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Obama's Plan to Crackdown On Whistleblowers Leaked To McClatchy

Ancient rock art maps cosmological belief

I have some gooseberries

Bomb, gun attacks across Iraq kill at least 44

Certain Dem Reps even who sit high on prestigious Committee frequently fumble when they

Chris Hayes on the ReTHUG removal of Food stamps from the Farm Bill

RFK on extremists

Finally! A Human-Powered Helicopter Wins the $250,000 Sikorsky Prize

No one, including the president, can guarantee Edward Snowdon't safety.

Verizon, AT&T get most bucks from feds for wiretaps

Mother stabs baby 90 times for biting her while breastfeeding..NSFW

Can the President refuse to sign the Farm Bill?

To be fair, there's evidence that Martin profiled too...

The Republican Final Solution for the poor......

Student Loan Rates Will Double So GOP Can Protect Tax Breaks for the Top 0.5%?

I can sum up the defense's closing arguments in the Zimmerman trial

Tonight on SyFy Channel.... Sharks + Tornadoes = SHARKNADO!!! Here is trailer.....

GOP tells Joseph & Mary: Don't bother to vote - But Hey! God Bless You!

Hackers convention ask government to stay away over Snowden

"Giftgate": Sources confirm Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell negotiating resignation

Zimmy is gonna be really popular in prison

Human-powered hover bike wins coveted $250K prize

Conservative group will form rival to Boy Scouts over gay admission

House Republicans finally pass a farm bill — with no money for food stamps

Inhofe Happens

I think I just figured out the "Flight of Liberty" new flight plan

Arizona security firm defends assault rifle wielding thugs at wisconsin mine site

Fantastic...Northern Colorado the 51st State.. How about some help here..

Diane Ravitch Praises Randi Weingarten on Her Blog and All Hell Breaks Loose

Mysterious Manatee and Dolphin Deaths in Florida Confound Scientists

We have a bully pulpit but no bullies. Where are the crude, noisy, ward boss, types.

Anonymous Person Posts $500,000 Bail For Justin Carter, Teen Arrested For 'Sarcastic' Facebook Com

(NATO) Armies get smart on energy

Russian guard service reverts to typewriters after NSA leaks by US whistleblower Edward Snowden

Former clerk spends retirement savings to help volunteer firefighters

Ray Harryhausen double feature tonight on TMC

Weiner Scandal Reference Fails To Sting At Mayoral Forum On Senior Issues

Ireland's parliament approves 'life-saving' abortion (BBC)

LBN needs help

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Exile & a new Kitteh gif

Yet another in my endless gallery of computer graphics


Discarded Romney Campaign Swag Now a Huge Hit in African Villages

3 men dead, 2 wounded in 4 Philadelphia shootings

Karadzic genocide charge reinstated

Gene therapy trial 'cures children' (BBC) {2 different genetic disorders}

Some thoughts about LA from my recent trip

Only in America can you have the law say the Govt can look at anything you type or say on the phone

'Underwear bomber' was working for the CIA

Just curious... when someone post an excerpt, do you usually click on the link to the whole article?

Corbett Signs Back-Door Forced Pooling Into Law

If Palin isn't an AK resident as of now, when would she have to establish residency for '14?

Any history/anthropology majors who don't work in education?

Man Threw His Semen at Wal-Mart Customer He Thought Was ‘Hot’

I don't have anything resembling a classical education, but I do know a bit about "Lysistrata"

Republican ropes Clinton affair into immigration debate

"Warren Joins McCain to Push New Glass-Steagall Law for Banks"

Actress Leah Remini reportedly leaving Scientology

Hackers convention ask government to stay away over Snowden

Note found amid NY Sandy debris helps grieving mom

Owning a gun is not just a right; there are responsibilities that go along with it

What if Trayvon Martin would've been Trisha Michaels?

Use the words meatballs and circumsized in a thread

So how are your mailboxes planted? I was thinking of clematis, but wanted year round interest.

I've got a fever

Saudi Arabia Throws Down A Gauntlet By Targeting Missiles At Iran And Israel

shucks, I was wrong...

Ran across something odd.

Washington Vilified On Both Sides Of Egypt's Divide

U.S. Will Go Ahead With Delivery Of F-16 Fighter Jets To Egypt, Despite Mursi Ouster: officials Rea

"Conservative Think Tank Trolls State Agencies Looking For IRS-Like Scandal"

I need help! I have too many strawberries! What do I make with them?

Snowden: NRA supporter who loved domestic spying when it was Bush and hated it when it was Obama

I'm toasted - ask me anything

"Where the Hell Is the Outrage?"

High School Teacher Turned Democratic Congressman Trolls Republicans With Red Pen

Second 'Prisoner X' Held In Israel's Ayalon Prison, Report Says

Are there three law suits against Scott Walker right now?

WIS Investigates: SC House Speaker Bobby Harrell's campaign spending


He's screening calls for his wife. "What's this about?" he asks

Sarah Slamen: The Testimony TX Lawmakers Wouldn't Let Her Finish...

Inventor of iconic party game Twister dies

How is there not a single african american on this jury? nt

what does this mean?

White House pledges veto of GOP farm bill

Fire union chief disputes suspect's claims that gun in ambulance wasn't hers

Davis, Roberts homer as Orioles beat Rangers 3-1

“Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: The new warrior cop is out of control

July 14th... are you ready?

No More State Secrets: Judge Allows Lawsuit Against NSA to Go Forward

Saudi princess is free on $5-million bail in human trafficking case

What a crappy day

How can DUers save or create US jobs?

