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Archives: July 18, 2013

David Brooks Wonders Why Men Can't Find Jobs: Comedy Ensues

The "Michael Hastings' car was hacked" story is bullshit.

Why won't Grand Inquisitor Issa release transcripts of closed door hearings of IRS employees?

SYG favors the shooter regardless of race.

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces

Clinton Calls on Bush to Boycott Olympic Opening Ceremony

House Votes - again - To Delay Obamacare Individual Mandate

A few shots with the new lens...

This will be my last Chris Christ joke post on DU

I can breathe a sigh of relief. Been a rough few days so have a round on me

this will be my vast post on DU.

Congressman Nadler HEATED DEBATE You're Not Answering My Questions. FISA Hearing

this was my last drunk post on DU

Air Force drone crash closes remote Fla. highway


This will be my fast post on DU

Schools Across The Country Are Considering Education Bills Crafted By Corporate Frontgroup

So I just found a random cell phone while I was walking my dog.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 July 2013

Speigle Online - Jimmy Carter: America no longer has a functioning Democracy

March on Washington D.C. Tomorrow to demand Economic Rights & Civil Rights-Labor Fightback Network

Why does my AC always die when it gets really humid and hot

Warren: Profits from student loans are ‘obscene’

On Obamacare, Republicans test the definition of insanity

Marine Who Urinated on Taliban Dead Says He'd Do It Again

Ultra-Orthodox man stabbed six times near Damascus Gate

This will be my VAST post on DU.

Rolling Stone’s picture of Dzokhar Tsarnaev sparks criticism from Boston Mayor Menino

JPMorgan in Talks to Settle Energy Manipulation Case for $500 Million

The variety of colors in these insects amaze me.

Zimmerman Prosecutors To Face Whistleblower Lawsuit From Fired Florida State Attorney Employee

Tom Toles Rant: The carbon footprints lead to you

I notice that the "DOC" (Documentary) Channel is going away

Surveillance Blowback: The Making of the U.S. Surveillance State, 1898-2020


Priceless! "Do you think a program of this magnitude could be indefinitely kept secret?"

Total Collapse! Buildup to WWIII

Felony theft. For stealing 6 garbage can lids. Really?

Has anybody seen my cellphone?

Who knows where to find explanations for police Dispatch codes?

"Klobuchar to Iowa, 2016 Speculation Follows"

Imagine if Jonathan Capehart wrote a column with these words

When you feel that brush up against you......

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!! Come to Jesus

How many times has bunnies looked at that cell phone video?

Had it not been for Snowden they would not have the essential evidence they need to prove their case

This will be my avast post on DU...

Digital Tools to Help Curb Online Eavesdropping

Colorado Town Mulls Letting Residents Shoot Down Drones

Good news: Homeowners insurance covers a "sharknado"

I just found out an old female friend of mine has breast cancer.

Anyone know about DirecTV?

McConnell lies to his caucus, Corker calls bullshit

Conversation w/Dad on Sunday~

Oyxana - haunting must see documentary on drug abuse in America

"The 1 Move That Could Suddenly Pull 300,000 Workers Out Of Poverty"

This will be my past post on DU

Google testing encryption methods to foil government snooping

Coca Cola workers: locked out and fighting back (Canada)

Rachel Maddow reaming Bob McDonnell again, this time

Rolexgate now Housegate!!! Countdown to Bye Bye Governor Ultrasound - resign or face indictment

Agent who tracked Iowa governor's speeding SUV fired

Rolling Stone’s Boston Bomber Cover Is Brilliant

Is it time we got together and PAID people NOT to work at McDonalds and Wal-Mart?

Can't we send "Poopy Pants" Nugent a few cases of Depends?

Just had a push poll call me about some local development issues

Purported Taliban letter: The 'sword' of Malala's criticism led to her shooting

Have you or a loved one ever had food poisoning?...

Funniest song I've heard in a LONG time!

"New Oxfam Poll: Most Americans Believe We Should Help Working Poor"

NY State: Cheaper health insurance expected...

Syfy Announces 'Sharknado' Sequel

Filed under-It won't be long now: ''Quadruple Backflip (No.16)''

This will be my Nast post on DU:

President Carter: "America has no functioning democracy"--"The invasion of privacy has gone too far"

Aaron Osmond, Utah State Senator, Calls For End To Mandatory Education

This will be my iconoclast post on DU

Zimmerman Juror B-37 Totally Blows Her Credibility

Jimmy Carter issues statement on Snowden. "America no longer has a functioning democracy"

It isn't nice

Statement on Building the New Economy

Tom Paine's bones

"They did it right. You have to stand up.

Green fields of France

Flag waving isn't patriotism, sacrifice is...

This will be my 9,036th Post on DU

This will be my last pasta on DU

Fourth Grader Arrested For Bringing Unloaded Handgun To S.I. School

Kerry wins Arab backing on Mideast peace effort

Federal funds unclear for Lac-Mégantic

Men tend to put off health care when it costs more, U study says

Anger erupts over Harper’s ‘enemy’ list as dismissed cabinet minister Peter Kent draws Watergate com

Tonight's birthday dinner-I'm stuffed

Cuccinelli creates new website in support of his efforts to make oral sex illegal

Omaha World Herald: Kearney Arch files for bankruptcy protection

6 decisions that could have saved Trayvon Martin's life.

Gone, Sold and Gone

Omaha World Herald: Treks from 'dry' reservation to Whiteclay could end

Jim Crow Blues

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 19, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: François Truffaut

Death by Slow Strangulation

The Sleeping Tune...

This will be my hash post on DU!

Businessman Enters NYC Mayor’s Race as Independent

Carter: Unchecked Contributions 'Legal Bribery'

Pollinator II: Return of the...

