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Archives: May 23, 2013

Fuck off Sergio Garcia

1 student dead, 2 hurt, 1 missing in rock slide at St. Paul park (updated)

Beaumont's Dr. Danger to be on a new TNT reality show

E.W. Jackson: No Federal Aid For Natural Disasters


Just FYI, this was Lois Lerner's answer to the question she PLANTED with Celia Roady.

My very first LucyLOL

This Is the Perfect Response to Abercrombie & Fitch's Dumbass CEO

*The Natural, on TCM

Virginia Republicans Panicking Over Their Choice for Lieutenant Governor

Anne Coulter: We are voting to become Mexico!!

About frozen pizzas.........

Kevin Durant’s large back tattoo finished… except maybe for a typo

Dog blown away by tornado, reunited with Oklahoma owner

Tamerlan Tsarnaev participated in triple murder of drug dealers in Boston. He ripped off drugs

...U.S. House votes to force approval of Keystone pipeline

Virginia wants to track miscarriages

Moore Man Reunites With Dog Lost in Tornado

Astronomers spot 'missing link' collision : a supermassive galaxy 10 X the size of the milky way.

Maybe Sen. Inhofe can explain this?

A thought on the plight of the Milwaukee Brewers...

Special Report - Poor planning left Texas fire-fighters unprepared

Corbett's brief: Penn State sanctions will cause other colleges to make more money on sweat shirts

Ireland says will not be U.S. "whipping boy" on tax

Without nuclear, clean energy takes on Goldbergian complexity

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! (EMail) Chain of Fools. Best Of Malloy!

The Power Principle

The Cone of Africa . . . Took Shape in Lisbon

Sam Seder with Glenn Greenwald: Obama Administration's War On Press Freedom

Ebay is protecting us from meth... How dare they! Because, you know, FREEDOM, amirite?

Masturbating to Einstein

13 TGI Fridays in New Jersey Accused of Faking Premium Liquor

NYPD Accused of Enticing Bogus Crime - "Operation Lucky Bag,"

Prince Charles calls for war on animal poachers

Nurse Claims Facebook Rant Was Protected

Femen mock writer's suicide at Notre Dame

Local girl from Sparta, WI has won the 'Doodle 4 Google' national competition....

The Tea Party, The IRS ‘Scandal’ — And The Actual Facts Of The Case

Swedish 'serial killer' cleared of two (more) murders. From 8 murders now down to 1

Tar sands development: Which countries are involved?


Anti-abortion leader faces criticism after comparing rape to car accidents

Average CEO Salary Reached A New Record High Of $9.7 Million In 2012

I got my first breadmaker :)

The Greatest Generation: Maybe Not Quite So Great?

Preschool Bans Kids From Pretending to Be Superheroes, Misses Point of Childhood Completely

Does anyone know what the President is


Colorado Governor Hickenlooper delays execution of ChuckECheese killer and is derided by Repubs...

"New Audit Allegations Show Flawed Statistical Thinking" Nate Silver 538

Devil poll (poll)

The radical uncertainty of this moment can enlarge our sense of possibility

Which word best describes the Tea Party??

"children build up immunity to disease when allowed to play around animals & in natural conditions"

A Look at Chernobyl

Sergio Garcia coming unglued.

NY High School Bans “Assassin” Game, Completely Misses Point

The Penguins are beating the Senators like a rented mule!

Do smoking bans apply to e-cigarettes?

FDA bans 'waterproof' label on sunscreens

So FEMA Could Not Fund Tornado Shelters In OK Schools.

The cutest, most adorable Weapon of Mass Destruction EVER:

Well... bacon. Let's not forget bacon.

Finally, a believable explanation for Stonehenge:

Why there are no Buddhist gamers:

Party on, MiddleFingerMom!!! ... ... ... ... Party on, dude!!!

It turns out Young MiddleFingerMom was mistaken. However, he DID perfect it.

Lawrence O. thoroughly discussing the REAL IRS scandal. Watch now, or the whole thing later.....

7:10 PM ...

Amy Goodman: Another Memorial Day in This Endless War

Latest WH scandals - oh, PUH-leeze!

*Lawrence again tearing it up, re: Exclusively v Primarily.

Sandy Battered Rockaway Residents Now Aiding Oklahoma Tornado Victims Who Helped Queens Last Year

Urge NYT Public Editor to Probe Times Coverage of Syria Chemical Arms Claim

1 SEAL killed, 7 sailors injured in Fort Knox accident

Former Beer Theif Finds God, Pays Couple Back For Beer He Stole

U.S. Postal Service reportedly to issue Harvey Milk stamp in 2014

"Five 501(c)(4) Groups That Might Have Broken the Law"

Lois Lerner Shows Why Obama Needs to Get Rid of All Remaining Bush Appointees

What happened?

