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A man'd be right proud to have THAT wiener -- "My wiener... LET ME SHOW YOU IT!!!"

I'm losin' it!!!

The Trayvon Martin

Why MiddleFingerMom isn't allowed too take his nephew flying, um... shopping anymore:

And 187 times later, MFM still ends up in the exact same place. When will it get easier?

Molly Ivins in TX Dildo Diaries

What movie/movies can you watch over and over and not get tired of?

Nancy Grace declares jury has found Zimmerman "Not Guilty" on Murder 2

Want to see a real hero?

Mystery Route For Keystone XL

Need help - I want tartar sauce, but have no mayo!

GOP Not Worried About Backlash- In Their Eyes Women Won't Make Much Difference At State Level

New York's oldest resident turns 114

Was Trayvon Martin an Honor student? I know some experts here will know...

OK thinking ahead - Zimmerman is found guilty

calling Sum Ting Wong - Is there a Sum Ting Wong here?

a nice quote from John Cusack

Snowden Seeking Asylum in Russia

Tweet from Jay Smooth on Zimmerman..

Lee Jeffries' Portraits Of Homeless Men And Women Are Absolutely Haunting (PHOTOS)

NYPD Investigating Handling Of Initial 911 Call For Bronx Fatal Fire

PSA: I freaking hate goatheads! (tribulus terrestris)

Judge to weigh whether WTC owners can seek money from airlines over 9/11

How do those defending Zimmerman reconcile the fact that he never...

On the day Trayvon Martin died, "The Crime Report" of Sanford's paper reported

Cancer - A cure closer thanks to a tiny British company & the result could change lives of millions

DCI Banks

I just woke up from an hour long nap and thought it was Thursday...

Still Can't Explain the Zimmerman Booking Video....

President declares disaster for New York

Interview with Zimmerman neighbor- on Fox

How late can the jury deliberate?

number of jurors

Man using rifle as crutch when it fired, killing little girl.

I'm recording some 45's to CD for a sister...

I came across this product today.

if Jodi Arias had killed a black man , she would have a lot of supporters

Acquitted of manlaughter/murder..GUILTY of theft

Did Trayvon have a right to defend himself? Yes or no?

Pregnant Albequerque Woman Struck By Lightning Immediately Gives Birth

Holy crap they have a verdict


BREAKING: Zimmerman jury just reached a verdict per MSNBC

MSNBC just announced the verdict has been reached.

I will be pleasently surprised if they find Zimmerman guilty.

I hope you guys are right because I expect the worst.

well, dammit

Jury reaches a verdict NOW M$NBComcast - NOT Guilty = fucking hell

Charles Koch Foundation: An Income Of $34,000 Puts You In The Wealthiest 1 Percent (VIDEO)

Not Guilty

Jury finds George Zimmerman not guilty

This is awful

My prayers to the family of Trayvon Martin at this difficult time!

Not guilty.


Look at those smug fuckers at the defense table

Vibes that nobody gets hurt in the days to come because Zimmerman got a not guilty verdict.

Good bye Florida

Honestly? I sincerely hope that the members of that jury experience what Trayvon's parents are

He may have been found Not Guilty....

How could this be?

Wow...Zimmerman is 'free to go'... eom

There needs to be some serious

Well, looks like it's open season on Young Black Men by future George Zimmermans...

Not guilty

George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony should both celebrate that they're from Florida.

Mirt we are with you tonight and always! could he be found not guilty? Not even manslaughter?

I'm stunned. I'm speechless. My last shred of respect for the law is all-but-gone.

Let's see if the fucking limp ass US Dept of Justice

Al Sharpton just hinted going Federal and Civil

Most black people knew before the trial started, what the verdict will be.

I'm glad George Zimmerman got a fair trial.

The cocks of the walk will be walking and crowing tonight.

So Amanda Knox is a killer and George Zimmerman is an innocent victim?

Get ready for coverage of the "race riots" watches ...

What the fuck!?

What information does Snowden have that the NSA is so concerned about?

Rev. Al: the civil suit will proceed.

Rabbit Season Duck Season Little Black boy season

Prayers and Godspeed to those in Florida this evening...this will not go away quietly I fear. eom

So in the state of Florida a young black teenager, minding his own business,

This verdict is just plain Evil!!!

Have a nice night guys, because it's going to get really fucking ugly.

Attention gun humpers, you may now return to the gungeon

Two Words: Fucking Bullshit!

May his life be a very long living of any physical harm, but shunned by decent society

I find it difficult to express my disgust at this travesty of justice.

Not Guilty.....

I Would Not Want To Be George Zimmerman Outside

I remember feeling this way in November 2004

Maybe somebody will write a song about Trayvon the way Bob Dylan wrote

George Zimmerman....not someone you want as your neighbor

The gun nuts and racist will embrace him.

We've had a serious trifecta this year...

The smallest of small consolations:

Black Folks if you live in a gated community and family members come visit, please keep them inside

Hidden post situation might deserve reversal?

This woman is FULL OF SHIT

I have to admit that after I read the jury's instructions about 20 minutes ago

Not even manslaughter?

George Zimmerman can carry a gun anywhere in Florida.

I can see the meta

VIDEO: George Zimmerman Verdict NOT GUILTY

What's with the shit-eating grin on the State Prosecutor?

Angela Corey STFU

Some advice to people in Florida

I've said before, and I'll say again - the Jury System needs to go...


They overcharged...

I'm not confident of the DOJ bringing hate crimes on Zimmerman here's why

I am disgusted with my joke of a State....

Poll: How long before this POS kills again?

FUCK THE NRA and their GODDAMN their fucking LAX LAWS

A really evil thought

I wanted to be wrong (Zimmerman)

This prosecutor is trying to lecture instead admitted she f'd up.

Skittles and tampons and tea - oh my!

Post your live feed Florida Police Scanner Feeds Here...