The inadequacy of a "good heart"

La complainte du partisan

Liz Cheney leads off with the dementia card, a chip off the old block.

Research in Motion/Blackberry Device Exploitation Guidelines for Law Enforcement

Police harassing the homeless in Fresno once again. WWJD ? or WTF ?

Just Give Me Some Kind of Sign Girl - Brenton Wood (post your current fav song here)

Other than Amazon, what is your favourite online shopping site?

Everything one needs to know about why food-stamp use is so "high"

New strawberry species discovered in Cascades, hidden in a plant bank in Corvallis

U.S. Senators Said to Reach Deal to Temporarily Hold Down Student Loan Rates.

I read in the 24 hours news this morning that the Westboro degenerates

Anyone else have a problem with closed captions on TCM?

First down period since being up...

Quantum Dawn 2 will test Wall Street's cyber readiness

Lewis Black has a finger he wants to show Texas. Guess which one.

Bradlee Dean: "Aiming at our (what?)"

"Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits"

The GOP continue the war on...each other!

Tweet, Tweet. Catholic Church promises time off purgatory to Twitter followers

Debate About Racism & George Zimmerman

Carter: Unchecked contributions 'legal bribery'

"The Drone That Killed My Grandson" - Nasser al-Awlaki Op/Ed in NYT

Marissa Alexander & The Stand Your Ground Law

These days, I tend to view EVERYTHING through a spectrum...

A few flower shots...

Democrats push to raise South Dakota's minimum wage

Dumb Criminals: Another Butt Dialing Burglar Joins The Growing List

Rachel Maddow - PA GOP leader admits Voter ID is for Democratic vote suppression

Tea Party: Impregnated Rape Victims Who Abort Should Be Jailed As Long As Their Rapist (VIDEO)

WELLS FARGO DON'T EVICT OUR FAMILY (please sign the petition)

Siberian Cult Believes Their Chosen Leader Is Jesus

NCAA to pull deal with EA Sports

The Time the U.S. Gave Asylum to a Guy Who Leaked Classified Documents

Moving into this house beginning September,

*Lewis and Clark, Part 2, PBS,

What did he resign from?

Obama cares~

Ancient Mars River May Have Flowed into Huge Ocean

What did Jimmy Carter mean by this

House Republicans reject proposal to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell scandal metastasizes to real estate deal with appointee

Senators reach (totally sucky) deal on student loan interest rates

People gather with Ceballos Family to stop eviction in Minneapolis. Native drumming & brother Ali

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday July 18th

Rachel Maddow - Drones fall in Florida, raise hackles in Colorado

Snowden broke some laws, that's a given

Skinner - Start new group Cancer Support Alternative Methods

In Confirmation hearing, Samantha Power disavows just about everything she ever said

Interview with alternate Zimmerman juror E54...

New surgical knife can instantly detect cancer

As Houston Churns: Michael Brown may see jail for contempt charge, demands $45K monthly allowance

On HLN: Rachel Jeantel meets radio host Tom Joyner and accepts his scholarship offer

MSNBC's Al Sharpton Interviews Rachel Jeantel 'Star Witness'

Small Utah ISP firm stands up to ‘surveillance state’ as corporations cower

July Photo Contest Thread 1

July Photo Contest Thread 2

Lee Harvey Oswald’s wedding band heading to auction block

July Photo Contest Thread 3

July Photo Contest Thread 4

The REAL Star Wars, baby!

Phoenix has not had any measurable rain in 99 days...

July Photo Contest has been posted in GD

U.S. Air Force engineer sentenced to 15 months after reporting sexual assault

I just watched some of the raw, black and white films of the riots of Selma

Workin' on our night moves in the summertime

Terminator to the rescue? Watch the most advanced humanoid robot in action

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Admits It Was 'Wrong' To Block Richard Cordray Vote

This will be my hash oil post on DU!

Oakland Cafe Has Amazing Response To Broken Window After Zimmerman Protests - image

Trial Ends in Milwaukee Killing of Unarmed Black Teen Darius Simmons

No water in North Korea's firehouses

Marco Rubio Slammed By Black Lawmakers Over Stalled Judicial Nominees

Venezuela Installs Powerful Antiaircraft Weapons Systems

No More Hurting People~

Guardian Journalist to Write Book on Surveillance

For those interested in Quantum Computing...

Pablo Longueira quits Chile campaign, strengthening Bachelet's chances

Ancient monument adds spicy twist to Maya 'Game of Thrones' saga

This is my pot post

HAH!!! Satanic Temple Performs Same-Sex Ceremony At Westboro Baptist Church Leaders Family Gravesite

Glitch adds $92 quadrillion to man's PayPal account

Anyone know the comedian Mantan Moreland?

Revealed: The great outsourcing scandal as firms 'cut corners' to cream profits off public

Why my peaceful little town is saying no to giant McDonald's

Waiting for the announcement of the book deal "Si yo lo hice"

Peru Hosts Multilateral Meeting Of Military Justice

Are there any reasons *not* to have a legal "cooling-off" period before handgun purchase?

Rolling Stone cover: irresponsibility or mind opening?

Former Goldman director Gupta fined, banned in SEC case...

Disabled Artists Use Technology to Tap Into Creative Power

Graham: US should consider Olympic boycott over possible Snowden asylum...

Kennedys Who Freed Entanged Sea Turtle Actually Violated Federal Law

Man Who Fired Shotgun In Air: ‘I Did What Joe Biden Told Me To Do’

Re: MH/Tamayo: Cuban hotel guests complain of prostitution

Any suggestion on something to give a baked ziti something extra?

