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Archives: July 19, 2013

Richest 300 Persons on Earth Have More Money Than Poorest 3 Billion

Pi chart

Race to courthouse to stop Detroit bankruptcy filing falls minutes short.Snyder’s legal team tricked

What season of the year do you like the most?

Security Cameras Capture Owner Of San Diego Pizzeria Jerking It In Kitchen - He Obviously Denies It

How long before the RW has the poem removed? (Photo-rich warning.)

Hoodies on Trayvon protest signs remind me of a Noose

Once The Very Symbol Of American Industrial Might, Detroit Files Bankruptcy

My precious

Republican Who Tossed Voter Registration Forms Let Off The Hook

Many killers who go free with Florida 'stand your ground' law have history of violence

Latex Fetishwear Retailer Gets Booted From Bushwick Space by Religious Landlords

Calculon snubbed yet again for an Emmy nomination

Who's a good doggie?? Look at this dog's reaction to his/her human coming home after 6 months:

NC Republicans Push Harsh New Voter ID Law (NO student IDs or public employee IDs)

Does anyone know who the 1 Republican was that voted against repealing the healthcare law today?

Having some dinner and drinks with Will Shakespeare.

Fl. Gov. Scott Meets With Dream Defenders (Protesters at his offices re: Trayvon Martin)

Bullied Girl Voted the Ugliest on the Internet Gives an Amazing Speech

Detroit files for bankruptcy ... RWers I've seen declare it's because of ...

What kid's meal is complete without a marijuana pipe?

Shout out to Ari Berman of The Nation, Melissa Harris Perry & Chris Hayes

"After Claiming Regulation Would Kill It, Bank of America’s Earnings Jump 70%"

Water Birds Turning Up Dead at Solar Projects in the Desert

Have you ever met cleverbot?

Young bluesbassman called cops "The Law". They called him "loudasspunk". He fought The Law...

TexasTowelie's peers took "Just Say No" booklets at face value. He saw his as instruction manuals.

The Most Interesting Fart in the World:

EVERYBODY loves kitties.

MFM is a marathon swimmer - specializing in the English Channel & his neighbors' pools at 3 AM.

MFM's in The Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest excitement threshold in the world.

Papantonio: Trayvon's Murder By ALEC

photos i didnt use for the contest

What's with the boycott about the Rolling Stone Magazine having a picture of the Boston Bomber

I'm gobsmacked by the pain and beauty of this poem for Trayvon

Lol, what'd I miss in the Celador thread?

Protest picture posted by Henri, le Chat Noir - pic

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Long, Hot Summer & a new Kitteh gif

"Sub-Saharan Africa Is Wildly Optimistic About Its Future"

If $34,000 Earnings Is In Top 1% Worldwide, Then The World Is Grossly Over Populated

Weird weather.

The Ghosts in Our Machine

In Minneapolis a Native elder has some wise words of eviction

Alan Grayson's proposed Amendment to the defense spending bill says it all.

Stand your Ground Study?

Dick Cheney's Wyoming: number of escalators = number of US Senators

FL pastor Terry Jones needs attention again. Will burn 3000 copies of Quran.

Where have all the flower (children) gone?

I have a question about an old shotgun

Toon: The Republican Dream

Police Arrest Stepmother Of Girl Who Fell Six Stories In Brooklyn

98% of murders in Mexico last year went unsolved

We Were From Texas Guy Clark and the high price of inspiration

Groucho Marx sings anti-war song written by Irving Berlin

Is JP Morgan the new Enron?

25 years ago today: Ann Richards at the DNC

CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate

A Minnesota state commission provided a key approval Wednesday to a northern Minnesota oil pipeline

Guess I should let you all know.....

'Invisibility' wetsuit promises protection in land of killer sharks (LA Times)

Dismantle the NSA Slurp and Burp!

SHAME - pics


Echoes of Michelle Obama's words in Trayvon Martin killing

CPS confirms layoffs affecting more than 2,000 teachers, staff (Chicago)

Ex-Dolphins CEO Mike Dee becomes president of San Diego Padres

Phoenix Black Out March for Justice for Trayvon Martin!


Luckovich on Liz Cheney

Two hero

I think I am getting the hang of insect closeups "Pic Heavy"

New Rule:WH Press Corpsmen Shouldn't require a note from a HALL MONITOR to attend a press conference

A Note from Democracy NC about the next Moral Monday

Your Voice, Their Money

Spitzer slips into a "gotcha" moment...

How George Zimmerman got away with sexually molesting cousin from age 6 until 19

Democrat Rep. Maloney, slams inspector general over IRS scandal: Your audit was a ‘smear’

Farewell, Schoep

Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 666 Conducer (live)

The Time is Now~

Robert Reich: Why We Should Stop Subsidizing Sky-High CEO Pay

Big banks manipulating energy markets

A child's video - Dear Trayvon

West condemns Russia’s jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Metro-North Train Derails in NY, Service Suspended.

The Rich.

Second ex-nuclear plant worker charged in Woodridge carjacking

Life Lessons (for 5 bucks!)