Humans in Florida are like endangered species on South Park.

Get ready for the gloat feat (and you know it's coming)

Alright all you NRA assholes

A signal has been sent loud and clear to Black people in Florida: Know Your Place

There is no excuse for this jury

George Zimmerman is the poster boy for getting a gun

John Guy looks like he is going to be sick

This prosecutor sounds like me when I screw up at work.

Angela Corey, how could you forget your tiara?

Freepers having orgasms...

You really have to love this country, if you have faith that it will be fair...

I feel really empty after this verdict!

Malcom X: " If you are black you are born guilty."

Did the prosecutors THROW the case?

"Stand Your Ground" ... because

Okay so a black man is now allowed

To the prosecutors who are now talking please shut the fuck up .....

I ask again: Did the prosecution lose on purpose?


just a kid...

Hate to say this about Zimmerman but....

Fireworks??? Really???

If only Trayvon had played in the NFL (or even college at Miami) and starred in a couple of B movies

Hate to say this but the fix was in when they excluded those 7 African Americans

Mike Vick can go to prison for killings dogs and Zimmerman gets to go home for killing a Black teen

Dear travelers domestic or international, If you take your kids to Florida, you may be killing them.

Zimmerman is a contemptible person, but the jury got it right.

Hitler finds out about the tampon ban.

I'm not gonna even buy orange juice anymore...

To return that verdict

I feel I'm going to throw up.

Doesnt this mean Zimmy can still carry his gun? And with this precedent, kill again. Gotta love it.

That woman attorney on the tube right now

They just found Trayvon Martin guilty of his own stalking and murder...

Prosecution team in Zimmerman trial

This press conference is other-worldly!

Black folks are allowed to entertain, but we better know our role and shut our mouths.

STFU Angela! Corey ran to the camera/microphone, didn't take the time to talk to the Martin Family

Who's hoping for karmic justice (OJ style) for Zimmerman?

Lisa Bloom on MSNBC just ripped the prosecution up one side and down the other

FR is having a party

Zimmerman will be sued in civil court, and could face federal civil rights charges

So when's Zimmerman moving to Idaho?

The defense is thanking law enforcement. I want to vomit. nt

It's a sad, sad, day.

If I was black and lived in Florida I'd apply for a concealed carry permit...

Alex Jones is Actually The Cookie Monster

Don't Waste Your Energy Getting Mad at the NRA or Conservatives

The Pathetic Truth: George Zimmerman Could Be Elected Governor in Six States Tomorrow.

Now that the "liberally-biased media" will be fanning the flames of race riots, will RWers be

Shouldn't be a surprise; the prosecution blew it.

When Even Michael Savage Thinks Zimmerman Is A Loser And That It Is An Open And Shut Case....

Zimmerman walks, yet this woman is behind bars for 20 years? WTF?

How long before FOX hires Zimmerman?

"Sharknado" headed to Blu-ray September 3

The Zimmerman Verdict - Just one more reason for the rest of the world to ask

What\\\'s the story with the slashes in nuking messages\\\?

West is speaking now and showing more of his "wit" and "wisdom"

An open appeal to any buisness wanting to move to Florida.

I do not believe that America is a lost cause

Rumors were always there that Corey was a shill for the Governor of Florida

The old south lives.

The NAACP has a petition asking Eric Holder to bring Civil Rights charges against Zimmerman.

Strange Fruit. Appropriate.

Florida needs your money even more

NAACP Statement in the Acquittal of Zimmerman in the Killing of Trayvon Martin

hiow much you wanna bet

Black people need to get together and take care of each other because know one else gives a fuck.

I LIVE HERE PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!! T-shirts to go on sale

Do you think young black men sit around wondering if they will be droned at a cafe?

"The idea that people in America, the great super power of the world, can wander around, gunning

So murderers can now copy George Zimmerman to be able to get away with murder in many states...

New Florida license plate

please remember us liberals down here

It's official. This country sucks.

Democratic activist Anne McAfee dies following stroke at Capitol

Did I hear this right

Billie Holiday #StrangeFruit #NoJustice4Trayvon

This never should have been about race or politics.

What the Republicans don't know

I'm not going to give my reaction to the Zimmerman verdict.

I am disgusted by this travesty because I thought the days of outright murder of people who look

I kinda hope the the MSM does a blackout on any verdict related violence that takes place

Who thinks the Zimmerman acquittal will lead to more killings?

I cannot believe the Zimmerman verdict. Except that I can.

Type "Pro-Zimmerman troll" in a Notepad window, select it, type Ctrl-C.

Yhose of you who come here to celebrate Zimmerman escaping justice

What is that eerie sound I hear in the background?

Silent Thread for Trayvon Martin and his family.

Appreciation and shout-out to all the DUers of Florida...

Knock Knock. Who's there? Oh, wait...

I shot a man in Sanford just to watch him die

Like a dog returning to its vomit...

For justice, for Travon Matin's family, good night

To Zim's "liberal" supporters

So . . . which police farce will hire Zimmo? Maybe a security guard company?

Any way you can redirect 'ignore' to 'where I was'?

So Don West complained about the ice cream photo being criticized...

Got ticket! Leaving tonight.

Zimmerman's defense team closed by claiming GZ was the real victim,...of the media.

Perhaps I should ask this tomorrow: Can Zimmerman now be sued

Do you know what the most bitter thing is about this verdict.

Sanford Police Surround Community Where George Zimmerman Shot Trayvon Martin

"You have the right to remain silent"

Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY

Tell me again why I need a loaded pistol

I would like to have a button with a photo of Trayvon Martin

Sharpton said the federal/DOJ investigation of this case was *suspended*, not closed.

Facebook Graphics on the Verdict

I Was Bothered There Was Not At Least One African American on the Jury

Hate to get all meta here but some seriously f-up stuff is getting cleared by juries.

Omara has called Zimmerman a marked man.

