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And the gutless democrats will say nothing!!

Jewish Concerns about History Channel’s 'The Bible'

Settlers Severely Beat Handicapped Boy Near Hebron

"Little Known Safety Problems" from a fantastic site for all things related to bikes

tom coburn's medical career

Apple Bites Back at Congress During Tax Hearing

Parts of Bradley Manning trial to be closed to public

5 Other Things About Hispanics That Jason Richwine Tried To Get Into the Heritage Foundation Report

Another late night at the clinic doing paperwork.

US’ Diminishing Influence In The Middle East

Roger Ailes’ Limp Dictum: Keep Flinging Scandals Until Something Sticks

Afghan Voices Tell the Tales of Human Lives Cut Short by US War by Kathy Kelly KABUL—Since 2009, Vo

Syrian Army Says Captured Israeli Jeep Is Proof Of Aid To Rebels

David Silva video case discussed

Imperialist Powers Go Into Battle For Spoils Of Syria's Revolution

An Apologetic Shelly Silver Tries to Fix Albany’s Sexual Harassment Problem

Monsanto, Christa, and Me

changed links or new feature?

Texas House passes measure to prevent Medicaid expansion

Rand Paul Appeals To New Hampshire GOP, Urges Diversity

SF Officials Demand City Donate Money From Anti-Israel Bus Ads

Burglars strike police department ( ammunition, bulletproof vests and other essential equipment)

Panel in Senate Sends Immigration Bill to the Floor.

As U.S. struggles with Syria policy, Senate panel backs arming rebels

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor If She ‘Thanked The Lord’ (Video)

No Xbox One for me

I love all people and things in this world

Methane Ignition, Alaska

Sanders Amendments Target Wall Street Oil Speculators.

Anyone know about auto body repair?

How Silver Spring’s transit center plan grew into a fiasco

Why do Canadians keep rewarding Conservatives for their ethical breaches?: Chapnick

Spielberg Producing "Halo" TV Series

Sen. Patrick Leahy Withdraws Amendment To Include Gay Couples In Immigration Reform Bill

Army suspends general due to allegations of misconduct

Mets pitcher grew up in tornado town.

How religions change their mind

Graham, McCain:.. "No Apologies To Susan Rice For Benghazi" As If!

Teahad !!!!

Why Aren't There More Storm Cellars in Oklahoma? (The Atlantic covers the reasons why)

The Most Powerful Gay CEO in History's Current Status....

Marriage Equality Makes Progress in U.K.

The church has lost control of marriage

Senate expense scandal points to the essential Stephen Harper: Walkom

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Disasters & a new Kitteh & duckling gif

What is a good resource to learn Python?

Afghanistan War May End By 2024… Maybe

My ass hurts!

A poignant quote

Stupid Senate Committee votes to arm "moderate" Syrian rebels

Could you imagine if you changed the name Issa for the name Obama on the post below?

Gomez (R-MA) calls his opponent dirty.

US senators agree to expansion of high-tech visas

Should Apple be nationalized and Tim Cook either imprisoned or executed,

All you ... PEOPLE who support breed bans: Let's Play FIND THE PIT BULL!!

"Help That’s Helpful: Do’s and Don’ts After Disaster" and where to donate/volunteer, pets

Sergio Garcia Has Now Made A 'Fried Chicken' Joke About Tiger Woods

Rafsanjani and Mashaei barred from Iran presidency poll

Bison Baby: First Wisent Born in German Wild

How LIMBOsevic got on to turn a local radio station TOTALLY WINGNUT, when he went nat'l/syndicated

"At the end of the day"

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Buried Alive

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Enabling Greed Makes U.S. Sick

Assistant State Attorney Brian Workman: Stop the prosecution of an 18 year old girl in a same-sex re

Re the Oklahoma Tornado: How many people here are CERT members?

If #Monsanto sold #Marijuana seeds, it wouldn't only be legal it'd be mandatory #mmot

Boy I’m hearing a lot about the warnings the National Weather Service issued yesterday....

Alex Jones Explains How Government "Weather Weapon" Could Have Been Behind Oklahoma Tornado

An early memorial day tribute.

That Blitzer interview with the Oklahoma atheist mom was a perfect metaphor for dating in California

Biden: Jewish Leaders Drove Gay Marriage Changes.

Peduto wins Pittsburgh mayor's race.

*Frontline: Cliffhanger, Congress + debt and deficit problems

What movie did you stand up and walk out on?

