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Archives: May 24, 2013

ExxonMobil accused of anti-gay hiring bias #LGBT

All American Clothing Named a Top 40 Innovator by Apparel Magazine (MADE IN USA!)

Nevada Assembly backs resolution to end ban on gay marriage

Minister Farrakhan Reminds Black Detroit to Stick Together

Medea Benjamin is a hypocrite helping Rand Paul protect WORLD ASSAULT WEAPONS MARKETS

ABC issues "correction" but fraudulent email "quote" remains

When the purity of beer is threatened, fracking has to stop.

Sometimes We Can Help in Small Ways

NYC Orthodox Jewish Assemblyman Tours Moore OK Brings Kosher Supplies

Obama places a brilliantly phrased dagger to the heart of the Bush administration in speech today

Music that should never,.....ever, played in elevators?

Papantonio: Obama’s Apology Fatigue – Eric Holder

Cat thread in GD!

Rich Jerk:“As soon as that baby’s lips touched that girl’s bosom, forget it”

The Song Remains the Same | John Michael Greer

California reveals prices for health insurance under Obamacare

The Biggest Criminal Enterprise in History

In 1949, He Imagined an Age of Robots

No Mo' PoMo? | James Howard Kunstler

The Pleasures of Extinction | John Michael Greer

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Back in Black & a new Kitteh gif

Israel, Hawking and the Pressing Question of Boycott | Ramzy Baroud

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested For Advertising Craigslist Sex Party At Neighbor's House

Let Them Eat Bugs (when capitalists address hunger) | Mickey Z.

Memorial Day 2013 | Mickey Z.

Retiring principal: ‘It is harder for us to be nice to kids’

Sheriff: Death of man in police custody ruled accidental by coroner

Media Makes Medea The Headline

How do you react when people tell you that you believe in fairy tales?

Climate Change & Renewable Energy Projects in Pennsylvania

NOAA predicts active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season

Us And Them: Breeding Racism In The Jewish Establishment

Michael Moore is a damn jerk at times.

Climate Change & Renewable Energy Projects in Pennsylvania

Have you ever had an out of body experience?

thug rep. DesJarlais agrees to pay $500 fine on complaints involving relationships with patients

Gallup To Explain How It Predicted 2012 Presidential Election So Badly

So, my 11-year-old is into paganism

Louisiana Marijuana Sentencing Reform Bill Fails

If Earth Had a Ring Like Saturn

Hallelujah! We're saved!

Is anyone else having a problem with the spell check in the Thread title?

We should certainly be cynical about these words, but they're damn welcome

Election integrity in Niagara -- Falls.

Health reform plans, pricing released in Calif.


Proof That IRS Was Merely Incompetent: Approved Tea Party Group for 501 Jeans

Climate Change & Renewable Energy Projects in Pennsylvania

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013 -- The Essentials: Memorial Day Weekend

OECD: Inequality Rising Faster than Ever

TCM Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013 -- Memorial Day Weekend

Man. Tito is creaming the Ped Sox!

Police Investigate If Cyberbullying Led To Queens Girl's Suicide

New Antigay Children's Book Teaches Kids to Hate LGBT Families

Beyond Pebble: Bristol Bay Native looks at other mining prospects

Defense in Trayvon Martin Case Raises Questions About the Victim’s Character

Russian Intelligence Agency Warns of Rise in Terror Threat

I like that President Obama snuck in a bit about domestic terrorism today.

19,000 children missing in Colombia

A sprint through the woods today, just beat the rain.

Standing Tall for a Child ~

Jerusalem: William Hague Faces Israel-UK Strain over UK's ‘Disguised anti-Semitism’

Pope Francis Shakes up the Ambassadors Meeting and Addresses Economic Issues

a sad day for mainers who have been downsized

Have you Kerry Folks seen this pic/story?

Ted Nugent's brother, Jeffrey, is the former president of Revlon and disagrees with Ted.