And to think that people back in 2008 thought that we were in a post-racial society...

Well it's been a ruff couple of weeks..........

I just don't know what to say... so...

Joaquin Castro (D-TX): Defense attorney Mark O'Mara may incite a riot by his arrogance alone. ...

What do you put in your tacos? Red pepper? Cottage cheese? Green onions? How do you

What does "Not Guilty but Not Innocent" mean?

Let me guess: a bunch of Paula Deens on this jury?

People Get Ready-The Impressions(for Trayvon Martin and those who mourn)

Bracing for riots?

Show this laughing freeper some special DU attention.

Why was a person with a violent history legally allowed to own and carry a gun?

Does this song by Donna Summer sound familiar?

Another for all of us tonight - Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Trayvon Martin, Medger Evers, and Emmett Till

Since "following" has now been adjudicated to be OkeeDokee

Dear Florida and Texas...

"Only in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder." -Syreeta McFadden

Riot police on alert. Some twitter posts from 911 account:

Would the following discussion bother you (with mother) now more so...

How long before George Zimmerman gets a contract with Fox News?

NAACP President Ben Jelaous tweets they are filing charges against Zimmerman

Disturbing chart shows rise in “justified killings” of blacks in U.S.

Thank you DU for keeping me from falling into the abyss

"Don't Shoot"

Tweets from Trayvon Martin's Parents

Heavyweight Former Federal Prosecutor Patrick Collins vs. DuPage County State's Attorney Bob Berlin

Trayvon's dad: My heart is broken, my faith is not

The obvious things are never discussed by news reader types. It's not that Zimmerman is racist as it

Yanno . . . no matter how much you want it to be so, America is NOT post racial.

Gender bending in Japan

The Zimmerman jury verdict versus the OJ Simpson murder trial jury verdict.

Are you now considering concealed carry?

They didn't want to prosecute Zimmerman, and they didn't.

Zimmerman's brother on with Piers Morgan

Go to hell Ron/Rand Paul libertarian gun nuts. Your idea of liberty is those with the most guns rule

This video bears repeating tonight.

I hope the Martin family SUES Zimmerman's ass into oblivion!!

Coming next, remember Jordan Davis? (White guy shoots black kid over music)

hey salmonchantedevening--could you hurry up with the kitten pictures???? We need them tonight

I am a white grandmother, and Trayvon is a child of my heart. I mourn all over again,

Another reason to boycott FL: Florida Women subjected to unreasonable driver license documentation

I'm In An Argument With A Right-Winger Right Now On Facebook About The Case....


Do you think the jury got it right or wrong?

George Zimmerman Acquitted, Satire Not Yet Possible

The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

Chanting & demonstrating are not effective anymore. Quietly and calmly

Property versus People

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday July 14th

Stand Your Ground

Just got home. I hear murder is now legal in Florida.

Not Really a Good Read...(warning, graphic image)

The verdict can be justified, but it is not just

William Shakespeare's Thoughts on the George Zimmerman verdict:

Zimmerman's acquittal tonight is the result of Democrats not showing up in 2010!

Two dozen arrested in nuclear-plant protest

Since the whole world knows Zimmerman will shot to kill when in a fight

Beautiful, peaceful march in San Francisco.

Nights like this make me thankful Obama is President

I believe that Zimmerman is guilty as sin but I would have voted to acquit given the instructions

"The victory assured Pittsburgh (56-36) of its best record at the All-Star break since 1975"

Michael Moore Tweet

Just showing everyone my new avatar

How often does this happen:

This is Trayvons Last Picture With his Father

What's the Stevie Wonder song,

LOL- Strawberries stuffed with Junior Mints. Killer bite.

Is it racist?

four years into Obama's term (about GZ)

Michael Steele: "Is he high ?"

How about we fight for a new law to protect people minding their own business

Lisa Bloom: Zimmerman can be sued in civil court and forced to testify.

Voice your opinion on Zimmerman verdict here:

Would the result have been different if they looked like this?

Don West's first reaction:

"Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman

What I fear

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fire at Heathrow

Breaking Bread: Most Gitmo hunger strikers begin to eat

O'Mara and West

For those who will mourn the Martin decision:

*Lewis and Clark, PBS

Lincecum threw a no-hitter tonight

Good thing I had some 151 on hand.

Lincecum NO-HITS Padres

A clownish view of concealed carry

Per Twitter: GZ's brother says that he is in fear of retribution from vigilantes!

Sad watching the discussion on MSNBC

did CNN's twitter feed get hacked ?

For Sybrina Fulton

On a night like tonight .. I just wanta JROCK OUT!!!

There needs to be calm now.

Hey Cat-Savvy Du'ers -- For the Love of a Cat named Nikita -- a continuation (Part 3) UPDATE

Behind the Scenes of the Bradley Manning Trial

Anyone know how Foreigners View the Zimmerman Case ?

How do you treat a "rolled" ankle?

Fucking goons...they always get away.

I have had it.

Is it possible that Martin attacked Zimmerman? Yes.

Emmett Til's murderers were found "not guilty" too, later confessed to their guilt.

Obama Words Complicating Military Trials

reposting with more info (not a hoax, confirmed) CTV Glee star Cory Monteith found dead today

"These fucking punks... these assholes always get away."

Drudge Versus Fox News

MIRT question...

Classic rock musician Lester Chambers assaulted on stage after dedicated song to Trayvon

"Snowden Broke the Law"

‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Found Dead

Big man...

First they shot the young black teenager

Can Zimmerman Relative who was Sexually Abused by him do anything in Court ?

There Is Less And Less Reason To Pledge Allegiance To The Flag.

In The Great Divide Between Democrats and Republicans, Some Words From Bill Maher To Remember...

2 thoughts on tonights verdict......

The one thing I keep coming back to that seems to symbolize the tragedy of this case

You get it now don’t you???....Scalia was right...

