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Last Living Man Born in 19th Century Likely Has Genes to Thank

Dumb Criminals: Drug Smuggler Caught After Writing Name In Cocaine

Why America Needs An Education Spring

Please, Skinner, I beg you....

And now a word from my sponsors...

Secondary School Students also protesting education in Chile now

18 year old guy seduces 14 year old guy. Criminal act?

Who Will Be the Patriot in the U.S. Senate to Call for Hearings into the War in Iraq?

Well, hell.

California SAFE Act being voted on right now

"Health Law Critics Seek to Gut It by Attacking Exchanges"

Supreme court gives inmates more leeway to challenge convictions

Best cover of a Jacques Brel song...

"Republicans Are Using the IRS Scandal to Hide Their Koch Fueled Shady Activities"

G4S accused of holding South African prisoners in isolation illegally

Facebook gives way to campaign against hate speech on its pages

Personal biometric guns?

Missouri yearbook prank leads to student's arrest

Divided Court, in 2 Rulings, Makes It Easier to Challenge Criminal Convictions.

Next up on CNN: 400,000 rape kits waiting for DNA testing in the USA

Coworker Sex Survey Reveals That 54 Percent Have Had Sex With Work Colleague

Shouldn't we be taking these Chinese hackings more seriously?

Civics question

Southeast DU'ers...When do the Fireflies ("Lightening Bugs) show up in Your Area?

Not a Van Halen fan, but you gotta see this

Kali KNOWS she shouldn't operate heavy machinery after breathing ranch smell and smoke all day.

Sad news -- for the first time in her life, Skittles has lost an Ass-kicking contest.

Protect yourself by learning the Petting Death Zones.


Uncle MFM wasn't allowed to pick the "Day Trip with the Kids" destinations any more.

MiddleFingerMom went to the Olive Garden today where everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal.

Does anyone else believe that John McGramps would secretly like to

Illicit financial flows have made Africa 'a net creditor to the world'

Two U.S. embassy personnel shot at Venezuelan strip club

Gaze Upon the Danish Dream of Freedom

If you contend that Kate Hunt is being prosecuted because of her sexual orientation

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's Ninja Kitteh!

4 in 1

Oh Oh, this pic is going to get them both in trouble....

montsano...stealing bees

Baby lynx

California Governor, Without Republicans To Obstruct Him, Creates Budget Surplus

Dear John letter

Cuddle of Cute

The last time Mrs. Earth_First asks for an unspecified 'snack' ?

Rare: Wedge Tornado Goes On For An Hour Nearly Stationary and Then Backs West

"Wal-Mart Could Easily Pay $12 An Hour"

Russia: Iran must join Syria peace conference

Tunisia court 'convicts 20' over US embassy attack

I have no problem w/ the IRS actions

Student Test Scores Show That 'Grit' Is More Important Than IQ

Tornado reported in southern Genesee County, in Michigan

Northern Ireland town turns into virtual Potemkin village ahead of G8

An El Supremo appreciation thread...

Larry Klayman: "Its the Jews' fault! And they should all be locked up!"

Bring on the Pacers!

which states are basically "opting out" of Obamacare or basically not going to

Venezuelan president urges workers to move towards socialism

50 Common Misquotations

St. Louis priest comes out as gay

Man Obeyed Mich. Laws, But Will Serve 10 [years] In Federal Prison For Family Pot Operation

"Tea Party Senators jump the shark"

"Driving While Barack"

The Dog Ate Fox’s Subpoena!

Toontown evacuated after explosion at Disneyland, police say

Men as Slaves in War

Disgraced Former NYPD Head Kerik out of Prison

Economic gains boost US confidence to 5-year high

Tax overhaul: Looking to IRS scandal for momentum

Michele Bachmann in tough spot; plan your popcorn needs accordingly

Lipstick Gate~

Poems on Kindness in a Time of War

Presidents I have hated.

City of Anarchy



In which I invoke the words of Karl Marx to make a point about the Detroit Institute of Arts.

