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Archives: February 23, 2013

Wrestling Bridges Iran-US Gap Days Before Nations Meet Over Nuclear Talks

Dolphins refer to each other by name

Weekend Economists Review 50 Years Later... February 22-24, 2013

Lockheed's Skunk Works promises fusion power in four years

Even if you don't like the Geico gecko, you'll like this ad...

Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?

Coast Guard finds violations on Shell Arctic drilling rig

Microsoft joins Apple, Facebook, and Twitter; comes out as hack victim

Rules finalized for the good stuff in Obamacare

VIDEO Evolution Of Mom Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama)

Texas bans shooting immigrants from helicopters

Christian Mingle really really wants me to join.

... So terribly, terribly touching ...

Man charged with felony in Obama mural defacing

Murdoch's WSJ refers to Hagel as a "Friend of Hamas"

I want a squeestration!

Montana Bill Would Give Corporations The Right To Vote

Tesla posts loss, stock sinks

Are Republican Brains Different?

3 hunger strikers hospitalized

Would you pay to eat dirt?

Need some help getting rid of a Wedgewood range

World’s worst portrait tattoo fixed for free

Obama Administration Urges Supreme Court to Strike Down DOMA

The Revisionaries: PBS Documentary Looks at Right-Wing Promotion of Ignorance Thru Texas Textbooks

So today is National Margarita Day > Night

Do you all know about this awesomeness?

Siberian permafrost thaw warning sparked by cave data

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Performs ‘The Evolution Of Mom Dancing’ …With First Lady Michelle Obama

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to strike down Defense of Marriage Act

Florida task force recommends preserving Stand Your Ground law

Oh well. Back to the drawing board…

Yellowstone in compromise plan over park snowmobile traffic

No guns allowed at GOP meeting blasting “gun free zones”

U.S. court dismisses Chinese firm's claims against Obama over wind farm

Why are NC sweet potatoes so desirable..? Meet Yamco in Snow Hill, NC, find recipes, nutrition and

Evolution Of Mom Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama)

The Media: It sucks

Teacher in TX pours pencil shavings into student's mouth.

Happy Sweet Potato Month!

The Pretty Little Hippie Chicks Are Grandmas Now.

Nicki Minaj

GOP Next Step - No Raising Debt Limit Unless Raise Medicare Age And Chained CPI Passed

(Seattle) Assault-weapons ban dead in state Legislature

Steven Brill's Opus on Health Care

Forecast is for more snow in polar regions, less for the rest of us (Journal of Climate)

Researchers find appointed justices outperform elected counterparts

Bill would scrap NC vehicle safety inspections

House G.O.P. Offers Violence Act With Fewer Specific Protections

Uphold Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act

Blond, Rich and well connected...

California Democrats lose supermajority in state Senate

Eat Healthy, Get Active, Morans...

Don't you know..........Obama is going to shut down the government

The Princess & the Trolls:The Heartrending Legend of Adalia Rose, the Most Reviled Six-Year-Old Girl

Here's to taxpayer funded snow plows and drivers!

What we need is a gun stupidity law.

Fun little project I threw together..

WHITEHOUSE urges Supreme Court to strike down Defense of Marriage Act

History You Can Touch. Feb 28 6:00pm Core Sound Waterfowl Museum

Researchers build a robotic bat wing

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Backfire- Best of Malloy & a new Kitty gif

Indiana Republicans Advance Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

The Lone Ranger - Funniest TV story ever

Boehner says US veterans' claims system is broken

Indiana Bill Would Force Women To Undergo Two Transvaginal Probes To Take A Pill (Updated)

The 12 Lakota Virtues

GOP's Search For Meaning

Friday Talking Points (246) -- So What Would You Cut Instead?

Travis' 'Victory or Death' letter returns to the Alamo

Very informative newsletter/website from AFL-CIO-NC

France launches 20 bln euro fibre broadband rollout

Breaking: Koch brothers warn higher taxes may force them to layoff at least half dozen in Congress

Should there be a limit to the total file size used for images in signatures?

Comedy Classic - Copper Clappers

It's baseball season, douchebags! Time to change your avatar.

Sometimes I doubt your your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Honestly why can't the average American catch a break...

Remember those stories after Katrina of Filipino workers being recruited to LA?

