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Archives: May 10, 2013

Papantonio: White Collar Criminals Get Out of Jail Free

API says California is "energy rich, decision poor"; should follow Texas's example

"Allen West Is Outraged That Obama Wants to Remember Dead American Workers"

Sen. Whitehouse destroys colleague who said God won’t allow climate change

"Public Opinion May Finally Be an Enemy the NRA Actually Fears"

It was the best of times. It was the "worse" of times.

Helping friends who divorce then get treated badly

Friend of Cleveland kidnapping and rape suspect Ariel Castro recalls noises, multiple locks on door

People say that I'm out of touch with reality.

Uruguayan general found guilty of junta's 1974 murder of communist

NSA Internet Spying Guide Made Public

Cultural Sexism: What If Amanda Knox Had Been Andrew Knox?

RIP former Pennsylvania Governor George Leader (DEM). He held office from 01-18-1955 to 01-20-1959.

Seriously I can't wait for Ed Shultz on Saturday Night

The New York Times on Venezuela and Honduras: A Case of Journalistic Misconduct

Senate GOP Makes Case for Senate Rules Reform with Procedural Tricks to Slow Labor, EPA Nominations

Feel like I'm fixin to die Rag

Charles Ramsey's Interview Put To Music

The Fix the Debt Fix Is Still In - Paul Krugman

Republicans lead a witch hunt party on Benghazi - Eugene Robinson, WaPo

Student Debt a 'Roadblock' for Wider Economy: Report

This will break your heart! Sad Cat Diary...

Whistleblower’s yarn fails to tie Benghazi lapses to politics - Dana Milbank, WaPo

The reason research grants dried up for a cat/human translator:

My mother once made Stovetop Stuffing and forgot to add the spice bag.

Dogs' poker faces really suck,

They have to want to change themselves.

Are your children on drugs? The signs are there... if you look hard enough.

MiddleFingerMom ALWAYS gets busted when he's trying to over-compensate.

Yeah, I know... it's ludicrous, but please don't laugh at MiddleFingerMom's old wedding photo.

Video: What if gender roles in advertising were reversed?

Kelly Ayotte's response to my email

In the DLC spirit, perhaps the Democratic Party could embrace the NRA's program.

Does it make you sick as I am watching the President in Texas today.

Lion meat tacos cause uproar in Florida

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Lowlifes & a new Kitteh gif

Emmure Frankie gets 200V electro shocked on stage in Moscow

"We'll do it because it's a mitzvah, that's why!"

AP: Appeals court strikes down union poster rule

EA drops gun licenses, will use them anyway

National Policy Institute. National Rifle Association. National Republican Party.

Fannie Mae to pay $59.4bn back to US after record profit (BBC)

They just tore down a one of a kind movie theatre to build a DICKS Sporting Goods

Is there a Democrat preparing to run against Lindsey Graham?

House approves plan to pay creditors, Social Security if U.S. overshoots debt limit

For God’s sake, can’t Hillary simply call a news conference to smack the republicans around a little

Rachel is doing a wonderful job eviscerating the Heritage Foundation and their

Tahoe Resources Mining exec in Guatemala gave direct orders to kill protestors "God damn dogs"

Wow, check out this DSCC contest

Heart Association Weighs In on Pets.

I'm going camping with my son's this weekend

Grassley offers 77 amendments to immigration bill

Autotune - Charles Ramsey

Video of Martha meeting her match.

Florida health centers to help enroll uninsured for coverage

When ReTHUGs submit 1,000 questions for Obama's nominee for the EPA

Two people fall over board on Carnival Cruise line.

Texas congressman's re-election campaign will give away a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle...

My angel baby Beaulah

Boy, 2, dies after shooting self

(MUST READ) Peace? From the Palestinian Standpoint, There is a Past, No Future

Mark Barden on Rachel

The Last Word - Chilling details of what happened in Benghazi

Please Sign The Sandy Hook Promise Mother's Day Card.

Alligator Grabs Florida Man Fleeing Police

"Suspect in Boston Bombing Talked Jihad in Russia" by ELLEN BARRY at the New York Times

Homeland Insecurity: Seven Years, Untold Dollars to Silence One Man

Alleged Terrorist Cell Ringleader Arrested In New York

Infographic: Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably)

Cat on a Roomba video, enjoy !

The DU Folding@Home team - Alzheimer's, CJD, ALS, AIDS, Huntington's, Parkinsons and cancer research

I was just crying with Rachel tonight

Can You Tell The Difference Between A Men's Magazine And A Rapist?

