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Silent no more

Egyptian woman's group protests govt official's sexist comments

Chris Hayes is tearing the gun manufacturers weapon for children

Obama's 2012 Labor Day proclamation...

How conspiracists think

Duke OKs student health insurance coverage for sex reassignment

Obama Arrives in Mexican Capital to Meet With New Leader

(Calif.) Gov. Brown OKs funds to confiscate guns from criminals, mentally ill

Meet the next Senator from Georgia

Morehouse grapples with Obama critic’s role at graduation weekend

Atheism to Defeat Religion By 2038 (photo update)

hmmm. september appointment for genetic testing got bumped up

this video is wonderful..... promise it will make you smile

March 2013: U.S. Department of Labor Celebrates 100 Years of Helping American Workers

"Agenda 21"

Boy - the world's smallest film star

Robotic insect: World's smallest flying robot takes off

How UC Berkeley killed BDS

Legislators review volunteer fire department funding

Anyone here extra sensitive to noise?

Here is a little story I used to tell when I was on the campaign trail...

Happy Hour! ("And MOST happy hour" says Will...)

From red to blue in Texas?

This is five year old thinking. A five year old cannot comprehend gun safety.

Question ...I got the latest version of Explorer. Moves ok, but

Keystone critic was engineer at pipeline company TransCanada

Pope Francis Tells Pope Benedict to Stop Rolling His Eyes in Meetings

Buckeyes tell Obama No Pipeline at OSU Commencement

Can you please take a look at this thread? Some people seem to be promoting armed revolution.

National Train Day, May 11th -

Corporate Johns and turning legislative tricks

Institutionalized Spying on Americans: Big Brother is No Longer a Fiction

National Train Day, May 11 -

RIP Jeff Hanneman

Man Who Confronted Congressman Mike Rogers Speaks!

I'm watching a Stanley Cup playoff game-Is the Stanley Cup the coolest trophy in sports or what?

Finger Pointing And Few Answers After Texas Explosion

Etymology: why libertarians are literally "idiots"

I love PBS...

Women in Egypt stand strong against 'sexual terrorism'

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Have a Koch and a Smile & a new Puppies gif

St. Paul ponders future of Dorothy Day Center for needy

"the color of your skin is your sin."

Suicide Rate Climbs For Middle-Aged Americans

Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Rhode Island

I wasn't aware that George Jones did this song.

I'm addicted to smoothies

High Capacity Magazine PSA

The suicide rate for American WOMEN aged 60 -64 years increased 59.7% Yep. 59/7%

Radioactive Pizza travels from Italy to Cambria

Help needed with "the two parties are equally guilty" discussion

Is Google Glass Bad for Your Eyes?

BRRRR! I'm freezing!

New SARS-related virus kills five more in Saudi Arabia

An oldie...Sink the Bismark..Johnny Horton

Share your thoughts on UFOs!

It is time to take a firm stand to denounce those who advocate "Second Amendment Solution" terrorism

McLennan County Disaster Preparedness Drills Didn’t Include West Fertilizer Company Plant

Truck Delivering Waste From Fracking Operation Quarantined at Hazardous Waste Landfill As Too Danger

Terror database too vague to flag Boston suspect

Obama Proclaims May 3rd, May 3rd!!

Peru and Ecuador temporarily recall ambassadors after supermarket brawl

The Menaced Assassin.

"Daily Caller Pushes Invented Psychological Disorder To Silence Victims Of Gun Violence"

Seriously! What the HELL is this freakin knee jerk reaction of late. people label Terrorists

Activism by Egyptian women

U.S. Attorney General Says Kansas Gun Law Is Unconstitutional.

Super Hits of the 70's

JPMorgan Caught in Swirl of Regulatory Woes.

Having problem with Teahadist partner

"Not Everything Is Political" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich (((Authentic)))!

Keiser Report: Paper Jihad

The president should offer his Guantanamo plan to Congress (Buck McKeon-R OpEd)

Guantanamo Detainees Cleared For Release Take Part In Hunger Strike

Let's make Mitch #McConnell a 5 time #GOP Senator.

Yay, America!

Horrible gas bags they always were!

Shit, the idiotic Stop-and-Frisk NYC Cops are really out of control now, see this picture.....

Mr. Rogers: Superhero

The end of an era

Just a personal observation of how loose things are

"Oral" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "oral".