New York Police Department: Merchant held for ransom, tortured for month

Maryland Bucks Trend, Expands Prevailing Wage Law

(long OVERDUE) OFFICIAL freshwest appreciation thread

Historic day for the Affordable Care Act in California

TED CRUZ Ladies and Gentlemen!

Things are not always as they seem:

What's everybody drinking tonight?

Here we go again: I-5 bridge over Skagit River (Washington) collapses; cars in water

The New Abnormal | James Howard Kunstler

Dog Bacteria Bring Potentially Beneficial Biodiversity To Owners' Homes, Study Shows

5,000 cave paintings discovered in Mexico

I hate Asthma!

News Anchor Fired For Accusing IRS Of Targeting Him After Obama Interview

Florida Governor Signs Election Reform Bill Reversing His Own Voter Suppression Laws

Did the President say that the war on terror is going to be over?

With Whiskers in Common, Hasidim Court Hipsters

WOW-Massive man-made circular structure-between 2000 & 12,000 yrs old, at the bottom Sea of Galilee

Sri Srinivasan, Key Obama Judicial Nominee, Confirmed By Senate

10 drugs that cost more than a car. Check out this one...

Honduras should investigate attack on two journalists

Marijuana: The next diabetes drug?

Does it make me 'old' that I prefer talking on the phone

Illinois Tax Payers Not Stuck Paying Legal Fees of Corrupt Prosecutor

The Supreme Court Agreed To Hear A Case Today That Will Probably Nuke Separation Of Church And State

Syria as a Game-Changer: US Political Impotence in the Middle East | Ramzy Baroud

I-5 bridge collapse at Mt.Vernon

George Orwell books

I've decided to become a shameless attention whore for money!

Mayoral Candidate Endorsed By Jesus Christ Comes In Last, Loses To Gay Man

Michele Rhee was here last night.

Transferred Highland Park teacher resigns in impassioned YouTube video

My facebook page is now in Mongolian. Or something that looks like it.

Saying goodbye to Buster. A good little dog.

Right to Lifer: Getting raped is like your home being flooded - so get insurance for it.

Kerry Back In Israel For Peace Push

Earthquake in Sacramento?

Van Halen - Eruption Guitar Cover (she's 14 yr. old)

Why not a "conscience clause" for those opposed to guns, akin to pharmacists

First-time, non-violent drug offenders serve longer than for rape, child molestation, manslaughter

Republicans are going crazy over the fact that Holder signed off on the warrant for Rosen's emails

Rachel Maddow - Obama wiser to GOP in new Guantanamo push

Brilliant teen creates device that charges cell in 30 seconds!

Will Justice Be Possible In Guatemala?

Scientists discover cinnamon compounds' potential ability to prevent Alzheimer's

On schedule: Health reform plans, pricing released in Calif.

Rachel Maddow - Obama to take on GOP anew over Guantanamo closure

The Suicide Epidemic (The hardest and best read in a long time)

Apple Achieves Holy Grail of Tax Avoidance

Perry 'greatly disappointed' after Scouts ease gay ban

"Morally Straight" --- Really?.....

I remember waking up early to play some vinyl before anyone else was awake

help finding a music video

Bigelow Aerospace to Study Moon Base in Deal With NASA

Some climate change actions this summer, from

We had a slightly unusual earthquake this evening

Ending the war: a refutation of fear

It's time to rewrite the 2nd Amendment- How would YOU rewrite it?

No one had to die in Oklahoma

Editor of The Progressive Calls For Eric Holder to Resign Over Spying on Press, Occupy Protesters

Women! Give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back!

Loungers 35 and under check in!

Hmm Free Republic has been down at least the past 4 hours

"Fifty Shades of Gray" for Republicans.

