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"Sandy Hook's 'New Old Principal' Donna Page Felt a Calling to Come Out of Retirement"

GOP opposition to Violence Against Women Act has nothing to do with LGBT/ Immigrant protection

.Clinton Leaves Hospital After Treatment for Clot.

My 2012 retrospective

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The N.R.A. of Counter-Earth!

A growing problem: Employers screwing workers and blaming it on Obamacare.

Speaking of coffee,....if your maker uses K-Cups and you shop at Costco try this:

The Endless Cliff

"'Tsunami bomb' tested off New Zealand coast"

In 2002, GW sold the US to big business, calling it a war. Now, I'm finally feeling represented.

Does Congress/House of Reps have a "chart"...?

EVIL is when one person harms another person on purpose.

Filibuster fight put off as reform negotiations continue

Chris Christie On Sandy Aid: House Republicans Were 'Disappointing And Disgusting To Watch' (VIDEO)

Happy New Year.... You Have Been Laid Off

Toffee 101: Chewing devices

President Obama's Immigration Reform Push To Begin This Month

Remember the movie 'Superman 2' with Christopher Reeve...

You're so Boehn (I'll bet you think this cliff is about you)

" And If someone comes at me, I will knock them out!"

" was disappointing and disgusting to watch."

Remembering Reagan

You can squeeze in $205 bil for corporate welfare, but not 60 bil for emergency relief? Really?

"LOL Of The Week: No Country For Moderate Republicans"

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Wraps Up First Semester on 192 Campuses

I'm confused ... a former acquaintenance of mine from school has posted on his FB page

Republicans don't help people, so why the shock?

Woot got into my university/college's IT Co-Op program :P

your task...a cat name based on keys/buttons on your computer keyboard

Is there nothing the GOP won't Block!

Nixon faked his fatal stroke to get out of having to talk about Watergate and it's aftermath....

Local news reporting a "hard landing" in North Las Vegas!

The young Turks: Occupy Movement Infiltrated by Spies

Richard Carmona considering run for AZ governor in 2014

Reagan faked senility to appear clueless in Iran/Contra

Will Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Be Key Tactic in 2013 Climate Change Battle?

Massachusetts: State Democratic Party Hires Northwind Strategies

President Obama has a message for Grover Norquist...

Dad… Dad?

Congressman Peter King and Speaker Boner have kissed and made up...

"Neck Basket" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Neck Basket".

Since I haven't found the Diet and Nutrition Forum, I'm posting this here... (wink)

What Tax Hike? The Fiscal-Cliff Deal As a Tax Cut for All

And now, for my 34,500th post, I present to you one of my favorite Democrats

A night in the life of DU Cat

And now, a cat capable of pulling off almost a six and a half foot vertical leap...

“Elections shouldn’t exist”: The new war on school boards

Best James Bond theme song other than Goldfinger?

‘Armed Teacher Training Program’ Launches In 15 States

A Chicken In A Cage Has A Better Chance To Survive With A Cougar Than

Want to Know Which GOP Lawmakers Tried to Destroy Construction Wages Over Christmas?

Boehner goes from "I got 98%" to "I can't negotiate with Obama"

In Celebration of our President on the Fiscal Cliff...a repost of The funniest video I have watched!

If I hear one more of these pundits say, "The fact of the matter is. . ."

Ari Fleischer Pulls Back the Curtain, Then Realizes What He's Done

Concord, Massachusetts bans sale of small water bottles

Nine people shot in New York City just five hours into 2013

Rachel Maddow Wins Best Video Clip Of The Year 2012

Changing times: ESPN shows bowling champion kissing his husband

NY newspaper hires armed guards after publishing gun permit names

Hillary leaving hospital, w Chelsea + Bill. pic + story

Placer teens drug parents to get Internet access, police say

Atheist Census

Using Shared Savings to Foster Coordinated Care for Dual Eligibles (New Eng Jour Med)


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Pledges No Negotiation Over Debt Ceiling

Health care events 2013

Party Of Lincoln...

Mitchell schools Norquist: You’re ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to claim GOP didn’t hike taxes

How Far We've Come

Haha Song for the Obama "haters"

Looking for a new range.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Same As It Every Was

Congressmen Confirm That Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out

ABC’s World News Tonight releases images of Hannah Storm’s burn injuries

NRA Blames Violent Films For Mass Shootings, But Their Museum Features "Hollywood Guns"

Malala Yousafzai's father appointed to role at Pakistani consulate in UK

Today Chris Crispy, Governor of NJ, made a play for the independent vote in 2016

OH and one more thing, FORMER Rep Allen West, FUCK YOU don't let the door hit you in the ass

Wow. You know Obama kicked the right's ass when their trolls are out in full force like tonight.

ANNNND if you haven't been over there yet, theres THIS from the Rude Pundit on the Fiscal Cliff deal

People's Inauguration 1/19

Be a citizen cosponsor of the Anti-Corruption Act

Hey Fox news, here is the real war on Christmas

The real definition of a fiscal conservative?

Hmmm... what could we get in exchange for keeping Boehner as speaker?

"The Last Of Us" trailer done in Lego

Report Circulating of Plan to Unseat Speaker Boehner.....Fox News

M pissed who here led me bleve BONER was resigning?!1 Calendar days or Work days?!1 n/t

House GOP Lets Violence Against Women Act Die Without A Vote

Two new Republican memes:

Question to those in Seattle area.