Glee star Cory Monteith dies in Canada hotel

Why Zimmerman was aquitted

What's interesting is

"The Rejected Stone" - Al Sharpton's upcoming autobiography

War IS the crime

Where the fuck are El Supremo, Upton, and trumad??

for once i would like to see Prince William and Kate Baby in the News

Cenk Uygur's reaction to the Zimmerman case

Money for charter schools balloons during Mayor Bloomberg's tenure

Now comes the difficult part...

"If Zimmerman Was Black, He Would Never Have Been Charged With A Crime"

Man swims 5 hours to shore as family holds onto capsized boat.

So if Trayvon lived, he would have more than likely be heading to jail tonight

why is no dna on gun or finger nails

Prediction: Zimmerman will kill again.

New Yorker arrested for defending himself from a bigoted drunk man armed with a sidewalk

RIP Cory Monteith

How the NRA and Its Allies Helped Spread a Radical Gun Law Nationwide

(India) 163-year-old telegram service to close forever at 9pm today

How the NRA and Its Allies Helped Spread a Radical Gun Law Nationwide

Project Terminated

Why wasn't Mary Cutcher called as a witness for the Prosecution in the Georgie trial?

Best friends

If you could design an app to add actors or characters to a movie, which ones would you add?

These will be the best 35 seconds of your day


More best friends

Dad Fight!

Sinead O'Connor-Black Boys on Mopeds(for Trayvon and all others like him whose names we don't know)

Ann Coulter Rejoices Over Zimmerman Verdict

"Zimmerman Has Been Found Not Guilty. Now What?"

"Why the Latest Zimmerman Race Riot Conspiracy Theory Is the Dumbest Yet"

Conventional wisdom that G. Z. has a couple of choices left to himself post trial...

UK soldier and veteran suicides 'outstrip Afghan deaths'

Alaska set for vote on oil-tax cut after lobby group submits petition

QUESTION: Since MULTIPLE medical experts concede Zimmermans Injuries were NOT life threatening...

Trayvon's Problem? Only Being Worth 3/5 Of A White Man

NAACP petition: Open a civil rights case against George Zimmmerman

"My rights trump your dead"

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...

Sad dog diary

Sad cat diary

Stand Your Ground With Trayvon -- Tourism Boycott of Florida

Two Reported Killed In Pakistan After U.S. Drone Strike

Sign on to the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act as a citizen cosponsor

Mrs. Intern was so upset last night that she

Chevron gets access to online information about ecology activists

If the board of a corporation feel they're in danger of their lives

Pakistan Taliban set up camps in Syria, join anti-Assad war

Good Morning on Bastille Day!

Disturbing chart shows rise in “justified killings” of blacks in U.S.

And they thought "Fracking Gas" would benifit Americans - LOL

“That little girl carries that big bag?”

Meet Some Smiling Murderers

Gloating over Zimmerman.

Journalism Is in a Disastrous State -- But for a Handful of Millionaire Pundits, It's Wonderful

Mining the World to Death

Israel Airstrike Targeted Advanced Missiles That Russia Sold to Syria, U.S. Says

Breaking News...

We are all Trayvon Martin.

Classic rock musician Lester Chambers assaulted on stage at Blues Festival

Anyone want to speculate on how long Zimmerman can stay out of trouble?

Challenging Abortion Restrictions In The Courts: Where We Stand Now (great piece by Bazelon)

The 7 States Leading the Charge for Clean Energy

I am amazed IRT the GZ / TM verdict

After last night's ruling, I think that we can really use some of

"Trevyon was a loser." Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!!

Photos of Ramadan 2013{ images warning}

What Barbie Would Look Like If She Resembled an Actual Woman (PHOTOS)

Ishola Alolanle Fatai: Confessions of a Nigerian atheist

About Zimmerman having immunity from civil suits because of Florida's Stand Your Ground law:

Farm Subsidy (cartoon)

The curious religions of multiplayer video games

Facebook Users, Check in Here...

open season for gun nuts, governors and congress with their head up our Vaginas, open Jim Crow voter

A little levity for the day.

Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay :Cruz sentenced to 12 yrs prison in death of Walter 'J.J' Revear

The "new" Charles Atlas?

The country is a hot mess---and Maureen Dowd uses her column to write about undergarments.

I couldn't understand how those jurors could not grasp how all the inconsistencies, the comments

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin warns Catholic Church not to regard Murphy Report as closure

Bay Area FOX affiliate broadcasts Fake Asiana Pilot Names

September 2008 crash cost $108K per US household

I can't help but wonder: If we were to elect a female President, would it make any difference

Springsteen's "41 shots" is running thru my mind now

100-200 black union progressives killed in 1919 Arkansas massacre

Where's SCE and LOLCats?

If Holder prosecutes GZ for violating Trayvon's civil rights

Exclusive - Kenyan peacekeepers aided illegal Somalia charcoal export - U.N.

You won’t see this in Christie campaign ad: NJ finishes 42nd (for business)

Former Governor Doug Wilder was on point

Hay 6 idiots in Florida! Thanks a big hefty freakin' load! petition asking Eric Holder to prosecute Zimmerman

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) What's Your Name Edition

Sheriff: man shot alleged burglar in self defense

25 Works Of Art Paying Tribute To Trayvon Martin{images}

What if Zimmy moves out of the country? Would a civil suit be futile?

These 6 white woman lived in Sanford. I suspect social pressure to acquit.

We see you

Toon on Sanford Florida

Florida is a weird place.

Three Dog Night - "Easy to be Hard"

The True Winners of the Zimmerman Verdict and the Texas Anti-Women's Health Bill: The 1%

Smith - Baby Its You

Does anyone remember seeing this old house in Kansas City, Kansas?

Excerpts from the RimJobCentral© "We Love You Georgie, Oh Yes We Do" Victory Lap Thread©

Zimmerman's Not Guilty. But Florida Sure Is.