Idiotic Teabaggerati forget the lessons of Clint Eastwooding

Greg Palast: Billionaire Bankster Penny Pritzker Breaks into Obama's Cabinet

Super Hits of the Sixties

Fox News Poll: Nationwide Support For Medical Marijuana Legalization At All Time High!

The last word~

Union workers prepared to strike at Baytown refinery

Sephardi Stories, on the Record

This is without a doubt the most bizarre weather I have ever seen in my life.

.Ovechkin Helps Capitals Beat Rangers 3-1 in Game 1.


Union-bill fight may not last long as GOP leaders show little interest

Maybe all guns should be pink

Will the two popes play checkers or 3 dimension chess?

The Song of Fire and Ice

Fracking Ban Stands in New York Town; Victory for Local Communities In case pitting community rights

Enquiring minds want to know

StudentsFirst under scrutiny from the left

Alright now… Time for some JOE B. Loving!

A Question

UFT President's Kin Under Investigation by NYC DOE

Saturn hurricane has 1,250 mile-wide eye

Where is Hillary and what has she been up too?

‘Aliens’ Messed with US, Soviet Nukes – US Airmen

Thank you to all those who spoke out.

The civil war in Iraq has already begun': Politician claims conflict has started

UW Police: Facebook post was a hoax; Citation: UW woman 'admitted' making controversial statement

"Dear Gamers…"

Hillary to appear at a benefit for "Citizens United"

Things that don't make sense (cartoon)

Teachers Shocked, Frightened After School Holds Unplanned Shooting Drill

Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos Cause High School Lockdown


So a Franciscan, a Dominican, and a Jesuit are celebrating Mass together . . .

the 5 year old shot and killed his sister because of Hollywood ?

Howard Dean: Republicans "doing everything they can to make sure Congress goes Democratic in 2014"

Empowered Workers Help Revive Factory After Hurricane Sandy

In postelection Venezuela, why nonviolence must win

If you are a lesbian in Texas, come to The Butchfest this weekend.

Judge axes federal suit over lake

Chinese scientists attacked for creating killer flu strain

Snyder’s Skunky Smell

PETITION: I Support Closing Guantanamo

Guatemala declares emergency in four towns to quell mining protests

I am getting a new Galaxy S 4!!

I'd like to do a song of great social and political import.

Facebook Rejects Ad Highlighting Zuckerberg Group’s Support For Keystone XL

(Arizona Gov.) Brewer vetoes bill making gold legal tender

Just to remind everybody....

Increased Police Presence At Synagogues Following Bomb Threats

Jewish leaders alarmed by far-right, anti-Semitism in Hungary

The Artist Taxi Driver, Noam Chomsky and the Boston eviction blockades

Jackson Browne with David Crosby, Graham Nash & David Lindley

Here's How the Rifle That Just Killed a 2-Year-Old Girl Is Marketed for Kids

I know you'd rather ignore the gungeon most of the time, but it's getting downright seditious

Limbaugh: "It Might Be Said That I Have Succeeded In Stigmatizing" Feminism

I think it's time for a remake of Three Days of the Condor

Focus on 2014: support your county and state Dem parties financially now

The Crickett website is currently down

I think the people who want reasonable

It's a hundred and ten in Gila Bend

Remarkable images of the Hindenburg

Political writing contest awarding four $250 prizes each month...

Sen. Al Franken: Cheetos are delicious

One of my favorite songs.

Meet the women behind Reductress, the feminist Onion

Fukushima nuclear plant leaking contaminated water

North Korea, a Prison without Bars

I need some DU vibes for my precious dog Louise

Disney pulls out of Bangladesh

First MRI experience

"Jim Porter elected as NRA president, replacing David Keene"

The Driver (an account of the death of Imad Mugniyeh)

Donald Trump’s hair discovered crawling in Amazon

Do you love your Mom? Do they love their Moms? Vote...

In any other country we'd call it an atrocity.

Wow! 9 million voters were suppressed in the last election

City of Washington Property Values Map From 1880

May 3, 1921 – West Virginia becomes the first state to legislate a broad sales tax

May 3: National Raspberry Tart Day

The death toll from the collapsed Bangladesh factory building has passed 500

Bhutto murder-case prosecutor shot dead in Islamabad

waiting to exhale

Locally owned businesses can help communities thrive

Join the Twitter war against Fix the Debt with some suggested tweets

Robert Bigelow Plans a Real Estate Empire in Space

David Pakman Hustler Founder Larry Flynt Endorses Republican Mark Sanford

Lost Underwater City Uncovered

Mandolin or fiddle players: picking/bowing a jig?

