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Chance to Limit Citizens United Damage if SEC Chair Requires Big Money Transparency

Amazon really does seem to have everything!

Regarding Anonymous, serious question.

Assualt On Wall Street, May 30th in theaters

Society's Parasites Are the Rich, Not the Working Class and Poor

Hey Austinites! 1990s ACTV question........

Tories to publish details of draft EU referendum bill

It took the deaths of oer 1,100 women for them to agree to Unions

Arlington researchers explore more efficient carbon dioxide to Methanol

Woman In Starbucks Drops Purse With Forgotten Gun, Shoots Friend In The Leg: St. Pete Police

Does anyone use a Time Capsule drive? Does anyone use a non Apple network drive for Time Machine?

Finally, an explanation to why Benghazi is such a scandal.

Were the four people killed at Benghazi employees of the CIA or the State Department?

Isn't over-security actually a sign of insecurity?

Wind, Solar, & Natural Gas Up In Europe — Coal & Nuclear Down

How to connect to a website that insists it works only with Windows' Internet Explorer?

Can someone help me with Twitter?

In regards to President Obama's budget negotiation strategy and whatnot

US retail sales rise in April on cars, clothing

Life in the Frackhood (Colorado)

Climate Tipping Point? Concentration of Carbon Dioxide Tops 400 ppm For First Time in Human History

Is Smith v Maryland relevant to AP?

Would it be possible to

After Record 2012, World Wind Power Set to Top 300,000 Megawatts (300GW) in 2013

My story

Marco Rubio......Your staff made you look foolish today...

While you're talking around the water cooler with your winger coworkers, consider this . . . . .

Eyes on

Priceless: "Of the 41% of Republicans who consider Benghazi to be the worst political scandal ..."

In the WTF were you thinking dept...'Be my slave' fashion really...

I went back to work today.

Gun control backers turn up heat on selected senators

French Toast alternative -

Obama tries to swat down 2 swirling controversies

So who is the best relative of monsters?

Papantonio: The Exxon Crime Family Climate Change

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Watergate and Iran Contra combined? & a

Pediatricians take on gun lobby – carefully

Venezuela's President activates Plan "Secure Homeland"

Eyes on

IRS officials in Washington were involved in targeting of conservative groups

*Rachel on AP story now.

Mobile-payment service Square blocks gun sales

So let me see if I got this right

Lawyers Demand IRS Approve 10 Targeted Tea Party Groups

IRS' Tea Party controversy added to Senate probe

To the honorable Supreme Court of the United States. Do the right thing! Gay rights are equal rights

Bachmann Threatens to Leave Minnesota Over Marriage Equality.

How does "Faith" survive political realities?

It's time to say goodbye.

Ric, about the very dangerous T-Square,

Germany seeks 'amicable' end to China solar tiff

'Obama Administration Announces Manufacturing Institutes"

Favorite online news site?

As far as I am concerned, while Citizen's United stands, all RW organizations are fair game.

Who's in favor?

Woman In Starbucks Drops Purse With Forgotten Gun, Shoots Friend In The Leg: St. Pete Police

Mr President, I think I know why you can't work with the Republicans?

so what is the time line to make for a coverup...

McCain: Fox News chief ‘deserves credit’ if Benghazi gets full investigation

"Diapers" Vitter pinned as source of partisan attacks on EPA nominee Gina McCarthy

Umm, where was all this outrage when the Patriot Act was passed?

"IRS Acted Alone In Developing Targeting Criteria For Conservative Groups: Report"

This is Huge! Senator Al Franken Will Be On The Last Word Tonight!

IRS v. Tea Party & DOJ v. AP are BOTH GOP-Fabricated Non-Scandals

DUers: Please stop Gosnelling arguments

Mexico – Ground Zero in the Fight (against Monsanto) for the Future of Maize

Right Wing Owned Angie's List Has a Problem with Women

"How Some Nonprofit Groups Funnel Dark Money Into Campaigns"

Supreme Court rules for Monsanto in Indiana farmer's GM seeds case

Someone help me out here?

Commander Hadfield == Jack Nicholson from "The Last Detail"

"Wonkbook: The good reasons for the IRS’s dumb mistake"

NOPD names suspect in second line shooting case

Restaurant Impossible lives up to its name. Diner closes 5 months after renovation.

I'm in cool and beautifully luscious green New Hampshire - here's a bit from today

*See Lawrence for explanation of IRS 'scandal.'

Nuclear board rules San Onofre restart requires public input

Israeli inspector pours bleach over food in Tel Aviv restaurant run by African migrants

Worse Than Losing Your Faith?

On Benghazi probe, GOP's Issa says 'Hillary Clinton's not a target' (BUSTED)

White House: ‘No Knowledge’ Of DOJ Collecting AP Phone Records

BIG ED asked everybody sign this on his show today!

