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Archives: January 18, 2013

Introducing the newest position: The Te'o

Chicago man gets 14 years for aiding Pakistani militant group

GREAT! Washington National Cathedral to start hosting same-sex weddings.

Mr Marlboro: the jihadist back from the 'dead' to launch Algerian gas field raid

At least Lance Armstrong had the...

As Flu Epidemic Hits Nation, Florida Corporate Group Trying To Ban Paid Sick-Leave Laws

and now they say that Obama is too strong!!!

NRA put out a second ad yesterday mentioning the kid's schools of Obama AND David Gregory

PPP poll: Charlie Crist Leads Rick Scott By Double Digits

Man outsources his own job to China, watches cat videos

A little help where is the boycott post from this morning?

Texas congressman Steve Stockman backs off impeachment threat...

The outlet is leaking again.

FOX is reporting that Al Pacino is set to play Joe Paterno in the movie...

I'm serious...

ha ha ha Trump tries to be nice

Gov. Hickenlooper settles bet with Maryland

Obama tells Cameron wants Britain in "strong European Union"

Labor History, Executive Order 10988

Iran strengthened cyber capabilities after Stuxnet: U.S. general

Ralph Nader - Open Letter to Mark Duke, CEO of Walmart: Take the Lead on Raising Minimum Wage

Dear "take away guns and only bad guys will have them" People,

Pakistan deal reached to end cleric Qadri's protest

Harper Watch

I despise Fox Noise, but

Mali: how did it come to this?

seriously, couldn't the NRA ad be considered a threat against the president's daughters?

Syrian rebels accuse jihadist groups of trying to hijack revolution

Facts: since the Assault Weapon Ban expired…

Iowa lawmaker's effort seeks to put 'right to work' in state constitution

Most anti-gun-regulation arguments rest on the belief that swarms of ninjas plan to attack us.

At least Lance Armstrong had the...

BRING IT ON NRA! - WH: “If the NRA has a list, then Obama for America has a bigger list.”

Algeria hostage siege comes to deadly end

Guns aren't toys and there shouldn't be toy guns, nor children's games with guns or shooting

Most see Obama as ‘strong leader,’ say deal on debt ceiling does not require cuts

Georgia conservative wants state to express remorse for slavery

Papantonio: Gun Industry Exporting Death All Over The Globe

Tom Cruise Is The Spawn Of Satan

Friend posted this on facebook "There is no such thing as gun control"

(MI) Senate bill: Michigan-made guns, ammo sold in state would be exempt from federal regulations

does anyone remember a documentary about the secret service and it talks about the fine line

David Korten: What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like?

We'd all be safer if everyone who was capable, had some basic proficiency, was carrying at all times

What kind of shampoo and body-care products do you use?

When the Going Gets Tough

DK on Billo now. Billo still bloviating nt

NRA blames video games

Liberty Media Raises Stake in Sirius XM Radio Above 50%

Ended a friendship today.

I'd like to create a bee/butterfly/hummingbird-friendly garden this spring ... but I am a complete

Why do conservatives fear background checks for guns?

Movie heroes stopped smoking. Could they stop shooting?

the latest on the school closings in chicago.....

Need Some Assistance

This is what is wrong with Dennis working for Fox.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 January 2013

Anybody know the Fawlty Towers episode Waldorf Salad?

Black conservatives launch effort to scrap part of Voting Rights Act

City Council gives preliminary approval to ads on city assets

Poor parenting ranks 1st as cause for Newtown shooting in NBC poll

New Jersey Gov. Christie: NRA ad on Obama daughters 'reprehensible'

199,831 user registrations and 61,085,368 posts since 2001

Dean Baker: The Planned 3 Percent Cut to Social Security; Obama and the Democrats Are on Board

Judge dismisses Ind. right-to-work law challenge

After more than 2 decades, U.S. recognizes Somalia

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Shots in the Dark & a new kitty gif

7-Year-Old Brings Gun To School

EPA changed course after gas company protested.

So, I was thinking about suitcase nukes and high-capacity firearms...

Size matters.

Republicans gather at former plantation to discuss minority outreach

So did Steve Stockman have links to McVeigh?

So. What are the opinions of this distinguished forum about the Exceedingly Honorable NRA's ad

Judge tosses RCTV claims against DirecTV on Venezuela broadcasts

When Pills Fail, This, er, Option Provides a Cure

***MSNBC Appreciation Post***

Would You Be Fine With $11.5 Million For Screwing Up?