Harper must address decades-old nutritional tests on aboriginals

Judge Expected to Decide on Charge of Aiding Enemy

Hungry peckers die eating dough on side of road

Lower tolerance for speeding drivers creates $9m windfall for Queensland Government

Video shows white Milwaukee man shooting black teen as mother watches

Cocaine cat caught up in drug raid (high on coke)

Edward Snowden could leave Moscow airport in a week

Naming of Muslim student to University of Calif. board stirs controversy

Tea Party in Georgia opposes Koch agenda

Family drove dead woman around Arizona in van with 35 animals

Approving the Keystone Pipeline Could Cost US Consumers $3 to $4 Billion Per Year in Higher Gas Pric

puppy vs. leaves

Journalist Who Broke Edward Snowden Story Gets Book Deal

How an Ayn Rand-Loving Libertarian Destroyed The Company He Runs With His Cultish Objectivist Theori

All of your suspicions are true..


Once again a mistake by some scientists leads to something awesome

HRW urges Turkey to end ‘incorrect, unlawful’ teargas use, cites victims (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Another Stand YOur Ground in Florida

Fukushima nuclear plant: Steam seen at reactor building

Israel open to 1967 border formula for Palestine talks

my areas facebook page is loaded with right wing ads

Somalia:Ethiopian troops hand over their military bases to AU peacekeeping forces

Librarian Bans Book To Show Censorship’s Harm

LeBron James, Heat repeat at ESPYS

Elizabeth Warren Smiles Big After Senate Confirms Richard Cordray To Her Consumer Board

KFC fires the colonel and bans bones in new upscale restaurant

Has the G.O.P. Gone Off the Deep End? - Oh we hope so!

For Safe and Effective Drug Policy, Look to the Dutch

Jack Hoffman wins ESPY for best moment

Sneak peak at Bond villain in the next 007 movie

Israel agrees to peace talks based on '67 lines

How the FBI Uses Rapists and Child Molesters to Entrap Gullible People in Terror Stings

Last Week in Poverty: Confronting Congressional Hunger Games

Amy Goodman: Let the Light of Mandela Shine on U.S. Injustice

Portland, Maine To Vote on Marijuana Legalization

Russian protest leader Alexei Navalny jailed five years

Kind of an interesting story: "Panama charges North Korea weapons ship's crew"

India security forces kill six Kashmir protesters

Aaron Osmond, Utah State Senator, Calls For End To Mandatory Education

Teehee! The Joy of Watching a Cheney Bite Republicans in Their Behind

Dubai police add Lamborghini to fleet

Car bomb explodes outside mosque in Bahrain

Today's Non Sequitur says it all.

On the viability of Stand Your Ground laws pertaining to RKBA and our image.

In the trial of Trayvon, the US is guilty

Exceptionally Mediocre on a Global Scale

Presidential 'Blank Check for War' Wielded Thirty Times, and Counting

102 girls admitted to hospital in Tamil Nadu after eating mid-day meals

New Public Sector Cuts: Austerity as Usual in Greek Parliament

Analysis: Republicans could see more bruising Senate primaries

Group names Scott Walker among the worst governors in America

Oakland PD chief, mayor say tactics will change at future protests (re: Trayvon protests)

Exclusive: Juror pushes for new laws following Zimmerman trial

Is Edward Snowden Protected By International Law? Good read

Kerry meets with Syrian refugees at camp in Jordan. “What are you waiting for?"

Corrupting morals? Old law dusted off for gore site owner who uploaded Magnotta video.

Injectable 'smart sponge' controls diabetes, presents new targeted drug delivery method

Military Took No Action against A Third of All Sexual Assault Suspects in 2010 Closed Cases

The Creepy, Long-Standing Practice of Undersea Cable Tapping

Raising Roof of New Nuclear Weapons Complex by 13 Feet Adds $540 Million in Cost and Heightened Risk

Quebec explosion leads to layoffs of 79 rail workers

Limbaugh finally says N word on air

5 People. 1 Guitar.

A morning visitor...

Thursday Toon roundup 1- GOP

Thursday Toon roundup 2- Color Blind Justice?

Thursday Toon roundup 3- The Rest


Quran Burning Planned For Mulberry-Controversial Gainesville pastor says he will torch 3,000

Worst Governors: 1) Nathan Deal, R-GA, 2) Paul LePage, R-ME

Quinnipiac Poll of Virginia: McAuliffe 43%-Cooch 39%; Same-Sex Marriage 50%-43%

Klobuchar to Iowa while Patrick nixes White house bid

Navalny, an outspoke Putin critic, sentenced to 5 years

Cuccinelli broke no laws in late filings, prosecutor says

TSA searches valet parked car

I want to announce my last post on DU.

McDonnell helped benefactor get meeting with Va. health secretary, e-mails show

India's Supreme Court orders curb on sales of acid in attempt to reduce attacks on women

US jobless claims drop 24K to 334,000 in latest week, beats forecasts

Hunger Makes People Work Harder, and Other Stupid Things We Used to Believe About Poverty

Liz Cheney's husband: "Treasonous Fucker"

Does Rolling Stone Boston Bomber Cover Glorify Terrorism?

Delgaudio censured, punished by colleagues on all-Republican board

3D-Printed Rocket Engine Part Passes Key NASA Test

What did Bruce Springsteen mean by this?

Apparent explosion at New York City hotel. Toolbox exploded

DNA test: Rep. Steve Cohen not the father

Last night we watched an episode of Deadly Women about that racist, neo-nazi, wife-beating

Finally, Bank Regulators Have Had Enough

Michele Bachmann: 'Spank' President, Take 'Magic Wand'

Is Economics a Science or a Religion?