An architect building bridges between religions

Republicans Are Absolutely Terrified of Hillary Clinton

BIG ED asked everybody to sign this on his show today!

Strike spotlights fast-food wages (Time to stand up for low-wage workers)

*Senator Al Franken coming up on Lawrence show.

Centrica stokes energy fears by revealing EDF nuclear timescale has doubled

Muslims: Murder must not be motivated by religion

Suppose I said a HUGE comet was on the way and Earth had 1 year....

Community Rallies Behind Men Attacked Near MSG In Alleged Hate Crime

Cleveland Catholic bishop and breakaway congregation continue talks

Wis. Boy Gets Handwritten Response From Biden.

Turkish F-16 fighter crashes near Syria, killing pilot

Coming Corporate Control of Medicine Will Throw Patients Under the Bus

Subaru is on a roll with strange sounding ads.

an idea...

a biography of the day-barbara brenner (breast cancer activist) 1951-2013

Feds move to seize SF pot club building

My local news is saying there is talk that Rick Scott might pick Allen West to be Lieutenant Gov.

"5 Ways The Republican Party Has Sabotaged Our Economic Recovery"

today in women's herstory-13 may

State Director of Florida Hispanic Outreach for the Republican National Committee Becomes Democrat.

Groups continue push for video webcast of San Onofre hearings

Oh Happy Day!!! For Minnesotans!

a biography of the day-linda gilbert (prison reformer)

All right, where's MFM?

How do you know spell check isn't working,........

a biography of the day-ellen spencer mussey (lawyer, educator, women's rights advocate)

John Boehner gains a new son...

Carl Levin is investigating 501c4's.

*Linda Greenhouse (NYT/SupCt) coming up on Lawrence.

Palestinians plan demos in order to ruin Jewish holidays with tear gas

The GOP’s sham support for working families

here we go. we have a local 'conservative' group that claims it was targeted by IRS

President Obama: "There's No There There." Vid- Obama on Benghazi

Rachel Maddow - Public safety sacrificed in states capitulating to NRA

I'm being good and noshing on almonds tonight. What is your go to healthy snack?

Warren Buffet is making a huge investment in our future.

Sen. Young wants cameras on school buses to prosecute dangerous drivers

Marvel vs Star Wars…

Gonna see the surgeon in the morning

Uneven I.R.S. Scrutiny Seen in Political Spending by Big Tax-Exempt Groups

Federal water pollution charges in upstate NY

We're waiting…

Request for a Young People's Group

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Police ID suspect in New Orleans mass shooting

Psychiatrists under fire in mental health battle

Giving up - will always vote dems - but no matter what facts are out their - they seem to win the


For Johnny Noshoes - though it does not prove

Leafs: Worst choke job in Stanley Cup playoff history?

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's new food cart venture had...shall we say...MIXED results.

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...Another Exaggerated Hero Story.

Fox News: The Reich-wing Minister of Propaganda

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...Another Exaggerated Hero Story.

Michael Isikoff on the DOJ and AP

Letter from Ron Kind on TPP negotiations

Response from Senator Ron Johnson on the failed gun control bill

and where was the press when Valarie plane was outed by them, did they even apologize? how about

I just received this handwritten note from Will:

Is the Sun going nuts or what!

Fred & Barney help shill Busch beer

Japan WWII 'comfort women' (sex slaves) were 'necessary' - Hashimoto

Angelina Jolie Announces She Has Undergone Preventive Double Mastectomy

[300] Bangladesh textile factories shut amid unrest

Commander Denies U.S. to Blame in Afghan Deaths

Ground Control to Major Tom

‘Brave’ creator blasts Disney for ‘blatant sexism’ in princess makeover

Ground Conrol to Major Tom

OP-ed by Angelina Jolie: My Medical Choice

LA Times: Obama dismisses Benghazi criticism as 'sideshow'

You hear the gunshots, and pray it is fireworks

NOPD names suspect in second line shooting case

Star Trek’s History of Progressive Values — And Why It Faltered on LGBT Crew Members

Star Trek’s History of Progressive Values — And Why It Faltered on LGBT Crew Members

No shit, Dude!

Faux Granite Fail

The 9th anniversary of Abu Ghraib [Don't worry, no pics]

How long till the MSM gets the REASON for the IRS "scandal" straight?

International Adoption: In Whose Best Interest?

Colombia’s exports to US drop 13% after US-Colombia Free-Trade Agreement

The Toronto experience summed up in a .gif

Women Forced Into WWII Brothels Served Necessary Role, Osaka Mayor Says

The next 30 years...

DUzy nominations are open again :)

state budget surplus vexes some repug governors, legislators.

What’s in your Vulva?