Boehner Goes Democrat, Admits 'We Can't Cut Our Way to Prosperity

Mark Udall 'Extremely Concerned' About Warrantless Email Searches

Police: Ohio captive suffered 5 miscarriages

This a.m. I woke up knowing it was time to go to the ER.

Miley Cyrus is Maxim's sexiest woman of 2013?

Just a video of Captain Jack(John Barrowman), I have a crush on him.

"She was transformed from a fearless little girl to one startled at the sound of shoes falling..."

"Ahmed Abassi Arrested By FBI In VIA Rail Terrorism Plot"

A Dog would never fall for this!

Do these Benghazi hearings have anyone else pissed off?

Rally Held To Keep SUNY Downstate Medical Center Open

State Senator Huntley Ordered To Serve One Year, One Day In Fraud Case

Biden: ‘We Don’t Want to Blow It like the last admin did' on WMD Call

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 10, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Second Looks

Critics slam Calif. GOPer Maldonado's latest move as a 'Willie Horton' misstep

What is your favorite drink?

US home building is surging, but job growth isn't

(West, Texas) A Neighborhood Nearly Obliterated by a Blast

Billo Blasts Jon Stewart Because Embassy Attacks Happened Under "War" Time. WTF?

Dan Snyder: Redskins will ‘never’ change team name

Suspect in Boston Bombing Talked Jihad in Russia

What do astronauts really see when they look at Earth from space?

Mystery illness claims the life of 2 area teens, a third is critical

How the CIA tried to turn cats into spies in the 1960's

Pasadena Gun Buy Back this Saturday

Florida Taco Joint Ponders Pulling Lion Tacos From Menu

Religious freedoms in Cuba

Sophia Top Baby Name for U.S. Girls,

Peru's Ambassador to Venezuela Resigns Under Pressure from Lawmakers

im doomed

This is being passed around FB

Brazil and Venezuela ratify, strengthen their strategic alliance

This is my response to a post ...

Church of England facing new child abuse allegations

What, me worry?

Repub Infants in Senate Walk Out on EPA Director Vote, Just to Be a Pain In the Ass

The Secret to Long Life? Bacon, says 105-yr-old....

Spanish child abuse foundation invents the most brilliant anti-child abuse billboard ever

President Santos refuses to receive the Venezuelan Opposition

Pakistan’s highest court rules U.S. drone strikes illegal

Florida passes law to make it illegal to drive slow in the fast lane

Do you feel the presence of God ever?

The spell check is busted

Righthaven's Copyright Case Quickly Dispatched by 9th Circuit

Pro-Bible Cheerleaders Defeat High School Ban

Oreck Vacuums Files for Chapter 11

GE Can't Drain Washing Machine Class Action

I got Lewis Black's autograph tonight!

TFA to expand in Chicago areas where many schools were closed, quality teachers laid off.

Something tells me that Stanley wasn't too fond of the first orchestra…

Professor gropes student, offers a grade change, and gets away with it.

Happy 144th Birthday, Transcontinental Railroad!!!

Top Fifty Myths About Being Transgender

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Remember, James Baker's law firm represented the Saudis against the 9/11 families

I hope a very good lawyer represents Ariel Castro

Can't Hug Every Cat - Awesome Cat-tastic Remix!

This Town Took On Fracking and Won


A Union-Hating Billionaire Bankster Will Develop Trade Agreements that Affect All

After Plant Explosion, Texas Remains Wary of Regulation

Woman Paralyzed From The Chest Down Travels Across Indonesia On A Modified Motorbike (Tissue Alert)

The newest movie version of The Great Gatsby looks like a cartoon....

Apparently you can buy a Tesla at the mall

College Art Teacher Fired After Student Kills Chicken For Project

X-Post From GD: Woman Paralyzed From Chest Down Travels Across Indonesia On A Modified Motorbike

Teen gets 27 years in Mississippi killing (intentional, racist hit-and-run)

Benghazi Debate Focuses on Interpretation of Early E-Mail on Attackers

After Plant Explosion, Texas Remains Wary of Regulation

Basket o' Kitteh +

Post your brilliant business ideas

Altruistic Personality: Rescuers Of Jews In Nazi Europe

A Final Effort to Find Nazi War Criminals

David Bowie's 'The Next Day' Clip Attacked by Catholic League


El Salvador: “We don’t want Beatriz to die, it’s that simple”

New Book Reveals Postwar Germany’s Nazi Party Ties Cover-Up

4 pit bulls blamed for Calif. jogger's death

Watch These Straight People Answer A Question Gay People Have Been Asked For Years

Texas county shaken as migrant deaths rise

61% of Israelis Back Barack Obama's Foreign Policy, Pew Poll Reveals

Insight - In eastern Syria oil smugglers benefit from chaos

'Jews a Race' Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert

May 10: National Shrimp Day

Creepy ghost town comes up for air


Energy West official: Scratch-and-sniff cards to blame for gas smell in downtown Great Falls

ISS: Space station's cooling system leaking ammonia

Labour election victory in 2015 looks a distant prospect, says pollster

Search for radioactive leak at Palisades nuclear plant

"Syria: Intervention Will Only Make it Worse" By Zbigniew Brzezinski

This keeps looking better and better.. I can't wait!


