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One day there's going be another Republican administration. They will have access to PRISM.

Secret-Court Judges Upset At Portrayal Of ‘Collaboration’ With Government

The Brits, Mitchell and Webb - ''The Evil Shopkeeper, The Evil Waiter, & The Evil Vicar''

A Knight is sworn to Valor...

Millions protesting in Egypt. Estimated to be the single largest in human history

I want some crabs..

Coming out of the Closet

Coming out of the Closet

My prediction about Sarah Palin's future:

Oh, I *know* you're not criticizing the Commander in Chief while he is standing on FOREIGN SOIL....

In 2005, Glenn Greenwald was the lawyer for Matthew Hale, a convicted white supremacist.

It's too hot :(...

As many if not most of you already know,

On heroes and power

Nose Candy (Photo)

I Bought a New Flag Today.

"What Have Snowden and Greenwald Got to Do With Gandhi?" (Advocacy Journalism)

Under the Dome - TV Series 2013 Official Trailer - Pilot tonight

British Thieves Break Into Shed, Steal The Contents, Then Take The Shed Itself

Ex-Pat Deion Branch defends Aaron Hernandez: ‘Aaron is a great guy’

Yo quiero $3,600? Customers at Michigan Taco Bell find money in drive-thru order

An Ode to ..."Stuff"

NINE GAME winning streak for the Pirates!!

Things are not the same

Saw "Now You See Me" in 4K digital projection.

And they *HATE* it when you point out we are NOT a "Christian Nation". I mean SEETHING anger.

Europe furious, 'shocked' by report of U.S. spying - CNN

Kasich signs Ohio budget with abortion restrictions, tax cuts

Enough said!

2013's Twin Cities Pride Festival had something to celebrate

I happened to turn on Rush in the car today and figured something out

McCain, Schumer On Snowden: Russia Should Pay

Are debit cards part of your payroll options?

Assange: 'No Stopping' Publication Of NSA Documents

Snowden Leaks Cast Shadow Over U.S. Plan to Curb Chinese Hacking

Donald trump, live right now on twitter

Assange: Edward Snowden Is ‘Marooned In Russia’

I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting...

NYT: Paid via Card, Workers Feel Sting of Fees (also E action against McDonalds 4 this)

Key US-EU trade pact under threat after more NSA spying allegations

Capitalism's "One-Track Mind" for Profits

Lightning show over Pikes Peak...

The NSA, Snowden, Obama etc. The bottom line IMO

War? What is it good for?

Summer refreshment

Small determined groups can change the world!

West Hollywood to offer free wedding ceremonies Monday

Actor/martial artist Jim Kelly has died.

Today "The City" looked like this..

Is journalism being criminalized? Interview with Dirty Wars author Jeremy Scahill

PA. Budget Passes on Party Line Vote; Some last minute $ found for schools; Transp. bill delayed.

Arctic Sea Ice Braces for Major Blow

Did SCOTUS Declare All Gay Marriage Bans Unconstitutional? Anti-Prop 8 Attorney David Boies Says Yes

Evolution of conservatives

So, the big lie Snowden told is an important one

STOP me before it's too late: Am about to consume some SUGAR WAFERS (generic)!1 n/t

So god made a banker

Michael Jackson paid £23MILLION buying silence of at least TWO DOZEN young boys...

Turnkey Tyranny, Surveillance and the Terror State


Hey married womenfolk, I'm getting married in a month...

Biggest issue of all time!!

Just saw "The Call." **NO SPOILERS**

Trying to Verify An Isaac Asimov Quote

Post Office First...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 2: Star of the Month: Paul Henreid

Chile's Bachelet wins presidential primary

It was so hot today that

Big Lie: America Doesn't Have #1 Richest Middle-Class in the World... We're Ranked 27th!

Ralph Reed wants to force some people to pay for health care they don't want or need

Look a me!

An idea...

Bradley Manning Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Assange says United States can't stop the Snowden leaks from coming out

Who should Edward Snowden be compared to?

Why the questions regarding race in the Zimmerman trial?

Holding Our Beloved Cops Accountable - NJ

let's blame it on gay marriage

Any vegetarians here have issues eating out?...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 3: The Kids Are All Right

Court wins draw big crowds to gay pride parades

I know I look at things pretty simply.

Gun-maker airlifts 20,000 extended magazines into Colorado ahead of ban

Grading "essays" I had to slap myself ...

I'm waiting for the end of the Zimmermann trial before commenting, BUT...

Factbox: Chile presidential underdog Longueira's policy proposals

We are in a war for our lives. The war is between the 1% elite and the 99%. You are hopelessly


Anyone have an extra ticket for the Paula Deen/Alec Baldwin/Michelle Shocked concert?