I have five cigarettes left. Damn. I'm really gonna miss tobacco....

GOP Senators To Supreme Court: Curtail The President’s Recess Appointment Power

Yanno . . . all this yammering about how far right the repubs have gone . . . . .

Facebook Agrees to Block Humor about Sexual Assault

So the IRS scandal is imploding

Caption this: I AM THE TEA PARTY

New SARS-like virus is a 'threat to the entire world'

The Wealthy hoard money- Thom Hartman

Peace and prosperity

How envious Russia and China must be, for America found more people to FREE!

Summer Rentals Hit $1 Million in the Hamptons

Do you REALLY believe that Kaitlyn Hunt is a SEXUAL PREDATOR?

Not Meant for people with a heart condition

Gold Dust...

One of the better under-rated movies...


Woman Accused Of Assaulting Man With Lawn Ornament

Two U.S. embassy personnel shot at Venezuelan strip club

I really think it's time for a new group

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Oh brother. Tornado Warnings! SW Michigan.

PBS West Coast now - Billy Joel and James Taylor sing Carole King songs

I can't think of a caption.

'Hactivist' Faces 10 Years in Fed Prison for Stratfor Leaks

The Swon Brothers.

Iowa man gets probation for fatally shooting dog Christmas Eve

Would GOP Austerity Lead to Growth?GOP Austerity Enriches Billionaires at Workers' Expense

You are supporting Walmart strikers, aren't you?

Fred the bulldog

Rachel Maddow - Technology creates new challenges for policing money laundering

Rachel Maddow - Shell admits tax avoidance played role in rig accident

When Clinton was impeached, it really didn't end up meaning anything.

Moscow Slams EU Move to Lift Syria Arms Ban

Iran Extends $4-Bln Credit to Syria

Ecuador says UK violating human rights of WikiLeaks' Assange

anyone use pixoto?

Have there been any indictments with all these Obama "scandals"?

Rachel Maddow - GOP's lurch right leaves party moderates behind

Decades Later, Back to the Hill

U36: Another Fuel Cell Submarine for the German Navy

Aphids on my roses, dang nabbit!!

Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Pleads Guilty to Stratfor Attack

not a good day.

What Am I Missing Re: the IRS "Scandal"?

LeBron James fouls out as Pacers beat Heat in Game 4

So much for the liberal media!

All I do is sleep.

Why is Led Zeppelin so uneven?

Another SF Bay Bridge construction error: Bolts along bike path fail

What do you do when ALL the supermarkets in your area donate to the Pubs?

Report: Trump spends $1M on 2016 research

Todd Akin's "Legitimate Rape" Quote Has Inspired a Pinball Game In France (PHOTOS)

Keith Ellison: Single Payer and Expanding Social Security

Tornado risk goes beyond the 'Alley'

North Korea and China are no longer blood brothers

How to help a friend suffering from BDD?

Women and the seven year lack of itch...

Anonymous-linked groups publish EDL supporters' personal information

I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in...

Pakistan Says U.S. Drone Killed Taliban Leader

Earliest Case of Child Abuse Discovered

Petition for Obama administration to help NASA to develop a warp core by 2073

Oh FFS! The Cartoon the Bank of Canada Doesn’t Want You to See

Amazing historic photos...

Siggraph 2013, for anyone interested in computer graphics.

Some Germans Balk at Plan to Use Drones to Fight Graffiti

what an evil pos.

Walmart fined $110 million for dumping toxic chemicals in California

BREAKING: Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann Says She Will Not Run for Re-Election in 2014

Media Ignores World Wide Protests Against Monsanto

World Order...

shit foam and exploding barns

May 29th is Put A Pillow on Your Fridge Day

What if Kaitlyn Hunt had used a sexual predator drone?

