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Archives: May 5, 2013

Lawrence O’Donnell: Do we have time for the truth?

NRA ‘Home Defense’ Course Instructs Audience To Store Guns In Kids’ Room

Apologies for confusion on the 3 guesses photo contest

Four Dead in Ohio

While Media Looks for Encampments, Occupy Helps Build the Popular Resistance

Denmark, Finland To Upgrade Palestinian Diplomatic Status

Huh, didn't realize I could see my DU2 Mail until just now.

Settlers Torch Olive Trees Near Ramallah

Chinese solar panel maker Suntech flames out

Remote-control helicopter stuck in statue atop Marion courthouse, will just leave it there

Syria Denies Rebels' Control Over Military Airbase In Northern Aleppo

Physicians Unite with Solar Companies, Form "Californians Against Utilities Stopping Solar Energy"

Revisiting the Bangladesh garment factory tragedy....

The suicide rate continues to soar; or, how our dysfunctional economy is literally killing us

It didn't end, it was just outsourced

That damned liberal agenda

I just saw a news report on the NRA rally...

U.S. Service Sector Grows For 40th Consecutive Month In April


The Data is Very Strong: Marijuana Plant Extract Stops Cancers From Spreading

Venezuela's Maduro blasts 'devil' Obama

Star-packed concert planned for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Florida county pitching violence prevention hotline to prevent the "next Newtown"

Why Are People with Health Insurance Going Bankrupt?

Did our Dem Sites for the New Revolution Against Bush & Repug Values...somehow Let Us Down?

A gay problem for Charlie Crist

West Fertilizer was insured for only $1 million, a fraction of estimated losses

Do we have something against red meat, or just complexity?

White House Rescinds $4.9 Billion in 2013 Spending Cuts

Thank You Jesus

Swiftboater Gomez (R-MA) calls himself swiftboated

Okay. Twilight is eating strawberries. Is there something she's not getting in her dry cat food

Venezuela's Maduro blasts 'devil' Obama

Atheist group wants to join with community

What are you reading the week of May 5, 2013?

Seven US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Video: Malcolm Gladwell on Income Inequality

Does AFLAC have a REAL health insurance policy?

VANDANA SHIVA - Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living

Heavy explosions rock Damascus

Have fun

Orb comes from behind to win Kentucky Derby

Pit bull saves New York woman from burning home

What are you drinking tonight. I made some yummy no calorie punch using cold water, stevia and

Toys R Us appeals $20M award in Mass. slide death

Masturabat-A-Thon 2013

Harvard Professor apologizes for Keynes comments

Smartphone carriers: Consumer Cellular vs. Trac-Fone

"Poll shows GOP rejecting all future Republican presidential candidates"

Our Elkhound was stubborn. Our Malinois is crazyenergetic and compulsively herds our cats.

Remember Kennedy's race to the moon. And how it inspired people to go into the sciences when

I'm scared and this sucks.

Rick Perry's War Against the University of Texas

If you've ever wondered what Bieber will look like in 35 years...

Bill Maher Labels Rick Perry, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin the ‘Axis of Assholes’

My daughter just came running in from the back room with her two friends.

What's everybody drinking tonight?

Tom Joad. You're welcome.

.. Gunman opened fire on police with AK47 and was shot by police during a routine traffic stop

Cats make EXCELLENT thermostats.

Dog Logic:

Summer's just around the corner.

Missionary Position:

Just like this, MiddleFingerMom has trouble falling asleep.

MiddleFingerMom thinks he has finally found a FWB!!!!!

A great new song from Patty Griffin with a little help from Robert Plant...

NRA chief: Boston-area residents were vulnerable without guns

No burial place for Tamerlan? I've got a solution.

West Fertilizer was insured for only $1 million, a fraction of estimated losses

UPDATE: Wife with Federal Grand Jury duty/Job issues.

Debian 7 is released! Woo-hoo!!!!

Interesting thread in GD:

So... I'm setting out here on ohiosmith's porch. He won't let me in....What should I do?

America's Fertilizer Keeps Blowing Up. It Doesn't Have To.

Solar plane lands in Ariz., 1st leg of major trip

Soda Company Test Markets Poutine Flavored Soda In Canadian Markets

The Pope needs to get his priorities straight.

George Takei Is An American Treasure.