Joke: The Breakfast Arguement

Spring comes sooner to Phila. - and that's not good

Amy and Samy of Scottsdale, AZ Kitchen Nightmares disaster *might* do a reality TV show....

Another misspelled teabagger sign, Boston 5/21/13

Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor, "Do You Thank The Lord?" [video]

Just had a telephone town hall with Joe Heck R NV

"Benghazi Suspects Identified By FBI, But No Arrests Made Yet"

Joke number two... 2 times of misunderstanding...very short....

"Revealed: Republicans knew about IRS investigations of tea party groups last July"

San Francisco Giants reliever and Christian on Forum today........

[the horses] are just gone," said Vann.

Alex Berezow, editor of RealClearPolitics, has released a book insisting the left is anti-science

Suspected double murder: 2 young girls found dead in Bedouin village

Pat Robertson says Oklahoma tornado victims didn't pray hard enough

Psychiatrists' Group Names First Out Gay Leader

Why do people feel a multinational corporation HAS to bring their money to the US??

Religious test for constable applicants in Williamson County (updated 11:37 p.m.)

Kim's barrel cactus bloomed this year

House approves drug tests for jobless benefits

Hamas Tightens Ban On Travel From Gaza

Dylan Radigan on the Daily Show tonight...

Likud MK Feiglin: It’s Immoral For Israel To Take US Aid

KC boy left inside day care van said he cried all day for his mommy

Is this photoshopped?

City Officials Tight-Lipped After Dowell Dog Found Shot to Death

I do not see how this can be a true 'fact'

Re: Ignores and blocked mail. Do y'all really PM one another all the time?

Birth Certificate Question

Let's get rid of the Republicans once and for all!

I'm sorry but where have the parents been?

Stewart Lampoons Toronto Mayor For Allegedly Smoking Crack: Maybe He’s Personally Cleaning Up City

What about Dog-Owners Insurance to deal with the problem of attacks?

When were the happiest times in your life? For me the happiest was when I was a young child.

IRS Inspector General, Darrell Issa Communicated Multiple Times In 2012

O.K. I’ll say it.. What’s with the American Flags all over the destruction areas?

Which animal do you like having stitched to your shirt?

One more cactus flower

Bolivia lashes at Sean Penn over jailed American

May 21, 1881 - Clara Barton forms the American Red Cross


Yet Another Twister

"On Facebook, hating a religious or ethnic minority gets you banned, but hating half of humanity

Did A Repug Senator Get To David Letterman?....

*AHEM* Important announcement! Please read carefully:

Found this quote in re: Don Imus, limbaugh, and oxycontin

Abraham Lincoln quote

From the 21st century & returning to the 19th......


Tonight our incumbent mayor was trounced in his attempt to win a second term...(61%-39%)

Spending a couple of hours seeing each other again. Handmade and me in Vermont.

Teen suffers health problems after receiving HPV vaccine

Yasukuni : Arlington = Abe : Obama

Jackson Mississippi picks Chokwe Lumumba as Democratic nominee (and next mayor)

Please remember us in the PNW when the 9.5 Richter Mega-quake hits.

Tornado Alley vs. The Bible Belt

Just finished watching the Jackson Pollock Bio-Film with Ed Harris as the tortured artist...

MFM - he needs another TTBB and some vibes, if ya got em

Biden: Jewish Leaders Drove Gay Marriage Changes

Anti-Semitism Reports Increase, State Department Says

Why No Safe Room to Run To? Cost and Plains Culture

"On a hot and humid Sunday afternoon on May 22, 2011"

Mysterious illness kills 2 in southeast Alabama

Florida Student, 18, Arrested for Sex with Teammate, 14

Watch yer step

O' Canada!

Good night , Lounge

Anti-Sandy-relief GOP Oklahoma Senator: Aid for my state is “totally different” than Sandy

Dog wants a kitty...

World Bank pledges $1 billion to aid peace in Africa's Great Lakes

Freeport Indonesia says death toll rises to 28 after tunnel accident

Paul Ryan claims that organizations such as ours were not given due scrutiny is not true....

Colombia ex-president: Drug use should not be a criminal matter

West Coasters--Fogerty coming up on Letterman

Hey! Did you here about this...