Best Stephen Colbert Quotes (in honor of his birthday)

Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy

Relatives, friends baffled by O.C. woman's disappearance

Tea Party and the like deserve IRS targeting

World’s Richest Man Carlos Slim Taunted by Audience Laughter and Kazoos

The Wooden Mirror…

Impossible nail-through-wood trick

BBC: Outrage at Syrian rebel shown 'eating soldier's heart'

Urinal Stage Fright

Gov't Secretly Probed AP Phone Records

In whose best interest?

Got this message:

NC Moral Monday demonstrations bring more arrests

European, U.S. retailers split on Bangladesh reform plan

AP IMPACT: Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths

Idaho spud giant bets on biotech potatoes

Syria wants details about US-Russian initiative

AP IMPACT: Honduran police accused as death squads

Europeans disillusioned and divided by debt crisis, survey finds

Rainforest plays critical role in hydropower generation

MN marriage equality: here's how fast it happened. Here's why your work, and your vote, matter.

Has this man found the original recipe for Coca Cola in an old drawer ?


Tuesday, May 14th, Good News Offerings

Angelina Jolie says she had double mastectomy

Darrell Issa can't understand basic English

As usual, Morning Joe is unwatchable this a.m. Carl Bernstein espousing his horror at this adminis-

Indian Point To Become First Nuclear Plant To Operate With Expired License

Burmese Refugee Boat Capsizes Ahead of Storm, 8 Dead (50 more feared dead)

$52.3 million Total amount spent on all former presidents and their spouses from 1998 through 2012

The story of how Nawaz Sharif pulled back from nuclear war

Wisconsin: Representative Melissa Sargent Takes It To WEDC

Wiscosnsin: Save Mercedes. Kill the "Lemon Law" (Vince Megna video)

House members say yes to cheap health insurance — for themselves

The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life

Yep, that would do it…

2016 - It HAS to be Hillary, except

Welcome to the Brave New World of Corporatized Medicine: Just Hope You Don't Get Sick!

Tuesday Toons

Five Things College Students Should Worry About Next Fall

saudia arabia: 4 new cases of sars-linked virus

Coming Corporate Control of Medicine Will Throw Patients Under the Bus

CIA agent arrested in Moscow - reports

Happy Birthday Lynne Sin!

German landscape

Anyone got a link to where a Tea Party group has advocated illegal tax evasion?

Robert Scheer: Elizabeth Warren, a Great Investment

Former Drone Pilot Talks Candidly About Attacks

Binyamin Netanyahu's spending under fire again as home expenses near £1m

This Week In Prickdom

Batman's first costume didn't strike all that much fear into the hearts of Gotham criminals

Pentagon grapples with sex crimes by military recruiters

Guatemala Illuminates its Dark History With a Stunning Guilty Verdict for Rios Montt

"Killer Boobs"

2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid bulldozed

'Weight loss gut bacterium' found

Kidney problems linked to traffic fumes

TEPCO Withholds "Black Box" Data About Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


Tony Auth nails the Republicans once again

Wapo's Jonathan Bernstein: You want a scandal? Here's a scandal.

The GAB incorrectly states on their website "Adminstrative(sp) Code Chapter 5 Ballot and Electronic

Fukushima fishermen’s distrust leads to rejection of TEPCO groundwater plan

China worries about EU-U.S. plans for free trade pact

Backlash against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s political advocacy grows

Walker supports the measure which weakens the board and strengthens the power of Abele?

Turkey's Jews worship quietly

Hamas claims success in crackdown on 'Israeli collaborators' in Gaza

All Fall Down: The Uncertain Future of the Only Solution for Israel and Palestine

President Obama and Virginia leaders bash IRS targeting of conservative groups

Liberals Outrage On IRS Tea Party Scrutiny Unjustified & Foolish

So the Patriot Act is biting the Tea Baggers on the ass. Awww.

Is there a word that means "paying somebody else to do what you used to do for yourself?"

“A Lake of Blood and Destruction” – The Voices We Never Hear From America's Wars

AP report contradicted White House claims: no known AQ plot on bin Laden anniversary


So This Is How It Begins: Guy Refuses to Stop Drone-Spying on Seattle Woman

Obama Has 'No Patience' for IRS' Targeting Conservatives

2013 TV upfronts: Fox overhauls schedule

The Difference between Bush and Obama

Photo of 1939 Jay-Z look-alike surfaces online

My first ever book cover....

There, but for our unrelenting advocacy and activism, goes conservative America

Monday's Child is Fair of Face...

RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Decides to Become a Democrat

The "I" word...

RNC Latino Outreach Head Becomes A Dem Over ‘Culture Of Intolerance’

37 deg. on May 14 at 5 AM in NJ, 40 at 9 am, coldest May in my memory

Michele Bachmann: 9/11 & Benghazi 'God's Judgment'

Our Ceaseless Circus

Poll: Majority In Arizona Backs Gay Marriage

It does not matter that the community of DU knows the truth...what matters as the GOP

Marriage equality is now a fact in essentially a quarter of all states.