Girl buys water, spends night in jail

From Texas Statehouse to YouTube, a Filibuster Is a Hit

The NSA story isn't about Obama, Greenwald, nor Snowden

Obama asserts Mandela's values are Africa's future

How the Supreme Court's Outrageous Assault on Our Lives Might Be Used to Knock Republicans Out of Po

A flashlight powered by the heat of your hand!

"Ecuador cools on Edward Snowden asylum as Assange frustration grows"

Prescott Courier: 18 firefighters dead in Yarnell wildfire

They're Not Coming for Your Guns...jpeg

CNN Breaking News Email: 18 firefighters killed battling Arizona wildfire, according to

Tea Partiers Can't Comprehend Pro-Choice Texans, Gandhi, Among Other Things

I love watching conservatives try to initiate debate on things like abortion and gay marriage...

Hudson Cornelius Heinemann ? Really? Hud? Huddy? HH? The Hudster? The Hudmeister?

"Honours without profits?"

'Enter the Dragon' actor Jim Kelly dies

Question..Is it my civic duty to

Good news: Almost off my SSRI. Bad news: Definitely smoking again...

Kindle version of In Siege of Daylight is FREE on July 1 ONLY

Coming back

Please, your condolences for Professor Krugman on the loss of his father.

Is there anyone out there stuck in a bright red state and having

the only safe place for Snowden

Forbes Contributor Links Back to DU in Commentary about Obama, Nixon & "Asterisk President"

KRUGMAN: War On the Unemployed

We are down to the final episode of Six Feet Under....again!

At least 18 firefighters killed battling Arizona wildfire

Ohio governor signs budget including tax cut, anti-abortion provision

Whenever I see firetrucks go by I feel deep emotions.

NYT: In Zimmerman Trial, Prosecution Witnesses Bolster Self-Defense Claims

Check out who decided to hang out on my green onions.

Ed Schultz Torches GOP For Anger Over Gay Marriage: Who Would Align Themselves With These People?

Yes, Monsanto Actually DID Buy the BLACKWATER Mercenary Group!

Union leaders walk out of BART negotiations as midnight deadline nears

Save us Rand Paul!

Lead investigator for HPV vaccines "comes clean so she can sleep at night."

Important release later today about Milwaukee Diocese pedo scandal

Kasich signs $62B budget, leaves in anti-abortion provisions

The Greenwald Show: It's All Greenwald All The Time....

Children Who Are Suffering in Living Hell

Massive riots in Egypt, a terrible tragedy in Arizona and nothing on Cable news.

Oh shit. Official: 19 firefighters killed in Arizona

Activist arrested for allegedly defacing Westminster Abbey statue

Ohio Abortion Restrictions: Gov. John Kasich Signs New State Budget Containing Anti-Abortion Measure

A walk along the beach at Ambleside... (pics and vids)

History note: Paul Revere didn't warn anybody of anything. He was arrested

The Star Spangled Banner, Hendrix style!

Welcoming you with open arms...

Eric Garcetti Takes Over As LA's New Mayor

Federal judge refuses to block Kan. abortion rules

Benjamin Franklin's Codes and Ciphers

CNN reports- Official: 19 firefighters killed in Arizona

Teen wants apology after officer pulls gun

STUDY: Transgender People Experience Discrimination Trying To Use Bathrooms

Linux 3.10 officially released

New York City Celebrates After The Defeat of DOMA (In Photo/GIF)

NYT Editorial: A Surprisingly Successful HPV Vaccine

So, isn't Perry doing another special session tomorrow?

Paraguay Assumes Chair Of The OAS Permanent Council

A Homeless Man and His BlackBerry

ATF uses fake drugs, big bucks to snare suspects

CA: Yep, there will be a massive Bay Area public transportation disruption tomorrow.

New law allows German investigators access to PIN and passwords

Unions Leave Bargaining Table, BART Warns Strike Is Likely Imminent (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

Just about sums it up- Thank you former President Carter:

Mexico highway leapfrogs drug lands to link 2 seas

Benidorm base jumper crashes into building (w/video)

US occupiers stealthily privatizing Haiti water: HLLN on Haiti cholera case against the occupiers

Still time to place your bets. Where will Snowden be by this time next week?

Apparently tomorrow is Canada Day

OK, I LOL'ed...