So this happened today...

Blueberries were on sale again, so...

56 Up (latest of Michael Apted's "Up" series) - thought provoking, and quite wonderful.

Al Jazeera America hires four anchors in advance of August launch

On second thought, I can understand the confusion

Zimmerman On Trial For Murder, Smiles and Laughs (Pics)

Payback is a BITCH part II

Haven't posted anything in a while...

The Rick Ungar Show on Sirius/XM Left 127

ICTMN: Obama Establishes White House Council on Native American Affairs

I am the host of a new group. How can I name co-hosts?

Chico Marx of the Marx Bros. was one badass piano player!

Occupy Homes MN protesting foreclosure and occupying evicted homes

On second thought, I can understand the confusion (x-posted from GD on request)

Really ...

3 years ago today...I gave up food that I was addicted to for many years...

So far, the following people have agreed to co-host.

Hasidic Doom Metal Is A Real (Surprisingly Good) Thing

Spitzer's Campaign Says It Collected Signatures Needed For Comptroller Bid

Solidarity with Bradley Manning. Sat July 27th 1:30pm to 3:30pm Uptown Minneapolis

The joint is jumpin'

I "friend" dead people?

I got circumcised by Rabbi Jankiewicz, and my dad paid him with kosher meatballs.

What's for Dinner ~ Friday July 12th

Cops: Man threw semen on female Wal-Mart shopper cellphone just scared the living daylights outta me..

The Guardian -- Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

Spitzer submits signatures to get on NYC ballot

Bradley Manning supporters buoyed by incompetent over-prosecution

FDA Sets New Limits on Arsenic in Apple Juice.

'Frankenstein' Rabbit In Minnesota Attracts Internet's Attention, May Have Cancer (VIDEO)

States Push Post-Citizens United Reforms As Washington Stands Still

Metropolis ( 1927 ) [ 2001 Restored Version ] Original Soundtrack

Taiwan closing schools, deploying soldiers as typhoon nears

Mursi's fall in Egypt comforts Saudis, disconcerts Qatar

Hubble telescope spots azure blue planet where it rains glass

Global Warming? No, Satellites Show Carbon Dioxide Is Causing 'Global Greening'

Panel suggests $7.7M breakdown of Newtown payments

OK I know this is a strange question

On HLN Nancy Grace show they said that Zimmerman is pulling in online donations of $30,000 per month

Alabama Author Harper Lee About To Have Her Own Courtroom Drama

Gov. McCrory says he has mingled among political protesters

Tampa port chairman accused of running 'deplorable' illegal rental property

DREAMers celebrate Independence Day in the country they call home

Dave Chappelle & the Flight of the Conchords Oddball festival

Does it bother you when people don't acknowledge at all when they have been proven wrong?...

Two American Families - Bill Moyers

Remember the old Soviet Union?

Manhunt for hundreds of Indonesian prison escapees

In the US, Support Grows for Whistle Blower Snowden as Anger Increases over Massive Surveillance

"We need to dekookify the Republican party"

Wow! "Editor’s note: George Zimmerman has sued NBC Universal for defamation.

Jack White — "Love Is Blindness" — The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Breaking: Alleged NSA Leaker Edward Snowden to Meet Human Rights Groups at Moscow Airport Today

Sean "Republicans aren't racist!" Hannity hosts felon and racist Mark Fuhrman to discuss Trayvon

We are the suspects.

Hi guys :P I know nothing about the economy but AnneD said to say hi :D

Request a clarification of "justifiable homicide" defense.

Snowden to meet with human rights groups: official

July 12: National Pecan Pie Day

DNA confirms ancient Asian origin for American dogs

July 12, 1973 Fire destroys the 6th floor of the National Personnel Records Center

Egypt prepares for rival Ramadan protests

Wikileaks is mad! Calls Obama an authoritarian!

Do you think the jury watches Fox News in the evenings?

Anonymous - It's time to Unite!

Holland’s Plan for America’s Slaves

Toon: Birds of a Feather

Fangio's rare F1 Mercedes 'could fetch over £10m'

Sarah Palin: Mark Begich making me ‘cheery’

Should Struggling Countries Let Investors Run Their Cities?

California detective says woman with visions led authorities to body in missing boy case

Should Struggling Countries Let Investors Run Their Cities?

Meet Atlas the military's latest robot.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden accuses US of 'threatening behavior,' plans to meet rights groups

Brazil to exhume ex-president

Stop the Spread of HIV in Romania

Mexican archaeologists find a pyramid and 30 pre-hispanic burials in the State of Veracruz

Leader of Arizona sweat lodge freed from prison

'Gasland' scandal ignited at EPA

Telstra signed deal that would have allowed US spying

The LandFillharmonc Orchestra:

Morning Joe Should Be GOOD This Morning...Elizabeth Warren & Howard Dean..

seems what goes around does come around

Johnny Depp's Wounded Knee offer called generous, but some think it's misguided

I get to check out a new venue tonight!

RE: Florida vs. Zimmerman

Center for American Progress' view of Egypt's crisis

Simple words, huge impact

Everything you ever wanted to know about women, half a century's secrets revealed!

Confirmed: Fracking Triggers Quakes and Seismic Chaos

CEO Pay Went Up 16% Last Year -- How Much Did Your Pay Go Up?


'Signature Strikes' and Obama's Empty Rhetoric on Drones

Pixar-styled NSA animated logo

Texas Threat to Abortion Clinics Dodged at Flea Markets

...and now the site is flying.