Arming School Employees

Nat'l Baffoons

Prosecutor defends case against Aaron Swartz

Toyota settles bellwether wrongful death lawsuit

Opinions vary as Colorado movie theater reopens

As Obama Prepares for 2nd Term, Tavis Smiley Urges Him to Take Up MLK’s Fight Against Poverty

Could this be another "jody defending James Yeager" moment?

Tucson - locally produced restaurant dishes?

New Report: Solar could provide 100% of world's energy needs by 2050 using only 1% of world's land

Boeing plans to carry on with 787 production

Petition for immediate action on Fuel Pond 4

Nichelle Nichols on how Dr. MLK, Jr. dissuaded her from quitting Star Trek

NBA All-Star starters announced

Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican Pres. issued 1006 Executive Orders

Remembering Aaron Swartz, “Alpha Geek” and Defender of Online Freedom

How Did the Gates of Hell Open in Vietnam?

US breaks up sex trafficking ring

Project Runway All Stars winner SPOILER

Harry Reid does not plan to allow the "talking filibuster" plan to even be voted on!! grrrrrrr

I was sure Lieberman would end up at Fox

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is backtracking now

Michael Savage rails against the flu vaccine

NRA catapults the propaganda

To shave or not to shave, that is the question

Nichelle Nichols on how Dr. MLK, Jr. dissuaded her from quitting Star Trek

Salon: Income inequalty in the U.S. rivals that of developing nations

Operation Rescue files complaint about new abortion clinic in Wichita

What will a late October salt water bath of 2 hours duration kill?

The Nation: The Military-Industrial Complex

"Due to my liberal friends' attacks...I have now become a life member of the NRA"

The top two USA exports

Ghost Dance


Flexible phone will the iPhone join in the fun?

Fiat 500 (UK) car ad Evah! Cant comment on the car but the Ad is hilarious ...

Our Winners, and a Reply

Brilliant "motherhood" car Ad (can't speak for he car) but the Ad is hilarious ...

Kucinich has enough credibility to do whatever he wants.

Going to be in DC for the Inauguration? Come to the DU/DC Meetup!

Just heard two lynyrd skynyrd members

Fish and Game to spend more on reducing wolf population

Two words: "well regulated" are the answer to the whole thing.

Kansas Speaker O’Neal asks House GOP to pray for Obama’s death

American Airlines debuts new livery! What do you think?

Received Offer to Withdraw My Signature from A Petition I Signed.

Oregon, D.C. and N.C. top 3 moving destinations in America. N.J. worst

5 of your favorite movies.

First time since disengagement: a whole month without rockets

Ok. The NRA "supposedly" champions and protects the 2nd Amendment.

WE are blessed!! Karl Rove has been signed on Fox for FOUR MORE YEARS-Folks -this is a gift

I'm kind of glad to see this new DU..

Latest Lauren Corgo

Speaking of "using children"

TSA ends contract with Rapiscan, maker of full-body scanner

Homicides involving multiple offenders: 20.3%

One "Sandy Hook Truther" stoops to a brand new low

Ultimate Guide to the Presidents (History Channel) - FDR Portrayed as Failure

Anybody see Lawrence O'Donnell just destroy Tom Selleck?

Wow!! Lawrence O'Donnell just called out Tom Selleck and called him a coward.

Bruce Arians named Cardinals coach

Do any of you shave your eyebrows?

Heard a song I never heard before today. Need help identifiying it.

Why are the Manti Te’o lies so "shocking"?

LOL, Fox News Relies on Info From Prison Inmates On Guns.

Come And Get Your Love Redbone 1974

Spoon-billed Sandpiper: Watch seriously endangered baby birds take their first steps

Deal struck to reintroduce wood bison to Alaska wild

A New Industrial Revolution: The Rise of the Robots (Paul Krugman)

In Newtown, calls for more gun control

Deal struck to reintroduce wood bison to Alaska wild

If you can't take the big bird that far east

When is enough enough?

Waldo residents see other uses for Bingham school than Walmart

Immigration plans from Rubio, Obama are very similar

DU's Pornography Group January Contest Submissions

Some energy, carbon and $$$ factoids (updated with a withdrawal due to my errors in the original)

I'm not going to post a RW meme. But Democratic politicians should show trigger discipline.

Court question: Is statutory rape victim 'accomplice?'

AP sources: Obama team to form agenda group

Way of Life

Gun FAILS: Second Amendment Rights Gone Wrong In Honor Of 'Gun Appreciation Day' (VIDEO)

AP sources: Obama team to form agenda group

Are We Past Lance Armstrong... Can We Get Back....

Military jets escort Alaska Airlines flight into Sea-Tac; FBI questions passenger

FOX hired Kucinich because he is not a typical Democrat

ARrrrrgh!1 Total frustration! WHY do my gadgets stall/loading YouTube videos?! UPDATE, post #15!