Hospitalized 7-Year-Old asks for 100 Birthday Cards

Police Investigating Photo Of Officer With Porn Star, Wearing Unicorn Head

Fifty Thousand Lumber Jacks

I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Arrest PHOTOS: New Pictures Emerge From Boston Bombing Suspect Manhunt (UPDATE)

All used up

Report: 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham rejected by Playboy

Senate approves Gina McCarthy as EPA chief despite Republican protests

Italy to tackle online racism

"Harper must address decades-old nutritional tests on aboriginals: Atleo"

German Football Association tells gay players: come out, but quietly

Milwaukee racist says shooting black boy was "justice."

Charles Barkley ‘Agrees’ With GZ Verdict, Says ‘Black People Are Racist Too’

Get Up Stand Up

Republicans file ‘fetal heartbeat’ abortion ban, as early as 6 weeks

Judge rejects restraining order against Ky. psychology board in John Rosemond case

"John Boehner Insists It's 'Nonsense' 112th Congress Was Least Productive, Even Though It Was"

Senators ready to restore lower college loan rates

New Jersey Supreme Court Restricts Police Searches of Phone Data

Ukraine riot police break up protest over alleged rape cover-up

Dell delays buyout vote, signaling lack of support

Senate immigration plan wins majority support from public

Extrapolation: A coup, is a coup, is a coup....

Barbie fights for her life

Planned Parenthood to shut down three Texas clinics

The diggers song

Pot testing sprouts with onslaught of new laws (sign me up)

University of Michigan approves in-state tuition for military, unauthorized immigrants

Post your favourite top 40 song here:

Michael Moore divorce: Flint native splits with wife of 21 years

Don't let me be misunderstood

BBC News - Christians targeted by foreign Jihadis in Syrian war

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone. An' I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time.

Petition Calls For George Zimmerman's Concealed Carry License To Be Revoked

Spot-on Trayvon Martin Song

Las Vegas, state unemployment on the rise

U.S. Congress Looks at Tough Sanctions Against N.Korea

... enthusiasm for royal daughters can be attributed to passage of the Succession to the Crown Act

Hydrogen-powered ferry service launches in Bristol

A Different Kind of Neighborhood Watch

Why Are So Many Dogs Being Shot by Police?

May we never forget the history of Sanford, Florida.

Venezuela slams U.S. over 'repressive regimes' remarks

Weird chemical reaction...

NEW: New Texas ‘fetal heartbeat’ bill would outlaw nearly all abortions

Elizabeth Warren's Takedown Of CNBC Removed From YouTube

"Damn you, Edward Snowden!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!"

Must See Interview With Anti-Choice Protestor In Texas (VIDEO)

UC Berkeley study finds upper-class individuals behave more unethically than lower-class individuals

Fun times- the racists in my town are out in full force.

Did George Zimmerman Look To Relaxed When The Verdict Was Read Out Or Was It Just Me

Damn retailers kill the summer buzz every year on July 5.

It is hotter than hell outside, so why are my feet cold?

Who wants an intact Arctic ice sheet, anyway?

Damn. There's even HFCS in my beer!

Former CIA operative, found guilty for extraordinary rendition, detained in Panama.

Favorite Tripy song...

Movies you would like them to remake

Confronting Bigotry In All Its Forms: When Is the Word "Jew" An Offensive Stereotype?

I just saw Pacific Rim!

Britain Abandons Plans To Arm Syrian Rebels

Middle Class Still Left Behind In U.S. Economic Recovery, Data Show

is it possible to follow someone?

'CBS This Morning': Trayvon Martin Parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Speak Out

Chicago Public Schools To Lay Off 2,110 Teachers, Support Staff

NY official pushes feds to recognize gay marriages

Should Zimmerman have been charged with a lesser crime?


This is the last straw. Can no institution be trusted anymore?

Pretty sure my girlfriend is going to dump me tomorrow over lunch...

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviews Trayvon Martin's Parents - Part 1 and Part 2

this disgusts the hell out of me

MSNBC's Al Sharpton interviews Trayvon Martin's Parents Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin

Nobody knows you when you're down and out

DAILY BEAST EXCLUSIVE: California Grand Jury Probing Shadowy Money Groups

SF plane crash victim was alive when she was hit, sources say

Molly Brown's birthday

Darn this Celiac!


Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny freed on bail

Australia announces Papua New Guinea asylum deal

Zimbo will never have my respect

G20 report warns of global tax chaos

George Osborne unveils 'most generous tax breaks in world' for fracking

July 19: National Daiquiri Day

TIME: Nuclear Energy Is Largely Safe. But Can It Be Cheap?

Government puts 329-bedroom mansion on sale for £25 million

Feud over who owns Happy Birthday song.