REBRAND FAIL: FL GOP Latino Outreach Director Switches Parties

Obama: GOP ‘Fearful Of What Rush Limbaugh Might Say About Them’

London: a case study in the effectiveness of gun control.

GOP Rep: Obama Impeachment Over Benghazi ‘Certainly A Possibility’

FOXnews/July2012: RW 'taxpayer' group demands IRS probe of Texas group (former ACORN).

Awwww! Biden writes student about chocolate bullets...

Grilled cauliflower

Biden Endorses Bullets Made Of Chocolate In Letter To 7-Year-Old

Pelosi: If Boehner Were A Woman, They’d Call Him ‘Weakest Speaker In History’

NYPIRG: 100,000 campaign violations in 2 years

The rise of a frog-killing fungus pinned in part on global trade

IRS mess isn't going away anytime soon

Grassroots campaigns can stop fracking one town at a time

Pelosi: If Boehner Were A Woman, They’d Call Him ‘Weakest Speaker In History’

WTF: I'm being stalked by an automotive lightbulb company....

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair back in Fort Bragg courtroom Tuesday

Christine Quinn Opens Up About Bulimia and Alcoholism

Did Justice Dept subpoena AP records under authority of the FISA act passed by Congress?

Papantonio: Hospitals Gouging Patients On Costs

Two New Possible Leads In Fox Murder Case from 2004 NYC.

My potatoes have emerged! Got carrots and onions too.

Demanding press' phone records is troubling, but, republican fauxrage is transparent

Michigan District Fires All Teachers, Closes Every School

Cross-post from GD: London: a case study in the effectiveness of gun control.

Obama is

Conspiracy Theories 101: Agenda 21 (the tea party fixation with the UN and national sovereignty)

Our media: All [IRS...Benghazi...Phone records] all the time.

Hypocrisy: "Republicans accused the administration of deliberately leaking classified information"

The Political Dominance of Fundamentalism

The daily commute,You gotta be kidding.

Biden Endorses Bullets Made Of Chocolate In Letter To 7-Year-Old

A global society makes fair reporting on world religions vastly important

Victory in Guatemala? Not Yet (No Military Assistance to Guatemala)

What's Going On?

‘Being a Catholic Liberal can be difficult’

Cross-post from the Catholic and Orthodox Group

The media mysteriously seems to have forgotten all this.

House GOP Launches Probe Of HHS Obamacare Activities

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 14, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 14, 1970

Prostitution sting nets "21 pimps, 39 prostitutes & 39 Johns." One was on his honeymoon.

U.S.-trained Congolese troops committed rapes and other atrocities, U.N. says

*NO* one could have predicted THIS

Taliban Now Support Polio Vaccination Campaigns

Bill and Hillary Clinton will not support Anthony Weiner in his dream of becoming mayor.

Afghan Finance Minister accuses MPs of corruption

Now that John BONER has a pot-busted, minority son-in-law will he do a PORTMAN on social issues?!1

Missing Ancaster Man found dead...

I guess we're just not allowed to have the President we want.

Commander Denies U.S. to Blame in Afghan Deaths

Third assault on gay man in Manhattan

Search Google Images for "atari breakout"

Israeli leader under fire for costly lifestyle

You people can go to these mega churches and see how partisan they truly are...

Stepping on dog's tail or a snake

I only wish the media cared one iota about the infiltration & targeting of Occupy and peace groups

Tea Party 'Leader' Dick Armey Confuses Benghazi With Bangladesh

Outside of the talking heads on Faux News, currently, who is the worst journalist at being fair and

Best facebook meltdown ever.

A Day In the Life Of A Republican Congressman

Your "View" machine is broken

IRS Chief Didn’t Tell Congress About Tea Party Targeting

Echoes of historical trauma: Effects of centuries of loss can hamper recovery from violence

Onion? McConnell Tells Obama 'No More Stonewalling' in IRS Scandal.

Are Republicans overplaying their hand? I think they might be and I'm not alone on this.

Speaking truth to dirty power

The thread-views have been restored. Crisis averted.

Pentagon Said to Furlough Up to 650,000 Civilian Workers

IRS: ‘Mistakes We Made Won’t Be Repeated’

Bond Sales to Fall 1st Time Since 2010 as U.S. Revenue Soars

Fed Says U.S. Household Debt Declined to 2006 Level

Obama administration is being humbled

NRAWatch - NRA And GOP Hypocrisy over State's Rights

Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World

Oil Shockwaves From U.S. Shale Boom Seen by IEA Ousting OPEC

Soon enough there will be camera drones the size of insects

State retirement fund hits all-time high

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Questions U.S. Agencies on Lack of Bank Trials

Pelosi Credits Obamacare For Lowering Deficit, Health Costs

Small-Business Optimism in U.S. Rose in April to Six-Month High

It's LynneSin's birthday!

