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Archives: January 23, 2013

Are you ready for "Who Killed JR #2"?

Got a graphics tablet question

McCain Cracks Jokes About Hostages And Waterboarding

Several Kentucky Tea Party groups seek to defeat McConnell in 2014

January Photo Contest FINAL

January Photo Contest Final is up in GD

So how did the filibuster rule change vote go in the senate today?

Great article by Penn Jillette

Iran, Russia Sign Security Agreement


Don't blame me!

CSX Railroad's 4Q Profit Down 3 Pct.

U.S. Navy sailors sue Japan over nuclear accident

Nova: "Rise of the Drones" Airs Jan 23 on PBS

Jeff Beck


Dolphin Tangled in Fishing Line Approaches Divers for Help (Video)

Have you seen this? Letter to McCrory re: Medicaid Expansion

CTE found in living ex-NFL players

Viral ‘cave baby’ rumor spurs Harvard geneticist to call for greater scientific literacy

"I knew they’d eventually get to blaming women even though it’s men doing the shooting."

APNewsBreak: Embassy: Some Russia Orphans US-Bound

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Surprise White House Visitors

OW! My butt hurts.

Senate plans aviation hearing, FAA approval of 787 battery

Bill filed to establish medical marijuana program in Okla.

Syrians in miserable conditions in a tent city

So, Prince Harry - Did you kill people in Afghanistan? WTF for?

Top commander in Afghanistan cleared in Pentagon inquiry

Nate Silver is Not a Witch… He’s You.

Teen Model Gets Her Face Slashed By 2 Girls Over A Boy

U1TV - Union Busting 101-"The Role of Supervisors" Episode 3

roe at 40: the economic divide that denies low-income women their right to an abortion

roe at 40: the economic divide that denies low-income women their right to an abortion

Is Tweety on speed?

Two suspects detained after shooting on Texas college campus

Is trollmageddon over?

U1TV- Union Busting 101- "Fighting Back; Exposure" Episode 4

Canada seeks evidence on hostage-taker, summons Algeria envoy

Turn on Ed Shultz right 'effing now - he's burying the Reagan era

Virginia Republicans’ bald-faced power grab

40 years after roe v wade, we still fall short of reproductive justice

40 years after roe v wade, we still fall short of reproductive justice

They hate me, they really hate me

The Climate Change Endgame

Mali conflict: US begins French troop airlifts

Big Ed twice tossed a Rush Limbaugh book in his trash can!

Ohio State Board Of Education President Compares Obama To Hitler

It's PARTY TIME! Up to 25 people ignoring me now

62-Year-Old With Gun Only One Standing Between Nation And Full-Scale Government Takeover

roe at 40: reproductive justice for black women

roe at 40: reproductive justice for black women

Employers can't fire workers for collectively criticizing their workplace online

If You Are Truly Pro-Life, You’d Vote Democrat.

NV - Report Shows Details of Possible Attempt to Kill Speaker

Sarah Palin: Roe v. Wade Anniversary Highlights Obama 'Hypocrisy'

I don't know why she got so mad.

Ohio State Board Of Education President Compares Obama To Hitler

If Republicans Obstruct again they do so at great Peril

This Guy is My New BFF

My supervisor could not understand why I don't sympathize with Phil Mikelson's whining

BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, 1.0mm, Black, 16ct (MSLP16-Blk)

U.S. seeks long prison sentence for man who aided Mumbai plotters

Ava Luna - "Ice Level"

Peugeot unveils petrol hybrid using compressed air

U.S. general charged with forced sex launches offensive

The 14 Fossil-Fuel Projects Poised to F*ck up the Climate

Chronic Urticaria

Supreme Court urged to support gay marriage limits

White House still says marriage not a federal issue

New Arrivals at All USA Clothing (ALL Made in the USA!!!)

What an awesome response to my poll! Here is my fire lookout 2013 decision:

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Weapons of Mass Indifference & a new kitty gif

Rep. Janak Joshi: Trust Me, I’m a Physician!

For Rape Victims in India, Police Are Often Part of the Problem (NYT)

MUST WATCH: In MLK Award Acceptance Speech at WI Capitol, Woman Gives Gov. Walker Hell to His Face

What is the internet for... if it's not for Cats.

D'ya think Ted Nugent would have become a right-wing loudmouth if he'd stayed on the charts?

US offers support in hunt for Algerian attackers

Mitch McConnell In 2010: "The #1 Goal Is To Defeat Obama"...2013: "The Era Of Liberalism Is Back"

Like it never happened . . . .

Wal-Mart warehouse fined for safety violations by Cal/OSHA

It was good to see folks at the Inauguration day Meetup!

Do you anticipate a Republican State Legislature going 'Alamo' in the next few years?

Mike Malloy reviews Obama's inaugural address (4 videos)

Ana Kasparian (Young Turks): Surprising Study on Evangelicals and Premarital Sex

There are "abortion providers" everywhere, they are called "doctors."

As an atheist, I may roll my eyes at some of the religious shenanigans, but other things bothered me

Have textbooks always been such a ripoff?

Indiana wants to strip (some) students of right to vote

Prostitution sting nets teacher, sheriff's employee

UK: Israeli-Palestinian 2-state solution almost dead

Turn MSNBC on. Up next... Rachel Maddow's segment regarding Harry Reid and filibuster reform

New Frontline Piece Highlights Fraud in Mortgage Industry

Irish music. I wanted something different so I went to Youtube.