Pay It Forward debt-free degree plan makes national debut as Oregon lawmakers tackle student debt cr

Vet returns to NKorea for 1st black Navy aviator

The helical model - our solar system is a vortex (our Galaxy, too)

Drenched Dog Running to Car After Car, Begging for Someone to Let Him In

Another Republican Clown wants to be President - Peter King of New York

Another difference between Linux, Windows, and Mac

8 Stark Realities of America's Dysfunctional New Economy

Don’t Fall for Wal-Mart’s Latest Hypocrisy

Glenn Greenwald: Growing Backlash Against NSA Spying Shows Why U.S. Wants to Silence Edward Snowden

Shocker: GOPers have no intention of repairing the Voting Rights Act

Colorado Town Poised to be First to Issue Drone Hunting License

Robert Reich: We Need to Stop Subsidizing Sky-High CEO Pay

Spare me, scabby

National Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful Day is pure bullshit, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here's How Much A Wal-Mart Pay Increase Would Cost Shoppers Per Trip

Egypt braced for renewed protests as Muslim Brotherhood stays on streets

Apple, Google and other tech giants demand spying openness

Um ... oops? KeyCorp (bank) cuts jobs ... resulting in 11% decline in profits ...

This will wake you up.

Irony?: The USS Jimmy Carter might be involved in dragnet surveillance.

"In Saturn's Rings" teaser for 2014 movie

The Party of No Flirts With Yes as Mitch McConnell’s Grip on the GOP Slips

10 Countries That Love (and Hate) America the Most

"My friend on the other side of the aisle...."

When Personalized Becomes Predatory

Scarborough looks worse then usual.

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 19, 1848

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 19, 1848

Bummed. Realizing my friends in Florida are morons.

Elizabeth Warren's Takedown of CNBC Removed From YouTube

Protester seeks Daniels removal for Zinn emails

Gloom or doom?

Blue-Collar Brilliance - An educator challenges society’s assumptions about intelligence, work,class

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Widespread in Hudson River, Study Finds—Ongoing Risks Come From Sewage

Our Sedentary Lifestyle Is Turning Us Into Nervous Wrecks

Is Tony Roma's a cult?

Scientists discover new variability in iron supply to the oceans with climate implications

More charges filed in pocket dial 911 burglary case

Michigan Gov. Snyder: Bankruptcy Will Be ‘Foundation’ Of Detroit’s Future

Reuters: Return of long-absent bumblebee near Seattle stirs scientific buzz

This is your mind without brains. Please come CAPTION Allen West!!!

Graphic does great job of explaining the Gov McDonnell/AG Cuccinelli Scandal in Va.

Guilty Pleasure, Bobby Goldsboro, "The Straight Life"

Prism in Afghanistan: Conflicting Accounts By German Government

The domestic issue of the 21st century: How to share the wealth in a computerized, offshored economy

Looking back over the recent past, I am caused to wonder how fucked we really are

Granite brain, granite mind, granite life. Please come CAPTION Liz Cheney!!!

GOP 2016 Clown Car - first to jump in, Peter King!

Rick Scott: There will be no special Session on the Stand Your Ground law

Navy carrier drone program to cost billions

Mea Culpa...


CW - take notes: 'Fan Film' Amazon/Wonder Woman

'Is there no limit to what this Government will privatise?': UK plasma supplier sold to US private e

Finally a murder charge for a child gun death. They were waiting for a black person to do it.

Wisconsin: Yes, let's sell the State Crime Lab. What could possibly go wrong?

Please consider signing petition : PARDON Abused Mother Marissa Alexander for Standing Her Ground

Long Island Rail Road Rules Allow E-Cigs, But LIRR Bans Them Anyway

Gated community bans for-sale signs, open houses

Rachel Maddow - Emails show McDonnell helping gift giver make health secretary meeting

Caught between a jelly bean and a bowl of jello. Please come CAPTION Rick Scott!!

Tampa City Council Approves New Panhandling, Public Behavior Bans

Ever get a bad haircut?

Found on a German ATM (from Reddit)

23 years

One in four cancer survivors suffers serious side-effects, study finds

“George Zimmerman, Off The Hook”

UK School bans packed lunches after review suggests they are unhealthy

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Turtle Man and other strange creatures

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Trial of error

My guess is most Gen X and Millenials have never worked in an assembly-

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

GOP Rep hates art

Normandy cliff plunges onto beach (w/video)

China ends controls on bank lending rates in a "significant" step towards market economy

1-year-old dies after being left in hot car for hours in Alabama

Are crossed fingers a deterrent to Republicans/conservatives as with vampires? nt

Rick Perry Voodoo Dolls to Benefit Planned Parenthood


UN slams Italy for 'extraordinary rendition'

My wife's cancer is growing again.

Noah Smith — How normal people see macroeconomics

Rachel Maddow - Clinic closures likely as Perry signs anti-abortion law

NJ Supreme Court Says Cops Need A Warrant To Obtain Cell Phone Location Data!

The gutting of the Chicago Public Schools continues.

An 'Affront to Democracy' Steers Detroit Toward Austerity

Is Body Hair Removal Being Driven by Porn?

The Zimmerman Acquittal: America’s Racist God

If you were covered with skunk scent, would it deter grizzlies and other predators?

Ex-CIA chief: What Edward Snowden did

Noah Smith — How normal people see macroeconomics

Killings by Whites Deemed “Justified” Far more Often than Killings by Blacks

Terrorists, Spies, Whistleblowers Treated the Same by Obama Administration

Sanford police freeze plan to return George Zimmerman's gun

Scott Walker, a "Ringmaster" among GOP governors. The CREW report.

Rachel Maddow - Gun lobby's power in Florida an obstacle to Stand your ground reform

Groups Say Window Cords Still Strangle Kids

Shame on you, North Carolina Republicans! More for the rich, and screw the rest....