Looks like Jennifer Anniston is trying to bring Weeds to the theater.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sleaziest of them all?

The World's Most Powerful Women 2013

The World's Most Powerful Women 2013

Why Toothpaste Makes Orange Juice Taste Bad - inquiring minds, and all that ...

Don't you hate it when you pick up a new, much anticipated book & start to read

Hello Los Angeles. What's the story w. Eric Garcetti?

What kind of pants does Mario wear?

South Carolina governor appointed white supremacist to steering committee

The Corporate Dictatorship of PBS and NPR

Guy Runs Out Of Gas, Sets Up Drum Kit While Waiting For Tow Truck

What else???

Ethernet daddy: online education poised to transform the world

Celebrating Inequality

Whey Too Much: Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side

Could not do jury duty.

Woolwich killing: the random attack has always been MI5's greatest fear

I saw this tonight on one of the evening news shows

Rep. Craig Eiland (D) will not seek re-election

Aaron Swartz's Legacy: US media's new system to shield leaks

Galveston judge indicted on 8 criminal counts

Swiss Building "Hairy" Skyscraper

Help me out's getting hard to decide which GOPper I loathe most

State Stress Levels: The Most-Stressed U.S. States And Cities (INFOGRAPHIC)

Fox's Tesla Re-Coil

40 year tenure - Congratulations State Rep. Senfronia Thompson District 141 (D-Houston)

Google Spies On You Everywhere

Catastrophic thinking: Did Ben-Gurion try to rewrite history?

Toon re Fox News interest in Military Sex Abuse


More disturbing news from Wisconsin:

Help Me Crash the Tea Party

‘US opened Pandora’s box in Iraq, regional sectarian violence almost impossible to stop now’

Do you have issues with your family due to your religion or lack of religion?

UK Plumber Creates And Rides World's Fastest Toilet

Official: Dead Boston bombings suspect involved in 2011 slayings

Bundesliga warns of Qatar 2022 World Cup European league revolt

Carole king’s got a friend….

It's Not a UFO! A Strange Solar-Powered Plane Is Crossing the U.S.

God's Away On Business

blech - fires starting early

An "Honest College Ad" (from collegehumor)

NDP’s Mulcair takes aim at Senate abolition

Ford plans to shut all Australian production by 2016

The legacy of Andrew Wakefield continues

Dead Children Were Asphyxiated!

A Good Diversion

3-D printer helps save dying baby

38 Signs You’re From North Carolina

Of the four Americans killed by drones since 2009, only Anwar Al-Waki was targeted

Rape accuser urges action on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Obama, lawmakers ready to renew push to shutter Guantánamo Bay prison

Nuclear Reactors more valuable than human lives?

Saw this on a car today - late, yes - but wit doesn't get old that fast

Birth control in sex ed classes passes Illinois Senate

'Tesla, labeled a “loser” by Romney, giving Obama green-energy strategy its biggest win: paying off

BIS and IMF attacks on quantitative easing deeply misguided warn monetarists

Report: Milk stamp set for 2014

This is what the DOW over 15,000 looks like!

Sandra Steingraber Testimony for Illinois House of Reps. on Proposed Gas Fracking

Phthalates: Study links chemicals widely found in plastics, processed food to elevated blood pressur

Cost Apple's tax avoidance

Testimony by Dr. Sandra Steingraber on Illinois Fracking Bill

Stockholm Suburbs Beset by More Riots

Stockholm Suburbs Beset by more Riots

The true price of Apple's tax dodging

Another Republican Governor Reverses Course On Obamacare

Prehistoric Dog Lovers Liked Seafood, Jewelry, Spirituality

Tracing the roots of human morality in animals

Is the battle between right and left a battle between stupidity and intelligence?

Submerged Structure Stumps Israeli Archaeologists

This solar panel printer can make 33 feet of solar cells per minute

Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

Hanford Officials Hid Leak Evidence From Advisory Panel

Elephant stomps on a poacher who tried to shoot him

How the men from the ministry saved England's heritage

Volcano project scours Iceland for early warning signals

Rare Dance of the Planets in late May

Here Comes the White-Power Safety Patrol. They Want to Clean Up Your Campus.