THIS> unconditional basic income

Feministing Chat: Kitty Pryde takes on rape culture and Danny Brown’s on-stage blow job

Choline has helped my joints

There has got to be a Muslim connection to this “Terrorist”...

The cost of hand-to-mouth living

"Can we talk?"

W's "calling"

FL boy, 13, accidentally shoots sister, 6

David Marr owns a homophobic bigot

Tax Havens (How they work) An Infographic

Are "Governments" a thing of the past?

More idjits who can't spell -- ENMEY!!!

Libertarian makes idiotic response to Gun background checks

So my niece may never go shopping with me again

just watched "the reluctant fundamentalist" on pay per view.

Two star members are ignoring me.

Elizabeth Warren is right. We must not allow dismantling of Social Security.

Baby mugging

Utah miners hold protest at MidAmerican Energy Fri 5-3-13 with video

I'm having a bottle of cheap but drinkable cab and listening to this

Funny story I heard today at a memorial service..........

Somebody talk to me. I'm bored.

My official flower image, for now.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday May 5th

Dumb Criminals: Man Assaults McDonalds Employees Over Pickles In Hamburger

Great Moments In Corporate Citizenship

Sarah Palin Pays Tribute to Sandy Hook at NRA

Israel Targeted Iranian Missiles in Syria Attack

You have to be carefully taught.

If taxes go down on the rich then the

And now, a camper trailer designed for a VW Beetle.

A link to tonight's hilarious SNL skit VIDEO regarding Google Glass

Protester at NRA Convention

Powerful shadow play from "Britain's Got Talent" on war.

Miss Korea 2013 Contestants Before After Photos Amuse Netizens

Texas plant that blew up had only $1 million in liability insurance

Does Class Size Count?

GREAT Archie Bunker/AITF episode about gun control - don't miss the ending.

May 5, 1961. US Hurls!

Indiana lawmakers may forgive 12 million in loans to failed charter schools. Wow!

Barack Obama gets an A+ on his LGBT actions....

Question regarding garment factories

Grand Theft Nation

Referee punched in face by teen player dies

Utah soccer referee Ricardo Portillo dies week after being punched

Report: 5 killed when limo catches fire on California bridge

I'm going to try starting a conversation about what "responsible" gun laws should look like...

Got my goat

3 Reasons Employees Leave: Their Managers

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Impromptu kittehs

NRA Convention Speaker Rob Pincus Advises Keeping Gun Safes In Kids' Bedrooms For Home Defense

Best Beach Boys album Ever (IMO)

Bolivia's Booting of USAID 'No Surprise'

SNL Takes on Fox and Friends Again

Prop. 13 loophole gives edge to big players (LA Times)

Less Is More: Rogue Economists Champion Prosperity without Growth

TYT: Cenk brings it on: 5 year olds with guns.

Sharif says Pakistan should reconsider support for U.S. war on terror

If you are a pro-gun DUer, what are you doing to oppose the NRA?

To join EU, Croatia may give up its wine

Spectators go where the action is

Honduras: State-Sponsored Death Squad Terror

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Paging Dr. Tinycat Edition

5 die in limousine fire on Bay Area bridge

Every Genre Of Music ? - Graph + Samples

I Thought Solitary Confinement in Iran Was Bad -- Then I Went Inside America's Prisons

Pentagon Uses the Upcoming "Man of Steel" Superman Movie to Promote New F-35 Fighter Jet

My Job at the Abortion Hotline

There Are No ‘Absolute’ Rights

Beschloss Offers Comprehensive Coverage of Kent State

The Neighboring Movement: A Simple, Radical Idea

Paul Krugman's short takes from news of the past few days, including Niall Ferguson's

New taxes on electric cars

The U.S.'s Anemic Civilian Outreach Abroad

Mr. Obama, Don’t Draw That Line

Syria: Attack on military facility was a 'declaration of war' by Israel

Witty newspaper column: A Not So Wonderful Life for Tom Corbett

DUers familiar with Wishadoo (and me), I could really use your help...

To Fight Pandemics, Reward Research

Corporations Find a Friend in the Supreme Court

Scientists map global routes of ship-borne invasive species

I know a few ASAHers have been involved with Wishadoo...

Ivan Lewis on the 0.7% aid pledge

Any disc golfers here...?

PSA for dog and outdoor cat parents

conservatives reaction to energy efficiency promotion is to use more energy

Perennial Republican Candidate Caught by County Election Board in a Web of Lies

Be the kind of ...

