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Is John Boehner no longer orange?

Aaaaand now I've booked my camping trip :D


Why some of us are worried about Zimmerman

She nails it! Texas Rep. Thompson brings the dynamite.

The black kid hung around too long.

Comrade Snowden: Russia is a great defender of human rights

Carney responds to question about Snowden meeting with human rights groups.

You would expect NOTHING less simply because its a FUX affiliate

In the South, the GOP Is A-OK with Being the White People Party

AT&T to buy Leap Wireless for about $1.2 billion

Only a good guy

Have you ever talked back to a cop?

Fox News viewers normally would not like Zimmerman. They are using him.

Republicans defend Texas abortion proposal

John Guy's Rebuttal Closing Video (for those like me who missed it live)

Pennsylvania teens chase down kidnapper's car on their BIKES and save five-year-old girl

Amar Bose ’51, SM ’52, ScD ’56, Bose Corporation’s founder, has died at 83

I chose the option "Don't Ask Me Again" when asked to serve on a jury. I did not mean it.

'Cover Oregon' healthcare marketplace campaign draws inevitable comparison to 'Portlandia'

Should I change my username to "jumpthesharknado"?

Porn video of BART train sex tests agency's new anti-indecency law

Wal-mart wage info

would it be possible to get an "Are you sure?" warning when cancelling jury duty?

There's something about this attack that makes me so fucking angry...

Doctor must be present for drug-induced abortion in Missouri

"Sharknado" is the word for the day - replace a word in thread title with Sharknado

Teacher turned Congressman gives Boehner an F

LIPA Announces Major New Plans for Additional Solar Energy (100 MW) for Long Island

Spotted at the capitol rotunda entering the gallery:

Cote De Pablo To Depart CBS’ ‘NCIS’

Portugal's borrowing costs rise after Socialist leader rejects bailout terms

Other than ceramic, what type of floors can be heated?

Virtuoso Rhetorical Performance by John Guy

"Rubber Room" documentary is now out and is very good

Did the defense prove that Trayvon was on top of ZImmerman...

Echoes From the Roman Ghetto

McCrory says feds should have acted on unemployment

‘Syria on UN Human Rights Council a new Guinness record’

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Exile & a new Kitteh gif

When facing foreclosure or eviction watch out for contract for deed

I leave you with this for tonight, a smile, a laugh, to end the day with, good night

X-post from Travel, Echoes from Roman Ghetto

California Communities Rising Against Fracking Tour Visits Fresno Sat July 13 6pm to 8:30pm

in Central CA: All out to Corcoran prison Saturday as 30,000 prisoners strike for justice 7/13

Canada train blast: More bodies found in Lac-Megantic

Hope I'm not breaking any rules (graphic content)

Seems like the GZ jury will be looking at the evidence in detail....

I guess this a$$hole did not know what a protection order is.

Friday Talking Points (264) -- Drop The Nuke, Harry!

World News Trust presents Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant

in honour of the TX senate's amazing stupidity, I give you "tampons: satan's little cotton fingers"

Prop. 8 backers ask court to stop weddings

The Zimmerman Jury Is Better Able to Judge His Fate Than You

Pat McCrory Would Sign Motorcycle Abortion Bill, Despite 2012 Campaign Promise

NTSB Admits Fake Pilot Names (‘Ho Lee Fuk’) Confirmed To TV Station By Their Summer Intern

Latin American complaints over U.S. spying ignore their own wiretap programs

Fox News reaches another all time low in Zimmerman case

NTSB statement on erroneous confirmation of crew names (because of "summer intern")

DOJ Civil Rights Staff/Whistleblowers Call for Congressional Investigation Asst USAG T. Perez

Justice Department may weigh in on battle royale between hedge funds and Argentina

"We both reached for the gun."

geez louise--don't announce on social media when you are leaving on vacation and how long you will

Don't Forget, tomorrow is Take Your Kids to the Lounge Day!

Cock blocked!