Solar Is Going To Change The World Much Faster Than Anyone Expects

4 Ways the Payday Loan Industry Sucks Billions From Local Economies (Hard Times USA)

Enjoy some My Bloody Valentine.

Why Clean Air and Worker Justice Are in Peril at America's Ports

Big Banks Are Knee-Deep in the Dirty Money-Laundering Business

Minimum pricing: Challenge to Scottish alcohol legislation fails

Need a newb-friendly distro for my Dad

This Powerful Spy Software Is Being Abused By Governments Around The World

SC's anti-transparency ruling about FOIA infomation, THWARTED!

Guatemala: state of siege declared as Army, police crack down after protests against Canadian-owned

In every state in New England (6), Marriage Equality is now the law of the land

Energized by Senate votes, pro-gun groups pledge "extensive war" on gun control

U.S. military plane disappears from radar on Kyrgyz-Kazakh border

NY Times Editorial: Putting Politics Ahead of Science (Plan B)

Pssst. Hey, South Carolina ...

Sanford vs Colbert-Busch- TOSS UP

US drone strikes being used as alternative to Guantánamo, lawyer says

Paul Ryan's Race Baiting

What are your favorite non-English words?

Trust In the British Establishment Has Been Destroyed

Exclusive - At Texas fertiliser plant, a history of theft, tampering

China arrests 900 in fake meat scandal

Scientists Discover a Brain Region That Controls Aging

NASA Mulls Missions for Donated Spy Satellite Telescopes

Dornier 17 to rise (hopefully) from Goodwin Sands.

Texas fertilizer plant, a history of theft, tampering

"Fast fashion" and its costs.

German bomber to rise from its English Channel grave

Nicaragua cloud forest 'under siege' by illegal loggers

Nicaragua cloud forest 'under siege' by illegal loggers

china emerging as new force in drone warfare

Hummus is Conquering America: U.S. farmers now growing more chickpea, less tobacco

Greg Palast: Billionaire Bankster Breaks into Obama's Cabinet

Change the name of the Washington, DC football team: Recursion's talking points

8 bodies found in Guatemala clandestine grave

Hillary and Governor Christy to speak in June at same event

A Woman Who Demands Her Rights And Doesn't Want To Have Kids Is Labeled A Feminist

Syria: The Only Red Line Should Be To Stay Out

First National Bank's struggles continue

Serving In The Military Is No Longer About Protecting Democracy. It Is About Protecting Billionaires

seriously, what is it with men and cigars?

Pay in Blood: May Day and Modern Politics

I am not sure if this is the right place, but here goes...

Toon- Another Great Idea From The American Firearms Industry!

Radioactive goldfish

Ah, yes the perfect Martini

How Planet Money, This American Life and NPR Have Become Key Players in the Bankers’ War on What's L

Jarrett Tried to Kill Pritzker Nomination

Are Methane Hydrates Really Going to Change Geopolitics?

Israeli court halts construction on section of West Bank barrier

X-POST FROM GD: Maddie and Jon go to prom

Anyone still doing the WoW thing?

LA Times: Dining hall workers at Pomona College vote to unionize

Bags of urine thrown as White Student Union clashes with May Day protesters

Ex-bodyguard for Rebekah Brooks charged in relation to UK phone hacking probe

VP Biden To Speak At South Carolina Dem Dinner, Attend Clyburn’s Fish Fry

Japan to sign Turkey nuclear deal

Tomgram: Ellen Cantarow, Big Energy Means Big Pollution

Suicides soar among US middle-aged people

Fresh off victory, NRA holds convention in Houston

Within the Profit Margin, the Stench of Death

MMR jab: Somali migrants have lingering fears on autism

Disabled Gaza baby lives in Israel hospital

Privacy Rights and Corporate Accountability in the Age of "Big Data"

Two Daddies, Two Birthdays for Reverend Al

Robotic insect: World's smallest flying robot takes off

Study from UK: Self-disparaging humor associated with being bullied

Monsignor Jack Schuler: St. Joseph reminds us that workers deserve justice

First African American jockey to possibly win the Derby since 1902

Some thoughts regarding markets and the garment industry.