I know Norm MacDonald is not everyone's cup of tea

Jobless claims show sharp improvement, reach three-month low

South Carolina Psychiatric Patient Stuck 38 Days in ER

Glenn Greenwald To Write Book On NSA Surveillance, Out In 2014

Why crop rotation works. New research could help explain the dramatic effect on soil health and yie…

The Bad Idea T-Shirts woman is flashing her cleavage on my workplace computer

Jobless claims show sharp improvement, reach three-month low

Southern California Crustacean Sand-Dwellers Suffering Localized Extinctions

Judge in U.S. WikiLeaks trial to rule whether breach aided enemy

Peru to Provide Free Solar Power to its 2 Million Poorest Citizens

The best defense against catastrophic storms: Mother Nature, say Stanford researchers

Henry Spooner CONVICTED!!! of killing 13 year old

Musicians LIVE for moments like this.

Buy-America snag stalls Vegas high-speed rail plan

In a major way, it doesn't really matter whether Snowden released NEW

Mitch Daniels Sought To Censor Public Universities, Professors

Jim DeMint back at war with Republicans

Jahar's World (Rolling Stone article about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boston bomber)

Company Cleaning Lac-Megantic Crash Oil From Chaudiere River Won't Say How Much Spilled

Cuban baseball star defects during U.S. visit: report

Cuban baseball star defects during U.S. visit: report

Interior Ends Blueways (VoluntaryWatershed Program) Because GOP Freedumb Property Rights Arrghleblag

Urine Analyzing Toilets Warn Clubgoers Against Drunk Driving

Guantanamo genital searches to continue

Rubio says "Defund Obamacare or face a government shutdown

Kansas, Overland Park, Lesbian couple with children excluded from country club membership.

Former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told her tax records were breached

How a Libertarian Used Ayn Rand's Crazy Philosophy to Drive Sears Into the Ground

80% Of Rainforests In Malaysian Borneo Have Already Been Logged

Neighborhood Wash

Rachel Maddow Covers Corbett and PA. Voter ID Last Night (Video)

Great Video: Lawrence O'Donnell on Cuccinelli's attempt to again make oral sex into a felony in Va.

I don't think Juror B37 and her husband have given up plans to write a book.

Hagan lead double digits over GOP challengers this month

What a difference a year makes:

The Decline of North Carolina Continued (Round 2)

Gay marriage: Britain, France in surprise contrast

UN: Syria's war children will grow up illiterate

McCrory image plummets, voters want abortion bill vetoed - New PPP poll

Human Evolution Is Right on Schedule

Seder: Victory In Fight Against Fracking

Academic Research -- Sold To Highest Bidder

Homo floresiensis Distinct Human Species, Says New Research

News Media Has Become More about Selling a Headline than Actually Researching and Informing

Prominent Democrats Are Now Comfortable With Racial and Ethnic Profiling

Bipartisan Backlash Grows Against Domestic Surveillance

How stupid are these George Zimmerman supporters going to look when either...

Judge turns down bid to end Gitmo force-feeding

The 2013 Gold Cup thread.

Vanity Fair: Guessing the sentences in GREENWALD's new SNOWDEN book

A tale of two pictures

The New Rolling Stone Cover Offends the Senses!

Dubai arrests man for sharing assault video

Federal judge extends hold on Wisconsin's abortion law (thank dog for the Federal bench)

Monsanto gives up on new GM crops in EU

• Krugman: Greenspan is an idiot

Debate with Tea Bagger Sister in Law about a dishonest gun control email

Branstad speeding story deepens; agent fired speaks out

Republicans, White House in Talks Toward Big Fiscal Deal

Branstad speeding story deepens; agent fired speaks out

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Big Number

The Pope & Sex

Branstad one of nation's worst governors

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Colorado Town May Let Folks Shoot Down Drones, What Could Go Wrong?

US Threatens To Eliminate Trade With Venezuela If It Provides Snowden With Asylum

US Threatens To Eliminate Trade With Venezuela If It Provides Snowden With Asylum

It's quarter to ten in the morning, and it's already 88 degrees outside.

NASA-funded Researchers Classify New Type of Storm Fueled by 'Brown Ocean'

(UK) Bees under threat from 'Trojan hives'

If there's no god, how come Reddit just downgraded the atheism subforum?

Which Founding Father would you pick to hang out with for a week?

Is there going to be a Trayvon Martin vigil

Conn. mother seeks to close Pa. gun loophole

BLM Sells Land to Water Guzzlers During Drought

Vatican: Get time off in purgatory by following Pope on Twitter

Ted and Rush...

The NRA "A Press Conference We'd Pay To See"

Lawmakers ask Obama for religious diversity summit

Perhaps the finest story you will ever hear "on tape":


NRA accuses Holder of politicizing Trayvon Martin’s death

Upate on racists in Wichita who tried to disrupt Trayvon rally

Damn. I was eating when I read this story. Maggots in the ear.

We're getting Keystone and other pipelines that will carry Tar Sands Oil

TIME: After Trayvon

Trayvon v Zimmerman: Did the prosecution consider requesting a change of venue? If not, why not?

2013 Farm Bill: Heartless GOP Hypocrites Quote The Bible While Cutting Food Stamps

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 18, 1918

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 18, 1918

How many of you would do this without hesitation?

Big Coal, Kochs and Frackers Funding Repub Va. Atty General Candidate

Keystone XL could hike gas prices as much as 40 cents a gallon

Poll: Quinn Leads Weiner In NYC Mayoral Race

'Most Android phones are crap' - Slate

Lac-Megantic Oil Clean-Up Effort Could Take More Than a Year

Ridiculously disingenuous editorial on Obamacare in the New York Post.

Perry signing abortion bill into law

Grassroots Ecumenism of Friendship Keeps Orthodox-Catholic Hopes Alive

Rachel Maddow - Martin death sparks widespread outrage over Florida's Stand your ground

As a white guy, I'm perfectly fine with the fact I can't say N______. Even if black people can.