OH LORD!!! Bill making jokes about the Zimmerman case

For the Texas GOP - image

Zimmerman was not even on "duty" when he went after Trayvon

The reason we haven't had a truth and reconciliation commission

Do you think that the longer the jury stays out, the greater chance

Special Report: How the Pentagon's payroll quagmire traps America's soldiers

Texas Officially Loses It, Bans Tampons and Diabetic Supplies from Senate Chamber, Guns OK

George Zimmerman Murdered a Child.

Michelle Malkin Thinks Innocent Gitmo Detainees should be Tortured

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

Would a hung jury in this case result in a retrial? A hung jury is a mistrial, and I believe it

Why are there only six people on the Zimmerman jury? nt

Quinnipiac Poll on Gridlock: 68% of Americans say R leaders doing too little to compromise with pres

The Wild Feathers: Backwoods Company

Cornell West called our President a war criminal

The joys of joining the NRA

What is that?

If Zim walks...

From city streets to the savanna, high-tech system listens for gunshots

My current understanding of the Bolivian airplane story

Texas woman cries after trooper seizes Maxi-Pads: ‘I’ve never been so humiliated in my life’

I am so irritated that none of the news commentators have called out

McCrory says he mingles with protesters in the streets, not at Moral Mondays

How unpopular is Palin now in Alaska ?

Hey Utilities! Have You Seen the Traffic in Los Angeles Lately?

HLN After Dark


Daniel Somers was an Iraq war veteran who took his own life

If you have a gun and the other guy doesn't . . .

Friday Night Catnip: Andwellas Dream – Love & Poetry (1969)

Just let Snowden stay in Russia and leave it at that.

Politician ousted from Irish Government after voting against suicide abortion bill clause

Nobody in the MSM called Hannity out for letting Zimmerman call his act "God's plan"?

My brother is renting a room in his house. Woman from Nigeria was interested. She was

Exclusive: Rick Perry’s October trip to Israel sign of another White House bid

This is horrible. Someone is poisoning dogs all over San Francisco

I don't think Snowden has enough of a dowry to get a safe haven.


Baby Polar Bear and other cool stuff

What 'green disasters' have you encountered on your green/frugal quest?

I haden't heard this audio of Zimmerman being interviewed before. Man does he sound like he is lying

My petition: President Obama, please denounce any U.S. role in the 1973 coup in Chile.

Amber alert IA child's life in danger!!! (CANCELED)

Closing Arguments Texas Sentate Live Feed Happening Now

Gay Country Star Steve Grand’s Racy Modeling Past

Thank you so much, Pres Fracking Obama, and Thank You also

Hundreds of fish die in N.Y. lake mystery

Eliot Spitzer To Leno: 'Wall Street Desperately Wants Me To Lose'

State Department Brief Today on Snowden. Unbelievable

Teen rescues kidnapped 5 year old.

Free Syrian Army commander killed by rivals

How Exactly Will Hillary Be Better For Corporate America Than Obama Has Been?

Boston Police Officer Arrested In Plymouth For Possession Of Military Grade Explosives

Obama speaks with Putin on Snowden, but no sign of movement

Tampons and Maxipads Confiscated in Texas State Senate, Handguns Still OK

French proto-punk

OMFG..Anyone watch History's "God, Guns, and Automobiles"?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday July 13th

I understood gender discrimination once I added “Mr.” to my resume and landed a job

Climate change is a bigger threat to the Tour de France than doping

"Pre-emptive self-defense" can be legal in Florida.

I'm hungry...

Costa Rica could be the first Central American country to allow gay civil unions—by accident

America falls out of love with Apple and Google

the begining of the second texas revolution

There's Growing Evidence Of A Vast Conspiracy To Undermine Former Egypt President Morsi

Well, here's a .gif I'd LOVE to wave in a variety of faces.......

USA Today claims "Napolitano resigns as Homeland Security secretary" wasn't she the director?