The Peddlers - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever


Anyone's Son

Trayvon Martin Family Lawyer Doesn't Rule Out Civil Action Against Zimmerman (Family in Disbelief)

Let's get creative. What would you want out of a civil suit?

Meet Gino Strada, unsung hero to the poorest victims of war

education, neoliberal culture and the brain

Dear Daily Mail. Sincerely, Amanda Palmer

more reason to March August 24th..

The verdict in the Zimmerman case is a terrifying statement for anyone who is a person of color.

liberty is hunted around the globe: what snowden taught us about american freedom

Mitch Mconnel evil Max Headroom

WaPo: Amid acrimony, Senate moves toward historic vote to change its rules

Gary Younge: Open season on black boys after a verdict like this

Michelle Alexander - It is the Zimmerman mindset that must be found guilty

Armed Racial Entitlement: Zimmerman’s Acquittal Comes as No Surprise

When Ann Coulter tweets, 'Hallelujah!'

At sometime, somewhere, the Democrats have to stand up to the extremists.

sliding backwards

My question is, how long till Zimmerman kills again? This isn't a question of if, but when...

Dancing Madly Backwards

How International Justice Is Being Gutted

I had to read this five times for it to really sink in....

How to kill a cat's buzz.

The Failure of our Justice System

Florida, where we fire teachers and hire cops.

My Brand New Litmus Test For Politicians

What relationship does the enactment of Florida's open carry law have to

GZ's brother as bad as GZ

Note to self, stay out of Stand Your Ground states

How the Sequester Is Holding Up Our Legal System

Does anyone have a quick link to the DOJ petition to look into the Zimmerman case?

Can a moment, generate a movement?

Got a memory foam mattress and now I'm waking with general back pain.

On the wrong side of EVERY ISSUE

SYG Laws + The Proliferation of Guns = The Privatization of State....

Is it a war crime if your allies think it is?

PRESS STATEMENT from the Southern Poverty Law Center in Response to Verdict in State of Florida v. G


Trayvon Martin is our generation's Emmett Till

"The fundamental danger of an aquittal is not more riots...

I have a feeling we won't be hearing from any of the jurors soon.

TX mixes hypocrisy/politics, GOODHAIR luckiest ever, the anti-Choice law = "medical tourism"/Mexico

The Sham Debate over Detention

Stand Your Ground ...Except when....

Tragic but so true...

what I hate worst about the Zimmerman acquittal:

Poll Results, Jul2013: Do you support UN Arms Trade Treaty?

So if some politician threatens my wife with a vaginal probe, can she shoot him?

I don't get angry very often but this week has done it.


Intuitive in CA Finds Remains of Missing Boy

These fucking assholes always get away. nt

Should Eric Holder pursue federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman?

Beyonce called for a moment of silence for Trayvon at her concert.

Lesson Learned - Don't live in Gated Communities

Spoke to my cousin this morning...

"It Will Be Deemed LEGAL In US To Chase & Shoot Dead an Unarmed Young Black Man On His Way Home"

GMO Domino Effect

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 14, 1955

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 14, 1955

Do you think Zimmerman will ever be able to live a normal life again?

"What if" Trayvon had been white

Time Has Come Today(long version) Chambers Brothers

Link to the NAACP petition for DOJ to investigate civil rights violations on Zimmerman

Remember the 60's group "The Troggs?"

Stephen Lawrence in England and Trayvon Martin in Florida

I hope those who predicted black folks will riot take a good look in the mirror

How Eric Holder Facilitated the Most Unjust Presidential Pardon in American History

Trayvon Martin and self defense

The Newsroom returns tonight.

We seem to be under siege like never before, and we are losing

7 Reasons why George Zimmerman will never be free

The Nation: White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman

Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine

Some under-reported information about the Korean flight

I'm sinking to THIS: panhandling the Lounge for life-saving a GD thread!1

We're all to blame

Trayvons Dad: Even though I'm broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY

A Better Man Playing For Change featuring Keb' Mo'.flv

SUMMER (Original Full-Length Album Version) - War

I remember the first time I read (and saw) "To Kill a Mockingbird." Do you?

You white? Well alright!! You brown? Stick aroun'. You black? Step back!!!

On Modular: what is the safest and most efficient?

The kind of racism that saved Zimmerman the murderer (video)

They celebrated the Zimmerman verdict until I told them this...

Can someone please morph Zimmerman with Pee Wee Herman?

How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National

Happy Birthday, Woody Guthrie!

self delete


The Trayvon/Zimmerman demonstrations today

Take Harvard's Implicit Bias Test...

The prosecution

This is not a race problem, it's a class problem.

My wife has lost faith in America From the "two party" political system To the justice system and

This trial makes me hate the Clarence Thomas's and Herman Cain's of

I'm so excited!!!!

Steve King offers further (unneeded) proof that in a world of shitheads, he's the Alpha Shithead

Who doesn't want their child to believe that everything will be alright?

Melissa Harris Perry is speaking about Angela McCoreys

CNN: Zimmerman's brother says they plan to return the gun

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 16: Star of the Month: Paul Henreid

Holy fucking shit. Zimmerman's brother is a fucking piece of fucking shit!

FAIR TV July 12, 2013

Radioactivity found in Swiss lake near nuclear plant

If a juror feels he or she made the right decison, why hide?

What's going on in CA I'm hearing there's riots

Rangers end Max Scherzer's streak at 13.

After the gun nut donations and the paid interviews wane, what will Zimmerman do for work?

Panel on MHP tearing up talking about their children.

Gwendolyn Brooks' poem addresses Mrs. Zimmerman

I'm still so angry that I'm crying.

the elder wand and the gun

U.S. Shelters Bolivia Ex-President From Genocide Charges As Evo Morales Offers Snowden Asylum

The Zimmerman Jury Told Young Black Men What They Already Knew

Imagine No Religion

Get even, vote the republican officals out of office

Music Icon Lester Chambers assaulted after dedicating a song to Trayvon

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 17: Tony Randall

Welcome to Texas, welcome to Florida

So What Would You Do IF....