21 Animals That Have Absolutely Nothing To Say About Sequestration

How best to send healing?

Cardinal: Married Catholic priests a possibility (UPDATE: Cardinal's resignation accepted)

Fusion Through Weak Force Interactions

Mass Media ignoring 'RFK Believed in Conspiracy' shows corrupt nature of America's Press

Looks like Ted Cruz was on the Love Boat

Hero Student Teacher Stops Racist Math Problems Dead

How do you delete email attachment photos on yahoo email. Computer with XP system?

Is Bill Maher a repeat tonight or is it on later? I can't pull up the schedule from Canada. Thanks.

Court lets stand Obama's China wind farm ban

If you could live anywhere in any type of structure...

"The GOP's Two-Front Losing Strategy" at the Daily Beast

To say that you are disgusted by

LA Times: TV review: 'Cult' serves up a new form of mass anxiety

So Guy Fieri forgets to sign up for the URL for his new restaurant...

Tip of the iceberg...

Saw Stephen Soderbergh’s Side Effects tonight.

NRA's proposed mental illness database is a bad idea. A friend wrote this article

Oregon plays hardball on gun control

Governor Hassan Announces $1.6 Million Federal Grant to Help NH Improve Health Care

Would love some feedback

It's official... I need a man.

The Hanging (The death invesitgation of William Sparkman, census worker in KY)

Amazing, very "real" (but not easy) movie we loved - "Another Year"

Reproductive Care Is A Right - Women And Men And Doctors Who Support Them Are Going

Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening

I hope folks have seen Outnumbered,

Libertarianism: Not a Fan

Thought Experiment: What would a "Reformed" Republican Party Look Like, Exactly?

Why are Teabags pushing for a fundamental change in how local Government operate?

I have a cold. What should I do:

The squirrel that wears many hats


Midway - a must see!

"Since I have the liberals attention..."

Border Collie

Make sequester cuts in Republican Districts that elected tea party like candidates.

President Eisenhower's worst nightmare is coming true

Do you remember: Carley Simon and James Taylor

Listening to local news in Ottawa tonight. They are talking about Carolyn Kennedy or

The FRankenstein Monster LIVES!

Who does Lindsey Graham remind you of?

What Is The Point Of Risking Your Life In The Military To Protect The Right Of Billionaires To

Embattled Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks attempts to purchase gun in Sparks

All the King's Men on TCM now.


Man sat alone, drenched deep in sadness

LIFE Is Love - How To Bring Peace Freedom Joy & Abundance For All

Russia: U.S. Has Double Standards On Syria

My Christmas Cactus bloomed a second time this year.

Here's a fun blog to read. A woman's experiment: to lose weight using 1940's cheap wartime recipes.

Dr. James Andrews: RGIII is ‘way ahead of schedule’ with rehab

Montana Bill Would Give Corporations The Right To Vote

Amazing pictures at the Atlantic. 50 pictures of the world in 1963. 50 years ago.

Edward Everett Horton

National park cuts could hit state hard

i've never watched "dance moms"

NASA discovers subsurface ocean on Saturn's moon Titan

The Case for Fossil-Fuel Divestment

Superlative CPI. Obama's version of Chained CPI. From ABC in December.

Michelle Obama's mom-dance with Jimmy Fallon

Core Systems in Painesville stops production, more than 300 people lose jobs

Who do you think the Republicans will run in 2016?

Glen Beck and the WWE at war

CONSERVATIVE: Iran hostage release the day of Reagan's inauguration "not a coincidence"

Texas drops close to bottom among states in student spending

This is what a revolution looks like.

The face of evil

Texas woman has two sets of identical twins in one day

Talk about good Karma.... Donations pour in for homeless man who returned diamond ring

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced another pet treat recall.

