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Archives: May 25, 2013

Congressional candidates in 8th District ramp up get-out-the-vote efforts, attack ads

Take Five (Stool for Scandal edition)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies using crack cocaine

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio 'profiled' Hispanics, says judge

Another sex poll

Ted the fascist Cruz would have been expelled from every party in countries

Church of England unveils plan for women bishops in 2015

Why Radical is the New Normal

Jose Canseco is accused of RAPE!!!!

Tomorrow........March Against Monsanto

More evidence that scandalmania is taking a toll on the party of Nixon

Has anyone ever heard of companies paying employees incentives not to take health insurance?

Digital Film Switch by Hollywood Could Signal End Of Historic Community Movie Theaters

Friday Talking Points (259) -- Pivoting To Other News

This is going to keep happening, too...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Memorial & a new Kitteh gif

Rachel's dealing with the state of infrastructure

Obama nominates John H. Thompson to head Census Bureau

U.S. Park Police furloughs to end June 1

Additional Embassy Guards Will Come With a Steep Price

Archbishop Myers demotes second in command..........

MFM cooperates FULLY with his doctors' treatment plans... unless they're unreasonable assholes.

‘Pet-Bird’ Flavored Ice Cream

Mississippi Could Soon Jail Women for Stillbirths, Miscarriages

There's a "game" going on in Detroit tonight. Anibal-99 pitches

Life Is Beautiful

Salem, Mass. Public Restroom To be Turned Into Restaurant

Chris Hedges Interview: Rise Up or Die!

Associate of arms dealer Viktor Bout extradited to New York

There are only two kinds of people in the world,

Microsoft FAIL, Microsoft to reverse course on Windows 8

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul: when your ideology results in you losing

Lord Tywin (Game of Thrones) Shakes That Ass

Last brother from Mexico's Arellano Felix cartel pleads guilty in U.S.

Noshing on a bowl of whole oatmeal, water, stevia and wild blueberries. Yummy. And the

Dems party with banks, let them write their own regulatory legislation!

Scratch his back with a hacksaw

Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim

Post if you stand with Medea Benjamin on Gitmo...and if you're glad the prez let her speak

Found on Facebook - Young Ming The Merciless

Hannity's definition of a "studio audience" for the Marco Rubio interview

Evangelical leaders stand by pastor accused of abuse cover-up

Our infrastructure (bridges disintegrating) yet we nation build in other countries?

759 Bridges In [Washington] State Have Worse Sufficiency Scores

Colorado Designates Shelter Cats and Dogs as the State's Official Pets

Researchers say Western IQs dropped 14 points over last century

Having a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc

In 2011, Republicans Fillibustered President Obama's Infrastructure Bill

NYT Editorial: Deception on Gun Background Checks

This Man Has A Drunk Woman On His Sofa: Watch What Happens Next (VIDEO)

Better Place Runs Out of Juice, Reportedly Plans Bankruptcy

Rare color film shows what London looked like in 1927

with Obama promising to close Gitmo over and over again is unfathomable

Florida Sheriff decides to start enforcing little-known background check ordinance (!)

Question about separation of church and state...

Boy Scouts Allow Gay Members

Proposal for marking the 40th Anniversary(on 9/11)of the U.S. coup against Chile.

The school system in Oklahoma that renovated their stadium as apposed to build a tornado

The Vulcan kitteh meld

Since a number of people seem to be arguing a "black & white" age appropriateness of relationships

What do you call a foolish congratulations?

How 'bout them Red Wings?!

* * * DUzy Awards: Week ending May 24, 2013 * * *

The Art of the Steal

No bail for Pa. parents in faith-healing death

The Tea Party has officially taken over the Republican Party.

Germany trying to hash out uniform marijuana law

Less Democracy in USA than in the UK - hacktivists receive

Police Release 16-Year-Old Being Questioned In Connection With Queens Teen's Murder

Nigerian army 'destroys' (militant Islamist group) Boko Haram camps in north-east

Because of the Brave, We are the Land of the Free. But, we forget sometimes there are others...

18 yr old Male with 14 yr old female - DU would be clamoring for jail time

A Transformative President

Repubs in House Pass Student Loan Bill That Will Raise Interest Payments by Students by 35 percent


Scalia resigns as scoutmaster, Boy Scouts around the world rejoice!

Senators lost. A Canadian has not won the Stanley Cup since 1993. YOU DAM AMERICANS!

Tyranical tantruming toddlers

It is 46 degrees in Brooklyn right now. It was 85 the other day and will be 85 later next week.

Who else remembers why the Trayvon Martin Case made National News?