" Beautiful Boy"

Heat records fall as Sydney sizzles


Fairbanks gun dealer charged in murder-for-hire plot.

Asians Overtake Latin Americans in Immigration to California

might still be a chance for a few more to join the next session of MIRT

Poll: NY Voters Oppose 'Fracking' by Narrow Margin...

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 19 -- The Essentials: Shelley Winters

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 20 -- Danny Kaye 100th Birthday

Exclusive: White House provides details on executive actions & leg. proposals to reduce gun violence

Are the president's kids more important than yours?"

Reminded of something horrible/funny from last year.

Jim Morrison and The Doors cover the Reading Rainbow theme song

On my way to DC

Cowards and draft-dodging republicans who love military assault weapons.

Every gun....

The distance from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Bangkok, Thailand is 8,639 miles

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Jan 18th

Then he showed republicans how to make his new pizza out of spittle and cardboard

177 ounce gold nugget found near Ballarat,10.30am January 16, 2013

Russia slams US for blaming Syria regime for blasts

30 hostages killed? Algerian hostage event over, casualties still uncertain

2 Reports on Oil Sands Paint a Dire Picture

Join the National Day of Service this weekend

Lance Armstrong's Oprah interview: Again with the cancer card

Michelle Obama: 10 quotes on her birthday

Best Anti-Gun Memes and Cartoons

Frank Zappa and T Bozzio ... Punky's Whips

New poll - bad news for GOP

Ryan Leaf faces new hearing in Randall, official says

I just watched Soul Food Junkies

Cargill to idle Plainview meat-processing plant, cut 2,000 jobs

Chris Duarte ... Shiloh

Lawmakers: Ambassador Signals New Era for Mexico, U.S.

Chappell Hill bank welcomes concealed handguns (first in the nation)

Trust me on this gun post please

I deeply regret ever having sought mental health treatment.

Sydney heat soars beyond forecast as bushfires continue

1916 – A 611 gram chondrite type meteorite strikes a house

Usual Four Grocers Make Best Employers List

United Natural Food Inc Eyes Acquisitions in Canada

Delhaize Closing 33 Sweetbay Stores

Fresh & Easy Cuts Real Estate Positions

Norquist on the board of NRA: was there a super secret Congress pledge to the NRA too?

Wake Up, America! We're Paying Billions for Personal Financial Advice, and It's Making Us Poorer

Twilight of the Pale Patriarchs

7 Brilliant Insights from Noam Chomsky on American Empire

Book buff Al DeSimone a boon to Parkway School District

Retailers struggle to face the digital revolution

Possibly the most offensive political cartoon I've ever seen.

Republicans gather at former plantation to discuss minority outreach

Retailers show off innovation at expo

Black conservatives launch effort to scrap part of Voting Rights Act

Kenny Blackwell on the Board of the NRA

Joe Allbaugh, former FEMA director, on the NRA board

Ecuadorian tribe gets reprieve from oil intrusion

Woodland Heists: Rising Energy Costs Drive Up Forest Thievery {GERMANY}

Massacre at School Sways Public in Way Earlier Shootings Didn’t

Hostage siege at Algeria gas plant not over

Sick Fuck Directory

Could gun control be the new gay marriage?

Why We Now Oppose Drilling in the Arctic

Mali Islamists tougher than France anticipated - envoys

Where Public Opinion On Guns Is Headed

Six Top Environment Stories to Watch in 2013

States just need to stop behaving outside the constitution

Leprosy bacteria use 'biological alchemy'

Donated genetic data 'privacy risk'


I now understand why George Bush andLance Armstrong are friends

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) on the NRA~

Fuck you S.E. Cupp

growth is the enemy of humankind

Asma Aghbaria-Zahalka, Leader Of Daam Jewish-Arab Party, Makes Long-Shot Election Bid In Israel

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome

Burn, burn - Africa's Afghanistan

year of the worker: how labor struggles punctuated 2012

NY forgets to exempt the knighly cla...*AHEM* police...

How did the Gates of Hell open in Vietnam?

how extreme is the business roundtable? check out it's attack on the elderly.

Did Dennis Kucinich just take a Bribe?

Nation's firms lured by Algeria's resources{japan}

Talks start with U.S. on new defense plan{u.s./japan}

'There are no buried Spitfires', archaeologists claim

A link about FOX NEWS owned by a SAUDI for your conservative friends that say Obama is a Muslim

Does the US Want Another Cold War?

Does Root Beer taste like Crest toothpaste to you?