Five killed, 50 wounded in Lebanon's Tripoli

Mum talked down Woolwich terrorists who told her: 'We want to start a war in London tonight'

May 23: National Taffy Day

London terrorist attack...and Trident

A conspiracy of corruption and cynical indifference of nearly unimaginable scale

Spent A Year There One Knite

West Point sergeant accused of secretly filming female cadets

St. Louis County Exec Dooley gave his support to using County Park to expand National Cemetery

Suspect Running From Officers Tries To Hide In Police Headquarters

The Secret Donors Behind the Center for American Progress and Other Think Tanks

How Our Massive Homeland Security Apparatus Does the Bidding of the Big Banks

Althoff High School (Belleville, IL) athletes accused of making secret videos of female students

The Do-nothing Congress

The radical uncertainty of this moment can enlarge our sense of possibility

How Policy Nihilists in the Senate Doomed LGBT Immigrants

Amy Goodman: Another Memorial Day in This Endless War

Did the Pentagon cry wolf over sequestration?

Average CEO Salary Reached A New Record High Of $9.7 Million In 2012

The bottom of the sewer...

More Tea, please......

Stricken Japan nuke plant struggles to keep staff

Hey FBI what happened to that croquet mallet you used to keep handy?

Thursday Toon roundup 1- More OK

'Recessions Hurt, but Austerity Kills': Study

Thursday Toon roundup 2- The worm in the apple

Thursday Toon roundup 3- Congress

Just 20% Voter Turnout in LA Tuesday.

Is there something like "Applied Creationism"?

Thursday Toon roundup 4- Obama listens to Tricky Dick

Thursday Toon roundup 5- The Rest

The Growing Global Challenge to Monsanto's Monopolistic Greed

Medical company declines to answer Senate questions on Medicare billing

Cash Piles Up as U.S. CEOs Play Safe With Slow-Growth Economy

Senate Leaders Millionaires in Financial-Disclosure Data

Secret network of cameras solve crimes in LA

In Memoriam: Wayne Miller (1918 – 2013)

In Memoriam: Wayne Miller (1918 – 2013)

Hoe, hoe, hoe! Christmas trees are back, in new farm bill

Morning Joe worse than usual today...

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 23rd - Still Awake Edition

Noam Chomsky: 'Drone strikes a terror-generating machine'

Woolwich attack exclusive: Man in bloody video - named 'Mujahid' - was known to Anjem Choudary's ban

Nukular Follies -- Yahooo! Hop on board!!

Chris Hedges w/Thom Hartmann: Rise Up or Die

Documents Show Exxon Lied in Aftermath of Tar Sands Pipeline Rupture

When Thursday feels like Friday.

Coal Boom Could Destroy Great Barrier Reef

Bill Moyers Preview: Going to Jail for Justice

Nobel Laureate Phelps Warns Against EU as Iceland Drops Bid

Do you approve of this anti-Republican Oklahoma graphic?

Magnets, how do they work? A new safe, effective treatment for oil-soaked wildlife.

My daughter has just finished her abstinence-only sex ed at school

Wall Street Seeks Dodd-Frank Changes Through Trade Talks

Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics

Can a train be built using 3D printing?

Global stocks markets hit after Chinese data and Fed comments.

Eleven Top Paid Bank CEOs

Bison-Loving Billionaires Rile Ranchers With Land Grab in American West

(Maj. Nidal) Hasan asks to represent himself at trial

Tom Coburn R-Creep

Labor's Martyrs

Heading to Istanbul for the weekend. Any tips from DU?

Wolf Blitzer to Atheist Tornado Survivor: 'You Gotta Thank the Lord'

PA. Screws Financially Distressed Cities Yet Again - Prohibit Transfers from Water and Sewer Account

Interesting take on Kerry working on Middle Eastern peace

Democratic Party political director receives a racist, nasty voice mail message from a Teapublican

Anyone following the Sweden riots?

Do you like American music? I like American music.

Should Anthony Wiener run for Mayor and should Democrats support him?

Paul B. Farrell: Bernanke out by August, QE ends, rates up: Crash

Lib group Emerge America: targeted by #IRS, lost tax-exempt status. . .

The Billionaires Lose One{school reform}

Flat Land

Rahm Emanuel's Zombie Pigs vs. Chicago's Angry Birds

From Iraq to Syria: US Political Impotence in the Middle East by Ramzy Baroud

I'm so excited

The secret life of internet trolls: part one and two

Our Women in Uniform Deserve Better

"It's as clear as a lobotomy." Please come CAPTION Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.)!!!!

Jobless claims show sharp improvement

Jose Canseco Tweets Personal Info & More About Woman Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault:

It is very easy to advocate changes AFTER something happens.