The Last Word - Rep Darrell Issa tries (and fails) to rewrite himself at IRS hearing

Cross posted from North Carolina....Read it and weep along with us....

Jen Sorensen (Slowpoke) won the 2013 RFK Journalism Award for Political Cartooning

Wash. Chamber of Commerce says corporations are being kept from helping to expand the U.S.

So, what does everyone think about the latest Gallup poll? Re: Treatment of Black Americans.

CNBC pulls video of Elizabeth Warren smacking down anchor over Glass-Steagall

Satanists hold "Pink Mass" ritual at grave of WBC's Fred Phelps's mother, turn her gay!

Reality vs. Fiction - Plot of Robocop 2 (RE: Detroit Bankruptcy Filing)

Stephen Colbert Asks Eliot Spitzer About ‘Self-Comptrol’

SEC staff morale low, atmosphere marked by distrust: [GAO] study [finds]

Papantonio and Seder: Continued Onslaught of Attacks Against The Poor

Chinese telecom giant Huawei Spies for China, Says Ex-CIA Chief

Another life lost to bullying

Scored a day off today. So happy to be awake and not at work!

Republican Who Tossed Voter Registration Forms Let Off The Hook

Definitive DNA match made in Boston Strangler case

Your First Time Getting High, As Told By Cats

Pope brings in lay experts to help reform Vatican

A Doonesbury double whammy: Faux. Geraldo. Or does that count as one whammy?!1

Pakistan politician sought over poisoning which killed 22

Rand Paul’s Spectacular Fall - Rand Paul Can Never Be A Mainstream Republican

Internal probe launched after man bloodied when Sanford police tased him. (Check out the photo)

The Country's Best Social Justice Museums.

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: School's Trustees Authorize $60 Million Payment To Victims

BLS: State unemployment rates were "little changed" in June

Judge denies BP request to halt payments while probe of oil spill claims office is underway

Former Mobil VP Warns of Fracking and Climate Change

Detroit ‘Gut Kick’ Poses New Test for Long Suffering City

Fed Ponders Part-Time Shift as Obamacare Role Questioned

Republican senators discover they got nothing in nuclear option 'deal'

Austin 13-year-old raped as men recorded, cheered

What the Empire Didn't Hear: US Spying and Resistance in Latin America

Live In The South? Your Life Expectancy Is Shorter, Sicker Than The Rest Of The U.S.

Man gets 180-day sentence for fatally stabbing dog in Amherst

Steubenville, Ohio adopts Sanford, Florida as "Sister City", citing "shared values".

CaliforniaPeggy's feelings about Friday:

Edison starts legal action in San Onofre nuclear plant shutdown

How a Wild Theoretical Claim About the NSA Magically Transformed Into Factual Reality

It's official. I turn 65 today!

Russia Frees Putin’s Foe After Mass Protests

Suicide bomber kills 20 in Iraqi Sunni mosque

Crusty old super-conservative white guy tells African Americans: "It's all your own fault"

Is Higher Ed the Next Target of Corporate ‘Reformers’?

Are we doomed?

BREAKING: Detroit receives $18 Billion After Declaring Itself a Bank

Japan Has The Cutest Construction Signs You'll Ever See

Climate Change Could Deprive Volta River Basin of Water Desperately Needed to Boost Energy and Food…

Robocop wasn't supposed to be a documentary

Vet returns to N. Korea to recover remains of 1st black Navy aviator

Why do suicide bombings occur so frequently in Iraq?

ACLU: Inhumane For Ohio To Shut Off Prison Power In Exchange For Payments

Keiser Report: Bankers' Brain Cells

Prosper and Live Long: Health-Minded Manhattan Leads in Increased Life Span

US job losses linked to exploding trade deficit with China. Bush Family Business killed Detroit.

Rand Paul’s Neo-Confederate Staffer Sought Mass Deletion Of His Own Columns

NUS researchers developed world’s first water treatment techniques using apple and tomato peels

Is Germany the Hot Spot for Battery-Backed Solar?

The House on Friday passed a sweeping overhaul of No Child Left Behind on a largely partisan 221-207

Bennett - Neighborhoodie Watch

Public trust crisis threatens China's nuclear power ambitions

House panel OKs sharp cuts for U.S. diplomacy, aid

Hitting China’s Wall

'Obama can't afford a fair trial for Snowden' - Stephen Cohen

Nice blog on Jerusalem Post - "John Kerry, hero"

Judge grants injunction in Hobby Lobby case

Hot Cows, Less Milk

Remember the old saying about scoundrels and patriotism?

Berlusconi associates guilty of procuring prostitutes

Congress said it never intended to allow NSA to build database of calls.

When headlines go wrong:

UK revokes Egypt export licences after civilian deaths

Favorite Anime or Cartoon Theme song..