2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid bulldozed

Careful with those drinks; tougher standard for drivers may be on way

being picked on by government agencies

Pic Of The Moment: Where Is Benghazi Anyway?

Ann Ortelee weekly weather 5/13 - 5/20

Issa voted AGAINST legislation that would have protected the AP

Panel Finds No Benefit in Sharply Restricting Sodium

Is a hybrid car still the most ecologically friendly vehicle?

Wausau lost liberal radio

Chaos countdown: days until budget fail on September 30, 2013: 139

How IRS scandal could help Karl Rove and dark money

It is difficult to have sympathy for the AP (and the rest of the mainstream media).

Guatemala Chamber of Commerce says genocide conviction "will will discourage foreign investment"

The GOP is spinning out of control!

The International Space Station just got a lot cooler

Many unanswered questions about David Silva's death

Black Workers and Union Density

Black Workers and Union Density

Black Workers and Union Density

David Bowie's "Space Oddity," sung by Cmdr Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS

Christie Takes NRA Cash As Rival Attacks Him On Guns

Michael Isikoff: Holder interviewed in DOJ investigation

What does President Obama have to lose?

Identity Theft

U.S. Army General Faces Life In Prison For Sexual Assault Charges

Dick Cheney: Benghazi ‘One Of The Worst Incidences I Can Recall In My Career’

Why do so many church people quote that being gay is an abomination?

They're all crawling out - Rumsfeld is bawling Benghazi now

Ground Control to Major Tom

Two Tons Of Poop Spilled Onto Australia's Great Western Highway

Micheal Pap: Obama has to get rid of Eric Holder

China's anti-prostitution policies 'lead to increase in abuse of sex workers'

Mother’s Day in Mexico: A Day of Grief and Indignation

Unpaid internships: moves to bolster crackdown on minimum wage breaches (UK)

Russia to expel US diplomat as suspected CIA recruiter

It appears the first group denied its 501(c)(4) tax exempt status was Democratic

Joe Sestak announces US Senate (PA) campaign today

Guatemala: So they weren’t “Zetas” after all

UK plunges down economic wellbeing league, while US remains top

An airplane is about to crash

Canadian snowbirds may be allowed to stay in U.S. longer

Why isn't Gwyneth Paltrow as likeable as Blythe Danner?

There are four kinds of sex :

Anyone noticed all these crazy right wing callers on Thom Hartmann?

Sikh temple shooter was active on white power websites

Utah Man Finds Beehive Containing An Estimated 60,000 Bees Behind Walls

Must-see TV tomorrow afternoon.

The right-wing gun nuts...

LinkedIn Says Prostitutes Can No Longer Advertise Their Services On Site

Man charged with hiding in supermarket for overnight feast

I didn't believe this was even possible

Cheney: Benghazi ‘one of the worst incidents that I can recall’

U.S. Oil Production to Shock Global Energy Markets: IEA Report

Liberals Outrage On IRS Tea Party Scrutiny Unjustified & Foolish (VIDEO)

CNN exclusive: White House email contradicts Benghazi leaks

Kerry Warns Syria: If You Do Not Come To The Negotiating Table, Rebels Will Be Given Help

Sestak forming a committee for re-match run against Toomey for Senate - in 2016

Wait ... there were "conservative groups" filing for 501c4s that DIDN'T have the

Why be skeptical of the MSM on some issues but not others?

When you obtain someone's phone records to determine EVERYONE they called, that is spying.

The Dark Art of Racecraft - By TA-NEHISI COATES

The five most underrated sci-fi movies.

Truth in Commencement Speeches

Does It Matter Whether House Republicans Saw the Benghazi Emails?

Solo Drivers should be appreciative of buses, bicyclists, pedestrians and carpoolers -not resentful

Oil company offices raided in EU pricing probe

Republican Threatens To Block Funding For IRS Agents To Implement Obamacare

*Holder to speak shortly, MSNBC. EDIT: DELAY.

Sarah Palin Says 'No' to Mark Burnett for TV Talk Show

Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disneyworld

Thom Hartmann: It's Time For a Manufacturing Revolution

The results of Pakistan's elections

Perhaps this is just what we need for the President to finally grow a pair and go on offense against

Health warnings written on faces: From overdoing exercise to spicy food, how looks reveal lifestyle

On which side is the bread buttered?

90-Year-Olds Would Face $1000-A-Year Cuts

Bloody Bryce Harper left game.

Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreations reads tweets from the female celebrities.

Do 'environmentally friendly' LED lights cause BLINDNESS

The DOJ had Subpoenas to monitor the AP


President Obama will soon be reaping the harvest he sowed by not pursuing the Bush Admin. criminals

When scholars sell out, the consequences are grave

If Benghazi was "worse than Watergate"??

Stop holding Democrats to a different standard

Malcolm Xs grandson Malcolm Shabazz murdered in Mexico City

Wayne Slater: Is Ted Cruz the dream date for Iowa conservatives in 2016?