Bolshoi Ballet Director Is Victim of Acid Attack

Authoritarian Regimes Use Devices From A US Firm To Censor Their People

The Air Force Will Triple Its US Bomber Airspace To Perform More Low Level Runs

GI tract bacteria may protect against autoimmune disease

Sectarian Tensions Are Pushing Iraq To The Brink

Hey ReTHUGS, Freepers, Gun loons, NRA goons

Lawrence O'Donnell calls out Tom Selleck. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out.

Republican retreat kicks off with a rocky start

2013 King County Legislative Action Team

Large blast hits Aleppo neighborhood in Syria: TV

Progressive Talk Radio team has formed

Whole Foods POS, er, CEO John Mackey up next on Joe.

GOP eyes new election laws

Earl Smith is the Man!

Study Shows Impact of Keystone XL Pipeline More Disastrous Than Previously Thought


In Addition To Taxing The Poor, Louisiana Will Stop Providing End-Of-Life Care To Low-Income America

Mercury Embedded In Global Food Chains, More Each Year; But Treaty To Limit Hg Just Too Expensive

Toshiba creating nuclear reactor for mining Canada Tar Sands

My Dream: To watch Wall Street CEOs have their Oprah moment like Lance Armstong.

End Of State Dept. Review Of Keystone XL Approaches; Decision Looms - WP

Reuters - High Plains States Facing Another Year Of Historic Drought, Water Limits & Sanctions

Sen. Bill Nelson's assault weapons ban poll needs some DU love.

Lance Armstrong - commentary by Dan Wetsel

World Economic Forum - Perfect Storm Of Climate Breakdown, Inequality, Water & Food Shortage Awaits

New Garbage Gyre Discovered - This Time, In S. Pacific Between Chile & Pitcairn Island

New Official Photo

The endangered GOP House majority?

Best First and Last Song on an Album?

WWII lard washes up on beach at Angus nature reserve

Today's Non Sequitur Toon

Help save the PA Lottery

Krugman: The Dwindling Deficit

NBC/WSJ Poll: Nearly Half Have A Negative View Of GOP

Hey, Obama Haters, How about some Honesty?

Robert Scheer: Another Word For Propaganda

New owners of Tiller's Wichita abortion clinic plan to open with three doctors

Joe Biden, the Listener

Gun Control Options

great news about the bonehner,mcconnell clan

Gun Control Options (Pick one)

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Gun Mentality

It's All Happening at the Park

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Lance

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Congress

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Politics

Friday TOON Roundup 5- Threats

I am disappointed this thread was hidden

Whole Foods CEO regrets comparing Obamacare to 'fascism'

2012 Global Grain Consumption Exceeded Production; Stocks Down; US Grain Output Down 8% YOY


The debt-ceiling hostage strategy starts to unravel

We Ain't Got Nothing Yet.

Served as a Juror on the world's worst alert.

Get Your ObamaCare Survival Guide For Only $4.95!!!

"So you're the same left-wing nut we know and love," O'Reilly said.

Notice to unsuspecting public. If anyone ever comes up to you on the street from

don't you wish you found this?

Fake ads mocking NRA were played on Stephanie Miller's show...Great Laughs

Esquire: Still More About The Death Of Aaron Swartz

Lance Armstrong - man of his times

The Pentagon’s Frankensteins

Bill Burton Joins Democratic Public Affairs Firm

Great GD thread: Creative Couple Explains How to Make a Baby (7 photos)

Lance Armstrong: how to play the confessor without actually confessing

Has anyone else noticed the absence of both turtle and orange man

Sydney heat soars beyond forecast as bushfires continue

The Poor, Poor Rich According To the Wall Street Journal

For those with children and a yard full of snow.

Pakistan to release all Afghan Taliban detainees: minister

ACRI files new petition against expulsion of 1,000 Palestinians from Area C

Getting a chance to talk to the First Lady tommorow night.

Keep in mind the great american pasttime is complaining, not followup or

Good Guy

First Lady on Launch of 'Organizing for Action,' Brilliant New Obama Campaign to Push Initiatives

The Morans Collection - 25 Ridiculous Misspelled Signs

Celebrating Gun Appreciation Day

LNG Use Rises at Japan Utilities in 2012 on Idle Reactors

Some things just don't change...

Does Lewis need to come clean or is this all over and done?

I am sick of the "deficit" games played by the Republicans...

The New Untouchables. Break the law, get a bailout. Break the law again, get a tax subsidy.

Consumer Sentiment Hits Year Low In January

The best Dear Abby answer. Ever.