Weekly Protests Planned in NC: 50 arrested so far that include

Schools closing in one Michigan community under emergency manager.

Dick(shit)Cheney: SUBPOENA Hillary to Congress on Benghazi

Red River water wars: four states battle over water access

Boy with brain stem but not a complete brain, forced to take standardized assessment test

Bangladesh factory collapse death toll hits 1,034

Revealing the Contents of a 100-year-old Time Capsule

Christy vetos early voting bill for NJ

BREAKING: Female Bangladeshi Garment Factory Worker Pulled Alive from Rubble After 17 Days

Woman found alive in Dhaka factory rubble- after 17 days

7 Financial Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Is This America's Worst Prison? The Inspirational Campaign to Close Tamms Supermax

Does Michigan's Emergency-Manager Law Disenfranchise Black Citizens?

Protesters hurl rocks in clashes over Women of the Wall prayer service at Kotel

The Global Youth Jobless Crisis: A Tragic Mess That Is Not Getting Any Better

Fast Food Strike Wave Spreads to Detroit

After Plant Explosion, Texas Remains Wary of Regulation

Islamic Cleric in Gaza Rejects Israel's Existence

Suspected new coronavirus case in France, Saudis report two more

1950s Education On "Hipsters" Hipsters smoke just for pleasure not relaxation and write

141 years ago today: 1st woman nominated for POTUS

Joe ain't gettin' no Benghazi love on his own tv show

Krugman: The Moral Equivalent of Space Aliens (shakes up Japan's economy)

Fraud No Impediment to Foreclosure, Florida Lawmakers Decide

Cellphone logs help estimate radiation exposure of Fukushima evacuees

Opting Out of Wall Street and Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities: Remaking Finance, Pt. III

Psychopathy in Politics and Finance - Stefan Verstappen on GRTV

Let's help Sen. Warren get her Student Loan rate bill passed! Call & email & fax your congressmen

Drone Strikes Affecting Thousands in Pakistan, Fueling Hatred of U.S.

Marshall Islands face acute water shortage

Establishing UK tree seed bank 'crucial'

Diablo III auctions remain closed as Blizzard conducts thorough audit

At a garden festival yesterday

Fungus network 'plays role in plant communication'

For those who insist on bringing up past legal troubles of people like Charles Ramsey or Neil Heslin

127 Reasons Why Reversing Citizens United is NOT Enough

Christie vetoes early voting bill, angering Democrats

Bikini Model Teacher 'Too Hot to Teach'

Karzai Says U.S. Bases Can Stay, Raising Some Eyebrows in West

Boston Police were warned, 5 days prior, to small bombs being set off at the finish line

Sexual Assaults and Nuclear Missiles: What's the Matter With the Military?

Judge questions efforts of NYPD’s stop-and-frisk ‘all-star’ Kha Dang who was ‘wrong 95 percent time

Meteorite crater reveals future of a globally warmed world

Physicists Confirm They Have Found And Killed The 'God Particle'

Opting Out of Wall Street and Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities: Remaking Finance, Pt. III

Desmond Tutu ‘will no longer vote for ANC’ –the party that brought Nelson Mandela to power

Researchers develop new tool in HIV vaccine fight

Mental health groups say new {Canadian} crime bill fuels stigma

Video, Photos: Big Crowd Turns Out for Mark Warner and Terry McAuliffe in Arlington

Gomez's tax deduction scam - MA Senate Race

war criminal says subpeona hilary clinton

In New Video, Rove-Backed Group Blasts Clinton’s Handling Of Benghazi

Hive mind: Talking with the man who may save Europe’s bees

California town of Sebastopol will require solar panels on all new homes

F-35 project to ‘earn Turkey $12 billion’

Tebow being blackballed by NFL teams due to cult-like following...