Question to those in Seattle area.

Beat your wife on Friday go to work on Monday....

Send Good Energy My Way....

Now that you have lowered my take home pay, will you please shred the safety net.

On Netflix: The Van

Awesomest FR thread ever.

Have Congressional liberals ever blocked any Obama legislation?

Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA because of Penn State sanctions has little chance of succeeding:

It's pronounced 'Lou-a-ville' not 'Lou-ie-ville'!

David Cameron must return Falklands to Argentina, Cristina Kirchner demands in open letter

Progressive Tax Policies Needed!!

Israel: Woman As Prime Minister Not Suited To Deal With Iran: Poll (7% in favor)

An Ubuntu Phone!

Kansas Demands Child Support Payments From Sperm Donor

1) I never posted in the DU Lounge 2) Did not make any New Years Resolutions (my bad, I guess)

Lawrence O'Donnel: Obama DOES play 3 deminsional Chess !!!

Did you just see Rachael's story on Shell Oil rig in Alaska that has run aground?

no murders in 2012, what did they do right that Chicago did not?

K9 officers, please check-in!

Defense Of Marriage Act: House Republicans Tie Federal Gay Marriage Ban To House Rules

How I got out of banking and saved my soul

Alliance for Retired Americans: In Fiscal Cliff Delay, SocSec, Medicare, Medicaid Remain at Risk

You Reap what you Sow!


Can Kerry make friends with Cuba?

Labor board decides Chicago charter school is really private, subject to private sector laws.

Oh my God....

Kicking Ass!

Republicans Apologize to Top 1.5 Per Cent

I'm very happy that Obama is President for financial reasons. (One of many reasons)

Kerrying On Legacy Of Richard Holbrooke

Enough already!!

The Last Word... O'Donnell covering what Reid

TWO LISTS of all the things O'donnell is talking about that Senator Reid did yesterday & today

Israel Completes Border Fence with Egypt

Guttmacher Institute: States passed the second highest number of new abortion restrictions in 2012

Isn't it time for the Tea Party to actually start their own party?

Movie "Man on a Ledge" worth watching?

Fox News Ticker Moves so slowly at the bottom of the screen...nm

"Obama Spending Binge Never Happened" by Rex Nutting at MarketWatch

Shocking Declassified Documents

Psychiatric drugs and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 4, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Directed by Jack Arnold

A bald eagle trumps a flock of Canada geese

just an odd alert thought others may be interested in. odd, lol. bet you can guess my #

I am going to the inauguration

Any DUer's going to the inauguration?

Iran Says All Objectives Of Naval Drills Achieved

Sexual violence is tearing Native American communities apart

Immigration reform linkage and leverage - advantage Obama

Russia to Hold Large-Scale Mediterranean, Black Sea Naval Drills

Is Reid Going To Use Filibuster Reform As A Negotiating Chip With The Repugs....

Filibuster Changes On the Way, but Move Could Be Weakened by Senate Leaders

A family pet, an innocent bystander, is shot dead by cops.

Just put in my "Fahrenheit 911" video.

Venezuela's opposition demands "whole truth" about Chavez health

Great article about how Kerry can finish what Holbrooke started in Af-Pak

Suit Claims Officer Faked D.U.I. Cases

"Ousting the speaker: House Republicans' long history of regicide"

San Jose: Police say burglary suspect was fatally shot by citizen trying to detain him

Canada’s health costs for seniors rising slowly, points way to Medicare solvency

John Boehner Yelled At Frank LoBiondo Over Sandy Aid

Phoenix Woman Accidentally Fatally Shoots Brother In Head While Posing For Facebook Picture

Say Goodbye to the Violence Against Women Act

An actual back and forth I had with a rw tonite - about Current TV.

Does anybody else have this hesitation?

Harry Reid threw Obama fiscal cliff offer into BURNING FIREPLACE!

"Peter King near tears, threatens to quit Republican Party for blocking Sandy relief"

Get your brains around this..."Milky Way Contains At Least 100 Billion Planets, New Analysis Finds"

Boehner tells GOP he’s through with one-on-one Obama talks

Employers must offer family health plans - But there will be no penalties if options too costly for

Clinton Out of Hospital After Treatment for Clot

Gay rights in the US, state by state (an interactive graphic map)

This is why America MUST defeat all Republicans at every opportunity

Any cartoonists looking for an idea...

Last product of the least productive, lowest rated Congress in modern times

Christie: Boehner ignored multiple phone calls on Sandy relief funds

ancient meets modern

Mars Astronauts Likely to Witness 1 Megaton Asteroid Impacts

Former NM GOP Candidate Gary Smith accused of slashing over 54 tires

"Police officers suggest leaving a firearm in your car if you want to turn it in."

Time Warner Cable Drops Current TV Upon Sale To Al Jazeera

Filibuster Reform: Senate Plan From Carl Levin, John McCain A Gift To Republicans

Not gay as in happy...

Gas Drilling Is Called Safe in New York

Fiscal Cliff Deal Sneaks In Wall Street Gifts, NASCAR Perk

Three dead in Swiss village shooting

It's sad when you intellectually beat the shit out of a RWer and they don't even know it...