Huffington post calls on Eric Holder to resign over chronic abuse of authority

In Sept. 2009, Mayor of Mount Vernon, WA (I-5 bridge collapse) gave Glenn Beck key to city

Liberal Caller Punks Rush Limbaugh Regarding Ronald Reagan's Conservatism

They Canceled Class Today — All The Teachers Got Arrested While Protesting For Voting Rights

Fox TV Someone has to go

Dumb Criminals: Amanda Bynes Arrested For Throwing Bong Out The Window Of Apartment

Memorial Day Weekend Is Definitely A Good Time To Take Down Your Christmas Decorations

The RW hate Holder in part because of his defense of voting rights

Major Bridge Collapse in Washington State

Alternet: Military Quietly Grants Itself the Power to Police the Streets

Nicaraguan Garment Workers Beaten at Walmart Supplier Factory

The Cause of Food Shortage in North Korea?

John McCain: Americans 'Are Being Ripped Off' By Cable Companies

Quebec Woman Ran Over By Her Own Car Three Times

Calling Peggy Noonan - time for another Noontime patented scowl

Plea deal deadline looms for Kaitlyn Hunt

Efrain Rios Montt Will Still Face Justice -- and So Should Henry Kissinger

Do you think the Stones are too old to try acting sexy ?

Venezuela's domestic debt soars 97.5% in three years

Venezuela, Russia in joint oil venture


Dead sea lions found in Peru, poisoning suspected

Under Hamas, No More Coed Classes in Gaza

Gaza: 2 convicted collaborators sentenced to death

Oh hell yes: Alice in Chains' new album is on sale now in Austria, 4 days early

Doctors Who Torture

Doctors Who Torture

Look into my eyes ...

Washington State Skagit River bridge collapsed on Thursday evening dumping several cars in the water

Cave paintings in Mexico: Carvings uncovered in Burgos

Tiger's Basketball-sized Hairball Removed By Surgeons (VIDEO)

Smoldering in Bridgeton landfill continues to move toward radioactive material

Star Wars Lego Model Is 'World's Largest'

To boldly go...

Some of My Best Friends Are Germs

84-year-old Albuquerque woman charged with dealing drugs

Russia says Syrian government agrees in principle to conference

The Odds of Disaster: An Economist's Warning on Global Warming

Citizens United decision meant that corporations could pay for political ads, using social welfare

Eric Weinstein may have found the answer to physics' biggest problems

A teacher at Briarwood Elementary captured the moment of impact on her cell phone.

GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down In Senate

The real shocker re: the Eric Holder sign-offs...

Plastic ocean debris the target of new Calif. bill

When Cops Rape ... and Nothing Happens

Monsanto -- Why You Should Join the Global Movement and Protest on Saturday

The New Crime of Eating While Homeless (Hard Times, USA)

Loungers 35 and older check in!

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Obama, DOJ For Prosecuting Whistleblowers And Potheads But Not Bankers

Researcher admits errors in ‘human skin to embryonic stem cells’ study

Chemical creep: Farmers return to pesticides as GMO corn loses bug resistance

David Silva's Death Ruled Accidental

Ronald Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ project still hasn’t met original goal 30 years later

19 year old deleted his manhood while cleaning his new gun!

Wisconsin FoodShare work requirement approved

Video: Top Virginia GOP Official, Top Advisor to Ken Cuccinelli "I'm not a big fan of contraception"

Mount Everest's glaciers shrinking at increasing rate, say researchers

I still enjoy using smileys in my e-mails, but why don't they move when copied??

No Guns on Campus at University of Arkansas, Board Votes

U.S. sees first drop in F-35 costs; other programs steady

Scottish wildcat could be extinct 'within two years'

Lois Lerner has been thrown under the bus....

Cockroaches lose their 'sweet tooth' to evade traps

Not at all creepy, Vienna!

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 24, since 1981

The Collapse Of Public Infrastructure Spending In One Chart

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 24, since 1981

Strange Global Warming Toon....

Worse Than Watergate? The Ultimate White House Scandal Matrix

Helmet for Britain's new F-35 fighter has 'significant technical deficiencies'

M8.3 - Sea of Okhotsk


I Built This AK-47. It's Legal and Totally Untraceable.