For all Boston Duers who were there in the 60's

Texas Senate passes new abortion restrictions

photos from the texas capital--dial up warning

photos from the texas capital: dial up warning

Red Wine

Sharia Law and Reproductive Slavery Imposed on Women & Girls in the State of Texas tonight

Strange tactics

Interesting. Climate change outruns evolution, study finds

are we being subliminally pre-angered...

Breaking: Texas Senate Passes Anti-Abortion Legislation.

Have to wonder if this might have been a successful closing argument

Bug bombs go boom!

Health hazard

A photo of Trayvon Martin's face seems to indicate that he had been crying/screaming

July Photo Contest Comment Thread.

Next time someone asks.........or tries to tell YOU.........

July Photo Contest: Blind Submissions

Mercosur Countries Recall European Ambassadors Over Morales Plane Blockade

Anti-Semitic awakening in Greek government

Undocumented Immigrant May Get Deported After Calling Out Wage Theft

Leading Communists among those arrested in Turkey

Amid the charred ruins... a wonderful, wonderful gleam

It Is Now Common Knowledge That US Drones Bomb Civilian Rescuers

The Insane, True Costs of Raising a Family in America's Major Metros

512 counts of kidnapping added to Ariel Castro's indictment

600 kw (800hp) Wheel Motor powered EV to make public debut @ MotorEx

In case you were wondering: Yes, Kansas DOES require drug testing for politicians!

Hate what is happening in Texas? NOW is the time to donate to BattlegroundTexas

Talk about a poor lead: NBC news story on Texas abortion debate

Ok...what's white, flies onto trees, and then crawls around the trunk (at night)?

Insurance Company Gets Fucked Over By Another Cancer Patient

A first for me

National Women's History Museum launches Dashboard

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 13, 2013 -- The Essentials: Rosalind Russell

TCM Schedule for Sunday, July 14, 2013 - Essentials Jr: Seven Up

APS (Arizona Public Service Co.) seeks higher bills for new solar customers

Miami Police Chief: Those With Heart Problems Shouldn't Break the Law To Avoid Being Tased

San Francisco Shooting Just Occurred

“17 years and 22 days forever……”

July 13: National French Fries Day

New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war

Countries seek to bring home Guantanamo detainees

Question about the Pine Ridge reservation


Ohio Kidnapping Victims Neglect To Thank Hero Charles Ramsey

Damon Bruce puts KTVU on BLAST over "Sum Ting Wong" phony plane crash pilot names!

Jet engine-powered shopping cart hits 44 mph

"Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.

NPR: The Hardest Thing To Find In The Universe?


Non-union worker? Problems on the job? Check out

I'm wondering if the DOJ will bring charges against Zimmerman

Let's post Cold War music videos; I'll start off with "Russians" by Sting

Stanley Park - Panorama Insanity

Social Security already being cut; Seattle residents denied access

Malala Yousafzai's full speech before the UN. (Wow,just wow,wow)

Evening walk through Stanley Park...

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder to Tighten Rules on Seizing Reporters' Data

Nice parking job.

Posted without comment

Secrets and lies

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: This is What Corporate Governance Looks Like

Are you kidding me? This dude wud get rid of filibuster faster than Salinas could fill his terrarium

DCCC Head Rep. Steve Israel: 10% of House Republicans are capable of compromise (Audio)

Occupy (Inter)National Gathering 2013: Kalamazoo, Aug 21-25

The great Dr. Amar Bose, audio visionary, dies at 83

Tea Party Porn with Bill Maher on RealTime

Robert Whitaker speaks at NAMI

Stop it!

The Greatest Page is still on the fritz again

Need Info for Moral Monday attendance

The Impending Afghan Defeat

This chick needs to be in the NBA.

NTSB Press Release

Bill Maher tells Cornel West: We know Zimmerman is lying

The Billionaires' War Against Public Education

Gandhi saw nonviolence as an active and powerful thing—not just the absence of war

Why So Secretive? The Trans Pacific Partnership As Global Corporate Coup- Part 2

A scholar deep in his studies. Please come CAPTION Rick Perry!!!