Blame Obama?

Call To Ban ‘Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl’ Prompts Sensible Response From Michigan School

so as the Afghanistan war (supposedly) winds down, can anyone tell me what the fuck

Party on, Batman!!! Party on, Robin!!!


Your cat has an emergency for you. If he/she could have, 911 would have already been dialed.

Adding to his state of bliss, Waldo realized that epic farts were just around the corner.

Couple sues state over toddler's sexual-reassignment surgery

Middlefingermom is STILL waiting for that big-boy rite-of-passage.

MFM believes this to be the greatest invention, not since... but including the wheel and fire.

Will the Administration be able to recover from these attacks and go on the offensive?

Vikings unveil pictures of new stadium design

White House: No, Obama Is Not Nixon

Thom Hartmann: Brought to you by bio-situtes - C02 at 400ppm...

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!"

Do children disrupt your worship in Church?

Water Fowl

The Last Word - Boehner and the politics of Benghazi

*Holder on NOW, MSNBC.

Kentucky Man Allegedly Ate Everything In Sight During Stay In Closed Market

DOJ: Holder Recused Himself From AP Phone Records Subpoena

Yellowstone for June 2014

What Fox would say if the Bush Justice Dept. had gotten AP phone records

Government's own regs were violated by AP records subpoena

Flamboyant Texas swindler Billie Sol Estes dies

Eric Holder seems pretty chill

WWII sex slaves were necessary for morale and discipline (Osaka mayor)

Justice Department Opens Criminal Inquiry Into I.R.S. Audits. EDITED

Breaking: 2013 Deficit to Shrink to $642 Billion, Much Less Than Prior Estimate

The dirty secrets of the CIA’s War on Terror

The Last Word - The real IRS scandal happened in 1959

And we wonder where that sense of entitlement comes from

Benghazi = Anti-Hillary Insurance

Holder: ‘This Was A Very Serious Leak’

US government wins 1,856 to 0 in FISA spy court

The Last Word - Sen. Al Franken: 'Our financial system is kind of rigged'

Oops: ABC's Benghazi 'scoop' was based on fabricated email

Where can I see the DOJ response to AP that Holder referred to?

Speaking of Nixon, Sarah Palin hired Nixon's Jew-Counter

CBO: The Deficit Is Going To Be Much Smaller This Year Than We Expected

How bad is it??

Miami politics puts Florida back in the "WTF?" running...

Welcome Back To Earth, Commander Hadfield (40 photos)

Florida Politician Claims She Was Endorsed By Jesus

Venezuela Inflation Soars Toward 30% as Maduro Cuts Dollar Sales

Bible Thumping Georgia Woman Accused Of Assaulting Another Woman With Good Book

Maya Angelou Domestic Abuse: Poet Tells Oprah That Ex-Boyfriend Beat Her And Held Her Captive

NOM Wants IRS Probed for Released Donor Information

When scholars sell out, the consequences are grave

That wild radical Pat Leahy, intent on sabotaging the admin and DoJ, is troubled by the AP phone

Mourners Stunned As Zimbabwe Man Wakes Up At His Own Funeral

North Miami mayoral candidate touts endorsement from Jesus Christ

Brazil judicial panel clears way for gay marriage

Afghanistan Watchdog Complains that Government Officials want Him to Tone Down Audits

Pix of Brigid AND Molly Maguire at last!

So I'm listening to "Baby I'm Going To Leave You" by Led Zeppelin...

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday May 14th

Does anyone think the President's mea culpa on the IRS thing was a little too hasty?

Some good news about bears

I can't tell you why I know, but pay attention to the Gina McCarthy vote this week in the Senate...

Investors Claim They Were Sold a Factory Terrorized by Drug Cartel

South Carolina Gets an 'Unorganized Militia'

Inhofe introduces AMMO Bill

Spies on DU.

Reid Charges GOP With Hypocrisy Over IRS Outrage

Does it seem creepy to anyone else that GE is using The Matrix agents to sell it's software?

Shareholder Sues Yum! for Billions (chicken overdosed with antibiotics)

Noam Chomsky, Scholars Ask NY Times Public Editor to Investigate Bias on Honduras and Venezuela

Tea Party groups that sprouted up seeking 501(c)(4) status were frauds

AP's "dangerous" leak of information: Here is what they did.

Is the N.R.A. Un-American? (hint: the answer is yes)

Lets Have A Few Questions Answered Before We Jump To Conclusions:What Was The DOJ Investigating?....

Couple Sues Over Adopted Son's Early Sex-Assignment Surgery.