3D printer helps save dying baby

Report: How the Government TARGETED Occupy

Mississippi Could Soon Jail Women for Stillbirths, Miscarriages

Westboro hacked

Screwed by Climate Change: 10 cities that will be hardest hit

Drones don't kill Americans, Americans are killing Americans

What Boehner considers 'inconceivable'

Atlas Shrugged Off Taxes

Watch out. The mortage securities market is at it again. (by Sheila Bair, Barney Frank)

Apple avoids taxes, then complains US schools are lousy

5/15/12 Drone Strike killed more civilians than the OK tornado

Moore, OK’s City Manager Would Rather See Kids Killed Than Build Storm Shelters to Save Them.

Overdue Student Loans Reach Record as U.S. Graduates Seek Jobs

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Money: A First Edition Sells for $227,421

Coburn Calls Tornado Aid Debate ‘Typical Washington B.S.’

Kamiak High School Honors Sandy Hook Victims in a BEAUTIFUL Tribute

Paul B. Farrell: Bernanke out by August, QE ends, rates up: Crash

LeBron's Layup As Seen From The Indiana Bench

Rachel Maddow - Will weather weapon theory end GOP indulgence of conspiracy fringe?

Philly man shoots up strip club with AK-47 after DJ plays wrong song

Minister on the Defensive: Drone Program Collapse Has Berlin Under Pressure

An alternative to 'Monopoly'

Senator Compares Obama Cabinet Official To Convicted Felon Oliver North

Jon Stewart DESTROYS what's left of Peggy Noonan's credibility

Oklahoma Republicans prove that they have their priorities in order.

Rare Dance of the Planets in late May -Crosspost

Hillary Clinton accepts humanitarian award in NYC

Rachel Maddow - Congressional groups line up to scrutinize IRS

Senator Compares Obama Cabinet Official To Convicted Felon Oliver North

What movies have made you literally fall asleep?

House supporters of KXL received $56m from fossil fuel industry

X-POST from GD: Check out how these high school kids honored the Sandy Hook victims

Global Markets Roiled by Nikkei's 7.3% Slide

Screwed by climate change: 10 cities that will be hardest hit


MFM update

Internal Emails Indicate IRS Targeting Designed By Low-Level Staffers

Penn and Teller - Vaccinations (Full Episode)

In other news, where are the cicadas? The news was that they were going to

Papantonio: Attack Of The Corporate Court

The Globalization of Hypocrisy

Iowa Will Say No To Terrycare, Yes To Obamacare

Thoughts on Shake Shack burgers?

Are you outraged by the latest "scandals"?

When money and "balanced budgets" become the most important thing in the world...

Oklahoma tornadoes: The 'Big Dog,' the little boy and the hug that triumphs over tragedy

What It Looks Like to Have an EF5 Tornado Pass Right By Your Shelter

FYI - Obama's Counterterrorism speech starts @ 2:00 pm EDT - live link:

A nightclub in a water tower

Houston oncologist exposes the lies of Big Pharma :

Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman -- Get Righteously Schooled

Rangel gives thumbs down on Weiner.

Oklahoma Senate Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood Two Days After Tornado

The Last Word - IRS law a ‘disaster waiting to happen’

President Obama's prom photo

Illinois House introduces less restrictive gun bill

In the Abstinence-Only Sex Education Class

Britain to be physically removed from Europe

OK you oldbies... see if you don't get hooked by this new song!

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 23, 1838

OK you oldbies... see if you don't get hooked by this new song!

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 23, 1838

Phone Firms Sell Data on Customers

WTF? John Conyers others in audience as Farrakhan rails against "Satanic Jews"

So does anyone besides the Tea Party and political junkies actually care about the IRS "scandal"?

FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Va. coast

Journalists Find Massive Data Security Lapse, Get Threats Instead of Thanks

Sarah Palin Slams Obama, Fails To Remember She’s A Quitter

Scott Walker, GOP Slip ALEC Education Agenda Into Wisconsin Budget

How the Catholic Bishops Outsmarted Washington (State) Voters

Public calamity: San Antonio River Authority acts to stop dumping of trash from hospital demolition

Whatever happened to Benghazi?

Activists Try to Convince Voters to Not Give Chief Supreme Court Justice Castille Another Term

Virginia Lt. Gov. nominee: Not sorry for hate speech ‘because I’m a Christian’

Virginia lt. gov. nominee: Not sorry for hate speech ‘because I’m a Christian’

Responses to IRS Targeting Allegation

Living In Two Worlds, But With Just One Language

This is cool. Astronaut Chris Hadfield does a cover of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie from the ISS

This is funnnny.... KMart thanks...

what the repubs try to hide

Eight Men (NO WOMEN) Consider House Bill To Restrict Women's Reproductive Rights

A science experiment gone bad doesn't make me a criminal (Kiera Wilmot blogs)

Remember Mustard Gate?