JK Rowling unmasked as author of acclaimed detective novel

Student Designs ‘Wall-E’-Like Robot That Tears Down And Recycles Buildings

Absolutely RIGHT ON: NAACP statement on aquittal

All You Fascists Bound to Lose

Avenue Q - Everybody is a little bit racist.

Tyson Gay tests positive for banned substance

Know your role (Check out Juror B76)

"It ain't right, Atticus"

Philippines: Aquino administration, MILF take step closer to peace with wealth-sharing deal

KKKarl Rove: It's Obama's fault for sympathizing with Trayvon's parents

W on Homosexuality: ‘I Shouldn’t Take Speck Out of Someone’s Eye When I Have A Log in My Own’

"...they always get away with it," he said.

Just noticed I flew past 19,000 posts...

South America, take it away!

Racist Goldman Sachs Employee Gets Punched in Face

Jelhani Cobbs in the New Yorker: George Zimmerman, Not Guilty: Blood on the Leaves

Alert privileges

Any Artists Here? We May Need A Symbol...

George Zimmerman Gun: Weapon Used To Kill Trayvon Martin Will Be Returned

I'm not sure I can explain this, but wondered if you could help me understand it.

Pope- “All we have to do is go out onto the street.”

The Most Interesting Man in the World Compilation (Dos Equis Commercials)

60+% of Americans said Zimmerman was guilty in a CNN poll

I accept the jury's decision

Yesterday was the day ALEC shot us all - again - in a dark alley

How to talk to little girls.

Remember the "Bad Polls Trolls" During The Election

Zimmerman's Brother-Glad George's Gun Will Be Returned To Him-"Since He Needs It For Protection"

10 Years Ago Today - Valerie Plame's CIA Cover Was Compromised FOR THE SECOND TIME

Thoughts on the Zimmerman Trial

Union Square Rally Planned In Response To Zimmerman Acquittal

ROVE crawls out of his hole --- does the expected and blames Obama for Zimmerman verdict

Legal question: Can they get Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights?

Hi! July photo contest now accepting submissions

The Voter ID Law case begins Monday, July 15 in Commonwealth Court:

Report: Saudi Missile Sites Target Iran, Israel

Let the Florida Chamber of Commerce know exactly how you feel about their state.

Two things are beyond doubt: Trayvon Martin is dead, and racism is alive. (nt)

“Once a town gets a SWAT team you want to use it”

Netanyahu Criticizes ‘No Sense Of Urgency’ On Nuclear Iran

Just noticed that most female commentators on MSNBC dressed in black..

NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice Reveals that Obama, Many Top Officials Were Targets of NSA Surveilla

George Zimmerman is a 'law abiding gun owner'

"The Masters of Nature Photography"

I blame the prosecution.

Is your heart broken? Mine is!

How about having an armed and unstable young man sitting in a pickup truck in EVERY neighborhood?

Egypt 'freezes assets' of Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Josh Marshall: Endlessly Telling

What does the average Floridian, who would be punished by a boycott, have to do with the Zimmerman?


Today: #HoodiesUp — Justice for Trayvon Actions in 40+ Cities

Did Angela Corey Throw the Zimmerman Case?

A "Sternly-worded Letter" to George Zimmerman:

Is There Anything A Person Can Do - From Home - To Protest Florida's Self Defense Law?

'If you’re in a heated argument & there aren’t any witnesses-It's Always best to kill other person'

Inside look at the internal strife over Al Jazeera America

The only real recourse...

Deadspin: USA Today Article On Zimmerman Verdict Quotes A “Howie Felterbush”

if you need to have your spirit lifted a little today... baby elephant outing

Chuck D: Vick went to prison for killing dogs. Zimmerman was let free after killing a black man.

So suppose a woman is walking alone along a dark road.

Aquittal and privelage.

What George Zimmerman Can Do Now - Some night very soon, if he so chooses - By Charles P. Pierce

Breaking News!!!

Mutiny in the Land of Wind Turbines

Rick Perry insists ‘justice system is color blind’ after Zimmerman verdict

CNN BeliefBlog: Is Pope Francis the "Catholic Princess Diana?"

only in America...

thoughtful piece by Charles Blow on Trayvon Martin case.

YAWN: a black man is killed every twenty-eight hours by a cop or vigilante.

Italian senator says black minister has 'features of orangutan'

DISCUSSION: What can a person LEGALLY do if they feel they're being followed and their life ....


*Scottish Open Golf, now, for a change of scene,

Steven Gonzales from Ghost Hunters retweeted this comment (about GZ trial)

Central African Republic Needs Humanitarian Help Urgently

Florida is a dangerous place for children and blacks.

Oklahoma coalition forms to declare ‘Syria – Not our War!’

If we can't get justice for Trayvon, can we get justice for Marissa Alexander?

July 14: Macaroni Day

Brazilian man killed in his bed by falling cow (BBC)

A new trick of the 1% : Black-Market Tour Guides at Disney World

Frank Munger: Letter writers weigh in on Y-12 protesters' punishment

Snowden's "dead man's switch"

If the next child George Zimmerman murders is a white

Pic of Supportive Seattle Police Officer at a Trayvon Rally Last Year

I blame Bush. Isn't what George Zimmerman did just following the Bush Doctrine?

Backlash Blues

The Reefer-Madness excuse, or the same defense you give when you shoot a dog that gets too bite-y.

Jazzie Collins, S.F. transgender activist, dies

Last night, I dreamt

Slate: Zimmerman's Not Guilty. But Florida Sure Is.

Zimmerman verdict: a green light for racist vigilantes

Snowden affair: South American countries recall European ambassadors over Morales incident

Tom "Lottery" Corbett is going one and done as Pennsylvania governor!

