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Something for everyone to keep in mind

RIP to FX master Ray Harryhausen

Attorneys question possible connections to Ariel Castro of 1980 murder of West Side girl

Neighbor 'goes nuts,' destroys several homes with bulldozer

Tea Party Rejects IRS Apology, Republicans Vow Investigation

New electric motor technology promises optimum efficiency and power over wide speed range

Friday Talking Points (257) -- Wedgies For All!

One Day in Gun-merica: May 9, 2013

Taibbi: Stop the Koch Brothers From Buying the Tribune

Does anyone else find this 'photo essay' stupid and sexist?

Chile's student activist to run for congress

Most detailed explanation of the ISS ammonia leak and tomorrow's spacewalk

Happy Hour~

Here's a shocker: Pig Paul takes his anti-Hillary Benghazi show on the road- to Iowa

Luckovich cartoon: Combat medal

Manti Te'o's Fake Internet Girlfriend Makes Maxim Hot 100

The Ed Show returns tomorrow at 5pm. EDT MSNBC

Nothing, but nothing will coalesce and invigorate democrats around Hillary

Early math and reading ability linked to job and income in adulthood

One Size Fits All

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Well, where did that come from?

Detroit Sees Largest Fast-Food Strike in U.S. History

"The Science of Guns Proves Arming Untrained Citizens Is a Bad Idea"

California dad 'begged for his life' as police beat him to death - witnesses

Fox News says Republicans ‘free to use’ its ‘ad’ attacking Hillary over Benghazi

Senate Panel to Vote on Stalled EPA Nomination Thursday.

If President Obama deserves to be impeached for Benghazi...

Eric Cantor will work 126 days in 2013...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Happy Mother’s Day weekend & a new

Carpentry's #1 Rule (so to speak):


Best "promposal" ever?

With a little forethought, it doesn't take a forensic scientist to catch your office lunchroom thief

MiddleFingerMom was the undisputed "MASTER OF THE BEER BONG".

With just a little bit of flexibility, MiddleFingerMom has figured out a way to meet women.

Anyone in Portland wanna give this a go????(Best Craigslist "sarc"help wanted evahhh)

Russia Says It Will Ship Missiles to Syria

"Student Debt Slows Growth as Young Spend Less"

City Of LA Department Of Public Works Under Fire For Producing Controversial Video Mocking Asians

Democratic strategist: Party 'in decline'

U.S. Embassy & Consulate Attacks Under George W. Bush (Facebook Graphic)

The DU Spell Check is on the frits

#GOP #Benghazi #b-roll in prep 4 #Hillary2016

First time the House has recognized the same-sex husband of a member with the House Spouse ID

Democratic donors press Obama to deny Keystone XL permit

Local radio stations being sold

#Impeach #Obama 4 #benghazi as soon as #Bush stands trial for war crimes #GOP

It's a Gin and Sodastream with half a lime kind of night.


Don't bring parents here for welfare, Kenney says (Canadian immigration minister)

The Future: Natural Gas and Wind

My response to a worried Democrat ...

Republicans Say The Darndest Things

Paramedic Vocal After Texas Blast Facing Charges, discussed by Rachel

One more cat for Salmon Chanted Evening

Survivor found in Bangladesh rubble

"Conversations With The Universe"

Well I have just about had it ... I have unfriended 2 more!

An Open Letter to White Male Comedians

Barack Loves Michelle~

If Hillary runs for the Presidency...

A Reminder For Some Of The Right-Wingers Pushing For Pres. Obama's Impeachment....

ATTS official breed statistics

Newtown Panel Recommends Tearing Down Sandy Hook Elementary, Rebuilding on Same Site.

They'd fit right in

Trying to speak logically to a Republican

The Hole Within Our World

"Welcome To America" ALL Of YOUR Phone Calls Are NOW Being RECORDED!

If you push something hard enough,

I've always had a soft spot for The Lemonheads...

Site near Phila. to be used to transport PA. natural gas products onto ships for overseas markets

Glenn Greenwald never passes up an opportunity to take a crack at Pres. Obama

App leads police to suspect, but victim still gets no help

Benghazi Talking Points Revisions Pushed By State Department

Maryland: Those in Purple Line path put on notice

Mr. Bright

Mexicans to Disney: 'Our culture is not for sale, 'I'm Muslim and I'm against homophobia, Debating

The second page of the creationist science test is up at Snopes:

Maddow Relentlessly Skewers GOP’s ‘Impeach Obama For Something, Anything’ Effort:‘An Involuntary Tic

I had my feelings hurt today

Lawsuits against Facebook for violation of "animal cruelty" laws

For the First Time, SAT Test Gets Canceled in an Entire Country

Steve Jr got his Degree with Honors tonight!!!