State blinks first in Asheville Water Wars

The Real Secret Behind the Stealth Fighter

Murphy calls on VA to improve monitoring of suicidal veterans

Benghazi Email Demanded By Boehner Referenced ‘Extremists,’ Not ‘Terrorists’

Wisconsin: WEDC board member also has a loan from WEDC

The Republican Remains a Total Joke With The Election of Mark Sanford

Charlotte dog (Peaches the Pit Bull) provides needed therapy for many in Boston

USS Ford final hull piece installed

Shedding Tears, Minn. GOP Lawmaker’s ‘Heart Breaks’ After Gay Marriage Vote

What is a scandal?

Wisconsin Jobs Now - Day of Action in Milwaukee May 15th

"People were grabbing me and saying 'BENGHAZI'!"

The Single Most Expensive Piece Of Military Equipment Ever Has Reached A Massive Milestone

Was ending the draft a mistake? By David Sirota

The Tragic Plight of Lions in Africa

Are we getting anyone ready for the NH Senate seat against Kelly A.

GOP cabinet boycott reaffirms Senate is archaic embarrassment

Ex-Muslims Rally for Persecuted Moroccan Atheist Imad Iddine Habib

Oil drops below $95 a barrel as dollar rises

Senate OKs honor for Birmingham bombing victims

A Journey to Inspire People Whose Disabilities Prevent Them From Leaving the House. (Tissue Alert)

After West Blast, Chemical Stockpiles Scrutinized

CNN Split Screen Interview in SAME Parking Lot

WEIRD: Glenn Beck Discusses His 'Bizarre Gift'

Vatican uncovers first known depiction of Native Americans

Papantonio: How Wall Street Fuels Income Inequality

After Plant Explosion, Texas Remains Wary of Regulation

Public Religion in a Post-Christian Age, Graduation Edition

GCV And Beyond: How The Army Is Gettin’ Heavy After Afghanistan

Texas makes bounce house operators carry liability coverage, but not plants like West Fertilizer

How plants respond to positive vibes: 'Talking' mechanism is a mystery

PSA: CNN is Conflating two "Mississippi White teens run over and kill a Black man" stories....

Pagan Interfaith Work through the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy

Army Radios: Contractors Lobby Congress Against Competition

Good intentions, negligence yield Texas blast

Fracking Water Use Draining Resources, Especially In Western U.S., New Studies Find

I think this provides insight into the Republican position on Benghazi:

Road to recovery is long, but healing is possible for Cleveland kidnapping survivors

House OKs shifting control of fracking waste water

Random scenes from Panjwai

Atlanta the most 'redneck' city in America?

FAA: Boeing must fix unsafe wiring systems in some 777s

How Ariel Castro Remained at Liberty in Cleveland All These Years

You just know a "teenage" girl would adore going

The difference between the Lounge and Good Reads.

Joe Biden: The Rolling Stone Interview

Air Pollution Raises Risk of Diabetes Precursor in Kids

Kentucky Will Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare, Cutting Its Uninsured Population By More Than Half

Scarborough: Benghazi Would Get More Public Scrutiny If Conservatives Hadn’t ‘Overplayed Their Hand’

North Dakota No. 1 in worker death rate

More bullcrap education deform

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Benghazi! BENGHAZI!

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Military Abuse Scandal

Question for Borderlands 2 players. Did I do something wrong? If not, WTH?

Interior Secretary: Fracking Regulations Will Be Based on Best Science

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Repubs

Christie Vetoes Early Voting Bill

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Issues

Friday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Jason Richwine (the idiot from the pic of the day)

today in women's herstory-10 may

4th Grader's secret documentary of public school lunches shows hype vs reality

Just an average Joe

Science and Religion Can’t Be Reconciled (Why I won’t take money from the Templeton Foundation.)

a biography of the day-sarah anne worthington king peter (philanthropist)

Lindsey Graham didn’t mean to suggest Mexico is a ‘hellhole’

Engage! Astronomers need your assistance to detect space warps

a biography of the day-judith jamison (dancer, choreographer)

A Petition That Just Might Save the Post Office

Does this screed about the need for feminism look familiar to anyone?

Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform

Incredible Image of Yosemite

alvin ailey's "cry" (a birthday present for his mother). happy mother's day to all


D’oh! Boehner's E-mail That Is Supposed To Prove Benghazi Is Worse Than Watergate-FIZZLES...

Hedge funders think they’re really smart, but most of the time they’re just really wrong

playing around with my new sony

The latest horrifying data on European unemployment

Abu Qatada 'would return to Jordan'

Possible active shooter arrested in vicinity of SMU campus

Neosporin for a wound on a cat

fOR SmileyRose to let you know we're thinking of you

Rios Montt Verdict Day. Sanchez statements. Verdict at 4PM Central today

British embassy temporarily withdraws some staff from Libya

Untold Stories Of The Boston Marathon - Journalist Chris Faraone Discusses

re: Benghazi, Victoria Nuland of State really stepped in it

Attack of the 50-Foot Feminist Agenda

usefull pictures ... well, at least they are pictures

Are U.S. Appellate Courts Trying To Cover Up Bush-Era Crimes?