What's for Dinner ~ Friday May 24th

Bar in NJ sold rubbing alcohol and caramel food coloring as scotch

Raising a Child Without Religion, or Faith

Remember when 35 sounded old?

Kansas senator says reducing the sales tax on food is a form of social engineering

Poor hit hardest by Washington budget cuts

UN Lawyer Leading Drone Inquiry Calls Obama Speech 'Significant' and 'Historic'

Vatican Representative: Just to Be Clear, Atheists Are Still Going to Hell

Vatican Representative: Just to Be Clear, Atheists Are Still Going to Hell

Eucharist is not an ace card to be dealt in debate

Disgusting lawyer comment about his rapist defendant...

Dog years: The calculator (35 human years would be 4 y 2 m in dog(German Shepherd) years)

1.3 Million Residents In & Around Montreal Under Boil Order For Drinking Water - G&M

LDP Alters Abe’s Constitutional Pledge in Japan Election Plans

"That's where she was killed, and the kids were killed, in the corner."

The Supreme Court Empowers Employers to Lock Out Workers

Let's Get Creative And Redefine The Meaning Of Religion

Wave farms?

Wild dogs in Botswana

Anti-Vaccine Body Count stands at...

Dylan is 72 Today

From Berlin With Hope: International Economics & the Commons Conference breaks new ground

"He's baaack!" Please come CAPTION Ol' Head Wreck!!!!

A mission on climate change Eugene Robinson

The Second Sex – a visual footnote

Marrying in to a Bengali family

In Memo To Employees, Ailes Blasts Obama Admin’s ‘Attempt To Intimidate Fox News’

10 Feminist Lessons We Learned From The Women Of “Star Trek”

Prosecutor investigating McDonnell’s disclosure of gifts

Terracide and the Terrarists Destroying the Planet for Record Profits

Hirshhorn would go back to square one if Smithsonian bursts the Bubble

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Disaster Politics

Please support progressive, independent, non-profit media (

Astros and Marlins chasing history

ARGH! "DIA's art collection could face sell-off to satisfy Detroit's creditors"

Bridge Collapse


Why do Bat Shit crazy people always look like Bat Shit crazy people?

Keystone XL Loses Democratic Support

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Core-porate Taxation

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Bombs, Guns and War

Republicans accuse Markey for not respecting the People's Pledge that Gomez rejected.

How Many Mistakes Are In This Graphic From Last Night's Royals 'Cast?

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Google buying high altitude wind technology

Wonkbook: Some very good news for Obamacare

Purity Concerns: German Beer Brewers Foaming over Fracking

Papantonio: Tea Party Tax Cheats Should Face Prosecution

Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills

Tea Party Groups Abuse Non-Profit Status, GOP Cries Scandal

Pres. Obama called rapes in military 'an outrage' - Will he say anything at the Naval Academy today?

DA refuses to prosecute gun law violation [NY SAFE law case]

Repercussions of the Boy Scouts decision on gays

State’s stand-your-ground law intact [NH]

As competitive as the Cleveland Indians have been this season.......

Cheap shale gas bubble 'will burst within 2-4 years'

Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Roundup; kills remaining queens

Guns for Hunting People Are Different: Legislation Should Reflect That

Let's Tell Multinational Corporations To Just Pay Their Taxes

We are a Barbaric Country-- should we kill her or not?

RAF Typhoons scrambled after Pakistan Airline incident

Alaska Rep. Don Young, gone hunting in Africa, misses subcommittee oil hearing

Rick Perry ‘Greatly Disappointed’ With Boy Scouts Decision

Elizabeth Warren Student Loans Bill Endorsed By Several Colleges, Organizations

EXCLUSIVE: Parents of underage victim in Kate Hunt's case defend actions

I-5 Bridge Collapses Dropping Cars Into The River. Tax cuts to the rich while the country crumbles.