Are there any Democratic Benghazi Truthers out there?



Immigration Researcher Jason Richwine Resigns From Heritage Amid Race Flap

Texas launches criminal probe into plant explosion

The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper

Maher, Joy Reid Clash w/ Glenn Greenwald Over Benghazi: ‘Obama’s Supposed To Micromanage’ The World?

Keystone XL: Obama urged by Democrat backers to reject pipeline


What the Fuck Is All This Benghazi Shit: An Explainer

Anyone remember the mess tent bombing in Mosul?

Noam Chomsky helped lobby Stephen Hawking to stage Israel boycott

Any tennis fans here attended the US Open before?

Besides AOL what other right wing news websites does Huffington Post post on?

UN rights chief: Syria massacres must spur world action

Upcoming state convention... who's going?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday May 11th

The rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight: 30 minutes that ended a nightmare

Gazans Alarmed by Draft Law Including Islamic Punishments

We take our summer heat a lot more seriously here than in other parts of the country.

Revisiting the 50-state strategy

Why are you addicted to the DU? I like

A Dangerous Rift Between China and Japan

Republican Operatives Planed Benghazi Attack......

I think some drunk got lucky last night.

What's up with this password prompt?

Sen. Mike Lee, demeaning much??

VICE: A news series on HBO following Bill Maher. Anyone watching?

Got my annual report from my Defined Benefit

"antigone382: magna cum laude"

Neil Young is my favorite cynic. After the Gold Rush

Politically correct or intellectually rude??

Psy regrets 'Gentleman'

San Francisco Giants beat nemesis Tim Hudson, Atlanta Braves

Who Was David Letterman's Stooge Of The Night Friday Evening?....

Fifteen episodes in and I finally get Lena Dunham.

Missing: Jonathan Winters. Badly. Dick Cavett

Essential political theory: Political capital grows when used. It shrinks when not used.

can someone please help translate this??

The bubble boat is now entering McCovey Cove

Exclusive: Elon Musk quits Zuckerberg's immigration advocacy group

Powerful waterfall picture

Elizabethh Warren, Students should get the same interest rates the Big Banks do!

How do you treat gunshot injuries?

Put that one on the shelf

Do you have chronic dry mouth from certain medications?

Anyone have the skinny on the Gruel/Garcetti L.A. Mayoral race?

Minnesota Extreme Fishing Opener 2013

I think this is an issue which belongs here

Australian Whirlpool Photo: Paraglider Snaps Epic Rip Current Vortex (plus comment)

West, TX Paramedic Arresting For Possessing Bomb-Making Materials

Mr. Gove (NOT by Roger Hargreaves)

When Earth Is Scarred Forever- incredible pics of devastating man made destruction

Juan Cole: Top 10 Republican Myths on Libya

Wow! Imagine being "booted" for this!!

Climate change shifts migrating birds' wintering ground

Morocco launches solar mega-project at Ouarzazate

I'm new and I was wondering if any of you knew of the BOINC program....

Movie Theater Uses Camoflague Actors To Stage Fake Gun Battle

Panda? Let me have that ball.

Last chance to apply for scholarships to SSDP's Federal Marijuana Lobby Day

The scratch orchestra of Kinshasa

And would your horse like fries too, sir? Hilarious pictures capture the bizarre clientele at McDona

Palestine establishes diplomatic ties with Honduras, Salvador

China, Argentina vow to enhance ties

Is our criminal justice system the best in the world, or is it actually broken?

White House outlines new policy for protecting, drilling in Arctic

Obama asks Supreme Court not to hear Armenian Genocide-era insurance claims case

Control towers at 149 small airports to stay open

Health Secretary Goes Begging to Insurance Companies

Pit bull savagely attacks owners in their home

Wait, We Outsource Military Supply Contracts To CHINA?

Plague Helped Bring Down Roman Empire, Graveyard Suggests

Pakistani Women Still Struggle For A Voice In Politics

NBC Cancels 'Rock Center With Brian Williams'

Who Is Profiting From Charters? The Big Bucks Behind Charter School Secrecy, Financial Scandal

Tax Authorities Move on Leaked Offshore Documents

Ancient City of Uruk rises again in 3D

Is Cutthroat Capitalism Pushing a Growing Number of Baby Boomers to Suicide?

Target Assata: How the FBI and Cuba Bashers Are Going After a Black Liberation Activist

Rand Paul Wants to Loosen Laws on Offshore Tax Evasion

In the last 5 months there have been at least 71 kids killed by guns. Average just under 6 years old

You don't want to read this.