Syria crisis: rebels condemn opposition coalition

Missouri's method for calculating minimum wage seen as a model for push to raise federal wage

The Canard of the Liberal Media -- The Washington Post Soft Pedals GOP Extremism in North Carolina

Michele Bachmann Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2014 (VIDEO)

Chess makes move as next spectator sport

Michele Bachmann to leave Congress, insisting departure has nothing to do with ongoing ethics invest

Congress orders investigation of former ministers over Uribe reelection bribe

Mammoth find: Preserved Ice Age giant found with flowing blood in Siberia

UK confirms extended detentions of up to 90 Afghans

GM salmon can breed with wild fish and pass on genes

Man held after Chile's Bachelet spat on

Democracy Now: Chicago School Closures

Tea Party Labels John McCain An ‘Illegal Immigrant’ (for his trip to Syria)

Come and bid Michele Bachman farewell: She's not running for re-election next year

Soyuz capsule docks with space station carrying new crew for outpost

Michele Bachmann Has Inspired a Sexy Romance Novel

$19B Ecuador Liability Puts Chevron CEO on Hot Seat at Annual Meeting Tomorrow

US prosecutors: Liberty Reserve ran $6bn money-laundering scheme

Second Former Peru President Faces Inquiry Before Campaign

Democracy Now: Penny Pritzker

"SARS-like" MERS-CoV claims another victim -- mortality rate has passed 50 percent

Senator Baldwin's First Speech on the U.S. Senate floor

Laborers strike Independent Pipe for health and pension payments

On the Front Lines of Food Safety

Hackers post 'EDL members' contact details' online

A 100-Year-Old Idea That Could Transform the Labor Movement

Rare twin giraffes born in Central Texas

American Crystal Sugar employees return to work

Right To Work dies in the Missouri Legislature

Feminist analysis of video game tropes booted off YouTube within hours

Mother of newborn in sewer was present for rescue

In honor of Bachmann's exit, this is worth a review...

Police: Man, hiding in cactus, suspected of sex while driving

Mothers now top earners in 4 in 10 US households

My miracle can beat up your miracle, Mark Morford

OH teacher fired while pregnant to testify

Justice Department questions nix July elections (Bibb County, Georgia)

OK we know there are investigations re Bachmann's finances

Inside the Actors Studio Host James Lipton on His Favorite Interview and Pimping in Paris

One of the biggest scams ever: bottled water...quote mine .article.: National Geographic

Say hello to Allen West and Joe Walsh, why don't you Michelle?

Luckovich nails the Republicans once again

Prominent banker charged in thefts

Mama, you got to let that bird boogie-woogie... ... It's in him... ... ... and it's got to come out.

Prosecutors Use Patriot Act to Shut Down Virtual Currency Operator

U.S. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Alan Gross

Public (UK) backs Government subsidy for new nuclear

An old man's message for the young

UN court convicts 6 Bosnian Croats of atrocities

Chicago to Shutter 50 Public Schools: Is Historic Mass Closure An Experiment in Privatization?

First Lady To Attend Boston Fundraiser For Markey, Meet With Bombing Victims

Blue Springs native is first active men’s college basketball player to say he’s gay

Maybe the IRS WASN’T Wrong About the Tea Party Groups

Brazil's 'lost report' into genocide surfaces after 40 years

Momma cat update

"I'm outta here!" Please come CAPTION Michele (My Hell) Bachmann!!!

A Law That Keeps Gun Makers Smiling

Jack Kennedy at 96: The torch is passed...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- CONgress

So, Kaitlyn Hunt is an immature 18 year old

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Rights

Sonic Lost World debut trailer restarts the Sonic Cycle

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

May 18 - Spain celebrates 2nd anniversary of Indignados

can someone tell me how to post photos?

Republicans Sabotaging Obamacare At The Expense Of The Middle Class And Poor

I over-wintered an alstroemeria!

A Minnesotan's Thoughts about Michele Bachmann

I wonder if Michele Bachman is going house hunting while in Russia? Think of the

Daily Mail Translator Guide

NYT on The Wisdom of Bob Dole: GOP "not only abandoning its past, but damaging the country’s future"

China's Shuanghui buying Smithfield Foods for about $5 billion in cash

Exclusive: The first pictures of blood from a 10,000 year old Siberian woolly mammoth B

Deadline could backfire on gun-control advocates [Illinois]

Letter from al-Qaida's Leaders To their most difficult employee: YOU SUCK!