NSW Police issues warning on 3D printed guns

NSW Police issues warning on 3D printed guns

Andy Kaufman "alive in Albuquerque" rumors persist

A year later, U.S. trade with Colombia grows while anxiety mounts

Maryland: Parking Garage Collapse Kills 1, Seriously Injures Another

South Korea trade deal produces bleak first-year results for U.S.

Congressman: Women Should Be Forced To Give Birth To Fetuses With No Brain Function

Stockholm Smolders: Sporadic arson attacks sweep city in 5th night of muslim riots

Washington DC: Metro moves to modernize fare-collection system

I have underwear that's 35 years old, but today I'm wearing new underwear. Well...

Sweden burning: Stockholm immigrant riots & violence enter 4th day

Lawmakers form public transit caucus

Republican congressman fined $500 over sexual misconduct

Creative ways to avoid paying bus fare in Australia

''Multiculturalism failing'': Violent riots engulf Stockholm suburbs

today in women's herstory-24 may

Economic Insecurity for Women (very important graphic)

A progressive defense of drones

The Racist Writings Of The Heritage Foundation's Jason Richwine- A Sketch From TMFS

GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down In Senate

The Evolution of Moscow's Subway Maps

Mass. Senate Race Heats Up: Gomez Calls Markey ‘Pond Scum’

What are numbers?

A Doctor Who Epiphany: Why David Morrissey will return to Doctor Who [Spoiler? not really]

Michele Bachmann Said God Would do WHAT?!

Man Fatally Stabbed On Chelsea Street

Just upgraded the graphics card on my main system-should help my folding@home output a bit

L.A. Metro board approves Leimert Park subway station

Who watched the Law and Order SVU finale this week?

A lifetime of amazing generosity: Meet 92-year-old Dobri Dobrev from Bulgaria

Inhofe Claims Oklahoma Tornado Victims Different From Sandy, While NWS Budget Cuts Threaten Lives

Pic Of The Moment: Here's A Crazy Thought

Wash. patrol chief: Oversize load on truck hit I-5 bridge north of Seattle, caused collapse

I would like to thank Kali for being so supportive while I'm in the hospital.

I Just Saw Something Really Sad. And Then I Got Angry.

Obama Condemns Growing Sexual Misconduct In Military

A caller on a local AM radio talk show

Washington’s Literal Sinkhole, And Our Idiotic Fixation On Deficits

Repugs can dish it out but can't take it......

How to Get Away with Stealing

When Corrections Fail: The persistence of political misperceptions

The Last Word - Sen. Ted Cruz vs. The Republican Party

Mass. Senate Race Heats Up: Gomez Calls Markey ‘Pond Scum’

"That Woman Is Worth Paying Attention To"

Massive fun with Lego's

Cuomo Now Has No ‘Official Position’ On NYC Mayor’s Race

Where is the list of sources that should be avoided when posting on DU?

Bird Feeds Cat and Dog

Robert Reich: Who needs Republicans when Wall Street has the Democrats?

Sequestration Poll Shows That Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Impacted By Cuts

NY’s population grows to nearly 19.6 million

Rachel Maddow: Obama On Precarious Legal Ground In American Deaths By US Drone Strikes

It’s Called Deceptive Price-Gouging

Laurene Powell Jobs and Anonymous Giving in Silicon Valley

The Last Word - The Republican ‘ignorance fueled war’ on the IRS

Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case

Fear of art sale sparked by Detroit emergency manager asking for appraisal

The Biggest Criminal Enterprise in History

How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour

Kaitlyn Hunt refuses plea deal in underage same-sex case

Will arms manufacturers find a way to prevent people from making firearms

L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl - 1st "out" politician/cannabis patient

David Sirota: After Oklahoma Disaster, Give Thanks to Government

I see almost no chance of taking back the House before Jan 2022..

