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Do any of you folks visit Reddit's Politics section?

"Stop - Loss" A soldier's story. Afganistan.

A strange, $90,000 gift to the undeserving Senator Duffy

Right-wing group takes IDF soldiers on tour of East Jerusalem

Martin Bashir - GOP takes aim at Affordable Care Act for the 37th time

Krauthammer says Obama was missing on the night of the terrorist attack

Liberal groups received same IRS letter that ignited Tea Party outrage


How America Commie-Baited A Baseball Hero

Venezuela's new labour law: The best Mother's Day gift

The winning theory for the "scandals"

Martin Bashir - GOP hyperventilating over IRS, AP, too much even for some conservatives

Black family finds KKK flier on doorstep; OCSO investigating 'threat'

My daughter got invited to the Prom and got stood up by her boyfriend, AFTER we

Nance Greggs: A WORD, If I May?

Colombian Gov't, FARC-EP Resume Peace Talks in Cuba

400 ppm

Got 90 minutes? Remember "Our Gang" and "The Little Rascals"? Watch and reminisce.

Chris Hedges: Monitoring of AP Phones a Terrifying Step in State Assault on Press Freedom

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone....Arlo Guthrie

A Tick-Tock of House Republican Obstruction

Kern County deputies involved in fatal beating are back at work

FAO: Latin American Leads Struggle Against Hunger

Avast v8 update comes with unwanted Google Drive install.

It's Miller Time!

Ben Makiewicz : War on Leaks? Government Secretly Grabs AP Phone Records

With all the "Challenging News for Obama" will Penny Pritzker Break into Obama's Cabinet?

Liberal Groups ‘Progress Texas,’ Emerge America,’ And ‘Clean Elections Texas’ Targeted By IRS

Administration Officials Downplay CIA-State Department Squabbling In Benghazi Emails

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Joining us for Church Night is Cindy Sheehan

Pats act like giant douches, cut a player because he has diabetes


Venezuelan Government Announces Measures to Overcome Food Shortages

Obama Cannot be Blamed for the IRS Scandal. Here’s Why:

Advice on Zeikos 40x Superwide Fisheye/Macro (test images included)

Animal Care Volunteers Bite Back

North Carolina Women Don 1960s Garb To Protest ‘Vintage’ Bill That Threatens Birth Control Access

"Sex With Hornets' Nest" is the Lounge phrase for the day. Go!

Houston man charged after threats made to synagogues

Did the IRS show favoritism towards the Tea Party?

need some help in a local poll

"The seizure of AP's phone records is legal"

KBR Tells U.S. Army it will Cost $500 Million and Take 13 Years to Close out Its Iraq Contract

A potentially very stupid question: who died? Flags are at half-staff all over the bay area...

Gore Vidal: Decline of the Empire

Rachel just called on ABC to apologize

Using analog computation circuits, engineers design cells that can compute logarithms, divide ...

Geeze...who resurrected Donald Rumsfeld?

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has a few words to say to the AG

Just turn off ABC, turn it off, go to your window and shout "I'm as mad as hell.......

"Monsanto Acquires Targeted-Pest Control Technology Start-UP"

How the U.S. Government Shills for Monsanto Around the World

Anybody need some soy sauce packets?

Potato Farmers in Colombia Rebel Against Trade Laws, Rising Production Costs

IRS Official’s Admission Baffled Audience At Tax Panel

Mathematics (of immigration)

"This is pretty straightforward...."

Aurora theater victim's father confronts GOP lawmakers at forum

After AP leak controversy, White House pushes for media-shield law

To all the dogs I've loved before. & I guess/hope my last will be a poodle.

Obama needs a fresh approach to naming judges

Cost of German Solar is Four Times Finnish Nuclear

Bu Bye Bulls...

All in w/ Chris Hayes - Anatomy of the DoJ/AP scandal

WHY isn't Lawrence O'Donnell not mentioning the republicans in congress THAT CUT security

IRS "scandal" sparks fundraising frenzy

Boxer: 50k men being treated by the VA for sexual assault

Reporter Says He First Learned of C.I.A. Operative From Rove

In Two Hours Obama Destroys the GOP’s Benghazi and IRS Scandals

Tornadoes, large hail keeps North Texas on edge

British schoolgirl "murdered" in bid to harvest her organs...

Jim Hightower--On-call shifts: The latest corporate shame

Eric Holder's testimony was OUTSTANDING today! Kick if you're with me...

"Obama administration releases e-mails detailing agencies’ debate over Benghazi"

UK nuclear deal said to be imminent.

It IS 80%-20% in America, but not for the reasons some say.