American Legion: No crackdown on Christians for expressing faith

Dennis Trainor's 24 min filming of the bush lie-bury 4-25 Dallas TX

On This Day: HG Wells predicts outbreak of World War Two

April Iraq's deadliest month in almost five years

Dog sh*t advice...

The Morning-After Pill Should Be Available to All Ages

National effort for mental health funding...the right thing for the wrong reason

Six Whistleblowers Charged Under the Espionage Act

AFT calls for moratorium on Common Core consequences

Why Are People with Health Insurance Going Bankrupt?

Not to Mention the President's Alien Bodyguards . . .

Coal Miners to Leaflet Berkshire (Warren Buffett) Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha

sorry repukes, us april payrolls rise 165K, and jobless rate falls to 7.5%, and this happened in

WOAH! Breaking: Jobs!

Non-Farm Payrolls Rise More Than Expected, Up by 165,000 in April; Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.5%

Pentagon Blames UnitedHealth for Failures Under Contract

The three minutes that Reese Witherspoon wishes she could get back.

Heidi Heitkamp: Remember ND’s Native Americans during Global Poverty Week

Obama Administration Refreshes Its Push for a Major Infusion of Funds into the National Rail Program

UPDATE! I've been challenged by a Beck/Limbaugh right-winger

US rejects EU claim of insecticide as prime reason for bee colony collapse

Toon- Morning Briefing

Amtrak Subsidy Gone, States Must Pay the Freight

dupe, sorry

Toon -The Closet is all yours!

David Cameron’s Conservatives suffer blows in UK local elections from anti-EU UKIP

“We’re Number Umpteenth!”: The myth of lagging U.S. schools

so when they say choose your name wisely on DU....

Bangladesh official: Disaster not 'really serious'

Congressional GOP is not appealing to it's base

Don't unplug the drain!

The Drudge Report Fell Hard for This Fake Bloomberg Pizza Revenge Story

Who are the most anti-science (or scientifically illiterate) politicians?

Honey Bee Die-Off Caused By Multiple Factors Including Pesticides

Anti-EU, anti-immigration United Kingdom Independence Party wins 26% of vote

Noam Chomsky: Boston and Beyond

US Refueling Plane Crashes Near Hotly-Contested Kyrgyzstan Air Base

Reese Witherspoon to cop - "I'm obstructing your justice?"

Jon Favreau: Leading From Below

May 1 Is a Day for Honoring Many Things.

The First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Is Here

You know, when you think about it...

The second largest shareholder in FAUX

Disappearing Man

feelin' down ... here's some kittens

“Toughest” Fracking Fluid Disclosure Rule Put On The Shelf. Halliburton Says No.

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Sweatshops

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Repubs

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - CONgress

ABC News Calls Out Kelly Ayotte For Misleading On Background Checks

Luci Tapahonso Named as Navajo Nation's First Poet Laureate

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Gitmo N Guns

originally a jersey boy

Friday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Reese Witherspoon - Dash Cam of her arrest

U.S. Attorney General Says Kansas Gun Law Is Unconstitutional. (preventing federal enforcement)

The Real Tragedy: Ecological ruin stems from what happens to--not what is caused by--the commons

House of Un-Representatives

AirAware drone service

Just a Friday Smile

DING DING DING - Wall Street Bell Rings Very Bad News For Rush Limbaugh & Clear Channel

Times Square Cookie Monster Rejects Plea Deal Over Allegedly Shoving Child

Stephen Colbert Wins Late Night Television With His Hilarious Critique Of Brad Paisley's Racist Song

Right-Wing Troll Notification System Test (sound clip - not a video)

Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell: The shady details keep piling up

South Carolina House passes nullification bill to make Obamacare a crime

S&P cracks 1600 - for the first time.

PS22 Chorus: Empire State of Mind.