Just have to make it through today, then: Tomorrow off!

Tornado Brings Out The Crazies

Moore OK students have to reschedule because of TODAY'S weather!

The Real Problem With “Check Your Privilege”: It’s Too Generous

True Facts About The Aye Aye

Dog Standing Guard Over Victim Reunited With Her Owner

I don't think WND realized what they wrote about Oklahoma, atheism and Gervais...

Cuomo: 'Shame on us' if Weiner elected NYC mayor

News crews, disasters and rescues - Old lady reunited with lost dog

Dog guarding victim reunited with owner

Wall Street Pipeline Finds Work for College Lacrosse Players

A "conservative" friend of mine thought to call me this morning re Benghazi

CA: BART to Decide on Relaxed Rules for Bikes on Trains

‘Imams promote (paedophile) grooming rings’, UK Muslim leader claims

Hail and Farewell

McConnell's clumsy opportunism


Markets have become completely detached from economic reality – and it's going to get ugly

Cleared of charges after explosion, Florida teen gets full scholarship to space academy

The Uprising of the Second Tier in a Time of Late Capitalism

Trailer for upcoming movie "The Purge"

Amid crack allegations, Toronto mayor's damage control effort blows up in his face

I'm flying to Chicago,...electrical storm,......serious turbulence,.....and,........

A modest astrological proposal Sues FBI for 'Threat Assessment'

Palestine is not a charity case

Let me get all this straight re: Lois Learner

Massachusetts Senate Race Turns to Gun Control

Markets have become completely detached from economic reality – and it's going to get ugly

Derek Jeter Uses Fake Name To Order Coffee At Greenwich Starbucks

Facebook's violently sexist pages are an opportunity for feminists

Dumb Criminals: Man Butt Dials 911 As He's Vocally Plotting A Murder

Texas Lawmakers Approve Bill To (Secretly) Train Teachers To Be Armed Marshals

99.9% Of New Mobile Malware Targets Android Phones

Smiles absolutely guaranteed. Kitty Demands Some Petting and Love

U.S. Sergeant Raped in Afghanistan Found Nowhere to Go

Blacks, Conservatives and Plantations - By Charles M. Blow

Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During TV Interview Promoting New Film "Now You See Me"

Things That Will Not End Well: City Of Prague Planning "Singles Only" Subway Cars

How Monsanto could be poisoning your Microbiome

For the People, by the People

Should i respond to my Republican Congressman about Obamacare?

New evidence in George Zimmerman case : Trayvon texted about being a fighter

'You're fired' catchphrase premise for new Fox reality show

Demographic map of PGH mayoral primary vote

The World's Most Microscopic Tear Dept: "Why the Rich Don't Feel Rich".

Looking for suggestions on books about declining America

I Built This AK-47. It's Legal and Totally Untraceable.

Pic Of The Moment: Michele Bachmann Details New GOP Plan To Repeal Affordable Care Act


Is this how you want this site to be used?

I'm flying to the bathroom,...intestinal storm,......serious turbulence,.....and,........

Nancy Pelosi Blames George W. Bush For IRS Scandal

RIGHT NOW on NPR/PBS: Live call-in about gun control...

Women 40 Percent More Likely To Develop Mental Illness Than Men

New Louisiana Law Will Jail Journos for Publishing Gun Info

Who knew?

Glenn Beck: CNN interview with atheist tornado survivor was a setup!

Thom Hartmann: We don't need a national security provision in the media shield law

US, Israel raise hopes for Mideast peace restart

Not so hot: "Peel the top off a hottie" campaign by Pot Noodle

It's National EMS Week, with a heavy reminder of how needed they are

Panel rejects Pentagon’s request for base closings

Secretary of State John Kerry: Freedom to ‘Not Believe’ is a ‘Birthright of Every Human Being’

2 more arrests in London attack investigation

This Is Our Fight: MoveOn's video on immigration reform. A must see.

Remember when journalists waited for a speech before telling us

Spain Just Spent $680 Million On Submarines That Can't Swim

I was quite certain it would be Q

House Republicans Destroy the GOP by Voting to Raise Student Loan Interest Rates

Thom Hartmann: Donating 23 Million to PBS gets you More than a Tote Bag...

Republicans Claiming Tax Exempt Status May Have Conspired to Hide Illegal Donations

Convos with Mom about current events

Nader loses appeal of ’04 ballots in Maine

Have a nice life, Virginia! - The 20 craziest tweets from man who could be the next Lt. Gov.