Actual Economist Debunks Right Wing Deficit Myths

First Pharmaceutical Treatment for PTSD Within Reach

Cyndi Lauper: She’s Still So Unusual

Papantonio: Obama Must Understand How Dangerous Eric Holder Is

The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life

"You do what you hafta do" from Derf

Nigeria declares emergency in areas hit by Islamists

Just wondering are we being trolled about the

FTA With USA Has Harmed Colombia, Senator Says

"So speaking truth to power is now a criminal act"

Gunmen Open Fire on Liquor Stores in Iraq, 11 Dead

Gray whale photographed off Namibia is first-ever documentation of species in Southern Hemisphere

PPP Polls: Rick Perry Not Worth Including in Presidential Polls Anymore

Did anyone catch Tamron's bizarre performance today?

Scandal in the Justice Department

Waving hello

North American Retailers Work on Separate Bangladesh Plan.

Punk love song...Everybody says they want a million bucks

How many members do you have on your ignore list?

Blood Alcohol Limit For Drivers Should Be Lowered To 0.05 Percent: NTSB

Foreign Trade - US Trade with Colombia

The Tea Party and these "anti-government" groups think the laws do not apply to them...

Uploading pics from a smartphone

FL quietly shortened yellow light standards & lengths, resulting in more red light camera tickets

Nov. 2, 2010--A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

IRS Office That Targeted Tea Party Also Disclosed Confidential Docs From Conservative Groups

Shootings by Philly police soar as violent crime plummets

Obama fails to congratulate Tebow for being Christian, erodes Western civilization

Nuclear Power Plants: Freeloading in Florida

Derrick Rose's Email Has Been Hacked

Hospital laying off employees; blaming Obamacare

GOP helped kill legislation sponsored by Obama (in 2007) that would have protected the AP

Jail Terms For Unlocking Cellphones Shows The True Black Heart Of The Copyright Monopoly

Breast cancer "charity" defrauded donors of nearly $10 million

DOJ Defends Subpoenas To AP: We’re Enforcing The Law

The IRS "Story" is a Karl Rove Retaliation for Leaking Info About Crossroads GPS--

Tim Tebow offered job with Philadelphia Soul

The Hole in the Wall Gang

Excellent commentary on Martin Bashir/MSNBC about "Social Welfare" tax status.

Senate committee slashes food aid, again

Who doctored a White House email?

The Republican Trickle Down Theory

Ctr for American Progress: The Structure and Organization of the Syrian Opposition

I truly hate to mention the site that shall be mentioned, but...

You can probably guess this one.

Family of girl who died suddenly in India seek answers over missing organs

Internet message boards (pic)

It is so!

Should guns conform to safety standards which require them to not fire when dropped?

Gaza gastronomy in a refugee camp

IRS Director of Exempt Organizations: "I'm not good at math."

Charles Pierce: Eric Holder must go

Christine Quinn Opens Up About Bulimia and Alcoholism

Ezra Klein: CBO says deficit problem is solved for the next 10 years

That IRS thing...

Mother shuns Disney Princess ideal; dresses daughter up as five heroines

The IRS ‘Scandal’ Disintegrates into Wild and Unproven Republican Accusations

Shocking Pentagon Report On Sexual Assault In The Military - Alice Ollstein Discusses

The IRS ‘Scandal’ Disintegrates into Wild and Unproven Republican Accusations

Obama is a "Process Liberal" -- Why He MUST ask Holder to Resign (Michael Tomasky)

Holder recused himself from DOJ decision to seize AP records


Zachary Maxwell, 11-Year-Old, Makes Documentary About 'Gross' New York City School Lunches

Young Americans Lead Trend to Less Driving

Doctor Struggles to Keep Practice Afloat

Neurologist Unable to get Payment from Managed Care Organizations

Western Drugmakers Tested Medicines on Unwitting East Germans

Relationship changes in recovery

New threats in Colombia highlight risk for journalists, analysts

REPORT: $6 Million Worth Of Hair Donations To Locks Of Love Have Gone Missing

Atty. Gen. Holder orders criminal investigation into IRS screening

Stephen F. Hayes-1st Journalist To Print Doctored E-Mail As Fact=Official Biographer For Dick Cheney

I Have A Confession To Make.

Ray McGovern: The Deepening Shame of Guantanamo

Tweety's two faced and has officially jumped ship. eom

Billie Sol Estes was still alive???

Colombian authorities thwart plot to assassinate political analysts and reporter

Robert Reich: The Triumph of Progressivism: Graduation 2013 and 1968

"Behind the Beautiful Forevers" is an amazing MUST read book.

why is the IRS doing what I secretly wanted them to do?

Want to try something silly in Google?

Former NFL running back Chuck Muncie dies of heart attack at age sixty.

Why Sharing News About Solutions Is a Revolutionary Act

May 14: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

Amb. Stevens twice said no to military offers of more security, U.S. officials say

World Traveler, Gene Glasscock

Reid Charges GOP With Hypocrisy Over IRS Outrage

Caption anyone?

