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Wednesday, May 8th "good news" offerings


abercrombie and fitch ceo: no fat chicks allowed

Industry Insider Says Limbaugh Responsible for "The End of Right-Wing Conservative Talk Radio"

WHAAAAA!!! Republican leader (Eric Cantor) rips the media for ‘shoving us in the corner’

GOP Response To Benghazi Whistleblowers: Bark, Bark, Bark, Hoooowwwlll, Arf-Arf-Arf-Arf (Luckovich)

Ray's Harryhausen's star of fame today!

Ohiosmith HAS been kinda lax about his exercise regimen lately.

Over the years, Tobin found ways to make working in the cubicle next to MFM's more... tolerable.

The more things change... the more they stay the same.

On the roles of Moms and Dads:

MiddleFingerMom is reading a new self-help book he thinks will have a profound effect on his life.

Summer's here. Safety first. MFM is exhausted from blowing up all his swimming pool floaties.

Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder; death penalty possible

While right-wing uses Ohio case to attack immigrants two Spanish speaking heroes are ignored

KRUGMAN: Bad news for Dr Evil fans: Days of 1 TRILLION $$$ deficit-OVER-In fact-deficit falling FAST

DUers can you please remind me of the name of McCain's

Elizabeth Warren: Student Loans Should Have Same Rate Big Banks Get

Residents Bring Dirty Water from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Communities To Washington

Jodi Arias says she prefers death sentence in a post-conviction interview

Most heartbreaking image from Bangladesh---GRAPHIC...

Gun Lobbying Group Smears Father Of School Shooting Victim

Thuggish arrests of activists and journalists mar Chernobyl anniversary march in Minsk, Belarus

I'm watching "Inside Jonestown" on The History Channel

Protesters want to prevent sale of Tribune to Koch brothers

Rush is near the edge of the cliff...isn't it time to give him a nudge?

Some Hope Obama Offers Tradeoff if He Approves Pipeline

Does anyone know why the police initially arrested all three brothers

Lucius Malfoy: (About to curse Harry) Avada-- (Dobby blasts him backwards across the hall) (stands)

Malcolm X's profound vision of the future

Can You Spot the Difference?

On Syria-Who Are We Going To Believe? NYT or McClatchy

Policing Their Own

Why do the Republicans hate Ben Gazzara?

House Republican Compares President Obama to Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias

When you smoke, do you ever feel a bubbling genius just beyond the threshold of your understanding?

Our Elections Really Are Rigged—by Gerrymandering and Districting Abuses (John Nichols/The Nation)

Police Chief Calls Out Armed Protest Threat In Washington DC

Who Speaks More "Catholic" in Congress?

Luckovich Toon: Dog Whistle

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night! Low Country

Sylvia Browne now says she thought she saw Berry drown but she really only saw her being held down

Did ya'll see CNN interview of Angel the man that says HE kicked in the door and saved Amanda Berry?

Niners' stadium will carry Levi's tag

Steve Stockman (R-TX) AR-15 Giveaway Prods Twitter Followers: 'Grab This Gun Before Obama Does!

Preakness Stakes History

Catholic League Mocks David Bowie's New Video, Calls Him a 'Switch-Hitting Senior Citizen'

After fleeing polygamist sect, boys face a new world

*********Official thread of things the GOP hates*********

3 Women Kidnap Victims in Ohio and the Prisoners in Gitmo --

"Krugman and Keynes to Obama and Lagarde: Get Real!"

The harm our military does to foreign innocents exists in this strange Limbo....

I'm going there

Abercrombie and Fitch: Exclusion is cool


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 9 May 2013

Frank Rich on Rachel Maddow is rocking.

You Call THIS Ready Mr. Cheney?

New Pic of the Moment?

There are motherfuckin' snakes on motherfuckin' planes on BET right now!

looks like someone woke up.

Angel Cordero is the person that kicked down the door for Amanda Berry

Father Of Benghazi Victim Appears On Fox News, And To Their Surprise, ISN'T CRITICAL OF DEMOCRATS!

Jodi Arias says she wants the death penalty

Heritage Foundation claim Amnesty will cost $6.3 Trillion wrong and racist.

Am I out of my mind?

when did you choose to be straight?

Having some chili in a bread bowl, and a nice Belgian ale. Wanna hang out?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants student loans to get Fed discount rate

Amazon Pulls Bleeding Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Target After Outcry

California strawberry pickers fired for walking off job to flee wildfire

Venezuela's Maduro globe trots: building regional ties or a domestic distraction?

Damn...flooding everywhere in the country now.

Imam doesn't want Tsarnaev 's body

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Lawrence tonight. nt

I Recieved My First Political Appointment

Haven't done this in a while, but - Kitchen Dancing!

IT'S STILL ON! "Background Checks Bill Would Get A 'Couple More Votes' Now: Harry Reid"

Happy Mothers Day~

PSA: I deleted 85 text messages from my cell phone;

I can walk again!