Sanford's already running his mouth about personal issues:

We just passed 400 ppm CO2. CO2 levels go UP, they won't go DOWN....

The proposal ..

Star Wars to be filmed in Britain, says Lucasfilm president

David Cameron's (only black) working-class adviser 'pushed from No 10 by old Etonians'

12 Reasons The American Energy Boom Is Totally Overrated

Scariest climate chart ever

USA posts biggest monthly budget surplus in 5 years


More crackpot thinking from Glenn Greenwald

US Special Ops Have Become Much, Much Scarier Since 9/11

Excellent Article IMO: The American Dream Is Dead; Long Live the New Dream

Pit bull attacks, injures N. Idaho boy & leaves puncture wounds in his neck up to five inches deep

The Tea Party and Tax Revolt

Community Renewed for a 5th Season *Updated* New Season Begins Jan 2nd

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Sandra Day O’Connor

Two successful phone interviews, so I thought I'd relay what I did.....

They all voted no.

Colleges Soak Poor Students to Funnel Aid to Rich

Women pulled from factory rubble forced to take vacation days

Lost In Translation

Back Dyslexia Strikes The

The Culture War Isn't Remotely Over

Why Brian Williams' Rock Center didn't make it…

According to this, I'm a "Vampire"…

National letter carrier food drive today.

"An Interactive Map of Racist, Homophobic and Ableist Tweets in America"



Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows different side to DePaul audience

'Twenty-six' forest elephants slaughtered in Central Africa

EXCLUSIVE: Embassy Staff Undercut ‘Whistleblower’ Testimony On Benghazi

Darth Purrious say…

Pasta Florentine. Wow! This turned out great!

French tests ease fears of coronavirus transmission

Scalia Archie Bunker -markfiore

This one speaks to me.

Rachel Maddow - From Boston to West, Texas, developing stories worth watching

Downtown Houston Flooding With Hilarious Dancing Manhole Cover

The death toll in the Bangladesh garment factory collapse just keeps rising

Monday, I am going to hear Joe Biden address my kid and many others

Kremlin confirms Netanyahu to meet Putin in Russia

Former Iranian president Rafsanjani ponders run in upcoming election

I bought an electric guitar. I can't play a note.

Rachel Maddow - GOP hopes Benghazi will finally be the scandal that sticks

Heritage Foundation, a Harvard conservative, and the conservative crackup- terrible week for the GOP

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's retrial starts

Car bombs kill 20 in Turkish town near Syrian border

Bill Maher's excellent and sobering commentary on the wealth gap

Seeds of Freedom - examines the dangers of the increasing corporate control over seeds and crops.

It's DUers feed your mailbox day!!!!! (please keep this kicked)

A poem for Obama's latest hand-picked Wall St. stooge, Mary Jo White

From all appearances it looks like the repukes are try to use the Libya embassy attack to derail

Surgery is over. I am fine, but bitterly disappointed...

Omaha officers told: Don't interfere with citizens' right to record police activity

Congratulations, America! & Saint Ronnie definitely deserves an honorable mention medal of some sort

From Jada Pinkett Smith's facebook feed... this is why we must call this stuff out.

Former US President Carter Calls For EU Labelling Of Goods From Illegal Israeli Settlements

Rodman Says He’ll Ask North Korea to Free American

Egypt 'al-Qaeda linked plot on Western embassy' foiled

With the Repubs it's all about them...and their hypocrisy

Watch International Space Station repair spacewalk here, LIVE:

A Formal Legal Mandate for a Criminal Investigation of Guatemala's Current President

O.J. Simpson set to return to court

Saturday, May 11th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Trenton hostage standoff enters second day-armed man holding kids after killing girlfriend,her child

Now What??

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 11, 1975

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 11, 1975

The Benghazi "Cover-Up"

Fix the debt is a front group to take away entitlements-aka social security...

Fixing Retiree Health Payments Won't Save the Postal Service

Dog viciously attacks innocent kittens

Stop the presses -- MLB umpire suspended for bad call!

Why aren't we fighting wingnut insanity?

Florida human-trafficking ring busted, 16 young women saved, Bondi says

ALEC believes it is not subject to disclosure under any state Freedom of Information

Proof that Benghazi is a Republican Witch Hunt (photo)

a radical history of mother's day

a radical history of mother's day

why the founder of mother's day turned against it

why the founder of mother's day turned against it

Daily Cute: Man and Fox: A Love Story


A Mother's Day Proclamation-Julia Ward Howe 1870

A Mother's Day Proclamation-Julia Ward Howe 1870

a very interesting history of celebrations of mothers in history and around the world

Fuck you Rand Paul, you've probably too chickenshit to go to the Middle East anyway

a very interesting history of celebrations of mothers in history and around the world

— Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women.