Holding candles, hundreds pray for Hugo Chavez

Holding candles, hundreds pray for Hugo Chavez

Teahadist: "You have the right to kill any representative of this government" to protect your guns

Conspiracy Theory Rock

Fukushima radiation spread to residential areas hours before venting

Texas A&M employee arrested in bomb scare

Bill Moyers: Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages

Venezuela’s Chavez Held 5-Hour Meeting With Cabinet

Venezuela’s Chavez Held 5-Hour Meeting With Cabinet

Alert for attempted kidnapper of girls from 7-17 years old in Whittier (with suspect sketch)

NAACP warns Supreme Court: Thwart assault on Voting Rights Act or risk return to ‘old poison’

This is what ReTHUGs want for America - Austerity - Britain stripped of its AAA-rated debt status

My Unwanted Advice to People in the News This Week

Ruling leaves Ill. grappling with concealed carry

No deposition for lawyer in Trayvon Martin case

Fascinating article about NationBuilder- a startup co to help anybody run a well-organized campaign.

Arkansas makes gun-permit records private under new law

Yellowstone in compromise plan over park snowmobile traffic

Meet the Gun-Loving, Straight-Talking, 2016 Democratic Presidential Dark Horse

February 23, 1947 International Organization for Standardization is founded

February 23, 1896 – The Tootsie Roll is invented

White House to give senators Benghazi documents

Bacon - Resistance is Futile:

Budget proposal released

North Korea warns U.S. forces of "destruction" ahead of war drills

6 leaking tanks are Hanford nuke site's latest woe

USW: Bargaining with Libbey Glass inconclusive (200 tentative layoffs)

New film tells story of unsung civil rights leader

Adolf Hitler stumping for votes in Indian election

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Feb 23rd

Bradley Manning supporters stage UK events

Stacking the Deck: The Phony 'Fix the Debt' Campaign

George Galloway walks out of Oxford debate. Is accused of racism

West Vincent farmer charged after shooting neighbor’s dogs

Buisinessmen and democracy

Navigating DU

Duke Energy Flip-Flop: ALEC Leads Attack on North Carolina Clean Energy with Duke Funding

Zero Dark Thirty is total propaganda

Corbett's Son-in-law being fired as a Narcotics Officer, likely to face criminal prosecution

This song almost makes me wish I was Australian.

if you have not yet seen "Searching for Sugar Man", give yourself a treat and watch it

Bradley Manning: 1,000 days in detention and secrecy still reigns

How can we actually stop abortion?

Roman Church admits the Pope’s Guilt: Joseph Ratzinger to Evade Justice and Hide out in the Vatican

At least six tanks leaking at nuclear waste site in Washington state

NY Man With Liberal 'Hit List,' Tank-Piercing Ammo Arrested

Wayne LaPierre: "See? We're helping local school districts with their budgets."

Dean Baker | Fix the Debt’s Fuzzy Math

Fukushima victims required to pay back TEPCO compensation

If you're pro-choice, you're a baby killer.

Coast Guard finds violations on Shell’s Arctic drilling rig

Michael Moore on speaking out against the Iraq war - great segment on Rachel

Gandhi to DU: Keep Blogging!

Wisconsin: Serial Killer Resigns Post in Walker Administration

NC set to issue licenses to 'illegal immigrants' with pink stripe and "NO LAWFUL STATUS"

Wisconsin: Experts see no big gain for economy, taxpayers in Scott Walker's budget proposal

Milwaukee County taxpayers will fund ad saying "Arm Yourself"

Has anyone seen my pants this morning...?

Prison for Man Who Amputated Kitten Toes

Are congressmen worth $107,000 a year in retirement?

Are Some Men Born Pedophiles? New Science Says Yes, But Sexologists Say Not So Fast

Just What Do Hedge Fund Honchos Do For a Million Bucks an Hour?

The Sales Office Is Open!

Cover Ups, Corruption and Death: What Private Prison Co. Doesn't Want You to Know about Its Stadium

Texas DMV Sells Personal Information To Hundreds Of Companies; Drivers Not Allowed To Opt-Out

Federal appeals court rules concealed weapons permits not covered by Second Amendment

Is America in irreversible decline??

Vatican attacks Pope resignation 'gossip'

Donald Byrd - Sky High 1973

Libor fines to fund armed forces charities, says Osborne

Tech Support Diagnoses the Problem

Seafarer science: Sailors asked to help measure plankton

mmm, tastes like...

More 1% corruption this time from Spanish royalty

Johnny Hammond-Shifting Gears

CHART: Remember When Poor People Saw Their Incomes Grow Faster Than Rich People?