Afghan interpreters to get right to live in UK

Wildlife stocktake highlights UK's most threatened species

Gallup: Americans believe a family of 4 needs a minimum of $58k to get by

Which Democrats voted against restoring food stamps--voting against veterans, children, seniors, and

Heavy Shelling Batters North Lebanon's Tripoli


Watch a 9-year old give Rahm a 'come to Jesus' speech at a Chicago school closings rally. AMEN!

Is WiFi destroying your brain? Mark Morford

New accords with Venezuela 'worth €800m' - minister

Latest Man of Steel trailer -

New here . . .

AFLCIO: How You Can Help the Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief

Who Framed Archbishop Myers?

May 22: National Vanilla Pudding Day

Sydney's most vicious dogs

Seven hundred and ninety four people were killed by tornadoes in the US in 1925

John Anthony Downey charged over 1982 Hyde Park bombings

Robert Greenwald's "Koch Brothers Exposed" (Full)

The "money already set aside" that Coburn spoke of.. is it Sandy Money

Bombing the Biosphere

Suicide Can Be Contagious Among Teens

The problem with insurance (after a disaster)

Mr. Handsome Caught in a Shitstorm

2 ex-Omahans survived Moore storm: 1 fled minutes before it hit; 1 rode it out in closet

Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Energy Is Putting Power Back in the Hands of the People

Just Send Your Next Social Security Check To Inhofe Oklahoma Needs The Money To Offset Its Disaster.

Moore OK, Before and after photos

The Wanted Generation: Thank Feminism For Millennials’ Cooperative, Liberal Spirit

The Government's new symbol is that of a condom.

Poverty Among Senior Citizens is Worse than Official Numbers

Here's What a Real Political Cover-up Looks Like Orchestrated by the Right-Wingers Who Know It Best

Weiner running!... I like it.

Unions break ranks on ObamaCare

A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

VA Parents Outraged After Walmart Security Allegedly Suspected Father Of Kidnapping Biracial kids

Army General Suspended of Command for Adultery Investigation

Anthony Weiner launches bid to become NYC mayor.

US Army general facing (Jeffery Sinclair) sex charges back in court

Anthony Weiner, announcing for mayor, still doesn't get the internet

IRS Official Lois Lerner Will Plead The 5th Amendment

America's 'Mission Accomplished' Legacy to Iraq

Germany's SAP To Recruit Tech Staff With Autism

IRS and Principle over Party

SAFE defends ironworker against eviction

Can you help me list examples of cultural paradigm shifts over the last 100 years?

Born May 22nd: Laurence Olivier

IMF stops short of calling for George Osborne to temper austerity

Recalls of Pro-Marriage Equality Lawmakers Quashed in Minnesota.

How a Radical Group of American Nuns Shook Up the Vatican to Better the World

Employers Eye Bare-Bones Health Plans Under New Law

Riots grip Stockholm suburbs after police shooting

How Coca-Cola's Ruthless Business Tactics Created a Despicable Global Powerhouse

The Chained CPI Is Bad for Seniors and for Accuracy

Juan Mendez Invokes Carl Sagan While Leading Arizona House Of Representatives Pre-Session Prayer

FBI agent kills man linked to Boston bombing suspects

Senator bets the farm against Monsanto

A mile wide and seventeen miles long...

I noticed on my visit to the VA yesterday that the covers

Costs of Spying on the AP That the Establishment Ignores

Fukushima No. 1 can’t keep its head above tainted water

Eric Garcetti wins race for L.A. mayor; Greuel concedes

Oklahomans (especially Dems) I am so so sorry Imhole and Assburn are your Senators

HuffPo provides a map to show where not to live: Deadliest Tornadoes: The New 'Tornado Alley'

Sweden's capital hit by worst riots in years

Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor, "Do You Thank The Lord?"

1.4 MILLION per school? for shelters? Are they on the crack-pipe?

Bombing the Biosphere

Delay in mine project shadows hopes for Afghan economy

WA: Party Lines Blur at Transportation Rally

No State Mandate In OK For Shelters; Joplin Thought About It Post-2011, But Too Expensive

Swedishness, a reporter takes a hilarious look at Swedish culture and all things Sweden.

Maryland: Capital Area Commuters Increasingly Relying on Transit

Muslim riots in Sweden continue after police shooting

Alaska attempts public relations pitch on drilling ANWR

Once upon a time, Oklahoma elected Fred Harris to the US Senate

Vitamin C kills drug-resistant TB in lab tests

Republican Power Grab for Illinois Hispanic Votes

Solar Impulse plane's trans-America bid continues

On May 1, Oklahoma did not love teachers quite so much

Iodine deficiency 'may lower UK children's IQ'

Weather's getting warmer, that means MiddleFingerMom is wearing more tank tops...