Illinois same-sex marriage bill could get vote this week

Eight Corporate Subsidies in the Fiscal Cliff Bill, From Goldman Sachs to Disney to NASCAR

It's very frustrating on this board to be on the progressive side of things 99% of the time,

Republican Party Venn Diagram

Glenn Beck Tried to Buy Current TV But Was Rejected

Dallas billionaire fined for illegal GOP contributions

Dallas billionaire fined for illegal GOP contributions

Benghazi fever: A rush by pundits to judge Clinton is laid bare

Program gets $1.4B more to build Ospreys in Texas

Federal agencies bracing for cuts after ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Pakistan militant Mullah Nazir 'killed in drone attack'

New DU bug: race condition in jury service when a user has multiple DU instances open.

Obama Signs Fiscal Cliff Bill Into Law

Paulbot alerts on "F--- Ron Paul", Hilarity Ensues

Together a Century, City and Oil Giant Hit a Rough Patch

Rep. Stephen Lynch mulling a Senate run (to replace John Kerry)

Asking for help in restoring a photo of my parents, for their memorial service

Ashleigh Banfield just destroyed the arguments of the anti-Kwanzaa state representative

Club for Growth: Fiscal cliff vote won't be sole gauge of support or challenge

USA wants govt transition in Venezuela as per Constitution

USA wants govt transition in Venezuela as per Constitution

Republican Congress is the fourth grade.

Time Warner pulls plug on Current TV hours after news of sale to Al Jazeera...

WND wonders why no one takes them seriously anymore?

Barack Obama signs sweeping US defense spending bill

Airline says pilot wasn't warned of plane he hit at Fla. airport

Starbucks to open first Vietnam store next month

It really is the little things in life

Abstract: Propranolol Reduces Implicit Negative Racial Bias

Japan's most famous Katana maker Kobayashi

Thanks To Gerrymandering, Democrats Would Need To Win The Popular Vote By Over 7% To Take BacK House

Beck resolves to fire anyone who mentions Obama in 2013


Hugo Chavez is conscious and fully aware: Maduro

Did conservatives show up to pickett the gay weddings in Maryland?

Bill of Rights

Glitch for "search" function.

Eric Cantor's revolt exposes Republican rift in fight for party's future

This is highway robbery by Georgia State legislators. They are forcing people to buy from dealers.

Cuba town battles to preserve British West Indian ways

January 3, 1959 Alaska admitted at 49th State

Why Did Peter King Do Such A Reversal So Quick?...

January 3, 1977 – Apple Computer is incorporated


Free the Five Movement Feeds 2013 Campaign

U.S. to send military missions to more than 35 African countries in 2013

Maddow: Boehner speakership has devolved into defiance and derision failure

Never a good thing when NY Rep King (R-NY) tells that people from New York

Does anyone else think Joe Scarborough looks like Sherman from Mister Peabody?

So...I am losing my food stamps next month...

World stocks run out of fiscal-cliff joy

Sometimes you just need to invent a word to describe things, like FOX "news".

Meet the Visionary Venture Capitalist Who's Inspired by Marx and Keynes

Gerard Depardieu 'granted Russian citizenship'

House Leadership to Hurricane Sandy Victims: We Don't Care

When Traffic Stops Go Bad -- How Cops Demean Black and Brown Men

MFM's last day as an aircraft painter.

Exhibit A in How an Islamophobic Meme Can Spread Like Wildfire Across the Internet

Delhi gang-rape: look westward in disgust

Blind Dog Gets Seeing-Eye Cat

La. cemeteries sinking, washing away

As crappy of a year it was politically in WI, today 2 members of the LGBT community from WI

Marijuana Smoothie, Anyone?

How The US Is Now Experiencing Its Own, Bizarro-World Version Of The Euro Crisis

There is so much GOP generated crap that the main focus of jobs is now a side

New Mexico republican stalker/vandal

MFM's hopes of being a famous archeologist are dashed again

There is so much GOP generated crap that the main focus of jobs is now a side

"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes" = Congressional Reform Act of 2012

Golden Arches and Broken Dreams American Cities Drown in Debt

Sandy Hook kids head to school for first time since attack

Renditions continue under Obama, despite due-process concerns

Wisconsin: Is Andre Jacque trying to break wind?

Why are we cutting back on education?

Rendition Persists Despite Due Process Concerns

‘Why does Argentina think Cameron reads the Guardian?’ asks everyone

Excess-profits tax on defense contractors during wartime is long overdue

Kidogo the Gorilla Amazes with Tightrope Act

Field of Dreams sold to investment group

Hard lessons as Afghanistan withdrawal nears

There is a growing community of folks worldwide who pickup plastic around marine environments.

Tea Partiers Complain Boston Tea Partiers Got Raw Deal

Judge Says Under Law Executive Branch Can Commit Acts That Sure Do Seem Unconstitutional

Quick, obvious thought about "small" businesses vs. Obamacare

So when can we make the talking points about spending cuts focused on

American Exceptionalism

Just a thought about getting older.