Indigenous Women: Never Idle

Oakland city employee unions said they plan to call a one-day strike Monday

India floods: 'Thousands still missing' in Uttarakhand (BBC)

Maduro to open Hugo Chavez street in Moscow, attend gas summit

Hong Kong set for 1 July democracy march

Net Worth Lowest In Decades For 30-somethings. Even Worst For Students


The Lounge should take up a collection and buy a set of these things for GD

19 Fire Fighters are DEAD!! In Arizona

Obama heads to Tanzania on last leg of African tour

I feel a need to spell-out the rebuttals to the gay-marriage slippery slope arguments.

LDP only party to oppose zero nuclear policy in public debate

West expected to get state aid to rebuild ailing infrastructure after explosion

Oregon cracks down on supposed charities:

Lightning electric motorcycle bests gas-powered bikes at Pikes Peak

President Obama sends condolences for firefighters who died

The Archbishop Of Canterbury invites the moneylenders back into the church:

Republicans Are Sabotaging Obamacare by Keeping the Public in the Dark About Benefits

July 1: National Gingersnap Day

Repeal of DOMA Should Bring Social Security Equity to LGBT Families

HA! Guess who is stepping out and going to the Wendy Davis rally?

Whoa! Look at this photo of Egyptian protesters using laser pointers on a military helicopter:

The Wonderful American World of Informers and Agents Provocateurs

"individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is"

“God is a delusion”: I was a Pentecostal preacher — until I lost my faith

Judge to rule on whether yoga tied to religion

Francois Murad, Catholic Priest 'Beheaded By Jihadist Fighters In Syria'

Caption this picture

Say "Goodbye" to Irvine...

Lt.Gov.Dewhurst & AG Greg Abbott Consider Charges Against Student Who Led Eyes of Texas Singing

Obviously, Mayor Bloomberg has seen the latest stats...

Today is going to be a big day in Texas!

Why is the Trans Pacific Partenership Pact so terrible? Here, precisely, is why.


Graywarrior strikes again!

Happy Birthday Willie Dixon

The Criminal N.S.A. (Good Take Down of the Illegality of the NSA Programs)

"Hot Coffee" and "Gasland" are now available on Netflix for streaming

TNGA Rep. Timothy Hill's Annual $1.8 Million Johnson City Water & Sewer Subsidy to Piney Flats

US defends intelligence sweep as same as allies

13 Mindblowing Facts About America's Tax-Dodging Corporations

The Divided States of America, in 25 Charts

I rank Firefighters tops for bravery.

Video TNGA Rep. Timothy Hill's Annual $1.8 Million Johnson City Water & Sewer Subsidy to Piney Flats

SF Bay Area braces for first day of transit strike

The 19 firefighters killed in AZ is single biggest loss of firefighting professionals since 9/11

This is what a hero looks like .... Prescott's Hot Shot Fire Fighters ..... silent thread

Kazakhstan to Britain: Don't lecture us on human rights

More Evidence That America's Middle Class Is Sliding Toward the Third World

Sounds like a certified blockbuster...

EU charges 13 banks, ISDA, Markit with breaching EU antitrust rules

U.S. plays down reports of spying on EU, other allies

Nuclear Has Scaled Far More Rapidly Than Renewables

Firefighters rescuing kittehs:

Justice Kagan and Justice Scalia Are Hunting Buddies—Really

Buffalo Trampoline... Field

Info on helping families of the Granite Mountain Hotshots & helping all those affected by the fire:

The rise of the extreme house-sitter

Gov. Christie draws heat for attacking Obama

The Mindset of a Whistleblower and Snowden’s Long Flight

Conservatives And GOP Would Privatize Firefighters & First Responders.

A joke about a senior citizen...good twist..

To whom do you give the most credit for the repeal of DOMA?

This qualifies as the best weather warning ever!

FOX and Friends Are Going to Have a Collective Coronary

The best ribs on the planet

Gay Married Man in Florida Is Approved for Green Card

GOP We Won't Do Or Pass Anything Until You Give Us The Power To Do Worse.

I know what Snowden’s feeling right now

Four Egyptian ministers resign from Mursi’s cabinet after protests

In Zimmerman Trial, Prosecution Witnesses Bolster Self-Defense Claims[NY Times]

When the Koch backed tea party shut down town halls, it was "grassroots". . .

Netherlands: ‘Rabobank turns against shale gas’

Empire of Secrets

Fly the Flag and the Union Label This July 4th

Charter Schools...When They are Bad, They are HORRID!!!!!

Chris Hedges: Bowl Phone Sex

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 6, Monday, July 1, 2013

Latin America's next challenges

Paula Deen and the US's 'subservience fantasy'

so as of today-if you are a college student and a republican you are an idiot

Qatar's love affair with Syria (Pepe)

Close encounters of the low-tech kind

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The G-NO-P

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Rights

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Rights, so long as you don't actually use them

I want to see this guy!