Warner Brothers sued for unauthorized use of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat

Gunmen Fire 'Blanks' at Teachers to 'Test Readiness'

Pope's Tweet cures RWers insanity

Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government"

With the repackaging of the GOP underway in Mass, they have issued a bolo for

Republican Congressman Introduces Bill To Require Political Approval Of Scientific Papers

It's the Godfather of Soul's birthday today

read this

Stocks Soar: Dow Hits 15000, S&P 500 Above 1600

Violent May Day: Police fire flash bangs, pepper spray at protesters in Seattle

Boston Marathon Suspect’s Remains Claimed

And so it starts - This Is The World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun

The Daily Currant: Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant

When you need a peaceful moment

Two More Perps Sentenced in The Steubenville Rape Case

Knowing What is Broken

No wonder the idiot rarely speaks - Irony escapes Clarence Thomas in his critique of Obama election

U.S. consumer watchdog expands probe into auto financing, report says

Court affirms utilities' cost recovery program (FL-SC)

The RNC’s Block and Blame Game

PAT BUCHANAN: left of a lot of Democrats in Congress on labor and trade

Useless Eaters....

UPDATED - Beck: Houston airport shooting a ‘set up’ of NRA like ‘burning of the Reichstag’

Former Bush official: Syria chemical weapons could be ‘Israeli false flag operation’

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Repeated Requests for a Lawyer Were Ignored

Maryland State Employees No Longer Able To Include Domestic Partners In Health Insurance

The Pink Tide in Latin America: An Alliance Between Local Capital and Socialism?

Democracy Now: Angela Davis and Assata Shakur's Lawyer Denounce FBI adding of Exiled Activist to...

Powerful documentary on city kids with guns

Joanne Chesimard aka Assata Shakur to Pope John Paul II (+ comments on Cuba)

Incoming NRA President Calls Civil War The ‘War Of Northern Aggression’

Incoming NRA President Calls Civil War The ‘War Of Northern Aggression’

Ezra Klein: Politics is not here to please you

Iraq: Decade of Hell

Northeast Gas Poised to Surge on Pipeline Limits: Energy Markets

If the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary Were Held Today

False drug test prompts fruitless raid of Leawood home

UPDATE: Occupy Compassion

Did Guatemala's President Try to Shut Down the Genocide Trial?

Howard Kurtz’s contract with CNN under review

Katy Perry’s father calls her ‘devil child’ in sermon

Did Guatemala's President Try to Shut Down the Genocide Trial?

You’ll Find Koch Dollars At the Root Of the Calls for Armed Revolution Against Obama

Shadows of Liberty

You’ll Find Koch Dollars At the Root Of the Calls for Armed Revolution Against Obama

April payroll employment increases by 165,000; unemployment rate changes little (7.5%)

Omar - The Man

Pic Of The Moment: How Do You Beat 90% Public Support For Improved Background Checks?

Colorado bill would prevent rapists from receiving parental rights

Ted Nugent's Appearance Schedule

Is the right-wing off the deep end?

Happy 94th, Pete Seeger!

Worthless Hack Kurtz leaves DailyBeast after retracted blog post

Bombing suspect's wife DNA doesn't match bomb evidence; Investigators "skeptical" about Katherine Ru

David Sirota: Want to save the world? Eat less meat

I emailed my comments concerning my visit To the George Bush National Library this a.m.

Fake "bomb detector" maker gets 10 years

Cartoon about non-white babies being in the majority.

Beck was an 2013 honoree of Disruptive Innovation award.

This quote, attributed to Marilyn French, is making the rounds online.

Fox News: Say NO to Reason and Scientific Enlightenment

But will this help the Buccos finish above .500? >>

Lawrence O'Donnell's Last Word REWRITE - Rewriting marketing and selling guns for kids

I need good thoughts for my nephew.

Buffett's right-hand man, Charlie Munger, "Bankers are like Heroin addicts"

Dumb Criminals: Thou Shalt Not Steal - But Georgia Woman Steals Bible

#ObamaDrink: McConnell Fans Photograph Themselves Drinking With A Ghost

Delivering for America

Former Bush Official Praises Nazis’ Respect For Laws Of War In Defending Gitmo

today in women's herstory-3 may

One Syrian fiction writer describes how the revolution has changed her.