Now Issa’s on the hot seat

Dempsey says US considering use of force in Syria

Now THIS magazine cover I approve of 100%

Dow hits record high

If I Had to Chose Who is More Dangerous to US Security than Snowden...I'd say this Guy

An Unquenchable Thirst (Book re: Mother Teresa)

How many “Hops” does it take to include EVERYONE? Does the NSA only go "3 hops" as they now claim?

The Last Word - Why Virginia’s anti sodomy law is aimed at you

Review turns up FBI errors in 27 death penalty convictions

The Last Word - The Zimmerman jurors speak out

And in WBC news: The Satanic Temple Performs Same-Sex Ceremony At Phelps Family Gravesite

New evidence for warm-blooded dinosaurs

Not at all making himself the story, Greenwald to make next shocking NSA revelations, in a book -KOS

Oh Dobbs! Oh Lou! Oh you! . . . Please come CAPTION the Dobbs--meister!!

An Act to Confirm the Value of Human Life

Dream Defenders protest in Florida Governor's office

The History Of Ag Gag Bills In The US - Ted Genoways From Mother Jones Discusses

Here's to the fecal stew he calls a brain. . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Four movies you won't believe Hollywood is remaking...

My co-worker who is a temp said she is finally poor enough to get medicaid.

So how would you feel if...

Jennifer is a Party Pooper

If you thought the Zimmermann jury was bad, try these.

Ok it's early in "The Open"

Social media help needed!

The Repukes will hate this: Griffin to get plum job at NLRB

Can white people say n*****

Michele, my hell. . . Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann, diva of devolution!!!

Isn't The Point Of The Rolling Stone Cover That The Bomber Appeared To Be A Normal Kid?

I saw a man's life saved today

Robert Downey Jr. Tops Forbes’ List of Highest Paid Actors (Top Ten for 2013):

Turning the NLRA into "Groundhog Day," the Movie

Christian Group ‘Accidentally’ Sends Michele Bachmann A Vibrator

Senate Said to Reach Student-Loan Deal Ending Rate Jump

IRS IG (Bush Appointee) 'personally' blocked info on targeting of left-leaning groups

The Newsroom EP4 - Giffords shooting / Fix You

U.S. Jobless Claims Decline on Auto Factory Shutdowns

Cheney Bid Divides Wyoming Republicans Puzzled by Timing

New wetsuits may be effective at making surfers "invisible" to sharks

Philly Fed Manufacturing Index Surges To Highest Level Since March 2011

Bwah-HAH!1 Gawker mercilessly skewers BARNICLE

'Whitey' Bulger Witness Found Dead

Seahawks fans trying to buy ‘Go Hawks’ brick at new 49ers stadium

Bradley Manning must face aiding-enemy charge, military judge rules

Satanists Claim They've Turned Deceased Mom Of Westboro Founder Gay

Crude Reaches 15-Month High as Jobless Claims Decline

WTC Damages Ruling Nears in Silverstein Airlines Case

The Whitey Bulger Trial? The FBI Should be on trial too.

What is your favorite instrumental song?

Armed Intruder Who Shot Homeowner Argues ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

Jimmy Carter needs the credit he deserves

Insurance Premiums Seen Lower Than Forecast on Health Law

EPA Pushes Back Fracking Impact Study To 2016

Another Appreciation Thread. This one goes out to California Peggy. Check in here if you love her!

Ted Nugent Claims He Knows How To "Fix The Black Problem"

Conservative Christian group mailed vibrator to Michele Bachmann

Working against my principles

If Wyoming gets to be a state, so should Washington, DC

Women’s health advocates horrified as Perry signs ‘draconian’ abortion bill into law

Kurds seize town on Syria-Turkey border, Ankara concerned

Irish Potato Famine-Causing Pathogen Even More Virulent Now

Snowden has no crediblity, and deserves no thanks.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren embraces Richard Cordray...

I have been reading the praises of Edward Snowden

US Threatens To Eliminate Trade With Venezuela If It Provides Snowden With Asylum

Happy 95th Birthday Nelson Mandela! (Birthday card from President Obama)

Cuccinelli Creepiness

Mike Pap filling in for Big Ed complaining people are to focus on the Zimmerman case

Awesome Biden gif

Thom Hartmann: Rep. Donna Edwards on White Privilege

Kinky couple’s handcuffs dilemma: Hebden Bridge women turn to firefighters for help

Gov. Rick Perry signs anti-abortion bill into law

Intervention in Syria

"An Immigrant's Story" from Tom the Dancing Bug

Illinois State Senator Barack Obama Led Fight On Racial Profiling

Delgaudio attorney attempting to subpoena York

There’s life (and love) in these old dogs yet

Pope Francis to Offer Plenary Indulgences via Twitter

Car Crash that Killed Rolling Stone Reporter Michael Hastings Still Being Investigated

Toon: From the careful-what-you-wish-for dept.

Where Your Cuccinelli Is

Armpits4August is making women's body hair a feminist issue

New Poll Shows Quinn Leading Dems In Mayoral Race

Glenn Greenwald: Growing Backlash Against NSA Spying Shows Why U.S. Wants to Silence Edward Snowden

Thomas Perez Confirmed As Labor Secretary By Senate

Satanists hold ritual to turn homophobic church(Westboro) founder’s mother gay ‘in the afterlife’

Great Animation on how the ACA will affect you in 2014

The Senate confirms Tom Perez as Labor secretary on a 54-46 vote.

(Awww) Check out what they did for Einstein the fish..

Senate panel approves Comey to be next FBI director

What Jimmy Carter ALSO said: 'USA Reputation Diminished In 2000 When SCOTUS Decided Election'

Name something personal you keep in your office that is "out of place" but useful to you.