Al-Qaeda letter indicates $1.1M paid to free diplomats Fowler, Guay

Papantonio: Eric Holder Destroying Obama Presidency

With State refusing to provide more school funds, Phila. district seeks power to collect old taxes

Hey, the National Spelling Bee is starting today!! D*mn, I don't get ESPN3

Bye bye Bachmann - By Joan Walsh

Smithfield to Be Sold to Chinese Meat Processor

PA. House Republicans Come to the Rescue, With a 0.1% Increase in Public School Funding

Communist pact bolsters Bachelet in Chile poll. Former president is favourite to regain her position

Florida: You are officiallly off the hook (as in: no longer on the hook)

PHOTO - Full Circle: Food Porn > Actual Porn > Food Porn

Decline in biodiversity of farmed plants, animals gathering pace

The Proper Order…

The Animal Poems

How to defeat a mountain lion if you get into a confrontation:

It's getting pretty bad when the US media starts paying attention (Rob Ford)

Guns in the USA

Pic Of The Moment: Michele Bachmann Announces She Will Not Seek Re-election In 2014

THIS Should Be Fun To Watch

A moment of reflection for America's comedians please

The Rosen Case: Questions About the Kim Warrant

Bosnian Croat leaders jailed for 1990s ethnic cleansing

Stanley Kubrick Trivia Time

A Match Made in Mackinac

Pastor to ban Boy Scouts from meeting at church bc they voted to allow openly gay scout members.

Allegation ends coach's career

Cuba to increase unrestricted Internet access at new outlets

New York City Public Libraries Attack Alert – Privatizing Prized Locations and Cutting Budget by 35%

Noam Chomsky: The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What's Wrong with Libertarians

13 Things That Americans Do That The Rest Of The World Just Finds Bizarre

The 13 people who made torture possible

Noticed little white things on rose bush

A word to the wary - solar panel defects?

Is Dow down today due to disappointment about Bachmann???

FB users praise gawd for disturbing story about the rape of a woman...

Gaze Upon the Danish Dream of Freedom

I'm Not Batman…

Who will replace Bachmann as the Republican poster child?

Turf Wars over lake access. This is the kind of hostile, adverse possession attempts

RudyGHOULIANI's excellent judgment & Judith REGAN's hot wingnut boytoy Bernie KERIK is out of prison

'World's oldest Torah' scroll found in Italy

Two Virginia Republican Women Blast "The Worst Ticket EVER!!"

Michele Bachmann is out. Why winning her seat just got more difficult for Democrats.

Michele Bachmann sacrifices for the greater good...

Hide the children, warn the old folks - LIPSTICK-GATE has arrived!

Here's the Story About an Android Named "Data"…

10 Supreme Court nominees NOT named Sri Srinivasan

Dirty lettuce photo gets 3 Burger King workers fired

Did "Game of Thrones" skip last Sunday?

The Fed Ex truck is here? Great…

New Bill Would Provide Credit Report Relief to Medical Debtors

Update: The Texas rampage shooting by Marine update

…And Now, Today's Episode Of "YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!!!"

Attack on Red Cross office in Afghan city of Jalalabad

Grimm to Skip Dinner featuring Ted Cruz

Poz and Punishment

BBC: Avatars ease voices for schizophrenia patients

For the headline writer, it was an opportunity of a lifetime…

Police Trace Final Steps Of Murdered Queens Woman

Shell Admits Real Reason for Arctic Drilling Rig Run Aground: Failed Tax Avoidance Scheme

Carter’s Belated Triumph

Congressman Smith Reintroduces the Rural Economic Revitalization Act

Tropical Storm Barbara now Hurricane Barbara - Cat1

GM 'hybrid' fish pose threat to natural populations, scientists warn

Blizzard delays unannounced MMO until 2016, resets whole project (exclusive)

Missouri yearbook prank leads to student's arrest

Dolphin-assisted childbirth: Yes, it's a thing now

Questions about how people react upon someone's death.