The Unclear Fate of Nuclear Power

Did LaBron fumble another fourth quarter?? 1-1.

Do you believe in the real presence at Communion?

Minister Farrakhan Addresses Detroit City Council (May 17, 2013)

Will the world come to an end if I go into work on Monday? Remember when sacrifice was considered

Thank God Logo has the Golden Girls on!

Rachel Maddow - Social conservative extremists fill Virginia GOP slate

March against Monsanto May 25th 1pm at State Capitol.. music/speakers, etc.

Last month Justice Breyer fell off his bike, went to hospital for shoulder replacement surgery

When I was a freshman in high school there was a boy in my class who was

Sexual misconduct investigation under way at Alaskan base, military officials say

Hypnosis to treat depression?

I just started the Becks!

Best recipe for homemade clam chowder?

March on the Lobbyists For Jobs

Man's best friend

One image of the wind

THE WESAK FESTIVAL - the full moon of the Buddha

A most Ecuadorable inauguration

Breakfast: Not Sexier than Before, but Funnier than Ever

Let me get this straight, we are cutting public works on our crumbling infrastructure

Guy uses Nev Schulman's pic to catfish

Animal Cruelty

Cat breastfeeds ducklings!

Pres Kennedy nominated a Supreme Court Justice on Apr 3, 1962, he was confirmed EIGHT DAYS later

Hague: Israel losing UK support due to settlements

Students walk out in Philly

Broccoli salad: broccoli, bacon, almonds,

Signs of Volcanic Activity at Bottom of Clear Lake

Our last night in Sitka

Aftershocks continue to rumble through Northern California

Movies that should have been made by Troma?

‘Four little girls’ killed in 1963 church bombing honored with Congressional Gold Medal

House Republicans Pass Unconstitutional Bill Hijacking Obama’s Power Over Keystone XL

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man Arrested Pretending to Be Cop To Get Into Strip Club For Free

so it's memorial day again

The Flawed Concept of "Good vs. Evil" - The philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki

Missouri Women Walking Naked Down Highway Say God Told Them To Do It

Insurance commissioner on her way out

Come Rejoice: Judge rules against 'America's toughest sheriff' in racial profiling lawsuit

Best underwater film?

Could this be the end for the Texas Railroad Commission?

Jury convicts former Cameron County DA on 7 out of 9 charges of corruption

May 25, 1968 The Gateway Arch is Dedicated in St. Louis, MO

May 25, 1936 The Remington-Rand Strike Begins

Freddie Highmore from Bate's Motel played the lead role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Shooting of slaying suspect Ibragim Todashev in Florida involved FBI agent from Boston office

When people ask stupid questions about why you live in Oklahoma

Kaitlyn Hunt's parents lied

Minister Farrakhan on interracial marriage and relationships

MUD, saw the film tonight...

Woolwich attack: MI5 'offered job to suspect'

Global march challenges Monsanto's dominance: LIVE UPDATES

Why is Texans for Lawsuit Reform Negotiating Public Education Legislation?

Medea Benjamin, March 7: “progressives should Stand with Rand”

On Memorial Day, it’s time to make sure our veterans suffering from burn pit diseases get the care t

Bryan Fischer: Boy Scouts are now ‘Boy Sodomizers of America’

Huff Po makes big Gaffe - no one is surprised

What do you use for an artificial sweetener?

Court orders UK to hold inquiries into illegal civilian deaths during Iraq War

Why Citizens in Colorado Can’t Keep the Oil Industry Out of Their Backyards

Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate: Ed Markey is ‘pond scum’

What's *your* weekend project?

10 Crazy Things the Right Did This Week

‘Don’t interact, don’t talk, they are not humans’ - Gitmo guard's basic orders

Progressive Activism Here's What's Happening That the Corporate Media Can't Be Bothered to Report

How Charter Schools' Prejudiced Policies Undermine Equality

Ahhh Louie

The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss

Kansas lawmaker opposes ‘encouraging the behavior of purchasing food’ with lower food taxes

America's Top Colleges Have A Rich-Kid Problem

What It's Like To Be Christian, Gay And Celibate

Why Democrats Can't be Trusted to Control Wall Street

Hezbollah, Syria government forces push for advance in Qusair

Taliban Attack U.N. Affiliate’s Compound in Kabul, Testing Afghan Security Forces

A New Model for Valuing Distributed Energy

The Rise and Fall of Charm in American Men

Japan Cites Active Fault at a Reactor

States’ Policies on Health Care Exclude Some of the Poorest

Woolwich, Boston, and the End of the War on Terror

Exxon Defies Calls to Add Gays to Anti-Bias Policy

Former NPR CEO Ken Stern: The IRS Had the Right Idea

Additional Embassy Guards Will Come With a Steep Price

Fascinating .gif image of Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera hitting 6 home runs.