For Dems, is it 1987 all over again?

a biography of the day-maud o'farrell swartz (suffragist, trade unionist)

Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" Letter

The lowest jobless rate since 2008

Executives Pushing Budget Cuts Rake In Millions From Tax Loophole

Markey Leads Gomez By 4 In First PPP Poll

Everything you need to know about the billions of cicadas that are about to swarm the East Coast.

a biography of the day-laura towne (abolitionist, physician, teacher)

Philly kitten that was horrifically burned makes remarkable recovery

Mitt urges white college grads to get married ASAP and have a "quiver full of kids"

LA TIMES: Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper to team for 'American Sniper'

Syria Comment: Syria is like Iraq and presents a potential quagmire for the US should it intervene

On pace for "strongest annual rate for private sector job growth since 1999"

I finally twigged why people say outrageous things when angry

Papantonio: Southern States Become Ayn Rand Paradise

Anyone here experienced with Scottish highland cattle?

Karl Malone proud of Jason Collins

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 3, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Second Looks

No thread on the stunning upset by the Golden State Warriors?

RAVITCH: Effect of corporate ed reform: Sharp Decline in Number Entering Teaching in California

Lawrence O'Donnell on the gun merchants of death

For those who feel the world is unforgiveably cruel to Lindsay Lohan...

Expected longevity for a wired USB laser mouse ?

This Isn’t Obama’s Malaise, It’s GOP Intransigence - by Robert Shrum

The Color of School Closures

I've got a new show starting right now! Tune in to the grooves!

Humans Used for Radiation Experiments: A Shameful Chapter in US History

California tax revenue yields multibillion-dollar surplus

13 Cartoon Portraits of Blues Legends

We need three more photos for the May photo contest

I need three more entries.

Crazy Wingnuts Think Obama Is Commie! Nothing will change these guys minds ever

Three New Facts About the Tea Party

Ken Cuccinelli Once Filed An Amendment To Change Virginia's State Song To The Beatles' “Taxman”

What's for Dinner ~ Friday May 3rd

Don't feed the wild ducks bread!!

Conservatives rally behind MSM’s Howard Kurtz

Chicago's commuter rail may fold the cost of Wi-Fi access into monthly rail fare packages

If You Know What A Polar Bear Looks Like And Want To Live In Svalbard, Norway Has A Job For You:

I have never really listened to Rush for years but for some reason I listened to 5 minutes today

Google Recognizes Palestine

TIME: Legalize Marijuana and Other Ways U.S.-Mexico Can Win Drug War

Madison church to host LeRoy Butler in support of gay rights

Ridership on LA's Expo Line is steadily increasing -- and it doesn't seem to be impacting bus use

High schooler arrested for making “terrorist threat” on Facebook

Study: Antibiotics May Prevent Men From Overtrusting Attractive Women

Iowa Supreme Court: Birth certificate should name both same-sex parents

One of these things is not like the other

Miami cop fired 8 times could make it 9

Poll: Gun vote boosts Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu

Making my own sourdough ... ask me anything

Hyatt hotels infamously turned heat lamps on striking workers during heat wave - 2011

More than 35% of U.S. Public Transit Buses Use Alternative Fuels or Hybrid Technology

What Muslims Around the World Think About Women's Rights, in Charts

Typosquatting Default Judgment for Facebook

World’s Biggest Solar PV Projects Under Way In SoCal

Transgender Worker Sues His City

Keep your pants on, baby photobombers!

Giant Hospice Chain (Vitas Healthcare) Accused of Medicare Fraud

Bay Area growth pushes California population near 38 million

Air India Flight From Delhi To Bangkok: Pilots Sleep While Passengers Fly Airplane

Bay Area growth pushes California population near 38M (still 2 senators despite 12%+ of US pop)

The Most Fired Cop In Florida Is About To Be Fired Yet Again

Regulation Loophole Exempted Texas Fertilizer Plant From Stringent Inspections and Rules

High stakes, no prep: These tests are designed to fail

Seattle's top DUI cop: Not enough resources for existing laws

So What's In The Senate's New Immigration Bill Anyway?

Boston and Beyond (Noam Chomsky)

Climate change creates maddening 'weather whiplash'

A little Friday humor...

Have You Seen "Alpha House?"

Disgraced City Councilman Dan Halloran Not Running For Re-Election

The Mohawk ironworkers

Breaking: Jody Arias Fires Attorney!

APNewsBreak: US Judge allows spy to stay in Cuba

Guantanamo hunger strike at 100 prisoners

WikiLeaks chief’s dad shares secrets of his son's embassy life

Timber! Forest Service asks states to return cash

Liberty Bell Visit by Fidel Castro’s Niece Angers Cuban-Americans

‘We Steal Secrets’: WikiLeaks and the U.S. intelligence-industrial complex

Liberty Bell Visit by Fidel Castro’s Niece Angers Cuban-Americans

Derby picks?