Imprisoned CIA Whistle-Blower: “Everyone Is Corrupt, I’ve Come to Learn”

Judge Halts Groin Searches at Guantánamo, Calling Them Abhorrent to Muslims

Stupid is as stupid does.

Romney is BACK as a Politico? I DON'T Think So - He Has a Steel Cell Awaiting.

The 2013 Walk for Our Grandchildren kicks off July 19.

Over-the-Counter Medications That Are Safe for Dogs (And How Much to Give!)

$15/hr for flipping burgers - are you flipping kidding me?

Quebec's Lac-Mégantic Oil Train Disaster Not Just Tragedy, But Corporate Crime

Summers Said to Show Interest in Fed Chairmanship After Bernanke

Two successful gene therapy trials block inherited diseases in humans (important news)

Oh, good lord, Mika! Did anyone else hear her dog "neuticles" story today on Morning Joe?

Quebec's Lac-Mégantic Oil Train Disaster Not Just Tragedy, But Corporate Crime

The ACLU's own text contradicts its case for Snowden's asylum bid.

Check Out This New Personal Transport

Spitzer says he exceeded signature requirement for NYC ballot

Friday TOON Roundup 1: Republicants

Friday TOON Roundup 2:the rest

Bwaaaaaaaaah! Re Governor Vaginal probe Bob McDonnell-It is NOT "Giftgate" !!!! It is "BLINGHAZI"!!!

D.C. Council approves ‘living wage’ bill over Wal-Mart ultimatum

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL - MORNING, Day 14, Friday, July 12, 2013 Let's combine comments into one thread.

CBS Leads News and Doc Emmy Nominations With 46......and faux noise??? not a one....

Purported E-Mail From Snowden Asks for Meeting With Rights Groups

I wonder how many times Omara will repeat the word, "Homie," as something said by T. Martin

Native American Tribe Sues Town for Disposing of Ancestral Bones as “Free Dirt”

(France) Twitter hands over data on anti-Semitic tweeters

(France) Twitter hands over data on anti-Semitic tweeters (x-post from GD)

France engulfed in new row over shale gas

McConnell says ‘Killed The Senate’ Will Be On Reid’s Tombstone

(Norway) Post-terror police to get military aid

Latest Top Ten Reasons Not To Go Locavore In China - More Coming Soon . . . .

(Switzerland) Aided suicide in question after botched diagnosis

The Closing argument I wanted to see -- Fear and Common Sense

(Switzerland) Aided suicide in question after botched diagnosis (x-post from GD)

Southern California Coastal Fish Numbers down 78% In Past 40 Years - LA Times

Analysis - Experts advise Snowden: fly commercial

Obituary: Alan Whicker (Broadcaster, UK - Show: Whicker's World)

Edward Snowden: Now what?

Snowden meeting in Moscow with Human Rights Groups now (Live)

Broadcaster Alan Whicker dies at 87

America's Yawning Racial Wealth Gap by Benjamin Todd Jealous

The sportswriter who made Twitter cry - Do you have a picture of the best moment of your life?

Almost 50 million children out of school in conflict-affected countries

Farm Bill Deal to Hungry Americans: You're on Your Own

email address

Women's groups denounce Eliot Spitzer's comptroller campaign

Women's Health (cartoon)

House Dem, Elijah Cummings: Documents Show IRS Probe Was Flawed, IRS inspector general withheld info

NASA Had Zero Plans To Send Women Into Space In The '60s

I am egtting my oil changed... ask me anything!

Guardian - Krauthammer's Editorial Excresence New Gold Standard In Denial

Speaking of the Right to Keep Employees Isolated and Uninformed ...

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Elections: The Dysfunctional FEC

OK there was flooding in a section of Kingston yesterday

Destabilizing the Jenny McCarthy Public-Health Industrial Complex

OB/GYN Doctors to Politicians: “Get Out of our Exam Rooms”.

'United Stasi of America': Light Artist Wanted by Berlin Police

Colin Kaepernick throws 87mph first pitch!

"Big news is that #Snowden is applying for political asylum in Russia" (updated)

KRUGMAN: "the missing-white-voter story is a myth."

In the House, a Refusal to Govern

Well, it looks like my "Snowden is fictional" theory just took a dive

Breaking: Snowden asks for asylum in Russia

In the Zimmerman case doesn't it boil down to who broke the law first?

Would you trust someone who told you to discard your common sense?

N.Z. Officials Urge Hunt for ‘Angry Birds’ in Auckland Skies

trayvon martin was one of the citizens mr zimmerman should have been protecting.

A Sneak Peek of the National Grid on Renewables

Rep. Cummings Says IRS May Have Targeted 'Occupy' Organizations

AARRRRRGG Maties ... shiver me timbers .... sometimes it's good to know the pirates

Papantonio: The Global Middle Class Revolt

Even after passing these repressive Abortion Bills in the States

Australia's chief scientist sounds antibiotic resistance warning

Stupidest F*cking Thing I've Seen in a Long Time

Anger Management-Selma Blair is gone, so am I

Do Americans Support The 20 Week Abortion Ban And Cutting Food Stamps? WaPo Says Yes.

I really don't get the proposed filibuster reform - only for Executive nominees NOT judicial

Iowa top court: Firing of attractive aide is legal

The L.A. Lakers Amnesty World Peace

Wind farm takes shape off Fukushima as Japan seeks non-nuclear energy

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC

Meet The Organization That's writing Legislation Slashing Abortion Rights In State After State

Scandal . . . . where can I watch it streaming with no charge?