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon- Bankers Respect

Will Israel's bombing of Syria set off a wider Mideast conflict?

Disabled Gaza baby lives in Israel hospital

Brutal job search reality for older Americans out of work for six months or more

Director:Nat'l Inst. of Mental Health will walk away from DSM criteria

‘If you’re letting a corporation cook it, the odds are you’re not getting healthy food’

I'm for gun control and pit bull control.

Last night I had the best gin martini ever! I've been a Hendricks guy since I discovered it several

Not allowed to alert until jury comes back...

Zero Manufacturing Jobs Added. Zero.

Syria: US Involvement Could Make Things Even Worse

The Tea Party and the Muslim Brotherhood: Twins Separated at Birth

Did republicans have a 60+ majority during the Bush years?

Happy International Women's Day

Director: Nat'l Inst. of Mental Health will walk away from DSM criteria

Chuck Yeager: F-35 Not The Right Stuff

Venezuela leader Maduro alleges Colombia assassination plot

Bali Not So Lush: Saltwater Intrusion, Water Depletion, Tourist Development Take Toll On Paradise

Man accused of lying after bombings seeks release

OK Confronting Possible 3rd Yr. Of Drought; Some Relief East, But Panhandle In Trouble

San Francisco Gets Scrappy

4/30 Drought Monitor - 2 Americas: 1 East Of Plains Drought Line, 1 West

I need any solid* links proving gun violence decreases when there is an assault weapons ban

Declarations of War? Israeli Bombings in Syria Raise Alarms

Guardian - Public Health Specialists Urge UK To Prepare Now For Malaria's Return

Madison: Metro unveils plans for bus rapid transit

study: top insecticide is devastating aquatic insects, threatening environmental stability

Fmr Bush official: Syria chemical weapons could be ‘Israeli false flag operation’

Bangladesh building-collapse toll tops 600 (link added) updated now 640

50,000 metalworkers strike for more pay - Germany

Why has no one shut down the Ted Cruz for president nonsense?

PBS Frontline Nails It On How Wall Street Screws Main Street

See what Planned Parenthood is doing for Ed Markey (D-MA)

Bruce Gagnon tells Ray McGovern a story about Bath Iron Works...

NYT: The House Prefers Chaos to Order

Damp ocean air aids fight against Calif. wildfire

Long Hidden, Vatican Painting Linked To Native Americans

Lost Underwater City Uncovered

Beltane Fire Festival lights up Edinburgh sky as thousands turn out for annual event

For the DU Mathematicians - Elegant New Approach To 350-Year-Old Math Riddle

Noam Chomsky: US, a Top Terrorist State

Staggering Graphic From Australian Climate Commission On January Temperature Records

The GOP’s Obama problem

Hi, I'm Deron Williams from the Brooklyn Nets

China "Vastly Underreporting" Global Fish Catch Even As Farmed Biomass Surpasses Wild

UNESCO Notifies Australian Gov. That GB Reef May Be Listed As "Endangered" World Heritage Site

How John Maynard Keynes Thought About Future Generations

Glenn Beck at NRA Rally - "Freedom of All Mankind is at Stake"

These horrible Facebook Phone commercials

Common Sense: "The carrying of firearms is strictly prohibited"

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 5, 1991

Carlson: The Manufacturing Chain

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 5, 1991

E-Z pizza

Public employee union negotiates deal saving taxpayers millions; conservative heads explode

Poll: Cuccinelli Leads McAuliffe In VA Guv Race

Students First names author of 'Don't Say Gay' bill as Reformer of the Year

So, does anyone like Orb's chances to win the Triple Crown?

Cardinal keeps excommunication threat hanging over abortion TDs.

John Nichols: America can’t cut its way to prosperity

Violence as Bangladeshis demand anti-blasphemy law

– maybe it’s the choice of the U.S. government, but it isn’t the choice of U.S. tax-payers.

Today is the Sisth Sunday of Easter in the West and Easter Sunday for Eastern Orthodox Churches.

my very own ceiling cat

Nigerian Ethnic Violence Leaves 39 Dead in Northeastern Town.

Katherine Russell, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Widow, Wants Nothing To Do With His Corpse

China: Nursery School head poisons students at rival school, killing 2

Our used-to-be-outdoor kitty is not happy.

Former Bush Official Praises Nazis’ Respect For Laws Of War In Defending Gitmo

Why doesn't the Democratic Party have a platform anymore?