The complicit media: still trying to push Republican scamdals.

Julian Assange: Stratfor Hacker Jeremy Hammond Guilty Plea Part of Crackdown on Journalism, Activism

USAID-supported gay training to take place in Colombia

Republican Court Unpacking Plan Takes Judicial Manipulation to a New Level

Next in Silva case: Kern County District Attorney reviews case

America as a punishment and revenge society.

Email from Democracy North Carolina: "Moral Mondays" and more...

Reflect atheists in a more positive light: Column

My Near Miss

Pope Francis should tread carefully when speaking of non-Catholic religions

Crazy Isn't as Crazy Was: How the GOP Ran Out of Use for Michele Bachmann


Bachmann's 5 best predictions...

Sad Cat Diaries…

Brazil's 'lost report' into genocide surfaces after 40 years

(UK) Courts may be privatised to save Ministry of Justice £1bn

The 9/11 conspiracy theorist who changed his mind

A journey through Iran

Religion, the tool

Care givers check in

INN: Venezuela to eradicate hunger by 2015

Congress’s Average I.Q. Expected to Rise in 2015 - Borowitz musings on Bachman departure to come

For fans of metal and rock with more of an open mind

3 major Democratic fundraisers to help raise money for potential Hillary Clinton run

Get the facts on Immigration reform

Obama explains lipstick on his collar

Going under the knife? Avoid Fridays. Trust us, we asked a doctor

Abbott and Costello discuss chemistry.

The corporate epidemic and meth.

France's First Gay Newlyweds Say 'Oui'

Cyclists will be able to sign up this week for Chicago’s bike-sharing program

A brief summary of Dr. Krugman's debate with the Beltway Insider Club:

Even Al Qaeda Keeps Track Of Expense Reports

While Guards Fall Asleep, Jewel Thief Being Extradited To Germany Escapes

Dumb Criminals: Two Drunk Tourists Steal Golf Cart For Joyride At Epcot Center

March Against Monsanto - Photos From Around the World - May 25, 2013

Tornados Around the World (warning: Video heavy)

eBay Kills Jewish Man's $100K Bid To Sell His Spot In The Afterlife

Wisconsin: TAKE ACTION TODAY to save Wisconsin public schools

Vive l'amour!: First gay wedding in France

We’re Being Watched

In celebration of today: The Michelle Bachmann History Channel

CNN Botches Key Facts In Holder Story

Bravo Host James Lipton Admits To Being A Pimp In Paris

Why We Hope Michele Bachmann Stays in Retirement

Empire State Building investors approve IPO plan

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 29, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 29, 1965


Henrique Capriles, governor of Miranda abandons his duties in Miranda to travel to Colombia

Digital Mammography IS much less painful

Papa John's Pizza Employees (Sanford, FL) Racial Slurs Caught On Voicemail

Under pressure, Facebook targets sexist hate speech

Random quotes

The Democratic Party is now the Party of Lincoln

Sources: Lincoln Chafee to Switch Parties, Become Democrat.

Thom Hartmann: The ObamaCare Rate Shocker - for Blue States Only...

ABC: Churches Cutting Ties To Scouts Over New Policy Accepting Gays

Wisconsin Plain Talk: Our governor should mind his own scandals

Defense workers begin receiving furlough notices

City Controller John Liu gets backing from city's largest public union, DC 37

Harry Reid says abuse of filibuster must end

How is it that the Heritage Foundation under it's 501(c)3 is a tax exempt business?

Underground Experiment Asks Why We're Not Antimatter

DOE Launches Public-Private Partnership to Deploy Hydrogen Infrastructure

High Priority: PA. State Police Busting PA. Residents for Buying Booze in Delaware

R.I. Gov. Chafee to become Democrat, run for 2nd term

Afghan Peace Volunteers thank Bradley Manning

CNN: North Carolina lawmakers shame state. TalkingDog: No shit.