50 doomiest graphs of 2012

"I bring a message from your master, Marcus Trollus Crassus, Commander of Trolls."

Bill beat pancreas cancer 3 years ago, now his wife has melanoma

Jordan's king urges Israel, Palestinians to talk

"West Point study on ‘violent far right’ shows ‘dramatic rise’ in attacks"

Jindal stops Hospice Care for Medicaid patients - UPDATED!!!

Couple arrested for dancing on subway wins $75K settlement from NYPD

Criminal probe ongoing into Jeffs polygamous sect

Soledad O'Brien will be speaking at my school next month!

Liberturdian worship of Penn Jillette floating around Facebook

FRONTLINE ON NOW: Why has no one from Wall Street gone to jail?

Retailers can now track you across the mall with your phone's Wi-Fi

Man Crashes Car Into Pizza Place, Orders Pizza

Inspiration for all of us!

Blind, deaf Shih Tzu safely makes way home after fall

If you have a smartphone with voice input capability, try this:

Baby I'm A Fool - Melody Gardot

Has the jury system changed in the last 24 hours?

Paul Ryan lies again

Ga. man sentenced to 15 years in Army militia plot

Tepid Vote for Netanyahu in Israel Is Seen as Rebuke

Adolf Hitler quote

New Katrina burned body trials set for March

Lawrence carrying that idiot LaPierre live

Another Catholic sex abuse cover-up

You mean I'm not supposed to bark?

Not sure why anyone cares what LaPierre's reaction to Obamas inaugural address is

Obama's Inaugural Speech Was About Ordinary American Families-Not About Republican Politicians In DC

Wayne Lapew is a terrorist!

LaPierre frothing again - "the criminal class"

Pre-trial hearing starts for Guatemala ex-dictator

Thank you for your kind words, Juror #4.

Maddowblog - "The spending surge that didn't happen" - RW Talking Point Refuted

Religion does not make you love your neighbour - study

The brilliantly stupid new plan to raise the debt ceiling without raising it

So, it seems like I quickly imprinted upon our new kitten Pico!

Maddowblog - "The discomfort with an unapologetic president" - Corporate Media Pushing RW Meme

LEDs Emerge as a Popular ‘Green’ Lighting

Resurrecting Predictions of a Renaissance in This Presidency

'Frontline' Learns Firsthand Why Wall Street Is 'Untouchable'

DU has changed so much. Remember what used to make us mad?

Definition of a Liberal

Maddowblog - "The Politics of Crowd Size" - Pundits Try To Minimize Inaugeration Crowd

I know we have some pit bull lovers here

Republicans DO believe in evolution

Northampton County district attorney dismisses some charges against Easton bank protester

Could anyone use one of these?

With many things coming up about "The Big Three" lets refresh and be ready for the fights ahead.

Say It Ain't So!!!

19th Knesset to see Right, Left virtually tied

Stephanie Miller ran into a NEWT?

A Message To Republicans From A Teen Who Was On CHIP And Raised By A Single Mom

New pancake for Sony NEX cameras.

Ouch. The Flyers drop to 0-3.

Have you ever seen a more disturbing ad for a vegetable?

I could use your help if you don't mind a few clicks

Was Obama’s inaugural call for equality lost on the GOP? (Video)

The Politician Hall of Shame Inductee #4

Don't new users need a valid email address to sign up?

15 Awsome chemistry gifs

Stephen Colbert is killing it tonight!

No Way To Carry a Weapon

Wow a new American tennis star is born

JESUS RETURNS!!!! (dies cold and alone in Moscow Idaho)

Have you ever

The Politician Hall of Shame Inductee #5

Jon Stewart’s Epic Take Down Of MSNBC, Fox News And CNN’s Inauguration Coverage

Charismatic Leader Helps Israel Turn Toward the Center

former NRA lobbyist says NRA more about own pockets than gun owners

From Facebook, a claim that Obama flubbed the Oath of Office "again"

I'm watching a documentary about "Plato's Retreat"

Never hit a pothole, again.

Inaugural Scene I Would Have Liked to Have Seen

The "Abolitionists" is on PBS in the pst zone, recommended!

Holy crap.....Serena is out of the Australian Open!!!

Arizona Men's Rights Group

Gen. John Allen cleared in misconduct inquiry

CNN Wins Inauguration Ratings For Cable News; Fox News Comes In Last

Beck's just released album

The Atheists Conundrum

N.R.A. Leader Denounces Obama’s Call for Gun Control

I got dumped.

I’m in L.A. and the Lakers are in real trouble. Not a big Laker Fan, in fact I dislike them maybe...

Texas club owner gets 10 years in failed plot (against Arlington mayor)

Legislation would end cancer agency's bond funding

Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies

Bay Area DUers, what do you think of the plastic bag law?

"This is beyond any human reasoning or understanding at this time," Houston said. (NM shooting)

Obama/Dems won the battle but Repubs are winning the war....

Here to the Moon & Back

Homicidal statements from conservatives ...

Ken Cuccinelli: I’m Fighting The Contraception Mandate Just Like Martin Luther King, Jr

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops - January 21, 2013

You have GOT to see this!! A reading of the Declaration of Independence! Too cool!