Arghh, gotta go to church

I DO NOT want this to happen, but what if...

Democratic Congressman Refuses To Let Republicans Ignore GOP Security Budget Cuts In New Benghazi...

So, what does the Boston B O M B I N G have to do with

The spiel that employers will cut employee hours to 29 hrs/wk because of the ACA.

Boston bombing reveals a new American maturity toward insecurity

"The plan was simple: wreak as much havoc as possibly by blocking every single thing..."

Another Sunday, andother great turn for Waterboy Bob Sheaffer

Rape Culture: 3 Reasons Most Men Are to Blame For Misogyny

Some day, you too could become President!

Richard Nixon, hero of the American Left

Study: US Won’t Act On Climate Change Because Citizens Believe The World Is Ending

Thousands of leftists protest Hollande’s 1st year

In other words, the coalition of the ascendant has cornered the dying beast.

It's a *popcorn* morning: Mistah KURTZ being grilled, and SCOUNDREL Darryl ISSA!1

I'm going to a wedding in my PJ's

NYT: Obama’s ‘Red Line’ Comment ‘Unscripted’

A 'dream come true': UK photographer gets aurora and volcano in same shot

***WARNING GRAPHIC*** Police Ofiicers caught off guard by heavily armed offender.

This homeless guy came up with an interesting religion test:

"Oh Lord Help Us"

Horses need to be rescued

What kind of people we are and what kind of country we want to be?

The Jan Brewer clown car rolls on

State Religion

Utah Congressman Can’t Back Up Claims Of Benghazi Witness Intimidation

"irreparable damages to revenues/growth prospects of utilities?" I may fuckin' cry; but probably not

New NRA Pres Comments - The South Is Still Pissed About Losing.

The Awesome Power of the Bully Pulpit

Do you prefer watching or showing?

Long Hidden, Vatican Painting Linked To Native Americans

"(The elites) are trying to steal as much as fast they can on the way out the door"

Riot police battle Islamists in Dhaka Bangladesh

Syria's Army Is Not Quite What Israelis Have Been Led To Believe

Good morning fellow HoF fans... a cool story for your Sunday. :)

Egypt Condemns Israeli Airstrikes Against Syria

Not speaking at the NRA convention..

Why do Conservatives like to waste energy?

Fox News Shuts Down Dem Rep.: Talk of Republican Benghazi Hypocrisy Is ‘Getting Off Track’

Republicans Push Back Against Anti-Semitism Charge by Smearing ‘Jewish Guy with Nasally Voice’

"Oligarchy's lies never die, while political truth is strangled every day"

Should Clothing Stores Be Required to Post

Authorization for Use of Military Force: A Blank Check For War Without End

The Vietnam syndrome

Somebody somewhere sold this guy a gun

Daughter brain damaged after procedure, family sues

Las Vegas farmer fattens hogs at the casino buffet

Donald Trump Slams Jon Stewart After Comedian Reveals His "Real Name"

Report: G train outshines reputation, L train disappoints, Hurricane Sandy lingers


Recommendations for credit card readers?

Why do we continue to SPEND MILLIONS on nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Dirty dancing for girls in nieghborhood leads to threat of a shooting

The Commons That Connects Us Six Days a Week

Climb aboard

Name these celebs!

What do you guys think about this?

Don't forget!

Summing up Washington Politics in one Cartoon

Florida rejects Medicaid expansion, leaves 1 million uninsured

Freeper: Require all Muslims who want to enter the U.S. to eat a pork chop or bacon sandwich

Kenyan Mau Mau victims in talks with UK government over legal settlement

This Is The World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun

What could possibly go wrong? Adam Kokesh is planning an armed march on D.C.

Regaining religious faith: Why would an Atheist return to church?

Watch Howie Kurtz get grilled about his repeated fuckups

The Democratic Party of Bibb County needs YOUR help!

The God With Three Heads | John Michael Greer

VIEWPOINT: The American Media Needs To Take A Theology Class (Or Three)

Hands Off Assata Shakur | Mickey Z.

LA Muslims see hope for interfaith relations in the new Catholic Pope Francis

Details of Oregon mall gunman's last hours emerge

Krugman: Naive Fiscal Cynicism

What do we want?

Advice needed: I want to buy and ipad or ipad mini + protective case for my 4 year old child.