Activists set up new protest village northwest of Jerusalem

In which I remind DU that the assault weapons ban doesn't do what you think it does

Dum Dums & The Obstacle To Gun Control

Did you get a flu shot? Has it worked?

Where the American Militia went wrong.

Lance Armstrong’s Biggest Crime Was Being A Huge Asshole

On my NBC front page...

Matalin: President Needs to be Less 'Self-Reverential' to Make Progress With Republicans

Previously banned trolls: what's the procedure?

At what point do "conservatives" shrink so much that we can drown "conservatism" in a bathtub?

WTF?!? ‘Firearms instructor’ hired as school guard leaves handgun in student bathroom

The Nation - "Banned From TV on Conventional Wisdom's Holy Day, Ornstein and Mann Briefly Return"

Presidential Limo to sport "Taxation without Representation" DC tags

A Look Inside The Life Of A Weirdo, Gun Troll

Dennis Kucinich debuts as a Fox News contributor

UNRWA Denounces Killing Of 12 Palestinians In Damascus

As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?

Friday Squeee!

Netanyahu vows to not dismantle settlements

Pic: New official portrait

A good read about how members of Move and the Tea Party came together - Transpartisanship

Inauguration Watch - Waiting For A Punt (Or Not) On Climate Policy

An open letter to President Obama: The time on the Doomsday Clock is five minutes to midnight

In honor of Dear Abby........

Bringing The President Down A Notch: NPR Ends Calling Him 'Mr.'

Both our faiths promote charity and compassion, afterall

NPR on mental health & violence

Inside the Fed’s 2007 crisis response

Celebration Day: Neal Boortz leaves the air today

BlueOregon: Some Oregon sheriffs are embarrassing us

The political consequences of academic paywalls

Can Obama Speak to History?

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 18, 2003

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 18, 2003

AT&T rates in California skyrocket since deregulation

Lovin' On Some Chelsea Clinton

Scholars list of best and worst presidents

Flu-Related Deaths Rise Above Epidemic Levels in the U.S

Marco Rubio’s PAC Spends Five Times More On Overhead Than Political Contributions

Republicans meet to discuss what went wrong and to discuss minority outreach..

Best thread in a long, long time at FreeRepublic

Neologisms (them’s new words)

What's the matter with Congress? Not enough farmers and cowboys (interactive)

Great 'New Yorker' cover about Obama trying to deal with Congress

I had a bumper crop of bell peppers last year and now have

A "high firepower weapons ban"

Is PTSD Contagious?

Browns hire Norv Turner as O.C.

Der Spiegel: Conflating Critique of Israel with Anti-Semitism

Top Republican Walks Back Government Shutdown Threat

How dare the president blame & demonize the NRA by pointing out that they are IGNORING Gun Owners

Why Turning Our Schools Into Armed Camps Is A Bad Idea

Progressive Caucus: Pay Our Bills!

Rush Limbaugh Incites Violence Against Women Seeking Abortion

Sketch: NRA Spokesman Discusses Gun Appreciation Day

Climate change to profoundly affect the Midwest, new report says

Michelle Obama Announces Launch Of ‘Organizing For Action’ (VIDEO)

Check this out! Great News! Ithaca, NY - Freepers Lament!

Plagiarism at DU...

"Gun Appreciation Day Sponsored By American Third Position, White Supremacist Group

HOLY @#$&! Devastating response to NRA ad attacking President Obama's Kids from Pat Bagley

Hillary Clinton

Babrbara Walters just finished worshipping Bill O'Reilly on the View, again. She makes sure she

Melt ponds cause the Artic sea ice to melt more rapidly

What makes Creationism so special?

Oh Please Proceed, Wisconsin!

Economics vs Guns

Presidents and God: Religion's role in inauguration

(NASA-led) Study Finds Severe Climate Jeopardizing Amazon Forest

Trump's Scotland golf course pounded by "perfect storm"

Mr. President, leave your Bibles at home

"Happy Birthday Dead Baby": Children choir sings as woman comes in for abortion to remove dead fetus

The Grand Bamboozle: "A tax deal only the ultra-rich could love"

Breakthrough for solar cell research

Thoughts on Lance...

A Karmic Moment?

Twilight of the Pale Patriarchs - Hal Crowther

Seattle Clergy- Pro-gun protest ‘shockingly insensitive’

Religion survey: Christianity remains dominant, but maybe not in your corner of the globe

Gun massacre conspiracy theories follow every massacre—fed in part by the NRA

NASA beams Mona Lisa to moon with laser

Check out THESE idiots...