White Lion Dies At Ohio Zoo After Surgery

Pic Of The Moment: Virginia Is Not For Lovers

Adult film director defends Pittsburgh officer's photo with unicorn mask, porn star

Interesting Facts about Life

George Zimmerman Is Not Unique

Gov Rick Snyder Continues to Dismantle Detroit’s Democracy Brick by Brick

New Mexico runner caught on camera repeatedly pooping in man’s yard

Scientology case has judges debating the meaning of religion

NYC and DC Face Power Outages, Water Restrictions in Soaring Heat

The Gates {Foundation} Effect (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Judge: Govt position in drone suit 'disconcerting'

How to start a boom in Detroit 4 easy steps

Detroit’s Bankruptcy and America’s Future: Robots, Race, Globalization and the 1%

Transparency and PhRMA...

Is Obama Poised To Create Stop-and-Frisk Nation?

Thom Hartmann: Did you know we're all wearing dead stars?

Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin.


More Arboretum pond images

For those who haven't seen this video, it's worth watching !!!

In E-Mails, Former Indiana Governor Wanted Scholars Silenced (COHE)

Thom Hartmann: Time to stand OUR ground against ALEC?

"Warren G like a gangsta"

thinking about the past


The NSA: Not Secure. Not Serving our Nation.

Russia says knows of no plan for Snowden to seek citizenship

Okay, I don't know who Colton Haynes is, but this is fun...

Former ALEC supporters such as Kraft, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson

Students' voting rights targeted in North Carolina

Ex-CIA employee wanted by Italy in kidnapping case is released by Panama, heads to US

Senators suggest moving G20 summit over NSA leaker

John Fugelsang and TV's Frank: "Rush Limbaugh is SO racist..."

[Peter Welch, D-Vt.] co-founds 'Problem Solvers Coalition' to break gridlock in Congress

A former 17-year old, self-described thug...bemoans the Trayvon Martin killing (from FB of course)

Religion & Wikipedia: The 'Edit Wars' Rage On

Marijuana-Infused Faith Challenges the Definition of Religion

Any DU'ers know what right wing nut jobs Bill Maher has on his show tonight?

Can Powdered Water Cure Droughts?

Poverty is what’s crippling public education in the US—not bad teachers

Productivity Gains and Wages increases

Man wants jogger to stop pooping on his property


Kerry vows to put the screws to Venezuela over Snowden

Interesting LTTE: Why do we support allies of al-Qaida?

The Arctic Methane Monster Stirs

“I wanted to let her know how much I missed her,”

World War Two code breaker Alan Turing set to be pardoned for his gay conviction

NYC DU-ers...I have a question for you...

Anonymous claims hack of US's Fema in retaliation for 'implied threats'

Absolutely wonderful dialogue by Trudeau

The dangerous mind of the consummate "Cop Wannabe".

I'll be on Fox News at 4:05pm Eastern time today discussing whether Detroit should be bailed out.

Sen. Durbin Announces Hearing On ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws. Probe of NRA and ALEC

I'll be on Fox News at 4:05pm Eastern time today discussing whether Detroit should be bailed out.

Lewisville City Council Bans Redneck Heaven's "Anything But Clothes" Day--Cover Them Boobies!

Pelosi won't say if San Diego mayor should resign

Great White Shark uses Fat Stored in Liver to Make Non-Stop 2,000+ Mile Trips

Pelosi Won't Say If San Diego Mayor Should Resign

Dash-cam video shows woman's arrest during diabetic episode

Fort Bliss: Contaminated bunker not a threat

Mom Posts Craigs List Ad Seeking Young Woman To Deflower Harvard Bound Son

Senators Suggest Moving G20 Summit Over NSA Leaker

CIA May Have Copied Gadgets Straight Out Of James Bond Films

The Terrible & Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances

An easy way to wrap your head around what a billion dollars is actually worth.

Pratt: Trayvon Martin Outrage a Red Herring for Gun Control, Which Caused Benghazi

DU Radio (WLDU or some such)

Ring of Fire: Keystone XL -- The Big Industry Lie

You Could Be Labeled A Sex Offender For Oral Sex In Virginia If AG Has His Way

Let's make a list: When you vote for a republican, you say okay to:...

Toronto police cruiser chews up $22,000 basketball court in drug bust

Y'all got any tips on leather working?

Coroner: Teenager in Asiana plane crash was killed when struck by vehicle

Well, damn! I just found out that my property was

2014 Midterm elections motto should be A Vote For Treyvon

Where are the kid coders? Not in U.S. schools

PA Supreme Court Stops Corbett's Plans To Close Health Centers

Unattractive people more likely to be bullied at work, new study shows

The savvy tech strategy behind Obamacare

Rieder: Manning ruling bad news for journalists

Four Zimmerman "Bloody Head" shots - all different....

Eight people were held captive in a Houston house, some for up to 10 years, police say

Know Dem Party history! "There are those who think in terms of dollars instead of human values" FDR

15-year-old recovering from 100 puncture wounds after pit bull puppies attack

Citing Trayvon Martin, Durbin Plans Hearing on ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

BREAKING & Oh Fuck: In Major Ruling, Court Orders Times Reporter to Testify (Risen case)

Pa. GOP Chair On Voter ID Law: When People Are Frightened, ‘They Don’t Vote’

Trayvon Martin= Proxy Obama

A bill to extend assistance to certain private nonprofit facilities following a disaster

Enzi Clobbers Cheney in First Public Poll of Primary

Scientists confirm neutrinos shift between three interchangeable types

Oath Keepers Heart Edward Snowden!