APNewsBreak: Wrigley halts caffeinated gum

"Why the GOP Congress Doesn’t Care What You Think"

Looks like folks jumped the gun - it was Angel Cordero that kicked down the door - he is the HERO!

Hero Charles Ramsey: I get a paycheck. Give FBI reward to the victims.

Why Republicans are in Trouble

Methinks it prudent to check the sourcecode South Carolina ....Oh wait, we can't. No F'ng way

The Rangers win!

Connecticut gun rights group smears father of boy killed at Sandy Hook

Watching the documentary Cleanflicks...

Rachel Maddow Tears Apart Benghazi Outrage In Epic Segment On GOP Conspiracy-Mongering

There's a snake between my legs !!!!

Flame Retardants Linked to Lower IQs, Hyperactivity in Children

"The Criminal Mind"

Bank CD rates...WTF?

Soldier says she faced harassment over Muslim name

"Between my legs" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "between my legs".

It is raining, I have the fan in the window blowing a chilly breeze

Exclusive: Dagestani Relative of Tamerlan Tsarnaev Is a Prominent Islamist

Elderly nun convicted in US nuclear site break-in

Kinda bummed today...

Silicon Valley Group’s Political Effort Causes Uproar (Mark Zuckerberg's

Pakistan election: Sharif 'would end' war on terror role

"Trudeau Attack Ads Have Backfired, Failed To Hurt Liberals, Poll Suggests"

Jury finds Y-12 intruders guilty of injuring national defense

Rachel was having fun tonight...

Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware

New York diocese announces search for bishop suffragan

SF Pride board meeting ends amid chaos over Bradley Manning

NRA airs 'thank you' ad for Ayotte for gun vote

Officials: 8 Dead in Bangladesh Garment Fire

It's Not Complicated…

I think I'm going to go with the guy who didn't wait until the other one refused to take the reward

Sen. Warren Introduces the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act... Brillant!

A nekkid and oily nifty fact for you…

Line up for your mustache implants

Katherine Russell, Widow Of Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Hires Criminal Lawyer

Secretly taped New York lawmakers named in probe

For several hours on our home page we have had to look at that idiotic smiling face of Sandford.

Fear Them – The Prison Industrial Complex – Unelected, Untouchable, Uncontested

Stewart Rips Fox News Over Benghazi Coverage: ‘Denizens Of Bullsh*t Mountain Have Cried Wolf Before’

How many redundant sitcom siblings go up those stairs, and never come down again?

Dem Rep. Cummings Tears Into GOP Rep. Issa For ‘Politicizing’ Benghazi During Congressional Hearing

US honeybees threatened as 31% of colonies died out in 2012

Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression

Raw, low fat zucchini hummus

Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression

Elizabeth Smart's Advice for Rescued Ohio Women

North Carolina Lawmaker Slams STD Testing Bill

Representations of Gender in Advertising

Yet Another Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

I think I am missing something here about terrorism and how we deal with it as a country...

I just figured out how to reach those who are apprehensive over gun control.

House approves bill to change overtime pay law


Man electrocuted after shooting down power lines with rifle

Feds get closer look at fake mobile bill charges

A Liberal Dilemma: NYC's Mayoral Race, Seen From Brownstone Brooklyn

Arias case likely far from over even after verdict

This is so sad,

My partner knows I post in here and also knows my handle...

Anyone hear from The Magistrate lately?

Police: Teen arrested after housekeeper finds explosive device in room

Nine amazing truths you already suspected, Mark Morford

Texas judge rules for cheerleaders in Bible banner suit

If Mars One makes you skeptical, you might be dead inside—like me

Does Glenn Beck think he will be president if he gets the tea party to overthrow the US govt?

Pakistan election: Sharif 'would end' war on terror role

California may outlaw 3-D printed guns

BREAKING: Death Toll in Bangladesh Factory Building Collapse Passes 900 as Recovery Continues

Free Syrian Army rebels defect to Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra

Flu in pregnancy 'may raise bipolar risk for baby'

Newly Released Police Dispatch Calls from Cleveland Reveal Moments Officers Found DeJesus, Knight

Jackie Speier (D-CA) Alerts Marines To 'F'N Wook' Facebook Page, Sends Letter Urging Action

Internet Voting Hacked on NBC's 'The Voice'?

Initial police report: Castro tempted women with rides, then abducted, beat and raped them

Michelle Knight Told Cops Ariel Castro Threatened to Kill Her If Amanada Berry's Baby Died

I figure this is as good a place as any to plug my book...

my husband did wish me a happy birthday

Sexual assault up a mind boggling 30% in the military over past 2 years.

What are you reading this week/month?

Gun buyback in Phoenix is a ‘success,’ officials say

Shell to develop deepest oil platform

Punk: Chaos to Couture

Why Sanford Won: Our Elections Really Are Rigged

More representatives of gender in advertising

Panama, in energy crisis, closes schools, universities

Knight told investigators she fell pregnant five times, but lost the baby each time

Colombia To End Use Of Animals In Traveling Circuses

I Am So Pissed Off At The Main Stream Media

My, uhhh...belated 1000th post.