What happened to the media's breathless Benghazi coverage?

Photo Tour: Go inside Amherst College's Bare Mountain bunker

$4 billion-worth of cuts to food stamps?

Most overrated films?

Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray to Resign

A conciousness is a terrible thing to waste. Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!!

Why Democrats abandoned LGBT immigrants

Rare and Beautiful

India bans captive dolphin shows, says dolphins should be seen as ‘non-human persons’

‘The Rendition Project’ sheds new light on U.S. government’s global kidnap and secret detention

You know I don't give a flying fugg if other RWnuts follow the French historian

Weiner handles himself expertly in YouTube released Tuesday night

French far-right pays tribute to Notre Dame suicide of Dominique Venner

EU leaders in drive against tax evasion at Brussels summit

Why Ray Manzarek mattered...a brief history lesson for the young 'uns out there...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Not OK in OK

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-iAvoid

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Congress and TP

ObamaCare is cutting health care costs. Haters ignore this fact.

Johnny Bang Bang's Gun Emporium - A Sketch From TMFS

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Oklahoma Gives Massive Breaks to Oil Companies while Schools Lack Storm Shelters

No Due Diligence at the Women's Center?

Physics of 'green waves' could make city traffic flow more smoothly

Sweden's capital hit by worst riots in years

After seeing the destruction and loss of human life in Oklahoma...

Florida High School Student Arrested And Expelled For Same Sex Relationship

Court Certifies Classes in 'Kids for Cash' Case (profit-making detention centers)

I feel like making grand plans today.....

hmmmm?-An FBI agent was involved in a deadly shooting connected to the Boston Marathon bombing case

Sandy Hook Parents Gather in Carson City (Nevada) to Support Gun Bill

Colorado man opens fire on officer with AR-15 at traffic stop for no headlights

I feel powerful today--able to change the course of human destiny!

Nuclear futures: Renewables blossom in Germany’s post-nuclear vision

NC Senate: arrogant, and snarling partisan budget

Pentagon wants $450M for Guantanamo prison

Immigration Reform Clears Committee -- Bill hurts Labor/ American Tech Workers

Deja Vu on the Hill: Wall Street Lobbyists Roll Back Finance Reform, Again by Matt Taibbi

The age of consent needs to be set at eleven!

McCain on the Republican-created budget mess: 'A little bit bizarre'

Help Starry out here, on the offshore corporate tax question

Papantonio: Wall Street Ripping Off Municipalities

What’s Wrong With Jamie Dimon is What’s Wrong With America

Masturbation Is at the Root of the Culture Wars launches

today in women's herstory-22 may

Is This Big Tea Party Group Really an Innocent Victim of the IRS?

President Obama will surely pass Nixon as the worst president ever on the issue of press freedom

Super Swine Submarine Sandwich

a biography of the day-bertha honore palmer

Justice Department's Overreaching on Leaks Threatens Freedom of the Press

"Pandora's Promise" official trailer (premieres June 12)

Lawmakers to take up Scott Walker DNA proposal

Is anyone watching the hearing with Ms. Lerner who was with the IRS?

Soaring energy costs make Europeans poor

POLL: Americans In The Deep South Strongly Support Medicaid Expansion, Despite Governors’ Opposition

WTF???Ibragim Todashev, Questioned In Connection With Marathon Bombings, Shot And Killed By Police

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 22, 1895

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 22, 1895

Michael Bloomberg Reveals Post-Office Plans in Foul-Mouthed Threat

If only our children were as important as our money...

Minnesota: Status-quo transportation bill disappoints transit advocates

Rape in the military: "see? I told you...."

PA Township outlaws park rule that restricts guns in park.

A referendum to give the people a voice is now affordable. Last summer giving the people a voice

NASA awards grant for 3-D food printer; could it end world hunger?

looking for a reliable pop up blocker, any recommendations? cnet rec's do not work

GOP questions IRS scrutiny of anti-abortion groups

Citizens for Tax Justice: Apple Holds Billions of Dollars in Foreign Tax Havens

My Adventures in Supply Side Medicine.

How To Avoid Job Interview Brain Freeze

What the folks in OK need right now..

Details matter!