New documents show Occupy groups also on IRS watch list

Have you ever been contacted by the US government to discourage criticism of it here?

Tensions surface on Brady water: Project's future threatened by transfer of shares

Lacking a coherent response to Moral Mondays, the right resorts to channeling Mitt Romney

No official version of shoot out at Vista Hermosa prison

Malala Yousafzai was on CNN

Were there any other neighborhood watch members?

Teen Jokes = Months In Jail; Cop Wants to 'Kill' First Lady = Walks Free

Blaming the dead kid.

Illinois Supreme Court says 18 year old abortion notification law can finally be enforced

Rachel Maddow - N.C. GOP customizes motorcycle bill with abortion restrictions

Maine DEP investigating why Pan Am (railroad) has stopped paying monthly oil shipping fees

California inmates on hunger strike face potential discipline

911 told that fool to sit, they better not acquit

I think there are going to be a lot of Americans wanting a woman for president next time around

Your weapon is drawn or your hand is on your weapon if...

I didn't know much about the Zimmerman case..

Russia says Snowden could stay if he stops harming US


Boston Bombing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty; Supporters Chant 'Free Jahar'

Hey, PA. Gov: Before You Attack Atty Gen's Stand for Marriage Equality, Read the PA. Constitution

Science Has This Average-Penis-Size Thing Nailed Down

Just imagine, if an armed black guy thought a white guy looked suspicious, and he followed him and

Teen cigarette smoking drops to lowest point recorded, study says

If there was no "Stand your ground" law, would there be any doubt as to Zimmerman's guilt?

I almost drove off the road: BecKKK called CANTOR a "Progressive Liberal" (traitor)!1

Rachel Maddow - Boehner too weak to help party on immigration reform

The Periodic Table Of Humanity's Worst Vices

Real? Or conveniently-timed attempt to discredit activists?

Should the jury be trusted in the Zimmerman verdict?

This movie was on the SyFy channel last night...

The Zimmerman jury has to twist themselves into a pretzel to reach a verdict.

House Republicans tell 46 Million Americans using Food Stamps "Let them Eat Cake!"

Pope criminalizes leaks, sex abuse in first laws

Mark Omara makes his closing statement:

Does it Matter Zimmerman's Wife was Arrested For Lying (RE: Husband?)

Jesus People USA: Former Members Allege 'Rampant' Sex Abuse At Commune

Researchers estimate over two million deaths annually from air pollution

News blackout re: latest Gulf oil spill at Energy Resources Technology platform

Would someone please explain to me O'Mara's remarks about Zimmerman waiving his Miranda Rights

Meet the Pentagon's latest robotic abomination...

Statement by Edward Snowden to human rights groups at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport

How ALEC Is Helping George Zimmerman Get Away With Murder

Snowden's statement

O'Mara was doing really well, imho

The American economy is eroding the American job

House Republicans Punish Their Own States By Eliminating Food Stamp Program (CHART)

For Scouts, a wild, wonderful wingding awaits

Chilling video!


If Snowden can prove that he could read anyone's communications at any time, then what?

When a country places more importance on sports than academic achievement, its decline is inevitable

Oh for a little Sodium Pentathal to sneak into Mark OMara's water glass

Did the prosecution ever bring up Zimmerman's arrest and racist rants etc?

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 12, 1974

(Indian) Government, BlackBerry end dispute over interception of BB devices

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 12, 1974

Lisa Bloom has excellent tweets about O'Mara's closing

Massive Natura Brand Pet Food Recall Announced

How many here think that those campaign events that Zimmerman attended were

White House White Board: Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy

Paul Krugman: Libertarian populism is a lie

O'Hara a bit annoying to me

Updated: US ambassador to Russia disputes claim sent message to Snowden

End-time believers just don’t care about climate change

Martin family Attorney Parks:The jury will deliberate from 4 to 8 hours then decide

Wendy Davis: It's the real Texans who count

Republicans: "ELEPH-I Care"

FFRF, ACLU to settle with Ohio school Re: Jesus picture

Possible Terrorist bombing in UK midlands..

Nazi, Stasi, Gulag, Christian Taliban. No. My little rant.

Toon: This is Texas...

Who doesn't love little babies?

I'm late to discover Ryan Adams. I think I saw his name and thought it was Bryan Adams.

NBC News reporting McDonnell negotiating his resignation with prosecutors

Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN

Mark O'Mara just made a ad hominem attack on opposing counsel

O'Mara now saying Trayvon was armed with the sidewalk.

Quick! Give them another tax cut! They're JOB CREATORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The GOP Is Terrified Obamacare Could Be a Success

Napolitano resigns as Homeland Security secretary

If Trayvon Martin was armed with a deadly sidewalk - why does anyone need concealed weapons?

toon: Repeal Obamacare Shampoo

"Me thinks the man talks too much" I will leave it to DU to decide what that means....hope damn

My husband thinks that...

Gov. McCrory says he has mingled among political protesters Read more here: http://www.newsobserver

Hi, I'm MrScorpio...

Al Franken: Want to see something awesome?

Congressman who used to be a high school English teacher irks GOP by marking their memos with a red

Racism on Big Brother - freak show, or a microcosm of America?

This is the face and demeanor and apparent bad-assed look of the man who killed Trayvon

JPMorgan Quarterly Earnings Surge 31 Percent

County wants to pave Nine Mile Canyon road

choose one: planet A ... or plant B ?