McDonald's Gives Charles Ramsey Free Food for a Year

News Corporation Board Approves Split of Company

Burmese Muslims given two-child limit

Landmark Case In U.S. Civil Court On Rape By U.S. Military In Japan Eleven Years Ago

Why Radical is the New Normal

Best picture of the year, period

What Detroit crisis? Pension fund trustees hang out in Hawaii.

Wind and the Myth of Widespread Negative Pricing

If The Election Were Held Today, The GOP Could Lose The House

Envision the moment

That's when MFM got a cat............

Menendez: Immigration bill doesn’t have enough votes to pass Senate

Occupy Albany arrest case flares up in court

NYT: States’ Policies on Health Care Exclude Some of the Poorest

Yankees can't catch a break with injuries

GOP: Party of crybabies

‘Children Are Dying’

Idiot Guv

Cock and Bull Story!

Hashing out a uniform marijuana law in the Deutschland

"Not so fast, folks. Retract those tongues."

"There is no wrong moment for equality. And anyone who thinks so is not a true ally."

Let’s stop wrecking lives over a bag of weed

U.S. meat labels to detail animal’s origin; Canada, Mexico raise concern

States’ Policies on Health Care Exclude Some of the Poorest

Roman Polanski, rapist pigshit: The pill has masculinized women

Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queens

Teacher Allegedly Fired For Using The Word 'Negro' In Her Spanish Class, Sues

How Did Major Hedge Fund Earn 30% Returns for 20 Years Straight? Lots of Cheating.

The Collapse Of Public Infrastructure Spending In One Chart

Come Clean: Groups Demand Transparency from Attorney General Eric Holder

"If the Left were truly tolerant-they would tolerate the Boy Scouts being who they have always been"

How Can Wal-Mart REALLY Help Improve Our Schools?

Chile's Indians take on world's largest gold miner

Can we buy the Tribune?

Venezuela to create new workers militia

Bisbee,AZ:"a liberal oasis in a conservative desert"- "The (Southern border)wall projects hostility"

DAMMIT!!!!! Why don't they just go back where they came from?!?!?!?

"Happy" Memorial Day

Nicaragua refuses entry to Venezuela's Right Wing Opposition. El Salvador network denounces them

Lobster Risotto--this was pretty awesome!

Five Undercover Police Cars Sent To Arrest Single Alleged Movie Pirate

Toilet paper shortage is because ‘Venezuelans are eating more’ argues the government

DiNapoli Sees Tax Money Flowing In But Maybe Not For Long

These 31 charts will destroy your faith in humanity

Alan S. Chartock: The state needs term limits

Arachnophobia? It ain't just spiders.

Honduran Educational System Abandoned by Porfirio Lobo government

Saudi Foreign Minister calls Iran’s nuclear program danger to region’s security

Chicago: Changes Follow Criticism of CTA's Ventra Card Plan

Protests against Monsanto in Costa Rica Today

biocide: a memorial day for planet earth

Criminal offenses uncovered from Mario Silva's audio recording

Smoking Pot Can Actually Make you Thin?

Saturday, May 25th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

13 reasons to be worried about water and what to do about it

Tell me again how the tea party isn't political and are non-profits

There are times when our enviro advocacy seems to have little effect, but the stakes are still high

Problems at PBS, From Rose to Koch

March Against Monsanto today! Over 400 participating cities, check for yours HERE:

BP, Shell, Statoil have been named in a proposed class action lawsuit over alleged oil price rigging

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 25, 1948

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 25, 1948

Missouri rail crash brings down US road bridge

how government saved lives in moore, oklahoma

KIPP charter in Nashville sends troubled students back to public schools before testing time.

It's AZ Day!1 Federal judge rules against ARPAIO on racial profiling

Republicans are just horrible, horrible people

"God's not all that happy about anyone but me." Please come CAPTION the Original BJ!!!!

I'm donning my contact gear to get ready for Saturday Clinic.

What are you reading the week of May 26, 2013?

Thank goodness for responsible concealed carry permit holders.

What is an appropriate age for dogs to have sex?

Remember Shirley Jones and Carousel, Elmer Gantry, the Partridge Family,....

It's a yucky rainy day but I just got this to make it better

Rafael Correa: "There are millions of Chavezes"


Can we take a moment to appreciate the Owl City Twitter account? (pic heavy)

Catholic nuns and priests form Network to protect Whistleblowers on sex abuse

OHGODNO. A Reep relative's post about "The Great Gatsby"

GOP Aides Frustrated With House Republicans

Chocolate spin

Microgrids: A Utility’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Name these two trees (and/or suggest others).