Some charter schools admit sending students back to public schools. How they "counsel out" kids.

Our President says this is his Favorite James Taylor song

Court ruling could mean sing-along participants get a break (WIS)

It's going down to 1 or 2 tonight...

So my doc is happy with my progress.....but there's other stuff going on...

Netanyahu claims election win despite losses

Supreme Court Agrees, EPA Has Right To Regulate Pollution

Dog Whisperer sings puppies to sleep

A petition to ‘stop white genocide’?

Rep. McDermott slams GOP for using debt ceiling to push ‘social Darwinism’

‘Inigo Montoya’ shirt upsets travelers, leads to awkward flight

North Korea is like The Truman Show

DNA study traces ancestry of Native Americans to Beijing

Clackamas Town Center victim's father weighs in on gun debate

Can a post be cross posted to another forum?

Sycophancy: 2014, Their number is up.

It is amazing what makes you start to think.

Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies

PHOTOS at the Inaugural Ball

FL paid $1.9 million of Race to Top funds to be evaluated independently of US internationally.

Humanity could take a lesson from this

TYT: Ted Nugent ready for armed revolt

Y'know, we already HAVE limits on RKBA now.

The threat posed by violent extremism (Absolutism and LaPierre)


PBS: The Debate on Abortion, Four Decades After Roe vs. Wade

The Lost Wolves of New England

Miscellaneous neat stuff

CHART: Labor Strikes Become Rare As Employers Gain The Upper Hand


India Warns Kashmiris to Prepare for Nuclear War

Any ideas for tofu loaf left overs?

Writing Tip

The Beloved Community

NZ to eradicate pet cats?

Cuba’s Updated Migration Policy Totally Confounds the United States and the Micro-Republic of Miami

The Inauguration's Hottest Issue - Literally

looks like the media screwed up again big time. The moderate Yesh Atid took control in the Israeli

Can You Smell Yourself?

Would you consider this "rescuing" a dog? Would you have left without her?

Crackpot fraudently claims that Texas will save $2 billion with vouchers

Toon: Obama will take away your guns

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Jan 23rd

Melanerpes carolinus

If the RW hates welfare so much, why do they keep paying less and less for labor?

Thank God We've Got The NRA Protecting Our Rights

Four more years, oh thank God, Mark Morford

My review of Jeff Bridges' book on Lebowski and Zen

Federal Court Denies Lawsuit Claiming Marijuana's Medical Benefits

Will America's Next War Be in the Pacific?

US airlift of French troops to Mali to last weeks

Walmart Canada Plans 37 Supercenters in 2013

Food Industry: Storm Response Sparked New Lessons

Boomers Dine Out While Millennials Cut Back

7 Uncovered Quotes That Show How Far off the Rails the NRA Has Gone

Fossil Fuel Projects from U.S. to China Raise CO2 by 20%

Europe 'has failed to learn from environmental disasters'

Obama under pressure after Nebraska governor signs off on Keystone XL

Is Williamsburg Virginia still on your vacation list after the Republican power grab?

US drone strikes publicly criticised by Yemeni cabinet minister

Murder Most Foul

The White House Sends Troubling Signals About Its First Climate Test: Keystone XL

Don't get stuck reading this link

The Politician Hall of Shame Inductee #6

What Obama's Inaugural Address Got Wrong About Poverty

Toon- Shocked and Hurt!

Charlie Brown a stalker? Good grief!

Giant goat-cheese fire closes Norwegian roadway for six days

Racism, Partisanship, and Dirty Tricks

Japanese researchers grow kidney tissue from stem cells

Lifetime risk of prostate cancer 'has trebled'

Could someone please direct me to a Union-related support/discussion group?

for fun...

NW Minnesota's Moose Nearly Gone; NE Populations On Track To Vanish w/i 20 Years

Massive melting of Andes glaciers

Distraction in the Age of Austerity

Documentary "Beachmaster" Tells Story Of Remarkable N. Pacific Elephant Seal Rebound

Report: Earlier action can cut EU's environmental risks

Post-ABC poll: Hillary Clinton reaches new heights of political popularity

State Dept. Delays Keystone XL Decision Until Sometime After March - Reuters

Winter's first cold wave, time for the annual "what global warming" snicker fest. Nt.

Global Warming is a Domestic Crisis by Juan Cole


Witnesses: Settlers, forces expand Halamish settlement

Melting Glaciers in Andes Could Spell Continental Water Crisis in South America

Peter Robbins, Charlie Brown arrested: Voice actor for 'Peanuts' character Charlie Brown arrested

Reuters/Yahoo! - NJ Governor Christie heavy favorite to win re-election: poll

Drones Provoke Growing Controversy in US

Georgia: Public Funds Support Scholarships at Antigay Private Schools

Juan Cole: Global Warming Is a Domestic Crisis

From high hopes to 'disaster' for Israel's far-right star

Mali: The Fastest Blowback Yet in This Disastrous War on Terror

Well hopefully some good news ...

Fight between school bus driver, student ends with shots fired

Does anyone else have AT&T wireless for their home?