U.S. Economy Added 215,000 Private-Sector Jobs in December, According to ADP National Employment Rep

America's response to shooting deaths


The NRA of Counter-Earth

A Soaring Homicide Rate, a Divide in Chicago

NASA hopes to sell off its space shuttle facilities

In an about face, House Speaker Boehner promises quick action on $60 billion in Hurricane Sandy aid

Unanimous Senate Confirmations Part of Deal

John Kerry, the dealmaker-in-chief

The New Jersey governor helps the GOP keep power -- then doesn't like the results

Which countries tax the most?

Filibuster reform faces precarious fate

The wingnut trifecta

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -Budget

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -Repubs and Sandy

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Jews may soon be outnumbered by Palestinians in Israel

New poll puts Jewish Home tied as second-largest party

ACLU: Warrantless Wiretapping Wins Again

hey bob corker, stfu. you told the 'sandy victims' to go fuck themselves.

Unlike Time Warner, so far Comcast is still carrying Current TV

How the NRA wants our grade schools to look...

LaborNotes: Ontario Next Right-to-Work Target?

Shouldn't "Politics 2012" now be "Politics 2013"?

Republican Primaries Eyed By Conservatives After Deal

Cost overruns on the F-35 jet should prompt reassessment

Laugh Time! New Years Eve Show Disaster Reel.

Dutch right-wing politician (Geert Wilders) puts "anti-Islam policy priority in 2013"

Terror suspect extradited to US

'Fiscal cliff deal brings no relief to struggling Americans'

Keiser Report: Hierarchy of Fraud

State bars Westerners living in West Bank from entering Israel, East Jerusalem

Obama's Immigration Reform Push To Begin This Month

Boy, 6, suspended from Silver Spring school for pointing finger like a gun

California Desalination Financing Closes on $1 Billion Project

Some here defend treatment of black people during a traffic stop

Met Office: 2012 was UK's second wettest year on record

Filibuster Reform Uncertainty Worries Proponents

Construction in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond Green Line peaked in 2012

1310 AM Detroit / Dearborn, Michigan is off the air?! Our ONLY progressive station in the area.

Are RETHUGs about to select a Speaker from outside the House of Representatives??

Brighthouse Cable (Michigan) immediately drops Current TV

Calpers Seeks to Sue San Bernardino Over Pension Payments

'Creepy' Google Forcing All Services Users To Be Exposed In Google+

(Christie) What Club Did You Think You Joined?

Mauritania bans plastic bag use

Peter King: Darrell Issa ‘1,000 Percent Wrong’ On Criticism Of Sandy Relief Legislation

Marriage Equality for MN in 2013?

6 year old boy suspended for making a finger gun with his hand and saying “Pow.”

What cuts are still left in the sequestration bill?

GO HARRY REID! -UNANIMOUS Senate Confirmations Part of Fiscal Cliff Deal

Brighthouse Cable (Michigan) immediately drops Current TV

Hope that Boener gets the Speakership again....

Anger Over Fiscal-Cliff Deal Fires Up Tea Party

The NRA of counter-earth's extremist view of the first amendment

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You, Lying Joe Lieberman

Out Of Here

Heileman on Morning Joe re rich paying more in taxes "sounds like whining..."

NY Daily News Pulls No Punches on Front Page — Boehner "Stabbed NY & NJ in the Back"

Nature: Political action the biggest swing factor in meeting climate targets

Meet the worst "rapper" ever...

School suspends 6-year old boy for making gun gesture with his hand

Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole is a boviated scumbag

In Walmart's home county: Uninsured Residents Cost Hospitals Millions

A few things to remember about Chris Christie

Child support claim rankles sperm donor to lesbian couple

Senate Swears in a Historic 20 Female Senators

Krauthammer: No Apology For Hillary; State Dept. Ought To Apologize

Chuck TOAD: BONER "still likely" to be re-elected Speaker (within a few business hours)

Happy "Good Riddance Day" a few hours we won't have Senator Lieberman to kick around.

Two Sources Now Confirm That More Than 20 Members Will Oppose Boehner

Happy "Good Riddance Day" a few hours we won't have Senator Lieberman to kick around.

Well worth the study: The Evolution of Equality in Human History

World's 100 richest people got $241 billion richer in 2012

"Why shovel? It won't do any good..."

*** Posts signs at the new items at the DU Breakfast Buffett ***

Obama Signs Fiscal Cliff Bill Into Law (in Honolulu, Hawaii on Wednesday night via autopen)

Chiefs on verge of a deal with Andy Reid

"on hold" music

Up your arsenal

Dear Liberals: Stop Complaining

For you Facebook users---Beware

Icelandic girl fights government over right to use her name; only ‘approved’ names allowed

Gun control legislation advances in Illinois state Senate

You can't get Current/Aljazeera on Time Warner, but you can get porn

Jimmy Fallon: Republicans told Reid that if he does eff himself-they won't pay for his contraception

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 3, 1967

House Republicans Derail Bill Targeting Rapists

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 3, 1967

Scarborough: ‘The Seeds Are Being Planted Right Now For The Destruction Of The House Republican

Appalachian Kids Give Science Lesson to President Obama

Senator Patrick Toomey

It's Actually Good For A City's Economy When Their Sports Teams Go On Strike

Calling for a boycott/drop of Time-Warner Cable

Sorry, East Coast Republicans, but this is your party too

Have Any Of The Talk People On Current TV Commented On The....