UGA researchers invent new material for warm-white LEDs

Joe Biden: "As 1 Hunter Told Me-If You Got 12 Rounds, It Means You Already Missed The Deer 11 Times"

Why is everyone up in arms

My flu shot experience

Republicans Can't Do The Math

Naftali Bennett: Is the Right-Wing Newcomer the New Face of Israel?

Manti Te'o's Fake Girlfriend May Have Duped Others

How to Smuggle a Ham

Robert Wagner not interviewed about Wood's death

Radio interview sheds light on Te'o's relationship with Tuiasosopo

The Message of Obama's Inaugural Bibles

Photovoltaics Beat Biofuels at Converting Sun’s Energy to Miles Driven

If you ever want to get a Republican to support gun control, just show them this:

The Rude Pundit - Guest Post: Health Care, Female Veterans, and the Rights of Us All

It's time to make room for Flacco in upper echelon of quarterbacks

TPM: The GOP’s Jig Is Up: They’ll Raise Debt Limit

President Eisenhower's (Grand)Daughter, Susan, Eviscerates the NRA

Republican retreat kicks off with a rocky start (LOL!)

Some day we'll look back on gun ownership the same way we look back on slave ownership

No Sane Govt Allows Its Citizenry to Own Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)

This just about says it all...

Why is this not at all surprising?

Businessman Fires Obama Supporters: "Love it-We had to let 2 employees go to cover Obongocarecosts"

Bolshoi ballet director in acid attack, may lose sight

A great picture of our President...

Foreigners still caught in Sahara hostage crisis

The Thinker

Boehner: no long-term U.S. debt hike without Senate budget action

Wow...the comedy just writes itself.

(Amazing) Man shops at Utah JCPenney while carrying assault rifle

You deserve to know what Girl Scout cookies fund

Gun FAILS: Second Amendment Rights Gone Wrong In Honor Of 'Gun Appreciation Day'

Man shops at Utah JCPenney while carrying assault rifle

Obama's Inauguration is a big deal

Carmen Ortiz Strikes Out ( Scott Horton, Harper's )

junior treasury notes

Mike Thompson toon - cops in schools

Massachusetts bill would require gun liability insurance

BOO HOO HOO - NRA President: Barack Obama Is Threatening To Murder Me

TSA has pulled the plug on the "naked body" scanners.

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Congressional Retreat Conference Agenda

(2011) Blast From The Past: New NRA Prez David Keene's Son Is a Convicted Road-Rage Shooter

Gussie Moran dies; skirt scandalized '49 Wimbledon

Chip Berlet on Religious Politics, Secular Values, Dominionism & Conspiracy Theory

What's the matter, ableist bigots? Did I hurt your pwecious widdle feewings?

I have found heaven on Earth for cat people. This is incredible.

New rules at Cabellos on buying ammunition?

Krugman: Extortionists Versus Con Men

The Vatican wants Tim Tebow

How tto Snuggle a Ham

There's only one person in this picture who shouldn't be claiming to be an expert..

Whole Foods CEO: ‘Climate Change Is Not Necessarily Bad’

Citizenship Will Be Key to Any Immigration Bill, Reid Says

Massachusetts: Rabbi Passes on Senate Bid

What retreat looks like

GOP Embraces Crisis Politics, Pushes For Three-Month Debt Ceiling Increase

Patriotic Group To Build Armed 'Defensible' Neighborhood Fortress


(video) Recreational assault weapons fire riddles Ohio home, narrowly misses officer and residents.

House will vote next week on plan to raise debt ceiling for three months

Just askin'

5 questions that Armstrong answered yes to.

Journalism by–and for–the Sponsors

Don't make me laugh!

Ode to the Man-Purse (sort of)

‘Firearms instructor’ hired as school guard leaves handgun in student bathroom

Child/Teen Gun Related Death Rates Per State

Ever wonder how the right wing trolls find DU? This explains much ;-)

Use the State of the Union to call for a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

Detroit: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood brings $25 million in federal aid for M-1 rail project

Facebook Page for Inaugural Ceremonies

Ex- New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted

Former UNC dean of students says she was forced to underreport sexual assault cases

Wow. There are multiple, constructive gun control threads on GD right now

Immigration Poll: Majority Of Voters Support Pathway To Citizenship

I've spent much of the last 6 months defriending Right Wingers

GOP takes off the suicide bomb vest

New York Rep: GOP Made Us ‘Go Around Like Third World Beggars’ For Sandy Aid

OMG have you seen the latest Pat Robertson rant? "Awful looking women" to blame for bad marriages!


Stephen Colbert's Sister To Run For Tim Scott's House Seat

The Most Inappropriate Song About Abstinence You’ll Hear All Day

Man sues policemen and police dog for

Letter I wrote

Stop partisan gerrymandering of the electoral college

Just notifed by my library that my "hold" is NOW available for ME, Cannot wait!!!!