I love sour dough bread

More than One Million Schoolchildren in U.S. are Homeless

Arizona GOP files new bill to reimburse Russell Pearce for recall

Horrifying Anti-Gay Graffiti Found At Boston Law School

Middle class won (israeli election results)

The Growing Adoption of Creative Commons Textbooks

"Covered California" Q&A

The 'Holy Grail' Of Spotting Brain Injury In Athletes May Have Been Discovered

Aspirin May Raise Risk Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Study Suggests

Guns and Hitler ...Oh My!

Ricardo Montalban's third best role?

States Push Ahead With Plans to Arm Teachers

Zillah Eisenstein on "dark, zero feminism"

Toon- The party that no's better

Pentagon, industry seek answers on issue that grounded F-35B

Quinnipiac: 51 Percent Of N.J. Dems Want Booker Over Lautenberg

Raven's Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo:Carrying a Cause to the Super Bowl(gay marriage)Ellen answered

Wednesday Toons- The Progressive

AI: Dozens of UN members urge immediate ICC referral of ‘desperate’ situation in Syria

Obama - "Out Of The Closet"

The GOP’s biggest cave yet

I'm watching the beginning of the HRC SFRC hearing on CSPAN

Hillary Clinton; strong, articulate, smart, executive approach in tone and manner.

The 38 States That Have Slashed Higher Education Spending

Wall Street Bankers - Can someone list names and charges?

CNN live discussion with Secretary Clinton about Benghazi. She gave a powerful

Early 2016 Democratic Primary poll

Obama Stopped, Turned To Marvel At The Crowd: "They were the ones he, and we, were waiting for"

Debunked: Obama's $5 Trillion in New Debt

Its all in the name

I've lost almost 55 pounds over the last couple years!

As seen on Tumblr:

Where ‘Choice Feminism’ Has Got Us

Morning humor

"Home protected by Smith & Wesson" -- NOT!

Chinese Factory Workers Hold Managers Hostage In Strike Over 2-Minute Bathroom Breaks

Isnt it rich that conservatives are bemoaning that Obama did not reach out during the inauguration?

The Ludicrous Mythology that Christian Colleges Teach as Fact

Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GlaxoSmithKline swine flu shot

MSNBC carrying Hillary's testimony before Senate committee

What are the GOP Governors up to?

Hunting Show Stands Up To NRA By Banning Assault Rifles At Event

Could you imagine what election night (11/6) would have been like if that EV split was in effect?

WATCH: Jamaican Video Campaign Against Anti-Gay Discrimination

Texas DU'ers: Please help this poll!

Don’t Replace Religion; End It

James Taylor: Rove/GOP Reopening wounds of Civil War for political base & to hide political agenda

Luckovich on Republicans' Complaint about Obama's Inaugural Speech

Lance's New Fixie

NFL looking into Brady's slide vs Ravens

As the EU strengthens the uk wants out

If you gain, you gain all; If you lose, you lose nothing...


U.S. Bank Deposits Drop Most Since 9/11 Terror Attacks

air force calls number of sex assaults 'appalling'

So these three German Sheperds walk into a bar ...

Jerry Jones strips Jason Garrett of play-calling duties

ariz. ag: marshals working with polygamous sect

Allen West: "NUTS!"

Russia Warns Israel, West Against Attack On Iran

nato to activate turkey missile defenses

Gun that student took to Omaha school last week was loaded, police say

Omnipotent? Hardly. (Toon)

Hillary Clinton on Benghazi: "I do feel responsible"

More Reason For Joy: We now have a Lieberman-free Congress.

The GOP is shocked! and offended!

Dish to close 300 Blockbuster stores, 3,000 jobs may be lost

If it's a center-right country, why cheat?

Scientists predict Santiago de Chile will get drier and warmer

NJ voters overwhelmingly back Christie's rebuke to House Republicans

Melting Glaciers in Andes Could Spell Continental Water Crisis in South America

John McCain...

Petition to put Wendy Davis back on Education Committee

fuck .. I hate John McCain so much ....

"Where was the hoplessness?"

Habitat Destruction Leads To Longer Foraging Times And More Stress For Monkeys In Mexico

Music that will never be used in the background of a conspiracy film

House and Senate Chaplain attend anti-Obama Presidential Inaugural Breakfast Prayer Meeting)

Raising the Medicare age could hurt young workers

We're in contact with uncontrolled chemicals

Boom - Dick Durbin - No WMD's in Iraq

Indian panel pushes new laws after fatal gang rape

My response from Whole Foods regarding CEO's remarks about healthcare

sometimes, just sometimes, winning isn't everything.

This looks like a really good activist progressive organization: Faithful America

NJ voters overwhelmingly back Christie's rebuke to House Republicans

Hillary Clinton Erupts At Ron Johnson Over Benghazi

Republicans scramble to make debt limit vote look like something other than surrender

Dear GOPeas, RE Hillary and demanding that she testify:

Photo of each person in Congress who’s proposing a total gun ban

WTF? Can anyone explain what this is about?

Missing Coast Guardsman reappears after 3 months

Something is still gunning for Will.

Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel (BBC)

Colbert: "Instead of voters getting to pick their leaders - leaders get to pick their voters."

LA Times - "Obama's inaugural speech provokes rattled Republicans"

There were two winners today in the Senate Hearings:

Rand Paul has hit rock bottom

What It Was Like Growing Up Gay...

"My name is Bruce Lee…"

Okay Hil, drop the hammer on this little twerp

Rand Paul....