Kaitlyn Hunt refuses plea deal in underage same-sex case

Falcon chicks hatch atop downtown Kansas City building (webcam)

In Sept. 2009, Mayor of Mount Vernon, WA (I-5 bridge collapse) gave Glenn Beck key to city

What it's like to be a hero in your own mind

Solving the “Upstate problem”

If this health plan is 'socialism,' we need more of it

What is a good hourly to pay a teenager for a tough little job?

I hope that everyone has a great weekend........

I have operated under the assumption that winning elections would be the answer

Tim Curry suffers stroke!

How to "Unf*ck the Earth" -- Hope in a Changing Climate

Kansas lawmaker opposes lowering food taxes because it encourages people to buy food...

Jason Bateman with his family in N.Y.

Corgi Cuteness! Comin' At You!

Crappy weather here in NYC!

Jersey was the lucky location for a sneak preview of World War Z.

Dem Video Dubs GOP Bill The ‘Students Pay More’ Act

Day off today. Anybody want to hang out and chat?

86 Year Old British Cheesemaker Told Not To Supply Cheese For Annual Event

McDonalds CEO gets nutrition lecture from 9-year-old Canadian girl

American Idol Fans Get In Knife Fight Over Argument About Who Wins This Year

Durable Goods Orders Bounce Back In April, Jumping 3.3%

Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills

4-pound hairball removed from tiger

New Fracking Rules Leave Drought-Ridden States High And Dry

Steve King: Ronald Reagan's Amnesty Act Decision 'Brought About Barack Obama's Election'

Dayton suspect completed sex offender treatment before release

late to the party..just discovered Big Bang Theory.

Republican Congressman gets slap on wrist for sexual misconduct...

Medea Benjamin interview on RT

Is it okay for a 18 year old to have sex with a 14 year old

Why do they hate us so much?

Turning Wisconsin into the New Greece

Joke: A Day in the Park and an Angel..

Juan Cole: "Revenge of the Bear: Russia Strikes Back in Syria"

5-pound MFMball removed from tiger

Can anyone recommend a stool softener?

The Judicial Coup Advances

Doonesbury today.

Chile blocks Pascua-Lama mine, fines Barrick for environmental violations

Krugman: Obamacare Will Be A Debacle — For Republicans

Stockholm Riots Stretch Into Fifth Night

Why does it tke me so very long to download videos on all sites. I'm sure my

Mother Has Son Arrested For Stealing Pop Tarts

Explaining Chavista Successes as well as the Danger Spots in Post-Chávez Venezuela

Toronto mayor Rob Ford saga: chief of staff fired for telling mayor to 'get help'

Overheard at the plenipotentiary session today

Ted Cruz against the world

Poor Utilization of the Land Behind Food Shortages in Venezuela

Thom Hartmann: Is Atty General Holder Obama's Alberto Gonzales?

Freshest festivity for a fickle Friday? Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

College students on breaks going home for Mom's cooking experience some significant culture shock.

Power Ranger power nappin' -- "IT'S MORPHINE TIME!!!"


Make-up Application 101: (DIAL-UP WARNING)

At his wedding ceremony, MiddleFingerMom was the one with the long flowing train.

MiddleFingerMom -- "master" of the menage a uns:

Where America's Unsafe Bridges Are

Tim Curry reportedly recovering after major stroke

Scientific consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

Thom Hartmann: How Electric Car Save Human Lives

A Bethpage drinking supply well shut down

Suicide by Sequester: US Feels Pinch of Erratic Spending Cuts

NOAA Predicts Extremely Active Hurricane Season

New IMAX Super Short: Galaxies Across Space and Time

Woman Involved in Weiner Sexting Scandal Disapproves of Mayoral Bid

What does Memorial Day mean to you. Any good stories? nt

For My Father On This Memorial Day Weekend.

Monsanto Protection Act Defended by Missouri's Roy Blunt

Breaking Bad: This Shit Just Got Real

Playing amateur travel agent is a pain in the ass!