How can the stalker be acting in self defense

Police investigate suspected nail bomb near West Midlands mosque

Georgia to Execute Mentally Disabled Man Unless Supreme Court Issues Stay

Thom Hartmann: Koch brothers waging war against the poor...

Pic Of The Moment: McConnell Says No To Filibuster Reform

Fracking going on in California, potential for triggering the big one?

John Guy Rebuttal Thread

‘Normal’ Barbie - Shows Us What Mattel Dolls Might Look Like If Based On Actual Women

Edward Snowden caught in asylum catch-22

Banks Should Be Boring!

South American bloc to send tough message to U.S. on spying, Snowden

As bad as the US House has been, they just got worse

I have jury duty next week. What do I need to know?

I have jury duty next week. What do I need to know?

Don't you just love President Jimmy Carter?

Rick Santorum Is Confused About Why He Came To Texas

why did he have to lie, if he had nothing wrong?

Get your weekend off to a great start: Boz Scaggs & Duane Allman ~ Loan me a dime

"You know when to whistle, don't you?"

Malala Yousafzai: Being shot by Taliban made me stronger

Post-Snowden Statement, the real question now is, "Have Republicans been spying on Democrats?"

DA McDreamy is pretty damn good

Worst. Marathon. Ever. II - Live Stream

'Many hurt' in France train crash

A sad, sad day in my beloved Texas.

I love it when they eat their own...

Arthur Szathmary, philosopher and 'profoundly generous' teacher, dies at 97

Pakistan Taliban 'sets up a base in Syria'

Heathrow shut after 'Boeing Dreamliner 787' fire

Congo flee after Uganda's ADF attack Kamango

Zimmerman trial July 12 after noon thread

Pennsylvania attorney general won’t defend gay marriage ban

Texting while Judging

Geraldo Rivera:The jury would have killed Travon Martin too

Boeing Dreamliner catches fire at Heathrow Airport

Can one question US Foreign Policy and the Surveillance State WITHOUT criticizing Obama?

If you could have a sit-down with 12 people of influence...

New wonder drug matches and kills all kinds of cancer — human testing starts 2014

Deadly French train crash at Bretigny-sur-Orge

If you could have a sit-down with 12 people of influence...

Bernie de la Rionda/John Guy Support Thread

Tiny Georgia city faces off against national gun control group over mandatory gun ownership

Were Paleolithic Cave Painters High on Psychedelic Drugs?

Wind to Double and Solar to Triple in 6 Years (IEA)

Will Harry Reid Nuke The Senate?

Rockefeller Meets with Boy Scouts to Highlight Unprecedented Jamboree Community Service Initiative

Christmas in July - Hallmark Channel - July 8-14

Video: RNC Chair Reince Preibus Says He's "All In" on Corrupt, Extremist VA GOP Ticket

The word ‘religion’ has fallen from grace with many Americans

Georgia scrambles for fresh supply of drugs to execute death row inmate

Letter: Facts point to success of higher wind energy standards

Pick up after your dog or else...

In Russia It Is Now a Crime to Insult Someone's Religious Feelings

First Photobomb

Literary irony.. Is Snowden.... Yossarian

Has you life changed in the past year? How? Good or Bad?

Have the NSA's powers been used for political or personal gain?

The 1-year-old was sitting in a chair and the 6-month-old was sitting in a car seat by the porch.

Coming to a Gateway Arch near you!

Wounded Soldier Writes Letter About Being Forced To Commit War Crimes In Iraq-Then Commits Suicide

Ramadan Love From a Christian

More on the Eisenhower Monument Controversy

He is not your father ...

Can someone please provide me with a link to the Zimmerman trial?

He is not your father... Too soon ?

I wish the news would put more emphasis on Malala Day

2 Jury members do not know that they will be dismissed,

ok, so, tuesday I meet with my new employer, I imagine to negotiate pay rate.

It is now legal to fire anyone you might be tempted to sexually harass

Irish lawmaker pulls female MP onto his lap during abortion debate

New student loan “fix” is a sham

Tiny US city faces off against national gun control group over mandatory gun ownership

In the House, a Refusal to Govern

UN Recognition for Hydro in Brazil, Wind in Uruguay

“Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead:” A review

Night Stroll

Trans Pacific Partnership is a Threat To National Sovereignty

Bronx Grandmother Killed, Three Others Hurt In Early Morning Fire

You want to see what a leader looks like? You want to see what a hero looks like?

UN Recognition for Hydro in Brazil, Wind in Uruguay

Iowa Supreme Court confirms a woman can be fired for being too attractive

I oppose Hillary Clinton, completely and without reservation. She's not inevitable.

They don't have these on the Tour

So Little Eddie Snowden is still in the transit lounge at Moscow's airport . . . . .

Amnesty International says US should dismiss most serious charges in WikiLeaks case

Museum issues apology after disable girl denied access (wheelchair would get carpet dirty)

Have Trayvon Martin's parents sued Zimmerman in civil court

Best iPhone app to screen and/or block telemarketing calls and text spam?

Young girl with drugs in system falls out apartment window on Coney Island

TSA eyes 'Randomizers' to sort security lines

Monumental Plant Sculptures at the 2013 Mosaicultures Internationales de Montréal

Toshi Seeger, Wife of Folk-Singing Legend Pete Seeger, Dies at 91

I just made the best banana bread that I've ever made in my life (and I've made a lot).

If you live in MT, DE, or RI and hate the filibuster

Ok, so I am surf and turfing tonight, and was wondering how I should make the potatoes...