Washington gov. cheers ‘very satisfying’ marijuana meeting with AG Holder

Senator Rand Paul

Why are you taking this so personally?

I bet John McCain forgot he hit send on this tweet about Libya:

UNBELIEVABLE -- 7 Uncovered Quotes That Show How Far off the Rails the NRA Has Gone

xpost: The Growing Adoption of Creative Commons Textbooks

"To call Benghazi the worst disaster since 9-11 is a total misunderstanding..."

Secretary Clinton ROCKS! (Fist Pounding Defense Against Ron Johnson)

Senator Leahy blasts obstructionist Republicans over killing embassy security funding

FU John McCain

GOP Rep: I ‘Absolutely’ Voted To Cut Funding For Embassy Security (blast from the past)

AP radio news at the top of the hour is quoting McCain

cop throws preg. woman to ground, hog ties her, for talking on cellphone while driving

The "Morans" Finally See The Light: "Public is not behind us & that’s a real problem for our party

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 23, 1970

So challenging the President's Bigotry is unacceptable here?

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 23, 1970

'He's naked and he's running in my damn house!" Desperate 911 call reveals moment naked home invader

Republican asshole: Senator John McCain. Republican moron: Rand Paul

Response from Whole Foods

CSPAN callers are laying into Rand Paul and McCain

Please sign my WH Petition to "Conduct a complete fiscal audit of all Military and DHS Spending."

Beyonce certainly BETTER than MEAT LOAF!!!

Philippines to take China sea row to court (Manila invoked a UN treaty on territorial limits of

Democrats try again to extend anti-violence bill

Bolivia exceeds millennium clean water goals

Hillary Clinton Hammers Republicans For Focus On Benghazi Transparency Complaints

A Defense Against Tyranny?

Religious right joins the NRA in gun control battle

Ontario to repeal controversial Bill 115 today (law that restricted teachers right to strike)

Where were all these tough questions

Lollapalooza Calls off Israel Edition

Can someone explain to me this "No budget, No pay" bill that the House

here is what bothers GOP senators....

How Millions of Farmers are Advancing Agriculture For Themselves

Clinton Testimony is All About 2016 and TV Ads

49ers Crabtree rape allegation not holding up

To the Good People of CT, Thank You

Waterboard Kerry' and 5 other examples of John McCain's peculiar sense of humor

Chavez ally: Ailing president undergoing physical therapy

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

thank you hillary

Clinton Scolds GOP Senator On Whether Protest Sparked Benghazi Attack

How many are apPAULled by the

Netanyahu loses big in Israeli election win

Millions Die in Africa After Big Pharma Blocks Imports of Generic AIDS Drugs

This child is the face of the immigration war

Jon Stewart Uses Inauguration Coverage To Illustrate Mainstream Media Is Depthless (VIDEO)

Really, Mr. Paul?

Gospel of Intolerance - Connection between American Religious Right and Uganda

Chavez ally: Ailing president undergoing physical therapy

Fox's Own On-Air Personality Calls Them Out For Perpetuating Falsehoods

You can bet your ass that when the President retires....

DEAD LAST FOX "News" Is The Biggest Ratings Loser On Inauguration Day-& The Future Looks Even Dimmer


Lip Reader Reveals Boehner Joke That Prompted The First Lady’s Epic Eye Roll

Violence at Russian anti-gay law protest

Thom Hartmann: How 100 people could end poverty

I thought her safe word was "Popsicle" not "Red"

Tea party senator gets an earful from Hillary over Benghazi criticism

US military says Martin Luther King would be proud of its weapons

Poll: Booker has big edge over Lautenberg for Senate

Ford Researchers Make the Case for Ethanol and Methanol Blends

Russia Criticizes Syria Rebel ‘Obsession’ With Assad Exit

Soliciting topics for Post No. 15,000

Pic Of The Moment: Sec. Of State Clinton Takes Questions From Republicans At Benghazi Hearing

OK, DUers, help me find the pic

Dolphin Tangled in Fishing Line Approaches Divers for Help

Alex Jones: Credibility? I don't need no stinkin' credibility!

Unions suffer steep decline in membership

what should President Obama do in 2018

Religious Right Joins The NRA In Gun Control Battle

How The Sweet Potato Crossed The Pacific Way Before The Europeans Did

Question about Amazon book pricing.

Why Does Guatemala Have One of the Highest Rates of Femicide in the World?

Colorado bill would allow some felons the right to possess guns

History of the Communist Party of the United States by William Z. Foster (1952)

Oh Those Feisty Dames, Benghazi Hearings Edition

Seeds of change: Legalization efforts grow from the bottom up

You all have been so quiet lately. I hope that's a good thing.

Reporters, friends of Journalists, etc reading DU

The banality (and stupidity) of Evil

More regressive taxes from Republican administration

Harry Reid Declares He Has 51 Votes For Filibuster Reform

Rapid City, S.D., alderman to black TV reporter: 'Should we deport you back to Kenya with Obama?'

I.M.F. Forecast: Global Economic Growth Modest at Best

Julian Assange should not be given a voice by the Oxford Union

Afghan rape victim 'attacked again by government workers protecting her'

Volkswagen powers up giant solar installation at its Chattanooga, TN plant

Oakland hires police consultant Bratton

Assange protesters to push on

I just learned how to peel a pomegranate!