Hypno Boob Therapy Claims To Increase Breast Sizes Up To 3X

Meet Mr. Balls, The Creepy Brazillian Anti-Testicular Cancer Mascot

Post and Courier endorses Elizabeth Colbert Busch

"The Producers" (Zero MOSTEL) is on TCM. Mel BROOKS movies are the only ones I can repeat & repeat

Women Forge a Space for Themselves in Latin American Labor Movement

Catholic Worker Celebrates 80 Years of Gentle Personalism

How do you like your NEWS? Fast, slow, accurate, gossipy...?

17-year cicadas to swarm from Georgia to New York. (I think they look rather interesting)

oh geez, what have I done with my toolbar?

Speaking at the NRA convention, and not speaking at the NRA convention

Obama's new AfPak diplomat: U.S. forces needed in Afghanistan 'well beyond' 2014 if peace talks fail

Some dogs have self-control. Some dogs have SELF-FUCKING-CONTROL!!!!!

You know that thing about a cock crowing when Jesus was "denied" 3 times. Not what we thought.

Caffeinated Owls:

Show me your "O-face"!!! The hottest "O-face" you are EVER going to see!!! EVER!!!

Sometimes back in the day, Sober MFM helped out Drunk MFM.

They told him he could become ANYTHING... so MFM chose to become a bagpipe played by a goat.

At the White House Correspondents Dinner Conan O'Brien asked...

Since Republicans are saying the gun problem lies only with mental illness...

Woman With Chutzpah Sues L'Oreal

Background Checks Will Lead to an Authoritarian Hellscape?

Solar-powered plane completes first leg of cross-country journey

Climbers Brawl With Sherpas On Mt. Everest

How is the attendance in your house of Worship?

Teenagers, social media, and terrorism: a threat level hard to assess

Gas-storage plans in NY's Finger Lakes draw outcry

“The gun was pointed in a safe direction, but my finger was not in a good spot.”

Israeli Strikes In Syria Could Put More Pressure On Obama: McCain

The 30% of right wing nuts who feel that armed rebellion is a solution..

Appeals court upholds local fracking bans in NY

Turning off CNN's "Your Money" the whole show has been "spend your money to help the economy"

Sandy-struck New Yorkers seek home buyouts

Republicans are batting zero.

The 12 most hilariously creative free throw heckles

Chile's Bachelet courts Communists for big reforms

Mr. Balls may be the happiest scrotum-shaped mascot, well, anywhere

Dear Assholes standing outside of the Worcester funeral home...

Bark Mitzvah?

Obama Dares Graduates to Reject Cynical Voices

Anyone here ever go on a maintenance dose of prednisone?

Obama dares graduates to reject cynical voices

John Grisham's new book "Calico Joe" is a great book if you love baseball.

Match Game Story: "Felix Filthpeddler stands at the corner selling _____ by the suitcase."

From Maher "Overtime": GOP Strategists Schooled On Republican Lie About Tax Hikes & Entitlement Cuts

Newspaper Article Asks: What Happened to the Jobs Boom We Were Promised from Fracking?

Todd Akin for Virginia Governor?

Pyongyang Says No To Invite U.S. Diplomats Over Detained American

Anyone else watching Bill Clinton on CSpan1

Glenn Beck: “If you stay in it too long, you become Norma Desmond."

On May 5, 1818, Karl Marx was born

Hillary got an award

Former Indiana Gov. Otis Bowen dead (was HHS sec'y during AIDS epidemic)

'As inspiring and stunning as the day I met her'

Babylon's hanging garden: ancient scripts give clue to missing wonder

Uncle arranging Boston bomb suspect's burial rites

WTF?!? - Plastic bags, tape, broomsticks fix San Onofre leak (Remarkable Photo)

War - Cinco De Mayo

Why don't they cremate Tsarnev's corpse and give the father the ashes?

McCain: Israeli strikes could force Obama to act on Syria

America, My America, Where Did You Go?

Climate change creates opportunities. 55 Degrees today in upstate SC.

need a few vibes

Experimental aircraft goes hypersonic

If true, this would certainly explain a lot -

Empty Stadium Greets Obama in Ohio

History is a strong fucking thing...

I’m a Scholar, Not a Criminal: The Plight of Black Students at USC

Why Hasn't The American Left Convinced More Americans To Vote For More Progressive Candidates?