Blue Bell expanding its reach in North Carolina

Blue Bell expanding its reach in North Carolina

A problem with mag capacity legislation.

Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

Revealed: Archae's eyebrows.

Federal Court of Appeals upholds Act 10 in its entirety

Limbaugh Asks: If Civil Rights Activists in 60s Owned Guns "You Think They Would Have Needed Selma?"

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe will have a book out this summer.

All hail EarlG!

Watch A Fox 5 Reporter Accidentally Say The N-Word Instead Of "Inaugural'

Retired Corpus Christi attorney arrested during hearing after dropping dollar bill w/ white residue

Lazaro Arbos on American Idol

LBJ made clear where he stood when it came to the BFEE

The Privatization of Chile's Sea

Does anyone know if a Sony Playstation 3 with Blueray will play a musical CD?

oops! Sorry, posted this in wrong forum by accident.

Shameless Repug Hypocrisy

Pinochet’s Indictor Visits Chile Amid Controversy

whirling through endless space

Chris Kluwe will have a book out this summer....

A Supercomputer Fit to Dominate the Cosmos

Diving Deep into Danger

Jon Stewart annihilates GOP hysteria over Obama’s executive orders

Girl Rising

Tim Murray wont run in 2014

I guess this is the place for posting about medical issues so here goes;


My favorite columnist on the lackluster IN gubernatorial inauguration:

I think I am giving my terrier an inferiority complex with all the Doggie Tubes

The Fox News God has spoken!!

How bout requiring purchasers pass background check.

Man who accidentally shot, killed brother: ‘I relive it every day’

Real Biden Responds to Fake Biden: I'm A 'Vette Guy

If one suspects a poster of being a sock puppet or zombie...

Stephen Colbert’s Sister To Run For Congress

Seriously...You will get it when you pry it from my COLD DEAD HAND.

Pelosi: GOP Debt Ceiling Plan Is An Unworthy Gimmick

Woman smothered boyfriend to death with "large breasts," say police

Regarding the AR-15 Shopping Mall Dumbass in Utah:

Is It Wrong to Wear Wookie Fur Coats?

House GOP’s New Debt Limit Strategy: Force Dems To Pass A Budget

Man protests with AK-47 outside KC federal courthouse

NRA says they just want to enforce existing gun laws - but then do everything they can to stop that

After seeing an onslaught of gun-not postings on Facebook today . . .

Betsy Andreu, how Armstrong tried to destroy us.

Egypt: Don’t Force Palestinians Back to Syria (Human Rights Watch)

A wonderful endorsement for Kerry as SOS from a paper I never heard of

Rand Paul: Chris Christie Will Regret Going Off On GOP

Price of Power: The Cost of a McCrory Cabinet Post

Sat a loss for words - hakes head

Yes, from time to time, the government sometimes does things that bother me.

Can anybody recommend homeowners insurance for a historical home?

BabyMusk ox

Is It Constitutional To Withhold Congressional Pay?

Maddow report: How the ATF was weakened by the NRA

About the ATF appointment (found on Facebook)

Angels in America

Feds investigate how suspected white supremacist -- a felon -- obtained arsenal

Don't re-enable Java! The latest security updates to Java still have vulnerabilities!

Over the years I have had a lot of friends who have turned to the right...

Suns, coach Alvin Gentry part ways

Presidents Bush to Skip Obama Inaugural

Maggie and Brian continue to lie to their followers. Said followers lap it up.

My Anti-Bullying Project (needs you)

For the woman who has everything,...I present the Man Shelf!

Germany’s Entire Gold Hoard At The Fed May Already Be Gone

Al Gore exercises Apple stock options worth $29 million

John Cornyn Criticizes Eric Holder Over Aaron Swartz's Death

Utah business owner fires two who backed Obama

Communism in the Bible

Republicans Brag They Won House Majority Because Of Gerrymandering

Debt ceiling stop-gap: GOP would pay some bills over others

Fox News personality bursts out laughing at the dumb shit she’s expected to say

Ex-Ukraine Premier Accused of Murder

NPR Will Stop Referring To Obama As ‘Mr.’ On Second Reference To Avoid Appearance Of ‘Favoritism’

The Republican Debt Ceiling Gambit Is Unconstitutional

Dear DU:

Stephen Colbert's sister to run for District 1 seat

Lie detector

Boeing's outsourcing strategy in the spotlight as FAA grounds the Dreamliner

How the NRA is winning

FROSTED (my anti-bullying film)

PYOOOUWEEEE!! I got stinkyfeets!

any ideas? waterproof?,

Panetta: No question al Qaeda-linked group behind Algeria attack

Overcharged batteries eyed in Boeing 787 fires

For your beautiful minds, DUers...the Friday Afternoon Challenge! Today: “The ‘Fabric’ of Art!”