If you’re a wannabe cop loser with a gun who starts stalking a kid in the dark, you’re responsible

Who put the "I" "am" in mainstream"? Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Today Snowden says, "I did not partner with any foreign government" -- but there was this:

Now that the jury service percentage

How much of a problem do you have with authority ?

The Five Republican Parties

Congressman May File Criminal Charges Against Obama For Delaying Health Law

Quick Poll: Who was President when you were born?

Sikorsky prize for history's first human-powered helicopter flight

In the U.S. illegally, she inspires a senator

Can anyone beat Aaron Stiles?

If you fired or refused to higher any female employees because you think they are too

A Religion That Embraces All Religions

We'll Soon Know Whether Zimmerman Will Fulfill Have His Dream About Being A Law Enforcement Officier

If U.S. is truly worried about NSA secrets being exposed...

Selective Journalism: NYT leaves out Snowden's Text Pertaining To Moral Justification/Int'l Law

Cuomo to decide on casinos in next several weeks

About those"f***ing puinks who always get away" -

Wholly imaginary creatures of TX.

White House: Russia shouldn't provide Snowden with 'propaganda platform'

*Instructions being read

One of my sitting out in the backyard in the summer songs....

Holder to Tighten Rules for Obtaining Reporters’ Data

Good news! Good news! Giant banks post record profits !!

Snowden’s… Defection?

Lawsuit Filed To Stop NYPL Renovation Plans

Not a good week for trains: Deadly French train crash at Bretigny-sur-Orge- 7 dead

Discovering Names Of Secret NSA Surveillance Programs Via LinkedIn

Zimmerman trial: Man carrying loaded handgun shoots and kills unarmed teen

Fair hiring question

Zimmerman's Racist Friend: FRANK TAAFFE

Mercedes sells at auction for record $30 million

Russian Chelyabinsk meteorite pieces go under microscope (BBC)

Iowa’s All-Male Supreme Court: Firing Of Woman For Being Too Attractive Was Legal

Parody Twitter account puts McCrory in the middle of the action

Predictions on how quickly/slowly the jury will return a verdict?

Horrific train crash in Paris - seven dead

In 2016, I will support the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE, completely and without reservation,

Decision is now in the hands of the jury.

Listening to Judge Nelson's instructions, it sounds to me that Z is guilty of Manslaughter

Trayvon Martin Related: This is worth posting AGAIN

Zimmerman lawyer closes by showing jury shirtless Trayvon photo

Mr. Rogers Takes Breakdancing Lessons from a 12-Year-Old (1985)

British space penetrator passes icy test (BBC)

US spy-row diplomat Ryan Fogle 'leaves Russia

Breaking: Jurors Start Deliberations in George Zimmerman Case

HP admits to backdoors in storage products

So Wikileaks actually attacked Obama for using a teleprompter?

A message from Harvey Fierstein

As soon as he added “Mr.” to his resume, he got a job

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

Death Valley Rangers Urge Tourists to Stop Fying Eggs

On the scope of the NSA problem ...

REPEATEDLY Following someone in FL is a criminal act IE; Stalking and...

Did the Carlyle Group pay $13 million in bribes to receive $730 million in pension funds?

Nuclear renaissance was just a fairy tale

Court says it's legal to fire an exemplary worker simply because you're attracted to her.

Nightmare of the Dreamliners: Two of Boeing's troubled new 787s break down within an HOUR

Eugene Robinson: Party of No

Deaf People Accuse Starbucks of Bias


Darrell Issa Is Dirty And Corrupt

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for respect for Snowden's right to seek asylum

Good Democracy Now! piece that provides a window into what the surveillance state is really about

The 25 Most Failed States On Earth

No offense to Trayvon, They must think that the jury will have other reasons to fear the picture...

From Snowden, Putin gets a rare reprieve from unremitting opprobrium

Zimmerman trial: Man carrying loaded handgun shoots and kills unarmed teen-

Trayvon Martin's Dead Body Splashed On Gawker, MSNBC!

The corporate fashioning of a scapegoat: The engineer of the MM&A train, Tom Harding

What happened at the OAS meeting

No talk of Sharknado

With Napolitano leaving, who should head DHS?

Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Nuclear Option’ And Harry Reid’s Plan To Fix The Senate

Marijuana Farmers Markets Proposed In Boulder

Mississippi open-carry gun law again blocked from taking effect


Justice Department tightens guidelines in leak investigations

I thought this was not a stand your ground case....

A successful anti-rape campaign yields an idiotic response from men's rights activists

Thomas Tamm: “I do think it was courageous” for Snowden to become a fellow NSA whistleblower"

South American bloc repudiates U.S. on spying, Snowden

So John McGramps Syrian rebels are turning on one another

A mother says Adderall caused her son's death in a car accident.

Iowa High School Principal Bans 'The Laramie Project', Says It's 'Too Adult'

Just a thought. . .for Malala

Trayvon Martin Trial Prosecutions closing argument/rebuttal

Old Dude Gives Righteous Rant On Zimmerman Case

Eugene Robinson: "Repubs know of a border somewhere in the world that is 100 percent secure-I don't"

Cutest thing on the internet today.

I work somewhere that pays just above minimum wage and everyone's on food stamps...

You see me rollin' in the town of Bedrock

So who's going to be the NL's DH?

Talk about delusions of grandeur!

Seeing the horrible picture of Trayvon lying dead in the grass.....

How the Snowden Affair Became a Freak Show

I see NO dirt or grass stains on Trayvon's pants/knees in the 'dead body' photo Gawker released


Hearts and Drones

Should people on mood shifting drugs like Zimmerman be armed and allowed concealed carry?