How America Became a Third World Country, 2013-2023

Canada lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood

Salon article on recent expressions of atheism

Election Officials Are Prejudiced Against Latinos, Study Says

Pic Of The Moment: Sen. Inhofe Says Federal Relief For Oklahoma Would Be "Totally Different"

Great game for geography nerds and/or travel enthusiasts!

Driver Brags About Hitting Cyclist on Twitter; Learns Police Have Internet

Fox: Benghazi whistle-blower's lawyer demanding probe into media leaks, alleged intimidation

For movie buffs, Just watched a new trailer that will give you chills-

Right Wing Political Operative and ex Rep. David Rivera's Pal Found in Nicaragua

An open letter to Baroness Warsi on the Mormon advertising campaign

31 Signs You’ve Been A Teacher Too Long

"The Whistleblower" Powerful movie.

Stuck in a Job at the End of the World

Does Inhofe know the US Virgin Islands are in the US?

Most annoying political commentator?

Lot of threads lately about dog breeds and breed behaviors.

IRS leaves churches alone

A day after Oklahoma’s disaster, some Tea Partiers’ top concern is the IRS

(UK) Catholic church says legal aid cuts will harm human trafficking victims

With end of Afghan war in sight, Europe pushes business

For those who think now is not the time to discuss tornado protection -

how to aid oklahoma and make the GOP happy

Two Virginia women charged over homespun herbal abortion

Anyone following the IRS hearings????

Would you break into someone's hot car for a dog?

My email to E.J. Dionne re democracy in America

Chinese Businessman Pays 310,000 € (USD $358,000) For Racing Pigeon

When English is Not a DUer's First Language,

British Mayor Who Once Trained Bus Drivers Crashes Car Through Market

GOP Nominee In Virginia Praised Three-Fifths Clause As An ‘Anti-Slavery Amendment’

Report: Fla. Man Linked To Tsarnaev Confessed To 2011 Triple Murder

"Most Toxic State Lege" Competition is Heating Up...

Ok, guys. Let's call a truce in the great dog wars and

Google, Yahoo, Cisco under scrutiny after Apple tax avoidance hearing

horses training physicians

Corbett: If You Can Find Me a Latino, Let Me Know, Maybe I'll Hire My First One

The 6 Least Impressive Ways Anyone Ever Got Rich (you will love this article)

Donald Rumsfeld worried that marriage equality will lead to polygamy

A Tale of Two Cities

Thom Hartmann: OMG! Thom agrees with Brit Hume

'Cycle tweet' girl breaks her silence

Branstad’s Hero Scott Walker Coming To Town

Oklahoma tornado was stronger than Hiroshima bomb

Scouts await decision on gay membership

San Francisco Giant Jeremy Affeldt apologizes for homophobic past

The reason Bloomberg is trying to do away with 32oz drinks has nothing to do with

"Bring Back Ken Starr"

Prop C Wins: LA Voters Send Strong Message Against Supreme Court's Citizens United Ruling

Why Did Obama Make Those Tornadoes? Ask the Tornado Truthers!

Standardized Testing Causing Other Students in School to Not Have Classes

Prop C passes in Los Angeles!

Weak, incompetent Democrats blow another one

Ministers hold emergency meeting after fatal attack in London street

Why Colorado Residents Can’t Keep Fracking Industry Out of Their Backyards

VA, DoD and HHS Partner to Expand Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members...

Grimm - the TV show - any good?

"Terrorist" Knife Attack On London Street

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday May 22nd - Wish Me Luck Edition

Costa Concordia captain ordered to face trial

Bachmann: God will ‘answer our prayers’ and repeal Obamacare with a ‘miracle’

Abercrombie, Hollister Stores Unfriendly To Disabled: Judge

Dear America, This Is How You Respond to a Mass Shooting

Tone Policing Only Goes One Way

Lois Lerner, IRS disaster. Why is she still employed?

With even toilet paper scarce, Venezuelan president warms to business

Violently Raping Your Friend Just for Laughs

Irish potato famine pathogen identified

Ted Cruz: ‘I Don’t Trust The Republicans’

Inexpensive, Accurate Way to Detect Prostate Cancer: At-Home Urine Tests

MKE Art Museum offering free admission for vets and active military from Mem. Day to Labor Day.