Midwest Weather & Water Oulook Improving; Western States In Increasingly Dire Straits

Detection of the Cosmic Gamma Ray Horizon: Measures All the Light in the Universe Since the Big Bang

It's tennis time again......yup, the French Open starts this Sunday at 4:00am CST.

The Collapse Of Public Infrastructure Spending In One Chart

General David Petraeus and his wandering PhD

Convos with a 2 year old

Carrot Juice is MURDER@!!

UK ordered to hold inquests into civilian deaths during Iraq war

Allentown Schools Have Cut 404 Jobs Since Corbett Took Control of the Budget

Alabama cities lead list of porn-loving religious places, poll says

Canada threatens retaliation over U.S. meat-labelling rules

Ice cream!

Bangladesh factory: remember the climber who had to cut off his own arm?

West Texas explosion cause still unexplained

GOP Rep: Reagan Helped Make Obama President...

Is there anyone running against John Boehner?

Papantonio: Corporations Cashing In On Climate Change

F.T.C. Said to Have Begun New Inquiry on Google

Baltimore man gets jail time for beating cat with pole

Making a million an hour means never having to say you're sorry

Christopher Lee Readies Heavy Metal Album for 91st Birthday

People who talk trash when alerting

How many of your posts have been by a Jury in the last 90 days?

No, the Pope Didn't Just Say All Atheists Go to Heaven

Love this quote from Hayao Miyazaki - had to share

Woolwich attack: of course British foreign policy had a role

Amtrak and Pets--it might happen...!!!!!!!!

Can't you program your pages so the links to outside servers load last?

Guck Foogle!

New Candidate for MDMC Prize: Most Disgusting Member of Congress

Senate scandal may be Harper's worst hour

Md. man charged with hatchet killing; suspect is son of former Bush White House official

Poll Finds The Most Religious US Cities Really Love Their Porn

Tim Curry

The Real Problem With “Check Your Privilege”: It’s Too Generous

Decline of Buddhism in Thailand

Republicans Ask Insurers To Hand Over Obamacare-Related Communications With HHS

It all started when she pulled a thorn from his paw.

China Bluntly Tells North Korea to Enter Nuclear Talks

President Obama Warns Sexual Assault in the Military Amounts to National Security Threat

GOP Chairman Priebus suggests impeachment is coming over Benghazi

U.S. weather-watcher satellite fails just before hurricane season

Amazingly Gorgeous Photo of Lunar eclipse

We all are always reminded how Godless our side is......

Cool Street Art

Galveston judge suspended by state after arrest

E.W. Jackson: I Made Controversial Remarks ‘As A Minister, Not As A Candidate’

It's dark and wet here.

Typical Red Sox fan...

Humanist Groups Raise Tens of Thousands for Atheist Tornado Survivor

Austerity is like having spinach shoved down your throat

I just had an odd experience...

Graham, McCain Praise Nomination Of Official Involved In Benghazi Talking Points

Krugman: Obamacare Will Be A Debacle — For Republicans

Guatemala extradites ex-leader Alfonso Portillo to US

Woolwich attack: Lee Rigby's family pay tearful tribute to murdered soldier

A Blast From The Past CORRUPTION Bush style (Only five years ago)

Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; kills remaining queens

The Friday Afternoon Challenge’s latest headbanger! Today: Art in the News!

Study: A Little Forethought Can Cure the Urge Toward "Mindless Accumulation"

GOP Governor Shuts Down Lawmaking Until Her Party Agrees To Expand Medicaid

This Memorial Day weekend, remember our dogs who served this country and served it well

Did anyone happen to notice?

For the sake of argument, is it okay for a 23 year old to have sex with a 16 year old?

Historic Coney Island Carousel Spins Once Again


What People Look Like Taking Photos and Video Using Google Glass

How Prosecutors Fought to Keep Rosen’s Warrant Secret

The most terrifying movie of all time:

What Does 400 PPM Mean for American Labor?