Biggest Virus Yet Found, May Be Fourth Domain of Life?

Nighttime heat waves quadruple in Pacific Northwest

Obama on MSNBC about Trayvon NOW

Police: Two Men Sexually Assault Teen On Brooklyn Rooftop, Then Try To Murder Her

Pres. Obama Speaks On Zimmerman Verdict: "Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago"

Judge says Detroit bankruptcy filing was unconstitutional, must be withdrawn

No one under 28 has ever experienced a month in which global average temps were cooler than normal

Black Bears Return to Missouri Indicates Healthy Forests, say MU Biologists

President Obama: 'Trayvon Martin could have been me, 35 years ago;' urges reforms

daily dose of cuteness: corgi puppy meets her reflection for the first time

Power Authority calls on its large customers to cut back on electricity use

Jury says 76-year-old Wis. man was sane when he fatally shot teen neighbor; faces life term

That was brilliant President Obama - video and transcript added

Christian Right Fights Porn In The Dorm

Edward Snowden is a self-regarding idealist whose warnings of tyranny ring hollow

Obama: Trayvon Martin 'could have been me'

The Drone That Killed My Grandson

Bert Trautmann: Manchester City Goalkeeper Dies (1923-2013)

Why 100% renewables? Because it is inevitable

NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say

President Obama just made history. That was beautiful.

Mr. Scorpio's program is on right now dedicated to Trayvon. Wonderful stuff.

250 000 bouncing balls in San Francisco streets

Chicago Area Fireworks Store Set On Fire, Causes Colorful Display

Spanish Beer Drinking Champion Dies Of Alcohol Poisoning Shortly After Winning Contest

"On the hottest week in Washington, Hell froze over."

Microorganisms found in salt flats could offer new path to green hydrogen fuel

Families of 19 Hotshots to get lump sum payments

Marine park offers chance to shake hands with a loveable otter

What's the Upside for Obama in a Ray Kelly DHS Nomination?

NYTimes: In major ruling, Court Orders NYTimes Reporter to Testify (i.e. "out" his sources)

Piss on it...

Stand Your Ground: 26 US States Have “Shoot First” Laws

The Rise Of The Religious Left: Religious Progressives Will Soon Outnumber Conservatives

Before you panic, I'm here for an outpatient visit -- I'm at my usual hospital...

Thom Hartmann: McDonald's workers lays out a real McJob budget!

Real-Life Repercussions Of Snowden Leaks: Al Qaeda Changing Tactics, Making Plot Detection Harder

EvilAL's Ghost hunting Tips.

Hannity Endorses Liz Cheney's Carpetbagger Senate Run In Wyoming. Says "we need as many TED CRUZS'

NY Official Pushes Feds to Recognize Gay Marriages

So proud, so proud, so proud of our President

No more GMO: Monsanto drops bid to approve new crops in Europe

President Obama: 'Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me'

Pres Obama on Trayvon Martin case FULL VIDEO

My Supervisor was arrested running around in his socks and underwear last weekend

Ex-CIA Agent Detained In Panama Reportedly Returing To U.S.

If Ted Cruz runs for President ---

Houston Captives: 4 people held in 'Prison Room' for up to 10 years

BREAKING: Preliminary Israel-Palestinian ground rules for direct talks reached, Kerry says

"Summer Camp" for professional killers

Bette Midler would like you to get to know The Boswell Sisters:

PA. Lottery Makes $1.1 BILLION in profits. Corbett redoubles efforts to give it to Brits

There is no right to privacy?

Detroit bankruptcy filing unconstitutional, must be withdrawn

BREAKING: Obama News Conference Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me(VIDEO)

Dismantling 'Stand Your Ground' laws can begin today

Pelosi: 'I think the country is ready for Hillary'

Robert Zimmerman Reacts To Obama: Let’s Encourage ‘Youth Of All Colors’

Elephant now!

"Obama saying perfectly reasonable things about race turns out to be an excellent asshole detector"

Anyone feel like crying today?

U.S. court says reporter must testify in leak case

Rev. Al Sharpton Calls President’s Appearance ‘Much Needed’

SEC charges Steven A. Cohen with failure to supervise employees

Police: 4 homeless men found captive in Houston home in 'deplorable conditions,' 1 in custody

NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say

An agreement has been reached that "establishes a basis for resuming direct final status negotiation

Detroit Goes Bankrupt (What Can We Learn?)

SEC to charge city of Miami with misleading bond investors

When the Word is Given

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing to be given posthumous pardon

Blank Cuccinelli 2014 Ad for Slogan Writers...Don't Blow It!

If movie trailers were really honest...

Ten Nobel Laureates Take Out Ad in WaPo Against Keystone XL

Elderly Milwaukee man was sane when he shot teen neighbor

BREAKING: Bradley Manning Wins Sean MacBride Peace Award! Bam.

Hate letters threaten gay couple in Canada

Detroit, right now, is like RoboCop 2, without Peter Weller...

About the Atlantic Bridge and that Jimmy Carter quote in Die Spiegel

"I have to hail a cab for my black friends sometimes."

A question for those who feel that the correct verdict was rendered in the Zimmerman trial.