Obamacare Is Forcing Cuts to High-End Health Plans, and Not Just For the Rich

Poll: McAuliffe Leads Cuccinelli By 5 In Va. Governor’s Race

Batshit Bachmann should run for against Al Franken for Senate in 2014.

Marcy and one of her chase buddies, Charlie, at the park

Feds fault Albany schools in race-bullying response

Abortion rights crusader Henry Morgentaler, revered and hated, dead at 90 (Canada)

Damsel in Distress: Part 2 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson heads to Apple (to be “vice president for environmental initiatives”)

Coming this summer to TLC and/or A&E!

Feminist analysis of video game tropes booted off YouTube within hours (later restored)

Papantonio: Austerity Push Continues Despite Falling Deficit

Police Shoot & Kill Grandfather While Responding To Burglary Call

Half of America in poverty, RIGHT...

US mothers increasingly main family breadwinner

Wal-Mart Stores Caught Dumping Hazardous Waste Into California Drains, Company Pleads Guilty

New Mexico County Becomes First In Nation To Ban Fracking Over Concern For Water Supply

Australian IT Worker And His Wife Claim To Be Reincarnates Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene

Mormon-owned DI cuts workers’ hours, avoids Obamacare rule

California teen misses trip, 5 friends die in crash

‘Trigger-happy’ cops shoot 72-year-old Texas man dead inside his own garage


LA Times lies that average effective corporate tax rate is 27%

Man Calls 911 Claiming He Has Proof Of Bigfoot

Nice piece from CNN: Walking tour of the tornado's path

California Woman Finds Childhood Essay In Used Bible 65 Years Later

Tea Party groups suing IRS.

France's first same sex couple weds

Democratic Party Chair Mike Berlon Prepared to Step Down

PPP: McAuliffe 42%-Cuccinelli 37%; Dems Lead for Virginia LG, AG as Well

Tornado survivor finds dog during live TV interview

First college men’s basketball player to come out: ‘You’ve got to be comfortable with who you are’

Freepers have a sad...

JC Penney in hot water over kettle that looks like Hitler

Is there a limit to how many rooms you can be a host in?

Join us in GD for Pit Bull Wednesday!

Have you ever filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Or Chapter 13?

Who was the first to summit Everest?

Nebr. Senator Mansplains Women in Interview

Shovel Head is brain dead? Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

'In Cold Blood' DNA testing inconclusive, so far

FLOTUS To Mass. Dems: You ‘Cannot Elect Barack Obama By A Landslide’ And Lose Senate Seat

Paul LePage: "We Might As Well Go Home ... And Get Our Guns Out"

U.S. finds unapproved genetically modified wheat in Oregon


NJ 101.5 radio hosts under fire for alleged comments on animal cruelty

Human error led to U.S. Marines' death in mortar mishap: probe

Hey - the tabs look different

Does Spain’s History Provide a Lesson in Syria’s Civil War?

Security Guard At N.Y. High School Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up School

Disneyland employee arrested in Toontown explosion

Kansas Memory website.. (nice detour from daily hair-pulling politics)

The 9/11 conspiracy theorist who changed his mind

Security Guard At N.Y. High School Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up School

The 9/11 conspiracy theorist who changed his mind

Did some yard work last weekend. Very pic heavy.

Pipeline Radon Fear Starting to Catch Fire

Who left the cake out in the rain?

Finnish software firm (SC5) offers to pay part of staff’s salary in Bitcoin currency

Smoldering Landfill Could Threaten Nuclear Waste.

Glenn Beck sees media conspiracy to label him a ‘conspiracy theorist’

Seven tornados confirmed in Mid-Michigan area, last night

Well, the back window on my car got busted

Papantonio: Proposed Trade Deal Is NAFTA On Steroids

Canadians in Cuba recall the horrors of Cuba (w/pictures)

For those who need a little chuckle...