Fucker Carlson is exactly that...

Snowden has information that could be the US's 'worst nightmare,' journalist says

Central African Republic descends unchecked into hell

A gift to Lounge. But nothing’s FREE. Strings attached. The Code of Hammurabi for comix

WARNING: May offend some. It's called Coon Hunting

zimmerman not guilty, SCOTUS guts Voting Rights Act, Rick Scott vetoed FL Dream Act

How many times do I have to be assaulted by that "Tynon" ad ?

If "we" wrote the laws today no poor or minority person would ever be acquitted. Ever.

Will Eric Holder's Justice Department pursue civil rights charges against Zimmo?

The sickness of the NRA and others pushing for "Stand Your Ground" type laws.



So, how do I teach my child to react if being followed by a stranger at night?

Tiny Living

This says a lot ..She killed a ceiling in Fl. Any questions?

Zimmerman did an evil thing and showed no remorse. Zimmerman is evil!

Note: "Rallies" -- NOT "Riots"

No arrests in Oakland vandalism (post-Zimmerman protests)

Secrets Exposed: How the NSA Rubber-Stamps Warrentless Spying

In Statement on Zimmerman Verdict, Obama Calls Trayvon Martin's Death a Tragedy

The acquittal decision is going to hurt republicans.

Recently discovered Todd Snider.

Well HE sure did.

Tweets from Trayvon's Father

Interesting sights in Marlin's Park in Miami.

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

A quick reminder in this heated time of The Cause.

Does the president " have" to comment on the verdict

Know Anyone Who Thinks Racial Profiling Is Exaggerated? Watch This, And Tell Me When Your Jaw Drops.

Zimmerman is the symbol of gun rights from the right.

In pictures: Book Illustration Competition entrants take on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

(Roddy) White apologizes after suggesting Zimmerman jurors commit suicide

Now that the trial is over, is there ANY time where GZ has faced actual consequences for his actions

Sunday's New York Post front cover about the verdict...

Here's what we're facing. The Brits have Teabaggers too.

, and the last thing he did on this earth was to try and get home."

IRAQ: Wave Of Evening Bombings Kills At Least 28

WSJ: New Battle Over the Bay of Pigs Invasion

MSNBC Poll...Do you agree with the Zimmerman verdict?

Do I have to explain how messed up this is?

Islamic Militants Leave Pakistan To Fight In Syria

From NY To California, Protesters Hold Rallies To Protest Zimmerman's Acquittal In Martin Case

Rush Limbaugh Claims Exercise is A Left Wing Conspiracy

Attorney General Greg Abbott launches campaign for governor

Senate GOP Vows Payback For Nuclear Option, Ignores Own Role In Filibuster Fight...

Obama Statement on Zimmerman Verdict

Congressman Blames Obama For Zimmerman Having To Stand Trial For Killing Trayvon Martin

President Obama Releases Statement Regarding Trayvon Martin

The Value of Life.

"A jury has spoken."

The problem is the gun.

The Why--Hillary in 2016


Who IS George Zimmerman

36 Hours in Edinburgh

Study: States like FL with loose gun laws have higher rates of gun violence.

Dive INTO BLUE ~ L'arc en Ciel

Swedish professor nominates Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize...

This is one of the most powerful essays I've ever read: "Some Thoughts On Mercy" by Ross Gay

Firm asks NYers to swap Adirondack land for mine


Looking forward for this clarification on which Clinton...

Tucker Carlson: Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton are ‘hustlers and pimps’

Vietnamese Religion Cao Dai Embraces World's Great Faiths

Amy Holmes an African American Conservative female is disgusted at the acquittal of Zimmerman

July 14, 1943 The George Washington Carver National Monument is founded in Diamond, MO

OK, that's it. No more.


Michigan playground pirate ship is home to some less-than-kid-friendly activities

Community Watch: get out of jail, free card

Dan Abrams: The DOJ has no Civil Rights Case on Zinmmerman they will LOOSE!! and they know it

the Hunger Strikers in CA prisons need our help

Rockford, Illinois Vigil For the Martin Family and Community Peace

A Tale of Two Sets of Moralities: One Valid, The Other a Pretentious Ruse.

Riddle: why did so many right wingers want rioting after the verdict?

New to Netflix. General question

It's 11 p.m. in Florida. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Niji (Rainbow) Aqua Timez

SYG Law... Stand Your Ground? Or Shoot Your Gun?

Tweet from Gabrielle Union...What is the proper procedure?

Wayward snake cuts power to 10,000 in Northern Virginia

I have had little to no faith in the Justice system

Rise Up:Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight

Rise Up:Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight

South Korea's Nuclear Energy Corruption Scandal Widens in Scope

Is it legal to buy a 10 year old his own gun?

Feel Your Breeze

BREAKING per Huffington......Justice Department To Review Zimmerman Case

Murder is now legal in the state of Florida

what is going on with Manning? I do not have cable

USA vs NSA Animation: Which Side are You on?

These people are everyday Americans like you and me. So why haven’t you and I done what they did?

Down the Rabbithole, Through the Looking Glass -- to the Grand Duchy of Derp

Stormy Monday, 7/15/13

MInneapolis takes to the street after the Zimmerman Verdict

Majik is hyperthyroid

CBS host confronts Republican rep.: House farm bill is ‘welfare for the wealthy’

Hey freepwads, you vile racist toads: Wrong again

Greg Abbott makes it official: He’s running for governor of Texas

Trayvon Martin is responsible for his own death because he began an illegal physical confrontation

Anyone hear about the Jordan Davis case in (here we go again) Florida it's Trayvon over again

Funeral At An HMO

So who gets the first George Zimmerman interview?