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

San Fran Bay Area transit workers go on strike

some facts to counter the right


Landowners with gas leases find they are being charged for "post production costs" of fracking

companies creating american jobs? we've seen this dance before

Professor Richard Wolff: Capitalism's Social Costs (audio)

Ellsberg Petition:

Al Jazeera America signs Soledad O'Brien as special correspondent

so... World War Z sucked.

Jerusalem deputy mayor: Defund theater showing Rachel Corrie play

Tribune Co. buys 19 television stations in $2.7-billion deal

Getting Past Stars and Swipes Forever

Long-term cannabis use may blunt the brain's motivation system

The lesser included manslaughter charge, and why the Zimmerman case ISN'T Casey Anthony redux

How North Carolina Became the Wisconsin of 2013

Tell-all telephone: what meta data shows (six months worth - man sued and got this info)

You Just Said Yes, Now What?

Call Congress right fucking NOW!!!

Al Jazeera America signs Soledad O'Brien as special correspondent

U.N. nuclear chief warns of 'dirty bomb' threat

Bonne Fete du Canada!

Bradley Manning supporters made up "the largest non-corporate contingent" at #SFPride this weekend

Only lawyers now can argue before Supreme Court

***** Stand with Texas Women - Rally at Texas Capitol = LiveBlog *****

Cover Story: How the NSA Targets Germany and Europe

150 Years Ago, The Battle of Gettysburg Started. Today, Some Americans Want Another Civil War

Friends or Foes? Berlin Must Protect Germans from US Spying

Turns out it was a white woman who filed against Paula Deen and her brother...

Looking for feedback - we have these in our Netflix queue...know little about them.

Tom Tomorrow: Triumph!

Bush says ‘civil liberties were guaranteed’ under his NSA Internet surveillance

(LONG - must read) Israel Vindicated? 1948 as told in 1948 and by those who lived it.

Chris Hedges: Bowl Phone Sex

Facebook's Android app snags your mobile number the moment you launch it

Edward Snowden Asking 15 Countries for Asylum, Russian Official Says

Docs to be released today on church sex abuse (1pm) here are some notes:

In getting ready to head to the texas capital

Judge Says Police and U.S. Agents Misled Court in Manhattan Gun Possession Case

Current NICS Background Checks

Wind turbine maker Nordex to close Arkansas production plant

2fer: No TeaBagger complaints that TX special sessions cost $1M ea?!1 & all for the benefit of 6%ers

Hollande: Bugging allegations threaten EU-US trade pact

Transgender attacks investigated in D.C.

We Are the Pea

Zimmerman: I can't understand a word the Voice Expert is saying..

Should Obama give Morsi the Mubarak treatment?

…and then they came for the trans* people.

I watched "Whitehouse Down" after watching "This is the End", it was EPIC!

Exclusive: Pakistan angers Afghans by suggesting Taliban share power - minister

Mississippi open-carry gun law will not take effect Monday

Survival of the Galapagos sea lion


Child gun deaths shake Louisiana communities

President Obama to Egypt: "Assaulting women does not qualify as peaceful protest."

With Palin insulting Obama again, I cannot help but remember this quote from the RNC:

Transparency, Declassification, and the Obama Presidency (September 2012)

Why couldn't both Zimmerman AND Martin have been on top in the fight?

Liar, Liar pants on fire....Bush says ‘civil liberties were guaranteed’ under his NSA surveillance

Jim Kelly - R.I.P.

The Making of a Monster, Caught by Accident

Big day for Florida today!

El Nino unusually active in the late 20th century

The Worst Marine Invasion Ever

The man told reporters that he had his pistol out to clean it and thought it was unloaded.

About Top Secret Intelligence Briefing Documents

Law requires Chinese to visit their aging parents

Al Gore must be getting fatter....

Diamond catalyst shows promise in breaching age-old barrier

Putin says Russia will never hand over Edward Snowden to the U.S.

Egypt: Politicians Have 48 Hours To Reach Deal

Yes We Can - "Dispose" of Nuclear "Waste"

Dad With History of Violence Shot Wife, 3-Year-Old Son, Self

Manufacturing In U.S. Rebounded In June As Orders Picked Up

Mythbusters banned from talking about RFID chip by Visa and Mastercard, etc.

Putin: Snowden can stay in Russia if he stops damaging US

Opposition to Obamacare sparks conservative wave among grad students

Climate change: Diseqilibrium will become the norm in the plant communities of the future

New York Flights Delayed as Storms Bring Tornado Warning

You want a retriever? This is a Retriever!

Heads up, CT DUers. Tornado WARNING (not watch) just issued for Fairfield County

What's for Dinner ~ Monday July 1st

Is it time to move to Chrome?