Noah brushes off Heat fan's obscene gesture

Ronald Reagan and the fall of UC

If you even think about telling me this is not real you should just put me on ignore right now!

Ronald Reagan and the fall of UC

No-win situation for agricultural expansion in the Amazon

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

"Research doubles electric car range" claim #4,381 - but who's counting?

FBI & DOJ do NOT think they need a warrant to read your emails, chats, FB messages

IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

King, Messiah: New baby names suggest high hopes

I can see well enough to edit now

Disney drops bid to trademark Day of Dead name

The marijuana measures

Bill Clinton tried to broker Led Zeppelin reunion

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 10, 1994

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 10, 1994

Spire Installed Atop 1 World Trade Center

Controversy erupts over taco stand serving lion meat tacos

West, Texas Paramedic Charged With Possession Of Destructive Device

West, Texas, Paramedic Arrested, Unclear if Related to Blast: Source

Maybe she uses Karate to fend off all of the cats…

A nifty Star Trek fact for you…

Kitty cat goes for the tongue…

Dammit, I'm tired of people like Beck winning (but you can help)

Henry Waxman says not cutting Social Security is being just like Grover Norquist

Have you ever considered making the Host forum

Corrupt Judge Ordered to Send Photo of Herself in Handcuffs to other Judges

West, TX, EMT arrested by ATF for explosives

Are you lunch?

More predictable jury responses - continuing my advocacy campaign...

That's a lot of nipples...

Shorten Your Name to Make More Money

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers open criminal investigation into explosion

Pic Of The Moment: Synopsis Of Boehner's Bizarre May 9 Press Q&A, With Actual Quotes

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton ‘Should Never Hold High Office Again’

Cleveland Police Press Conference May 8--"...we have scrubbed our entire investigative file..."

"You can't justify having your kids in public school"

Another person ignoring me.

Tim Minchin's Easter gift to us.

Movie theater publicity stunt triggers officers to respond to active shooter situation

Pirate Bay Takes Over Distribution of Censored 3D Printable Gun

Another child on child shooting..

Pirate Bay Takes Over Distribution of Censored 3D Printable Gun

Inhofe Suggests Obama May Be Impeached Over Benghazi

Student Goes off at Teacher for Lack of Commitment in Teaching - Duncanville, Texas

Texas makes bounce house operators carry liability coverage, but not plants like West Fertilizer

Georgia Student Suspended After Posting Principal's Mug Shot On Instagram

Robert Plant has been slumming it a bit lately…

Cemetary Tells Family That Profanity Isn't Allowed On Son's Headstone

Entrepreneuer wants to open shop in Milwaukee - investors say no, demand cheap overseas labor

Michelle Malkin: The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine (Heritage white supremacist)

Canadian Teacher Teaching Overseas Claims Psychotic Ex Staged Online Character Assassination

Whole Paycheck tricks vegans into eating meat

Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform

For Southern DUers: The Most Democratic County in the US is

Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level

Reagan & Two Universities

Ohio: DNA Confirms Castro Is Girl's Father

Shuttlecraft Galileo is getting repaired and finding a home

Daniel Snyder says Redskins will never change name

The once-proud Mercury News may be leaving San Jose.

Sad Cat Diary

NYT: The Latest GOP Temper Tantrum

The tea party crazy train speeds up in Raleigh

After trip, Tammy Baldwin says 'there are no good options' in Syria

The New Hampshire Moms In Ad Defending Ayotte’s Background Check Vote Are Actually GOP Activists

Presenting the talking point revisions that GOPers hope will destroy Hillary (spoiler: they won't)

How Big Oil uses the Republican Party to subvert

twice as fast as windspeed: Can an America's Cup Yacht be too fast?

So, why the republicants are it, looking for the smoking gun email,

Bolivian Court Keeps Che Guevara's Assassin Under House Arrest

My Benghazi Fantasy....

Freddie Mac posts $4.6 billion profit

What's killing our cats?

You have to listen to this radio station!

What do the republicans hope to accomplish with Benghazi?

World Trade Center, Built With Union Labor, Is Now America’s Tallest Building

Meet Disco!