Election 2013

90-year-old woman does double back flip.

Libya crisis deepens as rebel groups expand demands

One coal terminal on the Columbia River bites the dust

Prince Charles attacks global warming sceptics

The Last Empire

Karzai: Afghanistan ready to let US have 9 bases

North Korean traffic cop may have saved Kim Jong-un's life

The moth that made mobile phone firms sit up and listen

Looks like we finally have spring.. tornadoes in OK & KS

Did humans come from the seas instead of the trees ?

Japan protests to China over Okinawa claim

Senior PA officials praise violence against Israel

Man who was voice of Charlie Brown sent to drug facility for stalking

"So I used to know this junkie named Raymond." (A story of compassion in DC told on Twitter)

Anti-Jewish text will shame the Church of Scotland

May 9: National Butterscotch Brownie Day and National Moscato Day

Remember the story about diaper free potty training? Well, AP have released a report on video...

Pakistan election: Sharif 'would end' war on terror role

So there's a crazy Right wing CT that Dems want to buy up all bullets.

Joe Scum says "we've been very careful about coverage of Benghazi"

Too much Benghazi bullshit floating on wingding sites this week, so . . .

Forward my mail ...

(Another) Seven workers die of suffocation in (Another) Bangladesh garment factory fire

This looks about right.

UFCW, Food Makers Team on Immigration

Marketplace Fairness Act Clears Senate Hurdle

Welcome, Mr. President

Revel’s iPad POS Upgrade Protects Against ID Fraud

Mother’s Day Spending to Reach $20.7B

Dow hits 15000 as percentage of Americans owning stocks hits a low. Why?

Travis County DA Lehmberg out of jail, says she’ll seek treatment


Majority of Shoppers Don’t Make Lists

Hooray for NC Historians--leading the way in acts of civil disobedience!

Kroger Houston Workers Approve 3-Year Deal

Shell presses ahead with world’s deepest offshore oil well

U.S. spending on medicines fell for first time in 2012

Texas A&M bomb threat suspect sentenced to 33 months for Texas State bomb scare

Whole Foods Mulls Larger Stores, Acquisitions

Judge Allows Evidence Gathered From FBI’s Spoofed Cell Tower

Anyone familiar with and a fan of Riane Eisler's work?

Suffolk shows Markey up 17 in MA Senate race

Update: Fast Food Workers Striking Over Working Conditions, Wages, Around St. Louis

Kamasutra of sleeping

Might some of you here be interested? :)

US is warned of Russia 'arms sale to Syria'

KARZAI'S CIA BUNDLES - The hand that scolds also bribes

Sometimes I think MLB Umpires are on the take....

Clashes as PA police 'mistakenly shoot woman'

Decade after Iraq, hawks reunite over Syria

What is the most political thing that you have ever done?

Tom Coburn (R-Douche Bag) is a reprehensible POS

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA - And then there was one

Syria sarin row - an inconvenient outburst

Couple that survived Aurora movie theater shooting to marry exactly 1 year after the attack

Amazon Warehouse Workers Sue Over Security Checkpoint Waits

I made Dis.....

Bangladesh Islamist Given Death Sentence for 1971 War Crimes

So what was your first digital camera?

Rep. Jackie Speier outs obscene Marine Facebook page

Prince Charles criticizes ‘corporate lobbyists’ and climate change skeptics

Nigeria: Twenty Three Policemen Killed in Nasarawa Ambush

Impunity Forever: US Supreme Court Shields Multinationals from Liability for Human Rights Violations

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 9, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 9, 1967

Two Hamas activists arrested over plan to kidnap Israeli soldier

What if being straight was frowned up on instead?: A video

Kamp and Baucus on tax reform??

In the U.S., a recovery for the rich

Chromebook to the rescue - Linus Torvalds

Ariel Castro served cake and dinner on anniversary of victims' abductions

Augustine of Hippo and sex

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall to Five-Year Low

Repugs New Scheme on Debt Limit

CBS' Attkisson, pushing Benghazi story, fell for Fast and Furious and anti-vaccine scam too

Toxic Benzene Fills Air Weeks After Tar Sands Spill

99 One-Liners Rebutting Denier Talking Points — With Links To The Full Climate Science

Addressing the Epidemic of Military Sexual Assault

41% Americans Believe Dinosaurs And Humans Lived Together - Now I Know We Are Stupid

Relax, Relax at the Dying of the Light

Why Does the Post Think It's Bad News that the Republican Budget Strategy is Falling Apart?

Norman Solomon: Obama in Plunderland: Down the Corporate Rabbit Hole

Jobless claims still improving, reach another five-year low

Bail? Really?

Donald Trump -- posterchild for "Idiots with Twitter accounts"

It is now time for my annual Say Something Nice About Republicans thread

Same Day: Stock Market Sets New Record, Conversatives Say Obama Wrecked Stock Market

Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality Will Collapse the Western Economy

Federal probe into Las Vegas Greyhound Therapy...