Bill Moyers: The Weapons of Mass Distraction

The Insane, True Costs of Raising a Family in America's Major Metros


"I've had a lot of people ask me how I wash my hair in space"

The Texas State Guard had to mobilize antiaircraft guns after being contacted by the State Senate:

Daily Beast To Publish Series Spiked Due To Pro-Gun Activist Outrage

Palestine - Jordan/West Bank Bi-National State Under Discussion

Returned Hernandez jerzy miraculously morphs into Tebow T

From the Miami Herald:

Halloween at The Lounge circa 2010

Just Another Typical Day in The Lounge

What to do when you're driving a bus through the Lincoln Tunnel and traffic is slow........

Pacific Rim was a lot of fun.

To Urbanize or Not To Urbanize? Virginia Residents Divided Over Metro Expansion

SF Bay radio station gets punked

Well Erick Erickson managed to crawl to a lower level:

A Republican calls for climate action — and has to remain anonymous to keep job

Out at 6 this morning to see what's around.

Robert Reich: Has the 1 percent committed treason?

We're paying all the NSA's bills

Rare film depicts Franklin Roosevelt in wheelchair

Man tasered and beaten by small-town police officers dies.

MaddowBlog: Only a good guy with a tampon can stop a bad guy with a tampon

A visitor entry in a comment book at "AIDS: The First 5 Years' exhibit @New-York Historical Society"

Proof that Santa Claus delivers gifts to all creatures great and small

Posting to you from coordinates:

A little girl made my day in church last week. She and her family come now and then.

Maybe your hair should be on fire

"Wanda Sykes Presents Herlarious" - July 13 and July 20 10/9c

Meanwhile in North Korea....

Texas Senate Vote Puts Bill Restricting Abortion Over Final Hurdle

My mom and her VERY conservative husband just inadvertently struck on a BRILLIANT idea...

Snowden’s New Talking Point: Nazi War Crimes Trial

How to Talk to Little Girls

Paging Sekhmet's Daughter!

I am hopeful GZ gets a manslaughter conviction.

To Rescue Local Economies, Cities Seize Underwater Mortgages Through Eminent Domain

Microsoft Security Essentials issue

FOX outFOXed by prankster...

To End Abuses of Workers, the Senate Must End Abuses of the Filibuster

From the start I thought it was a strong case for manslaughter in the Martin case.

James Comey's Troubling Answers on Surveillance and Transparency

Russia 'has not received' Snowden asylum bid

Welcome Home From the Wars, Drones!

Have an Ab Fab weekend sweeties.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: What “Free Trade” Actually Means- Part 3

About the jurors on the GZ trial

Sharknado Trailer. Sci-Fi is going where no man has gone before.

The Deadly Science Of Force-Feeding

NASA's low-cost 3D-printed rocket injector withstands test firing

Army relieves Fort Jackson general of command

Report: George Zimmerman special prosecutor fires IT chief who raised discovery concerns

poverty as a weapon of mass destruction & the economic policies that loaded the chamber

Chinese City Cancels Plans for Nuclear Facility After Public Protest

Milwaukee: Pair of men with concealed-carry permits engage in shootout

Erick Erickson tells liberals to go buy coat hangers after TX abortion bill passes.

The Sequester's Devastating Impact on America's Poor

As Lou Reed sang: "I'm... waiting for the salmon..."

Toon: We split it in two

The Zim trial is sure bringing out...

an offensive tweet from erick erickson of fox

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this Edward(the coward) Snowden

Booz Allen VP on Snowden: "Irrevocable damage"

Watched the movie Sound City last night.

George Zimmerman family calls for calm

To all of those "pro-life" legislators:

Here's why the Snowden imbroglio makes no sense:

compassionate conservative right here:

Rising Temps, Shrinking Snowpack Fuel Western Wildfires

NFL players arrested since Super Bowl XLVII (29 so far)

Zimmerman: Just play the dispatch conversation and sit down.

Take comfort in the fact that demographics are on our side.

I wish that BDLR had finished with a slide that

So, this was in my mailbox today....


RW'ers prove all the time that...