What Benghazi Truthers Are Looking For

World’s Most Offensive Jewish Car Blames Boston Bombing On Gay Marriage

Manhattan Surgeon Fired After Removing Wrong Kidney From Patient

Fact vs. Fiction in Cleveland: How a Sick Story Became Too Sick to Be True

Michelle Knight removed by Cleveland police from FBI database 15 months after disappearance

What ABC Left Out Of Its Report On Benghazi Talking Points

Judge rebukes Obama admin. on morning after, "something out of an alternate reality."

Peacock in a tree.

Kitten Sam Day 4 Update - with Photos of Her and Ashley Playing

'Mounting Evidence' Boston Bombers Involved in 2011 Triple Murder

Obamacare Is Already Forcing Private Insurers To Lower Their Premiums

Why You Shouldn’t Tell That Random Girl On The Street That She’s Hot

The $52 million the GOP has wasted on meaningless votes against Obamacare....

So...Are the rapes of the 3 women freed in Cleveland...

Thom Hartmann: The Inside Story - how Jeffrey Skilling/Enron is getting out of jail...

Krugman: "Wheee! The Heritage Foundation is engaged in frantic damage control"

Nottingham College In UK Offering 2 Year Program In Heavy Metal Music

Spanx founder Sara Blakely is first female billionaire to donate half her fortune to charity

Take this NEWS IQ TEST

Virginia woman who coordinated Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s burial says protests showed ‘America at its worst

Christian heavy metal singer charged with hiring a hitman to kill his wife (not The Onion)

Tea Party Patriots: Obama Must Apologize For IRS Targeting

A Novel Idea: Asking an Afghan About the Future of Afghanistan, Greg Palast

Strange turn of events: Paramedic from Texas plant blast arrested

Inhofe Suggests Obama May Be Impeached Over Benghazi

California: San Bernardino raids marijuana dispensaries, aims to shut down all

Kerry is on YouTube live right now.

Attorney Who Advised Kiera Be Charged With Felony, Drops Charges In White Teen’s Fatal Case Days Lat

Preventing use of nuclear weapons - Japan Times editorial

Chamber Of Commerce Is Big Winner With Increasingly Conservative Supreme Court

While we all fuss about guns, our food supply is about to kill us!

Nigeria 'baby factory' raided in Imo state

Time to come up with some new song titles, City Edition… Feel free to add your own

Flight diverted and passenger removed after singing Whitney Houston songs on plane.

The great dinosaur stampede that never was ?

'Purrlock Holmes' alerts owner to body in nearby stream

CBS: Michelle Knight needs "facial reconstruction" after Cleveland rescue, grandmother says

For the Cleveland Kidnapping Victims, a Tragic Sisterhood

British teenager wins $100,000 US technology fellowship

Heading to G7, U.S. tells Japan to stick to currency rules

Postal Service Posts $1.9 Billion Loss in Second Quarter

NBC Said to Settle on New Head of News Division

A Thinner Chris Christie Still Faces Big Political Challenges - by Robert Shrum

3-D lightning bolt

Obama Administration Looks To Improve Transition Outcomes

Border fee for Canadians banned by U.S. senators

Rasmussen:Why the Benghazi Hearings Are Likely to Be a Bust

Monitoring Mule Deer Movment and Survival

You can have my 3D gun when you pry it from my cold dead printer

You Can’t Move Forward if You Insist on Standing Still

Rachel Maddow - Dishonesty of GOP stall tactic exposed in numbers

The Daniel Morgan Murder: An Unsolved Mystery of the Murdoch Hacking Scandal

If this is the best Rove can do on Hillary and Benghazi, he should stick to math

Amazing color film footage of London in 1927!

An Arbitrary Number of People Demanding That Some Sort of Action Be Taken!!!

"..bigger right-wing funder than the Kochs. And one of the group's biggest causes is school choice."

Senate confirms first African-American woman to state's highest court

Old friend of mine called me, she was very happy-she just paid off the mortgage.

Bush's Crash of 2008 in a nutshell for a RW nut.

Can I Buy You A Coffee?

Inhofe: Clinton showed “forceful attitude” you usually “don’t hear from women”

Rachel Maddow - Racist revealed at Republican policy group

US Budget Deficit shrinks 32% in first 7 months of FY2103

Last Cleveland kidnapping victim out of hospital

US forces in Europe on alert due to Libya unrest

400PPM story in LBN forum... REC it!!

Are Ariel Castro's Neighbors Inadvertently Creating False Memories?

Thom Hartmann: Dark Night of the Soul for the Post Office!