When the IRS targeted liberals

Inspector general: Ineffective management at IRS allowed agents to target tea party groups

Another GOP Obama Scandal Falls Apart as It Is Revealed the IRS also Targeted Liberals (in 2012)

This week in crudpuppies

Former Tucson Congressman Jim Kolbe to marry partner this weekend

Minn. Gov. Signs Marriage Equality Into Law

Admin supported 'shield law' for journalists; rethugs shot it down

Wild Bill alive and well!

Why Just Fixing The Filibuster Is Not Enough To Unbreak The Senate

Oil-rich Venezuela became net gasoline importer in 2012

Santos pushing Colombia towards Cuba-like regime: Uribe

my surgery today was a big fail

Convicted Pa. Abortion Doctor Gets Life in Prison

GOP Wants Holder to Resign Over Security Leaks Investigation That They Wanted Holder to Do

$8,165,490 from the Gun Lobby

Dick Cheney on Benghazi: "I hope they tried to cover it up by constructing a false story"

Roy Rogers Mounted Shooters

When green means danger: A stunning new species of palm-pitviper from Honduras

How SCOTUS Could Make Breast Cancer Gene Testing More Affordable

Yeah You Probably Shouldn't Change A Diaper In The Middle Of Starbucks

Colombia warns of plot to kill high-profile journalists

"Tanning Mom" To Appear On Gay Porn Series "Kings Of New York"

Breaking: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Signs Bill Legalizing Gay Marriage; 12th State to Do So

Turkey's Erdogan to push Obama on Syria after bombings

The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That's Not Being Stopped

Construction Workers In Belize Destroy Ancient Mayan Pyramid For Road

Anyone else sensing a HUGE zit-pus of covered up lies working its way to the surface?

New Laser Vision Helps Telescope Probe Distant Star Cluster

U.S. charges 89 people in $223 million Medicare fraud schemes

Mark Dayton Signs Marriage Equality Bill...Minnesota becomes 12th State

Dumb Criminals: Man Tries To Solicit Prostitute While On Honeymoon

i keep hearing the phrase 'the list contained'..

What's the worst hotel you've ever seen? And why is it the worst?

I'm sick of MLB players who treat the fans like they dont exist

Does anyone else see that these scandals are pointed

research shows holding a gun makes you more likely to 'see' a gun in the hands of others

Rev Al is not afraid of these ReTHUG scumbags

A sign of progress.

"Why Would The IRS Look At US?"

READ: Full IG Report On IRS Targeting

No Benefit in Sharply Restricting Salt, Panel Finds

I have a Republican Physician friend...(Heart Surgeon)

'I'm Not Married To Robert Plant'

More Democratic backstabbing


New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart

ABC responded and said basically, what’s the problem?

Fitch the Homeless

(Jerry) Brown's budget gives education big boost

Leaks could sink Obama Whitehouse (2012)

Wildfire in Riverside County...there will be unfortunately many more this summer

Elephant tramples would-be poacher in Zimbabwe

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Guardian UK The IRS should do more, not less, scrutinizing of political groups

Getting this error message again.

Michele Bachmann Says that God Killed All Those Innocent People on 9/11

Whoa...Skinner zapped the front page!

Wal-Mart Files Suit Against UFCW, Others

Bush Used the IRS, FBI, CIA and Secret Service to Go After Opponents

Price Chopper Gives Electric Cars Free Charge

Syrian Rebel Reportedly Defends Sinking His Teeth Into Dead Soldier’s Flesh on Camera

Nightmare Restaurateurs Who Scared Gordon Ramsay Flip Out on Facebook

Long-time foes Blue Jays, Giants, face off in heated rivalry ...

Watergate is the Godwins of political scandal

Father of 4-Year-Old New Jersey Boy Who Accidentally Shot His Friend Could Face Jail Time

HOW did a generation of young men's brains get f-ed up enough to produce this bigotry about Jolie?

Road Crew In Belize Destroys Ancient Pyramid

Think of it in another way…

Type "Atari Breakout" in google images for a pleasant surprise.

Admiral Joe Sestak announces campaign for “Leadership for a Better America”

Chris Matthews is reverting to his form of the Monica Lewinsky days

Never mind. I see several other threads about this. n/t

Mediaite: CNN Obtains White House Email Which Contradicts ABC News Report On Benghazi Leaks

Ortiz plans penny surcharge on sugary drinks

What do you think you're doing?!

"Ship breaking" (Working Man's Death) many heartbreaking pictures + video

Chris Mathews does not need a reson to foam in the mouth

While everyone is howling about IRS extra scrunity of these specific groups of 501(c)4 applications

Why Atheist Redditors Are Stuck On the Internet

While everyone is howling about IRS extra scrunity of these specific groups of 501(c)4 applications

While everyone is howling about IRS extra scrunity of these specific groups of 501(c)4 applications

While everyone is howling about IRS extra scrunity of these specific groups of 501(c)4 applications