A Game of Thrones - Season 3 trailer is finally here

Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sanctuary

What if wild animals ate fast food

Japan is celebrating its 27th annual Cat Day today, also known as Nyan Nyan Nyan day

Bobbi Humphrey-My Little Girl

So yesterday...

How 3D printing could revolutionise the solar energy industry

Stripped of 'Country of Origin' Label, US Agrees to Sell Tear Gas to Egypt

Winter is Coming! Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer....

An eloquent summation of the progressive movement from 1912, from Elihu Root.

What If the Chinese Killed the Dalai Lama with a Drone Strike?

Court Scoffs at Light Sentence for CEO's Fraud

Bill Moyers: Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages

another Friday for the man about town

Bumblebees sense flowers' electric fields

Sequestration Broadly Is Terrible Policy, But Our Military is Overdue for Downsizing

remember the good old days when guys got dressed up to play rock n roll?

Remember when..

Four Somali immigrants convicted of supporting militants

TV Nation - Abolishing Slavery in 1995

Blackwater Off the Hook Again in Plea Deal With Bush-Appointed Judge

The new meme: "The government is causing the ammo shortage"

Has anyone seen my penis this morning? And my glasses?

Gov: 6 underground Hanford nuclear tanks leaking

Syria conflict: opposition SNC pulls out of talks

Has the million gun march started yet?

Black History Month?

Our Right to Poison: Lessons from the Failed War on Drugs

Toon: Updated Recruitment Poster

Did a Cross-Dressing Priest Sex Ring Bring Down Pope Benedict XVI?

Bobbi Humphrey-Fancy Dancer

New book for Dummies released

Withdrawal Symptoms: NATO Struggles over Afghanistan's Future

GOP lawmaker urges Pa. gov on Medicaid expansion

all these years later, I still turn on some music to start my day...

Six tanks now said to be leaking at contaminated Hanford nuclear site

GOP blame game self-destructs

So, you all saw Michelle Obama dancing on the Fallon show, right?

Liberal racial hypocrisy

American Assassination History for Dummies

The Venn Diagram of Piedom

Brewer Says Path To Citizenship Lacks Majority Support, But Polls Tell Different Story

US grounds F-35 fighter jets over cracked engine blade

In Chinese Buildings, a Copycat Craze

Man with rifle and body armor seen entering MIT building in Cambridge MA (HOAX)

McCain Aide Pushes Back On ‘Selective Editing’ Of Town Hall Video

Scorpions Saturday!

EPA Inspector General: Agency Unequipped To Accurately Measure Pollution From Drilling/Fracking Boom

Let the states decide if Republicans can marry

Athletes cash in on California's workers' comp

McCain, Obama to Meet on Immigration Tuesday

Two Generations. Forbidden City.

Deluded Republican Reformers - by Michael Tomasky

The Bush Years And What A "Lapdog" Press Really Looked Like


A Mixture of True and False Information

A Necessary Ouch

U.S. drone strikes up sharply in Afghanistan

Grassley Bemoans Influence Of Grover Norquist On Tax Policy

Obey, "Death of the Liberal Class" by journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, Chris Hedges.

No, They Didn't, Eric

U.S., Japan agree on approach to Trans-Pacific Partnership talks

Ted Cruz Claims He Has A List Of Communists Who Have Infiltrated Harvard Law

The Perpetual Cat Loop

Kathleen Sebelius: Holding Insurance Companies Accountable for High Premium Increases

Shout out to Steve Benen!!

Stripped of 'Country of Origin' Label, US Agrees to Sell Tear Gas to Egypt

The Atrocity Lessons: What the U.S. Military Learned From Vietnam

How to get sued for $1.5 million for personal injury while taking a shower.

‘Birther’ Arpaio supporter’s lawsuit reveals ignorance of election law

Now my public radio station is having a winter fund drive.....

Nathan Deal is in a lonely spot.

‘No black nurses’ lawsuit: 2nd nurse says she was asked not to touch infant

Fischer: Tim Tebow being bullied by ‘Big Gay’ groups

The Kingdom of Snyder (formerly known as Michigan)

MAFTA - A Modest Proposal for Preventing Middle Class Cannibalism.