Bulls’ Taj Gibson fined $25,000 for “verbal abuse” of officials

“Faithiest” author speaks about diversity in community

Noam Chomsky was behind lobby to get Stephen Hawking to boycott Israel conference

Tamerlan’s corpse — and ours

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Israel police guard women praying at Jewish site

Congressional Committee Addresses Religious Privilege in New Taxation Report

I have finallly gotten all my grades in

never mind - found help.

New Name for The Heritage Foundation: The White Heritage Foundation. Any others?

"If you don't have to worry about Health Care, because its covered,

Is this the documentary that got a U.S. citizen sentenced to hard labor in North Korea?

National Train Day, Saturday 5/11

The New Hampshire Moms In Ad Defending Ayotte’s Background Check Vote Are Actually GOP Activists

I remember a documentary in 2007 which showed the struggle to to define the tipping point of Global

The New Luxury Kids' Rooms

IRS Targeted Tea Party Tax-Exempt Groups For Increased Scrutiny And Missed The Real Problem

America wants Kyoto Protocol replaced with peer-pressure campaign

Steven Crowder Dishonest about Benghazi?

If you can 3D print a gun at home, you're welcome to shoot me with it

Alabama Protects Sanctity of Workplace Shootings, Road Rage

Spirit Airlines dumps toll-free number "to better assist you"

Blythe Danner - passing the baton of a toxin-free environment to the next generation.

Hidden Power Grab Stops Communities From Deciding Their Own Futures

Pope Tawadros II And Pope Francis: Coptic Orthodox And Catholic Heads Meet In Vatican (PHOTOS)

Best Harlem Shake Video

All those "Benghazi is worse than the Titanic" people should be asked, what about Ben Linder?

These guys are true Miami Heat fans

Tornado activity hits 60-year low

Proctor Chief Turns to Citizens During Ammo Shortage

Save our bees!

Save our bees!

Limbaugh doubles down on his racism...

Boy, 12, Shot in Face by 11-Year-Old; Neither Aware of Reduction in Gun Crime (updated!)

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: God Can’t Stop Climate Change

You manage a theater & Ironman is opening. What is the dumbest stunt you can pull for publicity?

A moment of silence, please. Mickey D's 1/3 pound Angus burger is no more.

CNN President Says Howard Kurtz Will Continue Hosting Show

Jason Richwine Resigns from the Heritage Foundation

Carney: Romney Began Politicization Of Benghazi

Marvel Comics Writer Explains Who’s To Blame For Lack Of Female Superheroes

Corrupt Cops Sell Freedom For Cash

Ben-Got-Ya proves one thing. The right wing nuts can count to 12.

Rodman: ‘Obama Can’t Do Sh*t,’ So ‘I’m Going To Try’ To Get American Freed From North Korean Prison

U.S. Posts Widest Monthly Surplus Since 2008 on Revenue

The incredible animations that reveal how much our planet has changed in just 28 YEARS


Top Republican finally admits to Iran-Contra cover-up,

The incredible animations that reveal how much our planet has changed in just 28 YEARS.

Mother's Day - Roxanna

Steam Powered Box Factory

Rattle and hmmmm. . .

So the Heritage racist resigned. What about the guy who hired the racist to write the immigration

"Obama’s Guantanamo"

Ah, I see you are back for MORE of the Friday Afternoon Challenge! Today: Inspiration!

'Mounting Evidence' Boston Bombers Involved in 2011 Triple Murder

Worst Publicity Stunt of the week.

“Impeach Obama! Again!”

An Interactive Map of Racist, Homophobic and Ableist Tweets in America

Report Anticipates 220 New Gigawatts of (just!) Distributed Solar Generation by 2018

News IQ Test for your rightwing friends.

Bachmann: 9/11 and Benghazi were “judgments” from God

Ariel Castro charged with Murder until Ohio law

Visiting Idaho this summer for the first time.

Special Report: U.S. cyberwar strategy stokes fear of blowback

White House: Republicans ignored Benghazi emails

Moment When Animals Started to Seem More Like People

What's for Dinner, May 10, 2013

London Zoo Seeks Female Mate For Near-Extinct Fish

Internet Connects Dying Girl to Her Musical Hero — in a Day

X-POST from GD: Internet Connects Dying Girl to Her Musical Hero — in a Day

Plan B age-restriction appeal from US government denied by federal judge

The Origin of Mothers Day...

U.S. cancels plan to close control towers at smaller airports

Benghazi Bull...

Exercise for patients with major depression: What kind, how intense, how often?

Why we were forced to become lesbians

The real reason for the....

LTL carrier YRC expresses interest in buying out yet another competitor

Are the FBI and IRS Secretly Reading Your Email Without a Warrant? Friday

Trailer: The Butler (White House head butler who served eight presidents)

Really need some advice.