Just FYI

Trayvon Martin's brother interning in office of Florida congresswoman

Hate letters threaten gay couple in Canada

Top 12 Conservative Freakouts After Obama’s Race Speech

David Horsey (today's LA Times) asks a very good question:

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: No, Obama Isn’t Stoking Racial Tensions With Trayvon Remarks

Kerry says Israel, Palestinians laid groundwork for new peace talks

Top 12 Conservative Freakouts After Obama’s Race Speech

What the bees can teach us Re: dealing w/ the 1 percent.

It's not GOP. It's PPP.

today is "National Tell a Girl She is Beautiful Day".

Kerry announces agreement for resuming Mideast peace talks

Ohio Lawmaker Indicted On 16 Felony Charges

Detroit's uncertainty may spare sports teams

Florida, do your own analysis.

'Toe-sucker' back in jail for one year

obsessing about how evil Snowden is: Still a fucking fool's errand

To all the gurls on DU: You look beautiful today.

I wondered this about the Trayvon case. Was his phone ever dusted for fingerprints?

Nobody had the heart to tell poor desperate Li'l Kali that her new BFF was... well -- was produce.

TexasTowelie was the most laidback, easy-going, GENEROUS dorm neighbor that you could ever wish for.

Remember on July 4th, when you lit "snakes" on the sidewalk. Well... times have changed, Geezer!!!


A blueprint of MiddleFingerMom's car in college:

Chicks to the left of me. Chicks to the right. M-F-M... stuck in the middle with you!!!

State Health Department Approves SUNY's Closure Plan For Long Island College Hospital

'Pink Mass' Has Made Westboro Baptist Church Founder's Mom Gay In Afterlife, Satanists Claim

Is it possible for me to change my login name?

Dismantling 'Stand Your Ground' laws can begin today

Who are the US companies depriving US of our Constitutional rights? A DU collaborative thread.

The experts have spoken

Detroit bankruptcy petition must be withdrawn, judge rules

Like history? Here's some good "porn."

Marine ordered freed in Iraq war crime case

It Will Have To Get Over 120 Degrees In Central US Before Conservatives Admit Global Warming

Can people be allergic to their own hair?

Magnificent Milky Way Glows Over Machu Picchu (Photo)

Kerry talked to Venezuela about Snowden: US

British Student Wants To Conquer Her Crippling Fear Of Cheese

Former Rockies catcher Petrick battles Parkinson's

Is Tony Romo a cult?


Concerned mom wants to pay for son’s deflowering

FAA warns public against shooting guns at drones

Someone will profit off the Detroit Bankruptcy

Is Tony Rome a cult?

And in the UK, there are Air Gun Nuts.

Metra Leaders Ask Former Federal Prosecutor Patrick Collins to Investigate Rail Agency

Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin (Trayvon's Parents)Comment on President Obama's Remarks

Unesco Chief Condemns Killing Of Honduran Journalist

Report: Michigan Judge Orders Detroit Bankruptcy Filing Withdrawn

Seems Like The Media Is Race Baiting

Inspector says IRS WITHELD info on targeting liberals

Detroit’s Creditors Eye Its Art Collection

Four Charts That Prove President Obama’s Right About Being Black In America

Keyes: "Impeach Obama! Because he's got bad breath, or something..."

NBA approves Charlotte’s name change back to Hornets… starting next summer

Tailgunner Joe 2.0

We Can Do Better

Free Solar Power to Poorest Citizens of Peru

Vladimir Putin Is Not an Altruist -

FULL President Obama Surprised Remarks: Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me

Elizabeth Warren Brings News Anchors To Knees


Ahhh nothing like living on the east side. Not even gonna bother calling the cops on this

Watch a Doctor Destroy a Koch Brother-Funded Anti-Obamacare Ad in 2 Minutes

Witness: Manning said he had no allegiance to US

Saudi rights activist Iman al-Qahtani given travel ban

In Detroit Bankruptcy, It's the Poor Who Lose

I love Martin Bashir

The Rise Of The Religious Left: Religious Progressives Will Soon Outnumber Conservatives

After Snowden, Booz Allen Wins Navy Cyber Work

And now I'm single.

Pope brings in lay experts to help reform Vatican

I Can't Wait Until Sperm And Egg Get Personhood.

Insinuations about hypocrite Snowden seeking asylum in un-free nations take the big Cake of stupid

Trayvon’s Parents: Obama’s Remarks A ‘Beautiful Tribute’

Levin And McCain Seek Answers From Joint Chiefs Chairman A Day After Testy Exchange At Hearing

Snow and Arctic sea ice extent plummet suddenly as globe bakes

Isn't it time to start taxing churches?

Chris Wallace Says No To Fox's Race Baiters.

Top 12 Conservative Freakouts After Obama’s Race Speech

Amazon told: time is up for tax avoidance

Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation : Watchdog finds SEC did not vet

Comic Con Walking Dead trailer Season 4

See how the conversation has changed in the U.S.

Prime Minister Rudd bars boat people from entering Australia

All of NY can't wait for that cold front tomorrow. This heat is just unbearable!

Bin Laden son-in-law says he was victim of U.S. 'rendition'

Question regarding Jury comment posting.