SECNAV Announces New Initiatives to Help Combat Sexual Assault

Wikileaks just leaked cover for new Glenn Greenwald book! UPDATED: with alternative cover

Stairs Next Step In Fighting Obesity, Mayor Says

Here's Florida’s Next Trayvon Martin Case

Check out the new Panda cub's web cam...

Thom Hartmann: Should there be an economic boycott of Florida?

Investigators Point to Transmitter Battery in 787 Fire

Student booted from university for using the words "perverse attraction to the same sex"

'Hire White Beauty People,' Hey?

Special Deal: The Shadowy Cartel of Doctors Who Control Medicare

Trayvon's Mother: Letting Zimmerman Go Is ‘A Terrible Message To Other Little Black & Brown boys

Statutory Loopholes Yield Fees for Attorneys

Korea trade deal cost 40K good US jobs already

Big Oil Sues Alaska for $50 Million

Dempsey says US considering use of force in Syria

A sweeter, greener alternative to plastic, made from sugar beet waste.

I realized that all of these upcoming "anniversaries" of bad memories are opportunities.

A Letter to Edward Snowden

Oh, #Florida! Sunshine state religion: Scientology, Santeria, and sin.

Are college loans H1Bs for Americans?

Steam rising from Japan's destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant

Snowden and Greenwald hate? Whatever it is I am against it!

In Snowden's Russia Opposition Leader and Putin Foe Convicted

Australia to scrap carbon tax for emissions trading

Mandela Birthday Art

OK, everybody, wave at Saturn!

Earth has its 5th (maybe 2nd) Warmest June on Record

4-Year-Old Finds Marijuana Pipe in Burger King Kid's Meal

New Survey: 1-in-5 Americans are “Religious Progressives”

U.N. committee to probe North Korean arms ship seized by Panama

Here's a good way to keep tabs on ALEC

What is the worst thing about this picture of Colin Kaepernic?

Attention Shakespeare fans: I'm having dinner and drinks with The Bard tonight.

Snake jumps out of toilet, bites man’s penis

John Oliver on Florida's Stand Your Ground law

Ex-CIA Milan chief held in Panama over cleric abduction

Man who fired off shotgun: Biden told me to do it

Watchdog ‘Disturbed’ IRS Withheld New Documents Showing Progressive Groups May Have Been Targeted

Watch 2 Racists Attempt to Start a Riot at a Peaceful Trayvon Martin Protest

RAVITCH: Top Lawyer for Dems in Senate from Public Ed Destroying Gates Foundation

Glenn Greenwald Responds to Carl Bernstein over Edward Snowden

White House says it is 'deeply disappointed' by the sentencing of Russian anti-corruption campaigner

ATF nominee on sidelines of filibuster deal

Boehner signals House can agree to Senate student loan deal

I advocate profiling as a way to catch the most serious criminals

House GOP, Dem. lawmakers angry about NSA domestic spying

Detroit prepares to file for bankruptcy as soon as Friday

Family Finds Marijuana, Pipe In Burger King Kids Meal

Planned Parenthood To Close Three Texas Clinics

OK, so I was just waiting at the bus stop and . . .

Grayson, the Guardian, and the Soldiers: Defense Amendment Would End Troop Censorship

Hey Rick Perry---Lewis Black and his fellow New Yorkers say "Go Fuck yourself"

All the Uber-Snob's who say they don't read Rolling Stone Magazine....

Does anyone on DU believe that Black people get equal justice in our country?...

Cuban police crack down on prostitution after child sex tourism investigation

Perry signs sweeping abortion bill. Coming up the very conservative 5th Circuit

Refusing service in the name of religion is never acceptable

Obama Praises Perez Confirmation, Thanks Senate For Advancing Presidential Nominees

Another question about Ignore:

Austrian Man Keeps Collection Of 56 Skulls In His House - Dug From Actual Graves

New Monument Found at El Peru-Waka in Guatemala, Tells Story of Mayan Cleopatra

Researchers See What Memory Looks Like in Brain (w/pic)

NYPD Launches Investigation Into Which Cops Are Using Star Wars Imperial March As Entrance Music

I fall for it every time

Woman Allegedly Has Sex With Cat Before Threatening Neighbor With Knife

How much profanity is allowed?

Detroit bankruptcy filing may come as soon as Friday

When does asking a Help question cross the line into whining about DU?

x-post from GD - I saw a man's life saved today

Amnesty International: Bradley Manning: US ‘aiding the enemy’ charge a travesty of justice

Moscow Trip for Obama May Be Off as Snowden Tensions Build

All presidents do bad things

UPDATE: On the apartment woes.

Ex-CIA man, convicted of kidnapping in Italy, held in Panama: sources

How the Gun Lobby Might Blow the Colorado Senate Recall

U.S. sees lower-than-expected Obamacare insurance costs

Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide'

Italy: ex-CIA Milan chief detained in Panama

Dumb question RE: Congress and the NSA

After finishing with abortion bans will the next ban be divorce

Can somebody identify these small white flowers?

Lobbyists Rally to Ensure Brokers Can Scam Your 401k

Anonymous Claims It Hacked Members Of Congress, Shows How Bad They Are At Making Passwords

Who In Their Right Mind Would Throw Away An Empty Box Of Staples??!!!!!

Part-Time Workers Say Schedules Are Getting More Erratic

Solar to Reduce Utility Profits in Five Years, Fitch Says

JFK Airport Just Hit 100 degrees

Charlie Sheen & Friends Fly To Scotland In Search Of The Loch Ness Monster

John Aravosis: Does Ken Cuccinelli go down on his wife?