No Sex Talk Allowed: What's wrong with the Obama administration's definition of sexual harassment

Society of Professional Journalists president condemns government’s seizure of AP phone records!!!

"Raising Taxes On The Rich Doesn't Push Them To Be Less Productive: Study"

Colombia’s Supreme Court convicts ex-lawmaker of masterminding massacre, sets 30-year sentence

Charges dropped against Florida teen over amateur science experiment

Colombia’s Supreme Court convicts ex-lawmaker of masterminding massacre, sets 30-year sentence

Ashcroft or Holder?

"Official: Multiple fatalities in severe Texas storm"

London: Animated fly-through of proposed Crossrail 2 routes

Anybody else detecting a note of palpable euphoria among right-wingers right now?

Got off the phone with a pollster. Is Tony Knowles testing the water for Mark Begich's

Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man Remains May Have Been Found In China

Maps reveal owners of lands taken by Cromwell {Ireland}

Hong Kong's Giant Rubber Duck Found Mysteriously Deflated

The IRS Tea Party Scandal, Explained--Mother Jones

Whiplash weather: blame it on the Jet Stream

Any chance the press shield law will now pass?

Me on Cavuto on FBN discussing the IRS Scandal

Me on Cavuto on FBN discussing the unionization of the CFPB (Dont miss what I say at the end!)

Rachel Maddow - White House e-mails debunk ABC misreporting, undercut scandal-hungry GOP

NOPD arrests suspect in Mother's Day shooting

You might be a Republican…

Venn Diagramming Your Job Search…

How dare they?

I've got to try this one some time…

Barney Frank sees a gay president in 20 years

Rachel Maddow - Obama quick to crack down on IRS

Let's turn this map from black to all red during our lifetimes…

I thought I had a rough day...

I'll settle for, "We're Number One!"

'H1-B problems?' Canadian government erects billboard near Silicon Valley

Wanna trade?

The Three Heroines of Guatemala: The Judge, the Attorney General and the Nobel Peace Laureate

Study reveals scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change

With IRS defanged, politics can run rampant

Another Cluster Faux Low

Bolivia, Brazil to launch joint anti-drug operations

This person said this

My new Sigma 30mm 2.8 lens came in today

Gendered Science?

TYT: AP Scandal Finally Wakes Up an Aggressive Press Corps

As North Korea heats up, South Korea and Japan should warm ties

The thing about PARTISANS and the AP story.

Not the Onion: CNN gets exclusive look at harsh conditions face by guards at Guantanamo

Politico: None of These Obama Scandals Mean Anything

Study: Mars is rocked by asteroids, comets each day

New York Times responds to Obama government spying on the press

Stand Tall, President Obama! You Are Doing a Great Job!

About Ariel Castro's lawyers

Eric Holder's sister-in-law was Vivian Malone Jones

for Bioshock fans:

Congressman Devin Nunes (R) CA is saying Holder "Wiretapped the Cloak Room of the House of Reps."

Young Men Break with Machista Stereotypes in Ecuador

Ecuador's New Legislature Takes Office

IMO, A whole new function(department) has to be added to the FBI, that of sexual assault

Military Sexual Assault Cases Put Pentagon Under Fire

CITGO to Provide Record Dividend to Parent

A Reuters Article that Might help Prevent Political Violence in Venezuela

Court denies US asylum to German home-schoolers

What's you biggest food weakness?

Republicans demand that Democrats jump off a bridge. Democrats do it.

The Real News From Guatemala: US Guilty of Genocide

Could a special prosecuter looking in to IRS

Jay Leno’s monologue tonight really sucked..

Fred Azcarate Leaves AFL-CIO To Head Community Organizing Network U.S. Action

Columbia U. seeks to alter whites-only bequest

Kenneth Bae begins 15 years hard labour in North Korea

Facial reconstruction of 5,600-year old Maltese woman

GOP key words: First term = Carter. Second term = Nixon.

How To Delete Archived Post

Y'all have a good day now ya hear??

Can anyone here recommend a good professional level digital camera?

Foods that are made better in a country that they didn't originate from.

Justin Bieber Attacked by Fan in Dubai

Seeking Clues to Heart Disease in DNA of an Unlucky Family

Ever think that you're the center of the universe?

They're all in Black. 'Vette collection

Climate research nearly unanimous on human causes, survey finds

BP to seek Cameron's help as oil spill costs escalate

Sam Seder: DOJ Hoovers Journalists' Phone Records

Syria conflict: BBC shown 'signs of chemical attack'

Number of Britons travelling three hours each day for work soars by 50 per cent in five years

2013 General Assembly scorecard: What's passed and what's still to come

Three tornadoes in Texas last night

Amy's Baking Company

Pentagon vows to take action after latest sex assault scandal

Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Suffers Major Failure,

Ajax: Where to learn?

Wendell Potter: GOP Candidates' Top Campaign Issue Will Be Obamacare 'Train Wreck'

2 Days Before VA GOP Convention, It's McAuliffe 43%-Cuccinelli 38%

Jim Hightower: Chilling Reality--America's Worsening Jobs Crisis

Dean Baker: Cutting Social Security and Not Taxing Wall Street

The elite debating Social Security are actually from another planet

Want to see what else your Congress is doing other than made up scandals

Remember when Andrew Joseph Stack flew an airplane into the IRS office?

It’s High Time the IRS Investigates the Funding of the Tea Party

Debris And Liberation

Joe Madison: This IRS scandal is republican on republican

THIS is community: Marine gets dream wedding

Thursday Toons

Benghazi Isn't Watergate It's Whitewater

Now Venezuela is running out of toilet paper

Good question - Why isn't New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting a 'national tragedy'?

Pentagon urges safety valve for F-35 to help jet survive attack

Why Cops and Prosecutors Get Away With Throwing Innocents in Prison

It's Not Easy Being Green: Are Some of the Biggest Enviro Groups Giant Sell-Outs?

Fashion companies looking for new sources for product following Bangladesh

Now Venezuela is running out of toilet paper

How Renewable Energy Can Transform New York State

Traffic officer halts pursuit to save ducks in road :)

Traffic officer halts pursuit to save ducks in road (X-post from Good News)

Wisconsin: Group training on ways to protest proposed Gogebic mine

Why CounterPunch owes women an apology

GOP to Obama: Continue OUR Policies and We Got Your Back

Way of the Future: Navy Launches Mother Drone from Aircraft Carrier

Human embryonic stem cells created from adult tissue for first time

Baseworld Profiteering

Kabul Car Bomb KIlls 2 NATO Troops, 4 Contractors

Whoa! Morning Joe doing some furious backpedaling today...

GOP demands more despite Benghazi email release

Deep Canadian mine yields ancient water

I saw two different "Star Trek II"s this week on the big screen

President Makes a Point

IRS faces class action lawsuit over theft of 60 million medical records

Comcast shareholders meeting includes unhappy tea party folks ('Protesting' Comcast's MSNBC)

"They" want to get my President ..... end of story

Should he have apologized?

Learn what the real IRS scandal is from Lawrence O'Donnell's show last night....

I'm really not mature enough to watch television.

WalMart, Profit over People, always

Cooling prices, falling imports highlight euro zone's malaise

First Amazon, now Google: Tax backlash grows as whistleblowers say 'evil' search giant's advertising

The "scandals"

For all these "scandals", I still have yet to hear the media talk about

Maryland's model for gun regulation

Chernobyl - Pripyat (Continued)

so what did you think of gwen moore on colbert last night???


Watching a 'scandal' evaporate before our very eyes

Gollum Sings 'Empire State Of Mind' (VIDEO)

Arjun Makhijani: Building small modular reactors senseless

Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen


Dean Baker: Cutting Social Security and Not Taxing Wall Street

Just in time for summer: Budget cuts force Forest Service to skimp on firefighters, trucks

Jobless claims spike unexpectedly

Memo to Bush Administration Leftovers on Fox: Shut Up

Next Tuesday marks the longest period between tornadoes in Iowa

New Orleans Mother's Day attack: Teenager arrested

Report: Susan Rice Likely To Be Tapped For Promotion

Hi, All. Time for a new experience,

April home construction falls to six-month low

Scandalous vs. Scandal Lust

'Armed Security Officer' Accidentally Shoots Student at School

Average Retirement Age Rises Sharply to 61 Years Old

F-35: Sequester May Cost Air Force 5 More F-35As; Air Guard, Modernization At Risk

Nasa buys into 'quantum' computer

The Man Who Cried ‘Filibuster Reform’

True or False? In the end, the war in Iraq was a Republican war.

Psssst... Tim Tebow... This could have been you, you sanctimonious *insert whatever*

Venezuelan Soldiers to Patrol alongside Police to Fight Crime

Grayson letter on trade treachery

NYT's Gail Collins: On The Plus Side ...

Psycho sore-loser Teabagger goes apesh*t after Dallas City Council loss

Losing to Win- a team's lost 213 straight games & I'm rooting like hell for them in more ways than 1

Everyone kicks PA.'s Education Secretary on His Way Out - Good Riddance

Venezuela's Election System Holds Up As A Model For The World

GOP raffling AR-15 “Sandy Hook”-type rifles as macabre pro-gun stunt

Columbia Scholarship Scandal Shows How White People Are Still Helped By Institutional Racism

State Right-to-Know Chief Says Tax-payer Funded Charter Schools Routinely Ignore Right-to-Know Law


'buycott' koch bros, monsanto and other industries products lining supermarket shelves

Co-chairmen of independent Benghazi review blow the whistle on Darrell Issa

Pregnant girlfriend tricked into taking abortion pill; 'The baby was lost

Watching a 'scandal' evaporate before our very eyes

Jon Stewart calls out Rumsfeld & Cheney for daring to talk about Benghazi

Wow. This one is sobering. Someone accused Michael Jackson of pedophilia.

With More Wind Energy, PJM Could Save Customers $7 Billion per Year

MSNBC Contributor Claims He Was Audited 5 Years In A Row By IRS For Criticizing Bush

Saw Star Trek in 3D Imax*no plot spoilers*

Papantonio: Corporate-Funded Research Undermines Academia

Breathing auto emissions turns HDL cholesterol from 'good' to 'bad.'

State losing thousands because Pali Lookout tourists don't see parking fee signs

Failed Anti-Gay Dallas Candidate Distributes Hateful Anti-Gay Flier at City Council Meeting

Excellent! Rochester, NY is getting a Costco!

Bill Press: "...when the going gets tough, the tough get going...."

Celebrating Darwin: Religion and Science are Closer Than You Think

They just can't stand him

Newegg nukes “corporate troll” Alcatel in third patent appeal win this year

NY: PATH/Fail: The Story of the World's Most Expensive Train Station

IRS 501 Code: "must refrain from traditional partisan political activity, like endorsing candidates"

Republicans Agree to Stop Using Word “Scandal” in Every Sentence If Obama Resigns

Folks, it just won't do to say "the IRS did nothing wrong" when it has already admitted that it DID

Obama Speaks Of 'Going Bulworth' In Second Term

If Tea Party Groups have tax-exempt status then we should TOO- Where's our refund?

Study reveals scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change

So--we woke up today to 10% higher gas prices

Boston bombing suspect wrote message in boat

German Scientists Use Offshore Wind Farms to Replenish Lobsters

IRS OUTRAGE (Cole draws truth for ALL to see...)

"CONstipation": can’t pass anything. "CONgress": can’t pass anything.

PSA: "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" : Best Damn Climate Blog Out There....

Pat Robertson Says Wife of Cheating Husband Should be Grateful

A visit from a neighbour....

Operators of Japan's breeder reactor skipped 10,000 safety inspections - while plant offline!

Extreme Weather Whiplash: 106° in Iowa on the Heels of Record May Snows

Carney To Fox Reporter: 'Seriously?' ("In defense of a 'firewall'")

Bachmann is already buying up airtime for 2014

… Scientist Studies Methane Levels in Cross-Continent Drive (finds levels are higher than known)

Wal*Mart complains about taxes at the same time they are enjoying a lower tax rate

Workers Of America Bangladesh Is Your New Future With GOP/Koch Economic Plan

The robust carbon intensity of global primary energy



I'm much more concerned about who has a gun than what gun they have

Observation: people seem to have dumped SUVs for fuel-efficient cars in Maine

"41 percent of Republicans believe Benghazi is the worst scandal in American history."

How to unpack the Tsarnaevs’ real motives

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Note: Boston Bombing Suspect Allegedly Wrote Confession In Boat, CBS Reports

GOP calls witnesses for IRS hearing - Not calling Shulman, the BushRepublican IN CHARGE?

My opinion on the IRS 'scandal'

How long can Eric Holder hang on?

Republicans announce the hiring of a new spokesman for their party

House Republicans will again try to repeal Obamacare

Holder needs to go! Holder will be gone by end of the week!

After Jodi Arias: Have you ever been so angry or afraid that you

It's strange how "scandal" gets defined these days in Washington

Tampa doctor's son accused of killing unborn child

Just End It, Already

Obama eyes Gov. Deval Patrick to replace Eric Holder at Justice

Glenn Beck takes batshit to a whole new level with his Untouchables reenactment...

Game Winning Homerun Turns Tragic Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship

Remember When Andrew Joseph Stack Flew a Plane Into a Texas IRS Building?

Elephants reunited after 20 years.

Why is this IRS "issue" an issue again?

ABC's Scandal.... I've tried to like, it, really, I have, but....

irs scandal: republicans resent being treated the way cops routinely treat minorities.

Trying to remember a song...

BAA Invites 2013 Non-Finishers to Run 2014 Boston Marathon

Benghazi evaporates further:STEVENS turned down military security twice. Not blaming the victim here

Jobless Claims in U.S. Jump to Highest Level in Six Weeks

One Million Pibble March on Washington...

Franklin Graham: IRS cracked down on my gay-bashing!

EIA: U.S. Spring-Summer Gasoline Use Seen at 12-Year Low

Mad at the IRS? Blame It on the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Big Number

End it like Beckham: Global superstar David Beckham retires

Please help me select a new avatar. The winner will receive a Major Award.

IRS Fallout: The REAL SCANDAL: SECRET MONEY Influencing US Elections

Have some fun today with some enjoyable distractions!

Abercrombie & Fitch Signs Bangladesh Safety Agreement While Other American Companies Hold Out

The Extinction Protocol Weird Smelly Mystery Foam Oozes Through Cracks

Manufacturing In Philadelphia Fed Area Unexpectedly Contracts

Obama to GOP: "Please proceed"

President Obama: I think I hear a knock at the door....

18 months...

DC Considers Law Requiring Gun Owners To Take Out $250K Insurance Policy

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 16, 1792

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 16, 1792

MSNBC Host Confronts Rubio For Hypocrisy Over IRS Claims

TrackingPoint rifle enables novice to hit a target at 500 yards.

What I Learned From Gay Sex: Misogyny and Homophobia

Janie's story

GE, Boeing Alert Airlines About 777 Engine Problem

Idiot Wind

Chernyy belka

So, this 69 year old man who's suing the police came into my office today.

U.S. Using Taxpayer Dollars to Promote Monsanto GMOs Overseas

US Guilty of Genocide in Guatemala - Should be Real Headline

First Hemp Crop in 60 Years

Survey: No nuclear plants meet new safety standards

How Nonprofits Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare

Americans, especially young, continue to drive less, report says

New definition of "investigative reporting:"

KFC Smuggled Through Gaza's Underground Tunnels

Washington state school closed due to weather. Good weather.

Polish Baby Born Drunk After Mom Goes On Drinking Binge

Poll: Markey Up 7 In Mass. Special Election

Man Gets Stuck In Baby Seat While Dining At McDonalds, Finds Himself Surrounded By Cops

Feeding bees corn syrup may leave them vulnerable to colony collapse

"Sorry we lost your kid, here, enjoy a $7 discount."

Apple was “ringmaster” in conspiracy to fix e-book prices, US says

TPM Editor’s Blog: Democrats’ Best Friends In The IRS Scandal

Forget Botox-wipe wrinkles from face with facial yoga

GodMode - PS3 - Demo - Review

Rep Cohen D-TN confronts AG Holder on Don Siegelman's case

Boehner: Obama Administration Displaying ‘Arrogance Of Power’

The 7-minute workout that is as beneficial as a long run and a weights session

Conservative group says AARP promotes radical “homosexual agenda”

If Americans were just more like Viktor Belenko, we’d have a little less trouble

If your mortgage was transferred to Green Tree Servicing, see this:

FEMA Plans Clear-Cutting 85,000 Berkeley and Oakland Trees

Watchdog: Israel Trying to Legalize Settlements

Kevin Cramer, North Dakota Congressman, Ties School Shootings To Abortion Legalization

Obama walking a familiar path on IRS allegations

Tribeca residents furious over being secretly photographed for new Chelsea art exhibit

Venezuela-Colombia trade above USD 800 million

Singing in the Rain

Pope Francis hits out at global 'cult of money'

xpost from GD - My appearance on Cavuto last night regarding the IRS Scandal

xpost from GD - My appearance on Cavuto last night regarding the CFPB unionization

Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views. WOW.

Witness protection program lost two former "known or suspected terrorists"

Pope Francis slams global 'cult of money'

U.S. soldier who killed servicemen in Iraq gets life in prison

that vile little toad Rahm is cutting cutting retiree health benefits to build a basketball arena

Ring of Fire - Annular Solar Eclipse 5/10/13 (amazing video)

Pope Francis slams global 'cult of money'

How Does The Worst Human Being Of Retail Sleep At Night? After He Sees This, He Won't.

Tom Tancredo may run for office again

As a dog owner, here are 5 situations that freak me out

The real IRS abuse was back when they targeted the gay

I must ask that the reporters and other media...

The "wouldn't have prevented" gambit on gun-safety laws

Norman Matloff: How Foreign Students Hurt U.S. Innovation

Mesmerizing Photographs Of Soldiers' Faces Before, During, And After A War

Remember that time Occupy was examined by The Government & No One Gave A Shit?

The excitement of becoming a grandfather...............

Father accidentally shoots 13 month old

Obama Calls On Congress To Bolster Security At U.S. Embassies

Jason Collins explains how he came out to his twin brother

Maryland governor signs nation's most comprehensive firearm legislation. NRA backs down.

Thom Hartmann: First they came for Wikileaks and the AP did not speak up....

Rude Pundit 5/15/13: "It's all about 2014 now"

lol- ‘Fox & Friends’ hosts think Obama’s scandal damage control is a plot to ‘confuse’ them

The juggernaut that's not: Japan

For four years, Obama did nothing about I.R.S. chief Douglas Shulman

The Moronic Party - Our Next US Third Party Movement

Md. governor signs comprehensive gun-control bill with fingerprint licensing

Conflicting ideas...


Obama: ‘I Have Complete Confidence In Eric Holder’

Obama Pushes for More Security at U.S. Embassies

Obama: ‘No Apologies’ For Investigating Leaks Of Classified Information

My brother recently passed

Mom To Be Has Already Entered Newborn In Beauty Pagaents

Mysterious Pig Poop Foam Has Explosive Properties

Hey, East Coasters with plentiful cicadas in your yard, here are some yummy cicada recipes

IRS Official Withdraws As Commencement Speaker At Mass. Law School

Do you know who’s laughing hardest about the IRS microscandal? Exxon. Apple. Microsoft. Monsanto.

Colombian Women demand their rights and propose their own agenda in the peace process

There is a successful third party in this country and it's a model

Perfect Picture Of President Obama For Today

Thom Hartmann: My Memo to Bush Administration Leftovers on Fox - Shut Up!

The Government’s War on the Press

Will Obama piss away the rest of his presidency sucking up to Repubs and playing the scandal game?

Venezuela Is Running Out Of Toilet Paper

LulzSec hackers jailed for string of sophisticated cyber-attacks

At Press Conference Obama Lights a Match and Sends the GOP’s IRS Scandal Up In Smoke

Viral Video Star Kai The Hitchhiker Now Suspect In NJ Murder

What the hell could possibly go wrong?

Obama calls on Congress to fully fund embassy security

Shirt Thrown On Court During Memphis - Thunder Game Leads To Unusual 4 Point Shot

Papantonio: Big Pharma Using Humans As Guinea Pigs

House votes to repeal Obamacare; again

Deep Derp

super ultra tasty fancy family birthday dress up dinner tonight!

Benghazi Review Board To Issa: Talk To Us In Public, Not In Private

Nearly 100% Of New California Electricity To Be Solar In 2H 2013

Thom Hartmann & Rep. Alan Grayson: No more trade deal sellouts!

Chris Hedges on Talk Of The Nation: "We've undergone a kind of corporate coup d'etat in slow-motion"

The Falling Cost Of Solar Energy Is Surprising Everyone

Should the DUzy Awards be posted in General Discussion or The DU Lounge?

Poll Question

ABQ transgender student told to wear female gown

I've watched very little news this week

Hannity guest claims IRS scandal means Obama stole 2012 election

Alonzo Bodden: "I love the tea party...."

The scarlet crayon of atheism

Obama: ‘No Apologies’ For Investigating Leaks Of Classified Information

House bill protects homeland security budget

Solar power costs closing in on wind

Texas Mom Puts 3-Year-Old Son Up For Adoption On Craigslist

Oh, what a tangled web they weave....

Click here!

Who’s a Jew?

re: all this "3rd party" talk, have you heard the Pirate Party actually won 3 seats in Iceland?

When is the best time to plant trees? Spring or Fall? (Zone 7) nt

Corrupt Colombian government officials granting land to criminals: Ministry

Rachael just shared a DU pic!

Shoring up New Bedford’s offshore wind dream

for all you mayo haters out there

There should be more focus on Lutheran/Catholic agreements

Republican's owe Susan Rice a big apology! We need to go on the offensive on this!

Mass marriage martyrs?

US Senate confirms nomination of MIT physics prof Ernest Moniz for Energy secretary in a 97-0 vote

Obama: ‘I Have Complete Confidence In Eric Holder’

What is masculinity?

Senate confirms Moniz for energy secretary

The Last Word - Determining scandals from facts

IRS "Scandal" reform will dismantle right-wing 501 (c)4s prior to 2014 elections.

a Mormon named Yeah is running for president in Malie

Watching does one not know how to swim?

The Last Word - Republicans ignore Bill O'Reilly's advice

From Natural News: Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)

Digging it with Doocy. Please come CAPTION the oral opening!!!!

Revoking Amnesty for Death Squads

Christy Clark's re-election renews pipeline debate

27 Tea Party groups are going to sue the IRS...

The Last Word - The real scandal at the IRS

Kluwe excited to join Raiders

Why the emails were not released to begin with?

1,000-year-old church and eight skeletons found in Lincoln Castle grounds

I guess Rachel and Heather are out of a job.

How Monsanto Is Using Cronies in Congress to Take Away States' Rights to Label Genetically Modified

Obama to name budget official as acting IRS chief

Nigel Farage barricaded in Scottish pub and rescued by police riot van

Chili's Waitress Fired Over Facebook Post Insulting 'Stupid Cops'

Pastor Arrested For Watching Child Porn At His Job–At Disney World

Wall Street Loses Money but Still Pockets Billions

Two GOP Judges Just Voted To Eliminate Union Rights, Here’s How The Senate Can Stop Them

House GOP to vote on Obamacare repeal - Vol. 37....Assholes, one and all.

Teachers union files lawsuits to block Chicago school closings

The Tea Party is Not a Social Welfare Org

Horsey: IRS "Scandal": This Isn't A Court, It's Congress

Add boron for better batteries

Obama tweets analysis that 97% of peer-reviewed science confirms human-caused global warming

I.D can explain more of the observed facts evolution can: how evidence works.

I will take my informed less-than-perfect president OVER that uninformed idiot ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Manti Te'o's girlfriend is No. 69 on Maxim's Hot 100 list.

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 16th

Just who signs subpoenas anyway???


"CLOSURE" Trailer --- Documentary

Retired Barber Gives Homeless People Haircuts in Exchange for Hugs

vertical lines behind posts today 5/16/13

(x post) Retired Barber Gives Homeless People Haircuts in Exchange for Hugs

Ponder this scenario

Unchain your inner Cheney. Please come CAPTION the fat dick!!!!

The Onion: No Longer a Satirical Newspaper, Part III:

The only way to fix Congress

'Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker' sought for murder

Internet celeb sought in New Jersey murder

Man commits suicide with a sawn-off shot gun in front of a class of six-year-olds

Nude painting of Bea Arthur sells for nearly $2 million

Where did Martin dig up that cross-eyed Ron Christie

Pregnant Teens' Yearbook Photos Showing Baby Bumps Banned At Michigan's White Cloud High School

Georgia Man Burns Down Neighbor's House Over Unkempt Lawn

Ignored users show up when I DU from Iphone

Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina and wife indicted on tax evasion charges

Federal Prisoner Claims He's The Brains Behind Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos

Ezra Klein: If Obama went Bulworth, here’s what he’d say

Mother's Day second-line shootings related to gang battle, authorities say

Why I think tea party strategy is backfiring on Benghazi

No justice - No peace

Federal grand jury indicts state Rep. Tyrone Brooks

Senate committee approves Obama’s nomination of Gina McCarthy to head EPA

Growth in energy consumption correlates to (or drives?) population growth...

Media Largely Ignores 19 Shot In New Orleans On Mother's Day

Film Review: The Tesla Mutation

LOL: White House Mocks GOP’s Obamacare Hashtag (PHOTO)

Poll: GOP in Texas Faces Major Hurdles In Recruiting Hispanics

Poll: GOP in Texas Faces Major Hurdles In Recruiting Hispanics

Oh shite Martin Bashir went there

Chris Kluwe Has a New Team, Plans to Keep Speaking Out

Pentagon won't furlough Pearl Harbor shipyard employees

Former Gov. Granholm gets behind effort to draft Hillary Clinton in ’16

Anyone else starting to get the feeling that Issa is the AP leaker?

Will giving the internet eyes and ears mean the end of privacy?

At what point does Repub obstructionism and witch hunting become a Constitutional Crisis? nm

Crime not ruled out in West, Texas, fertilizer plant blast

Rich Colleges, Poor Professors

Worsening A Warming-Fueled Wildfire Season, Sequestration Threatens Firefighting Efforts

Chris Kluwe to the Raiders!!

Ted Cruz looks like a

Apple on offense over $100B offshore stash

Obama Labor Board Pick Ruled Invalid as Case Reversed

We had a suicide in my building today.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 18, 2013 -- The Essentials: Elsa Lanchester

Joseph Grant, head of the Tax Exemption Dept at IRS has submitted his resignation...

Tweety is a jerk. A.Big.Stupid.Jerk.

Chicago: Wells Street bridge closure teaches CTA lessons for Red Line reconstruction

TCM Schedule for Sunday, May 19, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: The James Brothers

Eine Kleiner Nachtsmusik

Missing the Bigger IRS ‘Scandal’

We need to talk about masculinity

A cart missing all four wheels. Please come CAPTION Michelle, my-belle, Bachmann!!

Who should be investigated?

2012-Emerge America-was denied the exemption because the IRS said they were too political.

Atheist With a Christian spouse

Solar Power's Toxic Footprint

Dick Trickle dead in apparent suicide

So I tripped and fell flat on my face.

Please Read This When You Have Time

Hypothetical Question: If I Were A Kabillionaire And Wanted To Elect A Repug President.....

Elizabeth Warren slams pro-Wall Street bill

Two House DEMOCRATS voted 'yes' with GOPers on votes to repeal ACA (Obamacare) today

Ding, dong, Caron is gone...

It’s Scandal Season! Why Obama is suddenly under siege.

Emotional response to climate change influences whether we seek or avoid further information

Stop George Soros in #2014! #tcot

Abortion rights debate reignites at State House with introduction of three bills

Transnationals' profits from LatAm & Caribbean reached 113 billion in 2011

Oops! Moody's downgrades Bermuda?

Where is the line, Harry Reid?

Why are tea party groups applying for a NON PARTISAN tax exemption?

Secret Airstrips Destroyed in the Venezuelan State of Apure

Oye. Conservative group says AARP promotes radical “homosexual agenda”

Saudi princes lose battle to keep court documents secret

Classic case of projection

Everything you need to know about Glenn Beck in 30 seconds!

Will giving the internet eyes and ears mean the end of privacy ?

A second chance...

Is there a statute of limitations on prosecution

Pentagon plans to fight ‘War on Terror’ for another 20 years

Teen who brought guns to school admits he lied, pleads guilty

Top of the 6:00 eastern hour on NPR

Theater Goer Chucks Another Theater Goer's Cell Phone Across Room

The Weekly Slandard won't give up re: Benghazi

The Japanese have a word on book hoarding.

Florida: Flatulence leads to knife fight, arrest

Iraqi sectarian violence kills 13 today, 50 this week..........

Website urges Stephen Harper to get his facts straight on oilsands

Since Repubs are cranking up big scandal machine, any Dems could mention to shut them up?

A new ad for Colorado Springs marijuana..

Post a teenage tragedy song...

Question about cleaning pans using the black bag/ammonia method...

Teaching Children To Be Philosophers

Man Says 'Bad' Chinese Food, Need To Poop Made Him Flee Florida Accident

We need to be on the offensive.

"Flatulence" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "flatulence".


Florida Couple Gets Into Knife Fight Over Farting

FBI seeks source of prostitution, corruption allegations against Sen. Robert Menendez

What scares our soldiers

WA State publishes Draft Marijuana production rules

84 Percent of NYC Fast Food Workers Report Wage Theft

'The Price of Justice'

Obama the untouchable

Why Erasing All The World's Borders Would Double GDP

Darin Haas, Fort Campbell Sexual Assault Program Manager, Arrested In Domestic Dispute

Dog on death row reunited with rescue worker.

Before, During, After (war) photos

Another Obama ‘Scandal’? Nope… GOP Rep Claims Responsibility For AP Surveillance

Vintage Racing in Sonoma May 18-19 ...

I keep thinking of pulling out my old John D. MacDonald...

Police dept. runs out of ammo, police chief asks city residents for ammo donations

DU Glossary


The Right to Call In Sick

Industry Groups Urge Supreme Court To Ban EPA From Regulating CO2

So our dog escaped the house and attacked another dog today

I am looking for a Scrum teacher that can teach the two-day.....

Simply the best Star Trek EVER! (no spoilers)

Robert Reich: Pyromaniacs on the Potomac: The Problem With Obama’s Second Term

I really hope Jon Stewart covers Jonathan Karl


Papa John's Employee Delivered Pizzas and Cocaine (For Years!). More Pain for Papa?

Martin Bashir - Rep Issa’s past may be prologue for ‘oversight’ approach

Amazon Having a Big Sale

Human feces taint more than half of swimming pools says CDC study

¿ Where can I find a complete list of the 300 501c4's that the IRS investigated?

White House Petition: Start the impeachment process!

GOP Rep Claims Responsibility For AP Surveillance

Colour video of London in the 1920s

Luckovich Toon- Wake Up Call

My challenge to DU: Cite me an official source that says the Tea Party was "singled out" by the IRS

Cherry Flavored Vodka...

How the White House Scandals Could Hurt Republicans, Too

Bugging Out

I've got a horrible case of homesickness.

Jiffy Lube caught YET AGAIN !!! (owned by Shell Oil)

Heady Colo. farmers plowing ahead with hemp farming

Electric shocks to brain help students solve maths problems, scientists say

Martin Bashir - Rep Van Hollen House ‘crazy place’ for another health repeal vote