Obama nominates Latina to federal personnel agency

Our President is speaking LIVE NOW on the topic of counterterrorism policies (LINK)

Marilyn Monroe Made Drones

We compromised our values by using torture

Statement by President Obama on the Attack in London

Kathleen O'Brien/The Star-Ledger : Time to let Oklahoma borrow 'Jersey Strong'

Stewart Tears Into IRS Officials For Memory Loss, Congress For Gushing Over Apple...

Puppy Mill Survivors Become Spokes-dogs for Nat'l Mill Dog Rescue

Oregon Union Uses Collective Bargaining To Go After Big Banks - Sarah Jaffe Discusses

*chuckling* Noone watching the President's speech now on drones?

The punter (sex buyer): Let's talk about his choices.

"In less time than it takes to boil an egg" Chicago closes 50 schools.

The Ridiculous Placement Of Assata Shakur On The Most Wanted Terrorist List

4 federal agencies to shut Friday

Obama calls on Congress to allow transfer of Guantanemo detainess:

Who is today's A-hole of the Day -- COBURN (or INHOFE) or the usual LIMBOsevic

Eight Men Consider House Bill To Restrict Women's Reproductive Rights (PHOTO)

Corruption in Polish Utility's Nuclear Unit

Michelle Malkin On London Attack: British ‘Brought It On Themselves’ By Not Deporting Muslims

anyone have the US airways barclay credit card?

War Criminal Says Gay Marriage Could Lead to Polygamy

Obama calls on Congress to allow transfer of GITMO detainees

The Gay Rights Movement This is what it's About

Senate Confirms Srinivasan To Powerful D.C. Circuit Court

Russia Plans Urgent Evacuation Of Arctic Post As Ice Melts

Audi, Chrysler Pile-on of Tesla Not Only Lacks Substance - It's Great P.R.

Breaking: Sri Srinivasan, D.C. Court of Appeals, has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate 97-0

Ronald Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ Project Still Hasn’t Met Original Goal 30 Years Later

Countdown to Nuclear Ruin at Paducah

2014 Chevy Spark EV $19,995 with tax credit ($17,495 in CA); better range than Leaf

McConnell Faces First Test In Reid ‘Nuclear Option’ Push

Posted on Craigslist

Why I Hate The Internet, Disaster Edition, by Colin Newman

Obama calls on Congress to repeal the Bush-Cheney AUMF (military authorization)

Obama: ‘Journalists Should Not Be At Legal Risk For Doing Their Jobs’

Some sort woodpecker in my yard

President Obama: Congress briefed on all drone strikes; supports additional oversight

President Obama: Repeal the AUFM

Issa: IRS' Lerner Waived Her Fifth Amendment Rights

Ever feel like you have a target painted on you?

The assassination of 16 y/o American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. That's part of what she shouted

Obama: Gitmo Represents ‘An America That Flouts The Rule Of Law’

Obama on Gitmo: will appoint senior envoy, restart transfers, call on Congress to lift restrictions

House Approves KXL Pipeline for 8th Time in Meaningless, Grandstanding, Votification-Like Gesture

Former Colombian prosecution officials extradited to the US

READ: Text Of Obama’s Speech On Counterterrorism Policy As Prepared For Delivery

Superb new music release - The National - Trouble Will Find Me

Former Colombian prosecution officials extradited to the US

"The Voice of this woman is someone we should listen to"

RNC Chair On Lerner: You Don’t Plead The Fifth If You’re Innocent

Guns on Campus, 1824

So I'm running a 5k in August...

Good news from our local school board election

Obama Defends Drone Strikes But Says No Cure-All

March Against Monsanto: Saturday’s Fight for Food Freedom Spreads to 36 Countries

Israel’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide

Israel’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide

Boehner: House won’t pass Senate immigration bill

Jerry Brown: News media ignoring climate change

I have a dandelion growing out the side of a maple

Obama’s Counterterrorism Speech Interrupted By Heckler...(updated with full video)

Thom Hartmann: Police Using Tazers Against Peaceful Protesters...

People that don't pick their dog's crap up.