MIT campus outside Boston on lockdown following reports of gunman wearing body armor

MrScorpio's Computing Tips: Sprucing up Your Wireless Network Name

Just about everything you need to know about Pete Peterson's Campaign to 'Fix the Debt'

CHART: Rethinking Our Minimum Wage

If you need something else, press 0

Why Is GOP Speaking Out Against Immigration Reform? -BECAUSE- Private Prison Execs Told Them To

Catnip! A gateway drug?

The 10 Years' War: Army Plans For Sequestration Cuts Through 2022

Anyone have a friend in an abusive relationship?

Two scoops in a waffle cone please!

Sequestration Watch -- An Axe to Grind Edition.

Pentagon Grounds JSF Fleet After Turbine Blade Cracks; 'Potential Exists For Catastrophic Failure'

suggesting a group

Wind has overtaken nuclear as an electricity source in China.

Rat tales abound in NYC after Superstorm Sandy

Air Force Chief Says 70% of ALL Combat Aircraft 'Non Combat Capable By July'

So what's for breakfast?

SecAF Donley Says KC-46 Tanker Contract At Risk; Hill Must OK $1B

What I learned about Medicare and "supplement" Medicare

Revealed! Why we never see MatCom anymore!

War Or Peace, Drones Market Will Grow, Especially For Infantry

13 GOP Pennsylvania Senators Introduce New Plan To Rig The Electoral College For Republicans

Too Much Sitting Linked to Chronic Health Problems

Put on a coat to watch this......

"That's what this choice means..."

Found the boat, hope to be diving soon

What are you reading the week of February 24, 2013?

At least with popes & royals abdication is an option, not like with our BUSHes & ROMNEYs

Bette Midler Does The Vatican

Veterans prohibited from purchasing firearms?

Woodward's Butthurt Lack of Integrity

NYT's Gail Collins: Sequester for Dummies

"Species gluttony is nearly over and we've eaten the flesh of the earth and pissed upon its bones."

What is the most you'd pay for dinner out?


Deluded Republican Reformers

Obama’s Backers Seek Big Donors to Press Agenda

Bradley Manning's 1,000th day in prison

The Hard cold cost facts for the week of Feb 23rd

MSNBC Chris Hayes invited to CPAC 2013, declines offer unless GOProud ban lifted.

A Music Homage to Gay Icon Alan Turing

On Nuclear Weapons as Units of Measurement

In attempt to stop early voting, MN Republican proposes denying the vote to all active duty military

The Democratic turncoats behind the “Fix the Debt” attack on Medicare & Social Security

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

I think this speaks for most of us here on D.U.

Go ahead, keep attacking Ashley Judd

today in women's herstory

Lying Sacks of S*** of The Week:Our "Budget Cutting" Congress

Yankees fighting for the right to be called the “Evil Empire”

a biography of the day-katherine pettit (settlement worker, kentucky)

Question about a "Neti Pot"

a biography of the day-ruth nichols (aviation pioneer)

Suggestion for the DU Cafe store.

Tim Tebow Takes a Knee, Cancels Appearance at Controversial Megachurch Celebration

Israeli Settlers Shoot and Injure Palestinians in Qusra

10 celebs you didn’t know were atheists

The Skeletons in Benedict's Closet

It's official: 'The Killing' returns to AMC: Netflix component remains unresolved...

Iran Discovers More Uranium Ore And Chooses Sites For 16 New Nuclear Plants

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Begins 3-Day Military Exercises In South

Bloomberg series on Pentagon weapons spending

Training Child Survivalists in the US

Give horsemeat-tainted food to poor - German minister

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies – Equal Opportunity Myth

Cardinal Keith O'Brien: 'Allow priests to marry'

Complete this sentence: Those entering the lounge should be prepared to show evidence of......

I call this one 'Jack Johnson'

US gov't to air-drop toxic mice on Guam snakes

Who is Alice Copper and why is he on Fargo, MN's Walk of Fame?

'The Bullies and Bigots at Big Gay' Hit Tebow 'Like a Falling Safe'

China now has up to 400 “cancer villages,” and the government only just admitted it

13 GOP Pennsylvania Senators Introduce New Plan To Rig The Electoral College For Republicans

'Finger-in-chili woman' back in trouble

Weight Loss Fact and Fiction, What Works and What Doesn't Work

Barca wants 'peace match' against Israeli-Palestinian team

Official: Gunmen open fire at PA security officer's car

Fatah, Hamas officials trade accusations in heated debate

A book everyone should read and pass along to others to read!