Senate Dems Declare Victory Over House Debt Limit Vote

UN official calls on British government to investigate undercover police scandal

Red supergiant star Betelgeuse set for collision with strange bar — Will it explode?

MY GIRL!!!!!

Unemployment vent.

Iraq bomb: Many dead in Shia mosque in Tuz Khurmato

The Pentagon as a Global NRA

Don't believe Republican lies about passing a budget; GOP voted for budget for past 2 years

Palestinian Surprise, Skepticism After Israel Vote

CNN poll on climate change (most believe) and immigration reform (most support)

Sierra Club Will Engage In Civil Disobedience To Fight Climate Change

Biden to hold ‘fireside hangout’ on gun violence

NAACP, Beverage Lobby Challenge City's Soda Ban

Were there hearings for Condi Rice's failure on the 9/11 memo warning?

5 Days Before College Shooting in Houston, ALEC/NRA Guns on Campus Bill Introduced in TX Legislature

Obama's First Term Was Shaped by Clashes With Big-Business Interests-What the media won't tell you

How 'Stop and Frisk' Is Too Often a Sexual Assault by Cops on Teens in Targeted NYC Neighborhoods

President Obama's just rolling over the republican House

Republican House Leader Vows To Use ‘Power Of Humiliation’ To Undermine LGBT Program

The Rude Pundit - Louisiana's Jindal to Abused Women and the Dying: Drop Dead

The gop better be careful. They may get what they're asking for.

Reuters: House extends US debt limit to May 19th, moves to Senate

Interesting that some so-called Lefty Liberals

Strange new glitch?

Guns should not be kept in houses where children are present

Wouldn't it have been great to have Senators Ask tough questions about the other Sept 11?

"Where are you, trolls? Hellooooooooo . . ."

"Proud Republican" militia leader pleads guilty for 2 deaths to prevent revealing planned overthrow

Maine, you're kind of a mess right now (thank your teabagger Gov. LePage)

Office Of Law School LGBT Group Vandalized With Hateful Graffiti Over MLK Day Weekend

The More People, the More Resources Used.

Brazil Investigates Death of Former President

Seau's family sues NFL over brain injuries

Brazil Investigates Death of Former President

Before you say anything about the Benghazi hearings, please watch these videos again!

Shocked, Shocked -- SHOCKED. Walker spokesperson Werwie was *in error* when he said,

House Republicans vote to suspend debt limit until May 19, abandoning their hostage crisis bluff

Waiter hailed as hero after standing up for boy with Down syndrome

Tea baggin' wing nutters about to go live on Sec. Clinton - CSPAN 3 eom

I have a question on alerts and groups

George Soros backs Guatemalan president's call to end war on drugs

Find faith on the road without offending

Bill Cosby and Jimmy Fallon -- anyone see it Tues. night?

Chris Matthews: Republicans Will Have To Rig The Elections To Win From Now On

Catalonia Declares Itself a Sovereign Entity

The Smartphone Presidency - What A Difference 4 Years Makes

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) is the Nuttiest Freshman in Congress—Again

The Return of COINTELPRO?

Thom Hartmann: Zero Dark Thirty - A Misleading Portrayal of Torture

Tepid Vote for Netanyahu in Israel Is Seen as Rebuke

lots of noise about Joe Biden throwing his hat into the ring for 2016

I've learned a lot here. Though I don't post often I read most of the discussions.

First verbal shots at 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton

UK Guardian: Cameron’s EU referendum pledge is a testament to the power of the British Tea Party

Remember SOS Condoleeza Rice?

Round 2: Madam Sec.Clinton before the House. Step right up ladies and gentlemen

This meme should end now. A guy shoots up

Peasant Leaders Stage Hunger Strike Against Genetically Modified Corn

Peasant Leaders Stage Hunger Strike Against Genetically Modified Corn

We don't need no stinking helmets... Dad's got a glock!

Do you need lube to insert the holy spirit?

Pro Forma

TPM tv: Hillary Clinton Erupts At Ron Johnson Over Benghazi Attack

Three Daze

How stupid are the gun nuts? Calling a gun a "deadly weapon", "demonizes guns"

Ductless minisplit, Heat Pump Question.

Republicans, Hillary will remember how she was treated today

Were the 'security experts' in charge of embassy security appointed by SecOfState or in career jobs?

Still waiting

Air Force calls number of sex assaults 'appalling'

House, Senate Democrats Introduce Voting Rights Bill

Hillary Benghazi TOON

Antonia Juhasz On The New War For Afghanistan's Untapped Oil

Molly Knefel on the New York City Bus Driver Strike & The True Cost Of Austerity

Overkill in the war on pot

Obama’s Silver Lining in Israel: Elections Weaken Netanyahu

Rhetoric Vs. Reality: Barack Obama on Climate Change

oy vey

Dr. Cornel West Takes Issue With President Barack Obama Taking Oath With Martin Luther King Jr.'s Bi

The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions

Conservative Group Drops $500,000 On Ad Slamming Hagel (VIDEO)

I am confused. Is Clinton testifying before BOTH the Senate and the House?