Six months after news of affair, Paula Broadwell apologizes

The Macks Are Getting Divorced

Why Liberals Need Radicals

Free Kate FAQ from her family

Miss "The West Wing"? Here's a show that's just as good, I think:

just bought another awesome tshirt

CONFIRMED: Fox News Hack James Rosen Is A Political Operative, Not A Journalist

The Danger of Child Sexuality: A Discussion

EU imposes 2-year ban on pesticides believed responsible for mass bee deaths

Oh was oil drilling equipment that knocked out the bridge

Which democrat annoys you the most?

Do you have a dent in your forehead from doing this....

Does anyone else think...

TEMPTATION! Bryan Fischer laments the "Boy Sodomizers of America." He's afraid of those impulses.

Stupid example

Does this look like a non-political 'social welfare' organization to you? (Photo)

Older DUers: Remember "Go Ask Alice?"

Jam Factor "7" on Garden State Pkwy. heading south (to the Jersey Shore). This does my

Weekend Economists: See the Kittehs! May24-27, 2013

Steve King vs. Huddled Masses

Wolf Blitzer To NTSB Spokesperson... How about signs... (I-5 Bridge Collapse)

Tonight Chez trof: Peanut Soup and Cadillac Grilled Cheese sandwiches.

The Collapse Of Public Infrastructure Spending In One Chart

Is it okay for a new PC to have sex with a old iMac ?

Illinois Bans Abstinence-Only Sex Ed: ‘In Fantasy Land, We Teach Our Kids Abstinence’

Carole King plays Hardball....n/t

Mayor says market will decide on NYC bike sharing

How do you want to die?

Breaking News for FOX- new scandal

When Republican conservatives and Blue-Dog Democrats start

This quote refers to what era: "The right was not prepared to concede any ground at all...." ??

NY state of mind

what would you think of a children's book where the universe is saved because two pre-teens have sex

FDA warns of infections tied to Tennessee pharmacy

The Google car

UCLA life scientists present new insights on climate change and species interactions

I just finished a work-out that would punish a ninja!

there's an epic catball competition happening on the bed

“The Supreme Court created my crime; it was written in advance”

Videla’s dirty war

Study Links Chemicals Widely Found in Plastics and Processed Food To Elevated Blood Pressure…Childr…

#fbrape - "Advertisers are starting to pull out. The campaign is working. Here's why I started it."

"Wonkbook: Some very good news for Obamacare"

I need free advice for a criminal offense and I don't know where to go.

Venezuela to create new workers militia

Best Underrated films?

Venezuela prosecutor to open probe over leaked recording

Americans for Prosperity Youtube Propaganda

C-sections tied to child obesity

Lost Dog Dora Reunited With Family After Seven Months

First 10 Minutes of Moore Tornado

A majority on Earth face severe self-inflicted water woes within 2 generations: Scientists

"Fukushima Ocean Impacts" 35 min, Ken Buesseler - Marine Scientist from Woods Hole (w/updated link)

Queens girl, 12, hangs herself as it's revealed school cyberbullies called 'her a slut and a whore'

Martin Bashir - Wall Street lobbyists writing their own rules

Statin use is linked to increased (or decreased) risk of developing diabetes, warn researchers

LOOK: How Bad Are Your State's Bridges?

Judge: Ariz. sheriff’s office profiles Latinos

OMGhazi, Obama Didn't Salute, Con's Heads Explode.

"Number Of Liberal Americans Growing, Number Of Conservatives Dropping, Says Gallup"

Pension plans beat 401(k) savers—again


Game Over For Obamacare Saboteurs?

What women's magazine should Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann be on front cover of?

E.W. Jackson - A new Tea Bagger threat. Watch this jackass on the video.

"The Four Percent Solution" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

We should have a moratorium on moratoriums!

Why the Graduating Class of 2013 is Out of Luck

Haven't we been through this already!!?

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