Court renews secret U.S. surveillance program

Saw the San Francisco Mime Troupe

Holy shite Joy Reid is schooling John Feehery

Pennsylvania Republican Chairman Admits Voter ID Laws Hurt Obama

Two U.S. senators suggest moving G20 from Russia over Snowden

Luckovich Toon on Obamacare

Snowden case not the first embarrassment for Booz Allen, or D.C. contracting industry

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

I'm a Cheney

Wapo: President Obama must enforce mandate.

What is the US government so terrified of, re: Snowden? Well, we have some clues.

Veteran astronaut seeks funding to boost plasma engines

National groups (headquartered in DC) dominate spending in Special Elections -

what's for dinner - friday, july 19

Snowden case not the first embarrassment for Booz Allen, or D.C. contracting industry

A poem for cats entitled "Ode to Spot"

Questions haunt family of man with Down syndrome who died in police custody

Biden in GQ

#NRA Press Conference on #Trayvon Martin

Homeland Security Threatens to Punish Staff for Reading Washington Post NSA Articles

Obama: "When I talk to (younger people) and I see them interact, they’re better than we are."

La La La, I can't Heeeeear Yoooouuu


The "Republicans are people who" Thread

Metro Detroit job sprawl worst in U.S.; many jobs beyond reach of poor

I could write a particularly critical essay aimed at the left right now, or do it later

FEMA is wrongly placing homeowners in flood zones

Papa John's, Applebee's And Others Pay Huge Price For Anti-Obamacare Politicking

Texas is going to need our help!

NHL stars returning to Olympics

Why President Obama decided to speak out

Toon- Florida's Slogan

This is about the 10th thunder storm this summer in eastern Canada. Normally we don't have

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD): ‘I cross the street’ when white women walk toward me

KY Election Officials Found Guilty in Massive Election Fraud Have Verdict Overturned

"Has the G.O.P. Gone Off the Deep End?"

Same to you.

"The Coming Revival of Liberalism"

Four Charts That Prove Obama’s Right About Being Black In America

California Teen Pregnancy Rates Drop 60 Percent Thanks To Sex Education

(MN) Monticello Nuclear Plant Upgrade Costs Double

Greenwald: 'Explosive' NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent

"Justice for Trayvon" National Day of Action, Vigils in 100 Cities - See List:

Mr Obama, I've been followed in stores too...

Putin: "I do not understand why Snowden decided to stay all his life in Russia, but that

My appearance on Fox News' Your World to discuss a possible Federal bailout of Detroit

So the neighbor removed asbestos tainted air condition ducts from the attic w/o a permit.

Chris Hedges: America Is a Tinderbox

"Florida lawmakers urge overhaul of 'Stand Your Ground' law"

U.S. court renews surveillance program exposed by Snowden

Anchor embryos

How to Be an Atheist Without Being a Dick About It

Liz Cheney carpetbagging in Wyoming to avoid new Virginia sodomy laws

Fox News lends a hand to the White Men’s Rights Movement

If you were to write a self defense law,

SYG = legalized dueling?

Report: Americans hold different views of what “religious” means

US Marshalls. Search without a warrant. Was it reasonable?

"Aaron Osmond, Utah State Senator, Calls For End To Mandatory Education"

Trayvon Martin 100 City Rally

If Hillary is nominated, I think she should ask Melissa Harris-Perry to be her VP.

A scorpion sting will kill you. At least that's what Bobby thought.

MiddleFingerMom just can't shake his hyper competitive spirit...

Report: 'Global Tax Chaos' Looms As Corporations Pillage the Globe

The USA should invade the USA and win...

I worry more about license plate scanners than NSA surveillancw

Weekend Economists Ask: Is There a Doctor in the House? July 19-21, 2013

This is the speech we’ve been waiting for

Post details from your government file here

Piers Morgan had a real winner on last night...

Rep. Rush Holt: Treat Americans as citizens, not suspects

Accused leader of Ga. militia gets life sentence

"The African-American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history"

I just baked the best bread ever


Recognition of 'Jewish State' is Necessary for Peace Talks

My method for homemade yogurt

DU a poll about workers!!! (Do you oppose a union at the Volkswagen plant?)

Amazing RC Helicopter tricks!

Has George Zimmerman Become A Right Wing Folk Hero?

Long Island College Hospital ordered to close by end of July; Restraining order issued

Biggby Coffee Terminates Michigan Teen Employee After 'Horrific' Trayvon Martin Tweet

Nation's nuclear plants at full-power, 24/7 to provide relief from heat

Attention bronies! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Two videogames coming out soon that require buying extra stuff...

Mrs McGraw

“Dizzy and sick”: McDonald’s workers strike after enduring 110 degree heat

Beach 'roly polies' vanishing in Southern California, study says (LA Times)

Kerry says Israel, Palestinians lay groundwork for peace talks

Repubs has Zimmerman for their hero, some here has Snowden as their hero, I like heroes

Anyone seen "Gasland" or "Gasland 2"? I missed the first but watching #2 and I am just sick...

Flashback: Obama Mistaken For Waiter, Asked To Fetch Drink At 2003 Party


FAA to RandPaulistan, Come in Please …