Uses for really crappy coffee?

Scientists uncover frozen mammoth, blood flows out

IRS targets medical marijuana businesses in government's war on weed

Some strings attached.


Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson heads to Apple

Trial date set in Iowa court case against Michele Bachmann

Chinese hack design files of over 2 doz major weapon systems - congrats to the modern Ghengis Khans

Canada's War on Weed, (and how folks in BC feel about legalization in Washington and Colorado)

GOP Strategists Relieved By Michele Bachmann’s Exit

Disney World guest leaves loaded gun on ride

When I imagine it, I feel sick.

Calling All Wonks: Can Red State-Rejected Federal Money Go Into A Trust Fund? Anyone Know?

Google Glass’ First Porn App Guarantees Sex Is Never Out Of Sight

Nice story about Nolan

Jack Vance has died

Hey scientists....

"Boys will be boys!"

Missing Man Found After He Walks Up To TV Crew Doing Story On Him.

Adam Kokesh Calls Off Armed March On D.C. in Favor of 50 State March

Michelle Bachmann's Legislative Accomplishments

Rob Ford’s former staffers’ emails, telephone records ordered destroyed: sources

Bills That Would Gut Wall Street Reform Overwhelmingly Pass House Committee

Someone on DU began talking about the inevitability of revolution. Why not revolution?

When gunnuttery and anti-unionism collide: Howdy, Tennessee!


What's for Dinner, Wed., May 29, 2013

I wonder if Kaitlyn Hunt can seek asylum in France. Look which film won the Palme d'Or.

Why do fundies adore Leviticus 18.22...

Too good to be true ? A $140K+ house is up for $79K

Walmart fined $82 million for dumping poisons

Immigrants Give More to Medicare Than They Receive, a Study Finds

Mercury News editorial: California should enact plastic bag ban

"Monkeys are like nature's humans.”

Review on Amazon of Michele Bachmans book Core of Conviction

Everything is "Breaking News"...


Gun control calls grow louder as Newtown families give voice to grief

Who influenced you the most when it comes to your views on religion?

Just when you thought McCain could not be a bigger ass......

Take your kids and guns to Disney World!!!

Franken Gets First GOP Challenger

Russian scientists make rare find of 'blood' in mammoth

Pat Robertson threatens ‘nasty’ progressive group with ‘full-scale exposé’

Wealthy win lion's share of major tax breaks

Would You Work For a Scientologist?

European countries to be allowed to ease austerity

So what do you think this person is up to?

What do you do if you unintentionally trash a thread?

Apple Pie Fries

South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online

The Big Thaw

Why are the tab lables at the top of the page no longer bolded?

E.ON starts work on 288MW offshore wind farm (Germany)

UK - Treasury closes 900 million-pound energy firm tax loophole

Gamesa’s First Order in Kenya to Supply Nairobi Wind Farm

People don't care about the IRS "Scandal" even if it was true

Meet Robert Ingersoll, America’s most famous forgotten atheist

A Pagan’s Highlight Reel of Michele Bachmann’s Tenure in Office

Jury results went *POOF*!

‘Nuns on the Bus’ kick off immigration tour

Summer Was The Ancient Egyptian Sex Season


Sometimes a picture DOES say a thousand words.

School database loses backers as parents balk over privacy

Archaeology in Mexico: 5000 Cave Paintings Discovered; Likely Made By Early Hunter-Gatherers

Bankrupt Patriot Coal can reject collective bargaining - court rules

How one Irish woman made $22bn for Apple in a year

Question, I don't know if any gods exist or not, therefore I don't believe any do, what am I?

Why do we name fences and charges for the same guy?

EWTN & Immigration

CNN: DOJ Has Proof It Alerted News Corp. Of Rosen Subpoena

If Tea Party Goddess said 8 years is enough shouldn't Steve King obey?