Oil Rises on Manufacturing Data Amid Middle East Tension

Heat reaches triple digits, strains power grids - USA Today

Did Putin just punt on Snowden? He must "stop his work aimed at harming our American partners."

If You’re Poor and You Live in Texas, Your Right to Vote Has Been Taken Away

Who needs choice when you're getting "the act"? Pleace come CAPTION Peggy Noonan!!!

War On the Unemployed - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Want your tax refund in Virginia? Pay a fee to debit card company, thanks to GOP

Video: Jim DeMint Says Women Want Mandatory Vaginal Probes --- Yes, he really did say it

New message from God

Paying Till It Hurts: American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World

Monbiot: Corporate Carve-Up

Fun Game: Six months of FREE living expenses - what would you do with your time?

Binational Florida partners become first gay couple to win ‘green card’ petition after DOMA’s defeat

Russian and US security services to work on solution to Snowden fate

Protesters rally in support of anti-bank chalk activist

The only thing worse than not having a pool in this heat is having one that you can't use.

right now begins the evidence that lays the groundwork for a conviction at least of neg. hom

President Obama arrives in Tanzania (Check out these outfits)

Thousands Expected At Texas Capitol As Sweeping Abortion Bill Returns

Russian, U.S. leaders tell security services to end Snowden standoff (Reuters)

Judge tosses 3 lawsuits against Elmo voice

Republicans Paint Clinton as Old News for 2016 Presidential Election

Student Loan Rates Double After Congressional Inaction

When Italians Chat, Hands and Fingers Do the Talking.

American Taliban Signs Bill in Ohio Denying Women Healthcare

I think there are DEEP divisions in the Administration, in the Military, and in the Security State..

Yet another reminder of how hard we work to ensure poor people stay poor.



Thank you, DU.

Pic Of The Moment: Sarah Palin May Create Third Party If GOP Continues To "Neglect Conservatives"

Dog on course at TDF Stage 2

"Can someone tell me whether we're supposed to be offended by Johnny Depp's portrayal of Tonto?"

NYT: Snowden Applies to Russia For Asylum

Obama to lay a wreath in Tanzania with un-indicted war criminal Bush.

Ex-FBI agent apologizes to victims at 'Whitey' Bulger trial

Egypt protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood headquarters

Girls Coming To Boy Scout Jamboree For First Time

AMERICAN LEAGUE ALL-STAR VOTING - Cabrera is going to get a record number of votes

San Francisco area rail strike causes traffic nightmare

Live stream inside TX Legislature

Israeli Sesame Street Actors Protest Israel's Closure Pf Palestinian Puppet Theatre Festival

Anyone else creeped out or offended by Zimmerman's continual reference to Trayvon

My car insurance increased $300+ this year because of Irene and the Nor'Easter two years ago.

Man with cerebral palsy finishes 5K under his own power

Let's change up Ida's fun game a little

War On the Unemployed - Paul Krugman

Killer Arizona wildfire turns more ferocious; new crews called in

There's nothing here...

Yesterday, my landlord gave me 30 days notice, because he is ill, and has to sell

lol... owned.

Egypt’s military gives Morsi’s government 48 hours to ‘meet the demands of the people’

Putin and Obama order security agencies to find way out of Snowden impasse

Texas women: time to go Lysistrata on RWNJ's who vote against your interests

The cyber-intelligence complex and its useful idiots

Snowden Asks 15 Countries for Asylum – LA Times

Snowden applies for asylum in Russia: immigration source

DC (the city) awards Obamacare IT work to offshore outsourcer

SALON: James Clapper is still lying to America

New State Laws July 1: Hundreds Of New Laws Across US Go Into Effect July 1

Here i am seeking help again

A right for the religious is a right for the nonreligious

New gun group tempers its message

Does anyone here watch the NBC show "Revolution"?

Settlers Assault Israeli Human Rights Workers Near West Bank Outpost

Fox News host on immigration reform: ‘Baloney,’ just focus on white people

Snowden Seeking Asylum from 15 Countries

Time lapse video of Yarnell Hill Fire from Congress, AZ

NSA Nutjob: Anatomy of a Fake ‘Observer’ Story

Coup in Egypt?

The Ageist Attack on Hillary

Sortition versus elections.

No difference?

Snowden needs to seek asylum here:

Awww.... How sweeeeet...

Clapper lies anew about his lie to Wyden

Happy Belated Birthday, George Orwell!

If acquitted, I think Zimmerman would kill more innocent people due to fear of vigilante justice

I've got a question

Why Bush Violated the Fourth Amendment, and Obama Has Not

So. Not. OK.