'And They Haven't Called My Agent?'

Psychiatrists to brand grief lasting longer than two weeks a mental illness

Um, about that unconditional love thing. It flies out the window if you insist on making bad puns.

i'm so fucking sick and tired of this life.

I'm going to try to post these in a hurry. I'm late for my NAA meeting.

Is it just me or does everybody get spooged with that one speck of yogurt when they open some?

Your cat "sleeps all day" because he/she is exhausted from mulititasking.

MiddleFingerMom made his fortune opening up a chain of bacon-flavored milk bars.

MiddleFingerMom has found that sometimes it's good, damned good, to be a Grammar Nazi.

It's not illegal if the CIA does it…

Rahm's DLC, neoliberal, corrupt policies tank him in the polls

There is a battle of two wolves inside us all

FACT CHECK—Abercrombie: Critical Public Services Have Been Restored

Why the Sahara is not the 'new Afghanistan'

Competitiveness causes political persuasion?

Marsha Blackburn is on with Alex deWitt

Purple Hearts

2014 US Senate Election-Republican Held US Senate Seats that could flip under the right circumstance

Palestinian Prisoner Dies In Israeli Jail After 100 Are Wounded In Clashes

US warned Chile dictator over plebiscite

US warned Chile dictator over plebiscite

Toon: The Economic Suicide Hotline

That’s It, REP ITSE Has To Go For Jeopardizing The Safety Of Our Children (HB 609) Teachers wth guns

Israel’s Oscar Bid Discomforts Netanyahu Government

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Big health insurance rate hikes are plummeting

Pinellas motorcycle shop offers hand gun with purchase

U.S. Oil Demand Fell to 18-Year Low for January, API Says

Toon: Land of Obamacare Defiance

Michael Tomasky: Deluded Republican Reformers

Gun buy-back to start in Columbus

Toon: Jobs related to the sale and manufacture of guns...

They Called It "Underground"

What a perfect idea:

Anybody think screening more carefully for crazies will reduce the incidence of mass killings?

My 9 year old said 'sequestration' sounded like it was about horses

Tell Republicans to Do Their Jobs and Stop The Sequester

Bill DeWeese and John Perzel: Cellmates

Testing my new imgur account.

So, what do you western Pennsylvanians think of the mayor/police scandal?

Republicans Reach Out To Women With New 'No Punch Pretty Lady' Bill

Men say their breast cancer was caused by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune

Does anyone else feel that sense of anxiety that you will set off the alarm while leaving the store?

Things that lower abortion rates...(you'll just love the last thing)

This is pretty funny, and still a great message....

I detest pre-employment polygraph tests...


I detest pre-employment proctology exams.

End government support of this cruel experiment at Universty of Wisconsin

Give a Republican a fish ...

Dear POTUS, please think of the country's Unicorns!!

Anti-communist oaths persist despite court rulings

Greek mythology

I agree with Republicans – The tax code is not fair and should be changed.

Families of missing N.S. fishermen wait for divers to enter water

What you hear on the Internet about sexism

Human rights report: B.C. Mounties accused of rape, abuse of aboriginal women

And when I snap my fingers you will crow like a rooster

Reviewer Card Makes a Critic Out of all of Us

Fix the debt's fuzzy math

Let's get ready to rumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllleeeeeeee

Miley Cyrus pops out of pre-Grammy party dress

Test for Spiritual Enlightenment

Frustrated Obama on GOP: “There’s nothing that I can do”

I can't find teh virus?

Straight Guys React to Gay Porn!

I detest post-employment interviews

How the news really works

Being hungry

Austerity increases Confidence in the Debt

I promise ~ I will never do it again!

Not A Joke Or A Protest – This Republican Actually Wants To Grant Corporations The Right To Vote

Sitting here at Santa Anita waiting for the first race.

Golden State Warriors short sleeved jerseys

Come on DUers - let's have some photos of those

If anything, corporations should be treated like NATIONS, not people.

Martin Zweig, Who Forecast ’87 Market Crash, Dies at 70

Off-duty Camden officer shoots autistic man, caretaker

I'm not a shareholder, but

this is ME today.