NY AG Schneiderman: Some Nonprofits Holding Superstorm Sandy Donations

Republicans in Disarray

The NSA can Spy on Everyone

Soldier’s Fist Bump with Obama: Trying to Go Viral

Trayvon Martin Family Attorney: ‘The Biggest Mistake Was To Ignore Race’

Sequestered George Zimmerman trial jurors spent down time at mall, bowling and getting mani-pedis

Animotion - Obsession - 1984

Queen’s 5% pay increase ‘I really do not welcome this with a good heart’

Senate votes 69-31 to end filibuster blocking a vote on EPA nominee Gina McCarthy

The Bank of Happiness in Estonia (this is precisely what Wishadoo should be used for!!!)

Peru’s poorest will soon have solar power

Xcel to up wind portfolio by a third (600 MW)

WWII Photo Reconnaissance Pilot Reacts to Footage of Himself from 1944

Are foreign assets being relocated by CIA and NSA?

Sexual battery charge dropped for military officer

Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative

Oil and gas spills top 16,000 in 2012; less than 10% of cases result in fines

Iowa governor calls agent's firing 'fair and just'


Colo. gun-rights group denies rally is insensitive

Kitten Revived By Firefighter Who Captured the Entire Rescue On His Helmet Cam

Wind At Parity With New Coal In India, Solar To Join By 2018: HSBC

A thousand moments ....

House proposes massive cuts to US aid, diplomacy

Snake jumps out of toilet, bites man’s penis

One of these days are we going to heard a phrase like...somebody got Zimmermaned today..

The Bank of Happiness in Estonia (this is precisely what Wishadoo should be used for!!!)

QUESTION: Is Stand your ground rules in EVERY jury instruction now during a self defense case?

Under the Dome (no spoilers)

Meet Tor, The Military-Made Privacy Network That Counts Edward Snowden As A Fan

"Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker" Treated After Suicide Attempt: Officials

Astronomical distances, light speed, and uncertainty

Vendettas, not war? Unpicking why our ancestors killed

GreenTec goes ballistic in reaction to pro-nuclear criticism of competition ruling

WATCH: MSNBC Anchor Asks 'Has Ken Cuccinelli Ever Had Oral Sex?' Gay or Straight must see video!

Big Private Prison Industry hates the idea. But $15 Billion a year would

Charles Barkley agrees with the George Zimmerman verdict

Putin inspects biggest post-Soviet war games

The Changing Face of Heroin Use; Is It Really Changing

And people wonder why Rush Limbaugh is on his FOURTH wife?

NY judge blocks Sept. 11 claims against airlines

The US Media, Latin America and Snowden's Asylum

Colo. judge won't block recalls over gun votes

House Republicans reject proposal to ban firearm sales to suspected terrorists

We haven't had a breastfeeding thread lately.

Ted Nugent: Worst Person In The World!

Trade chief says Pacific trade pact deal not easy

Stanford scientists break record for thinnest light-absorber

100 cities this weekend to press for federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

Report: Gunman Outside White House Says He Was Only Going To Fire A Couple Shots

Your Favorite DU Feature

When US Slams Russia, Press Conference BACKFIRES Big Time!

Murdoch: I used 'wrong' words in secret recording

Justice Alito's finances explain his recusals

Lotus and glowing flower

Which voice is closer to fingernails on a chalkboard

This will be my last post on DU

Why Were Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Held to Two Different Standards of Justice?

Harry Reid Can Kick Your Ass!

Did you have any incidents learning to drive?

Steam Detected at Damaged Fukushima Reactor

PNAS: Evolutionary changes could aid fisheries

Leahy Steers FBI Director Nomination Through Judiciary Committee

E-Verify mandate: A 'pain in the neck' for Main Street

Georgia Governor tries to scapegoat environmentalists as nuke plant costs rise

The Creeper on the Train

HeadsUp - Trayvon Martin's parents will be on with Rev Al for the full hour

Senate panel advances gay nominee for appeals court

Oh my! U.S. sees lower-than-expected Obamacare insurance costs-(Reuters)

Widely used pesticides are toxic to honeybees

Moscow Trip for Obama May Be Off as Snowden Tensions Build

Grand Theft Auto Issa refers to Elijah Cummings as little boy with his finger caught

Unveiled! Portrait of American Truth Teller Edward Snowden

Adding a temperature controller to your slow cooker

Joe Biden: The Most Misunderstood Man In Washington

I know others have asked for 'unrec' to come back...

Would Cloud Atlas have been a better movie if they had followed

Devout Catholic couples have the best sex, say Catholics, as studies show 'Catholic guilt' is a myth


Detroit files for Bankruptcy

Senate confirms Gina McCarthy as new EPA head

BREAKING: House Republicans Drop DOMA Defense

Rahm Emanuel humping a chair at a Chicago event.

European Fish Stocks Poised for Recovery


Breaking - Detroit files for Bankruptcy

Suddenly... puppies.

Dow, S&P 500 at record highs, up 19% in 2013

Guns are all about the feelings.

2013 Customer Service Hall of Fame

Appeals Court Says Obama Administration Can Indefinitely Detain Americans

Everything is made of fields

Do we need one of these

Stand Your Ground in Florida also apparently makes it legal to shoot and kill thieves

The Simpsons did "The Hangover" back in 1999

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled GD discussion to bring you this important announcement:

Detroit just filed for Ch. 9 municipal bankruptcy.

Is it signficant that no broadcast network drama was nominated for an Emmy for the 2nd year...

Protest Erupts After LICH Staff Claims Hospital Closure Is Imminent

What's the best movie you've seen recently?

Trayvon Martin didn't die in a vacuum

Thailand riveted by jet-setting monk scandal:

Man Faces $102K Tab After Drinking Gallons Of Pre Prohibition Era Booze

Americans continue to use more renewable energy sources

Niagara Falls stupendous HD video from remote-control helicopter

European Parliament Wants Snowden, NSA Chief to Testify on Spying

Some encouraging news...