Does the Tea Party understand the Constitution?

Freshman senator with senior pluck takes on the financial industry

Sword of division is poised over Iraq

Hillary in the (White) House

Odd Joke about Food..

Schweitzer courts unions as he considers 2014

Nate Silver Gives Markey Substantial Edge....Special Election, D-MASS

Another bug

GOP ready to push Benghazi case into 2014, beyond

Time to contact my state senator

What are you reading the week of May 12, 2013?

150 Major Democratic Donors Urge Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline

Bryce Reed is a White Texan....

Mesquite solar plant is completed (150 MW, AZ)

Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right – Liberal Egberto vs Conservative Bob Debate Sat 12-2PM CST

Horsey: "What?! Witch Hunt?!


If President Obama is to be impeached for Benghazi then ....

Energy company plans to build hundreds of wind turbines in Iowa

Companies won't face charges in condor deaths

Gina DeJesus' mother forgives Castro and says she would hug him. Could that attitude harm her

Marijuana Found In Damaged West Home, Resident Charged

For once I can support John McCain on something....

Benghazi and "The Innocence of Muslims"....

Senators want exemption to Dodd-Frank swap rules

Dallas area DUers remember to vote today!

Benghazi Poll Favor More Disapproval Than Approval of Obama’s handling of Aftermath?

Fewer young voters supported President Obama in 2012 than in 2008, study shows

Amazing singers at a gas pump!

Judge Refuses to Drop His Order Allowing Morning-After Pill for All Ages

Seriously Now - How Much More Can CNN Say About This Cleveland Kidnapping?.....

Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, dirty jokes on live TV

Teen pleads guilty in girlfriend's murder

Cleveland's missing women: a chilling mystery unravels in a fashion no one imagined

Joe Biden: The Rolling Stone Interview

Maher, Greenwald & Joy Reid Battle Over Regulating 3-D Guns: They ‘Feed Dangerous NRA ‘Fantasy’

This post needs more exposure. Thanks to Midnight for putting it out there.

Coal port scrubbed: 3 down, 3 to go

Congragulations Piers Morgan

Xtian metal singer hires hit man to kill wife, fans defend him using misogynist hate speech.

Venezuela's new Labor Law: better hours, maternity leave, pensions for all

G7 agrees action needed against tax evasion, says George Osborne

I Hate Frosting.

5 Common Errors in Veteran Disability Claims to appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Hands down the cutest kitten pic I've seen in a while

Whitewashing Bush's History To Bash Obama Over Embassy Attack

Coal deal hits a snag

When life gives you a chocolate severed ear, MAKE LEMONADE! (book review)

Hands down the cutest puppy pic I've seen in a while

From Barbara Boxer, What's in Food

Cuckoo's Nest on ION now.

Gaza police ban street parties ahead of high school exams

They Owe Us: shift the debt (UK awaits G-8 Summit)

There is a hanging basket right by my back door

May 16-17: Massachusetts rallies to: Stop the Cuts, Corporations pay Up, Redirect Military Spending!

Nationalized health care would have saved Medicare an extra $34.1 billion in 2012, say advocates

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Lost to Push Polls?

Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Have Raked In $102 Billion In Subsidies Since 2009: Report

Let's make a deal with GOP over Benghazi

I got this message when I pulled up DU:

"Tom Pickering Has Been Shut Out Of The Benghazi Debate"

I know this shouldn't probably be posted here but this is some funny shit

Community vigil organized to help remember David Silva

Dim view on Emanuel education policy, Tribune poll finds

I was drunk last night! Anyone know if I got lucky?

Anyone watch "Kitchen Nightmares" last night - Ramsay had to walk out on the restaurant

Struggling at home, US coal finds markets overseas

A stellar tool to determine best size of frame for different bikes depending

Privacy / Security...

If you need a laugh: 24 Cats That Heard You Been Talking Smack

Same Love

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg break up

Which way is this train going?

Higher CO2 Levels Generate Idiocracy

I had no idea a pressure cooker bomb with normal fireworks gunpowder could be that powerful.

Don't miss the Making sense with Steve Leser show this week, Benghazi joke, Limbaugh out? and more!

when Glenn greenwald and Libertarians attack.

When The Mountains Tremble - Sorry wrong forum!

ack...I have feelings for someone...

International Space Station dumps Windows for Linux

what is left leaning libertarianism?

This TED Talk Was Banned For Attacking The Job Creator Myth; The Rich Don’t Want You To See It

Pure Speculation Question re a Biden or Clinton presidency in 2016

The Republican path to victory just gets narrower and narrower

An Enormous Corporate Colonization Project Is Underway -- And the US Economy Will Never Be the Same

funniest thing I have read all day...