Obama To Tour Oklahoma Tornado Damage Sunday

The Jodi Arias interviews - video links (Updated: VIDEO embeds added)

Regarding "Naked = Empowerment"

John Doe spills the truth about the new Xbox One

Why Does Someone Want to Shoot Hillary Clinton in the Vagina?

Republican Holdover Petraeus Betrayed Obama on Benghazi to Protect His Own Reputation

Only if it happened in Benghazi...

Pat Robertson identifies causes of Oklahoma disaster

CIA Honored Benghazi Chief in Secret Ceremony

The Bank Vault which saved 10 employees 5 customers

I think I'll sit out this episode of 2 Minutes of Hate; RE: Apple, Inc.

Colombian police generals aided paramilitaries: ‘Mi Sangre’

DU this poll

Peru poverty rate falls 2 points as Humala inches toward goal

Ted Cruz: ‘I Don’t Trust The Republicans’

Twice fried fries

A question on about the IRS targeting Teabagger groups....

Papantonio and Seder: GOP Indifferent to Disaster Victim Suffering


simple primavera recipes?

Xiomara Zelaya Leads in Honduras Presidential Polling

Constitutional Con Artists

its a crime that we can allow fellow humans to be so desperate while some of us have untold wealth

Bloodied London Attacker Speaks To Camera After Beheading: ‘You People Will Never Be Safe’

Honduran victims of US drug war still await justice

Everytime I click on a members name to see their profile their Journal comes up first.

Justin Beiber Makes House Party Goers Sign Liability Waiver Before Attending - or Pay $5 Million

Walter Rhett: Jobs Are Losing the Race

More on the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience

Voters oust mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in primary

Joy amid tornado's destruction as owners find lost pets

Maybe this is causing all the crazy.

Iraq crisis: Gunmen kill 12 in Baghdad brothel

"Abuse of the public trust" ---

San Diego Mayor Urges Jury Nullification for MJ Dispensary Case

re: Can one get called to jury duty for someone on their ignore list?

Advanced search function

MOOC Provider edX More Than Doubles Its University Partners

Conservative group blames military sexual assault on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal

Portland fluoride: For the fourth time since 1956, Portland voters reject fluoridation

New light shed on US government's extraordinary rendition programme

Something I do not want to see in the examining room when I go for a physical.......

Political web site sues FBI in San Francisco over alleged surveillance

Suspects Arrested After Accidentally Calling 911 During Crime

Names of Those Killed in Oklahoma Tornado Released

Stephen Harper Foreign-Aid-Through-Mining Plan Gets Test Drive In Peru

Ahem. I am tilting at a windmill re: foreclosures in Michigan.

Army Strips Benefits of Wounded Veterans by Kicking Them Out for Misconduct

Thom Hartmann: Religious death threats and murdered pets!?

Colorado man opens fire on officer with AR-15 at traffic stop for no headlights

Thom Hartmann: A "right to vote" constitutional amendment is here...

Senate budget sets aside $250,000 in taxpayer money for fake crisis pregnancy center

Pope Francis says atheists can be good

Swimming Gold

Darryl Issa's Penguin Problem

Some portraiture

Would you break into someone's car for a hot dog?

"Some people dislike gays. Others dislike guns. We should not base our laws on personal dislikes."

Wis. governor to court Iowans, stoke 2016 talk

Ecuador smashes India-to-US migrant smuggling ring

From Joan McCarter @ Daily Kos: Good news 4 SS

House preserves its own budget as others face cuts

Wednesday, May 22th, Good News Offerings

I need a favor lounge lizards, especially if you love books...I'm here to ask for your vote

Attorney: Donald Trump lied on stand about cheating 87-year-old woman

The Pope and the money changers

Harkin Statement on HELP Committee Approval of a Full Slate of Five Nominees to the NLRB

China charges six in sex video "extortion" case

White House Concedes ‘Legitimate Criticisms’ Exist With Its Approach On IRS

HEADS UP NC: Bucking speaker, House Republican committee chair resigns post

So those 2 guys who beheaded the soldier in Woolwich- why didn't they just attempt to kill everyone?

Wayne Smith -The Continuing Plight of the Cuban Five and Continuing Disappointment with the Admin

MI - Significant Weather Advisory - Tornados possible.

Cuccinelli Named Prosecutor To Probe McDonnell’s Disclosure Forms

Spel chek in teh thread titel

Obama plan to privitize TVA ib 2014 budget

Ten Billion Dollar A Year Company Is Tax Exempt (The NFL)

Day trip to Squamish with some pics...