Photos of violence and it's outcome (graphic images) + Poll

Congressman ...English teacher irks GOP by marking their memos with a red pen

Eric Drexler's TED Talk on "Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization

England's homeless are becoming cave-dwellers

Cleaning out the fridge at work

Second BART strike looms as labor talks resume and workers lash out at management

That picture of Trayvon Martin laying dead in the grass

US calls for release of ousted Egyptian president

Tis a sad celebration, a dark celebration of an important event in labor history, when Pinks attack

On the heels of the Zimmerman trial, comes the movie 'Fruitvale Station'


Lyin' Pat to sign abortion bill

Senator and buddy of CIA terrorist threatens "any" country granting asylum to Snowden

Ever seen a meteor shower? (Awesome!)

Democrats offer new evidence that IRS targeted progressive groups

What - Tha - FUCK?!?

Oh, fuck ME. O'Mara thinks a SIDEWALK is a WEAPON, and that makes Zimmerman an INNOCENT VICTIM?

Schumer: Kelly Should Be Considered For Homeland Security Job

Hello there, Sexy...

S. American States to Recall Ambassadors From Europe over Bolivian Plane Incident

Asylum, a few granted by the US:

S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian plane incident

Is it better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer?

Wal-Mart & Catholic Social Teaching

‘Scandal’ Falls Flat: IRS Approved Twice as Many Conservative Groups as Liberal Groups

Snowden Asks Russia For Asylum

Only in Japan

Could Perry be the next president? A&M president to resign in January.

Tampons Confiscated, Guns Still Allowed At Texas Capitol Ahead Of Abortion Vote

Tampons confiscated, guns still allowed at Texas Capital

Early Predictions on 2014 Elections

By Jove, I think you've got it, Old Chap.

The Birth of a Haboob...

Thom Hartmann: Trans Pacific Partnership - The End of American Democracy

Crowds fill Capitol corridors ahead of abortion vote

West blast: Texans in Congress set party aside to demand major disaster declaration

This Dawg really, really wants a kitteh!

Snowden: "I accept all offers of asylum"

Don't we all...

So, now I have a question about the regional nature of FM radio.

Shell To Pay $2.6M for "Alleged" Air Pollution From Deer Park Refinery

Ariel Castro now faces 977-count indictment, prosecutors announce

Helmet? Check... Body armor? Check..

Mitch McConnell’s problem: How can he threaten to obstruct the Senate even more?

Sometime's ya gotta give back...

Most of us on the DU.....

The best movie in the history of movies - SHARKNADO!

Did the jurors get to see the picture of Trayvon on the ground after he died?

Tufts University to applicants: What does "YOLO" mean to you?

Trayvon wanted to become a pilot or aircraft engineer

Breaking: Jury has a question

Suspension of Paraguay in Mercosur will be lifted when Cartes inaugurated (Spanish)

who was Pharoh when you were born

What will be the verdict when white smoke is seen in the Zimmerman trial?

Judge orders halt to body searches on Bay detainees

Zeit, Ihren Grill an zu erhalten

@AP: BREAKING: Jury in Zimmerman murder trial has a question for judge; they want an index of all ev

Amnesty Intl: Bradley Manning: US must drop “aiding the enemy” charge

Any of this sound wierdly familiar? If not, change the political designation

Women Health Workers Should Refuse To Treat GOP Men In Texas Or Anywhere Else They Voted

"US worse than the USSR"? American Amnesia of the worst sort

Who was Pope when you were born?

Katniss, Django among most popular baby names so far this year

Need some of the Lounge's fabulous vibes! Am having an EEG and MRI

I think Zimmerman is going to get off...

Social Security starts accepting same-sex marriage claims


Hi, DUers. Time for your Friday Afternoon Challenge: “The Connection”!

Find The Best LGBT-Friendly Hospitals In Your State

Innocent vs. Not Guilty

If I Could Have a White Daughter Instead of a Black Son (blog post)

Montana man sentenced in fake cancer drug scheme

Senator Ron Wyden: White House considering scaling back data collection

Oh, and I went to see a chiropractor.

Funny Sean Hannity moment

NRA's Ted Nugent Jokes About Gunning Down South Central LA Residents Like Feral Hogs

Flying Blind: Conservative’s Frightening Attack on Economic Data Collection

Harry Reid APOLOGIZED to Senate Dems for the deals he cut with McConnell. It's nuke time.

Grayson Announces Bill to Let Workers Personally Sue Bosses Who Retaliate

Egypt Morsi: US seeks end to ex-president's detention

Shame On CNN For Their Softball Interview Of Mark O'Mara

If Snowden's case as a whistleblower is so strong, why is he afraid to face the consequences?

"Miracle" Baby Pronounced Dead Wakes Up Mere Minutes Before Being Taken To Morgue

Igoring the GOP’s White Racism

Dumb Criminals: San Diego Hooters Thieves Mistake Jukebox For ATM

So the Republican baggers show their true colors-

Tampons Confiscated @ TX Capitol. In Texas, Big Brother OWNS YOUR UTERUS

Zimmerman in reenactment "Help me restrain this guy".

Ten (of Many) Reasons Why We Need Corporate Tax Reform - Citizens for Tax Justice

Firing Of Woman For Being Too Attractive Was Legal

"You Can Take My Tampon When You Pry It From My Cold Red Hands"

Bernie Sanders' Tyranny of the Minority...