Weekend Economists Salute Mothers Everywhere May 10-12, 2013

People:Bars ratios across the USA

Law would stop Tesla electric car sales in NC

Wheatland pastor pleads not guilty in child abuse...........

Automakers criticize EPA E30 proposal which puts responsiblity for E30 availability on them

Cleveland Courage Fund - for Berry, DeJesus, Knight

Composite Image of the Moon Taken from 47 Photos Reveals Solar Corona During a Total Solar Eclipse

First Brain Surgery Performed on Bear

Republicans Meltdown Into Deranged Babble After Jay Carney Repeats Benghazi Facts

Republicans attack local authority to allow voluntary union dues deduction

In view of the global CO2 levels surpassing the 400 level


NC is eighth from the bottom

Law would stop Tesla electric car sales in NC (X-Post from GD)

New Advance in Biofuel Production

Pit bull attack injures 6-year-old boy

The Thorncrown Chapel, an Idyllic Glass Chapel in Rural Arkansas is Under Threat

Lt. Governor Brown announces he is running for Governor in 2014. nt

Power plants: UGA researchers explore how to harvest electricity directly from plants

"Is wealth too powerful in Canada? YES" (Great read - applies to the USA just as much)

John Boehner's Email Benghazi Smoking Gun Backfires and Blows Up In His Face Reports: Carbon Dioxide Level Passes Long-Feared Milestone

Ohio prosecutors face hurdles in Ariel Castro death penalty pursuit

Future Ricky... Future Lucy... YOU HAVE SOME 'SPLAININ' TO DO!!!!!

"In case you missed it: Jon Stewart blows the lid off Benghazirama:"

Are you f#cking kidding me?: Benghazi

I expect this bs from Heritage but how does this qualify as scholarship at Harvard?

Friday Rant: Mad at Whatever edition

Beer doesn't get people drunk

A DU Shoutout to Elliott County, KY - The Only Predominatly White & Democratic County In The South!

Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren join fight against chained CPI


Let's see, where did I hear of Cuyahoga County, Ohio before? Oh yeah. Stolen election, 2004

Photographer Gets So Close to Lava That His Shoes and Tripod Melt

Illinois Swamped By Surge In Firearm Owner Applications

Why I Despise The Great Gatsby

Mystery Solved? A New Theory About Why Egypt Stopped Building Pyramids

Coral reefs suffering, but collapse not inevitable, researchers say

Hot today in Eugene, but we're still blessed compared to the rest of the country: (PIC)

Mick Jagger demanded penis apology from Keith Richards as 'prerequisite' to Rolling Stones reunion R

Human impacts on natural world underestimated

Can Carbon Capture Clean Up Canada’s Oil Sands?

NRL Shatters Endurance Record for Small (Fuel Cell-)Electric UAV

Inhofe: Clinton showed “forceful attitude” you usually “don’t hear from women"

Hell freezes, pigs fly, and I bought Samuel Adams in cans today.

“the health care law is about people like me. it’s alyciacare”

I'm Alive...One of my favorites ever...please enjoy the visuals and the music..

Guatemala's Rios Montt found guilty of genocide

Senators Sanders and Warren call out Republicans for blocking President Obama's nominations

Guatemala genocide trial: witnesses of atrocities tell their stories - video

A short message for our marching, gun-toting friends…

Bangladesh survivor Reshma Begum: I never dreamed I'd see daylight again

Uncle Sam Says…

ISS Ammonia Leak: Part of New NASA Project to Study Effects Of Weightlessness On Mortal Terror

Republicans Fundraise Off Benghazi ‘Coverup’

"Confiscate confiscate confiscate"

Limbaugh and Hannity Hit Hard by Advertisers Boycott


Do the various Jewish, Christian and Muslim sects truly worship the same Deity?

Where Is The Media Coverage Of The Fast Food Workers’ Strike?

It gets me ill to watch pundits and politicians who lean to the left constantly refer to Congress as

If you were to go from a believer to un-believer do you think your life would be much different?

Republicans and Science OR "We'll get you yet, Mr. Smartypants Science-Man-Tist-n-Stuff!!!"

Time critical - Florida HB 87, Homeowners, and the Foreclosure Inferno

Something I just remembed in last week's Game of Thrones.

I'm going to have these songs played at my funeral.


Charlie LeDuff: "EM’s report finds no silver lining to Detroit’s dark cloud"

interruption and tattoo question

In regards to the IRS "targeting" right leaning political non-profits...

I googled...Is the Republican party losin it's grip on reality?