New Poll: Latino voters strongly reject anti-immigrant posturing from House Republicans

Favorite California city named for a large dog?

Does anyone remember the good old days?

OK, folks. It's been more than a decade. Do we really give

Justice Department asks for hold on George Zimmerman evidence

President Peter King? New York Republican Considering Run for White House

AP Exclusive: Daniels looked to censor opponents

Val Nicholas - NBC Vice President is on Tweety

Would you buy a used couch?

Need help from history buffs.

DOJ placing hold on all Bank of America, Chase and other major banking criminals.

This is s-s-s-cary

Thom Hartmann: Media Ignoring a Shocking Fact about Trayvon & Zimmerman

Top NYPD Spokesman Leaves Post, Fuels Speculation Over Kelly's Future

Woman jailed for reporting rape

Snake Bites Israeli Man's Penis

Papantonio: The Ugly, Disgusting Story About The Kochs

Heathrow fire on Boeing Dreamliner 'started in battery component'

Beachcombing: Southern California's geologic history, as told by the sand on our beaches

We Have A Lot to Do~ Warning picture heavy...

Can someone please explain Ann Coulter's latest comment?

Gunman Found Near White House "Only Going To Fire A Couple Of Rounds"

Sabre rocket engine could open up access to space as never before


Breastfeeding Mother Stunned by Note on Receipt

Elizabeth Warren questions Ben Bernanke (July 18, 2013)...

Reports Detail Mars Rover Clues to Atmosphere's Past (and how it got so thin)

Gov. Rick Scott rushed off stage after Stand Your Ground question

Elizabeth Warren questions Ben Bernanke (July 18, 2013)...

the trailer park boys are back for season 8....!!!

Matt Taibbi from errrr Rolling Stone Magazine details JP Morgan Chase unbelievable amount of fines.

Great interview of an Irishman (WARNING - Language)

Towards Freedom by Mervyn Taylor~

Another right-wing myth goes poof...

Records: Texas teenager raped as men cheered

Yes, Virginia, there is no sanity clause.

goats and dogs

Satanists stage same sex marriages at Westboro Baptist matriarch’s grave

May I present the next NRA hero.......

Snowden in Moscow by Israel Shamir - Counterpunch

HAH! "Colorado town to consider drone hunting license, bounty" Shoot Out the Drones!

Dubai imprisons Norwegian woman who reported rape

Punjab Choley - Quick good lunch item -

MRI went well. Didn't get the open one, but managed to

Alcohol-drinking shirtless gunman arrested near White House ‘was only going to fire a couple of shot

Penn Researchers Help Show New Way to Study and Improve Catalytic Reactions

Do you guys find that I seem childish?...

when you thought texas lawmakers couldnt get any stupider

Heads-up! Sharknado is on again tonight at 7EDT/6CDT

Lewis Black messes with Texas.

Rep. Peter King (NY) running for Prez?

Holy crap---check this picture out of Dzhokar Tsarnaev surrendering.

Temperatures Hit 100 At JFK As Heat Wave Continues


Papantonio: Why You Can’t Trust Big Pharma

Jake Tapper you’re such an A Hole!!

Teens Suffer Solitary Confinement in NY State Prisons

Legislators in Raleigh are trying to END background checks on all handgun sales in North Carolina

How do you stay cool in this heat wave?

Why We Should Stop Subsidizing Sky-High CEO Pay

Man Fires Shotgun, Then Tells Judge That Joe Biden Made Him Do It

Media Ignoring a Shocking Fact about Trayvon & Zimmerman - See more at:

NY Judge Blocks Sept. 11 Claims from WTC Owners Against Airlines

Arthritic dog who became internet sensation dies. (Owner bathed him in Lake Superior, photo.)

Somerset's only Planned Parenthood tells clients it's closing

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman's Message To SHERLOCK Fans

Sharknado is on!

Connor Barth is out for the year

"Presidential Puppetry," Andy Kreig's book, sheds light upon Rove Republican appointment to FBI

Unveiled! Portrait of American Truth Teller Edward Snowden

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 July 2013

Detroit Free Press: Police launch investigations after arrest of photographer

Check out this child's test answer...LMAO

Racist Trolls Try to Stir Shit Up at Peaceful Racial Profiling Protest

Not exactly what I'd want to see at the doctor's office

Print Media's Reliance On Raw Number Scare Tactics

The Fast Food Fruit

Have you ever seen dinosaurs copulating?

Wisconsin Man says he killed Teen for Justice (wanted to shoot victim's brother also)

Why doesn't the admin. send out PSA's nationwide to explain/tout Obamacare?

Dreamliner just forced to return to Logan airport. CNN

When Pigs Fly

US Bill Threatens To Cut PA Funding If UN Grants Statehood

I don't know how many here know the story of Schoep and John

Detroit has declared Chapter 9, per CNN.

New Yorker Cartoon: Stand your ground and 911

Guilty verdicts in Richmond gang rape

Clever Zeno Tweet

UC regents appoint Napolitano amid protest

Stop spying on us...

Putin Warns U.S. Russia Won't Back Down Over Snowden Asylum

A New Report Shows Nearly Half of All Money Raised for Sandy Relief Has Gone Unspent

Sanford PD at it again - tasering a black man in the back of the head

joke: An Older Guy, With a Younger Woman...

AFN condemns nutritional experiments on aboriginal children

MSNBC Analyst Found Dead From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Nostalgia is Dumb

The Day Europe Got Israel’s Attention

Israel Responds To EU: We Only Accept Charity On Our Terms

Britain unveils tax breaks for shale gas investment

NBC: CIA said to back study on ways to hack the global climate