I think the verdict will depend on how much the jury thinks Zimmerman lied

Hilary and Elizabeth in 2016 would be historical

Indonesia: Mosque and church in Tanjung Priok mirror of religious tolerance

ALERT! Natura pet food recall

Dad says that you're spying us online... (LOL)

Would You Deny This Mississippi Lesbian Military Couple a Marriage License?


It's crazy watching all of this concern about the Z verdict


Pipes in my apartment are humming. Loudly. Like a screech. Should I be worried or will

State Dept. Whistleblower Peter Van Buren Op/Ed in Support of Edward Snowden

Say "Goodbye" to L.A....

Greenwald: Snowden asylum 'unlikely' to stop me from publishing leaks

Ex-Ark. Lottery Official Admits Stealing Tickets

Who here is old enough to remember Frank Mills' "Music Box Dancer"?

U.S. Border Patrol Increases Staff By Hiring Cheap Immigrant Labor

DOE: Climate Change will Disrupt Energy Supply

Christian Fascism Could Happen Here

Greenwald Says He's Not Halfway Done Revealing Snowden's Information

If Zimmerman is convicted, will conservative, gun wielding, white people riot?

Two different Army events - prayer at both

Zimmerman jury could deliberate into the weekend

I was brought to tears twice this afternoon, in my office.

Nuclear renaissance was just a fairy tale

'My asylee status now formal': Snowden declares 'acceptance' of all offers of asylum

A brief history of pretty much everything

Silicon Valley Anti-Unionism

Unbelievably stupid racist screw-up by Fox affiliate news anchor

Orange Is The New Black

Armed with Concrete is such Crap

well .. I am starting to walk my baby toward the rainbow bridge

Thank You Mirt for all you are doing in this busy time for you guys.

Watch out guys, don't let your women drink

Soldier's death by suicide reflects national issue

Weekend Economists Go For the (Pot of) Gold July 12-14, 2013

Zimmerman jurors suspend deliberations until Saturday

Teddy Roosevelt on Barack Obama (Kansas City Star 1918)

Selfless paralyzed man gives up chance to walk again - by donating £20,000 to disabled five-year-old

Zimmerman family has a (condescending) message for Trayvon's family and others

Women cyclists launch online petition seeking Tour de France for female riders

Happy Malala Day!

MP Nigel Dodds knocked unconscious in north Belfast trouble

There was no way in hell Zimmerman was going to let Trayvon get away

Breaking: Holder Tightens Rules for Obtaining Reporters’ Data

Obama Spoke With Putin On Snowden, ‘Cooperation On Counter-Terrorism’

Sen. Murphy releases data on veteran benefit backlog

Stringer Won't Challenge Spitzer's Petitions To Run For City Comptroller

I'm now a Novice! :D

"San Diego Mayor Apologizes for Mistreating Women"

Ireland: Abortion Law Fails Women Provides Clarity, but Leaves Broad Criminal Ban Intact

Press gets pranked on Asiana flight 214's crew names.

The sore losers just won't FUCKING give up!

"We’re forcing a new conversation that’s not liberal vs. conservative, but what’s moral and immoral"

Is it possible Snowden is the opening salvo of Paul 2016?

Ho Lee Crap. Watch this KTVU video and pay attention starting at :07!

I'm not usually one to ask for help but

TX Air Nat'l Guard Activated Upon Hearing That Maxipads Have Wings

Jury instructions in the George Zimmerman trial

What's the oddest Facebook page you've seen so far?

Florida Racists Are Chomping at the Bit For 'Shoot Blacks on Sight' License

Russian Court Upholds Ban On Religious Clothing At Stavropol Region Schools

Which reading do you prefer and why?

MSNBC’s Collapse Began With The Departure of Keith Olbermann

Sen Watson of Austin says he intervened to stop #tampongate Called confiscation "boneheaded" 'crazy'

40 Years After Roe, Doctors Warn That Reproductive Rights Are In Grave Danger

Thank God that the jury was sequestered!

Experts: Texas Possibly Subject to Preclearance Under Voting Rights Act; Suits Filed

I just got home, the day is hotter than hades, and a friend called to tell me that the tex-ass

God Almighty wanted Trayvon Martin dead, and chose Zimmerman as his agent of death

‘Ho Lee Fuk’: Someone Pranked San Francisco TV Station Into Reporting Fabricated Names Of Asiana Pil

Tampons Confiscated, Guns Still Allowed At Texas Capitol Ahead Of Abortion Vote

If we agree on nothing else, can we agree that "asylee" isn't a word?

Do you agree with the statement, "I would rather vote for something I do believe in and not get it

Just sent Grassley a letter asking him to vote to end the filibuster

Timeline: How the World Was Misled About Government Skype Eavesdropping

Why I Am Sometimes Viewed as Neutral on 'The Great Rift'

Property Damage in Super Hero Movies

Bill Nye was just on my local news, hanging with the weatherman

Zimmerman family extremely smug during trial.

Sometimes Kali is my muse.

File this under: Get The Phuck Over Yourselves - Prop. 8 backers make long-shot bid to stop same-sex

Tea party Republicans flocking to appear Monday at white nationalist-connected march

How about Dean/Grayson with Warren as Treasury Secretary.

How the Snowden Affair Became a Freak Show

LOL: "TX State Guard mobilizes antiaircraft guns upon learning some maxipads have wings"

HRW: No Ordinary Day in Moscow & Amnesty International: Hounding of Snowden must stop

Third person dies in Asiana air crash: San Francisco hospital

Arm yourselves.

Man awakens in hospital with no memory of his past