Soledad O’Brien & Other CNN Alums Join Al Jazeera

Misunderstood tweet about Obama and Mandela

Student Loan Rates Double After Congressional Inaction

Richie Havens’ Ashes Scheduled to Be Scattered at Woodstock

Let's play a little game. Let's say you're the President.

Time for your kitty moment of zen

Utah Gun Rights Group Planning Open Carry 5K Run

Robert Reich video

Political writing contest ($250 prize): Your best idea for a federal law (deadline July 15)

Dog Sitter For Wealthy New York Couple Kidnaps And Neuters Prized Show Dog

Man Who Reported Murder To Cops, Exposes Himself In Police Station

Compilation of Pics from Stand with Wendy Rally in Austin. Natalie Maines singing Nat'l Anthem

What war on women??? Please come CAPTION Ohio's Republican governor, John Kasich!!!

Docs released today on church sex abuse - link to docs now up:

I think I just realized why GZ shot TM

Tornado in Springfield MA??

Peruvian Drag Queen Competition Ends With Massive Brawl After Judging Error

LInk to live feed for Stand with Wendy Rally. Leticia speaking now.

French parties call for Snowden political asylum

The crowd at the Texas Capitol (pics) Sen Davis speaking (Transcript)

Politico: Pols, pundits weigh in on NSA report

Dignity is as dignity does. Please come CAPTION Rick Perry!!!

Prada cast a black model for the first time in TWO DECADES

So you like hanging out with friends in your garage? Not so fast....

LIVE STREAM from TX = Wendy Davis now

For First Time, U.S. Government Admits Some Wiretaps were Foiled by Encryption

Texas House will convene the 2nd Called Session at 2:00 p.m.

will you vote for the current immigration bill?

How The Powerful Derail Accountability. The Case of Intelligence Reform (Part 1)

American surveillance may kill US-EU free-trade talks

Disturbing Squidward screen capture

Americans Get Away with Murder and Torture in Iraq (corps are immune from civil claims...)

You waited too long to sue, judge tells 3 who accused former Elmo puppeteer of sex abuse

Kent Sorenson is big winner in Bachmann lawsuit settlement

Hillary Clinton: China Damaged U.S. Relationship By Allowing Edward Snowden To Flee

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 1, 2000

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 1, 2000

States' Rejection Of Expanded Medicaid Could Leave 2 Of 3 Eligible Low-Income People In A Fix

Cuteness Inspires Aggression-The universal desire to squeeze baby animals, hard

Have you ever voted "lesser evil?"

U.S. Working To Help Guarantee Israel’s Security To Restart Peace Talks, Officials Say

The DEA is 40 years old today. It's time to euthanize that sucker.

Do you feed your pets grain-free kibble?

about grain-free kibble (cross-posted from Pets)

Attorney Demands Info on Disappearance of Black Man at 1973 Battle at Wounded Knee

German Lingerie Brand "Blush" Using Edward Snowden In Advertisements

"You got me!"

Sarah Palin's Freedom Party Platform Shoes

Los Angeles Area Masked Cancer Patient Mistaken For Bank Robber

Growing Alarm: German Prosecutors to Review Allegations of US Spying

Tornado warning in northern Mass!

Soledad O'Brien Joining Al Jazeera America

Israel’s Apathetic Hunt For 'Price Tag' Attackers

I'm sitting in a town hall meeting waiting for Sen.

Paul Ryan proves that DOMAs repeal leads to bestiality

Accused Burglar Shot by Homeowner

Staggering. Staggering.

Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin's choice as spokesperson for her new Freedom Party: A. E. Newman!!!!

D.C. awards Obamacare IT work to offshore outsourcer

House panel approves bill increasing H-1B limits

Grimes Will Challenge McConnell

Bradley Manning trial: prosecution details al-Qaida interest in WikiLeaks

A Catholic, a Baptist, and a Secular Humanist Walk Into a Soup Kitchen ...

"Infrastructure Analyst" was Job Title Key to the Inner Access Held by Snowden

Buddhist directs compassion towards bankers

Just sayin'...

The Ed Show - Students pay double for GOP obstructionism

Great quote re. the bewilderment of gay marriage opponents in the wake of their loss

Snowden is not a spy, traitor, nor a criminal...

WTH? Turned on the TV for the first time today to try to get

At least since the Civil War, the US has been majorly into surveillance.

Why would an EMT say a person could probably "use" stitches in their head but they'd rather not

The Ed Show - Florida businessman follows Mitt Romney outsourcing model

NSA-leaker Snowden defects to Russia

My Cop bullshit radar just went off with Zimmermans sotry....