Schools might want to rethink letting their textbooks pass by Texas Board of Education first

Mississippi 'Coat Hanger' Rep. Introduces Bill to Imprison Pregnant Women for 10+ Years for Drug Use

Creationist Louisiana Senator causes duo-facepalms during education hearings!

There's douche,......then there's DOUCHE!

Confession may lead to legal woes for Armstrong

The central right identified in the Heller decision is

A Constitutionally protected medical procedure can only be obtained in 13% of the counties ...

Was Tebowing. Now Te'oing.

Friend Says Tuiasosopo Admitted Manti Te'o Was Not In on Hoax

Students: Boycott Busch beers on behalf of Whiteclay

Bike in the needle

In the House, the Republicans have stacked the deck (Gerrymandering Democracy out of the election)

This is a great movie

Thinking broadly about gun control.

UC Riverside Researcher Using Snail Teeth to Improve Solar Cells and Batteries

Joe Biden, the Listener (The Daily Beast)

It's not about politics

Krugman: Not With A Bang But With A Whimper

Thrice convicted extorionist linked to Idaho Citadel project

Ha!!!!..... Just got a robo survey by the NRA.

6 Bears Rescued from ILLEGAL Bile Farm (China)

Fractured Land

Weekend Economists Discover the Blue Men January 18-21, 2013

Questions with Susie Sampson

Federal court of appeals upholds Gov. Walker's union law

PETITION: Steubenville rape case investigated by higher court

Mob boss Tony Zerilli: Hoffa killed, buried 20 miles from where he disappeared - from 2 days ago!!

Stewart Demolishes Conservative Cries Of Obama Gun ‘Tyranny’: ‘You Just Look Like An A**hole’

If Lance Armstrong was armed with guns he wouldn't have needed to take steroids

Neocon Lexicon"-Cute Texas Talk for Screw everybody---John Mackay, George Bush,Karl Rove

Even a new low- Despicable - Limbaugh Calls Kids 'Human Shields'

Charles Schulz got it right in this Peanuts toon

Photos: Michelle Obama

Glenn Beck vs. The Citadel: Who Announced Plans for a Libertarian Commune Better?

Dow, S&P 500 close at 5-year highs

DU needs cat smilies!

More bad news for Wisconsin: Walker's anti-worker Act 10 upheld

No More Guns: Time Warner Cable Bans Semi-Automatic Weapons From Ads

Why socialism and capitalism must co-exist

So, who knew Eric Clapton was a giant racist? I didn't.

Re Al doing a nice review of Obama's first four years

Silica Exposure Petition #ItsNotJustDust

Duff Goldman (Charm City Cakes) creating official inaugural ball cake

I'm going to kick O'Reilly's ass.

Pentagon grounds Marine Corps model of F-35 fighter jet

Fido Friday in a winter wonderland!

California Supreme Court: Storefront Marijuana Dispensaries Are Definitely Legal

U.S. won't drop conspiracy charge against 9/11 plot suspects

New discovery of ancient river supports theory that water once flowed on Mars

What this Inauguration Means to Our President’

U.S., China in deal on U.N. North Korea rebuke; Russia to back it

You guys see Rev. Al beating up on this asshole from TN

Friday-Fun Break-----20 Amazing Examples of Owl Camouflage

Earl Scruggs

Are you watching Rev. Al right now with Joe Carr, State Rep from I don't know where.

'Danger Dogs' - A decadent (possibly sinfully unhealthy) dinner

DISGUSTING Sandyhook Hoax jerks explained:

Top U.S. commander denied visa in rights row: Russia

Oh, OK. NOW I get it.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Gets 75 Percent Raise: Report

Every day we ignore gun violence more people die

"Dangerous Persuasions - $cientology" (ID Channel)

Why hasn't the Senate passed a budget? Because they don't have the 60 votes

Michelle Obama wants you to join in Organizing for Action check it out

War On Drugs Has Not Been Worth The Costs: Poll

A Presidential Declaration I'd like to see.

Swedish cleaner not to blame for train crash

NRA lied: No armed guards at Obama girls’ school

NASA's 'Mohawk Guy' to March in Obama's Inaugural Parade

Palestinians: Apartheid State If Netanyahu Wins

Eva Cassidy

Legalization's Biggest Enemies

Laying Bare The Facts About Netanyahu And The Settlements