Richard Dawkins, 'Islamophobia' and the atheist movement

Topless Jihad: Why Femen Is Right

Just got a new XPS 18. Ask me anything.

US orders new visa reviews for arriving students

DOD Counters Internet Posts on Religion Issue

Casinos brace for impact of Internet gambling

Coleman, Catholic Charities launch task force to remake Dorothy Day Center

Ajami: Afghanistan teaches Americans how not to fight a war

PPP poll shows Markey 4 points up on Gomez in MA Senate race

If you believe in an afterlife, I have a question...

ADEME Proposes France set solar PV target of 15 GW by 2020

Friday Prayers at Yusuf Mosque

Bwahaha!! I *might* be turning one...maybe...witness the metamorphosis

So Apparently "50 Shades Of Gray" Isn't Appropriate Reading In A 9th Grade English Class

Dumb Criminals: Man Headed For Disney Cruise Robs Bank To Pay For It

Iowa Supreme Court: Birth certificate should name both same-sex parents

Judge Rejects GOP Mayoral Candidate's Push To Raise Donor Limit

Bad news... it never stops.

New Arlington Valley solar site packs power (127 MW, AZ)

If you enjoyed my last appearance on the FBN. Get ready for a lot more...

Men Try To Sneak Raw Chickens Through IAD Customs Facility

Judgeen by the gramuur, Frieday came uurly to DU this weak. nt

Mass. sets new goal for solar power (1,600 MW by 2020)

Tender moments caught on Russian dash cams

Solar Is Going To Change The World Much Faster Than Anyone Expects

there will be gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in GOP lounges: Unemployment rate at 7.5%

Can. Now.

Steven Crowder: Still a Clown

How about a government finance/revenue/tax forum?

'The science is undeniable'

Exclusive: At Texas fertilizer plant, a history of theft, tampering

Invenergy to Install GE's First Brilliant Wind Turbine with Integrated Battery Software

The pope says atheists pick and choose their morals. This is correct.

The pope says atheists pick and choose their morals. This is correct.

Anyone seen Iron Man 3 yet?

I'll Become Excited About Voting Democratic

A march on Washington with loaded rifles

Pennsylvania judge sentenced to 28 years in prison for selling teens to prisons

Wow..POTUS showin' some attention to TX again (visiting)

Canadian Man With No Arms Gets Ticket For Not Wearing Seat Belt


The Drone Economy

Justin Trudeau Praises Alberta Premier Alison Redford On Keystone

potential candidates for 2016

@SpyTalker: William E. #Colby: The Gray Man

To "celebrate" the NRA Convention, give $10 to your state Democratic party today!

Katy Perry's Fundamentalist Fire & Brimstone Preacher Dad Says His Daughter Is The Devil Child

Chicago Teenager Hires Hooker While Parents Are Out, Who Then Takes His Stuff

THE CEO of Clear Channel is the keynote speaker for my convocation...

Just asking about background checks

Schumer Walks Back Claim That Obamacare Could Raise Insurance Premiums

The Letter Three Way

In "honor" of NRA Convention, give $10 to Battleground Texas today!

Cruz Invites Biden To A Debate On Guns

House GOP Eyes Another Obamacare Repeal Vote ‘Soon’

School in Rainy Washington State Closes for Rare 'Sun Day.'

Rhode Island bishop: Stay away from gay weddings!

Pressure on Bangladesh, retailers to fix factories


X-Post from GD - Russian dash cams capture good deeds...

Obama Seeks to Banish Stereotypical Image of Mexico

Central America struggles to unite for Obama trip

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 3, 1886

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 3, 1886

Attention after gun charge garners scholarship offers for teen

2 workers removed from Saudi-owned Va. residence (human trafficking)

Kevin Sorbo?

Here we are again, DUers! Just in time for the Friday Afternoon Challenge: “Women of Desire!”

Fox's Andrea Tantaros On Plan B: "Is The Obama Daughter, Malia, Going To Go On Birth Control?"

Judge Rules Cuban 5 Spy can stay in Cuba, will lose citizenship

Obama finds extra cash under sequester. Guess who gets it and who doesn't.

Arizona 3-year-old fatally shoots himself in face with meth grandma’s gun

Rush wants tolerance FOR BIGOTS!