Steven Crowder Must Hate Jesus

Iran pushes ahead with nuclear plant that worries West

Should Oklahoma Be Denied Disaster Relief?

Are these "tent" caterpillars?

Throw the book at this joker!

Why Are Homeowners Being Jailed for Demanding Wall Street Prosecutions?

Cuban fiv..four

Is it just me or are people REALLY short-tempered lately?

"Parents face tough choice when tornadoes bear down"

Listen Up, Gays: They're Coming to Recruit You

They hate the government until they need it

Jodi Arias jury deadlocked but must keep deliberating

Michael Crabtree has torn Achilles, report says

Brian Urlacher retires from NFL

One pic belies a thousand denials of guilt

Cute 7-year-old tornado survivor on CNN

Sen. Warren Q&A with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew

Texas Targets Conservatives

Are people getting dumber? Research says "Yes"...

Pesticides Make a Comeback

Reid appears to back away from "nuclear option" on fillibusters

In a First, U.S. Admits Drones Have Killed 4 Americans Overseas.

Virginia GOP Nominee Thinks Harry Reid Is Just Pretending To Be A Mormon

Mooning the neighbors

Dumb Criminal Of The Year: Woman Hits Cyclist With Car, Brags About It On Twitter, Gets Arrested

In a First, U.S. Acknowledges Drones Killing 4 Americans

I.R.S. Official Denies Misleading Congress

UK:Revenge attack for Woolwich beheading, mosque in Kent attacked, windows & bookcase smashed:

Serial heckling on health care disrupts Perry speech

I am starting to think the next crisis will be the lack of water in China - not oil anywhere.

IRS' Lois Lerner: 'I Have Done Nothing Wrong'

Oklahoma students' rescues caught on cell phone (link removed, unfortunately)

Charles Ramsey, who helped free Cleveland kidnap victims, gets burgers for life

Private Money Is Enough to Silence Public Television

Oklahoma student's rescues caught on cell phone

"It's not a war of ideas, it's a war of resources"

Fed Stimulus Still Needed to Help Recovery, Bernanke Says

Long Beach opens first park in nation named for gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk

Arrest in Latest Anti-Gay Attack in New York City

$25 Gun Created With Cheap ($1800) 3D Printer Fires Nine Shots (Video)

Stop celebrating our falling deficits - Ezra Klein, WaPo

Moniz: Climate Change ‘Not Debatable’

(Japan) Cesium levels in water, plankton baffle scientists

Nebraska attorney general seeks to revoke license of only nurse at prominent abortion clinic

"Oklahoma tornadoes: Red Cross text donations not designated for Oklahoma" per Red Cross.....

I'm glad that's settled.

Moniz vows to help advance big efficiency bill, sees "real chance"

Issa can simply give Lerner immunity if he really wants her testimony.

The right-wing whackjobs won't rest

Found on facebook, housing for tornado survivors...

Well, here's an example of a RW "Looney Toon"

Best Ballgame ever...

Uninsured Texans Seek Health Care In Mexico As Their Governor Resists Medicaid Expansion

Robert Reich: Global Capital and the Nation State

Amphibians dying off at alarming rate

How America Became a Third World Country (2013-2023)

Is this the first 3D-printed Bullet?

Four American Citizens Killed In Drone Strikes Since 2009: Eric Holder

Spending by Politically Active Tax-Exempt Groups, by type of group & by political point of view

Tech Giant Sees 'Competitive Advantage' in Autistic Workforce

Texas Judge Blocks Woman From Living With Lesbian Partner at Ex-Husband's Request

Venezuela to Expand Its El Sistema Music Program

I was just reading over a new patient's past medical history and intake form.

Mitch McConnell Loses His Mind and Accuses Harry Reid of Intimidating Him

Mitch McConnell Loses His Mind and Accuses Harry Reid of Intimidating Him

So how long until the GoP turns on Rep. Tom Cole?

Can Your Storage Unit Be Turned Into A Meth Lab?