CA teens drug parents to use Internet(Not much different from the CO students pot laced brownies)

***** House Gavels In First Session of 113th Congress *****

Glenn Beck’s New Year’s Resolution: No One On My Show Can Mention ‘That Man’ Obama Anymore

India gang-rape suspects charged with murder

Man offers his house to homeless family for a year

Best worldwide bird-song site ever!

Watched "Queen of Versailles" last night

Republicans want their way with Wisconsin’s buried gold, but the Anishinaabe aren’t having it

Medicine: the appliance of science

Congress not fazed by public's disapproval

Sean Hannity's ratings

FILIBUSTER: Harry Reid's Contact Information

So, why are all of the women I meet out of my league? And usually unavailable.

A stopwatch on the brain's perception of time

This galaxy looks like the Milky Way's twin

Wow is been 7 whole minutes since ....113th congress arrived....

Steubenville looks to be another Penn State.

Did all us hoi polloi everywhere get a view of the fireworks Daddy KOCH generously gave all of us?!1

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Climbed to an Eight-Month High

Call Congress, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

Running toward a goal is much better than running away from a problem.

Alert fail

at noon EST, I shall stand, face Washington, raise my middle finger

Transit Openings and Construction Starts Planned for 2013

Running toward a goal is a LOT BETTER than running away from a problem.

Those Who Say "I Support the Troops" Really Don't - by Michael Moore

December Auto Sales For GM, Ford, Chrysler End Best Year Since 2007


You know, Alec from MSNBC, if you didn't give a microphone to people who

Thom Hartmann: Environmentalists in the Arctic, “I told you so.”

Bernie: "Not good legislation…{but} the alternative…much worse.

The Wheel of Time: A Memory of Light Spoiler-Free Review

Just want to say WELCOME to all the 8 new Democratic Senators (and 1 indie)

Reagan cut Corporate Profits Tax from 50-percent to 28-percent.

Liberal, because ...

McConnell To Obama: Fiscal Cliff Was ‘The Last Word On Taxes’

At the E.R., Bearing Witness to Gun Violence

Colorado columnist: Assault rifle owners have ‘tiny penises’ - Fox 31 Denver

crazy scenario, can Pelosi be elected Speaker?

Year in Photographs 2012 by Pete Souza (White House Photographer)

In Twenty Years I've Never Wished I Had a Gun

And on a subject completely unrelated to anything else...

Kitaro taps into Native American culture

If Liberals Want Obama to be More Liberal, Then Give Him a Liberal Congress

Coffee 102: Grinders

McConnell's posturing when he says the fiscal cliff deal 'the last word on taxes'

MLB/ Matsui announces retirement from Major Leagues

NOAA Confirms High Methane Leakage Rate Up To **9%** From Gas Fields

There are many young men named Dylan; ever met one named Ochs?

Great Lakes Reach Record Low Water Levels

2014 Senate races - got some tough ones for the Democrats

Got my coffee.

New study suggests over 100 billion planets inhabit our galaxy

Happy Perihelion Day Everybody!

We are minutes away from "The Return Of Congressman Alan Grayson"!!!!

Apple rumored to be moving away from Samsung as a chip supplier

Anyone have a free, colorful 2013 picture/clip art?

Am I the only one watching Senate swearing in?

My taxes just went up....

Fiscal Cliff Deal and what it means to Seniors

Tammy Baldwin just sworn in as the first Openly Gay Senator.

Goodbye to the lunatic, the misogynist, the deadbeat dad, the centerfold ... and Lieberman

Quick note to praise DU juries. The good jury decisions just keep coming today.

Grover Norquists' predictions.

Anyone know why lamb is so cheap now? $4 to $4.50 pound for boneless leg

Teach Your Kids About Republicans

My district's house seat went from R to D today

Finder's keepers ... loser's weepers. Look what I found. Today must be my lucky day!!

Northwest love stories: For 60 years, 'there wasn't anything else'

Thom Hartmann: The Battle for 2014 Begins on Day One in the Senate

In a Diverse New Congress, Several 'Firsts'

Random thought today is one three one three

Republicans found time to appropriate extra money to defend DOMA, but not Sandy relief

Man arrested after exposing himself to schoolchildren inside Connecticut church

Say it loud. It's official: SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN.

Elizabeth Warren Sworn In As Senator!

Elizabeth Warren SWORN IN!!!

If I put myself on ignore, do I disappear from DU?

Greetings & Happy 2013

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

Boehner nominated for Speaker by nameless woman who is always standing by him for photo ops.

Election of Speaker right now on c=span.

Boehner gets unanimous support from Republican caucus

Worse Than Hagel; John Kerry At State: A Disaster For Israel (L.A. Jewish Journal)

today is one three one three 1/3/13

Tony Romo, Michael Vick, and Eli Manning walk into a bar...

Anonymous, Knight Sec, Hackers Threaten Revenge on Alleged Teen Rapists

Is there anyone here who doesn't think we need massive prison reform?

Sacramento suit blames head shops for a high that injured spine

Sen. Mark Kirk Climbs Capitol Steps In Return To Congress (VIDEO)

Must Be Seen to Be Believed: Kevin-Prince Boateng Kicks Soccer’s Racism in the Teeth

What happened to Harry Reid's face?!?!