RETHUGs are on stage praising the defeat of thegun control bill

'Blachman': Most Sexist Show In History Showcases Unattractive Men Judging Women's Naked Bodies

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?

Gitmo Chief Prosecutor has online petition to close Gitmo.

Rat Meat Sold as Lamb in Latest China Food updated:

Racist pig Ray Kelly (NYC Police Commish): African-Americans 'Understopped'

My stomach hurts

President Obama coming to Austin Thursday

The Donald doesn't take kindly to Stewart calling him "F*ckface Von Clownstick"

"Sequestration Devastates Education Programs, But Congress Fails To Notice"

Why would anyone proudly call themselves a conservative?

Shakshuka, eggs baked w vegs, from NYT:

On behalf of the people of my county, I apologize for this asshat's Jason Collins' column....

Silicon Valley uses growing clout to kill a digital privacy bill

Ohio House Democrats outraged over GOP-backed provision that would affect college voters

San Antonio Park Police Beat Woman, Delete Video, Which is Later Recovered

What makes bread turn out bitter?

With all the "Challenging News for Obama" will Penny Pritzker Break into Obama's Cabinet?

Do you ever feel like you just don't have it in you to be passionate about every issue?

Champion 4×100 relay team disqualified for pointing to sky in celebration? Could it be that simple?

Smart Woman promised..(It's a blond too)

Three New Facts about the Tea Party

LA Times: Political calculus keeps Cuba on U.S. list of terror sponsors (Assata Shakur case)

Hats Off (But Dresses On) to Our Kurdish Feminist Brothers

cartoon: Grandpa Cheney

" The money helping CISPA through Congress"-- (Follow The Money!)

People with poor shooting skills want larger magazines in their guns

They mocked her "science fantasy." Then she wrote Empire Strikes Back.

I could've died or sumthin' just now.

Solid job gains reported in April; US unemployment rate down to 4-year low of 7.5 percent

Guatemalan outlet, elPeriódico, harassed after critical reporting

When Your Boss Steals Your Wages: The Invisible Epidemic That’s Sweeping America"

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body is in Worcester funeral home where services are being planned

"This was neither."

Compassionate Conservatives in the FL legislature killed $50B Medicaid ACA expansion!

A sheet of contacts. William Klein

Houston, etc.

direct tv question

Original ricin suspect was held despite evidence pointing to another man

Obama Unveils Trade, Commerce Cabinet Picks (Mike Froman--Trade Problems Alert Progressives)

Just How Rich Is Mary Jo White, SEC Chair?

TSW #37

march on DC with loaded guns (holy shit)

Survival of the ... Nicest? Check Out the Other Theory of Evolution

Guest blogger Ted Nugent says ‘I am the NRA’

a provision in Manchin-Toomey that isn't mentioned

Apparently, kitty cats of all sizes love boxes

In Houston, Ted Cruz does victory dance on graves of Newtown children

Ed Markey versus the swift boater

"Kirk at 1st public appearance in Ill. since stroke: 'Rehab works'" Chicago Tribune

Glenn Beck Wants To Know If Airport Shooter 'Ever Attended Any Occupy Wall or belonged to a union

Why don't the Sandy Hook families tell Sarah Palin to F' off

April Deconick is restimulating her blog with a nice bit about the ancient new age:

Nice May Day prorgram

L.A. bans large capacity gun magazines, draws lawsuit threat

'To Kill a Mockingbird' Author Lee Sues Her Agent Over Copyright.

The Weekend Economists Run For The Roses.

Rachel Maddow - Bush spins Iraq decision in library exhibit


Researchers have developed a way to inject oxygen directly into patients with an obstructed airway.

Harper says people 'fed up' with constitutional battles

Stephen Harper has reshaped Canada in two years: Tim Harper

The Archeologist

Rachel Maddow - Special kind of propaganda at Bush library

Rachel Maddow - Wheels come off Virginia governorship in face of scandal

Calif. Wildfire Threatens 4,000 Homes As Flames Spread

Harper sneers when statesmanship is required: Goar

Donald Trump Unleashes Fury On ‘Phony’ Jon Stewart For ‘F**kface Von Clownstick’ Nickname

Thomas Herndon: How a lone grad student became a media sensation by blowing a hole in austerity’s ‘b