Prison inmates get rescue cats ready for adoption

Despite Aid, Borrowers Still Face Foreclosure

from Barbara Boxer:

Nevada senator proposes lowering minimum wage for some

Increasing Public Access to the Results of Scientific Research (MSG from White House)

For the record. Have a look at this transparency page below. I've made it easy for you...

Children at Play

Republican Rebranding: The New Republican Backed Movie Showcasing their Improved Policies

The GOP Is Pursuing More Than Class War - They Are Pursuing Economic Apartheid.

I just saw "FLIGHT" and "ARGO." I saw LINCOLN a while back....

Why does DU not have teh kitten smiley????

NASCAR Nationwide Race (Spoiler)

Is anybody talking about the idea of "Guerrilla Education"?

Cat & Owl

How Obama and Valerie Jarrett Helped Launch Their Political Careers in an.....

iDoctor: Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?

MoveOn: They locked us out and fired us

Do any of the states requiring or planning to require transvaginal ultrasound offer

Thousands rally to 'save Texas schools'

Gun lobby defends not the Constitution but a cynical business model

I think the GOP may contest this....

Are Gun Accidents 'Very Rare'?

How Woodward Missed The Mark on Sequester Politics

Husband Gets Revenge

Bill Moyers: Taming Capitalism Run Wild

This is what disability looks like...

Nasty crash at Daytona - breaking

Anyone know what happened with the much touted Day of Resistance"?

Hansen: If book hadn't been left in barrel, Abe Lincoln would never have been president

In case you had any sympathy left for the "farmer" who shot 2 dogs in PA

Vote in this Poll to name 2 moons of Pluto...

Best treatment for split nails?

Should cursive writing be required? A N.C. bill would mandate it

Canada keen to start uranium (and oil) supplies to India: Envoy

Mercury May Have Once Had An Ocean Of Lava

They want to kill the New Deal just as much as we want to save it.

Why am I so pathetic?

Watch Michelle Obama Mom-dance with Jimmy Fallon

Senate Decisions Could Put Lindsey Graham's Seat At Risk

Federal court says concealed gun permits not protected by 2nd Amendment

2014 MT US Senate Race-No Senate run for Schweitzer-D.

Tax Payers Fund For-Profit Charter Schools as They Fail Miserably

Paul Krugman- Little Statesmen and Philosophers

Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott

Does god pick the next Pope??

TCM Schedule for Monday February 25 - 31 Days of Oscar: Touchstone Pictures

Huge car crash mars Nationwide Series race at Daytona

How to Show a Prospective Employer You're No Sheep

Capitalism is so broken it can’t be fixed

The Air Force is now training more pilots for its drones than for its fighter jets and bombers

German conservatives point to supporting expanded rights for same sex couples

The Devil You Know: Apple and Slave Labor

How are you doing?

I gave the dude the benefit of the doubt--until I read this-- Now I say, PPR his sorry ass.

Radioactive Fish Found In California: Contamination From Fukushima Disaster Still Lingers

Support for a DU Group to discuss provisions of ACA??

To all you Canes fans >>>

Let me explain to you what happened to pensions

Why aren't the Republicans trying to repeal the Sequester?

Moyers & Company: Saru Jayaraman on Working Conditions in the Restaurant Industry

I've had crock pot chili for dinner this entire week

Moyers & Company: Economist Richard Wolff on Capitalism Run Wild

Kindergarten Teacher, School Nurse Held in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Message to today's Right-Wing: stop calling yourselves conservatives

Obamacare meeting at work today!!!!

Sequester Threatens Top-Secret Military Research

'Stolen' Banksy mural withdrawn from sale at U.S. auction house following storm of protest


A REDUX: "Rare Birds" a Canadian Film as Rec here...& Since Audubon doing Count

Alan Grayson: Sequester Threatens Top-Secret Military Research

If you loved the screaming goat video, you will pee in your pants in this version

Does anybody have experience with concierge health care, especially MdVIP?

Happy Birthday Johnny Winter!!

How Bob Woodward's Book Debunks His Big Washington Post Op-Ed

Okay! I just made this up! Old porn stars don't die,....they just limp away!

Iran Says It Has Captured A Foreign 'Enemy Drone'

GOP girl drinks 5 beers, kills woman in hit-and-run, gets probation