In General Elections, Vote for the Best Outcome Overall

Chris Hedges: Inverted Totalitarianism

"Red Meat"

D.C.-area Catholic Hospitals Seek to End Discrimination for Gay Patients

Keiser Report: Facing New Peasant Revolt

Texas and NC Now is the time to recruit Dems to run for office

It's In The Corporate Interests To Keep Unemployment High.....

Really the only story to tell in war is how to live without fear.


U.S. Amphibious Assault Ships “Parked Off Of Egypt”

Sat. am

U.S. FDA proposes arsenic limit in apple juice

"You know, Honey... I was meaning to talk to you about the kids."

The wisdom of Yahoo message board, re: Zimmerman trial

Here's my suggestion for 2014:

Got blocked from Facebook for 12 hours for this simple reply:

Why Zimmerman's is not a SYG case

North America's First General Interest Magazine for Atheists

may the spirit of Ann Richards rise up

How far away from "civilization" do you live?

Helena and Dominic as Liz and Dick

Did the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial "throw the case?"

Unbelievable!!! SF Fox affiliate KTVU reads the names of the pilots on Asiana 214

Wisconsin State Fair gutbombs...

Democrats vow abortion fight in Texas

Brian Schweitzer surprise: Not running for Senate

After Some Celebrating, LGBT Organizations Talk Voting Rights

The media keeps mentioning that Zimmerman was carrying a "fully loaded pistol with a round ...

If an Afro-American teenager cannot walk home without being profiled

Charles Koch Launches Campaign to Eliminate the Minimum Wage

I Was On Trial Once...

Mitt Romney Campaign T-shirts: You’ll Never Guess Where They Ended Up

WSJ: The NSA's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional

The Sacred Home

Duck and Friend

Golfer Gary Player, age 77, featured in ESPN's The Magazine "Bodies We Want issue..."

He is getting rid of me after 10 years.

Kittens and pigs

Behold! The Mighty Roar from the Mightiest King in all the Land!

This May Be The Greatest Letter Any Elected Republican Has Ever Written

DOJ Can No Longer Call Journalists Criminal Co-conspirators

Sybrina I am with you today

OK All you cultural egalitarians...

Landrieu bill bans some religion-based funding cuts

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 13, 1985

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 13, 1985

What the Constitution Says about Constitutionality.

No Mr. Welch, they have no sence of decency.

ABC news goes full woo, again.

Teacher questioned for failing to stop bullying (Japan)

The Problem Is GOP Workers Support An End To The Minimum Wage And Labor Laws

The NRA and the arming of America.

Lesbophobia is homophobia with a side-order of sexism

Are you a BadAss Teacher?

Tarantino Remixes The Classics

a counter balance video on how to treat young black teens in your neighborhood.

Every Iris is like a Snowflake

What are you reading the week of July 14, 2013?

Today I walked through my mother's community and saw a neighborhood watch person

Ban Gated Communities Unless They Have All Their Own Public Services.

Is my back of the envelope analysis of the State of Florida v Zimmerman flawed?

Yakuza gang publishes magazine for members

Pat's *big* response to the NYT...

Lac-Mégantic became an episode of Breaking Bad

Go ahead, Harry. Do it!

The White House is turning up the pressure on Moscow over Snowden. Will it make any difference?

Saturday, July 13th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Just waiting for happy hour

Something wierd happened to a post of mine -

We are just as surprised as you are - honest!

Baby dead, 8 missing after refugee boat sinks en route to Australia

Snowden documents could be 'worst nightmare' for U.S.: journalist

I'd like to point out a wierd hacking attack -

Malaise...I think you created a YouTube Star..

Portugal becomes 2nd country, after Israel, with a Jewish law of return

Greenwald says Snowden Documents Could Be 'Worst Nightmare' for US (Patriot NOT)

Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Zones

Why did Trayvon run?

Examiner: Questions raised after Facebook yanks popular 'Uncle Sam's Misguided Children'

Mervin (I can here the awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws now)

What if you found a Judge doing something immoral and possibly illegal?