Massachusetts Senate Special Election: Markey (D) 52%, Gomez (R) 35%

when truth meets profit, truth gets crushed...a few personal examples

John Fugelsang: Rush Limbaugh has chased away more sponsors than Lindsay Lohan at Betty Ford

Wiretap Law May Create 'Backdoors' For Hackers, Experts Warn

Worst Week Since Fukushima: 4 Major Setbacks In 3 Days Are Latest Stumbles For U.S. Nuclear Industry

Not to imply Mark Sanford is sleazy, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if Charles Ramsey moved in across

Connect the dots : Say "NO" to Enbridge oil on the Great Lakes

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -Abuse

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- republicasses

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Prisoners

Manuro looking for food supplies on international tour (Spanish)

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- general repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Guidelines tightened on nuclear advance fees for utilities (Florida)

I would like to propose "Survivor / Hunger Games DU" --

breaking: republicans block confirmation vote on EPA nominee gina mccarthy

Consumer Reports gives near-perfect score to Tesla Model S

U.S. Navy Spends $37 Billion On A Ship That Barely Works

Does nuclear power have a negative learning curve?

A Final Embrace: The Most Haunting Photograph from Bangladesh ***GRAPHIC PIC***

Unemployment Is Down, So What’s the Problem?

The Tim Lambesis Story: Murdering Christian rocker?

HELLO!!! Economists See Deficit Emphasis as Impeding Recovery

Sen. Whitehouse rips colleague who said God won’t allow climate change

Tom Hanks in another movie! Captain Phillips. About the Somali piracy.

Survivor Caramoan - Episode 12 Discussion Thread - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

Who wore it better?

Right-Wing Logic: Feeding Schoolchildren = Bad. Feeding Child Molesters = Good.

GOP successfully scream “Benghazi” until people pay attention to them

MUST SEE! Jon Stewart RIPS Fox News Over Benghazi Coverage.

One party is threatening the recovery far more than the other is

Max Baucus, the Senator from K Street -- A Poster Boy for Campaign Finance Reform

Guantánamo is not an anomaly — prisoners in the US are force-fed every day

Note reportedly found inside Castro home includes chilling admission: ‘I am a sexual predator’

Yes, there is a Benghazi conspiracy

God-Man Revealed

Unemployment Is Down, So What’s the Problem?

Video: David Foster Wallace speech on Choosing, Mindfulness and the Real Value of Education

The Bone-Chilling Letter Found in Ariel Castro's House

LCS: Navy Pushes Back Against Criticisms

Air Force Crisis: Sex, Nukes And Leadership

Charlie Crist Announces Support For Gay Marriage In Florida

Ever wonder what the word "littoral" means?

Sen. McCain Slams $2.5B Carrier Cost Increase; Navy Struggles To Fund SSBN-X, Destroyers

More Than A Million Additional Latinos Voted In 2012 Than In 2008

Does anyone still call their friends by their last name?

Toronto: New TTC bendy bus spotted

Some D.C. Metro Workers Still Fear Reporting Safety Violations

It's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks the military's camouflage fetish has gone crazy.

The Global Youth Jobless Crisis:

Happy Mother's Day from the GOP (video)

New Franklin Marshall Poll: Only 25% believe Corbett deserves reelection.

Regarding notifications if one's posts are alerted on unsuccessfully

Marathon Bombing Suspect Buried At Undisclosed Location

NJ Transit is studying bringing its Hudson-Bergen light rail to...Bergen County

A good day for pedestrians, cyclists and equines in Houston

Charles Ramsay did a good thing, but that doesn't change that he was convicted of domestic violence

Henri is back- "Cat Littérature"

"Pedestrians Slow Cars Down:" Why So Few Walk in Miami

Hey Governor Corbett: Please Visit a Philadelphia Public School to See We're Worth Funding

De-carbonizing the world's electricity supply

Mother of shot teen turns to WebMD instead of a hospital

Arizona AG Pleads No Contest To Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

My email to Richard Burgess, President of Connecticut Carry, Inc.

Tesla Motors posts first quarterly profit in its 10-year history

Miami Marlins to close upper bowl for some games

Pic Of The Moment: This Idiot Co-Authored The Recent Immigration Study By The Heritage Foundation

Chicago Workers Open New Cooperatively Owned Factory 5 Years After the Republic Windows Occupation

Scott Walker's busy travel schedule

"And THIS IS THE GUY adapting The Great Gatsby to film?"

Video released in attack on gay couple near Madison Square Garden

The Guardian: The dark side of home schooling: creating soldiers for the culture war

God help me- I lost another one.

Giant Swamp Rats Are Literally Eating Louisiana

Charles Ramsey is still a hero. His own domestic violence record doesn't negate what he did to free

Australian Energy Market Operator’s report shows that 100% renewable energy for Australia is achieva

Rachel Maddow - Immigration debate exposes racist influence within GOP

Study of lead levels in rice under scrutiny

Parents Sue City, State Over Stalled Decisions For Their Special Needs Children's Education

Al Gore Tells Obama: Cancel Keystone XL

Brazilian woman survives harpoon shooting

Is there a refutation by scientists of Richwine dissertation?