St. Louis TV station fires anchor who claimed he was targeted by IRS

Rep. Louie Gohmert Claims IRS Would Have Murdered Boston Tea Party Protestors

Army sergeant accused of videotaping female cadets at West Point

Decriminalize small amounts of marijuana; end stop-and-frisks, say Black and Latino lawmakers

Japan Atomic Energy Agency prez quits over safety at breeder reactor

New Paraguay leaders promise more free milk

Tesla Motors fully repays $465 million federal loan nine years early

Advice for gaming device

INCREDIBLE. Fearless woman Cub Scout leader confronted 2nd knife-wielding UK terrorist

Moonstone Beach sunset

No Idle Chatter: Malaria Parasites 'Talk' to Each Other

Chicago Just Carried Out The Biggest Round Of School Closings In American History

Alan Grayson: It's Our Job to Pass Laws, Not Give Favors to Foreign Oil Corporations

Robert Reich: Global Capital and the Nation State

Soc.Sec. Supporters-

Favorite New Mexico State Park?

Arizona State Representative Steve Smith Says Extra Prayer to Offset Atheist Colleague's Non-Prayer

Cleveland to get first pick in this year's NBA draft

Atheist Arizona lawmaker quotes Carl Sagan for House opening prayer

Elderly poverty rates are much higher than the official measures

Why UK government IT sucks so hard

Harry Reid escalates `nuclear’ threat

First Lady visits Decatur House~ Including the Slave Quarters..

Watch Billy Joel Perform Live At The White House TONIGHT In Honor Of Carole King!

Dorothy in OZ

Sources: Man killed by FBI agent confessed to triple murder then grabbed knife

can we please replace the meaningless phrase "Middle class" with "average working Americans?"

Virginia lt. gov. nominee: Not sorry for hate speech ‘because I’m a Christian’

MILESTONE: Workers at TN Plant Achieve 20 Million Man Hours Without a Lost Time Injury! (unionized)

Iowa takes steps with new health care deal...

Promised Land

"Creationism is not science..."

14 year old shreds Van Halen

Potential link to the Bombing terrorists in Central Florida?

Virginia GOP Nominee Says Federal Disaster Relief Is Unconstitutional

Ezra Klein: Stop celebrating our falling deficits

Who am I?

House GOP Holds Anti-Abortion Event Dominated By Men

Interesting Facts About Chernobyl

Cuomo says poor job numbers in Southern Tier won’t impact fracking decision

Exclusive interview with UK mom who confronted terrorists seconds after they had beheaded man

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 May 2013

"He who doesn't pray to the Lord prays to the devil."

Airbnb Ruled Illegal In N.Y., User Hit With Four-Figure Fine

The Next Gun Debate? Armed Drones Could Be Protected By the Second Amendment

A shiny new dime to the first person that will explain

Old Magic: The Gathering cards have greater return than a decent saving account

Will the clicking on username going to Journal

Residents along Mohawk River sue NY over $4.6M in damage

Copper Beech Farm is finally on the market - beat the rush!

"Vast Methane-Based Ecosystem Uncovered" in North Atlantic

Is there ANYONE

Ebay is protecting us from guns...

What Some Previous Presidents Thought Of Corporate Power

The Truth about the Anti-Wind Movement: A Tiny, Paranoid, Disinformed, Koch-Funded Fringe

Martin Bashir - IRS official pleads the fifth in face of Republican ire

Fathering 533 children? It's the plot to the next Vince Vaughn movie.

A sad night for me.

Why don't we have Capsule Hotels here? :(

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The New Beltway Fantasy: Appointing IRS Special Counsel Would End GOP Obstructionism

Judge apologizes for lack of transparency in James Rosen leak probe

Group wants special court to release ruling on unlawful U.S. surveillance

Oklahoma Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood 2 Days after Tornado

Germany and Britain Push to List Hezbollah as a Terror Group

Google boss calls for a 'rational and predictable international tax system'

Would you give up porn for Scarlett Johansson? That's the plot to the next JG-L movie.

Israel arrests PA security officers over 2011 settler death

A very brave lady

Despite Protests, Chicago to Close 49 Schools

Appreciating life this evening...

US pushes Europe to amend arms embargo on Syrian rebels

Do you like Sudoku and other logic puzzles? You will love Nonograms.

Everytime I click on a members name to see their profile their Journal comes up first.

Dog Guards Owner’s Body After Tornado

"The Great American Railroad War" - Greed, corruption, cheating, lying...

Senate sponsor: Campus-carry gun bill blocked

Conservative Nonprofits That Received Tax Exempt Status Outspent Liberals by 34-to-1

The 1 Chart That Reveals Just How Grossly Unfair The U.S. Tax System Has Become

I'm Alive!

Keith Richards May Owe Huge Fines On Overdue Library Books