EU orders global sweep of diplomatic missions after US spying reports

There IS an upside to all this "Surveillance" stuff.

Texas Senate recessed until July ninth


The lie that Zimmerman told that should convict him

The cyber-intelligence complex and its useful idiots

George Bush Blasts Snowden, Defends NSA Programs He Put In Place

Gun "Accidentally" Kills 16 Year Old In Louisiana

Glenn Greenwald Speaks: Introduced by Jeremy Scahill at recent Socialist event.

Cirque 'Devastated' By Acrobat's Fatal Vegas Fall

RIP, heroes.

Free Kindle download of a friend's debut fantasy novel

Man facing 13 years for anti-bank chalk protest found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers.

Assange 'Incredible strain' in relations between Ecuador and over his involvement in Edward Snowden


Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Rep Mark Pocan - What's next for the gay rights movemen

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Rep Mark Pocan - So what's next in the fight for equali

Judge Rules Yoga Not Tied To Religion, Allowed To Remain In Public Schools

St. Louis - MetroLink, buses running on time today

You can't pray away the crazy. Please come CAPTION Bobby Jindal!!!

You might be a Southerner

Democrats believe in certain principles.

America's Wolves at Risk

Do We Hate Our Children? The Insane System That Turns Young Adults into Indentured Servants

Zimmerman's eyes are blinking non-stop during the replay of what went down

Corbett Trying to Sneak Lottery Privatization Authority into Final Budget Bill

26 Sens.: NSA is relying on a "secret body of law" to collect massive amounts of data on US citizens

Paintings by a 3 Year Old that is actually impressive

Sen Warren asks Why is Sallie Mae ripping off tax payers?

Soledad O'Brien Joins Al Jazeera

what's happened to PoliticusUSA? did the Corporate nation conduct a cyber-attack on it?

This seasons The Killing--an indictment on the Death Penalty?

Zimmerman's father is a retired judge.

Americans Now Back Gay Marriage by Large Margin

Hilarious Airline Complaint Letter:

are new postal regulations tied to government surveillance...?

20 Vile Quotes Against Women By Religious Leaders From St. Augustine to Pat Robertson

Netroots Nation 13 stresses building lasting leadership

Dolan Sought Vatican Permission to Shield Assets

Hot Weather Cooking Ideas

Edward Snowden jumps the shark in Moscow - Jonathan Capehart

Grimes will run against Mitch McConnell - link to Herald-Leader

Personally, I wonder why Sanford Dective Serino is no longer a dective,but now

Texas Capitol: Rally v. the war on women! Pics.

I am Edward Snowden

Improving Crop Yields in a World of Extreme Weather Events

PA. House Republicans kill compromise plan to extend federally-funded medical assistance

Exotic Animals, Far From Home (WONDERFUL pictorial)

Colorado announces rules for recreational pot sales

National Memo: The 5 Races That Will Decide Who Controls The Senate

And the beat goes ooooonnnn, the beat goes on

Alison Lundergan Grimes will challenge McConnell

Warning about the hazards of backyard chickens

ZIMMERMAN TO SCREAMS ON TAPE: " .... That doesn't even sound like me...." BOOM !!!

No More Shit

Anybody read this on Michael Hastings? It's disturbing.

New Poll Shows That Republicans Are Totally Screwed With Latino Voters

lol, my little brothers are arguing on Facebook

common sense.

IMAC hard drive

Marriage of gays? No flippin' way, Charley. Please come CAPTION Kansas's Tim Huelskamp!!!

Bryan Fischer Irritated: Loves Gays, Hates Homosexuality

Crazy right-wing woman starts yelling at my wife about Obama in a parking lot today!

Baked Margarita Spaghetti Squash

Wikileaks has released a statement from Edward Snowden

book on Mandela

Statesman: Link to photos of today's protest rally in Austin, TX starring Wendy Davis

AP PHOTO: A Procession of the Vehicles Carrying Bodies of the Firefighters Who Died in AZ

Book on Mandela

F*** Rick Perry

Gravitas is for losers. Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Analyzing Potential Outcomes of San Jose’s Suit Against MLB

Zimmerman IS a creepy ass cracker (jasirix)

Ding! San Diego Chalker Acquitted and Idiot Prosecutor Condemned by Mayor!


Random House and Penguin: Two Become One

June Photography Competition Results are Now Posted

Pet of the day?

Pop Culture’s Best Tributes to Badass State Senator Wendy Davis

Glenn Greenwald's Anti-Obama Vendetta Continues

Is journalism being criminalized? Interview with Dirty Wars author Jeremy Scahill

Williamson County sheriff’s official charged with DWI

CNN Op-Ed: U.S. intelligence community is out of control

Does anybody else think Mark O'Mara has a grating voice?