Advocates Dispute Nw York City's New Homeless Numbers

Papantonio: Republicans Ignorant to Basic Economic Principles

Is the Catholic church even trying to make sense on marriage equality?

EU referendum: Tory MPs to force vote next week

2-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Himself In Texas

Meet The 'Liberator': Test-Firing The World's First Fully 3D-Printed Gun

This’ll Make The Nativists Crazy

Tepco eyes dumping groundwater

Boehner Demands Email

Queen's Speech: Monarch to get huge pay rise as Brits tighten belts

Whistleblower’s yarn fails to tie Benghazi lapses to politics

Too much positive economic news, Boehner cries, "Benghazi"

Nevada may become first state to let motorcyclists drive between traffic lanes

Time to end the tax havens that shield tax cheats' fortunes and rob citizens

I Think The NRA's New Marketing Campaign May Be Crossing The Line

Ted Cruz Mocks Obama’s Texas Visit

Why didn't I think of that?

Rachel Maddow - Formerly fringe conspiracy theorists find voice in congressional GOP

Army of heavily-armed black thugs threatens Congress with bloodshed (satire)

Hospital Official in Fukushima: "Extremely scary data" - Stroke rate spiking in people ages 35 to 64

Register felony firearms criminals, sort of like sex offenders?

SMU’s pursuit of Bush Center prompted faculty concerns, questions about policy institute

Guate: Rios Montt genocide trial / 2nd day of conclusions, Prosecution wraps up

Errors Afflict More Checks Issued to Aid Homeowners

Respect the Kiss Cam. Always respect the Kiss Cam.

Give Me An “F”! Creationists Fail a Fourth Grade Science Test

WingNutDaily writer claims Obama orchestrated Benghazi to cover up his being "teh gay."

RealPlayer update (Trojan alert!!!)

N.Y. Senate Fracking Backer Tied to Firm With Gas Lease

Taking the politics of extortion past the breaking point

Amazon Warehouse Workers Forced to Wait at Security Checkpoints Without Getting Paid

Making of "The Shining"

How Your Tax Dollars Fund Bad, Low-Wage Jobs and Help Fuel Inequality

Rick Perry get 10K rental and Double Dips while West displaced gets Budget rentals

Majority of Americans overstate level of gun violence, Pew finds

Crop circles explained.

Flu in pregnancy 'may raise bipolar risk for baby'

Americans Down on Congress, OK With Own Representative

Thom Hartmann: Call the WH (202) 456-1111 - Support the Good Jobs Nation Campaign

83 Year Old Nun Convicted Of Nuclear Plant Break In

The Most LOL-Stupid Microsoft Ad Evah

How Nordstrom Uses WiFi To Spy On Shoppers

This is Water.

Unknown number of elephants feared dead at world heritage site

Recchia(D) raises more than $400,000 in first 5 weeks-This is my Congressional district.

Instead Of Heading To Hospital Immediately, Mom Looks Up Info On Gun Shot Wounds On WebMD

House Passes GOP Debt Prioritization Bill (economists called "dangerous")

So, are you gonna pay for Adobe's "Cloud"?

Register gun offenders, sort of like sex offenders

Almost Cowboy Texas...

Intel Employee Files Criminal Charges Over Kick Me Sign On His Back

A question about the DC gun march, the one with the 2,000 idiots with loaded rifles

Just heard that there are serious floods in New York

from the Nytimes Comments

Today is Ascension Thursday!

Today is Ascension Thursday!

Would he have asked the same question had his name been Campbell?

Completely Insane British Cops Arrest 10 Year Old Playing Hopscotch


Federal appeals court: Michigan can ban schools from collecting union dues

McCain: Pics of Prez monitoring bin Laden raid - NO pics of Prez night of Benghazi attack

Pat Robertson says to beware of "false prophets"

The repubs are at it again.

Just as some of us figured, Bryan Fischer is in the closet...

Unemployed Black Woman Pretends to be White, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

You know who the real heroes are?

Charles Ramsey says criminal past made him a better person

Vultures eat woman's body in 50 minutes after fall off cliff

NRA vendor sells "bleeding" female mannequin target

Glenn Beck is busy calling Rachel Maddow a liar this morning for her debunking of Benghazi farce

WHITE HOUSE PETITION: support Elizabeth Warren's bill on student loans at same rate banks get 0.75%

Mass. polls: Ed Markey tops Gabriel Gomez

US Embassy and Consulate attacks under George W. Bush

Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct

A very thoughtful and wonderful video. "This is Water"

Ted Cruz: The ‘Schoolyard Bully’

"Urinal Needs Batteries"

Thoughtful and Wonderful Video, "This is Water" in Video Forum..posted there.

Niall Ferguson, Ted Cruz, and the Politics of Masculinity

I Live In Australia

Beck bemoans backfiring of Perry's strategy; those from CA moving to TX vote blue

Dear South Carolina,

Why cops bust down doors of medical pot growers, but ignore men who keep naked girls on leashes.

Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson get ejected late in Heat-Bulls Game 2 (w/ video)

When Abortion Rights Are Restricted, Gruesome, Gosnell-Style Black Markets Arise

Volunteers Plan Great Saw Mill River Clean-up In Yonkers

Creed WINS Rolling Stone's "Worst Band of the 90s" Readers Poll. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Thom Hartmann: WTF - One Hospital Charges $8k, Another $38k...?!

New York Could Be America's First City To Let Non-Citizens Vote

Asian lamb/noodle soup

Limbaugh shows his true colors again. Lily-white.

US Sen. McCain working on 'a la carte' cable TV bill


I did not know, until now, you could recommend your own thread

The mother and father of the Tsarnaev brothers have been kicked out of Chechnya by its president

You can kiss Overtime goodbye

Now Boner wants every email ... I'm surprised he didn't ask for Obama's birth certificate yet

"Biological Incident Threat" at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

How Terry McAuliffe and the Dems Lost Virginia

D.C. police: We'll arrest armed protesters.

Keiser Report: Strip Poker Charity, For Markets' Sake

Worst EVER 'Politi-Fact' "In Context" analysis

Don't Let Lamar Smith Take Over The Sciences!

‘This Scares Me To My Core’: Colbert Has A Meltdown Over His Sister Losing S.C.'s Special Election

Wow. I just had the most amazing experience with a patient.

A good deal of progressive ideology is rooted in sociological theory.

UN Claims Immunity From Planet's Inhabitants

Why Are We Not Calling the Danny Brown Oral-Sex Assault ‘Rape’?

Health centers to help uninsured individuals gain affordable health insurance coverage

Republican Leaders Refuse To Make Appointments To Key Obamacare Panel

Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression

Senators defeat border security provision

The GOP's new safeword: "Benghazi!"

Police: Abducted women held in different rooms, allowed outside twice in a decade

Exclude Rush Limbaugh orders have him shitting kittens

Issa busts a nut. Please CAPTION the Chairman of House Committee on the Ethics of Freakin' Nuts.

Boston Suspects’ Parents on the Run

Gomez took $281,500 home tax deduction, questionable tax break

When I think of the Big Questions like The Meaning of Life and Purpose....

War on Marijuana Returns with Federal Crackdown on Seattle Dispensaries

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 9th

Norm Ornstein: The Myth of Presidential Leadership

X-POST from GD: Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Gala

Papantonio: The Dysfunctional Cleveland Police Botch Castro Case

MCM broken nose

Turkish PM Erdogan: Syria has crossed red line, used chemical weapons

Bill Donahue: David Bowie 'a switch-hitting, bisexual, senior citizen from London'

the value of trees

Cyberthieves Looted A.T.M.’s of $45 Million in Just Hours

New ‘academic redshirt’ program to support undergraduate STEM education

Right-Wingers Obsessed With Deficits That Don’t Matter And They Don’t Understand (VIDEO)

Heritage Expert Contributed Articles On Hispanic Incarceration To ‘Nationalist’ Website

April 498 violent deaths up 11% in Caracas

What It Costs Here -- And There


hurricane season starts in a month---

Republican VP nominee Ryan: Progressivism Is 'Arrogant And Condescending

Senate Passes Bill To Increase ‘Green’ Construction and Reduce Energy Costs

"Politi-Fact" 'Context' on that Organic Cheese, Brown Egg et al debate

Diablo III gold duping scandal

Poll: Country The GOP’s Favorite Music Genre; Dems Prefer Classical

There seems to be some confusion about the Age of Consent.

Breaking: Pres Perez Molina announces he will withdraw the declared state of siege... (NOT REALLY)

The Daily Show again uses Steve King as GOP's poster child for absurdity

President Obama is Headed to Austin - Here's Why

Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation Sits Down

Colorado: Legislature finalizes historic marijuana legalization

Bill Maher- America's Craziest Congressman, Round-2

Bear jokes incoming!

This 17-Year-Old Coder Is Saving Twitter From TV Spoilers (Spoiler: She's a Girl)

Regarding the Jodi Arias trial: UPDATE - aggravation phase CANCELED for today. New date: May 15th

I bet male-dominated tea party Benghazi witch-hunt of Hillary wins her even MORE supporters

Talk about unmitigated gall........

I keep hearing about legal consequences for the miscarriages

Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years in prison

Applebee's is coming to San Francisco

Mark Sanford Won? Really?

You have to just Love her~

WSJ: Asheville’s Grove Park Inn will shelter U.S. Supreme Court when Armageddon arrives

President Obama's budget proposed a permanent fix to interest rates for student loans

Intelligence report identified vulnerability before Boston bombing

Strike For 15: The Fast Food Worker's Strike - Micah Uetricht Discusses

I was lured into the straight lifestyle by liberal Hollywood propaganda

Gov. Cuomo announces $60 million to promote tourism throughout New York state

What Are We Fighting For? - The Robert Ross Band

When you gots to sleep, you gots to sleep:

Breaking: Minnesota house passes marriage equality bill

Coffee Aficionados - I need a new coffeemaker, your recommendations please.