Thoughts on the Cleveland Community regarding the 3 women who were kidnapped

Noisy kittens waiting for dinner

The Katie Piper story: a cautionary tale on internet dating

Holder: Civilian courts best to try terror cases

Happening NOW! The 41-mile Poor People's March from Baltimore to DC kicks off!

Tunisia FM: 800 Tunisian Islamists Fighting in Syria

Air Force One Is For Sale

"piles of bodies, including infants and small children..."

Totally Biased: Anything You Want to Say to a White Guy?

healing energy for my co-worker Hanna, please

When The Mountains Tremble

The Downloadable Gun

Let's Tax Offshore Wealth

The Equality Project

Playing a Nintendo 3DS game when I came across this. I swear it's real.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Gas pump prank turns couple into Internet sensation

Behind The-Benghazi Talking Points: Petraeus’ Revenge

Nawaz Sharif claims victory in Pakistan presidential election

Food Report from New Orleans (including Jazz Fest)

Two Toronto Holocaust survivors finally link up with their American soldiers who freed them in 1945

History Detected

Ex-President Rafsanjani, nuclear negotiator Jalili enter Iran's unpredictable presidential race

MLB manages to enrich Susan (R). Komen and screw bat companies at the same time

The new ED SHOW about to start on MSNBC

Heads Up: The Ed Show premieres today 'now' on MSNBC at 5pm ET.

Gun laws in Delaware may get tougher for mentally ill.

concealed carry in national parks, per liar coburn

Time to Wake Up: Magical Thinking on Climate Change (Sen.Whitehouse & his 'come to Jesus' speech)

Bill Maher Wades Into 3D-Printed Gun Debate On 'Real Time' - video link

TCM Schedule for Monday May 13 - Guest Programmer; Angie Dickenson

Minneapolis: 2 cops hurt, suspect dead in shooting; motorcyclist dies in collision with squad

Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal

Bill Maher- America's Craziest Congressman, Round - 3

Très Chic!

Well, that didn't take much effort…

Hokey Pokey, baby

Time to cover a few bases…

Make a wish…

Tongue Tied Republicans Redefine ‘Act of Terror’ and Prove Obama Right On Benghazi

Can you listen to Ted Nugent music any more?

Just my thinking, but I'd like your opininion. ATVs on public roads

Life is a series of tests. Today I passed

Travels Changed Gates's View on Global Birth Control

One of the joys of life...gardening on a warm spring day, rumble of thunder in the distance,

Maine troops head to El Salvador

Moms of the Lounge -


Mothers In Uniform Get Room On Texas Base To Breast Feed

Toon: Truth in Commencement Speeches

China battery plant protest gives voice to rising anger over pollution

U.S. Helps Push Privatization Scheme in El Salvador

The modern history of swearing: Where all the dirtiest words come from

Pence signs legislation reforming Marion County government

Medieval Dunwich: Britain's Atlantis Revealed

Bulgaria 'seizes illegal ballot papers' on eve of election

27 Cats Who Could Clearly Be Male Models.

Sen. Sanders:Don't Cut Social Security

Pop some tags or save some puppies?

Home Ownership May Actually Cause Unemployment

Kitten Surprise! (How to Break Up a Cat Fight!) THE ORIGINAL!

Can you listen to Beat Happening music anymore?

My take on 3D printed guns

Windows 8 question: Anybody tried running

Boston College defends choosing Irish PM Enda Kenny after criticism from Catholic group

Resource: Over Half Of Palestinians Killed In 'Pillar of Defense' Were Civilians

Are Israelis Free To Choose Whom To Marry?

Deranged Crackpot Sarah Palin Blames the IRS for Obama’s Reelection

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Skywhale!

I watched the last two versions of The Great Gatsby last night

Deck visitor

Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.’

The Ed Show - Chris Christie vetoes bill to expand early voting

The Ed Show - GOP keeps Benghazi front and center

First post ever in this group! Need some advice from you green thumbs. (Edit w/ result pic)

France refuses to pay slavery reparations

Swedish woman dies in game of Russian roulette

TNGA Rep. Jon Lundberg Can't Drive Forty-Five

Let's create a list of people who haven't/won't benefit from the American "Golden Age"...

That sound you heard yesterday was companies dumping 41,565 pages on the SEC’s doorstep

Glenn Greenwald gets uppity, questions the liberal line on Benghazi

Deputies allegedly beat, killed David Silva 911 Call KERO 23ABC

From OccupyDemocrats.Com on Facebook: