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Support Terry McAuliffe!

Casting Allegations against my Alliteration? We need MORE!

I hope everyone will be able to see the documentary Detropia...

Man Fatally Shot in Head in Greenwich Village Investigated as Hate Crime: Police

Suppose I hit the Powerball...

Bride of Frankenstein starting now on TCM, Eastern time zone.

"Bride of Frankenstein" on TCM now.

Madeleine McCann: Police identify 'people of interest' (BBC)

Keiser Report: Whimsical Price Tyranny

Golden Corral catering

Summer Is Coming…

"They do not like you, Barack Obama..."

God Loves Uganda

Does anyone know if TCM is showing "Bride of Frankenstein" this month?

"Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make."

I wonder if Tweety has a personal beef against the IRS.

Beyond Obstruction to Treason

Happy Pentecost!

Happy Pentecost!

The War on Drugs approach is over

Great piece showing ST: Into Darkness parallels with recent US political history (SPOILERS!!)

A Slice of Life for this Teacher

Content of Her Character

John Hurt as the Doctor?

A new restaurant opened near me. The prior business in that spot was an adult bookstore with peep

Just in from the ballgame...

"if ya dun't gut your health, you gut nuthin".

Can someone direct me to instructions on permitted HTML and other Tools permitted in Threads?

A Marine's response to the Presidential umbrella umbrage; (Edit)

Markey D-Ma vs Gomez R-Ma~ Here goes Gomez, Whining again!

I love the Tea Party...

The Ed Show - Republicans: Don't tax the rich, take money from the poor

The Ed Show - Republicans practice the politics of distraction

International Crisis Group Against Venezuela

Workout Routines…

Inside the White House: The Marine Sentries

The Ed Show - Why repealing Obamacare is a horrible idea

Sunday Talk shows: Dan Pfeiffer Sunday

Hofstra Student in Home Invasion Was Killed by Police Gunshot: Officials

Excellent article about the state of the radio business and music.

Rep. Issa Aware Of IRS Investigation Since Last July

You are on notice. If you were part of the Occupy movement...

Remember, these are the same a-holes who had a seizure about POTUS' choice of mustard

For 2014: We MUST protect down-ticket races

'US drone' kills four in strike on al-Qaida target in Yemen

Longines Chronoscope With James Roosevelt

Happy birthday, you're a sex offender! Florida girl charged upon turning 18, for dating a 15yo girl.

I am eating

fl teen charged with felony for same sex relationship.

Some thoughts about the various 'scandals'

"FBI seeks source of prostitution, corruption allegations against Sen. Robert Menendez"

Perry say "Thing just happen". And "In Louisiana>>>

Holey Smokes I surprised Mrs. Lib today

North Korea fires short-range missiles off east coast

Remember back in the day when the TeaParty used to say...

USA: 6 months before Dallas, JFK got up close with Nashville

"Billionaires Unchained"

New Rules: May 17, 2013

De Blasio Gets Mayoral Backing From Major City Union

Father Gary Meier, St. Louis Catholic Priest, Announces He is Gay

Heart awesome at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Looks like rumors of a Kristen Stewart and Pattison break-up are going viral.

The North Pole moves as ice sheets melt (Greenland is losing mass)

Is chocolate milk poisonous to cats as it is to dogs? Cause Twilight keeps trying to shove

The winning numbers for the largest multistate Powerball jackpot are: 22, 10,13,14, 52 and ...

The one real reason behind the Benghazi obsession

If you had only one person to hold accountable for the present gridlock in our government?

Add some mockery to your Facebook page. Memes from Anglo-Saxons for Obama

America where a fortune 500 company can sue to make you sell your land. Needy women be damned.


RIP Pops.

Ok, here is your chance to come clean; who do you have on ignore and why.

So does this mean Clara is gone for good?

Browned Eyed Girl!

In the big picture, are we winning or losing?

Canadian Police and Government Caught Pirating Movies and TV-Shows

Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part I - The Ranting Prequel

Hey y'all! You want chew some good ol' timey Ozark Mountains footstompin' music? **Wee-alllll**....

The Obama Scandals Are Desperate Measures by the GOP

How are you doing?

Finally, a new "permanent" job!

Esoteric stuff - while I'm pondering how to show others

share with me a memory of a perfect moment, event, time, etc

OMG-did anyone just watch Weekend Update on SNL

Supposedly "liberal" talking points aim to confuse public over DOJ/AP phone scandal

Top Saudi God Cop: God doesn't approve of Twitter

Dark, massive asteroid to fly by Earth on May 31

AP Scandal: The Chilling Effect It Will Have on Journalists Already Working in Chilly Environment

SNL’s Al Sharpton Bumbles His Way Through Coverage Of Obama’s ‘Uhrs’ Scandal

Animal update

A Duplex

The guy who tried to rob the house where the victim was shot by the police........

Book Examines Legal Fights Surrounding Blankenship

Question about spindly tomato plants.

So What?? They will just move on to the their next made up bullshit and suffer few

The results are in -- ohiosmith got drunk AND lucky last Saturday night.

WAHHHH!!! I bombed out!

The ideal line-up for Led Zeppelin

The House has squandered 53 million dollars to repeal the ACA

I had this running through my head...

beep beep

Iranian cleric says women cannot be president as 30 females try to have names added to the ballot

So if I watch "The Walking Dead"

A Washington ‘whodunit’: who fed bogus Benghazi ‘emails’ to the media? *UPDATE: a ‘glaring ommission

The worst thing your parents ever said

You don't deserve 600,000,000 dollars.

It's sure been a good week for this skywatcher

Saving Our Economy With Public Banking--June conference info appended

Wouldn't be surprised if some or even most of you had met him (RIP Hoku Donovan Smith)

Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

Report: Canada could see indigenous uprising

WH - West Wing Week: 05/17/13 or "We the Geeks"

One winner in Florida, one ticket

Longines Chronoscopes With Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr

Western leaders study 'gamechanging' report on global drugs trade

Are Democrats fearful of Republican bullies?/

Angelina Jolie's cancer decision highlights row over genetic technology

$590M-plus Powerball: 1 winning ticket sold in Fla

Trying to find a show from PBS from probably 6-8 years ago

RFK: The American Experience

SNL Reviewed

FBI searches apartment in ricin letter case

Two excerpts from a short story I'm working on...

Gallup: Obama approval +1 to 51 today, disapproval -3 to 42

Gun shots out my window, AGAIN

Ever wondered what the different shutters on recent Canon cameras sound like?

FEMA Denies Aid to Housing Co-ops After Sandy


When is it NOT a good idea to break into a house?

Stone Soup

War porn tourism: Want to watch the war in Afghanistan in person? Now you can!

Carter-Finley Stadium is an EPA Superfund site

San Francisco bacon restaurant forced to close over smell


Longines Chronoscope With Hubert H. Humphrey

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Comfort And Support Edition

PEW Research Global IQ Quiz

A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit

Popular Resistance Is Percolating Across the Country

NEW!! PPP Poll have VERY GOOD news in the Massachusetts Senate race

Where did this idiot come from

Anyone heard from handmade34 in the last 24 hours?

Well it's back.

Big bucks help breed bipartisanship

Afghanistan: Pentagon asks to shift $9.6 billion

How the US Turned Three Pacifists Into 'Multiple Felony Saboteurs'

Iran hangs two men for spying for Israel and US

"Most Americans hold their own umbrellas."

How a Well-Meaning Progressive Accidentally Launched Powerball Lottery Industry Across America

‘Environmental genocide’: Native Americans quit talks over Keystone XL pipeline

Egyptian police block Israel border crossing in fury at kidnapping: sources

This Week in Poverty: Fighting Poverty Through Wall Street Accountability

On Victory Drive, Soldiers Defeated by Debt

What I'm missing out on because I didn't win the lottery…

Class and 'The Great Gatsby'

Brown Eyed Girl

GE engines on Boeing 777 need fix

How right-wingers use semantic tricks to kill government

The conservative case for raising the minimum wage

After a long winter in the barn, cows do their happy dance when pastured.

Tunisia police clash with Salafists over meeting ban

After nearly 30 years, Camp Lejeune coming clean

Happy engine.

Babies Narrowly Escape Rock Attack

Chinese boat owner says NKoreans detained his crew

Uncovering the secrets of North America's Ice Age giants

Camp Lejeune: Test that would have flagged water problems never done

Buffett's hot on Buffalo, and happy to promote it on YouTube

Massachusetts man was haunted by toxins

If anyone ever asks you what the harm is

Sentences, charges handed down for military bonus fraud

Bug-phobic dread the looming swarm of Brood II cicadas

Judge says lesbian mom’s partner must go

What universal child care does for Norway

Watson’s World and Two Models of Communication

Longine's Chronoscope With Arthur Garfield Hays

where the f*ck is the media on this one?????

Is religious faith the cure for terrorism?

Stephen Colbert At University of Virginia: You Owe The Previous Generation Nothing (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert At University of Virginia: You Owe The Previous Generation Nothing (VIDEO)

Police Say Officer Mistakenly Killed Hofstra Student in Hostage Standoff

Afghanistan Hit by Wave of Violence

Longine's Chronoscope With Wayne L. Morse

Why National Guard and Reservist Suicide Numbers May Be Misleading

David Gregory doing a nice job. Good grief, did I really say that? He's got McConnell

Outrageous Attacks on Supporters of Church-State Separation: Death Threats, Murdered Pets, and .....

Afghanistan starts first commercial oil production in July

El Salvador gangs say Supreme Court ruling threatens truce

#LiberalBandNames and #conservativebandnames are both trending on Twitter right now

Luckovich today on Republicans and Benghazi

Malcolm Shabazz killing: Two suspects remanded

Obama seeks to cut Afghan war spending by 10 percent

Scott Walker’s Sneaky School Voucher Plan

Why Religious People Marry, Despite Cost

"Shirt"- Robert Pinsky

Labi Siffre-Something Inside So Strong.(1987) Original Video.

Donohue says IRS probe triggered by Catholics United

The Progressive: Texas: America’s Rotting Banana Republic

Republicans Informed of IRS Investigation Last Year

Syria army 'storms' rebel town Qusair

Gas Pains.......

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 19, 1952

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 19, 1952

At Hampton VA, caring for sexual assault victims is ongoing battle

Teachers Left Behind

Poor GOP: CNN Confirms Gallup's Poll: The Obama Bounce Continues

America's First Climate Refugees: Coastal Native Alaskans

Bees make their way from Georgia to homes throughout the area

Man Gets 10-Year Jail Term for Locking Wife's Private Parts

WikiLeaks film shifts focus after Julian Assange won't share info

China angles for Arctic power as ice melts

Storage question about pulled pork.

Watching this segment on "Up w/ Steve Kornki" ...

Amazon Basin Flood/Drought Cycle Become More Extreme, Less Predictable

Va. GOP picks conservatives for fall ticket; black minister is lieutenant governor choice

Report: Obama Trims Afghan War Budget Request

Last Time Earth Hit 400 ppm, Temps Were 8C Warmer, Sea Levels 40 M Higher, Sediment Records Show

Phoenix gun buybacks top expectations

Male rape survivors tackle military assault in tough-guy culture

Union leads march in Rome calling for job creation

Zombie Climate Denialist Theories Shamble On, Web, TV & Newspapers Their Only Remaining Habitat

How long do you think it will take to fleece the winner in Fl?

Nate Silver's Statistical Analysis - Sends IRS Critiques To "The Fainting Couch"

Outrageous Attacks on Supporters of Church-State Separation: Death Threats, Murdered Pets, and ...

Congratulations, Ann & Nancy Wilson "Heart"! 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Winning PowerBall Ticket was sold in Zeyphrhills, Florida.

"Georgy Porgy tell me no lies." Please come CAPTION Stephanopoulos!!!!

Shilling for Monsanto

Civilian court only fix for military sex crimes

The Question To Oceanfront Property Owners NJ: Good Money After Bad? Answer: Yes!

Watching a red-faced turtle on Meet the Depressed.

Ever wonder why there are no dead penguins on the ice in Antarctica?

Syrian army, Hezbollah attack rebels in border town: opposition

front packs, back packs, slings? ways to hike with my little doggie.

Alabama City Destroying Ancient Indian Mound for Sam’s Club

Ukraine gay pride marchers ready to defy violence

do you really think elected officials run the government

Book review: ‘The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius’ by Kristine Barnett


Oh, for a Sunday summer morning! Please come CAPTION Darrell, "hot-wire," Issa!!!

This weeks Radio Show - Update on the scandals including the Benghazi emails, Reagan and Genocide

Intelligent Design?

Maybe He's Made of Teflon

Sauerkraut debate... How do you cook it?

Never Let THEM Forget - THEY Came Up With The Name

If MFM were to organize a bachelor party, it would look like this:

Farmacology: Agriculture’s Rx for Good Health

Since we're on the subject of sports........

the "irs scandal" better check facts

Health insurance ruling could cost Douglas County $1 million

Just saw this on another forum re David Shuster..


"All I want is the truth, but I will not believe anything they say"

A sad article offered with very limited comment

Welch versus Joseph McCarthy The Beginning of McCarthy's Downfall

Darrell Issa tries to avoid 5 o'clock traffic. Please come CAPTION!!!

Joseph McCarthy Congressional Hearings


need break up songs for a new playlist

Having a sinus thing has kickstarted the mother of all tinnitus episodes.

Put the Shovel Away GOP. - The President Won't Be Needing It.

Fear and Unbalanced in Los Vegas. Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!

Malcolm X was born on this date in 1925

"This is the biggest cover-up since..."

Scandal's May 16, 2013 Episode on the cover-up of 2004 election theft

Chicago Teachers and Parents Launch Three Day March Against 54 School Closings


What's in millennials' wallets? Fewer credit cards

Does Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer strike anyone else as kind of a lightweight?

Pfeiffer to Fox News host: ‘Offensive’ to suggest Obama let Americans die in Benghazi

The child saw the handgun in the parents’ bedroom and put it in his mouth, where it went off.

Who Actually Cracked Linear B, the Ancient Code of the Mysterious Knossos Labyrinth?

Bits and bobs

After U.S. request, EU delays decision to label products from Israeli settlements

Ending the Secrecy of a Child’s Addiction

"You gotta handle? I've gotta scandal!" Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa (aka Wheels)!!

Every Known Piece Of Space Debris Orbiting The Earth


I keep getting asked in round about ways, what could have possibly happened to me

Handel announces bid for U.S. Senate

Bill-O's got questions, and his questions have got questions. PLease come CAPTION!!

This Guy is stuck on-

The Moroccan Jewish pig farmer preaching peace in Israel

Must-see pic of bedside visit


Must-see pic of bedside visit (x-post from Good News)

Headsup - President Obama speaking at Morehouse -repeat 7.35pmET CSpan

In West, investigators’ focus shifts from explosion’s cause to closing safety gaps


Tick Populations 'Absolutely Astronomical' in Ohio and Connecticut

Decision on TPWD's future funding nears

Major Breakthrough in IVF Treatment Raises Success Rate by 60 Pct

GUARDIAN UK: The US-EU trade deal could take Monsanto's GM crops off the table

Semantics, sham-antics! Please come CAPTION Darrell, lies-are-only-words, Issa!!

Understanding Why God-References Are a Big Deal (article)

It’s official: Unhappy employees = corruption and fraud

"13 Things I Found on the Internet Today." (Vol.XX)

Radio Shack the technology store

American LNG exports get the go-ahead

Pope warns Church against closing in on itself

President Obama arrives in Atlanta for Morehouse commencement address

Kindle fire question. Browser font size impossibly small now. Nothing changed

I'm such a glutton for punishment :(

The great debt ceiling countdown begins anew

Israel effectively barring tourists from West Bank by neglecting to explain mandatory permit

Toon: At The State Senate.....

NYT: As Firms Line Up on Factories, Wal-Mart Plans Solo Effort

Mr. Fish Toon- War Monument

About that umbrella

I just want to take a moment and apologize if anyone was offended

The controversial 1972 "Women's Liberation issue of Wonder Woman

To the CEOs of McDonald's, Domino's, Papa John's, Yum! Brands, Wendy's and Burger King: (please sign


A firm hand at the wheel of Congress. Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!!

Five Reasons the NRA Won the Recent Gun Control Debate That Have Nothing to Do with Politics

$600,000,000 buys 150 drones.

70% say at the targeting by the Internal Revenue Service of tea party and other conservative groups

Roseanne's off the hook. Worst. Star-Spangled Banner. Ever.

Well Lookie Here: 3/28/2012: Judge rules tea party group a PAC, not a nonprofit

The Only Scandal Regarding the IRS is How EVERY Tea Party Group Obtained 501(C)(4) Status

Jon Karl makes things worse

Obama to address Guantánamo and drones in major defence speech

Joseph McCarthy Congressional Hearings

Shaq's comment concerning Obama says everything.


Thomas Saenz, Navy Pilot, Earns Degree In Combat Zone

Republicans suddenly rushing to cover their asses after doctored email exposed

The Curse of Ham. And Cheese.

Jonathan Karl: I 'Regret' Inaccurate Benghazi Reporting

White House defends IRS handling, McConnell asserts 'culture of intimidation'

Shooting in my neighborhood, at MY CAR

Warren raises questions about widening trade deficit with South Korea.

Will someone please remove the badger from Mitch McConnell's throat?

Rand Paul Struggles To Tie Obama To IRS Scandal

ATT Uverse exp?

Student Compares Toilet Water To Ice At Fast Food Joints, With Disturbing Results

Bwaaaaaaaaah hahahahah McConnell was bawling that Gregory had to go back 25 years

I'm eating Wheatberries. WTF are wheatberries?

Thank you, Katrina vanden Heuvel

Grilled Asian Chicken

Abandoned Ship Now Grows An Entire Forest

The cyberstalker and Bat World Sanctuary

Should there not be a federal investigation in the release of these doctored forgery

Kinda poor turnout for Mem Day parade

Collection Of Rare Disney Statues Is Actually Just A Bunch Of Bongs

Government is making money off student loans

Golfer Using God As His Caddy Gets 3 Holes In One


Sunday Tornado Watch in Minnesota

The real reason they still play Mrs. Robinson on the radio.

The City Of Edmonton Is Thinking Of Erecting A Giant Wolverine Statue

Obama gets personal about race and manhood in Morehouse speech

EDITORIAL: Sheldon Silver should step down as Assembly speaker

High School Graduation

Fresh from the Canadian Mint: A $90,000 'Duffy buck

Rainy AIDS Walk Raises Money For Research, Local Service Groups

Your state bird is a stupid choice. What it should be:

Great News!!! Angry JP Morgan shareholders seek to strip Jamie Dimon of chairmanship

Ancient discovery set to rewrite Australian history

That's just wrong to look so effortlessly relaxed, happy & handsome

Hero cop, who sat next to the first lady, charged with rape

Do you have cooking/baking tasks that you particularly enjoy?

What If Star Trek Was Reimagined As A Modern Day Website?

well, the skies opened up over eastern Forsyth County, GA night about 2:30AM

ABC’s Jonathan Karl regrets that he was caught lying about Benghazi

Poll Shows Controversies Haven't Hurt Obama’s Approval Ratings

AP CEO: Sources Are Reluctant To Talk After Phone Records Probe

Gender Bias in College Admissions Tests

Papantonio: Time To Prosecute The Climate Criminals

Company wanted to buy a women's shelter that was not for sale, sued them until they ran out of funds

The U.S.'s Molten Salt Reactor Non-Program: putting together the pieces

Maxed Out on Everest

I'll tell ya who's stupid: vampire hunters who only wear one cross

ADA is codified institutional discrimination

These photos of Alberta methane bubbles are beautiful but also quite, quite disturbing

‘Smart Rifle’ Begins Shipping to Gun Owners This Week

High school students arrested for throwing water balloons at school

Left-wing Israeli academics, shunned at home and abroad

A Reply to M. Joseph Sheppard by Eric Steinberg, once and always USMC (NSFW)

How freaking bad is it when Candy Crowley is as good as it gets when going after Rep. Lies!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 21: Robert Montgomery's Birthday/Tough Guys

Kitchen Table or Island

Game of Thrones 3.8 "Second Sons" (spoilers)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 22: Robert Duvall

Shitty reporting is the rule now...

Secret to being happy: Fill your life with Flow

I'm with him.

Looks like a derecho organized over Dane Co heading ne into Jeff and Wash Co.s

Traveling to Austin in a couple weeks

Harper government buying ads to promote job grant program that doesn’t exist

Bullet Hits, Kills Queens Teen Aboard City Bus

Perfect gift for reporters...

Up w/ Steve Kornacki - Rupert Murdoch calls for special prosecutor in IRS investigation

AP PHOTOS: Palestinians in Egypt exiled, forgotten

Up w/ Steve Kornacki - Has campaign finance brought social welfare groups into the spotlight?

The Koch Brothers Have Buried An Area The Size Of A City Block Under 30 Feet Of Oil Sands Waste

Fate of LA pot shops left to voters

Half of NYC is Poor

Reported tornado headed towards downtown Wichita!

Heads up: MSNBC - The Ed Show is on NOW, 5pm ET (links added for 'video segments')

More frightening problems: Corrosion plagues new Bay Bridge span

Suspect in NY bias shooting is charged with murder

There are times when being a grammar flamer is not a bad gig

Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 2: Pitten's Seedy Funding-No Good Can Come of Bad

How often do you go to religious services?

The gerbil's gavel falls. Please come caption Darrell, "I never saw a Stingray I didn't like," Issa!

Confusion and Staff Troubles Rife at I.R.S. Office in Ohio

Prairie dogs' complex language decoded.

Couple flown to wrong continent after airline error

Exclusive-Bangladesh Factory Banned by Wal-Mart Still Makes Wrangler Shirts

Match Game Story: As Lydia slowly tumbled down the stairs, she flashbacked to when she ___ the Dean.

Paul Ryan: “I don’t know” if there was a Benghazi cover-up

Photo of the Day~ Obama v the Matrix

"Did you have a question, or did you just want to continue to throw insults at us?"

Boston bombing suspect has his defenders, many of them female

FBI reportedly joins Bachmann campaign finance probe

Anybody seen "Inglourious Basterds"?

Watching LPGA this afternoon..

How the Obama Administration Charged 3 Pacifists with Violent Acts of Sabotage

Who puts the DUzy Awards on ingore?

I just returned to the United Methodist Church.

SPRING contest-one more thing!

Michelle Obama: “Do Not Waste A Minute Living Someone Else’s Dream”

Virginia GOP Nominee Believes Gays Are ‘Very Sick’ And Democrats Are Worse Than The KKK

1,200 Harvard Students Demand Investigation Into Jason Richwine’s Thesis On Hispanic IQ

What's for Dinner, May 19, 2013

VA GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate says blacks responsible for genocide, supports 3/5 of a person amendment

FBI Training Accident Kills 2 Agents In Virginia

Doctor who promoted herbal cancer cure arrested (Christine Daniel).....

The Lakers' Metta World Peace Does A Rather Bizarre Weather Report

Joey asked me for a date. He wanted to take me out to skate.

Let Blind, Deaf Dog Back into Dog Park! (E-action)

"Jon Karl makes things worse"

I just read a Tornado was headed to Wichita

The 9 Most Anti-Gay Statements From The Republican Nominee For Lt. Governor Of Virginia

Anyone who thinks I should be on their Ignore List, please do it now. I could win a lube job!

42- a great movie

100 y.o. battered women's home sued into submission by bank to make way for boutique hotel

Law v Law

Firefox newest update SUCKS!!!...

GOP "Scamdal"-mongering Just Reminds People Why They Hate Republicans

McConnell's pandering to the Tea Party is not going to save him!

Michelle Bachmann: Mistaking Her Ass For Her Elbow Since 2007! (& Probably MUCH Earlier)

Tea Party Sees IRS Debacle as Chance for Movement’s Rebirth

Power company photographs capture the spread of electricity in the 1940s

Why is Congress and the media ignoring the fact that the IRS has always

Poll question -- You're serving as a juror...

People who chase tornadoes are idiots.

Yahoo to Buy Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

Atheists to Accept Georgia Governor’s Offer by Sending Atheist Books to State Parks

Frank Zappa at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ in 1978...

Ok, here is your chance to come clean:

Is this too much for Ford Nation?

Does This Root Look Like Homer Simpson?

And This Is Why I Don't Take The Bus

WTF! Mitch McConnell Backs Away From GOP Claims Of A Benghazi Cover Up

Gay Activists Interrupt Marco Rubio Speech

What’s Next For Kaitlyn Hunt, The Teen Charged With A Felony For Same-Sex Relationship With Classmat

What the Heck are These Weird Tracks on the Bottom of the Ocean?

VIEWPOINT: Ambassador Chris Stevens Deserved Better Than What Benghazi Became

As an atheist, I shopped at a Christian bookstore today

Global Capitalism - May 2013 - Richard D Wolff