Breaking: The Minnesota House has passed the Marriage Equality bill

This guy wants to hire you

Pew: Hispanics Overtake Whites In College Enrollment

Breaking: Minnesota House approves Marriage Equality Bill

Chemicals of High Concern Found in Thousands of Children's Products

Climate Record From Bottom of Russian Lake Shows Arctic Was (8°C) Warmer Millions of Years Ago

Illinois Senate Passes Union-Backed Pension Reform Bill.

Obama: U.S. Economy ‘Poised For Progress’

Daily Mail "making an even greater assault on American shores"

Minnesota House approves gay marriage bill after two-hour debate

F.B.I. Did Not Tell Police in Boston of Russian Tip

House where Lee Harvey Oswald stayed to go up for sale

“The Pool” Doesn’t Exist, That Is the Real Problem

I thought I had reached the depths of my outrage fatigue. But this just makes me want to cry.

X-Post from GD: Tea Party Commissoners refuse no-strings federal HUD funds for poor.

House Republicans introduce Kermit Gosnell bill

Minnesota House passes gay marriage; bill heads to Senate Monday

Poor little rich kids: Upper-middle-class kids now an at-risk group?!

Traces of water in moon came from Earth, study finds

Erica Grieder is on Martin Brashir

Kid President & Kid Vice President

GOP Senators Vote To Increase Government Spending On Border Patrol By Tens Of Billions Of Dollars

Hanford Nuclear Cleanup May Be Too Dangerous, Future Of Storage Plant Uncertain

Google's Earth Engine: A stunning time-lapse view of the planet

Man Stabs Friend During Threesome For Not Changing Positions

Prosecutor may seek death penalty in Cleveland case; defendant accused of causing miscarriages

"You want kids to come to class? You want them to get excited?"

Crop circles explained.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The Big Benghazi Theory

Billie Joe Armstrong On PSY: 'This Dude Is The Herpes Of Music'

UK human rights record under pressure from UN torture panel

More predictable jury responses?

83-year-old nun gets 20 year sentence for ‘symbolic’ nuclear facility break-in

IRS Opens Tax Cases Based on Trove of Offshore Account Data

Minnesota Marriage Equality Decision Brings a Change in Legal Thinking

Dog survives nearly month in impounded car

Will the Catholic Church Ever Stop Trying to Criminalize Sin?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 May 2013

How often are guns used in legal self defense?

Our Swiftly Melting Deficit, Or How the U.S. is Killing It

Animals Trying To Stay Awake Compilation

Pinellas Park man attacked by alligator while trying to flee traffic stop

Randi Rhodes petition - Fire Gen. Mark Welsh

The Myth of Presidential Leadership

Exclusive: The RNC Benghazi Attack Ad that Never Ran

Skepticism and Religion

Rios Montt on Trial, but Not Reagan Officials?

cop beats manslaughter rap

Can the govt ban or block the posting

Cornyn: Immigrants ‘wearing some form of turban’ crossing Southern border

What is Interfaith Cooperation For?

Man Swallowed by Hippo, Lives to Write About It

Charles Ramsey appears to be a human being just like the rest of us...

Scientists infect mosquitos with bacteria to curb malaria transmission

GOP cut Obama administration's request 4 State Department's Worldwide Security program 2011, 2012 &

U.S. Kicks Drug-War Habit, Makes Peace With Afghan Poppies

Tweety watching Faux too much? BENGHAZI!!! Yikes, Lisa Meyers is horrible (still)

Why Ariel Castro Could Face the Death Penalty

EU Plans Tariffs of Up to 67.9% on Chinese Solar Panels

Don't throw me into that briar patch

Creepy. 2004 FBI sketch and Ariel Castro.

Sen Toomey - some GOPers voted against Back-ground checks just because Obama was FOR IT

Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, killed in Tia Juana

Why hasn't everything been annihilated yet? Pear-shaped atomic nuclei could hold answer.

New Era Windows Cooperative Is Open for Business in Chicago

Attention Boomers: The Economy Needs You To Work Past 70

13 Bush Benghazis. Not a Peep Out Of Fox News or Talk Radio.

Dick Cheney Suggests Republicans Subpoena Hillary Clinton On Benghazi

Without a Union, It’s the Fox Guarding the Hen House

Papantonio: Gun Industry Profits Off Child Deaths

Is Your State's Highest Paid Employee A Coach? Probably.

In Praise of the Emergency Dispatchers Who Handled the Amanda Berry 911 Calls

Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapse Death Toll Reaches 1,000

Cheney: I Would 'Probably Not' Testify Before Congress, Even If Subpoenaed...BUT, SUBPOENA HILLARY!

Chris Cuomo viciously bullied Amanda Knox and called it journalism.

OMG watch The Big Benghazi Theory (first 2 minutes of with

What Makes A Parent's Bond With Their Child So Incredibly Strong?

Brief Kitten Sam Update - Day Three - She's doing very, very well...

A man with briefcase has stolen more money than any man with a gun...

Do you believe masculinity is a social construct?

