thread

See The Prawer Plan Map Israel's Government Was Keeping Secret

Tea Party obstruction and liberal hypocrisy, defied: NYU grad students poised to make history

Nelson Mandela's death prompts Tory act of contrition - beautifully written

Voting Democratic is for Everybody

'Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Teen In Back Near Ramallah'

For fans of Aiman, please send your healing vibes Down Under.

Ladies man gives advise on how to sexually harass and get away with it

Russia signs deal to forgive $29 billion of Cuba's Soviet-era debt - diplomats

Detangler lotion for dogs? My poodle does not like to be brushed, and I thought a detangler lotion

Alleged Victim of the “Knockout Game” Was Actually a Victim of Domestic Violence

2 years ago, "inequality" was not even part of the discussion

Why Aren't Netanyahu And Peres Going To Johannesburg For Mandela's Memorial?

LIRR preparing for snow, ice

South Carolina sheriff refuses to lower flag for Mandela

Dalai Lama wont be able to attend Mandela Memorial because he can't get a Visa(CHina Pressure)

U.S. Korean War veteran released by North says made 'confession' under duress

Zimmerman's Girlfriend bactracks on her claims

Greg Kelly...WTF?

Grace Hopper, Amazing Grace of computer history, gets Google Doodle

"Power to the People - Energy Consumption in Denmark"

Hey Ted, Halloween is over... (Warning, creepy picture)

A Democratic Congressman Lost $18 Million In An Investment Fraud Scheme

UK government issues warning over doing business with Israeli settlements

GOP Senate Candidate: Best Way To Connect With Women Is On 'Emotional Level

Canada plans claim that would include North Pole

Media Mantra: It's "Congress" That's Historically Unproductive, Not The GOP

Flying in the 60s. The Convair-880.

Q about posting videos on DU.

Colonic response in dogs

~Set in Stone.... Warning Picture Heavy