Bolivarian Education in Venezuela

For anyone who thinks Travon Martin was "bashing" Zims head on the sidewalk:

THAT'LL Fix 'Em - NY Woman Uses 20 Bugbombs Simultaneously 2X - 12 Injured In Resulting Fire

I tell ya, these Z defenders had lost their damn minds

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?

After Beating Fractures His Skull, Russian Environmentalist Questioned 4 Hrs By Police, Threatened

This CNN argument about who threw the first punch being all that matters is bogus!

After Threats From Mining Companies, Peru Relaxes Air Quality Rules In 3 Of Most Polluted Cities

Colin Flahive opened a restaurant in China that's a beacon of enlightened management (CS Monitor)

LIVE NOW: Texas GOP Reviving Progressive Movement - Coffee Party Radio Politics Done Right

Photographer Files FOIA To Find Exact Keystone Route, But Discovers State Doesn't Even Know

New Scientist - Loss Of Antarctic Ice Sparks Boom In Marine Sponges

Man uses his fully automatic AR15 as a crutch kills little girl upstairs

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito - Multiple Disease Vector - Confirmed In 2 Madera Co, CA Locations

Usually I detest rule-dictators about dressing and grooming, but Esquire's here are a bit fun

Senator Durbin took an oath, hundreds of thousands died


The American Anti-Corruption Act

On a Summer Day

A Look at the Jurors for George Zimmerman's Trial

Animation of Asiana Flight 214 crash...

Interrupting Snarking for some tennis news:

NYC Woman Destroys Building While Trying to Bug Bomb Salon

TYT: Picture of Trayvon Martin Lying Dead Released (Graphic Image Warning)

So the conventional wisdom is the longer they stay out the worse it is for Zimmerman

Fair Play Measured in Slivers of a Second

Game Changer at the White House

With only half the population needed for jobs(work), how do we keep the other half

Texas' New Abortion Bill Will Go to Court and Texas Women May Win

Jeremy Jackson: Brave New Oceans

If those in power were truly pro-life,

Just looking out for you, wink-wink!

It's about POWER - not abortion

Tucson - KiiM's Cactus Dave?


Bring all the douchebags you want...

Detroit Resident: 'This Whole Neighborhood Is Going To Burn Down One Day'

Trying to record an online video...

Democrats' Chances Of Keeping Senate Control Just Took A Brutal Blow

Ohio tea party member flies Confederate flag during racist rant at school board meeting

5 Key Questions That Could Determine George Zimmerman's Fate

Totally Biased: 12yo Metal Band Unlocking the Truth Performs

The amazing Sen. Wendy Davis

Maher Panel Descends Into Shoutfest Between GOP Guests And Cornel West Calling Obama 'War Criminal'

Toons: The GOP Food Stamp program

Maher/West Battle GOP Guests Over Zimmerman: Trayvon Racially Criminalized Then Physically Murdered

Ohio tea party member flies Confederate flag during racist rant at school board meeting

O'Mara and his foam fighting buddy

Should all whistle-blowing be outlawed?

Snowden Revelations Stir Up Anti-US Sentiment

Bill Maher VS. Cornel West on Obama Being a War Criminal - Real Time July 12, 2013

Greenwald: U.S. Should Be ‘On Its Knees Begging’ That Nothing Happens To Snowden

Game of Thrones Author, George Martin, on Republican Voter Suppression

Oh boy - Why are there 12 jury member traditionally

There were precisely two Presidential tickets with any chance of victory in 2008 and 2012.

Can we all agree on this at least? There is too much corporate influence on Government

Flip the color---flip the narrative.

Nat King Cole sings in Spanish, Marino Marini sings in Polish

What happens when German public votes for nuclear entry in "green" contest? Organizers disqualify it

Feds Banned From DEF CON /Black Hat Due To PRISM

Q&A with Glenn Greenwald: Americans’ reaction “surprising and gratifying”

The Richmonder

Is it illegal for the U.S. to block Edward Snowden’s asylum claim?