"Perhaps the best prism through which to see the Democrats’ gains is inequality."

Welcome back, Representative Rick Nolan!

Stephanie Miller read my DU post on air this morning :0)

'Dreamland': Open Your Eyes To The Science Of Sleep

Cleaning out my cupboards today....

Glenn Beck Tried To Purchase Current TV

Hobby Lobby: We’ll Throw Away a Million Dollars a Day

Fox News panel decries the "wussification" of America!

Mike Thompson toon - taxing the "job creators"

How to Get a New Assault-Weapons Ban Through Congress

Our Imaginary Weight Problem

The Rude Pundit: A Slow Head Shake for the House of Representatives ...

First Out In The Senate

Did I just hear the clerk call out Allen West's name? Huh?

Confused: Why did they announce Allen West and Colin Powell's name

Still Laughing About Hillary's "Immaculate Concussion" Laura?

America’s credit system is broken

Addressing global warming: Earth’s New Year’s resolution

Baby in Womb Grabs Doctor's Finger

We must fight the voice that says: stay home, keep your legs closed and your eyes lowered

Indian police charge 5 in New Delhi gang rape

Leave it to Mitchie to start the year off bashing the President and Democrats and spending.

HASTERT: Republicans "not in power anymore."

Here is the Inside Story Americas page from Al Jazeera English.

Strollin' thru town, my AR15 at my side

LOL! Glenn Beck tried to buy Current TV

Election of Speaker on C-Span-Sheila Jackson Lee votes, "Pelosi-for the future of this country."

With Elizabeth Warren as Senator, are we more likely to see prosecutions of top bankers?

Shark jumping of the ultimate degree: Gohmert votes for Alan West for Speaker

filibuster rules being debated in senate

Arizona Daily Star:"NRA's opposition to gun buyback is preposterous Our view:People blind to the...

...Media shouldn’t get rolled by GOP debt ceiling spin

Michael Moore: I Do Not Support the Troops

Oh Boy, Plenty of Non-Boehner Votes going through for Speaker...

and just wait till they see what we have got for them now...

NASA's Z-1 Spacesuit: Buzz Lightyear's duds

anyone else watching this election for Speaker?

Don't want to be premature, but look like no 'winner' on first ballot for speaker?

Pres. Obama ends 30-year ban on insurance coverage of abortions for military victims of rape/incest


Al Jazeera Buys Current TV, Terms Undisclosed...

Reid Extends ‘First Day’ Of Congress To Leave Room For Filibuster Reform

war, war & more war

Please Help Me Craft A Response To A Tea Bagger

FAIL. Obama LOWERED Capital Gains Tax from 40% to 20%!

GOP wants to debate the debt limit, but it is only their burden to carry

So what about the clown who is spamming the board with "See Post 87"

More I read about Martin O'Malley the more I like the guy and want to see him win big

Camera on Pelosi. Where is Boner? Out in the hall making deals with oil company

Statewide spring election candidates file nomination papers

Conjuring a High-Tech Labor Shortage

If I'm listening to this roll call vote properly, John Boehner didn't show up for his own vote?

It's official: GOP votes itself two more years of kicking John Boehner around

Prez Plunges Into New Year

F-Bomb Boy re-elected Speaker of the House.

The final floor speech from Dennis Kucinich (text)

Christie’s Re-Election Campaign Raises $2.1 Million In 36 Days

and now, will brutus cantor keep his spot as majority leader?

Any bright ideas why my snowblower won't start?

Sandy Aid Delayed (Danziger)

Obama Calls GOP's Conscience Clause Unnecessary, Ill-Advised

Anybody else watch Biden swearing in senators?

Does anyone else enjoy their work as much as Joe Biden enjoys his?

Andrea GREENSPAN says "looks like" no second ballot, BONER retains the banger, tally not final n/t

What is happening with the filibuster reform?

Son Volt - Tear Stained Eye

A great start to 2013

Cantor received three votes

Monkey in the middle.

Gerrymandered House 'Majority,' Against The Will Of The People, Continues. nt

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Re-Elect John Boehner As Speaker Of The House

Is there still a stimulus?

Tea Party Republicans favor spending taxpayer money on anti-gay discrimination

***** Speaker-elect John "F-Bomb" Boehner delivers his speech = LIVE Blog *****

Any word on filibuster "reform"?

202-Year-Old Paris Bakery, City's Oldest, Forced to Close

Mark Kirk still looks in rough shape.

WOW. What an Amazing Sight!

Geithner Said to Plan Departure Before Debt Ceiling Deal

Louisville beats Florida!! Woohoo!! Suck on THAT, SEC!!

"We can all huddle and have good cry" Fweepers weep over Boehner...

I predict some serious drinking and a lot of tears.

OMG John Boehner's wife is the Tan Mom!!!!

Time for another edition of "Yoko Did It"! We know she broke up the Beatles, but did you know she

While Obama kicks butt federally, Koch money is destroying state and County govt

Feds crack alleged narwhal tusk-smuggling ring

Pardon Aaron Sandusky(Case# CR12-00548 PA) A man currently in prison facing 10 yrs to life for growi

Mr. Tears re-elected speaker

Anybody watching Boehner's speech? I think he's drunk.