The Greatest Tragedy since 9/11/2001 was

"even right-wing pollsters like Rasmussen are finding that support for the Tea Party movement is

Kerry And Hagel, Two Obama Nominees Against Cuba Embargo

Happiness is a warm gun

The Power of Love: How A Texan Town Of 600 People Took In 76 Foster Care Children

From High Hopes To ”Disaster” For New Star Of Israeli Far-Right

Va. Bill Would Remove Abortion Funding for Women With Severely Deformed Fetuses

Papantonio: The GOP Plot To Steal 2016 Elections

Election takes Israel's finger off trigger for war with Iran

How Long Does It Take a Man of God to Admit Child Rape is Wrong?

SALON: Hillary faces down the angry men

Gospel of Intolerance: what American Evangelicals are doing to Africa

What Name Was Hardest For Republicans To Resist Bringing Up Today?


Rohrbacker (sp?) is impressive

Hillary Clinton shoots down RWNJ notion that Her & Obama watched attack in 'real time'.

Panetta opens combat roles to women

Hey DUers why don't you let Dana Rohrabacher know that he has no manners

GOP Rep: ‘The Only Constitution That Barack Obama Upholds Is The Soviet Constitution’

ok .. I dont feel so bad now

What type of person would scare you if he had a gun?

9000 show up at career fair for 1000 jobs

No cyber charter school made AYP

BREAKING: Secretary Panetta removes military ban on women in combat

Thank you, Lounge.

Maddow: Republicans now openly rigging elections in Virginia and other states

So, let's discuss our workout routines.

Panetta to remove military ban on women in combat - AP

Newly re-elected Rep. Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri (R) is leaving Congress.

Is this this ReTHUG scumbag who called the President of the United States

Boehner: Obama Wants To ‘Annihilate’ The GOP

Thom Hartmann: GOP has to rig elections to win

A movie is going to be developed from this illustration:

Israeli PM Netanyahu Scrambles To Keep His Job After Election Produces Stunning Deadlock

Ron Johnson Responds To Hillary Clinton’s ‘Theatrics’

I very much hope that Secretary Clinton will be on the 2016 ballot with Senator Ron Johnson.

Wash U study: Lower drinking age effects alcohol behavior later in life

How long before some fiendishly clever newbie troll decides to pony up some ...

Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins to Induct Rush Into Hall of Fame

Best Inauguration Picture?

"When Obama didn't budge, the GOP's house of cards collapsed."

Super Bowl chicken wings getting pricier, less plentiful

The Secretary of State,

See how your Representatives voted in regards to animal issues:

Distressed dolphin seeks out diver for help

Redskins players nearly got "catfished"

NIH told to retire most research chimpanzees

Cabela's pulls out of show after organizer drops weapons display

Do you live in Florida? Are you an entrepreneurial sort?

Hillary is white and was born in the USA. She has been a Senator, Attorney, First Lady, Sec of State

Thank you GOP for giving Hillary all this free national airtime to show her strength & intelligence

Oh shit, here it comes, from a salmon!

Rarely has the yawning gap between Dems and Repubs been

Go Marmots!

Mr. Grayson from Florida!

Four Ways The Virginia GOP’s Redistricting Power Grab Could Be Stopped By Legal Action

Follow-up: Charges filed in Colorado City standoff, five arrested

Excellent Toon by Bill Day...

Walter Rhett: The Negative Consequences of Friendship

Sorry for the confusion GD! My post that was hidden earlier by a jury decision was meant to report

A message from Lauren Bacall

Fireside Hangouts: Join Vice President Biden in a discussion about gun violence

Boehner: Obama Wants To ‘Annihilate’ The GOP

Rand Paul, the good news is that you'll never be president...

Forward on Climate Rally- Feb. 17

Just heard about the 'Peterloo' massacre. Never HEARD of this atrocity! INCREDIBLE!!

A win for the environment in Corpus Christi!

Seriously there is only one word for these ReTHUGs questioning Hillary Clinton - SIMPLE


Catholic hospital argues that fetuses aren't people

San Jose casino can force its dealers to share their tips with all employees, court rules

Retirement of Seven Coal-Fired Boilers Marks 50,000 Megawatts of U.S. Coal to Retire Since 2010

Looks like she's gonna kick this duncan's ass.

The repuke party are demonstrating why they should not be in charge of anything

Rep. Paul Ryan is at it again.....

Mississippi's GOP Governor Says No American Lacks Health Care

Ron Johnson: Hillary Clinton Planned To Get Emotional To Evade Questions

There are too many quacks in the Republican House.

Texas College Shooting Update: Carlton Berry, Lone Star College shooting suspect, charged

So,....I leave for a couple of hours and come back to a "Hidden by Jury Decision" post! And,....of

Florida cops Taser naked burglar who pooped and masturbated when homeowner pulled a gun


Diet Shaped Dog Domestication

Conversation with Doug Casey

Seems like Kinzinger was saying too much in the Benghazi hearing with Hillary

They've Crossed The Line: GOP Senator: Hillary Clinton Faked It

This will bring you great joy. I all but promise.

It’s a Sadistic Story, and France Wants It

(?) House GOP To Supreme Court: Gay People Are Too Powerful To Get Equal Rights

Junior Seau's family sues NFL

Watching the television series, The West Wing for the first time. Sorkin is brilliant.

Senate draws reelection terms

fog of war.

I wonder if Bill is watching Hillary's testimony

They refused to build a Death Star, is it too much to ask that they audit the Military and DHS?