The Obama Tar Sands Pipeline? Kudos to Van Jones for speaking truth to power

US congressional delegation in Russia to investigate Boston bombings intelligence

Leeds council tackles bedroom tax with semantic solution

Waliur Rehman Dead: Pakistan Taliban No. 2 Reportedly Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

I've been away from DU for a week or so

How to read the Golden Dawn material

Ricin letters sent to Mayor Bloomberg

I think I just heard to stupidest thing, I've ever heard on the local news

Walter Rhett: Retrograde Anomalies

This Just In ...

Hey Republicans!

Crazy-eyes did not WIN the Iowa Straw Poll.. she BOUGHT it..

Ed school dean: Urban school reform is really about land development (not kids)

joke: Woman with a Quick Wit..pretty clean..

"Preliminary tests indicate ricin was found in letters sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg"

U.S. soldier accused in Afghanistan massacre makes plea deal: lawyer

Michele Bachmann is Retiring, Leaving a Texan as Craziest in Congress

CNN: DOJ Has Proof It Alerted News Corp. Of Rosen Subpoena

Threatening letter to Bloomberg tests positive for ricin

Exxon Mobil shareholders reject gay rights proposal

Missing man walks up to news crew reporting on missing man

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 May 2013

Breaking (CNN): Ricin-laced envelops sent to Bloomberg, gun-control group

This is how I found out about my particular job situation:

Bill Watterson's portrait of a grown up Calvin

Nine inspiring lessons the suffragettes can teach feminists today

1 train derailed at 122nd Street and Broadway

Mars Curiosity Radiation Findings To Be Announced Thursday May 30

A full grown female mammoth found under the ice in Siberia, complete with flowing blood...

Obama to Pick Former Bush Official to Lead F.B.I.

The "Eight Is Enough" Theme Song for Michele "eight years is long enough" Bachmann

Moto Art (beauty re purposed)

Syria peace talks in jeopardy as both sides entrench positions

Stillbirth (a taboo subject) -- w/edit

A request for help - about the process of direct and delegate democracy

Teacher fired by Catholic school after artificial insemination

Archaeopteryx restored in fossil reshuffle (BBC)

Hey Baby, Wanna Boogie?

Louisiana Passes Bill to Lessen Marijuana Penalties

National Geographic To Make John F. Kennedy Movie Based on Bill O' Reilly's Book

DU pilots - need help identifying some old planes **DIALUP WARNING**

What’s in Your Green Tea?

Change in S.&P. 500 under each president

Cleveland Ohio Charter School story on CBS.

Maine Governor suggests he will use guns against those who won't allow him to run propaganda video

Two Weeks After Calling for Obama Impeachment, Michele Bachmann Quits Due to Ethics Scandal

Why Teaching the Tulsa Race Riot Is More Than Just Teaching History

Can ya'll please make the tabs text at the top of the pages bolded or something?

Regarding dog threads.

Just read about new wooly mammoth discovery

OK, I'm not accusing anybody of making Soylent Green


Organic polymers show sunny potential (block copolymer solar cells)

Jewelry auction as fundraiser for a DUer!

Twitter too complicated for newcomers, says CEO

Stanford scientists develop high-efficiency zinc-air battery

Officials: Man who knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot

Why James Rosen Is Not Blameless

Michelle Bachmann's greatest legacy to science

"Study: PolitiFact Says Republicans Lie Three Times More Often Than Dems"

Toles toon on Bachman retirement

Beck reacts to Bachmann not running again

Chris Hayes Delivers MSNBC’s Lowest 8 PM Ratings Since 2006

Anyone see this documentary? Fascinating.

Speaking up against the PTB

Artificial sweeteners may do more than sweeten

So now I'm rapidly going blind in my OTHER eye

Puerto Rico Governor Signs Local ENDA, Domestic Violence Bills

Boston Strong Concert~ Will be Broadcast live tomorrow @

"New Jack Toronto" by Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo

"President Barack Obama plans to nominate James Comey to replace Robert Mueller as FBI director"

Volcker Cautions Federal Reserve May ‘Fall Short’

Don't "TEA" on my head and tell me it's raining ...