President Obama Signs Defense Funding Bill That Includes "Protections" For Anti-Gay Military Member

So, Allen West fell 212 votes short of becoming SOTH

Is motherfucking Boner motherfucking crying again?! (Listening online)

It's a Beautiful Day

Chess (January, 2013): Happy New Year, Sports Forumites!

From Consumer Reports: Understand the New Health Care Law

Question: why did Mitch let Harry confirm all those nominations?

President Obama raised capital gains rates to higher than Clinton levels.

Private company developing commercial lunar lander

When we see House members acting like douchenozzles, keep one thing in mind . . . . .

Reid To Boehner: Let Democrats Help You Pass More Bills

Cravaack should have done the honorable thing -

Pregnant and will not be receiving maternity pay.

Thom Hartmann: The Battle for 2014 Begins on Day One in the Senate

Transocean agrees to pay $1.4bn oil spill fine

Ummm... WTF?!

The gun nuts are DELUSIONAL...

Italy suspends Vatican bank card payments

Two more tears! Two more tears! Two more tears!

Democrats Send ‘Tea Party Membership Cards’ To GOP Freshmen (for reals)

Just heard about "reddit" went there to check it out......what's the big deal??

Hey Everybody! It's been a while!

Flood program to run dry without congressional action: FEMA

Who do you like in the NFL Wildcard Playoffs?

Why do THEY think Liberals are like chairs?

Imagine this guy third in line in secession for the Presidency.

Did the FBI know of a plot to assassinate key figures in Occupy?

Did anyone else think the Hobbit was awful?

The Rape Crew: Trent Mays, Malik Richmond, Michael Colin Nodianos, Charlie Keenan, Cody Saltzman

Chicago bishops: 'gay marriage' will have consequences for Illinois

CAIR "Disappointed" at President's Signing of NDAA

Speaker Boehner, the door is behind you.

Did the FBI know of a plot to assassinate key figures in Occupy?

FTC: Google does not violate anti-trust laws

Wellington Limits Number Of Cats For Owners

Fox Nutz Blame Obama for Boehner's Fuck Up.

Thanks to President Obama from a high school classmate:

First meteorite linked to Martian crust

Conn. paper regrets gun ad next to Sandy Hook story

Project Censored: Top Censored Stories of 2013

'Stand Your Ground' Linked to Increase in Homicides

Any breaking news on that war criminal of a Dick yet?

Google's Eric Schmidt North Korea trip 'unhelpful', says US

A modest proposal

Most of the time, people don't look at what I put up...but there is one exception ...

Ed Rendell is a shill for corporate interests and the DNC

Favorite Lonely Island Song

Two threads -#1: "Obama LOWERED Capital Gains Tax" and #2: "Obama raised capital gains rates"

Source: Geithner to Leave by Month's End

Democrats Send ‘Tea Party Membership Cards’ To GOP Freshmen

Teacher surrenders weapon

What sort of person thinks their political/social enemies have small penises?

Bachmann Introduces First Bill Of New Congress To Repeal ‘Obamacare’

"Heads in their own arses...Peaces of dung crap" Fweepers weep about election of Boehner (part 2)

Ed Rendell, now of 'Fix The Debt,' hawking raising the Medicare eligibility age--with 'carve outs'

Had no idea Rendell was the co-chair for the steering committee of Fix The Debt

Ed Rendel is making me very angry on MSNBC.

Japan prepares for nuclear U-turn

ACTA files complaint against University {of Virginia} accreditation decision

The Connection Between Global Economy and Violence against Women

Cops and Whores and Junkies, I Don't Care.

Okay, I'm finally breaking down and creating a Facebook account.

Any news on filibuster reform?

It's not fair to always say Boehner is drunk

Happy New Year!

Grothman Plagiarized Anti-Kwanzaa Press Release from Ann Coulter Column

Guns and butter: The oligarchs against the people on two big issues

What is the time limit for rules changes in the Senate?

Ed Rendell: Obama cutting Social Security would be like Lincoln freeing the slaves

So Hurricane Sandy Recovery Costs = Total Annual New Tax Revenue From Expired Bush Tax Cuts

The Incredible Story of What Happened When Two Gay Men Were Harassed While Waiting for Pizza

Winter Walk

Sen. Kerr preparing for confirmation hearing

What is it about "Jericho"?

In 2013, the Top 1% Will Pay Their Highest Total Tax Rate Since 1979

State Dept. 'Apologizes' to FOX for 'Completely Mauled' Transcript Of Reporter's Questions

California Voters Get California Back on Track

Have to keep thinking,

Transocean to pay $1.4 billion in civil, criminal fines for 2010 Gulf spill

(Fox News commentator) Dr. Keith Ablow considering run for (John Kerry's) Senate seat

So What's Going On With The Filibuster Reform?

If you think your job sucks. Try cleaning the cobra pit.

In case you were wondering: a complete list of who vote for which candidates for speaker

Cracking the 2013 tax code. A guide to the changes wrought by the fiscal-cliff deal

Did anyone see the biggest house in America ostentatious fuckwads on the TV box just

It's been 101 days since I last had a post hidden...