Wendy Davis + Julian Castro + Hillary Clinton = Texas Blue

McCrory responds to NYT: 'NC is on powerful comeback'

Tamron Hall apologizes for showing body of Trevon Martin

Looks like the Z-trial jury deliberated through lunch.

The Biggest Lie You've Been Told About the Oppression Of Muslim Women

It might be timely to ask: How did we manage for so long without the Dept of Homeland Security?

What's with O'Mara attacking the integrity all the attorneys in the media

Can Snowden trust people trying to help him?

Media outnumber protesters outside court house

Zimmerman trial question

Zimmy the Pinhead

Do You Favor Repealing the Patriot Act? Poll

Does this summer in Florida seem a tad cooler than "normal" ?

Is anyone who finds the "Sum Ting Wong" / "Wi Tu Lo" joke funny automatically a racist?

In a perfect world the person that had Zimmerman on the phone would've told him to stay on the phone

Greedy Mother-Fuckers, Leading the Quasi-Fascists, Followed by Morons Who Believe Everything

Jars of Pooo not a rock band, just a Texas-sized crock of shit. #TamponGate

Does this bother you?

Texas Abortion Ban: Women Already Resorting to Back-Alley Abortions

Reminder: Krispy Kreme Day

Espionage is a crime in every nation that signed the Declaration of Universal Rights.

Rare film depicts Franklin Roosevelt in wheelchair (video at link)

How many people have actually considered that Zimmerman is not guilty?

ridiculous cnn headline..... screen shot

Gas prices on the rise in NJ

There have been some funny responses to conservatives posting on the Being Liberal fan page, but

when did insurance companies get to give loans?

OMG! He's dead!

Can you help? How do I find the model number of a cell phone?

Why did this guy store thousands of rounds of ammunition in his house?

LGBT group finds acceptance at evangelical college

The Superions - Totally Nude Island (Ursula 1000 Remix)

Hey, know any good lawyer jokes?

Omar - Simplify

The root issue Snowden exposed: Clapper's Library

Can Edward Snowden cite human rights and still applaud Putin?

Tennessee lawyer sues Apple because Internet porn ‘destroyed his marriage’

This Dog is Smarter than most Teabaggers

Why Wouldn't Russia Kill Snowden… So Greenwald Can Bring the USA To It's Knees?

Russia 'has not received' Snowden asylum bid

What Greenwald said vs Reuters summary of what he said:

Why Can't Snowden come home?

Espionage or Patriotism?

Selfless paralysed man gives up chance to walk again - by donating £20,000 to disabled five-year-old

Greenwald tries to do damage control

Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Goodbye my sweet girl ... Stevie

What it's like to have an autistic brother.


Will George Zimmerman Get Away With Murder?

A sudden passion for preserving government secrets

For As Long As The Sun Shines: The Non-Crisis of PV Module Reliability

Introducing: The NEW Lone Star of Texas

Greenwald: U.S. should be ‘on its knees begging’ that nothing happens to Snowden

You want to know what I reasonably doubt?

New All-Electric Mercedes Supercar Has 740 hp...

Gabrielle Union shows her solidarity with Trayvon

Anyone know what came of the 26 Senators asking for answers to these questions on surveillance?

Discrimination and Courage of the facially different.

Is There Enough Room For Offshore Wind On New York's Energy Highway?

yard sale

What Species Did You Evolve From?

German Spiegel publishes "United Stasi of America" graffiti photo of U.S. Embassy in Berlin!

Let's be blunt, in days we will know if its legal to shoot unarmed black boys in Florida

Sarah Slamen was just on The Ed Show.

I admit....I cheated..

Former NFL Tight End Wins Concussion Grievance Case Against Cincinnati Bengals

Opinion: As a former rail engineer, I need to speak out

Didnt it feel like there were two trials going on? Zimmerman & Martin's?

German Spiegel publishes "United Stasi of America" graffiti photo of U.S. Embassy in Berlin!

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

"The Bridge" on FX

What's the defense's explanation for Zimmerman being behind the houses instead of on the street?