To the death!

Science Cuts Due To Sequestration Contributing To A Brain Drain From The Field

Sailor Dies in Capsize of America's Cup Boat.

Question submitted by Tuesday Afternoon

Five Historic Maps Of Manhattan's Morphing Borders

Building a tragedy - by MattWuerker

Republican House: Boehner basically admits that the "inmates have taken over the asylum"

Heritage Expert Contributed Articles On Hispanic Incarceration To ‘Nationalist’ Website

hooray, the farmers' market is opening on Mothers Day!

"You think I care about your 'rules'? Rules are for LOSERS. I'll beat up this flower. I'll beat the

"It's a free country, I'll do whatever the fuck I want."



Martin Bashir showed a bit of video today of a man in a town hall giving his legislator

Please Sign this petition!

GOP and their friends in the media (FOX NEWS, Lisa Myers, etc..)

President Obama Murdered Ambassador Stevens Just Like He Murdered Vince Foster

83-year-old nun gets 20 year sentence for ‘symbolic’ nuke facility break-in

Amazon working on smartphone with 3-D display, report says

Here's John McCain's Cable-Destroying Legislation

Group of Vt. lawmakers wants U.S. Constitution changed

"The New Truth About the Cop Shot in Watertown: Friendly-Fire in a Getaway"

HEADS UP for North Carolina and ALL STATES faced WITH FRACKING!

State Department (orders) takes down blueprints for 3D-printable handgun

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 11, 2013 -- The Essentials: Memory Lane

Officer, on second day of patrol, revives frantic mom

TCM Schedule for Sunday, May 12, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Mother's Day

I couldn't work on the gardens yesterday or today!!! why is this good news, you ask?

Ninth Circuit Vacates Fair Use Finding in Righthaven Case

Need Healing PRAYERS for my Baby Kitty

Article with video of the chief sponsors of the MN Marriage Equality bill

British Olympian Andrew Simpson dies when yacht capsizes off California

Global Warming Skeptics? Take A Look At "The Hockey Stick"

"Pentagon: Special Forces Would Not Have Saved Lives in Benghazi"

going to conventions

Some of here sometimes feel Unwelcome. Even many of us who were here back..Way Back

Slovenia pledges to sell 15 firms, raise VAT to avert bailout

Quinn calls on House to send him gay marriage bill - Chicago Tribune

"In Data We Trust" by THOMAS B. EDSALL at the New York Times

But can we still be friends?

Washington State system hacked, data of thousands at risk

Hezbollah: Syria to supply weapons to militia

Colorado sheriff opens( Salazars BLM sold hundreds to this man) wild horse investigation

Does reading DU everyday warp your mind or was your mind warped before you started you started DU?

Two meals for a hungry child for the price of one (mail carrier food drive this Saturday & ConAgra)

The net closes in on super rich tax dodgers: Spies expose how hundreds of Britons are 'hiding billio

Judge rules in favor of Kountze cheerleaders displaying Bible verses

Cleveland prosecutors may seek death penalty for kidnap suspect Ariel Castro

Hey MFM, this should help you with your laundry

Immigration reform debate marred by angry clashes in US Senate

Fox's 5 Upset That Media Is Laughing at Them, LOL.

Luckovich Toon: The Right To Bear Arms

Senate OKs honor for Birmingham bombing victims

Record Deficit Reduction and Strongest Job Growth in 8 years

Giant ZERO

The more I learn about the Cleveland kidnapping case

Need some squeee time? check here

Not Your Average Alien Abduction Sighting:

This microwave oven has some interesting features!!!

Academics warn Canada against further tar sands production

Woman Who Gave Bulls Player Finger Once Accused Of Killing Husband By Psychic

Tennessee Commissioner tells Unfunny Joke--

I don't think Ariel Castro should receive the death penalty

What was the last excercise you did? I went for a long walk today. I even walked

'Sammon' or 'Sal-mon'?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Is Limbaugh Finished? Advertisers BAIL Young Turks

Watching Hardball...Lisa Myers???? Are they kidding?

Drones Arrive On Campus

3D-printed guns: State Department orders firm to remove web blueprints

Pet Food Stamps

Cleveland mayor to officials: Stop leaking information, start respecting kidnapping victims’ privacy

California Assembly OKs Accommodations For Transgender Students

McDonald's cuts Angus burgers from menu

Obama pushes $9 minimum wage bill in visit to red state Texas

Religious right shuns black gay athlete

Malcolm X's grandson killed in Mexico.

Daniel Snyder says Redskins will never change name

'Surprise!' Prince Harry has White House tea with Michelle Obama

Help block Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck

Anyone have any tricks to speed up your metabolism? Other than smoking I mean. I've

Billionaire Sara Blakely Pledges Half Of Her Fortune To Charity

Bachmann could face lawsuit for ‘propagating complete and utter lies’

Dear Mr. President

Prince Harry given delirious reception as US tour begins in Senate

California accuses JPMorgan Chase of debt-collection abuses

NRA-Gabrielle Giffords fight heats up