California's New 'Good Samaritan' Overdose Prevention Law Goes into Effect January 1, 2013

Spam maker to buy Skippy peanut butter for $700M

Weed: Legalize and tax it

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Jan 3rd

California's New 'Good Samaritan' Overdose Prevention Law Goes into Effect January 1, 2013

In Victory for Google, U.S. Ends Antitrust Investigation

Police Turned Away from St. Louis area Denny's for Carrying Firearms

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." -- Sinclair

Newspaper threatened with ‘suspicious white powder’ after publishing gun owners’ names

Utah Faces Off With Obama Over Health Care Reform

(Illinois) Democrats pull plug on gun, ammo bans

Gay marriage bill to be introduced (TODAY) into R.I. General Assembly

Global Temperature Goals Could Become Impossible With Climate Inaction, Study Finds

Ecuador Ranked Top Nation for U.S., Canadian Retirees.

The repub Motto Regarding Spending Cuts

Democrats pull plug on gun, ammo bans

Petition to Ratify The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

An Old Cartoon From Your History Book Gets An Awesome Revamp In Honor Of Elizabeth Warren

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dreamsicle Bomb

(Illinois) Democrats pull plug on gun, ammo bans

Spiderman spoiler alert:

Toro Y Moi - "Say That"

Aw, C'mon category:

2013 links to websites for the 113th Congress

Congratulations Boner in being reelected most incompetent, weakest Speaker in history

You know all those crazy Obama fundraisers?...

The Violence Against Women Act’s Long Road To Oblivion

Fox’s Gregg Jarrett Reports On Gun-Induced Lockdown At Schools With His Own Daughters Inside

kiings - Explain Myself

Don't even tell me I have to purchase Netflix to watch...

Nakamarra - Hiatus Kaiyote

Hernando schools' finance officer posted porn, criticized boss during work hours

Gov. Walker gets new campaign team

Durbin Urges Illinois Lawmakers To Pass Marriage Equality Bill

Romney Phoned Boehner To Congratulate Him On Speakership

Dark Time Sunshine - "Never Cry Wolf"

Water main break cuts off service to much of downtown Minneapolis

Poor people still clinging on to life, says Duncan Smith

The Defense Department bans LGBT websites but lets in Rush and Ann Coulter

Euros discarded as impoverished Greeks resort to bartering

clump - iamamiwhoami

Malden mayor answers to Brown's stupid statement on Markey (MA Senate Race)

Nosaj Thing - "Eclipse/Blue"

State Worker Placed On Leave After Showing Husband Adam Lanza's Body

"Celebratory Gunfire"....WTF??

Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah

Mujica not to visit Chávez because "there is no possibility to see him"

Fossil Coral Records Suggest that Recent El Nino Activity Rises Above Noisy Background

Screw decaf! Caffeine ROCKS!

Happy 67th Birthday John Paul Jones

The xx - Chained

Rhye - "The Fall"

Pelosi Calls For Quick Passage Of Violence Against Women Act

Fed says it’s running out of bullets

I should watch what I eat.

Screw coke! Crack ROCKS!

got some blue tooth speakers, getting into Pandora - some good station recommendations?

My thoughts on Gun Control…

Krugman: Democrats should stop obsessing about deficits.

Grizzly Bear "Yet Again" By Emily Kai Bock

245 arrested in U.S.-led child sex abuse operation

Candidate for chair of FDP donated to Republican with 97% conservative voting record.

Connecticut governor orders review of gun laws; Sandy Hook resumes classes

The Internet - Cocaine

Children, Choosing Their Religion

The White House calls Utah’s Obamacare bluff

How many IGNORES can I earn from this?

NY Subway Killing a Case of Blind Hatred?

Grimes - Genesis

Allen! What no spelling police?

Alan Grayson will be on Sharpton (on now)

Looks like TrogL got his snowblower working!

Millions Still Waiting For Sandy Relief? Fuck that say the teabaggers...

Far right loses its collective mind over possible gun legislation

Any Jennifer Granholm fans here?

Alan Grayson: "Boehner is a chief with no Indians."

Theology Is Not Religious Studies

Peru moving to protect fossils from car race

WTKK scraps talk, relaunches as urban contemporary music station

I'm actually glad to see such a fervent and dedicated gun restriction crowd on DU. Now tell me

Fox "News" Opinion Piece hints at coming Civil War between "Makers" / "Takers"

Note to that one guy. I think his name is beck or something like that...

So Tony Tata fails as Wake school board lead (buses a mess). McCrory names him...ta da!

Does this challenge traditional standards of beauty? Or is it unhealthy?(Warning/Graphic pictures)

What the Likud's 14th-Ranked Knesset Candidate Thinks of Arabs

Peru moving to protect fossils from car race

Does this piss you off ****WARNING - VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!****

The Frogs are Dying

Farewell, Joe Lieberman! Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

About Chris Christie: Am I the only one laughing my ass off that a budget slashing asshole like...

I don't know MiddleFingerMom, but I think they're inside my computer

Every Picture tells a Story...

Nanos Poll: Canadians less certain over country's direction


The Latest Effort to Fix Election Results: Rig the Electoral College

Shameless plug

"Businesses Added 215,000 jobs in December, survey shows"

Is it tacky to run ads about erectile dysfunction medication during the evening news?

So I'm just fixing to watch Cenk on Current...

Grounding of Kulluk sounds alarm about vulnerability of B.C. coast

Honduras protesters calling for removal of Supreme Court judges prevent high court session