Snowden Is No Traitor. What He EXPOSED Is What's TREASON.

How Wealth Reduces Compassion

79% of people don't know opposite words for the following:

Snowden revelations stir up anti-US sentiment

Turkey parliament curtails army powers

Breaking on M$NBComcast - everyone is heading back to the Courtroom

Guess who's trying to start shit at the Sanford courthouse?

Lac-Mégantic faces dire future with no train service

scrabble keeps sending me messages

Zippy's Trial - Jury just asked for clarification on Manslaughter verbiage

My day with Edward Snowden at the Moscow airport

The jury is asking the court about clarification about Manslaughter

A live stream has been set up so you can watch bears live catching salmon..

Newsroom: America is not the greatest country in the world.

Third victim to die from Asiana Airlines crash identified

Zimmerman Jury Asks Judge for Clarification Regarding Instructions for Manslaughter

“What about building 7?” A social psych study of online discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories

CNN: Zimmerman Jury asks the judge a clarification question about "Manslaughter"

A funnel cloud from the summit of Pikes Peak today.

(WOW) Photograph of a nuclear explosion less than one millisecond after detonation...

South Korean court says Dow, Monsanto owe Korean Agent Orange victims

FDNY Dog Rescue

a 5'11" person, grabbed from behind by a 5'7" person, would probably

BREAKING: Zimmerman Jury asks for clarification of Manslaughter

TX: Most significant part of woman's reproductive system-not the female uterus, but the male asshole

I don't think we or the media can take to much in the jury asking a pretecular question

Pilot Flying J is $4 Billion In Debt

Ridiculous CNBC host schooled by Elizabeth Warren

Your Texas meme of the day

Judge to weigh whether WTC owners can seek money from airlines over 9/11

What do you think happened that night in Sanford?

Justice for Trayvon

Gloves OFF

2 Montana grizzlies arrive at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson

Florida case law on Manslaughter charge

2 Montana grizzlies arrive at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson

Home Invasion Suspect Uses "Stand Your Ground" in Murder Trial

Egypt’s Latest Revolution: The Third Republic - Analysis of Events between 30 June - 12 July 2013

Uber rightwing film maker calls for Greenwald's assassination

TCM Schedule for Monday July 15 - TCM Spotlight: Carson on TCM

Putin Orders Snap Combat-Readiness Check in Eastern Russia

Russia Tired Of Snowden, Says He Can Have Freedom If He Shuts Up Already

Freepers apoplectic over Zimmerman jury asking a question about manslaughter

Why does Fox News want a not Guilty Verdict for Zimmerman (apart form the obvious)

a dialogue in a safe forum, where I can be safe from opposing opinions, while claiming to be open

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Syrian Rebels Fear ‘Side War’ As Infighting Spirals

Whew - this is the only place I feel safe

*Oh God on PBS

Israel's New U.S. Envoy: Influential Policy Hound Or Another 'CNN Ambassador'?

Just as I headed out for an errand I heard one of the

In the midnight hour.......

Zimmerman apologists completely and absolutely disgust me

I read an article about whether Palin should run for office:

Exposing Pat Robertson's Stupidity

Marco Rubio is Made Entirely of Boogers

Netanyahu To Push US For ‘More Credible Military Option’ On Iran

Contacted my sisters!

Only in fucking Florida could they confuse the meaning of a charge

Here's youtube music video about unicorns and rainbows, in case you need it

What's the smallest thing that has made a difference?

"My side of the story" by Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman trial reversed

when is verdict due in zimmerman trial?

Money out of politics tv spot

UK soldier and veteran suicides 'outstrip Afghan deaths'

When a verdict is reached a Zimmerman verdict

Guess what this is!

Mexican smuggling boats race up California coast

Perry says Texas abortion bill constitutional

Seemed like a good idea at the time???

Time for a break from Zimmerman TV.

Far off in the future, nolabear and Kali plan to share an apartment in an assisted care center

graywarrior's animosity explained -- she's never gotten over that rejection so long, long ago.