NC: High-level Republican says Asheville was targeted

Gohmert IRS speech veers into rant about owls mating ‘like crazy’ on Kmart signs

A surprising map of where the world’s atheists live

America's Biggest Pothead gets seven years

BSA Gay Ban Vote Today

Heritage Foundation Calls Social Security Benefits "Excessive"

How religious folks can improve their well-being

Catholic priests in Philippines bring Mass to shopping malls to meet the people

Crossing Afghanistan, I saw how the war brought jobs – and corruption

SF housing costs: Just 22 homes under $500,000 (pic)

White House Feeds IRS Frenzy by Revising Accounts

Cicada invasion (Brood II) story a conspiracy, more lies by the government - Glenn Beck

Waiting out a Big Notice at my current job is driving me nutts

"Where did science come from?" Please come CAPTION Sen. Inhofe, Creationist Extraordinaire!

Can't think of another DU group to ask this question.

This is what happens when people set up in their comfort zone..

Palestinian Hospitalized After IDF Handcuffs, Abandons Him At Checkpoint

Ruptured my Achilles tendon and injured my peroneal tendon

Some good advice from Josh Marshall website...

'Wars On Gaza Have Become Part Of Israel's System Of Governance': An Interview With Yotam Feldman

Chicago Killings Cost $2.5 Billion as Murders Top N.Y.’s

Train terror plotter wants Quran cited in defence "I don't want a book written by humans"

I am a newbie that joined DU last November.

John McCain To Mike Lee: Learn How Congress Works

What happens to SoP alerts in groups that have no hosts?

Scientists: Frog and toad declines signal of ‘collapse of the world’s ecosystems’

GOP Sen: Obama’s Counterterrorism Speech A Victory For Terrorists

Obama defends drone strikes but says they are no cure-all

Was US scientist really murdered? Now the Singaporean inquest will continue all by itself

City's Beaches Ready To Go After Sandy Repairs

Blatant act of animal cruelty by Lagrange Missouri Police caught on tape.

Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System

Incredible photos show butterflies that feed off the tears of turtles in the Amazon

Obama Plays It Cool As Code Pink Disrupts His Speech.

Each detainee at Guantanamo Bay costs taxpayers $900,000 per year

Muslim leaders pray at Auschwitz in interfaith move

Obama Masterfully Uses Code Pink Heckler To Make His Case That GITMO Must Be Closed

What the hell are you looking at?

US energy secretary urges renewables development amid gas boom

Heckler repeatedly interrupts Obama speech

Animated Anthony Weiner from Tiawanese TV

"5 Signs That The GOP Learned Nothing From Losing In 2012"

It's a little creepy: D'Amato ( yes, *D'Amato*) Gets Mixed-up In NYC DEM Mayoral Fight

What in the world happened today?

Pope Francis says atheists can do good and go to heaven too!

Fox News host tells listeners to punch Obama voters ‘in the face’

I'm getting a new computer...need help or advice.

America’s Corrupt Justice System: Federal Private Prison Populations Grew by 784% in 10 Year Span

I am having fish sticks (good ones) and wild rice for supper, hope everyone is keeping cool today.

The Uprising of the Second Tier in a Time of Late Capitalism

A Question About Black Holes in Passing

"Condemnation isn't enough. Muslims must take ownership of the problem in their midst,"

The Renewable Energy Reality Check

What's the most amount of $$ you ever dropped/lost/misplaced??

Graham To Obama: Global War On Terror Isn’t Over

Today, May 23, is World Turtle Day

Drones to be used against civilian non-combatants

BREAKING: Rep. Jo Bonner resigning from Congress

Good news for DUers with neurofibromatosis

Huge Majority Of GOP Supports Background Checks

Graham To Obama: Global War On Terror Isn’t Over

Undercover cop begs autistic kid to break the law, then arrests him

Meanwhile, in Russia...

Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History

Michelle Malkin hates Britain for their freedoms

Man arrested for sending Craigslist sex party to neighbor’s house

Mr. Smith Is Vaporized in the Fire of a Thousand Suns

Tenth grade students strip searched by teachers in St. Jerome, PQ.

What's for dinner? Me garlic/cheese perogies with sour cream. In my defence they are leftovers

Timely reminder.

Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History (x-posted)

Heading to Paterson, New Jersey for the weekend. Any tips from DU?

That photo of Michele Bachmann on DU's homepage got me thinking...

Senate Accepts Deal to Kick Formerly Incarcerated Off Food Benefits

Wireless Mouse Question

In IRS scandal, new GOP tactic is ignorance

Hey Rinse Penis and Speaker JohnThomas Boner!