Good news & bad news from the TARDIS

Democratic Senator Slams Republicans For Blocking Embassy Security Funding

Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) drinking game for a Wed. afternoon

Motion Control Keeps Electric Car’s Four Wheels—and Four Motors—on the Road

today in women's herstory

Conservative group slams A&M for liberal bias

This guy is goofy looking:

Past peak Republicanism

Mississippi's GOP Governor Says No American Lacks Health Care

Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot

today in women's herstory--22 january

Filibuster reform: Best explanation I've seen of Harry's ultimatum.

Right Wing Meltdown: Limbaugh and Hannity Claim Clinton Benghazi Hearing is Staged

today, McCain pooped his pants again...

It's National Pie Day

a biography of the day-gertrude belle elion (nobel prize in medicine)

A great thank you to all the "far-leftists", "progressive radicals" and "idealists" out there.

I don't think the GOP cared about how they

Benghazi Wednesday, Chapter One (Charles Pierce)

My daughter keeps pointing out it is Hillary and all men.

some quotes of the day-gertrude belle elion (nobel prize winner)

The Republican Party seeks to learn from its mistakes—and it wants your help

Tweety's opening: HILLARY KICKS BUTT

"What Difference Does It Make?"

Just in case you had forgotten

Scientists to Talk about Physics, not Politics, of Climate

Save the caribou

A new addition to Mt. Rushmore

After seeing Hillary today I pray to God that she would consider being Americas president...

May I just say how much I respect Hillary Clinton. "Senator/Congressman, don't fuck with me."

Do we have a thread yet to celebrate Hillary? No? OK, this is it. :)

Benghazi hearings backfire on repigs as

Anita Hill. It's the goddamn Anita Hill hearings again, with their

I Love Today's Republicans!!!

Today, the republican fight with Hillary reminded me of this:

Health and environment: a closer look at plastics

Good "Nova" program on PBS tonight, about drones.

Hillary faces down the angry men - by Joan Walsh

Republicans are asking for opinions... so I gave it to them. You can too!

Listening to Matthews blather about Hillary Clinton . . . . he is SUCH a fucking ass

Hillary's Bengahzi Testimony Video

The Balancing Act of Being Female: or, Why We Have So Many Clothes

In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people


Adele (English singer)

Defense chief Panetta to clear women for combat roles

It's great that it's happening but it's embarrassing that it's taken this long for the US to allow

Vanda's Sleep Disorder Drug Tasimelteon Shows Promise

Oxygen Chamber Can Boost Brain Repair

List Of Politically Achievable Reforms Down To Just Three Minor Changes To Traffic Code- The Onion

Two interviews tomorrow.

Here in Key Largo, there's an outdoor shooting range

Why 'Idol' contestant's stutter goes away when he sings

Gallup: Americans Support President Obama’s Gun Reform Proposals

Lanny Breuer, Justice Department criminal division chief, is stepping down

Your state trivia questions for today.

Okay, Tweety is in! He was over-the-top proud of Hillary's performance today and more or less

My review of Jeff Bridges' book on Lebowski and Zen

The Secretary

Former Foreign Service Member: 'Asses' McCain/Paul Belong on Ag Committee Where They Can 'Dish Dirt'

How to avoid paying a parking fee.

Analysis: Scientists underestimated potential for Tohoku quake. Now what?

Rand Paul: Clinton Has ‘A Valid Point’ On Details Of Benghazi

Dog guards owners bike

So, is there a petition or FB page devoted to get Hillary to run in 2016?

Hillary Clinton confronted congressional Republicans

KABOOM! Barbara Boxer just tore Rand to strands

Hilarious, fantastic underwater dog photographs

Dinosaur waiting at stop light!!!!!!!!!!!! Real pic.

Dear House GOP: I have your balls right here...

High school senior publicly tells 300+ students he is an LGBT teen

IYHO, What is the "best" post-Beatles band from the British Isles.

U.S. drone kills six suspected al Qaeda members in Yemen: sources

Ryan blames Republican election loss on poor communication, turnout

Got the first two seasons of Falcon Crest from the library today...

Yes, it was a joke by Supreme Court's Thomas

Early Sundance reviews mixed for movie about anti-Walker protests

Venezuela's vice president says he's target of assassination plot

Hillary. I. AM. IN. AWE.

Venezuela's vice president says he's target of assassination plot

Trickle down - definition

Pic of Christine King Faris as PBO is sworn in on her brother's Bible..

Class actor = class act.

Palestinians say they may have no choice but to take Israel to Hague court

It's high time that Richard Wolff, et. al. got an audience with Obama & the Sec. of Treasury

By The Numbers: Abortion Rights On The 40th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade

Former Foreign Service Member: 'Asses' McCain and Paul Belong on Ag Committee Where They Can 'Dish D

U.S. renews call for resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks

Thank you guys for letting me vent.


Save 19% on Outerwear For A Limited Time (Made in the USA clothing) WIN a $100 gift card

Two Hopeful Signs The Obama Administration Will Not Approve The Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

The latest from Aiman and Sofia, for the fans... :)

Most unusual gun registration proposal

Filthy Scumbucket NFL pressures man over trademarks

Let elderly people 'hurry up and die', says Japanese minister

The Conservative Left. Obama is trying to seize conservatism from Republicans

My most shocking moment from when I was a heavy alcoholic.