Remembering international movie star and singer Michiko Tanaka

N.S.A. Leaks Stir Plans in Russia to Control Net

Soldier's defense rests in WikiLeaks trial (10 July)

3 Images ... What Do They Have In Common?

Lists of Vigils/Rally for Justice for Trayvon all over the country

I am new to photography

I feel the jury got it wrong, but it's perfectly possible to feel they got it right

cuteness break: Micro pig getting a belly rub

Senior GOP Leader Says U.S. Must Step Up Efforts To Get Snowden

Tampa Bay Times: "Stand your ground" defense more likely to prevail if victim is black

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas heading to New Hampshire

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas heading to New Hampshire

71 ALEC Bills in 2013 Make It Harder to Hold Corporations Accountable for Causing Injury or Death

A Chinese Ming Vase is up for auction

Any SLO residents?

Momoko Kochi

Jury question.

Justice in America

Where are the DUzy's?

Just FYI, the kid victims of GunFAIL this week were ages 2, 4, 6, 11, 16 and 16.

Fabulous Obamacare ad - go Zoe!!

The Zimmerman verdict moved something in me.

it's been a long a long time comin but i know a change is gonna come oh yes it will

Dark Days Ahead

Report: Saudi missile sites target Iran, Israel

New Pew poll on support for immigration reform shows big ideological differences.

Trenton teen lay dead amid Hamilton birthday party chaos, officials said

My local grocery store was closing out

For an unknown reason, when I'm on DU or other discussion sites, entries I read no longer

Jersey City murder victim was 'persistent offender,' authorities said

Question about why Gov. Scott cancelled grand jury...

Authorities release name of 19-year-old shot dead outside New Brunswick home

Glee Star Cory Monteith found dead in his hotel room

Either George Zimmerman wasn't a fan of the movie Friday, or he never saw it.

Mirt you did a great job last night and today!

Facebook kinda rocks it sometimes

Durbin: Senate won’t touch split farm bill

Just saw a friend and damn good guitar player at Strange Brew-Matt Smith

A **PATRIOT** ???????? What.The.Fuck???????

Are there any federal laws that are different from Florida laws?

Prediction: Fox News will hire Zimmerman's entire defense team

Thousands Of City Triathlon Competitors Brave Sweltering Heat

Here are some real heros, walking the walk.

Man Who Egged Polish President Faces 3 Years for Hooliganism

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 July 2013

GOP Farm Bill Victory Could Prove Fruitless


I think about Anthony Graves and the other men who have been to Death Row

Russian Officials Say They Didn’t Receive an Asylum Request From Snowden

Palestinian-American NFL Player Faces Smear Campaign

Funeral for Brooklyn soldier killed in Afghanistan

Republicans spur progressive movement in Texas by middle class and poor

If you are ever attacked by a bear in Cranston...

You know you could make a killing with this business

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Zimmerman to get his gun back

My show tonight at 7pm Eastern time, Zimmerman verdict, VA Gov resignation, Special Guest...

xpost - My show tonight at 7pm Eastern time, Zimmerman verdict, VA Gov resignation, Special Guest...

Woman Allegedly Attacks 73-year-old Musician on Stage After Song to Trayvon Martin (Arrest Made)

Evaluate the prosecution in Zimmerman trial--

"What can men do against such reckless hate?"

Michael Vick killed a dog he went to jail

Concealed Carry is the root cause, followed by the Drug War.

Egypt seizes assets of Muslim Brotherhood

A disturbing thing about GZ is his age and ethnicity

Another Ohio Republican stands up for the Freedom to Marry.

Jury would have Convicted with Less Evidence if Trayvon was White

Where was Zimmy's bro during the trial?

Cross posted from the Economic Activism Group: A must see! These folks walk the walk.

My favorite Olivia Newton John song. Sordid Lives.

So when does Zimmerman start making money off of this?

Charles P. Pierce: What George Zimmerman Can Do Now

"Dear George Zimmerman"

Netanyahu: New Iranian President A ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’

Study Confirms Link Btw. Birth Defects, High Nitrate Levels In S. Joaquin Valley Groundwater

At Minimum, 20% Of Children In Kolkata Have Some Degree Of Lead Poisoning

Manganese, Nickel, Lead, Cadmium, More: Alarmingly High Levels Of Carcinogens In Delhi Air

Amazing dog

New Scientific Study Suggests No Seawater Anywhere Will Support Coral Growth By 2100

Is it possible to be a progressive DUer and a gun owner?

A Perspective From A Left Winger In Amsterdam

Kids Who Die (Written by a master)

July 15th Moral Monday info:

A Trayvon tweet that says it all

Anyone have an easy recipe for soft pretzels?

Vancouver Cranking Up Extreme Weather Prep Efforts After Record Calgary Flooding

Hey white people...its on us!

Do we need the Dept. of Homeland Security?

Let’s Put A True Blue Democrat in Congress

Tory Govt. Defends Performance, But 2 Water Experts Blast Alberta's Failure To Learn From 2005

OpEd: Tea party, redistricting doom immigration change in House

Remember The Knock-Knock Joke

"Fruitvale Station" and The Weinstein Company's Push for Social Justice

Israel Increases Pressure on U.S. to Act on Iran

Nature Geosciences - Not Enough Satellite Data For Solid Long-Term Sea Rise Outlook From Greenland

Another great Moral Mondays video - I think from 7/8

Israel Increases Pressure on U.S. to Act on Iran

I'm looking for advise from an attorney if that's possible. Someone did something horrible to me

Help me come up with the 10 guidelines to "Chopped" - I only have six.

State Comptroller to probe Ethiopian 'birth control shots'

John Fugelsang just posted a DU post on FB. Expect trolls.

What do they call a quarter pounder with cheese on Alderaan?

SAD Freaking Article From The Guardian About Kids, The Outdoors And Today's Fear Of Everything

Who Are We?

Anybody here have experience going to small claims court?

Next Steps in Honoring Trayvon Martin: It's Time for Systemic Reform (ACLU)

Trayvon’s Pastor: Zimmerman Verdict Is ‘Our Medgar Evers Moment’