Democrats’ Fear of Democracy

Murkowski: Palin too disengaged to run for Senate

Papantonio: Go After Tea Party Tax Cheats

IRS official Lois Lerner put on administrative leave

San Onofre nuclear plant can restart before safety and criminal investigations are complete

Texas GOP Introduced At Least 24 Anti-Abortion Bills This Year, But Not A Single One Advanced

Senate Dems Push Fracking Ban

Finally Found It! The Chicago Martyrs: The Famous Speeches of the Eight Anarchists

House approves Republican student loan bill

Dick Cheney is spot on, the biggest scandal since Watergate does need to be investigated thoroughly

Woolwich attack: MI5 knew of men suspected of killing Lee Rigby

if an entity donates130K

Robert Redford on America: 'Certain things have got lost'

House Bypasses Obama on Keystone Approval

Glenn Beck: Wolf Blitzer atheist intervew was a SETUP

Ron Paul loses disputes over and domain names

Taxpayers Made Over $12 Million Profit On Tesla Motors Loan

President Obama Nominates Three to Serve as District Court Judges

IRS official Lois Lerner, who took the 5th at Congressional hearing, is placed on admin. leave.

Breaking: Boy Scouts to allow gay members after vote

Yippee, another congressional vacation.

Obama Acts to Curtail Drones

Maine Medicaid expansion passes but governor sets veto

Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay boys as Scouts

GOP governor hires white supremacist for re-election committee

Gun groups sue to block new Connecticut gun law

RIP Lee Rigby

Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay boys

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Tells Listeners: If You See Obama Supporters, ‘Punch Them In The Face’

PAUL TUDOR JONES: Babies Are The Biggest 'Killer' Of Women's Trading Success

A FB page to help the Four Legged in Moore

H7N9 Is More Adapted To Spread Among Humans Than Other Bird Flu Strains

Catholic order to pay $16.5 million to more than 400 claiming sex abuse

CONFIRMED: Fox News Hack James Rosen Is A Political Operative, Not A Journalist

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #30 -- The Monsourelle

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #31 -- The Bluesanelle

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #32 -- Vantydoo


Italy's Berlusconi in tax fraud scheme as PM, judges say

British (Cornish) mom filmed confronting killers of soldier in London explains brave act

Senator Uses Farm Bill To Ban Some Ex-Convicts From Food Stamps For Life

Anthony Weiner's mayoral site features the Pittsburgh skyline

Mexico drug cartel commander pleads guilty in murder of U.S. official

'cus dis iz...

Royal Fusilier Drummer Lee Rigby, aged 25, Soldier Murdered in London Attack (Guardian UK)

Not just another report on energy

SC Gov. Nikki Haley Appoints White Supremacist To Campaign Committee

Wily Cockroaches Find Another Survival Trick: Laying Off the Sweets

A FB page to help the pets victims of the Moore Tornado find their People.

$210 million in Borders gift cards are worthless, judge rules

Five Reasons Why Drones Are Here to Stay

Boy Scouts vote to allow gay members

Chuck Norris defends Tim Tebow

Eric Holder Signed Off On Search Warrant For James Rosen Emails: NBC News

White tiger's coat down to one change in a gene

UPDATE: regarding the Jodi Arias trial - JURY deadlocked / MISTRIAL on penalty phase

Has Anyone Yet Posted About Pet Food Stamps?

John Conyers apologizes for Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitic remarks

Soft-money contributions on the rise in New York

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 May 2013

Hey Bob Dylan.....

Bangladesh factory collapse blamed on swampy ground and heavy machinery

Recreating a photo shoot years later, Hilarious!

Pet Food Stamps

And a big round of no true scotsman...

'Ronald Is Not a Bad Guy,' McDonald's CEO Says

BOMBSHELL! Rep, Jo Bonner (R-AL) to resign for cushy job at U. of Alabama

Thruway Authority Official Forced Out Over Sexual Harassment Charge

Riots in Sweden: Cars Burn in Fourth Night of Youth Violence

Jodi Arias jury - no unanimous agreement on penalty phase - mistrial

A Confused Christian (from

Pass this on to anyone spouting off about "traditional marriage."

Well, my career in Nevada's legal brothel industry has ended.

House passed the Keystone XL pipeline illegally!

Circle of life (we lost one of our songbirds to a Barred Owl this afternoon)

Insurance won’t pay for teen’s alcohol-related injuries

Imams Visit Auschwitz, Nazi Death Camp, Pray For Holocaust Victims

President Obama on the future of our fight against terrorism

So this is how you make a point about sexism in gaming

Dr. Noam Chomsky on war, imperialism and propaganda

Deadlocked Arias jurors can't reach verdict; mistrial declared

mrs. betty bowers (america's best christian) explains abortion to everyone

Fast Food Forward Workers Surround Domino’s in Brooklyn Following Wrongful Termination

It's Amazing What We Choose To Shelter

LIVE RADIO NOW: Move To Amend Reports