How the Catholic Bishops Outsmarted Washington Voters

More things - just felt like sharing. :) (pic heavy)

David Simon, creator of The Wire, says new US drug laws help only 'white, middle-class kids'

Although I post stories from Daily Mail, I've never post op-eds until now: Google and child porn

Hot Water Heaters: When Energy Efficiency Fights Demand Response


If school districts in tornado alley won't build storm shelters for the kids,

U.S. Senate candidate Edward Markey earns around $150,000 a year; Gabriel Gomez over $1.7 M

Bolivia Calls the DEA's Drug War a Total Failure

So for those DUers also raised Catholic...

member search in DUMail

Women: I have a sex question.

In These Sour Times: Islamophobia and the Woolwich Aftermaith

Tell me what happened in 2007. Cheney had prepared to be able to take over the government

Obama care as being promoted at a Missouri License Bureau operated by Department of Revenue.

March Against Monsanto

Look! I pissed off the Tea Party!

Robbie Rogers signs with LA Galaxy, becomes first openly gay player in MLS

Fuel Cells Could Offer Cheap Carbon-Dioxide Storage

Company Paid Doctors To Push Drug (really? I can't imagine they would do something like that)

Persuading Mr. Hyde on Medicaid Expansion

Michael Hastings rips Obama over the drone program

Have you ever ...

Obama coming to NJ to meet with Christ(big boy)Christy BUT not with Barbara Buono

5 25 13: join the March Against Monsanto

Koch lawyer says Obama administration has tried to intimidate Koch Industries

TAMERLAN TSARNAEV: What We Think We Know About Who Knew What and When

CNN interviewer accuses Medea of being RUDE to Obama then she's rude to her

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday May 25th

Industrial Hemp Farming Begins Today in Colorado

Marijuana cannabinoids slow brain degradation and aging, reverse dementia

Historic Marijuana Bills Approved in Colorado

Coca-Cola Small World Machines - Bringing India and Pakistan together

Wal-Mart resistance to escalate next week

French Soldier Stabbed In Neck In Paris

Former U.S. President Carter to mediate between # Chile and # Bolivia

TCM Schedule for Monday May 27 - Memorial Day Weekend

Osaka mayor 'sorry' for US brothel remarks

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word

Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word

AZ legislators threatened over support for Medicaid expansion.

Guy Poops In Roommates' Car As Way Of Revenge Against Being Asked To Use Bathroom Fan

Is this legal what Issa is going to do?

State rejects Oakland’s redevelopment deals — $32.5 million in refunds

Albany Lawmaker Proposes Effort To Curb Wet Bowling Shoes

Microsoft’s Cheap Shot At The iPad Actually Points Out Exactly Why Windows 8 Tabs Suck

The Coke Ad That Could Destroy All Other Products, Especially Coke

Newark Monsignor Loses Job for Improperly Monitoring Priest Near Children

54 loaded guns seized at airports last week

Is This Flying Object Spotted In Santee, California a UFO?

Excellent compilation of Xbox One issues, as seen on facebook.

U.S. Media Continues to Treat Capriles’ Complaints Seriously Despite Lack of Evidence

Police arrest 30 at gay pride rally in Moscow

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah vows victory in Syria

so it,s memorial day again

Not Writing History (Guatemala, Rios Montt and the Washington Post)

Next year’s Winter Olympics are being held in just about the most unsafe place they could be

I Love New York - a few photos - don't know what to chose. For the last one: Do their Mamas know?

Fox new host urges violence against Obama voters

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's The Thong Cape Scooter Man Of Madison, WI!

Blackwater (beautiful pics of deep sea creatures)

Has the Oklahoma Atheist Been Saved?

Capital Buzzes with Talk of Special Session

AP Further Documents Evidence of Honduran Police Death Squads; U.S. State Department Hits Back

Today is my dad's birthday - he would have been 86. Here's a little bit about him....

Can you tell me why: My HP PSC # Deskjet 4180 still copies, prints, but will no loner scan?

Suicide bomb widow injures 12 in Dagestan attack

The Death Penalty - Around the world

Seven injured in Missouri as trains collide, trigger highway bridge collapse

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Pull Yourself Together

Has anyone in this forum studied Astrotheology?

Globe investigation: The Ford family’s history with drug dealing

Green ninjas help shampoo and hair dye commercial actresses do their hair swing.

Stockholm riots leave Sweden's dreams of perfect society up in smoke

If our town still had a newspaper. . .