Gun Protesters Plan March On Washington With Loaded Rifles To ‘Put The Government On Notice’

Someone's late for an orgy…

The obama diary video: Ohio State

Happy Birthday Karl Marx


ESPN Made Me Cry This Morning

Obama Dares Graduates to Reject Cynical Voices (FULL VIDEO)

Favorite gourmet food involving spam

The Hollowing out of Government - Robert Reich

Juxtaposition of Israeli action and U.S. inaction on Syria puts more pressure on Obama

When your BFF is a cat

Good news-I'm back to work after a lay off!

Steve Kornacki: Anthony Weiner “made an ugly appeal to voters’ worst nature” -video

President Obama dares Ohio State University graduates to reject...

OP-ed by Vice President Joe Biden: Background checks are key to gun safety

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 by Bob Dylan 1966


EVE Online - 10th Anniversary Celebrations


New York state assembly passes gender expression non-discrimination act

Game of Thrones 3.6 "The Climb" (spoilers)

Pentagon Bulks Up 'Bunker Buster' Bomb to Combat Iran

The Excel Depression - Krugman's article re Rogoff and Reinhadt's fraudulent 'study'

Dumb Criminals: LA Car Thief Can't Drive Manual Transmission

How NYC Carriage Horses Live

15 Of The Dumbest Political Facebook Posts From Right-Wingers! (Face-Palm Alert!)

Gun Protesters Plan March On Washington With Loaded Rifles To ‘Put The Government On Notice’

Schumer announces support to make 3D printed guns illegal

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Gabrielle Giffords Challenges U.S. Congress to Find Courage on Guns.

Rookie Derek Ernst wins Wells Fargo

Obama To Visit Texas In First Stop On New Jobs Tour

An email from Kate's Brad....

Editorial: Alabama can't nullify federal gun regulations.

Bomb hits convoy carrying Qataris in Somalia, eight dead

Paleobabble reaches the 5 year mark:

How wrong is Kathleen Parker about Plan B birth control?

3 year old fatally shoots self in face with meth addicted grandmas gun.

uncle can't find a place to bury nephew

Don't miss this weeks Making Sense with Steve Leser - Intl Workers day and More 7pm Eastern tonight

New Fusion Engine Gets to Mars in 30 Days

Another crude, and sick joke about the dearly departed...(warning you..)

Lilacs at last

A Fun Day At The Petting Zoo....

I want a set of Tweels on my car.

Who gives a fuck about the gun? I'll take the cannoli.


NRA-Theism: Glenn Beck’s Jesus Was A Pistol-Packin’ Messiah

Glenn Beck NRA Keynote Speech Highlights 2013 (Chipmunk Version)

Just saw some neighbors in colorful dress and realized it is...

A pretty clean joke about ...... Arguing with a Woman..

Head Start children working to fix The Debt

Arizona drowning: Authorities say 3-year-old girl likely drowned in Tucson family pool

60 Minutes Story on Traumatic Brain Injury War Victims Coming On Now

22-month-old boy drowns in pool

Douglas on Lincoln - Obama?

Not sure what the Israelis think they're gonna achieve by hitting Syria.


Mother jones article/ Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin.

Rotate your owl!

I don't want to be Debbie Downer, but I am fearful of a Sanford win in SC...

Reported Israeli Airstrikes In Syria Could Accelerate U.S. Decision Process

Mother Jones article/ Schizophrenic. Killer. Cousin.

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Receives Profile in Courage Award

Just in time for Mothers' Day. Double barreled semi-automatic pistol.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 May 2013

Syrian Rebel Leader: We Won't Share U.S. Arms With Extremists

For a change of pace, in case many have forgotten....

Mount Cleveland Erupts: Alaska Volcano Explosions Affecting Air Travel

NASA Study Forecasts Global Warming to Trigger Global Rainfall and Drought

Cat naps.

Aristide, Fanmi Lavalas are back

The Hunt for Steve Cohen (Insider Trading)

‘Israel Trying To Drag US Into Syrian Conflict’

Wayne LaPierre, listen up!

Embassies Raise Alert Levels, Israelis Line Up For Gas Masks

today in women's herstory--5 may

Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library Opens In Pitch-Dark, Sulfurous Underground Cave

Texas House passes 12 firearm bills...

The Looming Canada-CARICOM Free Trade Agreement

Pamela Geller's Talk at Toronto Shul Scrapped in 'Hate Speech' Flap

20 years