Tim Huelskamp Introduces Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

The Sunday Assembly Comes to New York

We are the United States of America...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 4, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- The 4th on Film

Fuck Yeah Narwhals

Report: Edward Snowden Breaks Silence (updated)

Ex-Stasi Boss Green With Envy Over NSA's Domestic Spy Powers

*1776 on TCM @ 1:30 a.m. July 5,

Is Religion Good For Your Cat And Dog?

City of Prescott releases names of Fallen Firefighters

Microsoft Windows vs. Ford Motor Co.

The grammar police have invaded Yahoo Mail... DU. too....just now....OH..NO

20 photos from todays stand with texas women rally:dial up warning

Five must-hear songs about Mandela

The other side of every story.Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Snowden speaks..or maybe not..

Things I worry about more than the NSA:

July 1, 1929 ‘Here comes another poor boy.’”

Hollywood Bowl.....HELP!!!

Froman and Pritzger and the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) TRADE DEAL! Read & Weep!

Working Americans to U.S. Senate: Confirm All of the President’s Nominations to NLRB

The (Bay Area Rapid Transit) BART strike is not about you or anyone else, it's about this:

George W. Bush Defends PRISM: 'I Put That Program In Place To Protect The Country'

IBEW Apprentices Rescue Dozens of Seniors from Pittsburgh Nursing Home Blaze

Gay man adopts his partner as a way to get around Pennsylvania's laws

President Obama needs to respond to Morsi

Snowden, in new statement, accuses Obama of using ‘old, bad tools of political aggression’

Mystery solved: meteorite caused Tunguska devastation

20 photos from todays stand with texas women rally:dial up warning

UNITE HERE and Hyatt Reach National Agreement

Bryan company Neutral Posture rolls out bullet-resistant chair

Don't fall for the fake European outrage. France conducts widespread espionage against its allies.

Ladies, it time...

Obama Suggests Spying On Nations' Allies Is Common

19 firefighters who were killed in Arizona wildfire have been named

Obama Praises Bush Before Historic Meeting in Tanzania

Police arrest man for filming and kill his dog.

I'm reading the Zimmerman interview transcripts for the first time. Fascinating stuff!

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco

Health Insurance Rate Shock-California Obamacare Ins Exchange Premiums LOWER than expected

To think about, a provocative look at the animals surrounding us.

Obama to launch major wildlife trafficking initiative in Africa

Forest Destroyed By Loggers, Animal's Heartbreak After Losing Home

Contextualizing Obama’s Visit to Africa

Ack. Ate dinner - now I have a stomach ache.

Omaha firefighter shot after patient pulls gun in ambulance (updated x 3)

Snowden: Obama Using "Citizenship As A Weapon"

Hey! I hit 30,000 posts!

I'm gobsmacked that this post seems to be necessary: A Presentation of Godwin's Law:

Jury Acquits Man Who Wrote On Sidewalk With Chalk

Without a vote, Texas Senate recesses until next week

Sun's response to the news Ch4 will broadcast daily call to prayer

Cardinal Dolan asked for, and got, permission to move money to shield it from child rape lawsuits

Wendy Davis Says She Won't Rule Out Running for Texas Governor Next Year Against Rick Perry

Top US Military Officer Calls Egyptian Counterpart

Hello from North Carolina (or what's left of it)

A Lamborghini and Ferrari Crashed into Each Other in Fort Worth on Sunday

A Lamborghini and Ferrari Crashed into Each Other in Fort Worth on Sunday

So is it Official Yet? China and Russia are our Enemies Again?

GD post needs some love

Obama First POTUS in History to Publicly Support Divestment Movement

Alan Grayson: ‘Callous, Bigoted’ Republicans Put Laws Up For Sale To The Highest Bidder

Doesn't religion cause most of the conflict in the world?


512 area code envy? Austin’s new 737 area code in effect

Dutch Pension Group Halts Wal-Mart Investments Over Low Wages And Working Conditions

Josh Marshall: "Snowden’s pretty screwed."

Why is President Obama pushing so hard for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact?

Houston biking group eyes future amid growth, complaints

Houston biking group eyes future amid growth, complaints

TCM coming up. Conan introduces many of Johnny Carson's clips..n/t

RE: Michale Hastings

Attended a college graduation party for a friend's daughter on Saturday.

We're #1! (In Most Expensive Country In The World To Give Birth, That Is)

The First Family in Tanzania

Paula Deen isn't the only one in trouble: Masterchef Krissi is now in hot water.

I think I've come up with the T-Shirt slogan of our times.