Robbie Rogers to Become First Openly Gay Major League Soccer Player

Orphan Black on BBCA

Michele B: "He touched the void inside her, pollinating her pink flower like a master bee"

Heavy rain turns deadly in San Antonio

This is why the FCC should have left some analog TV stations

Brad Pitt Says He Has Something Called "Face Blindness"

My current cancer meds - wow, pricey

Dumb Criminals: Mom Moons Her Own Son's School Bus

JEFF the Brotherhood "Wood Ox"

Is It Possible That A Person Wanting To Do Harm To The U.S. Could Hide Behind The 1st Amendment?...

A Drag Queen Says a Dallas Dress Shop Discriminated, Refusing to Let Him Try on a Gown

Photos: Throughout Latin America, protests demand justice for Guatemala after genocide trial overtur

St. Louis fights off British-led raid during American Revolution

San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park concession workers call one-day strike

in all your years of watching news out of Britain, have you ever seen them

Hillary Clinton Movie is Super Sexy (With Bill!)

The Jig Is Up in Guatemala

George Zimmerman gains more than 100 pounds since fatally shooting Trayvon Martin

Tim DeChristopher Q and A

Well. It's finished...

iPhone unable to connect via WiFi????

Chasing Islamic 'terrorists' in Paraguay

Steve Holt!!!! n-t

And no more Taylor Swift!

UN human rights office urges trial to be decided on merits after Guatemalan court overturns Ríos Mon

Leo Galland's Fat Resistance Diet: Love it. Anyone else on it?

My tomato list for '13

Ed Shultz I love you

Ed is on and talking about teachers!

Feds won't prosecute wind farm for condor deaths

Worldwide protests held against Monsanto

Has anyone here ever reached the end point using a FURminator?

I found an I-5 Skagit River bridge collapse truther!

Jan Brewer To GOP: Expand Medicaid Or I’ll Veto All Bills

Tornado aftermath pictures - daughter went down to help

My Gawd - Kirby Vacuum salesman

Hi. I ended up looking in on your group due to jury duty for an alerted post - dumb alert, and

Bill Maher jokes about killing Medea Benjamin with a drone strike. Ha ha

Tighter border security means more migrants die while trying to enter US, according to Amnesty

Oh Noes, Help Me, I've Become OLD

Tighter border security means more migrants die while trying to enter US, according to Amnesty

Liberalism in ascendancy

Obama simply needs new advisor's.

LA Times: Terra-Gen gets OK on wind farm in wake of condor decision

When were you saved?

The Champions!

Rachel Maddow video on Cuccinelli and his bozo Lt. Governor/Bishop

Oh you're going to McDonald's...

Hi all C&B folks...

GOP: Party of crybabies

House panel approves homeland bill, bars Brazilian immigrants

Digital reincarnation for Dunhuang's Buddhist art

Top chefs say Latin America will become culinary superpower

Does anyone here read tea leaves?

A 'phoning-while-driving' asshole almost killed me today.

'Maoist rebels' kill 17 in India

Future Doctors Unaware of Their Obesity Bias

Republican Party, "Please Proceed ..."

Krugman: The Closing of the Conservative Mind

2013 SSTF report is still not out

LOL Youtube of then Senator Obama's Bus Driver(Sm Business Owner) during 2008 Campaign

Krugman: Conservative Movement Allows 'No Room For Independent Thinking'

2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure

Los Angeles . please foster this pup so he can get out

James Cameron relives his heart-stopping descent to the deepest part of the ocean.

Feed me, fucker.

What a week... what a week. Bartender, gimme a bowl o' beer.

I salute you, my uber-soggy DU brothers and sisters.

Step aside, Amazing Grace. It's Sing-Along-With-Jesus-Time!!!

MFM HATED shopping for shoes until he discovered "The Secret". Get shitfaced right before you go.

MiddleFingerMom suspects his cardiologist has absolutely no respect for him anymore.

The God of Abraham

Protesters 'March Against Monsanto' in 250 Cities

Talking to a Living Room Table

Louis CK nails the banking system: funny because it is true

Do not alert on this thread!

Man Might Face 75 Years is Prison for Videotaping Police

TAYLOR GLACIER, ANTARCTICA BLOOD FALLS Natural time capsule containing an alien ecosystem

The Problem with 'Boys Will Be Boys'


Your Memorial Day Holiday Weekend SMILES

Have you been Catfished?

Natl Catholic Reporter: Beyond the caricature, the poor people’s president (Hugo Chavez Frias)

Protesters in over 400 cities march vs Monsanto

"Nookie" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "nookie".

Did I miss anything about a June contest?